The Astrology of the 2016 U.S. Election

Astrology predicts that Hilary Clinton will win in 2016 if she can get over two things.


The U.S. presidential election of 2016 is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016. It’s goodbye to President Barack Obama, because he legally cannot serve another term. The astrology says, it’s  a huge hello to Hillary Clinton – if she can overcome two big problems. The first one is Benghazi. The second one is her husband, former President Bill Clinton. We don’t have a birth time for Hillary, but the basics of her horoscope are clear. She’ll be the 2016 U.S. President if she can get over those two difficult B-words. Of course, I’m not the only astrologer predicting a Clinton win, fifteen months before it happens.

A truly incredible prediction about Hillary’s run for the White House was made all the way back on May 7th 2012 by astrologers Patrick Watson, Chris Brennan and Nick Dagan Best, who told ABC News that “after being Madame Secretary the next title of one of the world’s most powerful and popular women may well be Madam President” Remember, this was at a time when Hillary and Bill were both denying her bid.

I am also not the only astrologer to see a third B-word problem for Hillary, though, apart from Benghazi and Bill. And that third B-word is Bernie. Fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders, who is pulling bigger crowds than either Hillary or even Barack Obama ever did, is a real threat. We don’t have a birth time for him, but we know he is a Virgo, born on September 8th, 1941. He is campaigning on health care, as every good Virgo should. He is competing against Hillary for the precious Democrat nomination for President. Will Benghazi, Bill and Bernie stand in her way? At some point astrologers will be given accurate birth data for Bernie, and I will add to this prediction, in August 2015 – but right now, it’s enough to say – Bernie Sanders is a Virgo, pressing Virgo buttons about health. And it’s working. Just look at the people in his audience. So many of them were born with Pluto and Uranus in Virgo! I’ll look at why that counts, in a moment.




Why is Benghazi an issue? It’s not just a Republican obsession. It’s a real-deal concern, because an eclipse hit Hillary Clinton’s horoscope in Australia, right when she should have been at home in America, dealing with it. Who knows what compelled her to run to Australia, chasing that eclipse as the Benghazi issue flared up? Fate says, it must be managed, whichever way. Regular readers of this website will know I have been predicting unfinished business with Benghazi for years. As for Bill Clinton, let’s look at that in a minute. Because he will make or break this election! First up, though, consider Aquarian Jeb Bush.


imgres1 - The Astrology of the 2016 U.S. Election


According to opinion polls in 2015, Clinton is the front-runner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, and the general election. Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, will seek to become the third Bush to sit in the Oval Office. As I write this on 13th August 2015, Bush is seen as the Republican establishment’s favoured choice.  What are his chances?

180px Gov Jeb Bush - The Astrology of the 2016 U.S. Election


Jeb Bush needs to persuade Gen Virgo and Gen Libra. Born with outer planets in Virgo and Libra, and the principal voters in this election. Let’s look at Gen Libra first, because they are most likely to turn out in huge numbers to vote for a female President. Libra (The Scales of Balance) is about gender equality, as you might suspect. These voters were born in the early days of Women’s Liberation. They are also the voters who are most emotional about equal marriage. Cue Hillary, their heroine! Do they want Jeb Bush? Maybe. Just a little bit. Because he is in a mixed-nationality marriage. But that’s all.


Neptune in Libra Voters’ Birth Dates

Oct  3rd 1942 to April 17th 1943

August 2nd 1943 to Dec 24th 1955    

March 11th, 1956   to October 19th 1956 

Jun 15th 1957 to August 6th 1957

Uranus in Libra Voters’ Birth Dates

September 29, 1968 to May 21, 1969

June 24, 1969 to November 21, 1974

May 2, 1975 to September 8, 1975

Pluto in Libra Voters’  Birth Dates

October 6, 1971 to April 17, 1972

July 31, 1972 to November 5, 1983

May 19, 1984 to August 27, 1984


What works for Jeb Bush? The fact that he is married to a Mexican-American so he has a strong connection to key Hispanic voters and is selling a mixed-race marriage message to Gen Libra,  the generation born with Neptune ,Uranus and Pluto in Libra. Remember, their parents had all the Beatles and John Lennon albums in their homes, either as adults or growing up. Their parents’ hero – and maybe their own –  was a white English guy married to a Japanese woman. And he was a stay-at-home husband, too. Gen Libra responds to politicians and celebrities who are living proof that equal-but-different partnerships work.

imgres - The Astrology of the 2016 U.S. Election
John Lennon, Super Libra.



The number one thing that does not work for Jeb Bush is that he’s a Republican! Current conservative Republican policy is way out of step with the Libra generation. Gen Libra want to see gay, lesbian and transgender people married. They want to see women as equals. None of this stuff sings with Republican policy in 2016.

As an Aquarian Jeb Bush also has Saturn going through his house of groups. The Republicans have never been such hard work for him. Nor the Democrats. In fact, this campaign is going to be harder than he or anyone else thought.

The Republicans might just appeal to these equality-crazy Libra generation voters with their only female candidate, Carly Fiorina, but in general their anti-abortion, anti-immigrant message is out of step with the Libra generation. And – their anti-Obamacare message is completely out of step with the Virgo generation, now in their fifties. They are also key voters and I’ll look at them in a moment.  Obama will be remembered for Obamacare, full stop. It’s happening. It has to be completed. You might say, it was always going to happen for America, the moment those Sixties babies born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo (the body sign) drew their first breath.

Barack Obama - The Astrology of the 2016 U.S. Election
Obama (Leo) will be remembered for Obamacare

I know that my friend and colleague Susan Miller predicted that Scorpio Scott Walker was going into the election at the right time, but he opposes abortion, even in cases of rape and incest – and that’s just not on, with the Libra generation of voters. Of course, Hillary Clinton is also a Scorpio, though. And as Susan concludes, she definitely began her climb at the right time. If she can just over the Bill/Benghazi issues, she’ll be in the White House by 2017.


Here’s where astrology can really deliver the goods, even if the candidates don’t give us birth times. (We have them provided by Jeb Bush himself and Bill Clinton’s mother – but not the key person we need to know about, Hillary herself).

Despite this lack of confirmed birth data, just by knowing two things about her – a) she is the first likely female President and b) she is the survivor of a broken marriage – we can say, she speaks to Gen Libra. Now, what about the other voter group? The Obamacare voters?


This generation are chiefly concerned with their bodies! They are the generation who drink mineral water, wear trainers, have gym membership, obsess over diets and – want Obamacare. The best thing President Barack Obama ever did for Hillary Clinton was give her the policy that Uranus and Pluto in Virgo voters were born to elect. Virgo is the sign that has been associated with the body for over 2000 years and the millions of voters born with Uranus (change) and Pluto (empowerment) in that sign, are going to love whichever President continues the revolution. Now this is where Virgo Bernie Sanders is going to collect votes. I can only repeat, without a birth time for him, or for Hilary, we just can’t call this election. Just about the only Democrat with a confirmed birth horoscope is Al Gore, and in August 2015, he denies he’s running. But we can say – Bernie Sanders is in the game, in a major way.

Even without birth times, one thing is clear. This is not a Republican 2016 victory. It belongs to a Democrat. Why? Because there are a ton of voters out there who want equal marriage and equal rights for women. That’s the Libra generation. And the Virgo generation? For them, the Democrats’ Obamacare – the Affordable Health Care Act –  is the big vote-swinger.


Neptune in Virgo Voters’ Birth Dates

September 22, 1928 to February 19, 1929

July 25, 1929 to October 3, 1942

April 18, 1943 to August 2, 1943

Pluto in Virgo Voters’ Birth Dates

October 20 1956 – January 15, 1957

August 19, 1957 – April 12, 1958

June 11, 1958 – October 5, 1971 (Many people born in this time-frame also have Uranus in Virgo).

April 18, 1972 – July 30, 1972

Uranus in Virgo Voters’ Birth Dates

August 10, 1962 – September 28, 1968

May 22, 1969 – June 23, 1969


51BupRmftXL - The Astrology of the 2016 U.S. Election

Remembering that the Libra generation are deeply concerned with marriage, fairness, equality, partnership, feminism and the rest – their favourite fantasy must be a power couple who stuck together, despite everything. This generation grew up in the divorce aftermath of the 1981 wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul’s Cathedral and the affair-turned-marriage of Charles to Camilla Parker-Bowles. This stuff is not ‘just’ love to Gen Libra. It’s life itself.

Their moms (or they) watched Luke and Laura marry on the U.S. soap opera General Hospital; the highest-rated hour in daytime TV history. They went out in their millions to watch the ultimate Jupiter in Libra film, Mr and Mrs Smith with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. And not only because of the plot.


Gen Libra voters are fixated on love, romance, adultery, love triangles, sexism, equality, relationship drama, marriage saga and the ultimate issue of justice.  Guess who’s going to push their buttons in 2016? Bill Clinton can become an election plus in his wife’s campaign by delivering the speech or interview that proves – he owes her – and he still loves her. Happy ending required.

Hillary Clinton Vanity Fair Magazine France August 2014 450x600 - The Astrology of the 2016 U.S. Election

Is it going to be easy for him? Absolutely not. His personal horoscope tells us that. His private life is tremendously hard work in 2016 and 2017. Yet – Bill Clinton himself was born with a cluster of horoscope factors in Libra, the partnership sign, so if he’s ever going to complete his karma and pull off the Reborn Power Couple message – it’s 2016.

What else might an astrologer tell the Clintons? Remember, Generation Virgo (the fiftysomethings out there) is fixated on the body. If Mrs Clinton can become some kind of fitness or diet heroine to them, they’ll be thoroughly sold. This is the generation which gets more excited about body makeover shows than any other!


It’s all about Hilary for the media, with Mercury the Messenger in Scorpio, her sign, from Monday 7th November. She’s everywhere. On election day itself, Tuesday 8th November, and its aftermath, Wednesday 9th November, we find the Sun in Scorpio lined up perfectly with Hygeia in Scorpio. This is the asteroid of preventative medicine. It rules immunisation, hygiene (as the name suggests) and public health. If Hillary Clinton runs with the Obamacare message, and can persuade the American people on Benghazi, she’s going to win the 2016 Presidential Election. With a landslide? That depends on the ‘sale’ of the Bill partnership.


Does Hillary Clinton use an astrologer? Or was it just an accident she used the Sagittarius logo for her 2016 campaign? The familiar arrow describes the centaur’s bow in the original Sagittarius symbol (see bottom of page). It also happens to sum up the final generation we need to look at, voting in this campaign – those crucial millions of people born with outer planets in Sagittarius. What’s their fixation? College education. They had it. It was their escape from the real world. And also their revolution. Sagittarius has always ruled students. Voters born with Uranus or Neptune in Sagittarius are fixated with education. This, too, is another Bernie Sanders message – he believes it should be free.

imgres 11 - The Astrology of the 2016 U.S. Election


February  18th 1981 to March 20th 1981

November 17th 1981 to February 14th 1988

May 27th 1988 to December 2nd 1988


January 4th 1970 to May 2nd 1970

November 6th 1970 to January 18th 1984

June 22nd 1984 to November 21st 1984


As the Sagittarius generations (above) partly overlaps with the Libra generation of voters, this is a key demographic for Hillary Clinton to win over. Beyond their concern with college education, this generation has powerful feelings about the United States’ relationship with foreign countries and extremist foreign religion. Sagittarius has also ruled foreigners and beliefs, for centuries. The American horoscope tells us it’s a long, hard, difficult road with all this, September 2015 through 2017 and the Sagittarian generation will need to feel secure in an insecure world. In the end, it may well be this group of voters born with outer planets in both Libra and Sagittarius who swing seats.

Writing on 13th August 2015, I’m predicting that Hillary Clinton will become the U.S. President on November 8th, 2016 if she can turn Bill Clinton into an asset, lay Benghazi to rest and beat Virgo Bernie Sanders on Obamacare. 

wikipedia org 600x419 - The Astrology of the 2016 U.S. Election
Sagittarius image at

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  1. Hi Jess, recently subscribed to ur premium content. Nice to read it all. Feel like finishing it in a day or two.. I received a job offer on march 3rd, 2015 after 2.5 years struggling on the career front and even changing my field. It was like a dream come true…. but evrything finished by june 22, the company started having some problem with my previous employer as the verification didnt happen successfully and they told me leave the company by 8th of july, 2015. Now after working for only 3 4 months again I m stuck with job srch and all the fears inside of landing a gud job etc, May i know when I wud get a stable career where I wouldn’t need to be afriad of my past….Also, I have been trying to go abroad leaving my home country as i felt in last few years that it was quite impossible to survive here. There also, I am not getting any gud news for last 1.5 years. Please guide me on the career and relocation issues. I wud be really thankful to u..My particulars are Aug 2, 1983 at 4:05 am (indian std times) in Place: Moga, Punjab.

    Looking forward for a postive response from u as I have learnt from ur astrology itself that there will be one or the other door open when one is closed for you. Need ur help in finding that open door. Thanks a lot for ur insightfud astrology content.. its really worth subscribing to it.


    1. I am sorry you have been given such a hard time with work. You must feel as if life is very unfair! Yet you are correct. Astrology tells you, one door opens when another one closes. The trick with your career is to remember you are here to serve. You may feel you are here to be a star, but the truth is, do what President Obama does – and work for the people. When you realise you have a duty to perform and you have to stick to it, even controlling your lifestyle and your food, drink, routine in order to ‘perfect’ that work, you get promoted, win awards, achieve business milestones or find the career of your dreams. It’s all about work, work, work. You are here to serve. That’s the key to everything, now through 2024. Does not matter which industry, craft, trade or profession.

  2. Astrologically speaking, spending much time on comparing natal charts and HIllary is not the winner of the 2016 election. The winner may be surprising but such as it is you will remember this.

        1. Donald Trump is riding the wave of anti-immigration, anti-foreigner sentiment which comes with Saturn in Sagittarius. He is not meeting the needs of the millions born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo (Obamacare) nor Uranus and Pluto in Libra (Feminism).

  3. Bernie Sanders was born right after a lunar eclipse, the eclipse of Tuesday is right on that eclipse point along with Neptune, the ruler of the eclipse, and is opposing his Sun while squaring his Jupiter . Meanwhile, Saturn opposes his natal Jupiter, and Jupiter squares its natal self. And if that were not bad enough, Mars in on the ASC opposing his natal Saturn & Uranus and squaring the MC. It’s a bad eclipse chart, a quite horrible one actually. His campaign may be over pretty soon, even if he does stubbornly press on. And before you offer any “well he changed things” argument, let’s be real, once he’s discarded, so will his ideas be. Presidents are very rarely ever able to accomplish their platform on their first 4 years. Hillary has the most powerful chart – with her Mars-Saturn-Pluto stellium way up high for all to see. She’s tough to beat. Obama was able to beat her b/c his Jupiter Saturn conjunction is on the nation’s Pluto. And because he’s a man and this is still very much a misogynist society

  4. dear Jessica Isn’t Jupiter in Bernie’s sign right now suppose to prop;ell him to the White House on top of his Health Care advantage .. ? magda

  5. my visit to USA coincidences with the presidential election. Astrology is my passion and naturally can not escape the temptation of studying horoscopes of three of the four contestants, namely Clinton, Trump and Sanders. Unfortunately I don’t have accurate birth details of these contestants which are essential for accurate predictions. Based on the birth details available on the Internet, I analyzed the horoscopes of the three above.

    My pick is Bernie Sanders. Mr. Sanders will not only win the primary, will also go on to win the presidential election on November 1st 2016.

    The Royal planet sun, in his case is placed in the most vital house of 10, from his Scorpio ascendant. The Lord of 5th house known for bestowing honor and fame, namely Jupiter is transiting in Leo where Sanders natal sun is placed. Besides Jupiter is transiting in the constellation of sun makes his winning position strong and will ensure his primary victory. By the time when presidential election takes place in November 2016, the most beneficial planet Jupiter will be transiting in Virgo the 11th house known for fulfilling the desires and ambitions, coupled with venus mercury combination in Virgo, produces a rare neecha-bangha Raja yoga. The entry of Jupiter in Virgo during November will place Mr. Sanders in the Whitehouse.

  6. Off topic, but re: MSK’s post, Bernie is a Virgo by the western way of doing charts and a Leo by MSK’s way. I think it’s called Vedic, right? I’ve seen this before and wondered how this happened; does Vedic astrology not use the progression of the equinox, or is it that the western way correlates with astronomy? Can you explain this to me.

    1. Vedic astrology uses a completely different technique to Western, but actually, the most important difference between both systems is the Indian mind set and point of view, as opposed to the (say) American, British or Australian perspective on life. One look at a Vedic astrology book and you will see it is very fatalistic and bound up with non-negotiable destiny. It is also a mirror for Indian attitudes towards money, marriage, love, sex, children, illness, death and the rest. So even before we get into issues like the tropical zodiac and the precession of the equinox, begin with the idea that Vedic will see Bernie’s horoscope the way that India would see him, not America. I am sure that Vedic astrologers have a better answer for you than that, but I will leave them to comment, if any are reading this now.

  7. In my professional opinion, too many astrologers have neglected to take into consideration the transit of Neptune from Aquarius into Pisces. It represents a swing to the right, not the left, and Hillary is old news, and out of step with the times. Her natal horoscope (solar) indicates great difficulties, probably too many to overcome in these wildly troubled times. Trump, not Bernie is the man of the hour. Whatever one can say of him, he’s authentic and his chart reflects it.

    1. I agree about Trump winning, especially because he just went into his Jupiter dasha and Jupiter is the vedic political planet. I have Pluto in Virgo and Uranus in Libra and I am a Trump voter, formerly lifelong democrat.

    2. Agree totally…after watching elections since the 1950’s I predict a landslide for Trump.

  8. I have the same birthday as Hilary Clinton , year etc but I was born at 12 .45 lunch time n England Shrewsbury how does my destiny differ , I do not feel any way similar to hilary

    1. Your destiny differs because your AC, DC, MC and IC are in totally different zodiac signs to Mrs Clinton’s. Your destiny is the same, however, in that you are being taught about the power of the internet and if you harness that power, you will find it gives you amazing control over yourself and your life by 2020.

  9. This is odd, most astrologers said Bernie was supposed to win by a huge
    landslide, but there was shifty things going on as you know. And by the time it was over
    Waserman and other’sresigned Poor Bernie did not get his rightful place, So, how come this is not in the chart? To me anything can happen because it looked clearly that Bernie
    was to be the winner. Trump rallies are massive, and Hilary’s are not this is not a determining factor on who wins, but I read his mahadasa Jupiter will allow his to win, Astrological is done differently in the east vs the west, which one is more accurate?
    Thoughts feelings?

    1. Did most astrologers really predict a Bernie landslide? I can’t see how that is possible when he has no birth time. I find it very interesting that Bernie’s brother is involved in British politics. The Sanders chart shows a major role for him in feeding the British economy in the future. Why that is, anybody could speculate. The issue in predicting the election is that Hillary Clinton also has no confirmed birth time. The most we can say is, the White House will not go to Trump – and it will definitely go to a feminist, because we only see one Jupiter in Libra cycle every 12 years!

  10. Well Jessica you certainly called this one wrong. I am not crowing by the way but wonder what made you so sure. I would have thought there’d be something major occurring on one or the other’s MC when being elected leader of the free world but I can’t see anything. What do you think?

    1. The birth chart the majority of astrologers have been using for the new President is very peculiar. It shows the most difficult Saturn transit in 29 years as this planet conjuncts and opposes his Nodes and then moves to oppose his Sun – all within weeks of his acceptance speech. That is not the chart of a man who is celebrating the greatest job in the country. If the chart is based on wrong data, as some of my Twitter followers are saying, that’s actually a relief for the next POTUS as these really are unusually hard aspects often associated with depression.

  11. Do you think the recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania will change the outcome?

    1. I would say that the recounts are just the beginning. This is going to be the mother of all Mercury Retrogrades and it goes way beyond the revisiting of those votes. Watch the Full Moon build in December – that’s the cue for some serious mayhem!

  12. Another Astrologer said that there will be great tension in the US in April 2017 (possible police/military action) and again in December 2017. Would you tend to agree? I am concerned about the safety and welfare of friends who belong to minorities.

    1. I haven’t looked at the US chart in April 2017 but there is a risk of war in December. It may be psychological warfare, the Cold War revived, or war games with North Korea, but I’m afraid it is there. I trust Jupiter in Libra to deliver the solution. My thoughts on this really come from a 100 year old astrology book, which I wrote about before the US went to the polls. That story should still be on this website. Thank you.

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