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The Second House

The Second House is about everything you earn, own or owe. Money, credit cards and shopping are Second House matters.

In the series, Horoscope Houses in Astrology, I’ll be going deeply into the meaning of each of the twelve houses for you, so that you can take your astrology further and understand your horoscope better.

The Second House of your horoscope is ruled by Taurus and Venus. It is about everything you earn, own or owe. Money, credit cards and shopping are Second House matters. So is the value of your company, or the value of your shares. The Second House is about your own money, possessions, house, apartment or business, independent of other people.


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It’s all about Food

At the core level it is about food, because food is the most basic item of exchange or trade. Thus the idea of ‘bean-counting’ and the link between the Second House and accountants, or professional Bean Counters. People selling their home-made jam, from home-made organic strawberries, at your local market, are ‘doing’ their Second House.

You are also living out your Second House when you decide if it’s a bargain, or over-priced. The Second House is about the price tag you hang on everything. How much can you afford to pay for rent, for a mortgage, for a property portfolio? When people ask ‘What is it worth? ‘ they are asking as Second House question.


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Saving Souls or Selling Your Soul

This brings us to Wall Street, which is linked to Taurus and the Second House because of its ‘birth’ chart, but also because of the famous charging bronze bull, which symbolises a bull market on the share markets. People who make a fortune on Wall Street can do so, by selling their souls. Some who make a fortune there, like Bill Gates, use their fortune to save souls. Both are Second House decisions.


Sex and Property

The Second House is ruled by Taurus in astrology, right opposite the Eighth House, which is ruled by Scorpio. They are connected, but different. Scorpio is about sex and money. Sex and property. Sex and possessions. Scorpio is about the marriage and mortgage.

If you have children, we then start talking about your legacy. Your last will and testament. It gets complicated! Death, property and money are also Scorpio and Eighth House concerns. I will talk about the Eighth House a little later in this series, but essentially, Taurus and the Second House are about your own personal valuables and values, not anybody else’s.

If you have a stellium (more than three factors) in Taurus, which premium members can check in your chart below – if you have it – you will quickly see how true it is, that your life revolves around money, possessions, charity, business or property. Even if you don’t have a birth chart, if you are a Sun Taurus, then you shine when you save or make money. You shine when you fundraise or are generous with good causes, or generous with people in your life. When you are mean, or bad with money, or greedy – you lose your shine.


Good and Bad Taurus

I think we all know a good Taurus and a bad Taurus! A bad Taurus is hungry for cash and sells her soul/his soul for the same. A good Taurus will make sure he/she shares what is there, and gives freely without expectation of reward. I find it really interesting that Bono from U2 and Her Majesty the Queen are both Taurus people and both were singled out in the media for legal tax avoidance during the Paradise Papers hacking scandal. Tax is actually a big concern of Taurus as he/she grows older and so the Second House is associated with politics, in the sense that we view governments as taking some of our money – through tax – and thus politicians represent a good deal, or a bad deal, to us.

This takes me to the question of values. I often say ‘What you will and will not sell out for” and this brings us back to the things that money cannot buy. Integrity. Freedom. Self-Respect. Compassion. Truth. Dignity. These are the priceless, precious, spiritual values that matter the most. They say you ‘can’t take it with you, when you’re gone’ (talking about possessions or property) but what you do take with you, into the afterlife, is your soul stash. The stuff in your spiritual ‘bank account’ being the character assets that you refused to trade over.

The Second House and your Innate Wealth

I am a huge admirer of Sun Taurus Joanna Lumley, who as a single parent and actress, handled her career with such dignity. Her intelligence, grace and fame is a glittering, expensive asset – but she uses it, without charge, for good causes she believes in. The astrologer Howard Sasportas, writing in The Twelve Houses (Thorsons 1985) says, “The Second House depicts our innate wealth which can be tapped – our substance or soil which can be tilled productively.” This takes us back to Taurus the Bull and its rulership of the Second House. This idea of ‘farming’ your assets is crucial to the Second House, which is about the talents or skills you can sell, or trade over.

When interpreting your personality and destiny  planets in Taurus in the Second House (you can check this with your Premium Member chart) are about how you cultivate your personal ‘farm’ in life and how you reap what you sow.

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Your assets show in the Second House in Taurus. What you are born with. If you have a hard-work planet like Saturn here, then money will also be hard work for you, or it may be tough for you to figure out how to ‘trade’ the assets, skills or talents you have. If you have Jupiter in Taurus in the Second House then your valuable assets include your natural good luck, your generosity, your desire to do good in the world and your ability to solve problems for people.

The highest expression of the Second House is to show the rest of us what is valuable in this world by hanging onto it and preserving it. It may be priceless works of art. It may be your commitment to putting compassion before shopping, so that you make money, but always make sure it’s freely donated.

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32 Responses

  1. Jessica, as you can see I have quite a bit of 2nd house activity. Any incites for me going forward in 2018 in regards to personal and professional trends?
    Thank you,

    1. You have a lot of factors in the late degrees of Taurus so it may take a few years, but you will ultimately be caught up in the currency, business, trade, economy and banking revolution online. Russ, if you’re not already right on top of Bitcoin, Ripple, and the rest – it’s time. You need to understand these waves that are coming and surf them for some years. If this isn’t your career it will be your calling, away from the actual job. Your motive may be wealth, charity/philanthropy, alternative lifestyle, property, big business – but what you need to know is that the world will never be the same again. We’ll look back at the way we used to flex plastic credit cards and hand over Paper and Iron, as XTC called it – and shake our heads.

  2. Good morning Jessica,
    On top of me not having the best money habits, sometimes it has been so hard. I have been a single mom for the past 16 years, getting little support. I have been truly blessed with my son, but Jessica I have had to work hard to make sure my son has what he needs/wants. When the economy took a crash in 08 I was laid off for 2 years talk about being scared especially since I have been working since I was 17 but I couldn’t get a job to save my life and with a child to take care of you have to make a certain amount just to survive. However I got laid off at the right time I was able to get the extensions with no lapse. My birth chart has Saturn 08 (R) and Ops 11. Since Saturn is Retrograde is that double whammy.
    Thank you for all your articles so informative..

    1. Wow, you’ve done it tough. I admire single parents so much. I could never do it. Now through 2020 you are on the path to total career transformation. In fact you will never have this line-up in Capricorn in your Tenth House of success again. In 2019 you could easily go back to school/part-time training as the opportunity opens up for you like a flower. Perhaps that is why you will succeed in 2020. Make no mistake, this is a total switch in life path and direction and although 2018, 2019, 2020 is intense if you are determined to understand the rules of the structure of that department, organisation, corporation, institution – and you know it’s a secure place to be – then the rules will love you back. Keep climbing.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your endless articles. They are so helpful !
    I am a Cancer sun , the only Taurus I have is in Psyche 22. I have been on top of the world with success only to lose everything over night. Any hope for a big success again?

    Ps. Any plans for you to come to Toronto Canada for seminars ?

    1. Thank you. I will put Toronto on my list for 2019. Psyche in Taurus is not so much about success. It’s about cash. What you are talking about here is Ceres at 18 Capricorn in your Tenth House of achievement, ambition and position. No wonder you lost everything. You just had Pluto hovering near 18 Capricorn, for the first time in 240+ years. Take your time adjusting and adapting. You may want to read more about Ceres and Pluto in Search and in your ebooks. Further ahead, when Jupiter goes through Capricorn in 2020 you will be given an amazing opportunity not possible in 12 years, to either fix an issue, or just make it to the very top. In the meantime, do your Pluto and Ceres lessons. You have done extremely well to get through this.

  4. Hi Jessica, thanks for this Taurus mini masterclass! I am slowly understanding more bit by bit each day. However, I wasn’t entirely sure how to interpret Hygeia in Taurus…am I preventing financial mistakes before they occur?! Thank you!

    1. You interpreted that right. Hygiea, sometimes spelled Hygeia, gives us the word ‘hygiene’ and this asteroid was discovered during one of the worst cholera outbreaks in history. It was soon discovered that prevention was better than cure, and of course hygiene prevents much disease. So the symbol, extended, is really about ‘forewarned is forearmed’ and protecting yourself or others against obvious risks. You’re all about the insurance. In fact, you basically *are* insurance!

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the blog. I read through and then noted I don’t have anything in my second house or my third! Can you provide any comment on the relevance of an empty house? Does it imply there is a need to do more in some way?
    Thank you

    1. Good question, Frances. An empty horoscope house just means you are not defined by that, in your life. So your money does not define who you are. Neither does your communication. You can have money, and you can have the Worldwide Web in your pocket, but you are – exactly who you are – for quite different reasons. You are strongly Virgo, so you are actually all about the work ethic, the daily routine, the method, the ritual and the body. You’re actually a product of your physical condition, body shape and type, and so on. It says who you are and what you can (and cannot) do in your world.

  6. Jessica, Very interesting for me am I recently finding thay my north node in Taurus seems to be tugging at me. Looking back, when I was only 5 years old and my mom left me to play on my own, I would use her note paper to write identical wills ( I don’t recall what I was leaving lol ) but I would stuff these little important pieces of paper into secret places where they would safe. I see now that my second house has my north node. I wonder, I do farm and I also make food for a living. Is this possibly my highest calling? I really want money success but have stumbled over the last decade while learning about life with struggle. Now, I want to make money for myself but also to leave as a legacy AND also leave this life with good spiritual standing. These notions and plans have been always important to me but having grown up in a very dysfunctional and narssIstic family I have had MUCH to distract me. I am getting pretty excited that I may finally understand what road is mine to take. Thank you for all you write so helpful in my evolvment.

    1. I love this so much. Thank you. You have Neptune at 21 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, business and property so when Jupiter (solutions, opportunity) crosses Neptune at 21 Scorpio, for the first time in 12 years, now (February) and September – you need to use a way to ‘take a holiday from reality’ with all that you earn, own or owe. As long as there are rules, it will be a great holiday. Your whole life, you will explore what money is, what it can do, what it cannot do. Farming and making food for a living may well be your highest calling, as you will see when Uranus slowly moves across Taurus for many years from 2018.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    No reply required but I have often wondered whether you have considered setting up an additional paid service, potentially using astrologers as you train them. to answer brief questions or give general advice.

    It would be good training for them and also help all the people you do not have time to answer personally. I love reading your answers and admire the valuable advice you give people but there is a dam of need for guidance out there which must put a huge strain on you.

    Very best wishes,,
    Patricia M-L

    1. Psychic Patricia! I have notes in my diary from Monday with the name of a course I want to teach, with other professional full-time astrologers, in 2019 so that we can train people. So thank you very much. And you are absolutely reading my mind!

  8. hi jessica! february 9 is an important legal date for me. I have Ops in scorpio in 8th house. “Wife of Saturn, mother of Jupiter. Symbol of hope and happy endings after pain.” Also on 9th, I have factors at 14, 13 and 28. Mars at 14 pisces, Psyche at 13 virgo, Mercury at 28 sag. Is it possible to be predictive based on my factors for this specific date?

    1. The issues with court cases for astrologers are really about the opposing team. You need their birth charts as well. You also don’t say what the legals are about. As this is obviously deeply private, I think you’d be better off using your Astrology Oracle for a reading. It works. I don’t give private readings any more (except for charity) but I always use it for friends or lovers. And myself. That is why I am recommending it to you now. You may even find Ops, Saturn or the others you have mentioned turn up in the reading.

  9. Hey Jessica,

    I am very exited about what Uranus Taurus has to bring after 15th May 2018 for me.

    I had a very rough life since 2008 and 2016-17 have been the worst money wise.I have gone through a lot of depression as a result. Today i feel like it has been a learning process and very much look forward to get my self back in track!
    Could you please look at my chart and see if Uranus Taurus has any effect on me or anything you have to say it would mean a world to me!

    sun sign 04° Taurus 26′ 36″
    Uranus 24° Scorpio 21′ 50″ R
    Chiron 12° Taurus 58′ 41″
    Ceres 17° Taurus 44′ 25″
    Bacchus 04° Taurus 36′ 07″
    Aesculapia 24° Taurus 12′ 00″
    Hygeia 00° Taurus 09′ 38″

    Many thanks!

    1. You are strongly Taurus so it is important that you always have something to own and hold on to. It does not have to cost anything. It does not even have to cost very much. The reason you have found 2016, 2017 so difficult with money rests with the fact that you are a Taurus (Sun Taurus) and in your Solar Sign chart, you had Saturn moving slowly and painfully through the sign of Sagittarius, which rules your Eighth House of finance, houses, apartments, possessions and business. That cycle is now well and truly over and I am sure you feel ‘good riddance.’ Uranus will cross Hygiea at 0 Taurus in your chart suddenly, no doubt with a lightning bolt in May and June 2018. It happens again in October, November 2018. This is a real challenge to your basic need to insure the future and protect yourself or your assets from risk. Yet – you can’t remain stuck in the past. You are going to have to look at money and the material world through the lens of 2018, not 2017 and previously. You will not experience Uranus crossing 4 Taurus and your Sun until May, June 2019 but you will certainly feel it. Radical changes – a revolution in the world of banking, taxation and the economy in your country and across the world – will have an impact on how you view yourself, in relation to money, property, possessions. Bacchus is conjunct the Sun at 4 Taurus in your chart so you shine brightest when you are enjoying the material or financial side of life. This is the stockbroker who breaks open the Moet when shares rise, or at the other extreme, the charity fundraiser who makes money for good causes by putting on events. What happens in May, June challenges and changes that. One could say your new direction is your country’s new direction, and your country’s new direction is your new direction. Uranus produces all that is weird, wild and wired – and frequently wonderful – but it never gives you a smooth ride, so you will need the best advice you can afford. Actually, you should really do that right now. You have the same story told twice in your chart, as Jupiter (solutions, opportunity) crosses your natal Uranus at 24 Scorpio in your natal Eighth House of finances in October 2018. This feels to me like a sweeping world or national trend, probably involving Bitcoin, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies, or some other online banking revolution. Actually, to call it banking is a misnomer. This is an utterly new way of dealing with money, by computer or smart phone, which has absolutely no resemblance at all to Barclay’s, HSBC and the rest! As you are a super Taurus anyway, you would actually feel better, psychologically and emotionally, to be on top of money. To know exactly what is going on out there. Astrology is not enough; you need the best advice from professionals to help you, but you would also gain enormously just from being on top of day-to-day financial and business news. It’s your life, actually. And you can do that even if you decide to give it all away, as soon as you make it, and drop out and grow your own food!

  10. Hi Jessica,

    I have what I consider a planetary car crash in Taurus. I believe for the next 7 years I will be hit with a lot so am holding on tight. There is: Venus and Apollo which are conjunct, Juno, Ops, Ceres, and the North Node(phew!).
    At present, I am not working and as I have mentioned before am being supported by family. As it stands, I don’t see a way forward. You have mentioned to me previously that I would benefit from the new financial order, but the problem for me besides not having money to invest, is that I have an innate distrust of this ‘crypto -bitcoin’ rubbish, way too cynical. For someone like myself, if I cant throw it, kiss it, or kick it – I don’t want to know.
    To keep myself busy, I am involved in a type of performance and writing that I do a few times a week. It would be nice if this developed in to something more than a hobby as I have got quite good over the past couple of years, but as I am a realist(due to so much Earth in my chart), understand the need to be sensible and get a job. Any suggestions what I’d be most suited to? As of this point, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

    Final question/idea: I noticed Melania is very Taurean. In fact, I believe I like her so much because we both share a Cap. moon and Venus in Taurus, although she is slightly better off(!) and (more than) slightly better looking! I have noted your frustration on twitter about not being able to nail down the president’s actual birth date, but I believe in a traditional marriage, which they have, the wife seems to hold their husbands secrets. If he is Gemini – which I believe he is as it takes one to know one – she being Taurus would be his 12th house of secrets, so it would make a lot of sense. So the suggestion is to maybe use her chart, which I believe to be accurate, to assess his goings on next to the US chart?

    1. Thank you. Not so much with the ‘car crash’ though. It’s a revolution but it is going to set a lot of people free – millions of people across the world who don’t even have bank accounts will suddenly have access to the new, alternative, online financial world. I think it’s also fair to say that a great many people are really tired of the top 1% owning so much wealth. When Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus do their work over the next few years, that is not going to last. (A little bit like Americans throwing out King George III and all those unfair British taxes in 1776). In your own life you are ‘speaking’ Taurus when you say if you can’t throw it, kiss it or kick it – you don’t want to know. That is Taurus the bull speaking, loud and clear. Yet, you need to allow yourself to loosen up, explore new paddocks, relax your foothold on the soil and smell the breeze. Scent the way the wind is blowing. You actually have to, in a way, as Uranus will sweep all of us along, sooner rather than later and we need to be flexible!

  11. Hi Jessica, with Taurus in Moon, Chiron, V ulcano, Cupido, how do these factors influence my career or finances? I wish to ‘retire’ and move away from a full time job. However would it be better that I stay on for as long as possible to save up money first. Getting into regular employment has been an uphill task. Is stability the key to my innate and financial freedom?

    1. You may want to look up Uranus in Taurus on search – I have written quite a few long pieces now, on this cycle, which will radically change your life over many years – and how to deal with that. Thank you.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    With an 18 degree capricorn ascendant (reading your comments on the 240+ Pluto transit!) I’ve lost important parts of my life in the last few years, my dad, teaching career, (and my income!) l am still feeling Unable to move forward and worry about the future in terms of income . I have Ceres 20 and Vesta 25 in Taurus. Can you provide any insights. (Which are always very much appreciated)
    Thank you!

    1. I am sorry you have been through these losses, though it is far more than your Pluto-Ascendant transit. If you want to move forward, join a group, rejoin a group, or find out how you can feed or support a group. This would be a team, club, association, band or similar. Your life path is all about that and it will change your life. It will be a very long time before Uranus (radical change) comes to 20 and then 25 Taurus. It’s years into the future. So if you are reading this because you are concerned about money, you’re not really going to have to adapt until 2023 and even then you have Jupiter (solutions, opportunity) also in Taurus that year, so although 2023 is a revolution in terms of what you earn, own or owe – you will also be given some huge answers. Get the best financial advice you can afford in 2023 and 2024.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    I love the new feature that automatically adds one’s personal chart to every post – that’s genius! It is much more convenient to immediately cross reference the information you provide with one’s chart.

    Speaking or reading about the 2nd house brings up the thought of my karmic history with possessions and specifically money — which I didn’t value for a good half of my life when I had plenty, never without struggles, but mostly covered — and now when for years I have needed the help of others in order to survive financially — in summary, financial security has always been a challenge and even now, when I feel I know where I’m going and where I am — money is the only part of the picture that doesn’t come together — I know that by 2020 those trends are supposed to be on its way to resolution, however, what about now, this year or the next? I know that to an extent, I am fortunate. However, there seems to be a rope restricting overall flow of prosperity and despite my past immature choices a karmic reset feels overdue.

    I hope you read this one, fingers crossed!

    1. Thank you so much. As soon as James let me know that he and Alyas had come up with this feature, I thought the same thing. It’s genius. You’re asking about money so we look to Taurus and Scorpio, Second House and Eighth House, of your chart. You have Juno at 0 Scorpio and Uranus at 28 Scorpio in your Eighth House so 2018 is one of the key, key years in your financial history. Scorpio rules deadly serious agreements about money, like a mortgage, or a family or partnership legacy. It also rules sexual and financial agreements – a couple renting together would be typical. Very suddenly, in May this year, Uranus arrives with a bang at 0 Taurus and opposes your Juno, which rules commitment and promises. You need to be super flexible so you can bend, flex and move around as you need to. Try not to lock yourself down too tightly from May 2018 onwards as Uranus will be with us for years in Taurus and the rule will be – ‘the rules change all the time.’ Having said that, Jupiter in Scorpio in 2018, especially conjunct your Uranus, later this year, will throw you solutions and answers which can only happen every 12 years. Yet again, though, I have to remind you that this planet is all about the wild, the weird, the (often) wonderful – nothing you’ve seen or known before. So take a deep breath and get the best financial advice you can afford. And know what’s happening out there. It’s going to be utterly new and different and you’re going to have to find your way through it. Don’t just assume 2018, 2019 will be like 2016, 2017.

  14. Hi Jessica! Have just joined as a member and getting myself familiar with your great sharings and knowledge. I am keen to know more about my 2nd house of finance as money has become really tight for the past few months which has not happened to me for quite some years. Will my situation improve soon or will I be spiraling downwards for a substantial period of time? Feeling really apprehensive about my future. Thanks for any insights you can share with me on this.

    1. Thank you. Actually you are far more Scorpio than Taurus. You have a stellium or unusually high cluster of factors in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, property, banks, credit cards, loans, business, rent, mortgage and the rest. You are in the best possible position in 12 years to come up with the right budget and to access the right way of saving or making money in 2018 as Jupiter (solutions) goes through Scorpio. So you are asking the right question at the right time, too. As a strongly Scorpio person you also need to know exactly what is happening out there with business, taxation, currency and the rest. So if you are not already reading the financial pages/online papers regularly now is the time to do that. You will have Uranus (radical change) opposing your Minerva across this financial zone of your chart within months, so it is very important that you are completely up to speed with the revolutionary changes that are about to affect all of us, now through 2019. Get completely on top of it.

  15. Good Afternoon Jessica- I have Ceres @ 20 Taurus in my chart. Going on the past 2 years I have been in flux with regard to a home and also my income has dropped to a non supporting level. I see that the Moon is currently @ 20 Scorpio and Pluto @ 20 Capricorn , Jupiter @ 21 Scorpio and Ops @ 20 Pisces. I can’t figure out how these transits will affect my chart but I’m hoping I catch a break financially. Would you mind sharing you insight with me?

    Much Thanks!

    1. Okay Deirdre. You have that Taurus Second House and Scorpio Eighth House emphasis in your personal birth chart, which is all about the money, the house, the apartment, the possessions. Scanning your whole chart, I can tell you that you need to work smarter not harder. Stop for at least a day or two when you next have time off and figure out a plan. There is way too much on your shoulders in terms of plans, ideas, projects, tasks. If you want the home, you can have the home, but you need to delegate to other people. You also need to choose a far smaller number of plans with potential and attend to those. Figure out what to plant. I think you have a blind spot about your future house or apartment situation and you are not seeing what is really going on, which is the need to put yourself, your energy, your mental focus and your abilities FIRST. You can’t do this while you are putting one foot in front of the other without knowing what you are really doing or where you are really going. So pause, breathe, even just lie with an eye bag on for half an hour and reach deeply into your core for some answers. They will come.

  16. Jessica! I’ve only just stopped to take the time to read more on natural houses – which on your advice then lead me to this Taurus page – as it seems I have an abundance of activity in my second house of Taurus. I’ve always identified with these themes being Taurus Sun and having Chiron in there too but had no clue there were so many other bodies hanging out in there too. My work/calling has always been my biggest area of confusion and concern and based on other house systems I’ve been so caught up in trying to decipher my Moon-Neptune conjunction in Sag – moon ruling my cancer 10th and Neptune ruling my pisces 6th but hanging out together in Sag in the 3rd house. It’s always made me think communicating and emotions are the focus of my calling or my love of reading, researching and then disseminating that info everywhere I go.

    However, now I can see that Taurus and even Leo are more prominent and if you had the time I would love any kind of insight or synopsis on where I should be focusing my efforts and energy as far as my rightful place in the world. I’m always giving my time, things and money to others in need without asking or taking anything in return as I live to help and cultivate others (including being an unofficial ambassador of you and your site!) but as I’m currently out of work I really need to find a source of income that pays me for being me! Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated and in the meantime please continue with your incredible work – this is truly the only site that I take seriously, spend time on or enthusiastically bleat on to others about! Big love from the big smoke, Julie x

    1. Thanks Julie. You use a completely different astrological system to me so I need to spin your chart. When you say you have a Moon-Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius – with the moon ruling your cancer 10th and Neptune ruling your pisces 6th – I would say, put that to one side for a moment as there is an alternative way to read your birth chart. Being out of work is no good. So let’s look at 2018. You can see your MC or Midheaven in Cancer in the Fourth House of family, property, houses, apartments, gardens, home and parent-child relationships. So that’s your highest achievement. Making it happen for others, or making it happen for yourself. It’s a calling, if you like. The MC is at 12 Cancer and the Sun and Chiron close by in Taurus and Salacia tied in, in Aquarius – forms a stunning pattern. You are either a homemaker in waiting, or will be able to turn houses or apartments into homes for other people or perhaps perform miracles with property, real estate, and the rest. Have a look at that. You could do great things there! We are seeing Uranus slowly move towards 12/13 Taurus over the next few years and that is going to change your life. You also have Jupiter in Scorpio moving very close to that pattern in Scorpio and I am sure you know that is abundant opportunity. This chart pattern turns up with people who are natural homemakers and channel their work into family, gardening or housekeeping – but we also see it with people who do very, very well in real estate, homeless charities, family-led organisations and so on.

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