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Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche

Venus and Mars were lovers. She had a husband called Vulcan (Vulcanus) and a son called Cupido (Cupid).

Why use asteroids? Because in modern astrology, we always did. Long before Pluto was discovered in 1930, Ceres was found on 1st January 1801 – and promptly named a planet. About 50 years later she was reclassified to asteroid. Then in 2006 she was reclassified again, to dwarf planet – along with Pluto himself.

Astrology since 1781 has been based on this premise. When astronomers find and name a new heavenly body, and it fits in with the original Roman/Latin family tree that began with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – we start using it.

We interpret the meaning using the original Italian myth about the god or goddess in question – like Ceres, who had a power struggle with Pluto. Then we see which historic events took place in the year of the discovery. Do they tally with the myth? Is there correlation, correspondence, synchronicity?

If so, we have a hypothesis. Not that this is science! We then apply that to charts. Can we predict the future using that asteroid, dwarf planet or other heavenly body as a symbol? As a new word for the language of astrology? Does it pan out in personal charts? Does it show the personality and life of, say, well-known people with verified birth times?

The family of Venus is very interesting as it was progressively added to in stages, until by 1966 we had her husband, Vulcan, to use in the horoscope.

Using the other heavenly bodies discovered since 1781, helps us understand the originals. You don’t really know Venus as a symbol of passion, desire, vanity, beauty and seduction until you know her husband, her lover and her son – and her long-suffering daughter-in-law.

Meet the family.

Found as Asteroid 763 in 1913, he is a symbol of short-term desire which can often create issues in our lives. He was found when D.H. Lawrence published Sons and Lovers, a novel about the mother-son relationship and its impact on intimacy. Oscar Wilde and his lover Lord Alfred Douglas have shared Cupido aspects. Wilde went to jail for gross indecency in 1895.

Oscar Wilde had Cupido at 29 Virgo. His lover had Minerva at 29 Libra and the Sun at 29 Libra. Wilde had Venus at 7 Libra and Douglas had Cupido at 7 Leo.


 Psyche is Asteroid 16. Discovered in 1852 and a symbol of eternity and immortality. She was desired by Cupid, and was married to him ‘forever’ after her jealous mother-in-law Venus subjected her to trials and tests.


 Asteroid 4464 Vulcano (Vulcan) was discovered in 1966, the year that England won the World Cup. He is a symbol of particularly male self-control and power. He was betrayed by Venus who slept with Mars behind his back. A blacksmith, he made a net to catch them, so all the gods could laugh at them.


Hephaestus is the Greek version of Vulcan, just as Zeus is the Greek version of Jupiter. It’s really common for astrologers starting out to get mixed up about Greeks and Romans! Never use the Greek archetype or symbol (like Pallas Athene, for example) as you will end up with a very confused chart. Pallas became Minerva – the Roman/Italian goddess of wisdom.

Astrology is a consistent system of divination with its own inner logic. Like Tarot or the I-Ching it has a system of symbols, which are interdependent. The Romans would not have known what you were talking about if you tried to squeeze Pallas Athene, Eris, Sedna or anything else into their close-knit family of gods and goddesses.


Asteroid 4464 Vulcano (Vulcan) was discovered in 1966 to remind us that astrology evolves. It grows over time. It has been this way since 1781 when the Herschels found Uranus and he was slowly added to horoscopes. He became a symbol of revolution, rebellion, independence, shock and new invention. Vulcan was the patron of all who worked with iron and metal. Working with ‘fire’ or fiery emotion is typical of this asteroid. You will find Vulcan on the Sheffield City Council Coat of Arms (a proud working class town) and also in the chart of Arthur Scargill, the Miners’ leader in Britain during the Eighties strike. He was born with Vulcan at 29 Libra 06, Saturn at 29 Pisces 47 and Pluto at 29 Cancer 10. 


Venus describes two-way streets and the path that you and he/she both have to walk to stay together, even though you have completely different ways of walking. In mythology, Venus coupled up with her son, her husband and her lover at various times. She never saw herself as an independent individual – she was always tied to someone else – and he was always male. Venus is the powerfully feminine side of your personality who cannot define herself without males.

Venus is nothing without a relationship. She was nothing without her son, her husband and her lover. Venus in your chart shows where you fall into duets, double- acts and partnerships of all kinds. The sign and house will show you where this happens, on a regular basis.

Venus rules the scales in astrology. She rules the scales of Taurus, which weigh the value of gold. That’s the gold of wedding rings. She rules the scales of Libra, which weigh acts of justice in the law court if two people divorce. Venus always raises questions about fairness and unfairness in love and particularly between men and women.

She was unfair to her husband Vulcan when she went behind his back and slept with Mars. She was unfair to her future daughter-in-law Psyche, subjecting her to tests and trials – and even her own son Cupid. She was vain and jealous in myth, and it’s true that Venus by sign and house in your chart shows where vanity and envy surface.

The phrase ‘All’s fair in love and war’ belongs to Venus. The best way to think about her in your chart is – she shows complicated relationships! You can devote an awful lot of time and energy into those relationships, endlessly upsetting the scales, then rebalancing them with people.

Cupid in Your Personal Birth Chart

In your birth chart, you will see Cupid listed as the asteroid Cupido. He is the son of Venus and like his mother, he is all about pairs and couples. Wherever you find Venus in your horoscope by sign and house, you find an area of your life where you pair off. This is where you pursue duets or double-acts. Sometimes they are romantic and sexual, but they may be purely platonic – strictly business. In the case of Cupido, two is also the magic number. We find desire here, right or wrong, between you and another. It goes in bursts. It’s short-term.

Cupid shows longing and tremendous passion, even if it’s temporary. Oscar Wilde was jailed for his sexual preferences. Cupido dominated his chart. Cupido shows all kinds of reasons for togetherness and closeness with people. It may be that you are both the only people speaking English in a strange foreign town. It may be that you have a passion for each other which resembles the famous story of Cupid and Psyche, who became immortal lovers.

Cupido and Venus in your chart both tell a story about how you pair off with people. Venus shows the long-term relationships, like mother and son, wife and husband, wife and long-term lover. Cupido shows us desire which lasts about as long as an arrow wound takes to heal (he aroused longing in people by shooting them with his bow and arrow).

Cupid fell on his own arrow in the myth and became obsessed with Psyche. By sign and house in your chart, Cupid shows where you are vulnerable to longing but also arouse it. Sometimes, people going through a major Cupido cycle will see little Cupid cherubs everywhere, with their famous arrows. That’s synchronicity.

You can see how the asteroids play out with Princess Diana, the United Kingdom and the United States. She had on-off relationships with both nations and they were also in complicated relationships with her!

She had Cupido in Cancer in her Fourth House of home, family and country. Psyche was also in Cancer. She lives forever in the United Kingdom. When you use the Natural House system, Diana’s passionate, complex Cancer/Fourth House placements also turn up in the ‘family and roots’ Fourth House of both countries. Venus is in Taurus. She married into a rich family. Mars was in Virgo. She fought back against that rich family by working hard. And by working out at the gym!

1801 UK HOROSCOPE 600x332 - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche PRINCESS DIANA 600x330 600x330 - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche USA 600x563 - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche

Vulcano and Mars

These two are paired together because Vulcan (who lends his name to Vulcano in your chart) was the husband of Venus and Mars was her lover. Vulcan was the blacksmith who worked with fire and steel. Mars was the warrior. Mars was aggressive. Vulcanus was strong and silent. Mars was violent. Vulcanus restrained himself.

These two ancient symbols of masculine power and strength work more obviously in the horoscopes of old-school men, but of course, women live out their Mars and Vulcanus signs and houses too.

In the first decade after the Second World War, Margaret Hone wrote her classic book, The Modern Textbook of Astrology. Vulcan (Vulcano) was not in it. This powerful asteroid would not be discovered until 1966. That year is important to British astrologers because it’s the year that England won the World Cup and a certain kind of masculinity was enshrined in the culture.

Vulcano in your chart shows your strong, admirable blokey side! In your chart, Mars shows how you let rip – how you attack and defend. It also reveals where you can be brutal sometimes and feel physical rage. Vulcano is about steely self-control. He’s like Mars, but more powerful, because he masters his fury and his desire. He’s the sturdy blacksmith. Mars is the bloody battler.

Vulcano’s greatest moment was finding Venus and Mars in bed together and throwing a net over them, rather than starting a punch-up. If you think about a volcano with all its fire buried deeply below the surface, that explains Vulcano in your chart very nicely. Anger and passion are concealed, far below the surface. Think of him as your ‘muscle’ in the horoscope. Tarzan – Johnny Weissmuller -was born with Vulcano exactly trine Salacia on 2nd June 1904 at 6.00pm in Timisoara, Romania. He was a Romanian Vulcanian.

Psyche and the Venus Family – How She Shows in Your Chart

As we work our way through the Venus story, we come to Psyche. She fell in love with Cupid and enraged Venus. Venus was already angry with Psyche anyway, because she had the nerve to be more beautiful than her. (That’s Venus, always admiring herself in front of the mirror). Psyche shows your beauty, like Venus, but it’s less complicated by vanity or jealousy. By sign and house, Psyche will show what makes you attractive to the world. It also shows why these qualities, traits and assets will immortalise you.

One of the reasons it’s important to use the Roman/Latin named asteroids is that they teach us so much about the old planets. Understanding that Psyche was so beautiful that she filled her future mother-in-law with bitterness, tells us about Venus. Venus is about vanity, female ego and a woman’s insecurity about her looks – as well as her utter reliance on looking fabulous naked in front of her husband and her lovers. Venus in your chart shows how you seduce people and where you rely on what is irresistible and tempting about yourself. We learn about her, from knowing her daughter-in-law!

Psyche could not be more different. By sign and house, she shows what makes you not only powerfully attractive to others, but also immortal. She’s the ‘Live Forever’ asteroid.

After she survived all the tests and trials set her by Venus, Psyche was blessed with immortality. After you pass over, Psyche is what survives of you. It’s very special, symbolised by the butterfly.

The Romans believed that when people passed away, a butterfly, symbolising the soul in flight, would flutter above the lips of the dying. Psyche shows, by sign and house,


what is eternal about you – but also what makes some people envy you, and others love you, too.

Psyche describes your very particular tests and trials in life – yet you will always be helped by fate or other people, just as Psyche was divinely assisted in the myth. The eulogy at your funeral will probably reference your Psyche sign, in terms of the achievements that will outlive you. Carl Jung who made the word ‘Psyche’ part of our culture today, had an exact square from Saturn to Psyche in his birth chart. Muhammad Ali was born with Psyche at 14 Virgo, the North Node (karma) at 14 Virgo and the South Node at 14 Pisces. Remember the butterfly symbolism of Psyche? Ali may have had a bee sting punch but he soared as if he had wings, according to the famous song.


Using more heavenly bodies in the horoscope also means you can use narrow orbs, using no more than zero through one degree to identify aspects. Try it on your own natal chart and see what happens. You will retain some features and lose others – yet gain a lot more intriguing patterns. Using precise orbs also creates precise sacred geometry in your horoscope – perfect trines or squares. It fits astrology into the world. Sacred geometry – the remarkably symmetrical patterns which occur in nature, and in religious architecture, depends on precise calculations. When you begin adding Roman Asteroids to your horoscopes, the need for large, variable orbs (up to nine degrees) vanishes, along with the rather sloppy look of your chart. Suddenly you will see your horoscope in perfect pyramids or symmetrical squares and watch it come alive in a new way. Amazing shapes like the Vesica Piscis can be found when two horoscopes are read in overlapping form, with matching conjunctions.


Astrology called Brexit, against the odds, because on the day of the vote, as  I wrote on this website, “You can’t ignore Uranus conjunct Ceres! Which other planets are at 23 degrees on the 23rd? Mars is stuck there at 23 Scorpio. Mars Retrograde spells anger. Protests. Demonstrations. Riots. This is explosive stuff. Ceres herself is a symbol for deep emotion.”

This prediction would have been impossible without Ceres.


Archetypes, symbols, projections, memes, ideas – call them what you like – they come to us from mythology and art. What follows is a gallery of the Venus family. Spot Venus with her vanity and adultery. Spot Mars with his aggression and passion. Spot the self-control of Vulcan, steeling himself not to punish his wife or her lover. Spot Cupid who was hopelessly in love with Psyche – and Psyche who became immortal, partly because of his love for her. All these images can be found on my Pinterest Astrology board.

VENUS VULCAN B - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche  VENUS VULCAN - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche VENUS A - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche CUPID A - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche  CUPID B - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche VENUS C - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche VENUS VULCAN C - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche PSYCHE C - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche VENUS VULCAN MARS - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche PSCYHE CUPID LOUVREjpg - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche PSYCHE A - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche VENUS M - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche VENUS L - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche VENUS P - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche VULCAN A - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche VENUS K - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche VENUS J - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche VENUS O - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche VULCAN B - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche VENUS H  - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche VENUS G - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche PSYCHE D - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche VENUS VULCAN E - Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Psyche

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  1. Hi Jessica 🙂 hope you are well I wondered by looking at my chart what do I most need to understand about this time as I am on hyper alert within. In the last few weeks I became really unwell with shingles and still getting over it. What are my best moves for my life and business as I am single at this time. Many thanks for your thoughts

    1. Shingles and single – you are almost talking to yourself there. I know it is a miserable thing and I am very sorry you have been put through it. Sometimes the body acts to carry out the needs of the soul. We can usually spot this in a chart by seeing what factors you have in Virgo and the Sixth House. You have a huge stellium in Virgo. Your body ‘runs’ your soul/spirit/unconscious and vice-versa. Have a look at what shingles achieves for you. This might sound wrong. But what has it delivered or produced in your life recently? I imagine it makes it hard to get close to any potential lovers or former lovers, either. A classic example of a strongly Virgo reader I had comes to mind. She worked in the beauty industry, where your face is your passport. She was well-paid, had a glamorous title and deep, deep down was not happy. She kept on denying her soul/spirit and she developed chronic Rosacea so she literally could not face people and had major issues with make-up. When she quit to do something else, the Rosacea went. I’m not saying this is you, but dig into your chart for factors in Virgo, Libra, Leo and see how you are travelling. I just heard the word ‘solo’ for you, clairvoyantly. Sometimes it’s fine to fly solo. You can always land, have a fling and take off again!

  2. Hi dear Jessica, is very interesting when I found my Mars 2 degree of my 12 house and also Vulcano 3 degree in the same sign 🙂 now I know why when I became angry of someone, is difficult to decide how I have to react 😉
    Thank you so much

    1. Lord. You know that Mars was the soldier found in bed with Venus, by her husband Vulcan? Now you know why you feel such intense anger sometimes. What works very well is understanding Mars and Vulcano in your horoscope by looking at art. Art therapy, basically. Find the paintings or tapestries of these three and read the myth. You have an inner drama going on inside you, between Mars (wanting to fight, wanting to be first, wanting to win) and Vulcano (holding the feelings back, controlling yourself). If you do not already play football, do yoga, swim or have another outlet for the sheer physical energy and tension, you might want to consider that. Tennis too.

      1. Exactly , that’s why I am a jewelry designer and painting and playing with colors is the first thing that comes in my mind , one of my best painting is created during lunar eclipse on 7th August 2017 and I will never forget that feeling among painting unfortunately I can not upload it here for you but now that I understand the reason of my feeling I will do more and of course yoga and playing tennis will be absolutely in my program up to now.
        Thanks again and again

  3. Hi Jessica, thank you for another brilliant article, I have Vulcan, cupido and Bacchus in Sagittarius could you explain this line up please.
    thank you sandi

    1. Sandi, even your name is Sagittarius/Ninth House (beaches). You were born to travel. You will have a sensational opportunity to travel, move or emigrate in 2019. Jupiter will cross your Sagittarius stellium, and with that line-up, if you are single, expect serious temptation.

      1. thank you so much, Jessica you are the astrology Doctor each time I get a reply from you its like a magic pill. I always feel better, thank you for all the work you do, I so greatly appreciate your work.

  4. Hi Jessica
    My Vulcan in Sag 9 squares to Jupiter and Hygeia Pisces both 9 degrees, what is a good way of understanding these conditions? Forging a big health idea?

    1. It’s great that you are working with your square. Vulcano in Sagittarius in the Ninth House is your self-control, power, self-discipline and strength with foreign people and places, academia and education, publishing and the worldwide web. Every time you apply yourself to this – for example when you travel, or use the internet extensively – you have to hold yourself back. This creates a fair bit of tension internally with the secrets you keep (Pisces) or your unconscious mind as a whole (also Pisces). Nothing to do with health. Everything to do with what goes on below the surface. If you were ever to use a false name or identity, or photograph, online it would automatically set up a fair bit of tension, for example!

  5. Hi Jessica..My Venus is 21 Cancer..Mars 4 Cancer..Cupido 19 Pisces..Vulcano 3 Leo and Phyche 11 Taurus..i never married because I fell in love with a guy when we were teenagers..still in love with him and we met 2 mts ago after 27 years ..he never married either..we have decided we want to be together,our families would disapprove and that’s the reason we didn’t stay together when we were young.looking at his chart he has Vulcano 11 Taurus with my Phyche.. his Phyche is 26 libra with my jupiter..and his Jupiter is with my Asc 3 Sagittarius..his Venus is 22 Libra,..mars 16 Aquarius and Cupido 0 virgo..hes a Libra.. and his moon is 2 Taurus.. can we stand up to people this time or do we walk away,again..thank you

    1. Blimey. You have an epic love story going on here. Have you seen the sculpture of Cupid and Psyche in The Louvre? Look it up on Google. Actually, look up Cupid and Psyche, full stop. If his Moon is 2 Taurus then Uranus (freedom, independence, revolution, radical change) is about to move to 2 Taurus for the first time in his life. 2018 and 2019 bring massive choices for him about his money, house or apartment. This may well be the thing that pushes him into a choice about you. How astonishing that neither of you married but 27 years later you are still in love. This for both of you is about money and a home. The next two years will ask you to put a price on freedom and figure out the costs. Good luck!

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I’m Sun in Leo and have Cupido at 3 Cancer. Venus is 18 Cancer.
    Mars 5 Virgo, Vulcanus 25 Pisces and Psyche 9 Aquarius (r)

    I have a stellium in Cancer (Cupido, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Minerva.

    My Pisces stellium is:
    Moon, Jupiter, Juno, Ceres, my IC and Vulcanus (r)

    I’ve also got a stellium in Sagittarius and Libra.

    I’m interested in how this translates.

    Thank you.

    1. This is a similar chart to Princess Diana, who I was talking about in a lecture at The Astrological Lodge of London last night. Complicated family relationships, either through your own clan, or via a partner’s (in-laws). Figuring out family dynamics is well worth your time and effort as these transfer to work situations sometimes, or with partners. Have you read that book by John Cleese and Robin Skinner, Families and How to Survive Them?

  7. So. . Having Venus in Libra, Ceres in Libra and then Cupido and Bacchus in Scorpio and then Vulcano, Psyche and Proserpina in Leo would be an explanation for why I have such terrible luck in love? Any tups on how to balance this out?

    Yours sincerely,


    1. You have a complicated chart and a complicated love life. I was speaking about this at The Astrological Lodge of London last night. The best way to intuitively fix your own issues or answer your own questions, is to hit Google Search/Images and look for Ceres, Venus, Cupid, Bacchus, Vulcan, Psyche, Proserpina and gaze at those paintings. They work almost like Tarot cards. You have left out Diana, of course, because she is not in this article, but actually your Diana in Libra in the Seventh House is the clue to it all. She resented the confinement of being married or having children, so she begged her father Jupiter to liberate her from that fate, and make her free. He granted her wish and she became the goddess of the hunt, armed with a bow and arrow, and a greyhound by her side. Diana is a common sight in museums and art galleries. She did have lovers – her most famous lover was Endymion, who she slept with – while he was asleep! Diana-Endymion relationships are usually about a strong, free, liberated, independent woman – she is often a natural runner/jogger/walker/swimmer – and it is amazing how many Dianas have dogs. To keep their freedom and space, Dianas fall in love with men who will never give them children or be in a position to marry them. Sleeping Endymion types! Look at the paintings, oh Lovefool. Maybe you deliberately fall for people who will never make you get married or have children!

      1. Oh dear! This explains my first marriage to an emotionally unavailable man. And subsequent relationships haha.

        What makes my chart complicated other than that? I know I have some square Saturn stuff.

        Thanks so much for all your insight. Really love your approach and your obvious deep knowledge of mythology is just beautiful.

        1. Diana 16 Libra opposite Vesta at almost 16 Aries is the thing to look at. Get stuck into Vesta in particular, just knowing the patterns will save you!

  8. Hi Jessica,

    THANKYOU for such interesting articles of late about Ceres, Chiron, the twelve houses and asteroids- I really feel like I’m learning more and more with lots of aha! moments as I read and see patterns in my chart. I’d like to know what my Venus in Leo signifies as well as Cupido in Leo and Psyche in Taurus. My Ceres is in Taurus as well- I don’t feel particularly attuned to Taurus- I don’t own a house, or have pots of money, I do feel like it comes and goes like the seasons you described in Ceres. I have been incredibly fortunate with always finding fantastic rental places that appear out of nowhere (not searching for it, literally lands in my lap), I’ve also lost the entire contents of a house in storage, had beautiful things stolen (once someone stole an entire collection of French lingerie from my clothesline), which I attribute now to the pendulum that is Ceres. So I’m curious about Psyche too being in Taurus. Can you illuminate? And thanks again for such great work!

    1. Thank you. Taurus is about values and what/who is valuable or priceless to you, and that is why we see such extremes with people who have a Taurus chart signature. Some people are shopaholics and borrow heavily on their credit cards. Some people make a point of downsizing and living a simple life so they can be free of the banks, loans, mortgages and credit. Some give their money away, or give their time and energy away – which is worth money – to good causes. Some are the Richard Bransons of this world. They put profit first. Uranus in Taurus will radically change your financial, business, charity or property life for many years, and ‘the shock of the new’ is on the way. The 12, 13, 14 degree transits of Uranus will trigger your chart. That’s going to take some time, but when you look back on what happens then, you will see how the smallest seed of the change to come, was being planted this week. Uranus at 12, 13, 14 Taurus in your Second House is a revolution which leads to your financial independence!

  9. That’s so interesting about Vulcan and Mars. And I have them in opposition at the exact same degree in Leo & Aquarius! Does that mean anything? Also, how does Psyche in Scorpio show up? A butterfly transformation for sure!

    1. Vulcano 8 Leo opposite Mars 8 Aquarius is something to focus on, right now, as we have a Full Moon on Tuesday 29th May with the Sun at 8 Gemini and Moon at 8 Sagittarius. This aspects your opposition, so you will be far more aware of issues with children, young adults or lovers (Leo) and friends, within wider groups, clubs, teams, social media or other networks. An opposition, which you have, is like hearing people knock on the front door and back door of the house at the same time. This is an example used by the marvellous astrologer Sue Tompkins. Which door do you answer first? You have to figure out a way to make it work. Vulcano/Vulcan in your Fifth House is about strong and steely self-control – the masculine side of yourself, holding all your fire and strength back. Issues around children, young people or lovers make that necessary. Mars in your Eleventh House is about the choice to either fight your friends; compete with your friends – or join with them to harness people power, to fight a good fight.

  10. Hi Jessica I have Cupido in Cancer at 00 degrees. Will Uranus in Taurus have an effect? And to that end, my north node and south node are in Cancer (north) and Capricorn (south) at 1 degree. Do you take into account the nodes when you say ‘factors’ in the houses in the daily horoscopes? I’m trying to sell a house. Im a Cancer/Cancer rising. I have six factors (including the nodes) in Cancer: 0 degrees Cupido, 15 Proserpina, 29 Fortuna, 25 Diana, 27 Asc, Sun in Cancer at 26. I have a Scorpio stellium. I also have Juno in Scorpio at 19 degrees. I must sell this house I own with my siblings – they are driving me nuts!

    1. Cupido 0 Cancer, North Node 1 Cancer are conjunct in your chart. Yes, Uranus in Taurus passing 0, 1 will have a huge effect on your house, apartment, family. Yes, the Nodes are factors so always include them. Essentially Cupido is a symbol of how you inspire tremendous love and ‘serious like’ in your life. It’s a two-way street. Cupido also shows what you adore or whom. This is actually property, full stop. You would fall in love with homes you want to buy or renovate, and also have the ability to charm others with your residence. Cancer also rules the family so here we have at least one relationship with a relative which feels more like something quite intensely personal and intimate. The North Node so close by, just one degree away, shows karma and former lifetimes, so I am sure you can see at a glance that at least one of your siblings or parents has been linked to you before, in a previous incarnation. You are actually approaching your Nodal Return as the North Node slowly prepares to travel all the way to 0, 1 Cancer and this journey begins at the end of 2018. So, a whole lot of karmic debts and credits will be repaid or received. That’s the bigger picture of what is going on. Uranus in Taurus is a lightning bolt, a shock, a revolution and a radical change to your country economy and the world economy and it will have a direct personal impact on you in terms of selling or buying property. If you are light on your feet, ready to adapt and change, and happy to be extremely flexible, you will be in the best possible position. I note that you are in Australia. The Royal Commission into Banks will have a domino effect on mortgages, property prices and so on, and you need to be right across that. Update yourself daily on what is going on with the banks. This cycle is hours away from starting now. It will take you into 2019.

  11. Hello Jessica,

    I think I understand how I have always leaned on my Venus in Gemini in my life.

    My Psyche and Cupido in Virgo is a part of me that I am yet to master.

    Could you help me understand – having Psyche in Virgo , ruling the 6th house of the body and work – other people admire my work ethic as well as my physicality?

    Sorry if that sounds silly!

    Much love,


    1. Thank you. Fortuna at 15 Aries, Saturn at 15 Libra both aspect your Psyche at 15 Virgo so there’s a lifetime link between the ups and downs of image, your personal appearance, the shape you are in – ‘the look’ – and the relationship you have with your body. That’s Fortuna in the First House of personal packaging, quincunx Psyche in the Sixth House of food, fitness, drink, doctors and healers. In between we find Saturn in your Seventh House, which describes your relationships with former, current and potential partners. Dig into that and see what you come up with, N.

  12. Tomorrow, there’ll be a senate vote on Net Neutrality. Will the repeal be repealed there and then?
    I’m sorry, but I’m getting a bit apprehensive.

    1. Uranus is about rejection. Often, Uranus is about ‘rejection of the rejection’ so this sounds very close to ‘repeal of the repeal.’ This current Uranus at 0 Taurus pattern is itself repeated, later on, so this will not be the end of the matter – the outcome is not the final outcome, for whatever reason – but the Uranus 0 Taurus/Mars 0 Aquarius square suggests a revolution. Rebellion. An upheaval.

  13. Jessica – this is crazy – it doesn’t seem coincide but quite timely for today and litmus test on the entire Trump administration.

    Today (5/15/18): White House Leak Crackdown: ‘Men in Suits’ Reportedly Hunting Down Banned Cell Phones Using ‘Large’ Devices:


    The Bugs including in Watergate was the end for Nixon.

    Please tell us this beginning of the end for Trump – Astrology? May – June – July – Aug.?


    1. Thank you so much for this, but also for the phrase ‘the beginning of the end’ which is what describes the situation in the United States now, but also in the banking system. Barbra Streisand, who is a wise Taurus, sent a message about Trump some time ago. That message on Twitter was ‘follow the money.’ What is happening in New York tonight is a huge visible storm. The weather often matches the astrology and I’m sure you have been reading my predictions about stormy weather, around May 15th. So yes, this is the beginning of the end, not just of Trump, but of New York and Wall Street as we knew them. I am sure nobody ever thought an Australian bank could affect anything, but just watch. And – Obama is coming back. Obama will come back.

  14. Many tanx for this sightful article.
    Having 3 factors at Taurus (including sun at the critical degree of 9) & 6 factors at Scorpio (including rising) I am below zero financially in my life dispite being a classic Taurus/Scorpio , the bitter fact is not only that has not poured, also it never rain for for me. as a fan of astrology It will be definitely considered as an important testament by me to continue being a fan or not. according to mz natal chart would you believe that I am seeing positive change in mildterm ?
    Thanks for any insight & best wishes

    1. Pluto at 0 Scorpio is the thing to watch, here. You are not alone. Billions of people have placements in their astrological chart at 0 Scorpio and so you will be swept up by a storm, starting in May 2018, which sweeps the world and also your own country. Pluto is a symbol of dominance, power and control. It is also a symbol of period critical change, when you are forced to compromise over that power and contribute to a new world, financially, with houses or apartments, in business. What is about to happen means you will never use a bank the same way again, and nor will anyone else. So you are going to experience Uranus at 0 Taurus opposite Pluto at 0 Scorpio at gale force – with lightning – shocks and aftershocks – for quite some time. As you are going through this together with so many other people, you will be able to use people power in a group to find a new way to have control. This will be very much about the power relationship between a bank and a borrower/saver. The bank needs you, but you need the bank. Or do you? That’s a massive question for you, from this point forward.

  15. Hi Jessica, thank you for the interesting article, while my sun sign is 3 degree Cancer, I find it very interesting when looking at this article that I have so many of these in Gemini. My Venus is 25 Gemini, Mars 05 Gemini, Cupido 16 Gemini, Vulcano 25 Gemini and Psyche 14 Aquarius.. Can you give me a bit of insight into how this might play out for someone with a Cancer sun? Thank you

    1. It’s not unusual to find strongly Gemini people with a Cancer Sun. You also see the reverse, which Morrissey has – he is very Cancerian – but a Gemini. I am sure you know Morrissey is a patriot who has a complicated relationship with his country, and being British. He is also very close to his mother. He is also a brilliant lyricist! Essentially this is the chart of someone who can use her way with words/his way with words (I do not know if you are male or female) to explore your national identity, roots, culture, heritage and history. You can do this in a diary, just for yourself, or do it in a more public way. We also see Gemini-Cancer in the chart of Boris Johnson.

  16. Can you please look at my chart and analyse these factors for me please, thank you!

    1. Venus in Scorpio and Psyche in Leo are the main issues here. Venus is in the Eighth House of sex + money, and also family + Legacy. Psyche is in the Fifth House of children, godchildren, nieces and nephews. So the legacy you make, and the legacy you may receive, translates into complicated relationships, not just money or a property, or possessions. You will have to count the cost and pay the price, emotionally, not just in real terms, when you make those kinds of choices so make them carefully!

  17. Hi Jessica. I’m enjoying your blogs very much and I’m learning how to interpret my birth chart bit by bit thanks to you. I have Venus in Pisces at 11 degree, Vulcano in Aquarius at 09 degrees, Psyche in Capricorn at 04 degrees (my birth sign), Mars in Scorpio at 09 degrees and Cupid in Scorpio at 00 degrees. Mars and Cupid both in Scorpio. Coincidence? Thanks.

    1. Thank you. Yes, there is a bit of a pattern going on there with the Scorpio/Eighth House factors which I am sure you know is sex + money, but also insurance + family – and legacy + family too. Mars at 9 there is square Vulcano at 9, and you also have Cupid in there, so it is complicated. You would need to read the fine print very carefully on what is left to you, and what you leave to others, regarding wills, so it’s very clear.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    I don’t know if you answer specific comments like these but in my quest for educating myself more re astrology in my birth chart which houses do I look at to work out possible future relationships or compatibility signs? Do I look under the planet or the sun sign,or opposite signs to bring out the best in me and vice versa? I am a Capricorn so do ,I look for fellow earth signs in my chart such as Cancer? Do,I look under Venus or Cupid? Or opposite signs or for a,sign that is completely out of left field? Thanks.

    1. Very happy to answer your question! So, the key here is Libra, the Scales, which rules the balance between two people in a marriage or serious relationship. You need to look at Uranus at 3 Libra and Jupiter at 6 Libra in your chart. They are both in your Seventh House of partnership. You also have the South Node at 2 Libra, very close to Uranus. So essentially every relationship you have had to date has been karmic in nature. You have been dealing with past life debts and credits, with one or more proper partners – and have been made to balance the scales with them. You are very fortunate to have Jupiter (opportunity, repair work, help, healing, wholeness) slowly passing Sagittarius 2, 3, 6 from the end of this year into 2019. This will really help you sort things out with the ex who matters the most to you (I assume you are single) but also pursue a partnership of equals. The only issue is freedom and independence. For both of you. Have a really close look at that. Look up Jupiter in Libra in the Seventh House, and also Uranus in Libra in the Seventh House. Try to figure out a way to shape partnerships, create them and ‘make’ them – which does not create so much turmoil when they go through those necessary shifts and changes. You may also want to take a serious look at the institution of marriage and ask yourself if it really is the right option for you. It is not for everybody.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    I just had the Uranian shock/twist in my life. The decision which I made to quit my regular day job had to be revoked. My company promoted me to a much higher post with very good salary and flexible working hours. And as u predicted last year that the entire October 2017-November 2018 cycle will support me, and it may well involve my authority at work – this is indeed true, he gave this big opening for me and we both chersih a deep friendship with ups and downs. His Venus and Mars are in Virgo, Vulcan and cupido in Leo, and psyche in Scorpio.
    I still haven’t signed my acceptance for this promotion. Should I take this opportunity?


    1. This is pretty classic Uranus stuff. Uranus is ‘rejection of the rejection’ or ‘repeal of the repeal’ if you like. You just went through it. I am glad the astrology has predicted correctly for you and helped your planning. Fiery, the choice is yours. But wow – what a promotion! Congratulations.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for another interesting article. I now understand why I never hit back (especially verbally) at people. I have Vulcano (2 Gemini)! Interestingly I also have Venus (10) and Psyche (22) in Gemini. I see Apollo is at 25 Gemini and Cupido is opposite Psyche at 20 Sagittarius! To me words are pearls to be loved and polished so they precisely say what I intend in a loving way (especially when I feel aggrieved!). My choice of words verges on pedantry for others at times, I think, but I do feel deeply nuances in words.

  21. Hello! Wow! So many new awesome articles! Thank you for this one especially. I think the Venus family drama is so cool once one thinks about it and how it all relates. I am trying to look at it as a whole with my chart, (Venus in Scorpio, Cupid in Virgo, Psyche in Sag and Mars in Scorpio and Vulcano in Virgo). I get the Venus part – my relationships revolve around money and I understand Psyche in Sag (I am known or tested for travels/education, etc.). Does Cupid in Virgo mean I arouse lust in body? What about Vulcano and Mars? How do those play out in my life/chart? How do they all go together? Thank you, Jessica!!

    1. Cupido in Virgo in your Sixth House is about your passion (Cupid) for particular kinds of food, drink, drugs, exercise (Virgo) on a daily basis (Virgo) and the fact that you can arouse similar passion (Cupid) in others. You sometimes see this placement with vegans who start bakeries.

  22. In any form of an honest opinion, what do you see for U2 singer Bono?

    1. These are interesting questions. First Dune, now Bono! I’m deeply concerned about his finances, because even though is identified with philanthropy and charity, the fact is, Uranus is now in Taurus and that’s that.

  23. Hi Jessica, i would appreciate your feedback on a couple of health problems I have at the moment. My arthritis has been with me for iver 25 years but it’s getting worse recently. Also have been trying to.find a diagnosis and treatmebt for a leg and arm weakness problem that I’ve had for nearly two years with no.luck but is getting worse too. Which house tules hralth? I’m torn between continuing to search for a disgnose or putting up with it as I’m over it. It is affecting my quality of life and but I’m trying to.stay positive. Sorry to be sp long winded. Thank you as always.

    1. I am sorry about your arthritis which must be so painful to live with and your leg/arm weakness. Virgo rules your Sixth House of health so that’s where to look for clues. I also automatically check what a reader is ‘saying’ (or really saying) when she/he writes, because that’s also a clue.

      Feedback is ‘feed back’ so I am instantly wondering if this is related to your spine.
      Torn between – torn muscles or tissue somewhere?

      You should not apologise for asking about asking a long question – it is not long at all – this is your body and it is part of your whole being, so your mind and soul as well. I am happy to take a look. Diana at 19 Virgo and Pluto at 25 Virgo in your Sixth House of health, fitness, doctors, healers, food, drink and drugs tell me you are not about to take your GP’s word for anything. Diana is a symbol of independence – the goddess who refused to be tied down by motherhood or children – so she became a hunter, and ran/walked/swam every day with her greyhound by her side. Pluto is of course the dominating and controlling god of Hades who wanted to run the world. So when you have these two symbols in your chart, you’re really the kind of person who can and should be independently in control of her body. Not someone who waits to get stick and then turns up, pays and obediently does a prescription. That is why I am wondering about two years of searching for a diagnosis. That is way too long. It sounds as if you are almost forcing yourself to become empowered – to take control – by ending up on a path where you feel you have none at all. Have a look at your back. Have a look at what might be torn, or how you feel torn between two people, or two places, or two options, in an existing situation in your life. Intuition can be a great tool when it comes to the body. Sit with paintings of Diana, in particular, on Google Images on your desk top and see what comes. What is this side of you, telling you, about your own self? Uranus has just moved into Taurus where he will eventually trine Diana and Pluto in your chart so the stage is being set for a health and fitness revolution for you. Most of all, you have to know that you have a tremendous, deep need to be the boss of your own body. So you have to find a way to do that. You’re in charge of you. You are potentially quite powerful and to me, it sounds as if you know it – and you want to be. Get to know Diana and Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House in your chart

      1. Many thanks for your lovely response Jessica. I am torn between seeing two doctors – one is a local one that my Dad has seen and I’ve seen once and he seems ok, or one of my niece’s that she says is good but is half an hour away from me. It means having to recap.everything all over again, but I am perserving and determined to get an outcome whatever it I can be happy again.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    How do I interpret, and use, Cupido at 6, with Uranus, Fortuna, Ascendant and descendant around 6?! Also, Vulcano and Psyche so close together, and with Saturn!?

    Thank you so much !!!!!

    1. Cupido in Sagittarius in your Ninth House describes the way you fall in love with foreign countries and possibly foreign people, but also how you inspire love in others, for the same. This is a passports, languages and accents horoscope. You will fall in love all over again in 2019 when you emigrate, move regions to a ‘foreign’ part of your own country or have the holiday of a lifetime. You feel about particular countries and cities the way other people do about lovers.

      1. Thanks a lot.
        Yes, I speak several languages. I did emigrate, and I feel about NYC like that. 🙂
        Looking forward to 2019. 😉

        Since I wrote to you, I had a very important business meeting scheduled (with a Scorpio) for exactly the new moon in June, happening at 23 Gemini, where my Psyche is at. Could be life changing for me. Any thoughts on it!?
        Thanks again!!!!

        1. Very good that you are living your birth chart and feel so passionate about NY. Yes, the meeting is massive. Psyche describes what lives forever – what lives beyond your own passing. So if your contact/connection is in tune with you, together you will create something that outlasts both of you.

          1. Yesssssssss. ;)))
            Thank you so much! 🙂
            I always value your thoughts, and I find your advice priceless.
            …so I’m beyond grateful for this, more than you can imagine.

  25. Hi Jessica!
    🙂 I’m learning so much about astrology from your articles! I wonder what the family of Venus asteroids means for me?
    Also, I don’t know if you use progressions, but my progressed Midheaven is at 1 Taurus, and I wonder if that would have any impact on my career when Uranus transits that degree.

    1. No, I don’t use progressions. You have a double dose of Venus family members in Aries in your First House of image, branding, reputation, personal appearance, profile, portrait and ‘name, name, name’ so a great deal of what goes down in your relationships is about how you are seen and who you appear to be. In fact you will always have to take this more seriously than other people do. Others see the reflection in the mirror as ‘you’ and at a certain point you’ll have to admit that when people fall in love with you, this is what they’re doing. It takes a bit of work.

  26. Kia ora From NZ Jessica Adams – WE are Sisters Collective (and I am a personal member) I wrote to you last week to gift you Jessica, an ASTRO jewel. Thanks for using a photo I shot at dawn in NZ for your Venus, Cupido, Mars, Vulcanus and Pysche post of 15 May – The whenua (land) is Rapanui Sumner Christchurch Aotearoa – our country is amazing a spiritual place governed by Aquarius and we are one of the countries gift with the vision of He Marama (Moon) and the Cancer Constellation. You should come visit.

    We are happy to share photos from our ASTRO JEWELS collection (we have lots and lots including of Matariki Pleidies, however PLEASE can you credit our original photos as they are copyright. I know you will understand what this means in the spirit of abundance, reciprocity and the Cosmos Nga mihi – greetings from Carmelle at SIC –

    1. Thank you, Carmelle. You might want to check with Support as no photographs were used in this story – they are all Wikimedia Commons/Pinterest images of paintings through Creative Commons. You are also not showing up as a Premium Member for some reason, which you may want to check.

  27. Dear Jessica, I wonder how would you interpret the Venus family story in my chart, with her husband, son, daughter-in-law and her lover. Thank you very much in advance!

    1. Actually what you are picking up is your Libra stellium. Venus rules Libra. Libra, Venus and the Seventh House are all intertwined. They describe marriage, divorce, separation, love affairs, de facto relationships, common law marriage and shotgun weddings – as well as Billy Idol ‘White Weddings.’ You live your life through the highs and lows of partnership. I can reassure you that you are slowly coming to the end of the most unpredictable, erratic, sometimes thrilling, often disruptive – cycle – of your life. You have had Uranus in Aries right opposite your Libra stuff since 2011. You get a big break from this, starting now. You get a flashback, early 2019. Then it’s over. The Rejection Dance is finished from mid 2019. You rejected that/him/her/them. In turn you were rejected by that/him/her/them. What a long, strange trip it’s been, but it’s fading fast!

  28. Hi Jessica, I love this article. So timely that you have written it, as my natal Psyche at 15 Scorpio is being triggered now and into next week. I also have Cupido at 15 Sagittarius, Ops at 15 Pisces,. Then on either side of 15, I have Panacea at 14 Libra, Saturn 14 Gemini (my Saturn people – my mum, husband & son), North Node Capricorn at 16 & South Node 16 Cancer. (I have a lot of placements at 13, 14, & 15.). I love the book ‘ She’ by Robert A Johnson and based on this have always felt like the forever story for me was with Cupido as it semi sextiles my Psyche. I find it interesting that you say that Cupido represents something temporary when he is joined with Psyche and their love immortalises her. When I became familiar with this beautiful story of Psyche and Cupido, I had met the most beautiful man who was born at 9 degrees Taurus in 1962 (who introduced me to this book) though to this day know very little about him. Can you please tell me what the current astrological placements around my natal Psyche mean (if anything)? I love your work and I really love this article. Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Your Psyche at 15 Scorpio aspects a great deal of your birth chart so 14, 15, 16 degrees is a hotspot for you. In fact any time you have transits of any planet at all, over 14, 15, 16 degrees, Psyche will wake up. This pattern in your astrological chart is about making a last will and testament, more than once. Psyche is in your Eighth House which rules death, sex and money – legacies, possessions, houses, apartments, and the rest. Psyche describes the tests and trials you are put through in order to make a will which outlasts you (obviously) and with important consequences. Carl Jung had Psyche in Taurus in his Second House and the revenue from his books continues, and his home Bollingen lives on after him. This is also about inheriting money and property from family or lovers. You don’t say if you are single or not, or were ever married or not. Psyche was on the receiving end of jealousy from Venus so you may find one or more women repeatedly nurse great envy towards you, because of their own insecurity or low self-esteem. This can have an impact on your money, house, possessions, charity, business, apartment. It does happen. You will win. Psyche always wins in the end. Your Cupido-Psyche love stories, across your lifetime, will always involve what you own, earn or owe.

      1. My husband is Gemini (born 25/5/1967), so is my Mum and son – I have Saturn in Gemini. I just did my mother in law’s horoscope quickly at and even though I don’t have her specific birth time her Sun is at 6 degrees Capricorn – right on my Venus. How funny. I’ve always admired her, but I know she’s not a big fan of mine. Thank you for this. It all makes a lot of sense. Always grateful.

        1. I’ m glad you had a chance to do that. Her Sun on your Venus illuminates and exposes, and highlights, your Capricorn qualities. I am sure you know Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs slowly to the top, in terms of success, status, achievement and being ‘top’. So you are never going to get away with your mother-in-law’s eyes on your place in the scheme of things, and hers. There would be more to your charts than just this, but remember Venus is the planet of complicated relationships.

  29. Thank you Jessica. I enjoyed this article very much. I am wondering if you can look into my chart and help me understand what this means for me. Thank you so much!

    1. Venus in Gemini in your Third House is the major player here. You have a lifelong pattern of becoming deeply involved in websites, books, blogs, debating teams, plays, films, television, courses, seminars, workshops and other outlets for your way with words, ideas and images – that also involve complicated relationships. Venus was married but slept with another man. She had an extremely close relationship with her son. She was jealous of Psyche, who eventually married her son. I am sure you can see that when you set about worldwide web or social media pursuits it’s never going to be a walk in the park. These Roman myths are seldom literal, of course. But symbolically, you attract (as a regular pattern) very involved and sometimes highly emotional bonds with others, whenever you try to be heard or read in any important way. So figuring out the politics with people is as much a part of the end product, as the actual message. This is a common chart pattern with people who end up working with their lovers, or loving with whom they work – if the work involves, for example, academia or advertising copywriting, or songwriting and singing. It makes the end product more interesting because it becomes an expression of the drama between you and the man (or woman) involved, yet it can occasionally get in the way of what is created, for obvious reasons. Just be aware.

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