Shocks on the Brexit Road in May 2019

Despite appearances, as of 15th April 2019, No Deal Brexit has not gone away. Here's why. There are shocks on the Brexit road due on May 3rd, 6th and 10th. Bring your brolly!

Driving Towards No Deal Brexit in May 2019

The House of Commons said a firm ‘No’ to the idea of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit after a long debate in March and April 2019. In astrology, the bells start ringing about that for two reasons. First of all, a leak in the building. Secondly, a malfunctioning printer. The universe has a sense of humour. Mercury was Retrograde in Pisces at the time.

The country is driving towards a ‘No Deal/New Deal’ Brexit in May 2019. I love this brilliant Ladybird cover for The Story of Brexit. It says it all. Now, imagine the Volkswagen in the illustration below in sharp reverse. That’s where the astrology is now.

Never Vote on Mercury Retrograde

I am sure you know Mercury Retrograde has form, when it comes to reversed paperwork, reversed decisions and so on. This particular Mercury Retrograde was particularly long and chaotic, starting with the pre-shadow on February 20th and…it’s not over yet. As I file this on Monday 15th April, 2019, we are still in for some shocks because the cycle hasn’t finished.

The third Mercury Retrograde event as the House of Commons muddled through its leaks and dodgy printer was a voter who had what is popularly known as the Croydon Rolex on her. A tag connecting her to the police. Amazingly, she was a Labour politician, from Peterborough (not Croydon) who had used her one vote, to call for a ‘No’ on ‘No Deal’ by…one vote.

That is what is known as a Mercury Retrograde Reverse Ferret waiting to happen. Watch. 

Why April-May 2019 is a No Deal/New Deal Shock

I have been answering your questions about Brexit since the first prediction came to pass – despite all the opinion polls – and it was very clearly ‘Leave’ not ‘Remain’ after the vote of June 23rd, 2016. The astrology even predicted electrical storms. Well, get ready for a few more. This is going to be Anarchy in the U.K. (with apologies to The Sex Pistols).

The nation voted Leave with Mars at 23 Scorpio, Uranus at 23 Aries and Ceres at 23 Aries. That can only happen once in eighty years. Why did the majority rebel against what Prime Minister David Cameron was telling them all to do? Because millions of them were born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Scorpio, the sign which rules taxes and money. And transiting (travelling) Uranus itself is associated with revolution, independence, rebellion, freedom, liberty, and ‘the shock of the new.’

Perhaps you were among them. If so, you were born with Uranus in Scorpio (1975 to 1981), Neptune in Scorpio (1956 to 1970) or Pluto in Scorpio (1984 to 1994). Scorpio rules the mortgage. It rules the banks and the taxman.

Born with Uranus there you regularly go in and out of unpredictable upheavals with finances (like Brexit uncertainty). Born with Neptune there, you do not live in the real world with your finances. Born with Pluto there, you need total control of your finances.

That’s the perfect storm of millions of people, who are all ‘triggered’ by Mars – the planet of action, anger and impulse – landing very likely on their natal, or birth position of Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Scorpio. Just enough people to carry the vote across to Leave. What a shock. But not if you’re an astrologer! Why? The powerful dwarf planet Ceres, which was discovered on the same day that the Act of Union created the United Kingdom, was also involved. She lined up exactly with Uranus, the planet of upheaval, electrical storms (we had them) – and Mars too.

This pattern will be triggered again on these dates: prepare for the world to turn upside-down again. Yvette Cooper, the leaking House of Commons, the dodgy printer and the dodgy politician all add up to one thing. You’ve been Mercury Retrograded.

BREXIT AT LASTDREAMSTIME 1024x678 - Shocks on the Brexit Road in May 2019

The Open Window for Shock No Deal/New Deal April 26th to May 10th, 2019

Pluto at 23 Capricorn
Jupiter at 23 Sagittarius

There are a couple of things going on here. Pluto brings about the downfall of any person or organisation which takes over, dominates, manipulates or ‘takes’ from others. Capricorn rules the elite at the top of U.K. wealth, politics, celebrity and high society. Pluto is timed and ready to go off, here. You don’t power trip the majority in a democracy or you get Plutoed, and anyone who has been doing that, no matter how they have done it, is just not going to last April 26th-May 10th, 2019.

Here is the other thing. Jupiter! The planet of hope, growth, expansion, optimism, good news, solutions, problem-solving, breakthroughs, sheer luck, good timing and the rest. In Sagittarius, the sign which rules foreign people and places, import and export, immigration, visas, the travel industry, education, academia, publishing – and the worldwide web itself – this is a huge ‘crash’ into the picture on April 26th-May 10th.

Generation Scorpio Empowered

This is Generation Scorpio, born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in the sign of taxes and the economy, coming to power. Why? Pluto by transit (travelling) will sextile, or be two signs away, perfectly, from their own Scorpio placements. As much as Pluto brings about a downfall for anyone or anything trying to ride roughshod over other people – he also empowers and gives control, to those who did not have it before. And this is about money. It’s about the Brexit Divorce Bill. And it’s about trade.

What else is going on here? A semi-sextile from Jupiter in Sagittarius, which opens up the global horizons, expands the big world picture and the rest.

Brexit Britain Reborn on 23rd June 2016

The British Isles has a number of charts, each for her different ‘versions’ be they under Roman rule (55 B.C.) or in her most recent rebirth as Brexit Britain. Reborn on 23rd June 2016, here we have a country with perfect line-up of Mars at 23 Scorpio, Ceres at 23 Aries, Uranus at 23 Aries, set to experience cycles where Jupiter is at 23 Sagittarius and Pluto is at 23 Capricorn.

Narrowing Down the Dates

This is what they call a Pluto-Uranus square. It is explosive. It is like an earthquake crossed with an electrical storm. We can narrow down the dates for you, which I am happy to do, as so many of you have asked me about Brexit. What we are looking for is faster-moving planets or asteroids, moving across 23 degrees in that time-frame of April 26th to May 10th.

Friday 3rd May, 2019
Mercury 23 Aries, Jupiter 23 Sagittarius, Pluto 23 Capricorn
On Friday 3rd May, 2019 the stage is set for a shock No Deal/New Deal Brexit. 

Monday 6th May, 2019
Mars 23 Gemini, Jupiter 23 Sagittarius, Pluto 23 Capricorn
On Monday 6th May, astrology predicts a shock No Deal/New Deal Brexit choice.

Friday 10th May, 2019
Venus 23 Aries, Jupiter 23 Sagittarius, Pluto 23 Capricorn
On Friday 10th May, 2019, the No Deal/New Deal Brexit story develops, as the ‘special relationship’ with the U.S.A. grows.

There is really no point in looking at the astrological charts for Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Theresa May, Boris Johnson or the other players in this story. They have no confirmed birth times. So let’s leave faces out of it. But – this looks like a classic case of the known world turning upside down, just as it did when astrology predicted Boris Johnson’s Brexit the first time, nearly three years ago now.

Super Prediction: On May 3rd, 6th and 10th 2019, the United Kingdom will experience electrical storms after tense, thundery conditions. At the same time the nation will shock itself and the world by performing a reverse ferret, quitting the E.U.

Uranus – Relief, Release and Radical Revolution

It’s really important to note that ever since 1781 Uranus has been associated with electricity and electrical storms. In myth he was the father of Steropes and Arges, sheet and forked lighting. Astrology is based on strange timing. Alternative timekeeping. So, we take this seriously, and call storms and multiple lightning strikes across the British Isles near May 3rd, 6th and 10th as a ‘perfect storm’ gathers, with the United States waiting on the sidelines. This really comes from Venus at 23 Aries, Venus always being the symbol of a marriage, partnership or ‘special’ relationship. There may be another duet. Italy?

BREXITANDREA FOTACHEDREAMSTIME 1024x699 - Shocks on the Brexit Road in May 2019

Why Everybody is Permanently Angry About Brexit

Simple. Prime Minister David Cameron, who clearly knows nothing about astrology, set the vote for one of the angriest days of 2016. Mars-Uranus-Ceres is not a peaceful symbol of acceptance and compromise. Be you a frustrated Leave voter who is at the end of his/her tether with Prime Minister Theresa May or a raging Remain voter whose Spanish villa rental is affected, you are very likely beetroot-coloured, even as you read this!

But there is a way forward and a way out. Astrology is not just about pulling prediction rabbits out of hats to challenge sceptics like the BBC’s Professor Brian Cox. Astrology is about answers.

The answer, long after the electrical storms and shocks of April-May 2019 are over, rests with a new economy, new banking system, new cryptocurrency, new taxation system and the rest. New trade deals, new Britain. And it owes an awful lot to the 1960’s ‘Vote’ horoscope we have for this incredible country!

The United Kingdom Astrology Chart – The Right to Vote

As you know if you are a regular reader, countries have astrology charts too. Birth charts, or horoscopes, set for important moments in a nation’s history are great guides to the future.

They can also show you the character of a country like the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland together. The U.K. astrology chart which might just matter most of all, is set for 1969.

We have ‘birth’ charts going back to 55 B.C. for the Roman invasion of Britain, right through to the Act of Union astrology chart for 1st January 1801 – but have a look at this one, below. It is the most recent version of Britain, reborn in 1969 with a great, big, democratic U.K. vote for all people over 18 years old. It’s a Swinging Sixties horoscope, born from the right of young women (like these, pictured on Pinterest) to have a stake in 10 Downing Street. This chart for democratic Britain shows a Shock New Brexit Deal between April 18th and 23rd, 2019. Expect lightning strikes, storms and revolution.

Modern Britain Born on 17th April 1969

What you see here is the ‘Voter’ horoscope set for the moment that the U.K. became a thoroughly modern democracy, on 17th April 1969. At just after 3.00pm that day in London, the Representation of the People Act was approved by Her Majesty the Queen so that everybody could have an equal say at Westminster. I have used Solar Fire to set up the chart, which shows all the factors you expect to see in modern astrology. So what kind of ‘new’ Britain is this? It’s certainly The People’s Chart.

Great Britain 1969 558x600 - Shocks on the Brexit Road in May 2019
England astrology chart set for 1969.

The U.K. Horoscope for 1969

This is Sixties Britain! She was reborn with all this: The Beatles’ final Apple rooftop concert ahead of the album Abbey Road.
The first broadcast of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The new seven-sided 50 pence coin. Colour television. Led Zeppelin.

What we have here is an Aries country (which might explain the addiction to footballers with red shirts, red telephone boxes and red buses). The incredible line-up of optimistic Jupiter in the work/health sign Virgo, together with Salacia in Capricorn (the sign which rules the Prime Minister), the brilliant Sun in energetic Aries – but heavy, serious Saturn just one degree away – reveals that the democratic version of the U.K. which was born in 1969 has her fate decided at the ballot box at 27-28 degrees.

The United Kingdom Astrology Line-Up at 27, 28 Degrees
Jupiter at 27 Virgo, Salacia at 28 Capricorn, Sun at 27 Aries, Saturn at 28 Aries shows a fated election destiny.

Aries and Libra Patterns
Uranus at 0 Libra, South Node at 0 Libra, North Node at 0 Aries shows the split between Conservative and Labour.

A Moon-Mercury Taurus Connection

This is based on the 3.00pm session time given by Hansard – the Moon at 7 Taurus and Mercury at 7 Taurus.

Pluto and Power to the Working People

Pluto (power) is at 22 Virgo, the sign of working people – sextile Proserpina (Pluto’s wife) at 21 Cancer – patriotism!

BREXITDreamstime 1024x683 - Shocks on the Brexit Road in May 2019

The 1969 U.K. Astrology ‘Vote’ Chart and Election Winners

What is interesting about this run of patterns is the number of times a leader goes to 10 Downing Street when there are aspects to Jupiter (growth, hope, expansion, optimism, solutions) in Virgo (the working people, employment, the N.H.S.) in the U.K. astrology chart. We see it with the victories won by Edward Heath, Harold Wilson, James Callaghan, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair. The other pattern which tends to unfold at election time concerns the Nodes at 0 Aries-Libra aspecting Uranus also at 0 Libra. Also note the way the Mercury-Mars conjunction at 7 Taurus (the economy) tends to be triggered on elections.

One of the astonishing things about the 1969 British chart is the way Her Majesty the Queen is woven into it. Her own personal birth chart aligns with the nation’s horoscope. She is pictured (below) in 1969 itself when she gave Royal Assent to the full vote. (Wikimedia Commons). The Queen is drawn into Brexit, too. We’ll see why in the second half of April 2019, when we realise that although she gave Royal Assent to a ‘delay Brexit’ move by Yvette Cooper to avoid No Deal – you can’t stop a revolution.

18th June 1970 – Edward Heath (Conservative)
Transiting Jupiter at 26 Libra semi-sextile Jupiter at 27 Virgo

28th February 1974 – Harold Wilson (Labour: Hung Parliament)
Transiting Uranus at 27 Libra semi-sextile Jupiter at 27 Virgo
Transiting Saturn at 27 Gemini square Jupiter at 27 Virgo
Transiting Jupiter at 28 Aquarius quincunx Jupiter at 27 Virgo

10th October 1974 – Harold Wilson/James Callaghan (Labour)

Transiting Ceres at 1 Pisces quincunx the South Node at 0 Libra
Transiting Ceres at 1 Pisces semi-sextile the North Node at 0 Aries
Transiting Pluto at 7 Libra quincunx the Moon at 7 Taurus and Mercury at 7 Taurus.
Transiting Neptune at 7 Sagittarius quincunx the Moon at 7 Taurus and Mercury at 7 Taurus.
Transiting Uranus at 27 Libra semi-sextile Jupiter at 27 Virgo
Transiting Jupiter at 8 Pisces sextile the Moon at 7 Taurus and Mercury at 7 Taurus.

3rd May 1979 – Margaret Thatcher (Conservative)

Transiting Saturn at 7 Virgo trines the Moon at 7 Taurus and Mercury at 7 Taurus.
Transiting Jupiter at 1 Leo sextile Uranus at 0 Libra
Transiting Jupiter at 1 Leo sextile the South Node at 0 Libra
Transiting Jupiter at 1 Leo trine the North Node at 0 Aries

9th June 1983 – Margaret Thatcher (Conservative)
Transiting Pluto at 26 Libra semi-sextile Jupiter at 27 Virgo
Transiting Ceres at 27 Aquarius quincunx Jupiter at 27 Virgo
Transiting North Node at 25 Gemini square Jupiter at 27 Virgo
Transiting South Node at 25 Sagittarius square Jupiter at 27 Virgo

11th June 1987 – Margaret Thatcher (Conservative)
Transiting Pluto at 7 Scorpio opposes the Moon at 7 Taurus and Mercury at 7 Taurus.
Transiting Neptune at 7 Capricorn trines the Moon at 7 Taurus and Mercury at 7 Taurus.
Transiting Ceres at 0 Capricorn squares Uranus at 0 Libra
Transiting Ceres at 0 Capricorn squares the South Node at 0 Libra
Transiting Ceres at 0 Capricorn squares the North Node at 0 Aries

9th April 1992 – John Major (Conservative)
Transiting Pluto at 22 Scorpio sextile Pluto at 22 Virgo

1st May 1997 – Tony Blair (Labour)
Transiting Uranus at 8 Aquarius squares the Moon at 7 Taurus and Mercury at 7 Taurus
Transiting North Node at 27 Virgo conjunct Jupiter at 27 Virgo
Transiting South Node at 27 Pisces opposite Jupiter at 27 Virgo

7th June 2001 – Tony Blair (Labour)
Transiting Neptune at 8 Aquarius squares the Moon at 7 Taurus and Mercury at 7 Taurus.
Transiting North Node at 6 Cancer sextiles the Moon at 7 Taurus and Mercury at 7 Taurus.
Transiting South Node at 6 Capricorn trines the Moon at 7 Taurus and Mercury at 7 Taurus.

5th May 2005 – Tony Blair (Labour)
Transiting North Node at 22 Aries quincunx Pluto at 22 Virgo
Transiting South Node at 22 Libra semi-sextile Pluto at 22 Virgo

6th May 2010 – David Cameron (Conservative: Hung Parliament)
Transiting Chiron at 0 Pisces quincunx Uranus at 0 Libra
Transiting Chiron at 0 Pisces quincunx South Node at 0 Libra
Transiting Chiron at 0 Pisces semi-sextile North Node at 0 Aries

7th May 2015 – David Cameron (Conservative)
Transiting Ceres at 7 Aquarius squares the Moon at 7 Taurus and Mercury at 7 Taurus

8th June 2017 – Theresa May (Conservative)
Transiting North Node at 27 Leo semi-sextile Jupiter at 27 Virgo
Transiting South Node at 27 Aquarius quincunx Jupiter at 27 Virgo
Transiting Saturn at 25 Sagittarius square Jupiter at 27 Virgo

How the 2016 Brexit Vote is Revealed in the 1969 Chart


The British government told voters that ‘Remain’ was the right choice for the country, back on 23rd June 2016. The majority of people ignored that and a clear majority voted Leave instead. What a shock! (Unless you were an astrologer and saw Uranus, the planet of revolution, rebellion and radical change, making exact patterns with Mars and Ceres that day).

We are going to see Uranus (more shocks) and also Chiron (a lesson in what it is possible to get away with) holding sway with the Sun on April 21st, Mercury on April 18th and Venus also on April 21st. The second half of April 2019 will turn the world upside-down in the United Kingdom and Her Majesty’s throne will shake.

The line-up on Brexit day was like this – all about shock, freedom, independence, liberation and rebellion – and that’s why the people did not do what they were told.

Great Britain in her modern, democratic version, was founded with Pluto (power) in Virgo (the working people) at 22 degrees, just one degree away. This was also a vote about the N.H.S. ruled by Virgo too. Mars is a symbol of anger. Ceres shows compromise. Uranus is revolution. So this is how the Brexit vote patterns looked: mess with these at your peril, by the way.

Mars 23 Scorpio aspects Pluto at 22 Virgo
Ceres 23 Aries quincunx Pluto at 22 Virgo
Uranus 23 Aries quincunx Pluto at 22 Virgo

2019 Questions: No Deal? General Election? Cross-Party Leadership?

I have had more questions and comments about Brexit in 2016-2019 than any other topic. If your personal birth chart shows factors at 22 Virgo, 7 Taurus, 0 Libra, 0 Aries, 27 Virgo, then it’s possible that your career, your house or apartment, your health situation, your finances and (even) your marriage is being directly affected by the Leave vote of 2016. In other words, you are woven into the story of Britain in some way. Perhaps you work in Westminster, or at the Bank of England!

Check your personal birth chart here if you are a Premium Member, as your destiny and the nation’s may line up.

[contentblock id=show-chart]

What’s In Store in 2019?

Thanks to some truly dreadful astrological timing (Prime Minister Theresa May has a habit of taking power, or calling elections, on the wrong cycles!) nobody knows if we will end up with no deal, a general election, cross-party leadership, the end of  the Prime Minister or a second referendum. What is the U.K. astrology chart for 1969 showing? Which transits are triggering those horoscope hotspots? The BBC website (below) shows the European reaction to the Brexit shock of June 2016. Well, just wait for the headlines close to April 18th, 21st, 2019 because this is a lightning strike like no other.


Watching April 2019 – No Deal and Cross-Party Government?

The key to April 2019 is transiting Uranus at 1 Taurus until April 13th. Uranus is a symbol of revolution, rebellion, radical change, shocks, independence, freedom and liberty. Taurus rules money. This is the enormous E.U. divorce bill. It is also the state of the pound and the London Stock Exchange. Her Majesty the Queen will be involved. Her chart is triggered.

She has given Royal Assent to No Deal, as of April 8th, but you can bank on Uranus to deliver a shock. I am calling this ‘Shock New Deal Brexit’ because it will happen suddenly, unpredictably, and in a very short space of time.

Premium Members, if you were born on the first three days of your zodiac sign, or know someone who was, then do read this special feature, prepared just for you, here: I want you to be prepared for what is going to happen and use the new open door.

Uranus – When the World Turns Upside-Down

Uranus will actually aspect the ‘birth’ position of Uranus in the U.K. chart which stands at 0 Libra. Uranus will also aspect the North Node and South Node, at Libra-Aries.

The last time we saw cycles like this was the 1930’s when Labour and Conservative politicians joined forces with others to deal with the crisis of The Abdication.

The laws of astrology say, what we think we know – we don’t. So, even if it looks as if Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May are in partnership – they won’t be once we get to Thursday April 18th and following. Uranus always flips the known – to the unknown.

Double Confirmation – No Deal – Cross-Party Government

What is really uncanny about both these ‘Vote’ charts for the U.K. is that even though we have one from 1928 (when the Suffragettes won) and another from 1969 (when the voting age for women dropped) they both show the same patterns. Those patterns are triggered by April 13th.

Astrology predicts Shock New Deal Brexit and cross-party government by the end of April. Why? Democracy. You can’t stop those two old horoscopes from 1928 and 1969.

Power to the People

Pluto in Virgo in the old ‘Vote’ chart of 1969 is not about to let anybody or anything take away the power of working people. That also means no second referendum as it denies democracy and diminishes the power of the women, in particular, who voted for Leave – from Hull to Essex.  There may be a General Election – the horoscope patterns in 2019 echo the patterns of most previous elections. And as you read on this website a long time ago, Scotland will likely leave the ‘United’ Kingdom.

BREXITAARON AMATDREAMSTIME 1024x683 - Shocks on the Brexit Road in May 2019

How Britain Reaches Her (Signed) Brexit on Monday January 13th, 2020

Between January 20th and February 20th, 2020, Britain will see a sweeping transformation not possible in 240+ years, bringing in not only the Prime Minister, but also the monarchy. It will be empowering for working people. Why? The transits to Pluto at 22 Virgo in the 1969 ‘Vote’ chart. In an historic sequence, we find transiting Pluto at 22 Capricorn, transiting Saturn at 22 Capricorn, transiting Ceres at 22 Capricorn, transiting Mercury at 22 Capricorn, transiting Sun at 22 Capricorn. That’s really close to the powerful 23 degree position in ‘Brexit Britain’ reborn on the Leave vote of 2016.

So, here is another perfect storm. We are going to see a ‘Shock No Deal/New Deal Brexit’ start to take hold in the second half of April 2019 and by mid-May 2019 it’s a reality. What then goes down in January-February 2020 looks like the end of the matter. The signed agreement. There is another ‘bump’ on the road before then, in September, but it’s a good one. Jupiter with all his solutions, breakthroughs, overdue improvements, repair work, opportunity, hope, growth, expansion, booms (expect a new travel boom) and more, leans right across the United Kingdom in September 2019.

Beyond this, these charts are talking about democracy. In fact, they are yelling it from the treetops.

This would seem to be about the nature of referendums themselves – and the vote. We are likely to see huge changes to the United Kingdom polling system at this time. The way the vote is delivered and managed.

Brexit Signed, Sealed and Delivered on Monday January 13th 2020

Using astrology we can time Brexit – signed, sealed and delivered – on Monday January 13th, 2020. The breakthrough is likely much earlier, in September 2019, thanks to stunning pattern involving new trade, export and travel deals – but as I write this prediction in 2019, looking about a year into the future of this amazing 1969 ‘Vote’ horoscope, the date 13-01-2020 looks like the (signed) Brexit.

Whenever we have another shift in the history of Britain, we also acquire a new horoscope. So if the stars do align for January 13th 2020, we would end up with a very, very, very Capricorn ‘new’ country, should that be the date that history signs up for.

January 2020 is B-Day but May 2019 is the Perfect Storm

January 2020 really does look like B-Day, as we also find the North Node at 7 Cancer and South Node at 7 Capricorn, making an exact aspect to the nation’s Moon-Mercury conjunction at 7 Taurus. Now that’s fated. And it’s all down to the Representation of the People Act of 1969, when people of all backgrounds, over the age of 18, woke up to find themselves living in an Aries nation – set for Brexit.

These charts – all of them – show that an earthquake and electrical storm are building in late April and early May 2019. These charts also show what John Lennon would have called ‘Power to the People’. What we’re talking about here are what Lennon would also have called Working Class Heroes. As his old bandmate Ringo Starr said on Twitter – get on with it.

If you do have factors in your chart which echo those above – same zodiac sign and degree – then you are part of this revolution in Britain – and it is part of you. It may be through work, relationships, family, money, travel or similar. It’s not just been about politics for you, it’s drawn you into something intensely personal, affecting your career, house, apartment, marriage, business and so on. You affect the whole. And the whole affects you.

Uranus is Independence Day. It is always revolution and freedom. It is also relief and release. And it’s coming in May 2019. It is also coming with a sharp reminder that you can criticise a vote, or disapprove of a vote, but faced with that powerful 1960’s ‘Vote’ horoscope for Great Britain, you are never going to delay it or overturn it. Destiny said that, all the way back in 1969.


Feature posted April 7th 2019. Images updated 27th May 2024. Main Image: Eros Erika/Dreamstime.

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  1. HI Jessica I’m throwing this in here because I really have no idea where to ask it! I recall a piece a while back where you explored the link between Ceres and depression. I was curious to know if you have seen charts which may indicate narcissistic tendencies? Perhaps a blog idea? I’d be really curious to hear your thoughts as my mother has been psychologically assessed as being one and I was curious as to whether it is can be clearly read in someone’s chart and what in particular to be on the lookout for? Hopefully I’m not the only one wondering this!! Look forward to hearing your thoughts xx

    1. It’s funny that you mention narcissism in this story about Brexit because the whole affair has taken place during Uranus in Aries, a sign which is very concerned with self! The ‘Me’ emphasis throughout is pretty characteristic of the extremes of this sign. Aries and the First House in general can point to self-love or deep self-concern to the exclusion of other people. It’s not a rule, but of all the zodiac signs and houses to be concerned with ‘Myself’ it really is the First House, ruled by Aries, which stands out. Aries has to be self-involved because he or she is the person who goes upfront, who fronts up to life and puts himself/herself on the line. That requires a lot of stoking ‘me’ and perhaps your mother has an Aries pattern somewhere in her chart.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Well this should be interesting!
    While an aussie, I have Pluto at 22 Virgo, Sth Node 23 Virgo, Saturn 7 Taurus, Uranus 0 Libra Diana 26 Virgo and Jupiter 28 Virgo.
    I can’t yet see a direct UK/Brexit connection but I would love to know your thoughts on where this could play out for me.
    Life is a waiting game at the moment.. some definitive action would be welcomed.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Now, that is interesting. Your personal birth chart does tally exactly with the 1969 United Kingdom chart. I have a feeling that the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union in 2019, 2020 is going to affect your career or personal life. You may find yourself with a British emigre on your doorstep! More likely, I think, is that Britain will embrace new trade and business relationships with Australia and this will affect your work.

  3. Hello Jessica – I am just so weary of the whole Brexit thing that I wish there would be some decisive action of some sort. I didn’t vote to leave Europe and will be sad to do so, but the way that UK politicians of all colours have behaved since the referendum has been appalling and I do hope that this results in a change of the two-party stranglehold that has stymied UK politics. Young people who are gaining the vote must be wondering what the point is and I hope they change the future of UK politics because it certainly needs it.
    I have MC 22° Virgo in my chart and I wonder if you can shed any light on what this might mean, as you say I may be directly affected by Brexit. The meaning of MC puzzles me. There seems to be a lot of aspects at 22 degrees in early 2020!
    best wishes

    1. You are ahead of your time there, Pauline, as from December 2020 Britain enters a mini Age of Aquarius, the sign of community, diversity and equality, and the wider group – not just two groups. It is Generation Aquarius (born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius) who are now teenagers, who will step up to become tomorrow’s influential voters and politicians after Pluto goes into Aquarius from 2023. We will see constitutional change in the U.K. and also the U.S.A. to end two-party strangleholds! Your M.C. or Midheaven depends on a strictly accurate birth time, and you give a round-hour clock time, which might not be correct. However, we find Saturn at 22 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups – just like those I’ve been talking about – so your fears (Saturn) about previous learning experiences (Saturn) with groups (clubs, teams, associations) and also friends (Aquarius, Eleventh House) are challenged by the transits all coming to pass at 22 Capricorn. Any time you have cycles at 22 of any sign, by the way, you’ll be facing the realities of your social life, communities, circles, social media and so on. Have a look at Saturn and Eleventh House when you finish reading this, on Search or in your eguides.

  4. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for the very interesting and informative article. Hope everything will be resolved quickly, although not sure how these massive changes will effect us individually including myself.

    Also loved the Abbey Road pic on the article. I live not far from there myself:)



    1. Thank you NP. It might be hard to believe now, but this does have a classic Jupiter ending for Britain – beneficial, hopeful, positive and win-win. All the charts show Jupiter in Sagittarius coming to the rescue in the end, in September. To get there from here, there must first be a shock, and we are in store for that between now and May. That 1969 ‘democracy’ horoscope is ticking away.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    thank you so much for your predictions regarding Brexit, helps me not to lose hope that we will eventually be out and that the outcome will be so good. Even my other half keeps saying that “Brexit will not happen”. Because I believe your predictions far more than I believe any of the media, I just keep telling him that it will, but we will have to wait a little longer. I hope it is not too long before our head in the sand politicians come to their senses. Thank you again for the hope that you give me.

    1. One of the things that I personally find outrageous about the United Kingdom in 2019 is the trashing of democracy. No other word for it. Brexit will happen. The vote has spoken. The people spoke. Nobody has the right to take that vote away. It doesn’t matter if you voted Leave, Remain or did not vote at all that day, you have to respect your fellow citizens. Your other half is wrong. All the charts we have for the British Isles, starting with the Romans, say the same thing. She’s going. And it’s going to be great – just give it until November when Jupiter turns direct! Those two charts for the vote, from the 1920s and 1960s, are written in stone. And they stand. And they work. I would say exactly the same thing if the U.K. vote of 2016 had shown Remain, and it was Leavers trying to take away the right of Remainers!

  6. This might be just the explosive Brexit news you’ve predicted for April 18th:

    ” On 2nd April the English Democrats, the English nationalist political party, issued a judicial review claiming the Prime Minister could not lawfully agree to an extension to the period before the United Kingdom could leave the European Union under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. The Court is asked to declare that, because she had no such power, the UK automatically left the EU on 29th March – the original ‘exit day’, two years after notification was made.

    This challenge was to the extension offered by the EU on 27.3.2019 and accepted by the PM on 28th March not to the additional extension the PM claimed to agree to today (11th April).

    …The Government is expected to reply by 17th April.”

    Go here for more info >>>

      1. No explosions yet but Solicitor, Robin Tilbrook, has reported that the Government have filed a timely response …so, the next step is to get a Court hearing ASAP.

        Ironically, this case relies on (Remainer) Gina Miller’s legal challenge in 2017 as a precedent:

        “…Supreme Court decision in Miller v Secretary of State, which found that the government cannot change how and whether EU law applies to the UK by the Royal Prerogative. The PM could only notify under Article 50 under the EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017. The inevitable result was that the UK would leave the EU after two years, when EU law would cease to apply to the UK. Any extension would change the law by making EU law apply beyond that date, which the Act did not give the PM the power to do….”

        …[Robin Tilbrook’s case] relies: “on the Wightman decision of the European Court of Justice in support of our contention that, under EU law, the PM can only agree to an extension ‘on behalf of the UK’ if she has the constitutional authority to do so. Therefore, the UK left the EU on 29th March under EU as well as UK law.”

        Though no fireworks yet, this is an important step forward on the Brexit road…to freedom!

        1. I think you can see the fireworks in the box, now, and the box of matches on the table. This Full Moon is taking place across a weekend of action behind the scenes!

  7. Hello Jessica

    Thank you for another uplifting prediction on Brexit, just when I was about to give up hope of us ever leaving the E U. As I type this, the latest polling for Nigel Farage’s Brexit party is 30% which is 9 points clear of the Labour party and more than he got with UKIP in 2014, when they won against Con and Labour. I think whatever happens next Brexit is not going to go away and voters, even those who voted remain, are disgusted with the un-democratic goings on in Parliament to try to reverse the result or water it down as to be meaningless. Thanks again for giving me hope, I’m not sure about my horoscope but I was born on 3rd February 1958 and have always believed passionately in Britain being an independent nation.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aquarius and your whole life is set to change, actually, starting December 2020, as we go into a mini Age of Aquarius! It sounds like you are a political animal so I expect it will be about a specific party, or perhaps a grassroots community organisation. In any case you will love what 2021 brings with these people. As for Brexit – it is coming – it will arrive with electrical storms and shocks all round – you cannot stop the astrology cycles hitting just about every ancient horoscope we have for the British Isles, including those crucial ‘vote’ charts for the 1920s and 1960s. Anyone who thinks they can stop a majority vote is about to have a lightning bolt up their underwear!

  8. Hi Jessica
    I saw a link from one of the posts above, and there has been an update – namely, a response to government response:

    Still really concerned that what we will get is a faux deal, cobbled together between LabCon, that is ‘Brexit In Name Only’, simply to prevent The Brexit Party from making gains in the Euros, which they most certainly would. I have come to the conclusion that this lot will stop at nothing to deny democracy.

    The Tilbrook post gives me a little hope, and it interests me that this has not made the news – I’m not even aware of supposedly pro-Brexit newspapers covering it – unless I missed it.

    All of this has truly exposed our political and civil servant class for what they are, but I just hope we are not too late to save ourselves. Coming out of it the other side, I wondered whether you have looked at a chart for the Brexit Party? The Tilbrook blog also highlighted the English Democrats – had never heard of them before. In previous posts you mention the break up of the UK, and I wonder what England and Wales will be left with in terms of political parties. I can never, ever vote for LibLabCon again. I’m convinced we need to drain the swamp and start again.

    I wondered whether you have a chart for the EU – I saw one some time ago elsewhere – main thing I picked up was its remoteness from the people and corruption.

    Finally, I’m intrigued that my birthdate is the same as N. Sturgeons – eek!! 19th July 1970 – but born in England. I’m patriotic like Nicola, but that’s about it. I dislike the EU and voted out. I’d be happy for Scotland to have independence though, so Nicola and I agree on that. Would like to be more successful in my material life though, as she is! Things have been going backwards for some years, and I wonder if there will ever be any end to it. Money is a big problem for me.

    Many thanks

    1. I try to keep comments to astrology not politics, but you have reminded me I need to cast a chart for the ‘birth’ of The Brexit Party. I know for sure it was made when we saw an historic line-up of Pluto (a change in the balance of power) at 23 Capricorn (the system) semi-sextile Jupiter (opportunity) at 23 Sagittarius (foreign relations). You have to wonder if Nigel Farage didn’t hire an astrologer to set the date actually, because you don’t see a line-up like that very often. I’ll go and calculate the chart when I have finished with readers’ questions. I have seen the European Union chart before and it is likely on this website somewhere in a story about the end of the Euro as currency. (Within 7 years the Euro as we know it today is no more). If you were born on 19th July 1970 you are a ‘broad’ time twin with Nicola Sturgeon. You are both patriots and political animals. There you go. That’s your proof! And you agree with her about the importance of freedom and independence. More proof! The money thing, I can’t help you with – try one month’s membership and cast your Tarot cards and Astrology Oracle cards and see what they suggest! Thank you.

  9. Hi again Jessica, well it all happened on the 3rd May with the shock election results in the UK with Labour doing badly and the conservatives even worse – spot on the date you predicted for shocks, cannot wait for the 6th and the 10th May! So thank you again for the hope you give in the midst of all the uncertainty!

    1. Thank you. The strange thing about astrology is, it predicts the unpredictable. And that was unpredictable. In fact I had forgotten I even posted this, but essentially the rise of The Brexit Party with its shock defections from the Conservatives by some big names – is part of the story. There is more, though. We are still waiting for Mercury-Uranus in Taurus to kick in. I am going to take a punt and say that the ‘No’ to ‘No Deal’ will be overturned as it was essentially achieved by one vote only – from a Labour M.P. who has a petition against her in her constituency and had also broken the law. If you throw in the malfunctioning printer at the House of Commons the night the vote was made – you have a classic set-up for an upset. Watch this space!

  10. Dear Jessica, I am interested what the astrology says about the original 2016 vote gerrymandering. It was decided to exclude EU citizens resident in the UK and 16 -17 year olds from voting, although both groups could vote in the Scottish referendum, and the former in local elections and European elections This was on the basis that the vote was advisory only and not binding. How therefore can democracy be betrayed by a non binding advisory vote that deliberately excluded lrgitimate voters that would have almost certainly changed the vote. These groups were excluded on the advise of brexiteers. Please see parliamentary papers. Democracy has been betrayed not by the lack of implementation of Brexit but by the gerrymandering of the vote. How does the astrology reflect that?

    1. I would say the whole ‘vote’ chart from the 1960s is up for radical change over the next 6-7 years. When you look at the way the horoscope fell, on that fateful day when everyone in the British Isles, young or old, rich or poor, male or female – and so on – had an equal say in democracy, you are also looking at something that is going to explode and transform. In fact we haven’t seen cycles like this in over 80 years, and because of what you feel, and what others feel – across all sides of what is actually happening – you’d have to predict that we are going to see a ton of changes to the constitution. The way people vote, where they vote, how they vote, why they vote and the rest is being sorely tested by Uranus in Taurus, sweeping right across that chart (and also the crucial 1920’s ‘Vote’ chart won by the Suffragettes). At the very core of it all, are young working women. I expect by the year 2025 they will have led the charge for the sorts of transformations in the democracy which actually give rise to…you guessed it…a whole new set of birth charts for each part of what will then be the long-gone ‘United’ Kingdom. I just can’t argue with those charts.

  11. If you get time – and are interested – I wonder if it might be interesting to look at the chart and next couple of years ahead for Nigel Farage. I have seen two different interpretations from online astrologers (I won’t name them!) which have two quite different interpretations/conclusions. But both use the same birth details: 3 April 1964; 4.30pm; Farnborough, Kent.

    1. We long for accurate time, place and date of birth data for Nigel Farage. He was very unlikely to have been born right on 4.30pm and when you are dealing with politicians, you need a proper clock time of birth, as their careers depend on it. Without that, all we can really do is say that Nigel Farage is an Aries who (if he stays in politics) will seek to unite the Brexit Party with other political parties around the world from December 2020, with huge breakthroughs in this new kind of global/group thinking in 2021. Again, if he stays the course, from the year 2023, this radically different kind of politics will see him being one face in a network, rather than the star of the show. It would appear he is already trying to do this within Europe, seeking alliances with like-minded leaders who are also critical of the European Union and the Euro. It’s all about him at the moment. Yet from Christmas 2020 it will be about ‘all of us’. He is onto a winner with his incredibly diverse party – we are moving into the New Age of Aquarius from December next year and it’s all about women, old, young, white, non-white, aristocracy and the working class – all together. I don’t know if he uses astrology but his instincts are absolutely right. People are going for that, once Jupiter and Saturn go into Aquarius, then Pluto in Aquarius later!

      1. I promise not to harp on further after this, but can I go back to your long-standing predictions for the UK & Brexit. You may or may not know, that there is a well-argued legal challenge currently in the High Court which basically states that the extension of Articie 50 was not legal and, therefore, that we legally left the EU, as originally planned, on 29 March. I know you have indicated September-December 2019 as the conclusion; with Italy having a role to play. As neither Westminster nor Brussels look likely to achieve this without some “outside intervention”, is there anything in the various charts you use that might suggest some legal element as well? I am guessing that might involve Jupiter in some way.

        1. The only thing that really matters with Great Britain is her ‘vote’ charts which stand, as historical documents, for the points in history that all British people, regardless of age, money or gender, had the same democratic right to have an equal say, in who ruled them. The last time this happened was in the 1960’s when the voting age came down. Those ‘vote’ charts are going to have their day, one way or another. You don’t mess with democracy as it is wired into the nation. What gets Britain there will involve a lot more delay (sorry) but eventually a moment of truth when she stops hanging around and gets on with it. At that point she’s going to have to look at Italy and if she wants to follow her. I suspect Italy will quit (Quitaly) without a deal – or Italy will indicate she’s willing to become Britain’s trading partner. Big choices there!

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