The China Astrology Chart

The Astrology Chart for China

This chart is set for 1st January 1912 at 12.00pm in Nanking, China. It shows the birth of the Republic of China and it is the most accurate horoscope for China we have. From this we can predict the end of Xi Jinping and the current system. There is no point in creating an astrological chart for Xi Jinping as it has a Rodden rating of XX. It’s totally unreliable.

True Now – Predictions about Evergrande in March

An astrology prediction I made about a crisis in China and for Evergrande, back in January, is coming true in March. In fact, if you read the original China and Evergrande astrology forecast, you will see that Evergrande’s default took place within a day of March 22nd 2022, the date given here for the start of a crisis in China. This was posted back on January 4th 2022.

Screen Shot 2022 03 21 at 1.35.08 pm - The China Astrology Chart

Why Russia Plus China Was a Mistake

It was a huge mistake for China to create an alliance with Russia. You can see the South Node at 28 Libra in the Seventh House of partnerships, below. The North Node is at 28 Aries. It’s in a T-Square with Uranus at 28 Capricorn in the Tenth House of leadership.

This fated pattern in the 1912 China astrology chart will be hit by transiting Pluto at 28 Capricorn, March 11th 2022 until June 20th 2022. It then returns January 12th 2023 until February 11th 2023. Then, July 28th 2023 until September 19th 2023. November 2nd 2023 until December 20th, 2023.

China and Russia at War in 1929

As you can see (below) China was ‘born’ with the classic Libra-Aries pattern we see in countries which repeat the themes of war and peace. In 1929 China and Russia were at war. That pattern was triggered by the True North Node at 28 Taurus and True South Node at 28 Scorpio. Here we are in 2022 with this cycle again. The True North Node at 28 Taurus, True South Node at 28 Scorpio. This time round, Russia and China are not at war. Russia wants a partnership.

Property Loans, Mortgages, Spreadsheets in the Sky

Tracking China’s economy and her property bubbles is basically a case of tracking transits to Neptune at 22 Cancer in the Fourth House of real-estate investment, mortgages and ‘spreadsheets in the sky’. Transiting Neptune at 22 Pisces is propping up the bubble  until March 16th 2022 and then again from October 29th 2022 until January 8th 2023, when it is well and truly over. 

The greatest risk period for Chinese property is when the North Node goes to 22 Taurus and South Node goes to 22 Scorpio, which takes place April 3rd to June 18th 2022. This pulls in world sharemarkets, so countries which have welcomed Chinese investment will be exposed to this bouncing bubble. (Main image: Christian Lue, Unsplash).

0004 1 scaled - The China Astrology Chart

0002 1 scaled - The China Astrology Chart

The China Economy Crisis

The Chinese economic crisis will be on April 18th 2022, so one month away as I publish this on March 18th. The astrology chart for China is clear. There are four astrology charts for China. The most accurate is set for 1st January 1912 in Nanking at 4.04am GMT (The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004) as above. This chart uses software on this website.

The Old China

This old 1912 chart shows the old China, with her Lunar New Year celebrations, 12 zodiac signs and I-Ching. Despite Chairman Mao and Communism, this chart is powerfully accurate today, perhaps because Lunar New Year and the 12 signs are so wired into almost every country.

The Communist Revolution

On 21st September 1949, Mao Tse-tung announced the People’s Republic of China. Uranus was at 4 Cancer quincunx Jupiter at 4 Sagittarius in the 1912 China astrology chart. China was born on 1st January 1912 in Nanking with Jupiter, a symbol of expansion, at 4 Sagittarius, the sign ruling foreign countries. Uranus was again at 4 Cancer on 1st October 1949 when Mao’s new China became official.

The Tibet Invasion

The China astrology chart for 1912 shows the True North Node at 28 Aries and True South Node at 28 Libra in a Grand Cross with Uranus at 28 Capricorn.

When China invaded Tibet in October 1950, when the Dalai Lama was 15 years old, we find these transits:

True North Node 28 Pisces
True South Node 28 Virgo
Jupiter 28 Aquarius
Saturn 28 Virgo

The Dalai Lama was born a patriotic Sun Cancer man on 6th July 1935 (data and natal chart rated C at Something tremendous will shift for him with Tibet and China from March 2023. A change in the balance of power.

A Dramatic Hit to the China Chart

The most dramatic hit to this China chart in 2022 is transiting Uranus at 13 Taurus in conjunction with natal Saturn at 13 Taurus. Allowing for world time zone differences, this is due in 2022 on April 17th, April 18th, April 19th. Uranus turns the world upside-down. In Taurus, it does so with business, shares and employment. This revolution in the Chinese economy is the final event in a series which began with COVID-19 and a series of lockdowns in 2021.

jamie street lxURRFdeWps unsplash 300x225 - The China Astrology Chart
Jamie Street (Unsplash)

The China Astrology Chart in 2021

This first shock to the Chinese economy happened from June 13th 2021 until July 6th 2021, at the first pass of transiting Uranus (disruption) at 13 Taurus (currency and shares). This cycle of pandemic upheaval in the Chinese economy and world trade returned from October 5th 2021 until October 30th that year, and April 18th 2022 is the final hit. This pattern at 13 Taurus also shows up in the China astrology chart set for 1st October 1949 at 3.15pm CCT in Peking. That shows Mercury at 13 Libra.


April 18th 2022 and a China Crisis Prediction

On April 18th 2022 there is a rare line-up of Uranus at 13 Taurus and Mercury at 13 Taurus and the Moon at 13 Scorpio (all economy, currency, trade, property and bank signs). It will pick up Mercury at 13 Libra in the 1949 China astrology chart too. The sign of duets and duels. This is Russia.

Xi Jingping in April 2022

Yet, that’s not all. There is a huge shift at the top of power in China coming then, too. It can only happen once in 240+ years. That is what makes April 2022 remarkable. I’ll look at that in a moment, as the astrology chart for China shows the leadership will implode at the same time that the economy is hit. This is about Xi Jinping, Head of State and Head of the Communist Party.

Alternative China Astrology Charts

This April pattern picks up the T-Square at 28 Capricorn, 28 Libra and 28 Aries in the old 1912 China astrology chart. It is one degree away from the Sun at 27 Virgo in the China chart set for 21st September 1949 (another version of the nation) and one degree away from Venus at 29 Capricorn in another China chart set for 25th December 1947. Chinese leadership reveals a change in the balance of power as those transits reach 28, 29 degrees in April 2022.

k hsu yOkFf9hLy Y unsplash 225x300 - The China Astrology Chart
K. Hsu (Unsplash)

September 2022 and China

Looking further forward in time, towards the end of 2022, economic karma is coming for China. Between September 26th 2022 and December 9th 2022, we find the transiting True North Node at 13 Taurus in conjunction with natal Saturn, and the transiting True South Node at 13 Scorpio in opposition to natal Saturn.

Again, these are the signs which rule finance and property. That pattern at 13 degrees is very close to Neptune at 14 Libra in the China chart set for 21st September 1949 and exactly in conjunction with Mercury at 13 Libra in the chart set for 1st October 1949. September is a grand reckoning for China.

Chinese Karma

The nodes in the China astrology chart describe karma, going back in cycles of about 18-19 years. As they transit Taurus and Scorpio this suggests that China owes, or is owed, from the past – and there will be a karmic settlement from September 26th until December 9th 2022. The last time the lunar nodes transited at 13 Taurus/Scorpio was February 22nd 2004 until March 4th 2004. This was the year China pursued tax reform. Going backwards in time, we would also be looking for a Chinese balance sheet from 1985.

China Construction America

August 3rd 1985 until August 14th that year saw a recent lunar node pass in Taurus, at the same degree – and the start of China Construction America. This is one of the companies at the heart of this cycle between September 26th and December 9th 2022. But first, let’s look at what else validates the Chinese chart for 1912.

The First Death From COVID-19

The first death from COVID-19, anywhere in the world, happened in China on 10th January 2020 with transiting Pluto at 22 Capricorn and transiting Saturn at 22 Capricorn. The transiting Moon was at 22 Cancer that day.

Why April 18th 2022 Challenges China

On April 18th 2022 we see an historic line-up with Uranus at 13 Taurus and Mercury at 13 Taurus, in an exact conjunction with Saturn at 13 Taurus in China’s Second House, which rules her currency and economy. Shockwaves. This pulls in Mercury at 13 Libra in the 1st October 1949 chart, so – Russia. Partners. Also enemies – which nation will that be on April 18th 2022?

China and the World’s Factory 

Thinking about the shock to the Chinese economy the astrology clearly predicts on April 18th 2022, we can also speculate that the issues will be car factories and the airlines and the China-America trade relationship. Modern China has long roots.

1913 – Ford Motor Company introduces moving assembly belts into car factories.
1914 – First daily passenger air service in the US

Economic Shock for China and the World

This unusual 2022 aspect involving Uranus in Taurus (economic shock) exactly in conjunction with Saturn in Taurus (the chance of economic depression) was last seen from July 10th 1937 until September 30th 1937 and April 23rd 1938 until May 10th that year. The final pass came in the year that the Second World War began – 1939. Uranus was also at 13 Taurus from January 3rd 1939 until February 10th.

China in 1937, 1938, 1939

Back in 1937, 1938, 1939 Japan was at war with China. This has left traces in history which China will deal with in 2022. The United States is involved. On 15th December 1938, for example, America gave China financial backing to fight Japan. It’s no surprise to see these old Taurus (trade and economy) cycles pulling in Russia too. On 28th May 1939 border war broke out between Russia and Japan.

Change in Leadership

Now, to the transit of Pluto at 28 Capricorn over Uranus at 28 Capricorn and the lunar nodes at 28 Aries and Libra, in the 1912 chart . This is about China’s leader but also her place in the world order. Capricorn rules hierarchy. This pattern is just one degree away from Venus at 29 Capricorn in the 25th December 1949 chart. This is a transformation in the balance of power with Pluto, which usually involves resignation, election loss, serious illness, sacking or death. The transit at exactly 28 degrees began on March 11th 2022 and remains until June 21st 2022. This is the first phase of upheaval. Using micro-astrology and lining up all the planets, this is the start of a change in leadership in China on April 18th 2022 or close by. An implosion at the top.

Telephones, Cars and Computers

This period also shows a quincunx with natal Pluto at 27 Gemini, the sign ruling telephone and computer production –and cars. We find Ceres at 27 Gemini for three memorable days in May. May 8th-10th 2022 is critical.

May 8th-10th 2022 and Your Internet

The supply chain for cars, computers and telephones is compromised on May 8th, 9th, 10th 2022. The transit of Ceres on May 8th, 9th, 10th 2022 falls right on China’s Pluto in Gemini.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

This China Gemini pattern is important because Mercury Retrograde in Gemini begins on Wednesday 27th April. We then have Mars Retrograde in Gemini (a war over cars, telephones and computers) from September 4th 2022 until March 17th 2023. We are going to see global delays and rescheduling, starting from 27th April and lasting until March 17th 2023, because of the China crisis.

COVID-19 and China

April 2018 is an upheaval involving Xi and the world order involving China – and it is historic. This is also about COVID-19 in China, as the Sun at 27 Virgo in the chart set for 21st September 1949 shows. It’s so close to that 28 degree hit. Virgo has always ruled public health. This is the second of two major Virgo clues in the China charts. This is clearly the pandemic in China.

Tibet Fights On

The Tibet astrology chart shows the aggressive neighbour – China – with Mars at 13 Gemini. It also shows Tibet’s determination to fight on. Remember that difficult transit of Uranus (the shock) at 13 Taurus, on the China Saturn at 13 Taurus? This is also a direct hit on the Tibet chart. It’s an exact semi-sextile. It’s a shock.

chuttersnap aku7Zlj x o unsplash 300x200 - The China Astrology Chart
Chuttersnap (Unsplash)

China and Her Neighbours in Detail

Pluto is at 27 Gemini in the 1912 Chinese astrology chart, the sign of neighbours. The Japan chart set for 3rd May 1947 shows Mercury at 27 Aries. The Vietnam chart set for 21st July 1954 shows the Sun at 27 Cancer. The chart set for 26th October 1955 shows Jupiter at 27 Leo. The chart set for 2nd July 1976 shows Mars at 27 Leo.


China’s Neighbours in 2022

A substantial compromise with China’s neighbours begins with Ceres at 27 Gemini on May 8th-10th 2022 in a small way, but the revolution is really when transiting Uranus goes to 27 Gemini, so September 9th 2031 until October 27th 2031, in the first phase of a 2030’s revolution for Asia.

Other Astrology Predictions About China

Hong Kong Goes Back to Britain

China and an Evergrande Crisis

The End of Communism in 2023-2024






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  1. Hi Jessica,

    Again, like many of the poster’s comments, thank you for your time and energy putting together your posts. I really appreciate it. You’re a big light in this world. I get so excited when I see a new post.

    Anyway, a long while ago, back in the 90s, my friend had a Near Death Experience. She was told so much about our future. One thing “they” told her was that China would become one of the most corrupt and “dark” governments on Earth, and that they’d align with Russia. Through wars (she was told China would invade Taiwan), the alliance wouldn’t last, and Russia would eventually change ranks and believe it or not, become allies with the United States (my home country). With astrology, is that something you see? Russia aligning with the USA and China invading Taiwan?

    Also, I’m a Science Fiction author now, but for twenty-years, I was a Sports Therapist, certified hospice caregiver, and a disease mortality and vaccine researcher for a hospital. For over twenty years, I studied viruses. You mentioned something that caught my eye when I first started reading your posts. That no vaccine will successfully eradicate this current global virus, and now endemic, that we’re all facing. From the outset of this virus, infectious disease doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, and immunologists said the same (though not on TV), and that this virus would become endemic to specific locales throughout the world. In Nature Magazine (a peer-reviewed medical journal), early on, they interviewed 100 doctors that specialized in infectious disease. Almost all of them were certain this disease would become endemic, meaning, it wouldn’t go away. The reason is this, and those like me who study viruses, understand something extremely important about this virus, and many more like it in the Animal Reservoirs family, like influenza. This is an Animal Reservoirs Virus. Those viruses are some of the most mutating-happy viruses on the planet. Because so, like we see with the flu shot, no vaccine has ever eradicated an Animal Reservoirs Virus. Vaccines have slowed them down some years, again like influenza, but with each new season, an Animal Reservoirs Virus, like the flu and other coronaviruses (many of our colds are from coronaviruses, like HCoV-OC43, a betacoronavirus), we’ll see brand new strains, each and every year. This is because they mutate, mutate, mutate. And sometimes around or through the vaccine that current year. The good news? Eventually, Animal Reservoirs Virus strains weaken over time. That’s almost always the case.

    So, in a scientific point of view, before the world got notice that this current global virus would become endemic, you pointed that out with astrology. I thought that was amazing. This virus won’t be going away soon, and we’re going to have to live with it. But the good news is that if you search the peer-reviewed literature and the pre-print literature, there are several means, including building up your own immune system with vitamins and minerals, that show great success with decreasing symptomatic events and decreasing sick time when one has contracted COVID-19. So, we’re learning a lot with this annoying bug.

    Sorry for the long message. Keep up the great work!

    1. This is such a fascinating post to read, over a pot of tea, on Wednesday morning. Thank you. The virus which weakens over time, makes sense to me. The astrology agrees that COVID-19 will continue to ‘mutate, mutate, mutate’ as it is a product of mutable sign cycles. It arrived on a major Pisces-Gemini-Sagittarius cycle and immediately hit the Virgo (health) placements of billions. It still does. The astrology was really clear a long time ago, that there was no vaccine. There are needles which temporarily keep most of us out of hospital, until the next needle is required. With Pfizer, that’s here now. Fourth injection required. The problem is travel and always was/always will be. That is also really clear in the astrology. Two of the mutable signs are Sagittarius (foreign flights) and Gemini (domestic flights). This has been evident through the centuries which is why ships were put in quarantine in the 17th century. Today, globalisation and money laundering (which runs on globalisation) have taken over, but eventually that will finish. When it does, travel will be tightly controlled and COVID-19 will become like AIDS. Managed and low-impact on big populations. It always amazes me that AIDS is left out of the conversation. There is no cure for AIDS. There is no magic needle for AIDS. But it’s been controlled, and partly through a huge change in the law (gay marriage). That would have seemed impossible back in the 70s but it’s the same with COVID-19. The idea of only going on an overseas holiday once every few years; paying a lot of money for a flight; going through a rigid vaccination and quarantine procedure – that seems impossible now. But eventually it will be the norm. Perhaps we do have a weakening virus over time, which we hope, but at the moment I am concerned about Saturn in Pisces in 2023, 2024 which will be in opposition to the Virgo placements of billions. We have to get through that. And as for China and Taiwan – China could try – but it would end in tears. She has a T-Square in Capricorn, Aries, Libra which will always defeat her if she ever tries to a) Go into partnership with another country and b) Attack a so-called enemy. This is an exact pattern in her chart. It’s fate. And the old China lives on, in the descendants of the original Chinese of last century, who oversaw that chart being born, when they changed the way the country ran. It’s also in the old architecture of the buildings. So – she can try – but no.

  2. Hi Jessica

    Please let me begin by saying “I irrevocably stand solidly with Ukraine”
    Such horrors!! and now China may help the perpetrators!!?? Dear God.

    I live in a Canadian city who’s property values have gone ballistic since the huge influx of foreign money (heavily Asian) began arriving in 1986. Our govt at first welcomed the money, seemingly with no holds barred, but has since acknowledged that a large swath of it is/was being laundered through our casinos and real estate.
    Our govt then implemented an empty home tax and property speculation tax to try to slow down the steady rise of empty homes and the rising cost of real estate in our province (this is how they presented the taxes)
    There’s no question our economy’s hugely propped up by Asian $$.
    I sense there’s a reckoning coming, and I’m afraid to look it in the eye.

    On a personal level, with transiting Pluto at 28 Capricorn …. it has created a Cardinal cross with my natal chart. I have Neptune 29 Libra, Uranus 28 Cancer, Sun 29 Aries.
    I don’t know enough to understand the full implications of my chart and it’s current Cardinal cross (which to me looks and feels out of control), never mind how it aligns with China’s T-Square!

    I’ve learnt so much from you over the past few years (and continue to do so).
    I’d be so grateful if you could comment on the state of my chart as it relates to
    China’s perhaps? or my straight up destiny? or whatever you see fit to comment on.

    Thank you for all that you do Jessica, and for providing these forums. I greatly value your work.

    1. Than you. Yes, Asian money laundering has driven the price of houses and apartments up, all around the world. Anybody who lived in Sydney before/after 2000 has questions about that. Casinos tend to go with the property, and Canada and Australia both suffer the same phenomenon; the wildly overpriced high-rise apartments and the strangely successful gambling houses down the road. You are correct. There is a reckoning coming. We will be in recession and in some countries, depression, in 2022 and 2023. Russia has started the push back against money laundering but of course, the Magnitsky Act cannot be applied to Putin without being applied to other countries too. There is no way the world can get through Uranus in Taurus, the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio (rare financial cycles) in 2022, 2023 without the end of the old system. So people who were heavily invested in that old system are going to crash out and of course that affects all of us. My eyes are on Jupiter in Taurus once 2023 is out of the way, and by 2024 the classic ‘repair, reconstruct, redeem’ function of Jupiter will be evident. This looks like a massive, historic clean-up of dirty money. In your own chart, Pluto at 28 Capricorn does not last long. While it is there you will be temporarily dominated by professional, corporate, political or business people – or organisations. This will affect your duets and duels, your family and home, and your self-promotion. So – Libra, Cancer, Aries. Fortunately this is the only major transit in a cardinal sign. But you were born with a T-Square so that is absolutely triggered. Fortunately you know what that feels like. It’s a similar pattern every time. In fact you went through this quite recently. Saturn went to 28 Capricorn and triggered your T-Square. This is the last possible time it all happens in any life-changing way. The traditional way of minimising a Pluto transit is to meet power with willpower. To meet controlling people, organisations and situations with self-control. The eventual reward is tremendous new self-reliance and self-respect and a certain bulletproof quality.

  3. Jessica,
    Excellent article again. Thank you for sharing. Even when I was a young girl, I always used to say that Russia will start the next war, with China. But I believe there to be 3 counties always, could never work out the third country. Do you know the 3 country to support them
    And the colour blue. But I always hoped I was wrong and it will happen when I am old. Not so fast.
    And no I am not physic. It’s just something I knew from I was born.
    In 2008 I told my friends, Australia has to be careful with their relationship with China. The contracts it signs with countries it’s very dangerous.
    I feel for the people in Hong Kong. I always used to love my visits to Hong Kong.

    You say China a cancer country. It’s true, they have many towns or city’s that is build but no one lives there, it’s empty.
    Do you see anything in my house cart, moving, buying a property

    Please take care, stay safe.

    1. Thank you. There’s no important move, property purchase or relocation showing up in your chart in 2022, unless you mean, you want to buy a house, apartment or block of land as an investment. If the latter, then you will make your moves in 2022 or 2023 but you would be better off acting from March 2023 when Saturn is out of your solar Eighth House. Russia and China are quite the pair, aren’t they? This message has circulated among many psychics and mediums, and you picked it up as a young girl. This is classic ‘hive mind’ group-think. The world has had the signal about these two to help us head it off, before it happens. We don’t even have to try. One look at the astrological charts for Russia and China and we can see that Russia is in economic free-fall and China is in trouble if she even thinks about a duet with Russia. They could try (and in fact are trying) but the elephant in the room is COVID-19. There is no vaccine. Sinopharm and other injections (we need four now, according to Pfizer) can keep the Chinese out of hospital, but the sheer logistics of managing a massive work force which is ‘out’ two weeks at a time (and longer, with Long Covid) is really confronting. The astrological chart for China suggests she should forget all about getting into bed with Vladimir and instead, focus on micro-managing COVID-19. That means keeping the doors shut.

  4. Dear Jessica, hope you are as safe as can be and not impacted by the flooding. Thank you, as always, for the advance guidance. What struck me in your article was is the reference to the conjunction of Uranus at 13 Taurus to Saturn at 13 Taurus on April 4th, 2022. My North and South Nodes are respectively at 13 degrees Scorpio and Taurus. Any insights please as to how the conjunction may impact me? I just started a new job, and was proposing we focus on local manufacturing to skate to where the puck will be, as opposed to relying on globalization. But having issues with a catty younger assistant makes me wonder if something else is at play. Thank you for any insights you can provide. Stay safe.

    1. Thank you. No floods in Tasmania, just a little rain this morning, which the garden needs. The transit of Uranus at 13 Taurus over your nodal axis is huge and pulls in Neptune at 13 Sagittarius too (foreigners and foreign countries). So what comes is revolutionary and will radically change your income, bank account and life budget. The nodes show karma from previous lives. You have been rich and poor and know what to do with either situation. Uranus is a shock and as this is global in nature and picks up an entire country, this in turn affects the markets and of course your business. You are thinking local, which is correct. You are ahead of your time. Ignore the catty assistant. You are picking up on a wave which will help you surf way past 2026 when the world goes into The New Local (Uranus in Gemini). Globalisation is crumbling and has gone once that happens. In the short-term, though, you have to deal with Uranus, which is the shock that liberates. As your definition of who/what sets you free, or offers you freedom (financially) is personal, use the Tarot closer to the time for guidance. Life as it was 18-19 years ago will also provide some clues.

  5. Ohhhh Jessica! Please tell me how this may effect me! I have 22 cancer Sun and 10 Taurus moon. Thank you for all your wonderfully work!!!

    1. Do you mean, how China affects you? Well, if you have the Sun in Cancer then you will understand China’s Neptune in Cancer. You shine brightly and are at your brilliant best when you have a home to be proud of; a strong involvement with your ancestry and heritage, your culture and history. You are a patriot at heart. You also have a deep emotional dependence on having a house or apartment you cherish. It’s not just a property, it’s who you are. So, now you understand where China is coming from. The difficulty for China is that it’s a fantasy. It’s not the reality. And every so often the bubble bursts, which happened in 2020 and will go on happening, until there is a massive shift in the national attitude and direction.

  6. I wonder how Hongkong economy will be affected since HK has been benefited from the new money from China for the past 20 years.
    If China faces more sanctions maybe those sanctions would apply to Hongkong too. Everything seems possible nowadays.

    1. Thank you. Yes. A long time ago I filed a prediction that Hong Kong would go back to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. A lot of angry messages followed from the Chinese. (No surprises there). Yet, astrology tells us the truth. The astrological chart for Hong Kong is about to go through an historic transformation not seen since former PM Margaret Thatcher supervised the handover. China is in trouble. She made a huge mistake getting into bed with Vladimir Putin and giving Russia her credit card system. Her other mistake was trying to outwit COVID-19 which cannot be done until you control travel. She’s not done that, so the virus has again mutated and taken over, which according to astrology, will keep on happening until the entire world agrees to a new travel industry. Hong Kong is fed by China, and China’s old customers are leaving. If China is backing Russia on bubbles of money then the bubbles will burst. Meanwhile COVID-19 gathers apace. My eyes are on the Gemini placement in the China chart. That rules iPhone production. We already know production is being affected by COVID-19 shutdowns; that will end up being a crisis when Mars goes retrograde into Gemini in the second half of 2022 and first quarter of 2023.

  7. Hi Jessica, Your blogposts are binge-worthy as in ‘I cannot wait for ‘what Jessica has to say about ‘x’.
    My question: As Russia and China slowly implode politically, how do you see the process play out on the societal scale – especially in terms of the privileged millennial offspring of the people in power? Does a a super-privileged Gen Z as a group have the capacity to pivot to a new world order and how will Pluto in Aquarius help? Can Gen Z people from outside Russia and China assist in this transition by example and via social media? In short, how long will it take for a – hopefully peaceful – revolution to usher in that New World Order?

    1. Thank you so much. These are really good questions. Millennials are the key to China and Russia. They fall into two different groups. Some are Generation Capricorn, so they are conservative social climbers who stick rigidly to ‘the system’ whatever that is. The others are hugely different and are Generation Aquarius. I wrote a long piece about this some years ago, if you want to look a Millennials on Search. The ‘definitely different’ Millennials born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius do not recognise old systems or old leaders and will use the internet to join in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in supposedly enemy countries. I find that fascinating. They do not want to go to war. They are much more compelled by pooling resources to stop climate emergency. They are still too young to have any impact and Saturn in Aquarius is making their mission very hard and heavy in 2022 but from March 2023 they start to rise, and once we get past 2026 when Uranus in Gemini (the internet revolution) is trine their natal Uranus or Neptune, they are unstoppable. These old men who run the world, or think they do, will be ancient history by then. Non-white women in particular will take their place in the new power networks.

  8. Thanks for your very detailed insights about China. Apparently, the world is watching as China has not made any explicit standpoints regarding the war in Ukraine. Wondering if you have any thoughts on their recent development politically and militarily?

    It breaks my heart to look at China – Hong Kong/Taiwan relationship over the years. I was born in Hong Kong, worked in China, vacationed in Taiwan whenever I could (pre-covid, unfortunately). I am also quite concerned about China’s future strategies on Hong Kong and Taiwan. Could you share a bit on that too? 🙂

    Have a lovely day!

    1. China has a few charts, as you can see, but the only astrology chart which shows COVID-19 comes from the turn of last century. This makes sense, as from Beijing to Shanghai, the nation is still covered in buildings from that time, and of course Chinese families today have ancestors who were active in that massive political change at the start of the 20th century. So we use the old chart and have to constantly look at the T-Square with Libra, Capricorn, Aries. The risk period for China with Hong Kong, Taiwan and Russia is 2022 and parts of 2023, but from 2024 she is far more likely to think less about conflict and more about co-operation. There is then another risk period when Neptune goes into Aries from 2026, but let’s focus on the immediate short-term. If you were born in Hong Kong it may interest you to know that the Hong Kong astrology chart shows she will go back to the United Kingdom. Have a look at Search and find an old prediction I wrote about HK there. Something to say about China – her old astrological chart showed the huge impact of COVID-19 very clearly and it is not going away. All intelligent people know that of course, but there is currently a fantasy that it’s become milder, or is over. In fact, the virus will continue to mutate and will be the heaviest challenge of all when Saturn goes into Pisces, so the mid 2020’s. China will not escape that. Something else that everyone is fantasising about is the fact that the virus would never be used for military purposes, or political purposes. It already has been.

  9. Jessica,Bless you.Thankyou,for you…
    Please do a “fortell” ,chart of Geneva Switzerland in the long future….

    1. Switzerland is part of the Uranus in Taurus cycle, including Geneva. This is really interesting, because Uranus always turns the world upside-down and brings about the last thing we expected. Uranus is a shock and a revolution. It is usually a turnaround. (This planet does not spin in the normal direction). So, when you put this cycle into Taurus, which rules banking, and you look at the transits to the Swiss chart, you have the end of the old Swiss banking system. The end of secrecy and cover-ups about money laundering. This goes back to 1938. All the sins of the Swiss banking system and Switzerland will be atoned for in 2022, 2023 and we are only a little part of the way into the process. By 2024 Switzerland has completely changed. It will no longer be possible for human rights abusers to conceal their wealth in Swiss banks.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your article. Recently Covid situation in China has become quite bad. They still enforce zero covid policy and massive lockdown. Is it somehow related to the transformation mentioned in the artilce starting from March?
    I am planning to book a flight back to China but it’s so expensive and unpredictable. Any insights from astrology/tarot for international travelling? Wish I could make it before November.
    Many thanks!

    1. If you go to Search and type in COVID 19 Vaccines you will see an old prediction I made, that there is no vaccine. There are injections which keep you out of hospital, but there is no miracle. The whole problem with COVID-19 is travel and particularly international travel. As the needles do not stop us from becoming infected, then infecting others, the only answer is an overhaul of the tourism and business travel industry, which won’t happen for a few months (waiting for Mars to enter Gemini and oppose Sagittarius, which rules foreigners and foreign countries). So that’s the answer. Be extremely careful with China; she just gave Vladimir Putin access to her card system. Huge mistake. But as always, please use the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle on this website to personalise your reading for yourself, as it’s your life not mine. Thank you.

  11. Hi,Jessica!
    I’m Chinese,Please tell me how this effect me? When is the time to buy a house?

    1. You may want to wait until at least the second half of 2023, as purchases are delayed, subject to flux and may even come to nothing, during the long Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your Second House of property, later in 2022 and in early 2023. Use the Tarot for a more personal reading as I don’t know if you want to buy a house for love or money.

  12. Hi Jesscia,thank you for different perspective of China Astrology Chart, especially about “real” birth date of China, which finds a new way to figure out what China got through and will confront then. Here is addition if it helps to get more hidden information. You know, China is leaded by one party, the Communist Party of China (CPC), so what is real china is mostly decided by CPC. The CPC Astrology Chart can not be ignored if to see the whole real China .

    1. I’m going to add to this feature as there is more to say about the Communist China astrology chart. In fact, we have four to talk about, though the 1912 chart is still the most accurate, perhaps because the Chinese of today still live with the legacy of their grandparents and great-grandparents, who were born around then, and of course went through war with Japan in the 1930’s. What is really interesting about the 1912 chart as well as the Mao chart, is that they show the same story told twice, in different ways – in April. This is a direct hit on the Chinese economy and may be the end of Xi.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your big picture thinking and guidance on the global scale. How do you see me making a difference to the next generation? Should I do this in Singapore or Australia, or does this not matter? I feel as if I have been in hiding. Thank you.

    1. You won’t really have to try with a younger generation; slowly but surely, from 2023 until 2030, you will become heavily involved with groups, associations, teams, clubs, charities and other circles of people which allow you to make a difference to children, teenagers or young adults. It will come naturally. As to where it happens, that’s up to you. The Tarot can help you make a good choice when it’s time.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    You might want to explore the patterns of the 1970s (Yom Kippur war aftermath and then Iranian revolution) and the rise of the “petrodollar” — oil contracts denominated in dollars. It ties in with the price of gold, bitcoin etc too. If oil is going and Uranus in Taurus is also changing the existing financial world order, then perhaps that system too will undergo change. It ties in well with what you predict on the financial revolution.
    Re a previous comment on India and the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in 1856… and then Saturn in Pisces in the next few years… religion is at the center of it all… even Indian astrologers predict an almost civil war-like situation in 2022. India, the birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism and a place where Parsis, Jews, Syrian Christians and Tibetans have found a safe and happy home, many for thousands of years… almost all crises come from religion. The 1857 revolt against was sparked by a religious issue. India’s partition was on religious lines. Indira Gandhi’s assassination had religion at its center piece. India’s trouble with Pakistan is due to religion. Our big political debates are on religion. The defining moments of our history have to do with religion. Two issues dominating the news headlines — a film called Kashmir Files and a court judgment on hijab for students — are also hard core religion. Pls do write about this. It will be interesting to see how you look at the transits ahead.

    1. The petrodollar is really interesting, as it’s Taurus-Gemini in nature (Taurus is dollars, Gemini is cars) and the China chart in April 2022 shows massive crisis in both those signs. The year 1938 keeps coming back to haunt us in 2022 and of course this is the beginning of production line assembly cars for American drivers and the foundations of the oil business. I am interested in Indian astrologers seeing civil war there in 2022. They are often wrong about things unfortunately, or maybe I’m just looking at the wrong Indian astrologers! Religion is a keynote of 2022. Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces suggest solutions (Jupiter) for confusion (Neptune) over religion (Pisces). Obviously India is built on religious faith and is surrounded by deeply religious neighbours, like the Tibetan Buddhists of Nepal. Something is going to shift there, I think. My eyes are on Tibet and what happens to China in April. That will be very interesting for Indians.

  15. thanks for this. Do you think the karma from ww2 will rope in japan, UK? how does this april-may period affect me?

    1. Japan and China share war karma from 1938, 1939 and will have to answer to that in 2022, 2023, as the lunar nodes take them back to the past for closure. I’ve answered you elsewhere about April-May.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    What do you have to say about China’s current covid rise? Is it going to affect other countries, what about California?
    Additionally, I saw that you said covid will get serious in mid 2020s, what do you mean by this? Will we see what we saw during early 2020s or is it something worse. Will we be okay if we stay home and quarantine and stay local and are consistently vaccinated? What do you see for California and the US then? Thank you so much!

    1. China has a few astrology charts, but the 1912 horoscope accurately shows us the day that the first man died from COVID-19 – anywhere in the world – and it was of course in China. The 1912 chart also shows us the massive economic hits to China in 2021, 2022 including Evergrande. So that’s the one we use. What it shows is the end of Xi’s leadership in April, or the complete transformation of that leadership, for the most critical reasons. It also shows what might be called depression in the Chinese economy. It will be very sudden and rather a shock. China is the world’s factory so this will affect supply chains and prices, particularly of computers and telephones, as we’re seeing Gemini patterns in the China chart. Beyond that, there are trade and commerce issues with her neighbours, so Vietnam and Pakistan, for example. Again, this is the world’s factory. In California the fall-out will be the unavailability of some products or parts and you’d expect not just computers and phones, but also cars (very much cars) to be the issue, right through early 2023. COVID-19 is a Virgo issue. Virgo rules health. Saturn moves into Pisces, right opposite Virgo, as we move through 2023, 2024 and that’s my concern as an astrologer. The problem is, and always was, travel. AIDS was never cured with a vaccine and COVID-19 won’t be either, although the evidence so far is that needles reduce hospitalisation, of course. AIDS was managed and controlled by all kinds of changes, including the introduction of legal gay marriage. Social change is really the only thing that will fix COVID-19 and nobody’s been prepared to do that yet. It means the end of globalisation and that’s the only solution. The astrology is really clear on that. Same cycle we’ve seen since plagues were recorded in the 14th century, back when politicians went to astrologers!

  17. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you so much for the article, like always it offers gravity to cope with the exhausting world we are now in. I wonder if you could shed some light on how China’s role could play out in fighting the climate emergency? With such a large population, I trust there must be people who genuinely care about it, although I can imagine many of their environment solutions, even if commercial, will be state backed whether for research or implementation. How would it affect me if I were to work in this area?

    Stay safe!

    1. China is heading for an historic crisis and transformation in April 2022, using the 1912 astrological chart. This may be the end of Xi and it certainly suggests the end/restart of the current leadership as a whole. We’ll see transiting Pluto go over China’s Uranus in Capricorn, which is a shift of seismic proportions. It may even be shown by earth changes in China. It will result in a turnaround for the nation and as in April we also find transiting Uranus in the final pass over China’s Saturn in Taurus (the economy) this looks like sanctions and/or COVID-19 really hit the Chinese balance sheet. The environment comes into this because nature is priceless. China can price the shares in fossil fuel industries, like cars on petrol/gas, but there is no price for earth. So if we take Uranus in Taurus as the shock – the radical change – logic says that by 2026 when the cycle is finished, China will have completely reversed her old role as the world’s factory and – for whatever reason – moved into a green model. She may be forced to do that of course.

  18. thanks for this. not sure if this still in queue, Do you think the karma from ww2 will rope in japan, UK? how does this april-may period affect me?

    1. Thank you. There may be a change in leadership as well as an economic crisis for China in April, in which case Japan would need to answer for karma from her war with China, the last time we saw this cycle. Both nations owe/are owed and it will probably be figured out through economics. You are strongly Aries-Capricorn and long overdue for a relaunch. The worst is over in your career, academic career or unpaid work and you can put the past behind you in terms of issues about control and power with specific people, or organisations. You will relaunch May-October and again early 2023 with a new look, title or image.

  19. Dear Jessica,

    Firstly, i’m truly grateful to have found comfort in your writings about the state of the world especially the atrocities committed by Putin in Ukraine. It’s abhorrent and my heart goes out to the everyone in Ukraine and whoever is affected. I’m humbled by the acts of kindness and outpouring of sympathies from people all around the world and this gives me hope for better times ahead in the age of Aquarius.

    China is one of the biggest foreign investor in Malaysia and Indonesia (if not the biggest right now) and i’m wondering how China’s predicted upheavals this will affect both countries. China flexes its muscles in especially with its claim over almost 90% of the South China Sea which worries me as she brazenly occupies and ravages the resources in the various disputed islands. I’m from Malaysia and will be travelling to Indonesia in April to start a new project and possibly investing in a property and i wonder if this would be the right time to do so. I would appreciate your thoughts.

    Again i am grateful for all you do to shine light in this world.

    Thank you – Clarice

    1. Thank you Clarice. We are seeing the result of Jupiter in Aquarius (2021) then Saturn in Aquarius (now) and the future call of Pluto in Aquarius (2023 onwards) with the global backing of Ukraine against Vladimir Putin. There is an A-rated astrology chart for Volodymyr Zelensky which shows his exact Sun-Venus conjunction at 5 Aquarius so he is a channel for the new humanitarianism – powerful global community against war. As for China, if we can call Malaysia and Indonesia neighbours, then the Gemini weather which begins to sweep the planet in 2022, intensifying from 2026, does pull in those trade relationships, tourism and business travel relationships. In astrology the future calls to the present. Life from 2026 with Uranus (the revolution) in Gemini (with the neighbours) is felt now. Your property investment situation is personal to you, and I don’t know what your plans are beyond 2026, but you need to be aware of the fact that Uranus can bring shocks, revolution and upheaval and in Gemini, that will dislocate the old Asian map. Uranus in Gemini also opposes the Sagittarius placements of billions, and Sagittarius rules foreign travel. So we will see an end to globalisation from 2026 and an overhaul of air routes and airline practice worldwide. We don’t know why yet. But it will have a huge impact on the current Asian travel model and of course that will affect property prices, Clarice.

  20. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for this post, and all your replies are also insightful. What do you think about China in terms of freedom and spiritual / religion aspects?

    For freedom, may i especially ask about the freedom in internet aspects ? Will information be freely accessible? I read your blogs and you said it is clear that travel is blocked. I wonder if this will be replaced by metaverse and people ‘travel’ and interact virtually. Will China join too ?


    1. Thank you. China’s religion was tied to family and ancestors in 1912 and although the cultural revolution under Mao was supposed to replace that, along with a replacement astrological chart, it lives on – actually through the relatives. Many, many years into the future the old beliefs and spirituality will come back, but it will take Pluto in Pisces, trine the original Neptune in Cancer position in the 1912 chart, to do it. The internet of China is a really good question, along with her media. Gemini of course rules all that. We see the first sign of problems in 2022 with Mars Retrograde in Gemini. That is an information war, backwards. It becomes a bigger deal from 2026 for many years into the future when Uranus goes into Gemini. This is about the same time that we see a revolution between China and her neighbours. Yes, the metaverse will fill in for short-haul travel when this takes place. I talked about this at The Conscious Cafe event recently, which I think is on YouTube.

  21. Thanks for your analysis. May I know that why you use 1Jan 1912, which was the establishment of the Republic of China (now Taiwan) but not 1 October 1947, founding of the People Republic of China, where Xi belongs?
    Grateful for your advice.

    1. It’s a good question. I’ll add substantially to this China story next, explaining the charts. The reason I use the 1912 astrology chart for China is dynasty, family, property and architecture. What was there in 1912 is still there in 2022 and that old 1912 chart shows Neptune in Cancer (the dream about home ownership and the family) which describes this. It never went away, despite Communism.

  22. Hi Jessica,

    This blog was so insightful! Everytime a new world event happens I always look forward to reading your in depth analysis. It keeps me focus and sane 🙂 in these times. My Scorpio moon appreciates it very much! I will like to know in what way I can help this younger generation to create change or if I will be called to step into some type of role to assist in some shape or form? I love volunteering and helping others which is something I’ve been doing for some time. I’ve been feeling this strange pull to step more into a leadership role, something that I have been hiding from but feeling more comfortable accepting in this stage of my life. The future excites me even though I know we will have some trying times.
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You are very kind. You are a Sun Taurus and strongly Taurus, so are already volunteering. Working for no pay is one of the big evolutionary leaps for Taurean types. You are seeing your own future, actually, as from 2023 you will become involved with a powerful organisation, and find yourself in an important new role. The group, community, team or circle that is so rewarding for you in April 2022 will play a part as this is either the springboard to new contacts and a role later on or it may welcome you in with a new project from 2023. Far into the future, though, you will be given quite a lot of control and influence, within a position that powerfully affects others’ lives. It may not necessarily be with a younger generation. From 2026 this looks like cryptocurrency and non-profit/charity combine for you.

  23. Dear Jessica, as we watch the disaster in Ukraine, the cruelties inflicted on innocent people by Russia, it’s easy to see the parallels between the way China has consistently treated Tibet – pushing them into India, where Tibet’s government-in-exile is based. Is this the reason why the two countries are finding it easy to forge a partnership?

    Another question I have is that sitting here in far away India, I’ve never understood why the western world allowed the oligarchs, dictators, corrupt politicians and business people (lots of the last two categories from my home country!) to buy businesses and real estate in their countries. Especially when western governments espouse a no-tolerance policy to these kinds of people. Your predictions are that all this will change but aren’t these investments too deep and too secretive to weed out?

    I truly hope your prediction of an overthrow of regimes led by strongmen happens soon. Here in India, Modi seems stronger than ever with the Gandhis not willing to make way for a new opposition. Politically they are feeble but refuse to bow out – you had predicted the end of the line for the Gandhis and seeing the recent election results in the 5 states that went to polls, you are spot on. But hadn’t you predicted the current right wing government led by Modi would also collapse? You had predicted a revolution- I hope it isn’t a right wing revolution?

    1. These are all good questions. Sometimes you see a perfect storm in astrology and it is coming, not only with China, but also with Russia. Yes, I predicted the end of the line for the Gandhis a long time ago, based on various Indian astrology charts, and that is here with your recent election results. The rest is really down to Pluto in Capricorn on the way out. As you probably know it begins from March 2023 and from 2024 this cycle is history. Modi is part of the Capricorn system which the world has been stuck with since 2008 when Pluto first went into Capricorn. This is the last full year that Pluto (absolute power) is in Capricorn (the men at the top) before it goes to Aquarius (people power, shared between men and women, across all social strata). We have to honour the cycles of the past when we talk about Pluto in Capricorn and during this same period in history, when he moved to Aquarius last time, we saw the beginning of the end of the slave trade in cotton and sugar, and the beginning of the end of British colonisation. So ‘systems down’ tends to happen. The system which has allowed for money laundering and globalisation is also coming down, as The Magnitsky Act begins to take hold. It’s that unique combination of Uranus in Taurus (global economy revolution) and Pluto leaving Capricorn (the end of power from the top down) that we’re seeing. India won’t escape. Modi will not escape. Neither will Adani. The years 2022 and 2023 will be intense, as we also have the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, so global economic karma must be paid out, and that means recession and even depression for some countries. Yet, from this, will come the classic Uranus in Taurus revolution. The shock of the new. Expect arrests and the seizure of assets. Expect a political sea change from March 2023, beyond 2030.

  24. Hello Jessica, thank you for your article! It brings me such a sense of calm knowing that at the end of all these atrocities, a better life will emerge. I hope that not too much more devastation will take place. I look forward to your articles to bring a feeling of peace and understanding of how powerful astrology is. On a personal side it brings me some unrest given that I am hugely Capricorn with Scorpio at 13 degrees Neptune and MC and Taurus at 13 degrees IC aspecting Capricorn at 13 Bacchus. Is there a karma at play here? I have been through many years of trauma and knowing there may be more ahead unnerves me. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You are strongly Capricorn-Virgo with Mercury at 29 Capricorn. So your life is work. You live in the Tenth House of career and Sixth House of workload. For whatever reason you have decided to incarnate during Pluto in Capricorn, so ever since 2008 it has been your professional life which has dominated how you feel. This slowly fades away in 2023 and has stopped in 2024. Before that happens you experience transiting Pluto at 29 Capricorn in conjunction with your natal Mercury so there will be a dominating employer, corporate takeover or political change (quite a heavy-handed one) which stands over your job. I assume you will be working over this period (now through 2023) but of course you could be studying. The best thing to do with a Pluto transit is take control of your own self and own life and become the boss of your own response. Eventually Plutocrats go off the scene, for whatever reason, but while they are there, you use your willpower to become empowered and when the transit is over, have mastered self-control and acquired tremendous clout. This is the last real encounter with the mountain climbing you have been doing for years. It’s a good time to look at the mountain and question the climb. Do you still want Everest by 2023 or do you want Kilimanjaro instead? Your Tarot can help you there.

  25. Strikes me or not. Putin and his gang,becoming a Laughing Stock,here.Even though present is most seriously
    “The World Kaiser….”
    He will never be,even if he thinks so.
    “I have the power,threats.Everybody all over the world will shaky,shaky…
    No,way.Want to be here and now,but long for 2023.
    Thank you so very much,Jessica.
    Stay safe.

    1. Exactly. The world is not shaky-shaky. The world has joined together under the stunning leadership of President Joe Biden. Russians have joined. Putin and his voters and cronies are utterly isolated.

  26. Hi Jessica, I do love your articles and thank you. You predicted this years ago; the world is catching up -

    1. Thank you! Yes, the end of globalisation. We have billions more people with factors in Sagittarius (travel, emigration, tourism, globalisation) than usual because so many were born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius, right up until 2008. The historic Gemini weather, which starts in 2022 with Mercury Retrograde, Ceres and Mars Retrograde in Gemini (right opposite) builds with Jupiter in Gemini in 2024 then takes over from 2026 with Uranus in Gemini. So this is a preview, in 2022. But from 2026 globalisation is history. This is emphatically so in 2030-2031 with the lunar nodes in Sagittarius-Gemini, Saturn in Gemini and by 2032 it’s a much smaller world. Nostradamus predicted this too.

  27. Dear Jessica,

    first of all, thank you so much for your gift to me of your knowledge. Now after leaving Ukraine and starting to settle in Germany, I came here to learn more from you.

    Living through the war in Kyiv, I could not really follow the complexity of all dynamics, but intuitively two things stood out for me in the news:

    Japan rhetoric regarding Kuril Islands (saying they are occupied by Russia). Do you think there might be an escalation here?

    Another one is Switzerland shift in their neutrality, and some classic offshores starting to impose sanctions to Russia.This sounds like major change in global financial system. I am in finance area and I talked to some finance people in Switzerland asking if they expect changes in Swiss financial legislation. They said “not really”, still debating why would they join EU in Russia sanctions. I feel professionally I can’t assume financial system to be the way it was, too many new precedents are set know, so I feel a bit lost in the unknown in my finance career path. Am I exaggerating it?

    1. I am so pleased you are safely over the border and now in Germany – I am so terribly sorry for all that is happening in Ukraine, every day. You must still be in shock but I am glad astrology is here for you. I haven’t looked at Japan-Russia and the Kuril Islands and will do so. Okay, so the Swiss will be forced to change their banking system because of a number of shock exposures of account holders/banks in 2022, 2023. If you look at the Switzerland astrological chart you can see Chiron at 12 Scorpio (chart set for 12th September 1848 at 11.12 LMT in Bern). This means transiting Uranus delivers an historic shock at 12 Taurus, in opposition, from March 13th until April 3rd and then (also in April) transiting Chiron himself moves to 12 Aries and makes a semi-sextile. That degree is back in the frame from December 10th 2022 until Christmas Day, December 25th. The True North Node at 12 Taurus and True South Node at 12 Scorpio is right on Chiron. That suggests to me that Switzerland will not be able to get away with shielding and protecting money laundering or war criminals (even criminals left over from the Second World War) any longer. If you are on a financial career path you need to drill down into Chiron in the Swiss chart and see if you can find all the transits or other relevant charts (for example, Credit Suisse). It feels to me as if Europe/America will use Christmas Day as the secret timing for a present from Father Christmas for the world; that would be arrests and asset seizure of war criminals and money launderers, perhaps. Or a change to the Swiss constitution for 2023.

  28. Dear Jessica,
    Thanks a lot for your precious analysis and giving hope to mankind. Yet there are some questions I’d like to ask: why are the horror things happening to Ukraine? Is this any karma? And will the Polish people and government manage the situation with so many Ukrainian refugees? There are lots of us helping with little support from the national government. Pity. Thank you in advance for your reply.

    1. Thank you. I can only turn to astrology for explanations. It’s the oldest timing. The Ukraine situation is about the repetition of two cycles. The first one is 1938. Back then, America did not get involved in Europe and Adolf Hitler took over. This time around America is there. So she has erased bad karma from 1938 – it had to happen. Switzerland also has bad karma from 1938. She stayed neutral. Unfortunately that made her a Nazi asset – Switzerland became their bank. This time around, it’s different. So, a lot of what is going on is about 1938 and the cycles of the lunar nodes, but also Uranus in Taurus. We are back at exactly the same place, but in 2022 nations are finally doing the right thing. The other huge cycle is Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. We saw this at the end of the Crimean War. It started because of religion. This time around it may end, because of religion. Strange but true. It is not impossible that a Lent miracle may occur and Vladimir Putin may listen to the Russian Orthodox church. They don’t want war. In Poland, you have seen for yourself how karma works, since Nazi invasion. You have seen how the United Kingdom and France, and their allies, came to your aid. Now, it is your chance to come to the aid of Ukraine. This time around, America will pay you to house refugees; she is the richest partner in the United Nations. In astrology, everything is karma. The Second World War is back and that is why this is happening now, but fortunately, this time around, there are solutions and there is hope. Congratulations on rolling up your sleeves and helping Ukraine people. Not just the UN, or the American government, but also charities and aid organisations around the world will raise funds for you to keep doing that. And more. Unlike September 1939, you are not so much alone. The world is with you this time.

  29. Hi Jessica, thank you for this! I really appreciate reading all of your insights and predictions, and am deepening my understanding of astrology through your posts. Would you know how the Philippines is going to be affected by the upcoming transits? We’ll be having our presidential elections soon and misinformation on social media is rampant. Our current president is also one of those strongmen type of leaders, and his daughter is running for one of the top positions (along with the son of a former dictator).

    On a personal level, the Pluto in Capricorn transit (hitting my natal placement around or after my Saturn Return) has been difficult for me and I’m wondering if things will start looking up soon? I lost my job last year and have taken time off to take care of my health as I have been experiencing pain in the right side of my body, which is suspected to be psychosomatic. I’ve been taking courses in the meantime as I plan to start my own business. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. The Philippines sounds like Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump at the height of the nepotism. This will not last. A strongman and his daughter and the son of a former dictator? That’s Pluto in Capricorn, in its last stages. From March 2023 the pattern we have been seeing since 2008 breaks. As the future calls to the present, 2022 is the year we can see how it’s going to end for these elite men at the top of a corrupt system. I suspect the reason for this shift where you live, will be economics. We are going to see the end of the global money laundromat in 2022, 2023 and perhaps your President and his daughter will be affected by that. I am sorry you lost your job last year, but it sounds as if you needed to look after your physical and mental health. You are also taking courses and want to start a business. Aries, Aquarius, Capricorn and Cancer dominate your chart. You are also a Sun Aries. You have a lot of Cardinal signs in there, pushing against each other (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn) so this can create stress and tension. I am sure you know this but you need an outlet – meditation, swimming, or similar. A complete escape. Not the gym or competitive sport. Yoga can be useful as some postures mimic the inner tug-of-war. You will have Jupiter in Aries in your First House May-October 2022 and January-May 2023 which is a fantastic opportunity to relaunch your look, name, brand, title, role and image. The first solution will appear soon after the New Moon on 1st April 2022 and from late May when Mars also goes into Aries and your First House you will find things move swiftly. This may be letters after your name or your own website. Are you right-handed? Then your body is talking to you. Work, which relies on your right hand, is clearly an ongoing issue so you. have cut out of it, with pain which stops you from having to type or answer the phone. If you are left-handed that is even more interesting as you want to work, but are cutting out of play. In astrology the Sixth House of health and mental health is opposite the Twelfth House of the subconscious mind. So we look to the secret agenda run by the subconscious to find out why things go wrong in the physical. Use the Tarot, The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle on this website to ask ‘What am I getting from the pain on the right side of my body? What is it delivering for me?’ The answers could be useful. Your career issues are over from March 2023 and history by 2024. The departure of Pluto from Capricorn will take a huge amount of pressure off. From 2026 new inventions with computers, telephones, the media, publishing and education could easily sweep you up and help you restart your life.

  30. Thank you, Jessica, ironically I planned to deep dive into financial astrology this year, never thought I will happen that way

  31. Thank you Jessica for your work, for these blog posts that bring us hope and insight of what is going on beyond the appearance! I shared this information with some friends, because we live in Romania and the war in Ukraine is a shock. Ever since I discovered your website I am reading and learning something every day. It’s an encyclopedia of Astrology what you have here for us, especially with regard to Asteroids, and your interpretation of world events. That’s so rare! Thank you!!

    I try to figure my best life choices and to accept the challenges that are still to come, because the past years felt like pushing a truck uphill. On my chart, it seems I have a stellium in Aqaurius and also in Gemini, and I’m wondering if what is coming is more challenges or some positive flow.

    1. Thank you for sharing this feature. I am sorry for all you are going through in Romania, as you have already had one shock with COVID-19 in 2020 and now here is another shock in 2022. You are strongly Aquarius-Gemini so your whole life will change for the better from 2023, when Pluto goes into Aquarius and empowers you with groups and friends. A hugely influential role with a network, society, club, team or association will evolve in 2023 and by 2024 you will realise you are living your best life. Pluto will trine your Gemini factors along the way, and this very long cycle (beyond the 2020’s) also sees Uranus in Gemini from 2026. This is about the internet, the media, education or publishing for you. It will involve two or three languages, and new technology from 2026. So, although you are based in Romania, you will be dealing with neighbouring nations (Gemini rules neighbours). In many ways, you will become the person you were always meant to be. It’s an unusual combination in the heavens, and Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini will not appear again in your adult life. So look forward to the next decade. You’ll see the first change quite dramatically in March 2023.

  32. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your website, I read your horoscopes daily.
    I am growing increasingly concerned by what is going on in terms of digital IDs and talks of digital (controlled) currency. The recent events in Canada with the freezing of bank accounts and more and more talk of laws against peaceful protest and censorship of alternative news outside of mainstream media.
    All my adult life I have felt unease regarding the way we are being funneled into this big brother way of living. Often given limited choices especially around financial services. Slowly being distracted and pulled away from mother nature and our human nature.
    I am a mother and wonder what kind of future is in store for future generations?
    Will this theme continue?
    Will we have a choices in it?
    There is so much suffering on earth caused by and because of inflated ego’s and greed that I fail to believe that the organisation’s in positions of power and control have our and our planet’s best interests at heart.
    I am certain they don’t.

    1. Thank you. Big Brother goes away in March 2023 and from 2024 we can say goodbye to some 15 years or so, of over-control by Presidents, Prime Ministers and big business. The digital currency revolution by 2026 will actually give you more freedom, not less freedom. There is power in a group from 2023 and in fact, beyond 2030, your growing children/teenagers will realise that there is a brotherhood and sisterhood worldwide that they can be part of, to make the world a better place. This is not just an empty hope any more; it will be real. It sounds as if you have had enough of Pluto in Capricorn. Yet, this is the last full year of this cycle. Pluto in Aquarius is about people power in a global community, and within a country, people power in smaller groups. It has nothing to do with the men at the top and you will be stunned at how it unfolds.

  33. So we will finally experience that Big Brother, a man at the top and the corrupt are washed away by a whole new order. I remember that it was said by astrologers when we came to the millennium shift of we went into the age of Aquarius and that the world would change (just as you describe so nicely) This has taken a few years but we can now finally look at it new horizon of a world on a par with mother earth and the climate and a new type of leadership? I myself feel that I have a lot of unused potential and have never felt comfortable in the last decades. Maybe I can look ahead and a positive development? Libra october 17.1962 kl13.05 Oslo.

    1. Yes, the world is moving towards the end of plutocrats, with Pluto in Capricorn, and the rise of people power, which is Pluto in Aquarius. Ukraine has brought the world together. The other great challenges, COVID-19 and the Climate Emergency, will be helped by what comes from this. Tragic and wrong, though this war is, it will ultimately play its part in delivering a far more united planet, from March 2023, and from 2024 we realise the missing factor all along, was young people. Teenagers and people in their twenties. They will drive the global solutions forward.

  34. Wow Jessica I am from Hong Kong, I was reading the news on March 21 and saw Evergrande has its stock suspended that day and I remember March 22 was the date you predict for Evergrande default ! They had a meeting to to deal with debts that day according to news! After that they said they want to fix the issue by July but the stock is on suspension. I guess according to your predictions, something must have happened but they are hiding it? When do you think the issue will be known?

    Is Evergrande going to affect Hong Kong as they are listed in Hong Kong stock market? Or affect indirectly through China ? I always wonder if you mean Hong Kong will still have a lot of influence from China this way after reading your previous article on Hong Kong future.

    Recently I talked to someone who is a stock analyst in some big financial institution. He said US market and the world is not going to be affected by Evergrande default, so Evergrande effect to world economy is not going to be comparable to what Lehman brothers did to the financial markets. What do you think about that? Is Evergrande default causing a big problem to world market as well ? Thank you.

    1. Yes, the astrology was spot-on about Evergrande. Yes, it will affect Hong Kong. It’s not just Evergrande, though. It’s the whole Chinese building industry. We are seeing the end of a cycle that dominated the world since 2008 and the old model of constant property development and money laundering with property will collapse in 2022, 2023 as Pluto slowly moves out of Capricorn and away from the opposition to billions of people with Cancer horoscope factors. Cancer rules home, home town, homeland, house, land, garden, apartment – Capricorn rules corporate and political elites who want power and money, exclusively. So you can see what the problem has been. Hong Kong is in a serious COVID-19 crisis and China is just starting to admit the same problem. I don’t think your stock analyst was looking at that. There is a lot of fantasising and denial about the pandemic. The other massive issue is China’s favours to Russia. That is another reason for a huge crisis, based on that 1912 China chart.

  35. Most astrologers use 1 Oct 1949, 3.15pm in Beijing as the birth chart of People’s Republic of China.

    What is your view on that?

    I also saw that you use 2 Jan 1776, 12.00pm, city of Cambridge of Massachusetts as the birth chart of United States. How did you arrive at that particular date and time? Did any significant event took place in United States at that day?

    1. Once all the China charts are compared the 1912 astrological chart is clearly the one to use, in 2022 and following. As I said in the feature, this is really because the Chinese zodiac is woven into global culture and history and it pre-dates the Cultural Revolution when the old beliefs were swept away. The 1912 chart also shows us the old China of Feng Shui, and the I-Ching, which are also embedded in global beliefs, and again pre-date Chairman Mao and Communism. So the 1912 chart lives and breathes. The United States of America has many charts but I’ve never found any of the 1776 charts around July 4th to work particularly well. The only one that ever clearly showed major events, was set for the first time the phrase ‘United States of America’ was used in official correspondence. There is a chapter about that in my last book, 2020 Astrology.

  36. Thank you, by the way another side question, chemical and pharmaceutical industry would be associated with which zodiac sign?

    Currently doing analytical chemist job role.

    CEY 3 3 3 MAC

  37. Hi Jessica
    Stumbled across your website whilst googling Nostradamus and after scaring myself silly reading the media’s interpretation of his verses I started reading your blog and, although it sounds as though we have some tough times ahead, your interpretation of things is far less scary! Thank you.
    I am thinking of retirement this Christmas and pondering whether to sell and downsize or take a lump sum to pay my mortgage off. I thought I would sign up and see what my natal chart looked like, hoping for induration. Naivety is probably in there somewhere, but I am struggling to decipher much other than lots of planets in Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius and Scorpio (stelliums?) In fact there seems to be nothing much at all elsewhere in the chart. I’m not a traveller – in fact a total homebird – so not even sure mum was honest about my birthdate 🙂
    Any insights would be appreciated

    1. Too funny. Nostradamus was accurate and gives us hope. The end of globalisation (his shrinking world) is coming and it will solve a lot of problems. You want to retire and either sell your home and get a more affordable one, or take a lump sum and get rid of the mortgage. Nice choices to have. You are a Sun Sagittarius with Jupiter in Scorpio. Lucky. You’ll obviously make your decision in 2022 or 2023, the last two years we have Pluto (control, empowerment) in your solar Second House of money. In your natal chart, we also find the South Node of karma crossing Jupiter, for the first time in around 18-19 years. That’s rare. It’s also fortunate. The choice is yours. You can’t go wrong with either fork in the road. Downsizing to a desirable bargain or ditching the mortgage. Your best timing in astrological terms is now until May, then October to December. Use the Tarot and Oracles on this site to validate the timing as this is about your life and you have more questions, beyond those first two questions.

  38. Dear Jessica, we have just read about secret Serbian movements toward Kosovo (though this might be fake news, it is hard nowadays to know what actually is fake). Do you expect a Balkan conflict. Serbian are Russian Alies…
    Also, I need your insight- my dad passed away on 9.3… it is very hard time for me… he was so close, so living, like mom for me… I am praying for his soul…

    1. Europe is complicated. The best thing I can tell you is that the group wins. And the biggest, strongest group wins. We are now living through the second half of the Aquarius weather which began at Christmas 2020. Jupiter and Saturn were in Aquarius in 2021, then Saturn took over. We are anticipating Pluto in Aquarius from March 2023 which will be with us for years. Aquarius is about community, diversity and equality within any group, and the power of the EU, the UN, NATO, the Commonwealth and especially the G20 is being felt even now. Yes, there is a lot of fake news. The astrology is nice and clear – you can look up any old astrology book from 70 years ago and find information about what it means for the world to have Pluto in Aquarius. Any nation which has not forged solid gold bonds with the others, creating a wall, is on its own. And will retreat, defeated. Those bonds must be forged throughout historic ties and a long, trusted past of trading or collaborating. You can’t fake it and you can’t snap your fingers and make it happen. Above all else, Aquarius rules humanitarianism. You’re either on that team, historically, or you’re not, and that’s the winning team.

  39. Hi Jess could you tell me how the upcoming New Moon on April
    1st will affect me as it’s conjunct my natal Saturn in Aries. What should I look out for? Thanks Nikki

    1. You have a stellium in Aries in the Ninth House and so you were born to use your face, personality, image, brand, name and so on, to help you head off into new territory all the time. You are in a fantastic cycle, starting with the New Moon, and even though it is in conjunction with Saturn, which is always rather heavy, burdensome and difficult – we can’t ignore the fact that Jupiter will be in conjunction with Saturn later and fix so many issues about pushing yourself forward, presenting and packaging yourself. Jupiter arrives in Aries and your First House in May, and stays until October, then resumes in early 2023. This is the cycle for weight loss, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, contact lenses, new glasses, hair colouring and cutting and the rest. More seriously it is about how you use anything from your wardrobe, to your online branding, to let people know you’re here – now – and you’re upfront, and front-and-centre. A role which coaxes you into this sort of approach is very likely, unless you already have one. It’s imminent.

  40. This is fantastic thank you Jess! I feel that this will be a good year for me as I’ve felt for the last 3 years I’ve been hiding away so to speak! My confidence is returning and I feel that a new chapter in my life is opening up. Thankyou soo much for replying! ✨☀️

  41. Thank you Jessica for your incredible work.

    I hope you don’t mind my mentioning a typo error in your article. The Dalai Lama was of course born on the 6th July 1935 – not 6th June 1935 as stated. I don’t know how that affects the position of Venus in his chart, which you give as 28 degrees Cancer.

    Do you have any predictions in regard to the Dalai Lama, separately from Tibet?

    1. That is a typo that needs immediate correction. Yes, he is a Cancerian, born on 6th July 1935. I’ll fix that now and include the link to the chart held at Thank you!

  42. Hi Jessica, I’m new here, trying to learn how/what all these planets, aspects, houses etc. do/mean. Soon 60, I have started to understand how much all this effects my mood. Why I always “feel” what others think. I have been deeply affected by what happens in Ukraine. I had to stop watch/read the news. After many (15) years of various problems, I feel more vulnerable. Although reading through your posts, gives me hope for future. I really look forward to the new Aquarius time to come…Although I’m not sure how to read/use my chart for future and like to ask for your advice.
    When I met my husband I moved into his house, although I’ve never felt this to be my home (to much bad energy in the walls). Now we might have an opportunity to buy land and build a new house (smaller and easier to take care about) although everything is so uncertain right now, with costs, interest etc. and I’ve had enough of money trouble. Do I dare?
    Thanks for a very interesting website.

    1. You are a Sun Gemini (your Sun is in Gemini in the Third House) with the Moon and Venus in Cancer (your Moon and Venus are in Cancer in the Fourth House). So you shine when you write, even just on Twitter or on a postcard, and when you get behind a microphone or on the telephone. If you work at that all your life, you will become brilliant. Your ‘need to be needed’ (the Moon) and your complicated relationships (Venus) are always with the family or the household. I can see why moving is a huge concern for you. Cancer/Fourth House also rules the house, apartment and/or garden. Ask yourself who or what would make you feel most empowered. Most in control. This is not just about the four walls and roof, it’s about the local area; the town; the region or city. It is very important that you feel you have your hands on the reins. The Tarot can help you with your choices. So can The Garden Oracle, on this website. You may want to avoid Mercury Retrograde, though, which begins at the end of April. The dates are all here. In general, I think you will have decided by March 2023 and signed off by 2024 at the absolute latest. The nature of the agreement with any other stakeholder is very important in terms of who/what is in charge and how it will all work, so if you do decide to go, get a professional pair of eyes to check the paperwork. Get everything in writing.

  43. EU leaders met with Xi and here are China’s views on the war:
    (it looks like he thinks he can manipulate the world by telling the story he wants to tell-is he that stupid?)
    Beijing’s assessment of the EU summit struck an entirely different note. Seeking to counter strong transatlantic unity on confronting Russia, Xi made sure to encourage Europe to develop its own “autonomous” China policy.

    Xi also slipped back into China’s traditional anti-NATO messaging in his assessment of the war’s origins.

    “The Ukraine crisis originates from the long-standing security conflicts in Europe,” he told the two EU leaders, according to Chinese state media. “The fundamental solution is to take care of the reasonable security concerns of all sides. Today’s era does not call for the Cold War mentality to construct the global and regional security framework.”

    While von der Leyen stressed that the Ukraine war was an international, not European, crisis, Xi begged to differ.

    “The Ukraine crisis has to be handled properly … and cannot bind the whole world onto the issue, let alone making citizens of all countries pay a heavy price because of it,” Xi said. “If the situation worsens, it might take years, a decade, or decades to resume [to normality] afterward.”

    1. Russia and China have been in secret partnership since at least 2019, remembering that COVID-19 (or the Corona Virus as we knew it then) killed the first person, worldwide, on January 10th 2020. China has made her bed and will have to lie in it. In astrology we pull focus and go back to the bigger picture. The bigger picture is Pluto going into Aquarius from March 2023, so power moves to the group, and the friendships within the group. Xi is completely wrong on ‘Cold War mentality’ within Europe. There are old friendships in Europe going back to 1939 when Britain gave everything to defend Poland. Even if she’s left the EU, the EU is not NATO. China and Russia do not have a history of friendship. Pluto in Aquarius is about genuine friendship. It is also about community, diversity and equality. Women! China and Russia are patriarchal and hanging on to Pluto in Capricorn ideas: the man at the top. All this is going, going, gone and we will see a really dramatic event in March 2023. Watch that month. And watch women, and power shared horizontally, not abused vertically, from the top down.

  44. Jane, I have deleted the question with your birthday. You are a feminist activist in mainland China and have shut down your NGO to hibernate. When should you get back into the fight for democracy? The issue for you is a group you are involved with, or a group who is against you. This is an issue in 2022 and 2023. Be very careful, even with a good cause (say) you are allied to, which involves friends or acquaintances. You will find the situation becomes much, much easier from 2024. What you do is obviously really important and you are passionate about it, but sometimes you need to lower the stakes.

  45. Just be aware of clubs, teams, societies, associations, networks, circles, communities, social media groups – and the motives of those involved. Sometimes we just have to learn a lesson through those people, but there are easy and swift lessons to learn, from which we gain (and grow stronger) and sometimes, situations we don’t really come back so easily from. So your task is to keep the stakes really low. Astrology is about forewarned is forearmed. Minimise this and pass through.

  46. Dear Jessica, I appreciate you with all my heart.

    You wrote “The Vietnam chart set for 21st July 1954 shows the Sun at 27 Cancer”.
    Until 1975s,… Vietnam was forever at war …. (with China, France, US…. and again with China in 1978s)

    After 1975, …. the male sex addicts… from all over the world come to Vietnam and forced sex …. And the Poor Vietnamese women… couldn’t fight them off…. They were so desperate for money!!!! So terrible to witness so many Vietnamese women got abortions!!!!

    What is the Fate of Vietnam into the future ????

    I send great love,

    1. Thank you Robin. Vietnam has the classic Sun Cancer attachment to ancestors, historic culture, roots and ancient origins. This is actually a product of being reborn in the Fifties and although she obviously has more than one chart, in her modern form, Vietnam is famously tied to tradition and belonging. Cancer is also about mothers and it is usual for Cancer nations to have family structures which put mothers (and grandmothers) first. We tend to see a matriarchy, not a patriarchy, in any Cancerian country. The biggest change for Vietnam will be a move into cryptocurrency, with the first signs of a total transformation coming from March 2023 and by the mid-2020’s, quite a different economy.

  47. Dear Precious Jessica,

    You wrote in here “The world has joined together under the stunning leadership of President Joe Biden”.

    That is really happening now.
    Just look at this photo of this meeting – over 40 countries (both Nato and non-Nato joins US to support Ukraine military (including Israel)

    Can US still stand strong in 2026, 2030, 2040, 2050 after this expensive Ukraine war ??? (taking history lesson….. France was really weaken after helping America fighting England in the Revolutionary war….leading to its French Revolution).

    I send great love,

    1. Robin, thank you. That’s a good group effort, united and sturdy against the lone Putin. He lacks a similar group, and it’s all about the collective or community, when you have Saturn in Aquarius ahead of Pluto in Aquarius. Yes, America will continue to fall in with her allies, going back to the Second World War, ongoing. One of the key things about Aquarius-style friendship and alliance is that it is deep-rooted, sincere, grounded in the past and unshakeable at its best. We few, we precious few, we band of brothers (to paraphrase Henry V) sums it up. Putin is really on shaky ground here as America, Britain and France (and the resistance in all European countries) go back a long way. And of course there are people in Russia and Belarus who align themselves with the NATO allies today too. Big group.

  48. The best thing to do, is to contact Support to see if you can delete the question/Comment which was published. I understand your concern, Jane, and I am sure we can help you. There should be a button you can click on right now. Thank you.

  49. Hi Jessica,
    I really appreciate your work, and thank you for providing us with all these valuable information.

    Unfortunately, I can’t help but point out that the chart you are using for analysing China is largely mistaken. I mean you even said it yourself that the 1912 chart is the birth of the Republic of China, which then happen to become Taiwan. As a Chinese myself, I don’t wish to go into the politics of everything here but purely from a historical standpoint, I believe the 1949 chart should be more accurate for the modern China. Since the Communism is still standing as I speak now in May 2022, I propose that you turn to Taiwan for confirmation of your predictions.
    Needlessly to say I disagree with your political views in many ways, and I think it’s dangerously misleading to let one’s political views affect their astrological analysis, but I don’t intend to start an argument with you here, and I wholeheartedly respect the views of yours and others above in the comment section. I guess all of us have been ‘brainwashed’ to varying degrees and only future can show who has a better judgment of the global political scene, if we do get to live long enough to see that future of course(with nuclear weapons on the table probably not).

    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you. There are many charts for China and this one is the only chart which shows the current economic problems there, Jungfeng. There is exact timing for the Evergrande crisis with the chart I use. All charts work as all nations have different stages in their history, still evident today in the infrastructure and the architecture. I predicted the virus a year before it happened, gave a date, 10th January 2020 and that was the date the first person died from COVID-19 in Wuhan. I also said there would be a change in the balance of power, tied to China, on that date, with a virus, and that was exactly what happened.

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