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Your 2021 Yearly Horoscope

Welcome to 2021 when Jupiter, the planet of solutions, hope, breakthroughs and optimism, will be with us twice. He will be with Saturn in Aquarius first, giving big answers to every serious question – in one area of your life.

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4 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica,

    As a Gemini I am excited and / or relieved by your 2021 forecast both here and on the Great Conjuction video stream. On 27 December my partner suffered a stroke and her path to recovery is uncertain and long, which has brought me a very different perspective to what my year might hold. I have no hesitation that my partner’s needs are my first, second and third priorities [and fourth through tenth for that matter] – and I am interested in any insight you might have as to how this plays out across 2021. My partner is an Aries. Coincidentally [or not] the time of her stroke is 40 years on from my own father’s passing.

    Kind regards.

    1. I am really sorry about all you are going through with your partner’s stroke – which happened 40 years after your father passed away. Karma is an easy word to write down but is deep and really hard (obviously) to go through. Yours with your her, ends January 2022. If we go to your personal chart as well as your Gemini chart we find Neptune at 9 Scorpio in the Eighth House, which is about financial and intimate partnership. So this is the same story told twice. You are experiencing Uranus at 9 Taurus opposite Neptune at 9 Scorpio in the house of mortgage and marriage, joint finances, shared possessions, mutual wills/legacies and so on. That can only happen once in your adult life and it challenges you to get real about what has been not totally real, for a very long time. You also have this karma, going back to 2002, either with her specifically, or someone else who raises the same karmic issues. You are owed, or owe, spiritually, from that year. Easy for me to write, as I’ve said, a bigger deal for you to go through. And yet there is a completion about this by January 2022 when you will feel things have come full circle. Have a look at the South Node on Search or in your guidebooks, as this explains the cycle. South Node in the solar Seventh House, for you. In your personal chart, have a look at Uranus, Neptune and the Eighth House. You will then see this cycle explained. Transiting Uranus opposite natal Neptune. Be practical about the emotional business of having merged with her, in terms of bank accounts, possessions, credit cards, objects, home/s. You won’t feel like it, but it needs to be done. It’s part of the cycle and it will make life a great deal easier later on, if you can do that. There has been a real merging, with no boundaries and the lines are very blurred, but it is common sense to try and sort this out, with a professional to help, if needs be.

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