The Virgo Birthday Horoscope 2023 to 2024

Happy Birthday Virgo!

Your forecast takes you from August 23rd, 2023, until September 22nd, 2024, the last day of your sign.

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47 Responses

  1. This is definitely chiming with the mental and physical space I find myself in these days. I was hoping for a move last year, but no good options came up and my research yielded nothing. I keep having this feeling like a situation is going to arise which informs the situation for moving out of our current area to somewhere we’ll be much happier. Would this appear in my chart? I keep waiting, hoping, researching to find that awesome solution we’re seeking. I also don’t have a strong aquarius signature or any pisces factors. Does that means what you write above will be weaker in my life? I just have this sense I’ll have made some good, strong transitions by this time in 2024. I can’t see what it is however. I do feel my career is ready to go next level, and I’d love to move, which would benefit our whole family. Plus, my parents aren’t doing well, sadly. There’s a lot to think about this year. Thank you for any insight you have!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo, with stelliums in Virgo, Leo, Libra, Scorpio. You are another Virgo who wants to move but has not mentioned emigrating. In fact your chart will give you more than one opportunity to move countries, or to go to a foreign culture in your own country. This is by May 2024. Your horoscope reveals the most important story in 2023 and 2024 is partnerships of all sorts. Professional or sexual. You have a Libra stellium in the Seventh House of balanced scales in one-to-one relationships. This can be a work partnership or a marriage. The Seventh House also rules fair separation and a legally fair divorce. It can, finally, show a contest or conflict with another. Libra is ‘two of us’ or ‘you versus me.’ You don’t say which you are involved with so I can’t really say more. The Tarot can give you a personalised reading on the ‘two’ which is such a huge story in 2023, 2024.

  2. Dear Jessica,
    thank you very much, I was really looking forward to this! My husband and I have been trying to find a new place to move to for years now, but nothing really worked out. Could you please take a look at my chart and comment on the chances you see for this to happen within the next year? Your insight is very much appreciated!

    1. Did you want to emigrate? Your chart is set up for a foreign move, actually, rather like Prince Harry going to Canada and then America, from Great Britain. You would be given the chance to emigrate by May 2024 and more than once. A classic example is seeing the property prices in your street skyrocket enabling you to sell, keep the change and buy at a bargain price in another country. I don’t have your husband’s chart here so it’s hard to say more. This is obviously a two-way decision and he is half of the story. Have a look at the Tarot and ask ‘Why have we not moved?’ As it’s been years it’s time to find out.

  3. Hi Jessica – Happy Belated Birthday – and congrats on your podcast! Checking in with you re my birthday year ahead, I have had the move bug and (take-two) on a Children’s media project ??? – and working hard in the ‘real’ world’ can you pls check my chart – for the parallels you generously write of —— for the year ahead. Many thanks, Shaughnaelizabeth

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo, with stelliums in Virgo, Leo, Scorpio, Libra. Did you mean relocate or emigrate rather than just move up the road? You are in a great position to do that by May 2024 with Jupiter in your solar Ninth House of foreign places and people, or foreign cultures. Otherwise you could move (likely when the transits go through Sagittarius and your Fourth House of property at the end of 2024) but it would not be life-changing. Your chart points to opportunities to emigrate. People who want to work with or for children commonly have Leo stelliums. I expect this will take off from May 2024 until June 2026 when Jupiter in Gemini (the media and web) forms sextiles to your Leo placements. You are too early for the rewards but you may as well start now. Later on Uranus in Gemini will do the same, so the second half of the Twenties is all about new communication technology (Gemini) meeting your need to entertain and educate children (Leo) very nicely.

  4. Hi Jessica
    can you look at my specific chart and advise on what’s in store career wise and family wise. I have moved to another country.
    thanks, Germoglio

    1. Thank you Germoglio. You enter your biggest and best career cycle in 12 years on May 26th 2024 and have until June 9th 2025 to find a sought-after position; have a number one hit; receive promotion; be accepted into a prestigious course; achieve a personal best on your C.V. and so on. Further on in time, the last thing you expected to find yourself doing, or thinking, becomes a part of life for you professionally or academically, from July 8th 2025 until May 22nd 2033. It’s a revolution. The family in all this is far less important than your career. Have a look at the Tarot to personalise this reading and follow the steps. You can also have second and third opinions from The Astrology Oracle and The Garden Oracle.

  5. Thank you Jessica – would love to emigrate – just not sure how to make that happen – at my maturity. After these past years – currently have feet firmly placed on the ground. Many thanks.

  6. Hi Jessica – oh I was so looking forward to this I’ve been refreshing the page for a few days 🙂 Thank you so much for putting such a thorough and insightful birthday reading together. I am recently single, wondering whether my self-employment will go to the next level (have been doing consultancy work since 2020) and I’m due to begin the final stages of a qualification in psychotherapy (alongside job) in Nov (will qualify 2025) and also hoping to buy my first home (been saving for what feels like forever and researching to find a home that I can love!) I am travelling to India in September, but I feel a house move will be close by (UK) as I want to be close to my family, sister, nieces. Can you see timings in my chart for when I can optimise decisions about moving, work and growing finances? Thank you so much – you are brilliant and thank you for your wisdom xx

    1. Thank you. We start with your solar chart and you are a Sun Virgo. In your natal chart you have a Scorpio stellium too. In 2023, 2024 and until January 2025 your choices about the bank and a house, apartment or block of land to build on will owe much to what you did 18-19 years ago. You are owed, karmically, or you owe others and what happens will show you that. This is the nodal transit of your Second and Eighth Houses, as a Virgo. Going to your natal chart, this also triggers the Scorpio factors in your Eighth House too. So yes, you will move, mainly because you have to or because the property market becomes irresistible to you. You are a Virgo travelling to India during a pandemic so I am glad you are remembering your Virgo ‘health first’ creed and testing at both ends and keeping your N95 mask on. Thanks for doing that.

  7. Hi Jessica, wow…everything that you wrote matches my planes. At the end of October I am moving to Florida after 3 years in San Francisco. I am not sure 100% if it will be a smart move but considering that my new job allows me to work from home full-time, the move makes sense for financial reasons. Could you, please take a look at my chart and see if you can give me any advice for love? Maybe I will meet soemone next year….
    Thank you very much,

    1. Thank you. Alina, you will meet one or more prospective partners between now and January 2025 and karma from life as it was 18-19 years ago will come back to you, either with the same person or another face who resurrects the soul debts and credits for you.

  8. Yes, I’m married. Things are good at the moment, but marriage also requires work, and we’ve been working a lot for the past couple of years. I’d LOVE to move to another country, it would be a dream. I’ll have to figure it out with aging parents stateside, however. I’m working hard to create opportunities and look forward to the Seneca adage about preparation meeting opportunity. Thank you!

  9. Hi Jessica, this is a fascinating look into my birthday year ahead and has raised a few questions for me, since I’m currently looking to buy a new home in Brisbane, not the easiest challenge. Looking ahead though it looks like life will be changing and I would love to know what you can see for me over the next 12 months. I have stelliums in Scorpio, Leo and Libra but not much in Aquarius. Thank you x

    1. You are a Sun Virgo woman with a Scorpio stellium, as you say – and Scorpio rules the bank. In your birth chart the first window for an apartment, house or block of land to build on is October, November (Scorpio season) and this tallies with your solar chart, as Virgo goes into her Fourth House property cycle from late November, with the Sagittarius cycles climbing. So, this is a year-end choice for you. You can use the Tarot to personalise the choices as you get closer to the time.

  10. Hi, Jessica. I am wondering how these transits may effect me this coming year.. I have quite a few shifts in life looming and am trying to best figure out how to navigate them.
    Thanks so much!

    1. For accuracy, I read three ways. Solar chart, natal chart and Tarot (which you use to personalise the prediction). You are a Sun Virgo with a Libra stellium in your Seventh House. You are going through transiting the South Node in Libra in your Seventh House, in your natal chart. In your solar chart, you are going through transiting Neptune and Saturn in Pisces in your Seventh House. So the astrology is picking up partnership, divorce, marriage, separation, duets or duels. You don’t say anything about yourself so I can’t be more specific. Use the Tarot to find out this: “How will the South Node in Libra affect me for its entire cycle?” It has already begun and ends in January 2025. You may find this is a work partnership as much as it is a marriage. You will have karma from 18-19 years prior and need to repay that spiritually to the other side/your other half – or be repaid fully by them. The karma may have concerned them, or may have been with somebody completely different, but the universe decides you are owed and will thus be repaid.

  11. Hello dearest Jessica, I hope you are very well.

    I’m writing about my career, I’ve been out of work since last year July have had so many really good conversations which have amounted to nothing. I’ve been looking to work abroad(ties in with what your forecast says) and one of these conversations have continued very slowly, also going on a year now, it’s the one I want the most as it’s most in line with my passion, experience and expertise. however, the pace has been fraustrating. I’ve also had so many amazing transits and surprised that nothing definitive has come through yet. Please can you take a look at my chart and let me know what you see, if this role is going to come through. and if there is anything else of significance i should be aware of.

    thank you ever so much!

    1. Thank you. Okey dokey, let’s look at your chart to check Virgo (work) and Capricorn (success, which is different). Salacia at 29 Capricorn and Venus and Pluto both at 29 Virgo are your whole answer. You have an exact trine and also an exact conjunction. Meanwhile, transiting Pluto is stuck at 29 Capricorn going backwards and forwards. This would tally with the delay. To be born with Salacia in Capricorn in the Tenth House is to exist in two professional worlds at the same time; neither of them real. In fact your success is an alternative to the real world and there may always be two projects; two jobs; two paths. This can be paid or unpaid. This goes with work situations where complicated relationships rule (Venus) and your need to control things tightly (Pluto) means you have to use your willpower too (Pluto again). Along comes transiting Pluto and there are issues about power all over the place and your own empowerment or lack of it. When you say passion, you are correct. Pluto is obsessive passion. This cycle improves month by month and virtually vanishes in January 2024. As you go into Capricorn season from late December you will be strongly affected by reshuffles, promotions, departures and demotions in your chosen field and will get into those gaps. This will happen with the position you mention here, which may of course come to you sooner, or by then you may find a complete alternative is there and things fall into place.

  12. Hi Jessica – thank you for previous response – I was just wondering – do you have psychic intuition when you write to certain people or possibly all people?? Do you ever receive messages from people who have passed? Thank you

    1. Thank you. Yes, I sometimes hear information from people in spirit, which I pass on to readers. I am clairaudient so I can hear people who have passed on. My own spirit guides will also occasionally give me information. I am also clairvoyant so see images pertinent to the question and the chart. This does not happen with every question but when it does, I use it.

  13. Hi Jessica, always look forward to your birthday horoscopes. Thank you so much. You mentioned to me sometime ago that late 23 – 24 would be a stretch and it is certainly proving to be. Work is heavy going: my managers are trying to give me a very heavy workload because of my ‘experience’ and I am resisting. The fire season is looking like it will be another douzy and we are headed into another drought. I am more prepared this time round. I have been saving for a ‘rainy day’, bought machinery to handle fodder and have stock piled several months of hay for my cattle. Water may end up being the issue if the creek dries up and I am now trying to plan ahead in case the worst happens. Like many I am now feeding out and the farm is taking up much more of my time which on top of a full time job means I am constantly busy and or tired. .

    If you are able to have a look at my chart and give me any pointers for the next year, that would be fantastic. I’ve been running cattle for almost 20 years now and I’m not getting any younger. I love my girls and in normal times they are a great outlet and I really enjoy the animal husbandry side. But in these harder times the physical demands ramp up and finding feed, water etc becomes a real worry. I just hope I am able to hang in until the weather breaks.

    I am wondering how the horoscope relates to me as I am not looking to travel at all as I am quite content on my little farm. I have a Virgo friend who seems to be so intuitively in touch/sync with the flow of the planets. She is looking to travel so the stars seem to be aligning for her. I often wonder if I make life harder for myself by following my bliss rather than going with the cosmic flow a bit more lol!

    Once again, many thanks.

    1. I am sorry you are having water concerns for your cattle. You do in fact have great luck with foreigners and foreign countries until May 2024 so perhaps that is one answer for you; the solution to hydration on the farm may be overseas or international. Waiting for the weather to break is one way; looking to foreigners who have already tackled this problem in their own countries is another. Yes, this is a stretch for you and you have some decisions to make about work, lifestyle, wellbeing, priorities, hours in the day/week and so on, from January 2024 and by February 2024 you’ll likely have made them.

  14. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for this skilful prepared outlook which is spot-on in more than one regard! I met what still seems to be a dream love partner this year, he lives in another country and we try to meet each other as often as possible… not so easy as I have two kids… I also work with kids and young adults so can you please tell me how this new love is going to affect my work and family life in the near future? Is it possible to cover all this over the distance or even manage to move or work from different countries? Thank you so much and happy belated birthday wishes!

    1. Thank you, I am glad your horoscope is spot-on. You are a Sun Virgo, with stelliums in Virgo, Libra, Leo, Taurus.A dream partner is Neptune in Pisces in your solar Seventh House of partnership. Neptune is associated with escapism. He lives in another country, which also suits Jupiter and Uranus going through your solar Ninth House of foreigners and foreign nations. You have children and so have fulfilled your Leo stellium mission. You also work with children and young adults, the same. Can you go on with a long-distance relationship? Well, it’s blessed until May 2024 when Jupiter departs. After that it will be unpredictable as you are left with Uranus in the Ninth House by himself. It will go through sudden changes that neither of you had predicted, purely because of your cycles with foreign countries. The question about the children all but disappears in January 2024 when Pluto leaves your Fifth House of parenthood, in your solar chart. In astrology we look for the same house turning up twice in solar and natal charts, and as a Virgo with a Libra stellium we can safely say life as it was 18-19 years ago is coming back with this person and total closure will come by January 2025. The Tarot can personalise this for you on my website.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Your predictions have been pretty spot on to date. I wonder what makes you so special. Anyway God bless you. I have relocated and separated from family. Any pointer in terms of family and career this year. Do you think I will be able to upgrade to a bigger house this year

    1. Thank you. Not remotely special; I have just been a professional astrologer since I began at ELLE magazine at the age of 23 and so am experienced in the field, after 30+ years. Family and home are ruled by the zodiac sign Cancer and the Fourth House of your chart. You have a pattern there at 0 through 27 degrees including Saturn which can restrict and confine. I am not surprised you have separated from the family as transiting Pluto has been at 27 Capricorn (Pluto in opposition to Saturn). He is now at 28, still quite close. You will find the situation eases once you are past the final stretch in September, October (when the opposition is exact again at 27 degrees) and once you are past Christmas, very much easier. In fact, you are in a far more open and welcoming situation with both property and family from January 22nd 2024, when Pluto leaves Capricorn and goes to 0 Aquarius. Even when he retrogrades to 29 again in September, October and the first half of November 2024, he never again goes to exactitude and so these rare, historic, heavy cycles are finished. You will have a tremendous Jupiter cycle with family, home, home town, homeland and property when Jupiter with all his benefits goes into Cancer from June 2025 until June 2026.

  16. Wow, you are good! This is really resonating with me in every way. I am hoping to retire in September 2024. I am engaged, planning to marry after retirement, and we hope to emigrate to another country some time in 2025. We are not sure where yet, but hopefully somewhere warm. However, my children are here in California, and its breaking my heart to leave them. Can you check my chart and give me some advice and guidance?

  17. You are fantastic! This is pretty accurate for me. I am a 60 year old high school teacher, and I am hoping to retire after this school year. My partner and I are planning to get married and move to a foreign country after I retire. However, I also have grown sons here in California, and I am so sad and torn to be leaving them. Will you check my chart and give me some input on all of this?

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo woman with Libra and Aquarius stelliums. So the partnership is the most important story here. In your Virgo chart you have Neptune and Saturn in your Seventh House of marriage in 2023, 2024. In your birth chart you have the South Node in your Seventh House at the same time. Life as it was 18-19 years ago, either with him or somebody else, will come back to you. You are owed or owe, karmically, so there will be closure with the past in 2023, 2024. The other major story here is friendship and group involvement. This changes dramatically from January 2024 for around 20 years into the future. The new friends you make and groups you join, if you emigrate, will have a profound impact on you, so take your time as you commit. The issue with your adult sons will be their children or stepchildren, into the future and of course, distance affects that. The Tarot can help with these intensely personal choices for you on this website.

  18. Hi Jessica, thank you for the detailed birthday reading. I have been self learning astrology and am trying to apply your findings to my personal chart. However I am still unable to make a good interpretation. I have ascendant Aquarius. Virgo is my 7th house. How should I interpret the saturn transiting my 1st house, and jupiter and uranus transiting my 3rd house but not the 9th? I am having difficulties in finding a job I like and which pays me reasonably well. I still have a contract with an employer for a part-time job but I am taking a long break which actually means I may not go back to work for them, because I really don’t like what I have been doing. I applied for teaching positions at colleges a couple of times in the past few years but was unsuccessful. Well, teaching is not what I want to do most but it may be the fastest way to change my career path. I currently reside in my home town hk and I have no intension to move to another country in the foreseeable future, because I already got the passport from the North America many years ago. Could you have a look at my chart and give me some insights regarding my career and relationship matters? Thanks!

    1. It’s a pleasure. Work is always Virgo and the Sixth House, if it is about serving others. Of course you can be the President of the US and do that. Career, in terms of peak achievement and ambition, is always Capricorn. I am not sure where you are getting your information from about your chart. Anyway, let’s do this properly with two-way prediction. Salacia is at 27 Capricorn in your chart exactly trine Pluto at 27 Virgo. You exist in two non-realities simultaneously, professionally, academically or with unpaid roles. They are alternatives to what most people would call the real, normal, everyday world; as removed from it, as the ocean and the seashore. This goes together with a tremendous need to control work. It is common to reject anything that does not empower you, give you the steering wheel and allow for those escapes from reality. A transit not possible in 248 years is taking place, as transiting Pluto in Capricorn has been hovering at 27 degrees. Whenever that happens you can feel dominated or pushed around, either by a person, an organisation or a situation. So it would be a surprise if you were not feeling dissatisfied with your working life. The good news is, the situation is temporary and Pluto is out of Capricorn in January 2024. Better still, Jupiter goes to 27 Taurus as you approach May 2024 and creates a stunning Grand Trine. Jupiter is a symbol of growth, expansion, hope for the future and all-round improvement. You are one of those people who may suit hybrid work and study, or hybrid paid and unpaid work, or job-sharing and so on. Or your Salacia in Capricorn in the Tenth House may be satisfied with a role that pays the bills, but another role (a side gig) which allows that complete departure from reality. She was Neptune’s wife in myth. Pluto in Virgo is common to your entire generation and always wants to take over, when it comes to work. So if you were plugged into teaching but did not have ownership of your lessons, that would be an issue. The Pluto transit is fading and once he is at 0 Aquarius in January next year, so much of this year is ancient history for you anyway.

  19. Hello Jesicca, can you please have a look at my chart and advise on my family and career. seems like there is a situation with a distant relatives thats creating stress. Also from career point of view, I feel like I am stuck and not progressing. I wanted to start something on my own but its not working out.
    Thank you

    1. This will sort itself out in the first quarter of 2024 so don’t worry about your relative now. Your career will change profoundly from January 2024 and you will ultimately work with, for and around very powerful people.

  20. hello Jessica. thank u for posting all this stuff b/c I have started looking so much more into it than ever before. would you pls take a look at my chart and help direct me. I feel like my career is in the right place and want to expand but will I have the means to do that. also was wondering about my relationship. am I ever going to get married and move or at least move in with Chris? or is it even with him

    thank u so much

    1. Pluto at 17 Libra, Uranus at 17 Scorpio is your whole answer there. Pluto is control and power and Libra is marriage and partnership. Scorpio is joint finance and property but Uranus is the upheaval that leads to independence. Conventional marriage with a mortgage and joint bank account might not suit you. You may want to look at all the options for being with someone as any time you get outer planet transits at 17 that pattern is set off and it is quite hard work. It may be that you want the love and sex but not the two names on the deed titles for example or you might want a lawyer to create a unique arrangement for you. This comes up in February 2024 when the transiting South Node goes to 17 Libra. That rather does lay it all on the line for you and Chris. You will be promoted, have a huge success or win a new job if you take the opportunity from May 2024 to June 2025.

  21. Hi, my current role is being redesigned and responsibilities being shared with my peers. i am contemplating of leaving. do you see any chance of getting a promotion with higher role and responsibity in the near future please?

    1. Your best work cycle in 12 years starts in May 2024 and continues to June 2025. You could easily be promoted or find a better job with another company. Events will move swiftly in May and June 2024, and by June 2025 you could even think about changing professions or going back to study. You may also think about working for yourself. This would start to happen in 2026, 2027 if you wanted it. For now, though, focus on May and June 2024 as the restart.

  22. Many thanks for your reply. a few clarification questions 1) do you see me relocate to another country in the near future 2) do you see any major improvement in financial situation and 3) do you foresee me being able to buy a large house in the near term. Thanks a lot in advance for your insights

    1. You are a Sun Virgo going through a lifestyle and work change in 2024, if you want it – those steps will be taken now and February 2024 and again at the end of 2024 and first two months of 2025. Emigration is more easily achieved in January-May 2024 so focus on those months. The last thing you expected regarding emigrating may easily happen in April 2024. Be open to everything. Your finances and the purchase of a large house depends on your karma from 18-19 years ago. If you gave unconditionally, financially, you will now receive in cash or kind. If you owe others, however, for any reason, you will need to repay that debt to the universe in 2024.

  23. I would like to say 1st thank you for answering my prior questions. I have read my yearly for 2024 and seen my tarot card which is the devil. that scares me lol. I try to put things into perspective and try to see where I can change things but I feel so lost. so out of place where I’m at and with most people that I know. is there anything u can help me out into perspective since everywhere I look says that big things r gonna happen or it’s gonna be a great week but yet I’m still here living in a garage, which I’m thankful for don’t get me wrong but I just feel super lost
    thank you

    1. The Devil is about a man and woman dealing with who/what keeps them trapped. We are only at 29th January so you have all year to see this play out. It’s liberating when people can break the ties that bind and this will come your way. I am sorry you are living in a garage and feel lost. You have a Virgo stellium and a Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Virgo, just one degree away from being exact. It is very important that you walk every day if you can. Walking helps depression – particularly in nature – even if you can just find a local park. A strongly Virgo woman needs a daily routine that grounds her, and walking is free and easily done. Mercury is the mind. Saturn is obstacles. Mercury-Saturn conjunction people typically have mental blocks, can have issues with speaking up, speaking out, or even putting things on paper or on the screen. You can look this up elsewhere: natal Mercury in conjunction with Saturn. Keeping a journal and shredding it can be quite therapeutic. You can say what you like without fear or favour then get rid of it. Along with daily walking, this doesn’t have to cost. So these are two simple things your chart suggests to get some wheels turning. You do in fact have the biggest and best cycle for professional or academic success in 12 years coming in May. It lasts around 12 months and it is worth using. That particular cycle is transiting Jupiter in your solar Tenth House. Things can and will get better but to get the absolute most from this cycle, start walking now. And start your shreddable journal. This will ground you, help you and get you in the right shape, mentally and physically, to take the new job, course or project which will be offered to you.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    I have followed you for many years and always found you to be extremely accurate with your predictions and guidance.
    Can you please look at my chart and give me some direction with my current relationships and my family/children life.
    I have been married (to cancer) for 26 years (married young) and been unhappy and felt stuck in my marriage for the last 14 years.
    In the last almost 3 years I have developed an incredible relationship with someone (Virgo) from my past who is interstate but he also is married (to Sag) and afraid to leave his marriage because of children and farm property.
    We feel guilty about our affair but we are extremely connected and insync, and we make each other very happy and feel very inlove.
    The Devil tarot card that you predicted for Virgo seems very accurate for us both.
    Are you able to give us some direction moving forward?
    Thankyou in advance.

    1. Thank you. Two married people and The Devil in the Tarot. He has children and a farm. You have Pluto at 5 Libra in the Seventh House of adultery, marriage, separation, divorce and remarriage. The South Node goes to 5 Libra in November 2024 (which can only happen every 18-19 years) so that looks like decision time. This also makes sense in terms of your Cancerian husband as in November we’re in Capricorn Season. Pluto in his Seventh House leaves that month. In December, Ceres leaves Capricorn too. Again, in his Seventh House. When we look at your Virgo lover we find November is the month Pluto leaves his Fifth House of parenthood. In December, Ceres leaves his Fifth House of parenthood. So 2024 is the long goodbye with a lot of back-and-forth as both Pluto and Ceres are retrograde. But it does end and it ends as Christmas is on the way. For the Sagittarius wife, these transits are financial. So it will be about the farm property from her point of view. The Devil shows a naked man and woman, chained before the devil himself, a symbol of sin. If you both/either married in church then you are indeed committing a sin. He can be seen as a version of Pluto, too. Only you two can make the choice but it looks like the end of 2024 and the end of a chapter that began in 2008.

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