Your Libra Factors in 2021

Libra is the sign associated with important marriages, professional partnerships, common-law marriages (living together) and duets of all kinds. It is also very much associated with separation, divorce, lawsuits and duels of all kinds. Battles or wars.

Libra is the sign associated with important marriages, professional partnerships, common-law marriages (living together) and duets of all kinds. It is also very much associated with separation, divorce, lawsuits and duels of all kinds. Battles or wars.

Libra is really The Special Relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States. Shoulder to shoulder. You are either with me, or you are against me. My enemy’s enemy is my partner. The number two (one against one, or ’the two of us’ to quote The Beatles) is Libra.

Dates to Watch

On average, most people have one, two or three factors in Libra in the Seventh House of their chart. If you have more than three factors, you have a Libra stellium, which is unusual. It defines you. Your personality and life is described by your duets and duels.

What happens when we see Venus (from August 17th 2021) then Mercury (from August 31st) then Mars (from September 16th) then  the Sun (from September 23rd) and finally the New Moon (October 6th) all land in Libra?

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A Workout For Your Duet or Duel

This is a workout for your marriage, or other duet. Perhaps you share a house with a platonic friend, for example: just the two of you. It is also a workout for the relationship you have with your former husband, or girlfriend (for example).

Basically, if you are strongly Libra, from August 17th until October 6th, you will be rebalancing the scales. Trying to find equilibrium on the see-saw. Meeting the other person halfway on a tightrope. All these images are relevant to Libra, traditionally symbolised by the scales.

Do You Have Libra Factors at 6, 7, 8 Degrees?

If so, then the North Node at 6, 7, 8 Gemini and Saturn at 6, 7, 8 Aquarius will both be trine your Libra planets, asteroids, nodes or angles also at 6, 7, 8 degrees. This is rare and unusual. In fact, the trine from the North Node could not happen again for around another 18-19 years and the trine from Saturn, for another 28-28 years. You then have Ceres, another planet, trine your Libra factors at 6, 7, 8 degrees from Gemini, from August 23rd until September 6th, which narrows the time-frame down – in terms of events.

Trines make events happen, because everything is so easy. It doesn’t really matter if you are hoping to commit, or you have to split (the duet or duel). This rare line-up of factors will ensure that you cross the bridge together, or part company. The second half of September finds Mars at 6, 7, 8 Libra so this may also be important.

Single? Without any duet in your life at all, even a professional double act? You seem likely to attract someone, or be attracted to them – and invite them in – to sit on the opposite end of the scales to you. You can’t really go through these kinds of trines and not see a new beginning in your Seventh House.

The Full Moon Test

Given that Libra is essentially about equality, fairness and ‘two’ you can see why any situation or person which goes against that, can’t really last in Libra weather. If so, the tipping point is likely to be the Full Moon on October 20th, with the Sun at 27 Libra and Full Moon at 27 Aries.

If you have factors at 27 Libra then give yourself and the other side more time and space on 19th, 20th, 21st October as you are clearly at a crossroads then.

Give and Take – and Libra

Libra is very much about give and take. Flexibility and a willingness to give way. Seeing it from both sides. Accommodating the other person. The only time that a heavily Libran person will refuse to play, is in the face of injustice. Unfairness. Sexism or racism. Ageism, perhaps, or other kinds of prejudices. This sign is associated with equality, above all.

John Lennon, born on 9th October 1940, was a terrific example of a Sun Libra man. He had three big partnerships in his life. Cynthia Lennon, who gave him a son. Sir Paul McCartney, who gave him a career. Yoko Ono, who gave him a new life.

For better or worse, we think about Libra in terms of the other person – they are known for their marriages, divorces, professional double-acts. There is often something lopsided about the scales with these duets. One person comes from the wrong side of the tracks, for example, while the other person has a blessed upbringing. One person is Welsh, another American. One is older, one is much younger. Part of the task for the strongly Libra person is to find the common ground. To set about the job of finding symmetry and balance, despite the huge differences. Strongly Libra types love the idea of complementing another person. All of this will be to the fore during Libra Season 2021.

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Do You Have Uranus and Pluto in Libra?

You are part of the generation whose parents had access to easy divorce, so you have seen first-hand how equality, fairness, the legal system and justice work (or do not work) between couples. You may have seen your own parents go through it, or your friends’ parents, or an aunt or uncle, perhaps.

People who grew up with Uranus and Pluto in Libra were part of the post-Pill generation whose mothers, aunts and grandmothers pursued women’s liberation. Feminism, as it later became. They (you) are extremely sensitive to misogyny.

The Uranus and Pluto years when you were children, are also the years that gay and lesbian equality became a global movement, ultimately ending in equal marriage rights. Again, the idea of everybody deserving the same advantages in life – no prejudice – can be found in this very Libran movement.

Gay and Lesbian Rights in Libra Weather

As we see Libran transits cross over these original placements in your chart, and the charts of billions, we’ll typically find major issues about men, women, equality, gays, lesbians and so on, surfacing in the headlines.

The Taliban have taken back Afghanistan. That is an obvious example, sadly, of why the rights of sexual minorities, girls and women are about to make the news in Libra weather. In fact, the takeover began with Venus in Libra.

Gwyneth Paltrow is a good example of a Sun Libra woman who has been on the Libra path and found herself as part of a very famous marriage and then an even more famous ‘conscious uncoupling’. Roxane Gay, author of Bad Feminist, is another classic Sun Libra person. Andrea Dworkin, the radical feminist, author of Last Days at Hot Slit, is also well-known.

The Duet is Everything

For the strongly Libran person, the duet is everything. Sometimes there is more than one. Oscar Wilde was consumed by his love for a man who sealed his fate. He was also married F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote books like The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night, to explore love.

Not every duet is sexual or romantic. Carry On, Jeeves (and all the Jeeves books) written by Sun Libran P. G. Wodehouse, are about the double-act between a butler and his master, Wooster.

And sometimes, you can be known for (and explore) your separations and divorces, as much as your solid marriage. Carrie Fisher springs to mind.  So does Arthur Miller, another Sun Libra, married to Marilyn Monroe.

Understanding the Libra Transits

There is quite a cluster passing through Libra, and each horoscope factor (usually a planet) has a role to play in the story that unfolds for your marriage, say, or your work partnership.

Venus brings envy, sometimes outright jealousy and a reasonable degree of vanity. Venus is about seduction, but also complicated emotion. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Mother and son. Married woman and lover. Venus had no qualms about adultery. She is associated with the mirror (her glyph is a reduced hand-mirror) and also with the breasts and vagina. Most sculptures of Venus, or paintings of her, show her deliberately covering both, to draw attention to them. The Venus de Milo is a case in point.

Mercury brings news. Messages and paperwork. Important media stories and new information. Contracts and agreements. Sometimes, the papers for marriage or divorce, when in Libra.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra 2021

You need to be careful with Mercury in Libra in 2021 as the story being told for you, with the other person, will go backwards and forwards. At 10 to 25 Libra, Mercury manages to stall, delay and alter the narrative between you from September 7th until November 3rd. That is quite a long time, and you may want to be aware of the potential for missed messages, emails in your spam filter, broken communication, misunderstandings, retracted statements, technical problems (computers, hacking) and so on. Mercury rules the written and spoken word, so when he is retrograde, you classically find muddled or mixed situations.

The Sun in Libra

The Sun in Libra will draw attention to your past, present and potential duets and duels. It will shine a spotlight and expose and highlight the two of you, together or apart. The Sun will eventually form a conjunction with the New Moon in Libra, on October 6th, and outline a new beginning; a birth; a conception. This may be quite literal. Lots of Libran types will announce pregnancies or adoptions, then. The Moon rules motherhood. The Sun rules fatherhood.

Mars in Libra

Mars is of course the Roman god of war and can attract battles and even more extreme outcomes, between duelling couples, or those on opposite sides of the fence. It does not have to happen; awareness is everything in astrology. Yet, if there is injustice in the ranks, Mars by transit tends to overheat emotions and reduce tolerance, so you can see why he has a reputation for conflict, when in Libra, in your Seventh House.

Mars has long been called the red planet and does in fact, appear to be red on his surface. The colour red is associated with blood (the bloodshed of Roman battles) but also with a flushed face, associated with anger. When we are physically gearing up for ‘fight or flight’ the blood rushes to the surface of our bodies.

Mars is also about the red of panic buttons – the red of the fire brigade, or the flashing red light on a police car. It is about tremendous speed and action-stations. When people see red, they are angry.

So, you get the picture. Into the middle of all this Libran weather, from the second half of September, comes Mars. One way of another, whatever sort of duet or duel you have, you’re going to work it out, in the most intense way, between August and October 2021.

Libran types are associated with peacekeeping forces (the United Nations) as much as peace treaties and peace accords. The highest expression of Libra is the struggle for equality between two people or two sides, which ends in agreement. Even – love, peace and harmony. It can happen. But only with this sign, which dominates your natal chart.

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116 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, I have 5 planets/ asteroids in Virgo- including MC at 3, Psyche at 6 degrees and Pluto at 7 degrees. I am being smashed at work and left feeling quite anxious- not to mention being in lockdown. I am supposed to move interstate next month for work – and feel like I have no control over anything. Do you have any advice as how to best navigate the next couple of months – I feel like I am in a pressure cooker!

    1. I am sorry you have all this pressure on. Deep breath. You are now in the perfect space to resolve issues about your lifestyle, mental health, work. Pluto in Virgo needs to control her job, and have total domination/power. Yet she also has to compromise. Try to understand your path is to compromise. The other side will also back down a fair bit by September. Being at home with everything shut down is obviously not helping, but you will learn new life skills in August, September, October that will serve you for the rest of your year and in 2022 as well. In fact you will kick yourself for not having tried or committed earlier. You will choose your one hour of exercise very, very carefully for maximum endorphin benefit and gain. It may be something you have never done before. There is also the question of using your own mind, at home, and your headspace, to create endorphins. That may be yoga, meditation, hypnosis or something else you begin. You’ll be tipped into it shortly and it will make a terrific difference.

  2. Hello Lovely Jessica,

    Thank you for all the blogs, tweets and videos to sustain our souls during these ever changing times. I’ve got a massive of Libra in my chart. Could you give me some colour by numbers highlights of what I might expect with my 6 Libra placements. I see Fortuna is in there along with Uranus and Pluto. So, it’s going to be interesting!
    Have a lovely day. x

    1. Thank you. Essentially you have to choose if you are going to draw closer or move further away from, your former, current or potential partner. This may be because a project comes up that you need to consult your ex about. It can be because you get back together with an old boyfriend. It can also be, because you are unhappy with an existing duet of any type and want to spend less time together, or move right away from serious commitments. You have the kind of chart that throws up regular upheavals with duets and duels actually, and so there is a fair bit of the past to process now through November. Sorting out what happened, once more, in the light of ever-changing times, is what this period is all about. Yet – it is also true that Libran weather can bring potential new lovers. That happens too.

  3. Hi Jessica! I have Pluto in 6 Libra and Uranus 27 Libra. It seem like I’m goin to be affected. Can you please tell me more about? All I read in my weekly horoscope that I need to take care of my appearance until December. I’m torn between doing plastic surgery to contour my body or tick with diet an exercise. Diet and exercise didn’t work so far and one big procedure can take care of my problems for a long time.

    1. You will indeed choose what to do about your body by January 2022 and you may want to use The Astrology Oracle and the Tarot on this website to help you with your choices. You will also have another big choice to make about a past, present or potential partner, by November. This may be merging more closely together, or going your own separate ways. It’s hard to say more than that without knowing if you are single or with someone.

  4. Dear Jessica, you say it is rare to have a stellium of three Libra factors. I have SEVEN of them, even though I am a capricorn. What does it all mean? I live and work on my own, and quite happily so. K

    1. Yes, you are strongly Libra and do best in a duet. I’m sure you have had the before and will have them again. Diana in Libra in your chart is not keen on marriage or children. Even women who have Diana in Libra in the Seventh House (who marry and become mothers) find a way out, or acquire a lover, or choose men who go their own way – leaving them to be free. Diana was the goddess who rejected husbands and children and her father Jupiter made her the goddess of the hunt, instead. Diana did have sexual relationships but they did not tie her down. She used to make love to Endymion while he was asleep, so you may have attracted ‘sleeper’ lovers in the past who were passive, not engaged with life fully, unlikely to get in your way if you wanted to do your own thing, or go your own way. You are now going into Libra weather and by November will have made an important decision about a past, present or potential duet. Likely, past or potential, given where you are now.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Conflict literally appeared out of no where this week between me and my wife of 27years. Seems old patterns of hurt and pain, which I thought had long been let go of by us both had been put to bed. These all came back to the surface this week, when she was triggered . I have Uranus and Pluto both in Libra. Its normally me who does the triggering, not her, (she is a Sag – 11/12/72).

    In many ways it seems a tired old pattern keeps coming around to attempt to sink the ship. Is there resolution or an end in sight? Thx

    1. I am very sorry you are dealing with a painful situation with your wife. It may be a comfort to know it’s the Libra weather coming around again. You have been married for 27 years and so seen this cycle before. You are also a Sun Scorpio, so in both charts I use for you, the same story is being told twice. As you will be living with Uranus in Taurus in your solar Seventh House of marriage until 2026, there is more to this than just Libra weather. You need a new set-up that will accommodate or ‘take’ the occasional upset. Upsetting the apple cart in a marriage is what Uranus in Taurus does on this cycle, but it does not mean random or pointless changes. It’s an excuse to pick up all the apples and make a new pie. You do not say if you have children or not. For her, the story is really children, godchildren, nieces, nephews – in 2022. That is a huge source of opportunity, achievement, reward for her and will make a tremendous difference to the marriage. This begins after May next year. You will also find that a lot of what is going on for her, karmically, with you – ends in January. This is really old stuff, as you say, and you have to figure out who owes what, to whom. Or what needs to be closed off in a more complete and whole way – that was unresolved from years ago. The future is positive. But yes, you have some work to do in August, September, October. Uranus and Pluto in Libra is always hard work but if you have been together this long, you deserve to congratulate yourself and also know that you can figure out, what you have figured out before. How to be fair.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    My Desc and south node are in Libra and I’m single. I’m not clear about the role of the desc so not sure how this impacts my chart in any way.

    Thank you.

    1. The Descendant or DC is your other half in partnership. It can be sexual and romantic, or platonic and professional. Your South Node in Libra suggests several past lives in marriage and other partnerships. The North Node in Aries, automatically opposite, suggests the issue for you has always been self-interest versus the partnership. If you are not already in a work or other sort of partnership (like two friends sharing a flat) then one will come along by November. August-October is the process. This may be a potential new date who is very different to you, so you have to balance each other out. It may be a former lover who turns up again. The duet you find in Libra weather may not necessarily be romantic, but it will challenge you to change, so that you begin thinking in terms of pairs, not solo life. You’ll figure out the big step soon after the Sun changes signs in the final week of September.

  7. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for the Libra weather post. I’m heavily Libran (Venus at 8) and my partner also (ascendant 10, Mercury 13, Mars 28). It sounds like we could be in for some turbulent times. Things have been a bit up and down recently so any further insight or advice would be appreciated!

    1. It’s a pleasure. Venus and Mars were lovers, of course and it is common to find couples who have both planets in the same sign, in the same house, which in your case is Libra and the Seventh House of partnership. Ups and downs are also common. Venus was unfaithful to her husband Vulcan and slept with Mars. Venus seduced Mars and cuckolded her husband, who nevertheless, did not give up on her but persisted. You two will work this out. It will take you August, September, October to figure out the way you want things to go, but his Mercury in Libra is an asset as he can see both sides. His Mars is difficult but his Mercury helps him (at least) communicate. Articulating what he feels is half the battle. You have Uranus in Libra. There is a part of you that attracts rebellion. Even the occasional revolution. Uranus trines your own Mars. The trick with this placement is to understand that there will be periodic upheaval with your partner. In fact, with any partner. It will come because someone feels restricted or trapped. Perhaps, thwarted. Then, everything turns upside down and the loss of stability and security can feel pretty confronting, if you are heavily Libra. You were born to be in a duet after all and if the see-saw looks like it’s about to fall over, it can be tough. Yet, you also need to know that it never has to get that far. The see-saw can move in all directions but remain firmly entrenched in the ground. In the meantime you get to do what a Libran type does best; negotiate the middle ground and sort out the central axis. Turbulence is temporary. If his birth time is right he also knows his entire image is tied to you (Libra Ascendant) so it matters to him, that he has his other half, whomever that is, by his side. A decision is coming for both of you by November, involving you both as a pair.

  8. Hi Jessica. I have 5 factors in Libra. I’m wondering what you see for me in the coming months. Thank you for all the work you do. I love reading your posts.

    1. Thank you. Everyone is being frightfully coy about revealing if they are married, single or in a sexual relationship. It does make it rather hard, because I have no idea if you are by yourself, or with someone. However, what you will be doing August, September, October is looking at what is fair or unfair with another person. This may be your former partner, a current lover or a potential date for the future. This is really about understanding you are both completely different people. If you are straight, then gender is the obvious gap. This is a classic Libra stellium challenge; how to make it work between a man and woman when they are, physically and culturally, such different creatures. So, sexism may come up, before you make an informed choice that affects the two of you. In other cases that is not the issue at all. There may be a big difference in financial status, nationality, career status, age and so on. Or just personality differences. Extrovert and introvert. The challenge and reward you are about to discover is that with enough careful hard work and good communication, two people can hang on to what makes them unique, but find a way to balance each other out. You have done this all your life. You are about to do it again. The only time a Libran stellium person gives up on the see-saw, is when the other side will not do any lifting. Then she walks.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Full moon of October 20th is conjunct my natal Saturn and aspecting other many planets. What should I prepare for? I have many planets around 25 – 28 degrees.

    1. A Full Moon is always a split between two sides of yourself, or actually with a real person (a husband, for example, or an old boyfriend). Most commonly the conflict is internal, so you don’t really have to prepare for much, except a natural process. You may be in two minds about a duet or duel, which Libra rules. This may be past, present or potential. A double act you left behind, one you have now (like a work partnership or a long-distance relationship) – or the possibility of a new date. Saturn is about building defences to protect what is vulnerable. You have had enough tough situations in your life with duets, and duels, to have built up a few safety mechanisms. Those will be tested in this Libra weather. Are they serving you or not? A classic example is a firm set of boundaries with a troublesome ex. Another example is psychological defences against anyone new whom you feel might be hard work. So you sometimes find Saturn in Libra/Seventh House people avoiding relationships for a few years because they just do not want to invite trouble in the door. Your walls are rather like Saturn’s rings – rather like the boundaries of a nest protecting an egg. If you look at the planet on a NASA image you will instantly see yourself, as you are, with any situation or person which suggests ‘two’. Something practical you can do – just avoid diving into a split/commit situation on that Full Moon. Anything you do then in terms of your Seventh House would be done under pressure and you don’t really want that. So if you are single, say (you don’t tell me anything about yourself so I have to be very general) you would not go on a date then. You’d leave it for another time, when the astrology is easier.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for your article, it’s very timely. I initiated a separation from my husband of 30 years on the most recent new moon. He was not happy. Now we are in lockdown together and I had to cancel a short trip away! I’m not sure how we will sort out our living arrangements and kids going forward. He says it’s “not possible” for him to live on his own.
    I just ordered a Family and Friends chart for him. I have Uranus 12 Libra and Minerva 10 Libra, and he has 4 factors in Libra: Diana 25, Fortuna 5, Aesculapia 18, DESC 29. I’m the one more likely to see things from both sides and be accomodating, perhaps too accomodating. I’m the giver, he’s the taker. I’ve finally said “I’m done”, and now I’m impatient. But I seem to be hearing – be patient a little longer, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Astrology Oracle gave me Ops in the Fifth House and the Smith-Waite tarot, The Devil! Are any of the dates in your article particularly relevant to me?

    1. Thank you. That’s good that you have his chart as well as your own. You two ‘live’ in the Seventh House together and will spend August, September, October figuring out how to be indoors together (Australia is now obviously shut for a while). You have children and he does not want to be alone. At the same time after 30 years you have had enough. You are about to do a huge amount of work on the new life, together and apart, so take a deep breath and get ready for the big reshape. Essentially you are not suited to long-term marriage. I am sure you are not shocked to hear that. Whatever was on your mind when you had your wedding day, or signed the vows – the two horoscope suggest that freedom, space and independence are the keys to the success or otherwise of what you have. The institution of marriage is not necessarily the way. Uranus in Libra is notorious for divorce, as part of you attracts rebellion and revolution in the ranks. I suspect your husband or perhaps one of the children has gone his/her own way and that has created tremendous rumblings and instability at home. Uranus had quite a rebellious wife and children and he is alive and kicking in your chart. Periodic upheavals are common; divorce is the big one, but trial separations or reworded commitments are also pretty typical. Uranus tends to feel quite electrifying. Events come from nowhere and it’s all very fast. He has Diana in Libra, and she is a symbol of commitment phobia, actually! Diana refused to get married or have children and this archetype is about the hunt, not the long-term domesticity of marriage. So you two are actually in the zone for something that allows a ton of space. Being at home together in Australia during COVID-19 is no doubt driving you bonkers, and you may want to explore hypnosis or meditation on YouTube or elsewhere to give you space in your own heads. However the universe in its wisdom is teaching you both about how to live/how not to live and when you are released from the current rules by the government, you will be absolutely sure of how you want things to be. Ops in the Fifth House is about the children. There is a solution here. Do you have a son? That may be a literal retelling of the Ops story. She was married to Saturn, who was a very difficult husband and father, and it was their son, Jupiter, who saved the day in the end. Ops is a symbol of answers, optimism, hope, solid outcomes. Not easy, but solid. The Devil is the card which always turns up when two people are sexually connected but trapped. The answer here is for one of you to break free first, and then release the other – or to actually walk. You can see how easily the naked man or woman could slip their head chain and run. Yet, there is potential for the two figures in the card to figure out a new kind of connection together. It would have to be sexual; these two can’t remove that from the equation. However it does not have to feel so restricting. You do have choices, though. It may be that you sort out parenthood but personally decide to leave the scene. An interesting question to ask yourself: who or what is ‘the devil’ to you? Who or what looms over you as some kind of intimidating threat? It’s all in the mind. There is no devil. Just your idea of what is bad.

  11. Hi Jessica, I always look forward to your new blog posts and appreciate the energy and love you and your team put into them. Can you please tell me what you see/feel when looking at my chart given the cluster entering Libra and my 9 factor stellium. Will this work to my advantage in any specific way. I still find myself feeling like I am in limbo with the house (waiting to hear back if I got the lease for a new place on the same block as my daughters new school), divorce (still pending due to COVID related court delays), work relationships, continued prosperity in the area of my finances and daily habits/rituals that create vibrancy and balance in my life. Thank you in advance for taking a look at this for me.

    1. Thank you, that is very kind. Your divorce is in the zone. Libra rules the Seventh House of your natal chart, which is about the scales of justice, the law applied to marriage, equality, fairness and how to make a post-divorce work. You are now in a classic period for sorting out (like Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat) and will spend August, September, October figuring out how to balance things with your ex-husband. The COVID-19 delays must be really tedious for you and I am sorry you are going through them, but this is also typical of astrology, in that fate has decided you will be held up until the Libra weather begins. You are also wondering about a lease, work, money – quite a lot. You will sort out the most important questions about your home in December 2021, January 2022. That’s when the big picture emerges and you hit a fork in the road and make a choice. Work is wonderful after Christmas and into 2022. You will be thrilled at the project, the position or the people as it will not feel like work at all. More like a vacation from the real world. Try to keep the stakes as low as possible with finances so that you are not hugely affected by the unpredictable climate until 2026. For example, try to avoid borrowing, or borrowing heavily as you are in the kind of cycle which is not just unstable for you, but unstable for the world as a whole and some things will be out of your control (like the variable value of a pension fund for example). So, when in doubt, keep it light, easy and breezy if you possibly can. Most of all though this period is about post-divorce and how you two are going to play it with your daughter. It will take time but you will balance the scales.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    I really enjoy reading your blogs, I think I have 5 factors in Libra sorry am new to reading my birth chart. I also have Libra at 6 degrees what does this mean for me?
    Thank you

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Libra stellium. Between now and November, you will reshape a sexual relationship or marriage. If it’s rocky it may be time to decide ‘Should I Stay, Or Should I Go’ to quote The Clash. If it’s stable, you may have to keep the duet moving. So, a shared goal, like buying or renting a boat for a holiday, or a home, or targetting a garden project may come up. If you are single then you will be presented with a potential new date. It’s hard to generalise if you don’t tell me what your actual question is. Duels are ruled by duets, in your Seventh House, where we find the Libra patterns. So if you had a lawsuit or were in a feud with a former partner, say, or a love rival – then this Libra weather would be about the quarrel or contest. In any case you would expect this story to unfold in stages with an outcome by November at the absolute latest. As a Sun Scorpio you have Uranus in Taurus in your solar chart until 2026 so it is through duets and duels that you will experience your greatest radical changes, revolutions, liberation, freedom, independence – and ongoing little upheavals. Yet it is through that that you find the exhilaration of space, space, space!

    1. I don’t know if you have children or not, or godchildren, nieces, nephews and so on – but do all you can to address issues, resolve problems and think about a plan that would successfully get you through 2022 as well. Learn all you can, using professional advice if you need to, or the best sorts of books and programs, websites and other resources. You can’t just stumble through parenthood, or a similar role in 2021. You need something that will work really well for you in 2022 as well and from 2023 those younger faces will change your life. Sometimes the younger faces are those you work with or for, or volunteer with or for – that has to be said too. From May 2022 your existing marriage or partnership will be hugely improved, fixed up if it needs it, or offer you a way out or way through if it’s in trouble. If you are single you will meet someone new from May 2022 who will bring a tremendous sense of scope and possibility to your life.

  13. Hello Again Jessica!

    I am so happy to have more articles from you to read! Thank you! I do not have a stellium in Libra, but some very interesting placements that I would love some insight on. I am at a place in my life where relationships have become the focal point from which I jump (or not) into various goings on; I have a very small circle of immediate attention (husband, 2 teenage kids), and siblings, step-kids, step-grandkids, and a best friend that are (geographically) further away, but still very much a part of considerations as I make choices about what direction to go. Covid has most certainly complicated (or caused?) my “analysis paralysis” in terms of how to proceed over the next year or two, and I am definitely feeling “torn apart”. Could you provide some insight with my Diana 23 Libra, Aesculapia 17 Libra, and Fortuna 5 Libra placements? Are my relationships (which I work very hard at, and mean so much to me) really just a roll of the dice? :\ With Libra not “strong” in my chart, does that mean I shouldn’t really have to work so hard, or do I need to work harder? I am the peace-maker, chief negotiator, diplomat, arbitrator and Red Cross of my family. It is exhausting, to be sure. And worth it (I hope 🙂 )

    Your thoughts and perspectives are always most appreciated!

    Take Care,

    1. Thank you. You are married with teenage children and a big family, with a best friend far away from you. Covid has left you feeling torn apart perhaps because you are the Red Cross of the family. I bet you are tired. S, apart from this role you are also dealing with the unusual stretch and stress of this unpredictable new world. There are some things you can do. And some things to take advantage of. First of all you are in a position to make money or save it, in 2021. Do all you can to lock things in by Christmas, please. This may be a new income source from a part-time job or just the free offer of something that would normally cost. Even more crucially, until 2026 your children and other young faces in the circle need freedom and space. So do you. You need something radically different here. Perhaps you are already chasing it. A role or goal that your old self would have been really surprised by a few years ago. And – you need excitement – through and with and for the children, grandchildren and so on. October is important in this regard. Any changes then should be seen as an invitation for you to change, as well. Freedom is very, very important in these years. Diana is independent, you see. She refused marriage and motherhood. She became a huntress. Your chart suggests you need a rethink of the marriage, a reshape of the family role and a greater sense of space and oxygen in the room. This will be offered in the next few months. Have a look at the paintings and sculpture of Diana. You did in fact make the great commitment that this goddess never did, but part of her is part of you. Feeling torn apart but also over thinking is a sure sign that you need to do things differently. I think you’ll find that irresistible.

  14. Hi Jessica!
    I’ve got shed loads of Libra factors including my sun and moon. I run a small growing business and I’m looking for the right person to come in and help me. I feels like I need to take this step, but I’m wary of making it! How are things looking and what do you think. Thanks, Laura x

    1. Laura you will find a business partner if you are sure you want another half – rather than a staff member – employee. It really depends on what you want. If you fancy a solid person who will put you first and your clients or customers, then be very specific about that, in the notes you write down for yourself, and what you say aloud to the mirror. If you would prefer someone who balances you, who supplies what you lack, and for whom you are also the other side/the opposite pole – then make that clear to yourself as well. You are strongly Virgo as well as strongly Libra so it could go either way by November depending on what you want. Clarity about that is important as one part of you cleaves towards partnership but the other part of you respects hard work and routine, method, order and efficiency and you give as good as you get, so hiring someone who is a bit of a Jeeves is important to you too. In fact your whole chart reminds me of P.G. Wodehouse.

  15. I’ve always thought my chart seemed more unbalanced than expected, with 8 factors in Libra including 3 (Sun, Mercury, Neptune) all at 19 degrees. I also have Saturn (7 deg.), Apollo (5 deg.), Panacea (2 deg), Volcano (15 deg.), and Desc (11 deg.) . It sounds like I might really get hammered with the Libra weather. I’m in a stable 30-year relationship, so don’t expect any problems there. Any specific issues and dates I should watch out for with all that Libra in my chart?

    1. You have been with the same person for 30 years and explored the full range of your Libra stellium. You are defined by the other person who is the opposite end of the see-saw with you. There is no hammering here, just another step forward in your exploration of how it feels to be in a duet with someone. I am sure you have had your duels as well, and a great many people who are professional fencers have Libra stelliums. Cut, thrust and parry can sometimes be the way you two approach the relationship, but you are also rather like two professional trapeze artists who have figured out how to balance on a very thin tightrope and level with each other. Saturn is not easy in Libra in the Seventh but Neptune shows you the escape (like a vacation from the real world) when you both get it right. In fact, it can feel like floating in another world, when all is aligned. Vulcano was the faithful, tolerant husband of Venus, who cuckolded him with her lover Mars. So sometimes issues about jealous, loyalty, fidelity, self-control come along to keep things interesting. Between now and November you will be exploring past patterns as well as new questions about how to be together, more than ever, in an untogether world.

  16. Hi Jessica, thank you for the article! I have libra at 29 degrees Minerva and 4 degrees Cupido. I am currently in the middle of a divorce but can bring myself to call my ex husband to discuss our separation agreement because of all he has put me and our children through. I want to out this all behind me so I can move on with my life but I am also afraid to make that call. Do you have any advice? Is there a time that would be best to call. Thank you!

    1. I am so sorry about your divorce, your ex and the children. You do not have to worry too much about the timing as it will unfold naturally and as it is meant to take place. You have Minerva in Libra in the Seventh House so trust your own instincts. You know what to do and what not to do. If you currently feel unable to call, trust that instinct and leave it for the moment. Things will fall into place by November at the latest that help you get things on a new footing. The arrangement with/for the children is the key here. Try to accept it will be unpredictable until 2026. You’re in that kind of cycle. Try to have a lot of wiggle room and space, and allow for the fact that he may be an erratic distant Dad. This extends to other issues like their education. School may be stop-start, because of Covid. The children themselves may want more freedom in their lives; one in particular may become far more independent. See if you can create a space around them, and yourself, which gives you independence too. You will not sort out the new life with the children by the book. It will be unique to you. Different. You will invent it actually, and although you may find late October to November hard work, it is worth it, to get to Christmas and the new deal, which will ask you to change a lot of your old ideas about what a parent should be, or what a family should be! Do it your way. It is very important that you understand liberation/liberty as a concept within your role as parent, and for the son or daughter most on your mind. It’s not just something for nations, it’s for people as well, and you are moving towards your own July 4th/Independence Day moment.

  17. Hi Jessica. I love reading your blogs and look forward to each new edition. I have 4 factors in Libra. Can you tell me what you see when you look at my chart especially regarding the relationship with my oldest son.

    1. Thank you. The relationship with your oldest son has been a constant experiment for some time now as you are repeatedly asked to look at what you can – and cannot – get away with. This is really like tests and trials for you, and you are rewarded for the outcomes as much as you are seriously challenged. Obviously people have strict rules and regulations about parenthood, children, teenagers, students and the rest. Your own family or partner, perhaps, the education system, society itself – all have really strong ideas about what is acceptable, normal, admissible, conventional. Yet, for all that, either because of his personality and situation, or your own, you have spent a fair bit of time seeing what is far outside that little box that others put you in (or him in). That is going to continue in 2021, but the real turning point is after May 2022 when either he, or another child, opens an incredible new door for progress, change, rewards, fulfilment. If you have any issues with your oldest son then the second half of 2022 will resolve that for you. If things are basically okay then he or another child will be the gateway to an incredible few months.

  18. Dear Jessica, I have no Libra factor in my chart, this means that Libra factor does not define me, then my personality and life would not be described by my duets and duels? Then how would this Libra weather or my duets and duels impact me (or maybe I can impact them, although I am single and almost stay by myself)? I hope to understand the situation without any factors in a specific house, could you help me out?

    1. Having no Libra factors and an empty Seventh House does not mean you never have sexual relationships or even the chance for marriage. It just means you do not define yourself in terms of a partner. You can have partnerships but they do not describe you, as a person. Perhaps this is why you are single. You don’t really need someone else to tell you who you are! It’s the same with duels, differences, conflicts, battles with other people. They don’t define you. You have a stellium in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel and travel in the mind. You are far more defined by your experiences with education, academia an (even in a pandemic) trips away, or even emigration/relocation. In fact, your email address gives that away.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    I was so delighted to read this article because I have 6 libra factors including sun, ascendant, pluto, and uranus, and also because I’ve had a hard time for the last three years.

    I landed a new job last year, which made me relocate to a city far from my hometown. I am wondering if I could have an opportunity to move back to my home town in the near future.

    Thank you in advance for your time and service.

    1. You will be given the chance to move in December 2021, January 2022, probably because of a reshuffle within your work place or within your chosen field. There will be a round of demotions, mergers, promotions then and within that you could reshape your life. Even if you don’t take direct advantage of the reshuffles all around you in business or in your chosen field, you would still find that a crossroads choice about a new home stares you in the face by January. Long-term you will find that from 2023 you no longer have these constant questions about property; where to live; how to live; with whom to live. Yet, you are in a much better position with your home life or home town/homeland now than you were in 2018-2020.

  20. Hi Jessica, I hope you are keeping well. I would never have thought of myself as particularly Libran but I do have Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto there – not always the easiest energies in my chart! My Jupiter and Saturn at 7 & 8 are in the line of fire – dare I look forward to something fruitful from these trines!? I have a Taurus partner who is struggling with bringing in much needed changes in career and location – not for lack of trying! His career is the breadwinner at this point and I’m steadying the ship emotionally (struggling with lockdown though) and primarily caring for our two toddlers and trying to slowly build my own spiritual side project. Any guidance or advice you might have much appreciated! Thank you so very much 🙂

    1. Thank you. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House of marriage is both rewarding, protective (Jupiter) and very hard work (Saturn) as I am sure you know. Pluto always brings questions about who/what controls the marriage and there is typically quite intense give and take. Your Taurus partner is your other half, very much so, but you are also quite different creatures who strive to find ways to balance the scales and compensate for each other. You will both sort out the relationship between now and November, most intensely so in October, as the Libra weather rolls through your chart. His career is best fixed by Christmas if he can possibly pull out all the stops. Yet he has to be a realist about work in 2022 and it really will be very demanding for him. If he can get the best possible outcomes nailed down by December it will help him later; don’t leave it until next year to try. From 2023 he is in potentially quite a powerful position and by 2024 may have quite a lot of influence and clout. You obviously have the children to bring up, but there is another role for you in 2022 which is quite prestigious. It may be a voluntary position, for example, or perhaps you’ll find time for some part-time work at home, which is again very good for your name, reputation, profile. Sometimes people study on this cycle and gain letters after their name which is another step up.

  21. Dear Jessica,
    I just checked my birth chart against the current planetary positions and there are quite is quite a lot happening at same degrees:
    Jupiter is in 26 Aquarius and I have Pluto 26 Libra, Neptune 26 Saggitarius and Venus 26 in Capricorn.
    Saturn is in 8 Aquarius and I have Sun 8 Aquarius, Panacea 8 Gemini
    Neptune is 22 Pisces and I have Saturn 22 Libra, Ops 22 Scorpio, Proserpina 22 Cancer and my North and South Nodes at 22 Cancer/Capricorn
    Minerva is at 9 Libra, Juno is in 9 Saggitarius, Ops is in 9 Taurus and MC is in 9 Saggitarius and IC is in 9 Gemini. I have Jupiter in 9 Scorpio.
    Cupido is at 16 Cancer and I have Psyche in 16 Virgo, Minerva in 16 Pisces, Mars in 16 Libra,
    Vesta is in 15 Libra and I have Mercury in 15 Aquarius
    Venus is in 7 Libra and Salacia is in 7 Aries, the North and South Noes are in 7 Gemini and 7 Saggitarius and I have my MC in 7 Virgo and IC in 7 Pisces
    Ceres is in 5 Gemini and my Ascendant is in 5 Saggitarius and Descendant is in 5 Gemini.

    I’d very much appreciate if you could explain what all this means please as it seems unusual to have so many numbers connecting? Thank you.

    1. Yes, there is a lot going on in your chart. You are being relaunched in relation to your friends, your social circles and the groups you belong to, or will join. This is slow but steady. It takes place in 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond. So, for example, you may be making quite important new friends in high places. You may find yourself moving into kind a different sort of social circle. This necessarily means not all your old friends come with you. There will also be a remodelling or reshaping of a club, team, political party, union, society, association and so on – which was so central to you in recent years. Finding out who the new you is for the Twenties depends on figuring out who you want to be friends with. And who you don’t. You will have more money in 2022 and that will make a difference to some friends. Don’t let that affect anything but do be careful who your friends are, as business, charity, values, wealth and so on can have quite an impact on people. You need to be with the group or friends which fits your values, most of all, in 2022, 2023.

  22. Hi Jessica & team,
    Loving the new website!

    I have a stellium of ♎️ libra including Mercury & Pluto.
    My narcissistic ex partner is taking me to court for 2 different things- child custody & to sign over a joint Spanish owned property.
    So far he sent me one of the court dates, 3rd November 2021 for child custody case. My ex partner (thank god we never married!)is Pluto I guess and keeps triggering me! My question to you is, what is on my side in my chart over the next few months of duels & mercury retrograde? What strengths can I lean on?! My stress levels are through the roof already!
    Thanks as always.

    1. I am sorry about this. It does get better. In both charts I use for you, your Virgo solar chart, and your natal chart, you have transits in your Fifth House of parenthood and your Seventh House of break-ups. The first thing you can do for yourself is remove the question of who has the upper hand/who has control/who has the power – with the children. This actually involves the child himself/herself as sometimes it is a son or daughter who realises they are holding the reins. Try to get right away from the idea of winning and losing through or for the children. There will absolutely have to be a new arrangement with custody. It must be a compromise. There can be no sole winner; the three of you will have to negotiate common ground and share. This will be in place in December and January 2022 – Christmas. The other issue here is boundaries with this man. Put them in. They are all over the place, so try to be vigilant as you replace the blurred lines with firm fences. You need a drawbridge and moat and a gate; maybe a gatekeeper. Otherwise you end up all over the place, all the time, with this person. This is the case until 2026 actually so think long-term about rules. If you let it happen, it will happen. The situation with the child will be over by 2023 for the most part. In terms of quick fixes for anxiety, use Paul McKenna’s hypnosis on YouTube. He is the world’s most successful hypnotist and has given his work for nothing there. Very generous. He is the survivor of a bad relationship and has created some excellent tools there. Time to wake up your subconscious so it can help you.

  23. hi Jessica, love your posts. WOW I have Mars in Libra (3rd house), Uranus and Jupiter inLibra(2nd house).
    I have a very strong sense of fairness and justice.
    I am finding my workplace very difficult and heavy this year.I am continually dueling at work.I feel like I have no choice as I keep being backed into a corner -it seems to be the devil in me that I come back with a different sword.
    I am not competitive but find people are with me, especially at work or in my hobby-the art world. This is a common and tends to be repetitive within my life- I want to leave and change my job but am tied by the money. When will things change astrologically or be more positive ?I am dreading October……….

    1. Thank you. I am not sure which house system you are using, but I use the Natural House system for your readings here, so Mars in Libra is in your Seventh House of partnerships, marriage, separation and divorce. Uranus and Jupiter in Libra are also in your Seventh House. Of course, the partnerships (the duets) and the duels (the differences) can be professional. No need to dread October but you do need to understand your Libran side, as you inhabit the Seventh House. You live in your Seventh House and everything comes back to the scales of justice. The scales of fairness and equality. This can be literal, so the law comes in and out of your life. It can be symbolic, so you fall in love with people from a different race or class, for example, who need you to play out the themes of equality and fairness with them in an unfair world. Age difference is also common. The biggest, most common difference is gender (sexism) and that may also be what you habitually explore. Become conscious of your battles. You have to pick them with Mars (conflict) and Uranus (revolution) in the Seventh House. Choose your battles. They have to be worth it. Otherwise you may find life is too much like hard work. This can be more easily fixed once Jupiter changes signs in May 2022.

  24. Hi Jessica , just wondering if you could provide some background to Pluto at large in my love life sector?

    1. Yes, transiting Pluto is in your solar Seventh House of sexual relationships, marriage, separation and divorce. He has been there since 2008, challenging you to learn how to handle both duets and duels. The duels may be numerous, so you may have left a bad marriage but had a difficult post-divorce, with children in tow. Other duels may have involved, say, infidelity. The duets need not have been sexual. Duets on this cycle can also involve two people in platonic partnership who (say) share a home together as friends; as landlord and tenant. It’s hard to say more if you don’t tell me anything about yourself, but in general, the duets and duels are now easier than they have ever been. You are over the worst. December 2021, January 2022 brings another massive choice about them, yet from 2023 the cycle is more or less over. It’s history and you can move on.

  25. Hi Jessica
    With Saturn, Pluto and Cupido in Libra, I’m wondering what this weather may lead to. I recently (last week) had a miscarriage and my husband (1/12/77) and I are now at great odds about trying again. We have children but there would be at least a 6-7 year gap between our youngest and a baby. I would like to try again, but he seems firm that he does not wish to. This is already causing some pain and friction between us. I am understanding of where he is coming from, and I too hold some reservations because our life is settled and we are out of the baby-phase. But there is still a part of me that feels the need to have one more child-and as I turn 40 soon it’s something we need to decide pretty quickly!

    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this and how our marriage will proceed with this huge sticking point.

    I’m also curious what how you see my Cupido at 6 Libra unfolding. What does this typically mean?

    Thank you

    1. I am sorry to hear you had a miscarriage. You and your husband disagree about trying again and you are near 40 so you are at greater risk of repeated miscarriage. This is actually karmic in nature. You will find the situation vanishes in January 2022, either because you are successfully pregnant, or because another miscarriage has arrived – or you have simply decided to give up on having another child. The karma may actually involve existing children. That can happen too. A son or daughter can have a past life contract with you and/or your husband and so the question of a new brother or sister involves their karma too. You are now going through the Node cycles which trigger your chart. The North Node and South Node move backwards through the zodiac signs, so they pull you back to the past. This can be life as it was in 2002, but it can actually go way back into past lives. In astrology terms you and your husband and children have reincarnated to balance the spiritual books. Sadly the miscarriage and what comes next are part of that, but as I said, it’s over next January, no matter what you end up doing. A lot of the talk will be during Libra weather, of course, valid now through November.

  26. Hi Jessica,

    I really enjoy your blog and writings, I have one factor in Libra at degree 6, the ascendant. Can you please tell me more about how it will impact me? Currently, I am in a divorce with my husband and I want to know how the things will be sorted for me in the coming months, year in terms of relationships, family.
    Thank you in advance for taking a look at this for me.

    1. Thank you. You are strongly Scorpio, actually, and ‘live’ in your Eighth House. You habitually turn to the world of sex and money; death and property (which can be expressed through marriage and mortgage, wills and inheritance; insurance and pensions/superannuation). You would be highly unusual if you were to get through the 2018-2026 period of Uranus in Taurus, in opposition to your Scorpio factors in the Eighth House, without a major challenge. Divorce is pretty common, unfortunately, and of course it is about a revolution in your financial position too. You can look up Scorpio on Search and in your guidebooks; the Eighth House is also worth perusing. There is a placement here – Pluto at 17 Scorpio – which is worth watching. Uranus at 17 Taurus opposes this eventually and the transformation will be quite dramatic with your house, apartment, bank account, possessions. For that reason you may want to clear the decks in 2021 as much as you can, so that there is less complication in future for you to sort out. Simplicity is a good goal to have, especially in relation to your husband. You don’t say if you have children, but this would also involve them (financially) or extended family if they are named in both your legacies, or you name them. Pluto in Scorpio is notorious for wanting total control over sex and money and in fact, Pluto rules Scorpio. The opposition to come, from Uranus (which has already challenged most of your Scorpio factors, as they are in the early degrees of the sign) is historic. You only have this once in your life. You are being challenged to change, essentially. Try to let go and go with what comes, as much as you can. Tightly hanging on is not the way, on a Uranus-Pluto opposition, and you will need to compromise over the controls in your life, realising that you must share the power with others; this may be individuals or organisations. In general, the less ‘stuff’. you have in your life in terms of finance, business, shares, property, charity, possessions, debts – the easier it will be, to bend and stretch. You may want to do this in 2022 as Jupiter in Pisces will trine your Scorpio factors and make a lovely, helpful pattern that makes it so much easier to rethink, reshape, redirect your life.

  27. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you so much for your continued advice and foresight during these difficult times, and congratulations on the launch of your new website.
    I’m a Capricorn with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Juno and Descendant all in Libra. Are you able to provide any insights as to how this may play out in my personal life in the coming months. I feel changes might be on the horizon for me. I have a Scorpio partner and things have been very challenging these last 2 years. I very much want a child but sadly my current partner doesn’t seem receptive to starting a family. He is nearly a decade older which is partly the reason. Thank you in advance

    1. Thank you very much. The question about parenthood will be there until 2026 and you will need to find your path. Freedom, space and independence will be constant questions for you, but also for your partner. Although you will do a great deal of the negotiation of the middle ground in August-November 2021, it may not be until 2022, 2023 that your partner in particular sorts out the karma with you – the spiritual debts and credits from the past – but also the karma he is creating with you for the future, if you want a child and he does not. I am sure you have had challenges for the last couple of years and there may be a parting of the ways; you have probably already thought about it. What happens in 2022, 2023 is highly unusual. He will have both Uranus (a break with the past) and the North Node (karma) in Taurus, in his solar Seventh House of partnership, marriage, separation and divorce. Without seeing his natal chart, that is enough to suggest that the partnership must radically change and undergo a revolution if it is to survive by 2023. In your own chart, you have Uranus (the break with the past) in your solar Fifth House of children, teenagers, Millennials. In your natal chart you have the North Node at 11 Leo, also in the Fifth House. This increasingly suggests that you two knew each other in another lifetime, or perhaps several lifetimes, and may have been parents then; lost a child – adopted a child. You have made a soul contract in your ‘life between lives’ to come back and settle old spiritual scores. The transits in Libra by November will start you on that path but you will find it’s 2022, 2023 that brings the decision to do things radically differently, as a couple, or to part company. The decisions you are making now set you free. I had another Capricorn reader who just began a relationship with a post-menopausal woman. She cannot have babies and he does not want them; being with her liberates him from having to ever be a father and lets him off the hook with his family, who always hoped he would bring them grandchildren. So you see, the way out/way through is highly individual and deeply personal, but the answer comes when you ask yourself ‘Who or what would set me free with the world of babies, children, teenagers, Millennials?” There are many answers to that question but if you two are to stay together then Scorpio must also ask the same question of marriage and partnership. It is not impossible that you both find a path that will satisfy that in both your hearts, but it’s going to be 1-2 years of trying.

  28. Dear Jessica, thanks so much for all your hard work. I have several Libra aspects in my chart. My husband and I have been happily married for more than 30 years. We are sure we had previous lives together. Next month we have a family celebration. My ex-husband will be present and other family members including our daughter (with first husband). I would love to know if you have any guidance on that and for the next few months with so much Libra around. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. A long and happy marriage is a classic Sun Libra achievement and yet, two or three marriages (even) is also very common with your sign. This is really to do with the principles of fairness, equality and justice. Librans will keep going in pursuit of a true partnership, to the end – and if they do not find it, they will end the marriage. Now, you have a family event on the way, with some possible family politics. September is not particularly difficult in terms of that. The bigger issue is Christmas and New Year, actually, when you will realise that the power or control within that extended family, including your daughter, has to shift. I should have thought your daughter or any other children in the mix, is where the real challenge actually is. Do all you can to sort out any issues with her/around her by December as luck and timing is on your side. Think about the realities of 2022 in the context of your mother’s role with her, and of course any children your second husband has, or any other offspring you have. The cycles in your chart suggest some kind of strategy now, to help you in 2022. From 2023 you may find you are very glad you did the work, asked the questions, made the decisions and got the advice; what you do in 2021 is groundwork for the future as a parent.

  29. Hi Jessica,

    I have Uranus, Pluto, Vesta, MC and Proserpina in my Libra. Can you tell me how it will affect me? We moved recently with my family in Asia but it is not clear if we will stay long and how it will affect my relationship with my wife.
    Thanks a lot,

    1. Fred, you have the two planets of change, Uranus and Pluto, in your sector of marriage. Uranus is about freedom, space, independence, breaks with the past, frequent upheaval, regular revolutions, autonomy, oxygen, breathing room. Pluto is about control. Frequently, sexual obsession. You are actually really hard work for your wife as you probably know. Maybe, hard work for yourself! Yet, there is a way to sort this out. You need to reinvent what a partnership should be. Rethink what you meant when you made your wedding vows. Reinterpret (with her agreement) what you two should be doing, to make this work in a new way. The MC suggests a fair balance in a duet is your life’s work, actually. So not just marriage but other partnerships, too. Proserpina is the go-between who makes both sides happy. I think this is your family in Asia, and also your own family with your wife. You have a huge amount of work to do here and will need help from a counsellor or self-help book/course. Look at YouTube, even, to see how others have managed marriage. It has to change, dramatically so, and you can do that, but you will need to get support to lean on, to revolutionise what you both have. And it absolutely has to happen with her on board.

  30. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for all that you share with us, and congratulations on the new site! I have Pluto and Uranus in Libra (as well as Proserpina and Vesta). I have had clashes with business partners and family over the past few months. Tr Uranus conjoined and turned retrograde within orb on my MC, and it lead to a huge break in two partnerships I had been working on. It’s been rather devastating, and I’m feeling lost at sea, trying to figure out what the lesson is and how to best navigate forward; do I cut losses and go on my own, try to salvage them, or go with the flow? Could you please let me know what you see? Thank you in advance!

    1. Thank you. You want to know if you should save the business partnerships and family relationships or just part company forever. You have that kind of chart where it’s hard to go back, actually. What’s done is done. The real question is how much independence you gained. Do you feel as if you have won your freedom and space? If so, then actually, it may be better to leave things. Feeling devastated or all at sea is not so good; you should by rights feel liberated and exhilarated. If you do not, then yes, you have gone too far. Or they have. And, it may be time to start exploring fair and reasonable ways of mending bridges. This will be best done by Christmas, before Jupiter leaves Aquarius and you lose the useful monthly trine of Jupiter to the Moon in Libra, which assists you so much. The other useful thing about 2021 is the North Node in Gemini, also making a monthly trine to the Moon in Libra, again helping you resolve differences. So try to do this by December if you are going to do it. Pull a Tarot card to see what the outcome of that would be.

  31. Thank you so much, Jessica! This is so helpful. There are so many layers to your advice that are coming through. The tarot is also very helpful. Thanks again!

  32. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for the blog and sharing of astrology. I have a South Node in Libra. Does it mean that no partnerships will be good? I always feel that relationships are hard for me. A divorce, little help at work, it seems a rough journey. Any insight from you would be helpful, Thanks so much.

    1. The South Node in Libra in the Seventh House is karmic in nature and is automatically opposite the North Node in Aries in the First House. So you have had one or more lifetimes dealing with the conflict between using your own name, presenting as your own person, choosing what you want to wear, and how you want to present – versus the realities of a husband or wife (either, sometimes in many lifetimes) who wanted you to take their name, had a large say over your wardrobe, perhaps your hair, make-up, face, weight – and so on. Aries-Libra is really about ‘me’ and ‘the two of us’ and it can be quite hard work. Of course future partnerships of all kinds can be happy for you. Yet, you have to find a way to play both the signs together, creatively. If you feel relationships have been difficult to date, you have probably not found a way to combine the need to be in a duet, with the need to be upfront, by yourself, as yourself. Jupiter in Aries, will slowly move up into a conjunction with your North Node in Aries, after the middle of next year. That is terrific for a relaunch (new look, new title, new role) and it will have a beneficial outcome with any sort of partnership or duet, helping you to resolve some of those issues. Something you do have to be cautious with, is the need for a fight or conflict. The North Node in Aries also suggests a few lifetimes in the army, navy or air force – at war with someone or something – and that karma can sometimes return with a feud between two people in a marriage (say) or a work partnership. Aries-Libra very commonly is the person who was separated from a fiancee or wife, to go to war, and that combination of fighting the enemy and being prepared to sacrifice one’s life for one’s partner, was emotionally wrought. Sometimes on that basis people agree to meet again. And with Aries-Libra Nodes you can end up marrying your enemy in order to resolve the issues! Aries/First House is appearance: an army, navy or air force uniform is a good example of that, in opposition to the Libra Node, which would much prefer balance, harmony, justice, accord, agreement. So this brings in issues about how you dress and behave, too, and any sort of uniform you wear, or flag you fly. The Tarot will help you get into your Nodes more.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    I have Pluto and MC in Libra and it’s just been a tough couple of years with my husband. We just don’t agree on anything. How we live, how we love, how we raise… I mean, I could go on. I’ve been at my breaking point multiple times but held on for my son. I want to save my family but it’s going to be at the cost of me. When will this ever end? I mean, I know all things do ultimately but when?

    1. I’m very sorry you have been going through this. You need to break with the past, and that will happen suddenly, at any time between now and 2026. I am sure you cannot wait that long. You probably won’t have to. As early as January 2022 it will become obvious that things are changing and he is either going to have to agree with you; get counselling with you – or separate. This would happen by the end of 2023. It is very brave of you to hang on for your son, but there will be a solution with/for that child from just after Christmas, well into the first half of 2022. If you cannot agree about how you raise your boy, I can see why it is contributing to the general unhappiness. Yet, you will be relieved to see/hear about an answer that involves you as a mother, in late December, snowballing into January next year. This does feel like the turning point. A separation with an amicable custody agreement is possible then, or consensus over his education and so on. It’s hard to say more without seeing his chart, or your chart, but for you personally there is a huge break involving your son once Christmas is over. Your lifestyle will improve hugely from May 2022 and you will be delighted at the new way of working, exercising, eating, living, doing the housework (even). If you were going to live differently, or even live apart, I would speculate it would be the second half of next year, but of course the choices are yours. Use the Tarot on this website to help you.

  34. Hi Jessica
    Like so many of us right now it seems in this post, I’m feeling really lost and down in my relationship. We’ve been together for almost 30 years and I’m beginning to feel so sad that I’ve wasted much time with the very wrong person for me. He is incredibly toxic and a highly disinterested father to our children.
    I can’t affird to leave and set up a new place by myself with our children. It’s honestly just a financially impossible task.
    The thing is, I don’t know how much more I can take.
    What do you see for me in regards to this? In an ideal world I want to live with my children without feeling like I have to walk on eggshells each day.
    Thank you Jessica. x

    1. You need to learn new skills or update old skills so your market value increases in terms of working from home – and you meet new people. There are a number of websites which offer this including the excellent Open Culture. This will give you a break from your toxic husband, and a way out. You also need to meditate. Tina Turner escaped in her mind (mindful meditation) via Buddhism. She then relaunched herself, her career and her brand. It is interesting how your chart and hers shows similar transits. You can afford to leave but you need to learn new marketable skills and meet new people.

  35. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the information about Libra factors
    I have my moon in Libra at 27°, Pluto in Libra at 15° and North Node in Libra at 5°.
    I’ve been involved in a long pattern of duets and duels with the ex-husband, with whom I share custody of our daughter, probably my fault for not putting boundaries in place.
    I’m tired of the constant battles and upheavals, it’s affected my health, my work and my mental health. Is there and end in sight to all of this for me?
    Many thanks for you guidance.


    1. Thank you, Harminder. Your Moon in Libra ‘needs to be needed’ in a duet or a duel. So you may be on Team Daughter/Mother against your former husband, or perhaps have teamed up with another person (a friend, a new lover, a family member) against your ex. To break the pattern, question what you are doing. It takes two to tango, and even if he is perfectly awful in every way, if you get up and dance, he will join you. Having another person on your side, or taking on ‘us against him’ makes it worse. What you actually need, with that Libra combination, is a duet (or a number of duets) which suit your personality. So, you might want to start a charity project with another person (for example) or pair off with a person in a wild swimming club, or find some other twosome. Maybe you are already in one or more pairs and could just pursue that more intensely. Pluto in Libra can be obsessive and likes to control a relationship; a marriage; a feud with an ex. Recognise your imbalances with Pluto and try to see that a compromise is the only way. You can’t go to extremes or it unbalances everything. There is no perfect fairness with your ex. There will never be a perfect couple for you. Only the attempt, and you can’t spend your entire life trying to balance the scales with Pluto in Libra or you will tilt the rest of your world – friendship, unpaid work, your career, local travel, fitness, health – and so on. The Node in Libra is karmic and of course you have known your husband before in other lifetimes. Opposite the Node in Aries, the recurring pattern has always been your self-interest, your name, your profile, your appearance – played off against the demands and needs of the other person. The transit of Pluto in Capricorn now at 24, moving to 27 later, is quite a long square (Pluto square Moon) and that is when it will pay you to see that your need to be needed, in a duet or a duel, can stretch you too far. I suspect your daughter is the issue here. Find a different soundtrack and a new dance. Maybe get off the dance floor with this man. If there is no partner for him in a battle, he cannot dance.

  36. Hello
    What are the usual horoscope factors of those who never have any relationship, friendship or duet in their life at all? That’s me! I’ve:
    – Diana in Sag: don’t like travel, prefer to stay home. I’m not a teacher/guide.
    – Proserpina, Vesta, Pluto, Uranus in Libra, all R.

    1. You are not logged in, so I can’t see your chart unfortunately. Diana in Sagittarius in the Ninth House wants to be free to roam. She wants the space and independence to travel, or travel in the mind, without any compromises. The Ninth House is about foreign people and places, study and teaching, publishing and the worldwide web. If you dislike travel then your mind will find ways to transport itself, but with great autonomy and a tremendous need for space as Diana resists being confined or categorised. Proserpina, Vesta, Pluto and Uranus in Libra in your Seventh House suggest duels, if not duets. Strongly Libran people either have conflicts and feuds, or partnerships and marriages. The scales have to be explored either way. Pluto wants to control the conflict or difference. Uranus experiences regular upheavals in relation to it. Vesta suggests gender issues (sexism, for example). Proserpina again raises the question of control, empowerment, sharing power in a situation or feeling overpowered; using willpower to manage. If you want a duet, then drop any duel. A duel can take up the energy required for a duet.

  37. Thanks so much about the upcoming Libra elements. I’m interested in how this will play out for me in terms of partnerships/ relationships- I have been single for quite some time now.
    I have 3 placements in libra (north node at 5 degrees, ascendant at 12 degrees, and Pluto at 14 degrees).
    I am also a Taurus sun and Venus in Taurus so heavily impacted by Venus also ruler of Libra and expect the next set of eclipses (Taurus/Scorpio axis) will impact me heavily.

    1. You know your astrology really thoroughly. I can’t see the chart (you are not logged in) but assuming this Libra/Taurus emphasis in the chart, and looking at relationships or partnerships, they are not the defining story of your life. In other words, you can have a sexual relationship, but it may not be all-consuming and in fact you may decide you would rather have a friendship with benefits. That would work very well for you with opportunities arising after Boxing Day and well into April and May 2022. Your social life will expand at that time anyway and old friends may come back; new friends may be made; new groups may be joined or old networks and circles revived. This is ongoing beyond 2023 actually as you have twin cycles in your solar and natal Eleventh House of deep friendship. You will sort a lot out emotionally and psychologically regarding former partnerships or relationships, in this Libra weather – that will help move some of your ideas around. It’s usually the case that an old flame or a new potential date is central at such times, because that makes you think harder about what and who you want. Or not! Yet, long-term, the cycles in your chart suggest something more akin to a sexual friendship.

  38. Dear Jessica, thank you for your wonderful insights and guidance. I’ve recently joined as a member and am enjoying your rich content.

    Could you please let me know how things are looking for my career and finances?

    Many thanks

    1. Thank you Sophie. Career and finances work in much the same way in your Libra solar chart and also your natal chart. You will be offered new roles or projects after Boxing Day with a likely acceptance no later than May, which offers you a lifestyle change as well as a new way of thinking about what work is; what duty is; what service is. The role or project, or perhaps the sea change in your definition of work, will offer you far, far better options for mind, body and spirit. This is a really welcome change for you. It tallies with the transit of Pluto and the inner planets in Capricorn in your Tenth House, in December 2021, January 2022. This may be a reshuffle or merger, and you benefit from that. Financially, we look to the 2022-2023 Node cycle and also Uranus in Taurus (solar chart) but of course this twin transit also turns up in your natal chart too. You will need to be light on your feet; supremely adaptable; highly flexible. Sudden and quite radical changes affecting your house, apartment, bank account, charity and/or business interests are still rolling. You already had these since 2018 of course, probably because of the pandemic and its impact on the economy. Whatever the reason, you are learning that you have to quickly adapt and adjust to the way things are; not the way you assume you can control them, based on the past. Your life budget is set to change by 2023 so you will hang different price tags on what money cannot buy and shift your ideas around. This will set you free. In fact, Sophie, you will independence *from* something or someone, but also independence *through* something or someone! That’s going to be most obvious to you in April, May 2022 and it will happen very quickly.

  39. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this great article! I have 5 placements in Libra, including my natal sun. This year, my birthday lands on the new moon in Libra, what does this mean for me? For the past several years I have been struggling with my career. The job assignments and promotions that were promised to me end up falling short. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You will be delighted to see a change in your work, unpaid work or academic situation just after Boxing Day, when light appears at the end of the tunnel. In fact, you will glimpse a better future then and be happily at home with a new project or role by May. It will also involve a lifestyle change for you, very much for the better.

  40. Dear Jessica, thank you for your wonderful site. I was wondering what it meant to have my MC in Libra, which otherwise is completely empty.
    Also, I had gotten extended natal charts for my husband and two sons and noticed that my older son (who I always worry about for being a dreamer and an introvert) has many factors in Libra – Sun, Vesta, Hygeia, Fortuna and Panacea.

    He’s in his final year of university and I worry about his future in these difficult times. Putting together your India predictions (where we live) and the Libra weather, will my son be able to find his path to a sustainable, successful, safe life?

    Sorry if my questions are slightly garbled, but I’m a novice and only recently became a member of your lovely site so I still haven’t completely understood the nuances of the birth charts!

    Thank you again – I love reading your writings!

    1. Your MC in Libra describes your highest achievement in life, which is to be in a partnership, or more than one partnership actually. It may be a marriage or a professional duet. It very much depends on an accurate birth time, to the minute, but if you have that – then your husband is your vocation. Your older son is strongly Libra and he lives in India with you, where marriages are central to society. In fact, Bollywood runs on love stories, even if they are rather dramatic. He is graduating with a degree soon and will complete some karma in January, about academia, student life, teachers, professors and so on. He has done this before. You worry about the pandemic and rightly so as India has not controlled it. He will pick up a fantastic opportunity for work, or further study, soon after Boxing Day, when he glimpses a new chance. He will probably say yes, and by June 2022 you will both be very happy, as what he is offered is not only good for his career, but also his wellbeing.

  41. Thank you for the nice insight on Libra factors. I have been jobless and single for sometimes. I have Uranus @7, Vesta @ 4 and Venus @ 24 in Libra. How will this play out? Am a virgo sun.

    1. You won’t be single after Christmas and Boxing Day, if you take the opportunity offered to you – which starts in a small way – then. You would be dating by June 2022. It is hard to be without work, and I sympathise, but again 2022 will help you break free of a stuck cycle.

  42. Hi Jessica,
    thank you for replying to my previous message; it truly means a lot to me.
    I had an incredibly unusual experience happen today, which seems fated in my horoscope when I looked at the planetary positions; a random younger man approached me and asked me on a date. This never happens but I loyally said no, even though I desperately wish I was able to be single from my toxic relationship. I’m kicking myself in a small way, haha but I’m wondering if the planets align like this, will they ever align again? It looks like some of my Libra factors are being triggered in my chart from now until October, if I’m understanding it correctly. I remembered a year or so ago, you did a tarot pull and said that I would meet someone who was ‘un everything’ but it was too precious not to take a chance on…..
    Thank you x

  43. Dear Jessica Adams,
    Unsure if you are able to view my comment previously on this post but would it be possible if you could tell me what the planet line up has in store for me please? Any information of support or guidance shall be much appreciated.
    Take care,
    Kindest regards,

    1. Sure, Bea. You are going through a Twelfth House transit in your solar and natal chart at the same time, with Uranus in your solar Twelfth House in Taurus and Neptune (and then Jupiter) in Pisces in your natal Twelfth House, commencing just after Christmas 2021. So, the year 2022 is really important for the Twelfth House, which rules your unconscious mind; hypnosis; religion; therapy; Tarot; mediumship; dreams; spirituality; meditation (the inner life). The year 2022 also brings the North Node in your solar Twelfth House, so the time has come to see that the inner life is as important as the outer life. A bible can be as important as a career, if you believe in God. The year 2022 and 2023 brings not only transiting Neptune and Jupiter (hope, help and healing) on the inside of your soul, spirit or psyche – but also this karmic cycle of the Node in your solar Twelfth House too, alongside Uranus, so we might describe what is going on as the slow earthquake underneath the floorboards. I don’t know if you were raised in a religious family or school but your relationship with your God may be at the core of the rumbling. The Twelfth House is also about the unconscious mind as Carl Jung might have seen it, perhaps, and it is certainly about the soul. This is a process of liberation, freedom and independence which lasts until 2026 and you will not be the same person as you have done all your changing on the inside. Working with your inner self will be tremendously valuable but you will need time and space alone, Bea. You can’t do that kind of work by being fully engaged with the outside world. Finding out what makes you tick and then changing the clockwork will result in a new life. It may be the church; it often is. Sometimes it is embracing God or rejecting God that does it. For more on what is happening, look up the Twelfth House on this website and in the guides that come with membership.

  44. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs. I don’t know if I am reading my chart correctly. Sorry, new! But I appear to have a lot of Libra going on… what does this mean for me? Thanks!

    1. Welcome to membership. You are strongly Capricorn, actually, and might want to take a bit of time to look up Capricorn and the Tenth House on this website and in the guides that come with your subscription. There is a double whammy going on with the North Node in Gemini (you are a Sun Virgo) and the long, long Pluto transit in Capricorn. In plain English, your career, unpaid work or course is still an ongoing story in your life, and it won’t be until January 2022 that you find you are free to move forward without constantly having to look backwards. As a Sun Virgo you gain most of your ego gratification from doing a detailed task or job very well; on a regular basis; with attention to the small things that make the difference to others. Serving others; being of service; doing your duty – is how you shine. So, that is not really the stuff of large ambition, as the Sun Virgo person with that Sixth House signature in her chart is really the wheel that makes the machinery go around. If you do ‘make it’ to the top it is likely to be as someone who nevertheless is highly conscious of the clients, the customers, the staff, the colleagues, the employers. This is the person who is hired by the people and feels an obligation to them too, no matter how much power comes her way. As I said, January 2022 is the beginning of the end of a long period when looking back, or spinning your wheels, was necessary. From that point forward you are free to make decisions about your career, unpaid work or study which actually mobilise you so that you are moving forwards without any impediments. Longer-term, from 2026 onwards your professional life radically changes. In fact, it’s a revolution. You will find that transiting Uranus in Gemini in your solar Tenth House throws you into a couple of situations where you end up doing the last thing your younger self might have expected, or being ‘that person’ professionally or in business that you have never, ever been before. It will be very exciting for you.

  45. Hi Jessica, Congrats on the new website. The team behind it has done an incredible job! I reached out regarding an issue and it was immediately solved. Kudos!
    Astrology is always on point for me, on new moon Virgo in my 12th house I end up going to a synagogue for the first time and attend Rosh Hashana prayers which was interesting because I neither planned nor thought I would be even allowed to go in one.
    I found out that the full moon libra this year falls on my birthday, I have sun @ 27, Venus @5 (one degree less than 6), Apollo @22 and Cupido @13 and I am dating another Libra born on Oct 13, 1976, 9 years older than me plus that we are from different backgrounds in terms of nationality, culture, language, religion (although we both are not religious), so the “give and take” section of this article really hit me. There is always something in your posts that resonate with me or has a message for me. Thank you!
    I very much appreciate it if you can look at how this libra weather, (especially the full moon landing on my birthday) is going to affect me. Please stay safe! Aylin

    1. Thank you so much. Amazing that you attended Rosh Hashana prayers on the Twelfth House transit of the New Moon, Aylin. The Full Moon is part of a bigger story in your chart, which is all about the world of babies, children, teenagers or Millennials. The next generation who are the heirs to your throne, or the pretenders to your throne. You are dating another Libra and sooner or later you will need to deal with the transits to both your natal and solar chart in the Fifth House, which is very much about the sexual relationships that can lead to pregnancy, adoption, step-parenting, or co-god-parenting; shared aunt or uncle status. Try to make all the really big decisions by Christmas. In 2022 you have an obstacle course to get over but what you can do in 2021 is reduce the size of the obstacles (exchange them) and remove others entirely. It pays to be optimistic and to think positively about solutions, so you can pre-empt any possible issues later. A classic example is one person deciding he or she wants children; the other one is unsure. Another very common example is the impact of a godchild, niece or nephew on the nature of a relationship. You have a bit of work to do, but the second half of 2022 will be a very great deal easier than the first.

  46. There were comments regarding the karmic influence of the south node in Libra ( I have a returning south node in 17 Libra in the 7th house). I feel such karmic influences very deeply. When I review my life, I see no one I could love and no one I could love. The loneliness becomes a habit after a while, and nothing can be done about it! How likely is it that it will be changed?

    1. It’s very hard to say more about this, without the whole chart. If you have the South Node in Libra in the Seventh House opposite the North Node in Aries in the First House, there is a conflict between self-interest, self-promotion and ‘Me first’ – and the requirements of marriage or a sexual relationship. It takes two to tango but people with the Aries-Libra Node have had at least one lifetime, perhaps several more, when they also want to dance alone, in order to win the prize and be first in the contest. To hell with partnerships. Everything can be changed in a life, and even if you have never fallen in love, and feel lonely, that can also be changed. Jupiter in Aries in the second half of 2022 is an opportunity to do that.

  47. Hi Jessica,
    I have just read your brilliant article.
    I have a Libra stellium – 6 factors – with Diana in Libra. So much of what you have written is so true. Duets do have a strong pattern in my life – and I am often conflicted between wanting to be on my own and wanting to be in a relationship. I am currently in a duet which has felt like a battleground for the past year – I am always the one trying to find balance and peace (I hate conflict).. but am now getting pretty exhausted walking on eggshells all the time. My partner (Virgo) is very moody – he can be fine in the morning, in a mood by the evening (usually about my daughter, his son, his step-daughter etc)… while we get along really well as a pair. Is this going to get better any time soon? Thank you and best wishes, D

    1. Thank you. Diana in Libra in the Seventh House resists marriage and children. She can marry and become a mother but will always want space, freedom, independence and autonomy. Inner conflicts can come if there are contradictory Seventh House factors or Diana is involved in exact aspects with other parts of the chart that lean towards commitment and security. You can’t have everything! Your duet is a duel and you are tired from trying not to upset the other person. Your Virgo partner is moody. Okay, so what you have here, D, is a Virgo Sun man going through Pluto in Capricorn in the Fifth House of fatherhood. Son, daughter and step-daughter raise control issues for him and will do so until 2023. Then the cycle ends. It has run since 2008 so depending on their age, the control or power issues may have been there since they were born, with other adults and particularly the co-parent. His level of disempowerment or control in the world is filtered through fatherhood and so it all comes back to the children. He is also seeking escape through his partnership. Neptune is transiting his solar Seventh House so he wants marriage or a sexual relationship to be a holiday from reality. Something that you can do is offer that up, as best you can. Try to make it more like a vacation from the mundane, ordinary and everyday (bills, housework, domestic routine, problem solving – no thank you) at least until Jupiter enters his Seventh House in December, just after Christmas, and solutions appear for him with you. If you get along as a pair then there is a big answer there, and it will sustain him until May 2022. Did you know that in myth, Diana had a part-time lover? Endymion slept through their relationship. That left her free to do her own thing. She was primarily a huntress (a career woman) who had female company and occasionally had sex with Endymion but he was a passive participant in the relationship which left her plenty of hunting time. So there is quite a lot there to analyse in your own chart.

  48. Hey Jessica, I have mars in libra in 8th house. what does this mean for a sun leo. I hate conflicts and desperately avoid confrontation. I’m a fence sitter which is really bad. Any help?

    1. You have Mars in Libra in the Seventh House in the Natural House system, but need to read it in context with the rest of your natal chart. Unfortunately I can’t see a chart here, so you are either not a Premium Member, or you are not logged in (if you are a member please log in again).

  49. Hello Jessica. I’m not sure if you were able to get to my previous comment about the libra weather. I’m a libra stellium and wondering what all this means for my chart. Thanks for your time.

    1. Just checking the list and there are 12,192 comments and questions so every time I get to my desk, the queue goes back again, so apologies for the answers out of chronological order. I can use your chart now, though, and explain that September, October and early November are about slow resolution of situations with former, current and potential partners. This is usually sexual but can be professional. So, for example, a girlfriend or boyfriend left behind, but also a work duet. There is usually something to fix on this transit, because of the Pluto transits (squares) over time, which always suggests issues about control and power, empowerment, feeling disempowered or lacking control. It is pretty common for one person to feel taken over, for example, and that can lead to a split, or to a fractured double act. Everything is here to be resolved and even if communication is not perfect by November, and even if people change their minds (or you change yours) you will ultimately reach some sort of agreement within a duet, or even a duel. There may be more than one, so this could be a couple of former partners at the same time – that can happen. You don’t say if you are married or single, in a relationship or not, in a work partnership or not so it is hard to be specific. In general this period is about slow repair of the scales. And perhaps a substitution of the scales you had. So, for example, if you were in a sexual relationship with someone but broke up because you were dealing with issues about taking over/being taken over (or he/she was) then it may be that that set of scales is no longer useful and you need a new ‘balancing act’ concerned with work instead. Perhaps you are better off working together. Or being friends. It’s on that level.

  50. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article and all the work that you do. I have a six factor stellium in Libra as well as scorpio factors. I have a complicated relationship with my daughter due to games that my controlling Leo ex partner has been playing over the last five years. I was wondering if this will ever be resolved and if there will be peace in the future? I have also been trying fall pregnant with my cancer husband for the last four years unsuccessfully. I would like to know if this may be successful in the future or if I should give up?

    1. Thank you. The situation with your daughter is about boundaries (or the lack of them) and blurred lines about who/what/where – you will have to constantly reinstate them on this cycle. It improves hugely from just after Christmas and into the first half of 2022. Any vagueness or fuzzy thinking about the rules, or the lines in the sand, will never work for long if you have a manipulative former partner so if you’ve not already put the containment back in, think about December/January as time to do so, when fate will be on your side. This may be because he backs down, goes away or gets a better influence on him, to guide him away from game-playing. Your daughter may change. There are all sorts of possibilities here but Jupiter’s change of sign to Pisces near Boxing Day is a great pathway to 2022. You also want to have a baby and have spent four years trying, which is a long time. Your astrology chart won’t show conception and birth, but it does show huge improvement with the world of children in general, from the very end of 2021 into the first quarter of 2022. This may in fact be a birth, but it can also be adoption, or even the arrival of a godchild. So should you give up? No, but if you’ve not had a child by May next year, in astrological terms your odds go down again. Basically you only get one Jupiter in Pisces transit every 12 years and in both house systems I use for you, solar and natal, it’s the best chance you have. You have a stellium in Cancer in the Fourth House of family and Jupiter, that ancient symbol of natural good luck, trines that in slow stages, throughout early 2022. That’s a good bet.

  51. Thanks so much for your response and time. Yes, my relationship is in limbo. We had being getting along so great and so I didn’t expect any issues. I raised what I thought was a benign concern and led to a text quarrel and have been on the outs since. I was just taken by surprise but makes sense that it is about the transits.

  52. Dear Jessica,
    I just read your weekly horoscope, it seems that more struggles are coming this week.
    I have Aesculapia 02 Libra, North Node 04 Libra and Juno 22 Libra. My Leo man has Baccus 02 Libra and the Moon 22 Libra. Next Friday I go to court with my landlord, due to Corona was a long pause in between the hearing. My layer, Scorpio, didn’t do very much, getting him on the phone was difficult, sometimes it took weeks. It escalated last Friday, when I asked him why he doesn’t give information as the court appointment is only 1week ahead. He said I can do it now by myself. It’s the same layer I had in 2002 when I tried to make my ex husband responsible for a depth guaranty I signed for him. Karmic?
    I have a legal cost insurance but regarding their rules I can’t change the layer and I am very much afraid to stand at court probably by myself.
    I was without a job for a few years, it made my life very difficult but since the end of August I had several online meetings and they like to employ me, details are clarified with HR. The start will be Nov 1st. I am awaiting the contract by the end of next week. Could there be delays due to Mercury retrograde though I started the job discussions before? With this job I could move to a lovely little town 50 km away from Hamburg. There is lots of space, it’s directly at the River Elbe, real countryside! My Leo man will move from London to live with me there, he loves the little town and his boys cats (the boys don’t live there anymore) could live there as well. Currently he is clearing his house and it’s very difficult for him as he lived there 19 years (karmic?) with his boys as a single dad when he moved from Toronto. His ex left after a few month.
    I feel very much exhausted trying to get everything done but still hope for the best outcome.
    Could you please give me some insight?
    Thank you Jessica.

    Best regards

    1. Thank you Christiane. Mercury Retrograde is in Libra, which really has nothing to do with your job applications, unless you are going to work in a duet or partnership. The issue with this cycle is really your man moving from London to this town near Hamburg, if you get the position. That is definitely going to be affected by Mercury Retrograde, so if you do get the role, which begins on 1st November, you may want to consider all the talk, plans, scheduling of September, October as a rehearsal which may change on the way or come to nothing. It can happen. You are strongly Libra and he has a couple of factors in Libra too, so I suggest that neither of you consider ‘a done deal’ on moving, or the job, or the details of such a move, until Mercury has finished his loop in November. The separate issue is your court case with your landlord, which is a duel – Libra rules legal battles. You are doing this on Friday in the middle of Mercury Retrograde. You will need PLan B, C and D and to read the fine print. Mercury Retrograde does not mean you drop everything – but you do treat life as a process not an outcome – and make sure that you are not wasting your time, energy or money on paperwork, negotiation, publishing and other Mercury-ruled areas of life, as they relate to duets or duels. It just takes awareness and a bit of juggling, Christiane.

  53. Dear Jessica,

    I love reading your blogs, though I have very basic understanding of astrology. I’m a Libra 10/19/69. I was fired from my job on 9/3 earlier this month ( on new moon), it was a very hostile and toxic work environment, I was there only for 4 months. I had already started looking for new work as I wanted to move on to a big organization with better work culture, but they fired me before I would find my next role. I was given a severance package because they knew what they were doing was wrongful and retaliatory termination. This hostile treatment and micromanaging began from Mid June and went downhill.

    Last year I decided to go back to school and in fact I just graduated in August with my Masters in HRM, I was so proud of all my hard work but this job almost made me lose my mental peace and self confidence. Im back in the job market now, not very sure what’s going to happen. Can you shine some light and tell me what should I expect for my next opportunity in the last quarter of this year.


    1. Thank you Priya. I am so sorry you were fired by this toxic organisation. The severance pay must have helped a bit, but you have a Masters in HRM and deserved better. You are a Sun Libra who has experienced Neptune transiting the Sixth House, which can be confusing, as work is based on boundaries, rules and details and yet you were probably in a system that wasn’t a system at all; some of the people there may have had drink or drug problems (even prescribed medication) and rather chaotic personalities often turn up on this transit. That was then and this is now; you will start a new role or be given the opportunity to pursue one, after Boxing Day. Jupiter joins Neptune in Pisces in your solar Sixth House of work then and remains there until May 2022. That shouldn’t stop you trying now; it may be that you get a position and then after December, find a promotion, or a big hit or other success. It is the same with academia; you wil find your fortunes turn in your favour after Jupiter changes signs at the end of 2021. Mars at 18 Capricorn in your natal chart, in your Tenth House of success, will be triggered nicely by the sextile from Jupiter at 18 Pisces, so it works in both charts I use for you.

  54. Hi Jessica! Newbie to astrology here and I would appreciate your insight into all the Libra factors in my chart. I am not surprised that it’s all about duets and duels, feels like the story of my life. I am navigating some tricky ones at the moment with ongoing differences with my Capricorn partner, confused feelings for a colleague, a difficult boss and a sensitive piscean young daughter that I have trouble getting through too. Have you any thoughts on what is coming up for me? Thanks in advance!

    1. The MC at 21 Libra and Uranus at 24 Libra in your Seventh House of partners, crushes and differences/disputes is the issue here. That is your natal chart. They are both centred in the middle of Mercury Retrograde. You are also a Gemini with this Libra transit in your solar Fifth House of daughters and sexual infatuation – and the South Node in your Seventh House of marriage. The good news is, none of this lasts and none of it is serious. Basically, Mercury (communication, information) has been an 18th and 22nd September story with all this, going backwards – written back to front. There will be another backwards chapter in the first week of October and you may want to avoid over-egging the pudding. Don’t add to this. Finally, finally, the closing days of October and first week of November will finish the tale. Then you will know what’s what and where you stand. The sign-off with karma involving your partner is January 19th when the South Node leaves Sagittarius. Unless you are in really heavy territory with your partner and considering divorce in 2022 with a split over the property and money, then essentially your issues with this person are over. The karma is complete. If you two do intend to break up and a house, apartment or bank account is involved, then this is quite a different tale to tell, with 2022 and 2023 being caught up with all that in quite a heavy way. You may want to think quite seriously about your crush, because if it went further, then he would have grounds for divorce, if you were ever married and of course that is complex financially. Lots of choices here. Draw a Tarot card for a comment now to help you see what you can do.

  55. Hi Jessica, I love reading your horoscopes and your blogs. I seem to be struggling with a duel, a relationship with a Capricorn that has been an on again off again relationship for a long time which is very draining and I feel can’t go on like that any longer. Do you possibly have any advice for me?

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo and you have a similar story with relationships told twice, in both your solar and natal chart. This is really about the Fifth House, which rules offspring, possible adoption, pregnancy or step-parenting, and godchildren, mutual nieces and nephews and so on. The younger generation, present or potential. You don’t say if you are a parent or the Capricorn person is. On this cycle, we tend to find that the choices Virgo and Capricorn make about love and sex, always come back to the parenting question. Sometimes avoiding parenthood altogether is the preferred option, which is why one falls in love with someone who does not want children or cannot physically have them. (We can fall in love with anyone, and the people we choose usually serve some need we have, on that level). You can also find the reverse. There is a great need to be a parent, but with none of the cost or responsibility, so we date a single mother and have access to the children without the hard work. To decode what is going on with this Capricorn you need to look at your own journey so far with pregnancy or children (however it ended up) and theirs. That is actually the answer to the struggle. You will be relieved to know you will no longer be drained by it from just after Boxing Day, into the first half of 2022, as solutions and opportunities will appear. It looks like a substantial decision will be made about this person in March, April 2022 and you will benefit. From 2023 the entire issue of children (the children you had, or never had, or will never have) will be over and you will no longer find that your love life is bound up with that. You’ll be free.

  56. Hi Jessica thanks for all your hard work and insights with the blogs.

    I am a Sun Virgo and I have Mars and Mercury in Libra. I was wondering what that relates to?

    1. You shine brightly when you work hard on behalf of others, serving them dutifully and taking pride in the most detailed, meticulous efforts. If there is anything ever awry about your job, housework, unpaid work or study then your body will deliver a health condition (mental or physical health) which gets you time off work, or even means you are unable to work at all. This is the Sun Virgo path. The Mars and Mercury Libra placement is about duets and duels in your life. So, sexual relationships, but also the aftermath of a break-up. Professional double-acts as well. Mars can bring heat, friction, competition, a lack of tolerance – that needs management as it can make marriage hard work. Mercury is useful though, as you communicate and connect, with/through the other person.

  57. Hi Jessica:
    I have left messages previously, and maybe they are being overlooked or perhaps I am asking the wrong question. So, as simply put, I believe I have 5 factors in Libra. What does this mean for me?

    I am a Sun Sagittarius
    – Vulcano, Uranus, Minerva, Mars and Aesculapia in Libra.

    If this helps, I am currently sorting through many challenges that are of primary focus right now, with everything falling on my shoulders to figure out, fix, make work or resolve. On the personal/home front: I am single but live with long-time bf; have grown adult children; an ex-husband; terminally ill parent. Work related: work mandates requirements/decisions.

    Thanks for your time!

    1. You are not being overlooked, and certainly not asking the wrong question. The reality is, I have 12,425 questions and comments showing in the queue this morning, and so it’s not always possible for me to get around to everybody here. However, I can see your question and your astrological chart now and have a cup of tea, on the desk, ready to look at this. I am so sorry about your parent having a terminal illness. That is so difficult to deal with, along with everything else, and it’s always in the background. You feel as if everything is on your shoulders – correct. Your children have grown up, you live with your boyfriend, you also have an ex-husband to think about. As a Sun Sagittarius you have to look at boundaries. Do you actually have boundaries with all these people that will give you time and space for yourself? I am thinking even about the house or apartment where you live. Can you lock the door and hang up a Do Not Disturb Sign? You will get a break from just after Boxing Day into May 2022, as opportunities to resolve issues at home, and with the family, come your way. You will not have to work for those chances; they will fall in your lap. Just use them when they come, as at least a couple of the issues for/through family or household members can be put to one side after that. With Mars and Uranus in Libra in your Seventh House of partnerships, life with your boyfriend and certainly with your ex-husband will always be about attack or defence. It will also be about regular upheaval. I expect after the marriage you had, you made a decision to never marry again. That would fit the chart. Just decoding Vulcano, Uranus, Minerva and the rest in Libra in your Seventh House will help you understand your patterns. Minerva leads. You have the wisdom to know what to do about your boyfriend and your ex-husband and always will. That does not mean it is not constantly challenging, but if you have not yet hit the self-help books or online courses and figured out systems to deal – now is the time. There has been an awful lot of research done on couples, by psychologists and therapists over the years, and even if you think you know the half of it – it changes all the time. This is almost mandatory for strongly Libran people who have Mars (the fight) and Uranus (the revolution) in the Seventh House. Sorting that out will take a load off, but it is really 2022 which helps you the most. Karma with your boyfriend and your ex disappears in January. From January, there are sweeping, welcome, long overdue answers for and through the family and household, the house or apartment. Looking further ahead in the second half of 2022 you may welcome a new grandchild or one of your adult children will have other very good news for you.

  58. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you again for such specific insights. I live for your blog posts!

    I have four factors in Libra and have experienced that all of my duets have also been duels to the extent that I am avoidant of relationships now. Will I ever get to a point where I can find a business or romantic partnership that doesn’t exploit my enthusiastic participation? Or am I right in thinking it’s best to be my own best partner and go solo from here on out in career and relationships?

    1. That’s very flattering, thank you. You’ve found your love life to be difficult and avoid relationships. Career duets have also not worked. You are wondering if you should be by yourself. You have Pluto at 8 Libra in your Seventh House of duets and duels. The Moon is at 8 Taurus and Neptune is at 9 Sagittarius, aspecting that. So that’s a stuck and habitual part of yourself, and your life, which you will need to change, if you are going to acquire double-acts, duets and partnerships without challenges. Pluto is a symbol of the need to dominate and control. We all have it somewhere. You have it with lovers and work partners. You can be obsessive and want to take over. Whenever this happens, the money, the house, the apartment or the possessions comes into it (Moon in Taurus) and also recurring stories about foreign people and places; foreign cultures; academia and education; the worldwide web and publishing (Neptune in Sagittarius). You have played this out many times in your life in different ways. It is extremely common to fall in love with someone visiting your country, or recently emigrated, who is short on money, so you pay the difference, and yet the lover feels controlled and so parts company. Another really common scenario is that you are the traveller, you feel insecure about the distance between you and your lover geographically, and so over-control the relationship to try and make sure it lasts or results in one of you emigrating. Of course the irony is, that is the one thing that makes it come unstuck. Those are just two scenarios I’ve seen before but your story may be less about the foreign person/place angle and perhaps more about the worldwide web, which is also Sagittarian. There is hope! It’s really important to know that astrology is there to help you change, and get what you want. So start with those placements and figure them out. Get to know yourself better. The nice thing about your chart is that it does show a potential future sexual relationship, from the second half of 2022. To make the most of that you may want to do the inner work now. Find out how you use your Pluto and how it ties in to Taurus/Sagittarius in your chart. The Tarot on this website can help validate what you are finding.

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