Gemini Factors? How to Drive Your May-July Idea

If you have Gemini factors in your chart then you express yourself through the worldwide web, multimedia, public speaking (or teaching, singing, acting) and send your 'voice' across the medium that is right for you.

If you have Gemini

If you have one or more Gemini factors in your personal birth chart, you’ll have an idea, course, project or concept to drive as we go through an unusually high number of transiting (travelling) Gemini factors, hitting yours – from 21st May through 31st July. What does the map look like and when should you speed up or slow down?

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233 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, l have many planets in Gemini, l was wondering what that means for me?? l have Vesta in Gemini, 10′ 24′ 15, my IC in Gemini, 12′ 38′ 50, Jupiter in Gemini, 17′ 36′ 05 and finally my North node in Gemini, 13′ 31′ 19. Would love to hear your feedback…Thank you..

    1. You’ll accelerate with an idea, concept, course or aspect of the web which has been on the radar for 4-5 weeks, though nothing has really moved forward in any firm way. It’s all been seeds waiting to grow – yet the growth will happen in June and by July you’ll know what you can pick or harvest. It’s worth your effort, even though there may be some politics with others. Jupiter in Gemini is a tremendous blessing, and the Node says you have a way with words, ideas or images inherited from a previous life. Time to use it!

  2. I was hoping you would spoil us with something special about Gemini factors!
    Thank you so much Jessica. Your generosity with your knowledge changes more lives than you know.

    My Venus, Apollo and Bacchus are in Gemini.

    Could you please tell me how this phase may impact me?

    Kind regards,

    1. Bacchus is about giving and receiving pure pleasure so you may have a beautiful speaking or singing voice and you may have a flair for social media, letters and so on (well you are paying me some rather lovely compliments here!) Apollo is about leading, guiding and setting an example and Venus describes very close relationships with others who are in on your projects, courses, concepts and so on. What comes out of this period is very special and it is worth the trouble it takes to get there, Nicole.

  3. I’m really intrigued by this, especially that painting! Oh my. Can you give me a clue on how to navigate the Gemini factors I have, the notion of ‘voice’ although very clearly marked in my writing, I’ve struggled with for years. Many thanks in advance

    1. The writing will continue but you may also find a second medium or alternative container for the words/ideas – some negotiation with others will be involved and it will take quite a few weeks.

  4. Hello Jessica – Wow, where to begin. Can I skip June and July completely please? Perhaps tell me when I can come out of hiding in August sometime. My moon is 18 Sag and I have several planets in Gemini, including my Descendant at 17 Gemini, and a swathe of other planets at 17 and 18. The next few weeks are quite crucial for me and I was wondering what my placements are saying. Many thanks for a very thought provoking article.

    1. Your Gemini stellium asks you to see the project or course as a way to express all the strengths you and others possess – and it will bear the proof of your joint effort. Rather like one of those Oscar-winning films where everyone lines up on stage and you can tell there has been politics – yet the film’s intensity reflects the determination of the crew to make it work! It will be obvious to you in June…

  5. I have a job presenting to the public, very, very slowly over the last few years I have come to the point where I am acknowledged as the most efficient and skilled person in the role.
    I’m still on a pretty low wage and zero hours contract. Every 6 months or so I get management saying that my position in the company can be reconsidered, and then nothing happens! My boss has mentioned June as being the next discussion point.
    Are these Gemini transits finally the turning point?
    Or do they affect the marriage I want out of, but fear l will hurt my husband and/or my children?

    1. S, you are strongly Virgo so your sense of duty and service is high and I am sure you are the most efficient employee these people have. June is the month as your boss says – certainly no later than July. Nothing to do with your marriage, which is an issue for Christmas. However, you are in a position to sort out something new with your job. Strongly Virgo people sometimes need to remember they are a big wheel not just another cog and I am sure things would fall apart without you!

  6. Jessica
    There have been so many twists and turns since Feb/Mar every aspect of my life is in radical change and it looks like it may get worse on route to July. I hope I get the choices and decisions right as we go through but I have to say it’s all a little intense and scary at the moment. Thank goodness we Gems have your site to guide us.

  7. Hi Jessica

    I have Venus in Gemini at 3deg. Are you able to look at my chart & explain how this is going to affect me?

    Thank you.

    1. You have a small stellium in Gemini so the idea, project or course is already in front of you and has been there since the end of April. It will get up and running properly in June and be finished by July.

  8. Hi Jessica

    I have a few Gemini factors and I’m not sure what it could mean, I have been planning for a blog/life story/writing in general, which I’ve not gotten off the ground, is this anything to do with that? Or is Venus being there point more towards an unfinished romantic/relationship business?


    1. Shaolee, this is about your writing aspirations and it will be in front of you by July. Your life story or blog will involve a fair bit of negotiation and compromise. Venus in Gemini is not about your love life – but it is about the relationship that surrounds your project, and how to work it.

  9. Dear Jessica,

    thank you for another interesting article. I have IC in 1 deg Gemini, than Ceres in 13deg, Psyche in 17deg and Mars in 20deg Gemini.
    Actually I am in the phase when I think about how to present my business – I started as a freelancer this January. I feel myself still stuck – maybe because I am too shy/scared to present what I know and what I can offer as a business or maybe beacause I don ´t feel yet how to present myself in original way to give the right value to my business. So I do lot of work like “behind the scene” (cooperation with the friend, a lot of trainee programms, etc.) . Not by directly presenting myself as a author of different ideas.
    Please, can you tell, if this what will happen from May to July can influence this area of my life and in which way. Or it could be another area?

    Thank you very much for you advice:-)

    1. Thank you. You are having your Mars and Ceres Return in Gemini which is pretty unusual. With the IC there too, someone in your family tree was a born communicator and you have inherited that. It’s definitely time to look at the right channel for you to communicate your ideas. It may not be presentations or face-to-face meetings at all. You have plenty of time to look at the options but your way with words/ideas/images is strong and you were born for the web or smart phones.

  10. Hi Jessica. I have Asc in Gemini. But an important person has Mars in Gemini 25.06.83. In a bit of a rut lately. Will this Gemini season help? Thank you!

    1. Your Gemini Ascendant is not behind the rut. Neither is the Mars in Gemini person. You are in a rut because you don’t want to change – because change is the unknown, and the unknown is risky, because things might fail. Uranus in Aries is sweeping through your chart urging you to be radical, even revolutionary, but it is also very common for people to avoid/evade the transit because they don’t want the upheaval. You have until 2018 to accept the offer to run at least one department of your life, probably two or three, very differently. Typically, Uranian people or organisations offer the invitation. So, those who are electrifying, surrounded by questions not answers, stimulating catalysts.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I have a stellium in Gemini –

    North node 4
    Panacea 14
    Psyche 15
    ASC 23

    I just read this and also the weekly forecast about the new moon.

    Any ideas for me? Thanks always –


    1. The trick with a stellium like this, including the Node, is to understand that you were a writer and orator in a previous life and possibly more than one. You may have had a job taking meetings, and the podium or microphone may come naturally to you. Putting pen to paper, or using a typewriter, might also seem like a natural place to be. Gemini types can fritter their communication gifts away on the internet very easily or just by gossiping. Some of this is necessary massage to help the wider projects begin, but actually May-July is better suited to something that will endure, like a poem, a song, a blog or a short story – perhaps a course, workshop or seminar – and that will ‘take’ what your Gemini side is trying to achieve. Unless you do that you could be throwing yourself away on Facebook, for example, as so many people do!

      1. I try to stay off Facebook as much as I can to be honest.

        I have a book project I want to get done this year and was going to spend the summer editing that before I read all this.

        I am also a candidate for a new job that would make good use of my background and education.


        1. CG, the book project is the Gemini stellium project – just watch those Saturn oppositions and Full Moons – best avoided as they also ping the rest of your natal chart.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    So interesting…. as always!!!
    I have Ceres at 19 Gemini, and Minerva at almost 18 Sagittarius.
    Then, Psyche at 23 Gemini.
    Can you tell me please what do these mean for me?!

    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. You are strongly Gemini-Sagittarius so this is the person who is born overseas and returns to that country later, for fated reasons, or the person who travels widely and reports back. There is a fated involvement with foreigners and foreign languages, but also a rather fated involvement with books, radio, multimedia, the web and so on. As you have Saturn crossing this chart axis it’s clear that 2016, 2017 is a time of reckoning and that the output from these years will reflect how much you were able to slow down, take things seriously, slog through obstacles and so on. The end results of these transits are classically rather weighty or heavy, if you do them correctly. There is something on the agenda now through July which will be characterised by you crawling through each hurdle but doing it meticulously will pay off for you.

  13. Hi Jessica , amazing article ! Love reading all your posts . I have Ceres at 15 Gemini and so it’s Ceres return on 6 the June . Also sun is conjunct Ceres on that day . What does that mean for me ? Also I have mars at 26 gemini so transit mars with conjunct my mars while Saturn opposes it . Wanting to know the affects of this . Also have psyche at 19 gemini . Please can you throw some light on these aspects . Thanks

    1. You are having a Mars and Ceres return and it will be one project, website, idea or plan which takes the brunt of that. I suspect it began weeks ago, or the seeds were sown, which will result in a beginning/launch in June. You don’t tell me anything about yourself so rather than take wild guesses, I would suggest that it involves Skype, social media, e-mail or public speaking. Very close to the return days be aware of the need to avoid conflict or confrontation, or competition. Mars in Gemini in the Third House can be very quick to speak and can cut people down with her/his words. In fact we associate Mars in Gemini with the person who is suited to firing off fierce letters in campaigns or crusades. The warrior with words in a war of words. Ceres is very invested in owning/running concepts and plans but you can’t control everything – you’ll have to compromise.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    I have a stellium in Gemini. Can you give my insight on how it may effect me? Also, you talked about voice – I am considering recording and putting out videos to promote the community (women) website I’ve launched. Is it better to wait until August? Thx a bunch!

    1. Your videos promoting the website are a classic example of a Gemini stellium person doing her thing, on a Gemini stellium transit! If you want a quiet life then you may want to wait until Ceres at least is out of Gemini. If there is no mad rush it would be more peaceful. You only have Venus thereafter. However, Ceres is always part of a process of empowerment and sharing which produces quite rich, complex, meaningful results. So the collaboration, compromise and fierce co-operation of May-July could give you a very particular product. Have a look at your Astrology Oracle cards for a personal angle.

      1. Jessica, I probably should have mentioned that I have the Moon, Saturn, Vesta, Proserpina in Gemini. Oddly, ‘voice’ has always been a source of angst for me all my life, and my job in life seems to be to overcome that fear. Given that my Saturn is in Gemini , does it change anything?

        Oracle: I asked, “Is it better for me to wait till Ceres leaves Gemini to publish the videos” and I got – Cupid in 7th House. Hmm. Not sure how it answers the question I asked. But interesting as I have to depend on two family people to help with the videos and website, and its been a pain.

        1. Yes, you have a stellium in Gemini and Saturn (hard work required) is one of the factors. Your ‘voice’ would have been an issue, even at school, as this is classically the age at which people first experience transiting Saturn aspecting natal Saturn. It may be useful for you to go back and figure out at what point school, teachers or other children first challenged you and see if you can unlock the past. Saturn in your chart is definitely a lifetime ask, and we all have Saturn somewhere – but it gets better with age and easier with experience. Your Oracle Cards would answer your question better if you spun the question and asked ‘What will the overall outcome be if I release the videos after July?’ Of course if you get Cupid and the Seventh House again you’ll just know that the videos are a path to passionate love or mad infatuation!

  15. Hi Jessica.
    I hope this finds you well.

    Reading the Gemini factors for the next coming months has caused my pulse to race…
    I am about to launch my tarot class modules, but am very nervous about it. In addition, I am also considering changes to some of my products lineups. I do feel that May – July might become a “watershed” moment for me.
    The recent Merc Rx totally harshed my mellow, but it did allow me some “slow down” to take a pause (from mental/physical aspect). You have been advising me for months that “a time is coming” and I feel it is arriving in terms of my business and the direction in which I want to go with it. I won’t get another chance to do this (in looking at NN/SN, Jupiter) and I absolutely need to make sure that I stay focused in the “correct” direction.
    Would you be kind enough to take a look at my factors and share what might be easier times/energy and what might be pitfalls?

    NN 7 Gemini/SN 7 Sagittarius
    Psyche 14 Gemini
    Jupiter 29 Gemini
    Moon 2 Gemini
    Fortuna 23 Libra


    1. Launching your classes is a good example of this Gemini cycle, Tara. I am sure you have read your own cards and seen success. You were born to use your way with words, ideas and images, with that line-up and in fact have taught before, and probably worked as writer as the Nodes in Gemini-Sagittarius usually show one or more lifetimes in a world of words. Psyche guarantees that your work will outlive you so at least one of your pupils will be much younger than you, or the modules may last for years, so that a far younger generation picks them up. You will have a few things to work out/sort out/compromise over until July but that will actually benefit the project. Ceres produces a different/new outcome but it is always more empowering than that which went before. The trick is to be open. You can read more about Ceres on this site and look at the myths/art around her. Sh is represented in the Smith-Waite deck by The Empress, shown with fields of wheat around her.

      1. Hi Jessica.
        Sorry for the delay in thanking you for this reply.
        That “pupil”…I’ve had it in my mind for my daughter to take over for me when she’s old enough….she’s thirteen right now and has shown a bit of interest in the Tarot. Yes, I have seen “success” with the classes in my cards, but honestly don’t see how that’s going to come about at this moment. Being open will most definitely be the key.
        I will sleep with The Empress under my pillow and see what secrets she can share with me at this time.
        Thanks again and as ALWAYS….great work!

  16. Hi Jessica! Thank you for a great article. I have many gemini factors so always read up when I see anything “gemini”. I have a gemini ascendant, Venus 22° Gemini 47′ 46″, Ops 02° Gemini 11′ 41″, Vulcano 09° Gemini 12′ 41″, Psyche 27° Gemini 50′ 13″, and SouthNode
    08° Gemini 19′ 44″. I have had a series of rotten experiences, both with work and love since late 2012, and am just now coming up for air. I’m trying to employ myself as an independent international consultant, and that seems to be stalled, as well as a current project I’m working on. I would LOVE to have a love life again. But I also see myself moving in a year or so in order to save money and be close to family. Basically, I’m afraid that I will make a mistake, or a poor choice. Can you tell me how I should navigate this period? I’m not sure what my third house is. Thank you! Kris

    1. Your work as an international consultant is taking place on the toughest cycle in 29 years Kris. Saturn is in Sagittarius (foreigners) and it is right opposite every Gemini (communication) factor you have. Saturn changes signs at Christmas, though, and the cycle is over. Your rotten experiences sound typical of the transit, as does the sense of being stalled. Saturn rules stuck, slow, serious situations. This has nothing to do with love or family but everything to do with the worldwide web, languages and communication based on cultural differences. If ever there was a time to put your head dow and really learn the ropes of being heard/read/understood with foreign people, even in just one country, this is it. Progress would be slow but when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius from the final quarter of next year you would be rewarded, and terribly happy in 2019.

  17. Hi, Jessica! Hope you are doing well. Thank you for this Gemini article; I only have the moon at 15 – what to expect?

    1. The Moon in Gemini person needs to be needed on the internet, primarily, but also on the other end of the telephone. This is the person who writes great comfort letters and can find just the right words, to say the right thing. People with the Moon here and other Gemini factors too often end up as journalists, authors or editors. You don’t have a strongly Gemini chart but you will find (by July) that you are drawn into an episode, probably online, where communication becomes crucial to the outcome.

  18. I’m waiting to see if I’ve got a job marking exam scripts for the first time. That’s a sort of twelfth-house behind-the-scenes role (my sun’s in Cancer) and a really Gemini gig – reading, writing, internet. Ceres, Fortuna and Mercury all fit in with it as well, and it’ll last from May-July.

    No questions on this post, just thought you might like the synchronicity :). I hope that it’ll be straightforward, but if not I’ll use your article as a bit of a road-map. Thanks!

    1. Yes, marking exam scripts is typical of Gemini – and you are playing the transit both ways, as you say, from your Twelfth House as well. Thank you for the feedback – how remarkable that you are doing this May-July, right on the transit. I suspect one of these students or schools/colleges is very important in the grand scheme of things.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    Scorpio DOB 10-27-1964 @ 2:20 a.m. I have Panacea 15° Gemini 04′ 54″ R, Psyche 17° Gemini 07′ 07″ R and NorthNode 04° Gemini 53′ 19″. There are many changes at my job in the works and potentially with my manager….. Could you please tell me what course or adventure this will take me on?

    Thank you!

    1. You have been through this process before, many times, in previous incarnations as the North Node in Gemini in your Third House describes life as an orator, spokesperson, writer and so on. We find scribes and linguists with this placement too, or town criers – messenger boys as well. Your way with words, images and ideas is a major part of who you are, and you have Psyche there too, so you will find that your projects outlive you. Your manager probably has a chart that resonates with your Gemini factors. You’re both going to need wiggle room as until the end of July there will be issues about who gets to control the medium or the message (all of you!)

  20. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge with us. I am learning so much just by following your blog posts and responses to your site members.

    Full moon 10th May ’17 in Scorpio was on the exact same degree as my Ascendant and conjunct my Venus.
    Full moon on 9th June at 18 Sagittarius (my sun sign and stellium) is (nearly) opposite my natal moon (20 Gemini). Is there a story the universe is trying to tell me?
    Having many plans/thoughts for relocation, launching new business (consultancy firm) and in general this feeling that I must do something to get out of this life rut.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you, I am very happy you are picking up astrology from this website. These lunar cycles aren’t really important unless there is a bigger transit going on, and there is nothing major in Scorpio until October when Jupiter moves across. The Sagittarius story in your chart is more important as Saturn is in this sign until Christmas. Thus, you want to relocate – people classically feel the urge to move or emigrate, or export on a transit through Sagittarius and their Ninth House. This has been going on for quite a while. You will find a few obstacles as Saturn is about slow, stuck progress and sombre, serious issues. Yet – this planet is out of Sagittarius at Christmas. Until then you need to find out the real deal on relocation as the world is having this transit at the same time as you, and life is changing rapidly as I am sure you can see.

  21. Loved this article thank you!! I have lots of Gemini factors and would love to know how I will be impacted during this cycle! X

    1. Thank you. You have a Sun-Mercury conjunction in Gemini (one degree away from being exact) so you shine when you write, speak or sing. This position is common in the charts of bloggers who are in the spotlight, but also people who talk for a living (sales) or pursue performance. This is the last time you will have such a strong focus on your Sun-Mercury conjunction for ages so do use it, even though there might be a bit of a tussle to get a particular project or plan to completion. In fact you will have your Solar Return and Mercury Return through Gemini. The twins describe the way twins in childhood learn to read and write, and speak, with each other. Thus it’s about the word, although different Gemini types use different mediums. Christy Brown (My Left Foot) used his foot!

  22. Hi Jessica,
    I have my Ascendant in Gemini at 18º and Vesta in Gemini at 03º. I have been writing lyrics, poems, stories, blogs, web content on and off for several years without really putting it out there. I have really been struggling with consistent flow and figuring out how to share and communicate with the world. I’ve also been rebuilding myself and my life since late 2015. 1999-2000 have come back as well and I’m seeing this an opportunity to do things better, more consciously. Can you please shed some light on how I can best use this Gemini phase to take a leap up, empower myself and play a bigger game?
    Thank you x

    1. True to your Gemini Ascendant! Vesta will put you in situations with one or more females, and just one male – so we often find bands where there are two women, both of whom write songs, and one male lead singer (for example). You are in prime position to pursue a new avenue for your thoughts and ideas at the moment. In fact, something crossed your path in the last three weeks – what was it? It matters.

  23. Dear Jessica, I expect important news about the new project rearrangements at my job. It is very complex and involving a large number of people. It seems that all Gemini transits through May/June/July, including the Full Moon on 9th, will be very important. I hope I will have enough patience and wisdom to get through this period. Please tell me something more about how these transits will affect me, since I have Jupiter, Psyche and Panacea in Gemini.
    I wish you all the best and thank you!

    Draga (:

    1. Yes, the project at work is the focus for this Gemini stellium, Draga. Obviously you can’t control the timing but the Full Moon is best taken quite slowly and carefully as even if you do not experience the classic inner conflict, someone else will. You were born blessed with the worldwide web, multimedia, education, publishing and all other forms of communication with Jupiter in Gemini in the Third House. Even when things are tough you will be protected and when things are fine, they could be marvellous. If you go back to life around age 12 you would have had your first Jupiter Return at school then, so that was a big leap forward for you, probably with English, Languages, Speech and Drama and so on. Pull back some of that and re-use it for this transit.

  24. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for the very interesting and informative article. I have the below Gemini factors and was wondering how this period will effect me? I did start a new job back in April, do you think this area of my life will be effected?
    Ceres 15° Gemini 25′ 08″ R
    Psyche 20° Gemini 07′ 22″
    Mars 29° Gemini 31′ 34″

    Thanks! NP

    1. You are definitely experiencing the Gemini transit through your new job and it is probably a specific project or task, or a set communication process with an employer, colleague and so on. This is your Mars and Ceres Return so this is way more than just another notch on your C.V. – it is a defining moment for who you are – you were born to be a messenger.

      1. Thanks Jessica!
        Would this Mars/Ceres Return have a positive or negative effect on my job? Do I need to worry?

        Thx, NP

        1. NP, your career is ruled by Capricorn in your chart, and Virgo to a lesser extent, and I am not seeing any major transits there. This is far more likely to be about a specific project or course which is very involved, rather intense, somewhat complicated – but will ultimately result in something far more powerful and compelling than you might usually expect. You are going to have to work it, though!

  25. hi Jessica i have 4 gemini in north node on cusp of 3rd house……..I have been toying with a new work direction that involves writing and coaching, something I have been working on behind the scenes ….i am about to go public with this. I wonder if 25th is important day?

    1. Yes, this is quite important (writing/coaching) as in your Scorpio chart you also have Pluto (empowerment) in your Third House of communication. So this is a double whammy cycle for you, going through to the end of July. The main issue will be giving others power and control, but also having your own. So it’s a power share agreement with one person in particular. It will be more intense near the 25th.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    I have my ASC and Phyche in Gemini. Is Gemini in the ASC going to have a big effect?

    Thank you in advance for your guidance.


    1. Maria, it is far more important to get to know your Psyche in Gemini in the Third House. I can’t see your birth chart but please hit Search and look up both Psyche, Gemini and the Third House and you will know what May has been all about (in tiny stages) and what June and July will most certainly be about. In mythology, which is where astrology comes from (synchronicity) we know that Psyche survived tests and trials to live forever. Psyche in your chart is about what endures and outlives you. In Gemini and the Third House this is about writing, public speaking, singing, songwriting, teaching and the rest – probably online, because that lives forever, but poems in scrapbooks do too. A larger theme for your life is understanding/communication/language/speech/hearing/eyesight/words/images/ideas/technology and in the tiniest way this will be laid in front of you, through July, for you to deal with as a slow procession of horoscope factors transits your Third House.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Thank you so much for your response. My Psyche according to my chart on your website is 12 Gemini 17′ 52″ R, which I have no clue what it means. It’s really interesting though because your message reflects to my reality at the moment! It was only yesterday when I published my first blog post on my new site and it’s also interesting that I have a great interest in words and writing. Exactly what you mentioned above! How amazing is that?

        Thank you so much.


        1. Thank you Maria. You are true to your chart and your first blog post and website are a good example of Gemini factors waking up in your horoscope. Psyche describes what lives forever; what endures beyond you. So – it will be this. Online for years.

          1. Thank you for your response Jessica. It’s always nice to see how true your comments are and how your advice reflects to reality every single time.
            Thank you again. Have a nice day!


  27. Hi Jessica. I seem to have two Gemini factors in the week ahead. Not quite sure if that’s how you work it out. I do work with words but I seem to be out of favour in a big way at work and I have struggled to find an alternative job.I have just applied for a job but I don’t think I will even make it to interview stage. Any advice?

    1. I won’t give away your real name here, but I will say that you were born to wear different hats. Take the stress of the job situation and know that you can juggle. You have your spirit guide with you, who may be a family member, friend or even a genuine guide – from the spirit world. This doesn’t happen all the time when I answer questions, but it is happening with you! So – this seems to be important. You can find a niche, project or special space to call your own, where you get to flex your communication muscles. You are a very good listener, reader and natural translator of information, so if you don’t get what you need from the work situation then please hit the web and see how other people are doing it…we’re talking part-time, online and lucrative. Have a look.

  28. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this interesting information. Enjoy reading all your posts and all the comments from other members. I have Aesculapia 10, MC 10, Venus 20, Mercury 22 all in Gemini and IC 10 Sagittarius. Could you please offer your insight ?
    Much appreciated.

    1. This is a very interesting stellium in Gemini and it’s picked up by your IC. If your birth time is bang-on then your IC is correct and we know that a branch of your family tree was Sagittarian, thematically – so foreign, well-travelled, probably well into their religion/belief system/philosophy and a student/teacher of life. Does that sound right? Then your birth time is right. You have inherited the need to explore intellectually, spiritually, geographically from your relative or ancestor and that is why 2015-2017 is such hard work but so ultimately rewarding. The Gemini placements are really about the project, idea or course that’s been with you, hovering, since May began. It builds in importance through June, July and you are going to learn so much about your calling in life (the MC, dependent again on an accurate birth time) which is about getting the message across. You are a born writer or public speaker; I hope you know that; if you want more of that, it’s on offer through July, and is worth the trek!

  29. An intriguing article as always Jessica. I have Saturn in Gemini and Proserpina. I was once told that Gemini was always about doing everything twice and costing double. I was told this when the ‘S**T was hitting the fan ‘ and costs doubled or tripled and everything had to be lodged twice during Jan 2015- July 2015, (the worst of the entire period was from Dec 13- Dec 15). So, I’m nervous about Gemini, given I’m wanting to re-launch with new projects on June 8th and June 9th – I thought those dates were good for me. Could you add some more ground flesh to the bones and debunk the myths? Eager to have some insights and spirit guidance. Thanks always x

    1. Saturn, Vesta and Proserpina are all in Gemini in the Third House of your natal chart, so every time you embark on a course, project, concept, idea you hit the unavoidable issues (Saturn) and also the need to be a bridge between two powerful people, or two powerful organisations, or two powerful entities. Proserpina is the go-between. This actually reminds me of the novel The Go-Between by L.P. Hartley; the child in that book was a messenger caught up in an adult drama between two lovers. Have you read it? Along with these two players in your chart you also have Vesta, which is about two or more females, and one male who influences the situation. I suspect every time you have transits through Gemini in your life you hit this scenario and over a period of months, come to understand all aspects of this – it would have been heavily obvious on your Saturn Return as you left your twenties. Don’t be nervous, do figure out your patterns. I don’t buy this comment about Gemini ‘doing everything twice and costing double’ and wonder who on earth associated Gemini with money! This is about being heard and read; being understood. Putting your thoughts in writing and having to live with what you say being permanent; translation; language; your ‘voice’ across all mediums and media. You are intuitively living out your own chart by choosing June for your projects and relaunches, which is perfectly fine, as you need to ‘do this thing’ and make it work for yourself, having had issues in the past. So grab a microscope and go back, back, back to see what you didn’t quite master last time, but you will pull off this time. I won’t pretend it’s not an obstacle course but we all have one with Saturn in our charts. I have seen clients with major issues around speech therapy, deafness and the rest – right down to people whose karma seems to involve those who cannot listen, read or hear. You will know your own private story. Education issues are very common; one seems to attract teachers, schools, colleges, tutors, lecturers, universities which manifest Saturn!

  30. There are so many changes around me especially personally. Of course the recent mercury retrograde did not help the paperwork submission for immigration, I’m trying to catch up with it. What areas of my life will be affected. July especially is a key month for my immigration decision

    Thank you much
    Love from CA

    1. You have a Sagittarian stellium and are trying to emigrate with Saturn in Sagittarius so it’s not going to be a walk in the park – but you will find doors open in new and interesting ways once Jupiter goes into Sagittarius from the final quarter of 2018, through 2019, as the world will finally tackle all the issues it struggled with 2015-2017 with the Saturn cycle. It’s been 12 years since you had this level of opportunity and an awful lot of problems, not only for you, but with the whole globalisation issue, will be fixed up as Jupiter passes through.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    I have two factors in Gemini. I am especially interested in what I can expect around the Full Moon?
    My ASC and DESC are at 18 Gemini and Sagittarius and I have Panacea at 17 Gemini.
    Thank you!

    1. That’s a heavily Sagittarian chart so you are almost near the finishing line with the slow, stuck, serious Saturn cycle affecting travel, foreigners, publishing, education, internet, beliefs (since 2015). The Full Moon will show you the difference between Sagittarius and Gemini in your chart. Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter asks ‘Does this translate across cultural or foreign differences; language barriers; differences in belief or philosophy? Is it big picture enough to educate all of us – is this big knowledge for exchange or transmission?’ Gemini ruled by Mercury, asks ‘Do you get me? Was that short enough, fast enough? Did I sell it well enough?’ If your birth time is accurate to the minute (which the Ascendant and Descendant depend upon) then this is very much about your profile, title, appearance, image – especially online.

  32. Gemini is not about money it is about language, writing, communication, and specifically about a project, course or idea which has been on your radar through the last three weeks of May and will intensify in importance and meaning in June, July. I think I wrote to you before that you have the Nodes in the same place as Churchill’s. He was born a foreigner (Sagittarius) being American in Britain – yet fate conspired to make this essential during the war against foreign powers (Sagittarius) as he found an ally in the United States (Sagittarius again). His radio speeches (Gemini) on the BBC helped spies working with code, specifically Enigma (Gemini) translate (Sagittarius) complex foreign language messages and thus shorten the war by many years – the BBC was a crucial part of the whole victory, thus their manifesto ‘Let nation speak peace unto nation.’ You are going through a very short term transit here, only good through July, but the essence or core message of this, thematically, will resonate in your chart. You have deal with language, translation and communication issues in at least one prior lifetime, possibly more, and here it comes again. Do the work – the Nodes always require that we do the work. Then we evolve and by the next incarnation we no longer have to repeat the same sign themes!

    1. You are speaking your chart – so your horoscope is working in real time. It must be very hard because of Saturn in Sagittarius (slow, stuck, serious situations) but it does get better. All the work you do now through 2018 will pay off in 2019. I have a feeling you have two languages in your possession that could serve you very nicely in 2019. It is rather like being able to speak Italian and English in the 1960s – bella, bella!

  33. HI Jessica! I have a whopping Gemini stellium………I am currently studying from home full time…..can you please tell me what I can expect to happen to me during this transit with all the Gemini factors I have? Many thanks xx

    1. You have the Full Monty in your chart actually, the Sagittarius and the Gemini patterns together. Both are opposed yet connected in astrology. You can’t get through to foreigners and foreign cultures without speaking the language, but you have to be good at communicating in your own language first so you understand the nuances of print, body language, cultural connections (slang) and so on. Studying from home full-time is pretty admirable on this particular Saturn in Sagittarius cycle as Saturn is slow, stuck, serious situations and Sagittarius is education. So you really took this on…hugely. Yet, you will be rewarded for hanging in there, and particularly May-July 2017. From the last quarter of 2018, like magic, projects, people and set-ups evolve which suit your experience and expertise perfectly and you walk straight into them. Further afield when Uranus goes into Gemini in about 8 years from now…you will change your life, and change other people’s lives, with the most remarkable concept or idea of your life.

      1. That’s so uncanny! I literally just completed my assignment on how to communicate with foreign cultures! The course is coming along slowly, and I feel a bit stuck in it, but I am doing well so far! Gosh, I wish I knew what I was getting into before I started! I still have almost 2 years to go! Great to have a heads up about that Uranus in Gemini transit…I lack ideas terribly these days, so i will be curious to see what pans out in the future. thank you again! xx

  34. Jess,
    What an awesome post!!!! But that is not new for you!

    I have a slew of things in Gemini, Sun 7, Mercury 8,
    Minerva 12, Vesta 15, Aesculapia 17, Descend 18.

    The June full moon at 18 Sag is my ascend and descend in Gemini.
    What does it all mean?

    Very best, be well and safe.


    1. Thank you very much Kymberlee. Waving from Sydney Airport. The Ascendant-Descendant angle is reliant on your mother or the nurse/midwife/doctor having a 100% accurate birth time. How to check? If you had some serious issues about your title, reputation, image or role in the last 12 months, then it was bang on. Let me give you an example. I know a person here who has an accurate birth time, and he has the Sun (how you shine) at 18 Gemini. He lost his job, they took away his title, business card and online reputation. He is on the road to better things but it’s hard. That’s Saturn! Now – what you have, never mind the birth time, is a Gemini stellium. So you express your personality, identity and life path through your message. This may be digital or spoken word. It may be word based or image based. What started evolving, so slowly, in May will become a real choice in June or July. The trick here is not communication, it is managing people politics.

  35. Wow, Jessica , thanks

    I have
    gemini in mars 21,
    Gemini in jupiter 29,
    Gemini Asc in 18,
    Gemini, in cupido 02

    I have sun in leo,
    South node in aries
    North node in libra

    WhatsApp that means for me?

    1. Never mind What’s App, although that is an expression of Gemini. You are hugely about your Third House. So you will always be blessed with new technology when it comes to communication, no matter if it is computer based or (in about 8 years from now) something utterly extraordinary. You are going to be blocked or challenged with a course, concept, idea or website until July. If you want this to educate you, then hang in there. If you do not want more lessons about dealing with other people and their need to be heard/read/understood/get through then delay it. This is a blip on the graph, really, but the life’s work will come when Uranus enters Gemini and slowly, slowly moves across your stellium. You will be using shocking, radical new technology to be heard, read and understood in those years and will be part of the one-world language to come. Exciting.

  36. HI there Jessica.
    I have a big stellium in Gemini – Minerva, Proserpina, my Sun, Panacea my IC, my South Node and Mercury, in that order. There have been times in my life when I’ve felt this is less a stellium and more a clusterf**k of berserk energy. Too many voices!! Of course I’m fascinated by mythology and have researched the stories of these asteroids, but I have difficulty synthesising the parts into a whole. And that may be due to overthinking.

    I am (still) on the brink of becoming a gypsy and I want to support myself by some type of on-line business, probably as a virtual assistant as my background is office management. Perhaps that is the course or project the astrology indicates? Dead scared of making the wrong decision… I also have Pluto and Ceres strong in my chart, and I’m a bit fed up with Ceres, to be honest. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    Something else intrigues me. As you know, I have Proserpina in Gemini. She looks pretty innocent there, but I doubt she really is. Both my daughters have Proserpina in Gemini, too. Their dates of birth are 24 June 1981 and 1 March 1986. Both of their Proserpinas are conjunct my IC – one is exact and the other only one degree off. What sort of energy do these placements signify, do you think? Have to say, we’re a pretty tightknit triad. (They lost their Dad when they were young, so there’s a huge thing right there.) The energy that flows between and around us when we are in public together can be quite extraordinary.
    And we all waste time on Facebook, especially me.

    Thank you, as always. Time to print this article and go through it with a highlighter!

    1. A big Gemini stellium can be quite hard to deal with unless you have a certain philosophy or faith, to power the message. Otherwise it’s all just translation for other people’s information flow, or enjoying the words/images/ideas for their own sake (and the medium) and forgetting that actually, one has to have something to say! Gemini is ruled by Mercury the Messenger of the Gods and he was Jupiter’s courier. Jupiter was all about the bigger picture, the meaning and the universe as a whole – Mercury did the fiddly bits. Your MC or Midheaven is in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter so you are in the odd position of having a higher calling or vocation which is Sagittarian/Jupiterian (academia, publishing, the worldwide web, education, foreigners, travel, travel in the mind, journeys, exploration, trips, head trips) while a huge other part of you just wants to be heard/read and persuade! Space does not allow for me to go into Ceres and Pluto but if you want to become a gypsy and work online do the hard work/waiting/homework now through the final quarter of 2018, then get ready to surf. You will surf through 2019 with Jupiter in Sagittarius because even when this planet opposes your Gemini factors it grows them. Your daughters are past life contacts with your family tree and Proserpina is the daughter who had to please both her mother and her husband. Too funny that you all waste time on Facebook; don’t give your Gemini talents to a corporation, get out there and use them for yourselves! I reckon you could download Lempriere’s book on mythology from Harvard University (free online) and have a field day.

  37. Hello Jessica,
    I am incredibly fascinated and even more impressed by your incredible preciseness on the financial and political environment that we are witnessing.
    From this article, this Gemini phase sounds fairly intense on many counts. As of mid-March life has certainly been on a changed track in so many areas for me. May has provided slight relief but I am wondering if this is the calm before a storm. So how does Gemini come into play for me (especially as an Aries)! Where do you see the impact on my chart with Venus 06° Gemini 26′ 36″ and Vulcano at 12° Gemini 09′ 29″? Many thanks.

    1. Thank you very much. Venus and Vulcano in Gemini in the Third House won’t really wake up for, for around another seven or eight years – when Uranus (revolution) goes into Gemini (the worldwide web) and we see a shocking change with the internet and computers, telephone and language. From that point forward it seems likely that one world language will dominate. I hope that is not too far ahead to discuss! You have enough of a Gemini chart signature to understand that now through July the project/website/course/concept will be about people not ideas. In other words you can say what you have to say, and mean what you mean to mean – but you will need to deal with male-female gender politics, specifically about relationships (past, present and potential) and how they affect the idea at hand. It’s like putting on the Merchant of Venice at The Globe and finding out half the cast has slept with the other half of the cast. You’re all about the production, the writing and the performance – but the people politics are…word!

  38. Hi Jessica
    I have a few Gemini Factors in my chart and there is a few changes happening at work. We are changing the company that we are licensed through and also intent of leaving a company which are are working along side of due to issues. Things feel like they are not good at the moment and bound to get worst and I’m hoping that the changes going forward will be for the better for us moving on. Are these factors just related to work at this stage and nothing else. To may secrets are being held by the other company and its a miserable place to be coming every day for work.
    14° Gemini 02′ 32″ R
    20° Gemini 19′ 56″ R
    03° Gemini 33′ 32″ R

    1. I’m truly sorry that the other company is holding secrets. That must drive you crazy as you are all about talking! Chiron, Psyche and Aesculapia in Gemini in the Third House are about your whole life though and not just May-July. So, although this period is full of temporary compromises, deal-making, musical chairs (control) and the rest – it does get better very quickly. More importantly, what you learn from this period, over this temporary situation, will benefit you hugely when Uranus goes into Gemini in about eight years’ time. It is worth thinking ahead sometimes and you will see a massive revolution with writing, public speaking, media, multimedia, publishing or education from that point forwards, for another seven years. All of the little things you learned with these silly secret-keepers will pay off then and I think you’re looking at a massive project or concept, from that point – Uranus in Gemini is so far ahead I haven’t even written about it, but the worldwide web will basically end and begin again and you will find your skills are perfectly matched to the revolution. You only get Uranus conjunct your Gemini stellium once in your life!

  39. Hi Jessica,

    I have 6 factors in Gemini (moon, MC, Diana, hygeia, Apollo, and Psyche). I work in marketing and yes, being able to present your idea or speech is a big part of my job. How do you suggest i navigate this intense 2 month cycle and what to expect in the end?

    Thank you and have a wonderful week ahead!

    1. Thank you – in marketing, in the right job! The project or task ahead was working its way to the surface, last three weeks, and will now go further in June and July. If you can put it off, you might want to do that, as the emotions will subside, second half of July. However – there is a great case to be made for the project or concept which is born out of fierce passion, entitlement, creative or productive power, tremendous compromise and the rest. It’s like amazing films or albums. Choice is yours if you have the timetable to control…

  40. Hi againJessica,
    Just wanted to let you know how amazingly accurate you are. My birth time is correct & yes, I am descended from pioneering Italian immigrants who became some of the original settlers 170 years ago of the locale where I now live. They most certainly had travelled & they had strong beliefs in the importance of family ,religion & a love of their place of origin. They have been commemorated by some public plaques & there is one on the house my great,great grandfather built in the 1800’s bearing the name of the town they came from in Italy – he named this house after that town. It is also my son’s middle name. I visited it just yesterday as I woke up & felt compelled to walk there for some reason, so I did. Standing outside looking at it, I reconnected with my lovely father who was born there ( as was his father & his father’s mother) ! So what you have said in your reply about the IC explains why these family members ( most of whom I never even met ) are so strongly front & centre & continue to live on. And regarding the writing ,I have wanted to do this since I can remember. I get totally immersed in it & then put it away. Have been working on overcoming the childhood tapes in my head and believing in myself. Takes years to replace faulty programming but have made huge strides especially from 2015 ( again spot on in your dates ) as I found it necessary to completely overhaul implanted belief systems which were not serving me and to trust myself but also be wholly accountable. So sincere thanks Jessica for all your great work , you really gave me such a gift today. Bless.

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know that a) your birth time was right and b) Italian family who settled where you live. How exciting for you to find out that your horoscope is telling the story, especially as they have public plaques. And it’s your son’s middle name. And you visited yesterday! This is a classic example of synchronicity and it is amazing how your IC (Immum Coeli) is now talking to you. You are a born writer and even though this transit is tough, if you hang in there, Jupiter in Sagittarius in 2019 should give you a huge boost. You articulate great truths very clearly and succinctly so I expect whatever you work on, ready for release in 2019, will say much of what you currently want to say! Light a candle for your great-great grandfather too. And your lovely father!

  41. Hi Jessica,
    As usual your insights are very much appreciated. I often have difficulty trying to fathom what is going on in relation to my chart and the current influences. I am not sure if it is because I have no birth time and consequently my chart may not be particularly accurate. I thought I read somewhere that a birth time is needed for the North Node etc to be accurate but may be mistaken – I get very jumbled up with what I read and think I have read. Big kudos to you and your brilliance as I struggle to make sense of it all!!! I have a stellum in Gemini based on my 12 midday time and wonder if there are any things I need to be aware of specifically. Or are there parts I should ignore as my birth time isn’t accurate.
    Cheers Mark

    1. Mark, your Nodes would still be in Gemini and Sagittarius even without a known birth time. This placement in your chart is about communicating with different cultures and nationalities; being heard and read across the barriers that divide countries. It is common in the charts of people who were born in one country then emigrate to another, but also people who find themselves dealing with foreigners at work, or within the family. There is tremendous scope here with the worldwide web and even though these areas of your life (communication, travel, the internet) have been an obstacle course since Saturn first moved into Sagittarius, it will become easier at Christmas. In fact, when Jupiter goes through Sagittarius from late 2018 into 2019 and crosses your Nodes, you will be thrown a wonderful opportunity to move or travel in the most ambitious way yet. Languages are the key to so much for you and over your lifetime you will be given many different ways to work with languages/work on languages. Churchill had this placement too and of course one of his greatest achievements was funding the boffins at Bletchley Park, to crack the German Enigma code!

  42. Another fascinating article Jessica. Can you explain what having Chiron at 21 deg, DESC at 6 deg and Fortuna at 4 deg in Gemini means please?

    1. Chiron is worth singling out here. This is the centaur who was also a teacher. Chiron in Gemini in the Third House is actually a born teacher or instructor; I am not sure if you have pursued that. You show other people what they can get away with, in terms of communication, words, images and ideas. Chiron was living proof of the so-called impossible or unthinkable; his very existence challenged what most people thought was acceptable. He was found and named in 1977 by an astronomer called Charles Kowal who shouldn’t have been discovering new heavenly bodies at all; he was not a famous name nor was he part of the establishment. This was also the year that scientists began developing the world’s first test-tube baby. Again, this would confront what was possible, acceptable and so on. Chiron is challenging, instructive, educational and teaches us where the line just got moved to. With Chiron being triggered by July you will find yourself with a project, concept, idea or website where you are also confronting what is ‘supposed’ to happen with what actually can happen. It’s associated with punk rock which also had its heyday in 1977.

  43. Oh my, Oh my, Jessica
    You are blowing my mind with these articles! This will take a few days to work through and a few more to digest all this info! Do you have a Gemini stellium?!
    I dont know where to start with questions as there seems to be a lot going on in my chart…I have so many Gemini factors! Had mars return recently, now looking forward to venus return and add to it the June FM will be hitting, I believe , 3 factors!!! (havent got them all memorized, yet)
    At the moment still working on getting together all the things I need to submit application for license, making lists on all the things I need to get going on my massage business…phone, website, room to rent, supplies etc. My current job where I am PRN (as needed) has been practically non-existent so in the interim considering another job but honestly I dont want to do this work anymore and just want to focus on my new business. I could ask hubby to back me up but he has done plenty in the past and I hate to even ask. and we have his family coming in sometime end of June to visit a few days. Specifically mother and aunt. They are very nosy and I dont like divulging much info…sooo
    What do you think will be most affected during this Gemini round-up??!!
    and what factors will help me navigate any land mines?! I’m not much of a beggar, too damn proud i suppose, but this just looks like hairy times ahead. So please, please, please, please..could you help me out here? Pretty please?

    1. Thank you very much – and yes, I do have a Gemini stellium (so I also work as the editor of a travel book series called Holiday Goddess for HarperCollins). The key for you will be the outreach online to promote your massage business, but also your local connections – sometimes people respond far better to communication in their own town or city, rather than social media, for example. It may be extremely hard work until July but what you achieve should stand the test of time and alter the way you connect with people. I suspect there will also be a second communication task, across this period – so another project or idea, for example, or a workshop or course. Skip those dates I mention where there are oppositions in the heavens but otherwise, prepare to roll your sleeves up and make communication your top priority.

  44. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for the birthday gift for Gemini people! Very much appreciated.

    I have Sun (10 degrees), IC (05 Degrees), Vulcano (04 Degrees), Mars (11 Degrees), Minerva (26 Degrees) and North Node (25 Degrees) are all in Gemini.

    I am working in the international development/humanitarian sector (now based in my own country) and I wonder what should I expect from now until July.

    Also I strongly wish to change my organisation and start to work in abroad again for international development/humanitarian arena as I was doing until 2016 for 5 years. I hope this intense cycle could create the opportunity !

    Big gemini hug !

    1. Thank you very much. You have a Sagittarius stellium too, which of course describes all foreign involvements in your life and Gemini-Sagittarius types are commonly found in multilingual departments and organisations, along with diplomatic embassies. You will have your Jupiter Return in Sagittarius in the Ninth House from the final quarter of next year, into 2019, which will be a stunning period for travel, and also your career bridging the gap between countries and other cultures. You could easily move at that point. Now through July is a different kettle of fish. This is going to be hard work, no doubt about it, but the end results will be stronger and richer for your effort. If you can organise things away from those opposition dates it would be easier. I am sure that one culture or country feels strangely familiar to you; the Nodes suggest you have karma there and a prior incarnation. This will become more obvious to you as the Sun in Gemini crosses your North Node in Gemini, towards the end of June.

  45. WOW so that explains THAT then! LOL I have 5 planets in Gemini and yes since Thursday I have been discussing with organisations about doubling carer support, my son has deteriorated. Waiting to hear about the approval of funds for two x6hrs a day. The process (and what i just read) sounds looks like will take mid June to get sorted. YES my Ceres releasing the reins and compromising allowing others to help care as ive burnt out doing 24/7 since 2014.
    My Youtube HAS had microphone issues too no matter what i use someone complains they cant hear it! lol
    I have learned the lesson of hearing since April, i mentioned it in my videos and the importance of it.
    Please tell me with this many gemini in my chart it will all work out nicely in the end?
    Thank you as always wonderful article.

    1. Thank you! With such a huge stellium in Gemini you have found YouTube, or YouTube has found you – and microphone issues are pretty typical, along with questions about hearing/listening and so on. The discussions about your son are not really about your Gemini patterns – they are connected to the fact that you have Saturn in Cancer in your Fourth House, and closely tied to other Cancer patterns in your chart, and that’s a whole other topic, but I am sure you have seen my notes on both Saturn, Cancer and the Fourth House in your ebooks, or in stories on this site, by now. I hope you get the funding increased for carer support. Of course ‘carer’ is a key word for the Cancer zodiac sign.

  46. Gosh, this explains why I’ve been feeling things come together, and honestly if does feel exciting! I have quite a lot going in Gemini –

    Sun 21
    Mercury 3
    Vesta 21
    Minerva 17
    Aesculapia 22
    (I think that’s all of it)

    and I have been tinkering away in the studio for months now preparing for a solo art exhibition opening on the 26th May to the 7th June … such timing! … I’m really wanting to expand my reach online too for both my art and my healing, and I am in the process of designing a Tarot Deck which I plan to ‘kickstarter’ when I’m ready … I was lead here from your weekly forecast, so am now naturally fascinated to hear what you have to say about how this will impact me? (and intrigued to know as well if romance has anything to do with any of this?)…

    Thank you so much, in advance …

    1. You are strongly Gemini, particularly with Mercury in this sign too (Mercury rules Gemini as I am sure you know). Gemini is a ‘head’ sign and with Minerva, the asteroid of wisdom, also in Gemini you are cerebral and a natural intellectual – you won’t be digging potatoes in the revolution, you’ll be writing the manifesto. Aesculapia describes projects or ideas which come back from the brink, so if there is anything you have in the bottom drawer of your desk, or anything parked on your computer that you assumed was ‘over’ – rest assured it will boomerang back into your life at some point. Aesculapius was the Roman god of dramatic healing, and his temples were presided over by priests using snakes as part of the healing process. This is where Romans went when they had almost given up hope of recovery, and history tells us, enough of them were revived to make these temples to Aesculapius prominent throughout the empire. Today the snake/staff symbol (the Rod of Aesculapia) is commonly seen in hospitals or on the side of ambulances in cities like New York. I am not sure if either your exhibition or your Tarot deck is a comeback project for you, or some kind of revival, but you will certainly experience transits over Aesculapia. Watch the transits across Gemini and the degrees in your chart and particularly those over Minerva – that should be a productive day or two for you.

  47. I regularly read your website but it’s such a shame that non-members can’t read these articles. I can’t become a member as I do not have my time of birth but would love to be able to read articles such as this one.

    1. You can become a member using a 12 noon birth time and the majority of your chart will be correct – just ignore the angles (Ascendant, Descendant, MC and IC) in particular.

  48. Hi Jessica, I am really struggling with some sad personal issues that started in February and getting worse in May. What do you forsee for June and July?

    1. Your personal issues won’t be involved with this Gemini transit. What will help you until December is taking a practical approach to your house or apartment, which should feel far more like a sanctuary than it probably does, and very specifically, the family or household member who is currently such hard work. It will also help to know that from Christmas, home will feel like home again, and at least one issue with a relative or person living in your home, will disappear. Some things are just unavoidable and inevitable in life, but with some work and effort, you can find out what has worked for others in your situation and create a few tactics and a strategy. That, more than anything else, will make you feel better.

  49. My dear Jessica

    Thank you. I could write a book about the ride I’ve been on since Uranus parked in Aries -2011. And I just might. It would make one hell of a read too, riches to rags and then riches again -for now. Yes. Its true. I crave stability. For now. You are super spot on my dear.

  50. Hello Jessica
    I feel somewhat daunted by the idea of June and July being an obstacle course. I’m feeling exhausted after my Mother’s long illness and death on May 6th and I’m now supporting my father who will be 87 on 12th June shortly before my birthday. We are just negotiating a new way of managing our lives without my Mother’s presence.
    I write charity grant applications for a living and have a new female boss who is American and with whom I need to develop a working relationship. She is based in London and I’m in an office in another part of the UK. I also sing in a community choir and work as a volunteer steward at our local Cathedral so I’m wondering which aspect of my voice and appearance will be affected by these many Gemini factors?
    best wishes

    1. Thank you Pauline. Don’t be daunted by the Gemini transits, but do be aware of them, because it will make it easier to handle your new American boss. You are strongly Gemini so using your ‘voice’ quite literally in your choir and writing grant applications is a great use of this chart signature. As time goes by you may find other outlets for your way with words. It will take time to sort out the communication with your boss in particular but there may be some issues about the choir. It’s hard to say more without seeing her chart, but in general, when there are a lot of oppositions involving Sagittarius (foreigners) and Gemini (communication) it’s common to have cultural or language differences which requires a bit of work. I have just had a couple of other comments with similar chart patterns. What comes out of this is worth the effort but – yes, it will be effort. The situation with your father is not really about this at all, but as a Gemini himself, the issues for him will be his identity, role, title and appearance, across this period. This makes sense given what he is adjusting to, but by July the process will be complete.

  51. Hi Jessica –

    I have lots of aspects, including my sun sign, in Gemini.

    I’m currently 5.5 weeks pregnant after trying for 4 years and suffering multiple losses. So this rocky forecast does nothing to quell my nerves.

    Can you advise – will things ever calm down for me and bring some modicum of peace? The past few years have brought lots of tumult and death (my mother, my mother-in-law, my aunt, two grandmas, and 4 pregnancy losses). Work, too, is difficult.

    Will things even out, do you think?

    (I know that horoscope are not fate, and that I am responsible for myself…)

    1. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Gemini is not about pregnancy (ever) and nor is family, so for that you really need to look at Cancer and Leo factors in your chart, in the Fourth House and Fifth House. I am sorry you have been put through such a hard time with previous pregnancies, and also with the passing of close family members. You were born with Saturn at 17 Cancer in the Fourth House, which rules your parents and children, but also your siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and grandparents. This is also where we find your house or apartment. Saturn is the planet of tests and trials, and across the period you mention, you have had Pluto at 17 Capricorn, opposite Saturn. You can only go through this cycle every 240+ years and you are slowly moving out of it. Saturn is exactly square Jupiter at 17 Aries in your horoscope so this has made your experiences more intense, and Juno is at 17 Gemini. So you have quite a pattern in your chart, all at the same degree, with Saturn leading the pattern from your family and home zone. Along with Pluto passing by at 17 Capricorn you have also had Uranus passing by at 17 Aries so I can see why you feel as if you have had your world turned upside-down. The best way to handle this cycle is to realise that you were born with Saturn in Cancer in the Fourth House (we all have Saturn somewhere) and to read more about that and take a practical approach. What can you do, in a hands-on way, to manage? Accepting and then dealing is the way. And you would not be the first nor the last woman to have this chart placement, so it may help to read how others have dealt with it. Saturn describes what we do, to get in our own way, sometimes and that is worth looking at. This planetary placement reveals how we build our lives in order to deal with that which we fear – and it is worth asking yourself if you are under-protected or over-protected, when it comes to family and home. Have a look at the attitudes you hold and the way you have structured your life. As the Pluto cycle moves slowly away from 17 Capricorn you will have relief and release from what is an intense cycle – no doubt about it. Dig deeply into Saturn in Cancer in your chart and use your Oracle cards to find out how you manifest it and what the alternatives are.

  52. Hi, Jessica,
    Thank you so much for your work. I don’t have any Gemini factors in my chart, but I recall that Donald Trump is a Gemini with Leo rising and a Sagittarius moon. What does this mean for him, the United States and the broader impact?

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately the questions about the Trump birth data and horoscopes continue, as the first information given publicly was not an official birth certificate at all, and then the time was changed by over one hour, contradicting the time given by Trump’s own mother. I am waiting for clarification on that data. We can say this man is a Gemini, though (Twitter proves that) and so is Mike Pence. Both men are experiencing the same broad cycle together, which ironically enough, is about the tests and trials of partnership. It will intensify across June with that Full Moon. It will peak again in December. Not easy. It’s very unusual to see two people with the same Sun Sign share the top job.

  53. Hi Jessica,
    Could you share with me what Mars at 29 Gemini, and Psyche at 14 Gemini means for me. And thank you for all your in depth articles you share, you are a wealth of knowledge.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. Mars in Gemini in the Third House is the hallmark of someone who channels her anger into words, and this is the placement we find with ‘Angry of Mayfair’ letter writers to the newspaper, or fierce debaters, or sharp shooters across the meeting table. Of course it can be very damaging because words do hurt, along with sticks and stones, and Mars in Gemini people tend to learn early on in life that what is said or written is hard to undo! An outlet is required. Diaries are very good and can be ripped up and thrown away. Without an outlet Mars in Gemini can make life very hard because there is a lot of teeth-gnashing – which is actually what happens when one feels angry but is not allowed to speak up, for whatever reason. Of course, learning assertiveness skills in communication is a way through. It’s a useful position for anyone crusading for a cause or battling an issue because Mars in Gemini is the person who sticks their hand up and asks the hard question or makes the sharp comment, or gets going with the letter writing campaign or petition. ‘Fighting the good fight’ is the best use of Mars in any sign or house, and in the Third House it is about doing so with a pen or computer. Psyche describes what lasts forever – what endures beyond you – so given that particular projects, causes, ideas or campaigns of yours are going to be channelled through Mars heat and energy – you would want to make sure that this is something you want to be remembered for!

  54. Thank you for your wonderful writing. Having so many Gemini factors in my chart I’m having a hard time understanding how exactly is affecting me, don’t even know where to start. Would appreciate any tips about what to look out for regarding personal or professional area.

    1. You will be drawn further into a project, plan or course which began gathering speed over the last 2-3 weeks and find that communication with others, which you normally take for granted – or even wider issues about your writing, speech or use of technology – becomes more challenging than usual. This is fine as it will teach you sharper skills and you can carry these into future projects, but as one of the issues for you will be understanding the difference between your own language, beliefs, cultural vocabulary – and those of others – you may need to do some homework on just how differently people communicate. You have a Sagittarius chart signature too so you may well be dealing with other nationalities and that will take effort.

  55. Hi Jessica,
    I have Hygeia in 2deg, Psyche in 18deg, and Apollo in 20deg Gemini.
    There is relationship as well as career flux. It’s like all roses one day and all thorns next day. I cannot find any stability due to other people’s change of mind.
    I would very much love to have the calm and stable relationship and better career energy.
    How will the May-July cycle affect me?


    1. Relationships and career aren’t really the issue with the Gemini transit. If you are concerned about your career it may help to understand that you are going through a long cycle, which began in 2008, and will intensify in 2018-2020, when the only solution is to use self-control and willpower and ‘own’ this part of your life, rather than giving your power away to others, or even giving your power away to a situation you feel you can’t run. Refusing to be dominated by others, or even a wider career or employment situation, is half the battle and in fact you will win it, if you can commit long-term to an approach that you know has worked for other people in your situation. We often tend to respond to Pluto cycles (like this one) by giving up or giving in, or getting into a rut with how we cope. In fact, what is often required is the willingness to try different, new ways of dealing. It may be useful to find out what has worked for others, particularly in terms of personality issues in your career and start implementing some cast-iron rules for yourself that you know will get you through. It is very common to feel power-tripped by others, or even by a whole organisation, on this cycle and you are not the only person going through it. It may be time to do some research/homework and look at what psychologists, career counsellors or self-help experts recommend.

  56. Hi Jessica, I have a lot of Gemini. Can you tell me how this might affect me? Currently I am trying to negotiate a business deal. And also my Venus is in Gemini? Thank you!

    1. You have a stellium (unusually high number of factors) in Gemini and Sagittarius too, which is a classic combination seen with people who must talk or write for a living, or who use their way with words, images and ideas in their unpaid work. You are here to connect and communicate, but also to translate, as Sagittarius rules foreign countries and people. The patterns in Gemini and across to Sagittarius, now through July, will make it necessary to put yourself in other people’s position and see it their way – to listen carefully as well as read between the lines – and put more effort into translating any language or other cultural differences. It may be harder work than usual but you only have one Saturn in Sagittarius cycle every 29 years so once you’re done with this – it’s done.

  57. Jessica

    Yet again a brilliant article and a super-scary forecast for the week! I realise that so much is in flux at work and hope I will make the most of opportunities for the future. My contract ends this week so you are spot on! I have no idea what I want to do….well I have a few. But I am fed up and want to change it.

    I have Moon in Gemini at 11, Minerva at 24 and North Node at 23.

    I understand if you have no time to respond as you kindly replied last time – I do hope these factors are a good sign!

    Thank you – your website and how you tell us about astrology, the depth and detail is superb.

    best wishes
    H xx

    1. Thank you H. Your contract ending is pretty typical of this cycle. Your timing is good, with that Gemini line-up. The project or concept, now through July will be colourful, complicated and challenging, but the ultimate outcome will be far juicier, thanks to the investment of time, energy and passion (even the heat) which comes from all those involved. The Sun will cross your Moon at 11 Gemini very shortly, so you will be in the spotlight, perhaps in an interview situation, or just online, and June looks like decision time.

  58. Dear Jessica,
    I have sun (28 degrees), moon, venus and mercury in Gemini. I also have Aesculapia closely conjunct both moon and mercury. The last few years I’ve been in a rut after leaving a toxic relationship and I abandoned my interests in writing and publishing in order to hide out in a safe career and limit my exposure or engagement in the outside world. I’ve had an urge to return to my old blog, and take up writing and translation projects again. Any words of wisdom for this multi-Gemini who has been through the wringer for ten years?

    1. You are not logged in, so I can’t see your whole chart, but your Gemini stellium is typical of people who work in writing and publishing, very successfully. I could bet you have factors in Sagittarius, too. Do pursue your blog and translation and keep an eye on emerging technology online and with smart phones from the final quarter of 2018 through 2019 as it could change your life – you will love what unfolds.

  59. Hi Jessica, being an author, I just learned this morning that two major editorial managers resigned, leaving my publisher without any staff to cover their jobs. I’m supposed to release the 2nd piece of a book by the end of 2017. Could you tell me how I will be affected ? Many thanks.

    1. Yes, your Gemini factors are kicking in. Ceres is high on the list so you will have to divide the turf sensitively, carefully and with one eye on the rather raw emotions involved. Sometimes the myth becomes real so you may have a middle-aged woman here (Ceres was middle-aged!) and there will be issues about who owns what/has possession/is entitled. The ultimate outcome is really for the best, for everyone but you’re going to have to tiptoe through this. When you look up and see the Full Moon, make a mental note to give yourself and others more time and space. I can see signatures clairvoyantly so there may be questions about gets to sign off on something/who signed off – or perhaps you have quite another idea about what such a handwritten signature might mean!

  60. Great article Jessica. I have stellium in Gemini and right now I am working a part time retail role that is on my last nerve but striving to remain positive in the light of underhanded and demeaning colleagues. I am continuing on in my search for a role that encompasses my training and experiences within HR telecommunications however it’s been a long and grinding road over the past two years with really no movement although a high number of applications. Is there anything within the May-July line up that you might foresee for my career moving in a positive direction? Thanks Jessica I am so inspired by your blogs!

    1. Thank you. You were born with Jupiter (blessings, protection) in Gemini as part of your stellium so despite the awful colleagues in your part-time job, you were born to work in communication. It may not necessarily be HR telecommunications, although you should not count that out. As the Gemini stellium conjuncts your Jupiter you should grab a new opportunity with both hands. June will be very busy for you as your ‘voice’ across many mediums/media is waiting to be relaunched. Really sweep the web at this time – but hopefully you’ll land what you are very specifically after, as well. If your birth time is 100% accurate then round about now, as the Sun passes your Node, you should see why you were born to be heard and read, and to connect people, places and ideas together.

  61. My moon is in Gemini. It does seem like these transits are stirring some things up. Any thoughts about what might be most affected for me? The trines to 15 degree Jupiter (and my sun is at 15 as is my Neptune) seem potentially good?

    1. You are quite strongly Mercury-ruled as you have a stellium in Virgo, so the transit of Mercury itself in Gemini will remind you that communication is everything, no matter if you put it in writing, conduct it by phone or meet in person. In fact, the whole business of processing information and also understanding the sub-text with people is about to play a bigger part in your life. People with the Moon in Gemini tend to take it for granted that they’ll connect, but as the Gemini stellium will also square your Virgo placements, it may be that you need to work harder than usual at getting the message across, now through July – especially with work or unpaid work, which Virgo rules. The effort will be worth it as you can improve and deepen the bonds with the people who matter to the job, course or project at hand.

  62. HI Jessica
    I’ve only just discovered your blogs and they’re great and it’s really cool how you provide personal feedback

    I’ve been trying to follow your comments above with regard to my Gemini factors but would really appreciate your perspective

    24° Gemini 47′ 00″

    27° Gemini 27′ 52″ R

    07° Gemini 13′ 47″ R

    09° Gemini 31′ 16″ R

    04° Gemini 42′ 05″ R

    I’ve also got my MC and Saturn in Pisces which from what I can gather may make me potentially insecure and able to be influenced by others. Does this clash with these strong indicators of communication that are currently playing out?

    1. Your MC and Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House don’t make you insecure or influenced by others. (Not sure where you read or heard that misinformation). You actually have a stellium, or unusually high number of Pisces factors, in your chart. As a strongly Twelfth House person you need time and space by yourself, as the relationship you have with your own soul is extremely important. You can’t hear yourself think/feel without solitude, peace and quiet so if you have not already discovered that, it may be necessary – especially as Neptune slowly transits Pisces and your Twelfth House. In general you will be forced to keep secrets and cover things up, and most people with Saturn in Pisces have a couple of major burdens to conceal over the course of their lifetime. You are a natural diary-writer with that Third House/Twelfth House combination but lock the diary! In fact, writing is very therapeutic for Gemini-Pisces types and so is that old-fashioned idea of ‘the talking cure’ (lying on Sigmund Freud’s sofa and unburdening your soul). This short period through July will wake up your Gemini side so, if you don’t already have an important plan or course in front of you, it will be there by June and require quite a lot of juggling, in terms of other people and their needs/wants. You were heavily involved in writing or public speaking, publishing, education or media in a prior incarnation.

  63. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for such an interesting blog about Gemini factors. I am a Gemini and have Gemini in 9 planets/signs: Sun, Mercury, Moon, Juno, Fortuna, Descendant, South Node, Hygiea and Vulcano. I am currently working in publishing and am writing as well. Can you tell me what’s in store with such a big Gemini cluster ahead? I feel like nothing has happened for the last 3 months regarding my book but feel the winds of change…

    1. What goes down now through July is the prelude to the really big leap forward with this book, or quite another project, from the final quarter and 2018 into 2019. It may be the people you meet or are involved with, intensely, or perhaps some aspect of the idea or technology. You might call this the first course before the main course. You are going to have to deal with the people first and the idea second.

  64. Hi Jess , I read your weekly horoscope this week + Cancer’s horoscope 2017 and it freaked me out .
    I met a Cancer man 11/2016 first time . And met the second end of March 2017 . He’s one of my clients from other side of the planet . Time zones 17hours different . Out of nowhere connection between us is insane. Jump from professional to personal real quick . But in reality it make no sense as he has family (kind of unhappy) , and myself I have commitment with my job (financial + massive mortgage to pay ) . And we both have children .
    So before I read your horoscope yesterday , I already decided to back off on Sunday , send his soul back to his reality . Let him face with it . Involved in this someone’s family mess is NEVER my thing . So for now that’s it .
    But Jess , you told me end of 2016 I will meet the right person. Is that Him Jess ?
    Obviously I have no one else around . Not to mention I have never met anyone click to my personality like HIM .
    I have a long letter about to send to him , wish him all the best. When is best timing Jess ?
    This week ?

    If the connection between us doesn’t come live in reality one day , it would be a bitter sweet .

    Thanks a million Jess x
    I’m waiting to hear from you xx

    1. I am not sure I ever use the phrase ‘you will meet the right person…’ as in astrology there is no right person! What I probably told you was that Jupiter at 6 Libra would pass over Jupiter at 6 Libra in your chart, in the zone which rules former, current and potential partners. That door has long since opened and it would have involved your husband (I assume you are married).

  65. Jessica

    Thank you for a very interesting and informative article. Jessica I have been trying to launch my own business for a while, I just stumbled across a similar business for sale. I am pursuing vetting this opportunity because it would get me to the next level faster. Is this a good time to explore this option? I have 3 factors in Gemini, how would this new moon impact me.


    1. This is not so much about your Gemini chart signature, as your Scorpio factors in the Eighth House of business and finance. Jupiter (opportunity, growth) moves into Scorpio in October and remains there in 2018 so from that point you have resolution of any issues and opportunities to have more and do more. The only thing to watch is Uranus entering Taurus from May 2018. If you are prepared for an unpredictable life for the next seven years or so (as a result of wider economic and business trends) then you could surf this; you may want to hit Search to read stories I have filed specifically about the astrology of Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio, which will affect your chart.

  66. Hi Jessica. I am a gemini and have this gem-sag axis pretty strong. I have Sun, Mercury, Mars, Ceres, Chiron and MC in gemini, which opposes Moon, Uranus and IC in saggitarius. Could you please tell me, what is it in for me? I was planning to travel around 20th of June overseas, but maybe that wouldn’t be so wise, should I wait? Thank you, your site is awesome!

    1. You are more likely to notice language differences/cultural barriers as Saturn crosses Sagittarius and the Gemini stellium moves through your communication zone, so preparation is all. You don’t say where you are going but if you don’t speak the local language and are not completely on top of the rules at your destination it might be useful to brush up on that, rather than just grabbing your passport and landing, head-first. Thank you.

  67. Hi Jessica
    As always a fantastic article, thank you & also for our gemini yr. I think I have a couple of hits with the degrees you stated. read your comment that Venus in Gemini isn’t love related. I’m taking it week by week at the mo and enjoyed reading the our yearly horoscope I’m living by the day at the moment due to various reasons. I would greatly appreciate your decoding what this period may mean for me.
    Many thanks birthday Gemini x

    1. Thank you. You have a strong Gemini and Virgo signature and both are ruled by Mercury the Messenger. You also have Mercury in Gemini itself, so that is a double whammy. The two signs work well together – your Gemini side connects and communicates – your Virgo side is bound to duty and service. One of the issues with a chart like this is living in one’s head, though. Mercury is so much about thoughts, ideas, computers, worlds, the worldwide web, the telephone – that it can be easy to over-think things or get caught up in e-mails. You will notice this more as the Gemini stellium passes over your chart. Virgo is a sign which needs to be grounded in the body, so reconnecting the head to the body by the right kind of sport or physical activity – even walking – is part of the story until July, in particular, but also part of the story for life.

      1. That makes complete sense. I wear myself out with the thoughts whizzing around in my head all of the time. Thank you x

  68. Hello Jessica,

    Please could you tell me what this means for me? Recently I’ve lost enthusiasm for my job but due to finances/location am unable to change as there are few jobs around here and being single I can’t afford to take any cut in pay as I only just get by on what I earn now. My life just feels stuck.


    1. You have a stellium in Gemini (more than three factors in a modern astrology chart is high – and a stellium is an unusually large number of Gemini placements, well above the average). If there is anyone who should be offering her services online, it’s you. The world of part-time and micro jobs is burgeoning on the worldwide web. You don’t say what your skills are, but with that Gemini signature, you could easily work from home on other people’s projects, courses and concepts. You would also benefit greatly from learning new skills online which add to your appeal – so, for example, social media assistant work, languages, digital PA services and the rest. All this is very Gemini. As a Leo you are also in a cycle of tremendous opportunity for this, ending in October.

  69. Hi Jessica,
    Just love reading your articles ! Thank you !

    I have Mercury, Diana, Minerva, Panacea, Proserpina and South Node all in Gemini.
    What is going to rock my world ?

    1. Thank you. You will be returned to a long-forgotten phase of a previous incarnation, when language and communication was your whole life. This project or course which invokes a previous life, may have appeared since May 1st, or be hovering as you read this. It is common for people with the Node in Gemini to have spent one or more lifetimes dealing with language differences, the education system, a career spent writing or talking for a living, publishing or even acting (script to stage is a classic Gemini pursuit). It is time to call in some past life experience and you will no doubt have quite a strong sense of deja vu. It is also possible that a project from many years ago, or the people involved, will come back to you. It will be hard work, as you know from this story, but ultimately worth it in the end.

  70. Hi Jessica, I have a few areas in Gemini. I am a lawyer and so communication means so many things in my field. What does this all mean for me please?

    1. You have Saturn at 13 Gemini in the Third House, which is the most important Gemini factor in your chart, although you also have Proserpina there, which is ideal for a lawyer. In mythology Proserpina was the go-between who placated both her husband and her mother and she travelled between worlds, acting as a bridge. This is obviously what you do with your client and the courts. In general, Saturn asks you to slow down, test your communication, telephone, paperwork and communication channels for strength and reliability, and make sure that now through July all your usual systems, defences and set-ups are working. A very simple example would be e-mail security. In terms of people, you are very likely to have a project, case, course or plan which ‘takes’ the transits, and you will need to divide up the rights, roles and responsibilities very carefully. You will see why in June when the Sun conjuncts your Saturn.

  71. Hi Jessica! Many thanks for all the insight and services you provide for your readers.

    Things have been tumultuous, dramatic, and tense at work for me lately…feels like since the beginning of the year, but definitely since the February eclipse cycle. My boss (Scorpio/Pisces/Scorpio) is a tyrant and a bully, mostly toward others but lately toward me as well.

    I’m very good at absorbing the tone of my environment, whether I want to or not, and my intuition is telling me something is brewing, but I don’t know what. I’ve heard whispers here and hints there from both “sides,” but nothing explicit, definite, or concrete. It’s driving me mad. I’m worried that whatever happens this summer, it will work out badly for me and I’ll be miserable and stuck doing things I don’t enjoy for a boss who undermines/dislikes me.

    You’ve mentioned to me in the past that my long-term future looks good career-wise, with something big happening in 2020. (Actually, that’s when I am supposed to complete my Master’s program, but the idea of applying hadn’t even occurred to me yet at the time!)

    I’m curious — are you able to tell me anything about the rest of this year, and the next few months in particular? I know the New Moon coming up is close to my MC and I am really hoping it will help me get the opportunity to transfer to another team or another department entirely, where I will be happier with my situation. I’ve also been pulling lunar returns for myself but I don’t feel confident in my ability to interpret them (or to not deliberately read what I want to see).

    Any insight you can provide on how this situation might resolve would be so helpful 🙂 Thank you so much!

    1. I am sorry about this boss who bullies and undermines you. With Pluto (power) in Capricorn (bosses) it is a global epidemic. With Jupiter at 5 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, though, you are always protected – and will in fact have a stunning opportunity once Jupiter returns to 5 Capricorn (Jupiter Return) in the final quarter of 2019 and yes, by 2020, you will have transformed your career. This just ‘happens’ to be when you might complete your Master’s program, of course! The Moon isn’t really a big deal by itself. It only matters in the context of other transits. You were born with Vesta at 13 Virgo in your Sixth House of work. This is day-to-day work, your service and duty to other people, rather than your own success. Vesta describes situations where two or more females compete for the approval or favours of a male, so I wonder if you have this situation at work? The reason I mention this is that Neptune is opposing Vesta from 14 Pisces (just one degree away at the moment) and it is very common to feel that something/someone is against you, but it’s all very unclear. Neptune often pops up as people or situations which are muddy, as we associate this planet with the ocean, and in opposition to Vesta, as he has been hovering in opposition to Vesta for ages. Before you transfer, you may want to look at Vesta in your chart and how best to handle this asteroid. You see oppositions to Vesta a lot in situations like cabin crews (male pilot or male steward, with two or more female attendants dancing attendance and undermining each other, while he undermines each of them in turn) and also in ballet companies (male principal, many women literally dancing around him). If this rings bells have a look at Vesta and go from there. There are ways to fix it, and it need not always mean you have to shift your entire situation. The vagueness (whispers) is also typical of Neptune so go back to that planet too and dig into the meaning to find a way of handling it. None of this lasts. The future does look bright.

  72. 2nd times the charm….Wowza! It seems like one session comes to an end and now we have,to prep for the next. I have Saturn and Fortuna in Gemini. I do have some thoughts and discussions for programs I have started with my kid’s schools (teachers and parents), sounds like Gemini working. Should I work with others to refine and discuss, then repeat until the end of July?

    I hope all is going well for you! Many thanks for the light you should shine on us!

    1. Thank you very much. The programs for teachers and parents at your school are exactly where you will be focussed and it works on two levels. First of all there is the actual communication with the children – making sure they understand. Then, of course, you have the communication between yourself, the teachers and parents involved, which is the ‘finesse’ part of the cycle. You can do this thing, but with Saturn in Gemini it may be rather hard work, as this planet stretches us and tests our patience. Yet – there is nothing quite like mastering your Saturn placement.

  73. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for the insightful article. Gemini is my natal 8th house. In my natal chart I have Jupiter retro @21…Panacea@ 3…Psyche @5 Vesta @28 and North Node @1. Sun in Aquarius with Scorpio rising. Although your article mentions a lot on communication I am intrigued on my 8 house placement and its ramifications. Many thanks in advance!

    1. Gemini factors at 1 through 28 degrees in your Third House of communication, internet, multimedia, publishing and education suggest this transit started early for you – as soon as May arrived – and will end late – well into July. The idea, course or project will stretch your powers of communication to the limit but you will learn a lot. The Eight House is ruled by Scorpio in your chart, using natural houses, and I’ve written extensively about Scorpio factors in a chart, if you want to hit Search.

  74. Hello Hello Hello
    I love reading your Blogs. Your passion for your work is so obvious! Grateful that you share as much as you do.
    I only have the Moon in Gemini at 2 degrees.
    I have 2 major major major (brain surgery and a book. . . .. . ) things to contend/ contemplate. Not sure if this is relevant anywhere.
    I would love your thoughts.
    Have a fabulous day
    Ms Piggy

    1. Thank you Ms Piggy, that’s a lovely thing to read as I put the kettle on. The book is highly relevant, because you have Gemini-Sagittarius patterns in your chart now being crossed in quite an intense way, through July. Further ahead, you’ll have more choices about this project at Christmas, when Saturn leaves Sagittarius at last, and the Sun lands there. If you are not on a strict time-frame with this project, you will love what happens when Jupiter (opportunity, growth) goes into Sagittarius and crosses this Third House-Ninth House axis, from the final quarter of 2018 into 2019. For more on that, look up Third House/Ninth House on Search or in your ebooks. Happy writing.

  75. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you so much for this article!
    Could you please give me a hint how the following Gemini factors in my birth chart will affect me?
    Thank you!

    02° Gemini 04′ 02″
    28° Gemini 38′ 03″
    18° Gemini 55′ 45″
    24° Gemini 40′ 28″
    21° Gemini 57′ 00″

    1. Born to write, sing, debate, broadcast, blog, podcast and the rest, basically – you need to be needed, whenever you embark on a project or course, and have a way with words (or a particular way of speaking) which is a tremendous comfort to people. You are the kind of person who can make things better by articulating them in a way that reaches people emotionally. You also have a family member who could do this, somewhere in the tree – and this ability has been passed onto you. Now through July is about picking your way carefully through people politics, surrounding a major communication question. This is a double whammy. Not only must the idea, concept or project get through to people clearly, you also have to look at the relationships between yourself and others who are making it all happen and be sure that everyone is on the same page. Ceres in Gemini in the Third House makes you quite powerful and productive when it comes to the worldwide web, multimedia, education, publishing and so on. However your life lesson is to learn to share; to compromise; to carve up the projects like pies so everyone has an equal slice. I dare say 2017 will be very hard work, as Saturn in Sagittarius opposes Juno in particular, but as a lifetime pattern, you were born to connect people, places and ideas and you will.

      1. Jessica, thank you so much for your reply!
        Since the beginning of last year my company is facing very challenging situation. We encountered a serious clash with a major client. He in return is trying to ruin our market.
        Disputed my efforts it looks like everything is falling apart. I continue loosing my best people. At the same time I am just starting new big project in order to balance the losses. At this stage though I wonder how on earth I am going to make it work…
        Thanks God a friend of mine introduced me to acupuncture by sending me to a great doctor. He somehow pulled me back physically and emotionally as I was literally drowning. Magic.
        I am 50 years old and was praying for a change in my life. I wrote before about my mother and family situation. I wish to move ahead in my life by changing the course ideally avoiding being totally defeated. But with this poles in my chart I don’t know if that is avoidable. How can I move ahead without feeling defeated?
        Thank you Jessica!

        1. Thank you. This must be very stressful and I sympathise. So let’s have a look at your chart. Diana at 18 Capricorn is trine Uranus conjunct Pluto at 17 Virgo. Let me translate. You have Diana (independence) in Capricorn (ambition) in your Tenth House (career) working with Uranus (freedom) and Pluto (control) in Virgo (work) in your Sixth House of duty and service to other people. That is a really powerful combination in your chart but it is also quite challenging, because you have to find a way to be free, that allows other people to be free as well. This whole pattern has been triggered by transiting, or travelling, Pluto at 17 Capricorn. This can only happen every 240+ years so no wonder it feels intense. The situation will ease up hugely by Christmas – in fact, very close to Christmas Day you will feel like you can put 2017 and this man behind you. He is playing Pluto. Pluto was the Roman god of the underworld. Passionate, obsessive, dominating, controlling – he took over, and took what he wanted. Pluto was ultimately defeated. I am sure you know that in 2006 astronomers did much the same thing to the planet. They demoted him to dwarf planet. As the year goes on this man will be dwarfed or shrunk. He may be relegated or even lose his position. I have never seen Pluto people or organisations last very long and in fact if you look at the planet and its year or discovery in 1930, we saw the rise of Fascists and fat controllers all over the world, only to see them hoist by their own petard, as Shakespeare would say, by 1945. You will not have to wait that long, but what you really need to do is get right into your Diana in Capricorn and Uranus and Pluto in Virgo placements. This is also the acupuncture, because Virgo rules the body. Once you understand how these archetypes and symbols work in your chart you can make them work for you. Space does not allow me to say more, but please hit search on this website, pick up your ebooks and squeeze the most from this trine in your chart, being triggered by this transit. The golden rule with Pluto transits is to own your own self and own life. Use self-control and self-discipline to be captain of your own ship and Queen of your own kingdom. Push back by denying yourself, if you have to, but persist and own your own power. Most of all, understand that something or someone is preventing you from being free and although it would be easy to point the finger at this person and say it is all about him – actually he is just playing his part in a far wider process of deep transformation about the work you do; the reasons you do it; the impact on your body; service and duty. He’s just a catalyst and he’ll get his yet, no matter how big he thinks he is – for some reason I feel inclined to quote Sexy Sadie there!

  76. Dear Jessica,

    I’ve had the most difficult time in my marriage these last few months. My husband moved out a week after I miscarried. He says we should take an indefinite break and see other people. My boss is moving and my department will be dissolved and I’m worried about what might happen to my job. Any insights you can provide on these how two aspects might resolve? Thank you

    1. I am so very sorry to hear about your miscarriage and separation, first of all. This is not the Gemini stellium, but it is your Leo stellium (unusually high number of factors) in Leo in the Fifth House, which rules children. For the first time in many years, the North Node (karma) is passing through Leo and if you look at your chart you can see a total of eight Leo placements. I am not sure when you married, but a great deal of what you learned and experienced about love, sex, marriage and parenthood in 1999=2000 now returns so you can step back from it and put it in context. As well as children, the sign of Leo and the Fifth House also rules courtship and lovers. In astrology the Node is about situations which repeat over one or more lifetimes so that we can alter our reaction to them. It’s a bit like Groundhog Day, the Bill Murray film. Because life repeats, he has no choice but to develop a sense of humour, tolerance, and a philosophical approach to what goes on. Between now and 2018 you will experience situations which affect the world of love, sex and children in a repetitive way. You may even have a sense of deja vu about what is happening, or it may feel strangely familiar to you. The best way to deal with a Nodal transit is to work on your attitude, because you can change that. You can carefully craft a response to what is going on – a response that makes you feel as comfortable as possible. I hope you have good support at the moment and a strong friend or family member you can lean on. Beyond that, it may help you to find professional support – counselling. The reason I say that is your Saturn in Leo placement. We all have Saturn in our chart somewhere and it reveals where we feel vulnerable. Thus, we build structures in our lives, or create systems, to make ourselves feel more protected and safe. Figuring out a strategy and point of view which serves you is very important – you need something which puts you in the strongest possible position, so that you are neither under-protected or under-defended, or ‘walling’ yourself in. I hope that makes sense. You may want to read more widely about what it means to have Saturn in the Fifth House. You were born to mentor, lead and guide a younger generation. This may ultimately end up being your own children, godchildren, nieces or nephews, younger in-laws, or even youth as a whole. Your chart pattern is commonly seen in the horoscopes of everyone from single parent activists, to children’s authors, to teachers, to parents who are extremely active and involved in their children’s lives. The path to this will be unique to you and a lot of it will be shaped in 2017, 2018 as the Node passes through. The best example I can give you is Madonna who also has a strong Leo signature. She has adopted; written a children’s book; had children naturally; become involved in children’s welfare. There are many roads available to you and over the course of your lifetime you will explore what works for you best. Now – work! Without seeing the charts for your boss and also your company/organisation it is hard to talk about outcomes, but in general – if your birth time is accurate – you will reshape your entire working life between now and 2020 and this is just the start. So, it’s actually a three-year period of transformation, during which time you will need to understand how much power and control you have; and how much you want. Once Jupiter the planet of opportunity moves through this area of your horoscope you will be given a fantastic chance, not possible in 12 years, to reshape how you work, why you work and when you work. By 2020 this process is complete and you will also be empowered by changes to come, with rights, roles and responsibilities that give you the reins. Please remember; children and young people need your leadership and example and you can do this in your personal life, in paid work with this generation, and also unpaid work – children’s charities or sport coaching, for example. Young adults and teenagers are also part of the Leo story in your chart.

  77. Hi Jessica… thanks as usual for your insights and guidance. As if on cue, a commmunication breakdown and now flair up was triggered around the issue of housing/place/family space (which was nicely out of sight/ hidden by both my partner for a few months) on 21 May and I can see it will play out now over the next while. I need resolution bc we are both exhausted and need to move forward. We both need to be happy. I have IC and psyche in Gemini. What can I do to best help this process of resolution?

    1. Than you. Not so much Gemini, but you have Ceres at 17 Cancer in the Fourth House of real estate, housing, family and home. Pluto has been moving around 17 Capricorn, right opposite, so you are experiencing a Pluto-Ceres opposition, which is oddly like the original Latin myth. In the story we know from 2000 years ago, Pluto wanted to have Ceres’ daughter Proserpina all to himself. He took her away from her mother and home, and installed her in his own home. Jupiter intervened and a deal was struck, so that Pluto and Ceres would each have Proserpina to themselves for exactly half the year (or six months) each. I am sure you are exhausted as Pluto transits can feel relentless. The situation will resolve itself anyway, as Pluto always burns himself out. If anybody, as an individual or a group, has been dominating/taking/taking over then this simply will not last. However in the meantime you have to strive for a fair outcome. The best way to describe what is happening with your family, household and/or partner is ‘a change in the balance of power’ and this means you will have to share – and also empower someone who did not have it before. This might be a younger member of the family, for example. At the same time, you must also negotiate what is fair for you. You may want to read more about Ceres here, and look at the art/mythology surrounding the famous Ceres-Pluto story. Sometimes just looking at a painting can turn a key for you. Ultimately you will have a brand new situation – a carve-up – and yet once Pluto moves right away from 17 Capricorn things will ease. On Christmas Eve Pluto is at 18 Capricorn conjunct Minerva (wisdom) at 18 Capricorn, making a little statement for you – that is when you will really feel things are moving on and the situation is moving away. As Pluto drifts further and further on from that tricky 17 degree position you will get relief and release. One last thing – Ceres teaches you to find your own power. What comes out of this will be a whole new world with your home and household/family.

      1. Jessica thank you… this all makes Perfect sense 🙂 I looked up the Ceres article. I feel like you’ve just slid me a pair of reading glasses and I can actually read this exhausting situation in a big picture way. I really do appreciate it, cheers.

  78. Hi Jessica,
    And thank you for the lovely articles you write. I love reading my horoscope from you every day too.
    I wonder if you can give me a bit more insight into what my Gemini factors have in store for me? I’m an author, but still waiting to ‘make it’ (I will, one day! 🙂 ) but I’ve also started scriptwriting recently too. Someone told me my astrology indicated I should be trying to get onto screen – big or small – as this is more my way forward. Is this a new pathway for me, or should I keep hammering away at the publisher’s doors?
    Sun 19° Gemini 36′ 51″
    Mercury 29° Gemini 21′ 32″
    Thank you !

    1. Thank you very much. It is common to find people with the Sun and Mercury in Gemini wanting to write. You are doing so on the toughest cycle in 29 years as Saturn opposes both in your chart, but once Jupiter moves into Sagittarius from the final quarter of 2018 through 2019 the entire book industry will go through a transformation which will benefit you. It may be at this point that you can self-publish enhanced e-books, for example, or take advantage of new publishing platforms which are wheeled out by the majors.

  79. Hi Jessica, great article again!! It seems I have three Gemini factors, at 10, 12 and 15. Do they signify anything important at this time of the year?
    Also, I recently decided to pursue an academic career (involving both research and teaching). I always believe that horoscopes indicate favorable professions for everyone. Could you reveal anything for me (I mean what kinds of work suit me better)?

    Thanks a ton.

    1. Thank you. You have the classic Gemini-Sagittarius axis of someone who both taught and studied in several lifetimes, switching roles each time. Now you are in academia so I am sure some of the faces or places seem familiar. You were meant to do this, and even though the period from now to July is complicated and relentless, it makes the end results more complex and interesting. Not textbook; a true expression of what you were feeling at the time, and also what you learned. Further ahead, you could easily move or travel more ambitiously, while teaching, or perhaps returning to study, from late 2018 into 2019.

  80. Hello Jessica,
    Can you please have a look at my chart. I have few Gemini asteroids that are making close aspects opposite my Sagittarius factors.

    1. Yes, you have Ceres in Sagittarius in the Ninth House as part of a Gemini-Sagittarius signature. You are a powerful writer, public speaker or communicator who probably discovered that ability at school. You were made for education or academia, and may spend your whole life – as a student of life, or a mentor/guide for others. This may be a role you play rather than an actual responsibility though many people with this pattern do end up teaching in one way or another. Publishing, academia, education, travel and emigration are also linked to this combination. This year is intense, as it was last year, but if you can plough through and learn what you need to learn – you will be vindicated in late 2018 and 2019. Take it step by step now through July.

      1. Thank you, Jessica! Last year was very intense indeed. I need some good rewards already haha.

  81. Hi Jessica,
    This is all quite new to me as far as reading my chart. Just wondered if you could share some of your wonderful knowing and insight as to what will help me at this time with career, relationship etc. Thanks so much for your time.
    Love and Light

    1. Cat, peering far into the final quarter of 2017 and 2018, you will have fortunate Jupiter in your Eighth House of finance, property and security passing your birth position of Mercury 7, Mars 8 and Neptune 10 Scorpio then Bacchus at 14 and Proserpina at 18. That’s quite a line-up. You will be given an opportunity not possible in 12 years to pursue solutions or happily expand and grow, with the money, house, business, apartment or possessions. This might be a sexually intimate undertaking, like a typical marriage/mortgage or pursuing a rental arrangement with a lover – perhaps looking into business with a partner, as well as a bed partner. If you are already in that kind of situation you will fix issues and go further/higher together. If not, the chance will be there. You are strongly Scorpio. Hit Search and your ebooks for more on this sign and what it means in your chart.

  82. Actually if you want the best possible time to publish anything, it’s from the end of 2018. I am sure you just saw the news that Amazon opened a store in NYC. It will be the first of many new style book stores around the world, and brand new publishing technology. What you are waiting for, Louise, is Jupiter in Sagittarius in your Ninth House for the first time in 12 years. If you are intent on publishing this year, then July is as good a month as any – no Mercury Retrograde, at least.

    1. Okay, so what you want is a great transit through Sagittarius and your Ninth House of publishing, which is difficult with Saturn in Sagittarius until Christmas. Louise, you would be far better off waiting for Saturn to move on – and particularly from 27 Sagittarius where he opposes your Mercury in Gemini, which rules writing. You are strongly Gemini, and it is thus a matter of finding the right medium and channel for your words and ideas. That will be a great deal easier once December is over.

  83. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your amazing posts! I have a question and I have searched your comments for understanding but I’m thinking it’s best to just ask ;). I have Uranus conjunct my natal Saturn. I have read a lot about transit Saturn trine transit Uranus, so I would assume that means transit Saturn is trine my natal Saturn which is conjunct Uranus. Which aspect will have greater importance? Or am I just looking at this all wrong? Your insight will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Thank you very much. Okay, you do not have Uranus conjunct your natal Saturn. You were born with Uranus at 28 Virgo and Saturn at 24 Aries. They are in a very wide quincunx with each other, and that’s all. I would not even use them in your chart, actually – there are other more important things to look at, like the fact that you have an exact sextile from Uranus to Diana. You were born with Uranus at 28 Virgo sextile Diana at 28 Cancer. Taking this apart, it means you are a catalyst for change (Uranus) with the work you do (Virgo) because you commonly reject who/what you produce, create or invent at work – but then, it takes on a life of its own anyway. Work is where life is never still or calm. It is always churning, and whenever you experience transits to Uranus at 28 Virgo, you see reshuffles, or switch jobs, or experience gainful unemployment, or go into business for yourself…these are all typical of this placement. We also see medical or health conditions which force people to give up work, or change the hours they work – or the way they work. This is also typical of Uranus in Virgo, every time he is woken up in your chart. The sextile to Diana links all these work and lifestyle issues with your house, apartment, family or household. So when you trigger changes, or have changes happen to you, there are always major questions about rent, mortage, property investment, home town or homeland, individual family members or flatmates. You have a very great need to be free, and as independent as possible, when it comes to your home life, relatives or property situation. The next time all this is scheduled to unfold again is the point at which transiting or travelling Uranus gets to 28 Aries, in the final three days of June; all of July; all of August; first week of September; April 2018; December 2018; January 2019; first week of February 2019 – and then the cycle ends. Uranus in transit describes situations outside yourself – other people or large organisations caught in quite revolutionary change – which also affects your own self and own life. The best way ahead is to be extremely flexible and adaptable, and rather than try to stop change, or deny it – go with it, almost as if you were surfing unpredictable waves in the ocean. The higher purpose of this transit is to offer you genuine freedom. No compromises. Total space and independence, with so much room to move, you will feel genuinely liberated. It won’t be predictable, settled, stable or comfortable, as a quincunx with transiting Uranus to natal Uranus never is – but this wild ride is something you need to take, if you can twist and turn with it.

  84. Hi, I am loving my new premium membership, thank you for the details. I am wondering if you can give me any insight into how Gemini will play out in my chart. I have a big project (it started on the last day of February) that could potentially explode into something wonderful, and right now i am waiting for others to make the final decision, the actual “green light”. The waiting is agony since I want it so badly. I need a big change and feel that I have been working hard to get there for so long now. Any way I can learn more about this career aspect and how it might come to be? It’s been a very rough few years for me career-wise. Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you, I will pass that onto James, Justin and Alyas. I sympathise with the waiting game you are playing with your big project. It’s really hard to comment without knowing what your project is about, or what it involves. Is it overseas? That’s Sagittarius. It is a business venture? That’s Taurus and Scorpio. Does it involve sport? That’s Aries. And so on…in general, just considering your career, ambition and success – you will find an awful lot of discussion, news and paperwork flies around from June 7th to 21st, and at that point your achievements, skills and career experience will be under the spotlight, so this feels like an interview or perhaps an assessment to me. There are questions here about sharing the controls in your career, and these will not stop until July 10th. Once this rather intense period is over, you will learn a lot. I expect the Full Moon on June 9th will lay things out very clearly for you, so you can make some smart choices about your job situation in general.

      1. THANK YOU! It is in media: web publishing, digital shows, and television shows. It is domestic with overseas potential. Yes, it involves a lot of “hands in the pot” , it is not a solo effort on my part. I am collaborating with a business partner and we’ve pitched to another “potential” business partner and it is a bit of a waiting game right now. This is all based on the past 8 years of my solo efforts in digital and publishing so it is not based on nothing. It is kind of like I am trying to take the next big leap and it is based on all my previous hard work and, of course, a little bit of luck. I need everyone on board to come together to make it all work. Will keep my eye out in June and July! Thanks again!

        1. That makes perfect sense. There will be emerging new technology from late 2018, big by 2019, that makes a huge difference to this or other projects.

  85. Hi Jessica. You definitely surprised me and I am delighted by your predictions! Loved the pun especially. Hoping now to find that project and hunting for it.

  86. Hi there, I have “5” planets in Gemini. Panacea “5”, Venus “23”, Sun “25”, Minerua and “29” in Fortunate. How is this are to impact me in the next couple of months. Thanks

    1. Your Gemini stellium is about your grasp of language, the written or spoken word, and particularly the worldwide web. This is a growth area for you and in June (intensely) and less so, for the rest of the year, you will be figuring out better ways to get your message across. Why? Because you have to.

  87. Hi Jessica,

    Can you tell me how Mars Saturn opposition will affect me on Monday, 29 May? And will my birth placement of Minerva 25 Gemini figure into that? Will this be something that is short lived or long lasting.

    I have been experiencing some changes at work, which are long overdue and I hope they continue and not delayed!


    1. Jenn, you have Mercury at 22 Gemini very close to Minerva at 25 Gemini, so, yes, the final week of May is challenging. Both of these are in your Third House, which describes your way with words, images and ideas. Mercury is the messenger, of course, so you were born to be the words person who translates the message and transports it. This is why this placement is so common with couriers, webmasters, playwrights and copywriters. Minerva is your wisdom. She knows everything! She is very close to Mercury so you are a natural teacher or educator, mentor or guide for other people. You may have this role formally or informally. Take your time with this episode. Go through it very slowly and carefully. Saturn is opposing Minerva at 25 Sagittarius in June. He will oppose Mercury in July. He hovers in August and September and in October he opposes Mercury, then goes back to opposing Minerva in November. By December is on his way out, so November is the last time you will have to deal with this fundamental issue about how to be heard and read, as you need to be heard and read, when life (or other people) are coming from another direction. You will learn a lot from this cycle but I suspect one of the issues will be language differences, as Sagittarius rules foreigners, cultural gaps, educational gaps – even different religious beliefs, or other ways of seeing the world. You may already know what I am talking about – it might feel as if you, he, she or they are speaking a different language. Your communication skills will be honed and sharpened by this cycle.

  88. Very interesting, thanks Jessica. I have Gemini ascending and have been having a crazy few intense weeks. There is a lot in flux career wise as I have various opportunities opening up, as well as some door closing and just don’t feel I have a big enough understanding of the wide picture to make any decisions – which is emotionally draining, plus I hate the lack of control. Also, keen to know what this means relationship wise. As I have had huge changes in perception over the last few months about the type of person I want to be with. Currently single and have been getting vibes from someone for sometime who not until recently I realised I am also attracted too! So confused!

    1. Thank you. Your Gemini Ascendant is not the issue here (as I just explained on this forum, many astrologers and also astrology fans over-emphasise the Ascendant, which is just your image, profile or appearance). What matters a lot more, and what has actually been going on is a cycle that can happen only every 29 years, which is Saturn in Sagittarius. You are strongly Sagittarian and have a stellium which is pretty tight. Mercury at 23, Venus at 22, Neptune at 26, Ceres at 28. All in the Ninth House which describes travel and travel in the mind. Geographical, intellectual or spiritual journeys. We commonly find it with people who are deeply involved with one or more foreign countries or cultures, sometimes because they moved or emigrated, but often because of their work or personal lives. The Ninth House is also associated with academia, education, publishing and of course the worldwide web as a whole. Individual belief systems, like some branches of science, or even astrology, are represented here. So, you have Saturn going over this, and that is why life seems very heavy. Slow down. On a basic level, get more sleep. Saturn can be very, very hard work and people often need more kip, in order to deal with the change. I do wonder if the person who is attracted to you, is also part of this cycle – perhaps if there are cultural differences, or differences in belief, this may be part of it. The cycle ends at Christmas but December will bring a major sign-off for you, so I expect you’ll be making quite an epic choice then. Be patient with yourself and the universe while Saturn passes by. You may want to read more on this site and in your ebooks about this planet, also the sign Sagittarius, and the planets Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Ceres. You are on this planet to exchange knowledge by taking trips or head trips, and that will never change – this cycle will firm that up for you.

  89. Hi Jessica,

    If we go by the 1 degree either side rule, then pretty much my entire chart is being hit! I do have more than half of my chart at 22,23,24 degrees with (7 planets all at 23degrees) so I do tend to feel it whenever this is triggered. I also have a Gemini stellium of 4 planets which are all being hit. If you have the time, I would very much appreciate any insight you may have and how this will affect me.
    Thankyou for yet again such a good read and informative article.

    23° Gemini 06′ 52″
    22° Gemini 39′ 30
    24° Gemini 07′ 24″
    07° Gemini 02′ 08″

    1. The Chiron-Minerva conjunction at 23, 24 Gemini in your Third House is the most interesting part of this stellium. Chiron describes how you challenge what is normal, conventional and acceptable. It is that part of you which confronts those who say something cannot be done/should not be done. In your Third House of words, ideas, images and so on – the worldwide web, multimedia, education or publishing – it enables you to sail past barriers. The conjunction to Minerva, just one degree away, brings her in too. This part of you is wise, knowing and knowledgeable. You would be an asset on any communication project because of this. Ceres will pass 23, 24 Gemini in the final week of June so there will be major issues then about sharing, dividing, compromising and negotiating. June as a whole is the month when you need to look at communication, both in terms of the plan or course, but also with other people involved in what you’re doing. A new version of your concept or work/study will come out of this and it will be all the richer and more complex for it!

      1. Thankyou so much for your reply Jessica!
        Ive actually been unemployed for some time until recently. I’ve just started working a few weeks ago at a family owned winery and after one week have been promoted to manager. SO far everything has been going great and it seems they are very impressed with me. Quote on quote from my boss ‘you are exactly what I have been looking for’… however due to mental health reasons I haven the got the best track record with holding down employment and maintaining my ability to cope. I’ve always been a hard worker and have had so many glimpses of success yet I can never seem to stabilise myself there and before I know it I’m sleeping through alarms, running late to work, or simply can’t get myself out of bed to face the day. This has been a pattern throughout my entire working life and I’m almost 30! Taking on this new role has been a great opportunity for me and I can only hope this time things will be different. Only time will tell. But the winery has actually been built as an extension to a house which has been offered for me to live in, rent free but kind of as a package deal of being the manager there. In one month my current rental lease ends so need to find a new place to Live by then anyways. My issue however is having my home life and my work life combined so closely, especially when I have such a bad history with maintaining employment. I fear there will be many boundary issues as ‘my home’ would also be the work place of myself, the owners and other staff. It will literally be a carve up of space. What makes this even more difficult is that the owners known my mum (who has made it very clear to not let her down and embarrass her by messing this opportunity up the way I have done so many time). I’m really so unsure on what to do. Part of me feels likely this could be a really great opportunity for me but the other part of me is very reluctant on the idea for all the reasons noted above. I just know there will have to be a lot of communication, negotiations and boundary setting in play if this is going to work as there is so much sharing and dividing involved. I’m so sorry to ask another question but if you have any advise on what I should do regarding this or how I should go about it to make this work would be so very much appreciated.

        1. I really like these kinds of questions because the detail makes it easier for me to figure out what is going on. Good on you, for wanting to do the right thing by everybody. Congratulations on the job, but yes – you are right to dig around for some more answers. It must be very hard for you to live with Uranus at 0 Capricorn conjunct Saturn at 1 Capricorn. Both are in your Tenth House of career. Uranus is that part of you which rejects what you create in your life and then has to deal with the outcome, which is usually the world turning upside down! Saturn is that part of you which is vulnerable, and often visited by quite tough situations which are not your fault. Put them together and you can see why any time outer planets pass over 0, 1 Capricorn the whole pattern goes off – thus your career history. You also have Mars at 5 Capricorn, Neptune at 9 Capricorn and Proserpina at 26 Capricorn so this is a major story in your life. Right opposite we have Panacea at 29 Cancer and Ops at 23 Cancer in your Fourth House (mother and accommodation). Over the short-term the story would be about the latter; family and home – Ceres moving across 23 and 29 Cancer in September would mean a carve-up of rights, roles, responsibilities and space all around. It would be preceded by quite an overheated period in July as Mars crosses 23 and 29 Cancer too. None of this is something you don’t know or can’t handle, but I get your bigger concern is employment as a whole. This is an important question to ask as Saturn will move into Capricorn and your Tenth House of career at Christmas and you will in fact start your Saturn Return. By January he has moved to conjunct Uranus and so you are at a milestone and a crossroads. I can’t make the decision for you. All I can tell you is that the less you load yourself up with before a Saturn Return, the better. As it is happening in your zone of career, if you can keep things simple and as uncomplicated as possible, you will have far less to deal with in December 2017, January 2018. Saturn is the planet of obstacles and hurdles as I am sure you have heard. The Saturn Return is hard work. The less on your plate, the less hard work you have to do. This will be the making of you, one way or another. In fact, when Jupiter crosses through Capricorn from December 2019 through January 2020 you are in a stunning position to fix all your issues about success, work, career and the rest. Until then please dig deeply into your chart, looking up those planets and also the sign of Capricorn itself. There is a way to make this function for you and you will find it, but I have to be honest – the less you burden yourself with now the easier your life will be, as transiting Saturn is the planet of tests and trials; no two ways about it. When he returns to the placement of natal (birth) Saturn it’s heavy, as anyone who is older than 29 will tell you, including moi.

  90. Hi Jessica,

    Gemini is my ascendant; however, I have other planets/asteroids in Gemini as well. 2017 has been an absolute challenge and I’m hoping that all of this Gemini activity will assist me in my personal relationship and especially, my career. I’ve been interviewing in March and April; but, not a peep or bite in May. I’m becoming very discouraged. Will this turnaround soon?


    1. Your Ascendant is only your exterior – your image – and people place way too much importance on it in astrology, NMJ. Work is also not about Gemini factors, necessarily, unless you work in the media, publishing or education – and you don’t say what you do. Do not become discouraged about what is happening. The whole story here is your unusual Virgo stellium. You were born with the Moon exactly conjunct Hygiea at 20 Virgo, very close to Pluto at 18 Virgo and Uranus, also at exactly 18 Virgo. You are going through a cycle that can only happen every 240+ years as Pluto hovers around 18, 19, 20 Capricorn, forming a trine to this pattern in your Sixth House. Essentially, you’re being forced to change. You probably don’t want to, which is normal on this cycle. Do read up more on Virgo and what it means to be so strongly Virgoan. It is the sign of duty and service, and the function you have and the role you play, is firmly decided by things like gender, age – and even your body type or physical condition. So you can’t really separate who you are, from the work you do, or the shape you’re in, or the body you have, from the service you must perform. I suspect there is another story going on here with your health, or perhaps a question about food, drink, doctors, drugs, healers, fitness and the rest. There often is with a Virgo stellium! You will come through this and utterly change the way you work, the way you see your role as a wheel in a bigger machine, and all the rest. It will take some time so be patient, but by 2020 as Jupiter in Capricorn trines your Virgo stellium, you will see that even the temporary frustrations of 2017 were part of a wider pattern, which had to happen, in order to get you to change. You are moving on up, or being moved on up, very slowly, but it’s not going to be a repeat of what you did in the past, or how you did it, because transits like this one really are about transforming yourself and what you do. Ultimately this works out extremely well for you. You are the person everyone wants in their work place.

  91. Hi Jessica! I have ascendant in Gemini so I was wondering what that means for me?? Thank you once again for your amazing articles!
    Marina k

    1. A bigger deal is your Saturn-Fortuna conjunction in the early degrees of Gemini, Marina, in your Third House. The Third House is about your ideas, courses and projects – usually online. Saturn in your chart describes who and what challenges you – what you learn to deal with through trial and error – and where you need to make sure you are neither over-defended or under-protected. So, this goes back to schooldays and is about being read and heard. Fortuna describes the randomness of life, when every low is a high, and every high is a low! What happens in June as Mercury crosses this spot, will allow you to deal with the issues – always about communication – and some of this will carry on from May.

  92. Hi jessica
    can you please look at my chart. I have factors in gemini , relationship issues from 1999 – 2000 marriage ended new relationship, 2008 – 2009 estranged from adult children from first marriage. Current relationship from 2000 not going well. Solar eclipse in august at my degree. Help ,

    1. Okay, so you are heavily Leo. Nothing to do with your Gemini factors, but the Leo stellium is in your Fifth House, which describes lovers and courtship, sex and intimacy, babies, children and stepchildren too. You have the MC or Midheaven at 29 Leo, very close to your Sun at 28 Leo, so if your birth time is correct, your calling in life is to lead, guide and mentor a younger generation and set them an example. Part of that is having a particular kind of love life, of course! Mercury at 18 Leo suggests this is an area of life you could easily talk about, or write about (you could write a book about it) and of course estranged children from the first marriage suggests that. You also have Hygiea at 21 Leo, so you are very protective when it comes to your love life, but also your sons and daughters. Don’t worry too much about the eclipse. Just skip that period for decisions/action plans, only because you won’t see all you need to see. We have the eclipse on 21st August with the Sun and Moon at 28 Leo, as you mention, this falls on your Sun, and possibly your Midheaven. Just assume you will have a blind spot then, please. Eclipses conceal, they never reveal, and as America goes dark, you will also be in the dark. It does not have to be for negative, nor positive reasons. It may be as simple as the fact that your lover has decided to donate to Save the Children every month and hasn’t told you. I suspect it’s rather more dramatic than that, though, because the North Node is going to conjunct, or cross, everything in your Leo stellium over a long period. It began in May, this month, as the Node picked up the Sun and very possibly your MC. This does take you back to the last time this happened, which was October 1998 through April 2000, which is when you ended that marriage. The Node will hang around in Leo in your Fifth House until the start of November 2018 so you have some karma to deal with. You are owed, and you owe – basically. You have Minerva in Leo, which is handy – she describes your wisdom and knowledge. In fact, not only could you write a book on what it means to be a lover and a mother – you could advise others. Over the next year or two, you must settle old scores karmically. If you need to apologise or make amends find a way to do that. If you feel hard done by, that you are owed, then deal with that.

  93. Blimey. Could you help me understand further saturn in gemini at 5 degrees? Decs 7 gemini and fortuna 25 gemini. Does it have significance with mc/ic/asc/dc in terms of degrees? I can try and understand using the wealth of knowledge contained here, but stumble with significance. Is this saturn in gemini manifesting?!!

    1. Saturn is one of the most important planets in the horoscope, so just the fact that you have Saturn in Gemini matters a great deal. Saturn describes how you structure your personality and structure your life, in response to that which you fear. The first lesson about this comes in childhood, and then at regular intervals, peaking at the Saturn Return, aged around 29 years. Every time you have a transit over Saturn, you have to face your fears again and figure out how well you are doing, at building your life, to make yourself feel less vulnerable. This is going to happen to you, with a project, course, idea or concept – perhaps a website – now through September. It will happen slowly and naturally as each transiting heavenly body in turn, crosses or conjuncts Saturn at 5 Gemini. In fact, you already had Ceres cross Saturn May 12, 13, 14 – a few weeks ago.

  94. Hi Jessica, I have 3 factors in Gemini, how can I use the next two months well in my career aspects such as on social media platform, starting new projects or improve current projects, making my message heard etc. I will be traveling for an educational program in mid July I’m really look forward to it I hope everything will go well. Also I always think that my mind constantly having random thoughts, is it because Gemini in my moon? Thanks

    1. The educational program is the issue here. It will be enriched by you jumping the obstacles that come with it. In other words, it will be more interesting, more valid, more authentic and more ultimately rewarding because there is a bit of effort involved. The central issue of communication (listening and reading as thoroughly as you write or speak) will come up repeatedly. Gemini factors in a chart can be notoriously ‘speedy’ or leave people feeling wired, unfocussed, scatty and the rest. Gemini is associated with the voice, so the throat chakra. A lot of heavily Gemini people choose to live through their throat chakra and ignore the rest (the base and heart chakra, for example) so they end up feeling ungrounded. There is some excellent free material online about meditation. I think the Tibetan Buddhists probably nailed it. Try it. If you feel calmer, then it works.

  95. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for this wonderful post and your generous comments above. I have lots of issues around visibility that I’ve been working on and not sure if you’ve seen my previous post or replied to the comment after mine.

    I have started preparing a course in earnest since Monday 22 May, after waiting quite a long time to collect all the right information to go forward.

    I have Gemini factors at Sun 28, Mercury 27, Venus 9, Saturn 0, Ceres 23 and Panacea 25 which don’t neatly match the main trigger points. I also have Scorpio in Jupiter 28 which I’m hoping will bring in some exciting expansion later in the year.

    I also speak on stage for my own business and have a book and a blog. What can you tell me I need to be aware of with the course I’m finally creating and really excited by?


    1. You are strongly Gemini so your course, public speaking, book and blog are all great containers for that. Despite this, no matter how professionally accomplished you are, the transits through July will make you slow down, sit down and figure out proper communication with people and organisations so that you are all speaking the same language and on the same page. It’s rather like people discovering they needed the dreaded emoticon to better express e-mails, around ten years ago. The general Gemini ‘weather’ now will hit many other people with this signature in their chart and the chances are high some of them are your readers/listeners/class so if you have even the slightest hunch that you need to go in there and sort out communication, now is the time.

  96. Halo Jessica,
    Had problem posting on the Gemini forum, by the time it was solved it looks like it has been closed. I posted May 30th (we’ve got webmaster mail it’d be open by 31st). I’m posting my forum question here, hoping it will get through many messages you receive.
    Answering my question this past August you mentioned that I have a grand cross in Gem/Sag/Vir/Pis which will be picked up by Aug 17 eclipse and build up will start with this Gemini cycle in May.

    From what I’ve read about this pattern, a good way to deal with this powerful challenging energy would be to focus the energy into any planet that is forming an easier aspect with one or more planets in the GC.

    I am very comfortable escaping in my Pisces/12 house side and focusing on the Virgo one, avoiding Gem/Sag as much as possible when times are tough nowadays, as opposed to the past when my aries side would charge heads on. I used to quite like wild rides. Not sure I can summon what it takes now, fabric fatigue I guess ha ha ha.

    Will you please tell me the dates when to expect triggers to my GC, in which area (or all of them will be activated at the same time?) and do I have any planetary helpers which I could use?
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your question. Actually, the way through a Grand Cross is not avoidance. It is adding new people, and sometimes organisations or places, to the mix. Let me explain. The Beatles shared a Grand Cross. It was actually a highly political band, for all the brotherly love between them. They did not use astrology for many years (John Lennon, primarily) but they did intuitively begin to add people like Brian Epstein, their manager, and their road crew (Mal Evans) and then the women in their lives (Yoko Ono) to the mix. In this way the cross became the supporting structure or beams of what would become an epic musical achievement, to last the ages. Please hit Search and look up Sacred Geometry for more on this. When you add people, you tend to add those with planets which will soften, sextile and trine your original cross and so together you make a beautiful pattern. Keep things moving.

  97. Hi Jessica
    I have Uranus, Apollo and Fortuna conjunction in Gemini, all of which are being activated by Uranus transiting Aries . Can you shed a light on what is means for me please ? Many thanks Lynne

    1. You have a little stellium in Gemini which will wake up in May-July, so this may be about a poem, a website or photography. You need to be heard, read and understood more than most people – the message and the medium say a lot about who you are – so whatever is evolving now is an outlet for that. It may take a bit of ducking and diving but you will find the most effective way to reach out and connect. The product or output is important. Uranus is a symbol of invention, production and creation in the chart, and although you may reject what you write/photograph/debate/say, it usually takes on a life of its own. In this way, the web (alone) for you is a constantly evolving thing and usually very exciting. This will come to the fore by July.

  98. Dear Jessica,
    Many thanks for valuable analysis on different themes. I was delighted during reading them. I would much appreciate if you can place some toughts about my issue. As an engineer/manager I was involved in different projects on different markets in construction. From june 2016 when I was replaced from one significant project (there was not any my mistake) I have a hard time to find new engagement. As a Virgo with Saturn 6 Gemini, can I expect change on my career and fortune with new project? Love/mariage is another missing stone. Is there connection? Thanks a lot and kind regards.

    1. MV, you will sort everything out with the politics of your industry (people politics) now through July in particular, as you have some backtracking to do. You have Ceres in Cancer in the Fourth House. Ceres is your power, but also your issues about sharing power/control, and Cancer of course rules houses and apartments, so you are in the right field! I think as the Cancer transits across July sweep around Ceres in your chart you will have a flashback and also a deep moment of understanding about this and it will help you find your next project. As for love and marriage, the issue of children matters more. You have a Leo stellium so the babies you did not have/want to have/want to avoid is probably an issue here, rather than lovers, partners and so on. In fact it would have influenced your entire relationship path. As the Node continues to pass through Leo into next year you’ll come to terms with this in a new way and make new choices. You may end up dating a man with grown-up children, for example, or decide that you no longer want to be with child-men who are frightened of having children!

      1. Thanks a lot Jessica !
        My career and love life are most important points that trigger other nice things in life like friendship, travel etc. Regarding love/marriage I didn’t mentioned that I don’t have relationship for a years maybe decade so situation is simply hopeless. I have feeling that something is wrong with me although I am good looking, smart, educated, bla bla bla person. There is a plan to for regresotherapy in order to find out possible blockades that come from past life. Would you have inspiration to put comment on above it will be great. Thanks for previous comment again.
        Kind regards

        1. MV, so you want love and sex, have not had a relationship for years, and wonder if it’s hopeless. Far from it, but you have some work to do. If you spot a pattern that has repeatedly got you nowhere, knock it on the head, John (as they say in Tasmania). Sometimes you can be so involved in a pattern you don’t even know what it is. Ask The Astrology Oracle ‘What do I repeatedly do/create that keeps me single?’ Then you ask ‘What can I do to invite a happy partnership for 2017 and beyond, overall?’ I suspect you could easily date or become married to a man with children, even grown-up children, sometime between now and 2024 but I also think you could get a lot of mileage from doing some ‘work’ as they say in the world of oracles. If, for example, you have always fallen in love with child-men who either don’t have children, or have major issues about being fathers, but are besotted with them because they are sexy, or glamorous, or ‘eligible’ or whatever…maybe you should be looking at the much older man. Hmmm. And sometimes, just sometimes, I have to say the issue is that the right one for you, is married (but unhappy) and it’s just a question of time. He divorces, you get together, you become a stepmother to his children and vavoom. You really do have that kind of chart. Think long term and don’t be silly – of course nothing is hopeless!

          1. Jessica,
            I can recognize pattern in options thar you placed above. My last relatioship was with my university colleague , started at the end of 1999 and finished at mid 2005. From this distance I could say he was child-men who didn’t want children or commitment in general (I mean marriage as a next step) but I didn’t push either. We just split up. After that nothing.
            But I want to change this!
            Thanks for awesome insight, I will try with proposed remedies – oracle cards. Believe you are right!
            Kind regards,

  99. Hi Jessica,

    My publisher went out of business at the end of last year, the good news is I can re-release my books on amazon in kindle versions.

    What is the best time to do that? After the full moon in June?


    1. You may want to wait for Saturn to clear Sagittarius and your Ninth House of publishing altogether, which happens just before Christmas. However, getting past the Gemini-Sagittarius oppositions now would be a start – including the Full Moon. Jupiter enters Sagittarius at the end of 2018.

  100. Hi Jessica. I wrote to you 23 May. Understand you have hundreds of replies to make.
    Loved your article, all of them.

    Will try one last time.

    In Gemini I have
    Moon 8 deg
    Mars 2 deg
    Vulcanolo 4 deg
    Hypes 10 deg

    Both my daughters Gemini 25 May
    Is timing right to launch a new business with business partner?
    Is timing right for new love?

    Thanks Jessica

    1. Thank you, actually 2,975 comments in the queue today. Business is Scorpio, really. And Taurus. Nothing to do with Gemini unless your business is the media, and you don’t say what it is. Neptune at 6 and Ceres at 24 Scorpio suggest from October, you are in prime position to snap up solutions and use opportunities. Jupiter (good fortune, answers) will cross both placements in your chart by 2018. You’ll know the full story by November as the Sun conjuncts Ceres, so watch the second/third week. There will be a carve-up and it will be to your total advantage.

  101. Hello Jessica, I loved your article as I have a slew of planets in Gemini – the Sun, Bacchus, Mercury, MC, Cupido and Apollo. I started working for my self a year ago and it’s been good so far, though the last few months have been quiet. I was trying to deduce from your article whether the movements of Saturn are influencing this in any way?
    Thanks in advance

    1. I’m glad you loved the article, thank you. Your Gemini stellium has been slowly opposed by Saturn since he changed signs to Sagittarius and you are almost at the end of the cycle, which is over at Christmas. This can feel as if particular projects or websites are being dragged through glue or quicksand. You may need to do some shedding, trimming or pruning and figure out what/who is actually worth it to you. The key is – what do you want to say, and how can you best convey it?

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