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The Taurus Weather in 2022

Do you have a Taurus stellium? That is four, five, six or more factors in Taurus in your birth chart. If your personal astrology profile shows a high count in Taurus, then May 2022 will change your budget.

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120 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica – thank you for all your insights.
    I’m curious, I only have one factor of Taurus in my chart and no Gemini at all and wondering what that means for me?

    1. Empty houses just suggest you are not defined by the matters ruled by that house. So if you have just one factor in Taurus, your money and possessions, and your house or apartment, do not say who you are. And if you have no Gemini, the internet does not say who you are either!

  2. Hi Jessica, followIng you from Florida:) I also lived in Aussieland for 4 years:)
    I have 2 questions:
    1- when you say stellium, is ops, etc also included? Or only the main planets?
    2- I applied for my dream job last year during mercury retrograde apparently, but that was a very rare time that they announced such a position, and they are considering me… the process is going very slow… but going nevertheless… I heard that it’s not a good idea to apply for a job during retrograde… what a pity… I wonder if I made a mistake…
    Thanks a million
    Have a great week

    1. Thank you. A stellium includes the asteroids like Ops, yes. You applied for a job on Mercury Retrograde and of course it is taking months. You are a Sun Taurus and also going through the Saturn in Aquarius transit of your solar Tenth House, at the same time that you have Pluto transiting your natal Tenth House. The Tenth House rules your career. The turning point with all professional matters is March 2023. That is a dramatic change for you, as all these tests and trials with your profession end, and Saturn leaves Aquarius, and Pluto leaves Capricorn. At that point you will also realise that years of politics with people is also at an end.

  3. Hi Jessica
    Thank you so much for everything you do and giving us an anchor during these uncertain times on planet earth. Your articles have kept me going over the last few years.
    Please could you help me as I am going through a terrible crisis with my abusive husband, who I married on 12.5.08 at 3:45pm. I had to leave him over 3 years ago for my safety but we haven’t been able to divorce due to an ongoing legal case with my business. He is now trying to rush through a divorce as I have virtually no money left to fight him. He is an Accountant and sun Taurus (18th May 1967, 3am UK time) and is openly, attempting to blackmail me and take me to the cleaners by swindling my accounts to make me penniless and homeless, as well as my elderly parents and brother – as we are having to all live in the one asset my brother and I have, but we soon have to sell that due to debts (mainly run up by my husband ) but my ex is going after the little equity left in that too. He is trying to force me to sign a clean-break divorce settlement as he is from a wealthy family who I suspect are complicit in hiding his assets – he has just declared he sold an asset recently without telling me, (but I suspect he sold it at an undervalue of 80% as the numbers just don’t add up ). He said if I don’t sign the clean-break divorce settlement he will bankrupt me. I am currently seeking legal advice but he has NPD and is hell bent on destroying me and my family. It is a very complicated situation regarding my business which I have had to recently close down due to Covid-19.
    I would really appreciate any advice you could give me as I am extremely scared and anxious, especially during the eclipse season affecting my 10th and 4th houses and my exes 1st and 7th houses, it couldn’t be more significant. Also my Capricorn Ascendant at 28 degrees, close to Pluto.

    Thank you Jessica x

    Sun 16° leo – Leo 57′ 03″
    Moon 19° capricorn – Capricorn 02′ 24″
    Mercury in 27° leo – Leo 25′ 38″ R
    Venus 18° virgo – Virgo 17′ 58″
    Mars 23° libra – Libra 20′ 39″
    Jupiter 24° gemini – Gemini 05′ 41″
    Saturn 15° pisces – Pisces 48′ 47″ R
    Uranus 13° virgo – Virgo 26′ 07
    Neptune 17° scorpio – Scorpio 15′ 55″
    Pluto15° virgo – Virgo 03′ 35″
    Chiron 21° pisces – Pisces 41′ 55″ R
    Juno 07° aquarius – Aquarius 08′ 35″ R
    Vesta 23° gemini – Gemini 01′ 36″
    Ceres 02° aries – Aries 22′ 10″ R
    MC 03° sagittarius – Sagittarius 29′ 51″
    IC 03° gemini – Gemini 29′ 51″
    ASC 28° capricorn – Capricorn 51′ 15″
    DESC 28° cancer – Cancer 51′ 15″
    Diana 00° scorpio – Scorpio 02′ 17″
    Fortuna 09° libra – Libra 23′ 23
    Minerva 04° leo – Leo 23′ 21″
    Bacchus 27° aries – Aries 10′ 37″
    Apollo 20° leo – Leo 51′ 31″
    Aesculapia 22° libra – Libra 50′ 39″
    Hygeia 16° leo – Leo 36′ 46
    Panacea 06° gemini – Gemini 05′ 44″
    Ops 23° capricorn – Capricorn 05′ 21″ R
    Salacia 21° capricorn – Capricorn 32′ 41″ R
    Prosperina 25° virgo – Virgo 05′ 02″
    Cupido19° virgo – Virgo 36′ 35″
    Vulcano10° libra – Libra 40′ 36
    Psyche 04° gemini – Gemini 26′ 26″
    NorthNode 11° gemini – Gemini 50′ 33″ R
    SouthNode 11° sagittarius – Sagittarius 50′ 33″ R

    1. I am sorry you are going through this. The abusive husband you can’t divorce will cease to be a burden to you from March 2023, either because the issue vanishes, he goes away, or you no longer care (for whatever reason). You are going through Saturn in Aquarius in your solar Seventh House of marriage, which is a burden, a waiting game and a test. It can only happen every 29 years and it is happening now, but you are over the worst and past the halfway mark and it is over in March. At the same time, if we are talking purely about finances, in the context of divorce, you have Jupiter in Pisces October-December which is an opportunity to make or save money, or cash in kind, either through him, or through your own family, or own arrangements away from him. Take that and run with it. The last quarter of 2022 and first quarter of 2023 is a good turning point for you. I strongly recommend you put a value on your peace of mind and price it. If you continue fighting him beyond March 2023 then most of that year will be extremely challenging; Pluto moves into your solar Seventh House of duels. Ask the Tarot about this, but were you to continue the battle in 2023 I think you would be sacrificing huge amounts of time, money, energy and your own happiness and then you would find the duel returns, within just a few years, with more of the same. So at a certain point you have to ask yourself if you should cut your losses or stay for a long-term power struggle. Astrology is all about minimising issues. Also avoiding them before they start. In your solar chart you have Jupiter in the Eighth House October-December, followed by Saturn in the Eighth House, after March 2023 and throughout 2024. In your natal chart you have the South Node in the Eighth House now into 2023. So you’re really in a double cycle with this part of both charts I use for you which rule the price you place on what cannot be bought and sold. It is extremely important that you reshape your life budget when you are in the best possible position to do that, October-December, and hang new tags on what is priceless to you. This may mean completely rethinking your business, your profession, your budget and so on. That’s okay. It would be a good time to do it. Long-term I do not advise getting stuck with him as the enemy. Please use the Tarot to validate the timing for yourself, regarding what I am saying, as this is an intensely personal matter and the Smith-Waite deck is very good at the rest of the story, which of course you cannot make public. It will help you with the astrological timing of all I’ve been discussing with you. More happily, you will eventually be part of a new power couple, if you want that. But you cannot start that dynamic duo, until you sort him out and that may mean some tough decisions.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    This Taurus forecast worries and confuses me. I have a variable mortgage in Canada that follows with the rising US interest rates. Everything aligned perfectly for us to buy this house that it feels like the house wants us. As a first time home buyer, I selected a variable solely for the flexibility to break it without a huge penalty. Now the interest rates rise faster than ever, I am uncertain how to prepare for the years ahead to 2026. Is it better to lock into a fixed rate for the next 4 years? I am confused what this forecast suggests to prepare. Be flexible OR lock in? How do I plan for a bumpy ride to 2026? I can’t take any bumps.

    1. I am sorry if you are worried and confused by the Taurus forecast. A variable mortgage on this cycle (Uranus in Taurus, in your natal Second House of banking and property) is always going to be unpredictable, because Uranus cycles are exactly that. This one lasts until 2026 as you know, and it has been with you since 2018. You have just seen evidence of that lack of certainty because interest rates are rising. There is no actual issue with the house. None whatsoever. You want to know if you should lock in a fixed interest rate until 2026 or stay flexible. The issue here is the ‘us’ as I don’t have the second person’s chart. You are a Sun Leo with a Taurus-Scorpio chart signature so are fixed by nature (you dislike change) and so I understand why you are concerned. I am also confused why you are reading the Taurus forecast; I assume this is your partner’s Sun sign? For yourself, personally, you will be given an opportunity to make or save money from October to December. After that you have Saturn in Pisces in your solar Eighth House of joint finances (which is always a stretch) in 2023 – and so you are quite right to be thinking long-term. What you gain, save or make near Halloween-Christmas should be factored into a long-term plan for 2023 in particular which gets you through. You will need a new life budget for 2023 – a life budget being the price tags you hang on what money cannot buy, like peace of mind, work you like, freedom, integrity and so on. I strongly recommend you use the Tarot and the two Oracles here for a personal reading and have your partner join you, or draw cards for him as well as you.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you are doing great and happy
    As usual a wonderful article from you.
    I was wondering if you have few minutes to spare can you take a look at my chart and let me know how thins tarus whether is going to effect/help me

    Thank you.
    Wish you lots of love and blessings.

    1. Thank you. You are a Scorpio Sun with a Virgo stellium in your Sixth House and a key point in Capricorn in your Tenth House. The gains from tomorrow forward are about work, unpaid work and/or your academic career. Being heavily Virgo you have figured out your work ethic and understood that the key to success is to serve. You can do this even as your own boss, or as someone at the very top; doing your duty by others, and perfecting your skill set, craft, trade or profession (the better to get it right, for other people) is the Virgo stellium path. You will have fantastic opportunities for promotion, an award, a new role, a big hit – starting tomorrow – until October. You are then again in a terrific position for a step up from January-May 2023. As a bonus, an improved lifestyle would come along with the greater sense of work satisfaction. So, for example, you might take a new role which is nearby a local park, so you can exercise on your break, or you would find that bigger success professionally means you can pick your own hours and move to a three day week.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Can you please tell me about the future of electric cars and lithium? We have quite a few investments in this sector. One such investment is in the DRC and has experienced a classic eclipse announcement to be revealed on May 11th.
    Thank you.

    1. Electric cars in general are here to stay, as you probably know. Avoid any judgement or action on the eclipse, though (any eclipse, ever). Electric cars are not yet mainstream but once you hit Jupiter in Gemini (the expansion, improvement and growth of the car) and then Uranus in Gemini from 2026 (the radical revolution in car manufacturing) you are in a cycle which was as exciting for motorcycle developers as the period after the last war – and the Jeep. So your instincts are right but never on an eclipse.

  7. Hi Jessica, I hope your well. I have a packed 2nd house and my partner has the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Asc and Hygeia in Taurus too! We’ve just relocated -yay- and are getting our tax and finances sorted. Do you see this season being fruitful for us financially? We’re hoping to buy a house later this year and my partner has a buy-in option for the next 12 months at his new job. I feel intuitively confident but would love your take! Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Pisces with a packed Second House as you say, and your partner is a Sun Taurus, who also has a stellium in the Second House. Your paths with property, tax and accounting are quite different, and you are actually in a better position than him, so let’s begin with you. In your solar Second House, starting tomorrow, you have Jupiter (expansion, growth, luck) bringing in opportunities and breakthroughs not seen in 12 years. These remain until October then resume, January-May 2023. Your partner may want to look at the fine print on the buy-in option on his job and do much more research on what is actually involved. This is the case until March 2023 actually, as there are some lessons about his career he may want to avoid having to learn. For both of you, the house/apartment situation is best tackled once Mercury Retrograde is out of Taurus and Gemini, which is mid-June. You may want to have Plan B and C after September, too, into early 2023, as you then go into Mars Retrograde in Gemini and there would be situations which are held up, reversed and rescheduled for you, with any property sale or purchase, and for him it would be with the bank, buyer or seller. So your cycles are in synch. Retrograde means ‘re’ as you probably know, so rethinking, rescheduling, renegotiating are par for the course with your property transactions and his actual finance, now through mid-June and from September to Christmas. So just bear that in mind with any discussion or paperwork. Long-term your prospects are excellent as Jupiter eventually goes into Gemini (same story) and you will find your property value increases and so does his net worth.

  8. I don’t know if I can anymore is been years since I struggle everything I do is falling apart, when I get up after a while I fall again
    I am a Taurus with scorpion ascendent I am 05/05/1967 my life was just a struggle
    Even now I live in England but I am Romanian and I want to go back in my country but I am scared . And I am scared here because I am alone in this country so I really think that this universe have something personal with me
    Thank you Jessica

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with an Aries stellium in your First House of self-promotion, image, title, appearance. You are going through a useful relaunch (starts tomorrow) until May 2023 and will acquire a new look and title for yourself; perhaps a new profile on Twitter and so on. This shows up in your solar chart, where you have Uranus (radical change) in your First House of branding, and in your natal chart, where Jupiter (growth, benefits, expansion) is about to move through your First House until October, then again from January-May 2023. The difficulty with England, a foreign country, can be traced back to Pluto (challenges) in Capricorn in your solar Ninth House of emigration and travel. I am not surprised you want to go back home to Romania. The worst is actually over with this issue and you will find it easier to go in December (Christmas) and January (New Year 2023). That is your next best chance to go home. It would begin in November and be complete by January. Your career will slowly resolve itself, with a huge break from current challenges from March 2023, and then by the mid 2020’s you will be in a completely different field or job, with powerful potential. You will be given the opportunity to make new friends or remake old friendships in October, November, December and be delighted with your social life by Christmas. The other great comfort for you is your spirituality, religion, Tarot, meditation or hypnosis. If you have not already explored that, you will find it comes to you very easily, or in a bigger and better way than you previously experienced, this year.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    I have Taurus about 6 times in my birth chart from memory, but can’t seem to read this article for some reason. I have just signed up as a premium member so maybe it takes a while to sort itself out?
    Any red flags or anything I need to know?
    Many thanks 🙂 BIG FAN ❤️

    1. Thank you! You are a Sun Taurus, Lesley, with a whopping Taurus-Scorpio pattern in your Second House of personal income and Eight House of joint finance. Ever since 2018 you have been put firmly on a new path that your younger self would have been amazed to see, all those years ago. You are now sorting out your bank account, income, rent, investments, shopping (even) and money in/out in a radically different way. That continues until 2026. You will make or save a small fortune from May 2023 and be sitting pretty by 2024. Now through 2023 is the hard part, with obvious differences in your values, compared to those of (say) a partner or relative. It’s the same thing with anyone who benefits from your will, like godchildren. The golden rule with Uranus in Taurus in your Second House of money, possessions, houses, land, flats, offices (the material world) is to think outside the box. What you do may be unconventional or even quite odd, but if it liberates you, it will work. The Tarot can give you more personal information about that.

  10. Dear Jessica, thank you for opening our eyes to beyond what’s happening today. I am, however, a little confused about the Taurus picture. My North Node is in Taurus at 22º. What can you see for my house/moving/financial options? The decision will always be mine, I understand that, but I’d value your perspective. Thank you so much.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    I would like to relaunch my business (restaurant) which was very successful but lost it out of nowhere in Nov.2021. I am ready to work hard for it again from scratch. But I also understand I have to be flexible enough to see other possibilities & move quickly when opportunities arise.
    Given my stellium in (Taurus, Aries, Aquarius, Virgo, Leo) & my birth chart over all, can you please tell me if there is any chance to succeed if I pursue the restaurant business again? How can i help my self during the juputer in Aries & Taurus weather?
    I love reading your article & thank you very for your advice & guidance.

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with a huge Taurus stellium. Taurus rules food, of course. It also rules charity, business and funnily enough, socialism. I am very sorry you lost your restaurant business as that must have shocked you, and also rocked your world. You are a fixed person, with both feet on the ground, and the ground shook. New technology, new inventions and radical new ideas will help you, no matter if you want to go back to the food business with a new approach, or pursue something completely different. After May 2023 you will be handed fantastic opportunities and solutions for your finances not possible in years. By 2024 you will have taken what is offered and made up for what happened in 2021. The trick with this cycle, until 2026, is to be flexible, light on your feet, ready to meet change with change – and open to new opportunities which happen very quickly. You are in a revolution. It will pay you to read the financial and business media online to see what is going on out there, as it will change in the blink of an eye. The future is fake meat, vegetarian food and new freezing or preservation processes, and new ways to meet a gap in the market which has arisen since the pandemic. Use the Tarot to give you inspiration.

  12. Hi Jessica
    I am not sure what to make of this as it relates to my chart. Could you please take a look and clarify a bit for me? Finances have been pretty unstable for awhile now. I have gone from pretty comfortable to struggling (up and down since about 2009). Currently feeling like every time I think it’s getting better something comes up to change that (financially). As you can see by my chart it’s pretty important for me to feel security in material ways.and I am not feeling that. I have always had some kind of nest egg even it was small but we have burned thru that and now just somewhat gliding. I just got a new job and so has my Leo husband (08/22/73) I am trying to figure a way to make mine more lucrative perhaps doing what I do (ESL) in a corporate way. I am just hoping when you say “ The difference in your financial position, your property situation, your shares, any Cryptocurrency and your attitude to what you own, earn and owe will be quite astonishing, once this cycle is over.” means better! I unfortunately do feel so much more secure with better finances (a good amount of savings for a rainy day and the ability to still have a life with some material pleasures) and obsess about it and fear being penniless. Crazy maybe but it is a bit of a fear of mine. Thank you in advance for any tips advice or insights.

    1. You are a Sun Cancer with a Taurus-Scorpio signature and Gemini patterns too. This is the toughest financial cycle in 29 years and ends in March 2023. That month is important for you and your Leo husband – we don’t know why. March 2023 suggests a new arrangement with both of you, in terms of the bank account, house or apartment. You will make or save more money after May 2023 so next year is the turning point. It takes you into early 2024 with opportunities and solutions galore. English as a Second Language (ESL) is your Gemini side showing. That will work out incredibly well for you long-term so stick with it and go on updating what you do, to meet market trends and match competitors. You will eventually use new technology and it will change your life – expect an exhilarating future.

  13. Hi Jessica, love the way you so clearly make astrology accessible.
    Thank you.

  14. Dear Jessica, I’d done my family’s birth charts and while reading your instructive blogs, I go through all of them to see how they will be impacted.

    After reading this blog, I saw that my second son has five factors in the second house. I would be most grateful if you could go through his chart and give your inputs on his chart.

    He’s doing a five year law degree, and is a talented drummer. He dreams of emigrating to a country that values equality, social welfare and democracy. When I hear the term ‘old soul’ I think of this child.

    Any insights would be most appreciated. Thank you!!

    1-Aug-2002, 23:16


    09° Leo 17′ 50″

    12° Taurus 42′ 29″

    24° Virgo 02′ 52″

    24° Gemini 56′ 36″

    15° Sagittarius 03′ 36″ R

    04° Leo 31′ 31″

    22° Cancer 27′ 30″

    22° Capricorn 27′ 30″

    14° Cancer 43′ 17″

    29° Taurus 02′ 56″

    18° Taurus 05′ 45″

    12° Pisces 20′ 18″ R

    29° Gemini 58′ 28″

    12° Leo 14′ 11″

    27° Aquarius 34′ 08″ R

    04° Capricorn 07′ 26″ R

    17° Aries 41′ 05″

    28° Aries 52′ 31″

    28° Libra 52′ 31″

    25° Cancer 15′ 41″

    24° Cancer 02′ 11″

    22° Taurus 06′ 49″

    26° Taurus 53′ 58″

    23° Virgo 06′ 40″

    21° Leo 35′ 34″

    00° Leo 00′ 14″

    09° Aquarius 35′ 30″ R

    17° Virgo 00′ 05″

    22° Leo 01′ 19″

    08° Gemini 32′ 11″

    15° Virgo 48′ 48″

    22° Virgo 54′ 30″

    16° Gemini 23′ 51″

    16° Sagittarius 23′ 51″

    1. Your Sun Leo son is a drummer who wants to emigrate. His best bet is now through October, then January through May 2023. Jupiter is in Aries then in his solar Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries, bringing opportunities. Jupiter also trines his South Node in Sagittarius in the natal Ninth House at the same time, so it’s the same story told twice. The lights go off after May 2023, though. That’s his best bet. Long-term he needs to be aware that if he thinks moving means going back home regularly, there will be huge problems with international travel from March 2023, deepening from 2026, when Uranus (shock) goes into Gemini and hits the Sagittarius factors in his chart. This may be airline or cruise company collapse; new international laws preventing air travel because of Climate Emergency, or most likely, COVID-19 producing new variants of concern. So if he is going to move, he really has to commit as the late 20’s and early 30’s suggest big blocks to travellers. It may become more expensive, more difficult and less frequent as we go through this mutable sign weather, starting with Saturn in Pisces from March 2023.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Fascinating read, as always! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs and the insights they provide! My husband is a sun Taurus with a stellium in Leo and Scorpio. We’re hoping that this may be the year we are able to buy a house and set down our own roots. We’ve tried soo many times before. When do you see us being able to finally have a house that we can call our own?? Thank you. Much love xx
    Shane’s chart
    27° Taurus 44′ 58″
    26° Gemini 23′ 10″
    24° Leo 08′ 25″
    14° Libra 14′ 43″ R
    17° Sagittarius 47′ 44″ R
    24° Scorpio 04′ 31″
    22° Scorpio 31′ 39″ R
    14° Leo 55′ 09″
    01° Capricorn 12′ 02″ R
    10° Aquarius 51′ 41″ R
    06° Cancer 00′ 08″
    11° Libra 54′ 06″
    16° Leo 25′ 30″
    03° Taurus 39′ 18″
    06° Cancer 27′ 44″
    13° 43″ R
    23° 49″ R
    Scorpio 48′ 17° 26″ R
    Taurus 45′ 42″ 08° 05″
    Capricorn 59′ 24°
    Sagittarius 28′
    Aquarius 02′
    Taurus 04′ 31″
    Leo 30′ 50″
    03° Aquarius 30′ 50″
    01° Gemini 43′ 05″
    04° Pisces 52′ 28″
    11° Virgo 53′ 42″
    16° Cancer 16′ 04″
    04° Libra 38′ 36″ R
    06° Pisces 25′ 06″
    16° Leo 17′ 34″
    11° Virgo 08′ 26″
    27° Leo 01′ 59″
    14° Scorpio 26′ 30″ R

    04° Aries 38′ 36″ R

    1. Thank you, I have answered you elsewhere. From May 2023, Shane makes or saves a small fortune and a house, block of land or apartment will be part of the story.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for your post that I love to read it. If you have 2 minutes, i would be very grateful if you can have a quick check on my profil and let me know if i will have a new opportunity for a new job ?
    I have 2 little questions :
    1) I passed an interview last friday for a new job, and I would like to know if I would have a chance to go into a new challenge and see a good career. Ideally in the futur i would like as well to open my own business in portugal at the same time that I have my new job here in switzerland.
    2) I am invested in crypto. do you think I am a loser or a winner in these investments ?

    1. You are a Sun Virgo with a Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini chart signature in mutable signs. I am sorry for this late reply. I had a very long list of questions and comments for this feature. You posted on 9th May and it’s now 2nd June, so you will likely have your answer about the job. Long-term, avoid living and working in two countries like Portugal and Switzerland. Virgo rules health. Sagittarius rules foreign people and countries. Gemini rules regional travel. They clash. They will be very, very difficult for you when Saturn goes into Pisces from March 2023 and he remains there for some years. You can find out more about mutable signs and COVID-19 on this website: I predicted the virus with them, a year before it happened, and to the day that the first man died in China. So be extremely careful with the pandemic and travel, travellers, foreigners and foreign countries. This is not over and in fact it has not even begun. Cryptocurrency depends on what it is, and when you bought it. In general, though, you will make or save a lot of money now through October, then January-May next year, ongoing. So you are doing something right financially or will just find Lady Luck visits you. You may inherit for example or find that the value of your property doubles without having to lift a finger. Jupiter in Aries can be a godsend like that. Keep an eye on Portugal as things are volatile there until 2026. It’s the same with any other foreign country outside Switzerland. Use the Tarot to validate this for yourself.

  17. Hi Jessica, I officially lost my job in Feb the year (which you hinted at in July 2021) and have just sold our little holiday cottage that has rapidly increased in value in the last six months. So on one hand I had absolutely no income this year and yet due to the sale of our cottage we will be completely debit free some time this week (if Merc Rx plays nice). After 30 years on the mortgage rollercoaster we are very, very excited. Hopefully, I will find some form of creative field employment or even, go back to teaching. I have the most Stellium of all stelliums in Taurus and watch as the Sun and Uranus transit my natal chart. My Uranus and Pluto are conjunct in Virgo also an earth sign so Uranus is also relevant to me. Could this be forced early retirement, I planned at least 10 years of work and earning? What do you interpret for me?

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with a whopping Taurus stellium. I never predict job loss, but I do predict challenges and obstacles with career, as far in advance as possible, so that readers don’t go out and borrow lots of money when the road is harder to walk. You have done very nicely from selling your holiday cottage; it’s amazing how heavily Taurus people have a nose for property. March 2023 is the turning point. We don’t know why. You end a very difficult phase in your life then, and the endless waiting game with your paid work, unpaid work or study stops. You will slowly but surely begin to find your feet with ambitions which empower you and give you control. You will be involved with quite powerful people and organisations in 2023, then with more presence, from the mid 2020’s past the 2030’s actually. It may be teaching or a more creative path. You will make or save a lot of money after May 2023 and by 2024 feel as if your entire life has changed. It has.

  18. Hello Jessica, I don’t have much in Taurus but do have both Saturn and Ops. How does the Taurus weather affect me? I am hoping to pay off my mortgage at the end of this year and also looking to move house with my husband (Pisces) although we may need more mortgage to move. Is this the right time to do this?

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn who wants to move and rethink the mortgage. You are in the luckiest cycle for houses and apartments in 12 years with Jupiter in Aries in your Fourth House of property until October, then resuming January-May 2023. Financial burdens and waiting games end in March 2023. That month seems to be the turning point with a sale, purchase or mortgage contract. Your Pisces husband matches your cycles, and if you want to make or save money, you will act on property by October 2022 and/or January-May 2023. The Tarot can validate this for you in a more personal way.

  19. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for another insightful article. I am a Scorpio and Sagg stellium person. Running a business (consultancy) with an Aquarian sun business-partner for five years now (since August 2017). I have no more energy to face a “bossy”, rude and very money driven business partner, but otherwise a very dynamic person, with great networking skills. Mentally, I am ready to part ways with them, but am extremely worried whether I can manage on myself – I consider myself a very introverted person (lack networking skills etc) but technically very good at what I do. Any thoughts on how I should handle this? I worry that with their “bossy”, loud and patronising nature, they will “grab” everything from the business, if I try to come to some sort of deal on how to split the business. Thank you very much in advance for your thoughts.

    1. You are a Sun Sagittarius with a Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo pattern in your chart. Your Aquarius Sun business partner is rude and bossy. You worry they will grab everything from the business if you leave, and you are also concerned about networking as you’re an introvert. Okay, so in both your solar chart (Sagittarius) and natal chart, the same story is told twice. You will lose the problem in March 2023. Pluto leaves your solar Second House of income then so the power and control issues with Aquarius end. In March 2023, their own horoscope reveals a major reality check about their money. So the transits are with you. In your natal chart, March 2023 is also important as professional issues about who is top dog, and who is not, disappear. In the meantime you have to proceed with what you want to do. Avoid acting until Mercury Retrograde is over on June 19th. That makes it easier. Try to exit before September to avoid long, drawn-out wrangling, as Mars Retrograde is with you from then. Don’t enter into any battles with them after September 2022 as they will go backwards and forwards while Mars is in your solar Seventh House. So, given that they are Aquarius and you are Sagittarius, act from late June, July, August and try to finish up then. You will have a fantastic career year starting in May 2023, continuing in 2024, with stunning opportunities and solutions professionally, academically and even with unpaid work, which benefit your lifestyle as a whole (health, wellbeing) as well as your C.V. However you make it work for yourself, you will wake up one day and be utterly amazed at what you are up to – surprising yourself. By 2026 you will have radically changed your career and be so much more free.

  20. Hi Jessica, I did not bother to look into asteroids before. Since I displayed my chart in your site, I notice I have 5 factors in taurus included Chiron. It is so weird cause I just got injured my right shoulder at work, but before that I was considering quitting and start somewhere and leave everything behind. But this just happened and is like the universe´s idea is to keep me stuck here (I guess it is because of saturn sq uranus transit). Appreciate if you can tell me if it is still a good moment to leave as you told me once that 2022 is a bumpy road at least until march 2023. Thanks a lot!

    1. Thank you. The asteroids matter as much as the planets, though most astrologers ignore them. You injured your shoulder which must have hurt; I hope you are on the mend. You want to leave work but this has held things up. You are a Sun Gemini with a huge Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of work and health. So you do, in fact, act out unresolved work issues through your body. Sometimes it’s illness. Sometimes it’s injury. It is far better to be conscious of any inner wrangling over your work, unpaid work or academic career and act on it, rather than let it go on, until something has to happen to get you time off work, or workers’ compensation. Strongly Virgo people need a job they are deeply committed to and fundamentally believe in and like, if not love. Theirs is to serve. They perfect the tiny details of routine tasks as part of their profession and can become artisans, actually, or true professionals, even if they are butlers or cleaners. So you really do need to sort this out. You will have a fantastic opportunity or solution, professionally, October, November, December 2022. Use the Tarot to give yourself a more personal reading.

  21. Good morning Jessica!
    First off – thank you! I have learned so much since joining!

    As i have a Scorpio Stellium I’m wondering the effects of this weather on me.

    Firstly an update –
    You were right in regards to my moving…i got a place April 14 and move in the 16th of May. Hope that bodes well for me. i realize moving/ Mercury retrograde but as i got the apartment before I’m hoping the move goes OK…but I’m prepared if not…as you said plan a b c…
    On the same day April 14 i submitted for a new role in my field of employment ( entertainment ). It could be a job that could take me through summer. The role would deal with the dual nature of a character. You had mentioned duals/duets in some other posts you have posted on others questions…I’m wondering if that could play a part here. Possibly in my favour? the job would start mid June. I just haven’t heard back yet and chalking that up to Mercury retrograde.

    Reading the articles on Chiron…the maverick teacher – not the wounded healer…love that -For some reason that rang true for me…the words, the poetry, the music…all are my muses…I’ve been lucky to have an abundant amount creativity given to me…is there one discipline that shines above others in my chart? One i should pay more attention to?

    Lastly my mother who I haven’t seen since 2011(I live in a different country) will be visiting on the 23rd. Shes an energetic 72 and a Jan 5 Capricorn. I’m hoping it’ll go well. You’ve been commenting on the 18 19 year karma…my father had past away when i was young in the summer of 1984…would there be something to this visit concerning that? There were no issues at the time.

    and one final question – as I have a big Scorpio presence in my chart, i have been reading the general Scorpio forecasts as well as my own Capricorn…is this a good idea to get a general feeling of the influence Scorpio would have on my chart?

    And finally thank you again!! For the advice, teaching and your excellent musical tastes! Rock on!
    Have a fantastic week Jessica.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn with an Aries signature and a large Taurus-Scorpio stellium. Don’t read the Scorpio forecasts as they won’t work for you. If your mother is visiting on 23rd June, that will go exceptionally well for you. She will arrive with more offers and opportunities than you first expected. Thank you for validating the prediction about the apartment. You will go on enjoying that all year and in 2023 as well, unless you accept a superior offer (it happens). The dual character is shown by Mercury Retrograde in Gemini in your solar Sixth House of work. You will know where you stand with that, once and for all, after June 19th but it will go backwards and forwards before that date. Don’t forget the Taurus-Scorpio stellium. Your finances are unpredictable, erratic, changeable from month to month, until 2026. You can gain on this cycle and will do so in 2023, starting in May. Try not to burden yourself with heavy debts as the idea with this cycle is to be light on your feet. There will be more crashes on Wall Street by 2026 and they affect us all.

  22. Hi Jessica, as usual, thank you for your incredible insights. I was reading your response to Rajesh thumu’s message and would appreciate your view of my chart. I do not have any Taurus factors, one in Gemini but heavy in Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius and Scorpio factors. To serve has been my career life while making a difference and climbing as a mountain goat. How does this period in my chart look. Thank you as always.

    1. Thank you. You have Scorpio factors at 10 through 23 degrees of Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance. This is the biggest stretch for you in many years, ending in 2023 when the lunar nodes depart Taurus-Scorpio. Marriage and mortgage are typical of the Eighth, but so is family and property, relatives and a will, godchildren and a legacy. Pension/superannuation, taxation and life insurance are also typical concerns in this transit. Uranus in Taurus opposing the Scorpio factors in the same time-frame suggests a gap between your values and those of (say) a brother. You may be generous; he may be reluctant to part company with his money. There may be more gaps and differences by 2023 but the nodes change signs then so a lot of the stretching will be over. Uranus will continue to be an unpredictable force until he passes 23 degrees, though, so in general try not to heavily burden yourself with loans. Uranus in Taurus is ‘the last thing anybody expected’ with currency and the world economy. He entered that cycle in 2018 and in 2020 COVID-19 crashed markets. Cryptocurrency goes on crashing. So you see…

  23. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for another great article.
    I have a Taurus stellium – five factors in Taurus in my 2nd house.
    Could you let me know how this Taurus weather will effect me?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Ups and downs are characteristic of 2018-2026, so you can wake up to find your superannuation or pension has dropped in value, because of COVID-19, which happened to billions of people in 2020. You can also wake up to find that your government has new offers in place which benefit you. As you are strongly Taurus you are fixed by nature, rather stubborn about moving your position, and yet you are being asked to ‘unfix the fixed’ until 2026. Try to get yourself into a flexible position if you can. Loosey-goosey is the way to do it. You will make or save a lot of money in 2023 when Jupiter goes into Taurus for the first time in 12 years.

  24. Hi Jessica
    I attempted the cryptocurrency craze two years ago and choose Ripple as its xrpl ledgers release date is 15/05/2018.
    Since Dec 2020 it has been sued by the SEC and the litigation continues to this day as ETH has soared. Both my 2nd and 8th house are empty so I am trying to decide if I bought into a bubble as the jupiter neptune conjunction squared my mars recently or I have followed astrology correctly with Ripple as an age of Aquarius possibility.
    it isnt a large sum so if i lose it, I lose it. I just wanted to be a part of this new way of banking and so far it has been a non starter for me as a holder. Would you mind having a look at my chart please to see if im fooling myself? Thanks a million A

    1. You have Aesculapia at 2 Taurus in your Second House of personal income, which is very common in the charts of people who invest in cryptocurrency. If you look at your library on this website, or any features on Aesculapia, you will see why. It is a symbol of who/what comes back from the point of no return. Ripple is a good example of that. Aesculapia was the Roman god of healing and people who were on the brink of death, or for whom all hope had nearly been lost, were restore to life in temples dedicated to the god. You need to look at transits at 2 Taurus, and likely 2 Scorpio. The real drama for you will be when the lunar nodes go to 2 Taurus/Scorpio at the very end of the cycle. I would suspect Pluto at 2 Aquarius square that in your chart would also be dramatic. This is one for you to research, not me, and you would also want to use the Ripple chart. When Jupiter goes to 2 Taurus in 2023 it will make a stunning conjunction to Aesculapius in your Second House, so watch that too, though it may not necessarily be about Ripple. You can buy a crumbling house at a bargain price and bring it back from the brink. That happens too.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    Hope your well.

    Recently joined as a member and really enjoying reading all your predictions. Have to confess i don’t understand how the Natal chart works but hopefully in time i will get my head around it. Can you please give me some advice on what we should do with our two properties in Spain, as I’m worried the markets will collapse and we will lose even more more as they haven’t yet recovered since the collapse back in 2007/8. My wife wants us to move house in the UK and use the funds from Spain. My wife is cancer 21.07.72.
    Your advice would be very much appreciated.
    Thanking you in advance

    1. Just to recap, as a Sun Leo you are having cycles in your Leo chart and also your natal chart which say the same thing twice. If you want to make your move financially, you would choose October, November, December this year when Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) goes back into your solar Eighth House of joint finance and shared property. You’d want to make your move before Saturn (tests and trials) goes into your solar Eighth House in March 2023, as he hangs around in 2023 and 2024 and can be very challenging. The other reason to make your move in 2022 is Jupiter also hovering in your solar Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries, so if something or someone turns up in Spain that seems likely, you can thank your lucky stars and make a decision. The Tarot can make all this more personal for you. March 2023 looks like a turning point for both of you, based on the fact that your wife is a Sun Cancer woman.

  26. Hi Jessica
    Great article.
    I have 4 factors in Taurus including Chiron. I worry this will indicate a loss for me.
    I am currently involved in a court duel with an ex which effects a home and money I own.
    This has been ongoing since 2018. Does my chart indicate any break throughs this year?


    1. Thank you. Jade, you have Taurus-Scorpio factors at 5 through 26 degrees so you’re going to feel the whole cycle of the lunar nodes in Taurus-Scorpio, until 2023. That is shown in the duel with your ex, which I am sorry you are going through. It landed in 2018 when Uranus (the unpredictable) also moved into Taurus and of course that means that Taurus-Scorpio axis in your chart has been affected with – the last thing you expected. This is the hardest work on the matter you will ever have to do, as it’s gone from 2023. There is karma here from 18 or 19 years ago, either with your ex or someone/something else and yet it ends next year. You will save or make money next year, once Jupiter goes into Taurus, which is the merry month of May. The Tarot can give you validation on that.

  27. Hi Jessica, thank you for this article but I am struggling to understand what this means for me. Could you please shed some light since I have 3 factors in Taurus?
    In the meantime, I am going through interviews to take on a manager’s role, would love to get your advice on how this could go and where should I focus, especially now that we are going through a new period of Mercury retrograde.
    Thank you very much

    1. As a Sun Aries you have that classic combination of Aries-Taurus which makes you formidable in business, property, charity and finance. You are not backward about forwards and have a good eye for what will make you money, or save you money. You will land a memorable bargain in 2023 (for example, an affordable block of land) and also increase your income, for whatever reason. You may inherit, or find yourself with a lucrative new project. You will become a manager, now or later, and if you do take this current role once Mercury has finished the retrograde in Taurus, you could be promoted again or take a superior position elsewhere in 2023, 2024. The real action with work is actually December, January. That is when you will see a reshuffle in your work place or chosen field that changes everything.

  28. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for your insight to Taurus weather. My finence has not been bad even in COVID era. But recently it suddenly gets bad. I lost a client. My trust investment broke due to breakdown of global stock market. I don’t have many factors in Taurus but Ceres at 2, Vulcano at 18, and NN at 19. Please make a forcast my finence. Thank you.

    1. You are a Sun Aquarius with Taurus-Scorpio factors at 2 through 23 degrees. You lost a client and your investment broke down. That is typical of this cycle but you will recover financially. At the moment you have the lunar nodes going across Taurus-Scorpio, and Taurus rules your Second House of personal finance and Scorpio rules your Eighth House of joint finance. The opposition ends in 2023 when much of the pressure ends. In 2023 Jupiter (solutions) goes into Taurus so from the middle of next year onwards, you can save or make money again.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for keeping us in posted with the Taurus transit. Can you see a date in my chart where my ex and I Will likely reach a financial agreement? We’re still sharing a household and I have no room to move until I have the funds to be set free.
    Thank you

    1. Try to get what you want from your ex while Jupiter is in Aries. So that’s now until October, and January to May 2023. You’ll get what you want in 2023-2024. The Tarot can validate that and give you timing.

  30. Jessica, many thanks! I am reading your replies to people which are as great and interesting as the main posts. It is really fulfilling to see the help and care you are giving … respect

    1. Thank you! The features are one thing, but the comments and replies extend the features, so they become real-world, which is the main thing. That’s very kind of you. I appreciate it.

  31. Hi Jessica
    I hope this finds you well!
    I wondered if you could please shed some light on when my financial situation will improve?
    It’s been Tough for a long time. I’ve been casual nannying to help financially contribute to my family but I’m a) finding the employment opportunities few and far between and b) I’m feeling over it (picking up heavy toddlers, dealing with tantrums, etc in addition to running my own household has me beyond exhausted)
    I’ve consulted the cards many times but nothing seems clear.
    Will this Uranus in Taurus cycle offer me any financial reprieve?
    Thank you.

    1. Uranus in Taurus is not financial reprieve. It’s a revolution. Follow the steps with the cards and next time, please detail the cards you chose for the present and the future, and the time-frame you used. They work, but you need to only consult them once – many times is a sign that you need to read the instructions and go back to the beginning, and use the library that comes with the deck.

  32. Thank you for another fantastic blog Jessica. I have 5 Taurus factors including my South Node, Psyche and Ceres at 29 degrees plus a stellium in Cancer. I posted a comment recently about wanting to buy a home and mentioned Labor’s housing scheme. I recently found an existing scheme in my state so am looking to buy sooner rather than later. I know it’s a personal decision. I drew a Knight of Cups and the interpretation mentioned “something solid gold emotionally” which the security of a house would be for me. I’m a bit nervous doing it as a single parent for the first time but also excited by the prospect. Does the astrological weather over the next 6 months support this move? Thank you.

    1. The Knight of Cups is not about buying a home, though you stand to save or make money in 2023 so perhaps that is when you will do it, using Labor’s new housing scheme. The savings or gains could come from almost anywhere though; you may have a big hit and earn more next year, or be offered a lucrative job. Next year, Jupiter (opportunities, solutions) goes into Taurus for the first time in 12 years and will form some terrific conjunctions to your Taurus stellium, and sextile your Cancer stellium in the Fourth House of property. So you’ll either get what you want in 2022 and make the move in 2023, or find that there is inevitably a waiting list for the scheme, but that you move on up next year. The Knight of Cups is about a man travelling or moving to be near you, with a pure, sincere, precious gesture of affection or love. Not money. Meet him halfway.

  33. Hi Jessica, once again a great read, I don’t have anything in Taurus but need to refinance my mortgage this month so would love any information that will help me in doing this for the best outcome as I to don’t need anymore bumps on my journey, I have just started a new job which hopefully is the right fit for me, its been a tough uphill battle since May 2018 for me. Thank you

    1. Thank you. You were born with Apollo at 14 and Neptune at 22 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance and property. So you were born to take a leading role with legacies, marital bank accounts, trust funds, insurance and the like. That’s Apollo. You are also inclined to float inside property bubbles (that’s Neptune). Neptune is a symbol of what is real, yet not quite real. The price of a house, or block of land, can increase or decrease so easily, based on whatever props it up, or takes it down, at the time – so it’s not grounded in reality. Uranus going to 14 and 22 Taurus opposes that, as it moves through the sign until 2026 and of course the North Node at 14 and 22 Taurus does the same thing, so having a mortgage is never going to be a predictable business, but this is really about joint finance, not your own income, so it’s far more likely to involve a partner or husband, a family member or child. You could easily move by 2026 – that option is open to you. The Tarot can personalise this more for you, as you don’t say if another name is on the mortgage.

  34. Thank you for your amazing insights, Jessica. I really enjoyed reading this. I have 5 factors in Taurus and looking at transits this year, I’ve noticed there’s a triple conjunction in Taurus in early August that will conjunct my natal moon. I’m being considered for a few higher positions at my job that might occur around that time, but I’m concerned about the health of a few older family members and am concerned that this may hinder my ability to be there and take care of them. Any suggestions? Thank you again!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Leo with Taurus/Scorpio factors at 1 through 29 degrees so experience the full cycle of Uranus in Taurus, from 1 to 29 degrees, going from mid-2018 until 2026. This means that entire period 2018 to 2026 is unpredictable, erratic, frequently quite liberating, full of bolts from the blue and ‘the challenge to change’ never quite goes away. Your solar chart, as a Sun Leo, suggests you make or save a lot of money in October-December 2022. This may be because an older family member names you in the will, or the will is altered to benefit you. That is one example of it. It is also possible that older family members involve you in a legacy that needs a great deal of research, as from March 2023, Saturn goes into your solar Eighth House, and the sign of Pisces, replacing Jupiter. That dominates 2023 and 2024. This tallies with the transits to your natal Scorpio factors in the natal Eighth House so the time to sort this out is 2022. You will find your greatest career success in many years, between 2023 and 2024 when Jupiter goes into your solar Tenth House of professional advancement, in the sign of Taurus, and of course transits your Second House of personal income in your natal chart, at the same time.

  35. Hi, Jessica–and thank you, as always, for your insights.

    I have several factors in Taurus. I have been looking to leave an unsatisfying job for a position with more flexibility and better pay. My dream is to start an online business using my skills as a writer and editor, perhaps as a free-lancer–although I would happily sell widgets at this point if it meant financial independence (they would have to be high-quality widgets that were genuinely beneficial to my customers, however). Alternatively, I would be OK with a remote position, at least temporarily, while I grow my business. Do you have any suggestions based on my chart? Health care is a big concern for me, by the way, since health insurance for the self-employed is very expensive here (U.S.), and I would need a big enough increase to cover that. Again, thank you so much.

    1. You are a Sun Cancer woman with a Virgo and Capricorn chart signature, so know how to work hard and are ambitious enough to make it, your whole life through. Do pursue what you have in mind with writing and editing. You already have opportunities around you and the time is right professionally until October, then again from January to May 2023. You are lucky enough to have Jupiter (reward) going through your solar Ninth House of publishing and then your solar Tenth House of success, in 2022 and the first half of 2023. In your natal chart we find a classic sign of first draft/second draft/third draft from September until Christmas, then into early 2023, so you would appear to be working on a project with several takes or versions, then. That project, whatever it is, is important to your long-term future and either that core product, or one very much like it, takes off later.

  36. Jesus Christ, i have 8 factors in Taurus. You described my horoscope as being an extreme Taurus! What does this weather bring for my stock trading and travel in 2022?

    1. Yes you have Taurus 11-28 patterns including the nodes (karma) so you have been through at least one financial crisis, possibly in the Twenties, and maybe further back – Tulip bubbles and so on. You would be letting your soul down if you were not fully engaged in charity, cryptocurrency, crowdsourcing and so on, in this lifetime. You have come back here to deal with unfinished business, about money and property. You will make or save a fortune when Jupiter (luck, abundance, opportunity, growth) goes over 11-28 Taurus from July 12th 2023 until May 21st 2024. The key is new inventions, innovations, and ‘the revolution’ in the world economy. This goes beyond Bitcoin which is rather old-hat now, and even Stripe and Pozible. The second half of 2023 and early 2024 suggest something unpredictable, exciting and right on the cutting-edge. That would help you fulfil your karmic mission. There is no security, no promises, no stability and no permanence in your finances to 2026 so be aware of that. As for travel, local and regional, not international. And wear a mask.

  37. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your skills and talents with all of us. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has found great comfort and guidance over the last few years from your work.
    I returned as CEO to a job I was made redundant from (after 20+ years of service) in 2019. Since then, I have been lucky to enjoy an independence and freedom within the job that I could never have imagined.
    During the recent Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces conjunction in April, the owners of the business reached out and asked if I would like to buy the business from them. I was absolutely floored by the lightening bolt out of the blue. It would mean going into debt to fund the purchase and weaning myself from the owners’ support.
    The business is a natal Capricorn sun currently conjunct transiting Pluto – registered on the 18th Jan 2005 in Sydney.
    Financial security is what drives me, so I can be both impulsive and risk averse at the same time.
    My question is, is this the right move for me to buy the business or should I let the situation play out and see what happens?
    Many thanks,

    1. Thank you very much. I’m glad you told me the birth date of the business. The business is almost like a second person in this story, having made you redundant after 20 years, then hired you as CEO, and now you’re being asked to purchase. You would have to go into debt to do that. Okay, for a start, this is all happening on Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, and an eclipse in Taurus, and a second eclipse (soon) with the Sun in Taurus, opposite a Full Moon. Whenever you judge money in astrology, it’s Taurus (your income) or Scorpio (their/his/her income). So the business has the Moon in Taurus. Alarm bells. You don’t give a time or place for its birth so I can’t tell what degree, but just a Taurus Moon is enough to make any negotiations April-June a risky matter. Ceres at 13 Scorpio is here too. So let’s look at your chart. You have a huge stellium in Scorpio and a pattern in Taurus. You are doing all this in 2022, 2023 if you go ahead. Until July 17th 2023, you have the North Node in Taurus opposite the South Node in Scorpio. You really have to put a price on this. How much would you pay for a quiet life, as opposed to tension? That nodal opposition is tension and it goes right over your Eighth House and Second House, and right across the same sectors of the business chart. Some people thrive on long-term ambition and doing the hard yards over the short term, but I’m not convinced about your life March-July 2023 in particular. I don’t know if that time-frame is mentioned on any paperwork, but you would have Saturn in your solar Eighth House then and the South Node in your natal Eighth House. Saturn is a burden, the Eighth House is joint finance, and the South Node is a stuck loop – a karmic circuit. Maybe if you were thinking years into the future and prepared to go through some difficulty, you would think it worth the price of going into debt to do this. You really need to do your own life budget and life sums here. For me, the stretch would not be worth any financial gain. For you, there may be a completely different value system going on. For that reason, make your own choice here, finally, and use the Tarot which has an entire section devoted to money, to use the timing I give you here and see who/what is on offer. If financial security drives you, you are on a rollercoaster anyway to 2026 with Uranus in Taurus, but there are exhilarating rides and rides you wish you could get off. I do not want you to get on the wrong ride; use the Tarot next for yourself.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks! This is right over my sun and Mercury. I have a total of six factors in Taurus and the coming eclipse is a day before my birthday.

    Interestingly enough, a deal that I thought I had secured started falling apart shorty after April 27. And it was for a brand ambassador type of deal, but not in the traditional was this company is used to doing it. Uranus, eclipse (something hidden) and right on my sun and Mercury. I tried to get this moving way before this, but I can’t control the other party and their response time.

    These are my factors
    Sun 26°
    Mercury 26°
    Venus 17°
    MC 18°
    Panacea 24°
    Psyche 00°

    I’m exhausted, so whatever happens this month, happens. Not the cheeriest attitude, but it’s honest.


    1. This is a late reply, Jeff, as the eclipse has been and gone, but the mailbag for that was unusually full. You have been going through a double whammy of Mercury Retrograde in Taurus in your Second House of personal income, and the eclipse in Taurus-Scorpio, which is again, business. Nobody has really enjoyed April or May. The final ten days of June helps turn things around so at least you know where you stand for the future. You will obviously make or save a lot of money in 2023 when Jupiter in Taurus starts to move through your Second House and once Jupiter goes to 26 Taurus, you will have the deal of perhaps not a lifetime, but a fantastic deal not possible in 12 years.

  39. Hi Jessica! As I’ve said before, thank you for writing another wonderful blog post. So, I counted 5 factors in Taurus in my birth chart. I’ve recently purchased land in Bali. I’m building a home as I type. Well, a contractor is building my home, but I’ve had all the say in the architecture, and it’s been an absolute blast (a great time, but I used all my savings). On your last blog article, I wrote a comment you replied to (THANK YOU!) and I mentioned I’ve been having a bit of a financially difficult time, and hoping that will change? I felt I really gambled by purchasing the land and building a home here in Bali, but I think in the long run, it’ll save me money and stress. Here in Bali, every so often, they kick you out of homes so they can rent to the more rich tourists coming through and at a higher price point, so you’re left constantly wondering how long you can live in this house or that house. Anyway, I’m a bestselling Science Fiction author, but taking a break for personal reasons from writing in 2020 probably wasn’t the best idea. After I published four books in 2021/2022, I did pick up some steam, but it’s still not great. I’m struggling. I’m invested in Bitcoin, and other than that, I have my books that I write (and I love writing) that are slightly keeping me afloat. If you see anything in my chart that will be helpful for me to know, then that would be great. If not, no worries. I love your website!

    1. Thank you. Strongly Taurus people enjoy investing in houses, gardens and apartments and you also have the usual Gemini signature of a writer. The years 2022 into 2023 are the hard part, financially, as there is a gap between your life budget, and the Bali national budget, as you can see. Once Jupiter goes into Taurus later in 2023 you are on a roll and will find solutions, advantages and rewards – from whatever source. Hang onto your book copyright for other mediums, as from 2026 new technology will emerge which means you can export the ideas into new formats. Think carefully about the long-term relationship with Bali or another foreign country as March 2023 suggests a turning point when it will become far more demanding, in terms of time and energy, and emotional investment. Whatever or whomever you take on, in March 2023, is with you for a really long time to come.

  40. Hello Jessica,
    Could you please tell me how I will be affected or what areas of my life will be affected based on my birth chart?
    I’m very new to all of this and get confused while trying to figure out how these upcoming weather changes affect me.
    Thank you!

    1. You are a Sun Gemini with an Aries stellium in your First House of image, appearances, title, reputation and the public mask. You are relaunching, slowly but surely, with backwards steps in early June, but progress from the final ten days or so. Again, you relaunch yourself as Mars goes into Gemini from September, into early 2023, but it will be back and forth. Eventually you clear these cycles and end up with Jupiter in Gemini, followed by Uranus in Gemini from 2026, so the late Twenties is the new you. New look, new title, perhaps a new name, new style. It’s like going from overweight and clean-shaven to trim and bearded. Or from nerd to sex symbol. It’s not just any old makeover, it’s transformation, and it’s hinted at in 2022, 2023. Jupiter going through your natal First House in Aries at the same time helps.

  41. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your wonderful articles that you have shared with us over the years, I find it fascinating
    Just wondering If a person doesn’t have any factors as you mention does that mean they won’t be impacted as much?
    The only bit of Taurus in my life is my daughter who is expecting her first child in July
    I have just said “yes” to 2-3 months work at my old workplace as the money will come in handy. We are supporting as best we can a few family members through their troubles atm and over the last 2 years.
    So life has had its demands on us it seems from everyone else, I feel I won’t have time to enjoy the baby or just spend time with the hubby.
    Just wonder when the constant curveballs will end and I can get to enjoy babies and photography or we can go bush away from everyone!

    1. Thank you. You have the Sun in Sagittarius, R and a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance. Supporting family members financially is very common with that chart pattern. It rules legacy and inheritance and often the money is given while we’re still here! Congratulations on the new grandchild; a little Cancerian, if born in the first three weeks or so. If later, a small Leo person. You will find March 2023 is the turning point. You won’t know why yet, unless that is in your calendar for whatever reason, but the pressure will disappear. You will spend 2023 experiencing what it feels like to be released from constantly having to use your self-control and willpower in respect of money, a house or apartment, the bank, your possessions and so on. From 2025 it’s all just a memory. Your new focus will be short journeys and local and regional travel and it will change your life.

  42. Does having Chiron, Ops and South Node in Taurus (and Uranus, Cupido and Norh Node in Scorpio) count as a stellium? What could be the impact?

    1. A stellium is four, five, six or more factors in one zodiac sign. You have a signature, which still matters. A signature in Taurus-Scorpio indicates a lifetime of contrasting values with boyfriends or brothers, girlfriends or mothers, relatives or business partners. You sometimes find a materialist cashed-up bogan with a neo hippie. That’s the Australian way of expressing it. Or, a grass roots drop-out with a capitalist banker. It usually shows up in sexual-financial relationships, which is when the man who could care less about getting rich, falls in love with the Citibank banker. Taxation and politics work together so sometimes the issue is based on votes. It’s more evident in 2022, 2023 as the lunar nodes are in Taurus-Scorpio. That eases up from 2023, though, and in fact you will have some astonishing opportunities to save or make money once Jupiter changes signs next year.

  43. Hi Jessica, we are looking to buy a house (totally out of the blue). I didn’t think we’d get a mortgage because I’m self employed..but we can and we can get private lending if need it (we will). My husband is in the trade and wants to renovate. The prices are high (we have four children so need bedrooms) but maybe it’s all relative if we add value through renovation?! I’ve done it was mega stress…and we do live in a wonderful rental but as the children are getting older we suddenly want the security that owning your owns gives…I have a Taurus stellium and would be grateful if you wouldn’t mind looking at my chart. Thank you so much

  44. Hi Jessica, we are looking to buy a house (totally out of the blue). I didn’t think we’d get a mortgage because I’m self employed..but we can and we can get private lending if need it (we will). My husband is in the trade and wants to renovate. The prices are high (we have four children so need bedrooms) but maybe it’s all relative if we add value through renovation?! I’ve done it was mega stress…and we do live in a wonderful rental but as the children are getting older we suddenly want the security that owning your owns gives…I have a Taurus stellium and would be grateful if you wouldn’t mind looking at my chart. Thank you so much

    1. You are a Sun Pisces with a Taurus stellium in your Second House of property and money. You are renting, want to buy, have four children and your husband is a professional renovator. I don’t have his chart here, or their charts, but for you (alone) you will save or make a lot of money now through October and again January-May 2023. At the same time, you may prefer to negotiate the property after mid-June and skip Mercury Retrograde, and get it signed off by September 2022, to skip Mars Retrograde. If you were to renovate after September 2022 or buy, get everything in writing and read the fine print as the journey would be slow and stop-start until Christmas and still linger on in early 2023. I suggest you use the Smith-Waite Tarot to validate this for yourself; it’s very good with property and money questions. Just follow the steps.

  45. Jessica, thank you for your article and always thoughtfully preparing your readers.
    I must say, I am very concerned in the recent astrologic events affect and how it is going to affect me. I am currently finalizing my divorce which has been going on since February 2019. Being in the final stages during a mercury retrograde and the Taurus aspects is making me very uneasy. In addition, now living on a single income, I purchased a new home I am supporting my children (who are adults 24 and 27) but need help to manage living expenses during these challenging times and unfortunately the decline of the stock markets and bitcoin has affected me greatly. I invested a lot in Bitcoin and the stock markets because I did not want to miss out (perhaps I misread your warning) and unfortunately it was the best decision given the current circumstance. I have a Taurus/Scorpio stellium, Taurus and South Node at 18 degrees as well as many other factors at 0 degrees. I would greatly appreciate it if you can provide some guidance as to how this is going to affect me. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You have the Sun in Capricorn and a Taurus-Scorpio pattern. Your divorce is taking a long time to finalise. Take heart in knowing that this is the bumpiest ride you will have for many years. Why? We have the nodes in Taurus-Scorpio and they are opposite signs. We also have Uranus (bumps) in Taurus as you’ve seen. The worst is over in March 2023. This is in both charts I use for you. The burden lifts. The waiting is over. From that point, you will enter into a new phase of your life budget when you realise that unless you are very self-controlled, use tremendous willpower and tightly steer your own financial ship – you may lose power. The reward is that you could make or save a lot of money as you go towards the mid 2020’s. I don’t know if March or April 2023 turn up on your paperwork but that is when you can release the load (taking a load off your mind is the outcome) and face the new challenge to change. Yet, if you follow the rules and are stringent about (say) spending – and saving – you will end up in quite a powerful position. It may take a while to really build for you, but if you want security in the 2030’s you will make a pledge to yourself from March 2023.

  46. Hi Jessica, I have four factors: Aesculapia, Hygeia, Vulcano, and the NN. I’m a Pisces that took great advantage of the internet, launching my new image creatively and spirituality. What does this cycle mean for me? Thanks

    1. You are a Sun Pisces with a Taurus-Scorpio pattern and will gain financially, starting in about an hour actually (this is when Jupiter moves into Aries for the first time in 12 years). The cycle kicks off dramatically by June, as Mars moves into Aries and accelerates the opportunities to make or save a lot of money. This is ongoing. The first phase ends in October. The second phase resumes in January and is over by May 2023, by which time in your solar chart and natal chart alike, you will have been given one chance after another to make or save.

  47. Thank you for this article Pamela.So useful as usual. I don’t have a stellium in Taurus but I have Chiron 9 Taurus and DC 21 Taurus.
    And I don’t know why, I feel some change coming…Or maybe it’s the excitement of Jupiter in Aries 😀

    1. You are a Sun Leo with a Scorpio stellium, which is important. (Thank you for correctly guessing I channel Pamela Colman Smith, by the way). Too funny. Okay, so you will make or save a small fortune, October-December 2022. Do use that window to stash the cash or invest it in something that will see you through 2023, 2024.

  48. Dear Jessica,

    I hope that you are keeping well.

    I don’t have a stellium, however, have the following three factors in Taurus. What do these factors indicate for me?
    Taurus: Jupiter @ 29, Ops @ 17 and South Node @ 3

    There are numerous opportunities coming up at my workplace, wondering if I will be considered for any of the roles (promotion). Also, was planning to buy a house, do you see any possibility of this happening in the near future?

    Appreciate your time and advice.


    1. You are a Scorpio Sun with a Virgo and Capricorn pattern in your Sixth House of work, service and duty – and Tenth House of ambition and position. You will be considered for promotion and may attain it by October. If not, there will be a superior job elsewhere. You receive a second wave of advantages, opportunities and rewards in January-May 2023. This shows up in both charts I use for you, solar and natal. Buying a house will be a serious, heavy commitment if you do so before March 2023. Just your common sense will tell you that, never mind astrology, but your chart indicates a load to carry or a burden. That will lift from March 2023, in slow stages, with things easing up in 2023, 2024. You’d want the best advice you can afford about buying a house at this time. It will involve a huge amount of emotional energy, actually, over the very long-term. Use the Tarot as well for your own guidance.

  49. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you are well thanks for sharing your gift with us! I was wondering how you see this cycle impacting me? Does it look good on the career/financial front? Will things improve soon? It seems Virgos have had it rough for a while now :(.

    This is the only thing I see with Taurus in my chart:

    22° taurus – Display Birth Chart Taurus 51′ 44″ R

    Thanks again for all that you do!

    1. You will make or save money from this point forward until October, then again from January until May 2023. This shows up in your solar chart, where Jupiter in Aries is transiting your Eighth House of joint finance, property and valuables – but also in your natal chart, as Jupiter arrives in your Second House of personal income, next year. So things are on the turn. The most difficult financial cycle in 19 years fades next year, so this is the last full year you’ll have to work your way through it.

  50. Hi Jessica, thanks for another interesting article. I only have Ops 16 and Juno 29 in Taurus, opposed by Cupido 16 and Vulcano 28 in Scorpio. Is this asteriod pattern significant in any way?

    1. Yes, that opposition is highly significant for your whole life. It is more obvious in 2022, 2023, as the lunar nodes go across the Taurus-Scorpio axis, but actually, you could go back years and find the usual conflict between your life budget, and other people’s. This may be the difference between your approach to a family inheritance (generous) and your brother’s (Scrooge McDuck). It may be your attitude towards property and money (you don’t care about it) and your former boyfriend’s (it was his reason for existing). You tend to find Scorpio-Taurus is all or nothing with values, ethics, and what I call ‘life budget.’ What you will, or will not, sell out for. Who or what is so precious it is priceless. The obstacle course of 2022, 2023 disappears as 2024 appears around the corner and you will find life much easier. A difference in values matters less from that point. For now, you have to work your way around it.

  51. Dear Jessica
    I have been watching the Taurus Scorpio connections and follow your Blogs and horoscopes- but I am no astrologer! You did mention that May could be a turning point for Scorpios. I am particularly curious about this as I could have new work possibilities. But I am rather deflated after years of nothing substantial materializing.
    Would welcome your view.
    Thank you
    26-Oct-1949, 02:50 Cape Town (-33.9248685,18.4240553)

    1. You are approaching the ‘right time, right place’ cycle of Jupiter in Aries, so your working life will offer you opportunities and rewards by October, and again from January until May 2023. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Virgo (work) and Capricorn (success) chart signature, so in both charts I use for you, solar and natal, you have a new career path, study path or unpaid work path opening up, to your total advantage.

  52. Hi Jessica! As always thanks so much for your amazing skill and knowledge. I have a stellium in Taurus and Scorpio….just wondering how dramatic my next couple of years will be financially. My husband just began a new venture in his carreer and I am trying to build my success and career in Real Estate. Technically currently, we are doing better than we ever have equally but I worry for the other shoe. His new job is extremely challenging and meeting some pushback from a large competitor, it has aspects of not making it long term. He is a sagittarius. We have 3 young boys so I am eager to plan, prepare and be equipped in managing the ups and downs of our current world and the positives and negatives it is intent on throwing. That said, it feels like years since we’ve enjoyed a full life as it were, we could use, I know many/most could, some fun! Thanks again for your time and kindness in helping us all steer our lives in the best way possible!

    1. It’s common for a Taurus-Scorpio stellium person to pursue real estate, MB, so you are on the right path. Some people just invest in a house or apartment and see it double or treble in value. Others take a professional course. You have a Sagittarian husband and three boys as well; that’s a handful. His financial and business life is intense, no doubt about it. March 2023 is a relief and release for him. It may be that an answer appears then, or he no longer cares. In any case, 2023 is a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel and the constant need to use willpower and self-discipline, and iron self-control, will no longer be relevant from March. It comes and goes, but from 2025 he can put many years of the most demanding financial, business, charity and property cycle behind him. You are a Sun Cancer, so reading your solar and natal chart together, the toughest part for you is also over, March 2023, and a new era begins. You don’t know why yet, but change is coming.

  53. Hi, Jessica, thank you so much for your responses. The questions and your answers are so interesting and I learn so much from them. In my chart, there are aspects to my sun and Mars, which are both at 26 degrees, and Saturn in November at 16 degrees. What strikes me about my chart, though, is that the North Node is conjunct my ascendant during the eclipse. What are these aspects trying to tell me?

    1. The eclipse has passed us now – apologies as it takes time to catch up with questions (there are 14,233 of them today). I’m assuming you did not act or judge too dramatically and let it go. By now you will realise just how led astray you were by what appeared to be facts, but were not. You are a Sun Pisces with a Pisces stellium in the Twelfth House which is more important than anything else, from this point forward. Jupiter and Neptune transit your natal Twelfth House of religion, hypnosis, therapy, mediumship, Tarot, dreams, meditation, self-help – in October, November, December. That’s a rapid period of welcome growth. In your solar chart, we find Saturn in Aquarius in your Twelfth House at the same time, giving way to Pluto in Aquarius from March 2023. Pluto then takes up residence in your solar Twelfth, while Neptune continues to transit your natal Twelfth. Have a look at the Twelfth House and your Pisces side. It’s about to become a growing, going, concern.

  54. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your marvellous precision in looking at astrological patterns.
    Although I am quite getting what Uranus is teaching me about freedom on my life path, if you don’t mind looking at my chart, as I do have several factors in Taurus, what could you point out as I am contemplating establishing my business close to home in a rural area (last year I asked to work part-time so no longer working full-time hours, and have put business basics in place, abn, website, etc) and potentially employing my daughter to work with me on reception on those three days a week I work for my employer). Planning these for the last quarter of 2022 after my extended (medical) holiday overseas until mid-September (seeing Mars R in Gem triggering my chart then too). Or should I just rent out my home, and get myself a motorhome?? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You are flowing with your Uranus in Taurus transit, as you have asked to work part-time and put your freedom first. You are thinking about hiring your daughter in a new business in the final quarter of 2022. Lots of questions here as you also want to possibly rent out your home and get a motorhome. You are a Sun Gemini who is experiencing the transiting South Node in Scorpio in her solar Sixth House of lifestyle, workload, daily routine, health, wellbeing, gardening, animal chores, housework, duty and service. In your natal chart we find a stellium in Virgo in your natal Sixth House, which is also being transited in late 2022, so it’s the same story told twice, publicly and privately. You may find you are going around in circles until the South Node leaves Scorpio on July 17th 2023, so allow for some repetition there. You have unfinished karma from 2003, 2004 with work (or your academic career, unpaid work or health) and that has to be settled, so you will come up against ‘same, same’ scenarios until that’s done. Understanding what is going on is half the battle. The timing is similar with your Virgo stellium. You are lucky to have Jupiter in Virgo and are approaching the Jupiter-Jupiter trine after May 2023, so this works out. As for a motorhome, Mars Retrograde in Gemini is very difficult in your Third House natally and as this loop goes around from September 4th until March 17th, you’d want to get everything in writing and have Plan B and C. You can use the Tarot to validate the astrology here.

  55. Hi Jessica,

    On the heels of the conjunction last month right on my South Node, I’m rolling into this eclipse. There’s a brand deal that started last November when the eclipses series started, had a meeting a day or two before the new moon eclipse, was told I had to pitch them for compensation which I told them up front that that was what I was looking for.

    I sent them a pitch, and haven’t heard back yet. I gave then a solid gold community project, which is what they wanted from me. I approached them about a campaign for one of their products. They a local fertilizer company with a national presence. I’ve used this company’s products since I was a kid when my dad taught me and my brother how to garden. I recommend them to everyone. The product that I wanted to do the campaign with is a tomato fertilizer, and Jersey breed tomatoes are the focus of my local historic research.

    In the interim, I now have the opportunity to host a local weekend radio show. When I pitched myself for an interview, I pitched them for a radio show. After the interview, the program manager mentioned the open weekend slots he has, and said if I can produce it, he’s open to me having one. I can produce it, and I see this as tool to build the subscription to my monthly newsletter.

    I also have three opportunities to apply for grants in three counties for 2023. They award the money in February so I see the potential for March 2023.

    At the same time, work is shallow, and I’ve seen your writings about Taurus and the work challenges.

    Here’s my Taurus aspects;
    Sun 26°
    Mercury 26°
    Venus 17°
    MC 18°
    Panacea 24°
    Psyche 00°

    I’ve been experimenting with a media project that my newsletter is part of, so I have the concept for this radio show established. When I pitched the program manager, I sent him a link to a podcast I produced from this concept. I followed up with this company with the brand deal, and offered them a sponsorship opportunity as an added benefit to my pitch. I want to grow my subscription base, and in the long term, that’s more solid than sponsorship. Also, since it’s a new show, pitching to new sponsors is a big challenge.

    The hidden local history that I’m bringing forward is where this is all rooted, but it’s looked at from a current perspective.

    Short term is very tight, March 2023 is looking very good. It’s all so spot on.

    Oh, and during the day of the eclipse here, I’m going to be a historic storyteller at this county history faire. I was invited by the county to be there. They’re filming the work I’m doing there as part of the AV portion of their permeant local agriculture history exhibit. This is one of the counties that I mentioned above that I’m going to apply for a grant through.

    I see the old ways and baggage going away once and for all this eclipse. Jupiter in Aries offers me the way forward with that. Uranus about radical reinvention and image. Radio host was never on my goal list. Radio production was back in the day.

    Thank you for helping me see al of this. It’s so authentic.


    1. Thanks Jeff. You are being caught in Mercury Retrograde, in two signs – Taurus and Gemini. In your solar chart, as a Sun Taurus man, this is about self-promotion and income. So this is mirrored in the radio show experience and also the business discussions. It will all settle from June 19th, as the absolute final date – and you will know where you stand. In your natal chart, you have similar cycles thanks to Jupiter landing in Aries in your First House (again, self-promotion) and Mercury Retrograde, the North Node, Uranus and the Sun against the Full Moon, in your Second House. Again, the same story told twice – business. Hang on to the radio ideas and opportunities and the chance of a higher profile as this works out long term. Even if 2022 is back and forth, it is worth it in the long run. You will gain valuable experience and from 2026 can take some of the rehearsal of 2022 and 2023 and use it for new technology. Financially and in business, nothing is really gelling until after June 19th and so you may prefer to keep it really simple, Jeff.

  56. Hi Jessica

    Thank you as always for your insightful posts!

    I have chiron in Taurus and have always wondered what having the healer means in this house placement. I have struggled with finances after two relationships that were financially abusive towards me. I feel as though I am just getting my feet under me and Im hoping this weather wont be too bumpy!

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra woman who has an exact opposition between Scorpio/Taurus. You act out the inner conflict you have about your values, versus other people’s values through sexual/financial relationships. Occasionally you will meet this in the family. You have your life budget, and it is hugely different from, say your parents’ attitude, or a sibling’s. This kind of Taurus-Scorpio clash is very common in relationships where you spend and he saves, or you save and he spends, or you don’t care about the material world and he does, and so on. Fortunately this is the most stress you will ever feel. It’s over in 2023. You will actually make or save rather a lot of money in 2023-2024 with Jupiter in Taurus and it will be through a second or third person. You will also be happy to know that a really eligible new lover is either here already or will appear by October. You can resume or begin, January-May 2023. This person expands your horizons.

  57. Hi Jessica, thank you for your guidance. As you mentioned, I’m working hard since May 2018 and results are not that satisfactory. Facing financial crunch regularly and it’s suffocating. But I will continue my efforts in the view of my future. Should I wait until 2026 for good results. Kindly throw some light on me!

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with a stellium in Taurus, so 2022 and some of 2023 are your most challenging years in about 19 years, actually. It then becomes so much easier for you. As 2023 turns into 2024 and Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) is in your Second House of personal income and property, you gain answers and breakthroughs. By that point the tricky lunar node cycle in Taurus-Scorpio is on the way out. So by 2024 you will feel as if you are on a new road. What 2026 does is end the uncertainty. Uranus leaves Taurus then and the unpredictable years are over.

  58. Thank you SO much for your insight! This sounds entirely true for me. And I pray the things to come are as well :). I think the new lover is here……but he lives across the continent and we are both slow to warm to people (hes a gemini and hasn’t committed to anyone since his divorce). Im curious if this may have lasting power or if there may be something else on the horizon to come, more local. I will be watching for October :). Thank you again!

  59. Hello all,
    My comment is mostly to Cagla Pistana.
    Late to the party 🙂 . Jessica if your reading this, i’ve been ghosting this site for years, your horoscopes have always caught my imagination. Congrats – with a warning :). I too got the Job I thought I always wanted, Great schedule (for me at least) and something I always wanted to do. Recently in one of the daily horoscopes I read about checking and rechecking the job and others who have gone before. I wish that had shown up two years ago 🙂 . It comes down to careful what you wish for. I dont have a stellium in taurus, im a sun taurus and I thought Uranus was here to set me free, i’ve never felt more trapped and worse yet, pointless work. I thought this was where I was supposed to be, my calling. If that is the case I shouldnt have answered 🙂 . This situation isn’t horrible that being said, I am dissatisfied is all. Life could be much worse, I could ‘have’ to do this for the money. I just cant leave because I hate to disappoint my coworkers, and friend who recommended me. My quest continues, sadly im not getting younger 🙂 . Please check the JOB! best of luck to you, may it be everything you hope for!

  60. Hi Jessica! My husband (Sun Cancer, born 780715) and I (Sun Taurus) are planning to sell our house in the city and move to the countryside, or abroad, with our children. I would love some guidance about this. Property prices are falling in our neighborhood right now, and I wonder if there will be ups and downs in the near future or just a steady fall (we live in Sweden). As far as I can tell a lot is happening in my chart in the spring/summer of 2023 when the Sun, Jupiter and the North node will all pass my natal planets in Taurus. At the same time, Pluto will square these planets (but trine others). I would deaply appreciate if you could tell me something about what to expect in the coming years. Also, you mentioned that the 2 of August this year, when a lot of planets are at 18 degrees in Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer, brings ”economic chock and instant karma”. My husbands natal Jupiter is at 18 degrees Cancer. Could this be a good time to act for us, or is the economic chock bad news for everyone? Thank you so much for your work!

    1. Your husband has Jupiter in Cancer in the Fourth House of property, houses, land and apartments, so even when things have been tough in the past – he has always had a safety net and umbrella of protection. On the plus side, when things are good – they are very, very good. So he is really your passport with the house sale, and move from city to country. Even when we have that line-up at 18 Cancer and Taurus, not to mention 18 Scorpio, it’s really in his favour. The economic shock and karma is really for particular countries and banking systems – not him. The transits to your Taurus stellium will help to reshape your life budget and values, but if you are moving from urban to rural Sweden, that is to be expected. You’ll save hugely on some things and spend more on others. Jupiter (abundance, opportunity, protection, luck) in Taurus from May 2023 until May 2024 is terrific for you. Transiting Jupiter in your Second House suggests you’ll save or make a lot of money, or gain from what they call ‘cash in kind’ then. The Tarot can further validate this for you.

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