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Britain, Brexit and 1066 Astrology

What is really astonishing about Great Britain is that she also possesses other ‘birth’ charts quite apart from 1066 which also gives us the same story about 2019. Global expansion. New exploration. The world map, written in a new way.

Walk around Great Britain for long enough, and you will see evidence for a 14th October 1066 ‘birth’ chart (when William the Conqueror of Normandy won the Battle of Hastings) or perhaps 25th December 1066, when he was crowned king of England. It’s there in the fields, the stones and The Bayeux Tapestry.

There are many different horoscopes for the British Isles, going as far back as the Roman invasion of 55 B.C. and as far forward as the (soon) to be announced new Brexit Britain chart. For now, though, let’s look at how the British horoscope has worked since 1066 and why 2019 was always going to be a year of global expansion, international growth and broader world horizons. All this is down to Jupiter, a symbol of all that is biggest and best, moving through Sagittarius, the sign which rules foreign places and people. Ever since ‘1066 Britain’ the country has increased her interests overseas every time there is an outer planet transit in this sign.

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24 Responses

  1. Blimey Charlie. I’m forever fascinated with your insights, Jessica. I have a lot of Sagittarius, so it’s clearly personal as you say. I also have four other planets that all ping at 16 degrees, the same as Jupiter in my chart. Does this mean I should look for the date when Jupiter will be at 16 degrees, especially since it’s in my North Node 16, South Node 16, Jupiter 16, Mercury 16 are all activated ( if I am using the correct words). Curious what this will mean for me if I have this correct.

    I do like that I have Neptune in Sagittarius, and this is when slavery was abolished. I’m working on freeing myself from some of my own and others self-imposed ideals of me. So will read more on this. Thank you for everything you do. You are amazing how you link us to the rich tapestry of history that has gone before us and where it is all taking us.

    1. Absolutely. Use your January-March Astrology Journal to track Jupiter across your Sagittarius factors, and remember he goes back and forth, and Ceres is also in Sagittarius. Thank you very much for the compliment. I would say part of your answer is hidden in your email address. Watch that region!

    2. You have made me so happy. I am a Brexiteer and a Londoner. I work 100% abroad, in the EU. Some would say I voted against myself.. Not at all, I know just how unhappy many Europeans are with Brussels. I am expecting problems , maybe, for my travels and work within EU countries and the small business I have in one of them but you know what, I have great confidence in Britain after Brexit. Do you really think shall be out at 11pm on 29th March or do you see a delay to September? I think I remember you saying something about September some months back,.
      Thanks Jessica.

      1. Thank you. Britain will not be out by March 29th. It’s September. Britain will be in an absolute mess and muddle until April 19th when at last the wheels start to turn, so be ready for that. Yet, all the charts agree for this ancient island. You can’t argue with history: this is going to work and it will do so in amazing ways, opening the country up to the world. Do not expect the pound to be predictable, though. There will be bumps. I am sure you are prepared for that along with your European colleagues!

  2. Hi Jessica, I have a number of Sag factors in my chart. How does this affect me financially? I am considering converting Indian currency (due to the devaluation in spite of good interest rates compared to the US) to US dollars in April/May timeframe. Is this advisable at this time. I have had this since 2013 and the interest rates vs devaluation has been a wash so, I have not taken a loss yet but a break even point. Please advice.

    1. Playing with currency involves the charts of each individual kind of currency and it’s actually one for the experts – you need to see a financial astrologer if you are after specific dates and timing. In general, Uranus rules the world turning upside-down. Nobody expected America to push out Britain in 1781. Nobody expected a black female slave to win a court battle over her white male master in 1781 either. India is going to rise and rise in 2019. I know you are watching American currency but look at India- British relations. Look at that currency too.

  3. I find it interesting that India and Pakistan are also having an incredible amount of tension occurring, I am heavily Sagittarius and have Pakistani parents but I’m also content at home with the children instead of travelling at the moment. I am loving the interplay with Ceres Pluto and Jupiter at the moment it’s SO theatrical, I am trying to use my chart to predict the themes of this year but any insight about my chart and these players would be great guidance x

    1. You answered your own question. You have Pakistani parents. 2019 is huge for India and Pakistan and it is common for Jupiter to clear away the rubbish from the topsoil before new growth can begin. This is the rubbish clearance. Things needed to be ‘gardened’ and Jupiter is a great gardener. What grows in those regions will benefit you, if you dip into it. I assume you can speak the language/s you need to, to find expansion, growth and hope in that part of the world, but also perhaps in other nations too? Something really big is brewing here. Watch it and use it.

  4. I am a brexiteer but have recently been spooked by the American plans to get our NHS. I would love your views on this does our NHS have a chart?

  5. Dear Jessica,

    I have the following Sagittarius chart factors. What sort of impact will I have due to Jupiter and Ceres? Also will Brexit have a direct impact on myself this year?

    Neptune 09° Sagittarius 48′ 44″
    Ops 15° Sagittarius 36′ 17″
    Bacchus 16° Sagittarius 55′ 47″ R

    Many Thanks!


    1. Ops and Bacchus are the factors to watch here, as you are a born problem-solver when it comes to foreign people and places, travel, education, academia, publishing and the web. You also enjoy travelling and travelling on the mind, online, and others enjoy your presence in person, or on the computer. Jupiter and Ceres both criss-cross these points, which are so close, 15 and then 16, which means time gets sandwiched into intense experiences. Yes, Brexit will directly affect you. This hasn’t even started! But you’ll so enjoy the outcomes by December.

  6. Hey Jessica. I have a stellium in Sagittarius. It’s a lot for me to try and figure out. I think there are major factors in play here. What do you think?

    1. You will be offered the chance to learn, formally or informally, by December this year. If you pass by the first opportunity there will be another one. This may be something you pay for (but get your payment returned many times over) or you are offered an education by a person who knows exactly what he/she is doing, though there is no official title. The actual learning will fascinate you, but it will also open the door to wonderful chances in so many other areas of your life as well. You’ll see sure signs in June, when there are pros and cons lined up, but you can make a choice then, when you figure out what your priorities are.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Another really interesting article! I have the following horoscope factors in Sagittarius;
    Desc 00°
    North Node 00°
    Neptune 10°
    Today (5th March 2019), according to the Current Planetary Positions, Ceres was 10° in Sagittarius conjunct my Neptune 10° Sagittarius. I received a phone call this morning which could have sent me into a tizz. But instead, I was super calm about the issue & agreed to a meeting on 28th March. Ceres the Planet of Compromise in action, perhaps?!
    Can you provide an. interpretation as to how my chart is affected, please. Thank you.

    1. That’s good that you knew about Ceres – goddess of compromise! Your Sagittarius Neptune is transited by Ceres in 2019 so you can expect your usual holiday or vacation ideas to be subject to all sorts of bargaining, negotiations and deals, yet you will end up in quite a powerful position. This also applies to any thoughts of moving. You would have to strike a deal. Yet, you can’t argue with Ceres on your Neptune as you want and need to escape from the real world by travelling or always having your boxes packed – and it’s coming again. The vacation or relocation to remember!

  8. Hello Jessica. Reading your article on North Node in Cancer –
    I’m so confused about one thing.
    The NN will be in Cancer till 2020, the Current Position of the Planets here –
    shows that the NN is already at 25 deg in Cancer. How will it be there till 2020 if there are only about 4 degrees more to go and the cycle began just in Nov 2018. I have Mars in Cancer at 24 deg. NorthN is in Libra at 5 deg,
    I’m not getting this calculation at all. Please guide. Merci.

    1. The North Node goes backwards! See Stonehenge – they created 19 stones in a circle which show they knew about the cycle, even thousands of years ago.

  9. ooh, what fun Jessica. Thank you for this post. I live in Oz and have several planets in Saggi. In fact I have Jupiter in Saggi. I am looking for some stability in my current job which is using words to secure funding for projects. I also teach at a university. Would be interested in your insights. Many thanks Jx

    1. Watch the whole university world in 2019, particularly its expansion into online learning and also multi-language education. You would have your ear to the ground where you teach anyway, but keep updated globally with academia, and also non-academia in your field, as there will be brilliant new opportunities to use what is essentially an innovation or invention. Remember when Skype seemed new? Or webinars? Okay, so this is next level and it will be evident by June, when there are objections or obstacles, yet you see through them and past them. And you end up gaining by December.

  10. I have Uranus, Moon, Neptune, and Juno in Sagittarius. There’s quite alot happening in 2019 I see! Living or developing a dual lifestyle perhaps? (Neptune)… nurturing/sharing with others 9th house related insights? (Moon)… Developing some lasting relationship? (Juno)… or some wild breakthrough I have no idea what to expect? (Uranus).

    1. You’ll be learning and teaching and hugely enjoying it and gaining from it. It may not have that label. You can educate a teenager in cooking, without being tagged Masterchef Professor. You can also learn about growing successful rhubarb without signing up for a course! Yet I think you will be tempted by a series of classes, or even serious study, which comes at the right time, the right price (even free) and in the right place. This will benefit you years into the future.

  11. Hi Jessica
    I have bacchus (17 sag) square Ceres 17 pisces. Somehow I have always been been able to cultivate a sense of humour even in the most darkest periods of my life. In december of 2018 I started talking about my chronic illness and its impact on me on social media yet i couldnt abandon humour. I am interpreting this right?

    1. Absolutely right. Bacchus is ‘have a good time all the time’ to quote Spinal Tap. Ceres is more difficult. You can also use this combination with any kind of religion, spirituality, faith, philosophy or belief system. That would work for you.

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