Podcast: Jupiter in Scorpio

For the first time since 2006, Jupiter moves into Scorpio the business, finance and boom sign. There will be a ripple effect around the world which will benefit you if you have planets, asteroids or other points in Scorpio in your birth chart.

Jupiter in Scorpio is getting a lot of attention on various astrology websites because it’s the planet of opportunities, solutions and breakthroughs. For the first time since 2006, Jupiter moves into Scorpio the business, finance and boom sign. There will be a ripple effect around the world which will benefit you if you  have planets, asteroids or other points in Scorpio in your birth chart.

To gain the most from this podcast, please have your birth chart handy so you can refer to it throughout the podcast.

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  1. Dear Jessica thank you for this amazing podcast. I am a premium member and i have Uranus at 00 Scorpio. Can you please tell me more about myself .

    Regards Mina

    1. Thank you Mina. You are a highly energetic, sometimes wild, woman with a very strong masculine aspect to your personality. Jupiter and Chiron are in Aries in your First House so you may want to hit Search to find out more about what that means. You can also search ‘decoding your birth chart’ or ‘decode your birth chart.’ You are a fantastic person in a crisis, emergency situation or battle. I dare say your family could tell a few tales about your impact on the family tree (the leaves and branches get blown sideways and backwards in your presence). You are fearless, frank, feisty, fiery and forthright. Am I right?

      1. Hi Jessica,

        I have scorpio factors in my chart, would you be able to elaborate on what they mean for me for this cycle please?

        1. Uranus at 26 Scorpio is conjunct Fortuna at 25 Scorpio (one degree difference) which suggests you will wake up in 2018 realising you accidentally invented a radically new financial, business or property world for yourself. It’s often the case when you don’t realise just how bogged down you or others have become by a long-standing system or set-up. Jupiter crossing Fortuna, then Uranus, will spin your world around but when you land, you will realise everything has changed for a very good reason – you needed to be free of an arrangement which was keeping you or others small. This is a fair way off but by the end of 2018 your situation will be reshaped quite dramatically and you will be free, as will anyone else involved.

          1. Thanks a lot for that, Is the start of this cycle the scorpio influence you speak of in your monthly horoscopes? Anyone with factors at 25, 26 and 27 degrees in Scorpio – around the 18th of November?

          2. You’ll see a preview or foreshadowing of gains, fixes, repairs and solutions as the Sun goes over 25, 26, 27 Scorpio later on in November. Then, when Jupiter crosses that spot later in 2018, you will see why the small acorn you planted this month, was so worth your time, as the financial, property, charity or business ‘oak tree’ is coming. Let me give you an immediate, live example. I am in London today and the BBC just delivered a news flash that means some 40+ million British savers will see a decent increase in their bank accounts. You will have your own story!

          3. Hi Jessica,

            Sorry to bother you but where does my 1st house start? Does it run clockwise or anti clockwise from that?

          4. In the Natural House system, which I prefer for prediction, your First House starts at 0 Aries and runs anti-clockwise, so your Second House starts at 0 Taurus, Third House starts at 0 Gemini and so on. You should end up with Pisces on the cusp of (start of) the Twelfth House at 0 degrees.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I was restructured and will be out of a job come January. I am hoping you can provide some guidance as to how the Jupiter in Scorpio transit will affect me as I have a number of Scorpio factors. You mentioned that we have to put in the effort in order to reap the rewards Jupiter brings and I am interested in understanding what area I should be focusing on. Thank you for your guidance!!

    1. Look for the money, basically. And get the right people to help you look. There is no point in going after a tax return (for example) or a settlement, or a grant – and so on – if you have people who aren’t really up to the task. You do stand to gain within 12 months financially but you may want to seek people who are right for the job, rather than those who want to help, but may not actually be right choices. There is buried treasure there but only work with the right pirates!

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I have Pluto at 2° Scorpio in 2nd house and Saturn at 23° Scorpio in 3rd. I also have Minerva at 16°. I just got married and lately moved overseas. How might this transit affect me? Thanks!

    1. I use the Natural House system so I need to spin your chart as neither Pluto nor Saturn are in your Second and Third – they are in your Eighth, which is why you just got married! You also have Minerva and the South Node in Scorpio, in your Eighth House, so this is a big 12 months for you. My eyes are drawn to your Neptune in Capricorn, actually, in the Tenth House of work. With Saturn crossing that, you may want to look at the workload you are taking on, now that you have moved. Delegate if you need to. If your body manifests any issues in the next 12 months it may be because you are labouring far too much and shouldering a heavier burden than is right. Have a look at that later on.

  4. Hi Jessy,
    I have been following you on this website for sometime now, I have been Betting for Mega Millions and Powerball like a week now. Plz help in generating numbers for me.born 5th June 1986 . And when to play them. Plz help fast I need money to pay huge rent and kids not going to school. Thank u

    1. Stop gambling and pull out all the stops to get your children back into school. Call everyone who can help. The children’s education must be your number one priority and there are many organisations who can assist. Reach out.

  5. Hi Jessica… I am hoping you can guide my path as to how I will be affected by Jupiter in Scorpio as I am a libran with several planets in scorpio…since the eclipse I have let go of literally everything…my husband my home etc and am having to start again at age 56…any guidance will be so apreciated…many thanks

    1. Starting again at age 56 is a good idea. You will be thrilled to know that you can either reconcile with your husband, or find a new potential lover. You are one of those lucky people who have a Libra and Scorpio chart signature so you gain from the Libra Weather (hit search) and then Jupiter in Scorpio too. Libra rules partnerships. Scorpio rules sex! You would have to try very, very hard to resist the rather fated introduction or reintroduction which is coming within 12 months and although there may be a little confusion or ‘fog’ it can be cleared away between the pair of you, so that you go into it with open hearts and minds. Sexually it will be a revelation for you. Enjoy it.

  6. Dear Jessica,
    It was interesting to listen to this and especially to hear how other signs (than my own) are affected. Over the past year I have nurtured a relationship with a wonderful man (who I have wanted to marry (and had hoped to summer 2018). Now his ex, a troubled soul quite apart from all this, has come back from Spain to homeschool their child virtually on my doorstep in east London. David (22.09.1972, Bristol, 03:30am) has not sorted things out with her. But even if he does (settle custody, sell house) I don’t see the happy future with him that I did. This is not the first time I’ve been in such a position (the last was 2007-10 period), I wonder is it something about me that attracts this piggy in the middle scenario? (ceres in Scorpio and/or Saturn in libra?)
    I don’t want a life of traumatic step-family with little means (it undoubtedly would be the latter -she has a very troubled past of parental suicide and estrangement and is financially dependent on David/rental income). How much longer should I give it? I can’t imagine life without David; it’s an equally grim prospect as the battle ahead but as someone who values their freedom greatly (the idea of my own kids is hard but something i would consider with David), perhaps I’m not built for what being with David actually means. These are fears and questions many must have experienced. I wonder if astrology can tell me anything here? Thank you for responding whenever you have a minute, you have very helpfully answered questions from me before which have touched on an element of this subject before.
    All the very best – Kate

    1. Thank you Kate. I am sorry that David’s ex-partner cannot come to terms with the end of that relationship. The most important thing I can tell you about the next 12 months is that you will either be teaching or studying with the most fantastic outcome. That is not what you expected to hear. I don’t know how passionate you currently feel about the world of education, academia or informal learning, but you are strongly Sagittarian and so you are student of life, as well as a born teacher. Jupiter, the planet of solutions, good fortune and breakthroughs will cross your Sagittarius stellium from the final quarter of next year, but the fantastic new path ahead will be foreshadowed/previewed long before then. With David or quite another partner, you will ‘nail’ the pattern in your chart. Obviously it would be lovely if it was with him, but please don’t worry, because if he cannot be the bridge to your new life, then another man certainly will be. I would describe the situation as two people who are different but equal. Poles apart, but strangely the same. They (you and he) are separated by a person who is the go-between, just as Proserpina was the go-between for Pluto and Ceres. She was the young maiden, you will remember, who ended up spending six months with her husband Pluto and six months with her mother Ceres. It worked out. You have Proserpina at 19 Cancer exactly conjunct your Node at 19 Cancer (karma!) in the Fourth House of family so if this situation with David is the one, then you can instantly see why this is karmic and you have past life debts and credits with him, and very likely with the child and perhaps the mother. I would suggest that this child is Proserpina, if it works out. If it does not work out, please don’t be anxious, because what is going to happen is still a new relationship, probably with a child in the middle, but this time you would be on top of it all. And more importantly, genuinely, is that you are going to achieve outstanding results that will transform you and your life, thanks to a very special subject or course. This is all within 12 months, Kate.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    I wrote back in March about my 01 degree Aquarian husband being outsourced and voila! he received a job offer today! Once again, he lives out the astrology, practically to the letter. He is also a Scorpio rising with Saturn and Juno in Scorpio. His MC is at 12 Leo. I wonder if it helped that Neptune just moved to 11 and that Neptune at 12 Pisces had been affecting his career, too? Thanks for all comments and insights over these last months. Your website is a huge boon!

    1. I am so pleased your husband has that job offer, congratulations, and thank you for the validation of the prediction. Yes, his MC at Leo was under transit, along with the good-news planet Jupiter slowly moving into Scorpio and triggering his Eighth House of financial security.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    I have my South node and IC in Scorpio. How will this transit affect me the most and what do I need to focus my attention on, in order to reap the benefits of this Jupiter transit? I think my House of relationships will be triggered – does this mean boom or bust with regard to relationships in my life? For me, is it romantic relationships, family relationships or business relationships that are affected? Thanks

    1. Jupiter will pass through your Eighth House, which rules finance, property, business and charity. It is usually of a sexual nature (marriage and mortgage) or a deadly serious one (inheritance). Thus, you will have a door open to you, to gain or save. It is important that you go through the door. I was chatting to my friend Julian Venables, the British astrologer, about this. Jupiter always gives us an opportunity but for whatever reason, some people turn it down. For example, I just saw a man who is always complaining about being broke, turn down an offer of several thousand pounds to sub-let his spare room for two nights a week. A lot of people would jump at that, but he said no…so Jupiter opened the door and he closed it. I don’t think you’ll have that problem, but as Jupiter slowly moves across your Neptune in particular (you left him out!) do watch for those doors swinging open, next year.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    I’m a multi-factor Scorpio musician and artist with Jupiter currently nudging my Fortuna at Scorpio 1 – could you please tell me what Jupiter’s transit over the next year is likely to bring? Much thanks!!

    1. Well, Jupiter was Fortuna’s father in mythology. She was his first-born daughter and she rules the Wheel of Fortune which sends you high, then low, then high, then…on it goes. Jupiter is of course a fortunate influence so in Scorpio, in your Eighth House of possessions, money, houses and apartments, we would have to expect that the Wheel swings your way. It would feel random, fated or beyond your control. It will also leave a smile on your face.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    Fabulous podcast and I’ve now listened to it 3 times to help my insight. I understand the sun sign aspect but have questions about the other aspects. I have a Scorpio stellium with Mars 02 Scorpio 44; neptune 24 Scorpio 21; Vesta 26 Scorpio 3; sth node 8 scorpio 41; desc 18 scorpio 35
    It’s a stressful time and I have a recurring pattern with money that has come back ( karma and 12 year cycles). My reading of the stellium is its about how I deal with this to allow new growth, particularly around family finances and gender politics. Am I reading that correctly? I’m discounting the desc because my birth time isn’t accurate but wonder whether you can provide insight into the next 12 months. We have plans for house purchase and renovation starting in the next 2 months but I’m also considering a PhD but worried about how to afford that.

    1. Thank you very much. You will have money and security within 12 months. You would have to try very hard, not to have it! You were born with Jupiter at 25 Cancer in the Fourth House, which rules your apartment or house. When Jupiter moves to 25 Scorpio next year, you will experience Jupiter trine Jupiter, from Scorpio and the Eighth House of finance, to the Fourth House of property. This is a reassuring and very welcome outcome for you. Get the best financial advice you can afford, once you are sitting pretty, about how to have security, but also be flexible enough to adapt and adjust to life, over the years to come. In addition to the Jupiter-Jupiter trine you simply have Jupiter (solutions, flow, luck, abundance) conjuncting everything you have in Scorpio, once again in the Eighth House of money and property, and possessions too. So do use this time to lock everything in. Academia will be affordable and accessible to you once Jupiter (again) moves to Sagittarius from the final quarter of 2018 and through 2019. I am sure you know Sagittarius rules your Ninth House of study.

  11. Hi Jessica! I have my birth chart from you and I have Scorpio in my 12th house where my north node also in Scorpio is, how will this affect my next 13 months? I’m a cancer sun, Sagittarius moon and rising.

    Also my boyfriend (Aries sun, Gemini rising) has Scorpio at 0Deg in Uranus is this good or bad?

    1. Your Ops at 14 and North Node at 29 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, property and business tell me that you are going to gain from an incredible opportunity and solution next year. Ops describes answers and good outcomes, even when life is challenging. The North Node is your karma from a previous lifetime. As Jupiter passes 14 then 29 you will have not one, but two, rare and special chances to go through an open door that could lead to something bigger and better with your money, house, apartment, company, possessions and/or charity. Just say yes.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    Could you please tell me about the impact that Jupiter is likely to have on my friends/groups over the next 12 months. I have Fortuna at 3, Descendent at 7, Psyche at 15 & Ceres at 29. I’ve all but given up on friendship & communication due to misunderstanding. Becoming a hermit (as I do need a lot of alone time) would be a promising option if I didn’t like being part of something bigger than myself. Also, I read your Neptune article, I don’t think I’m particularly Neptunian, yet I could really relate to it. A very wise spiritual mentor recently told me I needed to ground myself. How do I do that? I once read a numerology article that said my lifepath number is no 11 and is considered to be very psychic, but I’m more inclined toward astrology than numerology. Your insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Friendships and groups are basically Aquarius and the Eleventh House, so let’s look at that in your chart. MC at 13 Aquarius suggests it’s your higher calling – if this was Rome, you would be the ‘aquarius’ who carried the water that fed the communal baths and helped the community. Salacia at 2 and Aesculapia at 24 Aquarius tell you that friends/groups are your escape from the real world (Salacia) and also where friends and friendships die (sometimes literally, sadly) but they revive in a new form. So this is the person who loses friends only to have them miraculously come back later. We also find people who lose friends in old age, for example, but find there is a spiritual friendship which continues. You could find out a lot by looking up just this in your chart. Did you know all this stuff with your friend is past life? The South Node is going through Aquarius right now, sitting on, or conjuncting, your Aquarius stuff. So whatever the misunderstanding was, I can tell you it’s based on karma – and also that the friend will probably come back, when the time is right. In the meantime, dig into your Aquarius side, because even though it’s been hard for you, it’s actually who you truly are, and what you should be.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I loved your podcast! I wonder if you can please tell me how Jupiter in Scorpio will play out in my life? I’m a Virgo sun with the Moon at 25º, Neptune at 09º, Diana at 28º, Ops at 20º and Proserpina at 05º in Scorpio and have been rebuilding myself and every aspect of my life over the last two years. I would really like to know what’s in store for me in regards to love, money and career which is what I’m working towards. Thanks x

    1. That’s a big shopping list. But thank you for the compliment. You will have one door after another open with property, money, charity or business from this point forward with a lot of 2018 being hinted at in November. You will have a major project to enjoy within 12 months which will use your Virgo gift for communication and detail.

  14. hi Jessica – My social life is finally picking up after 3 years of rebuilding my life after a nasty divorce. I moved to another part of the country – bought a new home, re-established my career and have slowly started making new friends. Its been a long old haul.
    So it is great to hear that Jupiter is going to support the my social life over the next year – and I hope my love life too. I finally met someone I am madly attracted to recently and so hope this is going to develop into something more?

    1. Hard to say more about the new potential lover unless there is a chart in front of me – but I suspect the real changes will come from May 2018 and into 2019, primarily in terms of children. You don’t say if you have them or not, or if your potential date has them, but it’s really all about a son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter from the second half of next year and it will be unlike anything you expected.

  15. Hi Jessica I have renewed my membership! Will my business pick up? I am worried it has slowed. What do I need to do to shake it up?

    1. Give it time. The world needs to adjust to the new business possibilities and we won’t really see the possibilities until the end of November. Then you will be able to adapt and adjust to meet the new, exciting, options.

  16. Dear Jessica,
    i have got Uranus at 15 deg, Vesta at 23 deg, Diana at 17 deg, Psyche at 15 deg, all in Scorpio. What do you think, this mean for me? Thank you for your answer in advance?

    1. 2018 brings an opportunity to radically change the way you earn, spend or save money and take care of business or property. You probably had no idea how tied down you were, or how held back, but in 2018 a door will swing open and you will be free. There will be hints about what can come your way in November.

  17. Hi Jessica!

    Thank you for everything you do! You are ALWAYS right on! In March I asked you about a past lover that I still had feelings for, and you were exactly right when you said that my biggest chance to re-connect with him would come in August of this year (when Jupiter was passing over my moon at 20 Libra and I randomly saw him at a festival). We have been talking casually and always amiably since then; however, I recently found out that there is another girl in the picture whom he has started dating during our break. I saw them together right when Psyche was passing through 8 Libra (where my Aesculapia is). This was the second time that I randomly saw him since 2015, as we have only been communicating via text. I feel devastated because I have been hoping to get into a committed relationship with him for two years now. He still talks to me enthusiastically though and I can’t help but feel that he is interested in me after all this time and is trying to decide between us.

    It also feels like I am having a powerful Psyche transit, as I have been seeing butterflies everywhere and have been randomly seeing Psyche and Eros art/references in the most unexpected places as I go about my life. I even saw a clothing store called “Psyche” recently as I was walking down an unfamiliar street! Does this mean that things will work out for me and him in the end, after I finish going through all these ‘tests and trials’? Will he finally choose me? Or should I just accept that we will never be in a committed relationship, even though I have loved him from a distance for about two years now. I know that Jupiter will be passing over my descendant (4 Scorpio) from the end of October to the beginning of November, but I’m not sure if he will finally reveal his emotions then.

    I am a Taurus and my Scorpio factors are:
    Descendant: 4 Scorpio
    Psyche: 18 Scorpio (R)
    Pluto: 24 Scorpio (R)

    In case you also need them, my Libra factors are:
    Jupiter: 5 Libra (R)
    Aesculapia: 8 Libra (R)
    Moon: 20 Libra

    As for him, he is a Capricorn who was born on 15 January 1989 in Lithuania, and he immigrated to my country as a young child. Unfortunately, I’m not sure of his birth time, but he has:

    Psyche and Venus both at 6 Capricorn (I have Cupido at 4 Capricorn and Venus at 6 Aries).

    He has Cupido at 20 Libra (where my moon is).

    As well, his Apollo is at 8 Libra (where my Aesculapia is), his Aesculapia is at 20 Capricorn (my Neptune is at 21 Cap), and his Ops is at 23 Scorpio (near my Pluto).

    He also has both Vulcano and Jupiter at 26 Taurus, which I thought was interesting. He is wonderfully calm and good-natured – I just wish it was easier to read his heart!

    There are more conjunctions/patterns in our charts but I’ll stop there as my message is already quite long. Thank you again for all that you do, Jessica! Every day I look forward to going on this website! 🙂


    1. Thank you. I’m glad the astrology was accurate for you. You are having a lot of Psyche synchronicities, so it might be useful for you to look at the myth of Cupid and Psyche. With him or another, you will have the opportunity to develop a bigger/better relationship within 12 months, so please don’t fret over this. If not him, then another – okay?

  18. Hi Jess,
    Lovely listening to the podcast 🙂
    My teaching work is drying up and I am very hopeful of finding some permanent assured income type of work within policy involving state govt. I am Aries with Jupiter in Sagi and Aesculapia in Scorpio. Appreciate any inputs please.
    Many thanks best Jos

    1. Jos, try to paint with a broader brush. When you are so specific about what you ‘know’ is going to work for you, it is harder for the universe to find a space for you. Teaching work is drying up because Saturn (delays, stuck situations, fear, blockages, impossible people and organisations) is in Sagittarius which rules education. It will come back in a huge gush from late 2018. Until then, Jupiter will conjunct Aesculapia in Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance next year. There is a substantial sum of money that you need to claim, own, trade over or negotiate. Don’t wait around for it. Live your life. But also, be assured that there is financial support and backing ahead and it’s a matter of good communication and win-win outcomes. I also think you could play with ambition. Truly. Look far, far into the future and ask yourself what it would take to be amazingly successful and how you could get there. Making it to the top is possible for you, with work and effort, and it would be a shame not to give yourself that lovely opportunity.

  19. Hello Jessica,
    I have a lot of Scorpio as you know and I have several factors at 0.
    I see my chart is triggered at the moment possibly in my image and finance areas. I do try and decipher my chart but I feel that I am still guessing so I have returned to you for your wisdom and experience. When is the best day/week for me to approach people about my work in order to have a great business relationship with them? Also, I had a reading with an astrologer who told me my real success will be in my mid 50’s—do you agree?
    Thank you.

    1. Over the next 12 months you need to learn to stop juggling money and get settled with it. I know that currency fluctuations will affect your bank account and also, possibly, your work – through six degrees of separation. When the pound collapses in Britain, the euro is altered in Spain and the Australian supermarkets are affected! In general you have this fantastic opportunity with your Scorpio signature to master instability. You are one of the very, very few people who could gain from the mad financial and economic trends we are going to see next year. Uranus (the unpredictable) moves into Taurus (currency, stockmarkets, budgets) from May and you are going to be in the middle of that. Take a deep breath, ground yourself and find a new system. Don’t keep trying to cope. Find a clever, no – a brilliant – way to balance your finances. That is the most important thing I can tell you about the next 12 months. As for the advice that your real success will be in your mid Fifties – a more useful thing to tell you is that your luck or protection always rolls at 22, 23, 24 degrees so any time slow moving planets cross 22, 23, 24 you are in for major help or benefits. Watch your chart.

  20. HI Jessica,
    Thanks for this! Very interesting, indeed! Going through a difficult work and relationship situation at the moment. Will Jupiter in Scorpio ease things for me? Thanks a lot!

    1. One of the issues is that a male is going through his own stuff – feeling increasingly embattled and embittered – so of course you have to put up with the little walls he has built around himself. Please trust and keep going – if you really like your job and relationship. Things change and walls come down. I do think your lover has mother issues. It really depends on what you want to do. You could hang on or walk away. Use your Astrology Oracle to see ‘Now’ for accuracy and then outcomes of different options you might try.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    Can you provide insight into how this transit effects me over the next 12 mths? Thx a bunch!

    1. But of course. Fortuna at 3 Scorpio draws my eye. This will be small but substantial. By Christmas you will be given an opportunity or solution with property, money, charity or business. It will feel random but lucky, as if fate caught you at the right time, with the right people in the right place. You might say ‘No’ but you would be passing up something that could grow and grow.

  22. For some reason my questions are getting skipped over lately. I understand that you have a lot of questions to answer, Jessica. So putting mine here again.
    Good podcast, Jessica!
    I have Neptune at 17* Scorpio and MC at 14* Scorpio. How is the Jupiter in Scorpio transit going to affect me? Thanks in advance.

    1. Next year, you have Jupiter (opportunity, solutions, growth, expansion, healing, help) moving over Neptune (escapes, holidays from reality) and your MC (your mission) in Scorpio (finance, charity, property, business) for the first time in 12 years. A door is going to bang open. Then another one. Go straight through and DO NOT STOP.

  23. Hi Jessica,
    I’m without a computer at the moment. It recently died. Using iPad and iPhone, this won’t download and it is stuck on loop when I try to listen.

    Can you help? Or suggest what I might expect with this jupiter go round?
    Thank you, I was so excited to see a podcast… been dragging on buying new laptop…wasn’t sure if I could justify spending the money when I have iPad and phone. Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. I am sorry for your technical problems. Let me look at your chart and see what the most important thing about the next 12 months will be. You are strongly Scorpio and have a stellium there. Scorpio rules the Eighth House and is in turn, ruled by Pluto. You could hit ‘Scorpio’ on Search and find out more, as I wrote quite a long piece about people who have horoscope factors in this sign. Within 12 months you and your potential or actual lover need to break free. You have to look at morality, right and wrong, good and evil with an open mind. Sometimes people who could take sexual attraction further (with all the changes this involves with the money, the house, the apartment, the business) do not act, out of fear of being ‘bad.’ Well, you need to be honest about what is actually bad. This is the kind of moral or ethical situation which people deal with, when an old boyfriend is married to the wrong woman. Or, when one is considering what so many church people consider a ‘wrong’ relationship between yourself and a same-sex lover. Even within a marriage (you don’t say what your situation is) you can face major issues about what is right or wrong sexually, and crossing that bridge gives the marriage a huge rebirth. So…within 12 months, you and he (or you and she) have a massive choice to make. I would suggest you look at the moral and ethical value of liberty, because freedom is very special and entrapment or some other kind of sexual/emotional jailhouse is frankly not. Your question mirrors what you will experience. ‘Stuck on a loop’ and ‘Dragging on’ is what happens when neither person has the courage, emotional fortitude and moral, ethical or spiritual certainty to make a seriously big move. I would suggest you reach deep inside for what your soul reckons and beyond the actual sexual attraction, look to the spiritual side of things.

  24. Hi, Jessica,

    Neptune 00°  Scorpio 12′ 26″
    Proserpina 22°  Scorpio 19′ 13″
    Vulcano 02°  Scorpio 05′ 12″

    How will Jupiter transiting Scorpio affect me?

    1. Well, you are already feeling this. It’s about money, business interests, business or home residence, holiday homes, possessions of some value, and the material world. Jupiter just crossed your Neptune so doors are banging open. Go through them. No, go through them and find more doors! Honestly, this could grow and grow, especially as Jupiter then comes round to your Proserpina in 2018.

  25. Hi jessica I am curious and hopeful of what 18th October will mean for me with 0,1,2 degree factors and Jupiter. I have just met someone out of the blue who potentially could be very good for me personally and for my business (22.10.1960 Italy). Not sure if you are still answering this comment thread but many thanks if you are.

    1. I am still answering questions on this thread – waving from the coast of Southern England. You just had a lovely Jupiter moment. Lucky you! This person will be good for you personally and in business and I am assuming you are pursuing this, in a savvy way, and seeing where it goes. Directly or indirectly, through this ‘Jupiter’ arrival or someone in their circle, you will gain. Keep following the signs.

  26. Hi Jessica

    I am so confused. You refer to Scorpio as being the 8th house which i inderstand but i have just read a comment from someobr statibg that Scorpio is in their 12th house and you answered as if that were correct. Do we use Aries as first or our sun sugn (Gemini for me) or our asc (Cancer for me)?

    1. Good question, thank you for asking it. Scorpio is the ruler of the Eighth House in your personal birth chart based on your time, place and date of birth. The personal birth chart, which only you (or usually) your mother knows – because of the time – is really private and quite powerful. It shows the story behind the scenes. The solar or Sun Sign chart is the public you! I use that all the time for my columns in Cosmopolitan and so on. It shows the ‘known’ headlines of your life and it is quite different, yet complementary to, the personal birth chart. It’s a bit like seeing the Twitter news headlines then going to the in-depth exploration on Panorama, Sixty Minutes or Four Corners on television…you need to read GEMINI daily, weekly, monthly but for personal stuff, please use the chart you have here, as a Premium Member.

  27. HI Jessica, my partner and I are just humming along together. But the emotional connection is not there, more of an emotional obligation for our children’s sake. I can’t fathom walking away…I literally have nowhere to go, but at the same time I feel rather empty and unappreciated. My heart lifted a little when my son in law’s father actually engaged in conversation with me, it felt so good to be heard and respected. Is this the Jupiter in Scorpio year, my love life looks set to improve? I’m at a loss as to what to do. thank you, the podcast helped me understand everything a lot more.

    1. You are definitely dangling, or stuck, between the present and the future. The ‘humming’ with your partner is useful. It actually helps you wake up spiritually, intellectually, and on the auric level too – think crown, third eye and throat chakra. You need to get back to your family tree and your roots. You need to return to ideas about home, belonging, culture, history, heritage, family tree – leaves and branches. Beyond that, the actual place where you can curl up and feel as if you have true emotional shelter and security. That is within reach within 12 months. Scorpio is about the emotional and property ties that bind and I feel as if you are not ‘there’ but you could be. You have Saturn in Cancer in the Fourth House of family and home, property, houses, apartments, roots and relatives. That is about fear. Fear keeps you stuck. At a certain point you will have a spiritual breakthrough which allows you to unbend. We freeze when we are scared. Animals do it on the road, where I live sometimes, in Tasmania. Freezing is okay for a time, but at a certain point you have to melt, unwind, take dramatic action and truly own – and reach out for – where you come from, because where you come from really, really matters. I hope this helps you – it unfolds within 12 months.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you are doing well. I was hoping you could give me some insight on what this weather might bring my way.

    Thank you for all of your insights.


    1. Wheels will turn for other people and that will help you as well. They will have access to bargains, extra income, free/affordable advantages and the rest – which makes them suddenly in a position to extend favours to you. You might call this six degrees of separation, in terms of how you benefit. AJ, don’t necessarily pin the universe down to particular financial, property or business outcomes, but do focus on the idea of abundance and ‘flow’ and where you need that to come from. By this time next year you will have seen one wheel turn after another, thanks to other people’s good fortune, which they are happy to pass on to you.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Thank you so much. I can already see this happening in my life. 3rd parties, friends of friends etc. have been coming through for me in the most unexpected ways. I will be sure to heed your advice over the next 12 months!

        Much appreciated as always,

  29. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve had a rough few years. Onset of chronic illness in 2016, lost my job this past June. My physical functioning is about 50% of my former self. Need to work, but I’m not sure I can and, omg, I’ve never been less motivated in my life, which terrifies me. I’m excited about Jupiter entering Scorpio and the possibility that I will have more opportunities for positive change. I was inspired just yesterday to write a book of my early childhood experiences. I have always wanted to write and seem to have a bit of a flare for it. Any input you have regarding my health, employment and the notion of my early memoirs would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for all you do for us / me!!!!

    1. I am sorry about your illness – you are strongly Virgo, which you probably know – and you have a stellium or unusually high number of Virgo factors in your Sixth House, which rules the body. It also rules the way our physical condition dictates who we are, and what we do with our lives. The body rules the mind and spirit. If you are curious about all this you may want to hit Search and also your ebooks and start digging quite deeply into the way your Virgo patterns function in your chart. You have the sort of horoscope which often turns up when people use their own experiences with their health to help others. We see this a lot when (for example) those with MS move on from their condition, into voluntary work with MS organisations. It can also turn up when people with severe food intolerance and allergy end up writing cookbooks. Jupiter in Scorpio will sextile, or make useful patterns, with everything in Virgo in your chart so you are in a great place to investigate further. It may well be that writing about your childhood will give you a few clues.

  30. Hi Jessica — My doctor recently told me that there was very little chance that I may be able to father a child. With the Leo node (bedchamber, heirs) weather pattern and Jupiter moving into Scorpio (my 4th house), could this create the possibility of a natural heir?

    1. That news must have been very hard to take and I am sorry. However I also have to say that you have Fortuna in Leo in the Fifth House of heirs and spares – so actually, fate and fortune will spin you around. Fortuna is really about ‘every low is a high, eventually’ and so there is something beyond your control about the world of babies, children and young people. The transiting Leo Node will sit on Fortuna in your horoscope and that is going to be quite an extraordinary example of past life karmic returns coming back – specifically involving the world of very young people. The Wheel of Fortune will spin as it is meant to. I have seen this pattern before when people adopt, or when they fall in love with divorcees who have children from previous relationships. Those are just two examples of how the Node on Fortuna can operate. One thing is sure, though – it’s all going to feel very, very familiar to you when it happens.

  31. Hi Jessica
    I hope this comment finds you in best of health. I am writing to ask about my chart. I have recently become a prime member here and although new to astrology, I am catching up quick. It is very interesting and certainly because of your writing and presentation it is a lot more beautiful and easy. Although I have many questions, the most I want to know about is my daughter. Could you check my chart please for me? The reason of my being concerned is because we are shifting to another country and I have obvious concerns and fears as a mother. My north node is the fifth house with Chiron aspecting it (I am not sure though) I am hoping there might be other more important and beautiful aspects too but I am naive to say the least but I am learning. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, you are very kind. Okay, your North Node is not in the Fifth House, in the Natural House system – it is actually in your Twelfth House. I understand you are concerned about your daughter, especially as you emigrating, but with Chiron in Cancer in your Fourth House of home and family, you were born to take risks, like shifting countries – and playing it safe would not work for you. Look up Chiron and also Cancer/Fourth House because that is what you are feeling. Chiron in mythology was the centaur who was also a music teacher, and a herbalist – so not really the run of the mill centaur at all! You are also a teacher and you are partly here to teach your daughter that sometimes in life, we have to take the road less travelled. She is a sensitive soul as I am sure you know and it is important that she keeps continuity with her old life and old friends.

      1. Thank you very much, Jessica. You couldn’t be more right. It makes a lot of sense.
        I wish you love and happiness.

  32. Hi, Jessica. Can you help seeing what is coming up for me? I have a lot of concerns about my relationship with an ex (i did not hear anything when Jupiter finally conjunct mercury) and my opponents (about my privacy issue) . (btw I updated my birthtime. The information under the chart is now correct but the chart is not yet updated)

    Thank you very much for your help!

    1. Jupiter did not conjunct your Mercury – it is in Gemini and Jupiter has been in Libra! So I am not sure why you were expecting to hear from your ex. You sound concerned about both love and war, and the good news is, slowly but surely you will be given solutions and answers which help you either with conflicts, or with the quality of the relationship you share with a former, current or potential partner. So it’s under way. This cycle literally started days ago so it is very, very new but by this time next year you should have covered a lot of ground and sorted out a great many issues in your personal and emotional life, with the potential for a really great new partnership.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    Great podcast. Thanks. I have been going through a very difficult time in work and finance. I gave up a profession in the law earlier this year (but it has been coming on for a while) and I’m not achieving much in my new career in writing just yet. I’m feeling apprehensive about the future and my finances. Also, it’s been a very long time since I’ve had love in my life. I’m a Capricorn. I was born with Jupiter in Aries in my 11th house. I have Neptune 17° Scorpio 27′ 24″ and Juno 24° Scorpio 13′ 10″ what can I look forward to? I’m more than ready for things to turn around in work and love.

    Thanks so much for your time and insights.


    1. Thank you Anna. You actually have Jupiter in your First House in the Natural House system and Neptune and Juno in your Eighth. So, spinning your chart, I can see a major financial opportunity in 2018. You are going to have to reach for this one, but a substantial amount of money can either be made or saved next year. You are also going to find that children (stepchildren, adopted children, natural children) are at the heart of the biggest revolution in your personal life for years. Not now, but later. It starts slowly with an attitude shift and a ‘climate change’ from May 2018 and by 2019 it will be obvious to you that a radical new direction is the only one to take. You might think it’s about a particular lover or partner but actually – this whole cycle, which runs for many years from 2018 – is about developing a liberating, wildly different new angle on the next generation, born 20+ years after you. It will set you free.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    So much to learn and so much to hope! I have aspects in Scorpio, my south node, MC , Neptune and Vesta. How will this transition of Jupiter affect me? I also have a general questions, most of time when there is a certain good aspect is happening and I have the exact factor and degree, nothing happened for me. I appreciate if you could explain as why my horoscope is acting like that. Many thanks thanks for your input!

    1. You have the Nodes in Scorpio/Taurus in the Eighth House of finance and Second House of money. You have at least one past life wrapped up in questions about charity, business, ownership – and maybe more. Now through 2018 you will have an opportunity not possible for 12 years to fix any karmic issues which are not resolved and also to enjoy some good karma, as you will have past life rewards coming back. Further ahead, Uranus (radical change) will slowly cross that Scorpio/Taurus axis in your chart so it is not an exaggeration to say that beyond 2020 you will revolutionise your approach towards money, materialism, property – and some of the radical changes we are going to see in the world (like a one-world digital currency) will actually affect you very personally. Your work or lifestyle may also reflect the extreme changes in the global economy ahead. Take a look at your Scorpio/Taurus patterns and track them. They’re key.

  35. Hi Jessica, I’m going to jump
    Right in and say l love your work & have become a premium member. So much to learn, l love it !! I have scorpio in Ceres, Juno & Pananea all 00 degress, Vulcano 02 degress and also Neptune 23 degrees. Does any of this scorpio placement & activity have any affect on my non existent love life and lack of substantial money/direction for me ? I sure hope so and I would be very grateful to know what you think. Kind regards, Roshelle 🙂

    1. Thank you Roshelle, you are very kind. You are in the zone to commit (right now) to an arrangement about money, apartment, charity, house, possessions or business. Did you see that opportunity, days ago? Did you take it? Look again. Something is staring you in the face and it could be great. We have more Scorpio weather next year which will also open doors for you, including one which would entwine both sex and money/property…if you want it.

  36. Hi Jessica
    Have read your website for years and you’ve been uncannily accurate where others have not.
    You mentioned Jupiter in Scorpio is great for marriages and love. I had met someone in August (11th) and seriously thought he could be the one. But just like your horoscope mentioned about breakups, he’s disappeared and I have no reason why. I really liked him. Are things meant to change? Will I meet someone else and get married and have kids… I’m running out of time. Thx

    1. Thank you. Actually you met this man months before the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle started. Like all Sun Taurus people you will benefit from opportunities to expand your emotional life with former partners (yes, even exes) as well as new lovers who turn up, now through the end of 2018. So you were too early with this ‘disappearing man’ as it’s really only the last week or two that has seen Jupiter in Scorpio begin to do his work. The outlook for you in partnerships (of all kinds, not only romantic and sexual) is very good, from this point forward but I would allow the universe to guide you, rather than dictating ‘marriage, motherhood’ as the paths which are possible for you may be a little different to the road map you are drawing. To enjoy the journey more, open up to the signs and guide posts which come. What is in front of you may not be the map you insist on now, but the road will still be a wonderful one to travel.

  37. Hi Jessica,

    I have dated and had relationships since my divorce after a long term marriage 5 yrs ago and they have all ended disappointing and not by my hand. Going forward is it best to take a break and if so when would be a good time to reengage ?
    Thank you !

    1. Your chart is packed with Leo factors in the Fifth House which rules lovers and children. Take a look and you will see Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Panacea, Node, Cupido, Psyche all in this chart zone. Have a look at ‘Leo’ on search and you will read a prediction I wrote some months ago about the massive changes strongly Leo people are experiencing. In general, you have past life karma to complete now through the end of 2018 as old debts and credits with people must be fixed in both directions. The reason for this is the Node itself (which rules karma) going through Leo and triggering every single issue about sons, daughters, pregnancies that never happened, lovers with children from other relationships and so on. In a phrase, ‘It’s complicated’ but by late 2018 it should be clear to you that you have done the work and completed the soul contracts with others.

  38. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this remarkable podcast. It incites me to ask about one big issue, it is my job. For a quite long time, one and half year, I am looking for new project (in Construction business). Recently one old contact (and older man) for whom I was engaged during 2008-2009 in Middle East, unexpectedly through phone call, jumped out with some promise for a new project in the same city and company where he is CEO and Managing partner. It was like lightning. I am very excited because last months I was hopeless about new project/job. All doors were closed. Now situation is that I have received promise, no contract nor specific proposal and currently I am in standby mode, waiting for email.
    Would you please tell me how Jupiter in Scorpio transit will affect me as I have a number of Scorpio factors: Minerva, IC, Aesculapia and finally Jupiter? Could it be possible that Jupiter in Scorpio signifies move in Middle East, new construction project (it is Cultural center), long term contract or whatever? These are my wishes …
    Looking forward for your reply.
    Thank you !

    1. MV I suspect that the situation is tied to Mercury Retrograde as whatever evolved over the last few months was affected by that cycle. Never mind. Do not put your life on hold. You will have your Jupiter Return in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property and business in 2018. That is big. You were also born with Minerva at 5 Scorpio so you are very, very skilled with all money and material matters. Minerva was the goddess of wisdom in Rome. It really won’t take very long for you to start cutting deals and forming new ties. He will either come back to you, or you will form another alliance, as Venus (relationships) moves through Scorpio in November, and in fact on Saturday 11th November we find Venus at 5 Scorpio, and Cupido at 5 Aries, sitting right on Minerva in your chart! Trust yourself. You know exactly what you are doing. This matter will be a deadly serious financial negotiation, or a sexually powerful one. Hit Search to read more on Scorpio and what it means to have factors there.

  39. Hi Jessica. I joined up today to comment on the Uranus in Taurus article, thinking the closed comments would be open to members, alas this wasn’t the case. Nevertheless, I’m happy to be signed up 🙂

    I have Venus in Scorpio at 2°55 opposite Moon at 3°23 Taurus, Venus in mutual reception with both Pluto and Mars. Do you use Vertex, or Part of Fortune? I have both of these in early degrees of Scorpio.

    My thoughts, communication and sharp mind feel Scorpionic due to Mercury conjunct Pluto being quite tight in Libra, with Jupiter, Saturn, Nodes and more aspecting them. Would Jupiters transit in Scorpio affect my Mercury/Pluto?

    The Uranus Taurus article got me off my bum to sign up because I would like hear any interpretation you have for me, with Uranus doing its retrograde dance near my moon, and then in late 2019 an annular eclipse on my north node, followed by the Pluto/Saturn and others conjunction at 22° Capricorn, trining my 22°Virgo Sun.

    On a side note, I’ve been on the case for a financial revolution. I want to replace money with kindness. I’ve got firm ideas the foundations I need to put in place, and the chain of events it would cause, feels right.

    Lastly, somewhere on your site I read your comment about time being cyclical, not linear. I know a very special guy, that I rate as the most decent, kind and intelligent person I’ve ever met, and it dings when he told me life has cycles, time does not. Time isn’t cyclical, it’s triangular. He listens with one ear when I waffle astrology, neither showing support or rejection to its merits. I asked him about time being linked to dimensions and he said it is unlikely I will work out triangular time if I don’t solve the problem linking time and dimensions.

    I know it’s a busy and surprising few years ahead, on top of a busy few years handling Pluto, but I’m set. In my life currently I have cut all chains, freeing me up to start this journey uninhibited by work, money, houses, cars, things etc.

    I know you have thousands of responses requiring your attention, so I decided to write a fair few things down in just one comment, hoping something dings for you too.

    Great site, and I live your bold astrological approach in helping folk that reach your site. Cheers 🙂

    1. Thank you very much and welcome to Premium Membership. You have enough on that Taurus-Scorpio axis (Moon 3, Venus 2, Mars 9) to really feel Jupiter in Scorpio, then Uranus in Taurus, quite strongly from the very start. Watch the economic and banking trends on that Full Moon on Saturday 4th November as it falls at 11 Scorpio and 11 Taurus. It won’t directly affect you, but from that point forward you will begin to realise just how revolutionary 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond will be for our global economy. Whatever deals you strike or bargains you arrange with a key person in November will challenge you to examine your values. Venus will slowly cross 0 through 9 Scorpio by 16th November so you are looking at a complicated relationship with a business, house, apartment or sum of money at the heart of the arrangement. Once Psyche moves into Scorpio from Friday 17th November you will begin to see that this could outlast you – it would be something (for example) that goes into a legacy, which is not unusual when one is dealing with a property or precious possession. Again, watch headlines around Saturday 18th November on the New Moon at 26 Scorpio because the ripples from that will reach you, where you live. Peering further ahead, Uranus himself, crossing that Scorpio-Taurus opposition axis will radically change how you see possessions, money, taxation and the rest. For that very reason make sure you are in a position to bend (like a willow in the wind) with the times, because as Bob Dylan said, they are a changin’ for some years to come.

  40. Hi Jessica,

    From all the latest astrological happenings this is the one I’ve waiting the most, I guess having sun, ascendant, venus and so on in scorpio triggers this curiosity. Along this there were important changes taking place this last year, like dropping the idea of moving and decide to commit where i lived in the past 7 years…this is the best possible place for me. One of the things I’m considering is to stop working so many hours in a place where I’ve to share a considerable amount of my income with the owner of the place and starting to invest more time in my own practice. Is there cosmic support for this idea or should I put on hold for a while? I´m also considering to deepen my education to another level next year. Other than that, what’s in store for me?

    Hope this times find you well, good vibes from the north

    1. Thank you. The timing with your education would be ideal from the final quarter of 2018 into 2019 as Jupiter (expansion, improvement, growth, benefits) moves into Sagittarius and your Ninth House of knowledge and mind expansion. You are strongly Sagittarian and will study all your life, but also quite possibly teach or mentor as well. You will love what comes from late 2018 and by 2019 there may be an interstate or international connection too as Sagittarius rules travel as well as travel in the mind. The question about the person who owns the place really depends on his/her chart, which I don’t have – but you should see what the Astrology Oracle says.

  41. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for the awesome podcast 🙂 I am a premium member and according to my birth chart I have factors Saturn 3 Scorpio, Prosperina 12 Scorpio and Psyche 15 Scorpio. Can you please tell me what Jupiter in Scorpio will mean for me going into the next 13 months. I am a Capricorn Sun and Moon and Aries Rising 🙂

    Thank you again, love your work as always

    1. Thank you. Saturn is really about fear and caution – and also tough life lessons. You have obviously had these already in connection with money, business or property so as Jupiter (solutions) goes over Saturn at 3 Scorpio there will be a lot of progress and a fair bit of healing, from the past. Beyond this, you will be clinching an important deal, sale or purchase by 2018 and it will not only benefit you, it will be written into your will – and outlast you. I sometimes see this pattern when people build a home that is left to future generations.

      1. Yay finally some good news! 🙂 thank you for taking the time to answer,
        lots of love and light

  42. Hello Jessica,

    I am very excited about Jupiter in Scorpio because 12 years ago (when Jupiter entered Scorpio) I gave up a career that was stifling me and traveled the world with my then boyfriend now husband. Every one around us thought that we were crazy to give up promising jobs and do what we did but at the time it seemed the most natural thing to do. I managed to make a living using my laptop and managed to achieve the peace and freedom I had been searching for a long time. Since I am a sun Libra I assume this was Jupiter blessing me with things associated with the second house? It had long lasting repercussions because a few years later I was able to start a new career in the field that I worked on during my Jupiter in Scorpio year which lead to a high paying job with great benefits and travel. My husband who is strongly Scorpio also benefited by a very social year with travel, lots of friends and started on a long standing desire to get a master’s degree. This in turn led him towards a big jump in his career which gave him a marked increase in income which he has enjoyed for the past decade. He is a sun Capricorn so his 11th house was definitely lit up like a Christmas tree that year. (Thank you Jupiter!) I know this year is significant for us but I am not sure how. I have a number of scorpio factors and the new moon will hit the same degree as my moon in Scorpio 26 degrees. I am a stay-at-home mother of 2 small boys. How does astrology work if one does not have a job or career at the point of time when one stands to gain financially? Both my husband and my greatest wish is that our immigration application to the US gets approved and that my husband gets a pay raise or promotion at work. I want to move to the US because this is the only place I feel at home. I have lived in 5 different countries with a decade in the current country so I have given other places a fair try. My husband desires to move there because of the freedom to pursue business and investment opportunities. Will these wishes work out? My husband’s DOB is 2-Jan-1976, 05:05 (58.1599119,8.0182064)

    1. You want to emigrate to America while Saturn is still in Sagittarius – so your timing is not quite right. Saturn is obstacles, delays and obstruction. Sagittarius is foreign people and places. If your question is about money rather than uprooting, the question becomes different. Jupiter is of course opportunity and expansion, and will trigger your Scorpio Moon among other factors in the Eighth House of finance, property, charity and business. Jupiter then moves to Sagittarius after this cycle so of course the prospects for moving improve. You are strongly Sagittarian and have a stellium there in your Ninth House of travel so of course you have been trying to place yourself in a new country on the toughest cycle in 29 years.

  43. Hi Jessica,i have bben having financial issues lately,will jupiter in scorpio help me to grow financially? Also, i had a dream to travel to Australia,how is it possible. And if i will be promoted to senior level at this phase. Birth date 05/june/86. Thank you

    1. So many questions and so little birth time information…never mind. You are a Gemini who needs expert financial advice, pronto. Find the best accountant you can afford, especially in December, January and commit to a serious plan. Even if it takes you a year or two, as Saturn goes through your financial sector, try to stick with it.

  44. Hi Jessica,
    I have been through a lot of stress and changes in the last 4 years which have included losing my career and gradually losing my dad to dementia/alziemhers. After spending most of this year visiting mum and spending time with my dad in aged care he passed away on 11 October. I am of course grateful for the time I got to spend with him in this last year which would not have been possible if I was working. I witnessed his emotional intelligence shine through the illness and felt very connected to him and had some very special times with him. However I am feeling incredibly lost and disconnected now (as I have also lost contact with former work mates, friends and family members and have no children of my own) How will this Jupiter in Scorpio transit influence my life in the next year?

    1. I am so sorry about your father – you had loss to deal with twice over – and I am sure his passing has left a huge gap. My friend, the late Margaret Dent, was a brilliant medium who wrote a book called Love Never Dies which talks about these experiences in a powerful way and it is worth finding in your local library. Your ‘career’ became looking after him, and all this has happened as Pluto passed over 18 Capricorn in your Tenth House of profession. As you can see in your chart, you were born with Salacia at 18 Capricorn and the Ascendant at 18 Capricorn and the Descendant opposite at 18 Cancer (the latter sign rules home and family). So you have permission to feel lost and disconnected, as Pluto can only do this every 240+ years and he well and truly hit your chart, in the Tenth House of job, and Fourth House of family. Did you know you were born to be around groups, clubs, teams and other networks? You are strongly Aquarian and can feed a community with what it needs! Of course the community also ‘supplies’ you. As the Node goes through Aquarius, now through late 2018, you are going to find particular clusters of friends and acquaintances turn up, or re-emerge as important. Please do embrace your Aquarian side and discover the very special rewards of plugging into a network of allies and fellow travellers. And for what it is worth I can tell you, with my hand on my heart, that your father has passed to spirit and he continues on that side of life, where he is only ever a thought away. Better times are coming.

  45. Dearest Jessica
    I Hv been reading u on this site every day n every night since few years now…I awe ur wisdom n ur spookily accurate insights and always look forward to reading more and more… Bless u always.

    I am Aries woman… 28 march 1977 born at 11:37pm India….when I think of previous Jupiter in Scorpio cycle 2005-2006 I get scared what might follow in this one…… In the previous cycle I HD lost my husband suddenly and what followed was immense grief pain n loss.. I scare what might follow in this cycle…. Can’t afford to loose more loved ones

    At present my life is at a strange loop with a Gemini man 10 June 1969 born I guess at 10am india…i met him in mid 2011….though he left me later for other..

    This year a new turn has come up… A child is born to them… Bt just few days back he admitted things are confusing between he and his present partner..

    Well, my question is why all these years god keeps me in love with this man… Why despite his betraying me I still pray silently everyday for his happiness…. If god gives me this power to forgive him n love him so unconditionally then why doesn’t differences between us iron out n we are blessed a life together full of love.

    Strange questions though…. Bt I Hv a very strong faith in our reunion one day…. I maybe wrong but I don’t know then why this faith doesn’t end n everytime some signal comes to keep the faith.

    Help me see the future of this relation…. It’s not a puppy love,,, it’s a mature love where no amount of distance or odds separate me from him….. It’s not obsession as well as I know he is wid other n lives in a separate land n I HV accepted this fact as well….bt somewhere deep down It’s just faith in the power of true love that one day we will reunite as one as he used too…too strong a faith yet situations too fragile!!
    And if it is karmic then too where does this faith in me lead us too…… Will This Jupiter in Scorpio cycle be another sudden grief n loss to me like the previous one or will our bond revive against all odds?? Ur insights give direction… Looking forward to some light..thank u n bless u always

    1. Mr. Gemini will be a lot easier for you after Christmas. There may be a delayed conversation, text message or e-mail immediately after this, through January, but the worst is over for him when Saturn changes signs, as Father Christmas comes down the chimney! This will bring relief and release to you as well.

  46. Hi Jessica,
    Earlier this year, I just couldn’t understand how my life turned upside down in the last year or so. I bumped into your explanation quite accidentally and the theme of Leo weather makes so much sense right now. Yet, it does not seem like the complete story.
    The way you interpret the placement of planets is very different from Vedic astrology. That is what I have been used to all these years. Any guidelines on how to mesh the two ways of looking at the future?

    1. I’m glad you understand how the Leo weather is behind some of the upheaval. Vedic astrology is about the Indian perspective on life and Indian culture – it is not my special subject – but my friend Sonal Sachdeva will be joining me on The Astrology Show podcast for 2018 and we will be predicting your month ahead using both systems. Stay tuned!

  47. Greetings Jessica,

    I have a few factors in Scorpio:
    Ascendant 05
    Neptune 23
    Ops 04
    Psyche 08

    I have my sun (and many personal planets) in Cancer, but I have always felt more like a scorpion than a crab. I guess I just do my ascendant better than my sun!

    Based on my scorpio factors am I correct to believe that I will have an opportunity (Ops) to expand or grow (Jupiter) my wealth (Scorpio) and image, title and reputation (first house transit) and that by enduring tests and trials, and finding my true self, this benefit will last forever (Psyche). Furthermore, I think the ability to rewrite and improve my image, reputation, title and wealth is even more amplified (Ascendant, Scorpio and first house transiting Jupiter).
    I think this will all be tied together and happening very early in the transit based on the early degrees. Later, when transiting Jupiter conjuncts my natal Neptune at 23, there may be something secret or hidden (Neptune) concerning money or inheritance (Scorpio), or possibly even more of a global financial situation since Jupiter will conjunct an outer planet.

    I also think I will have the opportunity to have fun and be creative in all of this as Jupiter transits my Cancer (5th house) aspects and possibly even more financial gain as Jupiter crosses my Libra stellium (2nd house).

    Am I pretty close on this prediction? I hope so because I recently got sacked from my job so I am concerned about finances, but I also believe it was a blessing in disguise to really have a chance of happiness and freedom in career and earning a living!

    Thanks so much Jessica for the podcast and teaching us to use astrology and use the planets and asteroids to our benefit!

    1. Yes, you are reading your chart correctly and in fact could be a very successful astrology student. You are only out with your timing, as the sequence of events you are describing is too close together. Jupiter moves fairly slowly so what you experience with finance, property or business as he goes over 4, 5 and 8 degrees is one ‘story’ and then the conjunction to Neptune at 23 degrees is quite another story – a much later episode, set for 2018. Watch what happens when Mercury crosses 23 Scorpio, close to Wednesday 1st November as we also find Venus at 22 Libra and Saturn at 24 Sagittarius, very close to that 23 Neptune of yours. There will be important news then and yes, it will directly concern the house, money, business, possessions or apartment. Later on next year when Jupiter himself goes over 23 Scorpio you will see why ‘from little acorns big oak trees grow’ so please plant an acorn as November begins.

  48. Hi Jessica.i have recently joined your much informatio on it,that its fasinating to read.I have had a horrible past 6mts and i cant understand why.i have jupiter in libra..ive had a lot of stress and worry over my child.i am single with 1 son.My son had a bad head injury in may and another little accident in car in october.his birthday is 22/11/94.1134am..and he will now have jupiter in scorpio..i think he has a lot of planets in scorpio.he has had such bad luck will jupiter in scorpio pick things up for him? Is jupiter justice?as there is an investigation in the 1st incident and maybe a claim against him in 2nd one.i have very little planets in scorpio so im not sure what direction the next year will bring..could you help me please..thanking you

  49. Dear, Jessica,
    I have 6 planets ( Hygeia, South Node, Mercury, Neptune, MC, Minerva) in Scorpio.
    How it will affect me financially ?
    Thanks for your answer

    1. Ignore the MC as you were probably not born right on 12.00 and the MC is dependent on a to-the-minute birth time. The rest is more useful in terms of timing accurate prediction for expansion, improvement, hope and growth with a charity, business, money or property. The Nodes at 16 Taurus/Scorpio are significant because they show past life karma and Jupiter crossing 16 will trigger that, so you can either gain closure and find solutions or pick up some rewards, depending on what you’ve been up to. Years ahead, Uranus at 16 Taurus on that same spot will utterly change your life – you may in fact reverse or ‘flip’ what you have in place now. For more hit Search/your ebooks.

  50. Hi Jessica,

    This Jupiter in Scorpio cycle is meant to transit my fifth house of true love, romance, creativity and so on – could you help shed a bit more light on this? Is this cycle more likely for me to meet someone I could potentially have children with? There is someone I met in connection with work recently (pantry conversations), and we have been spending time together. I can’t quite tell if this could go the distance, but hoping for the best. His birth date is 6 September 1977. Any thoughts around this cycle and this guy are greatly appreciated!!

    1. Correct, Jupiter goes through your Fifth solar house of sex. I am not sure where you read it is about creativity (hopefully not one of my old books from last century – I know better now!) The Fifth House is about the sex that results in pregnancy. It is also very much about children already in the picture, so his stepchildren, if he has them (you don’t say) or your children, if you have them (you don’t say). You and the September man need to be honest with each other and yourselves about parenthood. Yes, no or maybe? That is actually what this is all about. Not true love. Being a mother or father with each other or with someone different, years down the track.

  51. Repost :
    Hi Jessica I got Saturn ASC and Panacea in Scorpio. Can you please look at my chart and see how this affecting me? My career transition journey has slowly begun, taking baby step at the moment and hopefully Jupiter will give me extra luck and push things forward.

    1. Nothing to do with work or money, everything to do with lust and desire – and quite possibly love. You will be placed in the right place, at the right time, with the man or woman who resonates with you. It’s now or never. Scorpio is often about sex and money, or sex and property. You also have Pluto at 29 Libra in your Seventh House of marriage, engagement, affairs and reconciliation. This is under transit in late 2017 (look up Libra on Search and specifically, Libra weather).

  52. Hi Jessica,
    Can you tell me how Jupiter in Scorpio will affect me in 2018. I still feel cheated by a friend of mine, letting go has been tough (big lesson learnt on trust) but your recent weekly astrology has indicated I need to find my way and my true calling. And wrt to love I need to use my heart. Any light you can shed on this especially now that Jupiter has moved into Scorpio?
    Thanks alot!

    1. You were born with the North Node at 28 Libra and South Node at 28 Aries and have a number of other factors tied into 28 degrees, or very close to that. What you are experiencing is karma. Past life soul contracts with your former friend and others surround you, as you are experiencing Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus all slowly crossing 28 degrees (Jupiter recently did this). The karmic lesson with the Nodes in Libra-Aries is to learn about ‘we’ versus than ‘me’ as Libra describes the art of balancing the scales with another person, while Aries is about the self. You are going through the radical changes which are typical of Uranus passing by at 28 Aries, and it will take some time for life to settle down, but it will – with a sense of relief and release coming in stages, as Saturn finishes up at 28 Sagittarius by the end of 2017 then by May, Uranus is well and truly past the 28 Aries mark. I hope this makes sense to you. The reason this has been such a stretch for you (and still is) is really down to transits you can only have once in your life. For more, read about Aries, Libra, the Nodes and Uranus.

  53. Jessica, I’m trying to work out where to post this, many comments are closed. My boss has suddenly handed her notice in, our manager has informed me personally that the role is available.
    However, I think it would be best for the company and myself to continue in hospitality and take the customer coordinator aspect of the job on with my own role. The remaining part of the job could be delegated to others, (this is something the company tends to do anyway).
    They are looking into this, am I right to push myself forward like this?

    1. We have so many comments that they are now being closed on a regular basis (4,244 comments in the queue today as I pick up my laptop). However, you can ask a question about your chart at the end of any feature. Okay, so your boss has gone and you are wondering how it will affect your career. You don’t say if you have children or not, which does matter. You have a huge Leo chart signature which is about your relationship with a far younger generation. It is being triggered for months which is why I am questioning the job, with the other ‘job’ of motherhood. Of course sometimes the mothering role is about a niece, nephew or godchild – or one can be in a relationship where stepmother status is within reach. I know this isn’t exactly what you are asking, but those younger faces in your life matter so much that inevitably you have to ask yourself about the time, energy and hours that can be juggled between the various roles you could take at work – and the task of caretaking. If your job involved children or teenagers that would be a different matter but I’m not exactly sure what you do!

  54. Hi Jessica,
    I am a Cancerian with Scorpio(Neptune& South Node) in the 4th house. Would appreciate anything you could tell me regarding this Jupiter in Scorpio transit. Many thanks :)))

    1. Your Cancer chart signature in the Fourth House, which rules apartments, houses, land, your home town, homeland, house or family – is very strong. Using the Natural House system we find a really promising pattern in this zone of your chart, but you will need to cross a few bridges to get there between now and November 2018. It would be worth the effort. You could easily move, or travel to the most enjoyable holiday home.

  55. HI Jessica,

    Could please share a bit on how Jupiter in Scorpio will affect me this year?
    My sun and rising are scorpio as well as some other planets but I don’t know to which degrees? Should I look that up before asking??

    thank you in advance


    1. It’s okay, Jessica, I can see your personal birth chart in front of me, as you a Premium Member. You are strongly Scorpio so what happens in your country/across the world with financial or economic trends will have a personal impact on you. It’s not like that for everyone, but something like a currency falling, or an interest rate rising, would ‘get you where you live’ and that is true, now through late 2018. In general, strongly Scorpio people head for deadly serious arrangements over the money, charity, house, apartment, business – or sexually powerful agreements. Thus we associate Prince Charles and all his wealth and philanthropy with Scorpio, but also Bill and Melinda Gates. You will experience a tremendous growth and blossoming by this time next year, discovering this side of your character and seeing for yourself how many big doors are open for you.

  56. Dear Jessica,

    when Jupiter have entered Scorpio in Octobre he immediately conjuct my Uranus in 0 deg Scorpio. As you wrote, it could bring sudden luck as for finances.
    Is it possible that I can experience complete opposite in these days? One of my clients has actual problem as for finances so he cannot pay me for my work and one of the big opportunities as for new long term project failed. And some smaller projects are in a stuck stage.
    And all this has happend during last two months.

    I start to ask if Jupiter in Scorpio could really bring me luck as for my business (I have started my own business a year ago and the progress is reaally slooow)

    Please help me undrestand why this happen – is it somenthing in my birth chart?

    Thank you for your advice!

    1. You would have experienced an opportunity (Jupiter) to revolutionise (Uranus) your finances several weeks ago now, liberating you from a situation with your business, house, charity, possessions, cash flow or apartment. It’s well and truly gone, now and actually took place very quickly in the space of a few days. You’re talking about projects, which is work – but you don’t say what kind of projects and what kind of business – so it’s quite hard to talk about that in any specific way.

      1. Dear jessica,
        I start to work in the field of human ressources- recruiting people, offer mentoring and coaching for the companies and consultancy in this field. In the beginning of octobre I was presenting an offer to an IT company . This offer could help me solve my financial situation for some time. But finally company decided to work with somebody else without concrete explanation. So I dont know what I did wrong. And all my recruiting project are stucked too for a while – difficult ti find right people.
        Do I have a chance that situation will change in my favour?

        Thank you!

        1. Yes, this will work out eventually. Your industry/profession will see reshuffles and announcements December, January when new possibilities will open up so you won’t have long to wait.

  57. Hi Jessica. I really appreciate your insights!
    As Sagittarius, with both Neptune[1st house] and Mercury[2nd house] in Scorpio– what am I likely looking at with this Jupiter in Scorpio cycle? Any and all comments appreciated.

    1. You have a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of finance (Natural House system) which will be slowly crossed by Jupiter now through late 2018. The Neptune in Scorpio placement is common to your whole generation so I suspect there will be a sweeping reform, improvement or opportunity – probably involving the big banks or taxation – which has a personal benefit for you. It would be hinted at now through the third week of November with more to come next year.

  58. Hi Jessica,

    I have scorpio factors in my chart, would you please tell me how this Jupiter in Scorpio period will mean for me?

    My marriage has suffered significantly with finances nearly as bad, both over the past several months.

    I’d truly appreciate some insight into the next Jupiter cycle.

    Thank you

    1. You have a T-Square in your chart with Saturn at 7 Taurus and the MC and IC at 6 Aquarius and Leo. It’s being brought to life by Jupiter slowly crossing that point, so watch as it goes to 6, 7 Scorpio. I am sorry you have had such problems with your marriage and also your money. Things will improve but you may have to change direction quite dramatically, over the next few years – it’s the kind of cycle when we see shopaholics become penny-pinchers and total consumers become environmentalists! It’s the same cycle when we can see people who normally cared less about cash, finally trying various business angles to see what it would feel like to be hugely abundant. You will have your own story, but beyond the marriage (which is a Scorpio matter = sex, property and money) this is actually about your value system. What and who you value most, call precious or know is priceless is now the core of your choices and it will be reshaped for some time to come. What do you gain? Freedom.

  59. Hi Jessica. I was wondering if you could please tell me what you see in my chart regarding travel. For almost a decade now, I have wanted to take a ‘Big Trip’ and travel around the world for a year or more. However, study/career/partner/financial reasons (excuses?) held me back in past from actually taking the trip. Now that I am single, working full time and earning good money I feel my big trip is within reach and I am saving hard! I was hoping to save for a year and then start my trip around June/July/August 2018. However, I recently discovered the magic of the Jupiter cycle and transits! (for years I wanted to move out of my home town for a sea change and lo-and-behold, last year a friend mentioned she wanted to move to a city and hour north: I said I would go with her (and my fiancé at the time) and so we moved into a place on September 9th 2016, the DAY Jupiter moved into my fourth house! I had a wonderful year of being in a wonderful home, in a wonderful new neighbourhood – Jupiter definitely provides a feeling of expansion and growth!). Now I am wondering if the dates above would be good for me to take my trip of if I should wait until Jupiter is in my ninth house (2021-2022). I am nervous about waiting until then however, because I will be 33 and I was thinking I’d be looking at having kids around that age (and I want to travel on my own and do it for ME.) What do you see? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    1. You have a nice little stellium in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel and Jupiter (growth, fulfilment) will go through Sagittarius from the final quarter of next year, into 2019, as you realise. I need to spin your chart because I don’t know what house system you are using. I use the Natural House system for prediction, because it is so accurate – and you won’t have to wait until 2021. Strangely, your instinct is to go now, and your instinct is right, because this particular kind of astrology tells you – take off at the end of next year. Spend 2019 on the road if you can.

  60. Hi Jessica,

    I have natal Jupiter in Scorpio, so I am hoping this means good things given Jupiter is now in Scorpio too. I was wondering about when Jupiter goes into Taurus – does that mean times are tougher for those of us with natal Jupiter in the opposite sign? Just curious as I had a really tough time a few years ago when it seemed everything in the sky was opposite my natal planets.


    1. Jo, Jupiter in Scorpio will return (the Jupiter Return) when he reaches 27 degrees later in 2018 and you will either save a large amount of money, or make it – though sometimes the benefits come from a house or apartment. It will be years until Jupiter goes into Taurus and actually, his opposition to your natal Jupiter is also quite helpful. He tends to turn things around, even when he’s in opposition.

  61. Hi Jessica,
    Could you tell me please how I will be affected by Jupiter in Scorpio as I am a libran with a Stellium in Scorpio.

    Thank you so much Jessica.
    Best regards.

    1. Scorpio is really associated with sex and money (typically marriage and mortgage) but it also turns up when men keep a mistress in an apartment! Scorpio is also classically about the rent you split with a live-in lover and the shared ownership of your possessions when you move in together. We also associate Scorpio with deadly serious finance, property, business and possessions – the kind that ends up in your will, or is left to you in legacies. Whatever arrangements you have in this direction will benefit from Jupiter, and it will happen over just a few weeks – enough to change your life for the better. Jupiter is a tremendous problem-solver, but he also opens big doors to opportunity, growth and expansion.

  62. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for the amazing resources you provide. I’m getting more and more understanding of astrology and really enjoying it.

    I’ve just started my own business and for the first time in 40+ years I’m excited for my future. As a Libran with Mercury at 0 Scorpio & Neptune at 22 Scorpio, can you give me some insight as to how this transit will affect me.

    Thanks again 🙂

    1. Thank you. Your timing is typical of Jupiter at 0 Scorpio crossing over Mercury (negotiations, paperwork, planning) at 0 Scorpio in your Eighth House of business, finance, charity and property. It will be some time before Jupiter passes over your Neptune, but as this is a generational aspect, common to everyone born in your year, it sounds as if there will be broad developments from governments or banks – or perhaps an internet entity like Paypal – which benefit you directly. A classic example would be historically low interest rates for borrowing, either on credit card or mortgage, which gives you the ‘big bubble’ to float in that is so typical of Jupiter conjunct Neptune. Just watch out for Uranus opposite your Mercury in May 2018 – I suspect that will have a direct impact on whatever you put together in the last few weeks with your business. We associate Uranus with sudden, unexpected jolts and it does feel as if May will bring some broader national or global development with currency or the sharemarkets that makes you reshape the original business plan – try to be super flexible then and ready to zig-zag with what goes on.

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