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Welcome To The New Website

Welcome to the new Jessica Adams website.  This explains what's changed and what premium members should do next.

While things may not look very different around here, we launched a brand new website for on August 1, 2021.  During this process existing member profiles and recently expired profiles and information were migrated, and all automatically recurring payments were cancelled in PayPal.  This was done because they could not be transferred to the new site.

Here’s all the information you need to know.

What happens to my old membership?

As a premium member, the remaining time left on your membership was moved to the new site, but your payment subscription was not.  All recurring payments in PayPal were canceled as part of the transition to the new site.

To enjoy uninterrupted access, you will need to order a new membership subscription before your current membership falls due. The remaining balance of membership days will be added to your new subscription. Your payment method will only be charged when your current membership balance expires.

Premium Members with a current (paid up) membership were moved across to the new site, along with the profiles of expired members who expired in the month of July 2021. Every current member has been credited with an additional 5 free days of membership to ensure that no member misses out as a result of our system upgrades.

Former members with lapsed memberships older than 30 days did not have their profiles migrated to the new site. If you are one of these members and would like to continue your membership, then you are welcome to subscribe again by choosing a Membership Plan and completing checkout. On this new site, you can pay using PayPal or Stripe.

When is my membership due to expire?

You can see how many days are remaining on your existing membership, after being logged in to the site and viewing the Membership section of the home page.  You will also see an easy link to See Plans so you can choose a plan and resubscribe.

Screen Shot 2021 07 24 at 10.22.03 pm e1627797226608 1024x607 - Welcome To The New Website

Founding members on our grandfathered plans have been sent a discount purchase link. It’s crucial that you check this email before purchasing as all purchases are final.

Why did you do this?

The current site was  about nine years old, and the technology for managing membership sites has improved greatly over that time. The old platform was preventing us from offering new membership features. The new platform we have moved to will allow us to deliver more innovative membership features in the future.

Improvements to the site

There have been improvements to all the divination features like Fortune Cookies, The Astrology Oracle and the Smith-Waite Tarot. Members creating birth charts is have a smoother experience with birth location data enhanced by Google Maps.

Better performance on mobile devices

The site has been dramatically improved for mobile users. Many more users now access by smartphone than any other type of device, so we are now catering better for all of you and when you use the site on your phone should notice improvements.

Gift Memberships and Self-service account management

The site now has self-service account management features, so you can now upgrade and downgrade (and even cancel your membership) yourself.

If you want to a give a gift that is different you can now gift a membership to a friend or loved one just check the ‘this membership is a gift’ option during checkout and you can tell us who to send the membership to.

Proper Astrological Postcards you can email

The new site will allow you to send astrological birthday cards from the site, which is a great new and convenient feature.  Now you as a premium member can send birthday cards directly from the site.

Pisces Astrology Birthday Card 1 300x213 - Welcome To The New Website

What are my payment options?

The new site provides some additional flexibility in terms of paying for your membership.  You can now choose to make your payments through Stripe or Paypal. Choose one or other during checkout to set up your subscription.

Frequently asked questions has more information for you

Look for the Frequently Asked Questions section that explains many of the changes and will answer questions you have.

And you can always get support

The support team are here to help with any questions you have about your membership, the new site and how to update your card details. To get support, click the familiar Support button in the bottom right hand corner of the home page.

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Comment Policy

Please take time to read the Comment Policy of this website because it applies to you and contains important information about how commenting works on this website. By posting a comment you grant Jessica Adams Proprietary Limited explicit and irrevocable permission to publish your comment including your name. As a user of this website you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions You are solely responsible for what you post. Your published comment will appear on the website and in search engine results. Do not post personal information or anything that should not be made public.  Comment moderation is in force, which means your comment will not appear immediately if at all. Jessica Adams does not reply to every comment and her replies are on a best-efforts basis which means your comment or question may never receive a reply. Support does not reply to questions about comments as we assume by posting you have read and understand this comment policy. 

46 Responses

  1. Hello,

    you may want to check MC, IC, ASC, and DESC. The degrees and signs seem to be wrong.


    1. Hi Siru,

      You’re absolutely right, we fixed it earlier today.

      Thanks for letting us know. Anything else, please click the Support button and let us know.

  2. Dear Jessica,
    Congratulations to your new website which I have just encountered. It seems the website is under construction. I was amazed and confused by an email from Paypal that my membership fee was refunded. I don’t know how to subscribe it again. I hope you will continue to contribute wonderful astrology posts and predictions. Thank you for your contributions.

    1. Thanks for your message. The best thing to do is login to the site and then on the home page in the membership section you will see Membership. Here you can see your carried over membership period, and click See plans to sign up again. You won’t be charged until your existing membership falls due.

  3. Hi Jessica
    Hope all is well and congratulations on the new site. I have done websites and know that the beginning there are sometimes little glitches. I quickly looked before running out the door this morning but noticed that my chart has changed. I now have Aquarius and Leo factors that I didn’t have before and I did not have time to check it all but I am wondering if there is something else I need to re-adjust or is this one just a more accurate chart? Another thing is that on weekly cancer horoscope it says “the ring” card but shows the child card. Thank you and so looking forward to pouring over the rest of the site when I get home later!

    1. Hi Billi,

      You are very astute and sorry we missed these couple of things during our tests. We’ve fixed both of these now.

      Thanks for letting us know.


  4. Hi Jessica

    I have logged into your new site (obviously, since you’re getting this message) and I’m looking forward to exploring it further.

    A curiosity though, my birth data has changed. I went to current planetary data to see if it’s a good day relaunch my charity’s social media/website (if it was good for you, I thought it might be for me) but there’s so much in retrograde. Anyway, that’s not my actual question, what I found is my Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars have all moved a few degrees and my MC/IC have changed planets altogether! Am I not who I thought I was?

    Warm regards

    1. Hi Sharlene, thanks for letting us know. We have checked up on this issue and made a minor change, this should all be working as it should now.

  5. Hi Jessica. I used the tarot divination tool today and it was so lovely to have a stack of cards to choose from and the option to shuffle if it didn’t feel right to pick one up straightaway. I can also see comments can be in thread again.
    Congratulations on the new website and the considerate touches such as to the tarot. Wishing more people discover your gift. Warm regards.

  6. Hi,
    The new website looks good… a nice refresh and like the more subtle elements in the design. Congrats. Cheryl

  7. Love the new layout. Especially like the new Tarot, and the “Home” drop down for members!

  8. what’s the story with your covid lockdowns? I thought oz wasn’t so docile. the variant is less lethal so why the big production?

    1. Two of my friends are dead from COVID-19. Both were healthy men in their fifties. Australians are proud to be Zero Covid. Goodbye.

  9. Hi.
    I am also a little confused as to which the daily horoscope is. I used to know that when I looked even though it said Sunday in my time zone it was Saturday but the planets were the same for your Sunday and that’s how I navigated it. Now it is co fusing because I see “are you in a different time zone” but it is a day behind me. I am not sure which one to be looking at.

    1. Thank you. I don’t know what country you are in, but if you contact Support, they can quickly explain this time zone issue with the daily horoscope.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    I love you new website congratulations and I have just purchased a new six month membership.
    I notice that my birthchart changed and now has changed back to what it has always been, thanks you for having that glitch fixed.
    Jessica may I please ask you. Would you shed some light on my future please? As during August 2017 I went through an awful and very sad relationship breakdown with my beautiful partner of 11 years, he got hooked on drugs so I was out by August 2018. He was the love of my life and I have not had much luck in both meeting someone new nor work wise and never was able to settled any financial arrangements. So I struggled through but where I was living was not really the best place to find employment. I have since lost my home end of March this year and had to sell my car to get through. I have been very lucky to have had a very supportive Family behind me, especially my eldest sister. Today I managed to gain a new place to rent but once again it is in another region but the rent I can afford. I have a little 14 year old ginger cat Tom whom has had to cope with becoming homeless with me and all that comes with losing everything, possessions only I mean. I am 56 and very very concerned about starting over again and Tom and my survival is paramount. As at my age with no real training not much is on offer with employment. I have 24 Leo moon, 25 Leo cupido 27 Leo ASC and 13 degrees Gemini in the north and south nodes. My question I am guess is will I face bankruptcy or some sort of court hearing or is their some sort of good fortune instead of heartache. Needless to say it has been a very hard road indeed. I don’t wish to sound negative as I am very aware there are others worse off than me. Just require a little hope of maybe having a bit of success for a change. Thank you Jessica and congrats again on the new look. I love being back in a position to gain membership again, thank you for making it affordable and we’ll priced. Sheri

    1. Thank you Sheri. I am glad Premium Membership is delivering and I’m flattered you are with us for another six months. The birth chart software issues are now fixed. I can see your full chart and as you are a Sun Gemini who has the South Node of karma in her Seventh House of former partners, I automatically look at your natal horoscope to see what else is going on, to back this up. Actually you are being guided towards friendship and time alone, as more important than the usual ideas about marriage and children. It will be far more important and fulfilling for you. I am very sorry you lost your home. Your family and sister backed you, thank goodness, and yet now you have rent to pay and Tom the cat to look after. You are worried about court or bankruptcy. Okay, so the friendships within a group are key here. Are you already involved in such a group? It may be a book club, or a yoga class on Zoom, or a free Meetup for cat owners, or whatever. An existing network will be a fantastic asset for you, but you will also join a new one by this time next year. Everything you want and need can be helped by that club, team, charity, society, association, trade union or whatever it is. So trust that new friend or the old friend who comes back into view as part of that circle. You will be offered a new part-time or full-time role, after December – or possibly a course which trains you for a new job. By January you will realise 2022 is going to be so much better than 2021 ever was and you should have a new position or project by April. You have been to hell and back with finances and property and are a survivor. The worst is over and from 2023 you will no longer have to work so hard, all the time, at your budget. If you get stuck with money again, light a candle and ask your family or friends in spirit to help. They want to help but they have to be asked. When you see an obvious sign, follow it.

  11. Hi Jessica, New site looks good. Congrats!

    We have been told we need to get to herd immunity of 70%+ for 18 months+. Now told that herd immunity it is 80%+. If the virus continues to mutate and even the vaccinated continue to transmit the virus as it has been over the past 18 months, doesn’t it really mean there is really no herd immunity. People are not connecting the dots that what the virus is doing and will continue to do and what we are been told which are two different things. Even if we can take 5 or 10 shots of the vaccine, but the virus likely to continue to mutate and transmit to human to human.

    So the question: Aside from stopping globalism, how and when do we stop this virus’s cycle of mutating and also the fallacy that the current vaccine that is being sold to us is not a the vaccine at all like the smallpox or polio vaccine, etc. , but just a temp. shot?

    Thanks again for the great work you do!

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Asporea, who run this website. Yes, the astrology has been clear about the injections of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, Sputnik and the rest – it was never ‘vaccination’ as we understand it. Basically, they all fail to some degree. Pfizer and AstraZeneca can only deliver a 60% result against two of the COVID-19 variants. Huge amounts of data from Israel, but also from the Seychelles (the most vaccinate place on earth) clearly show that injections are not the solution. The astrology has been quite specific that this is a globalisation, travel, international trade, emigration and tourism problem. Of course anybody can take one look at the unfolding crisis in Sydney (to name just one city) and see that. The virus will continue to mutate and the global pandemic will roll on. The only solution is a local solution. That will become a way of life from 2026 when after five years of stop-start living, economic uncertainty and all the other problems that come with weak borders – the planet finally understands the solution is to push back against the constant movement of people. This is Uranus in Gemini (the local revolution in short-haul travel) defeating Generation Sagittarius, who were born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius and have become the globalisation generation. This just will not last and that way of life will have to end. The sheer practicality of constantly updating (say) Pfizer and managing to export it in billions of doses, to billions of people, even as other variants are escaping in countries too poor to afford it – well. You tell me!

  12. hi Jessica if I don’t know my time at birth should I still read my supposed rising sign? PS: I am studying at the moment a branch of nursing is this a good idea?
    please answer my questions. Leo

    1. No, don’t use any Rising Sign or Ascendant at all, if you don’t know your birth time. You will end up the garden path. Sometimes you can guess the birth time by looking at the likely Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and Immum Coeli as a four-sign combination. If you look this up on Search you will find the relevant features on this, which I posted a few years ago now. I hope that helps.

  13. Hello Jessica,
    Congratulations, the new look of the website is fabulous and refreshing.

    Please could you look up and advise what these factors mean for me for the week 09 to 15 August 2021?
    Ceres 13° Virgo 03′ 12
    ASC 06° Virgo 27′ 32″
    Hygeia 05° Virgo 55′ 07″
    Psyche 04° Virgo 43′ 11″

    I am still waiting to start work after 8 months. Although I do have a job offer since July 06 2021 from my previous employer, the paperwork is taking way too long.

    Also, if I may ask, my husband (born 22.03.1974) was on vacation and now has got stuck due to travel restrictions. I pray and hope that there is nothing to worry about.


    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to all at Asporea. Work is Virgo, in the Sixth House of part-time and full-time jobs, so you are right to ask that question now. The Virgo weather is here, and the New Moon at 14 Virgo on 7th September is almost exactly in conjunction with Ceres. Very close to 7th September there will be a reshuffle in your chosen field or profession. There may be demotions, promotions or mergers. This directly affects you and that is the time to compromise over sharing the control with a particular project or role. Your husband is stranded on holiday during a pandemic and unfortunately chose to take a vacation during (easily) the most difficult year for foreign and regional travel this decade. He is caught between the Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces weather and of course he will come home, but as these are mutable signs, (mutable is the old word for changeable) you may find that it is stop-start with the scheduling initially.

  14. Hi Jessica, congratulations on the new page. My previous months horoscope stressed boundaries and balancing with a duet but not this months – could you provide some insight? What are the consequences if the boundaries have blurred and the balance one sided?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you I will pass that on to Asporea. The time to balance the duet was July, not August and you did have an opportunity then to say your piece and get some or all of what you wanted. It is harder work now as we are leaving Leo weather and going into Virgo weather. That does not mean you can’t do it. You will need to communicate very clearly and put yourself in the other person’s shoes, but also stay in your own. They need to see it from your point of view as well. Worth the effort even if it’s harder now.

  15. Hey Jessica,
    So happy to see your website.
    I am a regular reader and I find ur predictions too accurate.
    I usually plan my things after going through your readings.
    Can u help me in the regard of having a peaceful n happy life .
    I have been waiting for it ince years.
    So much of hard work has been put in since years yet waiting for my time personally and professionally both ways.
    My DOB-18Dec,1981
    11.15 am
    Bareilly(Uttar Pradesh)

    1. Thank you. There is an online project or course with huge potential, if you put the work in, by Christmas. It would use your way with words, ideas, images. If you persist, then although 2022 will be hard work, 2023 will change your life and both you and the project can transform. This may be the original course or concept, or a follow-up. Do all you can until December to find out what works, in terms of communicating, being heard and read, as you wish to be – translating and absorbing knowledge and information flow – then relaying it. This is also a really important time to work on the relationship with a brother, sister or cousin which can help you in other ways. Long-term, the future belongs to potent, influential, empowering projects. You would gain enormously from being bilingual and polishing that ability.

  16. The new site is beautiful! Just wanted to throw in that I’m unable to add the blog to my feed reader (Feedly). A little FYI to check out the RSS feed link. Thanks!

  17. Thank you – I guess I am still confused as to what is meant by balance. Would it also be possible to read my chart for the remainder of the year? 🙂

    1. You will end the toughest cycle for love and sex in over 240 years from 2023. It will never be as bad as it was in 2018, 2019 and parts of 2020 so you are now on the downhill slope. You have been finding out how powerless or powerful you are, through lovers – or being single. That will change in December 2021, January 2022 when you realise how far you have come. In the future marriage, dating, partnerships and relationships will never matter as much to you as it once did and in fact from 2023 your focus will change to finance. This is the very last stage of a long cycle that began in 2008 and although you have become rather obsessive about matters of the heart or the loins, in actual fact you have done most of the learning and the new focus will be purely on the house, bank account and/or apartment.

  18. Hi Jessica, Thank you for your great work!

    By now I think it is becoming obvious to people in the U.S. and for that matter globally that there is another virus that is spreading and mutating….the non-virus believers, non-vaccine believers and in some cases all-out insurgents to democracy. This started with Trump and I and others believed that it would end with his lost in Nov. 2020. But, in instead the 1/6/21 Riot / Coup attempt in Washington D.C. proved otherwise. Even now, Republicans in the U.S. and other like-minded individuals are transmitting / spreading misinformation to others like we are with Covid virus. In a logical way, these same individuals that say they don’t believe in the virus, vaccine, masks…are the same individuals that are inherently become allies of the virus. As the saying goes – enemy of my enemy is my friend. Republicans + virus on one side vs. Democrats and Independents + science on the other side. The virus doesn’t even have to campaign to survive and mutate….the Republicans are doing all the heavy lifting for it.

    So, the question is when will planets align so this stops…this trance that Trump and his global acolytes have put on people? When will these people stop sleepwalking and listening to all of this misinformation that is literally causing the rest of so much pain and suffering in this Covid era? I don’t think it will be soon, but would like to know to have some hope the universe is watching over us…

    Thanks again!

    1. This mutable sign weather is most peculiar and is really about Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius transits all lining up, against the charts of people with Virgo factors. Pisces is always about religion, cults, spirituality, the voice of God (whomever God is to you) and belief. It can lead you down the garden path if you’re not careful, or worse – Jim Jones, for example. This strange pattern involving public health (billions with Virgo factors) and also the travel and tourism industries, as well as global trade (China) pulls in Gemini and Sagittarius. Now, throw all that at America in 2021 and you have the religious Far Right denying COVID-19, even as they are dying from it. You say ‘trance’ and that is a Pisces word. There is also ‘sleepwalking’ which is again, Pisces. I’m afraid this is with us until at least 2026. All one can do is avoid crowds, if possible – perhaps salary sacrifice to work from home – only spend time with trusted people – wear masks – aim for double vaccination, as it at least keeps one out of hospital. The other key issue here is immunity which everyone ignores, but it matters so much. You can and should boost your immunity. Lowering stress is part of that so switch the Trump madness off.

  19. Hi Jessica, Love the new website. Reading my Leo/Virgo forecast think it looks good for selling & then moving home for Gemini? So interested in asteroids that you introduced & as I have a quite a few in Virgo but still unable to interpret them fluently as you yet.I find them fascinating, still learning. Have put our apartment on the market, we are in the UK. I’m a carer for my Husband and this would be a great move as more community/outside space for us both, its a Park Home in our area. We have travelled & settled far over the years now happy in an area we love, although miss Family they are now only 5 hrs away. Our last move obviously, I hope

    1. Thank you. You could turn a property transaction around in September, if you’re quick. Your apartment is on the market at a time when lots of people are thinking like you – they want to be on the move for the remainder of 2021. It really depends on your husband’s chart too, which I don’t have, as he is half of the story with you. However, your own chart is pretty positive for financial and property changes until 2023, if you are happy to negotiate.

  20. Thank you so much for your reply Jessica. That is really uplifting it has been a hard 4-5 yrs in many ways. Definitely willing to negotiate. He is an Aries, don’t have the time of birth but a true Aries Appreciate the personal support you give to all your members. Take care xx

  21. Hi Jessica. Could you advise how would be best to balance in this duet (Male, Sag). After a lot of reflection I have started to understand that the duet/ balance has been very much one sided to his direction. Thanks

    1. Well, Venus just moved into Libra and your Seventh House of negotiation in duets. You are now on quite a long Libra weather road, stretching into October, when the Sun passes through the Seventh House as well. You have to honour what is fair. Even if you have no guarantees that you will get what you want, there has to be balance, harmony, symmetry or it’s really hard to continue. Libra as a sign, has that about it. You have Vulcano in Libra in the Seventh House and so you are here to explore self-control, self-mastery and willpower in love and sex. Vulcano was cuckolded by Venus, with Mars. Your power is with your willpower. There has to be an even see-saw or even a strictly legal set of scales here, or it’s not going to work for you, certainly not beyond October 2021.

  22. Hello just wanted to say again how much I love your updated site. I have been struggling to find the right solution for my business because although I know what I want, I can’t find it. I need that duet partner!

    1. Thank you. I will pass that on to Asporea. Now, the business question is best solved with the Tarot. You actually want something that will be very hard work, so using the Tarot will tell you if there are alternatives. If you want a business partnership/duet then you are doing so in a really unpredictable, erratic time for such things, all the way until 2026. That is why the cards may be useful for you. See what else you might be looking at.

  23. Hi there. Just became a member so I’m looking forward to more enlightening words. I’ve got a moon in Gemini and I thought travel will resume by 2024 – it looks like an important year for me. I was looking forward to meeting and maybe settling down with someone from overseas. Perhaps settling down overseas too but that doesn’t look likely. I’m a tropical kind of girl so I was wondering if there’s any chance of relocation for me. Thanks for your consideration! P. S. Honestly cannot imagine living under Trump again! His tweets gave me PTSD! I’m sorry I’d I offend you but that’s how I feel

    1. Thank you. You will have a golden opportunity to travel or relocate just after Boxing Day and by May 2022 will have no doubt accepted the chance. What you call ‘overseas’ will have transformed from January 2022 when the South Node finally leaves Sagittarius, the sign of foreign places and people. You will find the world map has shrunk for you, as the various injections of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sputnik, Sinopharm do not work in preventing illness or infection. So, the actual range of countries or regions will be really different, compared to September 2021. Yet, despite all that, you will find your way. We are going to see advances in testing, for example. Faster, more accurate and more affordable – more frequent. Some countries or regions will also begin to run quarantine properly and that will also be a gateway for you.

  24. Hello Jessica, I was out of work since 12Nov20 and have just started working in the same organization since last month. It was a compromise with lower position and salary, nevertheless I accepted it with gratitude. Now, when I read this week’s horoscope (20 to 26 Sep), I get the shivers again. I do have a stellium in Libra Mercury at 22° Juno at 25° Pluto at 12° Fortuna at 15° Apollo at 16° What is it that this indicate? What do I need to be cautious about? Also, my husband (22Mar74) will need to go through a reassessment at his place of work and I am getting very worried about it. Please guide Jessica.

    1. No need to get the shivers, please. Astrology and Tarot is here to put you in control. You are back in work having been out of work, for most of 2021, and you’ve taken a salary cut. You are strongly Libra and also concerned about your husband. Okay, husband first. Libra rules your marriage, not your career, so this cycle in Libra is about your husband’s reassessment at work. Until November 3rd that will be affected (for him) by changes, rescheduling, delay and possibly absenteeism of key people, missing paperwork, flawed form filling, paper trails and so on. Maybe a computer error. So that’s what that is about! You are actually coming up to the most fantastic work cycle in 12 years, commencing May 2022, when you will be thrilled at a promotion, new job, fully funded course or hit project/product.

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