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The Ghislaine Maxwell Astrology Chart

Sun Capricorn socialite Ghislaine Maxwell also has Mercury, Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. In July 2020 we have Pluto in Capricorn. What next, following her arrest by the FBI? Why does astrology show specific dates to watch as questions continue to be asked about Jeffrey Epstein and his rich and powerful friends - including Prince Andrew?

True Prediction – Ghislaine Maxwell

If you are new to this website (or psychic astrology) then you need to know how it works. Basically, it was possible to date-stamp predictions about Ghislaine Maxwell and the Jeffrey Epstein network, this way.

My own training as a professional psychic medium, plus a rare line-up of astrology dates, led to this:

February 4th 2020 – “July 2020 Predicts Big Business and Politics Storm”

I named two dates. Both 2nd July and 22nd July.

The New York Times published the news on 2nd July: “Ghislaine Maxwell, Associate of Jeffrey Epstein is arrested.”

The Washington Post (which recently ran a terrific story on astrology, interviewing me and my Sun Sign School colleague Penny Thornton) ran with this on the 22nd of July 2020, “Trump Wishes Ghislaine Maxwell, well.”

The Ghislaine Maxwell Astrology Chart

The plot thickens around Jeffrey Epstein’s legacy now that Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested.

Her astrology chart clearly shows her FBI arrest on July 2nd, 2020. This ambitious Capricorn woman has just met a critical Pluto cycle. The featured image photo (Alamy) actually shows her embracing the Walt Disney Pluto. Sometimes the universe has a sense of humour. The Ghislaine Maxwell horoscope is from

Don’t Be Fooled by the July 5th Eclipse

Astrology predicted ‘rotten kingdoms’ would start to collapse on 2nd July. That was back in February and you saw the date-stamped forecast here on this website. The charts for Buckingham Palace and the White House (buildings have astrology charts too) showed the beginning of the end – of the rot.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre - The Ghislaine Maxwell Astrology ChartDon’t be fooled by the events near Sunday 5th July on the eclipse. An eclipse always diverts your attention away from the person (or people) you should be watching, and the truth of the story. There is usually a dazzling spotlight on one face, or one apparent event, but months or years later, we find out that we were misled. An eclipse usually hides the real story in plain sight. It’s really clear that as we go into July 2020 the spotlight is on Prince Andrew. Courageous women like Virginia Roberts Guiffre (a survivor of the Epstein world) have put him front-and-centre with the media.

Just be aware that what/who is staring us in the face on Sunday 5th July 2020 will bring quite unknown factors into the drama that are hidden from us now. From an astrologer’s point of view, the person who gets massive media attention on Sunday, July 5th, 2020, is diverting us from what (or who) we should be searching. In some depth. For some time. This eclipse sweeps the Ghislaine Maxwell chart like a searchlight.

The Statue of Liberty was hit by lightning (the symbol for Uranus, the symbol of enlightenment and shock) as Trump wished Maxwell the best, on the week ending July 24th 2020.

As the astrology predicted, back in February, July would be the month it all started to crack for the elite. Keep watching.

Ghislaine Maxwell – Born on Christmas Day

Maxwell was born on Christmas Day, December 25, 1961, at 3.20pm in Maisons Laffitte in France. She was arrested on the day astrology predicted a storm for Buckingham Palace and the White House. The 2nd of July 2020. This was published and foreseen on this website five months before it happened.

astro 2anz ghislaine maxwell he.5776.3833 407x600 - The Ghislaine Maxwell Astrology Chart

Why The Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Saga Runs Until 2021

Ghislaine Maxwell has her MC (Midheaven) at 8 Aquarius, the sign of networks, rings and groups (and also friends and social circles) next to Jupiter at 9 Aquarius. Aquarius also rules charities. This natal chart pattern for Maxwell is also about friends in high places, which she has always had. This is the chart of a very well-connected socialite. It’s also very much about The Terra Mar Project, Maxwell’s ocean-advocacy group. I mentioned  the sign Aquarius. Just look at the logo for Terra Mar (now closed).

220px Terramar logo - The Ghislaine Maxwell Astrology ChartAquarius has historically been the sign of the water-bearer and the Terra Mar logo is the same as the famous wavy-line glyph we use for that zodiac sign. The fact that Maxwell is so strongly Aquarian, and we have historic, heavy transits coming up in that sign (from 2021) suggests a real time of reckoning for The Terra Mar Project, set up to ‘protect the oceans.’

I’m also interested in the square from transiting Uranus at 8, 9 Taurus (finance) to Maxwell’s MC and Jupiter conjunction at 8, 9 Aquarius – which of course brings in the ‘billions’ aspects of Jeffrey Epstein’s life too.  The very rich man who abused girls. Everyone is talking about the sex. What about the money? You can find out more about the short-lived Terra Mar charity, even though it has now shut down, at The Clinton Foundation website.

Sign of the Times – The Ghislaine Maxwell Drama

In astrology you look for a perfect storm to develop in stages. For Maxwell it is September 27th until December 19th 2020, just before her birthday. There is then a long pause before we go into 2021.

The Times 471x600 - The Ghislaine Maxwell Astrology ChartBetween January 20th and April 18th, 2021, Maxwell’s affairs hit a second crisis. This is straight after her second Saturn Return comes from November 27th to December 7th, 2020. Hard karma for this mountain goat.

Christmas 2020 is a time of reckoning for Ghislaine Maxwell. It’s a very Capricorn story. You can attend as many parties as you like, or weddings, involving President Donald Trump, former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew (Capricorn the mountain goat loves to reach the people at the top) but the cycles of time have a way of catching up with you. New York Magazine 450x600 - The Ghislaine Maxwell Astrology Chart

The odds are high that the FBI will go back to August 7th 2017 for crucial information about Maxwell. Why? We had a Full Moon Eclipse with the Sun at 15 Leo and Moon at 15 Aquarius on that date. It’s just one degree away from the Moon at 14 Leo in Ghislaine Maxwell’s natal chart. And an eclipse is always a cover-up in astrology. 

Legacy, Business, Finance and Property

The horoscope for Maxwell here, does show crisis for a legacy, share portfolio, property investment and so on. Maxwell will face this when Uranus goes to 12 Taurus and opposes her Neptune at 12 Scorpio.

That is May 25th to June 12th, 2021. Time’s up for Terra Mar then. Note the fact that this is Uranus opposite Neptune. A symbol for the oceans that Maxwell’s charity purported to protect.

Saturn moves to 12 Aquarius soon after, and Ceres is at 12 Taurus the same month. June 2021 is a financial and property crossroads for Ghislaine Maxwell. Revelations about Terra Mar from May 25th to June 12th, 2021 change everything. It’s really interesting that New York magazine dreamed up this little black book for its cover story on Jeffrey Epstein’s people (above).  In 2021, we are going to see little black books, log books, computer notebooks play their part.

You would expect Maxwell and Epstein’s diaries, letters, recordings, videotapes, confessions to surface when the North Node goes to 10 Gemini and this happens in May and June 2021. This pans out with the financial crossroads of June, mentioned above. Between May 7th and July 13th, 2021, Ghislaine Maxwell will make headlines with her diaries, personal papers, statements, recordings or interviews. May and June 2021 is the critical crossroads.

The Bigger Picture of Maxwell and Epstein

The bigger picture of this depressing story of child abuse by the rich elite, is really about the end of the old Capricorn Age. We have all had to endure this as Pluto and Saturn all transited the sign of social climbing, the elite, big business, power, politics and wealth (December 2017 ongoing). Now Jupiter is here, as predicted, right on cue on 2nd July,  it’s clean-up time.

It’s so typical of astrology, though, that we should find a photograph of Ghislaine Maxwell locked in embrace with Pluto. No prizes for guessing who Pluto turned out to be.

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20 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Another great and insightful article.

    My feeling from Ghislaine’s chart is the delusion of entitlement with the T-square between the Jupiter/Moon opposition squaring Neptune. I am glad there is a reckoning coming. That’s the hubris from her embracing Pluto!

    Though Ghislaine is going to go have fun times with all those lovely Saturn returns, what is your feeling about her Jupiter return at the end of January 2021? The Sun and Jupiter will be conjunct whilst transiting her natal Jupiter. Transiting Venus will be conjunct Saturn and Mars will be in opposition to natal Neptune. I was wondering if she was going to be successful with an appeal or applying for one, but then have it revoked when Saturn makes a transit later in February/March 2021 as well as the square from Uranus.

    I think she is on the first leg of some interesting times.


    1. Thank you Fran. I am enjoying these different interpretations of the Ghislaine Maxwell natal chart. We are fortunate to have AA data for a change. I quite agree about Jupiter in her chart. Her ‘luck’ will be possessing details that people want. It won’t stop justice being done as the girls (and perhaps the boys) who were abused are now adults and they are about to discover people power together. Strength in numbers. They are not rich or famous (although Virginia Roberts Guiffre is leading the global campaign). Yet, together, especially if one of them kept a dress (rather like Monica Lewinksy’s dress) or even a DNA sample after a pregnancy termination – that kind of thing – they will bring down a rotten kingdom. This is the Aquarius surge, with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, ahead of Pluto in Aquarius. That sign is dominating the world and we have Generation Aquarius, born with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, coming into their own. They do not want the sexual corruption of the old, white, rich elite. The Jupiter transits will help Maxwell but only so far. She embraced Pluto and that is a dangerous thing to do.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    This is great

    Time for this people to be caught and exposed! I believe we are heading for a better world

    Keep the good work,

    1. Thank you. Ghislaine Maxwell is heading for her second Saturn Return and old age, possibly in prison, possibly with the risk of COVID-19 within that prison. I suspect she will hand over a great deal of information or make sure somebody else does. She’s a highly intelligent woman. It is time that the ‘rotten kingdoms’ as Shakespeare put it, came down. I completely agree!

  3. Hi Jessica

    This is quite interesting. When Pluto reaches her Saturn, will she be alive? She has other people’ s secret. What happened to Epstein. Can happen to her.

    Thank you

    1. I keep seeing people on Twitter speculating that Ghislaine will either be murdered or take her own life before she can hand over the evidence. Astrology does not predict death and never has. What it does predict, and has done since February, is that July 2020 would take down the elite who have broken the rules. So she will talk, or the tapes, diaries, log books, letters and the rest will be handed over, or presented and confirmed. Watch.

  4. Good afternoon Jessica

    You say: “The charts for Buckingham Palace and the White House (buildings have astrology charts too) showed the beginning of the end – of the rot”.

    As a Brit, I must admit to being more interested in Buckingham Palace than the White House (even if that is narrow minded of me). At the moment the spotlight seems to be as much on Meghan Markle as Andrew Windsor. She seems determined to have her day in court and point the finger at alleged ‘rottenness’ at the core of the Buckingham Palace Institution (whatever that might be).

    We are told by tabloids that we have only heard a small fraction of the tensions and disruptions her sojourn as a senior royal caused within that Institution. But which side to take? Personally I think she has moved on and should now let her resentment (or whatever it is) go.

    I’d love to know what you think – your insights are so accurate.

    Keep safe and well – we need you!


    1. Meghan Markle? I am not sure if she has a personal psychic or astrologer, but if so – she is either ignoring the advice or getting the wrong advice! Thank you Liz.

  5. Hey Jessica, thanks for your amazing astrology work I enjoy it very much all the way from Cape Town, South Africa.
    You were right again as always, saying that around the July eclipse there will be someone/something being like a distraction to the world, distracting us from the REAL issues. Well Kanye West announced his run for Presidency (LoL) whether he was joking or not it definitely seems like he had/have our attention. I guess we will have to wait and see. Have a wonderful day further JC

    1. Thank you JC and I am waving to you in beautiful Cape Town. You will find out exactly what Kanye West was up to by October but it is too late for Donald. He’s over.

  6. Hi Jessica
    I am interested in knowing what will happen to people who have a good reputation but are still Pluto types? For instance this individual with chiron at 23 aries?

    1. In that case it is really about the end of a system (or many systems actually) which affects that person. We are going to see the end of money laundering in 2020 and 2021 and astrology predicted this many years ago (search ‘money laundering’ and Uranus in Taurus for these old forecasts). Corrupt systems will collapse, so that will have a major impact on New York and London, for example. These are very old astrology rules going back to the 16th century!

  7. I’m not well-verses enough to enlighten anyone yet but there is a connection that is Saturnian.

    Well done

    1. I tested all the house systems in Solar Fire many years ago and used the Second World War and all its keynote events, from the beginning, to D-Day, to V.E. Day to find out which worked best. I tried Equal House, Placidus, Campanus, Regiomontanus and lord knows what else. The only one that worked every time was Natural House. Some people call it Aries 0 Ascendant. It is in fact an equal house system, but it’s quite different, as the Ascendant and Descendant, Midheaven and Immum Coeli actually go into houses. I use it for date-stamped prediction and it certainly called the virus, twice before it happened, a year in advance, to the day (in the case of the first death in China) and within two days (in the case of WHO declaring a pandemic). Do try it; it is used for every Premium Member on this website.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    Where do you see Prince Harry and his wife a year from now?
    Just curious.

    1. A few more notes about fate, destiny, astrology and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – as we see more travel bubbles and border closures around the world by 2021, 2022, this pair will invent a completely new way to be global citizens and end up with two or three different bases. They can say no but I think the offer is too tempting for them and eventually they will find a way to ‘go home’ but through some COVID-free tunnels. A lot of people might be inspired to copy them.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Where do you see Prince Harry and his wife a year from now?
    Thank you,

    1. I posted a profile of Meghan Markle a long time ago, before Archie was born, and suggested her chart showed she would either make a fortune for charity with Harry, or take him to the cleaners. That choice is still there. The Royal Family never ceases to fascinate!

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