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11 Responses

  1. Hi jessica HN
    Ive been applying for permanent jobs since 2015 do you think I’ll get lucky 2020 or sometime soon? Why am I having problems is it me or other sinistr people. Thank you.
    MP – Dob 14_8_65 – sy dney nsw

    1. You are a Leo with a Virgo chart signature (Uranus and Pluto in Virgo) so your luck is in, if you are prepared to go part-time, perhaps (some) unpaid and also upskill. The Node goes into Sagittarius (retraining, new job skill education) from May. You are also blessed with Jupiter, the opportunity planet, in your work zone making powerful patterns three times, from April through November. 2015 is too long to wait. Time to get busy. Look up Virgo and/or Sixth House on Search to find out why service and duty is your best bet.

  2. Thank you for all of this interesting information. I wonder if you see any expansion in my family in my Pisces chart.

    1. Did you mean, will you have a child? Adopt? Or bring in new in-laws, for example, or new godchildren? All that is possible. Actually you have already made the karmic contracts in your life-between-lives. You will see why by May. There is a soul contract here about your family life to be worked out as the North Node goes through your Fifth House and then changes signs.

  3. My Ceres natal Capricorn 29 degrees is conjunct Ceres Capricorn transiting at 29 degrees this coming Thursday 1 30 2020.
    I’m a Virgo male and in 2020 Ceres was stated as prominent, what shall I interrupt of this significant conjunction, please and with great appreciation.

    1. Your Ceres Return in Capricorn is about a project, plan, role or goal which could be so empowering if it was planted, firmly, on solid ground. We always see a new world when Ceres is around and if you make this real, it could become a entirely different space and place to be in 2020, for you. This might be about work or home. Capricorn rules your Tenth House of achievement and ambition, but is also opposite Cancer, which rules house, apartment, family. I would say it’s a combination choice for you about ‘Where does this belong?’ and ‘Where do I belong?’ Sort that out and this could have vast potential; Jupiter in Capricorn (growth) moves over your Ceres later this year.

  4. Hi Jessica, I’m a member for several years & always impressed with your forecasts, except for only 1 thing – and it Always baffles me: every time you mention kids, or a version such as jobs mentoring, coaching, or young adults/generation after myself etc. (5th house, Aquarius things) NOTHING ever resonates. N-o-t-h-i-n-g. Could you look at my chart? What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

    1. You are a Sun Libra having Aquarius transits in your Fifth House, which for most people is about parenthood potential sexual relationships, children (as you say) or young people (sometimes a demographic involved with a work project). I’m surprised nothing resonates with you. People often look for events in astrology, so specifically a birth or conception. A new sexual relationship. Sometimes the transit is psychological. Nothing happens, but the event is in your head. I’ve had a few Libra readers at events this year come to me talking about a previous miscarriage, a failed marriage, a sexual relationship that didn’t work out, or general preoccupation with an absence of sex. Literally nothing has been happening in their lives but the Fifth House cycle is working because they are going through insomnia, or therapy, or counselling because they have loved and lost, had a termination, cannot find a sexual partner (but want children) and so on. That all sounds rather gloomy but people often come to events because they have issues to figure out! So, if anything is in your head, and particularly about the past – or fear of the future – and it concerns sexual relationships or parenthood skipped/missed/risked – you know what to do. The time to work on all this is in 2020 as we enter Aquarius weather.

      1. Thanks for your input, Jessica. Maybe it IS about my marriage. (I always thought that was 7th house). You see, for many reasons I won’t go into, I’m ‘choosing’ to stay after my husband’s emotional (& later physical) betrayal last summer. I suffered enormously, as he did this – destroyed our 22 year marriage – during my beloved father’s sudden short illness & unexpected death. There’d never been a hint that my husband could be this kind of person. He can only ‘explain’ it as some sort of mid-life crisis. I don’t know anymore… In order to help, he recently requested a job transfer (she worked for same company). New job post came through in January so 3 weeks ago, we suddenly moved to another city, 200 miles away, to Start Over. The city is much smaller & not where I’d actually like to live as it is very bleak for my career possibilities. I’m concerned about potential for pregnancy from betrayal – as the woman would have kept it hidden for maximum hurtful impact on me. Due date would be mid-May. Husband says he’d have nothing to do with it, if so. But… obviously I don’t believe anything anymore.
        All this is affecting my career as well. She’s been an amateur hobby artist (vs. myself, a professional artist) who – victim of her own mid-life crisis perhaps? – was apparently looking for a quickie economic upgrade via him. (Rumour has it that he is my financial backer vs me having made my own $ all through my career). In the brief 6 weeks last summer, she stockpiled photos of herself & my husband – in settings you can imagine – as ways to humiliate me. She dumped him shortly after. Because of all this, I’m now held back from promoting myself online – very difficult to make new contacts in a new city without promotion online indicating my availability here for bookings in the new city… She already has a kid – who lives with his father, as child protection services had deemed her unfit – so, calculating a pregnancy as a meal-ticket, isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. I do hope the relief from being in this new city will extend to my career as well. Thanks, Jessica!

        1. You are buying into Vesta with this woman and your husband. Don’t buy into Vesta because it can be so painful. Vesta was the Roman goddess who ruled the Temple of the Vestales. The Vestal Virgins. These were women forced to maintain their virginity and live in a communal group, with one male authority who ruled over them – the Pontifex Maximus. If any of them was found to have had sex, they would be buried alive, and their lover also killed. So you can see, Vesta in your horoscope is a symbol of woman-to-woman politics, but also a man’s power over two or more women. You were born with Vesta at 17 Libra in your Seventh House of marriage, separation and divorce. She is exactly lined up with Psyche at 17 Gemini and Panacea at 17 Taurus, in the Third House and Second House respectively. I will leave it to you to look that up in more detail. Transiting (travelling) Neptune is currently at 17 Pisces, so you are experiencing a situation not possible in decades. You are terrified she will become pregnant. Stop thinking about her please. Vesta loves a catfight. She also loves it when men manipulate women by playing them off against each other. There is every reason to feel the pain of this, given the patterns in your chart, but you can bypass it by taking a deep breath, using your willpower and ignoring the pair of them. Don’t feed Vesta and you won’t feel Vesta. You actually need a holiday. Moving right away from people will help you a lot. But you also need to go away by yourself for a day or two, and get back to nature. Even longer would be great. Get out of this cycle to be by yourself, renew, restore and rejuvenate. At the moment people don’t look particularly rewarding to you. You’re getting no emotional satisfaction from those faces. Think about even a Saturday or Sunday spent walking in nature. When you come back, the astrological weather will have changed, and those faces will look very different to you. Some people in your life are solid gold but you don’t see it. I would also add, you have a huge amount of anger, as well as sexual energy, which weighs very heavily on you. Again, you need to go off by yourself and deal with that. Tibetan gong meditation can help balance your sacral chakra, which rules sex and survival, and there are some excellent free recordings out there as well as paid downloads from healers. All of this will help. But most of all, do not buy into the Vesta game and hate the other woman, compete with her, and hope to win your husband back. Nope. Your love life will bring what it brings, but the torment of Vesta situations can be awful. I have been handling women’s problems with Vesta since the year 2006, so going on for 15 years now, since I first started working with asteroids!

          1. Thanks Jessica! Yes, Absolutely letting go of Vesta! In a previous reply, you’d mentioned either letting it all go or try to engage sisterhood with other woman, to loosen the man’s power in situation. However, contacting other woman back in the spring had been a huge mistake; it totally backfired. She had too much to gain. Note to other members going through similar: Women like that have zero interest in sisterhood. I now see that my doing that actually fed the momentum vs. stopped it. So don’t even bother! Keep your dignity intact & stay away from Vesta!

            For me, it is a Huge relief moving to new place, which – as it happens – is located in natural environment, ocean-side! And, funny you should mention: Tibetan bowls meditations are part of my daily practise.
            I’m now going to concentrate on my career as best as I can & let the good astrology aspects coming in 2020 assist with renewing sex life within marriage again. I do hope the pregnancy thing won’t come to pass, as that was the only thing I could think of when I was reading about births etc. in 2020 & obviously was concerned. It appears my husband regrets his destructive choices. Thanks for clarification re: the 5th house: it has made me more optimistic & peaceful.

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