The North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius

You now have around two years to achieve closure, with two specific departments of your world. One is ruled by Leo. One is ruled by Aquarius.

On Tuesday 9th May 2017 the True North Node enters Leo and the True South Node enters Aquarius. They will stay in these signs until November 6th, 2018. Expect a long, slow flashback in two areas of your life. The past will repeat itself, and you may also experience past life karma. You will see symbolic repeats of previous events, particularly from 1999-2000, but may also experience an odd feeling of familiarity about particular people or developments, as these have been met before, in a prior incarnation. The North Node in Leo (below) will bring issues about babies, children and young people if you have factors there.

xbgyji2pi2q 600x400 - The North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius

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409 Responses

  1. This is such a magnificent beast of an article. You are so generous with your knowledge. Thank you for this.

    My chart is very Leo, very Aquarian. This article resonated with me in more ways than I can articulate here.

    Could you please tell me what this phase may mean for me?

    I have just returned to work at a school that has kept me on a series of temporary contracts for seven years.
    They clearly love me, but won’t commit.

    I feel so torn. I am a passionate teacher but my children are young and need me too.

    When I’m in the classroom I feel I am living my purpose.
    When I’m with my babies I feel I am living my purpose.

    What do you see for me?

    With much love and gratitude.

    1. Thank you very much, I am pleased this story about the Leo-Aquarius Nodes fits what you are experiencing. Of course, Leo rules young people and children, and with the Ascendant at 20 Leo, Hygiea at 20 Leo and Proserpina at 21 Leo, you have a triple conjunction in this sign. You always have been and always will be Queen to a younger court. This pattern commonly produces teachers, lecturers, mentors and so on. Karma will take a hand as the North Node moves across 20, 21 Leo and what you have earned/learned in other lifetimes will be repaid. Of course this may not only be about teaching; it may also involve much younger relatives, godchildren, children and so on. You will have a fair idea of the way the wheel is turning, from the day the Node enters Leo (not long to wait). When you were leaving your teens for adulthood, you experienced the Node in Leo too, so if you think about developments then, in a symbolic/thematic way, you will quickly see what you are being shown, given or taught in 2017. Once you have crossed this karmic bridge you will not go back for years. In fact, I would describe this as closure with one person or situation.

  2. Hi Jessica
    I love your articles and they have certainly rung true for me over quite a few years. I have many Aquarian and Leo points in my chart, but also many things going on in my life so that it is hard to work out where the ‘repeat’ or lesson with 1999 could be. Given my chart, which is very similar to Princess Diana’s, is it more likely to be in an area of secrets, club activities, work related, or related to a separation? These are all areas of my life with strong or unusual activity at present, and 1999 was an unusual time where I lived overseas with the new partner I am now separating from.
    Would love to hear your insights.

    1. You have the Nodes in late Leo-Aquarius so will feel your Nodal Return very strongly in 2017. The Node in Leo is in the Fifth House of your chart using the Natural house system. In 1999 you were with a partner you now separated from. The issue then may have been children (having them or not having them) or some other concern with godchildren, young relatives and so on. If so, that’s where the repeated theme/lesson will be in 2017.

  3. OMG! Thankyou Jess for this amazing blog. So much to take in. I’m sure I will reread many times. I have just checked my chart and seek your guidance. My south node in Aquarius at 0 degrees appears on the cusp? Of the 10 th and 11 th houses and my north node in Leo spears on the cusp of my 4 th and 5 th houses. How will this cycle impact me? When I reflect back to 1999-2000 it was tumultuous- a small consulting business with friends collapsed, my partner ( Gemini) and I bought,renovated and sold our house and travelled around Australia after my Dad died. We ultimately relocated from nsw to Victoria. A amazing challenging time!
    Thank you again for sharing your insights

    1. Thank you Frances. Your Nodes at 0 Leo and 0 Aquarius are firmly placed in the Fifth House and Eleventh House, respectively, using the Natural House system. When your friends shared the business collapse with you, you were experiencing the Node, Uranus and Neptune in your Eleventh House of groups and friendships. Your partner, of course (and any children you had, or decided not to have) was ruled by the Fifth House (Leo). This time round it will take you until 2018 to have your Nodal Return but I expect some of the karma with those friends, in particular, will return.

  4. Hello There!
    I enjoyed reading this article so much. You should publish it in a public university for reference! Incredible information – excellent job!! I was able to relate to everything you mentioned. Smiles. The only question I have is how do I know the conjunction and transits in my chart. Warm regards

    1. You are too kind, thank you. If your birth time is correct (it is on the round minute, which is why I ask) then you have your MC in Leo and IC in Aquarius, in which case your greatest achievement will be parenthood or the responsibility/care of much younger people – paid or unpaid work involving children or youth is common – so can a special role with godchildren, for example. Your IC describes a family member on either side who was heavily involved with a group – band, army, navy, air force, society, charity, cult, association, union – and so on. Both sides of this will be triggered by past life debts and credits by 2018.

  5. Jessica,

    Thanks for a great blog post. Your writing is always wonderfully insightful.

    I’m concerned about this upcoming transit of the True North Node into Leo because my natal Saturn is at 13 degrees Leo, opposite my Sun at 10 degrees Aquarius. I just keep thinking that I’m in for a big lesson or a reminder of my Saturn return. My natal True North Node is at 27 degrees Libra, opposite Chiron at 27 degrees Aries (of course, conjunct the True South Node).

    Saturn is the only planet or point in Leo in my tropical chart, but I have Cupido (conjunct my Sun), Minerva, Salacia, and Vulcano all in Aquarius. Frankly, thinking that the transiting True North Node will be hitting my natal Saturn in the next 18 months is making me cringe. Your advice is certainly welcome. Thank you.

    1. Saturn is not to be feared, but yes, the Node on your Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House is a big deal. Your Saturn Return was about your choice to have children (or not) and the ramifications of that – did you end up being given responsibility for godchildren, nieces or nephews instead – did you choose paid or unpaid work with younger people – or did you go ahead with a pregnancy? You built protective walls around yourself at that time to make yourself feel secure in an unsafe, insecure situation. Now you get to inspect the walls and see if they need to be preserved, taken down or renovated.

  6. Dear, Jessica,
    Thank you so much for all your interesting articles. English is not my first language , I’m reading , rereading until I get it! I’m obsessed with your site.
    I have so many factors in Leo: Jupiter 04 Leo; Panacea 28 Leo; Juno 13 Leo; Apollo 14 Leo and just Diana 00 Aquarius.
    My SN 16 Scorpio; NN 16 Taurus.
    How it will impact me?
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Thank you. You have a karmic pattern around babies, children and younger people. If you don’t choose to be a parent in this lifetime, you become a substitute parent to other people’s offspring – one thinks of Beatrix Potter who wrote for children and also left protected British land to future generations of young people. With that stellium it would have to be more than mere parenthood, or being a godmother/aunt and so on. There is a great karmic push here to leave the legacy of your personality to your heirs – those who inherit your influence – and as the Nodes cross your Leo placements now through late 2018 there is a milestone choice.

  7. What an amazing read! Thank you. The years 1999-2000 already started repeating with me as early as September 2016. During that time (1999-2000) my friends were my family. I separated from my family. Not on speaking terms with my sister. And took a stance with my parents. I was in my 3rd year of college in 1999 and decided not to go to graduate school to be school psychologist and instead became a high school biology teacher.
    Current situation: I haven’t spoken to the same sister since September. Stood my ground with my parents. Switching careers from teacher to owning my own real estate development company. Which I think has to do with my north node in Capricorn. But I am also experiencing textbook Jupiter in the 12th house. So I am just wondering how this will effect me, how it all ties in with what is going on? Where the karma debt/credit will be seen?
    Ps. I have learned so much from reading your blogs and articles. Thank you.

    1. You have the Descendant (DC) exactly conjunct Apollo in Leo in your Fifth House which rules lovers, babies, children and younger people. Deciding to become a teacher, when the Node sat on this, is typical. Your Descendant describes partnerships as well as enemies – Apollo is about a leading role. By choosing to take on a leadership position with high school students you made enemies within the family. Once you understand that the transits were in your Fifth House (Natural House system) then 1999-2000 should make more sense. This is about that choice. I wonder if there are also younger family members who come into this, over the next two years – much younger cousins, nieces or nephews for example.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Another fantastically written post, so much to take in.
    I was quite young around 1999-2000 so don’t remember much of that time but I’m really intrigued to find out what’s playing out for me now?
    Thanks! Thomasin

    1. You were a child, Thomasin, but you still have a Leo birthright, thanks to your placements there. Many heavily Leo people, even as teenagers, find themselves with part-time jobs looking after small children; babysitting; dealing with much younger family arrivals – dizzy romantic crushes are common. This starts the wheel turning karmically. As the Node goes over your Leo placements again, starting in May (slowly) and culminating in November 2018, it is time to look at your patterns around infatuation, courtship, and courting – full stop. Someone/something will get you thinking. There will be a karmic choice about younger people, babies, teens or children. A crossroads.

  9. Hello Hello!!!!
    Love your blogs! Such excellent reads.
    I can’t wait for these Nodes to change. I don’t think I have liked where they are at the moment.
    Yikes! In 2000 I was suddenly retrenched in a hostile takeover – sounds dramatic! It was! I’m certainly not in paid employment now so I am very curious as to how this re-visit will shape up for me.
    Any guidance from you would be fabulous
    The air certainly feels both anticipatory and somewhat electricky – why would that be?
    Have an awesome day
    Ms Piggy

    1. Thank you Ms Piggy. Your retrenchment had nothing to do with the Nodes in Leo/Aquarius – you have Proserpina at 0 Leo though so in 2018 the Node will sit on that, and bring back past life karma around the world of babies, children or younger adults – and you will play the go-between. You will be fated to negotiate between two powerful people or organisations and keep both sides happy.

  10. Hello Jessica:

    Interesting read. 1999-2000 was epic for me I got the opportunity to move to the US to pursue a master’s. Could you please explain how these node placements will impact me. Hope it does some magic on the current stagnant career front. Really appreciate all that you do. Thank you!

    1. You have Cupido in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups so I am sure 1999-2000 was wildly social; you made new friends; joined communities that changed you/changed them; possibly fell in love, or had someone fall in love with you. Energy that went in will now return to you as the Node wheels back to Aquarius.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    Fascinating article, I just love your analysis and blog. This is the third post, wonder Mercury is showing himself!
    I have North node in Aquarius and South node in Leo, so I am deducing that I am popular with friends, and capable of influencing them. Interestingly, while I do network, I don’t have an active social life, just a handful of friends I can rely on 🙂
    I think I will again get an opportunity to influence a wider audience with nutrition advice, lifestyle changes etc to positively benefit them, I also think from a Vedic astrology perspective that my retraining in food as medicine is to repay my debt to the mass 🙂
    Am I on the right track? Appreciate your time and thoughts on my nodes.
    Many thanks, happiness always Jos

    1. Thanks Jos, I don’t know anything about Vedic astrology. Your Virgo chart signature is about the body. The Nodes won’t affect that, but as I often tell people who ask this question, the market for life-changing alternative medicine/healing is massive as everyone born in the Sixties has Uranus or Pluto in Virgo – so that is where your attention should go – to the fiftysomethings.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much again for all your knowledge and writing.
    In 1999-2000 I think we had just bought a new home and I was in business with two friends who are still friends. We are not in business together anymore.
    I have just travelled with a new group of friends though whereby as per your monthly forecast, I feel like there is a past life connection with them.
    Do you have any insights for me?
    Thank you x

    1. With your IC in Aquarius, if your birth time is correct, one or more of these friends were family members. Your IC or Immum Coeli describes your family tree, roots, heritage and culture. Aquarius rules friends – along comes the Node to sit on your IC this year – and voila, you have quite strong friendships coming into focus.

  13. Last time around, I was in primary school and part of the ECJC crew, made up of all our initials. When my brother asked who the leader was, I said there were no leaders, we made decisions as a group. Our favourite music at the time was S Club 7. My best friend in the crew, who is an Aquarius came back into my life last year and we should be meeting up in June. What do you see, looking at my chart? Also, Neptune is currently on my North Node, but I can’t work out what this means. What do you see?

    1. I love this. The ECJC Crew is so Aquarian. And what you said was…so Aquarian! Your best friend is a past life contact and you two may have been married, or related as parent and child. When you said ‘There are no leaders’ you were speaking about a lesson you learned last time around and it will return. Who knows, so might S Club 7! Neptune on your Node is about the secrets you keep or the role you play behind the scenes. A very, very familiar scenario is unfolding. Try to keep it real.

  14. Hi Jessica you answered me about my son and said north node moves into 6 Leo directly in 2018 can you tell me when please?
    My life is wow i cant tell you how 99-2000 reappeared lol!! My two sons dad his kids born same time as mine are visiting Jake for first time to say goodbye. My ex Husband met in 99 married 02 divorced 04 is coming tomorrow to see Jake and help Parent his daughter born in 01! I mean i could go on but….
    My son is close to dying now, he says he wont be hear long, and he keeps tellig me i will be ok without him. I have learnt the groundhog day message, I understand just enjoy each day with love and humour.
    Interesting i just checked my nodes they are the opposite of Prince Charles 16’Scorpio North South in 16′ Taurus. Charity budget values property..
    My son has just discussed and going to participate in using his last time here to fundraise $$$$ for Humming bird house & DMD (to get the new medicine from USA to Australia) next week he will start the first tv interview. I will do whatever it takes to make his dream come true.
    Jake is 30/07/99 2.43am AKL,NZ i am 13/02/76 8am
    This karma node what does it hold for me please? What do i need to learn or do to not repeat, i only want to move forward.
    As always awesome article great work!

    1. That is so interesting about Prince Charles and his Nodes and your Son’s chart. Fundraising! You are already moving forward from the last Nodal cycle but could use a journal 2017-2018 to take notes as memories arise and new events occur which trigger the past. You have mentioned Jake before. What you learn in July-August this year is more important than waiting around for the Node to cross 6 Leo. Over that time the Sun goes through Leo and you will have one ‘Aha’ moment after another helping you navigate. This Nodal change is also important because it takes the focus off the body as it leaves Virgo and moves into the issue of what you pass on to your heir to the throne – your son.

  15. Hi Jessica, l was wondering whats in store for me….l have Venus in Leo 09’14’02, Hygeia in Leo 05’12’03, Apollo in Leo 07’11’31, and Mercury in Leo 10’27’29. l also have Juno in Aquarius 14’13’24R and Ops in Aquarius 00’27’54R. Thank you..

    1. That Leo-Aquarius pattern in your chart is really about understanding why you are drawn to groups and friends, yet also have to deal with the conflict between being the Princess/Queen and just being another face within the circle. It works the other way too. You can take your place in the tribe but want to be the monarch. Princess Diana had similar placements and figured it out by becoming patron (Queen) of her groups (charities) and then leaving them all behind when it all got too much. There is no perfect solution but you do need to ‘do’ your Leo-Aquarius as the Node crosses that axis. A lot of this won’t affect you until 2018 but you will see clues now. Again I think of Jennifer Aniston. Friends was an ensemble cast and they were all equally unknown, but she became a star. Salary issues unfolded. No doubt other issues unfolded too! However – if she hadn’t put herself out there she would have been swallowed up by the group. The irony is, it was a show called Friends. The best way through with this Nodal cycle is creatively, thoughtfully, inventively – figure out how to spin or weave the fabric. Leo is always Queen/Princess and Aquarius is always the round table of faces, but there needs to be a new way to play it, that you have not tried before. I suspect one old friend who knew you in a previous life will be the catalyst.

  16. Dear Jessica,

    At the turn of the 21st century, after a few difficult years living in the same apartment with my brother who has a mental illness, I left my apartment and moved into my then boyfriend’s place. I returned to my apartment 12 years later. My brother has, in the meantime, been accommodated in an institution and his condition has improved. In any case, 1999-2000 were not very happy years partly due to some of my choices (I should have parted ways with that boyfriend much earlier:-)) . So, with Uranus at 7 Leo, Pluto at 29 Leo, and Moon, Chiron and Diana in Aq., and my Nodes at 1 Taurus and Scorpio, thus square the transiting Nodes, should I be concerned? I am going through my Saturn return period, and, yet, things have started looking better recently. So now I wonder…
    Thank you for sharing with us those fascinating insights into the workings of ‘as above, so below’. Kindest regards.

    1. Siblings do sometimes find that Leo/Fifth House issues are played out with each other, rather than their own children. This has obviously been a massive episode for you and would have involved more than Leo – we also find Juno in Cancer, the sign of family, in your chart. You ‘wed’ or commit yourself to relatives and he was your Juno experience. He owes you and the universe owes you. Perhaps you also owe him something. You will find out what over the next two years particularly when the Node crosses Pluto (soon) and then Uranus (later). It may not be him personally who shows you; another person may come along who presents the same or similar themes. Thank you.

  17. Hi Jessica. I am stuck in a work environment that I don’t believe I enjoy anymore. I have therefore decided to take a course starting this September/October. My kids are young and they need me too. I am unsure though of my future career prospects. I want to completely change my field after this course. Do you see any nodal aspects for me. I have rising sign in Leo and my daughter is Aquarius (b.14.02.2014, Chertsey, England).

    1. Both the course and the children go hand in hand, as you were born to learn and teach, mentor and guide. It is very important that you find the hobby or interest that binds you and your daughter together as she grows older. The Royals ride. What do you like to do, that she also likes to do?

  18. Blessings Jess:

    You are truly a godsend, this lifetime you are one of the choosen ones…Ur insight is always on point!!!

    Is there anything going on 4 me?


    1. Thank you Vee – blimey, first time I’ve ever been called a chosen one! (Especially not in netball at school – I was the Unchosen One). You are strongly Aquarian and have friends who are more like family. The reason for this is – they were family! Over the next two years you will pick up karmic rewards and settle karmic debts with them. One in particular is very important.

  19. Hi Jessica

    I don’t have anything in Aquarius but I do have Fortuna and cupido in Leo , Can you please let me know how this nodal change may affect me ? I have to say that I agree with you about the nodes being about working together rather than focusing on one more than the other

    Thank you

    1. Something that will come up again now through 2018 is the way you unconsciously or blindly put lovers or crushes on pedestals so they are Kings or Queens to you – then you bring them down. Then you build them up again, or they drop off, to be replaced by others! Fortuna in Leo tells the story. She was the goddess who was bindfolded and spun the Wheel of Fortune so men were up, then down, then up, then down…the Node crossing this will give you an obvious story to replay and learn from.

  20. Thank you so much, Jessica, for this magnificent explanation of the Nodes. I’ve never read anything so nuanced on this subject. Thank you 🙂

    I’m wondering what your take on my chart is? Back in 1999/2000, I was finishing my PhD. I had a very hard time with it, and ended up not going further with that academic discipline (literature). I went off and studied Law and now I’m an academic in a law school. I also got married in 2000. My husband and I are now divorcing. He was one of the main reasons I studied Law – he is a lawyer.

    Any clues or advice you can see for me in this transit – which for me seems to be linked to academia and so on – will be very gratefully received. Thank you x

    1. Thank you, that is very flattering! Your wedding in 2000 was the Node in Leo – you have Juno and Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House of courtship and children. Jupiter was married to Juno in mythology. If you want to find out what your marriage was all about, read that myth! Now you have karma with him, or karma about the wedding, which you will live through, via a third person. I suspect 2018 will bring it home to you more powerfully than 2017, yet you will begin to see hints and clues in July-August in particular as the Sun goes through Leo. Do skip August for choices, though – eclipses!

  21. Interesting article Jessica! Thanks.

    In early 1999 I was diagnosed with a life-long disease. I had a mid-life career change in 1998, which in 1999-2000 was going well. I was single and not in a meaningful relationship.

    I am Aquarian, with several factors at 0-22 Aquarius.

    I have Taurus S Node, Scorpio N Node = Wealth & Charity. Business & Values. Property & Debts. I own a modest home, with no debts. I live very frugally, because I’ve been unsuccessfully self-employed since 2002.
    I am 59, have few friends, my income is really low and I will not have enough to retire on.

    Any insights / advice will be appreciated. Thanks Jessica.

    1. Your Taurus-Scorpio Nodes are a bigger story than the travelling Nodes. Your home, budget, income and the rest is set to expand and grow, with big solutions and an open door, from October this year as Jupiter goes into Scorpio. Then from May 2018 Uranus goes into Taurus and hits that axis for about seven years. If you don’t have enough to retire on, you need to start trawling the web right now, but particularly from October, into next year. Watch the financial news or government budget/economy announcements. Start making notes/drawing pictures of what you need and want, that you think is fair. You will typically have previous lives with massive issues about being poor or rich (sometimes people with this pattern were monks; sometimes money caused them pain). Getting real about what you deserve/are owed/ can have is a massive step forward and now is the time to start working on that, as Jupiter comes in and fixes so much for you!

  22. Jessica, yes, these dates are big for me too. 1980 I began the shift that moved me interstate to my first career, as an actor, leaving my boyfriend and bringing in new friend groups; (I had started a teaching degree in 1981, but had a car accident and shifted tack). In 1999 through family events, I lost my house, and began a temporary international move to care for a beloved sick relative, along with the shocking realisation that other people lived in my world and needed my care. Since 2014, I have begun to teach my craft to 20 somethings and feel I am growing up, finally, and creating structure in my life, refusing acting gigs happily, but suddenly I’m asked to perform in a wonderful play I did 24 years ago and I have such ambivalence about doing it, although I think I can maintain my teaching too. (Can my body and my teaching work survive it?) My question is: am I headed to stay in this nurturing (me and them) teaching role, which I would like to, or will all shift again? And why can’t I just decide what I want to do and do it!?
    Big big thanks for the boldness and detail of your work.

    1. Thank you very much. You have a powerful stellium in Leo in the Fifth House so teaching people in their twenties is very wise. One of your factors here is Fortuna, which Shakespeare wrote about – and just by looking at pictures of this goddess you will immediately understand your patterns. You will teach, mentor and guide but go to the next level. It is also extremely likely that if you open to the more personal aspects of Leo, you will find babies, children or younger adults come your way for personal reasons. A niece may come to stay and change your life. A child may be born and require a godmother. Skip August, though – too many eclipses, too many blind spots.

      1. Thank you Jessica. I thank you for the heads up about younger people. I feel it.
        Would you please clarify about the stellium in Leo in the fifth:
        Looking at my Astrodienst chart I see Pluto in Leo in the third; Neptune in Scorpio in the 5th, with not a lot transiting.
        Also what sort of ‘next level’ might you mean with teaching?
        I am amazed that you are responding to so many of us.
        with much gratitude, Fanny

        1. Thank you Fanny. You have a stellium (unusually high number) of horoscope factors in Leo, the sign which rules ‘heirs to the throne’ and younger generations. The best possible example I can give you of what this means is Her Majesty the Queen, who has a Leo chart signature, taking the crown with her tiny son Charles in attendance. He also has a Leo signature. Beyond the family (and not all strongly Leo people have children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren!) there is the legacy one leaves to those who come afterwards. Guidance, teaching, mentoring, setting an example…it’s your birthright, and as the Node slowly moves over every single Leo factor you have in your chart you will figure out what you are supposed to be doing. Who else will take these younger generations by the hand if you don’t? And as you will see by the end of 2018 there are many, many ways to do it.

  23. Hello Jessica,

    Your insights and depth on these topics is frankly amazing.

    I have a quick question. I have the north node passing over Pluto/Regulus 29 degrees and later, Uranus in Leo this cycle, directly opposing the moon and later the Sun, and other bodies on the MC/IC axis, for starters.

    I’m at a crossroads in relationship and career, and can already feel this energy lighting up my chart points.

    You’ve already enlightened us about many of these aspects, but I am curious about the nodal transit of Pluto. I haven’t found much on it specifically, and would appreciate any insights just as a matter of interest.

    Blessings. x

    1. Thank you very much, I’m flattered. You are right to focus on Pluto at 29 Leo in your Fifth House of children and courtship. I don’t use Regulus, but the relationship crossroad you feel is the Node going over Pluto, but also the eclipse in August, which will be very close to Pluto. Hit search to read what I wrote about eclipses – you may want to skip that time for choices. Yet – choices must be made! The mythology tells us that Pluto was the obsessive, passionate dominator who took what/who he wanted, only to be forced to compromise. He was powerful but he had to learn to share his power. This is very true for you – every so often – as you have transits at 29 Leo. Each time you have a transit over Pluto you learn more about passion, obsession, compromise, negotiation, acceptance and sharing. The myth of Pluto is sometimes quite literal. He took Proserpina from her mother and Jupiter decreed that young Proserpina should be shared between husband and mother, for exactly half the time. Thus, we have the seasons. Spring and Summer when she is with her mother, the goddess of agriculture, and winter and autumn when she is with Pluto her husband, the god of Hades, or hell.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    Brilliant insights, thank you. I have read it a few times now & am trying to relate it to my chart. In 1999 , an awful family rift divided my family ( literally over nothing ) & as a result I have been on the outside ever since for no particular reason other than the whim of a major family member wielding power & position. People were forced to take sides & show “allegiance ” to support this person’s agenda leaving everyone bewildered & walking on eggshells. As I did not have the numbers, I was closed out of everything to do with family. Four years later in 2003, the death of my beloved father who had always tried to keep in touch with me , permanently altered the family dynamics & I was cut off from my siblings as again, they were forced to choose. I was never able to share my grief with any family member. The day Dad died I lost the rest of my family also. It was & has been truly horrible. My children have never met my siblings ( their aunt & uncle ) or their cousins. They never had anyone to take to Grandparent’s day at primary school. Does the position of the nodes in 1999 describe this & if so , will I have to brace myself again? I see I have Saturn 22 Aquarius also & I believe it squares Panacea 22 Scorpio, correct ? 1980/81 were challenging with family dynamics too now that I reflect on this & as a consequence I left home & moved interstate in 1981 due to a series of baffling & blame assigning events in my family. Would it be a stretch to link family scapegoat with my Capricorn natal south node? Upside is ,older,wiser,, observe more, judge less , and as a seeker on the path , have been blessed to learn so much from psychology & astrology. Your teaching us about patterns & synchronisity & nodal loops helps us to maximise the potential of our natal charts by understanding & working with the cycles & thus evolving. And for that, I warmly thank you.

    1. North Node at 20 Cancer will do it. You have the same pattern in your chart as Pauline, whose mother is terminally ill. If you look at your chart and understand that the North Node is difficult karma, at 20 Cancer in the Fourth House of family, it is also aspecting the Moon, Venus, Juno and of course it is opposite the South Node at 20 Capricorn. You are part crab, as all heavily Cancerian people are, and so you need special care. Far, far into the future, when Uranus moves into Cancer in about 15 years from now, you will be liberated and see radical changes within the family circle. You can’t wait that long, though, so you need to understand your Cancerian side, make peace with it, look after it, and tend to it. Of course you knew each other in many lifetimes before and the circumstances may have been horrendous. I am sorry about that! The human family has had a troubled history and we commonly reincarnate with relatives because we are ‘bound to’ (forced to) go through the karma with them. We literally can’t escape our kin. It is very common to have military, naval or air battles with the enemy only to find the enemy ends up being reborn in the family with you! Use late June through late July of any year to really get into your Cancerian side and find ways to make it work for you. The Sun is in Cancer at that time, every year and light will be shed. Your inner crab needs tending and she always will, but it does get better. Your father is just a thought away in spirit – you know that – and lighting a candle and focussing can reconnect your soul with his.

  25. Hello Jessica
    You recently told me that I have had the Nodes in Pisces and Virgo – how will the change to Leo/Aquarius affect me?
    My Mother is terminally ill and is expected to die in the coming week.
    Best wishes

    1. Pauline, I do know about your mother and my thoughts are with you as I know this has been a situation going over quite a long time in your life. You have the Nodes (karma) at 20 Cancer/20 Capricorn and of course we have an historic pattern going from late 2016 and beyond, all at 20 degrees. Cancer is the crab who carries her home on her back. She moves sideways, and carefully, and scuttles home to her burrow under the sand when under threat. She always does so with her clan of other crabs. Capricorn the goat climbs to the top of the mountain aiming for success or status (higher than where it all began, with the family or class she was born into, or the place where she started). You have a strong need to climb but you cannot do this while you have karmic ties of love, loyalty and the rest to fulfil with your parents. Yet, the patterns at 20 will fade and soon you will be on the epic climb 2018, 2019, 2020 which will change your life. Read as much as you can about Cancer and Capricorn because you will understand yourself a great deal more. Please take care.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve reposted this as it’s been waiting moderation for a while so thought it may have gotten lost in the system.

    Thanks for this article. It’s very comprehensive. I have a lot going on in Leo (triple conjunction with 2 planets & MC plus 15 midpoints!) and much less in Aquarius (2 planets & IC). The eclipse in August falls very close to my natal Pluto and MC in Leo. In 1999-2000 I really enjoyed my leadership in education (and psychology) and did much ground work for what came later in 2000 & 2003-2006. I felt I was living my destiny and my soul was singing. Since then work/home has been very patchy and disappointing despite my attempts to reorient my work following a redundancy quite a while ago now. I struggle to see a future and my health is being impacted. I feel I’m a wasted resource as I have much to offer if my health were to improve and I was given an opportunity. Do you see improvements with the north node in Leo & the eclipse? Thanks for your time.

    1. You are a leader in education and psychology through all mediums/channels and what is about to happen for the next two years is a return of what you know, not only from years ago, but other lifetimes. As the Node is about evolution it may well be a different branch of academia or other knowledge that calls you but there are younger people 20+ years your junior who need to know/hear/read/see. That chance will come as the karmic wheel spins.

  27. Hi Jessica. Thanks for this article…it rings more than one bell…but I’m not sure I’m getting the full meaning of it in relation to my birth chart. I have sun in Aquarius, moon in Leo. As Queen Elisabeth, North Node in Cancer and SouthNode in Capricorn. Back in 1999-2000 I was just seventeen, but that year I started dating my first husband. After 10 years we got divorced and, form my part, there were career and life aspirations issues involved in the decision. More generally, a need to grow up and gain both material and emotional independence. I’ve been involved with a man for the past 5 years. The relationship turned from almost perfect to troublesome when I started having doubts (again, career and lifestyle choices were involved) and made some stupid mistakes. It has been on and off for almost 1 year and a half now. My rational mind keeps telling me to move on, but something deeper pushes me to stay and have faith. How do you think this is influenced by the Aquarius-Leo node history you were telling? Thanks a lot!

    1. Thank you. Your Moon in Leo will do it. The Moon is tremendously important to women as it describes a primal need to mother, nurture, care and protect. It has to find an outlet and with you it always involves younger people. These may be the students you teach, or the children you give birth to, or the godchildren you leave your money to. You began dating your first husband on the Leo Node cycle of 1999-2000. You two have karma! That karma may now come back with him – slow return – or as a spiritual lesson with your current lover. Same theme song different orchestra. Focus hard and see what you are supposed to be giving/asking for, through 2018.

  28. Hi Jessica I’m a new premium member. I wonder if you can tell me anything about this area and time in my life?
    Love reading your site.

    1. Welcome. You have a strong Aquarius signature so the friends you were so deeply involved with around 1999, 2000 have a lesson to teach you and a reward to give you. They may be doing it symbolically/thematically/spiritually so that other friends (not them) act out the story for you. Equally, these people may return or play a more important part in your life. You’ll be utterly clear on this in February 2018.

  29. Your generosity in making this information freely available is much appreciated.

    I can’t read the article all at one go – there is far too much in it for me to process. However I am interested in UK politics at the moment and have picked up on your comments regarding Tony Blair.

    In 1999, the EU established the eurozone and introduced the euro as the common currency. Blair was then Prime Minister and wanted a referendum to see whether the British people would support him in abandoning the pound and embracing the euro. In fact Blair saw the UK joining the eurozone as his great mission for which he hoped his government would be remembered.

    His advisers were conflicted over the issue and he decided in the end not to put it to the test. Had he won the argument, the UK would have had even more difficulty withdrawing from the Treaty of Lisbon since there is no formal mechanism in place for a member state to leave the eurozone.

    I recall your saying elsewhere that the eurozone would not survive in it’s current form for much longer. I am interested to know whether Blair and his former Labour colleagues are likely to play a part in setting up an alternative financial arrangement.

    KIndest regards

    1. Blair will shock us all from his birthday in 2018 and as a true Taurus it will probably be in the world of economics and business. The Eurozone and the Euro are likely to be the first casualties of Uranus in Taurus, but these cycles tend to be shocking, abrupt and quite honestly the last thing anyone expected. So, the book of fate is open. But Tony will try to write some of it.

  30. Thank you for this insightful post on the north/south node in Leo/Aqua. You mentioned before that with my natal Saturn in 1 Cap and natal Uranus in 0 Cap, having True North/South Nodes passing at 3-1 Virgo and Pisces contributed to my pretty terrible March/April – I’m wondering if I should be watching / concerned about continued issues when the nodes move into Leo/Aqua at those degrees? Any insights would be helpful, as I’m really hoping for drastic (positive) changes on all fronts…

    1. You have access to money, particular possessions, houses or apartments – or other assets and advantages – which will make a difference to a ton of other areas in your life. Have you tapped these? Sometimes people tap them when the cycle begins (in your case, final quarter of last year) then get overwhelmed by how big it all is, or could be – and ice it! Don’t worry about the Nodes so much. But you do need to focus hard on an amount you want to save or make that seems real and fair to you, then get out your journal and start aiming, hard – by October.

  31. Hi Jessica

    I tried posting earlier, apologies in advance if you see this twice -however my post is not reflecting on my screen….

    At the outset, thank you so much for this article and all your posts on this website. I have had some jaw dropping moments when I read some of my weeklies and monthlies – thank you again.

    I wanted to ask for your insights re the Nodes shifting into Leo Aquarius – I have a bunch of factors incl. my sun, descendant, vulcan and cupido in Leo and ofcourse my Ascendant in Aquarius.

    Do you forsee it impacting my love life (currently single) and marriage (i really do want babies and fear my biological clock is ticking away):(

    Also will it help on my fairly blah career front – it has been downhill the past 2 years…

    Thanks again in advance for any insights.

    1. Thank you very much. You are a very ‘Leo’ kind of Leo who must leave the legacy of your personality to the next generation. It may be through babies, stepchildren, godchildren, nieces or nephews. Fate will play a part in 2017, 2018 so in some ways you can’t control this. There are people in my files who have a chart similar to yours who never had children of their own, married later and ended up mothering their husband’s nieces and nephews. I also have people in my files who had sex twice, got pregnant, had shaky relationships then broke up – but love their single parenthood. I reckon you could go a long way with an Astrology Oracle reading for yourself at this point. Ask yourself why/what/who/how! I have a Romeo and Juliet reading pattern on this website you could use. The next two years are crucial.

  32. Another really interesting article. I have already experienced a return of 2000 in some respects as a family friend that I fell out with during this time has re-surfaced and we are now back in contact. I have Jupiter at 5 Leo Opposite Hygeia 5 Aquarius, what is the relationship between the two and what will it trigger?

    1. Actually it’s Apollo at 29 Aquarius. The Node is moving across 29 Aquarius first and you won’t experience the trigger to Hygiea at 5 Aquarius for a long time. So – your family friend is the Apollo story. Apollo was the son of Jupiter. He was psychic, a military marvel, a musician and a leader. He was widely imitated and in fact he is a symbol of leadership in your chart. With groups and friends you set an example and they follow. Apollo could also be merciless with people he fought, I have to say. You appear to be sorting out some serious karma with this person who may be a past life contact too.

  33. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for the article. I really enjoy your insightful readings.

    I am Leo. My North node is in Taurus, the south one-in Scorpio.
    Back in 1999 my father passed away from cancer, on April 21st. I look after my mother for nearly 12 years. She suffers from heavy dementia.
    I am facing very difficult situation with my business since the beginning of last year. An opponent is involved.
    Also, there are issues with a beatuful teenager in my family picture.
    So I have everything on my plate…

    I would love to know what to expect when the North node enters my sign.

    Thank you so much!

    1. I am very sorry about the situation with your parents since 1999 and this is a heavy karmic load to carry. You have a stellium in Cancer the sign which rules family, home town, homeland, apartments and houses too. Pluto has been trawling Capricorn since 2008, slowly opposing every single Cancer factor you have. This is hard work. Nothing to do with the nodes, everything to do with owning your Cancerian side. I suspect the teenager is also part of this. Something very simple you can do right now is look up all the Full Moons in Cancer/Capricorn in the Moon Calendar and make a note to skip the discussions or decisions around those dates. Looking further ahead, once Saturn moves into Capricorn, followed by Jupiter, you have a 2018-2020 cycle of deep change when you must redefine the family for yourself and perhaps re-cast it, rather like taking some clay and reshaping it.

  34. What a fascinating analysis, Jessica! And I’m so intrigued that unlike other astrologers, you don’t identify the south node as something to move away from as I’ve often wondered about this “rule” myself. I’m a multi-Gemini (with progressed Sun in Leo), and natal Saturn in Aquarius. Like the Queen, I have the north node in Cancer at 20 degrees. I”m dealing with so much pressure from my siblings to be the one responsible for my elderly parents (I live down the block from them) but what I really want to do is move about an hour away in order to take advantage of affordable real estate and buy a home. Do you see me achieving this by the time I have my nodal return in two years?

    1. Thank you. I think this whole South Node ‘move away’ and North Node ‘go towards’ thing comes from the excellent work done by Jan Spiller. No other astrology has written quite so much, so successfully, as she has – about the nodes. Yet my research tells me it’s not that simple. Your elderly parents are an example of that. The key here is to try and weave a tapestry in your life which somehow accommodates all the threads as best you can. You have to create something unique to you, which takes care of the karma as best you can. The nodes have an inescapable, fated quality. You simply cannot escape who your siblings are, or how old your parents are, or the fact that you live near them. What are you going to do, walk away? You must live this. And you are living it because you all agreed you would be put through just such a situation. As always with karma the keys are the spiritual ones – tolerance, respect, forgiveness, grace and a sense of humour works wonders.

      1. Thank you for the advice. I’ve come to realize that my old ways of responding — resentment, passive aggressive comments, etc–have made things worse. So inspired by your last sentence… I need to remind myself that my parents will be around for just a few more years at most and I need to treasure my time with them. My new plan is to buy a beautiful little plot of land in my dream location with the intent of building a home for myself and my disabled daughter in the distant future!

  35. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article, very interesting but I’m so confused regarding my chart 🙂
    My sun is in leo but i have north node in cancer and south node in capricorn.
    My past is related to What you mentioned about her majesty the queen ELizabith cause I’m always facing big troubles related to my family. But also i ve been affected negatively in love. I wasn’t able to succeed neither in my emotional life nor in my career path in my country of origin or close to my parents although I worked so hard and put huge effort. All this negativity started exactly in 1999-2000. So u think now it’s the end of all this bad luck and disappointments? Will I be affected in love? Career? Family?
    I already moved last month to Europe and I’m trying to upgrade my business skills to build a new career and try to be in a relation but what u mentioned regarding the lovers and deja vu is sooo true cause every time I meet someone there is always something missing as before. But at the same time I feel it’s a new beginning for me in my career path but I’m so afraid to fail here too, again, plus there is always a strange feeling pushing me again to the Middle East and to past lovers.
    Thank you

    1. The trick with the Cancer-Capricorn nodes is to understand that the purpose of reincarnation is forgiveness and healing. HRH the Queen has been through epic family issues beginning with her uncle’s abdication, right through her sister’s divorce, into her own children’s divorces. All this in the Church of England, too. Your own family issues need a thorough and deep look. Sometimes you have to give the past a good kick with Cancer placements. This sign can be terribly clingy (claws) with its own history and yet the whole point of the Nodes is to move on, move on, move on. You have quite a cluster in Cancer which has been opposed by Pluto for years, and will continue to be opposed – so you can take your time with this. Parents, siblings, grandparents, the lot. Both sides of the family.

      1. Thank you Jessica, your insights and advices mean a lot to me. I knew I have karmic past life debts and very complicated issues related to my family but I didn’t know that the cancer presence in my chart is affecting my life that much, now i do and i can relate it to the fact that my father and my older sister are both cancers. I was hoping now after forgiving and moving to EU it’s closure time but apparently as u mentioned I still have things to go through. Well since I’ve moved here I’m so confused I can’t decide on a direction, go back again to exhibitions or real estate or fresh start in luxury goods, have u noticed anything in my chart that can help.
        Thank u

        1. Real estate is also ruled by Cancer. Complicated but worth it, is the message here. And of course you have Cancer family members. Have a look at property and residency trends once Britain leaves Europe – this is long term – other countries may follow – Pluto will continue to oppose Cancer, from Capricorn, for some years.

  36. What an amazing, amazing post! Thank you for writing this for all of us. Reading it I thought oh, how convenient, my nodes are in the same signs as the Queen’s so you’ve already laid it out all very clearly and thoroughly for me with your examples. Than it stroke me that my firstborn son (1979) shares birth date with Prince Charles!

    I am born and live in the Balkans, was introduced to English language at 7 through gramophone records (“Hello Children” course ha, ha) and then had English as compulsory foreign language at school. What strikes me only just now, is that learning it was very easy, effortless, there was no need to repeat and memorize words once I’ve heard or read them and I seldom needed a dictionary. Ever since, I read in English if I can choose between translations. I worked for an English company here, met an Englishman (12.5.1962) whom I loved and still do. There couldn’t have been a future for us so I cut it before more people got hurt. But I suffered a lot, for many years. We haven’t seen each other for 9 years, yet in a time of personal crisis a few years ago he turned for support and advice to me, as a friend 5000 miles away. When things got better he went off the radar again. All I know is that through this I’ve got an understanding of my patterns of behavior in love relationships. Thankful for this lesson, wish there can be Act II with him, meanwhile content faring solo.

    I meditate, sometimes dream in English, some pages in my journal are written in English, my internal dialogue is very often in English. Read their newspapers every day. I’ve traveled extensively, never been to GB! It never was my “it” destination. If I’d visit I’d go to remote areas, old places, very drawn to Ireland and Scottish highlands, Stonehenge. Wouldn’t go on a typical sightseeing tour not even for free. Interestingly my ancestors are engraved in the history of my own country and I’ve turned into anglophile 🙂

    And I have just now (after reading this post) became aware that these “oddities” may not be just because my English is fairly good and I hang out on the web for info and reads every spare moment 🙂 I’d say “silly me” had I not known as much as I do about synchronicity and the rest…What say you, dear Jessica?

    1. England has a Capricorn chart signature in all her many incarnations and you have the South Node in Capricorn, so no wonder you dream in English. You were probably there in at least one lifetime, possibly more, and the issue for you would have been the class system and either getting to the middle or top, or staying there. Major issues around being working class/middle class/upper class tend to surround both England and Capricorn chart placements. At the moment you have Uranus squaring your Node, Jupiter squaring your Node – so it’s a bit of a sandwich. You will also find Saturn and Jupiter conjunct your Node as they slowly go through Capricorn so it wouldn’t shock you or I to realise that by 2020 you must pay a visit, or start doing some kind of business with the locals – personally or professionally!

  37. Hello again! I just thought of something pertaining to my above question about not being able to zero in on something, and would like to know any info you can possibly shed for me. I have 2 children. Daughter graduates from HS this June-2017, our Son next June-2018. My parents own a family newspaper business, my grandfather started it all 80 years ago. I’ve been struggling with trying to get back to working, we need money! I am trying to work a direct sales job. I’ve been a caregiver for my parents for almost 9 years plus a stay at home mom, so very crazy schedule. 17 years ago, the kids were almost 2 years old, the other an infant. I remember needing a job to help provide for our kids/family then, too. My parents gave me some part time work with one of our newspapers, but I drifted from that and still earned the money, but never got serious about it. 17 years before that ~ I JUST remembered I was 11 years old, 1983, and that was a memorable time, because our family owned 9-10 newspapers that my Grandfather bought and ran. My grandparents, mom, dad and 2 brothers lived where we do now in the Midwest USA, and they were laying it out to we kids at that time that they were going to sell a newspaper, either the one from our “hometown” where we still live and own to this day, or out West, which is where we vacationed growing up, lots of memories. We chose to stay in our hometown and sold the other our West. I guess I’m seeing a pattern of our family business and my need to get serious about finances, providing for our children?

    1. It’s all about your MC/IC axis in Sagittarius and Gemini. Not the Nodes. The MC or Midheaven shows your vocation or calling. The IC or Immum Coeli is the family tree. Sagittarius rules publishing, Gemini rules newspapers. You currently have the toughest cycle in 29 years going on, as Saturn goes through Sagittarius and triggers the MC/IC axis in your chart. You have massive decisions to make in June and again in December 2017. After that you can heave a sigh of relief as the burden is off your shoulders. It is crucial that you are updated, fully, on the world of media, multimedia, new media, the web, publishing and so on – because there will be a big boom in a brand new direction from the final quarter of 2018 as Jupiter goes through Sagittarius and this will cross your chart patterns. The door bangs open but it will be about new territory and new technology. If you still have the energy for this, light a candle and ask your grandfather to show you a few signs!

      1. Oh my goodness! Jessica, thank you!! That ALL makes sense! My Grandfather Ray, June 27, 1896, was just shy of 92 when he passed, so I was 15. That has been 29-30 years ago! I know you will appreciate this, but my Dad (May 5, 1935), is retired as Publisher of our hometown paper, the one I’m planning on being trained on and learning the ropes. My Dad, and my brother who used to work there, are both very confident in me and relieved that I’m taking these steps. This has taken a lot of thought, etc. But you will love that the other day my Dad said, “You know, by next Spring when you’ve really gotten ahold of the business more, you will be 46 years old, the same age your grandfather was when he bought this paper.” WOW!! Huge sign, lol! I cried with happiness. My grandfather moved his family from Texas to our hometown, when he was 46. And he worked that paper for one month shy of 46 years….Thank you, Jessica!! Now if I can get my romantic/partner picture straight….I’ll be feeling even better! 😉

        1. I thought your chart and your story was really fascinating. You can put love to one side for the moment and focus solely on the newspaper. I suspect your grandfather is by your side when you work. In fact I have chills, so that is confirmation from my spirit guide. He can only communicate with you in peace and quiet so find some space and time and see what comes. Sometimes it’s just a feeling. Sometimes it’s words or pictures. Stay on top of developments with apps and the worldwide web through 2019.

  38. Hi Jessica, thank you for constantly providing such profound knowledge! You educate and guide and I greatly appreciate that. I would be grateful if you can provide your insights on how the transit of the nodes will affect me? I have the south node in acquarius as well as acquarius at zero degrees in Saturn and the moon and at 11 degrees in Jupiter. Thank you!

    1. Now is the time to recognise the faces of those friends you knew years ago, and also many lifetimes ago, and try to see what you need to do/give/offer as well as reward yourself with. Sometimes people have a longing for particular countries or eras and that’s a very big clue about the group. If you are fascinated by the war, for example, it may be your old army unit. If you are drawn to Africa, perhaps you literally had a tribe.

  39. Hi Jessica,

    There are several TV shows on today (Sunday) in the US about Princess Diana. Coincidence?

    Interesting timing with your articles etc.


  40. Hi Jessica. Wow – you gave us a lot to think about in this article – so many examples! Thank you! When I think back to that period of 99/2000, I had a strong group of writing friends – a writing group. A spiritual group, a small tribe. I was trying to get some of my work published. And I met my future husband (we are now divorced) at that time and we moved in together. Do these nodal transits (if that is the right word) point to similar opportunities? I have Mars in Leo, and Saturn and Mercury in Aquarius. I’d love to hear your thoughts about how this might affect me. I am working on another book and have a new boyfriend. Thanks so much! Love your site and all you share. – JD

    1. Mercury in Aquarius always needs a group to write about/write through/write for. Your book would have a good home there, as the Node goes over that spot in your chart. You had it before in 1999,2000 and will have it again if you want it, by 2018. Thank you, JD.

  41. Hi Jessica,
    I really like your site and always inspired by your daily and weekly horoscopes.
    After reading this article, the fact that fascinated is, that I graduated high school in 1981 and in Aug. 1981 went to Russia for my university. Later, in Sept.1999, I went to US with my daughter and lived there for 2,5 years.
    Jessica, I don’t know my birth time/ Jan.22, 1964/, but could you please let me know how this Node transit will impact my life?
    Thanks a lot, and really appreciate your hard and fascinating work! Good day!

    1. I suspect you have a major signature in Sagittarius which rules university and foreigners. Your daughter and the move in 1999 are more about that Leo node transit I speak about in this story – you probably have Leo factors too. Your daughter will be the story. Debts and credits going both ways, but please don’t make the choices in August as the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde are far too muddling! Thank you.

  42. Hi Jessica,

    I snorted and laughed at “PISCES- VIRGO Substances and Health. Escapism and Duty. Workload and Boundaries.” because that’s my entire life. Hot damn. This is extensive and interesting per your usual, so I’m excited to go back through, read again, and pick through the Leo/Aquarius factors. Just had to share the chuckle. 😉


  43. Hi Jessica, Thank you for this incredible article. Gives one hope about the political situation. 1999-2000, was a time of huge transformation for me as I met my British husband and we moved to London. We had a very challenging start to our married life that has continued but we have weathered the extreme highs and extreme lows. I have the North Node 09 degrees Aquarius and the South Node 09 degree Leo — so just the opposite of the North Node in Leo & South Node in Aquarius. What does that mean for me in the next couple of years? I hope I do not have to go back and do it all again! However — I would certainly play my hand differently now – knowing what I know! Thank you!

    1. You don’t say if you ever had children. Leo is always about the children, one way or another. The Node crossing your Leo patterns (including Pluto, very importantly) is really about calling up old debts/credits and trying for closure. This is the last time you will have to do it, for many years. In fact, it won’t be until Uranus moves into Leo, decades away, that it will ever be such a bridge to cross again. You may want to read more about Leo on this site and in your ebooks and what it spells in your chart. Pluto, too.

      1. No children of my own, but 2 grown stepsons. One was particularly difficult for many yrs but now seems to be more at peace and much nicer. He did make life v. difficult on several levels for a number of years. My life would have been very different had he been a positive force as he had influence. He is a Pisces.

  44. Hello Jessica
    Thanks so much for the article – so much to take in and think about and still re-reading! If you have a moment I just wondered if you had any pointers from looking at my chart. I have loads of stuff in Aquarius (including moon, Jupiter, MC) and Apollo and IC in Leo. And life seems to be throwing me a rather messy, intense muddle on the love, family, friends, home front at the moment so any clues would be much appreciated.
    Thanks so much.

    1. I’m sorry but I can’t see your chart so you may not be logged on. Your Aquarius-Leo factors are inherited from your family (one person in the family tree) and this person was involved with an army unit/Freemasons/political party/church group/cult/rock band or some other community which defined them! Over the next couple of years you are going to have to figure out group psychology and the hive mind. Who is Queen Bee or King Bee in that hive and how can you find the honey? With Jupiter in Aquarius it will always be there, thanks to people power/friendship/community.

  45. Dear Jessica,
    Great article on Nodes. Have checked earlier times. Definitely important data you have shared. Please help me understand this coming cycle in my chart. This one will be another life-changer, I think. I am logged in and am Premium member. Thanks for this article and any advice on judging the relative importances in my chart of objects in Cancer/Capricorn and Leo/Aquarius.

    1. It won’t change your life but you have a friend who never goes away/never dies and the friendship will return just when you think it’s nearly over or gone for good. Psyche and Aesculapia in Aquarius in your chart will be crossed by the Node. Psyche lived forever – she was immortal. Aesculapia was the Roman god of miraculous resurrection and return. By 2018 you’ll be fully aware of why this friendship mattered/matters.

  46. Hi Jessica

    Interesting article. I’ve found myself in the exact same situation with a potential partner as I did this time last year. To a t. The exact same person. I get my hopes up only to be left disappointed & hurt. I’m sure he feels the same, disappointed & hurt. We live in different towns. All we need it to see each other in person. He feels like my soulmate. Keep telling myself if it’s meant to be it will. But somedays it’s very hard to get answers from him. Do you see it working out differently this year? Life’s been darn tough over the last year. I really need some good to come into my life.

    My true node is 27leo, south node 27 Aquarius.

    Thank you

    1. Past life connections can feel really emotional out of all proportion to the actual deed. The back story with this person is probably quite dramatic. You are repeating the feelings even though the only trigger is him not answering you (though it can feel like hell). Once the Node crosses 27 Leo you are past this. Not long to go. One way or another you will do the karmic trip with this person and then you can move forward again. It may be a matter of negotiating a totally different kind of relationship with him, or just leaving him be…it really depends on him and his chart but 2017 is the year.

      1. Hurts too much. Far too much. Decided I’ll just let him go. To offer so much & get very little in return is too heart wrenching. I can only hope there is better one day in my life even thou it feels like I’ll be alone forever. I always feel like I’ve done something really bad in a past life to have to live this way! No sure why there is no one for me out there but I guess that’s what it is. Oh when we connect we connect. But he obviously has issues that I don’t know. Leo. I obviously hurt his pride. Apparently I am not real life? Oh that hurt. Even if he makes my soul alive & brings out things in me no one else have ever been able to. Oh well. Surely I’ll make friends with another one day. Not much left in my life now. Tried of just work & having to deal with just my family. I’m always the one everyone falls to. But there is no one there for me unfortunately. Being strong is not the easiest thing in the world to do most days but I try my best nor will I give up on hope. Thank you.
        His rat horoscope says his problem will go away quietly I guess I will. No point in anger. No point at all.

        1. I just realised I have replied to you twice, and mentioned Ratcat. You mention his rat horoscope. I did not honestly see that before I wrote back to you! So please take that seriously as the guides are gathering with a bit of clever psychic information. ‘That ain’t bad’ is a message, but his rat horoscope is also speaking. Ratcat were/are a very sexy Australian band and deeply romantic – and stylishly dressed. Have a look at their song on YouTube and see what comes to you about your future!

          1. Ratcat alright! (Rat & Leo funny). I was having a rather bad night I replied twice. Oh. If only this girl could find her place in the world with the right person. The rat I was always told I belonged with when he lived in my town, but now when people heard I’d been talking to him laughed at me and said why did I go there, because I’ve seen parts of him they didn’t hey. Oh we have amazing chemistry when we talk. When! I know we both have the same Venus & Mars signs). I asked to met in person to sort us out and silence remains. I can’t read him. It does my head in. Sorta feel I hurt this Ratcats pride. Pulls away when I get too close. It may remain my lifes mystery. It had better not!

            I think I’ll hibernate next Mercury Retrograde. This one just been and the one last May have not been the best times of my life, but I’ve sure grown from them.

            Lets hope the nodes do there thing for me, no matter who it may be.

            I always turn to astrology when life gets tough. I do my head in reading it all, but there’s only one site (your’s) that ever helps. I once told him to thank his lucky stars! Thank you for letting me vent. I’ve only my boss to talk to about it. My family, but oh I wont start there!

          2. Thank you. Keep watching the rat synchronicity. I actually like rats a great deal, and it is not their fault that urban bad management by humans has forced them into the life they lead. What do rats mean to you? I suspect that rats will come up again and again, until you have the answer about your former lover.

  47. Once again a wonderful interesting article. During the 1999-2000 I was too young but definitely can see the scenario repeating. At that time my family bought a flat that later on I inherited and now i’m trying to secure one on my own if all goes well. I would be really grateful if you could tell me how exactly the nodes are affecting me since I have a few Leo factors and also the person I’m in a mostly on and off kind of relationship is having Leo as a sun sign. Are they somehow related? Thank you.

    1. You are the heir to the throne your parents gave you and now you have something to pass on to your heirs, if you choose to have them! This lover is part of that dance. If you have mixed feelings about children, stepchildren, adopted children then you may be attracting/attracted to someone who keeps it all uncertain. Yet, as the Node crosses Leo, I do think matters will come to a head by 2018. You have to figure out who will inherit/how/why and what it means emotionally.

  48. Hi there, I have so much in Aquarius and can’t make sense of it…I ran away from home to London in 1998/9 and don’t fancy doing that again! Also the Lenorman card for Sag is the Coffin this week but there’s no explanation of what it means…spooky! 🙂


    1. Hi there! Still no Lenorman reading for Sagittarius and I’ve mailed the help desk too…also with all the Aquarius in my chart and no Leo am I running away from home again or staying put in preparation for the most eventful period of my life to date…can’t make head nor tail of what my Aquarius heavy chart means…xx

      1. I am very sorry the Sagittarius Lenormand reading went missing – Mercury Retrograde Shadow strikes again. I have sent it across for loading and it should be there shortly. Your Aquarius stellium is about the friends who are more like family members, and the people power that works for you in groups, and you have Psyche there too, which means what you create with your friends and others in the group/tribe/club/team will outlive you. You might say, you’ll live forever through what your various groups achieve or produce. This will be brought home to you as the Node crosses Psyche.

    2. Tan, that is so funny. I must apologise for the spooky missing Coffin! My webmasters have the content and I am sure it has been loaded by now. Your London experience around 1999 sounds like meeting new friends – especially female friends – and that is your Aquarius stellium led by Diana. Those faces or people remarkably like them are coming back.

  49. Wow Jessica, such an amazing article!! Thank you so much!!
    I was left very hurt, without closure in a relationship that ended with a Leo. Karmic for sure. Other women were involved. I have Vesta in Leo at 0. I totally understand the Vesta concept and the reality of it. i will not return to this Leo.The lack of closure has weighed heavily on me though. My question: I have communicated by email to him.. He now has a sworn enemy in me and he knows it. I pray our karma is complete nand I have paid any debt owed to him through my suffering over the past 18months. Although he has tried to reconnect when each relationship has failed, it just made me angrier, he was not offering closure just the royal bedchamber for sure, but I needed closure above all else and he would not grant it. He has remained silent.To get final closure I have sent a final opportunity for him to say anything he may need to say to me before I excommunicate him once and for all without reproach, ever in the future. I have given him until Thursday. I actually do not expect response, but I know it will give me the final closure that I need. This week the South Node enters Aquarius at 29 deg.
    I have Mercury at 29 deg Aquarius
    Sun 27 deg Aquarius
    Chiron 22 deg
    Fortuna at 3 deg
    Panacea at 19 deg
    Thank you Jessica

    1. Thank you. I am sorry about this man. You must feel very hurt. Vesta can feel quite intense. You also have Uranus in Leo in the Fifth House so there is a fair bit of unconscious/unwilling upset going on. If he is still your sworn enemy then you haven’t done any Nodal karma at all! In fact it will take quite some time, okay? Not just this week. Many months, perhaps even 2018 as well. It may help to understand that part of you didn’t really want him. Or you may have wanted him but not as a life partner. It takes honesty to admit that. The core issue here, going deeper, is how you feel about babies and children. Yes, no or maybe? And answering that will be more interesting for you than raging at him. Men who create harems around themselves tap into women with Vesta patterns really well – and they frequently have them too. Why do they do it? Often they are terrified of women but they like to have females flattering their ego. Strange but true.

  50. Addit, sorry Jessica. Just have to ask you, should I steer clear of all Leo men in the future having my Vesta in Leo at 0.?

    1. Too funny. You don’t have to avoid Leo men as a species – just be aware of how to play Vesta. A sense of humour helps. Men typically have no idea they are being the Pontifex Maximus. You have to show them. They like the harem but don’t understand how toxic it can be. Getting together with the other females around the situation and having fun with it will help. Unless, of course, you end up with someone who has a truly horrendous chart all-round. You occasionally see men with Vesta aspects who also have major Venus/Moon/Diana issues and they avoid sex altogether, but play women like a shark. Try fishing elsewhere if that ever happens.

  51. Hi Jessica! Wow, what an amazing article! I love that you included so much info on both the charts of the U.K. and the US. I am wondering as my people who posted comments what this Leo/Aquarius nodal shift will hold for me. I’m an Aquarius Sun (7 degrees) with an almost Leo Moon (29 degrees Cancer). My Juno,Eros and Venus also all fall in Aquarius. Between 1999-2000, I was in high school. This makes sense as I have a Sagittarius rising and all of the nodal activity was in my 3rd/9th axis of learning/education. Will I go back to school or receive additional higher education? I also would love to get pregnant at some point. I have a feeling that might occur at my node return(NN Cancer/SN Capricorn). What is your insights? Thanks so much!!!

    1. Thank you. Don’t worry about Eros, she’s Greek, not Roman (not part of the modern astrology family tree, which is Latin/Italian). Your Juno, Sun and Venus in Aquarius are the story here. Old friends from high school will come back into your life, or play a more important role. Unfinished business with them from high school will return. In the Natural House system, all those Aquarius transits were in your Eleventh House of friendship, community and people power. No matter if you were in a yoga class, a cheerleader, a debater or a charity fundraiser back then – it will come back.

  52. Dear Jessica, thanks for such in depth article! I am not familiar with the “astrology terminologies”, so I am struggling a bit to understand.

    1999-2000 was a very difficult time in my life. Somewhere around April 2000 I remember going through a near death experience and feeling that I had been given a second chance in life. It was almost like rebirth.

    Last few weeks to a month, I am feeling very strong emotions that I felt in March/ April 2000. I am not sure what to make of this, or how to understand this.

    I have recently met a man ( I have been single for a while), and it seems that I know him from before ( I have never met him before). I feel as if history is repeating again but in a positive way, ie I will gain something from this relationship.

    Could you pls look at my birth chart and give me your insight. Thank you ! X

    1. The rebirth experience was not related to the Nodes in 1999-2000 – near-death experiences are really a Pisces concern, and in fact you have Mars in Pisces, in the Twelfth House. The new man in your life is certainly part of the new Leo Node cycle as you have Vesta in Leo in the Fifth House. You are likely to meet Vesta situations (one male, two or more females in the story) and it may be helpful to read more about this asteroid in your ebooks and on this website, as the Node will cross Vesta shortly.

  53. hi Jessica – fascinating article. I have read and re-read it several times trying to grasp the complexity of it all. Back in 1999 – 2000 I was involved with a group of sorts and there was a book involved, and travel! It also included relocation and making a commitment to a new country. I just wondered what you think may play out with my chart with Juno 2 Aquarius, Mercury 22 Leo, Minerva 13 Leo and Hygeia 25 Leo. My North Node is Gemini and South, Sagittarius. Actually, it only dawned on me recently how many Gem planets I do have. Many thanks.

    1. Juno in Aquarius weds her friends. She ‘marries’ groups and commits to friendship or networks/communities of people, the way other women get into bed with new husbands. You will reach the Node conjunction late, in 2018, but it will absolutely trigger an old friendship or group in your life, and perhaps one which is genuinely old – reaching into previous lifetimes. Juno’s bird is the peacock. That may be an omen as the time grows near.

  54. Hi Jessica,

    This piece is very interesting, if not a bit unnerving. In 1999 I was in the middle of a dispute whereby my landlord was trying to evict me as he bought the building with me in it. At the time, there was even talk of paying me to leave the premises. It was resolved 5 years later. I stayed, and am there to this day. I am hoping there are no more property dramas because quite frankly, I’m too old to deal with that emotional turmoil again.

    The people that were in my sphere at the time are no longer, thank G’d, and not looking to run in to them anytime soon. I’ve grown and changed, and hopefully they have, too.

    I have the asteroids of Diana and Bacchus conjunct in Aquarius. Although I am a ‘free spirit’ – which I guess is how society describes childless and uncommitted women – I am anything but a hedonist or extrovert like Bacchus. If anything, I am an acerbic grump, and quite proud of this, too!

    Perhaps the movement of the Nodes won’t affect me as there are no major planets at play. Please provide insight.

    1. Thank you. First of all, the Nodes were not the story back in 1999 – that was the massive Capricorn chain of oppositions to all your Cancer (landlord, building, property) placements. Now – back to the future. Diana exactly conjunct Bacchus in your chart is interesting – this is really a mixture of Germaine Greer and the Women’s Liberation movement in the late 1970’s along with an after-show party thrown by The Doors. You have done your Diana. As I am sure you know, she negotiated freedom with her father Jupiter and avoided both children and marriage. In fact, Germaine Greer has an exact Diana-Moon aspect. I mention here, because in the year you were born, she was just gathering steam. I suspect there is a major past life statement about groups of women in particular coming your way in 2018 as the Node sits on that conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius. Report back.

  55. Dear Jessica

    As always a very insightful and thought provoking article. 1999/2000 was a very enjoyable time for me, so what please do you think will happen this time?

    Many thanks


    1. Jane, your Moon in Aquarius would have loved the Millennium as friendship and group involvement/people power was such a big part of what was going on. Your friends matter as much to you as children, or perhaps more. You can mother your friends and also be den mother/mother hen to the groups, clubs, teams, bands, political parties, good causes, fitness classes and so on, that you join or start. This is a very old talent. In fact you have been involved in cults, private members’ clubs and army units for many, many lifetimes. What you learned will come back to you over the next couple of years. I expect old friends will play a key role again, or new friends will be made, who remind you of the old!

  56. Hi Jess,
    Not sure if my first comment went through hence trying again —

    Thank you for such a great read!
    I am always amazed by your wealth and depth of knowledge across the spectrum – economics, politics, current affairs!
    I have North node in Aquarius and a host of other factors! What does this mean for me? I love my friends (almost my extended family) and remember once my friend told me I love to take people under my wing.
    In 1999-2000 I saw the hints of my parents failing marriage and the rifts beginning to show in the open. I was in boarding school and this was my safe space (groups, friendships,etc).
    I would love to know how to make the most of this cycle.
    Many thanks,

    1. Thank you very much P – your Node in Aquarius is the key here. Friends are family to you, and boarding school was your safe space, as you say. You have a stellium in Aquarius the water-bearer, so in 2017 and 2018 you must fulfil your destiny. The Aquarius in Ancient Rome was the water bearer who supplied the water, that fed the Roman Baths for the community. Presumably he was too busy giving the group what it needed, rather than getting in the pool himself! This is rather like you. You get ‘in there’ with your friends and groups and are crucial to them but you are always outside as well. Over the next year, and 2018, you will be drawn into a plan with the same people, or a very Aquarian community effort. Old lessons you remember from past lives will come back. Self interest comes last. Ego comes last. Try to keep sex out of the pool! (And so on).

  57. Thank you for this detailed and poignant explanation of the North & South Nodes – amazing.
    I have 28 degree Sun in Leo, Uranus in Leo, Ascendent in Aquarius (although your chart for me says Capricorn?). 1999-2000 were life changing years for me in both business (I began what was to be my most successful business to date) and my divorce finalized in 2000 after 1.5 years of separation. I met a life changing lover, who although our romantic relationship ended 4 years later, we have remained good friends and for both of us the relationship was profound and honest and brought both of us to new levels in our abilities to be intimate & forthright. I launched a new venture in 2011 -2012 and it has been excruciatingly difficult most of the time, and am sporadically involved with someone for the last 2 years that seems as secretive and withheld as the man I divorced in 2000. My imagination is running wild with what may be ahead for me during this node change – and I would relish any interpretive input you may have for me. Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you that’s really kind. We use Astrodienst software so if your Ascendant is Capricorn, do work with that (though please check time, place and date of birth is entered correctly). Your 2000 divorce and lover is the story here. The Sun at 28 Leo and Uranus at 8 Leo mean both 2017 and 2018 will loom large in terms of choices you make. You don’t say if you had children, or if your current lover has children. There may also be ripples of time coming from a pregnancy you did/did not pursue back in 1999-2000. One thing about Leo placements – they are not about the sex, the romance, the marriage or anything else. They are about the children.

  58. Dear Jessica,

    Thanks a lot for the very detailed and informative article as always. In 1999 I did move from my home country to the UK. Also I did start a new job last month. What can I expect based on these new node placements and my chart?

    Thanks! NP

    1. Thank you NP. The 1999 move was not about the Nodes, it was about the rest of your chart – but you do have Leo placements so you will need to make some pretty firm choices about your godchildren; a children’s charity; dating people with children from a previous relationship; pregnancy; adoption – and the rest. It really depends on your decisions years ago to pursue pregnancies or not.

      1. Thanks Jessica, Interesting it’s about children because I haven’t dealt with any issues involving children in the past or made any decisions to do with children. Also I can’t see any in the future either. Could this be about a possible future relationship with a young adult?
        Thx, NP

        1. Saturn at 2 Leo square Uranus at 2 Scorpio and no issues about becoming pregnant, terminating pregnancies, dating men with children, ditching men who want children when you don’t? Quite amazing and one for my files This is commonly the chart pattern we see with people who spend their 28th, 29th, 30th years (Saturn Return) grappling with the issue of adoption, fertility, unplanned pregnancy and so on! It won’t be about a future relationship with a young adult unless pregnancy or step-parenting is in the mix.

          1. Thanks Jessica. My self a single gay man with no plans for adoption or anything like that. Not sure how Saturn at 2 Leo square Uranus at 2 Scorpio will affect me over the next couple of years though.
            Thx, NP

          2. Sometimes the issue is a much younger sibling, a niece, nephew or godchild. And sometimes it is a children’s charity. One way or another the Leo story has to work itself out. Elton John is a good example of that, although he has obviously adopted. Leaving a legacy to the heirs to the throne/pretenders to the throne sometimes manifests as a life spent teaching teenagers or coaching children’s football too. The square is hard work, undeniably, but you won’t know the full story until 2018 when the Node crosses that point.

  59. December 11, 1952

    Jessica, I agree with the others. Really insightful! Thank you. I am so excited about this upcoming transit. In 1981, I moved from Hawaii with my husband and son to California to start a new adventure. In 1999, I left my husband and moved from California back to the east coast of the US, where I was born. Both HUGE shifts for me. Now, nearing full retirement in Dec. 2018, I’m excited about another move (most likely California, near my grown son). Both moves saw me sowing seeds with my creative writing. And…I’m going on retreat to Glastonbury and Stonehenge in September. More exciting now that I’ve discovered I have royal heritage in England!

  60. Wow! I’ve been searching for days to find information on the Leo/Aquarius nodes/shift . You certainly gave me such great information , thank you !! You are awesome ! Trying to enlighten myself on The effects the shifts might have on me if my Virgo sun falls in my 12th house Leo and 22* degrees Aquarius in my 6 house ?? I’m stagnant at my job and looking for advancement as well as going back for masters but haven’t really taken the jump for school yet. My north nose is in Aries – hoping for some positive firey energy !

    1. Thank you. I’m glad this is useful information. You’re a Virgo Sun? That’s all I need to know. The South Node is moving into your solar Sixth House of work, right now. Old work or university karma is coming back. Similar themes. It will be most obvious to you at the Full Moon in Aquarius mid-year and again, when the Sun goes through Aquarius in February 2018.

  61. Intriguing and thought-provoking article as always, Jessica! I started thinking back to 1999-2000 and immediately remembered that we bought our first home then, and, after a rather horrific experience, have just this year spoken tentatively about purchasing another home again after losing ours in 2010.

    The fascinating thing is, the further I read, the more confused/fascinated I became, if only because my North and South Nodes are one degree removed and reversed from Queen Elizabeth’s (my North Node is Capricorn 19 degrees). This makes me wonder if my affinity for looking after family first while trying to make progress forward/climb up career-wise (which hasn’t worked out terribly well) so that financially, I can take even better care of my family might finally take a leap forward – or not.

    If I’m honest, I do have some doubts regarding career, as I’ve returned to a past profession recently which used to pay far better than it does now (though I am working behind the scenes as you predicted) – and which allows little to no room for advancement.

    Nevertheless, I’m quite eager to see how the next few days, weeks, and indeed, the next few years play out due to the astrology at play in my chart. My question to you is: do I have any right to be?

    1. That is really fascinating about your chart and Her Majesty the Queen. One degree removed, but reversed, will do it – similar theme songs, played on different instruments – but always at the same point in the show! The Nodes in Leo and Aquarius won’t affect you but the coming transits of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn most certainly will. By 2020 you will have been given an awfully familiar bridge to cross with your career. It will seem familiar from years ago, but also from other lifetimes. Same issues. Cancer-Capricorn Nodes are so often about moving/family/emigrating/relatives’ karma with you/ambition/success/staying v going…as I am sure you know. Take your time with this and really get to know your Capricorn side especially – Saturn moves there at Christmas.

  62. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the elaborate article. I have Vesta in 26deg Leo, salacia in 14deg Aquarius, and the nodes in 9deg leo-aquarius.
    I entered a new group (college for degree), in 1999 and had a passionate affair with my friend where I wanted it to end in a wedding but didn’t. Now I’m in a career where i am awaiting a salary hike or promotion, and I’m having a passionate affair with someone in position of authority and wish to have some commitment of togetherness. We cannot get married to each other due to some other issues.
    Is there a connect here? How does this cycle affect or alter my life?


    1. Preethy, those passionate affairs in 1999 and 2017 are part of the same pattern as I am sure you have guessed. Vesta in Leo will do it, so will the Node in that sign. Vesta was the Roman goddess whose temple was staffed solely by women, who had to report to the Pontifex Maximus – one male authority. The women were not allowed to have sex on pain of death. They could have affairs and cover for each other, but it was dangerous. If one of them betrayed another she would be buried alive. At the same time, any man who dared sleep with a Vestale, who was caught, would be killed. The man running the whole show – the supreme authority, the Pontifex – could also be manipulated by the women. The Node leads me to wonder about your past lives in connection with this. The general rule with the Node is, when you have the Return (it is coming) try to identify patterns with love and sex you have been acting out for years – even since childhood.

  63. Wow! Thanks Jessica. Could you have a look at my chart in relation to this topic if you have the time?


    1. K, you have Minerva in Leo opposite Salacia in Aquarius. Your wisdom regarding, babies, children or young adults is remarkable and you are the go-to person for solutions regarding that. It may be personal, professional or through unpaid work, but you know the answers. At the same time, you will have to deal with some karma from previous lifetimes regarding this, as the Node crosses Minerva in your chart. The situation will be layered slowly but surely from May 2017. You may have been the parent of many children in a previous life; a teacher; the nurse in a children’s ward – it’s complicated!

  64. Hi Jessica
    What a stunningly interesting and thought provoking article. Many thanks. I am hoping that what happened in my life in 1999 and early 2000 will not be repeated. In fact after the last seven years of rather challenging times I am hoping for a bit of a break. Do you have any suggestions as where my attention could be placed. CD

  65. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the most enlightening article on the nodes. It certainly took me back to the past. I was so anxious to have your thoughts on my chart that I leapt in to write before my birth data was filled. With an unforgettable shift for the worst of life lessons, starting in July 1999, it has sometimes felt like I might have addressed all that was needed by karmic reaper Saturn who sits right a top my aquarius sun. After reading your article, I am left wondering if the 29 degree north node in cancer in the 12th, will continue to direct my path towards more of the same, or could I at least expect something slightly different with this new nodal cycle. Thank you.

    1. You’re not logged in, correct. If you have the Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn then you are approaching a massive change as Uranus will move to 29 Uranus creating a T-Square. You may want to read more about Uranus, T-Squares and these signs (he is in Aries) to fill out the picture. We’re talking next year. I suspect it will be your career, unpaid work or other role that ends up being the issue, as we also have Jupiter, Saturn and Ceres about to cross your Capricorn South Node by 2020.

  66. Hi Jessica! Wow this is an amazing article, so much to digest and reflect on, thank you.
    I think I’ll have my nodal return?
    I am a healthcare care team leader and specialise in paediatrics, I love my job. I work with wonderful people and meet so many amazing children & families. I’m considering a research degree later this year or next. Would the timing be right? (I had difficulty securing some funding/grants before – I think Saturn leaves Sag soon?)
    Also, I’m single and dating. Any particular things for me to consider with Jupiter in Libra and these nodal aspects? Thank you x

    1. As I answered this question, two odd things happened. A group of children and their mum walked into the cafe where I was writing. Then I lost power on my computer so my first answer to you disappeared! There seems to be something so fated about this situation with the ‘heirs’ to your ‘throne.’ You have the kind of chart which suggests you have been crowned Queen of Children many times in many different ways, over many lifetimes. Now, you are doing it professionally. You have a massive choice in 2017 or 2018 about keeping it there, or making it personal.

  67. Hello!

    For some reason my question has been stalled waiting for moderation twice before; hopefully this third time it’ll pass through. I have a bunch of factors in Leo and one in Aquarius. 1999 and 2000 were the toughest years of my life, followed by 2013, so far. How will this cycle affect me? Please let me know.



    1. Not moderation, but a queue – thank you for your patience – there are 2,806 people who have posted at the moment. Your Leo-Aquarius factors are certainly there to be processed, building from 1999-2000 – and perhaps sorted out, once and for all. JR it is impossible to say any more without knowing if you chose to become pregnant then, or not. Or did you pursue unpaid or paid work with children, or for children? Sometimes people make epic decisions about older children at those times…in any case it will not be as tough as it was then, but you do have some ‘soul’ housekeeping to do.

  68. Hi Jessica,
    Love your horoscopes, read them from accross the world each week!
    Reading this article about the North Node return in Leo – I realize that my NN and Moon are both in Leo 10th House (Sun in Capricon / ASC Libra)
    Since 1999/2000, I have had to work hard to establish a career, and to the sacrifice of building a family. I am now at a crossroads. Can you kindly tell me how this nodal return may affect me? Thank you! very best,

    1. Thank you very much. Your North Node and Moon are in Leo in the Fifth House in the Natural House system, Sasha. This is about the children you did not have, and the children you still want to have. Decisions will peak around July-August this year but do skip the August eclipse periods please. By the time the Nodal Return is over from 2019 you will know exactly where you stand, no matter if you have babies, adopt, become a godmother/aunt and so on, or figure out a wider role with younger people. You will find your own karmic path.

  69. Hi Jessica, thank you for the info about the Nodes, and thank you for all the astrological wisdom you share. I wanted to know how this nodal cycle could affect me and how to be more aware and be able to get the most out of the opportunities to let go and to expand. I am a Taurus with Scorpio ascendant, and my North Node is in Taurus. Thank You!!!

    1. Taurus and Scorpio nodes are triggered from October 2017 for many years, with another turning point from May 2018 when Uranus moves to Taurus. In general (without seeing a full birth chart it’s not possible to be specific) you need to figure out the Princess Diana path. What’s that? Sorting out charity and philanthropy. Dealing with the money, property or possessions which you hold as a result of a relative or partner (or lose, similarly). Figuring out your value systems in times of extremes. Read more on Taurus and Scorpio on this site to see the deeper meaning of the signs.

  70. Re-posting in hope ;-)))

    So, I have Cancer-Capricorn nodes, both of which speak very clearly to me. Promotion, demotion, struggle and battles on one hand, the pull of home and raising a family in interesting political times on the other. (To say the least)
    I feel constantly on the verge of something, a breakthrough. A victory. Any advice and guidance would be very gratefully received. In the realm of publishing specifically please?
    Awesome blog post!

    1. Cancer-Capricorn has a lot to teach you (and thank you for the compliment on the post). People play it different ways. You can be summoned to the family firm when you don’t want that life at all – and have to figure out a way to make the firm and the family function for you. You can be summoned to a new country, forced to emigrate by the family as a child. You can also be forced out of your home town or homeland by unemployment in search of a career, or forced to shift countries for other reasons. If you look back at your patterns since childhood about home, family, home town, homeland, success, status (married or single, unemployed or employed) and so on it will help you see what works, and what does not. And what to resolve karmically. The Nodes so often bring deep emotion that goes into many lifetimes of karma with the same people or place (s) and working your way through the past in a practical way, and perhaps past lives, can be useful.

  71. Hi Jess. Is TNN in Cancer responsible for meeting ppl who become important to me with Sun in Cancer? Also back in 1999-2000 my father had gained a lot at the stockmarket. Lost it all in 2001. Is this time a repeat?


    1. Those are other factors, quite seperate to the Leo-Aquarius cycles. It’s hard to comment on your father without seeing his chart. Thank you.

  72. Hi Jessica,

    I’m wondering how this nodal transit will affect my moon in Aquarius.

    (My 12-year-old stepdaughter is a solar Aquarius – and her mother, with whom she has a pained, strained, estranged relationship right now, very hard for a 12-year-old girl, is a solar Leo. Wow – it is as if they are truly in a tug-of-war, now, with these nodal positions and new eclipse patterns!)

    Anyway, I’d love your feedback.

    Best wishes, as always!

    1. Actually the Aquarius Node is about your Eleventh House in the Natural House system – so friends and groups, not your step-daughter or her mother. Using your solar chart (Sun Sign) you are in a fantastic position to scoop up natural advantages, support and benefits involving your step-daughter until October, with Jupiter there in your Fifth House of youth until October. I am sorry this young Aquarian is going through such a tough time, though. It may help to realise she has just had Ceres (power and control issues) stuck in Taurus in her Fourth House of family along with Mercury Retrograde in Taurus too – yet the cycle breaks May 21st. From May 2018, though, there is very likely to be a radical change in her family situation. It will set her free but she will need a ton of support.

      1. Wow – very interesting. Thank you! (And thank you for your compassion! That makes so much sense given a lot of events that have taken place with that whole “tribe” of women!! for the past several months. Wow…)

        I am curious: How do you view the impact of the South Node when it goes over my natal Moon in Aquarius? When the SN is conjunct “my Moon”? And, correspondingly, the impact of my Moon being in direct opposition to the Leo NN? Or am I off base, and there really is no big impact of someone’s moon in significant aspect to the nodes?

        I just realized for the first time, thanks to your website, that I have both Bacchus and Diana at 00 degrees Aquarius. I wonder if that is the origin of my compulsion to always desire to take flight from situations (even when I don’t act on it).

        1. Thank you. Diana and Bacchus at 0 and the Moon at 6 Aquarius tell a story in 2018 as the Node goes over 6 Aquarius first, then onto 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and finally 0 so this feels like a distinct episode with a couple of beats. If you look at the sculpture and art of Diana you will see she is often poised to take flight. She is sculpted standing with one foot off the ground, usually with her greyhound by her side. You have dual compulsions here, with friends and also with groups – to stick around and mother them, or run for the hills. This combination is really best understood in some of the paintings of Diana and her nymphs. Look at the story of Endymion too – she was madly in love with him, and they had children together, but he was always asleep. That way she hung onto her freedom but also ‘had’ a man!

          1. Oh, how I wish I could snag a reading with or report from you, analyzing the karmic chemistry between me and my Scorpio husband! 🙂 (We both have Cancer Rising, and our South Nodes are in the same sign as our spouse’s Sun signs. Me, Gem, him Gem SN; him Scorp, me Scorp SN. And we have so many mirrored aspects…) Life has not been the same since we got together (we were both in our 40’s when we met – karmically, as your reading describes above – in the most unlikely of circumstances), but it takes a lot of bandwidth to process all that swirls around us! My otherworldly gifts have REALLY sprung up since right before we met, and continue to grow. As if kept under wraps until now, when we met. I did not need them in my ordinary life, “before.”

            If there is ever a chance that you will open up wait lists again for such reports, I’d be ever so appreciative. Your take on all things astrological fascinate me and mirror my instincts. I very much appreciate you!

            Thanks again,

          2. Lisa, the waiting list for 2019 personal birth charts is a few months away if you would like to leave your name – you can read more about that on the newsletter you receive as a Premium Member. In the meantime, you can use your free ebooks on this site. And try the Romeo and Juliet reading using the Astrology Oracle.

  73. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for writing in such an interesting and easy to understand style, it encourages me to keep reading and learn more every time I visit your site. Clearly, you are a giving individual.
    I believe my merry-go-round has already begun ~ on more than one level. My question is more re the following: I have been endeavouring to bring to fruition a concept for children for many years. Am I right in thinking by taking a more independent leap of faith (for eg. self-publishing to start the ball rolling as opposed to keep knocking on the door of the tried and tested methods) its time has come? I have had kind and generous (with their time) allies in my pursuit, its just not converting. Thank you for taking the time to respond, Shaughna

    1. Shaughna, thank you. I am not sure how much of a hurry you are in, but you may want to wait until Saturn (slow, stuck, serious situations) is out of Sagittarius, which rules publishing – and that happens at Christmas. We then have most of 2018 ahead of us, until Jupiter (growth, expansion, optimism) moves into Sagittarius, so from the end of 2018 through to late 2019 you have that on your side. You have a lot of Leo factors in your chart which, as you know, rules children (and in fact J.K. Rowling, Beatrix Potter and Enid Blyton are/were all Sun Leo authors). You might want to figure out the rather repetitive karma with that while the Node is in Leo, 2017 through 2018, then take your leap in 2019? That year Jupiter in Sagittarius will also trine your Leo stellium – lovely timing – but it’s up to you, of course. Your Astrology Oracle cards will give you a reading personal to you, in the moment.

  74. Thank you Jessica, I have a few ideas, so that is making perfect sense. I also meant to ask you re my North and South nodes are exactly the same degrees, could you please briefly elaborate for my chart.
    Best wishes for your future endeavours, Shaughna

    1. Shaughna, the Nodes are always the same degree – good question as others may also be wondering! Same degree, exactly opposite, in opposite signs – that’s the rule in astrology. The Node will cross Uranus in Leo in the Fifth House of your chart first and it will be quite noteworthy. People born with Uranus there often have to invent/create/innovate where the world of babies, children and young people is concerned. They can be an unwitting and often, unconscious catalyst for the most extreme changes. Unwanted pregnancy is typical, but there are others. Whatever revolution happened around you back then, has sent out waves and ripples through time – you must catch them now.

  75. Hi Jessica,
    I’m posting this again as it may have been lost amongst all the other questions! Thanks for taking the time to answer.
    In 1999-2000 I was just a teenager but experienced some very big changes at the time. I had lost a close friend, left my final year of high school months before graduation, got my first full-time job, a new group of friends, returned to study in an adult environment.
    I have some placements in Leo and Aquarius. How might the Nodes impact me this time around?

    1. Losing your close friend must have been very hard as you express yourself through your friendships. It’s really about your networks and either the return of old faces from years ago, or the return of old issues. It is amazing how often we ‘forget’ what we need to pursue with people, either because we never really collected a reward, or settled some kind of question. I expect you will remember sooner rather than later.

  76. Hi Jessica,
    What an informative and insightful article. I will have to read twice to digest!
    I am Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Rising,Natal Moon in Leo with Natal Venus & Mercury in Aquarius.
    In 1998-2000 time period…got married and moved clear cross the country (USA)
    I still miss home. Never resolved issues with ex. Still married, same location, no biological children.
    Any input as how this NN/SN transit will affect me?
    Many thanks!

    1. The Node transit is about your adopted or stepchildren (you don’t way what non-biological means). Sometimes godchildren are the issue. The ‘heirs’ to your ‘throne’ are always a question with the Moon in Leo. I have known women with this placement avoid children, but have godchildren, tied up with their property/legacy. For them, as for you, this is about – quite possibly – some form of binding agreement or paperwork ahead. And yes, you may have shared past lives before.

  77. Dear Jessica,
    I just keep reposting in hope! This was a blog post that I was really hoping that you would do, as it seems like such an exciting time. I have a large Leo stellium (Juno 1, Vesta 2, North node 8, Sun 15, Bacchus 24, Mercury 26, Uranus 29) and a bit in Aquarius ( Saturn 7, South node 8, Diana 9, Proserpina 17) Around 7,8,9 my birthchart is really busy (with the nodes right in the center of it all) and I dont know how to interpret all of the interactions there. 1998-2000 was a huge period of change for me where i went overseas away from friends, family and potential partners. It was all about my career and it was extremely exciting but ridiculously isolating. I don’t really see this nodal return as being about career but maybe more about the relationships that I left behind at that point, and maybe the international group that i became a part of, that I am now one of the leaders in. I could be interpreting this all wrong! I would love your input. Best wishes Zigi

    1. Thank you Zigi. Yes, you are reading your chart correctly. The Aquarius chart signature is about the international group you became a part of, that you are now helping to lead. The message of the Node here is about the need to put self-interest, sexuality, ambition, class, status and the rest second – and the group very much first. This may feel very familiar to you! Of course you have been in other groups before, perhaps in many lifetimes, when this was required. A monastery is a typical example. The army is another. This time round you have none of the wildness of the late 1990s early 2000s but you do have some closure to achieve. It will come.

      1. Thank you, Jessica. I appreciate you responding when you have so many questions. Closure is most definitely required.
        Best wishes

  78. Reposting:

    Hi Jessica

    1999, I was a thirteen/fourteen and seriously other than studies and a bit of entry interest in boys, I don’t recall anything else that could rewind.

    I have Taurus and Scorpio in my own chart for the nodes, so career and study?


    1. You have Jupiter in Aquarius (friends and groups) so actually the late 1990s and early 2000s was really important for you in terms of networks and connections – good karma earned then comes back to you as the Node steadily approaches Jupiter in your Eleventh House of people power and friendship, starting in a small way in May. You may even find your entry interest in one particular boy comes back to you, Shaolee!

  79. My nodes are in Aries & Libra which sounds as though I am going to experience a balancing act between self and partners again. In 1999/2000 I had a challenging time in giving up a bad relationship, starting a new school program (leading to my current career), working multiple jobs and did end up meeting my current partner. It was a crazy time but through hard work and perseverance it did completely change my life for the better. I have Venus, Properpina, Saturn, Apollo, Ops and Panacea all in Leo but no children. What can I expect from this transit?

    1. It’s about your partner, whom you met in the last 1999/2000 cycle. You chose not to have children, or you couldn’t have them…perhaps he chose, or he couldn’t have them. This now sends ripples through time, as a heavily Leo person you do need to carry forward what you inherited from one or both parents, to a younger generation. This may be a niece, nephew or godchild or there may be more serious questions here about your ‘heirs’. Sometimes the karmic lesson is carried out through paid or unpaid work with much younger people, but essentially, what is ahead is very much about those first two years with your partner, as the Millennium approached.

  80. Dear Jessica,

    thank you very much for very interesting article. I have a big stellium in Leo and 4 factors in Aquarius (three asteroids and ASC). As I have you written yet, for some years we tried to have baby – but without result. Does this the North Node in Leo mean for me , that even if I want to move on – with or without children – it won´t be possible? I don´t want to say that I don´t want a child or I gave it up, but I am so tired after so many tries, that I would like to live my life without still working on this theme. I want to go with the flow and what should happen, it will. How will the North Node affect me as for this situation?
    And as for these years 1999-2000, honestly I remember nothing special was happend. However it was a year when I finished my studies at University and found my first job – when I compare these years with anothers years, I found them calm and little bit boring.

    Jessica, I will be grateful for your explanation how the Nodes will affect me next two years.

    1. You have a ton of factors in Leo including Saturn – all in the Fifth House which rules fertility, IVF, adoption, pregnancy, termination, stepchildren, foster children and so on. It’s complicated. Very complicated. I think you will find out everything you need to know over the next couple of years, as the Node goes over Leo and everything you have in that house of your chart. I am sorry you have been trying for so long, but Saturn is probably the answer here. You will find out exactly where you stand by 2018 and precisely what you want to do, or not do. And yes, it’s karmic. You’ve been here before, in another life.

  81. Your previous response to me question made me laugh.

    Do I get good karma from teenage friendships if I don’t pursue the same male interest my friends also pursue? It has happened to me twice in 2000 and again in 2002, I’ve had two serious crush (one was even love), but upon finding out my two best friends liked them, I never pursued – one friend is now married to one of them!

    And I’ve been a trio in those teenage times, like an inseparable trio – maybe something there, but what could it be? As in will they likely to play the same role as they did back then?

    Thanks Jessica. I’m now trying to make a list of boys I had entry level (and serous level) interest in. Although my soulmate (whom I believe to be the one, though we’ve separated) was never present in those periods.

    1. The trio of friends may well be a past life connection (you may have been married to them, or been their family). What you mention with best friends and love sounds pretty typical. This will either be a repeat with the same faces, or the same theme/lesson with different people – one more time. An inseparable group of friends is usually a clue – sometimes mums, dads and children reincarnate as very close pals.

  82. Hi Jessica
    Waited patiently since the 4th but reposting in hope……
    Hi Jessica,
    Wow! Well that will take some processing.
    For the past 3/4 months I’ve remarked to hubby about the parallels to an earlier time re our new home: old bungalow same renovation issues, large garden lovely but huge effort required, doing the work ourselves etc. BUT. This time we’re in a home with brilliant energy ( our last proved to be somewhat dark ) and lovely neighbours and we really feel at home. My question is that this repeats 2002/3 not 1999/2000 so is this due to the nodes? I feel like we just got a huge dose of good karma from somewhere.
    My husband is cancer and I Capricorn so the issues you mentioned ‘Money. Property. Business. Charity. Ownership. Debts. Assets. Values’ are certainly playing out.Also, his north node is 20 Aries and my south node 16 Aries and vice Verda and I do see things playing out between the two all the time.
    Trying not to worry about the 1999 times as this was terrible for us health wise ( my husband was diagnosed with cancer) and had a profound effect on me. I ended up retreating into myself and walking away from some friendships I didn’t think were supportive – something I regret now. Anyway, love your thoughts.
    Thank you so much for sharing xx

    1. Venus and Chiron in Aquarius are the keys here. Both are in your Eleventh House of friendship and you went through massive changes in the late 1990s and early 2000s with these people – thus you walked away. The story is not settled and the karma needs to be sorted out. This will happen without you even needing to instigate things, now through 2018. The other issues you mention are nothing to do with the Nodes, but connected to the epic transits we had in other signs in those years. The task now is to either repeat old themes/lessons/challenges with a different group of friends, or even with those old faces you left behind.

  83. Hi Jessica, I have just moved back to US after 7 years of challenging times. At the moment I am trying to figure out what kind of work to find, where to live and how to make a life all over again. In 1999/2000, I was married and we bought a house, two new cars etc, in short had a significant change in our lives to remember. Now I am single, with two grown kids, starting all over again.
    I would really appreciate if you could tell me how does this change of nodes to Leo/Aquarius is going to affect me?
    Thanks for another insightful post.

    1. The Moon at 13 Aquarius and Juno at 12 Aquarius are almost exactly conjunct, in your Eleventh House of groups and friends. You have almost familial relationships with friends or acquaintances and can mother these people, or mother the entire group…you can also ‘wed’ or virtually marry your friends, or the people within a community, club, team and so on. Much of this is past life. You knew these faces before and perhaps there was a mother/child relationship there. It certainly feels like it. It’s coming back as the Node crosses 12 Aquarius starting in the tiniest way this week.

  84. Hi Jessica, I must first start with thanking you for your help during the Venus Retrograde, I think without the feedback you gave me I would have been more like a Pollyanna, and not have gone into it with a reality-check kind of mindset, nevertheless I am grateful for the life lessons. Now for the NN in Leo. I feel as though in my chart, both the Leo-Aquarius axis and the Gemini-Sagg. Axis will get equal play, because of the Leo ascendant, and the stelliums I have in the other 3 houses. Also, what is the one thing/area in life you would advise to focus on, so as to get maximum/or best results, the next 2 years?


    **I really admire how thorough you are at your work, thank you so much for the richness in this article.

    1. Thank you for letting me know, and I am glad the astrology was useful for you. Ceres at 26 Aquarius is important because the Nodes will pass 26 Aquarius/Leo and trigger that with your friends, and the groups you belong to. At the same time, that’s a sensitive spot as Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus are all in the late degrees of their signs. Ceres is about dividing control and power, and sharing the turf. You will find this is a very old, old issue coming up again – and it may be past life as well. Sometimes it is with just one friend and the two of you have to figure out who dominates/who shares. It is also very common within a team, society, club and so on – and there will need to be a brand new division of the territory.

  85. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for this fascinating article!

    Could you help me interpret things for me. I have my nodal return this year and I’m really curious about what it will bring.

    1999/2000 were big years for me. I had started my degree but failed an exam which led me to leave uni for one year and start a job. This seemed awful but led to me meeting my soulmate. We were together until he died in 2010. I passed my exam in the same 1999/2000 time period and my education/career has been (pretty much) back on track since then. I’m not really in touch with that many people from 1999/2000 so hard to imagine how this nodal return might impact me.

    I have natal Mars, also my ruler, conjunct the nodes quite close to the time of my nodal return.

    Any thoughts, insights, advice much welcome.

    Best wishes to you xx

    1. I am so sorry that your soulmate passed away after you got together on the Leo Node cycle in your Fifth House. Sometimes it’s not the return of the people, or even the people in spirit – it’s actually the lesson, and the reward. You can experience this with another lover. Mars, Fortuna and the Node are all in Leo in your chart so what goes around, comes around. The Wheel of Fortune is alive and well in your horoscope, very specifically in relation to the babies you did/did not have years ago. As the Node returns to its original position and also conjuncts Fortuna and Mars in your chart you will find the karma returns in quite a direct way. Sometimes it’s a baby who is born, who may remind you of the person who passed. It happens.

  86. Dear Jessica
    To start with I must appreciate ur wisdom n insights!!!
    I am new to understanding charts so I am trying to learn through ur blogs….
    I already asked u a question in this blog which is yet not answered so here I come up with other question….Hope I am putting up things in the right perspective to make it understandable…..
    I am concerned abt understanding the effect of upcoming transit of true north node in Leo on my personal life as my natal Saturn is at 10 degree leo …..My natal north node is at 24 degree libra and natal southnode at 24 degree Aries…. my natal Pallas is at 10 degree leo and my placidus occupies 3rd house in Aquarius at 25 degree…..

    I am not very sure if tht is how the chart is read and written so plz excuse me if I HV not been clear to u…..To Mk things easy I reveal to u my dob….It’s 28 March 1977, time 11:40pm at India…
    Could u please guide me n shed some light on what future might hold for me and what are the things tht I shd avoid or do to make life n future better ……Shall appreciate ur kind guidance..Looking forward to ur reply…..Thanks n stay blessed

    1. Saturn in Leo is the key. Don’t use Pallas, she’s Greek, not Roman! Saturn in Leo is in your Fifth House of babies, children and young people. You don’t say if you ever had children or not, or if you became pregnant or not, or if you had choices about stepchildren and so on. All this matters a great deal. I suspect that what went down when you were 28, 29, 30 (across your Saturn Return) is the story here. As the Node goes over 10 Leo you will need to learn from the past and build for the future, relating to this. And it’s happened before, in previous lifetimes – same themes, same challenges, same lessons.

      1. Yes I do HV a child……N my husband died all of a sudden whn I was just 29 yrs old…….It was a v painful time then and I just cdnt HV survived then yet here I am decade aftr…I wonder how these themes will replay BT separation n loss is too difficult to deal again…Really don’t know wht is there for me ahead

        1. You had your Saturn Return at 29 when your husband died so actually that is an issue too. You may want to read more widely around the subject of your Saturn Return. It would have been a far bigger deal than your Nodes transiting Leo-Aquarius, back then. Your Saturn Sign and house will tell you more.

  87. Hi Jessica
    I hope you can see this post.
    When NN entered Virgo I started treating my arm, worker’s compensation got approved. After endless treatment with a little improvement now the insurance company making a settlement of $750 and saying it is only 1 percent permanent impairment. I feel this is not a right decision. The final assessment by the specialist done on 27 March 2017 right after the solar eclipse. I didnt fix this date it was done by the insurer. Do you think the date was wrong? I am still sitting on it without accepting settlement.
    Thank you for your insights.

    1. A lot of people have been going round and round in circles with doctors, surgeons, healers, food, drugs, drink, illness, diseases – and so on – during this Node in Virgo cycle. It really depends on the chart, but in your case a whopping stellium in Virgo has been triggered. The insurer’s choice of date is interesting as they chose Mercury Retrograde and of course Mercury rules Virgo! The actual whole retrograde cycle ends May 21st so I am not sure if you want to wait that long. On the plus side, now the Node is out of your Sixth House the constant repetition/stuckness should be starting to shift. Sometimes you just need to see the right doctor, non?

  88. Wonderful article Jessica. I’m looking forward to the nodes changing!
    I have these placements in Leo: MC 18 deg, Apollo 26 deg, Psyche 29 deg and Aesculapia 17 deg.
    And these in Aquarius: IC 18 deg, Salacia 19 deg and Ops 29 deg
    Can you interpret the impacts for me please.
    (My birth chart nodes are North Node: 20 deg Aries and South Node 20 deg Libra).

    1. Thank you. Yes, you have clusters in both Aquarius and Leo. In a previous life you were intimately involved (lovers or relatives) with people who are now your friends. One or two of these have been involved in group projects with you, or team enterprises/communities. This must now be sorted out, by 2018, as there are rewards to collect, but also lessons to learn and things to prove. You also need to look at the choices you made to have babies, or not, or to commit to people who had children – or walk away from them. This also comes back, in a different way, over the next couple of years.

  89. Hi Jessica

    Would you be able to look at my chart & see how this effects me?

    Only thing I remember from 99 was I’d finally just got my first real job after a bit of a struggle without one after finishing high school. it was finally a break thru I guess. Oh gosh. Would that mean I might finally get a breakthrough with my current issues?

    Thanks for your time,

    1. Mars and the North Node in Leo suggest the story will be about babies, children and young people – your heirs to your throne. Not so much your job situation in 1999. This may be past life, beyond this one, but as you have the transiting Node crossing over, some karmic return seems likely. You may date someone with a child (whom you knew before) or put energy into a young people’s organisation (you owe that karmic debt) or see a godchild born – whom you also knew before.

    2. Thanks Jessica

      Think you pretty much hit the nail on the head. There’s a man who’s a Leo. Would this also fit?

        1. Right I don’t think it’s him. Dam. All that hard work & he gives up every time. The minute I ask him if we can see each other in person to sort whatever we have out. I get the silent treatment. Well. I deserve more that silence & hope that someday we’ll be more than talk. Walk the walk like. Somewhere out there there’s someone who’d love to have a beautiful cute girl in their life. I just wish I knew where. Even just a friend to go & do things with. There’s just no one out there. I’m not easy to get to know. I don’t trust easy. But once I open up I’m very different.
          Thanks for your time. Really just need a fortune teller to skip to the good parts. 37yrs of bad something must come good!

          1. I sympathise. Lust or even love is key and we live in an age (since Pluto and Uranus entered Virgo in the Sixties) when we saw our known relationship world turn upside-down and then go from the core of the earth, back to the sun. You know what it was called? The Pill. Those walking around today either have Virgo chart signatures (like you) or were 1960s babies, with that Pluto-Uranus Virgo statement in their horoscope). What might be interesting for you is to take your Astrology Oracle e-cards from this website and treat yourself to a really deep, intense reading. Spend Sunday afternoon if you must. Ask ‘Why…’ and ‘What…’ and do not be afraid to turn the mirror of the cards on yourself. Breakthroughs always await. Beyond breakthroughs we have lust or love. And as Ratcat once sang, ‘That ain’t bad.’

  90. Hi Jessica,

    I’m amazed to read this post and would like to know more about my position regarding the nodes. I have Leo/Aquarius nodes but I don’t have any interests in groups that I know of. Could the group also be my family? Could you please share your insights? Thank you. C.

    1. You have an Aquarius chart signature so I am surprised that you don’t have a history of being heavily involved with groups/clubs/networks/teams/collections of people. The group would not be your family. Sometimes strongly Aquarian people avoid formal groups and pursue deep friendships instead. In any case you’re about to find out as the Node triggers your Aquarius placements in the Eleventh House of communities and pals!

  91. Cupido at 13 Leo in your Fifth House of babies, children and young adults describes your love for this generation, and their love for you. This goes back years, and also into past lifetimes too. As the Node crosses Cupido, you will experience the replay of an old connection, and perhaps one that reminds you of a past life as well. A typical example is a godchild who you knew before in a prior incarnation. Watch the Node as it moves to 13 Leo in your chart.

  92. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for both the incredible amount of fascinating information here and clearly your amazing energy output in sharing all this to help us navigate our lives better.
    I am a little overwhelmed with trying to understand it all and the crux of the issues i need to revisit and hope to resolve this time round. I have 3 Aquarius factors involved Sun, Mars & Saturn.
    I started work in late 1980 and developed a new circle of friends. In late 1999 i moved back to my home town after being away at University as a mature student and again developed a new circle of friends and aimed to embark on a creative path and make a living from my talents, yet i am aware that lack of confidence and self worth has held me back. Last year i moved away and again about to embark on a new career and again now building new friendships locally. I see the recurring themes of new circles of friends, new career path & new homes all of which i am happy with as i have initiated yet i cannot see the crux of the issues i am to revisit, work on, learn from and resolve this time. Is it connected to money and self worth? All i feel is that it’s a ‘now or never’ time for me? Abundant gratitude for any advice you can offer.

    1. Thank you very much. The Sun, Mars and Saturn all in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friendship, social life, social media and groups is quite a tough call, as you find yourself with these people, but it’s also rather hard work. You are seeing the patterns repeat with your friendships, and moving home, away from University is typical – as is the recent move, and the need to build new friendships yet again. The money and self worth issues you mention are not about Aquarius in your chart, they are about your Taurus stellium and you may want to read more widely about Taurus as a sign to understand it in detail. The Node in Aquarius, now through 2018, will either return old friends to your life, or give you a tremendous feeling of deja vu as the issues/rewards/challenges from 1999 come back to you. With such a big Aquarian signature if you have not yet discovered why people power can move mountains it may be time to do so. Oxfam began as a group of university friends…

  93. Hi Jessica, great read as usuall very interesting, so I looked at my chart and I have the leo north node 5th house/aquarius south node 11th house, so I take this to be a nodal return. Back in 1999 I was madly in love but still grieving my father from 1998 sadly I lost my partner in 2006 tragically, I have recently hooked up with a guy (23/7/1950) who happens to be from the area where my dad was born in Ireland for some reason I feel a connection to him but also feel that this relationship will be possibly doomed as I feel I surely will have some karma to deal with as regards to relationships, I am living in Ireland for a few years now and I love it here and would love to just have the right person in my life for love friendship and happiness, but I don’t know if I will suffer because I think this guy is not right for me, or my bad karma is due to teach me a lesson ? Any thoughts, I shall keep on exploring for the good or bad. I hope you come back to Ireland. All the very best.

    1. Thank you – I will be back in Ireland next year, to talk about Pamela Colman-Smith, W.B. Yeats, astrology and the Tarot, in Dublin. Your experiences when you last had the Node crossing Leo and your Fifth House is pretty typical – madly in love – and now you are back in a Leo node cycle again. Juno, Vesta and your own Node are all lined up at exactly 8 degrees which is extremely unusual. You have one or more lifetimes dealing with love, sex, children (pregnancies which did/did not go to term) and always with big questions about the price of commitment. Juno was Jupiter’s wife in mythology and she had the prestige and status of being his partner, but the risks that came with being married to a god who was excessive, sexually and emotionally. Vesta is associated with the Vestales of Ancient Rome – the vestal virgins who were controlled by their male superior, the Pontifex Maximus. The fact that your new lover is from the same part of Ireland as your late father is a bit of a clue. Put it this way – 2017 and 2018 will help you close a circle that may have been going around for many lifetimes. You don’t have bad karma. You do have patterns to complete.

  94. Reposting:
    Another epic article! SO much information I think I have to come back and read it few more times as I didn’t know anything about Node until I found your website recently.

    My chart has quite a lot of Leo and Aquarius, how will this affect me? In 1999/2000 I was a teenager, few major event happened, first time making friends via the internet, had some tough time in love (very short-lived first love and dated a few wrong people). Did very poorly academically at school during a critical time (too busy falling in love) which leads to delaying my time finishing high school. I learned a lot but didn’t really like that two years at all. I wonder what deja vu will I have in 2017/18 as 1999/2000 were quite a nightmare for me I’m scared!

    1. Thank you very much. Falling in love as a teenager and having a topsy-turvy time emotionally and sexually, is pretty typical of a Leo stellium when it’s crossed by the Node. Juno, Vesta and Ceres are in a triple conjunction in your horoscope, all in Leo, and all in the Fifth House. You may have been risking pregnancy at that time as we associate Juno with commitment. Vesta is associated with harem situations (one male, two or more females) and it can be very emotional. Ceres is about learning how to strike deals with a lover. Throughout this period, for you or the lovers you had, the looming issue of children would have been there (yes to babies or no to babies) as Leo is very concerned with what gets passed on down the family line, especially from father to child, and then from you to the next generation). So…it goes beyond mere shagging into some quite serious questions. Whatever/whomever you were grappling with all those years ago is unresolved on some level, which is why you will meet similar themes in 2017, 2018. Perhaps even a familiar face.

      1. Interesting! I’m gay so definitely don’t have to worry about pregnancy also me and my partner won’t and not interested in having children for sure. Could it be a baby pet then because our dog is quite old, not sure how long will he lives and my mind is prepared for the worst and will have a new puppy but me and my partner haven’t talked about it yet.

        1. That is interesting. If your dog is your child, and you would even leave something to your dog in your will, then it may be that this is how the cycle is manifesting for you. It’s unusual but there’s a first time for everything (with gay couples who don’t want children, it tends to be about godchildren, nieces, nephews or paid/unpaid work involving the young).

  95. Wow Jessica, thank you so much for your time, insights and sharing your gifts. When I read your reply I got goosebumps. I’d dearly love to have my own family and children. I also love my work and career. I do feel that my work “found me” rather than me finding it. I guess we’ll see what fate brings.. I’m ready for more and I want more.

    Any particular months for me to use?

    1. Goose bumps are usually a sign that someone in spirit is close by, so you are getting confirmation about something there. You may find the issues peak in intensity around July-August as the Sun goes through Leo, but do avoid the eclipses at that time – you can hit search to read a longer piece about those.

  96. Dear Jessica,
    This is such an amazing article. I will be reading it several times. Can you please comment on my north and south nodes.
    In early 1999, I gave birth to my first child and in mid-2000, moved to a new country leaving my family behind due to a university scholarship grant. They joined me in early 2002. By the way, my entire life/career/major in University started fresh in 1999-2000. After those years, it was living a new life – nothing related to my old life.
    Even the mode of currency changed, the way of making my daily living changed, became more financially responsible and so on.
    Those years are still fresh in my memory. Everything was new and even though it was a great opportunity, it was very scary.
    If all the events of the past are coming back again this year, how is it going to affect my career, investments, health. In the past week, i pulled all my money out of investments and waiting at this point.
    My Saturn transit was so terrible from 2014 to 2016 that I stopped trusting people. 2017 has been much better and I am relieved to be out of the Saturn cycle. My work situation has much much less stress at this point.

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Thank you, I am glad the article is useful. Diana and Vulcano in Leo in your Fifth House are potent archetypes. Diana was the goddess of the hunt (Artemis in Greek mythology) who asked her father Jupiter to release her from marriage and children, so that she could be free and avoid the pain her own mother had gone through. She is associated with feminism, so as you went through parenthood – and then leaving the family behind – Diana in your chart was triggered. Diana is a fierce symbol of independence and is associated with wild places, like mountains, hills and rivers. Vulcano was the cuckolded husband of Venus. He was a blacksmith who worked with fire and steel (to quote China Crisis) and he is a symbol of self-control in your chart. Fiery emotions are held back, and held down, which gives one a certain power. Vulcan found Venus and Mars in bed together and instead of succumbing to lust or anger, he made a net for them, and trapped them for all the Gods to laugh at them. So once again, as you had the Node going over Vulcano in Leo in your Fifth House, you may have had to face up to the risk of yourself or your partner straying. Alternatively the self-control of fiery feelings may have simply been the separation. Old patterns or questions from that time are likely to come up again as the Node sits on those places in your Fifth House. So – nothing to do with money, but a great deal to do with your child, who is now an adult, and your partner.

  97. Hi Jessica

    Such a great article ! Much appreciated!

    I have Diana (0), Salacia (17), Moon (18), Ceres (26), ASC (19), Aesculapia(01) all in Aquarius and Apollo (01), Panacea (25) and DESC (19) in Leo.

    I am expecting a job offer from overseas in which one of my friend could play a big role, I was wondering whether I can get this job eventually.

    On a side note, I broke up with my boyfriend 8 months ago, do you think that the South Node in Leo could trigger any motivation to revive the relationship between me and him? He is a Taurus rising Libra.

    Grateful for your comments.

    1. If you are going to reunite with your boyfriend at any time at all, it is more likely to be between now and October. It is hard to say more without seeing his chart, but your chances are higher right up until Halloween. The friend you know connected to the job offer is a karmic connection and you may have been family or lovers in a previous incarnation, or the friendship itself may have been there across many lifetimes. These kinds of friends often seem familiar when you first meet, or you meet in an unusual or fated way – as if it was always going to happen. With such a huge line-up in Aquarius, including Diana, there may be a very familiar retelling of the Diana myth; she sought the company of women and struggled with the idea of marriage and children.

  98. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this great article. Could you see where my karmic patterns are and if they are imminent? I have placements in Leo and Aquarius.

    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you. You will experience a bit of both, with your Aquarius and Leo factors – so this is as much about your love life, all those years ago, as it is about your old friends, or the old groups you were a part of. The same patterns are likely to repeat, or some of those old faces may even return. This would have been your entry into adulthood and it seems some loose ends need to be tied up.

  99. Reposting here’s hoping 🙂

    Hi Jessica,

    Love your work as always, this article is so interesting to read so thank you for sharing. You are spot on in one of the paragraphs really resonates truth for me as I have the north node at 4 deg cancer and south node 4 deg Capricorn, I was born in Kenya and when I turned 21, I moved all the way to Australia and now live here far away from my hometown Nairobi, because I didn’t get along with my step dad and I wanted to be free 🙂
    In my chart I have Venus 8 deg Aquarius, Mars 25 Aquarius, Ops 7 Aquarius and Salacia 15 Aquarius but no factors in Leo at all, can you tell me how the North and south nodes going into Aquarius and Leo will affect me? I have this weird feeling I am either going to loose a family member because my grandfather passed away in 2000 or I will meet someone really special because I also had my first kiss in 2000 when I was 17,
    Lastly so much gratitude for you being on this planet, thank you,
    Mehtab <3

    1. Thank you. Your Cancer/Capricorn Nodes will push and pull you around a bit, with family/home, because you have quite a few chart factors within one degree of the pattern – so your experience in Kenya and Australia, with your step dad is pretty typical. The Aquarius Node transits coming up will be about your friendships and the groups you belong to – nothing else – as they will fall in your Eleventh House, which describes the networks or communities you are a part of. Some faces from your past may return or you may go through similar experiences, with new people – all karmic.

  100. Hi Jessica,

    I have been dating a woman for 2 years (6/19/63) that i casually dated back in 1998 thru 2001. She married another man and I moved on to an 11 year relationship. What do my chart and the nodes say about this relationship. Does it become more committed this time around? Seems to be moving in that direction over the past couple months.

    1. That is your past life alert right there. You have agreed to re-meet in this lifetime to figure out what was incomplete in another incarnation. It’s hard to say more without her chart, but I suspect June is a time of reckoning for her, with her husband and with you, and one way or another, she will figure out where she stands at Christmas. Then the karma is over.

  101. Hi Jessica – I just realized (thanks to your blogs) that not only is my second nodal return happening this month (leo 28 degrees conjunct my saturn and my mars and opposed to my mercury) but it is at the same degree as the august eclipse. My cancer ascendant is also at 28 degrees and my sun is at 29 degrees pisces. Will you please help me figure out what to make of this? Seems like a lot going on at once. Thank you in advance! -Ally

    1. Mars conjunct the Node in Leo in your Fifth House is a story here. Don’t worry so much about your Ascendant, although the quincunx to your Sun in the Twelfth House may be more important. Mars is that side of you which pushes, competes and fights. This is a pattern in relation to pregnancy and what happens after it. I have seen this in the chart of a man who had two unwanted pregnancies, had break-ups over both, and is now at war with his own unplanned son’s family! Of course we all make our choices based on free will, but Mars can feel rather hot and angry, in the Fifth. The Node suggests past lives dealing with babies/children/younger relatives and needing to find a way in this lifetime to get what you want – quickly – without the more difficult patterns of prior incarnations. I suspect you will find out what the lesson this time is, once the Node goes over Mars as well, Ally.

      1. Thank you! I am so fascinated by astrology. I have a print out of my chart that my mom, who is a novice astrologer, gave me – it actually shows mars and the north node in the second house – is that wrong? (it shows all the same signs and degrees as my chart in your site but I don’t see the houses shown there.) If it is in the second would that change your interpretation? Many thanks

        1. You may want to use Search and look up Houses. I use the Natural House system and just don’t know where your Nodes are because you don’t mention which signs they are in. Your mother is very likely using Placidus, Koch or Equal House for you. I prefer the Natural House system as it’s so accurate for prediction. Thank you.

  102. Dear Jessica,
    I am sorry to ask you a such irrelevant question… I just got to consult – does Flamingo (the animal) means anything in astrology? Flamingo somehow enters into my life this year. I suddenly realized that I bought quite some things with flamingo features…….. (got inspired by Juno’s peacock in one of the comments above)

    Thank you very much in advance!

    1. I looked it up myself, dear Jessica, simply by googling “flamingo is a symbol of”. And guess when did I buy my first object with flamingo features? It was in this February, after the Leo full moon, on 16th of Feb… this is fun.

      Cheers Cee

  103. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for such a detailed and informative post. I have read and re-read it and scoured my memory.
    I have Prosperina at 28 Leo and Cupido at 23 Leo, and also Saturn at 28 Aquarius. So much happened in 99-2000 but I am trying to work out how this might be repeated as my life has altered so much. Work is much more elusive at the moment as are men, which was not the case back then although I had changes in both around that time. I am hoping that work becomes easier and that from somewhere a relationship might emerge. Is there anyway these chart factors might indicate this?

    Many thanks for your time, help and insights as always

    H x

    1. Thank you! Saturn is opposite Proserpina in your Fifth House so that’s quite important, as you guess. Proserpina is the go-between who keeps two people, or two sides, content. In mythology she was the daughter of Ceres. Pluto fell obsessively in love with her and took her to Hades, until Jupiter negotiated her freedom. She spends half the time with her mother, Ceres, and half the time with her husband, Pluto – this is why we have the four seasons. Proserpina is always a symbol of empowerment but also negotiation and peacekeeping. There is a famous Pre Raphaelite painting of her which you may know. She is alive and kicking in your chart, in relation to pregnancy, babies, younger siblings, youth, children, teenagers and so on. Saturn in opposition always makes it hard work but only you would know what went down across 1999,2000. Sometimes the issue is a boyfriend who wants babies when you don’t, or vice versa. Sometimes the issue is an unwanted pregnancy. Cupido in Leo is the classic sign of short-term desire and obsessive lust – usually lasting as long as an arrow wound takes to heal! Again you have to look at it in the context of how you feel about having children/not having children as this has a massive impact on the entire round of relationships in your life. The more you explore this, when it comes up again as a general question/theme (when the Node crosses 23 through 28 Leo) the more hurdles you will jump if you want a new relationship. Would you accept dating a man who has grown-up children, for example?

      1. Gosh so many things to think about. Yes, I would be happy to date a man with children.
        In 99-2000 the only baby thing that happened was finding out that my ex, who I’d broken up with in 98, was having a baby with his new partner. It floored me even though I had never felt maternal with him. I have only met one or two men since who I would have had children with after that, neither relationship worked, and one is still on the scene but I know he’s not really interested in commitment or real involvement even – I should write him off. It’s too late for babies anyway! Thank you Jessica xx

        1. Your old boyfriend had a baby in 1999, 2000 as the Node crossed your house of motherhood – and that’s the story here. Entertain possibilities like – dating a man with grown-up children, or a man who wants to adopt – and so on. Interesting things happen when you entertain possibilities! It will also be interesting for you to hear what happened next, with your old boyfriend and the child who is now a teenager. Lesson there for him? For you?

  104. Hi Jessica,

    I am so intrigued with this time as I was obviously born in 1961 into a home one of nine children, I was due to be born when my sister who was 18months at the time was badly burn’t with boiling water, i was born into a time of angst and stress. Looking now back to 1999/2000 I finally left my controlling husband of 13 years going it alone with my two boys. And now at this time I have for this whole year been feeling unstable in my emotions, I have a lovely caring husband now whom I have ultimate freedom yet I have felt jailed in a sense and unable to move in my life and career? What do you think is happening for me? I would so apreciate your thoughts on this. Many thanks Cat

    1. The North Node, Uranus and Apollo in Leo gives you a big chart signature in the sign of the lion – and you call yourself Cat! Often, big sister/little sister is related to Leo. In fact, Her Majesty the Queen had her coronation on a major Leo transit and of course her sister Princess Margaret was the sibling who saw the crown pass, to Elizabeth. You have many past lives where you have explored the role of guide/mentor/leader to those who are younger, both as a parent and in this life, as a sister and parent again. The Uranus part of the equation is about being the catalyst for revolution; not realising how confined you are by circumstances and your own attitude towards them, until something/someone quite shocking comes along and breaks it all open, so you are free. The freedom and independence theme from 1999/2000 will return this year/next year, probably in connection with your sons again, but perhaps with others who are younger. Much to explore.

      1. Oh my goodness that feels so true for me as in this lifetime I am mentoring and guiding through readings. Also both my sons are dealing with life changes this year which has me very aware of them and my grandsons…My business name is Catalyst Cat 🙂 Thank you so much for your comments, so very interesting. Blessings <3

  105. Wow, this article…and your insights Jessica are mind-blowing.
    I will have to go through this article several times to process this…this is an amazing write up.
    My jaw dropped with many points / themes that I can relate to.
    Question – my sun is in Leo and my moon is in Aquarius. My north node however, is in Gemini (as my Ascendant is in Gemini too).
    I have just spent the last 4 years processing and cleansing my personal life out – my Saturn return was in the Scorpio transit. Yep – money, sex, power, assets, finances, betrayals, intimacy, health (reproductive system), addictions, control vs surrender, responsibility, home all went through a massive wipe-out and clean up. I’m a completely different person from who I was before these past 4 yrs happened.
    Any idea how I can navigate this north node transit? (do I apply the north node Leo/south node Aquarius transits to my Sun & Moon signs…? and how does it connect with my actual North node in Gemini?)


    1. Thank you very much. You are coming out of a massive Saturn in Scorpio transit and have Jupiter in Scorpio to reward your patience from October. The Sun in Leo/Moon in Aquarius combination is common in women who must lead/star but also work with a group/collective. Kate Bush has this. She is a superstar who must work with her band. Princess Diana had the Moon in Aquarius and her charities and causes defined her in the public’s imagination, from the Halo Trust to the Red Cross. You will see all this coming back to you over the next couple of years and will have to look very hard at issues within a group or tribe, and how one can express typical ‘royal’ Leo status – leadership, special treatment, attention, respect – with the very real needs of a community of people. You will be able to do this more easily if you remember what you learned last time round.

      1. Oooph…WOW. Talk about alignment. I just read this. 2 days ago I started to see who had a Sun in Leo/Moon in Aquarius dynamic. I recently rediscovered Kate Bush’s music remembering mom listened to it in the 80s. And when I realized she was a Leo-Aquarian…I spent the whole of yesterday playing Kate Bush’s “running up that hill” on repeat and feeling inspired. This is making so much sense.

        I’ve been pursuing the path of being an actress for more than 10 years now, and a part of my Saturn Return was about taking ownership of my dreams to move to Los Angeles. It also came with a lot of my personal life crumbling and having to rebuilt it up from scratch now. It’s like I had to clear a massive load of karma in order to proceed forward. A 6 month plan became a …what has been a 4 year journey to transformation and renewal. The idea of it sounded so grand but the actual process of it was very painful…at times it just seemed like I was in this never-ending vortex of hurdles going around in circles and stuck in this web of karma / death …and I went into a complete cocoon because it was too much to process.

        Yesterday I distinctively felt an ending of that chapter – FINALLY. And after reading this, I have new insights on the journey ahead and the lessons/challenges I need to look out for to grow and make some good stuff happen so I can look back and be proud that I did it. Thank u so so much xoxo

        We’re officially in a new chapter aren’t we? 🙂

        1. I am very happy you are playing Kate Bush. She is very special and Running Up That Hill is a momentous work of art, non? It lasts forever. It’s great you have found her Leo-Aquarius dynamic alongside your own; we have a lot to learn from Kate. Even the cover of that album is so Leo-Aquarius. Hounds are aristocratic dogs and they belong to nobility (Leo). Dogs, of course, also run as a pack (Aquarius)! It’s very hard to talk more about your ambitions as an actress without a chart in front of my nose, yet we associate Leo-Aquarius with acting (starring, leading, teaching, showing off, setting an example, guiding, mentoring) with an ensemble cast. I was watching Father Brown again yesterday on DVD, which is a lovely example of a natural star with an unknown group of actors. It’s also a wonderful example of a brilliant team of players with someone well-known. I have a feeling you can work out this pattern through acting, but actually, in any number of ways. I’m glad you felt the end of the Virgo-Pisces node chapter. It was real and true and for many people landed with a little thud.

  106. Hi Jessica,
    This is a powerful article, thank you.
    I was born in 1961with Aquarius at 26º in the South Node and I feel like my life is one of deja vu right now. I didn’t really have a relationship with my dad and find that I am now having to reach out to him for the sake of one of my sons who wants to have him in his life. Tracking him down has been my mission this week and part of making things right for my son who I’ve had some ups and downs with.
    I found my true love as a teenager with a fabulous Aquarian man who gave me love and freedom to be me, I was in a four year relationship with him and ended it, primarily because of my own need to run away from commitment at the time and my need to figure out myself. I realised too late that I’d made a mistake but he was marrying somebody else by then. With each relationship I’ve had since that time I’ve known they were second to that man, how can I let that go?
    I’ve felt the love, connection and pull for this man for 30 years, I feel like it was yesterday. I dream about him regularly feel like he is part of my life, even though I haven’t seen him for all that time. There are times where I half expect him to knock on my door and I often feel the veil between us is lifting.
    Can you please give me some clarity on this?
    Much gratitude and appreciation x

    1. Thank you. A stellium in Leo with the North Node conjunct Cupido (Cupid) is not to be messed with. Not so much to do with your father, but certainly to do with your son. In mythology, Venus was the mother of Cupid. She had a very complicated relationship with her son and particularly with the woman he fell in love with – Psyche. I suspect past life karma with your son. I don’t know what the relationship was between you last time round, but perhaps you have an idea. The Aquarian man is the other side of this story in your Fifth House. It is quite true that sometimes people do come back. There is something that must be said or done to complete the circle. Without seeing his chart it is hard to know. I would expect you have some event, probably momentous, by 2018 that allows you to put that episode of your life to bed.

  107. I love your articles and they resonate with me. I have many Leo points in my chart, but also many things going on in my life then and now so that it is hard to work out where the ‘repeat’ or lesson with 1999-2000 could be. The only thing I can remember from 1999 and 2000,I was expecting an unexpected baby in that time period. Given my chart, can you share some insights
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. Sue, the only thing you can remember from 1999 and 2000 is an unexpected baby? That’s it! The baby is now an adult and you two knew each other in a previous life. Often parents and children were family before, or married to each other before – and sometimes there is a more intense bit of karma. Babies who land on those cycles have known you before in one or more lifetimes and as the Node ticks around Leo, you will begin to see what might need to be repaid, owed or exchanged this time round. It will typically feel oddly familiar.

  108. What a great article – every time I read it I gain more insight into the Nodes.
    My strongest memory of 1999 is of the disintegration, and ending, of a volatile relationship with an Aquariun guy. And early 2000 was very much about trying to avoid a relationship with a really ‘needy’ in-law, (Cancer Sun, Pisces Ascendant), who believed that as he was my late husband’s only surviving ‘available’ male relative, I actually belonged to him. Looking back, I realise I was a lot more polite in those days than I am now. Patient too. That was also the year my older daughter left our country town and headed to Melbourne for university, so big changes there as a parent.
    I have Aesculapius and Chiron in early Aquarius and Pluto in Leo. Can I expect a repeat of my love life, cos I’m free again and loving it? Or are the Nodes about something else entirely in my chart? I would love to know how best to use the energy of this cycle.
    Many thanks. H.

    1. Thank you H. You certainly had an epic transit of Aquarius in 1999, 2000 and the Aquarian man was at the heart of it. You also registered the Leo side of the story as your daughter left home. Your life will not be so dramatic now as the outer planets are way out of Aquarius, but you do have unfinished business from that time. Your daughter may owe you on some level, or you may owe her. Ditto, the Aquarian ex. Sometimes you have a direct replay of issues you had forgotten or not realised mattered quite so much. And sometimes you get a new lover (for example) who pushes old buttons. Pluto in Leo in particular has a tremendous need to control and ‘own’ and that may be something that comes up again as the Node conjuncts Pluto in your Fifth House. Look at the myth of Pluto, Ceres and Proserpina to really get handle on this planet.

  109. Hi Jessica

    Your website and information has been really great and helpful to me. Thank you so much for all your wonderful posts!

    I hope you can see this post. I tried to post a comment before, but maybe it didn’t work or it was lost in the comments.

    Can you see my chart and please help me understand how the north and south nodes will affect me? I’ve had a hard time with relationships for a long time and I hope things might get better soon.


    1. AK someone in your family tree also had a very hard time in relationships, probably because of an unwanted baby, or issues around a partner’s illegitimate baby. If your birth time is right, then a relative has definitely had an impact on your own karma. All this gets better with age and easier each time the Node goes round Leo. There is no way that courtship, crushes, admirers, children and the rest is ever going to be a breeze for you as it’s complicated in your chart – yet you have learned a lot and now you can put it to good use, either with an ex, or someone new, who presents similar issues to those you were caught up with, in previous relationships. This is actually the last time you will have to do this – for years!

  110. Repost: Here’s hoping 3rd times a charm!

    Blown away again by your Sage knowledge…Jessica!

    I am shaking in my boots..though, as this time frame of 1999-2000, were the most tumultuous on record for me!! Lots of upheaval and change during that time period, both good and lots of bad in my divorce and my children!

    Please advise me on what areas I am most likely to be affected by this go-round?

    I did learn SOOO… much from that time and indeed feel I can handle things very differently should they in some way repeat again. It would be comforting to know that this Period of the No.Node in Leo won’t be so painful and traumatizing!

    Also, I have been in a wonderful 10yr. relationship with my Librian boyfriend with a Sag ascendant. I am praying this nodal line-up will not play havoc on this relationship.

    One other strange occurrence, if I may, is that my Aries ex whom I divorced in the 1999-2000 time period is now going through a divorce. Is there some Karma involved there? He has always tried to keep his foot in the door – if you will – even though our divorce was highly volatile and down right hateful!

    Please tell me there is some good here!…please!

    Thank you again for your awesomeness!
    Many Blessings to you!


    1. Cat, your Aries ex-husband is the key here, as you probably realise – he has kept his foot in the door – and now you have another relationship and he is on his second divorce. You two knew each other before in another life and there is unfinished business with your former partner, which one way or another can be settled over the next year or two. The point of the Nodes is to get smarter and wiser on each ‘revolve’ so you are already up on the game, which you rightly feel.

  111. Hi Jessica, thank you for constantly providing such profound knowledge! You educate and guide and I greatly appreciate that. I would be grateful if you can provide your insights on how the transit of the nodes will affect me? I have the south node in acquarius as well as acquarius at zero degrees in Saturn (also moon and Aesculapia at zero degrrees) and acquarius at 11 degrees in Jupiter. I was recently restructured and my position has been filled by another employee approximately 20 years younger than me. Is this related to the nodes? I don’t recall anything related to friends/groups related dated back to 1999/2000.

    1. A Saturn-Moon conjunction at 0 Aquarius and the Node there too is pretty important. It may be that you avoid joining clubs, groups, teams, and so on because it’s all too difficult or perhaps you have forgotten the hard stuff! Friendship is hard work too. The Moon describes your need to mother your friends and play mother hen to the farmyard, no matter if it’s a political party or a rock band. Saturn right on the Moon is about fear, and what you do to stave it off and make yourself feel secure in insecure situations. Typically there would be a ton of karma with friends and groups, who incarnate with you so that you may all sort out the issues. If the employee is in a trade union with you or a social network, that would fit – however it’s rather too early. I don’t think you’re going to see this play out until 2018 when the node sits on your Saturn-Moon conjunction. You would have experienced this most intensely on your Saturn Return aged around 29.

  112. Hi Jessica,

    What a show stopper of an article.

    I’ve only got Leo in Diana and Volcano and Aquarius in Aesculapia and Salacia. Could you paint a picture of what this means?
    Also, my nodes N: Cap and S: Can, what might repeat? I’m trying to fugure it out and understand the complex tapestry that is my chart.
    Take care, as always

    1. Thank you. Diana and Vulcano in Leo in your Fifth House suggest lifelong issues around commitment, love and sex. Diana did not want to marry or have children. She had a lover, Endymion, who was asleep when they made love. She was a huntress first and foremost! Vulcano was the cuckolded husband of Venus who found his wife in bed with Mars. Whenever you have transits to Leo in your chart, as will be the case from May 2017 through 2018, you will need to deal with past life karma as well as karma from years before. We associate Leo with the royal bedchamber; heirs to the throne; pretenders to the throne; courtship; courtesans; mistresses; lovers; the heir and the spare. One way or another you have to figure that out in your life. Your Cancer-Capricorn nodal axis is typically about the karma of having to leave home, because of your family – or being forced to leave home, because of your career. Cancer is your people and your place. Capricorn is striving for status, success, a better life.

  113. I’m a cancer rising so the nodes will be in my 2/8 house. I’m a little worried ☹️ In 1999 my brother was born and in 2000 my dad was diagnosed with leukemia and almost didn’t make it. I’m worried about losing someone I’m trying to focus my energy on the improvement of financial matters and releasing money blocks. That’s been going good so far!

    1. I use the Natural House system so actually, the transiting Nodes will be in your Fifth and Eleventh house. The fifth house rules babies, children and young adults and it sounds to me as if you have placements in Leo/Fifth because of your brother’s birth in 1999. The other issues you mention aren’t really involved (your father, your money). I suspect the karma is about your brother – debts to pay, credits to collect.

  114. Hi Jessica,
    Wow what an amazing, informative and insightful article! Thank you! I thank you for taking so much time to put this together for the rest of us!
    For a cancer who has aries rising but their north node is in leo and south in aquarius, which sign should they read for?
    For me 1999 was a tough year, full of challenges but 2000 was full of wonderful surprises, creativity, love, and achievements.
    Hope this cycle will be kind to cancers!

    1. You have the Nodes in Leo-Aquarius? You have past lifetimes as part of a group, with a clear leader, yet with major issues around loyalties within the group and loyalties to the leader. You have also been a leader yourself, perhaps in a military or navel context – maybe something rather different – and you have been put through one or more lifetimes trying to figure out ‘Who comes first? Me or the people/the friends?’ You don’t say what degree your Nodes are, but the later degrees are ‘returned’ first, in 2017, and the earlier degrees next, in 2018. Cue karma.

  115. The more I read your articles, the more I learn so much and no doubt this year will bring so much on both the personal and global level. Could you have a lot at my chart and tell me what these nodes will mean for me in the next year? I have a lot of Leo placements and several in Aquarius. I am having a few problems in the relationship sector and would appreciate some insight. Many, many thanks Jessica again for taking the time to do so.

    1. I can’t see your chart unfortunately. If you are heavily Leo-Aquarius you do have relationship choices to make, now through 2018 but please avoid the eclipses in August (hit Search to see what I wrote about these) as you will not see/know everything required. In general the core issue for you or your lover is the children you had/did not have/could not have. And that needs to be settled, one way or another.

  116. Reposting with hope:

    Hi Jessica,
    I really like your site and always inspired by your daily and weekly horoscopes.
    After reading this article, the fact that fascinated is, that I graduated high school in 1981 and in Aug. 1981 went for another country for my university degree. Later, in Sept.1999, I went to US with my daughter and lived there for 2,5 years. Divorced in 2006 and and being signle since then.
    Jessica, I don’t know my birth time/ Jan.22, 1964/, but could you please let me know how this Node transit will impact my life?
    Thanks a lot, and really appreciate your hard and fascinating work! Good day!

    1. Thank you, I will pass that compliment about the website onto James, Justin and Alyas. You need to find out what you have in Leo/Aquarius. Try or to start the search. Look up Sagittarius too – that is the university degree you mention.

  117. Hi Jessica, WOW, I love this! Thank you. Let’s see in 1999 I was a full time Mom of a 2, 6, 7 and 17 year old and the rest is a blur. Whatever lesson I need to learn I hope I learn it quicker than Bill Murray. Anything you see for me is greatly appreciated. Thank you , and the mocking bird who has me up most of the night here because of its constant singing (mating season) thanks you too 🙂

    1. Thank you. Too funny about Bill Murray. The Moon/Uranus in Leo in Fifth House placement in your chart is the key. It’s actually contradictory in terms of motherhood, because the Moon is a natural mother who needs to be needed – this is actually the ‘Queen Mother’ placement. Uranus has issues with creating or producing anything – especially offspring – and there may be lots of bumps on the way – even though the heirs you end up with, are the heirs who were always meant to be there. The Node across this is quite important and now that your 2, 6, 7 and 17 year old children are all grown up, you’re going to be in a position to at last understand the past life connection with them and figure out the debts/credits to settle. If the same old thing constantly comes up with one of the children in particular, think about it symbolically/thematically – often, we agree to incarnate with souls who must be tied to us (children, parents) so we can spend years if necessary, working out what was never resolved last time round.

      1. Thank you so much Jessica. I have to say past lives, reincarnation, life’s lessons is something I know to be true without a doubt. I absolutely love this part of astrology, it’s my favorite. I’d love to think I was Druid dancing at an ancient stone circle. Yes I love Outlander,lol. I always said my babies are my life, I know I was born to be a Mom just as I instinctly as I knew after having each child I wasn’t done yet, I knew there was another soul to be born and when I had my last child I knew he was meant to be the last one. Thank you for your response this is a fabulous time for evolving.

  118. Wow Jessica! I am exhausted just reading through your replies to the comments posted above. To think you applied your mind and heart to each query individually, and patiently wrote long replies is mind boggling!!

    I must say perfect timing for this article!! My son moved school this week, and the new academic year starts on June 12. He has his Ascendant at 0 virgo, Jupiter @ 26 Leo, Venus @ 15 Leo and his Sun @ 18 Leo born on 11/8/03. His natal moon is @3Aquarius and Neptune @ 11 Aquarius. I have been feeling in my bones, something big is happening to him. How will the transit of the node affect him, looking at his heavy Leo/Aqua chart? Will this move benefit him?
    On another note, my husband(10/04/74) is a Leo Ascendant(8Leo) and we got engaged and married in 1999-2000, after having being only friends. We were studying for a professional degree and he has gone on to succeed in that field while I have turned homemaker, and full time mom. Will the node bring any changes to this? Will I take up further studying again?(am visiting Oxford next week for fun) My Leo is empty though Aquarius is populated.

    I don’t know if you look at solar returns. Coincidentally I am landing in London on 18th(two days from the birthday works is what I read somewhere), a couple of days after my birthday, which puts my ascendant in Scorpio, MC in Leo and solar Mars on my natal MC … all seem to be supportive of my intention to focus on a financial career.

    This will be a crucial year for us on so many fronts. Your guidance is always appreciated.

    1. Thank you very much. Your son is about to re-meet old faces from previous lives, at his new school – in the guise of friends who he will no doubt feel he ‘knows’ on some level (he does). The Leo-Aquarius mix in his chart is a little like King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The circle was only dented when Lancelot courted Queen Guinevere! He finds his escape from the real world through his friends and teams/clubs. I suspect he’ll be up for a captain/prefect or other role, with that Leo-Aquarius combination over the next couple of years – or just putting younger students under his wing. You married your husband on a classic Leo Node cycle, across his Ascendant – his image, role and reputation. For you, the key to the next couple of years is your Aquarius chart signature. Friends/groups/connections from around 17 years ago will deepen or come back to you. I don’t do solar returns but I would say your trip to London is relevant – focus on the passion for an interest/subject and the rest will come – Oxford may also be part of your Node story.

  119. You have the Nodes in Sagittarius-Gemini like the late Sir Winston Churchill. He was fated to be born American, though he was the British Prime Minister. Sagittarius rules foreigners and also emigration. During the war he used his American birthright to lean heavily on the Americans for support during the crucial allied campaign into occupied France. That’s the Sagittarian part of the axis. The Gemini part is his radio broadcasts and famous speeches. Also his investment in the code breakers of Bletchley Park. Gemini rules radio and codes. You have many lifetimes dealing with the same issues. Communication. Language. Being foreign and dealing with foreigners. You will be in the best position in 12 years to develop this when Jupiter goes into Gemini from late 2018 into 2019.

  120. Hi Jess, what an epic article! So timely with changes in the Royal family too!

    I watched the nodes change signs in 2015 and at that time I relocated overseas for work and split a bit dramatically with a ex – lots of karma and vesta issues I suspect! Fast forward to this node change and I’m contemplating my next move job wise and whether I stay overseas or return home to my old job or a new one as I’m due to return home in the next couple of months. Part of the consideration is whether the next chapter in my life will involve children. I’d love to marry and have children. Having been single overseas I would love your thoughts on the change of the nodes and what it means for my chart as I’ve an ascendant in Aquarius and descendant in Leo and some other asteroids and planets in both signs.
    Thanks again for your fabulous insights!

    1. Thank you. You have the Descendant at the end of Leo so if your birth time is 100% accurate, you will experience the karma with one or more former lovers over the next few months, starting now. If your birth time is even slightly wrong the timing will change – but the Descendant describes former, current and potential partners, as well as other people who may be love rivals. The Node will conjunct your Descendant in Leo. Choices wait.

  121. Thank you Jessica
    My Mother did indeed die peacefully at home with my Father on 6th May shortly after I posted my question to you. I felt relief that the suffering and decline she has born over the last year was over. I registered her death yesterday and I’m now sorting out her affairs and supporting my 86 year old Gemini Father who finds himself alone after 62 years of marriage. His brother also died recently and the two funerals will take place next week. I find myself staying frequently at the home I grew up in and interacting with neighbours, cousins and aunts that I haven’t seen for years.
    What you are saying makes a lot of sense and I look forward to 2018/19/20 when I begin the climb you talk about. I know my father is eager to re-join my mother so I don’t imagine he will hang around in this world for very long.
    Thank you for your kind words

    1. Oh Pauline, I am so sorry your mother has left you – but a peaceful passing with your father by her side must have been such a relief for all of you. I feel very sorry for your Dad having such losses in such a short space of time but you are obviously tied by many, many past lives as a family and the Nodes are telling you to complete the journey together. Your neighbours, cousins and aunts are also very likely to be old karmic connections over one or more reincarnations. You will get to know the Capricorn side of your nature over the next few years and begin your climb. Take care.

  122. Hi Jessica,

    I forgot to mention that I too have regulus at 29 degrees leo as well.
    14° Leo 30′ 07″
    10° Libra 54′ 53″
    10° Virgo 13′ 48″
    28° Virgo 56′ 22″
    12° Leo 56′ 01″
    28° Libra 55′ 36″
    21° Taurus 55′ 28″
    05° Libra 58′ 50″
    28° Scorpio 07′ 24″ R
    25° Virgo 41′ 20″
    10° Aries 06′ 33″ R
    12° Taurus 59′ 16″
    22° Virgo 30′ 11″
    05° Taurus 42′ 41″
    18° Aries 04′ 02″
    18° Libra 04′ 02″
    27° Cancer 06′ 52″
    27° Capricorn 06′ 52″
    29° Sagittarius 09′ 29″ R
    13° Capricorn 55′ 58″ R
    24° Leo 02′ 23″
    27° Virgo 47′ 27″
    02° Leo 24′ 58″
    11° Virgo 58′ 43″
    20° Cancer 10′ 02″
    13° Taurus 31′ 01″
    27° Cancer 15′ 05″
    28° Capricorn 35′ 10″ R
    20° Scorpio 53′ 29″
    05° Aries 39′ 01″
    03° Virgo 16′ 27″
    04° Gemini 29′ 05″
    02° Pisces 51′ 38″
    02° Virgo 51′ 38″

    1. I don’t use Regulus. The Sun, Mars and Minerva in Leo need a channel outside the family, or your own children, so I hope by now you have found a part-time pursuit which serves babies, children or much younger adults. Voluntary football coaching or teaching are typical. This is an intense placement and it is very much about passing on knowledge to a younger generation. In fact, the Node may send you in that direction. Sometimes it’s a mentorship at work – you are given responsibility for a newbie – and the karma may be that you knew each other and you were the student last time round, in a previous life!

  123. Hi Jessica,
    Greetings! My comments from May 5 are still awaiting “moderation” and an additional comment has altogether disappeared!!
    I wonder if I have not input my comments correctly. Please have a look at May 5 under my name and would be very grateful for your feedback.
    Many thanks and blessings.


    1. Your answer is 2,776 comments in the queue – and I am flying around Australia between different time zones. This country has famously bad internet unfortunately so it’s not always possible for me to sit down and reply, Juakali. I am working my way through the list, thank you.

      1. Thank you, Jessica!! I understand that you get swamped as you are so very popular.
        Very grateful for all your past feedback ever since I became a Premium member.
        Have a great weekend.

  124. Hi Jessica – I am recently joined and really loving your site and great insight. I am sorry to shoe horn this in here as I have nothing in Leo aqua apart from apollo? But I have been dancing with a mr Leo on and off since 12 Feb 2015. At 23:15 if that’s useful! My intuition is generally pretty ok but typically off with intimates… when we met it was a thunderclap of soul recognition and fate. And I knew it would be an interesting ride but I am feeling a bit defeated at the moment. I made a clear statement on April 10th! And nothing from him since. I have had my intuition and feelings confirmed several times but am confused and can’t shake it- his birthdate is 07/31/1981. Presumably London, no birth time.I would be grateful for any insight- sorry for going on And on, as you can probably tell, the full moon has been quite tough! All very best

    1. You also have Proserpina in Leo in the Fifth House of courtship and heirs, but actually Apollo will be conjuncted by the Node first, as it falls late in Leo. You were born to lead children or teenagers. That’s a larger issue than sex or love. He has the Sun in Leo so this is a major issue for him too – to have children, or not have them. This will come up for both of you over the next two years, separately or together, and at the moment it seems to be separately. Either way, you learn and progress. A final decision on sex is made by the end of 2018.

      1. I would have replied earlier but have been processing what you said and events this weekend – famous last words possibly but a corner has been turned, am sure as eggs we wil continue the saturn and just about everything in our synastry and all the other stuff – but when we communicate, in whatever way, (cough) we feel understood in a way that i think neither of us have felt before. I am so grateful to you for looking at the chart(s) as i said i was at a bit of a low point – i feel i can trust what is happening again and patience has returned. and a major turning point for a mars in libra woman (me) the statement i made was an ultimatum. i finally asserted myself with someone i want to be with, truly, and the world didn’t end. I have made an extra donation to an organisation that supports refugees as a token of gratitude. all best,

  125. Fascinating article Jessica! Talking about flashbacks, I have friends visiting me this month that I haven’t seen in 15+ years. I had moved to the States in ’98 and stayed for ten years before moving back to Europe. Regarding the Nodes, I am keen to know how this period will affect me professionally and personally as I have the True Node in Cancer in house 9 retrograde and the South Node in Capricorn. I have Venus 19, Bacchus 17, and Panacea 8 in Leo and Vesta 13 and IC 14 in Aquarius so not sure how to decifer all this! Appreciate your response.

    1. I use the Natural House system so I need to spin your chart. Your Nodes are in the Fourth House (Cancer) and Tenth House (Capricorn). You need to read more about that on this site and in your ebooks. It is very common for people with this Nodal axis to be forced to move because of family, or glad to move because of family – and it can also work the other way – it really depends on how you feel about your home town, homeland and so on – and your close relatives. The friends are part of your Aquarius chart signature but nothing karmic will happen until next year.

  126. “Synchronicity”

    All around the world we are stuck in hard realities
    All around the world, Eagles are flying for equality
    Shocking cries for freedom is now the world’s reputation
    There can be a change in power when the people use ambition
    Don’t be fooled by alternative realities being kept where things are hiding
    The spotlight will be turned, it’s just a matter of timing.

  127. Fingers crossed. Third time lucky reposting 🙂

    Hi Jessica
    Thank you for this fascinating article. Could you please tell me how this cycle might affect me. In 1999-2000 I began working at my current organisation (which oddly felt at the time, as though it was meant to be), separated from my boyfriend and met my current partner, so relationships, lovers and my career were a big focus of my life at the time. Although one relationship of mine ended and another started, it felt right, as though everything was falling into place for me, i.e, I was meant to work in particular place, so that I would meet my new partner.
    Weirdly over the past 6 months these two areas have also, yet again become significant areas of focus for me. I have started a new job, still within the same organisation which again, felt oddly meant to be. I first crossed paths with the person, Mr Gemini, I am now working for around 3-4 years ago and at the time I just knew that our paths would cross again in the future. I was right! It turns out they have been instrumental in creating the job role I now have (this process started around Sept 2016) and pushing me down the right path, to ensure I was successful in getting the job, as they wanted me to get it. An additional layer of complexity is that I think I am starting to fall quite heavily for Mr Gemini with whom I work, So, my work and love life are very intertwined. At the moment I feel as is everything around my career and love life has a fated feel to it!
    How will this cycle affect me?

    1. You have a stellium in Leo in the Fifth House but the Node will cross Hygiea first, as this cycle begins in 2017. You obviously separated from a lover and met a new one on the previous Node cycle so unfinished business with your ex and also – your current partner – is part of the story. Not so much about work, but obviously if you are falling in love with a Gemini there is an old echo of past patterns coming up. Hygiea was the daughter of Aesculapius in mythology and she was discovered and named as an asteroid in the year cholera swept the world. Hygiene (of course) was soon identified as the way to prevent outbreaks, so this asteroid is associated with ‘prevention is better than cure’ and ‘forewarned is forearmed.’ You are very protective when it comes to lovers, pregnancy, babies, children and the rest. You don’t say if you have children, don’t want them, do want them, or if the Gemini is a father but by all the laws of astrology it’s this one issue which will dominate the karmic replay by 2018.

  128. Hi Jesica. Another great article. Read it again and again. In 1999-2000 I completed my PhD and moved to a new area for my first full time job. Did my best not to get pregnant. Now, still in full time job (although thinking of a career change or promotion or going back to studying) and trying my best to get pregnant only it’s not easy. Was born with North Node in Sagg and South Node in Gem. Got lots of Aquarius and one Leo in my chart. How are the Leo/Aquarius nodes going to impact my hopes for work/education and children?

    1. Thank you very much. Trying to avoid getting pregnant in 1999-2000 and then wanting to get pregnant on the 2017-2018 Node cycle is an example of how things work with this pattern in your chart. Your only Leo placement is your Ascendant or AC, which depends on an accurate birth time. The Ascendant describes your image, profile, role, title, reputation and the exterior, so you present as a Leo type, although this is not really who you are. The Aquarius stellium is a bigger deal. It has nothing to do with work over the next couple of years, but everything to do with work – if it involves a group, like a squad, team, union, band, society, club and so on. You don’t say what you do, so it’s hard to assess, but if the network is the job (and the job is the network) I would say it’s inevitable. The path to children is complex. As the Node goes through Leo and your Fifth House it will be opposed by everything you have in Aquarius. In real life, as in the chart, oppositions are about situations or people which tend to get in the way. You may want to use your Astrology Oracle for a more personal reading about that. In general, as a strongly Aquarian person, you have a brilliance with groups and circles of people coming together for a common cause and can ‘feed’ them as few others do.

  129. Hello Jessica. Reposting as I think I got lost in the queue. Wonderful article.
    I have North Node 19 deg Cancer and South Node Capricorn 19. I also have Cupido 19 deg and Salacia 18 deg conjunct the South Node. The past year has been challenging with my Mum passing last June, my Sagittarius 29 deg friend being involved in a car accident (I blame Saturn for that), and getting an unexpected large debt around that 22 deg Aquarius/Leo Eclipse time in February (conjuncting my 22 Vulcano).
    I was wondering if Pluto being at 19 deg Capricorn opposing my Cancer North Node is reason behind the challenges, apart from that awful February eclipse?
    I have Venus 29 Leo so the North Node is currently conjunct it – the transit has been okay so far. Will the August 21 Eclipse be eventful to my Venus?
    Thanks for the thought provoking article. I really think you should write a book about Nodes as your article has hit a strong chord going by the large response you have had.
    Cheers 🙂

    1. Thank you very much Julie. And I am planning a library of ebooks for members so there will definitely be a title devoted to the Nodes – as you say, people are really interested in these mysterious parts of the birth chart! You are right about Pluto. Born with the South Node at 19 Capricorn conjunct Cupido at 19 Capricorn in your Tenth House you also have this conjunction opposite your North Node at 19 Cancer in the Fourth House. We associate the Fourth House with your mother and family, of course, so sadly you have had her loss to deal with. In general, the rule with Pluto (affecting both your relatives and home, as well as your ambition and success in life) is to push back. Pluto can be quite an intense transit, and unless you use self-control and self-discipline to become captain of your own ship, it can feel as if other ships are pushing you around the harbour, or strong currents are forcing you this way and that. The only thing that works on a Pluto transit is a will of iron and steely resolve, yet once you learn how to exercise it – you never lose it – and it becomes the making of you. It’s worth reading more about Pluto at this time. The Node on your Venus is about lovers, or a younger generation of babies, children or those who are 20+ years your junior. In general, you may want to skip August for big decisions or acting plans as the eclipse is not really helpful.

  130. Hi Jessica,
    I am a new premium customer to your site but I’ve been following you more than 3 years I guess:)
    Thanks for the article. This new nodes changing makes me confused as they are just the opposite in my chart. I have the south in leo and north in aquarius. What does this node changes mean for me in terms of my career and love relationships? My moon sign is aquarius as well. Also the man I’m dealing now has the same nodes with me. Does this changes in node period would make us more closer or drive us apart as we need to deal in our own issues, maybe the same kind of issues?
    Thank you very much,

    1. Thank you, I’m very flattered. Your North Node in Aquarius is in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. Your South Node in Leo is in the Fifth House of lovers and children. The Nodes are always in opposite signs, no matter if they are in your chart, or travelling through. I note that your Moon sign is also Aquarius. First of all, this is a slow-moving new cycle. It won’t happen all at once, but by the end of 2018 you will have developed richer, deeper, more complex friendships with old friends, who you have past life connections with, and also joined, or rejoined, a group which also has karma with you. Sometimes this karma can come from a situation like the last war, when people were in many, many different kinds of small groups, from the women’s Land Army to the people at Bletchley Park. Even if this wasn’t your last incarnation, the idea of being in a Three Musketeers situation (‘One for all, and all for one’) should ring true for you, now through 2018. Who knows, perhaps this man (who shares your Node sign) was also in the group with you, in a prior incarnation. I suspect one of the issues faced by you, or him, will be the importance of friendship within a circle of people, and group loyalty, and the interests of individuals, with their great need for love and sex! Just avoid August. It’s too unclear. But take the journey. It is meant to be.

  131. Hi Jessica! This blog and your writing in general has been such a gift. I love that you take us through the history of everything! I wish I had discovered it sooner 🙂

    I am a bit worried about this cycle – I was 10 in 2000 so I cannot quite remember what was happening around me other than the insignificant event of changing schools (going to a better school that would funnel me later into an academic life I am thankful for, while my family’s financial problems deepened). My natal chart has North Node in Aquarius and South Node in Leo 7 degrees. I have been trying to advance my career while moving frequently for my husband’s job and bringing up my infant daughter, who was a surprise baby. I tried to return to school this year but didn’t get in to my dream school despite getting very, very close (an interview during Venus retrograde did it, perhaps, haha) – where I have been trying to get closure and move on and not blame the life choice I made of getting married and starting a family at a relatively young age. I wonder if this cycle will put an even more challenging focus on my inner dilemma between family and career, as I work through my frustrations.
    Additionally my birthday falls on the full moon solar eclipse on August 21 (I will be living in the path of the eclipse by that date!) and I have Ceres in 28 degrees in my natal chart, in Leo. I wonder if the eclipse will cloud another unplanned pregnancy, although I have taken reliable precautions.

    Once again, thank you for your amazing writing. Astrology has been such a great coping mechanism for me as I lived through the joys and frustrations of the past few years. I would not change it for anything!

    All best!

    1. Thank you very much. I am pleased astrology has helped you through all the highs and lows. You are strongly Leo with a large stellium in the Fifth House, so all that you say about your surprise baby rings true. Actually you are a born teacher so further education would be a smart idea for you. You could mentor, guide, instruct or teach informally (for example by voluntary English classes) or more formally, working towards a career with much younger people. Jupiter at 0 Leo blesses you with the natural ability to lead and set a shining example to your own daughter, but also to children as a whole and as the Node crosses 0 Leo at the end of the cycle by late 2018 you will have a very happy ending to what will turn out to be quite a journey – you are taking the tiniest first step now. It may help to read more about Leo as a sign, using this site and your ebooks. In order to feel fulfilled you need to find a channel for your Leo birthright. Your daughter was meant to be, partly because of that. Yet there are other children, perhaps in the family, or coming to you as godchildren – and youth as a whole will be there as a major story, all your life.

      1. Thank you for your wonderful reply! I am an artist and really do wish to teach – that is why I have been trying to go back to school 🙂 Wish you all the best, look forward to all your writing.

  132. Hi Jessica-
    Love this article, it’s brilliant and giving me a bit of hope for the future.
    I have my North Node at 02 Pisces in the sixth house. It’s the only planet or object that I have in Pisces and in the sixth house. My South Node is at 02 Virgo in the 12th house packed in there with a whole bunch of other planets/objects. The past year and a half has been one of the worst of my life. It’s been pretty dark, and the main themes have been death (my nephew drowned in February of 2016), illness (both parents experienced major life threatening illnesses and accidents, and my beloved dog’s health has been declining), and betrayal (lots of underhanded, shady things have gone on in the past year that directly affected me). I’m glad the nodes have switched signs and hope this year and a half will be better and less gloomy. I’ve never known what to make of my lone North Node in Pisces, she seems like an outlier and a mystery (very Pisces?). I have a tendency to default to Virgo, and base my decisions on planning and organizing the right thing to do, but it never really works in my favor or at least doesn’t seem that way (I became a naturopathic physician but hate my job and would rather be doing something creative). Is this reflected in my chart and positions of my North and South nodes?

    Interestingly, in 1999-2000 I had just moved back to my hometown of New York City after living in San Francisco for 4 years. It was a period when I rekindled relationships and friendships with my “tribe” and family–I even lived in the apartment building where my mother and grandparents lived for 20 years! I fell in love with the city again and appreciated all it had to offer. I live in LA now and love it here but the tribe is missing for sure, and I am not sure if it will ever happen here. I’ve contemplated moving back again, but I’m not sure if it would be a good idea right now. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

    One more thing…You mention November 6th, 2018 as being an important date for the USA in terms of Karma and that a person or situation that we thought was gone forever will come back/resurrect. November 6th, 2018 is our midterm election date. Many people see this as a singular opportunity for the Democrats to win back both houses of Congress. It will be interesting to see what happens and how the Nodes influence this period.

    Thank you again for such beautiful insight!

    1. Thank you so much. To start at the end, I did not realise that November 6th, 2018 was the USA mid-term election. That is fascinating and I will go and do some more research. Now, back to your chart. I need to spin it, to use the Natural House system. You have the North Node at 2 Pisces in your Twelfth House, which describes your life behind the scenes, and your life below the surface. We associate Pisces and the Twelfth House with Neptune and with the unconscious mind, secrets, classified information, the occult, hypnosis and other mysteries. Thus, your South Node at 2 Virgo falls in your Sixth House, which describes the body – so you are a naturopathic physician. You could work more with the Virgo-Pisces opposition in your chart as you have seven factors there, which is almost one-quarter of your entire horoscope. You can hit Search to find out more about these two signs. There are many creative ways to make Virgo-Pisces polarity work. You sound aware of much of this, but there is always a new way through. Ask your Astrology Oracle ‘How can I make my Virgo-Pisces side serve me and others best, now and always?’ Regarding a move from LA to NYC – if you did want to move there, or anywhere else, have a look at what comes up for you from October 2017 through November 2018 when a stunning opportunity is there. I am not sure if this will be in NYC or another location but it would spell Home for you with a capital H.

  133. Hi Jessica, could you look at my chart and see how this transit will effect me. I have mars at 22 leo and fortuna at 27 leo cunjucting my moon at 27 aries. And I have few asteroids in aquarius.
    I was a severy awkward uni student in 1999 and 2000, social phobic and yes had few friends who were special.
    I am not in touch with them anymore.
    And if you don’t mind, could you see anything that suggests why I have a very strong infatuation with this asian celebrity. It started in march 2012, again last year in June and now a week ago. I don’t know if this has anything to do with astrology.
    Bit many many thanks for your time and effort!!!!!

    1. You are strongly Aquarian with a stellium in the Eleventh House of groups, friends and acquaintances. Social phobia is related to the Eleventh House if there are difficult aspects (patterns) in the chart. Ops at 21 Aquarius is in a tricky position in your horoscope. The word ‘shyness’ is probably better than ‘phobia’ as Morrissey sang, with The Smiths – ‘Shyness is nice, but shyness can stop you, from doing all the things in life you’d like to.’ I am sure you know the song but if you don’t, look up Ask by The Smiths on YouTube. Ops is about optimism, hard work, effort, energy, faith and trust in difficult situations so even though I understand that friends and groups are a slog for you, they will always work out in the end. In fact, you were always meant to be the person who ‘feeds’ or supplies the club, team, group and so on. Maybe your Asian celebrity needs a fan club secretary. In any case, the Node will put you back in touch with your old university friends, or if they are already in your life, you will find the friendship becomes deeply meaningful.

  134. Hi Jessica , your articles are excellent and so informative!!
    Would you be able to comment on my friend with date of birth 21/01/74, in terms of her prospective partners and success in dating this year. She is looking for intellectual connection and stability.

    1. Thank you. No time or place here, unfortunately, and no chart. Your friend may want to try using or and putting a basic chart together there.

  135. I’m a little freaked out because I got married in 1999 and had a baby in 2000. I’m an Aquarius with Aquarius at 2,4,6 degrees. I got divorced in 2005. So I had two of the most significant events in my life in 1999 and 2000. What kind of repetition I’m going to get in 2017-2018?

    1. As Jupiter crosses Uranus at 27 Libra this year (you are on the way now and the cycle ends in October) you will have an excellent opportunity to radically change the way you relate to your former partner, which will also revolutionise the way you deal with a current or potential partner. It will liberate you and others and it will probably happen in the most sudden and electrifying way, like a lightning storm. Like all lightning though, it will illuminate and clarify in quite an exciting episode. Don’t freak out. Do dance in the storm. I expect it will feel most intense across late September through late October when the Sun also passes through Libra and your Seventh House, which describes the chemistry you share with your former, current and potential partners!

  136. Wow, so much information on here!
    Had my first born in 1999, a link to that maybe?
    I also have nothing Aquarius at all, but some Leo. Any ideas?

    1. Venus, Mars, Panacea and Psyche are in Leo in your Fifth House so when you had a child in 1999, you had a past life connection return to you. Psyche also describes who/what lives forever (endures for all time) so that is quite important. This goes beyond just ‘having’ a child and into quite spiritual territory for you. Now that you have a teenager on your hands, there may be some karma to collect or settle (debts and credits) with this young person. It will become more obvious as the Node moves over all four factors in Leo in your chart.

  137. Hi Jessica,

    I’m curious about using the equal system and also how this will affect how I’ve been seeing my chart. I have always used Placidus which makes my NN in Aquarius in the 3rd. However looking at my chart using the equal system it’s now in the 2nd. I’ve always been wary of doing anything SN related (Leo in the 9th usually but in the equal system the 8th) even though my midheaven is Leo. I’ve never really understood how to work this as I’m always focused on the group and the betterment of the community rather than my own self-aggrandizement. I’d rather help out the team or be behind the scenes for example. So now I’ve just read this brilliant article I don’t know what to think. I was preparing for uni in 1999 and ready to start in 2000. I dropped out after 18 months of uni and never thought I’d return. However three days ago I started thinking about it for some reason and it has lead me here. Should I be looking at my chart anew (using the equal system) and how do I even start to dissect this? I’m not a member yet (access to the internet is pretty bad) but if you could point me in the right direction I can decide what to do. BTW – Your 97 book is still my go to for astrology. Thanks.

    1. It’s the Natural House system, not the Equal House system, and they are quite different – hit ‘houses’ on Search to find out more. Your North Node in Aquarius is in the Eleventh House of friends and groups in the Natural House system and your South Node is in the Fifth House, which describes the world of sexuality, babies, children and youth as a whole. Your Midheaven would also fall in the Fifth. Look again at the groups/friendships around university in 1999, 2000 because a past life lesson is set to return. It may be your student union, a band you joined or something else. I am pleased you are still reading my 1997 astrology book which I hope was useful at that time!

  138. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for this article. I learn so much about astrology from your thorough analysis and I love your method of using historical references which I find fascinating and very useful.

    I wanted to ask your insight into the north node south node transit in relation to my birth chart. I believe this particular transit would also mean a nodal return for me.

    I have had a challenging money cycle which intensified for he past year. Because of Saturn in 2nd house. They say last year of Saturn transit should be easier and I am so looking forward to this coming true.

    I have also been interviewing for better paying jobs since Oct last year with no luck.

    I run my own consulting business and I am praying for a breakthrough this year.

    Also I am looking to launch 2 other separate businesses – a property investment business and a music platform/entertainment and events business this year/next year.

    Do you see any particular aspects in my chart and this transit that could positively impact my plans and improve my circumstances?

    Also would you say that the south node in aquarius would help or make it difficult for me to buy a new home to live in? I have been living in rented homes for a long time and I am considering buying my own place.

    Thank you for your insights.

    1. You are strongly Scorpio so you have a stellium in your Eighth House of property, money, business, possessions and charity. No wonder you are so concerned about this! The Nodes have nothing to do with this, but Jupiter in Scorpio is very important. You will be in a position not possible in 12 years to make or save money, from October and it will begin quite intensely with a significant episode by November. You are off to a flying start and should try to get the best advice you can afford from that point forward. The cycle ends in November 2018. When Jupiter conjuncts your Mercury first of all, that’s paperwork which works very well for you, or negotiations in your favour – and it begins the late 2017 cycle for you. Jupiter is opportunity and problem-solving. Mercury is the communication. Put that together in Scorpio, the sign of deadly serious finances or sexually intimate property – and you get the picture.

  139. Hi Jessica,

    I love this article, it must’ve taken ages to research and write but like many people I’ve always been interested in the royal family and found this section fascinating. Will return to this many times I’m sure! I’ve got a few aspects in Aquarius and my friendships, football team and bands are hugely important in my life so I’m wondering what this period will bring. Looking back at 1999/2000 I finished school and started college in 2000 so I feel there might be some sort of connection with that time period though I’m not sure what. As for the Leo aspect I do hope there’s no challenges ahead in my love life as I’ve had more than enough recently! Joking aside, would be great to hear your thoughts on my chart and how I may be affected. Thanks as always!

    1. Thank you very much. The Moon, Ceres, Bacchus and Salacia are all in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of your chart, so your football team, bands and friends are a major part of who you are. You look after your friends like children sometimes can can ‘adopt’ them if they are vulnerable, sick, needy and so on. At the same time you have to learn about compromise and sharing, especially within groups, and the occasional issue about power and control is very likely. Overall, though, Bacchus is about the Bacchanalia – the Roman feast – and Salacia is the escapism that comes with it all. I expect the people who were around you in 1999, 2000 will come back to you – or come back with renewed importance and meaning in your life. For you, friendship is never just a side dish to lovers or family. It’s a main course.

  140. Amazing as always Jessica. This has really got me excited, if someone asked me what the most important and pivotal years of my life were, I would immediately say 1999-2000 – I felt like I woke up then, it’s when my academic journey began, I feel in love madly and deeply and had my heart broken. The life I have now began then – looking forward to seeing what the next couple of years bring…

    1. Aesculapia in Leo is worth a closer look. I mention this partly because my friend Sally just had a long phone conversation with me about finding a snake skin in the bush, walking her dog (it has never happened before). The snake of Aesculapia in your Fifth House of lovers, babies, children and young people (en masse) is a surefire symbol of something/someone coming back from the brink. Watch what happens as the Node makes the conjunction. It is not uncommon to have snake synchronicity at such times. Snakes shed their skins and revive – renew – and so it is with some aspect of the lovers or children in your world – past, present, potential.

      1. You have literally just blown my mind – I was dreaming of a snake a few nights ago, though I can’t remember all the details now, I really need to start writing these things down! Thank you! x

  141. Dear Jessica,
    This might sound a bit crazy but I HV a very weird question….The only thing significant that happened on this year’s may 10 full moon was a sudden proposal of adopting a 10 yr old Labrador bitch which I agreed instantly although the animal shall reach our home by this may end…..I knw this might sound crazy but when I find people asking u abt finding snake skin in the bush it makes me wonder does a black adult bitch also suggests sm link??? Just curious as read smwhr female black dogs are linked with Saturn!! Is tht true!!! Or a myth!! N wht link can there then possibly be!

    ….One of my other significant question I guess has got lOST in the que so reposting….
    U answered for me in this blog tht my Saturn (r) in leo is the key…And when I was aged 29 I lost my husband to death so u said I hd Saturn return then …..n this time again I ll HV same themes same challenges,same lessons!!!
    Now I am wondering wht does that mean …Do I suffer separations n pain of loss of lvd ones again…….Saturn return generally has effects aftr 28 yrs so my next Saturn return shd HV been late but why do u feel this time I HV to undergo same theme, challenges n lessons..

    My natal Saturn(,r) is in 10 degree leo and in 8th house …How this all shall integrate with understanding the effect of upcoming transit of true north node in Leo on my personal life???..My natal north node is at 24 degree libra and natal southnode at 24 degree Aries…. ..N yes I do HV a child..

    my dob….It’s 28 March 1977, time 11:40pm at India…

    Wondering wht future might hold for me????Do I again HV to suffer pain by losing a loved one forever or is this any smthing more!!!
    Could u plz help me know more …Shall appreciate ur kind guidance..Looking forward to ur reply…..Thanks n god bless

    1. When you lost your husband on your Saturn Return in Leo there would always be unfinished emotional business. This is not a repeat, literally – the Nodes don’t work like that – but you will have the chance to gain some closure, now through 2018. One way or another, what you did not settle when your husband passed, will now be there for you to settle – once and for all.

  142. Thank you for the insightful post!

    I have a question, I am wondering how/where in my chart I will be affected by this nodal shift.

    I have my north node in Aquarius in the 4th house. But my fifth house is ruled by aqaurius, 11th by Leo. Are both my 4th house/10th house and 5th house/11th hous axis’ being affected? Also, it is my inverse return, so how could all of this be interpreted?

    Further I have Jupiter and Venus in Leo in the 10th house of cancer.

    Thank you!!

    1. I use the Natural House system so I need to spin your chart. You have the North Node in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. You have Jupiter and Venus in Leo in the Fifth House of lovers, children and young adults. Assuming you were old enough to be affected by the 1999, 2000 cycle you will now see some karma around that coming back through 2017, 2018, specifically in relation to affairs of the heart, children/teenagers and at the other end, the friends and groups which affected you so much.

  143. I really loved your in-depth writing about this topic Jessica. I am new to your page, but will be following you regularly from here on out. My north node is in cancer at 11°, so I found all of your insights on QE II quite enlightening. Good lessons for me to remember as the next year and a half unfolds. Thank you again so much

    1. Cheers – I hope the information about the Nodes is useful for you. If you wanted to research your South Node at 11 Capricorn, just find out when Pluto passed by 11 Capricorn a few years ago and see what happened with your career, unpaid work, degree or full-time parenting.

  144. Hello Jessica,

    Fantastic article as always! I actually read through all the comments above hoping that someone would have asked this before me.

    My question is about natal nodes. My husband (2-Jan-1976, 05:05 (58.1599119,8.0182064)) and I are only 3 months apart in age. So our charts have a lot in common. How do the change in nodes every 2 years effect the natal nodes? We both have Scorpio north nodes and Taurus north nodes and our focus, especially now, is all things related to business and money. Immigration is also a big focus and we have been trying to move to the US for years now. Looks like my Sagittarius stellium is effected by Saturn in Sagittarius and that might be the reason we are still stuck here? Anyhow, I am interested to hear what the story is about natal nodes vs transiting nodes. How do they relate to each other? I could not find any information on this anywhere. I have Jan Spiller’s book but there is nothing on there either about the relationship between natal and transiting nodes.

    1. Thank you very much. Good question about the transiting (travelling/moving) Nodes affecting the natal (birth chart position) Nodes. You and your husband will have a Node Return across Taurus and Scorpio and we are about to see Jupiter in Scorpio (abundance, solutions, finance, property, business) from October 2017 through November 2018. We also have Uranus (shock, revolution, freedom, independence, the world turns upside-down) in Taurus (currency, banks, profit/debt, possessions, values, values, values) from May 2018. The cycle for you two begins with the biggest chance to profit or save, or fix issues. You would both have suffered through the Saturn in Scorpio cycle in recent years – slow, stuck, serious. Jupiter in Scorpio will activate the karma you share. Yet – from May 2018 for many years, you two must deal with an ever-changing, radical, liberating, crazy, exciting new world. I am sure you realise that you knew each other before on a financial basis. Perhaps even across many lifetimes. Find out what you owe each other/what you need to collect. I suspect that was a mighty big issue on one prior incarnation. I am writing a lot about the last war in relation to the Nodes. You need to know we had major transits in Taurus (land, possessions, food, income, budgets) from 1939. During that war people found out who or what they refused to sell their souls for. I will leave that with you.

  145. NorthNode 
    15° Sagittarius 01′ 39″ R
    15° Gemini 01′ 39″ R

    Hi Jessica..

    As always love your articles. Just wondering how this will the Leo & Aquarian nodes will play out for me…. In 2000 I separated from a partner. They were not the love of my life! So would be interested to see how this will play out.

    Many thanks again.

    1. Separation would appear to be the end of the matter, as modern life tells us, but as we all know in astrology – the Nodes pick up life decades, centuries, many centuries ago. These soul contracts run awfully deep. This person will be back in your life, or the same theme will reappear – whatever that was for you. Nothing to do with your Sagittarius-Gemini nodes, but everything to do with Jupiter at 27 Leo conjunct Pluto at 27 Leo in your Fifth House of intimacy, passion – and the world of pregnancy, children or young adults. I feel the phrase ‘Yin and Yang’ speaks to you with this person. You will learn more about this, now through late 2018 as the Node goes through Leo. I suspect 2017 is the clincher.

      1. Thank you Jessica… I have since found some old letters from 2000 and resigned my commission from the army at that time. Coincidently I have Just recently resigned my trustee role in my Army Association/club after 3 Years but aiming to start building a branch in the south coast to bring ex army people together.

  146. Thank you so much for the in-depth article!

    Would you mind taking a look at my chart? I definitely want to have children, but as I mentioned to you earlier in the year, I am in a very difficult situation with the man I hope/consider to be the love of my life (we we have a deep, “fated” feeling love, but were torn apart, at least temporarily, by his suicidal ex).

    Thank you again for the kind and thoughtful responses you provide your subscribers! It is such a treat to get these little tid-bits of professional insight.


    1. Meghan, I do remember your earlier question. You won’t have the Node pass your Apollo (leadership) at 0 Leo (children, young adults) until the very end of this cycle in late 2018. That’s fine because the very entry of the Node into Leo in May (now) starts a very long, slow process. Your lover and his former lover are described by Libra in your chart and you have Juno at 3 Libra semi-sextile Vesta at 3 Scorpio. I have often mentioned Vesta here because this powerful little baby planet is about one man/two or more women. Please hit Search and look at Vesta for more, and also pick up your ebooks. I think it’s very important that you look beyond the immediate motherhood question and into this pattern in your chart, which is exact (rare). One buys into Vesta, as a woman. One chooses to compete with other females (sometimes even a lover’s small girls, or his mother) because of some old karmic desire to win, or be first, and so on. Space does not allow for me to go into this more, but if were were in a private reading now, I would tell you to look very, very carefully at his patterns with females. Meghan, I feel very good about your future in terms of children or young adults, because you were born to help, guide and so on – with this generation – but you have a ton of different ways to do this, now through late 2018 and this chap is not the only way. Often we miss the interesting man at the back because he is shyly or modestly looking the other way. All our eyes and ears are the man/men at the front but the goods can often be concealed. That’s a bit of a psychic message for you!

  147. Well what a ride that blog post was. Had to read it 3 times to be able to absorb it all. Still scratching my head a bit though. Thankyou so much for putting so much effort into a very interesting piece. Wouldn’t you know it, I have North Node Leo at 28 and South Node Aquarius at 28. Not 100% sure what that means for me over the coming months so would be greatful for any help you can give me. All I remember about 1999-2000 is that I helped some dear friends, several of them actually, through marriage breakups and we were renovating our house. Having said that, we are always renovating something so not sure that is significant.
    Thanks in advance Jessica.

    1. Thank you. All you remember about 1999-2000 is helping many dear friends through marriage break-ups? Wow. That’s not even ‘only’ it is actually the heart of the karma you carry from the 1940’s (quite possibly ) or earlier. The reason I am settling on the last war, is that we had major transits over the final degrees of Leo and Aquarius at that time. As I am sure you know, everyone was in a group. Land Girls. The R.A.F. (And that’s just Great Britain). For reasons of sheer survival, people had to turn friendship into ‘like family’ feeling and small groups became the core of everything. I would not be remotely surprised if you were in the army in the last war, had massive karma with these people involving affairs of the heart/marriage – and have turned a wheel with them. Either the same issue or the same people will come back, now through 2018, according to the rules we have about the Nodes, which are always about return, return, return in astrology…

  148. Hi Jessica,

    I love reading your articles I am a Leo and born on July 24th 1981 at 6:15 am IST and just realized I am accidentally pregnant its come as a shock to me as I was going to quit my job which I hate so much and find something else but am not compelled to stay on due to this complete change in direction life has taken … any insights would be useful

    1. I understand your anxiety about this because you wrote twice. Before you do anything, anything else – reach out to people you trust. If you would prefer talking to someone you don’t know, reach for the telephone. I don’t even know what country you are in, but please do use the web to find sources like The Samaritans, begun by Chad Varah such a long time ago in London – his model of anonymous listening is still the go-to source today for telephone helplines worldwide. I really feel for you and please do either option, immediately. The astrology, I covered for you in the other comment.

  149. Hey Jessica, again I thank you for such a wonderful and in depth read. In saying that though I have become a little confused trying to relate all this info to my own chart, argh, can you shed some light and share some wisdom how this effects my chart please. Always thankful, Ness

    1. Sure, Ness, thank you. Venus at 16 Aquarius, Chiron also in Aquarius (one degree away) in your chart is about the complicated relationships (Venus) you share with friends (Aquarius) and others in the group (Aquarius) which also challenge you to go beyond the limits (Chiron) and see what is possible or ‘allowed’ (Chiron). This is the punk rock placement. A lot of punks who were huge stars in 1977/1978/1979 have it! They were in bands (groups, Aquarius) and explored what they could get away with/what was permitted (Chiron) at the time. It changed the world. You have done this yourself in any number of ways since you were a small child and more obviously in 1999, 2000 when we had a stack of Aquarius transits. This is pathfinder cycle for you, through 2018, when old friends/new friends/old groups/new groups ask you to find out what your next step is, spiritually. Aquarius of course is about the pool of people, united in people power and a sense of community, not separated by class/age/gender/race – who are in it together. They always require help of course, which is where the true Aquarian type comes in. And that’s you, Ness.

  150. Reposting.. Hoping to get lucky..

    Hi Jessica, I am in a relationship with another Aquarius born 2/13/61. We have been in a relationship since 2009 and have known each other since 1989, as friends and co-workers. We really love each other and get along great, soul-mates. We spend a lot of time together but it just hasn’t become real in the sense that I need it to. I have recently met a Libra and there seems to be some compability.. My Aquarius is afraid that I might move on.. I love my Aquarius deeply, more than I have ever loved another and I was previously married for 20+ years to someone else. Do you see me and the Aquarius coming together in the very near future or should I make the dreaded decision to walk away from that relationship? I love him dearly but I feel I will only bring myself heartbreak to continue to wait for a full commitment from him— Thanks The Libra birthday is 10/21/65 if that matters. I hope you give me wonderful news with the Aquarius 🙂 Thanks so much– Annette

    1. Annette, you are really in the karma zone here with your Aquarian, who like you – is an Aquarian! When you say ‘soul mates’ you have made a soul contract before reincarnating – yes. If you were married for 20 years before and feel you have found love with your February friend, then for heaven’s sake give yourself and Aquarius the luxury of the whole Node cycle (until the end of 2018) to make up your mind. I suspect a ton of stuff has gone down, historically, with you two. Libra is all about the freedom and independence and if October is interested in you, then it may well be that you are obviously with someone else, so Libra does not have to get real/get serious/do the 365 days a year thing, for the rest of your lives. A chap just walked past me in the airport in Australia and said ‘Maybe that’s what it is.’ Strange but true. He was in conversation with his friend about something quite different, but think about that! (The Romans often used this technique when seeking answers; they heard chance conversations and got their answers that way). I believe this will work out for you and Aquarius anyway but the Node in Leo says, you have to take the journey. Libra has a ton of other karmic issues about having children/not having children.

  151. Hi,

    I got married in 1999. Still together and happy. I’m a Leo rising. A little worried as to how these upcoming transits might affect my marriage.

    1. Why worry? You had the Node on your Leo Ascendant (and I suspect, a ton more patterns in Libra (marriage) and Leo when you had your wedding in 1999. Your rising sign is only your image, title, role, appearance…so this is just about that. If you’re happy together there may well be a second acknowledgement of your wifely state!

  152. Hi Jessica

    I love your website I am a Leo born on July 24 1981 at 6:15 am ist

    I just learnt I am accidentally pregnant and I was planning to quit my job next month but need to stay on longer now though I dread my job I am wondering what I should do I have been stuck in my career for a while now

    1. Oh lady, you are accidentally pregnant with the Node on your Leo Sun next year, in the Fifth House of parenthood. My heart goes out to you and without delay – never mind the astrology – confide in people you trust, among family and friends, because you will need a ton of support – then hit the library/the web/professional advice so you can make up your mind. Light a candle and ask your spirit friends and helpers to assist you, too. This is so not about work. This is about your relationship with the next generation and how you play it. Not just through 2018 but until the next Node cycle comes around. I wish you the best of luck.

  153. Hi Jessica! The transiting North Node will soon hit my natal nodal degree before touching my natal ascendant and my Sun. What might I expect in the coming weeks / months? Thanks!

    1. The transiting North Node across your Leo Ascendant and Sun is really about what you owe/are owed with a far younger generation. We interpret Leo partly because of the last war, when Pluto transited Leo – and we saw a teenage girl (Princess Elisabeth) in line for serious power. Leo is of course the sign of those who have ‘heirs to the throne’ and rule in some way, no matter if they teach, write for children, publish for children, have children…or adopt. The last war also taught us about Leo power (Pluto in Leo) expressed through royalty, via Emperor Hirohito. Lovers also belong to Leo. The last war saw the advent of the baby boom…not very romantic, but it is so true to Leo. With this chart signature you also express yourself most fully when you lead/mentor/guide a far younger generation than your own, or take a lover who can either help usher that generation in, or pursue that generation, with the lover you have. Whatever went down for you last time we had transits in Leo (and in your past life it may even be the last war) is about to return, return, return. You have credits to pick up and debts to settle with lovers or the world of children/youth.

  154. Hi Jessica,

    Here we are with a special prosecutor appointed to investigate if Trump influenced the election. The special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, is a Leo (Aug 7, 1944, New York, NY) and this comes at the beginning of the node transit.

    So interesting.


  155. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! My nodes are Scorpio and Taurus but I have Jupiter, Juno, Desc and Panacea in Leo and Asc, Venus, Diana, Fortuna, Aesculapia, Proserpina and Cupido in Aquarius. That’s why I always read Aquarius as part on my horoscope as well. Nothing particular happened back in 1999- 2000 except that I got a new job. But right now, I’m in divorce process and got my son custody, plus all financial stuff going on in a divorce. I want to know if there will be a happy time in my life after 12 years of unhappiness. Will there ever be a true love in my life?

    1. Cheers. Love, sex, marriage and common law marriage are not about Aquarius in your chart – they are about Leo or Libra. I would expect that to be the issue in your personal horoscope and you have a whopping stellium (large cluster of horoscope factors) in Leo. Now through the end of 2018 you have some rewards to collect and some things to settle about your son, and of course – every person and situation which surrounds your son. This is the lst time for years. There is no true love/handsome prince/forever soulmate but there is a creative process with an imperfect human being who has had a really challenging journey, like you, and has issues about having chosen children/not chosen children (like you) years before. I am sure you already know this. And this path in your life will probably be a million times more interesting than the white bride/black suit bridegroom/white wedding/wedding cake story that you’ve also been presented with…I suspect your son’s school will be a trigger for you. If you want to get more involved, then get more involved, why not?

  156. Hi Jessica,

    2016 was a very heavy year for me. I had a solar eclipse exact on my natal sun Sept 1. Would this be because of Neptune as it opposed my natal sun? I do have a stellium in Virgo. I am really trying understand this heaviness, as I have always been a bright happy person. I have become a premium member because I visited your website daily and I just love your write ups. Thank you for doing such an amazing job!

    1. Thank you. There was indeed a Solar Eclipse on 1st September 2016 at 9 Virgo right on your Sun at 9 Virgo, so you experienced a blind spot or cover-up about work, or your body. Virgo rules duty, service, the daily routine, chores, tasks, paid work, unpaid work – and the way your body (actually your physical type or condition) influences the tasks life gives you. You keep saying ‘heavy’ though and that is nothing to do with an eclipse. Heavy is Saturn. So…what you need to know is that in 2016, Uranus passed 24 Aries over your natal Saturn at 24 Aries. This can only happen once in your life. Look up Aries on Search on this website and beyond…look up your First House. This is almost over but it was about your image, profile, reputation, name, face, shape, identity and you need to process.

  157. sorry to bother…Im reposting…I have many Leo placements for the node to cover…but the node also opposes my Aqua descendant and Chiron. I also noted that the node will hit my Diana in Leo which opposes my Ceres (which is a weird natal thing, right?). Thanks for looking, your posts are so interesting to research and think about!!

    1. Your Leo stellium is about deciding how/why/to whom you leave the legacy of your heart, soul and personality to a younger generation. This may be the people 20 years younger than you – whom you teach, or instruct. It may be your goddaughter. It may be the children you might adopt with a sympathetic lover. You don’t tell me about your situation so I can’t keep on guessing, but essentially, tiny, tiny hints and clues about the world of lovers, exes, babies, children and youth from the last 1-2 weeks (think about this) now build in size. By the end of 2019 you will have said yes, no or maybe,

  158. Thank you for another very informative article Jessica. I have no recollection of anything “important” happening in 1999/2000. Life was ticking along nicely, doing my university studies and being loved up with my boyfriend. All was fine!! These days, however, life is crazy: two young, demanding kids & trapped in a very difficult marriage with an Aries stellium, in a country that I do not like living in, in a complete halt with my career and, above all, having lost my faith that things will get better…
    Can the lack of important events in 1999/2000 be interpreted as “nothing is going to change” in this new cycle May 2017? Of course, by change I mean changing for the better not for worse (as it could be a devastating outcome like a divorce for example, or ruining my relationship with the kids). North node has just transited my Saturn in 0 degrees Virgo. Should I worry about this? I intent to move to another country by August 2017 (so kids are settled in for school starting in September 2017). I know you advised me to wait until January 2018, but practicalities of life (kids in school) means that I have to make some decisions/moves earlier. Am I heading for a disaster? 🙁
    Thank you very much

    1. Thank you very much. So you are thinking about a divorce, perhaps and emigrating – and your children. This is a ton of stuff all at once, so Pluto is often the clue, as he moves slowly and changes lives. Sure enough you have Bacchus at 20 Capricorn in the Tenth House of status, position, mission and ambition and Pluto is at 20 Capricorn for the first time in over 240+ years. Search that (Capricorn, Pluto, Bacchus) and have a look at the art as well. Art often speaks to us when we are dealing with archetypes. The core issue is doing better/ going further/ moving up…very Capricorn. The children are shown by Mars in Leo in the Fifth House of your chart and the Node crosses your Mars next year so you have a karmic decision to make then, as you collect past life credits and settle any debts, both with your son or daughter, or the people who matter to them. The Node in Leo is worth watching.

  159. Hi Jessica, I have come up against a difficult issue! In 1999/2000 I made a huge mistake that cost the company $1,000,000 and I was almost fired but they offered me a different job. This was also very difficult from a image/reputation perspective. I am now in a similar situation where a potential error has been raised which, if substantiated, could have a very large negative impact on the Company going back many years.In addition, it can have a huge impact on me personally. I have just been restructured from my role unrelated to this issue (my job was eliminated) and I am not sure if this will affect me. Once again I find myself in a situation we’re my capabilities may be questioned. Is this related to the nodes? Is this Karma? How can this situation be resolved positively. Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Not so much your financial concerns, but Saturn in Taurus (reality checks, finance) back in 1999-2000 is your answer. You have Ceres at 12 Taurus in the Second House of money, values, charity, business, debts, property and profits. If your birth time is accurate then you have the IC there at 13 Taurus, just one degree away. This is about a leaf on your family tree who also lived through massive issues about debts, costs, credits, profits, and the rest. You inherited it. Strongly suggest that when Jupiter (solutions) opposes your Ceres and IC at 12, 13 Scorpio around July 2018 you settle up, review the past, search your soul and make good. Hunt around your family tree long enough and you’ll find the person. The issue is values, ethics, principles and ideals – goes way beyond other people’s price tags.

      1. Hi Jessica, I have been giving a lot of thought to your advice. I have started to research my family tree and unfortunately I have not been able to find any information. When you referred to “settling up”. Does this mean I have to forgive or ask for forgiveness. I am not sure what I should be doing. Thanks.

        1. Give it time – this is a slow, long cycle – and yes, setting up means balancing things – settling scores if necessary – leaving the karma balanced.

  160. The centre for maths and reading for children is the key to your question – and thank you for your kind words, as well. Essentially this is the core of Leo – teaching/mentoring/guiding – so it is no surprise to find that you have your IC in Leo. The IC or Immum Coeli describes what we inherit from our family on both sides, going back two or three generations. Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents were all dealing hugely with the issue of parenthood/no children/ godchildren/nieces/nephews/youth and how to handle that. You inherited this. It comes up for you karmically now through 2018 and if you are all about children, as well as sisterhood, this is your cue. Find out more about that family member who drives this!

  161. My nodes are in leo n aquarius, with a leo stellium and just mars in aquarius. From reading my sun sign karmic weather being a parent and in matters of the heart. I Had had been holding out for a special someone to make good but this is always delayed/deferred for many reasons. I will have an empty nest come Autumn and am realising I need to fill my life with something more than working/waiting for him/parenting. I want a jupiter in libra moment (ha)! Guidance?

    1. Strongly Leo people have to figure out the children, pregnancy, stepchildren or no-children issues before they can get to love. You do this periodically as the Nodes revolve, and are about to do it again. By 2018 you will have had a few interesting choices. Some Leo women are destined to face interest from men who have children by other partners or wives, for example!

  162. Hi Jessica,

    I have my Moon and North Node in Aquarius, in my 12th House. During the 1998 – 2003 period I was a child in very emotionally turbulent circumstances, and often did not get along with my peers. Im not certain what a nodal reverse would mean for me, given that I’m in a far better place emotionally and socially now.

    1. In the Natural House system your Moon and Node are in the Eleventh House of friendship, groups and communities. As you had trouble with your peers from 1998 it is likely that you have squares or oppositions from the Moon and Node to factors in Leo, Scorpio and/or Taurus in your chart. Worth a look.

  163. Dear Jessica,
    I have tried really hard not to add to your workload burden but find myself coming back to seek your insights!
    Please could you advise on my chart? I started uni in 2009, met my best friends and 09/10 broke up with my first love and met another. Both of these men are married with children and not a part of my lives and I don’t anticipate or frankly want their return!
    Also just for your interest, thank you for your advice about Mercury/Venus retrograde following my previous comment. Mercury Retrograde has continued to kick my butt, and the man I mentioned did finally arrange for us to meet again last weekend. It was wonderful but now all has gone quiet again. I haven’t felt this way for years and am sad to think it will come to nothing. Any chance he’ll come to recognise a good thing or have the retrograde put a kibosh on it all?!?!

    1. It’s really not a burden – but I answer comments when I can, in between travel and other work schedules. I think you are misunderstanding what the Nodes do. Have a look at the article again. Sometimes there is a literal return of a former lover (for example) but karma does not depend on the same face reappearing. Karma is really what you are owed/owe returning in the context of that old relationship – and there is a big difference. Also, Mercury Retrograde is just about communication going back and forth – it’s not the end of a love affair or anything else – it just returns you to the place you began in early May or April. It’s over today.

      1. Thank you Jessica, that helps and I’ve had another read through. I think I’m getting confused and overwhelmed as it seems my chart will be affected by many astrological events over the next year or two, and I don’t know where to turn or what to do for the best. Patience and guts necessary I suppose!

        1. You are strongly Leo and have a choice to make about the world of children or lovers – perhaps linked – for example, a friendly date with an unhappily married man with children – that kind of situation – or choices about unpaid work involving very young people. You will see what/why in August.

  164. Hi again Jessica. Trying to get clearer on nodal change in my chart void of Aquarius – question ties in to previous “Mick & Keith” question, if u recall… As teen, I’d left my home town’s expectancies (work factory job u hate, buy car, marry someone u tolerate, have kids, & die). Headed to Big City, somehow achieved dream working in field I loved, happily nestled in an all-female performing arts ‘tribe’ (band) & showbiz scene. But it only lasted short time. Over the years, things went downhill; I found myself ill & broke. Made the depressing choice to move back ‘home’. 3 yrs now back ‘home’ (maybe stork’s GPS malfunctioned): still feel like a fish-out-of-water, even within own family (racism). 1999/2000 was uneventful. My Leo/Aquarius area seems to be Performing/Groups; but very slim pickings in that here. In that sense, am I – like ‘The Incredible Hulk’ – doomed to forever wander the earth alone? Is it time to apply to the factory after all?

    1. Hmmm, not so much Mick and Keith, but a Bruce Springsteen album. The situation with the family is fated and we don’t choose our families, nor the cycles we are born into. There is a long, slow process of having to find your power here, and also watching the balance of power change within the family circle. This sometimes happens because people move back, or move away, or there are other departures.You will be dealing with most of these issues in an intense way in 2018, 2019, 2020 and I suspect that you have been moved back home, because it was the only way the universe could force you to deal with the new order that needs to begin with parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and so on. Try not to be depressed by it, but do immerse yourself in it and read about Pluto, now in charge of this area of your life. You have the IC or Immum Coeli in Cancer in the Fourth House of family, so you were born to sort things out with your home town, and your own clan, and with patience and care, you will move beyond what you have experienced (factory jobs, racism in the family) into quite a different appreciation of what it means to belong to a particular place and its people. You would not be the only person where you live, to hate the system or struggle with relatives and it might be time to open yourself up to other possibilities locally but also within the family tree. I suspect with Saturn, Jupiter and Ceres all poised to go through Capricorn and oppose your IC (starts slowly at Christmas) this would happen anyway but you may as well get a head’s start.

      1. Thanks, Jessica. I do wish the astrology pointed to a different scenario… I will certainly read all the material suggested though. Many thanks again for replying to my question.

  165. Dear Jessica, thank you for this great article. I’d appreciate your advice on my chart. I’m getting discouraged because my life is feeling really stuck. My North Node is at 25 Aquarius so I’m a bit confused how the current node cycle will play out since my natal nodes are the opposite of the transiting nodes. I also have Uranus at 13 Libra and Sag sun at 26, but no action in my love life this past year or even lately, despite major aspects to those degrees last week.
    I did get a job offer from someone I last worked with in 1999 but the work would have been a huge step backwards for my career development so I felt I couldn’t accept it – I would have gladly taken it had there been any prospect of forward movement, but there wasn’t.
    I’ve been a single mom since getting divorced in 2010. I fell hard this year for a wonderful Leo guy who is much younger than I am. We have our north nodes at the same degree and many other nice aspects (Eros /Psyche conjunct, etc). I sense he has feelings for me too but nothing’s happened and he’s moving away in July for a few years for school. I feel like I’m set to be disappointed in love yet again and am really losing heart. I’d be grateful for your advice on anything coming up in my chart, or how to get un-stuck!! Endless thanks!

    1. The Nodes are about friends (Aquarius) and lovers (Leo) and your children (Leo). Nothing to do with work. Don’t use Eros or you will become confused! The Nodes going through Aquarius and Leo will trigger themes from the past, if not the actual people, and it is time to look back at what happened in 1999, 2000 in particular as you can learn from it. Perhaps your child was born then, or you had a specific episode with the world of children, young adults, or men. You have Uranus in Libra in your Seventh House of marriage and common law marriage, separation and divorce. That is worth knowing about as people with this placement commonly create, invent and produce very particular kinds of love lives for themselves, then reject them. Each time this happens, they get to be free – truly independent – even though at the time it can seem as if the world has turned upside-down. When you began the relationship with the far younger Leo man you had Jupiter in your Seventh House conjunct your Uranus so there was a classic opportunity (Jupiter) to do something radically different (Uranus) and yet he is now moving to study (Uranus) so the world has flipped again. It might be interesting for you to find out more about Uranus as a planet and also in terms of the myth and look at your life and chart in the light of this. People with Uranus in Libra say they want to get married and have children, then walk away, or reject the rules of the relationship set up by the other person, or the church, or society and so on. Uranus at 13 Libra is almost exactly conjunct Minerva (one degree) in Libra in your chart so have a look at Minerva too. She did not want love or sex in her life and is far more identified with the wise woman, the career woman, the advisor and counsellor. Minerva and Uranus are holding hands in your horoscope and it’s worth digging more deeply into this, because of the lack of action in your love life, the divorce, the younger man, and so on. Whenever people with Uranus in the Seventh House complain about a lack of action it is often because they do not want the risk of an upset again so they set up obstacles between themselves and potential lovers that prevent anything, even a one-night stand, from happening! In other words it can feel safer to be stuck and immovable rather than do anything which would bring yet another upheaval. It may help to know that in the Roman myth (astrology is Roman/Latin not Greek which is why we don’t use Eros) Uranus was the sky god and his wife Gaia was the earth goddess. Every time they had sex she gave birth to another child – a Titan – whom Uranus rejected. In fact he shoved the children back inside his wife’s womb. Eventually the children grew noisy and Gaia got stick of the clamour so she asked one of them to step forward and castrate Uranus. Saturn volunteered. She gave him a scythe fashioned from the metal inside herself, and he used the scythe to cut off the penis and testicles of Uranus, the next time he had intercourse with his wife. The genitals were thrown in the sea and produced Venus. Uranus was free at last from having to reject his children – liberated from sex, in fact – and all the children were set free, too. So by all the laws of astrology and synchronicity you may want to dig deeply into what it means to have Uranus conjunct Minerva in Libra in your Seventh House and how you might creatively work that. I suspect there is a major question here about your child and as the Node crosses Leo and your Fifth House of parenthood you may want to look at that all over again.

  166. Dear Jessica.

    A very interesting reading.

    I have been thinking back to 1990 and 2000 . Was on my last year of studying for masters in special ed. I am a double Capricorn. And sadly have sun at 14 Deg. Which conjunct transit Pluto ( which has been an endless argument with authority to teach in my specialise area. Even court). Now. Transit Pluto conjunct my ascendent 20 deg cap. and I feeling it . North nodes. Help me understand this. Transit north node, in Leo (May 2017) conjunct Jupiter at o deg vig. Then this week transit north node conjunct Pluto 28 .15 deg. And I fighting for my career to be able to keep teaching in my skilled area . I am been forced to retire at age 61. And yet, I want to teach part time and I need the income in this expensive world of Australia.

    I am a premium member and I do not use twitter or Facebook, just so desperate here, because. I face with poverty living unless in the next few years / I need a job or need a good win of money.

    1. You need to log in, so I can see your birth chart. You are talking about teaching – I assume this is with much younger people? If so, this is your Leo transit in the Fifth House? Please log in again and have a look at your Leo placements.

  167. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you very much for sharing your time and precious knowledge with us, so rich in details, so generously. Your in-depth analysis of the nodal axis shift was literally breathtaking!
    I’m a guy of 41 years, Capricorn with Leo Asc at 7 (Saturn also in Leo at 1), natal North Node in Scorpio at 20 (conjuncting my natal Venus at 26 Scorpio). The previous passage of the North Node in Leo, at the end of 1998, coincided with a real breakthrough in my life, since I had the chance to move abroad for study (from Italy to Norway, I’m Italian), for one year…What was initially meant to be a simple ‘study trip’, rapidly turned into something bigger, a journey through self-discovery, I dare say…That year of my life affected me deeply on a personal and cultural level (mainly positively), but also, radically, with regard to my academic career (I was a student, now I’m a researcher, in a field that I started to master exactly at that time). Now I have a question about the recent nodal shift, but only if have some extra-time for answering…It concerns my work/career, which seems to have come to halt, from some time onwards…Is there another ‘journey’, real or metaphorical, waiting for me somewhere, somehow in 2017-2018? Thanks in advance, you’re superb, JC

    1. Thank you JC, my cup runneth over. The last time the Node conjuncted your Saturn and Ascendant in Leo in the late 1990s/early 2000s you had a major cycle in your Fifth House, which rules lovers and also children and youth as a whole. It really had nothing to do with your career unless you ended up in a teaching profession, or one involving a younger generation (you don’t say what your chosen field is). For career issues specifically, you need your chart. In general, you should see opportunities tied to finance, property, charity, business from the final quarter of this year as Jupiter begins to transit Scorpio and will ultimately conjunct your Node and Venus there – that is very important and quite possibly about a relationship/partnership/marriage.

  168. Hi Jessica. Ok, log in now. So you can check my natal chart. You have mentioned where is my Leo.. ( in 8. House based on I have Pluto at 28 .15 deg and the transit north node went over this in the past 12 hours. I love teaching Jessica, and I especially love special education teaching to children and adults who are challenged in all forms of learning. But, sincetransit pluto conjunct my sun in Capricorn recently and now transit Pluto conjunct my ascendent (soon) very close orb right now. I am been forced to retire under ill health. And this is been pushed on me because is use alternative medicine for healing a terrible skin issue.

    Now. I lost. Because, there is not enough money for early retirement. So I was thinking to go a long way from my home. And live in a caravan or tent to find a teaching job so I can pay bills at home.

    So, so lost not sure if my court case is good for me or this is Pluto destroying me going over or close to my ascendent. This is why I asked about the north nodes. What does it mean for me as I just recently passed over natal Pluto and Jupiter . ( found out some hidden evidence that has now surface. But. Very little money at my finger tips.

    1. Leo rules your Fifth House in the Natural House system which you can also find at if you search. You will always teach, either in paid or unpaid work, despite the difficulties now. You may find yourself educating others part-time, online for example – or being asked to voluntarily teach people who need your help – they will always be a generation or two behind you. Pluto changes us but you are also in a good position to pick up work, so reach out and see what is possible. In fact, you will have career solutions and opportunities until October. The Node in Leo triggers your life path which is to mentor, guide and lead younger people at the same time – so although I appreciate you are trying to conquer health issues, you do have options. Perhaps more options than you can currently see!

  169. Hi Jessica, thank you, I now going to try country service on my own where there is a shortage of teachers. I have been doing volunteer days at TAFE. I have started to study again,

    1. All perfect for you T and there will be even more opportunities. You also need to update yourself on global education options, purely online, and keep doing that as Jupiter goes into Sagittarius because we are going to see exciting new technology which helps fill the massive demand for education around the world.

  170. I posted the following comment early May. It has been awaiting modification? …
    “I’ve been waiting for your take on this new nodal shift, Jessica. Your interpretations are always insightful.
    In 1999 I had a spiritual awakening that totally changed the landscape of my life – I left my family and moved overseas. I believed that I was following my destiny. Nothing grand was forthcoming until September 2016, when I have been experiencing syncronicities and epiphanies. I feel like I’m swimming in the metaphysical world once again. As I am apparently on repeat, I hope that this cycle will come with completion?
    I think that there is a generational position of Pluto in Leo (baby boomers). What would be the effects collectively as the nodal point passes over our natal Pluto?
    Also, I’m curious about the relation of the fixed star Regulus and the North Node both in Leo.”

    1. Not waiting for moderation, but caught in a queue of 2,933 questions – and I have been travelling a lot so don’t always have time to reply. Anyway I have your chart now. Thank you for your kind comment. There are a few things you want to know here – firstly, this rather fascinating, strange cycle you are in will go for many years, as you have a stellium in Pisces in the Twelfth House of mystery, synchronicity, spiritualism, meditation, mediumship, clairvoyance, astral travel and the rest – and Neptune is crawling through Pisces for some years ahead. Your question about Pluto in Leo people is very wise. Your generation were the first to want total control over contraception – and in fact, get it – and also control over abortion – and again, you got it. The Node going over that will bring karmic developments involving your generation’s children and grandchildren, by 2018. As for Regulus – I never use it, sorry!

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