The Virgo Weather 2021

If you have a stellium (more than three factors) in Virgo in the Sixth House of your chart, then your lifestyle, wellbeing and workload will be reshaped from Monday 16th August until Thursday 16th September.

If you have a stellium (more than three factors) in Virgo in the Sixth House of your chart, then your lifestyle, wellbeing and workload will be reshaped from Monday 16th August until Thursday 16th September. If you missed The Virgo Weather event on Meetups recently (organised by the V.A.A.) then this feature is for you. If you attended but want more details, or missed out on having your question answered, this feature is also for you.

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Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars in Virgo
What is the Virgo Weather in 2021? An unusually high incidence of planets travelling in Virgo, the sign ruling work and health. The Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars will plug into your chart for a few days. Important patterns result, with Uranus and Pluto, the ‘change’ factors in the horoscope. So, your chances of a really important work or lifestyle, health or wellbeing change skyrocket, 16th August to 16th September.

I would say this even if you were not going through this pandemic. Virgo weather, Virgo climate or Virgo transits have been associated with major endings and beginnings for your employment situation, body and daily routine – for centuries.

The Virgo Weather and You

The average person has up to three planets, asteroids, nodes or angles in Virgo. If you have more than three, you’re unusually Virgo. Your zodiac sign (Sun Sign) may or may not be Virgo too, but you ‘live’ in the Sixth House.

The Sixth House

This is where you work, and also do the housework. It is also where you might study full-time and so do homework. Voluntary work also falls in the Sixth House. It’s about how you use the 24 hours in every day. Eight each for sleep, work or play.

You have to be fit and well to put others first and perform your duty, so the Sixth House is also where we find doctors, dentists, nurses, surgeons, healers, therapists, counsellors and so on. The Sixth House covers complementary medicine as well as the ambulance.

diana polekhina PAPtFityM2Q unsplash 300x187 - The Virgo Weather 2021

Do You Have Uranus or Pluto in Virgo?

If you have Uranus and/or Pluto in Virgo, in particular, at 6, 9, 12, 14, 21, 22, 23, 24 degrees, then August-September 2021 will be life-changing for you. A new way of working and looking after yourself will begin to take hold at this time. You obviously stitched together a response to the pandemic in 2020 and/or 2021. You may have changed it a couple of times, but now this is a really strong chance to restart. With more details taken care of. With greater help from ‘chance’ events or ‘random’ support. Yet, the astrology says none of this is by chance at all. It’s in the cycles of time. So, if you’re strongly Virgo, it really is time.

Your Lifestyle Relaunch

No matter what you have in Virgo (and it may be anything from your Ascendant to Apollo) you inhabit the Sixth House on a regular basis, so when we begin to see transiting Mercury, Mars, the Sun and New Moon take up residency, it’s rather like being called to spend more time and energy in that house.

You have twelve houses in your astrological chart, which is rather like owning a circular property or estate – maybe a ranch. Dotted around the place, are the houses. Some of them are packed, some of them may be empty.

Your Sixth House is entirely devoted to your mental health (anxiety, depression, insomnia, obsessive compulsive disorder and so on – being the common colds of mental health). It is also very much about chronic conditions, but also – in 2021 – COVID-19.

More happily this is where we find you practising yoga; taking Pilates classes; meditating; walking; wild swimming; cycling. This is where we find you trying mindfulness, counselling, self-help, hypnosis and so on.

The Dates to Use in 2021

These dates below, give or take a day, are useful on the path. If we call the New Moon in Virgo, the new beginning – around September 6th or 7th, depending on your country – then this is the road that takes you there.

It’s an obstacle course with some very big breaks and advantages. You’ll find the journey towards a new way of working and looking after yourself, full of easy slopes and rope ladders too. This reflects the aspects (or patterns) we are seeing on these dates. It’s a real mixture of very demanding days and some fantastically simple options that you’ll find irresistible.

It might be that you give up smoking or sugar, for example, and find it tough – until you happen to come across exactly the right professional online, or the right product on the shelves, to help.


Monday 16th August

Mercury 9 Virgo and Saturn 9 Aquarius

Wednesday 18th August

Mars 12 Virgo and Chiron 12 Aries

Mars 12 Virgo and Mercury 12 Virgo

Friday 20th August

Mercury 14 Virgo and Uranus 14 Taurus

Sunday 22nd August

Mars 14 Virgo and Uranus 14 Taurus

Tuesday 24th August

Mercury 22 Virgo and Neptune 22 Pisces

Thursday 26th August

Mercury 24 Virgo and Pluto 24 Capricorn

Sunday 29th August

Sun 6 Virgo, North Node 6 Gemini, South Node 6 Sagittarius

Tuesday 31st August

Sun 8 Virgo and Saturn 8 Aquarius

Thursday 2nd September

Mars 22 Virgo and Neptune 22 Pisces

Saturday 4th September

Sun 22 Virgo and Chiron 11 Aries

Monday 6th September

Mars 24 Virgo and Pluto 24 Capricorn

Sun 14 Virgo and Uranus 14 Taurus

Mars 24 Virgo and Jupiter 24 Aquarius

Monday 6th/Tuesday 7th September

NEW MOON IN VIRGO Sun 14 Virgo and Moon 14 Virgo

Tuesday 14th September

Sun 21 Virgo and Neptune 21 Pisces

Thursday 16th September

Sun 23 Virgo and Jupiter 23 Aquarius

Sun 24 Virgo and Pluto 24 Capricorn

Does Your Chart Line Up?

If you have anything at the degrees above, in Virgo, then on those days, and within 24 hours either side, you’ll find yourself making choices. These are typically choices about the work you do, the duties you have, the chores at hand, the tasks ahead or the sense of service you have towards others. Not just people either, as Virgo rules domestic pets.

What you decide is important because you don’t see these patterns in your chart every day. So, what you pull together in August and September will be with you for months to come. A classic example would be giving up dairy products, or deciding to take a salary sacrifice, in exchange for the benefits of working from home – and avoiding commuting.

Virgo is About Small Details

If you are strongly Virgo then your life is very much about the small details, particularly with your chosen field, business or profession. It’s the little things.

Virgo is associated with pills and tablets for this reason. The tiniest things make the biggest difference. In fact, The Pill arrived in the Sixties when Uranus and Pluto were in Virgo. So did widespread use of cannabis. Small cigarettes made a big difference to the counter culture. One packet of pills triggered a revolution for women in society.

That cycle was rare and it changed the planet. It also showed us what Virgo is all about. It’s not just the medication, it’s the sweeping effects on the billions. From tiny pills came female Prime Ministers and Vice-Presidents.

volodymyr hryshchenko e8YFkjN2CzY unsplash 300x200 - The Virgo Weather 2021

Virgo Weather and the Pandemic

This brings us to the COVID-19 realities of 2021.  You will already have transformed your lifestyle if you are strongly Virgo and may have been first to do so, on that original Pisces Sun/Virgo Full Moon in the first quarter of 2020 when the W.H.O. declared the pandemic.

You may already be working a day or two a week from home, for example, or organising Zoom yoga sessions. Perhaps you have taken steps to increase your immunity with supplements.

Beyond your own control of your body, your wellbeing, your mental health and your workload – you must now deal with the attempts of politicians and big business to control the pandemic agenda too. This is a huge deal if you have Pluto and Uranus in Virgo because you are heavily invested in control of your body.

What you’re going to see in this Virgo weather are some of the most dramatic decisions yet, by governments around the world. This may be about vaccines like Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sputnik, Sinopharm, Johnson and Johnson. It may about masks, border control, quarantine, lockdown and State of Emergency rulings and so on.

Honouring Your Virgo Side

Honouring your Virgo side means finding your own way, to the new path. To the fresh start. To the 2021-2022 lifestyle. You obviously have to deal with the realities of where you live, but beyond that, this Virgo weather really encourages you to run your own self and your own life. To run your own home. Virgo is about the bathroom, the kitchen and the garden. Those are the spaces. What happens there, is under your control.

If you keep a diary or journal, which many Virgo types do, or you like to make lists (another Virgo trait) then by using the dates above, you can plot and plan August and September 2021.

Your Questions – THE VIRGO WEATHER

A reader born on 31st December (other details supplied) asked, “I have knee and back issues, and exhaustion – and a line-up around 12 Virgo in my chart.”

In astrology, Pisces is opposite Virgo so there is a direct link between the subconscious (Pisces, Twelfth House, Neptune) and pain or illness (Virgo, Sixth House, Mercury). That link can happen through transits, or natally. So, many astrologers believe that the cause of, say, depression – or exhaustion, knee pain, back ache – and the rest – is unconscious.

The subterranean depths of your subconscious mind, not normally revealed except through dreams, or accessed (unless with hypnosis) is the core of your ailment. So, you need to ask yourself ‘What is the result of my pain? What is the result of my illness? What do I get from my condition?’

This might seem like an odd question. How can you possibly gain from being sick? But there are always gains. As a child, you gained time off school, if you had a cold. You gained a day or two in bed watching television eating microwaved food. You got attention, care, sympathy for having the cold. You got away from teachers or lessons, or from other children. You got more time with the cat or dog. And so on.

Why Do We Have a Pandemic?

It’s my view, which cannot be proven, that we have a global pandemic because the collective unconscious wants less work to do. I predicted a virus twice using astrology in 2019 and gave specific dates. One was on the Pisces Sun opposition to the Virgo Full Moon in March 2020. That was when the W.H.O. reclassified the Corona Virus as the COVID-19 Pandemic.

So Virgo-Pisces patterns have form with this global contagion. We know the Virgo side of the story. This highly infection, lethal virus with long-term damage (even if we survive) also stops work – and the work force – in its tracks. Serial lockdowns shut every business. During the pandemic, working from home has replaced going to the office.

This is very much a Virgo story, right down to the pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine protests. So logically we now turn to Pisces. The unconscious or subconscious.

Pisces, Neptune and Pandemic Weather

The Neptune/Pisces/Twelfth House is coming from the other direction, partly because Neptune is himself in Pisces in the Twenties. So what is unconscious or subconscious here? I believe it’s billions of us who are sick of working. Who will even become sick to avoid work. Who have unwittingly, unknowingly, triggered just the sort of contagious illness which guarantees an end to work as we knew it.

And why am I saying that? Partly because of Pluto in Capricorn, which began in 2008. Pluto is total control and domination. Capricorn is corporations. We have all had over a dozen years of working for the man (or the woman). We’re sick of it and sick from it, too. That’s why our shared subconscious has agreed to participate in COVID-19.

Generation Virgo

Born during the Uranus and Pluto transits of Virgo (rare) in the 1960’s, Generation Virgo, is behind years of overwork and workaholic corporate structures. Part of the problem is the invention of the mobile phone or cell phone (now you can take work home with you) and the internet (now you can work 24/7, 365 days a year).

The technology was invented by Generation Virgo, for Generation Virgo. Now, a pandemic has stopped that in its tracks. Following astrological thought about Virgo (work, health) always in opposition to Pisces (the subconscious, the unconscious) we have to entertain the idea that – when the entire corporate and big business/political system changes – the virus will go.

Really? Yes. If billions of us are unconsciously summoning up a pandemic that involves furloughing, job share, part-time work, working from home – then perhaps when we get what we want, from big business and the politicians they pay – our unconscious will dismiss the virus as it is no longer required. If we unknowingly contribute to Covid, because our collective soul can no longer carry on working like this – because we want our lives back – then surely, when we are given less work – our collective need for Covid will cease. Once we get what we could never admit we wanted, the purpose of the virus disappears.

What do you think?

Pisces and Virgo Factors 

To return to the reader’s question:  if you have knee or back issues ask yourself where it gets you. What do you get? The answer will be intensely personal and complicated. Housemaid’s Knee was a condition common in the days of domestic service. It got the maid time off the job. It was the only thing that ever did.

Sometimes common phrases featuring body parts give away the core issue. ‘Putting your back into’ a job. ‘I’ve got your back’ is another one. So is ‘stabbed in the back’ and ‘backing away from’. With knees, you can find the modern phenomenon of taking a knee’ in America. That may not be your story at all, but you might relate to the idea of ‘on bended knee’ and ‘on my hands and knees, crawling for an apology’ and so on.

This can be a way of unlocking your subconscious mind. And the time to do that is during Virgo weather. When the Sun passes to 12 Virgo, for example, on Sunday 5th September 2021, it will illuminate, highlight and expose a core truth about your knee or back problem, if you are like this reader and have 12 degree Virgo factors. The Sun always sheds light.

More Questions From the Virgo Weather

A reader asked about her Virgo stellium (asteroids and planets going way over the average three factors) and her regular headaches. I asked her in turn what she got from them. Try to stand right back from the pain, the frustration and the rest, and answer a simple question. What changes when the headaches come? If you stop work, find out why your subconscious wants you to stop working. Maybe your unconscious mind would rather that you had sex, or ate, or relaxed in the bath, or raised some endorphins (happy chemicals) on a fast walk. This is really important if you say you like your job, or even love your job. Sure, that’s your conscious mind talking, but if you have headaches, what is your submerged self trying to achieve? Go back to the word head and find associations for yourself:

Head Girl/Head Boy.
Getting ahead.
If you want to get ahead, get a hat.
People or projects which are ‘headaches.’
Living in your head.
Doing head miles.
Putting your head on the block.
Head of the organisation/team/company.
Talking head.

Body Parts and Specific Issues

This connection between work and illness or pain is Virgo and the Sixth House. This is why that house rules your job but also your doctor. The affected body part is usually indispensable to the job. If your entire body goes down, then it’s even more serious. Yet, most of the time, according to the astrology, the specific ailment or part of your body in the spotlight, holds the clues to the work, unpaid work, housework or study issues at stake.

During wartime, only specific problems (like flat feet) could get you out of the army. If you unconsciously (Pisces) don’t want to go to war (duty, service, Virgo) then your feet may helpfully let you down.

The Sixth House in Astrology in the Middle Ages

There is an ancient association going back to the Middle Ages when the Sixth House was linked to the job of valet, or manservant. A valet was also your doctor, if you were a nobleman. As the valet of such a man, if he had the plague you got it too. You were essentially denied holidays. The only time you got off work, was when you were ill. Out of these very old patterns of the past, found right throughout society (and evident today with Covid) we find Virgo. The servant who risks illness because of his master. Don’t tell me this is not happening at Sydney Airport in 2021 with staff employed to clean toilets.

If the issue is your unconscious resenting or resisting work, look to the part of your body that malfunctions. Footballers break their foot bones. Taxi drivers get back pain. Sex workers get S.T.D. Teachers lose their voice. What’s your story?

Tarot and Dreams, Natal Charts and Clues

You can use the Virgo weather of 2021 to drill down into your illness or pain, as the transits of the Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Venus and/or Mars form conjunctions (or power points) with your Virgo planets, nodes, asteroids or angles. It’s wake-up time. Use the Tarot on this website to gain clues.

Read my interpretation of the card you choose, but above all –  look at the picture. What do you see that is personal to you? Look to your natal chart, to see what is shown twice, in your card and in the horoscope itself. Before you go to sleep, for at least 14 nights, ask your subconscious to talk to you about the source of a problem and its solution.

This is what the Romans did, in their ‘hospitals’ or healing centres, ruled by the god Aesculapia. Patients spent the night in dream incubation. It worked. The Romans built these places throughout the empire.

We do not have a place for the subconscious mind in our schools. We are not taught about dreams. The astrology says we should be. It’s the same with hypnosis. We are not taught about its power. One look at Paul McKenna on YouTube, though, and you will see it. The natural, ancient Pisces-Virgo opposition in astrology makes it clear. Health problems are  usually housework, unpaid work, study or work problems, and the answer is deep, deep below with your soul, spirit or psyche. It’s time to explore that.

Images from Unsplash:

Diana Polekhina

Volodymyr Hryshchenko

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60 Responses

  1. A loved one has Sun Virgo 0, Mercury Virgo 15, Venus Virgo 17, Jupiter Virgo 12, Uranus Virgo 27, and Pluto Virgo 21. So clearly a Virgo 🙂 Can you give any insight into their mindset/heartspace? Thank you.

    1. A lot of people are having trouble figuring out Virgo lovers, or potential lovers, at the moment. If it’s any comfort it all gets a lot easier from 2023, but for now, you need to know that Virgo has control issues around/with children. For example, there be may be a need to run the show with a daughter, but an opposing battle of wills with another family member, connected to that daughter. Or, there may be huge issues about the lack of power/need for power, with a son in the light of a divorce. You then get issues like IVF or adoption, step-parenthood or abortion turning up for Virgo on this cycle, which is easier than it was, but has left a long trail in the last few years. In addition to that, Virgo people are going through a long cycle of non-reality and unreality when ‘reality’ is not what everyone else thinks it should be. They are in their own bubble or world, escaping from what others call capital R Real. That can be very hard work. Yet, just as 2023 ends the intense cycle around children, the period right after Christmas into 2022 brings every solution a Virgo ever wanted, with marriage or sexual partnerships. For some of them this will be a divorce or separation. Free at last. In other cases it is reconciliation with an ex. Or – just a new lover. Who is so much better than any other candidate in the last 12 years.

  2. Hi Jessica, I have a Virgo stellium with all the big planets like Pluto, Uranus, Moon and Jupiter housed there. What advice do you have for me?

    Thank you.

    1. Something bigger than you will force a decision about your health by September. That sounds ominous but really, your entire generation is dealing with questions about Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and the rest. Not to mention the new realities of travel, work and money. You will be at a crossroads, not just with Covid, but also with other key questions about your health and wellbeing, fitness and self-care, within weeks. Some are evident now. You also have a choice to make about how you work, when you work, where you work and why you work. Given that you are so heavily Virgo this is really a lifestyle reshape and yet you’ll do it in stages so it’s not overwhelming. You can and will make a choice about pandemic realities, though, and that will influence you in 2022 as well.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you’re well! I’m a Pisces with my IC, Panacea and Ops in the sixth. I’ve just yesterday launched my first brand campaign and am wondering how the current and upcoming Virgo weather could be supportive, and help me to help it succeed?

    Also, my partner is a textbook Virgo, we dated 20yrs ago and reunited a few years ago. Yep, a Bennifer situation. Not sure if there’s anything to note there!

    Stay safe, and thank you for your insight.

    1. Thank you Sue. Your timing is a little early, but I understand why you launched your campaign now. You were in the zone a few months ago, with Jupiter and Neptune both in Pisces, and felt the flow. Now, Jupiter is out of Pisces, but he goes back in, after Christmas. Think about post-Christmas and January 2022 again with your brand. From then, peaking in April 2022, you have exceptional luck with promotion, publicity and advertising. In fact you may not have to pay. You have an average amount of Virgo in your chart, but can still use August, September to reshape your schedule, lifestyle and workload. This involves housework as well as paid work. Your IC in Virgo suggests an ancestor or relative who was in service. Usually the military or domestic. His/her health situation had a major effect on their working life. You have inherited that astrological DNA, assuming your birth time is accurate. Perhaps that is why you fell in love with a Virgo – to figure the issues out. Assuming your brand is using yourself as the model, do think about a 2022 plan even if it’s just on paper, now. Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is rare, will pass over your First House in your solar chart, and then Jupiter goes into Aries in your natal First House, in 2022. So it’s a double whammy. Relaunch your look, name, face, shape, style, profile just as soon as you see the universe handing you an opportunity on a plate. You only get this cycle every 12 years and you can successfully and easily front your product in 2022.

  4. Hello Jessica
    I have been following you for a little while and one of my main learnings has been the concept of Stelliums. While always thinking of myself as a Virgo (with 4 factors in my chart) I have been exploring my many Libra factors (6 in my chart). On the topic of duets I am pleased to say I am happily married. There seems to be a lot going on in coming months and I would appreciate any comments on my Virgo-Libra happenings.

    Best wishes

    1. Thank you Suzy. Happily married people are often heavily Libran because they understand give and take. They know how to sit on the see-saw with the other person and they delight in differences, because they enjoy balancing the scales with the other person. You can do X if your husband does Y, or you are good at Z and your husband is good at A! The months of August, September and October will bring some decisions for you as a couple and you will pursue the next big dual challenge and opportunity. Sometimes it is as simple as a holiday, but depending on your husband’s chart, which I don’t have, it may be a home renovation; a business plan; a charity commitment and so on, or more obviously a new direction for children, godchildren or young relatives that involves you both. The Virgo side of your life is also waking up, and August and September are really about a lifestyle reshape. So you have two things going on at the same time. Maybe they will meet in the middle. You may decide to rethink your work schedule, for example, and that could include changes within the marriage. Virgo is very much about how you work in the home or garden, as well as your paid work and any voluntary work. So yes, this would necessarily involve what your husband wants and needs as well. Your Sixth House and Seventh House are where you ‘live’ and you will now find that the core basics of who you are, are on your mind, as you are offered a choice which would make a huge difference to your daily routine, ongoing, for the rest of 2021 and likely 2022.

  5. Hi Jessica
    That’s such an interesting piece about Virgo. I have a stellium of seven Virgo factors in my chart which means it is triggered by just about every date you have listed. I’m looking forward to see how I am impacted and the decisions I make.
    I have chronic kidney disease which causes me to have raised blood pressure. I have been struggling all year to take various blood pressure tablets as I am allergic to most of them. I am also suffering from severe menopausal symptoms having come off HRT this summer and to help with this, I reduced my caffeine and sugar intake dramatically, only to find that this has reduced my blood pressure, so at the moment I don’t have to take the blood pressure tablets I am allergic to. So now I’m exploring ways to manage the menopause symptoms through diet and lifestyle changes and hoping for some improvement soon.
    Regarding Covid-19 – I have been working from home in the UK since the start of the pandemic and consider it vital that I can continue to do this, as with chronic kidney disease I really don’t want to catch the virus. I’m waiting to see what my employer decides in September regarding working from home/hybrid office working and this issue may involve some of the dates you have highlighted. I am also in the process of buying a new home in September so there may be implications there too.
    It looks like a busy month!
    I hope you are enjoying life in Tasmania and that it remains a Covid-free/low-Covid place to live.
    Take care and stay safe

    1. Thank you Pauline. Yes, that all fits. Your huge Virgo stellium is about the mind, body and spirit and how they work together. It is very common to find that a heavily Virgo person has a physical condition that dictates their work. Their body speaks to their spirit by ensuring the soul gets what it wants. You have permission not to go to the office five days a week because of the kidney disease. One way or another your body will dictate that you get a particular kind of work situation (hybrid or purely at home) as a result, so on some level, your body is figuring out what the rest of you actually wants and needs. Perhaps you do far better by yourself in peace and quiet than handling a commute and an office atmosphere. A home office, for example, in the new house or apartment, would also suit that – so it all goes around in a circle. Heavily Virgo people also benefit hugely from attending to the mind, so if you are not already looking at meditation, hypnosis, yoga – it may be time to do that, to see for yourself how the brain can train the body. In Virgo weather, now until September, all this will come to you – you won’t have to chase it. You may be offered free trials in a Yoga Zoom class for example, Pauline.

  6. Hi Jessica, I am have a Leo Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Venus Stellium all in the 9th house. I also have a Virgo stellium in my 10th house. Saturn at 12, North Node at 8, Lillith at 3 degrees. How would this impact me? On my chart I don’t have anything placed in my 6th house so I not sure how this relates.
    I have had a difficult time since December 2017, having to relocate from my home, lost my job and suffered financially also having issues with an ex partner and a law suit he is involved with, no fault on my part, but his affairs have clouded my life since December 2017.
    I’m a Capricorn Moon. Will a new cycle start for me?
    Thanks Jade

    1. You are using a different website and house system, Jade, so I have to spin the information. Your Leo stellium is in the Fifth House of children. Your Virgo stellium is in the Sixth House of work and health. Don’t use Lilith please. She is not part of modern astrology, which is Roman in origin. You have had a rotten time with a job loss, moving, money worries and problems with an ex. You will make or save a lot of money after Christmas, so you have that to look forward to. When it happens, stash it or make the most of it. Try to sort out the ex by Christmas at the latest as luck is on your side with that. You will have a new job by 2022 and it will be radically different to the old one and give you a lot more freedom.

  7. Oh my Gosh Jessica. I just read your twitter on the Virgo weather and the 12 degree factors. I have so many. I am all twelved out in my chart. I hope to God its not all bad news. Please advise as to what I should watch, prepare for, or celebrate!! THANK YOU. you are AMAZING.

    My 12 degree factors
    Moon 12 deg Aires
    Venus 13 deg Aquarius
    IC 12 deg Aquarius
    Saturn 12 deg Pisces
    MC 12 deg Leo
    Minerva 12 deg Leo

    Hope I can get a booster shot soon. Please tell me some of these 12s are good!! Please 🙂

    1. You have quite a cluster around 12 degrees so it never rains but it pours. When life is great it’s amazing and when it’s not great, it’s dire. You go up and down with life events, with that kind of chart. The most important factor here is your Aquarius Venus/IC because of the Aquarius weather of 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond. Your ancestor was defined by a group. Perhaps a trade union, the R.A.A.F. or a charity. Perhaps a rock band, football club or the army. You have inherited that DNA and must find your path with a group, or perhaps just dealing with groups as an outsider. Venus suggests complicated friendships within such groups, historically. The opposition to the MC and Minerva suggests a fair bit of work around that over the course of your life and it will be a bigger deal in 2021 and beyond.

  8. Hello Dear Jessica,

    I hope you are well … 🙂 Thank you for your insights, as always! “Obstacle course” is a very apt description of what I’m experiencing these days. New part-time job (in accounting), teenager issues, and lots of equally important et ceteras. Per your dates above, I’m watching Aug 20, Aug 22, Aug 26, and Sept 6/7 for these factors in my chart:

    Proserpina 2 VIR Saturn 2 Pisces
    Uranus 14 VIR Psyche 4 Pisces
    Pluto 16 VIR Chiron 15 Pisces
    Vulcano 25 VIR Panacea 17 Pisces
    Mars 26 VIR Vesta 25 Pisces

    I’m wondering, in this Virgo atmosphere, how significant are the oppositions to Pisces factors? I would also have several squares to natal factors in Sagittarius and Gemini … it feels very much like “Wipe Out” or “Ninja Warrior” as well as Snakes and Ladders! 🙂

    Thank you so much for any thoughts and suggestions you can offer. Be well.


    1. Thank you. The Virgo-Pisces oppositions are about something you find in transit and also natally. The clash between needing to escape reality and having to get real about work. The most common example of this is the smokers’ balcony at the office. People smoke to escape their desk and to flirt, often. It’s a little break. (It also kills you, but Pisces-Virgo can have fantasies and delusions about the body too). The Proserpina-Saturn, Uranus-Psyche, Pluto-Chiron oppositions – and the rest – are a larger scale example of this. In Virgo weather there is tension between doing the washing up and the laundry and escaping into television, sex, music, alcohol, drugs, meditation – whatever floats your boat. The great challenge of Virgo-Pisces is to be aware of the subconscious mind and what it is trying to do. Dreams are a good way to find out. Your soul, spirit, psyche can talk to you in dreams and it is worth finding out how. Jane Teresa Anderson is a good guide there – she is online and is also an excellent author. I would recommend with all this Pisces-Virgo that you decode how your body is delivering a result in your life that in some way your subconscious wants. What and where does it get you? I recently had a reader who had chronic back ache. She loved her work but overworked. She was a workaholic. The back pain forced her to stop and effectively meditate – lie down – escape. She realised the way forward was to lop two hours off her working life and turn the computer off and go wild swimming instead. The subconscious was happy and the pain stopped. Now, a cynic would say that back ache is helped by swimming and of course it is, but the point is – she was ignoring her soul. Thus the very particular sort of pain that required her to life down. You have a new part-time job which is Virgo in nature and might also want to look at how your subconscious feels about that. Are you getting your escapism in?

  9. Hi Jessica,
    I have a stellium in Virgo six all up and I am dealing with a breast cancer. I am living with my son and his partner and two young grandbabies. My life suddenly changed with this diagnosis in March forcing me to leave NZ to come to live in Australia so my sons could help look after me. I am totally out of my comfort zone. Having medical situation and suddenly losing my independence in a sense. I walk quite a deeply spiritual path. Though I get on with my family they don’t really understand me or want to. Not sure how best to navigate my path right now as I feel at the mercy of life. Any guidance would be welcome. Many thanks

    1. I am so sorry you have had a breast cancer diagnosis in March. You have also had the upheaval of moving from NZ to Australia so your sons can help care for you. You were very independent before and now of course you must be dependent for a while. You also have your own spirituality and not everybody understands that. You are a Sun Libra person who has transits in her solar chart, in the Sixth House of health, ruled by Pisces, but also in the Fouth House of home and family, ruled by Capricorn. When we go to your natal chart, we find the same thing. Your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House is under transit, being well and truly triggered, and you have Vulcano in Cancer in the Fourth House, at 27 Cancer, which means Pluto is in conjunction with that for the first time in 240+ years. All of this is historic, game-changing and life-changing as you might have guessed. Let’s look at Vulcano first. This asteroid is about self-control, willpower and empowerment from holding back the desire to act from intense emotion. This has been the case all your life with the family and/or household. Also with feelings about your nationality, town, country, home town, heritage, culture, homeland. You have had a life that has been pretty controlled and locked down in terms of all this. Volcanic, actually. NZ is famous for her occasional earthquakes is she not? Now, Pluto comes along to line up with this and I expect you feel dominated. Others are trying to take or take over. Space, perhaps, at home – or just with family politics. I suggest you read all you can about Pluto transits. This does not last, but Christmas in particular is your challenge to change, because Pluto will be alongside the Sun from that point into New Year. So, the change is even more willpower than usual. You have to run your own self, your own life, be the boss of yourself, in the context of the family, your home, and your country (both countries actually). This will work well for you, transform you forever and empower you long-term. In your solar chart Pluto transits your Fourth House, so it’s very similar. You can feel utterly dominated. Push back. It may be a relative, it may be the way the town/state/country is run, but Pluto in the Fourth can feel quite overwhelming. In fact you can take back the controls and you will do that. The other transits to watch are of course about the Sixth. The Sixth House is opposite the Twelfth House of the subconscious mind, soul, psyche and invisible self. You are strongly Pisces as well as strongly Virgo. In astrology the unseen inner self instructs the body. Why? To get some kind of result. You have to ask yourself what your body has just delivered. Quite apart from the shock, and also the huge challenge, which I completely understand, this entire situation has put you and your sons together, and of course with grandchildren and in-laws. It has challenged your views on your God, or similar. So you have to ask your subconscious mind about this. It all runs pretty deep doesn’t it? Far too deep for an astrology website, but I hope that will give you some steps to walk. Have a look at Pisces-Virgo and Twelfth House-Sixth House. I wish you well with your healing and as a strongly Virgo person you have an innate wisdom about the body, mind and spirit and are turning this around. Use that September 7th New Moon to make the second relaunch.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    Many thanks for this! I’m another with many Virgo factors (and also Pisces in opposition where my sun sits. Health wise I came down with post viral fatigue at 29 (around my Saturn return) which encouraged me to start exploring holistic therapies such as acupuncture and juice fasts, staples to this day, and subsequently a more spiritual outlook.

    I often find I am in conflict with myself over life choices and lifestyles, and whilst I do tend to follow yoga qi gong etc a little I live more in the material corporate world here in London. Now at 55 I am close to being able to stop work yet find my plans of travelling likely disrupted for the coming years, my energy levels seem to struggle more with the fatigue and I find myself at somewhat of a crossroads regarding what to do and whether to move out of London (my father passed away at a grand old age of 97 last year just B.C. which has freed a lot of time but also left a gap).

    Whilst my Virgo factors do not seem at the precise degrees you mention I wonder if anything jumps out of my chart for the coming period?

    1. Well done on your superior management of Virgo-Pisces in your chart. Post-viral fatigue on your Saturn Return has led you to yoga, raw food and acupuncture. You are 55 and so close to retirement but also living with the pandemic reality. You are having fatigue issues (pretty common at the moment) and wondering if you should leave London. You have karma with London, Britain and your father’s family and legacy and that is why nothing has changed so far. You are going around in karmic circles at the moment, fulfilling a very old loop, but it ends in January 2022. From that point forward you may well move. Long-term you seem certain to emigrate abroad or to shift your entire life to a radically different environment within Britain, from about 2026, and certainly past 2030. It will be exhilarating for you, liberating and set you free. Closer to home, you will be put on quite a demanding path with your spirituality, dreams, psychic ability, religion, therapy in 2022 so be careful what you agree to, should it commence after Christmas or part way through 2022. It will be really hard work for you. You have dual patterns in your natal and solar chart, in the Twelfth House, which suggest that you may want to lighten your load not add to it in 2022, in terms of psychic work, psychologists, your faith, meditation and so on. The inner world is a stretch next year so don’t stretch it too far. You will relaunch December-April 2022 with perhaps a new title, a new look (updating your image or profile) and find yourself with some fantastic options to present a different face to the world or a different persona. It will be in tune with your truth, which is – as you know – about the spirit, not so much the body. Yet it is your body which teaches you about the spirit.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this post. I was really interested to read through the ‘Dates to Watch’ section, particularly given recent events this week in New Zealand. Am I right in guessing NZ’s charts are being triggered at the moment? The mood feels quite different to last time- not necessarily worse, just like we’re gritting our teeth collectively for what might be a quite difficult time. I hope that we aren’t. The news coming out of NSW is very worrying.

    On a personal note I downloaded ny husband’s chart a week ago, and found out he has a stellium in Virgo. I was a bit surprised by that at first but it made a lot of sense to me after reading this 🙂

    1. Yes, the New Zealand charts are all being triggered. This is a massive test for New Zealand and the world. The world looks to New Zealand (or will do) for its moral values and ethics. PM Ardern is making one human life priceless. She is laying down that law. In Australia, where I am writing this now, we have politicians who are putting a price on human life, which is morally bankrupt. They are trying to bargain with the plague. A few years ago I glanced at the NZ charts and realised something massive was coming up – so I flew to Auckland to talk about it. Well, here we are. And yet this has not even started for NZ as eventually individual states and countries around the world will copy your values, copy your model and go Zero Covid. There is already talk about Zero Covid Australian states forming their own territory with NZ as like-minded leaders and citizens are on the same page. Your husband will reshape his lifestyle by September and be very happy to have done so!

  12. Hi lovely Jessica! Very much looking forward to the upcoming Virgo event – hope my alarm clock works OK! (Will be about 4..45 am here in Britain!)

    I think the Virgo weather may have quite an impact on me, as I’m a Virgo Sun (0 degrees); Saturn 3 degrees Virgo (Aesculapia at 2 Pisces); plus True Node and Apollo at 27 Virgo (Jupiter at 27 degrees Cancer). Please could you shed some light on what to expectand how to best ride the upcoming energies? Thank you in advance!

    Lots of love, light and blessings to you,


    1. Thank you. I’m looking forward to The Virgo Weather too and appreciate your waking up for it in Britain (but if you change your mind, the Zoom recording will be sent to you afterwards, Angelina). Your natal aspects are a good example of the challenges and rewards ahead. Virgo-Pisces is really about understanding how your subconscious mind affects your health, wellbeing, fitness and mental health. Hypnosis is an excellent tool to reach the subconscious and as you ride over these Virgo-Pisces opposition triggers you may want to look at that – if you are not already using it. Pisces, Neptune and the Twelfth House are about everything that is ‘sub’ – so submarines, and subterranean depths. Dreams are another classic indicator and in fact the Romans used dreams as a tool to discover the cause and cure of ailments in their temples devoted to Aesculapia. Your opposition actually involves that asteroid. The most common example I can give of the mass collective subconscious controlling public health is of course Covid. It would seem that billions of us have decided we do not want to work for the man any more (or the woman). We want to work from home. Work part-time. If you step back from the pandemic to see what we might be unknowingly summoning up, it would appear to be an en masse new global relationship with work. Perhaps that makes sense given we have endured Pluto in Capricorn (domination by corporations) since 2008. This is a controversial idea but it is true to the astrology and I will be talking about it at the event. More happily, the Cancer-Virgo connection is just what you would expect. Home and housework. The house, garden, apartment and lifestyle. Seeing a home as a machine for living. The New Virgo Moon on 7th September is a lovely green light for reorganising your space; perhaps reshuffling a family or household arrangement. Virgo is the healing herbs, Cancer is the kitchen window box. Virgo is the method and order, Cancer is the daily routine of washing up, drying up and so on. It’s the little things that will make the most enormous difference to you this September.

  13. I’m so upset I missed the session but needed to get my kids out for their daily lock up walk. I have a stellum of powerful planets in Virgo with Pluto 24, Mars 25 and Jupiter 26! Any help in discerning that for the two 24 dates you nominate would be highly appreciated as my Astro is quite basic. Thank you as always!

    1. No problem and I hope the children enjoyed the walk. You now have decisions to make about your lifestyle and workload. September is a big month for you. You will need to improve and expand your walking, or another form of exercise (like swimming) and the doors will open for that next month. Once you realise that the trick is ‘daily’ and ‘frequent’ the rest starts to reward you. The issue to date has been a lack of regular commitment, but life will bend and stretch around you, so you can do that. You might add Zoom yoga, for example. You will also be given a new project, or perhaps more than one, to fit in. This also means a lifestyle change. Sitting down with a notebook and a diary or calendar will help once you realise there are 8 hours to sleep, 8 hours to work and 8 hours to play and you are going to have to radically reimagine what you are doing. This will be the gift that goes on giving, as your Sixth House lights up. What is in place by October is with you for months.

  14. Hello Jessica – just a follow up question about body parts and Virgo. You say the following “Sometimes common phrases featuring body parts give away the core issue. ‘Putting your back into’ a job. ‘I’ve got your back’ is another one. So is ‘stabbed in the back’ and ‘backing away from’. With knees, you can find the modern phenomenon of taking a knee’ in America. That may not be your story at all, but you might relate to the idea of ‘on bended knee’ and ‘on my hands and knees, crawling for an apology’ and so on.” What would you say for lungs, sinus? Thank you!

    1. Yes, the body talks to us through the subconscious. Lungs are obviously breathing/breath/fresh air. We talk about breathing space. So we are talking about freedom. Suffocation is another idea to work with. Who or what suffocates you or restricts your freedom? Sinus is similar – breathing. People with the air signs in their charts (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) who are with the wrong sorts of partners, flatmates/roommates or live-in family members (sometimes the wrong employers or colleagues or staff) can feel unable to breathe. Their body produces lung and sinus issues, which remove them from the scene. Time off work, perhaps, or back to bed – or unable to have sex – and so on. Time away from a role where they feel squeezed.

  15. Thanks Jessica,

    I am still digesting the fascinating information from yesterday together with this article and wanted to give you feedback on how the Virgo weather predictions pinged for my partner and me.

    Yesterday you mentioned the Virgo weather impact for Gemini could include issues around property, home, belonging and straggling a border or across two states (NSW-QLD border and stuck with pets which you mention as also Virgo). So you are 100% accurate for my Gemini partner who also has a stellium in Virgo with Jupiter 26, Uranus 29, Pluto 22, Diana 12, SN 27, Descendant 6. Plus 14 Taurus. Hoping for good life changing.

    And you were 100% accurate for me with the Virgo weather Sagittarian themes of new horizons, moving, relocation; as I have a new job and hoping to go home across the border into quarantine in the coming week.

    Apologies again for the Aquarian kitten (4/2/2021) sending Zoom messages yesterday. He is computer mad and loves Zoom!

    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you so much, Patricia, and also for attending The Virgo Weather event. Loved the kitten. My puppy is Aquarian. Also computer mad – hilarious.

  16. Hello to all, is there a YouTube recording of the latest Virgo event for those premium members like me that couldn’t attend live to the event ? And sorry for asking again but I wonder why is our actual ascendant not appearing (and therefore not acknowledged) from the recorded birth chart, especially when an accurate birth time is given. One wonders why it should be accurate for that matter…?

    1. Hello. There is a Zoom recording at the Victorian Association of Astrologers which I believe is accessed with a ticket to the event. I’ve asked them to make it available to people who were not able to attend. I am puzzled that your Ascendant does not appear on your chart. Would you mind taking that up with Support please? It’s usually marked as ASC or AC in the horoscope. Thank you.

    1. You will find that the Full Moon/New Moon cycle in Virgo and Pisces brings fork in the road decisions each time. Watch the lunar transits. You two will have to figure out a lot of Virgo and Pisces issues together. Classic and common are – order versus chaos. Messiness versus tidiness. Organisation versus randomness. Escaping from the real world, versus inhabiting it.

  17. Hi Jessica, as always, thanks for this post and organizing the VAA event. I hope it was a success; I had to miss it since it started at midnight my time, but am looking forward to the recording and learning more.

    If you have time, please – work has not given clarity on if/when we will have to return to the office. I am anticipating a clash with my boss, however (which I will ask about in the Libra feature). I have June 06° Virgo and Aesculapia 18° Virgo. Any insights, please?

    More important, and if you only have time to answer one question, forget me, I’d prefer this one be answered please. I have two close friends (ex-SO, other Mr. On and Off) with the following Virgo placements.

    Ex: Uranus 00° Virgo, Pluto 10° Virgo, Apollo 12° Virgo, Panacea 19° Virgo, Psyche 14° Virgo.
    On-Off: Pluto 23° Virgo, IC 17° Virgo, Diana 11° Virgo.

    Both fully vaccinated, but the ex is stupidly running around in his homeland Germany on vacation from America until mid-September (don’t get me started, had such a row over his daftness that it drove my blood pressure up 40 points), and my on-off is hiding at his cottage but I’m still concerned as people are being lax after buying into the government’s slick PR strategy. I’m hoping these transits reflect a change in lifestyle for the better (which is my not-even notice interpretation) for both men as opposed to something serious like COVID infection for these two, but would greatly appreciate your insight, as I am concerned given their Pluto in Virgo placements. The ex (a Sagittarius) is strongly Sagittarius and Virgo (6 and 5 placements, respectively), and has recently lost over 30 lbs after taking up in-door rowing which is great, but he still vapes so worried about his COVID risk.

    As always, thank you for your warnings. Hope you stay safe and healthy in these turbulent times.

    1. Thank you. The great truth about this Virgo weather is that injections with AstraZeneca or Pfizer (and the rest) are ineffective in stopping people from becoming infected with COVID-19 and passing it on. The fantasy of a silver bullet ‘vaccine’ is slowly being challenged by statistics in Israel and particularly the United Kingdom, where despite 75% of the population having two injections, the death rate and case rate are rising. So, you and your former lover, and the occasional lover, are caught up in that story. Their Virgo placements put them firmly there as do yours. What you will find in September is that the global affects the personal. So what do we do, when there are no guarantees that even two injections (never mind three) will stop us from becoming ill, perhaps with Long Covid, or safeguard our sexual partners from the same fate? What do we do when we could pick up and pass on Covid to people who are not injected, and have particular vulnerability – what if we put them in hospital? These are massive questions and what you will find is that we are back in the Eighties, morally and ethically. Both these men are going to raise that with you on some level. Safe sex was a keynote of AIDS-HIV the last time we had a cycle like this (in mutable signs) triggering people with Virgo factors. Condoms were de rigeur as was monogamy and of course, mutual testing. Remember that? We are fast approaching a period in history, as the South Node goes into Scorpio (sex and death) in 2022, 2023 when it is the testing which will prevail. Injections can only go so far. Politicians who have been paid by businessmen are selling the myth that needles make the world safe for a return to constant travel and tourism. The facts we start to see in September are stark and awful. They really don’t. So, by 2022, in the new Scorpio cycles (Pluto was in Scorpio when AIDS arrived) we will find the focus switches to new, effective, accurate, affordable, instant tests. And so the onus is on both these men to test with you, or just test. There is a double meaning to this, of course, which is that sexual relationships (past, present, potential) will be put to the test. There is a spiritual, moral, ethical dimension to what is going on with COVID-19.

  18. Afternoon Jessica,

    I’ve only got Virgo on my Moon. But I do have Cancer and Cap – so reading into the comments about.
    I loved reading your comment about how the world looks to New Zealand for moral values, so true. I can only keep my fingers and toes crossed that WA and QLD and TAS keep up the amazing work.

    I also found your insights into the collective relationship with work and Cover, very interesting. I sometimes reflect on my past burnout corporate career and question what I really got out of it. Did I even really enjoy it? Or, was I just bought into the system and feeling self important. I know my work was my identity but with hindsight it was all fairly souless.
    Times have changed; and life and kids changes you. I was struggling with work, identity and living a life with passion long before the pandemic hit. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights.

    1. Thank you. Yes, New Zealand is one of the few countries to take a strong moral stance over lives and the economy. In Australia, the Prime Minister is getting out a calculator – then again – he is a Taurus with a very particular sort of astrology chart. The other sorts of calculations people are making/will be making until 2026 are about salary and work. You already did that and burned out in the corporate world. What we will see as Uranus in Taurus slowly forms trines with the Virgo placements of billions (Virgo obviously rules work) will be a radical shift. Part-time jobs and jobs located at home – and job-sharing – very much dominate life over the next 5 years.

  19. Just wondering if you can give any advice on my Virgo placement in Pluto and Uranus at 17 degrees (conjunction) along with 2 other planets in Virgo in the September Virgo weather. Interestingly I work as a nurse in NHS

    1. As an NHS nurse who is strongly Virgo, September will change your life. You have a couple of decisions to make here, one near the 7th and again one in the final week. Your sense of service and duty to patients is profound but you owe yourself, your best possible mental and physical health. As the Sun slowly moves over your conjunction you will see two realities. One is the reality of your profession, and the other is that generation, now in their fifties, most affected by what is happening with younger generations – who are basically letting infections rip. September is intense at times but from these two realities, both likely to make headlines by the final week, you have your own personal decisions to make about your lifestyle, wellbeing and sense of duty to others.

  20. Hi Jessica, I really appreciate you writing this post. I am currently experiencing insomnia and have just made a list ( at 2.30 am) of the dates above and with a second column of corresponding degrees from my chart. I need to make health changes and was wondering if the matches I see are helpful, as I don’t know what type of aspects they represent, eg, squares versus trines. For example; Thursday 22nd September Mars 22 Virgo, Neptune 22 Pisces: my chart Venus 22 Virgo, Pluto 22 Virgo, Proserpina 22 Aries, Psyche 22 Libra. Kind regards, Michelle.

    1. Thank you. Michelle, you are strongly Virgo and a candidate for over-thinking. You probably run ‘head miles’ and need to use Pisces not Virgo, to balance. So, if youa re not already using dreams and hypnosis, meditation and even long baths or showers (or wild swimming) now is the time. Look at the Pisces-Virgo balance in your chart and yourself, your life and your mental and physical health. You live in your head and need to get out of that. Look at Paul McKenna on YouTube and Jane Teresa Anderson’s website (Google) as they are experts in their fields and will offer you samples of proven ways to escape from mental circuits so you can get off the hamster wheel and get some proper sleep. You also have a lot of head mile time dedicated to duets and duels (Aries-Libra) and your body needs time off from thinking about that.

  21. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for highlighting how amazing astrology is – to you and your team – well done. So Interesting as I’ve been watching the Virgo weather and my natal Saturn is 8 Virgo 26′. I also have Sun 8 Aries and Panacea 8 Sagittarius. My current situation is that since your predictions in early 2020 and watching CoVID-19 unfold I convinced my partner we needed to move out of Melbourne city and to the country. I found a house that requires some work in a popular regional town at an unbelievable price that is solid and we’re working on it but the change of lifestyle is amazing. So from a corporate city office to working at home amongst regional Victoria we now are, thankfully. As long as this working from home becomes a permanent situation all will be ok.
    Since exploring Europe in June 2019 I have not had a break from work and was just thinking last week would be good to stop. I was thinking perhaps a longer stint over this coming Christmas as I have started a new position. But no my work laptop decides to shut down and physically melt down on Friday 27th August as Saturn is 8 Aquarius 26′. I discovered this planet weather two days later on Sunday. Seems like the universe is stopping me from working. This is just as I’ve started a new position in June 2021 in what I’ve taken as a learning curve to gain skills at the ‘coal face’ and making strides in my numbers of customer resolution. The new work I’m doing is not something I’m use to but it takes being really organised which I can handle. This is all about numbers with ‘customers’ and I have a training background. So this career step is logical to gain real practical skills to train others once again and hopefully progress in job permanency and position. But just as I convinced myself I can do this job and able to make the numbers the planets are like ‘wrong direction, get a grip, and do what you’re meant to do’. Work has always been an area where I’ve wanted more but have not quite gotten there – think it is Saturn – I have everything else but think work alludes me this life time around. I still have a couple of ‘work’ decades left and the corporate world is definitely not what I want. Astrology is amazing if I’m interpreting this correctly.
    Thank you

    1. You are interpreting your chart correctly and congratulations on using astrology to escape Melbourne and find a more relaxed atmosphere in the country. Your laptop failure is interesting. You needed time out. If it happens again, or you have any more technical failure, think about a different schedule. Employers, clients and customers are flexible on a pandemic. Everybody is in the same boat. So, ask for what you want. Think about a different way to function. The truth about strongly Virgo people, like you, is that the routine can be so overwhelming that there is no breathing space to actually consider how it would be to delegate, ditch or drop. That is a big one. To actually get rid of aspects of the routine week – your Virgo heart no doubt finds that difficult. Yet, the laptop and your own misgivings here, suggest that you need to do something about who/what is taking up time and energy. Beyond laptop failure, health issues are another warning light. Whenever that happens to a Virgo type, there is usually some almighty unconscious need to work differently, or less. The New Moon on the 7th is a turning point.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    It’s delightful to connect! I have 14 Venus, 19 Mars, 03 Pluto, 20 Vesta, 29 ASC and 03 Vulanco all in Virgo.
    I have had a lot of personal growth since 2018 when my parents, husband, and dog all passed. I was providing care to them.
    The past 3 years have been a huge learning curve, now I’m ready to start again.
    Do you have any insights? I will feel grateful and appreciative for your reply.

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry you had such big losses in your life – you cared for your parents, husband and dog – and played your part – but then they left you. That is incredibly sad and yet you’ve been courageous enough to see it partly as a learning experience, Cathy. You are indeed ready to start again and a professional or semi-professional interest that you had, is back again. A curious twist of fate will encourage you to set out on quite a different path with one, perhaps two, career alternatives. These will be exciting, liberating and all sorts of sudden events could push you forward, so that by 2026 you may even have a different job altogether. That would be interesting for you. If you do have another dog by 2023, be aware of the need for give and take, as you are in that kind of cycle when any animal you take on will be testing your power and control. Perhaps you don’t want to do that just yet, but I thought I would mention it, so you are aware when you choose. You will make or save a lot of money from after Boxing Day into 2022 and be really happy with the outcome in April. In the second half of next year, despite the pandemic, or perhaps because of it, you will become closely involved with a different nationality, its people, or its major cities. You will get away with the so-called impossible, and it will make 2022 quite unforgettable for you.

  23. This is very weird because all the dates you indicate are inextricably linked to days when I have been having to discuss cutting our paybill by 20% however it feels like playing with people’s lives. I am worried I am not making the right decision- any advice on how I make sure I don’t?

    1. Yes, you are affecting other people’s lives. Discussion is all. Communication is everything. Get onto Zoom and take notes. Allow people the chance to ask questions once it’s over and then marshall your thoughts. In Virgo weather, this sort of attention to detail is crucial and you’ll do better if you focus on the New Moon on the 7th as a deadline.

  24. This is all so deeply moving to me, to read your words which speak with such clarity. My question is from a place of confusion about moving forward, tapping into the higher truth. My husband and I both have Virgo ascendants. He is a Virgo Sun, I am a Gemini Sun with Mercury as a morning star. My south node is at 6 degrees of Virgo, right on my ascendant, so I’m moving through a nodal crossing – the last quarter square. Having the nodes in our 10/4th house axis has really put us in a spin. I am an astrologer, though, so I feel grounded in the bigger picture. My Sag Moon in the 4th house had months of the South Node transit. this was “disheartening” … haha. I am one of those with Pluto at 24 Virgo. I have Jupiter at 26 Libra, trine my Gemini Sun…. I am mostly wondering what this nodal crossing will bring, as I am very open, but indeed feeling both super plugged into the changing, liberating energy of the moment…. and also very exhausted, like I’m in the warm blanket of Neptune! Thank you Jessica, for any clarity you have on my nodal squares. Blessings. – Amy

    1. Thank you. You use a different house system to me, so I need to spin your chart, Amy. You have karma with your husband which ends in January. This may be direct karma with him, from 2002, or a spiritual debt or credit sheet from that year, with quite a different person, yet the events of 2021 will reflect what is owed, or what must be repaid. The bigger issue for you with him is the money, house or apartment. Huge questions about power and control must still be sorted out, and this will happen at Christmas and into New Year 2022. It is better than it was, but you must still use quite a lot of willpower to find a way through. Your career is actually more important than your marriage next year. Either as an astrologer or as another professional, you will be offered a tremendous project or role after Boxing Day and at any point until May.

  25. Dear jessica as I have pluto at 14 Virgo and my ascendant at 14 degrees taurus – i feel this new moon is going to initiate something. My work life has improved significantly in the last 6 months – with blockages slowly resolving. I am a transformation manager in health care and am hoping the project I am working on is finally going to get some legs and deliver? It would be great to have your insight?

    1. Yes, the New Moon is really made for a beginning – a birth later – a conception now. This is very old astrological thought, but the Sun is father and Moon is mother, and when they are in conjunction, at the same sign and degree, they come together. Pluto at 14 Virgo in your Sixth House of work and wellbeing is important. As a transformation manager in health care you are living out your chart to the letter. If the project is internet based or heavily relies on media, publishing, education – it will take off after Boxing Day and soar beyond expectations in the first half of 2022. In fact, March and April look like times of tremendous reward for you.

  26. Oh, I forgot another question: recently I heard of some news about curing Covid-19 with hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Azithromycin, and Oxytetracycline. But all these seemed to be forbitten publicly (control under government, hospital, pharmaceutical stores,etc). I know there is no vaccine or medicine is the panacea,however,the “grapevine” seemed to reveal that both the covid-19 and the cure are unconsciously created by the collective.

    1. There is so much new information about COVID-19 online. We are seeing mutable sign weather, so Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces transits which keep on clashing. Gemini rules the media. Sagittarius rules publishing. Pisces rules the unconscious; the collective unconscious. They don’t tend to fall into place very easily as they are square or in opposition to each other. Add Neptune in Pisces and this is a very confusing time in history. It will become easier after January 2022 when at last the Nodes leave Gemini-Sagittarius.

  27. thank you Jessica! Yes I use whole house system. I feel the karma you speak of. I’m seeking a shaman for soul retrieval work. here’s the depth of the wheel of life from a mutable earth perspective, with my sun/moon with the nodes. it’s deep. What we see in the first layer of sight is not what is real. But certain powers are calling out anything but that first layer narrative. So many of us see the depth of truth; and perhaps don’t know, yet, how to pull the cover of illusion off, so others may see. Or maybe, some people do not want to see? I also agree with you – once the nodes shifts into Taurus/Scorpio, much will be revealed.

  28. Hi Jessica! This was very interesting. Something to work on. I have 3 Virgo factors.
    Pluto 05° Virgo 57′ 35″ R
    Fortuna 02° Virgo 40′ 50″ R
    NorthNode 05° Virgo 31′ 44″ R
    Does any of this have something to do with my home? I’ve lived in 5 houses in the last 2 years and wish I could feel that I’m in the right place – that I’m ‘home’. I finally bought a house a year ago and already know it’s not right but I don’t know when to sell or rather when would be the right time to find the ‘right’ home. 🙁

    1. Virgo is the Sixth House and lifestyle, so not particularly the house, garden or apartment – but certainly housework. Virgo rules daily routine and the tiny details of everyday life. It is concerned chiefly with the kitchen and bathroom, and the garden if you have one. Virgo is about the toothbrush and towel, the fridge and pantry and its contents. Sleep is important too, so the bedroom as a space for renewal and rest. If you have Pluto in Virgo you want control and you need it too. In fact you have an exact Pluto-North Node conjunction so you bring past life issues into your home. You were probably in domestic or military service in a previous existence so are either strongly motivated to have a clean and tidy, methodical existence – or you go the other way because you have had enough of cleaning floors or boots. Pisces South Node oppositions to Pluto set up a classic Virgo-Pisces dynamic. Part of you wants to do the housework, the other part wants to go surfing, or meditate, or swim, or disappear to the pub. As you go through the transits of the Nodes at 2, 3, 4, 5 Gemini and Sagittarius in 2021 they set the whole thing off in a Grand Cross so you may want to delay your choice about where to live in 2022. Why? A Grand Cross is really hard work. Outside factors involving commuting (Gemini), short journeys (Gemini), long haul travel (Sagittarius) and foreign people and places (Sagittarius) will challenge you as the year closes. This is quite obviously the pandemic and its restrictions. So, it is a squeeze and there are easier times to choose when and where to move. You will find you can settle in a home once you have the bathroom/bedroom/kitchen to your satisfaction, but a strongly Virgo person also needs somewhere to exercise, locally. I am sure you already know this, but it is amazing how often real-estate agents get it wrong with the Virgo type; they talk about the dining room, the entertainment area outside, the upwards mobility of the neighbourhood, the price – and actually what a Virgo stellium person needs is a kitchen she can clean, perfectly and easily. And the right bathroom storage and lighting.

  29. I am a Virgo and I bought a house with a bathroom that doesn’t have sufficient storage. Ugh. Spent extra $$$ on building storage. Should’ve known better.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    I’m a Sagittarius with 3 factors in Virgo – MC at 4 degrees, Hygeia at 10 degrees, SouthNode at 28 degrees. It’s not quite a stellium but I’ve noticed some Virgo themes unfolding for me in this time. I was invited to apply for a job opportunity and have been going through that process since July. I am also pregnant and unsure about taking the job if I’m awarded it, because half of me feels like I want to rest and play safe. Not my usual Sagittarius characteristic! The other half of me is unsatisfied with my current job and am curious about the new job that is in an organisation I have admired for a while. Simultaneously, I have decided to step away from a part-time project in my current role so that I can focus on one area for the rest of my pregnancy, and due to alot of burnout too. You’ve written alot recently about Sagittarius finding a new job opportunity amongst the Virgo transits, but I’m confused about whether this is pointing me to take the brand new job, or re-arrange my current job to protect my health and pregnancy. Is this a test, or is the astrology pointing to an obvious choice?

    Thanks for the work you do

    1. Thank you. It’s a classic Virgo stellium crossroads – do you put work first, or the baby, or is there a way to manage both your pregnancy and your working life? You have had burnout which is also a Virgo stellium issue from time to time. You are not sure if you should take the job, should it be offered to you and as you are not happy with the current role are pondering your options. What is actually going on works out really well for the world of children (and you) from the second half of 2022 so in a way the future has been written. You have Jupiter and Chiron in your Fifth House of babies, infants, schoolchildren and Millennials – from the middle of next year. That is a terrific cycle and quite rare. So whatever you choose, and whatever is being presented to you by fate, leads you there. In terms of work and lifestyle, you also have Uranus (ongoing revolution) in your work zone in your solar chart, so you’d have to say that you’re not going to repeat yourself professionally or get stuck. Freedom, space and independence are where it’s at – this suggests a reshape of your entire way of living and being, which is of course where you are headed. This looks like a horoscope on track to me, and what you will be offered (or take) can only help liberate you from the past, where you were so often burned out with work, and encourage you to take up your new role as ‘Queen to a younger court’ which will happen from the middle of next year. This current situation with all its choices won’t last beyond September and then you’ll firmly be on the new path that leads to 2022.

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