The Virgo Birthday Horoscope 2016 to 2017

The next 12 months brings an outstanding chance to make or save money, not possible in 12 years.

Happy Birthday Virgo. The next 12 months brings an outstanding chance to make or save money, not possible in 12 years and the end of a stuck pattern with your former, current or potential partner too.

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43 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for all your enlightening hard work! Please help to understand my chart. You mention aspects about a pattern coming unstuck. I have been married since 2012 and have not been actively pursuing pregnancy ( my boundary) though my partner does not actively pursue it either at the moment. Another bday is coming up and I am not sure what I should do as I need to make a decision or it might/could be an issue in the relationship in the long run. Time flies and I am lost about this.

    1. You were born with Pluto at 1 Libra in the Seventh House of marriage and Jupiter, the repair merchant of astrology, will make a pattern you have not seen for 12 years, on September 15th through 18th, 2016 as he passes 1 Libra and conjuncts Pluto. This is an opportunity to address your need to control the marriage and explore big new potential for a win-win outcome with your husband. As Jupiter continues his path through your Seventh House of marriage until October 10th, 2017, you have 13 months of heaven-sent learning experiences and open doors to useful change.

      1. Thanks Jessica. I am still searching for answers. I spend a bit of time trying to figure it out here. Complicated.I am married to what people perceive as a maverick. I am unconventional but have been strongtoo, it is about freedom to be ourselves in marriage and not control or what society expects should be normal so yes I take having children very seriously as the female usually ends up the primary care giver. I want a great partnership with someone in the long run…not because there are kids in it. He has gone through stuff the last few years so carrying the family name might be important but right now he is trying to use his talents in ways he can contribute to society and he is still figuring it out. I on the other hand do not have time to figure too many things out.So can you tell me more about my chart and what it reveals please. Thank you so much!

  2. Is this as applicable if Virgo is my ascendant, parts of it only or does it depend in the degree of your ascendant? I’m kinda nervous feels more relevant than my sun 12 month prediction . If it does apply I also have lots of degrees in Taurus because I’m a cusp? Should I read that as well? Is there one sign which is more me? Sorry loads of questions. Thank you

    1. You are a Gemini so I am not sure why you are reading the Virgo birthday horoscope! I use the Natural House System and Sun Sign House System, and no other, so this does not apply to you at all. You have a large stellium in Virgo, however, which does influence your life path, as you express yourself through work – serving others, putting them first, doing your duty and attending to the fine details of your chosen career, or even your unpaid efforts. You also express yourself through the mind, body and spirit connection. Download 2020 Astrology if you have not already done so and read more about Virgo and the Sixth House. You ‘live’ there.

  3. Jessica, thanks heaps for this! It’s a huge relief to know that the two areas that are depressing me and leading to Netflix binges right now (love and money) are both going to change. I’m not, however, entirely sure the love part of the forecast is good news! Can you help me understand, please? I completely relate to the part about the same situation playing out with different people. But I’ve recently (actually it’s more than a year) met someone who is in every way perfect for me, we both agree it’s an unusually deep connection (and bizarre, we haven’t met in person) but he’s been seeing someone (who isn’t single) and was at the verge of calling it off but didn’t. We remain friends but I’m all at sea with this. My gut says this is it but I’m not sure if this whole situation is a reality check or if I’m supposed to just hang in there. Could you please shed some light based on my chart? Would be the best birthday gift! I have a stellium in Libra so with the Jupiter transit, I keep thinking it’s all about to come together. Is it? Or is this a Neptune cycle of wishful thinking?

    1. Love and money issues always lead to Netflix binges – I love that. Okay, so you are concerned about love, and not just any old love (proper, lifetime marriage and afterlife soul union) because you have Venus, the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Vesta and the IC in Libra in the Seventh House of brides and grooms, love and marriage, horse and carriage. Nothing else will do for you. Did you know where this comes from, by the way? Someone in your family tree was the very picture of a fabulous romantic, and marriage made this person. You have inherited this in your astrological DNA. Let’s look at your future. It’s fantastic. Either with this man or a superior replacement, you will be given the best opportunity in 12 years to remove obstacles to a healthy relationship and pursue the person who is right for you. What you are looking for is the transit of Jupiter from 8 through 22 degrees of Libra, which begins on October 17th 2016, and is with you until September 6th 2017. You might want to hit all that on Search or dig into 2020 Astrology, the new book (free on this site) to find out how vast the potential is, but you are in a fantastic position to pursue love.

  4. Hi Jessica, checking for my friend. Bday 13/09/72. This sounds so familiar with being stuck in same patterns with his wife (Aries DOB 09/05/77). I’ve listened to many of his problems and seems they lack boundaries often esp where the kids are concerned. Many times he’s been frustrated and given in to narcissistic and controlling wife. She is the more educated one so uses that alot. It’s caused him to lie alot. What do you see happening? Does it fix itself or its something he has to do based on your reading above? Her annual read talks about Jupiter in Libra which would help her fix marriage or not but both are atm in it for the kids and social status. How can I advise him?

    1. Your friend is a Sun Virgo and his wife is a Sun Taurus, not an Aries, if she was born on 9th May. There is no time or place so I am only looking at solar charts, here. One thing to be wary of is that he is confused and confusing in love for some years to come. I am sure you would not dream of influencing the marriage beyond being a good friend and sympathetic listener, but do be aware that he could easily be mis-reading signals, living in his head, not remotely practical about who/what people actually are, or what a marriage/relationship truly is. The children are my main concern and I am sure they are yours. Be terribly careful here. Don’t get involved unless you want it to complicate your life for a very long time – as the two of them are a drama waiting to happen in 2018.

      1. Hi Jessica my typo she is Aries 09/04/1977. Sorry for not seeing typo before sending. Can you recheck please. Again sorry! He is a great friend and I hang out with them alot, give advice etc but sounds like I need to keep my distance? I’ve seen lots of cracks in their marriage over the years so having read both their annuals and knowing how they are/pretend to be what they are and mainly for the kids what advice can I give? Unfortunately
        i dont have time of birth atm.
        And thanks for being spot on with mines! I have so much travel lined up and turns out September travel opened more doors than expected for me making some dreams I never even had come true!

        1. Oh, the wife is an Aries after all – that changes things. I am glad the travel prediction was spot on for you. Okay, please do keep your distance with this married couple. She finds her pride, her ego and her self-confidence when she fights other people. In this case it is him but she could be a very difficult opponent even if you continue what is an innocent friendship. The children are at the heart of a major question about the power he does/does not possess and the pair of them could easily take that into a divorce. I say ‘easily’ because I just do not know. They are not Premium Members and they are not asking me the question. However – be very wary with these two as I can see complications extending as far into the future as 2020. He is also a confused and confusing person, in love, throughout this period.

          1. Thank you for confirming how I feel. I’ve caught him lying a few times (to her too) and realise the confused/confusing person is at play. Sounds like that wont change? Everything you say above is true from what I have noticed and her dominating their marriage. Point taken – stay away!
            Thanks for being so awesome!

          2. Thank you. Unfortunately some Virgo men going through the Neptune in Pisces transit will tell lies to their wives and their female friends. Why do we associate Neptune with lies? This planet is associated with Neptune, the ruler of the ocean, and it describes the distortion of a fish-eye lens, or the hazy vision of the naked eye under water. Everything is bent out of shape. Thus the ‘distorted’ stories he tells himself and you – and her. Some men are genuinely able to be platonic friends with women and be married – some use the situation to inflate their own ego. It sounds like you were just shown the difference.

        2. Hi Jessica. You always make sense for me and whilst I know these two (Aries and Virgo) are not asking you the question neither do I know their time of births, it is quite a curious response. Reason I am interested is that she recently opened a new business and I loaned them money for it. Most is paid off and she is a very proud person knowing he borrowed from me but your monthly horoscopes says Aries will prosper in relationships yet here you are saying theirs is complicated and there will always be problems. What kind of problems do you foresee? On social media said Aries portrays the perfect happy family. I know to keep my distance but until fully paid I am still involved to a degree. Thanks again for shedding light and being so amazing! I have learnt the hard way helping friends isn’t always in my best interest.

  5. Hi Jessica – I’ve been in a stuck pattern for about 4 years in relationships. Do you see any hope on the horizon for a decent love thang happening. There is some real chemistry happening at work with someone who would be perfect for me but there is distance involved and he is attached atm. Do you see the energy shifting for me anytime soon?

    1. You have Venus at 17 Libra conjunct Fortuna at 18 Libra. There is hope (in fact there is more than hope) but I can’t comment on this man without seeing his chart. In general, what you are going to see happen, now through October 2017, is a global relationship reshuffle. People in unhappy marriages and relationships where they are not equal, will break up, releasing a lot of new people onto the dating market. It’s like a barn dance where everyone swaps partners, though this time round, the lovers are older and wiser, and more hip to equality issues, so the love has a better chance of working. It’s also demographics. We are about to see Generation Libra pioneer the older-younger relationship divide, and the cross-culture and cross-nationality divide, so that also shifts the global love game. I would liken the next 12 months of your life to a barn dance. You have to get out there and dance. You never know who you will end up with and you will enjoy it, as your dance partner is educated or has travelled and will expand your horizons.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Thats so brilliant, Love and Money; I can relate to the Netflix binge, never watched so much TV in my life!
    The business/money has been stuck since August 2015, and relationships since April 2014. Do you have any advice please? Thanks

    1. Thank you. You have a stellium in Libra and had to put up with Saturn going through Libra in recent years which froze everything. Jupiter in Libra is the big thaw and it starts now. We are going to see a big global barn dance as people separate, divorce, and swap partners. In astrology, very famous people often teach us about the process, so it has already begun with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. This has nothing to do with you or I, but it sends a big planetary piece of advertising – it’s okay to break up if you’re unhappy. This creates the barn dance and partner swap and somewhere out there you will have someone new to dance with. You would have to try very hard to avoid it, actually.

  7. Hello Jessica,

    I would like to ask you if I can say that I am a typical Virgo if my only planet in Virgo is the Sun at the end of the sign – 27deg. What should be in this case my major theme for the next year as for this birthday horoscope. I am a Premium member but I prefer to give you my DOB : 20/09/1975, 3:50 pm, Slovakia

    Thank you!

    1. You’re not a typical Virgo but the predictions about courtship, babies, children or Millennials will still hold true, especially in 2017. Why? Because you have a stellium in Leo in the Fifth House and were born to lead, guide and mentor a younger generation born 20+ years after you. The most momentous decisions in your life involve the choice to avoid pregnancy, or pursue it. You currently have Fifth House transits in both house systems I use for you. In your Virgo (Sun Sign) chart you have Pluto in your Fifth House and he has been there since 2008 changing the balance of power between yourself and other people where courtship, babies, children or Millennials are concerned. This does not always have to be personal. Sometimes it is professional. In your birth chart (Natural House system) you have that Leo cluster in your Fifth House and this will be well and truly triggered from May 2017 when the Node moves to Leo. We also have an eclipse there in August.

      1. Thank you very much for your answer Jessica.
        I actually try to have a baby for some years throught different treatments …and without success. Does it mean – see my natal chart- that it is not about my decission have or not to have – but maybe children are not for me in this life? Should I looking for this leading role or it will come to me?
        And if I am not typical Virgo – horoscope of which sign should I read on your page – as for weekly or monthly horoscopes.

        1. Saturn at 0 Leo in your Fifth House is the story with your years of trying for a baby. So tough, so tough! Children are most certainly meant to be in your world but there are many ways this will happen. You will see why from May 2018 when karma takes a hand as the Node moves over 0 Leo to conjunct your Saturn. The Node then continues on this fated journey through Leo and your Fifth House, triggering all your other ‘inner lioness’ factors. You might think of super Leo types J.K.Rowling and Beatrix Potter, who leave the legacy of their personality to future generations through their children’s book and children’s charity work. You can and will see major changes for you as a godparent, aunt, step-parent, potential parent or substitute ‘parent’ to large numbers of children or teenagers over the course of your life and from May 2018 it’s the first step. The Nodes bring back past life connections to us so you may recognise the face involved without knowing exactly why. Of course, what happens may just deepen your involvement with an existing niece, nephew or godchild. You should always read your Virgo prediction, no other sign. It will work for you even if you are not strongly Virgo.

  8. OMG Jessica!
    I should’ve paid for Premium membership LAST YEAR!
    My Factors:
    Vertex at 0’55 in Virgo (Leo cusp) 7th house.
    Stellium: Virgo Sun 23’46, Pluto 16’23, Uranus 15’47 & Mercury 14’28 all on the 8th house.
    Stellium: Venus 3’35, Neptune 17’52 and Mars 17’57 all in Scorpio on the 10th house.
    Stellium in the 2nd house of Pisces: Saturn 13’03, Chiron 20’04, Ceres 26’02 and Eris on cusp of Aries 11’10.
    Stellium in the first house Aquarius: Juno 1’12, Pallas 5’48, Lilith 7’58.
    Moon & North Node Gemini 4th house.
    Jupiter in Gemini 29’00 5th house and Vesta 5’35 in Cancer 6th house
    My AC/DC is at 29’19
    My MC/IC is at 18’10

    Sooo….Jupiter has presented me with a myriad of opportunities and my home based business is making “cash in kind” and even “in hand”, so thank you for that bit of information.
    It’s my love life that’s the pits! You are so right in that it’s been a series of men all with the same situation, until August 2, 2015….have met “the one”, but unfortunately we have the Saturn square Venus, Venus Square North Node…Star Crossed Lovers/Romeo & Juliet Aspect.
    Oddly enough, you mentioned in this forecast the date of November 13, 2015. How about that is the gentleman’s birthdate…November 13, 1962.
    Yes, all the men in the series have been Scorpio and now I’m at the point that anytime a Scorpio approaches me, I want to run in the other direction…and very fast.
    I suppose I draw them in like flies because in looking at my chart, I’m a “closet Scorpio” myself…LOL

    My question: Will I ever be able to get a handle on this Neptune/Chiron transit that’s happening in my love/romance sector? The year 2024? I don’t think I can take it!

    1. Thank you! Hey, you’ll be fine with the relationship that comes (or comes a second time) as Jupiter slowly moves across your Seventh and then your Eighth House (Natural Houses). It’s interesting about the Scorpio men and especially the 13th November date. You actually are a closet Scorpio and they are going for the intensity and the depth. The only issue is keeping it real, and you should be able to do that. I am sure there will be a temptation by 2017 for you or someone else to cross the line (monogamy) but it is also true that you can hold the line! Actually, the whole key to your future is to really nail the financial/property side and that has not been right to date, yet it will be. I keep saying this, I know, but this is a rapidly changing world from October 2017 and we will all feel it through our banking. That is also going to have an impact on the kind of set-up you and your lover eventually want.

  9. Oh yea..I forgot to mention that my Part of Fortune is also in Libra 8’58, 8th house…I suppose this is on the cusp of Libra/Virgo?

  10. Hi Jessica! I have a question regarding “the former partner”. I have been on and off with my ex for over a year (his DOB is May23,1993 Italy). He is currently with someone else but we’ve been in contact again recently. I don’t usually go back and forth with people . I feel like once you’re done you’re done, but I feel like there is a real connection between us and when we’re together it’s great. I saw in his November horoscope (yes, I read my friends horoscopes too) that he may be making a “dramatic decision regarding a current or former partner at the end of the month”. Do you think there is hope for us? Your predictions have been spot on for the both of us in the past.

    1. Thank you and I’m glad the predictions have been spot on for both of you. He will have to make a major decision on that Sagittarius New Moon, which is on the way as the Christmas decorations go up in the windows. Without knowing about the other woman and her horoscope it is impossible to say (boring answer but true). He is definitely having a hard time with her, however. Yet – the decision may be to stay and keep trying. It is very important, with your chart, that you don’t cross the line. I am sure you never would. Please note, if things are not resolved by 1st December the one issue for him goes back and forth for weeks with a change of mind, changed plans, delays, communication misfires and so on, so please know that is coming. Yet – from February, all will be known and final.

  11. Hi Jessica, I recently joined the premium membership and so far have enjoyed reading the annual report. Career wise this year has been most favourable, however I cannot say the same about the relationship front (my partner’s dob: 25/10/80, 9pm, 5w41, 54n36). We are parting ways and I wanted to know if there is any positive outlook on this or a future relationship. I’m keen to get your insight regarding my love/romance & marriage sector (if there is a way of foreseeing this!) Many thanks!

    1. Thank you. Saturn at 19 Libra will do it for you. I’m sorry about this cycle – you literally have patterns now which can only occur once in your lifetime. Saturn is your inner hard work/tough karma/learning and it’s in your Seventh House of partnership in Libra. Right now we have Saturn himself, Jupiter, Uranus and Chiron all passing over 19, 20 degrees so they are triggering the whole pattern. Yes, it will be okay. No, it will not be easy. Yes, it will take you all of December and Christmas will be demanding. Yet – you are about to go through the most incredible period of healing, insight, repair work and the rest. Some very old patterns are about to be addressed, dating from – probably – before this person. You two will be okay, whatever chemistry you decide to create with each other from this point on. The new chemistry experiment will work.

  12. Hi, Jessica,

    I am following you since 2008 I guess and many times your articles and good written horoscope gave inspiration!
    This time however, I am literally in a stuck and maybe final situation with my love life. I feel so discouraged and with no hope anymore. I got tired with so many problems…I will really appreciate if you will be kind to shed some light and help to my situation: long story short, my lover
    (24 aug 1976 12:00 (GMT+2) 44°26’N 26°06’E) start to see a new woman ( 20 ian 1985 12:00 (GMT+2) 46°41’N 28°04’E) without any explanation to me. I feel like an old item thrown away! It is so painful! I am Taurus born at 20 apr 1975 19:40 (GMT+2) 44°26’N 26°06’E. I am still speaking with him sometime, but he acts cold, neutral and like we never had been together. Should I wait for him some time? Is this something that will work for me? I don’t understand what happened and how that he suddenly is so mesmerized by this new woman.
    Sorry for this long message and I really hope you could help me somehow!
    Thank you in advance and wish you best Hollydays further! 🙂

    1. So you are a Taurus and Mr. Virgo has rejected you for a new woman. I am sorry, I am sure it is extremely painful. His decisions about love, sex and marriage are being made with children in mind. You don’t say if you have children, or if he does, or the new woman. He is more deeply concerned about the babies he did not have – or could have – or does not want – more than any other issue. You can’t really help that. Further ahead you will be extremely happy with the man who turns up, or reappears, from October 2017 and by 2018 could be in one of the best relationships of your life. Don’t wait. Get on with your life. And don’t wait for him. If you are obsessing about losing him, please turn to yoga, sport, walking, swimming or other exercise as your chart in 2017 is about having the best body/fitness of your life, if you want it. Put that first. Partnership comes later.

  13. Dear Jessica,

    I quit my job and I will visit my sister in the USA for 3 months until July, but I have the possibility to stay 6 months and this would be until October. The thing is that I dont know what would happen with my career and the possibility to earn money until October, what if I miss anything while being left?

    The good part is that I will spend time with my family and that I will focus on writing articles on my blog and creating a course for entrepreneurs. I was thinking maybe I could focus to earn money online given that business partnerships haven’t worked for me very well and I have my own projects to work on.

    So, can you give me a bit of clarity for the possibilities about money and career for the summer period until October?

    What about love? I know I will be with a Scorpio from abroad (you know I have Moon in Pisces), but I started to lose patience. Are there any chances this year?

    Thank you very much!

    1. You are asking me about this as we go into Mercury Retrograde across April-May so there are things you don’t yet know about, that will affect your current thinking about October. One question you need to ask is, what price you put on happiness, peace of mind and the rest. In other words are you prepared to exchange money for giving up some of the things you are attached to – like family, working from home and so on. I am not sure how you know you will be with a Scorpio from abroad, by the way – that information would not have been from me!

      1. Thank you very much for your answer!

        Yes, you are right, I don’t know from you about mr Scorpio. However, I asked you about a Scorpio a few years ago on Get to Gloss without mentioning “from abroad” and you said we would easily get together, but that we should be honest with our own feelings because there might be something that wont be real about our relationship or something like that. Well, I haven’t got together with any Scorpio so far, so I felt to ask you again about him.

        I know about him from my dreams that I have at night. They are always right. Some are about current situations, some about the future.

        For example, I even had a dream about you too a few days before I was even aware that I wanted to ask you the question from above. And you were telling me that I was working on a something solid with somebody that is still under construction and that we would enjoy the process a lot and an image of a house or building was there. Although, you were not specifying precisely with whom, I had a strong feeling that it was about my sister. In addition, it was also about another person, but he/she seemed unknown to me.

        Strangely enough, it was also about you, something like we would work together on something. From my experience interpreting my dreams, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we will literally work together, but it can also mean different variations, like exchanging thoughts and ideas like we do right now in these comments. Or sometimes, things happen only at a psychic level.

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