US Midterms 2022 Astrology Prediction

USA Midterms 2022 in Astrology

As I publish this US Midterms astrology prediction on 5th May 2022, The New York Times predicts the Democrats will lose the Midterms. Yet, predicting Democrat or Republican winners for any election is a bad idea. It deters Americans from voting. It’s fair enough to ask, as the BBC does on Twitter, “What will Republicans do if they win Congress?” but discouraging you from voting because “astrology knows the outcome” (or the New York Times does) is unwise.

MID TERMS 300x242 - US Midterms 2022 Astrology Prediction

What we can predict though, is the most shocking Midterms election in years. With a cover-up. And along the way, the real story for America, as shown by the horoscope, is a long national fight over abortion.

This cover-up will pull in Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. So it’s about more than a woman’s right to choose. It’s about American sex.

In this feature I will look at the American astrology chart, which successfully predicted Trump’s impeachment; his COVID-19 illness in October 2020 and a Bitcoin crash.

It works well and it will also tell us that the 2022 US Midterms will leave jaws on the floor. And a mystery for all time. Vote with your eyes open on the 2022 Midterms – but even then, this is an eclipse election and we will all have a blind spot. Until we don’t. Any astrology prediction for the Midterms 2022 just has to take into account what is concealed on the day (it’s huge) along with the shock that is coming.

Abortion and the Midterms

For all that the Supreme Court and the Republicans are trying to overturn the right for women to end their own pregnancy, the U.S. horoscope shows an ironic twist. Abortion actually becomes easier, for a short time, right after the Midterms: from March 24th to June 11th 2023. You read that right. This Twitter meme is viral as I publish this in May 2022 (featured). It shows Generation Aquarius (Millennials) voting the Aquarian way. So – for equality. Feminism. For a short time in 2023 people power, and particularly women, will get what they want – on abortion.

Generation Aquarius @Raymond LLM  300x300 - US Midterms 2022 Astrology Prediction

The Slow Road to Easier Abortion

A storm is coming. But the initial March 2023 rush to easier abortions in America will be blocked and stopped for some years. Get ready for that. After June 11th 2023, the American astrology chart shows there is a push back against the Democrats and abortion, all the way until January 21st 2024 led by the Republican right-wing states.

Yet, January 22nd 2024 through September 2nd 2024 shows another push the other way!

This is how the astrology goes for some years: a slow, complex, stop-start delivery of more affordable, accessible abortion in America (likely through the online ordering of abortion pills for pregnancies up to 11 weeks). Yet, this entire rolling storm will end in the states splitting from each other over more than just the abortion issue. From the mid 2020’s this is the Un-United States of America. The astrology prediction for the Midterms 2022 shows a split.

You can see the wrangling over abortion in the American horoscope from September 2nd 2024 until November 19th 2024 – though Republican anti-abortion states will begin to push back, from May 26th 2024 until June 9th 2025.

This then becomes a revolution (a national rebellion) with America becoming intensely localised, and divided by regional politics; thus, a radically different nation from July 8th 2025, when neighbouring states will take a stand against each other until 2032. And it won’t just be on women’s rights. It may cover other issues, like border control. COVID-19. Immigration. The United States will cease to be united from 2025, partly as a result of the Midterms 2022.

Roe V. Wade in Astrology

Partly because of the uproar over Roe V. Wade, powerful Pluto in his new sign of Aquarius will be blocking and stopping unwanted births in America, on a new level – for around 20 years, starting in March 2023. That does not mean Republican states will not revolt, though, and that is why the nation divides.

The American Astrology Chart – Born on 2nd January 1776

USA Chart 600x563 1 - US Midterms 2022 Astrology Prediction

Finding the Real US Astrology Chart

There are 20 astrology charts for the US in The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). I don’t use any of them. The only astrology chart for the US I have ever found to work, is set for 2nd January 1776. This is the first time we find the term ‘United States of America’ used in an official capacity.

The real US horoscope comes from a letter from Stephen Moylan to Joseph Reed, dated January 2nd 1776. It’s the Christening of America, just before the flag appears.

2nd January 1776 300x276 - US Midterms 2022 Astrology Prediction How a 1776 Letter Proves the US Natal Chart

This letter (pictured) is not only dated, it is also the first time the phrase ‘The United States of America’ appears in official correspondence. As I outlined in my book, 2020 Astrology, the US horoscope set for 2nd January 1776 reveals exact astrology timing for these massive events – and more.

The Declaration of Independence
The Wall Street Crash
Pearl Harbour

How the US Astrology Chart Predicted a Flag Change

I predicted a flag change for America back on 5th December 2017, four years before it was planned, using the 2nd January 1776 astrology chart for the USA. The forecast for America on this website commented, “May 2021 – New Flag, New Image.” The flag change discussion came about, because in April 2021, the US House passed a bill to make Washington the 51st state. The Guardian validated the astrology prediction with this story on Monday 3rd May 2021. The report ran: “Progressives from Arizona to New York have taken pictures with 51-star flags to show their support for making DC the first new state to join the union since Hawaii in 1959.”

GUARDIAN FLAG 300x225 - US Midterms 2022 Astrology Prediction

True Bitcoin Astrology Predictions

The second forecast I made using that 2nd January American astrology chart you see here – was about cryptocurrency. You read it on this website in 2017. The story was headlined “May 2021 – Digital Currency Revolution.” This turned out to be the Bitcoin crash, which the American chart foresaw.

The Guardian pegged the crash to 21st May 2021 and the prediction was made way back on 5th December 2017. The revolution, of course, was that when Bitcoin dropped in price, more Americans bought it.

Two True Trump Predictions

Before we can even get into the Midterms and the years of wrangling over abortion laws, eventually resulting in a state split – let’s talk about Trump. First up, there is no point in using the Donald Trump ‘astrology chart’ as he has given two different birthdates. Some years ago, I filed election predictions about Trump based on the data he gave. They were wrong. I no longer use either set of data.  The astrology prediction for the Midterms 2022 ignores his data.

When we use the most accurate American astrology chart, though, set for 2nd January 1776, it’s possible to date-stamp forecasts for America and help your Midterm voting choices. Here are some old predictions about Trump using that chart.

The Trump Impeachment Predicted With Astrology

Here it is. Predicted on 26th December 2017.

Trump and COVID-19 in October 2020

Also using the American chart, I predicted Donald Trump would go down, possibly from illness, in October. There is a video interview with me dating from September 25th 2020 here, making that prediction at the Breaking Down the Borders astrology conference.

As you know, both Donald and Melania Trump both became infected with COVID-19 in October and left the White House. That prediction, using the correct American, chart is also written on this website, dated 26th January of that year, 2o20 – so ten months prior.

Trump COVID 277x300 - US Midterms 2022 Astrology Prediction


The Success of Biden and Harris

Once again, using the only reliable American astrology chart, the success of President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris was something I predicted on 19th October 2020 in a front-page story for The Daily Mail.

The American Astrology Chart and Midterms

So, this works. The US astrology chart set for 2nd January 1776 is more than fit for purpose. So now, let’s drill down into Midterms 2022 astrology so we can make an informed choice.

The informed choice everyone has to make, will involve a great deal more than anyone suspects now, on 5th May 2022. America will register a tremendous shock. There may be electrical storms across the U.S. in November 2022, which often happens on a Uranus transit. And it is an astonishing Uranus transit that we are about to see.

America, Hygiea and the North Node in Leo

America was born with a conjunction between the North Node at 16 Leo (parenthood) and Hygiea, a symbol of ‘prevention not cure’ nearby at 15 Leo. This is a fated statement about birth control and unwanted pregnancy in the history of the United States and in its future, too. It is opposite the South Node at 16 Aquarius.

The uproar over the news that the Supreme Court would make sure that Roe V. Wade would be overturned took place on 3rd May 2022.

On that day, Uranus was at 14 Taurus making a very close T-Square to America’s North Node at 16 Leo, Hygiea at 15 Leo and South Node at 16 Aquarius. A T-Square in astrology is about trouble and tension. The issues? Pregnancy and the group. The group in this case was the Supreme Court circle. The other group? Protesting Democrats.

Scorpio and Sex in Midterm Predictions

For as much as Leo is associated with pregnancy, adoption and abortion, Scorpio is associated with sex, death and money. America was founded with Venus at 25 Scorpio. On 3rd May 2022 when the news broke about the Supreme Court overturning the Roe V. Wade abortion law, Saturn was at 24 Aquarius and Ceres was at 25 Gemini. So – the American astrology chart that predicted Trump’s October downfall – is also showing up ahead of the ‘abortion’ Midterms. That voting day is set for Scorpio weather. So the result, but also the cover-up on the day, is about American sex. Twitter is obsessing about the abortion issue as this is published. Correct. But what happens on the Midterms goes beyond the overturning of a 1973 law. It will take the whole nation into its own dark past. Any astrology prediction for the Midterms 2022 has to go back to the sordid history of rape, in America, way back to slavery, and the tragedy of backyard abortion.

MSNBC 300x224 - US Midterms 2022 Astrology Prediction

Expect the Cover-Up on 8th May 2022

You can expect a cover-up involving sex, death and money in the US regarding Midterms election day, 8th May 2022. This is an election unlike any other. Expect the dramatically unexpected on Midterms 2022. Why? May 8th finds Saturn at 24 Aquarius, Neptune at 24 Pisces, both very close to the forthcoming eclipse at 25 Scorpio on 16th May 2022.

There will be a shock, owing to this cover-up, by the November mid-terms, as as I’ve said. There will be an enormous overshadowing of who/what should be in plain sight, then, which will only come out, in part, much later. If you want to know the core of the issues on the Midterms, they are in money laundering and prostitution.

We have a Full Moon Eclipse at 16 Scorpio, opposite the Sun at 16 Taurus, on 8th November, 2022 and it will fall exactly on America’s Venus. This is a huge cover-up and it involves the elite at the top of politics and business. So, it’s a democratic vote by ordinary Americans (people power) but targets the very top. And it begins in May 2022.

America’s Pluto at 25 Capricorn and the Midterms

Why the focus on the elite? The rich, the famous, the powerful?  Aspects on Midterms election day 2022 also target America’s Pluto at 25 Capricorn.

We might speculate this is about Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.  Not to mention Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre (below, in People). After all, there is a lot of Scorpio around the Midterms date. And Scorpio rules sex (Maxwell) and death (as we know, Epstein allegedly killed himself). You can take the Midterms out of Scorpio Season, but you can’t take Scorpio Season out of the Midterms.

PRINCE ANDREW 300x184 - US Midterms 2022 Astrology Prediction

Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein?

We will have to wait for the classic eclipse diversion (“Look over there! Not over here!”) which will take place on 8th May with the Moon in Leo. This takes us all the way back to the Leo eclipse cover-ups some years before. Be on the lookout for it, as you vote in November. The fact is, overturning the abortion laws in America is something that came from the impeached former president, Donald Trump. And he is tied into America’s fate at Midterms 2022 along with Amy Coney Barrett. And those Leo eclipses (he stared at one without glasses) are all about Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein and the rest. The Leo mysteries.

In a moment I will look at how Nostradamus predicted that, naming ‘Amy’ and talking about an issue central to Catholicism in America today: abortion. The old French mystic saw this coming.

Nostradamus and Amy Coney Barrett – Predicted in 2019

This is quite an old prediction from me, published on this website on 19th April 2019, and an even older prediction from Nostradamus who was seeing the future many centuries in advance.

The Amy question in the piece, turned out to be a question worth asking – as we now know in May 2022 –  and I asked it, before Trump admitted the staunch anti-abortion Catholic Amy Coney Barrett, to the Supreme Court.

Fated Day – Midterms Tuesday 8th November 2022

Modern astrology is very simple. You don’t need a lot of complicated charts or endless techniques. It’s based on history and sociology. What happened to America the last time we saw these cycles? Which generations (with which zodiac signs prominent) are now on the planet in their millions?

America’s horoscope reveals these Midterms 2022 patterns throughout her history. They always turn up when there are much larger issues than just an election: for example, the right of women to control what happens to their bodies.

Which generations are voting on Midterms 2022? The generations born with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Scorpio. They are unusually preoccupied with the price of sex (and the cost of abortion). It’s almost written into the astrological DNA of the millions born with those placements.

Generation Scorpio, Generation Aquarius

These Scorpio generations will vote strongly and in large numbers – either way. For some the issue is poor women being unable to afford abortion (Democrat) and for others the issue will be the moral or ethical price of ending a life, even if it’s just four weeks along.

The other generation voting in the Midterms 2022 is Generation Aquarius. Millennials born with Uranus and/or Neptune in Aquarius, the sign of diversity and equality. They are feminists, be they male or female. They will vote Democrat.

Yet, nobody should predict any outcome from this 2022 Midterms election. Anyone can toss a coin and see Democrats or Republicans. What the astrology portends is an ongoing story that began with Jeffrey Epstein.

So this is about more than just a November vote. It goes deeply into the moral, ethical, spiritual past, present and future of the US.

The 8th November 2022 Eclipse

There is a substantial cover-up and blind spot involving sex, death and money on the day of voting – Tuesday 8th November 2022. The Sun is at 16 Scorpio opposite a Full Moon at 16 Taurus. This Full Moon lines up exactly with Uranus (shock) at 16 Taurus.  Ceres is at 16 Virgo the Virgin, same day.

That is astonishing. I realise that Jeffrey Epstein and his address book (including Bill Clinton) are the last things on anybody’s mind, as I publish this on 5th May 2022, but the American chart shows the broader issue.  Great power among the elite. The rights of women. The American soul and conscience. God. Through a Scorpio filter.

The Grand Cross and the 2022 Midterms

That highly accurate US astrology chart set for 2nd January 1776 clearly shows the North Node at 16 Leo and South Node at 16 Aquarius. So, on Midterms 2022 voting day, we have a Grand Cross. A cross to bear.

Along with the sudden events, surrounding Midterms 2022 and the careful concealment. There will be drama days before and days afterwards. On the weekend of 5th November 2022, we find Venus at 16 Scorpio. On Wednesday 9th November, Mercury is at 16 Scorpio. This chimes in with the American astrology chart again.

The Original Cover-Up

In the interests of a democratic (or Democratic) vote, I need to point you to the original cover-up involving sex in America, which astrology predicted a long time before Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell made headlines. This was filed on 17th July 2017. You may remember it. Those Leo eclipses never disappear.

What deeply concerned me back then, was the eclipse on August 7th 2017; the Full Moon at 15 Aquarius was opposite the Sun at 15 Leo. Why? Because it triggered the American astrology chart. What happens at the Midterms brings it back.

Leo Weather in Astrology 2017-2019

Pregnancy Issues for America and Hush-Hush Eclipses

Remembering that Leo rules pregnancy, abortion and adoption, this old 2017 drama, is also crucial to the Midterms 2022. In the original prediction I referenced Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and the Royal Family. I referenced unplanned pregnancy, the Vladimir Nabokov novel Lolita, underage sex and ‘Royal Bastards’ as they were once called.

In that prediction, you read about “A moment of truth for The Special Relationship with the United Kingdom – we have a cover-up relating to  leadership questions. Both are connected. The cover-up takes place as follows – Monday 7th August, 2017.” That’s the quote.

Prince Philip and the First Cover-Up

Eclipses typically provide a diversion so we look the wrong way. The diversion involving the Royal Family, just before the eclipse on 7th July 2017 was the last solo appearance by Prince Philip, aged 96, whose retirement was reported by all media including USA Today. Nobody was looking at Prince Andrew. Everyone was looking at Prince Philip.

Two Years Later the Leo Eclipses Come to Pass…

Two years later, these various strands in the original 2017 prediction about the Leo eclipses came to pass, including a flight nicknamed Lolita. 

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on July 6th 2019 and died in jail on August 10th 2019. Allegedly by his own hand. The American astrology chart suggests there is a link between the cover-ups of 2017 involving the Royal Family, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump – and what happens on the Midterms 2022 election.

Ghislaine Maxwell and the Eclipses

At time of publication, 5th May 2022, Ghislaine Maxwell has just failed in a bid to overturn her sex trafficking conviction. This story is not over, and like all eclipse cycles, once the horoscope rotates again, some of the truth will come out.

Not all of it, though. That can never happen once eclipses have passed. And we had a lot of them in Leo, the sign ruling royal heirs, but also the President’s heirs too.

The Ghost of Trump Russia

Midterms 2022 with its huge accent on the morality, ethics or otherwise of abortion – is tied into a much greater question about religion in America – and the Republicans.

Back to Nostradamus we go. He clearly talked about staunch Catholic and Republican Amy Coney Barrett in his quatrain, and the abortion issue, but it also pulled in the ghost of Trump Russia. Specifically, the Mueller Report

It’s 1938 Again – Planned Parenthood

Essentially, it’s 1938 again in America, for these Midterms. Same astrology cycles. The Birth Control Federation of America (BCFA) was established on January 19, 1939, just after Uranus had passed 16 Taurus in November 1938. The North Node at 16 Scorpio was also there, January 1st-6th 1939. That zodiac sign again!

Margaret Sanger, the force behind the American Birth Control League, was anti-abortion.

download - US Midterms 2022 Astrology PredictionWhat else happened when we last saw Uranus at 16 Taurus, creating a T-Square with the American Leo-Aquarius nodes? The Negro Project, instigated by The Birth Control Federation of America in 1939. It has been described as “an effort to deliver information about birth control to poor black people.” It remains controversial today. In 1942, the organization changed its name to Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

This is what President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris are dealing with on the 2022 Midterms. This pattern in the US astrology chart has not been seen since the late 1930’s. They told People, “It’s Time for America to Unite” but the US chart says it’s hard.

More 1938 Flashbacks – Franklin D. Roosevelt – Democrat Loss

The 1938 United States elections were held on November 8th, 1938, in the middle of Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s second term. The Democratic Party lost 72 seats. One main reason was the Recession of 1937.

This is not a suggestion that the Midterms of 2022 will repeat 1938. Only that – exactly the same issues are coming back. Abortion and the American economy. Racism.

A Storm is Coming in November

A storm is coming in November. And over the long-term, the future of abortion in America will be completely transformed, resulting in the strongest division yet, between the ‘United’ States. No longer united at all.

One possible outcome is a blue wave at the Midterms; a win for the Democrats in November 2022, powered by a June or July decision by the Supreme Court to block and stop abortion, by handing it back to the states. That would go against the New York Times’ prediction of a Republican triumph, but as I’ve said – it’s just important that people vote.


Main Image: Myra Curzer, Unsplash.



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  1. Hi Jessica, great blog, still reading it, but just wanted to let you know that there is a typo. It’s midway, heading “Expect the Cover-up on 8 May 2022. We have a Full Moon Eclipse at 25 Scorpio opposite Sun at 25 Taurus on……” Change the date to 16 May, 2022, it is not 8 November, 2022.

    No worries, you can delete this comment.


    1. Thanks so much Caroline. I picked that up before you had a chance to (very kindly) post your comment. I am going to blame Tess the dog for distracting me, with that one! It is of course the other way around. Sun in Scorpio, Full Moon in Taurus.

  2. Thank you Jessica. It will be interesting in November. 70% of US citizens support Roe, but do to voter suppression and Gerrymandering, 1/2 the States are in a Republican death grip. I have heard Democratic friends asking what the point of voting is, if the Democratic party couldn’t stop this. I hope their attitudes change by November. If the States split, it will impact the “Red” states the worst, as those states get most of their funding from taxes paid by “Blue” state residents. I hope it does not come to that. I do not understand why the party of “Small Government” is so obsessed with other people’s sex lives. What consenting adults do is their own business, and people should have the right to make choices about their bodies. I’ve heard rumors that Justice Roberts was behind the leak, to try to sway one more Justice to limiting, but not fully eradicating Roe. A sort of pre-decision preview of the populations reaction. Wish he’d start investigating Gianni Thomas and her influence on Clarence, as much as the leak.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. This is going to be an ongoing discussion right up until the day itself. There is an exact repetition of Uranus at 16 Taurus, on Midterms 2022 election day – just as we saw on November 8th 1938. The Democrats obviously suffered a large defeat then as Franklin D. Roosevelt lost seats after The Great Depression. This does not mean a repetition at all. It does mean that astrology and history are telling us that, strangely, years of huge importance to American birth control, the economy and politics tend to line up. The other big event of 1938 when Uranus was at 16 Taurus, setting off a T-Square with America’s nodes at 16 Aquarius/Leo – was the arrival of The Birth Control Federation of America. Its leading light, Margaret Sanger was against abortion. So the wheel turns! Of course, the skies are different in November 2022, but this is the emphasis in the chart. Just as you’d expect with all that Scorpio weather – the economy, and sex. What is in dramatic contrast in 2022, though is the fact that the patterns in the skies are picking up the cover-up years of Epstein and Maxwell’s child abuse ring. Now that’s interesting.

  3. I find this fascinating and your posts are a mind of information. Thank you for your insight. I do however have a lot of questions on the back of this post. One thing I noted when you talk about the Ukraine war and Poland you mention karma a lot. Poland paying back for how it was eventually liberated in WW2. I wanted to ask when and where is the Karma for the African slave trade? That the establishment from all over the world benefited from? Is this what Biden and Harris are about to put right? I just wandered about your take on that.

    During the US history wasn’t the North and South once divided and will we see traits of that again? We (as the world) still trade in people Rwanda and Priti Patel’s and other countries latest immigration policy for example. Its still peoples lives. Its still someone vulnerable being forced to work or be somewhere else and someone (usually the not so vulnerable making money from it). Astrology wise are we in a similar pattern to 100’s of years ago? Will the US internal troubles result in them looking inward and if so how does this effect their standing in the world.

    There are several things I get from your post, covid has not gone away and should be treated with reverence, we are not going back to 2019 living. Also the Epstein story has a way to go yet.

    1. Thank you. The karma we see in the world relates to the zodiac signs of the lunar nodes. They move backwards through the signs, so we move backwards in time, when we come across them. In 2022 and 2023 the North Node and South Node are in Taurus and Scorpio, so the lunar nodes are taking us back to the war – 1939. Poland owes the United Kingdom, because the United Kingdom came to Poland’s defence. She owes the UK’s allies for the same reason. It’s financial. Taurus and Scorpio are always about money or property. So this time around, Poland is taking on the financial burden of housing Ukraine refugees. Poland is taking on the lion’s share of this expensive task. The African slave trade was not the economic karmic story of 1939. It goes back to the end of the 18th century and into the 19th century and that’s a whole other piece of research. American states were once divided and will divide again from 2026 as individual states will rebel against their neighbours. That is a literal translation of Uranus in Gemini. The rebellion against the neighbour. Again, we look to history for information about this cycle. The last time we saw it was post-war and globally, neighbouring countries (like the two new ‘Germanies’) rebelled against each other. Walls went up. The other matters you mention are best covered in the original features, which can be found on Search.

  4. Hi Jessica, I so much enjoy reading your blog! My heart aches for my country right now. I’m confused about the eclipses and what they mean. There’s one on May 16 (25 Scorpio) and one in November (16 Taurus). I get how the one in November relates to the midterm elections in November. Can you explain some more about the May 16 eclipse and what it might mean? Thank you so much!!!

    1. Thank you. An eclipse always means that some countries in the world go dark. The last one I saw was in Australia and it was dramatic. I was in the garden, late at night, with my aunt, and the Moon turned dark red and then went black. The lights went out. This is a good analogy. If you have ever played Murder in the Dark, as a child, the lights are switched off and someone gets hit with a rolled-up newspaper! Eclipses are part of history and they always take place when there is a diversion or distraction, and people are looking the wrong way. That is one outcome. Another outcome is a straight cover-up when there is no chance at all of any awareness, insight or realisation. The Scorpio-Taurus axis is about sex, death and money. For a lot of people this means eclipses (best avoided for decisions) which pull in issues with family legacies, the wills made by partners, naming each other – and even a mortgage agreement with the bank. The wedding vows, ‘Until death do us part’ are part of that. On the darker side of Scorpio-Taurus you end up with prostitution rackets and money laundering – organised crime syndicates. The May 16th eclipse is the Sun in Taurus, opposite the Moon in Scorpio, and will result in a day or two of being left in the dark. There may be a distraction event, so look to who/what is there, but not in focus. It will specifically involve: the banks, cryptocurrency, money laundering, the stockmarket, trade, property. There is a very simple rule with eclipses. Avoid them. They are neither negative nor positive by nature, but inevitably, when there is concealment, there is usually some kind of crime or sin. Wait for the Moon to clear the sign of the eclipse before taking a fork in the road. A fork taken in the road on an eclipse is a blind alley.

  5. Jessica, amazing research as always. I really hate what has happened in the world of politics. I was raised Democratic, but was always told: “Vote with what you feel is right.” Sadly, the other side of my family, heavily GOP, but after everything is happened they still continue: “I believe they are all general good people who make mistakes.” After Jan 6, I said I would never vote GOP ever again and shocked several family members who said: “you still have GOP who aren’t crazy like in Washington.” I didn’t disagree, but I had had it even though I know even Democrats aren’t perfect, but I’m tired of the division, I am tired of people going: “Trump is the lord and savior.” I am tired of seeing women’s and other peoples rights taken away from a small minority who just believe: “Things were better in the past.” As a March 1st, Pieces, charts said this was to be my “emerald year”. It’s been just completely the opposite. I have never been more stressed, financially messed up and at a career crossroads and I’m a teacher. I went from being praised two years ago, to be told by community leader, parents and even pastors. I was doing things in education wrong. I’m just tired of it.

    1. Thank you. As a Sun Pisces you are sensitive to other people’s feelings and a big political rift, especially involving your family, can affect you quite deeply. You have enough to deal with, given your issues as a teacher, without the Republican-Democrat battle too. The good news is, this does not last. When Pluto goes into Aquarius, in slow stages, from March 2023, power goes back to the people and tolerance, acceptance and ‘giving space/being given space’ is the new forward path. This will be led by teenagers born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius, as the Trump years and Trump himself, leave the scene. I hope you can see the real reason America has been deliberately split; Nostradamus would say it was Vladimir Putin. This is an old 20th century tactic; divide and conquer. If you believe Nostradamus, Putin (whom he called ‘butin’) set up Trump and then set up Trump to appoint anti-abortion elites in power, knowing full well it would divide the states. It’s all very Pluto in Capricorn! Yet, this cycle is in its last gasp. Going back to your own life, you will make or save a lot of money from May-October and this will give you some wiggle room. Perhaps this is why you relaunch October-December, likely with a new role or title.

  6. Thank you for this–although it makes me very sad. I always hope for peace. There’s so much more at stake in these midterms than merely abortion rights (although that’s a big enough issue); based on the way the leaked opinion was written, the right-wing activist majority on SCOTUS is poised to attack gay marriage equality and privacy, legal birth control, and even interracial marriage (settled since the mid-’60s), not to mention (in other cases currently before the court) state-level gun control laws and the entire federal administrative state. People are finally beginning to wake up to this fact, and I am hoping this means Democrats and Independents will be galvanized to vote in massive numbers, as in 2018–because if we don’t, and the current iteration of the GOP takes over Congress, we will already be in Gilead. I am thankful to at least be living in one of the “blue” states that was not part of the old Confederacy.

    So, based on what you’re saying about coverups, sex, and Jeffrey Epstein, are we potentially going to see revelations about a global trafficking operation that has funded the oligarchy and draws in oligarchs at the highest levels, and of varying political stripes? I have long wondered if Trump’s real source of funds, besides money-laundering for the Russians, was human trafficking (remember “Trump Models,” where he brought women from Eastern Europe to the U.S.?). It would fit his greed, misogyny, and utter lack of anything even resembling human decency.

    I’m also wondering if, between what you’re predicting and the televised Jan. 6 committee hearings, we may see more exposure of the money connections between the GOP and Putin’s Russia.

    Speaking of Trump, do you foresee a change in previous predictions that he would not be re-elected in 2024? He has had difficulties, but also surprisingly stable support from his cult, and continues to have influence in the GOP. And is there any good news for America in all this? The truth may set you free–but what’s the point if it ends up killing you?

    1. Thank you for your comment. The big picture for America is Pluto in Aquarius, the slow-moving, history-making cycle that starts in March 2023, then takes a couple of years to establish itself, before utterly dominating the next 20 years. Pluto is power. Aquarius is the people. Aquarius is the community with all its diversity and it has long been associated with feminism but also acceptance and tolerance of the whole human family. This is system change, as Pluto leaves Capricorn, the sign showing the old system and the elite few at the top of power and wealth. Donald Trump is part of that and he is not a factor in America’s future. The future belongs to Generation Aquarius, today’s Millennials, born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius, who begin to take the reins in the first half of 2023, in a small way, and then in an unstoppable wave as the US goes into the second half of the Twenties and first half of the Thirties. What is happening with the Midterms is an uncanny repeat of 1938, 1939 when birth control really took hold – and economic problems challenged the Democrats. That does not mean the outcome has to be the same, but the Uranus in Taurus T-Square with the nodes in Leo-Aquarius suggests a tight, tense, troublesome Midterm result, no matter what side of politics you are on. As I looked at the aspects, including that eclipse Full Moon opposite the Sun in Scorpio, I did have one hypothesis. In response to the Supreme Court push against abortion, I wondered if one of the cover-ups of the Leo eclipse weather, a few years earlier, had been the concealment of an abortion (or many abortions) associated with Epstein’s child abuse network. Sometimes people talk, don’t they? And they talk when the stakes are high. This would of course immediately open up Epstein’s little black book of contacts for a second, closer examination. And that would absolutely affect that election. I have no proof at all this is realistic or will even happen, but it was the first thing that occurred to me. I’m afraid this is all very murky stuff, but the astrology was clear on the Leo eclipses (Lolita by Nabokov) and it was so striking at the time, I ended up writing the longest single piece, I have ever filed, on any astrological event. The Leo Weather is now coming back to haunt us. The role of Vladimir Putin in all this has to be accounted for and he has been the shadow in the background for a very long time, hasn’t he.

  7. Jessica, I do find quite a bit of information on your blog about Trump, Putin, the royals and even Bill Clinton. I would really like to learn about the current president’s failing mental abilities and possibly about his son’s issues with that infamous laptop / Ukraine. It would be great if Astrology could elucidate some of these men and their trajectories. Do you see a change in the presidency and/or vice presidency? Thank you. Gerhard

    1. Thank you Gerhard. We don’t have a reliable AA-rated natal chart for President Biden. All we can ever do is use the American chart. It will show the leadership (Capricorn) and the political system (also Capricorn) but not specifics. Ukraine is a case of the same problem; no reliable birth data for Putin. There are validated predictions about Ukraine on YouTube, if you want to search Ukraine. Nothing to do with laptops; everything to do with a cover-up involving a United Nations session. Something we can definitely say, though – Trump will not retain any power or presence whatsoever once Pluto leaves Capricorn. He arrived on it and fades with it, as the 2020’s rolls on.

  8. Thanks for this great post, and right on time as many of us are, indeed, in shock even if the swing in the court was an obvious clue. Reading your post, I’m worried about the “un-united USA.” Are we talking a peaceful split or civil war? While I’m in California, my family is in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. This has been my worry for a long time – that we’ll be divided by borders we can’t cross or by violence between our locations. I guess those are both extremes, but I’m wondering if it’s a simple vote to secede from the union, or a bloodier situation?

    1. Thank you. The reason for the ‘un-united USA’ is really Uranus in Gemini. That comes from 2026 in a lasting way. It is (translated) a radical revolution involving neighbours. Also, short-haul travel. So it’s about electric Greyhound buses and cars, with a wave of charging stations, but it’s also about rebellion by neighbouring states, against each other. So, affecting you, California and (say) Texas. The chance of a constitutional change in the United States has been predicted for a long time and I don’t think we can go into Pluto in Aquarius, without that. So from the mid 2020’s we are looking at a carved-up America for the 2030s. It’s been the case for years that Republican states have been pushing back against abortion in different ways. This does not go away and yet it’s not a violent split between states. Pluto in Aquarius from 2023, for around 20 years, suggests tolerance, space, acceptance. So ‘we beg to differ’ is about right. But it will be very different.

  9. I recently joined as a member due to your blog. These insights are fascinating so I thank you for the work you put into them and sharing. I’m already greatly disheartened this week after the news of Roe v Wade likely to be overturned, but I’m feeling even more unsettled now. There’s a lot of mystery baked into today’s blog and it doesn’t make me feel any better about the US… or U-US as you reference. Earlier this week I was looking to expatriate myself and move to a country that better supports my values. Is there hope for the US – in my lifetime? It seems we’re on a snowball that can’t quite stop.
    All the best – and again thank you.

    1. Thank you very much. The mystery in America is really the eclipse. Annoying though it is, not to be more specific, when it comes to eclipses, we are in the dark. The best example I can give you is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He was shot in the year of a dramatic eclipse in the US and on the day it took place, Lee Harvey Oswald left one job, to go to the next – in Dallas. Nobody knew or saw, because nobody was looking. So there is something obscure about Midterms 2022. You are thinking about leaving America because of what just happened at the Supreme Court. You are a Sun Virgo with a Gemini stellium you may well be relocating by 2026, just to be free, although wherever you live, you will always need easy travel with a neighbouring country or state. What appears to be coming to the US is the next era of birth control. The first era was the end of the 1930s; same cycle. Economic challenge is also here; that’s in the astrology and in the news too. The challenge for Biden and Harris is to learn from what happened in 1938, 1939 and not repeat the same mistakes.

  10. Another great post, Jessica. I’m always excited when you have a new piece of writing on your blog.

    In August of 2019, I happened to be in Galway, Ireland after I’d made a trip from the United States to Edinburgh, Scotland to give a speech at an author’s conference. In Galway, a strange thing happened to me. I was with my wife and child, and we’d booked an Airbnb. At 4 am in the morning, I woke up with Bali on my mind. And I could swear I heard someone whispering, “move to Bali”, though nobody was awake at the time but me. Anyway, after I’d awoken, I couldn’t stop thinking about that place. Yet, I’d never really thought about it before. So, I immediately picked up my iPhone, looked up Bali, perused Airbnb on there, and thought, “Wow, this place is beautiful, and the villas are inexpensive!” Strangely, that’s when I realized I needed to convince my wife that we needed to put everything in storage when we returned home (to the USA), and then move to Bali.

    Well, that took some convincing.

    We arrived in Bali in mid-January 2020. Right before the pandemic. We’ve since fallen in love with this country and recently took a 25-year lease on some land (by using all our savings) and will be building our home soon. Though we’ll be building a little at a time, as money is tight, because something happened while here.

    For twenty years, I was a Sports Therapist, a vaccine and disease researcher for a hospital, and a hospice caregiver, but my true love was writing. So, in 2017, I gave up my well-paying career, and jumped into Science Fiction. In 2018 and 2019, I had written many bestsellers and was making six-figures. But after I landed in Bali, everything changed. My books stopped selling. I found it harder to write best sellers, no matter how hard I worked. Because so, the money stopped coming in. So, right now, my wife and I are kind of pinching the money while I continue to write my books, hoping the next book/series will start bringing in more money.

    And hoping, beyond hope, that I can continue my passion of being an author; a career I absolutely love.

    I have no idea why I wrote the above. I came on here to write something else. And the above trickled from my fingertips.

    Anyway, I’ll get to the original reason I’m leaving a comment.

    Other than I love everything you write, and you’ve been a shining beacon of light for me, I wanted to tell you that I used to co-host a Near Death Experience group when I was a teenager back in the 1990s. Now, these people were incredible souls. They came back with love and light and prophecies to tell. One woman became good friends with me for almost twenty-five years. She’d been told the future of humanity, and one of the things “they” told her was that Roe vs. Wade would be reversed, and “they” explained to her that it wouldn’t be a positive event for America. Since “they” told her that nothing is set in stone, they mentioned that with the evolution of humanity’s consciousness, there was a chance that the reversal wouldn’t happen, but the probabilities were thin. “They” said Roe vs Wade would most likely reverse. “They” explained there is no judgement “on the other side” regarding abortion.

    And here we are, on the precipice of it happening.

    I’m continually astounded that what you’re predicting through astrology are many of the same things that my friend was told during her Near Death Experience. Now, one thing that she was told that I find hard to believe, and maybe your astrology can figure this out (not that I’m telling you to look), but she was told that the IRS in the United States would eventually be disbanded as well.

    That’s just two of the thousands of things she was told.

    By the way, we have a lot of tough times coming up, but our future is truly magical. “Heaven on Earth,” according to my NDE friend.

    1. Thank you so much. Bali was also important to Karen Kingston, the woman behind Space Clearing, whom I knew a little, a long time ago. She left Britain for Bali and never looked back. It sounds as if you found your place in the world. You also have a stellium in Gemini, the writer’s sign, but also the sign ruling short journeys, local life and the neighbours. So wherever you are, you need to be able to walk/cycle it. At the moment you are going through the Taurus-Scorpio nodal transit, picking up the financial sectors of your chart, but the loop finishes next year. Your friend with the Near Death Experience was told about some Scorpio matters – abortion and taxation. That’s really interesting, given the long, revolutionary, quite radical opposition of Uranus in Taurus, opposite anything at all in Scorpio. The line-up in the American chart for the Midterms is rare. It also takes us back to 1938, 1939 so a cycle in time does need to close.

  11. Thank you Jessica. Intriguing as ever.

    Does Neptune in Pisces also figure in all the eclipse deceptions/distractions? I ask because many politicians, organizations and institutions seem to have difficulties stating biological reality. Rather than women being defined as adult human female, they are muddled and called uterus havers, birthing persons etc.

    On April 28th 2022, the government of Canada recently sought submissions for the redefinition of woman. What might be up with that?

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you asked the question about women. From 1974 to 1981 the Uranus in Scorpio generation arrived. They were born to trigger upheaval, revolution and radical change – on the issue of sex. From 1983 to 1995 the Pluto in Scorpio generation arrived. They were born to try and dominate, control and take over – sex. It doesn’t get much better than J.K.Rowling’s own Harry Potter fans turning against her over the issue of biological reality. So it’s not really Neptune in Pisces, so much. More, what happens when heavily Scorpio people in their millions, are activated by the transiting South Node in Scorpio. At some point I’ll post a feature here about why they are wrong and J.K.Rowling is right. It’s really about the Moon in the astrological chart, and the Moon’s correlation with a woman’s period and her menopause. None of that can be faked. And in fact, the lunar cycles begin to show up in the lives of girls when they are quite small and begin to understand their Moon sign. I do love a controversy. I’ll get stuck in later, thanks!

  12. Dear Jessica,

    Here in the U.S. we have been worried about the rise in fascism for some time as the minority evangelicals have taken the courts, squashed the free vote, revived censorship, and so much more. It seems like a predictable step-by-step descent into a darker time and place. We are concerned that minorities, especially African-Americans, and artists and free thinkers, will have to eventually flee, as the Jewish people who could had to flee Nazi Germany.

    This makes us feel the need to be mobile, to have always cash on hand for plane tickets to leave the country, to wish we had the means to emigrate. Because ‘eventually’ does not seem so far away anymore.

    In addition, there’s climate change, the wildfires here causing many dear friends and neighbors to move and us to have to consider the future in a place different from the town we never thought we’d leave. Our once-idyllic community – we only-somewhat jokingly called it ‘the Shire’ – is unraveling as each year it turns into ‘Mordor’ when yearly ‘smoke season’ descends and the thick smoke makes going outside without a mask hazardous. Tourism, which sustained the town, is ending, small shops closing, and the best season of the year is spent indoors huddled between air conditioners to deal with the 105-degree heat and air filters to make the air breathable. People are leaving for the East, for the coast, for Canada, for nations abroad, even though they do not want to. Increasingly, going anywhere relatively stable means having a lot of money to buy very expensive real estate, money we do not have.

    Those who have not yet left have to be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice – all important documents scanned to the cloud, natural-fiber clothes ready, car tank always full, go-bags by the door, as many nearby homes burned down two years ago and the threat is ever-present.

    In addition, with rising inflation, and the pandemic, there’s the need to stock up on food and essentials in advance. I ended college mid-year as Zoom-schooling did not work for me. Earning enough money has been a big struggle for myself and my wife. We are both intelligent, smart, skilled, yet I do not have a degree and trying to seek one as a nontraditional student has been fraught with obstacles. We have little savings or security.

    I do, however, have an uncanny knack for pattern recognition and predicting which stocks will rise, though I never had the money to benefit from seeing the things I would have bought rise, more than a few times 1000% or more. Now I do have a tiny bit to invest – but do I dare? Maybe that money needs to go to a trailer to flee. Or tuition. Do I try to immerse in the markets and try to generate more income so we have more resources, and thus more options?

    We wonder – with the few resources we have, how to prioritize? Do we seek citizenship elsewhere? Can we? Canada is so cold, warm places like Costa Rica may burn up in climate change, New Zealand a near-impossible dream, and we would rather not. Do we go to Vermont or upstate New York and eke out a living far from the communities and people we’ve come to know? Do I do whatever it takes to get a college degree even though it would take me 6 more years and in the meantime alarm bells are going off everywhere?

    The uncertainty in all directions makes planning with limited resources quite difficult. We know from your other posts that we can at least rule out long-term immediate world war. But with the near-certainty that abortion rights – and with them the basis for many other rights – will end here, a deep disquiet reigns. Do you have any advice for us? We appreciate your writings as they help us navigate these times.

  13. (previous comment loaded with no return spaces showing; hope this is more readable:)

    Dear Jessica,

    Here in the U.S. we have been worried about the rise in fascism for some time as the minority evangelicals have taken the courts, squashed the free vote, revived censorship, and so much more. It seems like a predictable step-by-step descent into a darker time and place. We are concerned that minorities, especially African-Americans, and artists and free thinkers, will have to eventually flee, as the Jewish people who could had to flee Nazi Germany.

    This makes us feel the need to be mobile, to have always cash on hand for plane tickets to leave the country, to wish we had the means to emigrate. Because ‘eventually’ does not seem so far away anymore.

    In addition, there’s climate change, the wildfires here causing many dear friends and neighbors to move and us to have to consider the future in a place different from the town we never thought we’d leave. Our once-idyllic community – we only-somewhat jokingly called it ‘the Shire’ – is unraveling as each year it turns into ‘Mordor’ when yearly ‘smoke season’ descends and the thick smoke makes going outside without a mask hazardous. Tourism, which sustained the town, is ending, small shops closing, and the best season of the year is spent indoors huddled between air conditioners to deal with the 105-degree heat and air filters to make the air breathable. People are leaving for the East, for the coast, for Canada, for nations abroad, even though they do not want to. Increasingly, going anywhere relatively stable means having a lot of money to buy very expensive real estate, money we do not have.

    Those who have not yet left have to be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice – all important documents scanned to the cloud, natural-fiber clothes ready, car tank always full, go-bags by the door, as many nearby homes burned down two years ago and the threat is ever-present.

    In addition, with rising inflation, and the pandemic, there’s the need to stock up on food and essentials in advance. I ended college mid-year as Zoom-schooling did not work for me. Earning enough money has been a big struggle for myself and my wife. We are both intelligent, smart, skilled, yet I do not have a degree and trying to seek one as a nontraditional student has been fraught with obstacles. We have little savings or security.

    I do, however, have an uncanny knack for pattern recognition and predicting which stocks will rise, though I never had the money to benefit from seeing the things I would have bought rise, more than a few times 1000% or more. Now I do have a tiny bit to invest – but do I dare? Maybe that money needs to go to a trailer to flee. Or tuition. Do I try to immerse in the markets and try to generate more income so we have more resources, and thus more options?

    We wonder – with the few resources we have, how to prioritize? Do we seek citizenship elsewhere? Can we? Canada is so cold, warm places like Costa Rica may burn up in climate change, New Zealand a near-impossible dream, and we would rather not. Do we go to Vermont or upstate New York and eke out a living far from the communities and people we’ve come to know? Do I do whatever it takes to get a college degree even though it would take me 6 more years and in the meantime alarm bells are going off everywhere?

    The uncertainty in all directions makes planning with limited resources quite difficult. We know from your other posts that we can at least rule out long-term immediate world war. But with the near-certainty that abortion rights – and with them the basis for many other rights – will end here, a deep disquiet reigns. Do you have any advice for us? We appreciate your writings as they help us navigate these times.

    1. I thought you might be a Virgo, given your concerns. You are a Sun Virgo with a Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra pattern which is very much about feeling your home, home town, homeland, sense of place is under constant pressure (which it has been since 2008) and also about solutions. I think it is very likely you will relocate or even emigrate by 2026. You will be pleased to hear the endless, repetitive, pressure cycle with your sense of place – ends for a time – from March 2023. By the mid-2020’s those years are history and you are in a new cycle. One of the reasons that so many people with a Cancer stellium in the Fourth House of belonging/residence have been under pressure is the repeated opposition by Pluto in Capricorn to the Moon in Cancer, every 29 days or so. This has been ongoing since 2008 but as I said, you get the light at the end of the tunnel from March 2023 – for whatever reason. Perhaps you will move by then. You have until 2026 to liberate yourself though and you will, in fact, study – and it will be affordable or free. Very exciting.

  14. Thank you for offering such insight and calling things as they are the un-united states because that is exactly what it has become or has been unveiled. I’m curious if you can give a reading with regard to extremist Christians. For many, extremist islamists are terrorist but extremist Christians are on par with them.

    1. Thank you. Astrology doesn’t do politics, but it does show some basic truths. Pisces is Christianity (it always has been) and we are going through Neptune in Pisces until the mid 2020’s, so there is a lot of distortion (Neptune) about Christ (Pisces). I am sure you know the Piscean symbolism of the fishes, the fishermen who followed Christ, the loaves and the fishes and so on. Neptune is about escaping from the real world and it can distort what is really there. So there is a fair bit of delusion around at the moment. Vladimir Putin with the crucifix around his neck, delivering the death of innocents to Ukraine and so on. Once Neptune is out of Pisces reality may function again and clarity may return to the different religions and churches. We hope so. Do Unto Others. That’s pretty simple isn’t it, but that is the last thing we have seen in America in May 2022. And Ukraine.

  15. As always, a very fascinating read chock full of info. I actually love reading all of the comments because there are so many great questions and so much additional valuable info in the answers you give. The gift that keeps giving! Do you think some states may separate from the United States (like Hawaii)? We are living here now but always thought we would end up in Europe. Who knows. I am looking forward to March 2023 as you have said that will be a better time and even mentioned “power couple” (my husband is 8/22/73). The US is already fractured and showing so much separation so I can see that happening for sure.
    A bit off this topic but regarding Mercury retrograde and eclipse …my computer screen just cracked out of the blue ( not something I could really afford to happen right now) and I am in the position of having to buy another because of some online teaching I am looking into in addition to my regular teaching. Should I try to hang on until after June and suffer with the cracked screen and colorful lines? I don’t want another expensive problematic computer but know it’s just a matter of time with this one. Thank you for everything, Jessica. I feel membership to your site is one of the best decisions ever! So much valuable insight!!

    1. Thank you. I agree, the comments from readers are part of the story and often the best part. I do think the USA will slowly separate into disunited United States from 2026, as Uranus (the revolution) in Gemini (neighbours) takes hold. It may be that the Supreme Court scraps the abortion laws, enabling states to block that, if they wish. This would motivate a blue wave victory at the Midterms. From that, you then end up with a divided America, as never before, and you can see why some states might wish to look at another amendment to the constitution from 2026. You are probably reading this with a cracked computer screen, which is ‘high Mercury Retrograde’. The cycle shouldn’t stop you from replacement, just read the fine print on delivery, return and so on, and keep copies of the emails so you can track the details. Astrology is really about conscious avoidance!

  16. Thanks, Jessica, this is really interesting and inspiring as usual.
    But would you provide also provide detailed predictions for Europe? I know that you mention that big changes are coming in Europe (including the Euro currency). But the current situation with the war in Ukraine is very worrying and if there is not a third world war (which is your prediction), the economic impact will be huge. In the good note (in my perspective), left political parties in France are becoming united and may have a good chance for the next election (Parlement election), maybe not having a majority but at least being more powerful (we need it for the ecological transition). Your thoughts, please.

    1. Thank you. The big astrology cycle dominating Europe in 2022, 2023 is the South Node in Scorpio/North Node in Taurus, alongside Uranus in Taurus. This takes us back to 1939 and the start of the war. Same/similar patterns. The nodes are always about karma and closure. Unfinished financial (Scorpio) and economic (Taurus) business from 1939 has to be faced and sorted out by 2023. The United Kingdom, Poland, Austria, Germany (of course), Russia (front and centre), Italy and so on. In no particular order! Switzerland has serious financial karma from the last war as does Japan. So, that’s what is going on. It will be a stretch for all of us with property, business and/or money in 2022, 2023 but we then begin to see real progress. Likely, the end of money laundering, particularly by Putin’s Russians and other human rights abusers. So this year and next year are about everybody paying their dues, or being repaid in some way, for the last war. We’ve just not seen this cycle since the end of the 1930s and that is why it is so extreme. The United States in particular has stepped up; she wasn’t there on 3rd September 1939; she is very much there now. The other thing that is going on, is that Uranus in Taurus is bringing us ‘the new war’ which is the art of boycott and sanction, raised to quite a high level. In the background an even larger theme is being played out. Cutting Russian gas, petrol and other fossil fuels means motivation for green/clean energy industries; rather like the last war, necessity is the mother of invention, and some terrific inventions will come out of this tragedy. So, without intending to, Vladimir Putin is helping us save the earth.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    Interesting times over here in the US for sure. I know from reading your blogs that you heavily favor the Democrat viewpoint, but as someone who was basically a Democrat for most of my life, but who switched in 2020, my big concern is the loss of personal freedom, which is central to this country. As a woman who had an abortion and never regretted it, I remain pro-choice, whether that’s an abortion or vaccine. While I fully support Roe, I ended up cotton Republican because I saw the intense censorship and vaccine mandates coming from the left, and that concerned me far more. Maybe a split in the states wouldn’t be a bad thing if people could live in places that reflect their values? As long as we can still live and let live.

    1. Yes, I’m absolutely opposed to Donald Trump and Mike Pence. No secret there. You are quite right to raise the issue of personal freedom and abortion. You are pro-choice but are a Republican, because you are anti-vaccine. That’s a whole new demographic nobody is talking about. In both cases it is very much about the body, though, and health. Those are Virgo matters and you were born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. So you are part of that Sixties generation who are always at the heart of upheaval in the health system (Uranus) and also passionately obsessive about the same thing – needing total control. COVID-19 has triggered your generation, which is also my generation. Now, abortion is doing the same thing. What the astrology shows is wave after wave of Gemini weather, emphasising the Canada-America relationship but also the relationship with neighbouring American states. Once Uranus goes in there from 2026 a split is indicated, as you say, and it need not be a bad thing. Live and let live will in fact become quite normal. But The Great Migration may be a fact of life in America as the Twenties moves on.

  18. Wow, Jessica, thank you for an excellent article. My blood boils when I read about Republicans trying to overturn Roe vs. Wade, so I think somehow I’ll get involved in a fight to protect women’s rights. Interesting, you mentioned May 5, 2022. It was yesterday, and I felt so tired that I couldn’t even get up from my couch. I watched Worlds Biggest Mysteries on History Channel and thought, what’s wrong with me. According to your article, something was going on astrological and affected my placements. I have Jupiter in Aqua at 24 degrees, Saturn in Gemini at 27 degrees, and Venus in Capricorn at 25 degrees. I think somehow I’m tied up with current events. Anyway, I was shocked to read that the United States will become un-United. I was sad to see it, but I do see it coming.

    1. America was already divided on the abortion issue and of course Donald Trump. The one person who wants a divided America is Vladimir Putin, of course. This is an ancient method of helping military success. Divide and conquer. It goes back to the Romans 2000 years ago. Will it work? No. There will be great anger between neighbouring states (war with the neighbours) in September-December when Mars retrogrades in Gemini. The planet of battles in the sign of neighbours. It is later resolved when Jupiter goes into Gemini and a radical new way to handle the differences between neighbouring states in America will arrive from 2026. Putin is also a fool if he thinks America will divide on Pluto in Aquarius. In fact, it will move towards greater tolerance, space and respect for extreme difference. How that happens, we’ll find out from March 2023. If you feel tired then always look to your Sixth House ruled by Virgo, for transits that day.

  19. Hi Jessica!

    Past few days have made me happy that we live in Northeast…
    My sense is disunion means states drift apart from each other, which makes sense. Same with migration. At the same time feels like the death spiral of old systems as people are pushed past their tolerance point. All this feels like the beats building to a major shift and change. But that is what we need, especially to reverse the climate crisis… and save our planet.

    1. It looks as though Americans will reach a point where they move, to suit their lifestyle and politics (perhaps to other states, perhaps to Canada) and abortion will become a matter of interstate travel. That is where the astrology is taking us past 2026. There is a death spiral with the old system. Correct. It’s the slow end of Pluto in Capricorn. What happens from March 2023 is fascinating as it is the first time in over 240 years that we have seen what happens when power goes back to the people. Not handed down from the top.

  20. I don’t understand the whole abortion thing and why it keeps recycling and recycling. I don’t ever remember a time in my life where Roe v Wade wasn’t at hot point at some given time. That aside, I am so fascinated with your predictive astrology. I am wondering if you throw any numerology into the mix while you are working on your predictions? In one blog you mentioned the oddness of 2022 and I’d asked about the number 222 as it has been significant throughout at my life and your response to me was so spot on and eye opening. Now today, I was make putting appointments in my father’s calendar for May and the calendar he has lists what number each day is in the year and how many days remain in the year. I saw May 23 and under is was 143/222. Wow the number 222 jumped out at me and I was stunned for a minute. Not only because of 222 but because of May 23rd, you see, a close friend of our family died on May 23rd 2013, my mother died May 23, 2015, I married my second husband on May 23 1998 whom I later divorced, then started a long term relationship in 2011 with a man who was born on May 23, both of these men were very wrong for me. So I always joke how May 23 is the most unlucky day for me and I tend to lay low every May 23. I know on leap years the number changes to 144/223 but none of these events were on leap years nor was my long term relationship guy born on leap year. All of this makes me wonder if not just the numerology of the date itself, but the number of the day into the year it is and the remaining days also factor into that? Love your stuff lady, you are amazing! Cheers!!

    1. The abortion issue? This goes back to Donald Trump appointing an anti-abortion Supreme Court. Why did he do that? To split America in two. Who wanted that? Vladimir Putin. Trump Russia is never far away from anything. Numerology is fascinating and it works on the same principle as astrology – synchronicity. There is no luck (lucky numbers being a quaint 20th century idea) but the numbers in your life will resonate. Two has so many associations. Noah’s Ark. It Takes Two to Tango. Me and You. Me Versus You. Two is two odd numbers, one and one, combined, so we find The Odd Couple. If you look at your full birthdate number that can be enough to begin with. I am sure you know you reduce it to a single digit. Just that alone, from 1 through 9, can tell you a lot.

  21. I have just had to whistleblew and just wondered if this means a cover up for me please Jessica.

    1. If you did this on the eclipse then you would have been making choices without knowing the truth, so I hope you avoided that. As this is a private matter and you cannot talk about it, I suggest using the Smith-Waite Tarot.

  22. Hi Jessica, I’m getting concerned about women’s rights, or rather the lack of them. Abortion arguments in the USA, burkas back in Afghanistan, are we going back to the dark ages?

    1. Good question. This is the last of Pluto in Capricorn before the momentous Pluto in Aquarius cycle takes hold for 20 years. Capricorn is white men at the top controlling the masses in a very old system. Aquarius is what happens when men, women and children pool resources together and share the power in a completely different system. We typically get a lot of trauma and pressure as the two cycles overlap. We saw it in Ancient Rome and Britain when Nero was in charge and Boadicea fought back. This was around AD 60 when Pluto first showed his face in Aquarius. She lost the battle and won the war for equality and Britain was a very different nation after Boadicea/Boudicca took London. So prepare for heroines from March 2023. The fight of their life. And eventually, after 2025, the new world. This is the patriarchy and the women who have sold out to them, trying to hang on to what is going, going, gone.

  23. Hi Jessica, I just watched a program on NASA’s Solar System Dynamics Group which is responsible for identifying planetary orbits and calculating safe navigation paths for spacecraft to traverse. One of the planets featured was Uranus which spins on its side has 27 (known) Moons which follow complex overlapping prograde and retrograde orbits. Scientists have extrapolated these lunar orbits forward in time and have determined that some of these Moons are destined to collide and either form new moons or explode on impact and add to the debris rings already around Uranus. But here’s the interesting part which has absolutely nothing to do with science – 25 of Uranus’ Moons are named after characters in Shakespeare’s plays. Hence it is theoretically possible for the Juliet moon to collide with the Cupid moon (or) the Puck moon to collide with Titiana or Oberon moons. I did a little searching and came across this article from 2014 which is uncanny because it mentions not only Uranus’ Shakespeare moons, but also Mother’s Day (which is tomorrow) and how the Russian’s originally wanted to name what we know today as the “Sea of Tranquility” on Earth’s Moon the… “Sea of Moscow”. This article an excellent read and well worth your time. Cheers!

    1. Thank you. Yes, the Moons of Uranus are characteristic of what we experience on the transits – The Tempest being one play where Shakespeare’s handed the symbolism to astrology. This is all in a feature which Jodi is designing for later posting so you read my mind: incredible. And that article will help so much, I’m grateful to you for passing it on. The actual behaviour of the Moons of Uranus also sounds quite Uranian so let me look at that too…

  24. Actually, that has been going on for a couple years. Started in 2020 when blue and red states started taking very different approaches to hot bottom issues

  25. Thanks for the reply, Jessica. I appreciate your input, however I do need to clarify two important points: 1) I’m not anti vax (in fact I’ve had several vaccines over the years), I’m anti MANDATE. People being forced to undergo medical treatment they don’t feel is right for them or lose their jobs, etc. Especially when this particular jab doesn’t even prevent one from catching or spreading the disease; and 2) I’m not Republican because I’m anti vax, (see above), I switched parties because I saw highly qualified doctors and scientists being censored, and having their careers and reputations destroyed for saying they had serious concerns with the safety of this vaccine. Anything like this became “misinformation”. I believe people should be free to choose what medical treatment they want for their own bodies, but they need objective information to make an educated choice, and I truly believe there has been a big cover up on the serious risks of these jabs. They may still be the best choice for many, but all we are told is that they are totally”safe and effective,” which just isn’t the whole truth. Republicans seemed to be the only ones standing up for free speech and personal choice on the jab. Ironically, both parties totally flip flop on bodily choice when it’s abortion vs vaccine. Either way, I’m encouraged by the notion of more state control and people can live where they feel their values are reflected. Thanks again!

  26. Yes, yes, yes, exactly! Since Jan 6th, 2021 I was asking myself, why oh why can’t anyone see that Trump is exactly like Nero watching Rome burning down like we all have seen in the movie with the infamous Peter Ustinov, sitting on the balcony, the child-man with a rotten mind, disabled to grow up and seeking attention, desperately needing to be remembered by the history, even for the worst things, but anyhow, watching his beloved imperium going down because everyone knew he doesn’t get it. Jessica, you are the first person resonating with this historical episode in connection with Jan 6th, thank you for that, I was watching the whole time since then for someone who can catch up on that. And as far as Roe vs. Wade, I was following your blogs, rooting for your insights on midterms, because, honestly, this is something that is going to rule our future, abroad and in Europe as well. Don’t assume it goes unnoticed over here, we went through a broad, lengthy discussion about abortion two decades ago, during the 90ies with results we can all live with, which are not perfect at all and never will be, but we are trying. Thinking about abortion is just the tip of the iceberg. Women’s and children’s mental and physical healthcare and the equality is the core issue here, with the top institutions and medical industry conglomerates making billions with research about heart diseases, the white male managers’ issues being overestimated over mothers’ and children’s health all over the world, not only in Africa but Europe and USA, too. We are celebrating Mother’s Day today.

    Please take into consideration writing more about the woman heroes, I’m following the news on WP and NYT, and The Guardian on the daily basis, which I have never done before. I’d love to hear more about your insights on Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, who I adore, btw., AOC, and Susan Collins. Not to forget the incredible Stacey Abrams. Thank you.

    1. We are in the same cycle the Romans knew in 60 AD when Nero was in charge of the Roman Empire and Donald Trump (but more tellingly, Vladimir Putin) play the role. Nero was a tyrant, as we all know and in 60 AD we saw Pluto go into Aquarius, just as he is set to do in March 2023, and it was the start of Boudicca’s rebellion against the Romans in Britain. She began the long tradition of female power in Britain, and it is still there today, the nation having seen two female Prime Ministers and a very long-lived Queen. So Pluto cycles are sweeping and long-range and America begins her own cycle in March. You will see one or more female leaders; probably VP Kamala Harris, perhaps A.O.C. do what Boudicca did in 60 AD. You also mention Nancy Pelosi, Susan Collins and Stacey Abrams, who are other Boudiccas. The larger picture of the overturning of abortion rights is the start of a long (new) tradition of female power in America and from this will come your first woman president.

  27. Since you mentioned “sex” impacting the elections this abortion issue is extending to contraceptives: is using an IUD causing murder? It seems so ridiculous. But I also think it was Clarence and Ginni that leaked. Not Roberts. Roberts was clear to say it was not a final decision. It was too stupid to be a final decision. I don’t see how we get to an age of power being taken away from old white men unless Democrats do well in November. I think that Trump backed candidates, like Oz, will lose to Dems and that will be a turning point from the madness. I saw someone dissect Clarence’s chart, solar arcs and solar returns and she doesn’t think he makes it. If he is sick and has nothing to lose, maybe he did leak the draft.

    1. The astrology (big picture) is that Saturn is now in Aquarius, blocking and delaying pregnancy and childbirth. It is naturally in opposition to the Leo placements of millions of Americans and Leo rules parenthood. The heirs to the throne. From March 2023 Pluto replaces Saturn in Aquarius and we begin to see powerful opposition to childbirth. It is there for most of 2023, disappears, then returns later. As overturning the law on abortion is a deterrent in so many states, this would be part of the (real) reason for the astrology – women turn to the Pill. Each country has its own reason for an ongoing slowdown/shutdown on population growth once Pluto goes into Aquarius, but this would seem to be America’s. One theory is that the Supreme Court gets its way, Americans form a mass protest vote and a blue wave arrives in November for a Democrat landslide. And yet the deed is done. It then takes a long, long time for the law to change again. That would be the astrology.

  28. Thanks Jessica for this information. I’m wondering if this great need for Roe to occur is having anything to do with the drastically decreased birth rates and the governments needs to litigate that. The US may look at economies like China who are in fear of no longer having as much power/riches as their one child policy will soon begin to backfire in the coming years. Their older population will dominate and they will have minimum “working bodies” to carry the economy. To me, with all the immoral characters within the political system, for them to feel so passionately moral about women’s bodies seems highly suspicious to me. The pandemic brought in even more drops in births than before. In an uncertain world, it makes sense that people aren’t excited about bringing babies in. If I don’t know anything about the power minded people, I know to- “follow the money”. Do you see anything in the astrology that could link to birth rates or explain the pattern of the decreased birth rates? Thanks.

    1. You are picking up a very new astrology cycle and are quite right. We are dealing with the slow but steady obstacles and blocks to birth rates. This began with Saturn moving into Aquarius in December 2020 and is still with us now. From March 2023 Pluto goes into Aquarius. This takes a while to get going, but eventually we will see the population decline quite dramatically. Aquarius is opposite Leo. Leo is parenthood. So, as astrology is sociology, you have billions born with Leo placements in their charts in the Fifth House of pregnancy, who are about to be stopped and slowed down. We have to wonder how this happens. In America it will be because abortion becomes expensive and difficult. That is going to put a lot of women on the Pill. In China the decline is happening because of their Zero Covid policy and an entire population being sent indoors – single and eligible – but also an entire population dealing with economic hardship. Nobody has children when they can’t afford it. Pluto is in Aquarius for a very long time, so the 2020’s is the prelude and the 2030’s is the reality. An obvious mover behind a drop in birth rates, quite apart from COVID-19 (which is far from over) is economics. Again, in America (but also in Europe) we are seeing issues with finance and property which make it hard to start big families. That goes on into 2023 with the nodal oppositions in Taurus-Scorpio. I’ll post a feature on Pluto in Aquarius shortly which looks at historic population decline since 60AD (our first written record of Pluto in Aquarius, under the Romans) and why we’re going there again. Saturn in Aquarius now is the first pathway to that. The two most over populated nations in the world, China and India, are very far from being ‘over’ the pandemic (which is the popular fantasy at the moment) and Saturn in Pisces from March 2023 (same month) suggests an important new COVID-19 variant which Pfizer, AstraZeneca and the rest are no match for. We’ve already seen the first COVID-19 come from China, and the Delta version come from India. There will be a third. It may come from another country, but it will be like all the other variants; it will thrive in overcrowded, high-density cities. So what you are picking up on is validated by two astrology cycles. Pluto going into Aquarius where it blocks and stops Leo (the family, the dynasty) and at the same time, Saturn (hard times) going into Pisces, where it will block and challenge the Virgo placements of billions (health). That’s an absolute COVID-19 variant signal, and yet again, another feature to appear later…

  29. This is related to American politics, but on a different note: gun laws. The mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Texas was horrific! When is the US government going to act responsibly when it comes to their gun laws? Do you see any significant improvements in the future?

    1. The problem is the Second Amendment and the astrological chart shows us Aries patterns (Aries rules guns) which suggest great fear, even paranoia, about being shot – and so guns become the defence. That is why millions of Americans own guns as a way of life. Will that chart ever show great change? Yes, it will. Not yet, but in the late Twenties and early Thirties when Neptune goes through Aries. That should not stop anyone from following Beto O’Rourke’s example and voting Democrat, showing up to protests, running boycotts, or suing gun manufacturers. That can all happen in 2022, but the real change comes when Neptune changes signs.

  30. Hello Jessica,

    I just came across this article recently and I appreciate your information regarding the coming years. There has been significant changes in demographics in many states over the past five to ten years to the American South/Southwest from other states due to the cost of living and other factors. From a personal standpoint, I am born April 23, 1974, Sun/Moon Taurus with Virgo Ascendant, everything was fine until 2 years ago when my apartment roof caved in; then, my debt compounded and has followed me ever since. I had to move in with a family member; even before that, the cost of living was rising while salaries remained stagnant for myself and others around me. I just wanted to get your thoughts on when the United States will truly begin to address the rising cost of living and wages and when we will move beyond the division and vitriol the country is experiencing? Thanks for all you do!


    Ryan Sandlin

    1. Ryan, America is stuck in war karma and has to complete the circuit with the economy, Ukraine, Russia and the European Union, Japan – by July 2023. After May 2023 there is new hope for a better economy and from July 2023 the repetitive nature of what you are all going through, ends. The division in America has been created by Vladimir Putin who uses the old ‘divide and conquer’ strategy to win. He installed his people in America knowing full well abortion would split the country. The next division will be on gay marriage and – surprise, surprise – Monkeypox cases will be front-page, among men who have sex with men. Never underestimate how crude and stupid Putin and his people can be. The good news? America does split along state lines, but finds a way around it, from the mid 2020s and from 2026 it’s actually ‘live and let live’ with far more freedom for everyone. Americans succeed against Putin, Ryan. It’s an amazing country.

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