The Leo Weather Q&A


The Leo Weather Q&A

For those of you who attended The Leo Weather on Zoom, at our exclusive after-event - here are the replies to all your questions.

For those of you who attended The Leo Weather on Zoom, at our exclusive after-event – here are the replies to all your questions. If you missed The Leo Weather with guests Natalie Delahaye and Stephanie Johnson, you can watch it now.

Questions and Answers – Leo Weather

Kay Tina Cook: Anything on the COVID situation in the UK? Are astrological features likely to encourage growth or retraction?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has several astrological charts, Katy Tina, but they all show the same thing. In order to contain and control COVID-19, the four nations will have to separate, temporarily (although perhaps permanently in the case of Scotland) to close borders and run their own pandemic strategy and local economy, within. The end of the National Health Service in 2022 and its replacement will add to the urgency of that strategy.  The Gemini-Sagittarius Node cycles which are behind the pandemic (Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries, travel, immigration, export, import, tourism) end in January 2022. This does not mean the pandemic ends in 2022, but it does mean that the United Kingdom will finally move towards ending its major problem – its local/global split.

Cecelia d’Arc: I was born on 2nd May 1959 and have Vesta in Leo and the IC at 29 Leo.

Vesta in Leo is an indicator of ‘one male, several females’ in connection with pregnancy, babies, children, teenagers, young adults. The IC there (if your birth time is accurate) suggests an ancestor had the same pattern, or a close relative. For example, one baby boy in a single-parent family with a mother, aunt, grandmother. However, Vesta can also show up as a man who gets a woman pregnant, while still involved with his girlfriend. Whatever the story is in your life it will be prominent in August 2021 and you will find a solution. Not a perfect solution, but a solution.

Martie Hoover: I’m curious how my music career will go in the next little while. A late relaunch.

If the music is aimed at people in their teens and twenties, then you are relaunching at the right time, Martie, as Leo weather is about a younger audience. If you think about Madonna (Leo) who is virtually Grandmadonna to people in their twenties now, or J.K. Rowling, who is a literary godmother figure to schoolchildren, you get the idea (she is another Leo).

Shyama Friedenson: Does astrology indicate that we WILL be able to solve the environmental issue?

Yes. Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus (the world economy) suggests that everything we knew about the planet’s finances and resources before 2018 is now reversed. That means an end to fossil fuels, like coal. It means an end to mass consumption and mass disposable product manufacturing (Made in China). It means an end to globalisation, most of all, as Sagittarius rules globalisation and that sign in particular is obstructed and sometimes defeated, from 2021 onwards. We have cycles in Pisces and Gemini, ongoing, which will block and stop the constant movement of people and goods around the planet. So it’s really two cycles. The Uranus in Taurus cycle until 2026, which began in 2018 – and the never-ending mutable sign cycles which end globalisation (Pisces and Gemini weather, ending Sagittarius-styled aims).

Brenda Roberts: Is there a way of knowing if the karmic loop of the North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius is credit or debit?

You will know for yourself, Brenda. If someone treated you unfairly then he or she will apologise or make good, perhaps for another issue entirely, but you will feel as if you have won a victory. If you are owed by an organisation or entity, that may also come good for you – amends will be made in some way. If, however, you are guilty of short-changing other people in the past, it may well be you who is put in a position where you must say sorry, back down, or perhaps throw a really large favour!

Gabbie Mganga: I am Capricorn. You mentioned a double whammy with this Leo weather, relating to the Eighth House. How do I deal with that, if I am looking for a new house?

The double whammy is really your solar chart based on your Sun Sign of Capricorn (you have transits of your Eighth House from Leo cycles) but also in your natal or birth chart, you have anything in Scorpio in the Eighth House, being aspected by transiting Uranus in Taurus (the opposition) but in 2022, a trine from Jupiter in Pisces. This applies to family, friends or anyone tied up in your house, apartment or money: they are very likely to have Scorpio factors in the Eighth House as billions were born with the slow-moving outer planets in Scorpio – like Uranus, Neptune or Pluto.

You will find that your best possible outcome with a new home is 2022, as Jupiter moves through Pisces and then Aries. In fact you should be sitting pretty with a bigger or better domestic arrangement in the second half of 2022. That does not stop you purchasing now, but if we’re talking about stunning outcomes (successful renovation of a purchase, for example) it’s definitely the second half of 2022.

Sharlene Jamieson: My daughter has eight factors in Leo. Will this season be positive or negative for her?

Your daughter will be put in touch with younger faces than her own (a younger generation) even if there has been little or no contact and there will be a chance to balance a situation. If this is impossible then there will be substitutes, as other younger faces replace those who are no longer in the picture. A new bond will be formed with them.

Bryn Littlewolf: I am wondering what will happen for me. Virgo Sun, Scorpio Rising, Scorpio Stellium, Gemini Moon.

Bryn, you will find the same pattern in your solar chart and natal chart – a focus on the Twelfth House in August. The Twelfth House rules hypnosis, meditation, counselling, self-help, dream interpretation, Tarot, mediumship and the inner world of the unseen. It rules God even if you do not believe in God. For example you may be a humanist who opposes religion and becomes involved in a political issue about, say, the church. You have Leo weather in your Twelfth House in August and in your natal chart you have Neptune transiting your Twelfth House. By September you will have crystallised who and what you believe in. It may be about psychics as well as psychology. It’s very personal.

Kay Tina Cook: I have Uranus at 8 Leo and wonder what the influence of that, might be.

Uranus in Leo in the Fifth House is the person who must sort out their relationship to the world of babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and young adults on a regular basis. This can happen because of unplanned pregnancy. It can happen because of a break-up or divorce between a couple, with single parenthood. It is highly variable and very personal. Sometimes the issue is parenthood with a rebellious son or grandson, for example. Key questions are about to come to you as the Sun passes over Uranus at 8 Leo, in August and by September you’ll have answered them. It is very important to honour your own and other people’s freedom and independence if you have Uranus in Leo in the Fifth House. “Don’t fence me in” is very much the message. You may, for example, have attracted lovers in the past who did not want children. Or, key children/godchildren/nieces/nephews in the story may be fiercely independent and demand space and autonomy.

Sandi Garand: I have Minerva, the Moon, Descendant, Mercury and Apollo in Leo with lots of anxiety for the last two years.

Anxiety is actually a Virgo issue. It is very common for people with Leo factors to also have Virgo factors, the next sign along. Virgo rules the Sixth House of mind, body and spirit. They are all connected. Try the free hypnosis of Paul McKenna on YouTube. In astrology we believe that the mind (Mercury, the ruler of  Virgo) is highly influential on the body. Particularly the subconscious mind. So hypnosis can be remarkably effective. Paul McKenna is the world’s most successful hypnotist and has donated his audiobook work at no cost to us. 

Sumangala Friedenson: So much untruth about the vaccine. Now hearing untold numbers of people are dying from vaccines and also vaccines causing variants. When will this Covid virus leave us?

There is no vaccine, which I told The Daily Mail last October, 2020. The astrology was really clear. The ‘Silver Bullet’ vaccine most people fantasise about does not exist, and will never exist. 

There are injections of Pfizer and AstraZeneca, to name two, which reduce the risk of hospitalisation, but they do not prevent us from becoming infected with COVID-19, or becoming ill with it, or infecting other people. So they are not really vaccines at all, in the sense that we expect a vaccine to protect us all! Pfizer does not work against the Delta variant. AstraZeneca does not work against the Beta variant. They both come up about 6/10 and that’s not enough.

As for “untold numbers dying from vaccines” – no proof of that. 

Vaccines are better than nothing because they will stop you going to hospital. The best solution is border control + quarantine + testing + vaccination. And if something goes wrong, shut down the town – go hard and go early. (Copy New Zealand and Australia which regularly hit Zero Covid). All of this is science, plus real world evidence, plus astrology. 

Raphael Saleem: If a person with a Leo Sun sign had a Saturn Return 2017-2019 and went through an ego death and lost friends and family members, will they return with this new Leo season?

Saturn Returns can be very hard going and it takes time to recover from that transit. This Leo weather now is about a relaunch and rebirth for Leo people. They come back to us, the way we remember them from the past, but with a new spin. The phrase “Back to your old self” may be relevant for you. It is possible this may come about because of a reconnection with a relative or friend. It is just as likely because you find yourself with a new face (or two) around you. Yet, you are the person others remember. You went through a phase. That phase is over. You’re back!

Celia Fitch: I have the South Node in Leo and Pluto too. How will the Leo weather affect me?

The South Node in Leo in the Fifth House is automatically opposite the North Node in Aquarius in the Eleventh House in your chart. So your karmic inheritance is about leadership versus the group. Being the Queen of the court, but also having to deal with the court. You have done this at least once in a previous life, perhaps in the army, navy or Air Force: you may have been a unit commander but found the group very hard work. 

Pluto suggests power and control issues, so in this lifetime, particularly if pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren or teenagers are involved, you find yourself stuck with challenges which involve friends and the group (say) but also your own leading role; your guidance, mentorship or authority is challenged and changed. The Leo weather will bring this to you in August and a conversation may need to take place, or a decision be made.

Yolanda Mendiveles (Chart details follow with Pisces ruling the Second House) How does Leo weather affect me?

I use the Natural House System so Pisces does not rule your Second House, it rules your Twelfth House. I need to spin your chart to predict August for you. You will be put in touch with younger people (babies through young adults, depending on your age) and it may be as simple as a new boyfriend whose teenage niece offers to baby sit for you. It can be as complex as a young adult whom you knew as a toddler, who comes back into your life. There is a chance to start again here. A new chapter in a new book in your life. You may find it is professional, too. For example, you may find yourself being asked to teach or coach Millennials.

M.A. Collins: I am a Sagittarius with no planets in Leo. How does the Leo weather affect me?

It may pass you by, actually, as the world of babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers or young adults does not say who you are. It does not define you. What you will find, however, is that a foreign country, or foreign people, bring a new beginning for you in August. Look up at the New Moon (a sliver of light in the sky) and you will realise the timing. 

Julianne Negri: I have the DC in Leo and South Node in Leo.

That is a past life that comes back to you through a duet or duel, perhaps several times. So, a husband or even a former husband whom you have fallen out with. The past life would have involved being a parent, more than once, and the decisions you took to pursue parenthood or reject it. 

Solveig: I am a little bit scared of 2019 repeating itself. My dad died, my boyfriend ended the relationship, my grandma died and I lost friends.

Please don’t worry. There is no direct repetition of 2019 even though the Leo Weather will bring you back to eclipses that year. The key here is your boyfriend. That relationship break-up got in the way of you becoming a parent one day. So the issue in August 2021 will be – how do you have babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers or young adults in your life? How do they fit into the new picture for you in August? You’ll find out very soon. It will not make up for what you lost with your boyfriend but it will go a very long way to helping you reshape your life and find a new path.

Terry Schroeder: I have the Sun and Ascendant in Leo. I’m a bit over the lockdowns. I don’t want to go out; don’t even want to meet anyone any more. Is this mood going to lift at some point?

This sounds like a Virgo problem to me. It is very likely you have factors in Virgo and the Sixth House of your chart, which rules depression and anxiety. Staying at home for extended periods deprives us all of brain happiness chemicals: endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine. We are not getting the ‘cuddle chemical’ or the ‘reward chemical’ or the ‘hard exercise chemical’ for a start.

So that’s Virgo territory. Have a look at what you have in Virgo and the Sixth House and see what it tells you. You would be amazed at how many Leo people have other planets in Virgo and nine times out of ten, the issue is the mind’s control of the body/the body’s influence on the mind. The good news is, it can be fixed. August is the perfect time to begin and September, to go to stage two. I’m sure you have already seen your doctor, who may have said much the same thing. What works, according to my readers? Wild swimming. Hypnosis. Meetups (especially the Conscious Cafe) on Zoom. Yoga. Maybe, a cat or dog friend, if you are by yourself. 

Karin Drummond: Sun Gemini, Saturn 0 Leo, Mars 13 Leo. Will I have the opportunity to travel next year?

Travel by December at the latest and do all you can, right up until Christmas. Be extremely cautious about travelling in 2022.

Elizabeth Kennelly: I have Minerva at 29 Leo. Will things get easier in my job search?

Yes, if your job involves babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers, or young adults. In fact, you would be in a stunning situation in the second half of 2022, having made breakthroughs in August.

Antoinette Morris: We had a big cover-up with my son’s brain injury. This all happened in 2017-2019.

I am very sorry about that tragic situation, Antoinette. The Leo eclipses hit some people so hard. This only gets better. August helps. Then in the second half of 2022 you begin to see real progress at least – real transformation.

Julianne Negri: I have five planets in Leo. I am a children’s author waiting to hear about a stalled project.

The publishing industry is stuck until January 2022 when at last the Gemini-Sagittarius deadlock lifts. (The Nodes are in both signs which rule the web and bookstores, alike). Nothing that is happening is about you. Use August to look at alternative mediums for the project (like computer gaming or radio) and also to look at your second project. Further on, you will be back on track once Jupiter changes signs in the second half of 2022.

Sumati Stewart: I have a number of Leo factors. I have two boys. What can I expect?

Some mysteries about one of the children, dating back to 2017, 2018 and/or 2019, will be partly cleared up in August. This may concern their school, other family members, siblings, or even their health. A classic example is a child needing glasses and struggling at school but nobody guessing. It’s on that level. 

Surinder Ghattoara: I had two broken marriages (date supplied). Will I find a partner. My job situation is stressful, will I get a job soon?

I am so sorry Surinder. You are a Sun Scorpio who is in line for a complete lifestyle and job change from mid-2022, although of course you can arrange work, study and unpaid work before then. What I am really talking about is a reward for patience, and the most fantastic employment situation, which also helps with your schedule, hours, relaxation, fitness (for example with a gym nearby or a subsidised health insurance scheme) appears shortly after May 2022. Your path to happiness from Christmas throughout 2022 is babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers or Millennials. Now, that may very well involve one of your former husbands, if you ever had children, or it may involve a new lover who has children – or nieces, nephews, godchildren – who could become a tremendous part of your world. The doors open near Boxing Day.

Joanna J: My Fifth House is packed. I heard you calling this a karmic loop. What does it all mean?

You have Uranus in Leo in the Fifth House as well as everything else. You had karma about pregnancy, babies, children, infants, teenagers or young adults in 2017, 2018, 2019 during the Leo cycles. You were owed,  or you owed – basically. A classic example might be a former boyfriend by whom you became pregnant, but it never led to commitment. Later on, you discover he has had a child but has divorced; meanwhile you are free and single, but have children come back into your life for nice reasons. Another example might be a godchild who owes you on some level (perhaps you do all the giving and she does all the taking, or his parents do) and then the hand of fate intervenes; she needs you, but you decide to help others who need it more, or deserve it more.) Leo karma from those years can be quite obvious once you flick back and remember.

Leilani Bodle: How can I best use Leo 10 degrees in 12th House?

Using the Natural House system, anything at Leo 10 is in your Fifth House, which describes your life as a godmother (say) or as the natural mentor, guide, teacher or instructor of much younger people, old enough to be your own children. It’s your pathway. Whatever got in the way of that in 2017, 2018, 2019 is over. In fact by the end of August you will once again be a leading light to much younger people, for whatever reason.

Kimberley Dingsdale: With Leo in the Second House, how will this help me?

I presume you are a Sun Cancer person and talking about Leo transits in your solar chart? In your Second House of money? Basically you were given a tremendous solution; a real blessing, to help you deal with all the issues of 2020-2021 – as July ended. It is far from perfect but if you do the work, you’ll get so much from this. You may have to look at the labels you put on it so differently.

Sue Busbridge: My daughter was born on the eclipse, what does that mean?

Something or someone was hidden in plain sight but never seen. Her life path will involve not seeing (or not knowing) something about herself for some time. It’s not necessarily negative. It can be as basic as not realising she is colour blind; or not realising she is musically gifted.

Shirls: I have trouble conceiving with failed IVF (details supplied). We live in different countries. Will the marriage get better or should I free myself?

You have Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House which is notoriously difficult where parenthood is concerned.  Given the rest of your chart, I actually think your future is friendship and group involvement, not marriage and children. But the choice is yours.

Raphel Salem: Leo Sun (details supplied). Is this a time to lay low or start emerging again?

Reinvent, relaunch, sort out your appearance (face/head and wardrobe/style), rebrand, rename, rethink how you present. It will not be 100% perfect but that Leo New Moon in August is potent.

Mimi: I have a Cancer stellium (details supplied). Thinking about retiring. Good time?

Perfect time, as you go into Virgo Weather in the second half of August and September. Virgo rules lifestyle. There will be three crossroads to get to what you want with then-new retired life, but your chart is beautifully angled. 

Fiona Lee Saunders: I have eczema (Virgo Sun). Why do I have this? I have seven planets in Leo.

Great question. What or whom do you not want to face? What or whom triggers issues about saving face for you? Who or what is skin deep for you? Start there. Your dreams will have an answer.  Have a look at my friend Jane Teresa Anderson’s dreams website. Your subconscious mind can tell you, if you program yourself before you sleep, to answer your own questions. I am sorry you feel self-conscious about this but the Virgo-Leo combination is very common when you have mixed feelings about fronting up/being upfront – and yet the solution will be physical (Virgo). Best to sort the mind before you get to the rest, though. Your subconscious mind is pretty busy. Try to see what it’s up to.

Patricia McCormick-Lee: Do you have predictions for the Sydney situation. I am trying to cross the border to Queensland.

You have a superb Leo Premier there who will protect you and everyone else, no matter what it takes. Expect delays, but I am sure you know that. The furries will understand.

Nayla Mumneh: I have the North Node in Aries, currently applying for a new job.

You will know by September if this is it, or a good second option, or failing that, a really great third option in December-January.

Shyama Friedenson: My mom and I are trying to buy a house. Could you please pull a card to say when/how we will know?

No cards necessary. You are talking about August-September which is terrific, as so many people will want to sell. The wheels turn for people with Cancer-Virgo-Taurus-Scorpio factors. The next ideal slot is January and onwards 2022.

Andrea Tade: I have Mercury at 0 Leo and Venus at 1 Leo. How will the Full Moon pan out?

August is really the deciding factor,  Andrea. A younger generation (your own children, or old enough to be your children) comes through very strongly and a new chapter begins. It’s a really clear beginning for you, to help make up for one or two disappointments involving that generation, in your life.

Raj D: I have the Moon, IC , Proserpina and Hygiea in Leo. What does this mean for me please?

Someone in your family tree was a teacher, mentor, guide, or leader to younger people. Either as a strong parent or as a professor (say) or a children’s coach, author, entertainer, doctor or similar. You have inherited that. You were born to be King to a younger court. Your name is interesting – the Raj in British India comes to mind. So you are here to rule younger faces. A clear signal about that arrives in August.

Brenda: Just ran through all your eclipse dates and they are so spot on. Will the events from 2017-2019 be resolved now? They entail an unresolved relationship (chart details supplied).

Thank you. By the way – do not use Lilith – she is a Jewish symbol – astrology is Roman. All these mixed symbols can be very confusing and confused. Your unresolved relationship will have two or three more jigsaw pieces added in August but you will never, ever get to the bottom of what was going on. Sometimes people just cover things up, don’t they. And you move on!

Joy Moore: Are there any heart health aspects to watch now?

Good question, as Leo rules the heart. Health is ruled by Virgo, though. Perhaps, both, as we move out of Leo weather and into Virgo weather. Use September as well, to answer your questions, as the Sun in Virgo in your Sixth House will shed so much light.

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37 Responses

  1. I have Hygeia at 8 Leo…and I am also afraid of 2019 repeating itself. Other than that, no Leo placements- but tons at Sagittarius, and will create aspects. What can I expect?

    1. Hygiea at 8 Leo in the Fifth House is enough of a story by herself, to warrant a fresh start in August with the world of children. Hygiea is a symbol of prevention being better than cure, so vaccination is the obvious headline here. She was the daughter of Aesculapius and is frequently seen with a bowl and snake – her name gives us the word hygiene. She was found in the year of a cholera outbreak. Strictly speaking she is not always about medicine but here we are in a pandemic. August is about being proactive ahead of time and putting up shields, umbrellas and screens to defend a child against possible future issues.

  2. Dear Jessica, Thank you for your insight predictions. As Leo weather is going to change into Virgo, I wonder what this weather affects me. I don’t have stallium in Leo but it’s my 7th house and there is Saturn, now opposites to transit Saturn. And I have Pluto in Leo. I sense, based on my past experiences 30 years ago, something critical is going to change my life. May l get your profesional predictions. Thank you.

    1. In the Natural House system, Leo is your Fifth House, not your Seventh House. You are currently going through the most important relaunch of your image, profile, name, title or appearance for many years. If you stay the course this process will unfold in 2022, 2023 and beyond. You will find it is quite hard work but also transformative. You will find it empowering, but you can also share the power with other people. You are at the very start of this. Do all you can to fix problems and get things in place before 2022, and stick to whatever works. From 2023 the pressure is off and you will begin to realise how much more control, influence and clout you have, once you accept your new self. It is not the real you; it is just an image – but it’s potent.

  3. Am a Virgo Sun with leo rising @24 and mars @28, Is the leo weather gone or still have to expect anything? If yes what should i expect please?

    1. The Leo weather is still rolling, and the Sun is yet to fall into a conjunction with your Ascendant and Mars. Light will be shed, quite publicly, on your sexual relationships (past, present or potential – but also your relationship with the world of babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers or young adults.

  4. Hi Jessica
    My casual babysitting work is very much that; casual!
    I’m hoping for a few days a week for a local family. With my Leo factors and these Leo transits do you see this happening for me at all?
    Thank you.

    1. Your best work opportunities are now through December so put out feelers there, with this family, but also expand your horizons into other kinds of babysitting or childcare options. Do all you can until Christmas on this cycle, then try to lock things in so you have something to lean on in 2022.

  5. Hello Jessica ,
    I have Leo in Sun, Jupiter, Ceres,MC , Apollo, Vulcano ,Ops but wonder how babies,children and the younger generation in general apply to me ,as I don’t have any children myself and my nieces and nephew are a bit distant ,both in miles and nature. I am single and have no other connections ( maybe via a couple of friends children )with kids per se , so I have no input into any other “youngsters” . Not sure I am a teaching type either ! I am fine with this ( now) but wonder where and how this Leo weather applies to me ? Any help is really appreciated to figure this out .

    1. Leo and the Fifth House rules courtship and the royal bedchamber and royal favourites, as well as the heirs to the throne and pretenders to the throne. You can be single and experience Fifth House stories in your life, just as you can be child-free and experience Fifth House stories too. Nieces and nephews do qualify. You were born in 1967 so the pretenders to your throne are younger adults old enough to be your own sons or daughters, born from around 1987 onwards – and this includes Millennials, born around 2000. You are Queen to a younger court, no matter what personal choices you make in your life, but it takes Leo transits to really bring it out. You’ve not had important transits in Leo since the North Node was there a few years ago. In August 2021, passing Leo weather going across your stellium will remind you that you have a younger kingdom of faces to rule, lead, guide and set an example to – if you want it. And yes, company in the royal bedchamber, too.

  6. I have Venus in Leo 26′ and Saturn in Leo 0′, 6th House. I’m planning on launching a serialized fiction urban fantasy.

  7. Hi, lovely Jessica! So sorry to have missed your Leo event when it was live – nice to have the video, though! I have Mercury at 21 degrees Leo and Hygeia at 21 Sagittarius (as well as a few other Sag factors) – how will the Leo weather affect me?
    Thank you in advance!
    P.S. Will you be doing a Virgo weather event soon? Would love to tune in for that (Virgo Sun).

    1. Thank you. Yes, I am hosting a Virgo Weather event with the V.A.A. and details are on Astrology and Tarot Meetups, worldwide. You have a trine from Mercury at 21 Leo in the Fifth House to Hygiea at 21 Sagittarius in the Ninth House, which will be triggered when the transiting Sun goes to 21 Leo. You were born to write, broadcast, read stories, connect on the internet, use media, education or the book world to bridge the gap with infants, children, teenagers and young adults. This correlates with your need to always protect the future, where foreign people and places are concerned. This could make you a natural language teacher, or the sort of parent/aunt/godparent who ensures her younger charges are world citizens. This comes to light, and comes to life, in August 2021.

  8. Jessica,

    Can you please help me stay sane on what you see in my chart as it’s outrageous what is happening with vaccination that is mandatory for health care worker and I am working for pharmaceutical and very soon bio pharmaceutical company Born April 8, 1980 USA if interview on August 17,2021 goes well…

    Now do you see me going to get vaccinated as I am totally scared and however in order to continue working in health care field it looks like I will have to or else and become homeless….

    Also my sister born August 27, 1970 is federal worker in Canada and for her mandatory vaccines in this upcoming month.

    If we must vaccinate will we pass to Heaven or will we have lasting health consequences… Many off our family members are passing to Heaven and also even people vaccinated pass away

    What to do… Do you see alternative solutions for both off us…

    Today news about mandatory vaccination is real Friday 13

    Any feedback Jessica I am going out of my mind. This is mind blowing…

    Thank You with all our hart from both of us…

    1. Vaccination is a personal choice, as every body (everybody) is literally different. Every vaccine is also quite different, and you need to look into the pros and cons of AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, Sinopharm, Sputnik and the rest. We do not know the long-term effects of vaccination. We do know the short-term effects and vaccination leads to very few deaths, statistically. The statistics show particular vaccines, like Pfizer, prevent hospitalisation with COVID-19 and death. They do not stop transmission or infection. You can still pass on COVID-19 with AstraZeneca and Pfizer, and become ill. However – you are very unlikely to die. I recommend you read the British Medical Journal online and follow Dr. Eric Ding on Twitter, who is a Harvard epidemiologist. Now – that is not my job. But I do know we are in major transits pushing against Virgo factors in the chart, in the Sixth House, which rules health. You are worried about your sister also being vaccinated. You both need to get out there and do your own research on the science. Facts are facts. So far, even with the Delta variant, double injections with the leading vaccines are keeping people out of hospital. The rest is up to you.

  9. Jessica
    I have applied to study AIN recently. Is this suitable for a sun & mercury in 6th house Leo? I have venus in virgo in 7th house which is why I am so fussy and picky about stuff and things. Please please is this a good career move? And thank you. Leo

  10. Jessica ,thank you for your reply ans time ,it’s helped massively. Well I best tune into the Leo transit in more depth before it passes by 😉 . I’ll also wait for your Virgo weather event too ,as that might shed a bit of light on things too. Take care .

  11. HI Jessica
    I’m thinking of studying AIN. is this a gr8 idea? making decisions is hard for me. I have Saturn, moon and Chiron in1st house pisces I am sun Leo. TY. Ms Leo

    1. I think you are best off, using the free Tarot on this website, in terms of 2021. However you are in a stunning position to study and qualify (or lecture, actually) from May 2022.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    Do you see significant changes in my income? I have Saturn an Jupiter going into my second and they will eventually oppose my sun and Jupiter

    1. Saturn and Jupiter both going into your Second House must make you a Sun Capricorn, and yes, Jupiter re-entered Aquarius and your Second House in July, joining Saturn. As a Capricorn you will have been made an almost-firm long-term offer very recently, either cash in kind (for example being lent a yacht) or actually offered a new income source. Just do the research on the practicalities with one eye on 2022.

  13. Hi,

    I’m going through what I would call a down period at the moment. Stuck in lockdown, job feels like it’s not moving up, a breakdown in a friendship that I wanted more from, a realisation of wanting to have kids but biologically maybe missing my chance and the passing of my dear grandmother. I’m finding it hard to focus on the positives namely opening myself up to someone new I met just before lockdown, the possibility of getting back my lost friendship and remaining focussed on my job. I’m also about to embark on building a house. I am an Aries sun and have Leo factors in Minerva, Vulcano and IC. I really want to settle down and have kids. Is this all just a pipe dream for me?

    1. I am sorry you are feeling low. You are allowed to feel down, with a friendship that did not work out, time spend indoors, the loss of your grandmother and worries about never being a parent. The Leo weather will help you figure out who and what is important to you, in August. It will ultimately help you clarify your priorities in terms of love, sex, relationships, pregnancy, stepchildren and marriage. There is a lot going on in your question (not to mention building your own home) but what your astrological chart reveals is, your mind more or less made up about children soon (which is important for the long-term future) and increasingly, a game-plan with this friendship, and with your social life in general. This game plan will be hammered out the hard way, over the next few months, but by taking care, taking good advice and taking your time you will be satisfied with what you achieve by Christmas. Friends in general, and the friendship which broke down, are the real story for you in 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond. Not so much leaping into parenthood and marriage. Huge financial, property, charity and/or business decisions are coming in 2022, 2023 which will reshape your life. No doubt the house is part of that. In the background, is a group of allies and like-minded friends who come to rely on you a great deal. That is an evolving story over the years and it will put you in quite a powerful position from 2023. From July 2023 until January 11th 2025 you will make your most important decisions about marriage or partnership in years. You have time and plenty of it.

  14. Hey Jessica!

    Delight to read your blog as always and the video above is fascinating:) Any indication when borders open up in USA for travel from Europe?


    1. Thank you. A new agreement on American-European borders will fall into place once the whole world reaches a new agreement on January 19th 2022 and the South Node (karma) is out of Sagittarius (tourism). By January 24th when Mars (conflicts) is out of Sagittarius, individual European countries will have sorted out their differences and you should begin to see the start of tightly controlled travel. So – double vaccination, testing, long quarantine.

  15. Thank you for your reply and for helping me see through the muddle in my brain at the moment. I do truly hope I can salvage that friendship because I realise it means a lot to me. I just need time to process it.

  16. Hello Jessica I love the new site.
    I have a stellium in Leo and very excited about work plans (am self-employed and run a market) although I keep hitting roadblocks with the council I work with. Are they my duet partner? This organisation is so at odds with my way of thinking. Or is it my ex, (Gemini) with whom I am still friends, although I would like more?

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin at Asporea. You are experiencing both the duet and the duel with your chart and it may be one face in particular on the council, who is up against you. The Gemini ex is certainly the duet, as you are friends but want to get back together. There is potential for you here to get what you want on both fronts, but you will have to devote extra time, energy and effort by Christmas at the very latest, to see results. Try to set firm goals with both, so that you know what you are aiming for. Write it down, in detail and say it out loud. This makes it concrete but any spirit guides and helpers can then see what you are after too. The invisible world is ever able to assist, but they have to be asked, so a quiet word will go a long way, if you light a candle. Not everything is possible, but you may as well try. And even if you don’t get specifically what you want, you may find that you are helped and rewarded in other ways, giving you an even better outcome. Try to. nail everything down in writing if you can, by Christmas. You will need the new set-up to work throughout 2022, which is really hard work, but if you can do that, from 2023 it is so empowering for you.

  17. Good morning Jessica, I have Mars 19 and ASC in 29 Leo and my rising sign is in Aquarius 29.. What That does mean in my chart. Thank you for everything!

    1. Good morning. Mars in Leo in the Fifth House is really about your godchildren; any projects involving children or teenagers; the relationship you have with the next generation, and the one after that, as you grow older. You don’t say if you have children, but a son or daughter is obviously central if so. Nieces, Nephews and young in-laws are another example of the generation gap. Your need for action (not words) and your drive, energy, motivation and competitive instincts are channelled through younger faces. You would be a good teenage football team coach, for example. Anger, if it arises, tends to flare up periodically with/about children, teenagers, Millennials. Your Descendant (DESC) is at 29 Leo and this describes your opposite number or other half. This is usually love and sex, but can be professional or purely platonic. The other person tends to be a type – a leader by nature, quite naturally authoritative, an example for others to follow. He or she would have/will have a connection to children, teenagers, Millennials professionally, through volunteer work, or most obviously – as a co-parent and co-pilot with you. Leo types don’t ‘have kids’ they head up a royal court of heirs to the throne and pretenders to the throne, too.

  18. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me. My heart sank a little at the tough times implicated in my career next year as this Covid pandemic has been a struggle for the past 18 months. I hope it will get easier, ultimately

    1. Your career gets better in stages, in 2021, 2022 and then from 2023 you realise the hard part is over. What is actually happening is that you are in the middle of a global work revolution. The pandemic will result in job share, four-day weeks and part-time jobs – as well as working from home. It may result in lower wages, less shopping, less restaurant time but greater free time – relaxation – time off and time out. This is an epic transit to 2026 and you will find your way within it, but you have to let go of what used to pass for a career or C.V. before 2018. That is very important. Be flexible and see what is out there for you especially in December, January.

  19. Hi Jessica, Today’s my birthday and I have a wish but it’s not for me. My sister “SKW” posted a question in the Leo Weather Q&A forum and has been checking daily for your reply and any guidance. My wish is that you might take a moment to look at my sister’s chart and answer her questions. I’ll know the wish has been granted if my sister tells me “Jessica answered the questions’. Thx and I hope you are keeping well and happy. Best!

    1. Sure, I will go through the Leo Forum to see if I can spot SKW in the question list. Thank you.

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