Follow Up – The Jupiter-Uranus Trine of June 2015

This week, on Monday 22nd June at 3.39am London time, we saw Jupiter at 20 Leo trine Uranus at 20 Aries. I wrote about this stunning pattern a few months ago on this website. It’s still unfolding – in the most unusual way – as this trine does not follow a straight line. It does, however, spell opportunity, freedom, independence and growth. In a way which could only happen precisely like this, once in your life. Now, let’s go into more detail – and I’ll use some notes from my book Essential Astrology for Women (HarperCollins) to explain the situation right now, in June 2015.

Essential Astrology for Women - Follow Up - The Jupiter-Uranus Trine of June 2015
You can read more about Jupiter in my book Essential Astrology for Women.


I am already hearing about great results from this trine, which I thought I would share with you – as the pattern will actually hold its power right up until Monday 29th June at 6.26am when Venus at 20 Leo trines Uranus at 20 Aries.

That’s a repeat of the same themes in your chart (freedom and opportunity), but this time with Venus (she rules the art of relating one-on-one). Within days of 29th June you’re going to realise – this is about the power of two.

To inspire you – here are some stories I just heard about, all coming in just days before/after the Jupiter-Uranus trine on Monday 22nd June.

*An Aries man, aged 25, got a date with a successful 50-year-old actress over the phone, whom he’d been daydreaming about for months. She also offered him a role on a glamorous new project that involves some of his biggest professional heroes. Bonus!

*A Leo woman just got offered a marketing role with a major ethical food company. The money means she can kiss off another client, whose total lack of ethics has frustrated her for the last 3 years. She also has a car-boot full of their products – free.

*An Aquarian singer just got invited to participate in a new band project which means she can pursue songwriting in a thrilling new way. This band will also give her an excuse to fix things with her ex-partner and heal a situation where she longs for closure.

*A Cancerian woman found herself being offered a second income source by a businessman who wants to expand. He’s talking long-term which is almost unheard of, in her industry. He’s also paying her immediately – again, this is unheard of, in her industry!

*A Capricorn woman who is searching for her fantasy job in life – working from home, pursuing what interests her, making a decent living – just got offered free training as a marriage celebrant on a course, by a friend. It wasn’t in her plans but it certainly is now.

The Jupiter rules are – when people offer you an opportunity, you only have yourself to kick (later) when you decline. Jupiter can’t force you to be lucky.  Think back to what you heard or read, this week, or maybe the end of last week. I hope you realised when destiny was inviting you to a zodiac party. Of course, you have to show up. Are you going to? Did you, already?

Zodiac Party - Follow Up - The Jupiter-Uranus Trine of June 2015
Life is one big Seventies zodiac party on this cycle.

If you let this pass you by without responding properly, or you even said no (you crazy thing) then who or what did you turn down, and why? You still have a chance to change your mind and follow up. People who procrastinate or are too busy/distracted to pursue options and ideas on this cycle, seriously miss out. Don’t let that be you. This. Was. And. Is. An. Opportunity!

I sometimes hear from people who sound so disappointed that they didn’t win the lottery or meet the love of their life on a Jupiter-Uranus trine. The trick to Jupiter is understanding that his gifts are on his terms – not yours. You just got shown something which could be big. There is even a chance you were shown 2-3 things which could be big! Never minimise Jupiter’s gifts when you receive them – as you did, within days (or actually on) the 22nd June. Which big cosmic hint did you get from the universe?

There is still time to go back in time and take the fork in the road again. Jupiter often brings people, situations, plans, organisations, places which don’t meet our cookie-cutter idea of ‘perfect’ so we say no. This is a huge mistake. The stuff that arrives on a Jupiter-Uranus trine in particular is the reward that proves itself over time.

I often wonder why people let their Jupiter gifts disappear. Is it because they habitually self-sabotage? Is it because they are too stressed/too busy with other things to actually see what is there? Is it because Jupiter’s great gift was not recognised, because it didn’t fit their preconceived notion of what good news was?  Sometimes people are too fussy to take what Jupiter is offering, yet a couple of years later, they find themselves wishing they had taken the chance. Unfortunately it can often go to somebody else instead.

Aries copy 21 - Follow Up - The Jupiter-Uranus Trine of June 2015
Aries, did you hit that junior/youth demographic?

The Uranus rules sometimes involve rejection! So, together with the opportunity or solution that is offered for your expansion and growth (and ultimate good fortune) there often is a big, fat ‘No’ from another source. In fact, this may exactly what happened to you within days of the trine on June 22nd. Aries, if it involved a youth market or junior demographic, this is the rejection that leads to success. In fact without the ‘No’ your (future) success will never happen.

For all signs – someone or something may have spat you out on the Jupiter-Uranus trine very close to June 22nd. So you then discovered something new – and superior – which in years to come will make you bless the day you found a new path.

I call this ‘the dance of rejection’ as Uranus is the planet associated ‘you reject me, so I reject you.’ That’s almost how you spot this cycle! This goes all the way back to 1781 when Uranus was discovered, and the British were rejecting the Americans and vice-versa.

If you experienced being turned down, pushed away, ignored or even rudely snubbed this week, then that’s a seriously good sign. Why? Because it means new freedom, new independence and a fresh start. You are about to become the United States of America. Without the rejection dance of 1781, when they found Uranus, the U.S. would not be a superpower today. True. Even though it hurt at the time, and it was disruptive – it was also the luckiest thing that ever happened – if you were American!

So – if you were rejected this second half of June – that is such a good sign, and so typical of this cycle, and the results will be so great you’ll wish this person or organisation had treated you like this years ago, so you could have walked away much earlier – and changed your life for the better. You need to be honest when this occurs. I’m sure if you were rejected it just confirmed something you had been denying for a long time. It was just time. That’s all! This is particularly true at work, college/university.

Ninth House College 473x600 - Follow Up - The Jupiter-Uranus Trine of June 2015
Rejecting your employer? Rejected by your client? Relax. It’s good for you.

Of course, it’s possible that in the last week or so, you’ve been doing the rejecting. You’re the one holding up two fingers in the air. Quite frankly it’s the only way you’re ever going to be free and to see what superior options are out there. Career rejection dance? Great. That’s future success.

Remember, the Venus-Jupiter trine which follows the same grooves in your horoscope as the Venus-Uranus trine, occurs on Monday 29th June. It’s never too late to work this chart pattern, which is about growth, opportunity, expansion, solutions, hope, remedies and healing. And also – so often – the rejection dance.

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17 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Are you able to tell what my outcome will be from the Jupiter-Uranus trine? DOB- 9 Oct 86, Jupiter at 14 Pisces, Uranus at 19 Sagittarius and Venus at 19 Scorpio.

    1. It’s hard without a birth time. What I can tell you is that you must take full advantage of a financial, business or property relationship (it may be personal or strictly business, but it’s very much about two people) in the next 12 months. Jupiter in Virgo will move to 19 degrees where it sextiles your natal Venus at 19 Scorpio, in your house of finance, property, possessions, charity. This coincides with the departure of Saturn (stuck, slow situations) in your financial sector in your Libra chart, so in both systems I use for astrology I am seeing you saving or making money – or cash in kind – over the next 12 months.

  2. Hi, I was rejected for an academic promotion. But my colleagues are all super supportive and will back me in fighting it. I am going to try and talk the powers that be round for me and other colleagues. Is that a good idea?

  3. Jessica – Was it Friday, June 26th, and Saturday, June 27th, when you’ll be doing another of your live e-mail write-ins? Can’t find any link for this on Get The Gloss.

    1. I always host my astrology forum at Get The Gloss on the final weekend of the month, starting Friday (London time). Hope that helps.

  4. Hello Jessica,

    I read your horoscopes regularily. My DOB is 15/10/1974 in Nuremberg/Germany. At the moment I am stuck in my professional situation as a badly paid freelancer with no security and financially/emotionally dependent on others. At the beginning of this year I got an interesting job offer from a foreign (I have family ties to this country) organisation in another town, it was unfortunately cancelled. However, I was promised to be kept informed about changes. My question: Will my professional situation change for the better in terms of a permanent employment and will I be more independent? Shall I stick to my present job, the promised one? Will I change place /professional branch in the next years? Thanks a lot!

    1. The worst financial cycle in 29 years ends in the middle of September. You are suffering from a global and national slump which has nothing to do with your talents and skills and everything to do with other people and organisations. It’s actually the money which will decide everything for you, not so much the actual job. So you will find ways to ease your financial situation, from the second half of September, and slowly recover. This will help you approach your work very differently. The main issue for you with work and daily routine is grounding it, organising it, making it real, being ruthlessly practical about it. It’s so easy in this cycle to get lost in what is so chaotic/confusing around you, or to make it worse by just drifting and floating. The thing to do, especially in July, is to try and pull it into shape. By ‘it’ I mean the way you approach every eight hour working day. Remember – financial relief and release is very close now.

  5. Thanks, the grounding matter sounds quite right. Does this mean a change concerning my work (place, employers and tasks, status) or will it stay the same besides minor changes ( new building, colleagues…)? Will my financial situation be eased by a radical change of field/ place and people. Should I search this option?

    1. The more research and homework you do, the better. You are on totally untried ground (as far as you are concerned) yet others have explored and experimented before you and you need to know what worked, or failed, for them – then do your own thing.

  6. Please. Help! DOB March 11 1967,
    time 04:30 UT 11:30
    longitude 113W48
    latitude 52N16

    So much crap and confusion going on, so many difficult choices I just don’t have a clue. A love triangle (sort of ended, but not entirely) A group/team involvement where the scenario is the people vs. government & big business & I desperately need a change of place/goals but having a hard time deciding, there are almost too many options. Thank you!? 🙂

    1. Okay. First thing to do, every day, is ground and protect yourself. You are wide open to everybody and everything, and you have the kind of chart where this floods you. When you shower or bath, imagine the water is white light cleaning and surrounding you. Really feel the water getting rid of all the psychic junk floating around you. Give it just a minute or two. Then you must ground! So also – every time you take your daily shower or bath, stand in your towel afterwards and ground to the earth through the soles of your feet. Don’t worry about the bathroom floor or the distance between you and Mother Earth. Just picture or ‘feel’ roots going from your body through to the core of our planet. You are grounded. Finish up by surrounding yourself with a cocoon or bubble of white light and say to yourself ‘I am protected.’ Now to the astrology. Your love life will look so much better to you from 18th September. Don’t even think about decisions in July. Take mental notes, jot down the feelings, then wait, wait, wait. The issue with the group/team is intense in July, but the ultimate changes will benefit you if you take your fair share of power once everyone has finished playing musical chairs.

    2. The love triangle will no longer worry you, or be resolved either way, from mid September. The group will empower you if you learn to share the power with others, who are just as powerful as you feel you should be. Does that make sense? Hope so!

  7. Thank you! I will do that grounding every day, you are right about being wide open, I take on others’ emotions and have a lot of negativity around me. I know I am pushing it, but re the love triangle – I’d like to give you the male’s data because I read something on love triangles and I think we have it in our charts and wonder if you can confirm that? And if we do have the love triangle thing in our charts, does that mean being involved with him will always bring a love triangle? Ie should I give up now? He’s an ex from 20 years ago, who I have never forgotten, really he was (and is) my true love, it’s a complicated situation (no kidding, eh?). Not sure if I should just drop it and give up and move on, which is harder to do than it should be. Maybe I’m just being parasitized by a couple of psychic vampires, sometimes I wonder. It has taken up all of my energy and thoughts since last August when we re-connected. I’ve been thru 7 months of hell in all honestly and I really should write a book when I finally know how the story ends. TY so much! He’s 9 December 1968, time not known, longitude 110W40 latitude 50N03 xo

    1. I suspect the issue is Vesta in your horoscope or this man’s – you can check at Even without a birth time you should be able to get your Vesta, his and perhaps hers as well – and see how Vesta is controlling the charts. (Until you stop her anyway).

  8. I know this is a bit late, I just wanted to share what happened to me during this transit because it’s truly amazing. During the month of June last year I was looking for a new job and one day I got an email from a Danish airline, they where recruiting flight attendants. God knows how they found me because I don’t have any experience in the aviation industry. It occurred to me that I should see if a different airline (much bigger and in my eyes better) were recruiting as well. They had an open day five days later in my city, all I needed to bring was my resume. I went, I was successful throughout the recruitment process and the final interview was on June 28th. I didn’t know if I would get the job or not but I figured if it’s meant to be it will be. Two weeks later I received a call and I got the job! A few months later I moved to Dubai where I’m currently living. This is probably the best thing that ever happened to me, I love this job so much. I get to travel all over the world and I’ve seen places I never thought I’d see, this is such a blessing. Best transit ever!! I was born on the 26th of July 1991 in Sweden and my Jupiter is at 19.39 Leo, it’s in my 9th house.

    1. Thank you for sharing the feedback about the Jupiter-Uranus trine prediction. As a Leo you have Uranus in your Ninth House of travel and emigration (in your solar chart) so I’m sure you’re feeling every inch of the freedom. Congratulations.

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