Your Sagittarius Birthday Horoscope 2017-2018

Ever since 2008 you have transformed the way you deal with your money, house, company, business, apartment, possessions and so on.


Ever since 2008 you have transformed the way you deal with your money, house, company, business, apartment, possessions and so on. Changes around you have made this necessary as Pluto slowly moves through a cycle not possible in over 240 years.


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52 Responses

  1. Thank you for your incredible insight! I have been waiting daily to read this!!! I have a couple of questions. I have written that my husband and I are separated. It has been extremely difficult. Several questions I have are will I find work in my field soon and will my pay be as well as it was before and will I be successful. Will I get through this painful time OK with some bumps but not horrondous dips? How long will this tough cycle last? Any light at the end of the tunnel? Do you see my marriage being saved and being stronger or a divorce? Does he have someone else and will he move on with that person and are they coworkers? Will I be OK? I am beyond glad I have this subscription as your insight has helped me. Thank you for your time.

    1. Thank you so much. It is hard to comment about your husband without seeing his chart, but in general, this separation is about the children you had (or did not have) and the whole point of being apart is that you gain your freedom from the path he put you on. That path may have been a particular kind of parenthood, or the path may have been one where you never got to experience a younger generation at all. Christmas is unpredictable, exhilarating and – if you approach it the right way – it will liberate you. This is not so much about work, but more about your personal journey. Work matters less than study or retraining and you are in a superb position to benefit from that now through 2019 adding to your skill set or suitability for different kinds of work. I am sorry you are going through such a traumatic time but actually, you may want to step back from the situation at Christmas and realise just how much a particular arrangement was cramping your style or limiting your potential.

  2. This is heavy, Jessica. Would you please comment on which areas in particular I should watch next year given my chart? What’s the best protection for those areas? Thank you.

    1. You have a stellium around 20 Sagittarius so as Saturn crosses that degree in December, accompanied by Jupiter and Uranus also at 20 degrees, you need to slow down and really ‘read’ the situation around travel, foreign or regional difference, publishing, education or the worldwide web very carefully, as it will affect you. A typical example would be enrolling for university or welcoming a European visitor. You are going to see bigger trends which have a global/local effect on that, so you may want to take your time and measure the lay of the land, especially near Christmas.

  3. Yayyyy!!!! Thank you so much for this post, Jessica!!!! I patiently wait for the Birthday forecast for months, and as it gets closer i check for it daily!!!! Saturn is going in the 21-27 degrees Sagittarius next year, and my Sun is in 17 degrees Sagittarius, does this mean i am not going to be affected as much by Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius? I am trying to concentrate all of my focus on developing my translating skills to the point where i could turn it into a profitable venture, yet, frustratingly, i keep distracting myself with courtship issues that are giving me mental angst. Ugh, i don’t wanna feel the feels!!! Just want to be happy doing what i love.
    Again, thank you Jessica for the wonderful work you do with this website.

    1. Thank you Malika and happy birthday. Neptune at 20 Sagittarius in your Ninth House reveals how you use travel, or travel in the mind, to escape from the real world. Real life journeys or ‘journeys’ through the worldwide web, education or publishing are your alternative universe. Saturn at 20 Sagittarius, Jupiter at 20 Libra, Uranus at 20 Aries have something to teach you about that in December. Take your time and take good advice.

  4. Hi Jessica. Thank you for this post. Much needed. My husband born on 6/12/1968 6:30 pm Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Sun conjunct mercury in sag. Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Libra. Is his gambling habit fully over? He has neptune in Scorpio – he is a bit far from financial reality. I kept finances separately. Now we have a mortgage. What future has in store? I find it hard to relate to him. Thank you for your insight.

    1. Very smart idea to keep your finances separate. Neptune in Scorpio people are drawn to gambling and also drawn to credit cards, as they find an escape from the real world inside the bubbles of unreality. I am sure you find it hard to relate to him. Neptune in Scorpio people also like shopping as a relief – like a holiday from the real world. There is not much you can do as everyone has Neptune somewhere in their chart and must find their own way of escaping. However you can keep him in his bubble and make sure it’s a long way from your own.

  5. Also, I have tried 2months in the role but I can’t leave questions on the Forum somehow.
    So please forgive me as I try to reach to you from here .

    Since I started learn from you how to read my chart, and exactly like you have said, I started I understand myself more instead of confused why and upsetting about myself. I have 7 Sagittarius factors + Ceres in 3Cancer factors + 4Libra factors + 3Scorpio factors + 3Taurus factors + 3Pisce factors .
    6 Stelliums in my chart .
    Now make perfectly sense why I’m so odd 😉

    15° Sagittarius 15′ 11″
    10° Sagittarius 43′ 53″
    02° Sagittarius 06′ 22″
    22° Sagittarius 07′ 26″
    17° Sagittarius 59′ 04″
    08° Sagittarius 40′ 44″
    20° Sagittarius 46′ 16″

    Where it will take me to with those big stelliums in year ahead?
    You already saw how Ceres and Uranus have done to my family since mid October. BRUTALLY!!!
    It’s still go on&on .
    It can be another 12months, up to the bloody system and the judge!!
    What if I can’t travel as I have family commitments? I’m about to join a new team in the industry I’m working now. Also I MUST find the better places to making cash so I must to travel to another city soon in December or latest must be January. Should I worry about Mercury retrograde?
    I’m so scare of airplanes, seriously.
    Is the cash$$ worth enough to do all this? It cost me mentally to leave my family behind for the jobs. But I have no choice, I need cash to provide for my children and bills coming.
    What can you see Jess?
    Can Saturn leaves me alone after December just yet?
    If you avoid answer any question, I will take that as the bad sign.(I knew you Jess;)
    Thanks a million. You have saved me time to time xxx

    1. I’m sorry, two months is a long time to wait for a reply – so here it is. If you want to travel/move now through 2017 then allow more time and space for this. You are going to be dealing with obstacles so you may need to ask an expert for help. The reason for this is Saturn slowly crossing your Sagittarius factors in the Ninth House which rules other places in other regions – foreign people and locations – and so on. That’s really the main focus for now. Your other questions are really about the next couple of years. I am being shown cactus for you, clairvoyantly.

  6. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for the birthday horoscope, I’m sure I’ll get back to it several times in 2017. Is there anything in particular that I should watch ? All the best.

    1. You have a big lineup at 1 degree of the signs so your whole life will change (for the better) when Jupiter moves to 1 Scorpio in the final quarter of 2017. One huge opportunity or solution, for you or those around you, triggers a big leap forward in two, three, perhaps four other areas. A male will be involved.

  7. 2016 sucked Jessica !! Although it brought more money, self worth. How will 2017 pan out for me? Hoping to get into a union which has long term potential where I can start my own clan

    1. More money and self-worth sounds okay to me. Now through 2017 is about the Aquarian side of yourself and your life – the trines from Jupiter will make it worth your time to cultivate friendships and one or more groups. Friends and people power changes your world in important new ways.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Just wondering, should you read the birthday horoscopes for your sun, rising and moon sign? Or do they only pertain to your sun sign?

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Please only read your Sun Sign for these reports as I use the Natural House and Solar House system. Some astrologers use Placidus, Koch or Equal Houses and so they will tell you to read the Rising Sign.

  9. Hello Hello Hello!
    I’ve been waiting for this article.
    Given my stellium in Sag and the 20 degree ASC in Aquarius coming up with the Christmas Day/ Boxing Day period, I am assuming I need to be in brace position for 2017 as well. I’m getting a little cramped – have been in brace position since 2000 . . . .. Very long time to be battered by a storm bigger then me! 🙂
    Love your thoughts on this one
    Have an awesome day

    1. Your Ascendant at 20 Aquarius and Descendant at 20 Leo will come to life at Christmas. That’s absolutely true. Some good things will be squeezed out of the situation, as Jupiter at 20 Libra forms stunning aspects, Saturn brings a useful lesson and Uranus shakes everything up. You are seen in the context of friendship, communities and groups by the world. You are seen as someone who feeds the group but is apart from it. Your pattern with former, current or potential partners is also massaged to life at Christmas. There is a tremendous difference between the way you are with partners, and the way you are with friends and groups – and that’s what you’ll see emphasised in December.

      1. THANK YOU!
        I can feel something in the air – has an electricky feeling to it. Something’s building!
        Without appearing too blonde and taking up too much of your time, what is the ASC and DSC at 20 Aquarius all about?
        Back to brace position!
        Have an awesome day

        1. Thank you Piggy. You’re quite right about feeling something in the air – even now, before December begins, it’s definitely electricky out there. I love that word actually, because it also reflects Mercury Retrograde as well as the historic Uranus line-up. Your Ascendant at 20 Aquarius is your profile, title and image – you are seen in terms of the group, the community, the people power, the team, the movement. Your Descendant at 20 Leo is your partner (or sometimes more than one partner). This is a person who relates to the world of children as heirs to the throne – babies, schoolchildren and Millennials are seen in terms of guidance, mentoring, leading. Often people with this combination marry teachers or committed parents.

  10. Hi Jessica

    Thank you so much for the insight.

    I was wondering what you see for me in terms of relationships? Taurus man wants to get back into a relationship with me, also met someone new an Aquarius. Do I go back to the past or start again? So confused. I’m at a point in my life where i want to settle down, the Taurus had commitment issues but claims he’s now ready to tie the knot? Aquarius seems nice but we are just friends at the moment.
    Whats a girl to do…..

    1. This is actually all about next year, so you are a little bit too early. The Node moves into Leo in 2017 and this will fall in Taurus man’s zone of property and family (very important) and yet also Aquarius man’s zone of marriage. Don’t worry too much if nothing is clear December, January as it may not be until the Node changes signs that you feel that ‘bump’ of fate. You may want to skip July-September next year for the major decisions though as we have Mercury Retrograde and eclipses then. On quite another note – believe it or not, there may be a third candidate. The deciding factor for you is probably going to be babies.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I have a stellium in Sagittarius with Asc, Neptune, Bacchus and Ops all in this sign. What does this mean for me in the coming year? As a side note, I would like to convert from my monthly membership to an annual membership. I contacted your help desk but have not heard back from them. There is no option in the member account page to convert from monthly to annual or vice-versa. I hope to see my comment published. Thank you!

    1. Sorry about this – let me pursue it with my webmasters. You have Saturn going over your Ascendant-Bacchus conjunction in Sagittarius, assuming your birth time is correct, so your usual image/title/role as an explorer, wanderer, traveller, student of life, adventurer is being temporarily blocked or slowed down by circumstances. Why? Saturn is conjunct your conjunction! A typical example would be your job title as Antarctic researcher and globetrotting persona being affected by budget cuts which keep you stuck at home.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    It’s been a tough birthday month, so far. I was let go on Dec. 7 and my relationship ended on Nov. 13. Not sure how much faith you put in solar returns but I was in Austin, Texas for mine.

    Any good news for 2017?

    Thank you!

    1. You have been going through the wars, which seems quite wrong at Christmas. I don’t use solar returns, but let me tell you that you have Pluto passing over 14 Capricorn now, right on your Bacchus at 14 Capricorn and Venus at 14 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. This is going to put you on the path to total career transformation with a major new appointment in 2019, 2020 perhaps in quite a different field. You may find that December, January are complicated with delays and changes to your redundancy or with the quest for a new role, so allow for that in your planning, yet it settles down from February when Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn ends. You also have Cupido at 14 Libra in your Seventh House of love, so of course Pluto at 14 Capricorn has been square that (clashing with it). You will make a new decision about love by May 2018 and this time the priority for you will be the world of children, godchildren, stepchildren, nieces or nephews and you will do things in an exciting new way, thanks to the other person’s unique situation with you. Pluto transits are intense. They feel as if something or someone is taking over, yet by using your willpower and self control you will become more powerful, and both respect, trust and value yourself more as you slowly come out of the other side. Pluto cycles do need time and space, though. Be kind to yourself and let yourself settle slowly into the new world – yet it is coming.

  13. Hi Jessica
    Ever so grateful for your comforting words of wisdom when anxiety gets the better of me. Being unhappy at work is affecting my outlook on life, try as I may to stay positive.
    I applied for 5 different positions yesterday and will hopefully secure one of them. What are your thoughts about the potential for a career move in the next few months?
    Also, are my 2 daughters likely to find employment in the field they’re currently studying please?
    C born 12.07.1992 at 11.04pm in Dandenong North VIC
    B born 26.06.1994 at 11.45am in Dandenong North VIC

    1. I am glad the astrology is helping. You will get the work you want next year. Even if it is as late as the final quarter of 2017, you are going to see an economic boom in Australia that creates a new range of job opportunities right across the board. The C Cancerian daughter will eventually settle on a career after May 2018 but until then may change her mind, so she needs to give herself time and space to experiment. The B Cancerian daughter will find the end of study a relief after Christmas 2017 and like her sister, may not really find what she wants to do until 2018.

  14. Thank you Jessica! My head is in a Mercury Retrograde frame of mind, so I hope what I write makes sense. It does seem so many of my Sagittarian friends, ( girlfriends, two of which are born on the same day as me), are all having relationship breakdowns and marriage breakups. It’s like an epidemic. I’ve split now from my husband this summer and it’s heading to divorce. He’s a Capricorn b.17th Jan. The break-up has been hard, although strangely liberating, like I can finally breath. I wish to go forth into my new decade ( which I simply cannot relate to the age I’m now at), with a new sense of independence and purpose of destiny. I’m wondering how I’m going to get through 2017 in tack with what your predication said. 2016 was tough enough, trying to get through a Master’s degree ( which now has to be completed next year), however, it feels like it’s one drudgery after another, with no real pleasure of fun! But then, Saturn is going through my 5th house! So when will I actually get to feel like I’m getting somewhere? Although painful, I know the break-up had to happen, however I’m in fog and cannot see clearly how I’m going to be financially better than ok, as my Me Agenda really is about being financially more intelligent and earning a much substantial income from my own ideas. Incidentally I wish to re-continue my career in broadcasting, writing and communications. Any advice on getting through the fog and clear advice on finances would be helpful for this weary but happy single mom! So thrilled to have found your site. Thank you so much!! And Merry Christmas x

    1. Merry Christmas. You are living in your head according to your chart – everything is going through the crown, third eye and throat chakra and through Mercury/Gemini/Virgo/Third House/Sixth House. This is pretty common when people go through divorce. The emotions are too much so it is natural to run straight to the mind/brain/intellect. That is fine up to a point but it can unground you, destabilise you, tire you out and the rest. So begin with some basic meditations to balance your chakras, please. Find a free ritual you like on YouTube or on a website you enjoy. Get back down into your heart and sacral chakra for a while. Even walking will do it for you, if you deliberately connect your feet with the ground. Your other choices in 2017 will actually be fun. Amazingly learning/teaching can happen for you without stress – it can be enjoyable if you find the right subject/skill. You are also going to be dating. But first – ground, ground, ground.

  15. Hi Jessica
    Is it too late to comment on this post?
    Any advice for me? I’m curious about the work? Started something new July/August but I’m getting doubts and wonder if I’m good enough to carry on
    Thank you

    1. You have a stellium in Virgo in the Sixth House of work and in fact, your timing was superb, as you began the new job when Jupiter (opportunity, growth, good fortune) was also in Virgo. It sounds to me as if you are experiencing your natal Saturn in Virgo in the Sixth House, which you may want to read more about, before you make your decision to stay or go. Saturn in general shows up as our fear, as our burden and sometimes as our pointless paranoia. If you have it in Virgo you have it in your work zone. The best way to handle Saturn is to get real, be practical, ask questions, avoid guessing and often, to step back from the situation to find out how others have dealt with it/are dealing with it.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been unable to post on the forum and have sent support a query.

    Can you please take a look at my chart and provide further insights about current and upcoming events, particularly with respect to work, education, or travel? I would appreciate it.

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. I’m sorry you’re not able to log onto the Forum for 2017 Chart customers. Support will come back to you, but bear in mind the global time differences, and also the fact that this is a weekend. I am keeping it open until Monday so every question is taken care of. The biggest change for you in February is with your use of computers, the worldwide web – and your thoughts about books, public speaking, the media and so on. You never did resolve an issue from your past about this and it’s lingering. Fortunately you will have the right person, group or opportunity in front of you, within weeks, to help you turn this around and move everything forward, just the way it was meant to be.

  17. Lots of great info Jessica! Thank you. I’ve waited to comment. Hoped time would help answer several unknowns. Not the case. I’ll try to be brief. 2016-worst year ever. 17 year marriage finally ending (he is a Pisces 3/8/68 between 12-1a.m. CST USA). I filed. Divorce in progress. Had to move out of home and find new place to live the week before Christmas with two children. Stay at home mom. Haven’t worked in over 11 years. Soon to be ex- an alcoholic but not currently drinking and is out of touch with reality in all areas. After he suffered and survived a drinking induced brain injury last year, I discovered the financial nightmare he’d created and hidden. He is vindictive and seeks to destroy in divorce. Starting over is scary but much needed. Feeling like a fish out of water. Will I ever recover from the financial wreck? Motivated but need direction in seeking a job? Security or happiness? Both- ideal but don’t know what I want to do. Do I move to hometown with more opportunity or stay put? What is best for my children? Will they be okay? I’m optimistic but so many unknowns. A few “distractions” keep popping up and divert my focus- enjoyable but the timing with divorce isn’t great. So many questions and the answers have been slow to come. In survival mode right now and looking for some light at the end of this tunnel.

    1. You will be okay, and the issue is actually the children. Your chart suggests there needs to be nothing short of a revolution in the way you approach parenting and the relationship between your generation and their own. I know that your divorce and the financial issues have been shocking and so difficult for you, but there is a way through. Actually, his departure has given you and your children more space to find freedom and independence, both with each other, and on your own. That is a gift. Had you continued in the marriage then you would have all continued to be badly restricted and that is not what life wants for you. The challenge now is to carve out a new connection with them, and to understand that 2017 and 2018 have to be about creating a new world for all of you – including him, if necessary – which snaps all the old chains and lets a new kind of equality and liberty in the door. The finances will take time to figure out, but you will do it. You are only just now, slowly coming out of the chaos of December and January but February will be a lot more manageable and soon, you will figure out new systems for that as well – things which actually work for you. If you have had alcohol issues then I am sure you know about support groups, and in fact, one will change your life if you let it into your life. That is coming this year. On a day-to-day basis, just to feel better, begin yoga or meditation, which will help fix your aura and chakra system (affected by the drinking) and also ground you and stabilise you. They will reconnect you to your body and get you out of your head, because your head is where you are currently living. You will be okay. They will be okay. But you have some radical changes to make.


  18. Hi Jessica, I’ve had major problems with my subscription that have only been sorted so only getting to properly look through my birthday…from reading through the comments I think that 2016 was a hard year for most people regardless of chart or sign! To be fair I feel a lot better than I have in a long time but the reality is nothing has really worked out as I’d hoped either. I’ve four planets in Virgo and a Libra ascendant so try reading across them and my sag scope to try and find some sense of what I should do to get out of this enormous rut I’m in…I just feel like I’ve been coasting for years now and I’m tired. Do I just keep keeping on?

    1. You were given big opportunities to improve your fitness, eating habits and lifestyle last year, which I hope you took. You were also given opportunities to work better/differently – which I also hope you took. If you feel in a rut and you feel tired, I suspect you are being ‘Saturned’ so let me see what is going on. Sure enough, you have a stellium in Sagittarius and Saturn is moving through Sagittarius for the first time in 29 years, giving you slow, stuck, serious situations. You are spending a lot of time playing safe, building walls and keeping things very tight – which may actually be fencing you in, to the point where you feel trapped/bored/frustrated and exhausted from trying to keep everything secure. I do realise that something/someone out there has got you very, very concerned – it probably involves foreign or regional differences, education, publishing or the worldwide web itself. This is tough because it’s part of who you are! Yet – you also have to live. Have you joined that group/team/club which went onto your radar a few months ago, or did you ignore it? Of course it may be a question of just putting more energy into a network you are already involved with. That is buried treasure.

  19. Hello Jessica
    Thank you for the excellent horoscopes. 2016 was interesting career wise but tricky financially and very lacklustre romantically. My father passed unexpectedly in late Dec and I’m juggling an unpredictable career in the arts and a life currently split between London & US. Stuck in UK due to familial obligations, feeling lost; career, love life, finances, it all feels like an unsurmountable mountain. Is there anything I should be doing to try and get my arse up and over the hurdles? x

    1. It’s Saturn on your Sun. It only happens every 28/29 years and you have the inexorable transit of slow, stuck, serious Saturn across 26 Sagittarius. There is something peculiar happening with your chart, by the way. You may want to contact Support. The only other thing I can think of, regarding your peculiar horoscope (which has reset itself to all 00 degree positions) is that your father may have a message for you! Maybe you need to reset to zero in your life? Not sure. I’ve genuinely never seen this happen before!

      1. Hi Jessica, thank you, turns out there was a typo on my DOB making me 1000 years old! My chart should be accurate now. I feel like such a whiney baby but I feel so stuck and indecisive & fearful about the future I’m not sure what my question should be. It feels like nothing is happening in any area (no impending creative work, no partner, low on funds). Aside from the bereavement I’m sure family will be big on my chart as we’re selling the old family home and relocating my mother. What area should I / can I actively work on improving? Thank you xx

        1. Heavens, 1000 years old – that’s a first. Actually, you should be pretty happy with your chart once Jupiter enters Scorpio in October as you have a cluster (stellium) in that zodiac sign, in your Eighth House, which rules your finances, property, charity interests, business and possessions. Actually, more accurately, this is about what you share with others, or what comes your way – so the final quarter of this year and most of 2018 will focus you on that, with plenty of breakthroughs and solutions. Selling the old family home is typical of this transit. Please don’t be fearful about the future as one door after another will open from that point and funds (or ‘cash in kind’ benefits) will be on offer along with the possibility of a new sexual relationship. Scorpio rules sex and money as I’m sure you know.

  20. Thank you for this post Jessica! 2016 was very challenging for me and 2017 didn’t start well too. Carrier wise many things changed and I am not yet sure for good or for bad. I have to pay all of my parents financial debts to the banks (because they cant) which is still a financial burden. My partner is born on 21.09.1982 and our relationship is not going well, more from his side. Could you please advice based on my birth chart about this relationship and the whole confusion in my life about my future (carrier, relationship). I even thought of changing country or carrier path but it all looks to me so vague and uncertain with all that is happening.
    Thank you.

    1. You’ll answer your relationship questions once and for all by May 2018 with some real insights in April 2017. The issue is children. You don’t say if you had them, or if he had them or if you mutually have them – but pregnancy, termination, adoption, step-parenting, parenthood are huge questions here and it’s not really about him, it’s about *that*.

  21. My Birthday is December 21 1986, I’ve had a really rough few years with Saturn return and straight away Saturn in Sagittarius. However I’m wondering given my birthday is on the cusp of Capricorn whether I will feel the effects of Saturn later in the year and into next year or if I can expect a reprieve when it goes into Capricorn.

    1. There is no such thing as a cusp, so you may want to start by going into with your time, date and place of birth and seeing which Sun Sign you really own.

  22. Hi J

    So many things happening in life so I’m sorry to be posting everywhere.

    My mother with whom I have a very complex and difficult relationship with – is it something about her that clashes with me?

    Her date is 6 December 1960 – I don’t have the birth time though.

    I feel personally I’m also trying to rebalance things with her – would that be right too? Or is my rebalancing only relevant to a significant other lover etc?


    1. Shaolee, it is hard to say without knowing her time and place of birth, but in general you will find things become so much easier once Uranus moves out of her Fifth House of parenthood, May 2018. You don’t say if you have had children (her grandchildren) or decided against it/not been able to have them. This whole question of grandchildren is rather important to her. She needs tons of space and freedom and so do you – try to create that – yet from May 2018 the stormy and unpredictable atmosphere between you will cease as Uranus changes signs.

  23. Hi Jessica

    Feeling lost at then moment and completely lacking motivation, is there any changes ahead for me that I need to look out for?

    Kind regards


    1. Suse, Neptune at 11 Pisces is aspecting everything you have at 11 degrees – so it’s rather like being washed away (temporarily) by astrological weather which tends to make you feel lost, or all at sea. This is temporary. A good way to counteract a Neptune transit like this is to get grounded and get back to earth. Gardening, cooking and walking will do it.

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