Five Retrogrades! Astrology 2016 Special

When the planet which rules the internet, telephones, travel, transport, computers and the mail goes backwards, so do our lives. We get stuck. Things slow down or reverse.

Everyone knows about Mercury Retrograde. When the planet which rules the internet, telephones, travel, transport, computers and the mail goes backwards, so do our lives. We get stuck. Things slow down or reverse. People communicate badly or even lie. Technology fails.

In May 2016 we have five retrograde planets – not just Mercury. So we are all experiencing stuck or slow conditions in many different areas of our lives. Mars is retrograde. Jupiter is retrograde. Saturn is retrograde. Pluto is retrograde.

What the Five Retrogrades Mean For You

Retrogrades take you back to the past so you have to start over. If you are doing your tax return, you may have to return to the return. If you are looking for a new office, you may find yourself back in your old office, from years ago. In your love life, you may find the return of some very old issues (decades old) with your ex boyfriend. You get the picture. The retrograde rule is put ‘re’ in front of anything and you’ll soon see what May 2016 is about. Rehashing. Rescheduling. Rethinking. Repetition.

Famous Mercury Retrogrades in History
Of all the Mercury Retrogrades in history, the 1929 Wall Street Crash is one of the most famous. The Titanic is not far behind. The ‘Peace in our time’ negotiations with Adolf Hitler are also up there. By the way – in modern astrology, we include the shadow period, before and after the actual Mercury Retrograde. I have written about that elsewhere on this website. But does retrograde mean ‘bad’? Absolutely not. This is a boring answer, but you have to put it in context. You can’t judge stuck, slow or backwards situations without looking at the other planets. Wall Street, the Titanic and the Second World War happened when the entire skies were fraught.

779273 d - Five Retrogrades! Astrology 2016 Special
Mercury Must Have Been in Retrograde, I’m Sorry (Kate Spade).

How to Use Retrogrades in May

My friend the astrologer and author Joanne Madeleine Moore was talking to me about the retrogrades recently and pointed out that Mercury Retrograde seems to create more issues these days, because we are so dominated by the internet. Before the 1990’s that wasn’t the case and if a letter went missing, or a telephone call missed the answering machine, it did not cause a chain reaction of chaos around the world. Now, we live in a 24/7 world based on information, which Mercury rules.

One way to handle just this one cycle – Mercury Retrograde – is to enjoy the break. Switch off. Go back. Rethink. Go over old documents, ideas, books. Don’t start anything new. Your entire life is ‘new, different, new, different’ the rest of the year, thanks to the churning of the internet. Why not use this cycle to go back in time?

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto Retrograde
Whatever the planet rules, goes backwards on a retrograde. You know that Mercury rules communication, information, travel and transportation. That’s why we see massive hacks on this cycle, affecting millions of people. That’s why we see extreme weather which affects global airline schedules.

Mars rules action. It rules conflict. It rules heat. Mars will be retrograde, now through June 28th 2016, which means you will be spinning your wheels  with a situation where (by rights) you should have nailed the issue in one month. Long and drawn-out situations are characteristic of this cycle. There is no quick battle. Just a ridiculously long period of stop-start strategy.

Jupiter will be direct on Monday 9th May, which is far better. Yet, even here, as you go into this new month, you will have noticed that the opportunities, growth and expansion you had been counting on is not there. Why? Because nobody else has it either and this means there isn’t much they can do for you. Yet, from 9th May, you will slowly see the return of a situation with so much vast potential from October 2015, when Jupiter was last at this position. In fact, you will see a wonderful replay of one possibility after another that first announced itself (then got stuck or disappeared) from October 12th 2015 through to January 7th, 2016.

Good things or good people may come back to you, from May 2016. This is the classic ‘lost cheque in the mail’ scenario. Or – you are given the second chance with a project, apartment, romance, job or vacation that you missed the first time.

Saturn Retrograde? Not so much fun. Expect the stuck, slow, stagnant atmosphere with one department of your life – already rather heavy – to continue. When do wheels turn again? August 13th, 2016. You really need staying power and positive thinking to get through this phase of the Saturn cycle. There may be flashbacks (depending on your age) to issues you were dealing with in 1986 and 1987.

Pluto Retrograde? A deep change in the balance of power, in one area of your life, now asks you to revisit what happened before. This is not moving forwards. It is pulling you backwards. I wrote elsewhere about using Pluto Power, which you can read now. If you are prepared to revisit old issues, old themes, old challenges then you can truly work this cycle, to empower yourself. This is the case until September 26th, 2016 when Pluto moves forward again.

You are going to see a lot of ‘same old, same old’ on these retrogrades, but going back to where you were before – and who you were before – can be useful. It allows you to really concentrate on what needs to be done.

If you want to know the ‘what’ of each retrograde (the life area) specific to your personal horoscope you can ask me questions here, if you are a Premium Member and I have your chart – in the Comments section.

May 2016 begins a period of flashbacks and time-travelling which is particularly intense because we are going all the way back to the years that Pluto himself was in Scorpio and Sagittarius – the Eighties and Nineties. Thus, it is the really massive changes in our lives, that made us who we are, that are now stirring in our memories, because the triggers are so intense now. Time to deal. Or deal again. Maybe, too, it’s time for final closure?

Mercury AGNSW 600x600 - Five Retrogrades! Astrology 2016 Special
Mercury at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 2015 (Adams).


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65 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness! Is this why I am wanting to get out of my own skin? Or that I feel so uncomfortable that I can’t sleep? Please help me understand this feeling. I am doing things and re-thinking about past events that I said that I would never go back to. A lot about friends and ex’s. Also a little bit of where I live or my state of being in general – the core of me! I would love some help on this. I feel like it is definitely going back in time – even music I am hearing is from A LONG TIME AGO near the early 90’s. I understand that I am reviewing things and maybe need to change who I let in/trust or where I live, etc. but this is almost a mini nightmare! Please help me see some positives in all of this. In what direction do you see these things going for me? Thank you again, Jessica. It is ALWAYS, ALWAYS a pleasure getting in touch with you and getting your insight; you truly help me in so many ways. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Music from years ago is an interesting case with retrogrades. Think of a stuck record, or an old record played one more time, and you have a good analogy for what is going on. This can and will shift but first you need to get closure on the past.

  2. Hi Jessica, I would really appreciate knowing the the ‘what’ of each retrograde specific to my horoscope. I am a premium member.
    Thank you

    1. The retrogrades will mostly affect you at a distance (six degrees of separation) but the people or organisations around you will certainly feel it!

  3. Hello Jessica, so many retrogrades over the same period! Will I be affected in terms of natal chart (Mercury and Mars in Leo, Saturn in Pisces, Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Cancer) or in terms of current planet positions?
    I am also curious about the effect of retrogrades in my natal chart: how can I find out if I was born under a retrograde in one area of my natal chart? And if I was, does that cancel the effect of future retrogrades (like two negatives turning into a positive)?
    Funnily enough, the song ‘going back to my roots’ keep singing in my head as May will take me back to the native country I left 20 years ago and see me meeting some old school friends, who I have not seen since 1991 (25 years!). Well, if Mercury retrograde does not mess up my travelling plans that is…
    Thank you for any of your usual fantastic insights.

    1. Thank you very much. Yes, you have Jupiter in Cancer (mother country, homeland, roots, heritage, culture, patriotism) and of course Mercury will make an exact sextile from Taurus – retrograde. You should definitely go back. In fact, your home town and homeland will also be lucky for you, no matter when you travel.

  4. HI Jessica, thank you for this insightful article. Can you please tell me what areas of my life are affected by each retrograde?

    Also, with regards to Mercury retrogrades, I met someone in 2014 who abruptly left my life in August 2015 (during Mercury retrograde ‘shadow period’…in situations like this, how likely is it that they will make some sort of return to one’s life?

    Thank you, Melanie.

    1. The retrogrades are keeping you with the dregs of a money related hangover, yet once you are over this, you are well and truly recovered. It’s quite true that people often return on a retrograde, yet without this person’s natal chart, it’s hard to tell.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    ever since Mercury went full-on retrograde on the 28th I’ve been miserable. My boyfriend (Pisces) has been uncommunicative and it’s dragged up tons of issues from my past. Plus work has been stressful in terms of my contract; none of us know what will be happening with our pay come August. I just want to crawl under the covers! Is that what I should do, or maybe just stay off social media? Or join a convent?

    18° Libra
    13° Scorpio
    22° Sagittarius
    28° Leo
    08° Aries
    21° Virgo

    1. Too funny about the convent. You have Pluto at 17 Capricorn square your natal Sun at 18 Libra (just one degree out) so your identity as partner/girlfriend (Libra) which is how you normally shine is now being challenged by Mr No Speak. Of course, not communicating properly is one way that people exercise their power or control, and Pluto is all about that. It does get better. Deep breath. Once Jupiter (opportunity, expansion, growth, happy outcomes) gets to Libra from September 2016 you are on a roll. He will conjunct your Sun in December 2016 and wherever you are with a former, current or potential lover at that point, is the right place to be. Jupiter will also sextile natal Jupiter in October 2017 so your godchild, pregnancy, stepchild, son, daughter or paid/unpaid work with the young will make you so happy. Enjoy the shift.

  6. Great blog Jessica! Touching on Pluto in Scorpio and Saggitarius as it relates to where Pluto is now going can you let me know which areas will have my attention. So exciting to be able to potentially ‘fix’ issues that are seen as outstanding to present time.

    1. Thank you! You have Mercury and Neptune at 17 degrees of their signs and now Pluto is at 17 degrees too. Patterns not seen for 240+ years are unfolding in your birth chart, now until October 2017. You will be figuring out your own power, in potent situations with very powerful organisations, institutions or people. The stakes will be high but if you learn and grow with the life lessons you will really move on up.

  7. Hi Jessica, l was just wondering what areas of my life these retrograde cycles will effect…l am a premium member….so you have all my information…(just in case l was born 8th July 1965 at 10pm Melbourne Australia)…..thanks

    1. It’s really no big deal for you – but what is a big deal is Jupiter in Libra from September 2016 through 2017. You’ll be amazed at how a long-gone relationship revives, or a relationship you assume is on the way out, comes back.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve had some really positive developments recently concerning writing and publishing. Nicely positive, gentle nudges which have put some fire in my belly. It all concerns use of social media, software that I have to learn how to use, platforms that I have to use to engage etc.
    My question is, do I use this time (may) to put my head down, do my homework and launch later in the summer? I’m asking the question when I think I know the answer but two heads can be better than one. Thank you!

    1. Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius affects your Sagittarius (publishing) and Gemini (writing, internet) chart factors until the end of 2017 so sure, you can launch, but the reality is – you are going to be a long time learning everything…or waiting. People ultimately do pretty well from their Saturn transits once they have played the waiting game or taken the lessons – and made the decisions. Yet there is no quick and easy answer, unfortunately.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    I am very interested to know how all these retrograde planets will affect me.
    I am moving in a new home in June, but I also want to change my job. Or should I say my career entirely. I know that from September onwards things will improve thanks to Jupiter, but what is going to happen during the summer?
    Thank you.

    1. Born with Proserpina at 23 Cancer you have Uranus at 23 Aries square this, in June, and Chiron at 23 Pisces, right now, in a trine. You also have Mercury Retrograde at 23 Taurus! Basically, you’ll be over the potential for delays/changes/reversals with the move from June 8th. You will be playing the go-between during this time, acting as the middle person with this new house or apartment. For more, hit search and read up on Cancer – you are expressing this side of yourself now. You also have Pluto at 23 Libra so it’s all about 23 degrees for you. This might explain why the career situation is also rather intense. Basically you are around men in your workplace or higher up in your field who are obsessed with power or people politics and this affects everyone else around them. This will shift. Give yourself the luxury of time to figure out your moves.

  10. I am a virgo dating a scorpio. He seems to have a hard time letting go of past relationships by bringing up resentment or angry remarks. One happened more than 5 years ago! Is this typical for a scorpio? Will the retrogrades help him to clear this up once and for all? I don’t want it to hinder our relationship which seems to be really good.

    1. Men with the Sun in Scorpio are well-known for mixing sex with money; property with lovers; possessions with marriages; insurance with the heart; legacies with the loins; philanthropy with passionate relationships. Think of Prince Charles and you’re halfway there. Think of Bill Gates and you’re all the way. This is how your Scorpio boyfriend defines his personality. Why is he going over old ground? Because he has Mercury Retrograde in his Seventh House of former girlfriends/wives and he will be spinning his wheels until 7th June.

  11. Dear Jessica, Thank you for your insights on the current retrograde cycles. I would very much like to know how it affects my chart, and can relate to the flashbacks to 1986-87, which were very significant and lifechanging years for me. I just read my monthly horoscope and the info on the full moon sounds significant. My natal moon is at Sag 2 degrees, and would also appreciate your thoughts on how this might possibly affect me.

    1. It’s a pleasure. I am not surprised that 1986 and 1987 are now affecting 2016 as you have quite a few factors there in Scorpio and Sagittarius and these were the years that Saturn was in Sagittarius, along with Uranus – and Pluto was in Scorpio. The Full Moon will bring some of this to a head. Basically you are in a cycle when you gain so much by going back – remembering – realising – reviewing – rethinking – and ultimately drawing new conclusions. This helps you steer yourself into quite a different future. It’s not easy, it’s pretty heavy and weighty, but think of it as shifting necessary plates in the earth’s crust. You are so overdue for a shift and it begins by looking back in time and figuring out what happened then – and how you must either get closure and move on, once and for all, or maybe return – but with new angles.

  12. What will the retrogrades entail for me Jessica in my personal horoscope?

    1. This is not so much about the retrogrades, as about the plain fact that you have a stellium in Sagittarius and Saturn is also in that sign. Sagittarius placements suggest you find your identity, purpose, challenges and accomplishments by travelling (regionally or internationally) and perhaps emigrating or working with other nationalities/cultures over the course of your lifetime. You can do this via academia, religion, astrology, education, publishing, the internet itself – or by engaging with the tourism industry. In 2016 and 2017 all this slows down or gets stuck. Why? To teach you. Literally.

  13. Hi:

    I looked up my chart (which you have access to) in both the natural and Placidus house systems for the retrograde effects but am having a hard time relating to the findings. Can you help me with this? Thanks!

    1. The retrogrades now won’t hold you up too much, but something about your birth chart caught my eye – you have a big horoscope signature in Gemini, so I do hope you are writing for pleasure, personal reward or for profit. You are one of those people who as a teenager should have been keeping a diary because it would make such great reading when you are older! You are here to connect and communicate, no matter if you use images or words. You have a gift for getting the message across. Even if 2016 and 2017 test you out, please stay with the talent you have for reaching people and ‘selling’ them a message. Over time whatever message you decide to convey will become very important to you, and it can do a lot of good. Hang onto that laptop, camera or notebook.

  14. Saturn has felt rather heavy these past few weeks. But if it is meant to be the taskmaster planet anyway, shouldnt the retrograde give us a breather?.

    1. Correct. Saturn’s retrograde moving back from 15 Sagittarius, past 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9 (until August) does at least give everyone a chance to review. It won’t fix anything or resolve any issues, but it will certainly allow people (especially anyone with chart factors at 9 through 14 of any sign) a chance to ease up and lighten up. I think a lot of people just need May through August to get over April!

  15. Dear Jessica, would you be so kind to throw a glance at my chart? Which retrograde planet takes effect on me, and in which houses, and how? What do you think, how could I get along with these effects? Sometimes I feel them so hard… Especially that certain ‘unfinished business’ you wrote about in weekly and monthly horoscope….. Thank you for your answer, in advance.

    1. Absolutely. You have Vesta in Scorpio so you have a situation with another female/females involving a male – and some money, a business, possessions, a house, charity or apartment. Vesta can produce game-playing on either side, so avoid it like the plague. It goes backwards and forwards while Mars goes over this position, also in Scorpio. It won’t change your life but I would not get involved. Sometimes the issue is family, so think of Prince Andrew, Fergie his ex-wife, his girlfriends and his daughters. He actually has a whopping Vesta pattern in his chart. So does Sir Richard Branson. The one male/many females thing is expressed through Virgin, his airline, and in fact his advertisements usually show him (or a male pilot) with a ton of women! Beyond this, while I’ve got your horoscope here, you have 9 Libra and 16 Libra placements which tell me you will get total closure on any ex lovers at the end of October 2016, end of November and start of December. At that point you can either re-light an old flame or wave goodbye and get on with the chance for a new lover. You only get this cycle once every 12 years.

  16. Dear Jessica,

    My Mars is in 4deg Aries, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in 5,6,23 deg Libra respectively. Mercury is in 6deg Pisces. What is bothering me is money, and that too in partnership. Children are involved as well. there is always a clash on sharing and owing. This is an ongoing theme in my life since 2004 August, when I entered into the partnership with this Virgo man with moon in Gemini and Asc in Aquarius.
    How will this retrograde affect me?

    Thanks for help.

    1. See the above. You may want to hit ‘Search’ on this website and enter CUPIDO and CHIRON as what you are talking about here is exactly about those two heavenly bodies in Taurus, the money sign! It does get hugely better, sooner than you think – I can also reassure you – you are over the worst, okay?

  17. Hi Jessica , interesting article on retrograde phase. How does this impact Aries, as Mars is one of ruling planets…..and I feel I have been stuck in an ongoing situation that belongs to and in the past, long before this period anyway, and hasn’t really moved on significantly…marital separation and joint finances are a biggie as well as deceit, games, lies and all manner of dreadful behaviour…you have my chart…..


    1. Yes, you have a big Scorpio and Taurus cluster in your chart so you have been well and truly put through the wringer since the final quarter of 2012, into 2013, 2014, part of 2015 – and now you are dealing with the hangover in 2016! Please allow for the last dregs this year and of course, it will take time. Why? Because a lot of what is ‘final’ or ‘absolute’ since April simply won’t last in its current state. This is not your issue, though, so just surf the waves as they come. You will be thrilled with what you save or make, financially, from October 2017 until November 2018 and this will compensate for so much. Beyond money, you will have final closure/justice with your ex by this time next year and – if you want it by then – the chance to date someone new who brings their education or travel experiences into your dinner conversations. Nice!

      1. Thanks Jessica… at chance to date as at this point a monastery is looking good and preferable….you are spot on about 2012 to 2015 as the last three years have indeed been hell at times and through the wringer describes it aptly. Can but hope and hope justice will be done or is available…cheers C

        1. Thanks so much! I’m glad the astrology was spot on for you. You are completely over the worst and let the wheel of justice turn in its own good time. It is remarkable what happens in the end.

  18. Hi, I read what you answered A Libra. Surprisingly I am going to travel overseas, sheer luck never expected. This will also concern my identity as I visit a part of my family for the first time. I am struck by mercury I applied for a job and the content got lost with the post… I seem to have a second chance. It could be a job where I could work with foreigners. The place would be exotic in a double sense though it would be a short distance away. Will I change the place for professional reasons or just commute.
    My DOB is 15/10/74 in Germany at 12.01 pm. How will these retrogrades affect my horoscope? Will I get rid of my bad luck!

    1. Actually, the whole issue here is your family – but also your country and town. Over the next few weeks you will see a constant state of flux which forces you to stop and ponder where you belong, and to whom you belong – where your loyalty rests with relatives – and the larger questions of identity, patriotism and nationality. This also has a major impact on your home. The delays are buying you time to think very deeply as major choices are coming.

  19. HI Jessica,
    Pluto has been trial by fire for me – first when it was in my 6th house and all the while it’s been in my 7th (using Placidus.) Over the past 11 years, in addition to working at a job that I don’t love but wasn’t able to leave but where I learned valuable skills, I also studied with metaphysical teachers and put the knowledge to work – i.e. I practice it. I also wrote and self published a memoir about a family member who died -my niece who was like a daughter to me. Progress – i.e. any signs of success have been non-existent in the mundane/external world. I’m starting another book and getting messages from above that I should quit my job and start a metaphysical business full time (I’ve been doing it on the side for 9 years but it doesn’t generate enough to quit, and I have no financial foundation under me.) I would like this to be a year where I start to see some positive changes in my external world to match all that has changed internally, but with all these retrogrades – particularly Pluto transiting backwards towards my sun again, and Saturn heading backwards in Sagg I’m not sure I can expect any changes, no matter how hard I try! How can these retrogrades work in my favor? I truly feel like no matter what I do Pluto, Neptune, and Saturn have the upper hand.

    Thank you! Love your site, writing, and all you deliver.

    1. Are you using the Placidus house system? He was a monk in the Middle Ages whose life was ruled by poverty and chastity. Please use Natural House and see what happens. I am going to use it for you now! Books and also metaphysical work spell Sagittarius and the Ninth House to me, so I am not surprised to see that you have Venus, Cupido and Vulcano there. When Jupiter goes into Sagittarius from 2018 you will be overjoyed at what comes to pass with not only publishing and metaphysics but also travel and travellers. You have Juno at 26 Virgo. Test Natural House system by watching what happens with your lifestyle, work and body (all good) when Jupiter goes to 26 Virgo this year.

      1. Wow. So there is nothing useful about any of the current transits – I have to wait until 2018 to see anything positive coming about?

        1. Jupiter’s conjunction to natal Juno in Virgo is not far away and that could change your entire lifestyle – the way you work and what you eat, how you exercise, and how you physically feel. You will have an opportunity to wed yourself to a far, far better way of working and living – no later than September.

  20. Dear Jessica hi again.,
    I wrote a comment here but it has been…disappeared!(mercury retrograde I guess!!)
    So I would congrats you again about this article and I would ask you if you could please tell me what areas of my life are affected by each retrograde.
    Thank you in advance
    Marina K.

    1. You will actually hold things up too – so it’s not just other people who slow life down – you also have good reasons to procrastinate or deliberate. A slowdown is not always a bad thing. Sometimes you need to take your time to get started. And of course you can also change your mind. Just be aware with money, property or business in particular that until August, we’re going to see umm and aah.

  21. Hi Jessica, I do so appreciate your insightful articles. I am a premium member and have planets in Capricorn and Aries. I am intrigued to know just how I should be managing my current cycle
    Many thanks

    1. Thank you very much. Basically, what you’re going to see over the next few months (and it is happening now) is other people spinning their wheels. This then holds you up or it makes life feel like it’s in a state of suspended animation. One example might be the flatmate who refuses to move out quickly, or the flatmate who can’t move in quickly! Another example might be the colleague who is never at her desk, or takes too long to respond to emails. I could go on but I am sure you are seeing some of this already. In a way, you need a lot of delay just to process what has been happening in the last 2-3 years and really get settled and grounded. The massive decisions you made now need to settle, like snow on the ground, and so despite the twiddling of the thumbs that occurs in 2016, it will buy you time to think, feel, process and absorb.

  22. Hi Jessica, I am a premier member and have a questions and would like to know if the planet retrogrades have anything to with them.
    I went for an interview on 29th of April and this week got reply for them that I haven’t been successful this time but I have been put on eligibility list for the next 12 months . Is there any hope that I will hear from them ?
    Also I keep fluctuating between wanting to update my qualification and then losing all the motivation due the fear of having to cut back on work due to studies and losing my financial independence. I am married with two kids but hate to depend on my husband or anyone financially.
    I have one more question about a family situation that I wrote to you few months ago and had been told that it is a Neptune in Pisces issue. But I will ask that in another blog.

    Thank you so much for your kindness and your precious time.

  23. Thanks for the article. Very similar to one of the readers here, I have been listening to an early 2000 song ( Alanis morrisette – hands clean) quite repeatedly. Also I’ve met an ex with whom I had a brief fling almost decade ago. There’s a new contract I’ve signed up from tomorrow that’s in a new area of work. I’ve seen a lovely house that I’d also like to move into but quite depends on the sale of my house. How is my ex figuring into my life again? I’m feeling very nervous again about it. Do you think there are good prospects to buy this property? I’m anxious about the new place of work.

    1. Repeated songs and retrogrades do seem to go together. You will find everything sorts itself out from the end of August, at the very latest. You also sound rather nervous/anxious about a lot of things, yet there is no real reason for that in your chart. Heavily Virgo people often need to focus on the mind, body, spirit connection to feel happier. I don’t know if you meditate, do yoga, swim, walk, do Pilates or anything similar, yet it could do things to your body, which alter your mind in a more peaceful or happier way – and that may be what you actually need, most of all.

  24. This has been like living hell. Never felt this helpless and stuck. Career seems to be going okay with stress from all sides but one-on-one relationships have been just a mess. While people around are either in a happy company or in a bond I am just ready to give up on this. Just waiting for June 7 when life will at least be livable. Don’t know how to breathe through this

    Thank you for all the work you do

    1. Actually, it’s your Capricorn stellium that has been the issue. The stress has come from patterns you have not experienced in your lifetime, as Pluto goes through Capricorn and Uranus goes through Aries. Don’t worry so much about the retrogrades. The higher purpose of what you are going through is to teach you what it feels like to be free. Through this, you are seeing what it means to be independent. This can sometimes be quite stressful if you believe that the only thing that would make you happy is marriage for life – yet this cycle will be easier if you can accept that you are being given space to be yourself, not dependent on another human being for your happiness. This will all change in time and permanence/security/togetherness will come. Now is the time to be yourself, though – often, by yourself – and relish the freedom.

      1. When will this lesson of Independence manifest as permanence/security/togetherness and above all just a sense of joy in living. When will that change occur

        1. You can have the independence any time, now through the end of 2017. It’s not about permanence, security and togetherness. It is about wildness, freedom, spontaneity, electricity, thrills, spills and inventing a new way to date, mate and relate. Find out more by looking up Uranus in search. Uranus is never about safety but it is always about doing your own thing, as you wish, where you wish, when you wish. This is not about a 1950’s wedding cake.

  25. Hi Jessica – I believe you have my chart and I am a Premium Member. Nearly every aspect of my life has been thrown in the air for for some time…year’s even! Another retrograde? Is that what’s going on? If so, it’s exhausting. Will things ever calm down? Love Your Work, T x

    1. You have been affected by Uranus in Aries, which turns your world upside down. Because of your birth chart patterns, Uranus has been radically changing everything since the day he entered Aries, which opposes the Libra stuff in your chart and sits on (or conjuncts) the Aries elements, as he slowly moves through the sign. The trick with this cycle is to live one day at a time. Also to remember that you are here to invent the future. This is a revolution and there are no rules any more. That is why you have to make it all up, to suit the mood and the moment. In this cycle you exchange security for freedom. You swap certainty for independence. Try to go with that and it won’t seem so exhausting. Yes, life will eventually calm down!

      1. Thanks for shedding light on that. I’ve done a little reading – but I’m really quite a novice. If you don’t mind verifying for me…

        From what I can gather Uranus came into Aries April 2011 – is that right? That would be consistent of when life really started spiralling out of control. Further, this pattern is hanging around until 2018? Correct? Again – I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m not seeing any end insight until then.

        Security V Freedom. Certainty V Independence. HUGE themes for me at the moment.

        1. Thank you. You have a lot of factors in Libra and Aries which are opposite signs. You can see how they dominate your birth chart. When Uranus entered Aries he began to conjunct (or sit on) the Aries stuff, and oppose (or challenge) the Libra stuff. If you hit Search and read more on Uranus you will see all the typical effects. Read about Aries and Libra the signs too. One is about self-interest, self-awareness, and pushing oneself to the front – being first and coming first – being out there and up there. The other is about making it work with another person in a duet, double act, partnership or marriage. It is also about fighting the good fight if someone else is being unfair. I am sure you would rather skip the whole cycle that has been unfolding, but the truth is, Uranus sets us free. You are seeing this now. If you were a New Yorker living in America in 1781 you had a choice. You could either play your part in the new world and pursue liberty and independence, or you could go on drinking tea and remembering the good old days when America was under British rule. The smart people experimented in the daring new adventure and flourished. You are being forced to live through an experiment and an adventure, so try to do that. It helps to ground yourself. Find a meditation that focusses you on centring and grounding – it will help!

          1. So sorry I’ve gone off the topic off retrogrades – but I’m fairly excited by this!

            Up until I had read your blog, ‘2016-2017 Love Revolution’ (March 2, 2016) I really hadn’t been ‘feeling’ very Libran at all – the words superficial and frivolous coming to mind. Just as you had written this blog, I was preparing for an intense mediation/counselling weekend with my ex/father of my daughter (a Cancer). This weekend was to set us an the path to ‘co-parenting’ and ‘conscious uncoupling’ Gwenyth & Chris style. Family and friends are baffled that we’re still getting on reasonably well, but they’re going along for the ride anyhow.

            As for Aries – it’s presence in my chart is very reassuring. I’m not going crazy after all!! I have mainly been aware of other obvious fire signs in my chart. Sag Rising and Leo in Venus influencing my Sun sign. But, I have been ‘feeling’ very Aries the last couple of years. For example – an Aries woman’s need to exercise? That’s always been me in a nutshell. Not very Libran is it? (FYI My daughter – Sag Sun, Aries Moon & Leo Rising…I recall you mentioned that astrology can follow a familial path?)

            You can be reassured re: meditation. I’ve recently made a personal committment to myself to take my yoga practice deeper – and not just the physical aspects.

            In addition (I did warn you I was excited by this) I was wondering how future study fits in with my chart as I plan on commencing a Masters/PHD next year (Improving Maternity choices for women. There’s the revolution. That’s the good fight). However, having read this afternoon’s blog, ‘Astrology, Science & Statistics’ – “Uranus is transiting Leo’s solar Ninth House of academia…until 2018” – I can assume that now is a good time?

            Speaking of time, thanks so much for your’s – and for being so accessible. I now feel much more at ease that things are happening as they should be.

            While I’m here, I should let you know that I’ve been a follower since I purchased Astrology for Women in 1999. The copy is well loved but…I’m embarrassed to say…I’m well due for an upgrade. So much to learn!

            With Warmest Regards xxx

            P.S New York 1731??? Where do you get this stuff from?…And is there any reason why we can’t invent the future over a warm pot of Tea???

          2. Thanks very much, and wow – you bought my first astrology book in 1999 – I am glad to meet you online 16 years later. You have a dazzling stellium in Leo, so not only do you have Uranus in your Ninth House of academia, you also have a major pattern in the Fifth House of the Natural Horoscope, which describes how you pass on the legacy of your personality to a younger generation. Improving maternity choices for women is not only about the mothers, it is about the babies. (By the way, have you seen Call The Midwife? With your horoscope, I am sure you would love it). You should be pretty happy with the next Jupiter cycle, starting in September 2016, as it occurs in your solar Third House which rules education. What/who is on the agenda by the first week of October looks great.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    Was working on a career offer for past six month and today I was been informed that they have selected someone internally. I have been out of job for past 3 1/2 years and the Pluto/Uranus cycles have really effected me and on the top these retrogrades this month.

    I am premium member and very concern on my career front even, April which looked to be the month that could change has gone burst. Could you have a look at my chart and advice on how these retrogrades will effect me and when I could go back to my job.


    1. I am sorry about this news, which must have disappointed you enormously. April was definitely the month to pursue a radical career change, but it might have been more revolutionary than you were prepared to be. Whenever I hear someone who has been stuck for 3-4 years with career, I know that they are not experimenting. I know that security is great, and guarantees are fantastic, but you are in a cycle when you have to be bold. You have to break away from old rules or old expectations and move towards completely different/new ways of doing things. You have two more years of this cycle. Look around the internet and see what other people are doing, either in your field/industry/business or others which are new to you – yet you could earn income in. Don’t be afraid to try the one thing you never try. For more on this cycle please read about Uranus and you will begin to get a picture of what this is all about. The key word is INDEPENDENCE. Do your own thing in your own way. You need to be free – that will work for you – and you need to be radical.

  27. People around you will take ages to get moving or make changes. There will be delays to agreements or negotiations. On the plus side it’s a great time to rehearse anything or attempt a rewrite.

  28. Thanks Jessica. I am worried about the ex who nearly left me in a terrible situation in 2013. (When he crossed my path last time. He is born 19.10.83. How’s he figuring into my current situation

    1. His Pluto is one degree away from your Pluto, in Libra – the sign of love, sex, relationships, marriage, separation and closure. No wonder you have been through such a dreadful time. Healing and total, final closure comes when Jupiter moves to 28/29 Libra. You can do this alone or with him around. This occurs in 2017 but you will feel the whole atmosphere altering – healing – from September 10th. Read more about Pluto by hitting ‘Search’.

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