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The Astrology Show – February 2020

Game on! February 2020 is full of endings and beginnings, and two of the world's best-loved astrologers are here to take you through it, in The Astrology Show. Stephanie Johnson looks at the Aquarius weather ahead, and the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius at the end of 2020. Penny Thornton takes a long look at the Pluto in Capricorn cycle.

Welcome to The Astrology Show for February 2020

In this episode of The Astrology Show, Penny Thornton looks at Pluto in Capricorn. Stephanie Johnson explores Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. This is how the first cycle, which has been so obvious in January 2020, with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, has an ongoing impact in the year ahead.

Multimedia Astrology – Listen, Watch, Read About February 2020

The Astrology Show is a multimedia way to explore your horoscope. Watch videos at YouTube from our guests. Pick up the diary dates you need. Listen to the podcasts. Read features. Follow us on Twitter @astrologyshow for updates and questions.

Penny Thornton in Vogue

Penny A - The Astrology Show - February 2020


Penny Thornton is one of the world’s best-known astrologers. Read more about Penny’s experiences in Vogue magazine, and the time she counted Diana, Princess of Wales as her client. Penny is the author of several acclaimed astrology books, including Astrology in the Workplace, The Zodiac Cooks and With Love From Diana. We think you’ll find Penny’s take on Pluto in Capricorn in 2020 fascinating. You can also see videos, which add more to our February show, here.


Stephanie Johnson – Media, Academia and Astrology

Stephanie Johnson astrologer - The Astrology Show - February 2020Stephanie has a B.A. in Journalism and has trained in every aspect of astrology, with the Federation of Australian Astrologers and beyond. She is Co-director of Esoteric Technologies Pty Ltd, the creators and international publishers of the Solar Fire suite of astrology software. Author of the Solar Fire and Solar Writer Astrology Reports

Find more from Stephanie Johnson on YouTube here,

Dates to Watch – Notes For the February 2020 Astrology Show

All dates and times are approximate and cover time differences (and real-time days) between cities as distant as London and Auckland. For specific timing please use Solar Fire software. As you listen to Penny talk about the intense Capricorn transits and Stephanie take us through the emerging Aquarius transits, track the dates and times as they affect your chart. If you prefer the simplicity of Sun Sign astrology, Stephanie and Penny are household names online. Make sure you visit their websites for more about these cycles. Now, here’s Stephanie on the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius that’s coming, in December.

Yet, with the recent New Moon at the end of January 2020, and the Sun in Aquarius throughout February, you’ll also be seeing early signs of what is to come. Listen here.


Pluto in Capricorn in 2020 and Your World

As Penny discusses in the February edition of The Astrology Show, Pluto in Capricorn this year will change everything. Some of the most important aspects, or astrology patterns, in 2020 will involve Jupiter in Capricorn, in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn.

Jupiter in Conjunction With Pluto in Capricorn – Starts March!

2 l3lupn4ve 414x600 - The Astrology Show - February 2020

March 29th Until April 6th, 2020
From around Sunday the 29th of March until Monday the 6th of April we will see Jupiter move to 24 degrees of Capricorn, in the same position, or conjunct with, Pluto at 24 degrees of Capricorn. The pattern is repeated in June, as Pluto and Jupiter move retrograde, or appear to go backwards.

June 23rd Until July 1st, 2020
Tuesday, June 23rd until Wednesday, July 1st, 2020, finds Pluto and Jupiter both occupying 24 degrees of Capricorn. This is the second time we’ll see a Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction in 2020. The two planets then move to 23 Capricorn together as July goes on, moving backwards in a strange astrological dance. Between Sunday, July 5th and Thursday 9th July, they stand at 23 degrees.

July 5th Until July 9th, 2020
Jupiter 23 Capricorn in Conjunction with Pluto at 23 Capricorn

The Final Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction in November
This takes place as Jupiter finally moves forward, over old ground, and meets Pluto one last time in 2020.

Sunday, November 8th until Friday, November 13th, 2020
This is of course the outcome of the American 2020 Election and astrology suggests historic change. Jupiter moves at 22 Capricorn then and is in conjunction with Pluto at 22 Capricorn.

Saturn in Aquarius in 2020

Depending on your time zone, Saturn will enter Aquarius on Monday the 23rd of March and remain there at 0 and 1 degrees of Aquarius until Wednesday the 1st of July. He then goes back (retrogrades) into Capricorn.

He turns up again in Aquarius on Friday, December 18th, 2020, at 0 degrees, and is joined by Jupiter at 0 degrees Aquarius between Sunday, December 20th and Thursday, December 24th – Christmas Eve.

After The Astrology Show – For Adelaide Listeners

In Adelaide? Stephanie Johnson and Jessica Adams are speaking about the astrology of 2020 on Friday, February 7th, 2020, at a free evening function, with complimentary after-event refreshments. Join Australian Astrology and Tarot on Meetups, now, to attend. We have over 700 members around the country. We are strictly limiting numbers for Adelaide to 30 people.

Further Reading – The Capricorn Effect and The New Age of Aquarius



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32 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica -any chance for a new beginning with 25.06.83 person, in February? Sun at 03 and Moon in Capricorn -Venus in Leo… thanks!

    1. February is about the group for you, not love, sex or marriage – presumably that is what you are asking about here? Perhaps this person is part of the network or circle. You are all going to fall in a heap unless you rapidly do something about this. This is extreme Aquarius weather here in your Eleventh House, which rules this cluster of friends and acquaintances. Maybe your 25th June 1983 person is involved too. This could end happily with unity, solidarity and a new beginning for all of you, or actually end quite quickly. It’s up to you to save the situation. Communication saves it. That, and a group decision to quickly mobilise, navigate and time this absolutely right.

  2. Dear Jessica, may I ask you what astrology says of how The Capricorn effect and New Age of Aquarius effect me in work and love and where home would be by the end of this year?
    I am single, want children, and am trying to find work in the UK after receiving an exceptional talent visa. I did start to look for jobs in India a couple of months ago.
    When you posted about Capricorn And Cancer Karma, you had said to me that – “If you do not have work, or your startup has not succeeded, by January (at the peak of Capricorn weather) you will have to find a different career or relocate again.” I have applied for about 1000 jobs and written to 500 individually, and I don’t have one yet.
    In love, I’ve had it quite difficult for many many years. Sue Farebrother once said to me I don’t want complicated, but complicated finds me. For some strange reason, I also hold this feeling that a Scorpio guy (3 Nov 87) I met in August 2018 will reappear. He’s been hot and cold every time he appears and I am quite open to meeting someone new, but I haven’t been able to write him off in my soul.
    Would love to hear from you. Happy new year (lunar)! Warm wishes

    1. I am sorry you are being put through this, but you will have to find a different career, or relocate again, if you have not found a position by the end of January 2020. So you have this week to look. What you are going through are two cycles at the same time. The first one is Capricorn weather – also known as The Capricorn Effect. You know your are talented because you have a visa confirming that. The issue is not you, it is your location and the cycles you are going through. This intense, extreme climate is in your Tenth House of career, and in 2020, it is ‘the beginning of the end of’ trying to find your place in the world, and in the system. That’s a good thing. You also want to get married and have children. Sue M. Farebrother, whom I know as an Astrology and Tarot colleague, was right when she says ‘complicated finds you.’ You and Scorpio need to break free and decide if you are going to become sexual partners or not. This is different to getting married and having children. This may be just sex. You are both feeling the full weight of Pluto in Capricorn and also The Devil card. In fact, the devil in the card has the horns of Capricorn. So you might say you both feel dominated by Capricorn things. Social position. Rank. Class. Caste, if you were still in India. Status. Success. This is just an illusion. In fact as 2020 goes on, it will become increasingly easy for you to either a) break your chains and walk away to be free of him and the situation, where you can find a different lover or b) take his chains off, for him. Is he married or with a partner? Is that why he has not made a move? The other possibility here is that he breaks free of whom/what ties him up and this encourages you to do the same, to join him – or he releases you. I don’t really think you can set about finding a job and a place to live, in Britain or India, or anywhere else, until you sort out the situation with Scorpio. You could even have that conversation this week. If he won’t have it with you, then try again until you get a way out, or a way through. You urgently need to be liberated from your chains and also – face what you think good or bad is. Right or wrong. Sins! I don’t know how much your parents’ religion, or your grandparents’ religion, or your own religion has affected that. There is nothing evil about The Devil except the great wrong that occurs when people are too scared to snap their chains and leave the scene. The scene in this case is not something either of you want and you have ended up here, thanks to your mutual beliefs about what is ‘bad’ morally and ethically. Life is too short to waste on these things. In career terms, you will find that once you either get away from him, or commit to each other, you can actually move. Move to a new area, in fact. Once you move, you can take what is ‘sexy’ about you to employers and sell it. You have a real gift for pleasure. Bacchus is big in your chart. You are attractive, rather seductive, have a real affinity for the good life – but also have an understanding of nature and the natural world. You are a fairly unusual person, but for the right firm or company, that is a gift. But, you are in the wrong place. And you are in the wrong situation, locked into entrapment with Scorpio. The rest is up to you. As I assume Sue read your Tarot, I strongly recommend you buy or borrow a Smith-Waite deck and begin the home workshop I posted, just yesterday. I have seen people change their lives with it, so much for the better!

      1. Dear Jessica, thank you for taking the time to meditate on this, ask the Tarot, and reply at length. Very kind of you! I have assigned myself homework, to study and do the home workshop. May I use the deck online on your site? Would that work?
        P.S. Sue did read my tarot on 3 occasions now in 2 years. And I discovered her through you/ your site.

        1. Yes of course, please do use the Smith-Waite cards on my website – we were granted permission to use them by U.S. Games Systems, which was very kind.

          1. Dear Jessica, I did my homework using your website’s Tarot deck and would love to have the teacher’s remarks. I am not sure how to read it best.
            Present – The Devil
            Past – Ace of Cups
            Future – Five of Swords

            What is the beginning of the end of for me in 2020? Queens of Swords
            What is The Age of Aquarius leading to the beginning of for me? The High Priestess.

            Will he return? – Knight of Cups
            Should I reach out for that conversation? – Page of Swords

            P.S. Just an update, I got first calls for 3 jobs on 22/ 23 and 25 January, the first 2 in London and the last one being in India. Hopefully, that still counts as a job found in January, if I get a final offer, given the 24 Jan new moon and full moon on 9 Feb? I am hoping to stick around in London. When I asked the tarot. “Will I be moving to India soon (was thinking 2 months)? I got the Ten of Pentacles.

          2. Lots of questions and lots of cards there! Overall, you will study in 2021, or teach. Perhaps both at the same time. I am not sure if your jobs involve training or educating others, or you undergoing training or taking classes. That would certainly fit. You would expect to hear around December, but there would be signs earlier in the year too. You need to get rid of whatever is trapping you sexually or romantically. Break free. You can do it.

  3. Hi Jessica, I have Saturn at 0 in Aquarius. Any thoughts on how to read the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction that will trigger my natal Saturn? Thank you!

    1. Yes, that’s so important. Stephanie Johnson has explained this transit so well, yet as it also falls on your Saturn, it’s personal. This is your Saturn Return, but with Jupiter as well. Saturn in your birth chart is a symbol of how you protect yourself from what makes you vulnerable and exposed. If you look at the planet itself, it is usually pale yellow (fear) and surrounded by the famous rings. In your horoscope, Saturn in Aquarius is about social media, your social life, your friendships, the groups you belong to, and the groups you are affected by. It’s been like this since childhood so you may have felt vulnerable or exposed as the member of a Peanuts-style neighbourhood gang of friends, or there may have been ‘soft centres’ regarding a netball team – or just one particular friendship made you feel unprotected on some level. What will happen in December 2020 is a memory reawakened of childhood or your younger years, that asks you to look at how you protect yourself. What are your defences? Are you over-protected (paranoid) or under-protected (wide open to issues?) Jupiter is here to help and heal. In fact 2021 will enable you to make massive, beneficial changes which will improve your life in historic ways, in terms of friends and groups.

  4. Dear Jessica,

    My descendant is triggered in Capricorn by the Pluto transit. I’ve had the most difficult time at work these last couple of years. My organization is also going through major changes at the moment and I’m wondering how my chart is affected. Thank you

    1. You are having it both ways, as a Sun Leo with Pluto in your Sixth House of work – and as someone born with a Capricorn Descendant. The Descendant describes anyone against you. The other side, or the person/organisation in the opposite corner. There is a great need to calm down and slow down – and cool down. This may be you, or a person in the picture. Part of it is the intense astrological weather we have. It is stormy. We’re looking at a battle here, within your organisation, or against the competition. Perhaps both. Mars is right across this and he is the old Roman god of war, who is interested in action and speed, not strategy and common-sense. In any case, a bit of plotting and planning would work very well for you. Treat this like a chess game or perhaps a game of toy soldiers. Look at issues like a family involved, and how this would affect the family – are some branches about to depart the scene? Think about a group involved. This may be a network, circle of friends, trade union, professional organisation, sports team and so on. Look at the possible outcomes when someone races in to do battle, or wants to make cuts. Don’t be distracted by the atmosphere of chopping and changing, great haste and unrest. Take a deep breath and work your way around the situation to see what is actually going to serve you. This does not last. And it is not actually that important in terms of the whole span of your year!

  5. yikes. I am incredibly excited about gen aquarius and particularly “regime” change in the US – but as an almost 50 year old man with dependents looking for a job – the fact that my Ascendant is in Cap at 24 is making me deeply uncomfortable. I work in a great field – renewable energy – but struggling right now. Any insight?

    1. You work in renewable energy? You’re laughing, as they say in Australia. Laughing all the way to the bank until 2026. Uranus (new inventions) in Taurus (big business) is your friend. He was last here on FDR’s New Deal. We may be looking at a Green New Deal which benefits you, or similar politics which bankrolls renewables. This is transition year, so difficult, but 2021 is astonishing. Don’t worry so much about your Ascendant. It’s just your image. Your brand, title and ‘front’ online, in particular. The rest of you will come through to the right people, who are looking for what you know/have.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Started a new job and lover moving to another country in March.. anything I need to expect? X

    1. Just have Plan B and C with any group (like a professional organisation) or friend (old or new friends) as Mercury Retrograde is doing the loop in Aquarius, which rules both networks of people and friendships. There may be delays, reversals or changes to the original agreements.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your important blog by well-known astrologers. This blog may be the substitute of your famous “when stars align” article series. Whenever stars align each other and with my stellium, I noticed that some effects occurred, in one or the other way, as you predicted. This time alignment looks profound as it consists of big planets and they align several times in one Sign. In Capricorn, I have Ops at 23, and Salacia at 24, the exact alignment degrees. My would-be business partner has Neptune at 23 and Uranus at 27. We both are Aquarians, me at 18 and he, at 16. We are going to work on the development and production of novel fermented foods. How will the coming alignments affect our business itself and our relationship?

    1. This partnership is really about Ops, and you know she was discovered when Margaret Thatcher rose to power. This is a strong woman like Baroness Thatcher or even Boadicea (Ops was Saturn’s wife and Jupiter’s mother, and not to be messed with). So this is not a partnership. It’s about one of you saying ‘This far and no further’ with very strong boundaries. This could work. Yet there are major issues here about trust and boundaries. You two would have to figure out the politics and the dynamic quite carefully as one of you is dominating. The issue here is Ops at 23 and Neptune at 23. When we have Neptune around there is a lot of confusion – billowing clouds of confusion actually – and thus the need for one of you to set really strong and even rather aggressive boundaries. It’s like trying to stem the tide. This is okay as far as it goes but you both need a system.

  8. Thanks enormously relieving that the ascendant isn’t particularly relevant. Interesting reading your comment above re: descendant as “the other side” as mine is in Cancer – so assume home/family/homeland? Been fighting to make it work on another continent and struggling – have made the decision to return home. Perhaps this is part of the big picture. thanks!

    1. You’re having Cancer-Capricorn issues at the end of a long and difficult cycle. We’ve had the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn through 2019, and yet this karmic cycle breaks in May 2020. Anything stuck, slow, blocked or locked will unlock itself once the North Node is out of Cancer, the sign ruling home, home town, homeland, family. You’ve had this repeated pattern in your Fourth House of belonging and foundations, ruled by Cancer, on a monthly basis and it’s been so challenging. Not long to go before life seems a great deal more normal!

  9. Hi Jessica, any thoughts about what happened to the tumultuous events astrologers have been long predicting for governments and society during January’s Saturn /Pluto conjunction? Was it not a damp squib? So Harry caused problems in the Royal Family, so what? None of this affects the man in the Street. We’ve got no new Parliament for the 21st Century, (just the same old, same old) the same faces lecture us from our TV screens, the technocrats of the EU globalism agenda are still in power. Why do we have to wait so long for true revolution in the way ordinary people live to happen?

    1. January saw the President of the United States impeached, Vladimir Putin’s entire government resign, the Wuhan Virus lock down China, the Royal Family affected by the departure of Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex and a US-UK crisis involving Prince Andrew, and Brexit confirmed for the 31st. This is the first stage of The Capricorn Effect – have a look on Search – it was predicted two years ago.

  10. Hi Jessica, I am born 1940 GMT in Maidstone, Kent UK on 28th Dec 1977. I am longing for change but find that progress is slow. I also want to be my own person but am still rather conflicted and also currently see a way to do this. Internally, I feel myself strengthening and I am also consciously building myself up and I have a child whom Im devoted to, so again I second guess myself. Any insight would be helpful thank you.

    1. You are in a transition year. The year 2020 is really odd, because it is ‘the beginning of the end’ for some situations, people, places and organisations which were part of the furniture for so long. It is also ‘the beginning of the beginning’ which is really exciting, but the two processes take place at the same time. Progress will be slow all year but from December it accelerates. That is when you find all the new friends you made this year, groups you joined or gave more to, begin to make sense to you for 2021. Your child is part of the story. In fact the friends or groups surround you, as a parent. None of this is dropped in through the ceiling though, you have to walk past it, or hear about it, then make the call. Looks good.

  11. HI Jessica I am really intrigued by the 24 degrees Jupiter Capricorn conjunction coming up. I just signed up to an agency serving elite families for nanny needs and they have asked me to lead children’s yoga classes as soon as I become accredited! I haven’t even enrolled yet but am about to shortly so that’s not the problem. The problem is … I’m doubting myself especially when it’s a financially big outlay for us right now. I’m doubting that this will ‘become anything’ or if I ‘can even do it properly ‘. UGH! I’m driving myself crazy right now and I’m really hoping you can shed some light (is this my lucky break?) on whether this may pan out factoring in my 23 degree Capricorn. Thank you indeed! I’m terribly excited but nervous about it all right now. x

    1. Well done. Do not doubt yourself. This is what I was talking to you about a few weeks ago. You will have a lot of backwards-forwards thinking in February and March with Mercury Retrograde, but do not flip-flop on other people because they need you. Get out there. Later on you will combine yoga with other skills, involving childminding, and become a unique service provider – if you want it.

  12. Hi Jessica, I’m sorry but a lot of times I don’t understand what you want to say in your horoscopes… I’m not English but I try to do may best to understand the meaning. Can you please use more simple english words to explain your interpretation of the planets and what will happen. I read all your horoscopes for years now, because some years ago I followed your advice and it helped me very much. I thank you very much for that. You are really talented and a very good astrologer. Thank you for your good work.
    If I may, I am born 09 october 1976,at 14:15 in Postojna-Slovenia since I don’t have nothing (no family, no job, no love, no money…) was wondering if you can see if there will ever be a normal life for me. Thank you very much. Much love, Isabell.

    1. Thank you Isabell, but you are the only person I have had, complain about my use of the English language. You don’t say if you are still in Slovenia, or if you are in another country, trying to deal with language differences. This is actually a major part of the whole story. Being in the right place, to communicate, to hear and be heard. This is a really tough cycle for you, regarding where you fit in and belong, but it lifts in March, improves hugely in May and is over in December.

  13. Jessica,
    My Rat June, 22 1972 that I like a lot… Will his Mom recover from serious illness…
    Thank You for your feedback…

  14. Hi Jessica wondering if I am going to overcome this disease I have been diagnosed with.? It sounds like it’s going to be life changing.

    1. I am sorry you have been diagnosed with a disease. The most important thing I can tell you about 2020 is that yes, it will change your life – the year as a whole will absolutely transform you. Yet, it will be in a potentially wonderful way. You are going to be educated, taught, guided and mentored. You are also going to teach, instruct and lead others. This two-way education process is shown by the North Node in Gemini (the information flow) and the South Node in Sagittarius (workshops, courses, classes, casual learning) from May this year. In fact, the Nodes go through your Third House of wisdom and Ninth House of deep knowledge, throughout the year 2021 as well into January 2022. This is a huge chart trigger for you. So, much as I appreciate that you are concerned about a disease, your chart is saying ‘This is more important than that.’ Quite astonishing things are possible for you this year, particularly from May when the cycle begins, and it is past life in origin. You have been both teacher and student in many lifetimes and this will now come back to you. Total transformation is possible with the right knowledge and its application. That is what I am being told, to tell you. And you’ll give it to others, but receive it yourself. If you are not already meditating and connecting to spirit, please begin the process. You can be a lightning conductor for higher wisdom, you see.

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