The Virgo Birthday Horoscope 2021-2022

Happy Birthday Virgo. What does the upcoming year have in store for you?

Throughout 2021 and 2022 I will always go into more detail about your chart, Virgo, in the Premium Members extended weekly readings.

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32 Responses

  1. Jessica
    I’ve been a premium member for a couple of years now and really only read my horoscope daily but my birthday is 7/9/1954 a new moon apparently special.
    Can you see anything special in my future our is it the same old slog (which has got me this far for now I’m not complaining though but a bit of luck would be nice)
    Cheers Michael P

    1. Thank you. Happy birthday for 7th September and the Virgo New Moon. Michael, if you do not already have a sexual partner, you will have the opportunity after Christmas with results by March-April if you want to pursue this person. If you are in a good partnership already, that marriage or common-law marriage will leap ahead by New Year, with a special new commitment, like a home, a child or a business. If your partnership or marriage is not what you want, then a fantastic solution will come once you are past Boxing Day, with counselling, a separation (amicable) or a way out/through. This is an historic cycle for you. What does not feel right/sound right at the end of September is actually useful. It helps motivate you after Christmas when you realise how fortunate you are to have something/someone staring you in the face.

  2. Hi Jessica, when I wrote to you last year I was still searching jobs for quite some time but in vain and was running an online shop which was not making money. Not to mention about relationship matters. I tried to apply for different types of jobs and teaching posts but still got none. Eventually since early this month I am having a temp full time job in my profession but the job level and hence the salary was much less than my previous one. May be good though as I don’t need to take much responsibility and can leave for home on time everyday. I wonder if I could find a permanent job with better pay when the contract ends at the end of November? Or would I do much better if I do my own business (as said I have one but not making profits)? you mentioned teaching was good but I don’t feel like teaching very much…
    How will my coming year look like? And should I relocate? if so when would be the good time? I immigrated to Canada in 1992 and already got the citizenship when I returned to this home town in late 1996. I don’t have kids or money. Therefore it’s probably not an urgency but wonder if I would do better over there. And also a risk we may be unable to leave the city when we want to in the near future. Of course finance is also a concern.  But if eventually I would be better off back in this home town in a few years for any reason then I’d rather not spend the time and money in the relocation matter.
    Also hope you could talk more about the future of Hong Kong in your posts. This city is in deep shit now….cannot think of any other words to describe it. Probably an ordinary citizen can no more tell what is the core value, justice, the truth, right and wrong in this city now. It has been seriously ruined. So sad.
    Thank you!

    1. You are discovering what a Uranus in Taurus transit means. You have swapped money for less responsibility and the freedom of leaving home with less pressure. How much is that worth? Uranus (radical, new, different life choices) in Taurus (salary) asks you to put a price on the things money cannot buy, then pay the price. Your contract ends in November and you are wondering about your own business. Yes, teaching would work for you, but you don’t enjoy it. You are wondering if you should relocate, too. You have questions about Hong Kong and Canada in your life. There is a lot going on, so try to relax with the timing. From January the stuck career situation is no longer so rigid. Not quite November, but from January 2022 you will feel the repetition and stuckness vanish. Try to do all you can to find a work situation you can live with, by December. I’m talking about next year. Try to accept it will not be perfect but choose anyway, while the opportunities and solutions are still there. If you leave it too late, and only make your choices after Christmas, you may have very limited options, compared to what was on offer for you in 2021. There is no ideal solution here, but there is a solid trade-off you can make with the real world and get to the other side of 2022. You will be delighted to be offered a new duet with a person on a romantic basis or on a business/work level at some point after Christmas. If you are already with a love or work partner then you two will either resolve a major problem then, or have a really terrific breakthrough in your lives. It would be concrete by February and a joy by April. So, if work is your number one priority, think about teaming up with someone. In other cases you will just have the most terrific period in your life, quite unforgettable actually, with someone who is on the other end of the see-saw to you. He or she balances the scales so beautifully. You will make or save money in a serious way in the second half of 2022 so please don’t worry. Use the Tarot to get timings and specifics for everything else I have given you. Some of it is yet to show up in your lfe.

  3. Sorry Jessica – my time of BIRTH is 11.35pm – does that make a huge difference in one’s chart? It’s actually something – I’ve always wanted to know – thank you!

    1. Yes, the time changes the angles in the chart and in certain cases put one planet into a different sign, from another. So it does matter. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Jessica – I have updated to 11.35pm. I always look forward to hearing your interpretation of my chart for the year – for me – birthdays are the new year. Many thanks and stay well, ShaughnaElizabeth.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the Solar Return is the start of the real new year in astrology, and that birthday-to-birthday cycle is the real story.

  5. Hello Jessica, I do hope you have been keeping well during all the challenges of this time. I’ve just read my birthday year ahead and wondering if there is anything specific in my chart – that you can see. Last year – you were spot on re a film I was working on! It was so unexpected and wondering if there will be further opportunities. Thank you – stay safe & well, Shaughna Elizabeth.

    1. Thank you, Shaughna Elizabeth. I am glad the prediction about your film was spot-on. You will have a golden opportunity to form a new partnership at any point from Boxing Day or to rekindle an existing partnership so it becomes more enriching and central to your life. The partnership (or partnerships, plural) that emerge by May 2022 are blessed, in terms of timing, the person (of course), the benefits of the duet itself, and the sense of optimism and hope will be very strong. These sorts of double-acts can be professional or business, yet are commonly about dating or marriage. As there is also a tremendous shift in your attitude towards babies, infants, children, teenagers and/or Millennials showing in your chart, you’d have to speculate that there is also a story about parenthood here – saying yes, or saying no, or accepting fate on some level.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    I was wondering if you see anything specific in my chart for next year. I am hoping that my ex-husband will finally sign my divorce papers and that I will find a new love. I know, I want lots!

    Thank you,

    1. Alina, everything looks up after Christmas, and perhaps it is the family on his side that makes the difference. 2022 will be so much happier for you and you will have the chance to date someone new at any point from late December, into the first half of 2022.

  7. My partner had his birthday yesterday so I’m reading this for him. He has a virgo sun and pluto (and also a libra stellium). We’ve had a very up and down few months to the extent we have been discussing counselling only just today – so incredible to read his horoscope and your predictions for his year. I really don’t want us to break up…I hope we are on the side of ‘seeing a way through’….thanks for the great horoscopes. Can’t wait to read my Libran one next month!

    1. Thank you. It is hard to have the Sun and Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House during a pandemic, because of the need for total control over health, wellbeing, work, housework. I am sure he has been hard to live with, at the same time that he has found life very difficult. How can you have total control when you are dealing with government but also other people going in different directions? Then, there is the impact of the pandemic on his job situation. He is being required to change. If he has not changed already, substantially, that will happen in December, January when we have transits in Capricorn which trine his Virgo factors, making the flow of transformation easier for him. If he has a Libra stellium he needs a duet to feel whole. You are one half of his duet, though of course it feels like a duel at the moment. You will go back and forth with discussion, agreement, in September, October, November during Mercury Retrograde then end up with a more balanced situation, assuming you both play fair (Libra stellium rules – it has to be balanced). He will find everything far easier with you and much more simple to solve, from just after Christmas, into the first half of 2022. That is a 12 year Jupiter cycle of hope, opportunity, growth and expansion. The basics of work and wellbeing need to be his focus in 2022 as he absolutely has to change and try to stick to a strategy.

  8. Hi Jessica. I have been a premium member for over a year. I love your site, and what you do! My birthday is coming up this weekend (September 18, 1962), and is only 2 days before the full moon. I wonder if that will have much effect for me over the coming year? Can you tell me something about my year ahead? Thanks again for your awesome work.

    1. Thank you so much. Okay, so your lifestyle, workload, daily routine, health and wellbeing is central to your identity. You shine when you get it right, and when everything goes right for you. When you go through issues with employment, or your mental or physical health, your light dims. That is why the tiny details of your existence, the 24 hours in each day divided into 8 each for sleep, work and play, are so important. You have another week or so to try and get this right for the rest of 2021 and 2022, as what you set up in September needs to serve you for a long time. The Full Moon tends to reveal what does not work, or does not fit, so you can reach a compromise with reality. This may be your job, your government’s handling of Covid, your housework or something else which fits the Virgo ‘tiny details of the day’ story. Nothing can ever be perfect on a Full Moon but you will leave September having sorted out what you can. This is the story in both charts I use for you. In your natal chart your Sixth House of lifestyle and workload, service and duty, is occupied. In your solar chart, you have transiting Jupiter (solutions) and Saturn (hard questions) also in your Sixth House, by transit. The great truth about 2021 and 2022 is that you cannot be of service to those who need you, without serving yourself. You can’t walk the dog if you are not ‘together’ in terms of your own routine. You cannot perfect the details of a professional task without tending to your own wellbeing. So it comes back to the body, and then if you are looking at the body (from head to foot) you are also talking about the mind and spirit, because your subconscious mind drives the bus. September is a useful time to look at what you are unwittingly setting up in your life, and what your core self is really after. So often what we go to a doctor for, or a healer, has its own story to tell about really big ‘drivers’ in the subconscious mind. As you go through Saturn transiting your solar Sixth House in 2022 that is worth looking at more seriously. You can look up Virgo/Sixth House on this website in articles and in your e-guides. It’s where you live, essentially.

  9. Hi Jessica – I love being a premium member on your site, thank you so much for the detail you go into on every reading! I have just read the above through and I worried when we came to the work part, I became self-employed in 2021 and I wondered whether there is any guidance you can give me looking at my birth chart (07/09/1985) for the year ahead in finance, work, love – Thanks Jessica!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo who quite naturally is concerned about work (you shine brightest when you are happy with your job). You are now self-employed and wondering about the future. You will find a huge shift in mood, direction and atmosphere from January 2022, as the transiting North Node leaves Gemini and your solar Tenth House of career. That sense that you were always being sent back to the drawing-board with your job will vanish. What remains is a test of your patience, for all of 2022. To pass it more easily, use solutions which come with work, lifestyle, health, wellbeing by the end of 2021. They will not appear until the Christmas decorations are in the shops in November, but use them, as they will help you so much with setting up a work/routine/lifestyle structure that gets you through 2022 with all its waiting games. From 2023, again, the picture changes and you begin to glimpse 2026 for yourself, when the most exciting and radical career change in your lifetime begins. From 2023, as well as seeing Uranus in Gemini in your career zone up ahead, you also get to see the arrival of Pluto in Aquarius, in your Sixth House of work. From that point forward you will be stunned at how much your life path transforms, as you realise that serving other people; working for others; doing your duty (in a thoroughly Virgo way) by clients, employers, staff, colleagues – puts you in a really potent position. If you stick at it, it will change your life. Only then will you realise what part going self-employed made to your future, way back in 2021…

  10. Jessica you mention 2018 and 2019 being the worst years. You are so right!!! 2018 and consequently 2019 was so incredibly painful. It was like being hit by a freight train in slow motion. I was blindsided by betrayal from my partner and so-called close friend. I was betrayed by my sister and became estranged from my family. I had a total breakdown and moved over 4000km to the other side of the country. I know I sound like I’m playing the victim here but I assure you that victimhood has never been part of my life story.
    So I moved 4000km away. But ya know….. Its just geography….
    I’m so glad it’s over but I’m still reeling from the shock and pain. What exactly was happening in 2018? (specifically around September 6? I’ve been struggling to understand this for a long time now.
    Venus retrograde scares the crap out of me now. I’m terrified of going back to 2018. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
    Love your work

    1. It should make you feel better to know that the Saturn, Pluto and South Node in Capricorn transits in 2018, 2019 could only have happened once in your lifetime and will never happen again. They were rare and horrid to go through, and if you had factors in Cancer (the household with a partner, the sister, the family) you saw that opposed on a regular basis. Your Descendant and Panacea in Cancer in the Fourth House of home and family were repeatedly opposed. Moving was also part of the story as the Fourth House and Cancer rule the town or country; the house or apartment. September 6th 2018 was your Proserpina at 3 Gemini in the Third House of siblings under transiting aspect (one degree away from exactitude) from Saturn at 2 Capricorn, Uranus at 2 Taurus, which is also rare. Venus Retrograde should not bother you; it’s really backtracking with complicated relationships. That’s all. You should be very happy with a central duet in your life (professional or personal) at any point after Boxing Day. This double-act will see you singing from the same page as somebody special in lovely harmony next year. Both your solar and natal chart show the same story in the Seventh House of marriage, common-law marriage, business duos and so on.

  11. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain that to me. It was certainly a very peculiar time. A relief to known only once in my life time.
    I also wanted to let you know that I read your 2021 Virgo annual horoscope earlier in the year.
    It seemed a bit strange at the time. I couldn’t imagine how it could apply to me. Having just re-read it, I was amazed at how accurate it turned out to be!!
    Having relocated to a ‘foreign’ part of the Australia in 2020 I finally stumbled upon an amazing property in September 2021 after nearly 2 years of being a gypsy in a pandemic.
    It’s an organic avocado farm. I’m sitting on my balcony right now looking out at the rolling hills and the orchard. You can’t get much ‘greener’ than that! I certainly feel I hit the jackpot.
    And as for that rabbit…. Sadly the rabbit inexplicably up and ran away this year. In fact, I think the rabbit may have got myxomatosis, went mad and laid down in front of a road train
    RIP Bugs
    I do miss that darn rabbit!
    However, my bruised ego feels somewhat relieved that planets may have played a part in his disappearance. I can call off the search party. Lol

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know your 2020 Virgo Horoscope was accurate. That’s too odd about the rabbit. Funny how these things turn up – I hope he’s okay.

  12. Hello Jessica. Finally got round to reading this. This year, although working from home, has been exhausting. I felt slightly anxious reading the 2022 is going to be even harder. Would you mind having a look at my chart for any light at the end of the tunnel? I’m not interested in romance, just would like to know if I’m going to be able to keep some kind of work life blance that I managed to get since covid hit. Thank you very much.

    1. You have Uranus in conjunction with Pluto in Virgo in your Sixth House of health, lifestyle, work/life balance, wellbeing, mental health, fitness and so on. Your buttons have been well and truly pushed, as COVID-19 has been ‘the challenge to change’ – not just life on the job, but also food, drink, exercise, self-care, immunity and so on. You are not alone in feeling exhausted and also anxious about the future, as an entire generation were born with this pattern, and the squeeze has really been on with the North Node in Gemini, South Node in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. Uranus in Virgo is about accepting revolutions and radical changes. The last one you had was AIDS/HIV actually – around the time of higher unemployment – so that is a classic example of big, global trends picking up Virgo factors in a chart. What will work very well for you, with Pluto also in Virgo, is owning your own self and lifestyle. You have Apollo and Cupido in Virgo as well, so you are actually going to be imitated – copied in a flattering way – for what you end up doing, in terms of reshaping your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have spent 2020 and 2021 adapting on the fly to what he/she/they command or dictate. This stops by 2023. The light at the end of the tunnel is actually just after Boxing Day, and then again from January 19th, as it becomes so very much easier to actually have a life. One that you control. That is going to be very important in 2022; there is no rule that says you have to follow the herd, or do the obvious thing. By crafting a lifestyle that you run, and are the boss of, you end up feeling much happier, actually. This will mean changes and a fair bit of self-discipline, but you’ve done this before and it’s worked. You’ll just be doing it in a new way. There is also a duet, pair or double-act for you in 2022. This may be a familiar face or someone new, but the two of you go through a highly spiritual learning experience together. Perhaps religious. That’s further down the track.

  13. Hi Jessica thankyou for this Birthday Horoscope Have Sun . Mercury. Minerva and Pluto in Virgo , Chiron . Juno and the Moon in Pisces . Hope the Sun is gonna shine ! What is relevant to me personally in 2022 ?If you have a moment to look please and thanks very much ! Hope you have a great Christmas Jessica!

    1. Thank you. In your solar Virgo chart we find the same story told in your natal birth chart. You have Saturn in Aquarius in your solar Sixth House of work ethic, daily routine, service, duty and the impact of your fitness and health or mental health on your ability to perform your tasks. In your natal chart we find Pluto in your Tenth House of professional life, position, ambition and mission. So 2022 is challenging. Demanding. No two ways about it. Yet, from 2023, Saturn goes out of this chart zone and Pluto moves in, suggesting long-term transformation and a very powerful position, if you use your willpower. Pluto in Aquarius in your solar Sixth House from 2023 is a game-changer and he will be there past 2030, all of which suggests that 2022 is basically training wheels. What you achieve on your C.V. or with your studies in 2022 helps you become quite powerful after 2023, if you tick all the boxes. Listen to your body, too.

  14. I have joined up as a member once more, desperate to see my birthday horoscope and all the extras!
    I’ve been reading your wonderful insights for quite a few years now…….thank you……even though I couldn’t afford to pay for a long time.
    You have said my chart is Shakespearean? I don’t know any different……
    As you can now see my birth chart, are there some areas you can highlight please?
    Love, work, money and house moving…..all subjects that have been extremely shaky over time, and still are. I’m just dealing with it all better.
    If you could advise on all four, that would be lovely. I have some idea from gleaning information from this site.
    If not, any snippet would be hugely appreciated.
    My nodal return looks a big moment this summer, and I’m not sure about Saturn opposite my Venus currently?
    Many Thanks,

    1. You are a Sun Virgo with a Taurus and Scorpio signature, including the lunar nodes, in your Second and Eighth House of finance and property. You also have a standard chart signature in Libra in your Seventh House of sexual partnership. Jupiter in Pisces, along with Neptune in Pisces, has given you an opportunity to be with someone new, and it’s not clear if you took it or not, as you don’t say if you are single, married, in an unhappy marriage and so on. The window stays open until the second week of May, then shuts until October, when it opens again and stays open until December. This transit of your solar Seventh House by Jupiter is in synch with transits to your Libra signature in the natal Seventh House. You are also going to gain from Jupiter in Aries and your solar Eighth House of joint finances, starting in May, remaining until October, then resuming in January-May 2023. That is a rare chance for you to save or make money, on quiet a large scale, and it is backed up by your natal chart, which shows Uranus (radical change) and the North Node (karma) going through Taurus and your natal Second House. Once again both charts I use for you, public and private, show the same emphasis. So, there is money to put aside, either because you receive something for nothing/a great deal less, or because you accumulate profits or gains in some way. Your nodal return is really about collecting what you owe, or what was owed to you, 18 or 19 years ago and you will see results by 2023. A house or apartment may be drawn into that. Venus is the ruler of the Second House so the opposition from Saturn is again, the same emphasis in the chart: you can find out more about all these houses in your flipbook on the same subject.

  15. Thank you so much Jessica, the man appeared last Spring and we split due to distance.
    It feels so natural and easy with him though. Idyllic really.
    He contacted me again in the Autumn and we tried again. He wants dating and I want a relationship though.
    It’s off again now, but he just doesn’t stay away,
    And I do love him dearly, but scared of getting hurt, as he isn’t one to commit….. says this himself.
    I want to feel secure in a relationship… I distance myself and try and move on, thinking he’s not meant to be for me.
    I had a disastrous long marriage, and worry about making a wrong choice again.
    He’s a Libra with lots of air in his chart.

    1. I am sorry you are going through it. Solutions will still be there for you, with him or another man, until the middle of May. You will then get your second chance October-December, as Jupiter comes back to your Seventh House of sexual relationships with all his solutions and opportunities. Your natal Seventh House, with that Libra signature, is also picked up around the same time. So a door remains open to something, now, and a door will open again, from October. See what the Tarot is telling you as validation of the timing.

  16. Thank you again Jessica, I drew the Five of Wands. Not sure about the group reference, and there is only Saturn in Aquarius presently.
    Communication wise, his Mercury/Sun conjunction, 10 and 11 Libra respectively……are conjunct my Ascendant.
    I’m wondering about that or Mars transiting and triggering my chart?

    1. Yes, the Five of Wands is a mirror of Saturn in Aquarius. I am not sure if you were asking about the present or the future. If the future, then Saturn will be in Aquarius until March 2023, then Pluto in Aquarius takes over, dominating next year. So you may also have been picking up on that. Both of these transits in your Eleventh House are the key. They are rare, historic and describe the process of making a circle of people work. Setting individual differences aside in favour of the whole. Your Eleventh House is empty but the Aquarius transits will oppose your Leo factors in the Fifth House, and in the case of Pluto, you’ve not experienced that in your lifetime. So groups matter, or will soon do so.

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