Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

Testing the Astrology of Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s latest crash on Monday 9th May 2022 matched an astrology pattern you read about on this website 12 months before. It’s really no mystery. Every time we see transits at 0-1 degree and/or 18-19-20 degrees of any zodiac sign in astrology, Bitcoin hits an extreme. (Main image: Art Rachen, Unsplash).

In this feature I’ll show you the uncanny repetition of these horoscope patterns and encourage you to do your own research, on your own astrology chart.  If you have four or more factors in Taurus and/or Scorpio you are probably already on board with Bitcoin, as a user or fascinated observer. These are the money signs.

If you have Taurus and/or Scorpio factors at the hotspots: 0-1 degrees and/or 18, 19, 20 degrees, your finances will already have been directly affected by recent cycles.

Bitcoin, Tether, Terraform, Twitter, Tesla Microstrategy and Astrology

Everything is connected in the unpredictable world of Bitcoin. Tether. Terra. Tesla. Twitter. And astrology connects them all. There are 30 degrees in any zodiac sign, and against chance, repeatedly, we find linked organisations and key people like Elon Musk, all have astrology chart factors at 0, 1 and/or 18, 19, 20 degrees. Musk’s Twitter takeover was announced across one of the key degrees: he declared it as Mercury passed 0 Gemini.

Patterns at 0-1 and 18-20 Degrees

What follows is ‘variations on a theme’ showing the debut on Wall Street in some cases and the registration of a domain name in others, for example. Tesla is a good example. Purely financial astrologers note the debut on Wall Street, below.

People are surprised to hear that a car, or a business, can have a horoscope – but astrologers pay attention to the dates that anything is launched, or founded. So, Tesla came into the world on December 21st 2020.


DECEMBER 21 2020 TESLA - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

The Strange Astrology World of Bitcoin

Tether, 8th September 2014, 12.00, Hong Kong – Saturn 18 Scorpio.
Terraform Labs, 23rd April 2018, 12.00, Singapore – Mars 19 Capricorn
Microstrategy, 11th June 1998, 9.30am, New York – Neptune 1 Aquarius
Bitcoin, January 3rd 2009, 6.15pm GMT – Mercury 1 Aquarius, Uranus 19 Pisces, Pluto 1 Capricorn (Bitcoin  network created).
Bitcoin, August 18th 2008 – North Node 18 Aquarius, South Node 18 Leo, Chiron 18 Aquarius (Website registered).
Bitcoin, January 9th 2009, 5.50pm UT – Jupiter 0 Aquarius, Pluto 1 Capricorn, Uranus 19 Pisces, Sun 18 Capricorn (First release).
Bitcoin, 31st October 2008, Mars 18 Scorpio, Saturn 18 Virgo, Uranus 19 Pisces (Bitcoin named).
Tesla, July 1st 2003, Pluto 18 Sagittarius (Incorporation Date)
Tesla, 29th June, 2010, 9.30am New York – Uranus 0 Aries
Tesla, 21st December, 2020 9.30am New York – Sun 0 Capricorn, Jupiter 0 Aquarius, Saturn 0 Aquarius, Mercury 1 Capricorn, South Node 19 Sagittarius, North Node 19 Sagittarius (S&P 500 Date)
Bitcoin Pizza Day, 22nd May 2010, 12.00 noon (No Time) Sun 1 Gemini (Source: Michael Saylor on Twitter, below).

Michael Saylor - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

True Bitcoin Predictions

A nice easy example of the astrology working, in a specific way, date-stamped, is the 8th January 2022 Bitcoin crash. This is what you read on this website and this is how the media reported it. The date that showed up in the astrology, using that 0-1 and 18-20 degree pattern, was right in the middle of the window I gave you. It was published on 9th February 2021 to give you plenty of notice and the drama occurred on 8th January 2022.

January 2022 Bitcoin Crash - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

8 January 2022 validation - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

bermix studio aX1hN4uNd I unsplash 300x200 - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022Watching Bitcoin Astrology in May 2022

We have the slow-moving planet Jupiter moving to the 1 degree hotspot in May 2022, specifically sliding from 0 Aries on May 11th to 1 Aries until May 21st. Ceres moves to 0, 1 Cancer from May 16th to 20th, which narrows it down. Venus is at 19 Aries on 20th May, which narrows the window even more a dramatic event.

Mercury Retrograde is at 1 Gemini on 20th May. In this feature I’ll leave it to you to test this pattern to see how it plays out for you. But do note another important date: Mercury flips again back to 0, 1 Gemini from June 14th to 16th. On the 14th, Venus is at 19 Taurus. Similar pattern. Mercury Retrograde is an astrological phenomenon that some stargazers consciously work with: using chaos!

Bitcoin Lows – Forbes Dates and Astrology

We have a history of Bitcoin crashes in Forbes to give us background. So, we’re looking for anything around 0, 1  and/or 18, 19, 20. And we have it.

June 8th-12th 2011: Bitcoin declines 68% in value.
Jupiter 0 Taurus, Neptune 0 Pisces, Mars 20 Taurus, Sun 19 Gemini, Mercury 19 Gemini

January 17th 2012: Bitcoin declines 36% in value.
Uranus 1 Aries, Jupiter 1 Taurus.

August 17th-19th 2012: Bitcoin declines 51% in value.
Neptune 2 Pisces

March 6th and 11th 2013: Bitcoin declines 33% in value.
North Node 18, 19 Scorpio and South Node 18, 19 Taurus

April 10th 2013: Bitcoin declines 61% in value.
New Moon 20 Aries, Ceres 1 Cancer.

kanchanara 4KJJezDyo3M unsplash 300x200 - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022Monday 9th May 2022 

The same pattern showed up on Monday 9th May 2022. Sun 18 Taurus. Mars 18 Pisces. But we’re not at the end yet. There is another larger astrology pattern for Bitcoin coming up within a few days (I am publishing this on Tuesday 10th May). Another spike.

Do watch the historic transit of Jupiter at 0, 1 Aries from Wednesday May 11th until Saturday May 21st. Within that window, you will find Ceres at 0, 1 Cancer on Monday May 16th until Friday May 20th. That narrows down the dates for Bitcoin astrology drama. (Image: Kanchanara, Unsplash). 

Looking for more transits that fit the Bitcoin astrology pattern, on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th May we find Venus at 18 and 19 Aries. That now gives us just two dates.

Mercury moves to 1 Gemini on Friday 20th May. Nailed it. Bitcoin (as CNN reports below) has already fallen more than 50% on May 9th 2022. That’s right on the patterns we’ve seen before. The astrology for Bitcoin suggests you need to track Friday 20th May in particular for extreme spikes on the graph.

MAY 9 BITCOIN 1024x548 - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

Testing Friday 20th May – Astrology and Bitcoin

I am publishing this on 10th May, so around ten days ahead. This will be a good test for the horoscopes to see if they are consistently working.  On 20th May, Mercury at 1 Gemini flips backwards to its previous position on Monday 2nd May. That’s a reversal on the market. Incredibly, we also find Ceres at 1 Cancer and Jupiter at 1 Aries on exactly the same day. That never happens!

I guess you can allow a day either side for the working world to catch up with itself. Thus, Thursday 19th May and Saturday 21st May.

Satoshi Nakamato, the mysterious Bitcoin developer, has a supplied an April 5th, 1975 birthdate. That gives us Venus at 19 Taurus and Uranus at 1 Scorpio. The astrology of Bitcoin rests on the horoscope of Satoshi Nakamato.

Elon Musk and Bitcoin

We have an astrology chart for Elon Musk (the most profiled man on Twitter at the moment, as the @Newsmax account shows) based on the information about his birthdate, given on his son’s birth certificate. This is at

Does the Elon Musk natal chart fit the pattern for Bitcoin? Yes, it does and you can find out more Here. 

Even more importantly, this is the chart of a man who was here to pursue the motor vehicle industry (Saturn in Gemini, Venus in Gemini, Mars in Gemini) and likewise Twitter (Gemini rules both transport and the media). Outer space? That’s Musk’s Neptune in Sagittarius. ‘To the stars’ as he says. This entire pattern in Musk’s destiny, pulling in Twitter, Tesla and Space X, ignites on 20th May 2022 – in a way not possible in at least 12 years.

Saturn 1 Gemini
Neptune 0 Sagittarius

Venus 19 Gemini
Mars 20 Gemini

Bitcoin and the Astrology of the Winklevoss Twins

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss both have the 0-1 degree pattern in their astrological charts. The North Node falls in the 0-1 degree range in Leo. The twins were born on August 21st 1981. They have the South Node in the 0-1 degree range in Aquarius. Cameron’s Twitter account promotes the GEMINI card (below).

He is also talking astrology when he describes Bitcoin as “a movement that offers the blueprint to dismantle traditional power structures.” This is the very definition of the two cycles we have until March 2023: Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. So is he using astrology, or this is just astrology, working?

Is Cameron Winklevoss Using Astrology?

When Cameron Winklevoss writes, Bitcoin “promises greater independence” he is also articulating Uranus in Taurus. Something to watch: Mercury Retrograde going across 0-1 Gemini on June 14th, 15th, 16th. It picks up the twins’ charts and suggests the loop that began on April 30th, May 1st, May 2nd, May 20th-23rd will complete itself.

GEMINI CARD - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

The Twitter Chart Fits the Bitcoin Pattern

Twitter was also ‘born’ a couple of times and both astrology charts show the Bitcoin patterns at those degrees. Sometimes as an astrologer, you suspect businessmen are deliberately choosing dates for launches, to chime with their own charts, or just to chime with Jupiter. A traditional symbol of booming enterprises.

Here we have Twitter entering the S&P 500 on 7th June 2018. Just a quick glance at the ephemeris (provided by and we can see Uranus at 1 Taurus.  That’s really important, because it fits the Bitcoin patterns, but also tells us Twitter is wildly unpredictable. Uranus is a symbol of sudden upheaval in astrology.

TWITTER JUNE 7 2018 URANUS 1 TAURUS - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

TWITTER JUNE 7 2018 - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

Using More Than One Astrology Chart

Using more than one astrology chart is wise. It shows different angles, or takes, on the same company. This makes it even more important when they repeat the same degrees. That’s striking.

Wikipedia tells us Twitter Incorporated was founded on March 21st 2006. Does the astrological chart show the same patterns as Bitcoin, and as the S&P 500 chart? Yes. The hotspot for Bitcoin is 0-1 degrees. Twitter landed with the Sun at 0 Aries. The other hotspot is 18 degrees. Twitter arrived with Jupiter at 18 Scorpio. And Neptune at 18 Aquarius. Does Jack know something we don’t?

TWITTER MARCH 21 2006 DEGREES - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

TWITTER MARCH 21 2006 - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

The Tesla Chart Fits the Bitcoin Pattern

The Tesla chart also fits the same degree pattern. Born on 21st December 2020 at 9.30am in Manhattan, Telsa has the Sun at 0 Capricorn and Mercury at 1 Capricorn.

This chart must have been handpicked. The moment must have been deliberately chosen by Musk – if not, it’s one of the greatest coincidences this astrologer has ever seen.

The Incredible Astrology of Tesla

The Tesla chart is rare. Jupiter is at 0 Aquarius, Saturn is at 0 Aquarius. Neptune is at 18 Pisces. The North Node is at 19 Gemini and the South Node is at 19 Sagittarius. Remember the horoscope hotspots: 0-1 degree transits and 18-20 degree transits.  Thanks to Kate Silas, former Wall Street financial astrologer at Profit With the Planets,  for the Tesla data and chart. This is the Tesla S&P 500 Wall Street debut chart. 


Tesla 1 - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

Terra, Luna, Do Kwon and Astrology

I mentioned astrological charts connected to Bitcoin showing the same pattern. Well, Terra founder Do Kwon confirms he was born on 6th September 1991, on Twitter.

He did not give a time or place, so we use 12 noon and Seoul, Korea for the chart, but as the founder of Terra, Do Kwon shows the same astrology patterns. Saturn at 0 Aquarius. Note the way that Do Kwon’s personal birth chart aligns exactly with Tesla. Thanks to Kate Silas for the data and chart.


Do Kwon Terra - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

Screen Shot 2022 05 15 at 4.19.22 am - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

The Crypto Crash, Do Kwon, Luna, Terra and Astrology

Everything is connected in the event of a crash. Some people or organisations snap up bargains – in their opinion. Others have to sell, for whatever reason. You don’t really get drama unless there are transits picking up the astrological charts of several players at once.

Do Kwon, founder of cryptocurrency coin TerraUSD and Luna was part of a $1 trillion Crypto Meltdown in May 2022 as Jupiter passed the crucial 0, 1 degree hotspot (for the first time in Aries, in 12 years) just after Mercury Retrograde had done the same thing (0, 1 degrees Gemini). Note that Do Kwon has Saturn at 0 Aquarius.

How Coinbase Fits the Bitcoin Astrology Pattern

Coinbase was born with Mercury at 18 Aries (below). It fits the usual pattern. Coinbase was launched with its IPO (Initial Public Offering) in New York on Wednesday, April 14th, 2021.

COINBASE BIRTH - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

COINBASE - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

The Catch – It’s All About Your Chart

There is no one-size-fits-all formula to make money with this cryptocurrency, or Bitcoin would simply not function. Your chart has to have the right patterns – or crickets.

Always look to Taurus (your income) and Scorpio (joint finance) in your chart, and see what is there, what it means, and the patterns it makes with the rest of the chart.

Mercury by Giovanni Domenico Cerrini 1609 to 1681 245x300 - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022Watching Mercury Retrograde

The other classic astrology indicator of market chaos is Mercury Retrograde. We find him on a loop at the crucial degrees for Bitcoin (0-1) and he began that circuit on Saturday 30th April, Sunday 1st May, Monday 2nd May 2022. What was ‘confirmed’ then or announced will go backwards.

Mercury has always ruled merchandise, merchants and the markets. He was the Roman messenger of the gods. The painter Giovanni Domenico Cerrini created this image of Mercury (he lived from 1609 to 1681). He is looking backwards in the painting.

When Mercury is retrograde he literally travels backwards. In Gemini, that’s Twitter and Telsa. In Taurus, that’s Bitcoin and Wall Street.

We will see the first repeat, and backward loop, when Mercury goes to 1, 0 Gemini on Friday 20th May, Saturday 21st May, Sunday 22nd May, Monday 23rd May. Chaos. And it includes the date we narrowed down, which is Friday 20th May.

The Final Loop is June 2022

The final loop for Mercury Retrograde is Tuesday 14th June, Wednesday 15th June, Thursday 16th June 2022 when Mercury goes back to 0, 1 Gemini for the third time. From there, the story is over. But what a story.

Below – What CNN told us on May 6th 2022 was predicted on this website, in 2020. Two years before. Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, the sign ruling Wall Street itself, is always flux and drama on the US markets.

Screen Shot 2022 05 10 at 12.59.04 pm - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

Mercury Retrograde is Wall Street Chaos

I like to give readers, especially Premium Members, at least a year’s warning before the economy goes into flux. So, this is a warning about Mercury Retrograde published  back in 2020, two years before it (just) happened. What you thought was fixed on 29th April, is no longer fixed. And you are heading for more flux from 24th May to 13th June, below. Watch for “Unpredictable, sudden turning points.”

Screen Shot 2022 05 10 at 12.57.25 pm - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022

Watch El Savador and Bitcoin

Watch El Salvador and Bitcoin too. Why? Astrology date-stamped the day it became legal tender in that country.

The Ceres-Uranus “explosive” conjunction referenced in my video  (June 9, 10, 11, 2021) was a fiscal revolution. Business not as usual

On 9th June 2021 Reuters reported it, but you saw it here first, in The Taurus Weather on YouTube. What happens to El Salvador in April, May, June 2022 is part of the chaos. Watch at 1.46 about the “new deal” and “carve-up” in the global economy, because that was El Salvador.


Do Your Own Research on Your Own Chart

Do your own research on your own astrology chart and make your own choices, but in the interests of open information and free knowledge, those are the Bitcoin patterns in astrology.

For whatever reason, Elon Musk, Bitcoin, Tesla and the creator of Tether have all landed on the planet with astrology charts that connect at the same degrees.  If you find the same degrees showing in your chart, you need to grab a diary, track the dates and see what happens to your Second House (ruled by Taurus) and Eighth House (ruled by Scorpio) as you watch Bitcoin rise and fall. I don’t tell anyone what to do with their investments, by the way. It’s completely your choice.

The Future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin will only change the world economy until April 26th, 2026. From that point it either vanishes, or people no longer care as they once did. April 26th 2026 is the end of the Uranus in Taurus cycle. The cash revolution is over.

aoya7d3fse8 300x200 - Bitcoin Astrology Predictions 2022The language of astrology is personal. Astrology is alchemy. You have to combine your astrological chart, and the horoscopes of the other entities involved in your financial decisions, together – to get to the facts. You then need to look at the astrological transits, or weather. Often, the weather is a one-off event.  There is weird chemistry in all the different versions of the Bitcoin horoscope, for example, created at different points in its evolution. Yet they all chime on that small group of degrees. (Image: Rawpixel).

If you have factors at 0, 1 and/or 18, 19, 20 in your chart and you are wondering if you have a Bitcoin Bubble or Bitcoin Burst, you need to do your own research, keep your own journal and think about the alchemy. However, you deserve to be informed about the astrology. It’s not some great mystery. None of these people or organisations can change the astrological charts they came in with – they are here for you to use, so you can make your own decisions about your money. You write your financial destiny, not me.

The crucial thing to remember about Bitcoin is that it arrived with Uranus (shock, radical change, freedom, exhilaration, independence, new inventions, rebellion) in Taurus (currency) in May 2018. There are no guarantees whatsoever with this or any other cryptocurrency because billions of people were born with the outer planets in Scorpio, opposite Taurus, so it will be a wild ride with plenty of drops, until 2026. You have been warned.

Bitcoin Dates to Watch in 2022 and 2023

July 24th to 28th 2022

There is a window for Bitcoin astrology drama here, closer to the usual 18-19-20 degree and 0-1 degree pattern we see when there are bit spikes on the graph. Uranus 18 Taurus, Ceres 0, 1 Leo, North Node 19 Taurus, South Node 19 Scorpio from July 24th to 28th, so just a few days before the next episode. And that happens to be –

August 1st, 2nd 2022

Any astrologer worth her salt/his salt has been talking about the Mars 18 Taurus, North Node 18 Taurus, South Node 18 Scorpio, Uranus 18 Taurus line-up on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd August 2022. Economic shock and instant karma. No other way to describe it.

This pattern is similar to March 6th and 11th 2013 when Bitcoin declined 33% in value.  Back then, we found the North Node at 18 Scorpio and South Node at 18 Taurus.

October 10th, 11th 2022

Here’s another one. Saturn at 18 Aquarius, Uranus at 18 Taurus (the Saturn-Uranus Square, they call it) on the same two days that Jupiter goes to 1 Aries. We also have a financial cover-up on Tuesday 25th October 2022, because there is a New Moon Eclipse at 2 Scorpio. An eclipse always conceals it never reveals.  Scorpio is money.

November 11th 2022

Sun 18 Scorpio, Mercury 19 Scorpio, Saturn 18 Aquarius. What we’re seeing with these Aquarius aspects to Taurus and Scorpio is the clash between individual greed and the welfare of the group. The hive mind and the network/community/circle and the contrasting financial self-interest of just one or two people.

November 11th is abrasive and it features that 18, 19 degree pattern.  There is another cover-up on Wall Street the same month, with the eclipse on Tuesday 8th November 2022. The Full Moon is at 16 Taurus opposite the Sun at 16 Scorpio.

Focus on March 28th and 29th 2023 – and Bitcoin

This is highly unusual, because the pattern is not possible in at least 240+ years of astrological cycles. What we have from March 28th 2023 until March 31st, a few days later, is Pluto at 0 Aquarius and Jupiter at 18 Aries. The pattern holds into April 2023, if we allow the usual window of 0-1 degrees and 18, 19, 20 degrees.

From April 1st to 4th 2023, Jupiter moves to 19 Aries and Pluto is at 0 Aquarius. Is anything else moving on those degrees, then? Yes. If March 28th until April 4th 2023 is the Bitcoin pattern window, then March 28th, 29th is important because Mars goes to 1 Cancer.

So we’re narrowing it down now. A cluster on the key degrees. Research your own chart here, but watch March 28th and 29th 2023 for likely Bitcoin drama based on my previous astrology outcomes. Up, down, sideways – who knows? The fact is, this currency was invented on the most unpredictable cycle of them all: Uranus in Taurus.

Complimentary ephemerides:



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  1. You say there will be a new world in 2026, the two Irelands united? An indepence of Catalonia?

    1. Uranus in Gemini from 2026 will probably unite the two Irelands. I think I’ve said this before (in print) so have a look at Ireland on Search. 2026 is the start of The New Local and what used to be foreign now becomes regional. I’ve not looked at the chart for Catalonia, but you can safely assume that the way the map is divided at the moment will turn upside-down in Europe from 2026, beyond 2030. The borders will change and be redrawn. As Independence Day is a key idea with Uranus, we’d suspect an awful lot of regions are about to liberate themselves and the EU would also be at the heart of that break for freedom.

  2. Musk/Tesla seem to be having a particularly tricky time at the moment in China. The Shanghai factory – when not closed altogether because of the draconian Covid lockdown policy – is working well below capacity.

    1. Yes, the road for Musk is long and bumpy with Tesla, Twitter and Bitcoin. If he stays the course he will change the world (he already has, to some extent) but Mercury Retrograde is stop-start and slowdown, and in Gemini, which rules cars, he will face issues in China and elsewhere now through mid-June. They resume in September and dog him until early 2023. If he hangs in, though, he’ll be extremely successful as Jupiter goes into Gemini and then Uranus into Gemini from 2026. From 2030, if he’s stayed the course with Tesla he will have helped to save the planet. Big.

  3. Hi Jessica Your work is amazing. My small Bitcoin stash just got smaller! I have (today) received a letter of demand and I am wondering if you can give me any idea of the outcome? I need to respond by 30 May however I previously offered money to settle (in 2019) with the same people. The situation has come about because of my husband & his former business but the focus is now on myself and property I own. Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libra with a huge Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of joint finance. I am sorry you are going through this situation. There will be solutions and opportunities involving your husband, starting in hours – and rolling more rapidly by June 2022. Do everything you can to negotiate with your husband and achieve what is fair for yourself – as your luck is in, now through October and again January-May 2023. If you happen to have a business partner apart from him, do the same there. You will eventually make or save quite a lot of money so breathe through this and try to treat it as a two-way street.

  4. I am so grateful for the wealth of knowledge and breadth of topics your posts offer! I have three planets at 0 degrees, one being Uranus in Scorpio. I also have 0 Saturn in Leo and 0 Sun in Libra. Does this mean my chart aligns with the Bitcoin volatility positively or negatively?

    1. Thank you very much. Patterns at 0 Libra, Leo, Scorpio suggest it never rains, but it pours, with marriage, business partnership, work partnership, children, family – your whole life. Libra rules marriage and divorce, common-law marriage and separation. Leo rules pregnancy and children. Scorpio rules sex, death and money (commonly, any legacy which names you, as well as marriage and mortgage). If you invested in Bitcoin you would find that whenever Bitcoin has a storm, you get the rain. And it would affect you as above. As a general rule of thumb, any time you go into a big property or financial agreement, get it in writing and read the fine print – have it handled professionally. The Leo-Scorpio square at 0 will be triggered often enough, your whole life, that (for example) you don’t want to walk into a fine romance where you have a baby and never discuss the financials on paper.

  5. Hi Jessica
    How do I predict a square or negative aspect with my 18 degree points? Thank you so much!

    1. Proserpina at 18 Taurus in your Second House of income is the one to watch. You are the go-between or middle person when it comes to money, a house, apartment, valuables, charity or business – your whole life. We sometimes find this with people who work in retail, finance or real estate. Even if you do not do that, you will repeatedly find yourself as the human bridge between two powerful people or organisations, financially. Predicting squares or oppositions is a matter of watching the slow-moving outer planets and nodes get to 18 Scorpio, 18 Leo and/or 18 Aquarius. You can do this by tracking Current Planetary Positions on my website or by investing in Astrogold or Solar Fire software from if you are serious about it. You can also go to Cafe Astrology and look at the major transits and aspects of any year. If they fall at 18 Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius you have yourself a square and/or opposition and will be blocked, or challenged – with your role as financial or property go-between.

  6. I had a feeling Bitcoin would be a fleeting fancy in the world. I’ve been curious about it, but never felt comfortable investing in something I didn’t really understand. I don’t have many Taurus placements, but I do have plenty of Scorpio. Would I be able to effectively take advantage of bitcoin in some manner (even minorly) or should I stick to my gut about real estate? Broad question, I know, and I know the general rule is follow your own intuition. I’m just curious what my own astrology says thank you!

    1. You are a Sun Leo with a Scorpio stellium and a small Taurus pattern. These are all fixed signs so you are quite fixed in your ways and are unlikely to go for something as unpredictable and cutting-edge as Bitcoin. Your Scorpio patterns are about joint finances; going in on a property with a partner; inheriting from a relative; embedding yourself in business or professional/financial deals which are also as personal as a relationship or as close as a family. Scorpio is about the emotions tied into the money. You will make or save a lot of money in October-December 2022 so do use that opportunity. The Tarot, The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle can help you with your question as it is personal to you. Ask ‘How have I made or saved money in the past?’ to test it. Then look at the future and validate it with that timing I have given you. We are going to see continual cryptocurrency crashes until 2026 with Uranus in Taurus so if you like a quiet life (it is essentially gambling) you may prefer to put your hard-earned money into real estate. Over your lifetime, your money will always be interwoven with others, though, as discussed.

  7. Hello Jessica,
    I have 0 degrees in Capricorn. From what I understand (or think I understand), this affects money, possessions, and ambition. Can you explain the 0 degrees ramifications as opposed to any other degrees? I have tried looking this up, but I read conflicting information. If you have covered this previously in your articles, could you post the link for me? Thank you for your time.

    1. You have your Sun at 0 Capricorn in your Tenth House of ambition – social climbing and professional striving. That is what you become well-known for, if you play your cards right, your whole life. Sun Capricorn people tend to go a very long way in life. So, Kate Moss (Croydon to Paris) and Kate Middleton (Middle Class to Monarchy). Zero degrees placements suggest a life full of quite dramatic endings and new beginnings. You will go through one now. The end of a phase, the start of a phase. This is because the slow-moving outer planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the slow-moving North Node and South Node, go to 29 degrees of a zodiac sign and life area for you, before bumping into the next one, at 0 degrees. They automatically aspect your Sun when this happens. So you find questions about position, or mission, or ambition are always underlined then, with one matter over, and another beginning, even as the other ends. “The beginning of the end” is sometimes the phrase. You can test this now. Jupiter is going from 29 Pisces to 0 Aries as I write this. It will hover at 0 Aries towards the middle of May, so you will find (yet again) that the close of one story in your life, chimes with the start of another, and a new chapter for your aspirations or place in the world is written as another chapter is well and truly finished.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    Another excellent feature!
    I have never invested in Bitcoin or any type of Cryptocurrency.But I do have Psyche 01 Taurus & Ops 18 Scorpio in my natal chart. Could you please provide an interpretation?
    Thank you. JT1605

    1. Thank you. Psyche in Taurus in your Second House is ‘what lives forever’ with your money, house, apartment, valuables, shares, charity commitment and so on. Classically you leave your assets in a legacy and it outlasts you. Any transits to 1 Taurus will highlight that. So, when Jupiter goes to 1 Taurus (not too far away) you will gain from opportunities to increase what lasts forever. Ops at 18 Scorpio is a different kettle of fish. Scorpio rules your Eighth House of joint finance. Classically mortgage and marriage, usually what your family leaves you in a will, and what you leave other people. Ops shows triumph over difficulty after a long struggle. Again, whenever you have transits at 18 Scorpio, this comes to pass.

  9. Hi Jessica, touching on this topic and your interesting predictions for Bitcoin, just out of interest please can you take a look at Argo Blockchain, an Innovative Bitcoin Mining & Blockchain Technologies Company. Their Bitcoin mining operation is powered from green sustainable energy, their operation is predominately in Texas. They are not just a Crypto mining company, but as stated above, a blockchain technology company too. I would very much appreciate to see what the future holds for them. Thanks you. Very best Wishes

    1. Thank you, I will have a look at Argo Blockchain to see if their foundation astrological charts fit the pattern.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    I once believed Cryptocurrency has its own mission of creating a new world or other new life style. But after reading this, I just wonder if Bitcoin or any type of Cryptocurrency will be really valueless in the near future, even vanished?

    1. By all the laws of astrology, Cryptocurrency lasts until 2026 as a dominant challenge to the old financial system, but goes after that. The last time we saw this cycle (Uranus in Taurus) notes lost their value, so they were being transported in wheelbarrows, and prices varied from one day to the next. Bitcoin and so on, may vanish once Uranus goes into Gemini – that is possible.

  11. Thank you so much for your reply! I have been mulling over your response and also absorbing as much as I can regarding the Uranus transit which indicates a career switch or shake up. Based on my solar chart, with Leo in the first house, then Scorpio would rule my 4th house? If this is correct, with my Scorpio placements in the 4th, would that indicate success in home and property ventures? I have asked the tarot, and at least one round of asking where does my future career lie pointed to the 4th house, but I suppose I’m looking for confirmation that my method of analyzing the natural house and solar charts are correct, hehe. Many thanks to you, Jessica!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Leo with Mercury at 27 Cancer in your natal Fourth House of property, household, family, home town and homeland. So you are a born negotiator with real estate, but also born to do your family tree. You are the messenger, agent or go-between; the source of information and updates for the family, between the household members, and about the town/country, if you take it all wider. Yes, Scorpio rules your solar Fourth House of the same. So in your Leo chart, anything in Scorpio throws a spotlight on those matters, and as anything passing through Scorpio also trines your Cancer factors (including Mercury) it’s a double whammy. Ask the Tarot how your Mercury in Cancer in the Fourth House functions (in your natal chart) and that may be useful for you in terms of home and property ventures. Your future career is in the Fourth House according to the oracles: it may be that you end up in real estate, or your income comes from doing up the worst house in the best street – it might be on that level. However we should be honest about the Fourth House and say it’s about family, heritage, history, culture, your people and your place. A few historians have Mercury in Cancer, as do people who become heavily involved in local politics (saving old buildings).

  12. Dear Jessica, I’m sorry but I’m not sure if I understand well ” The astrology for Bitcoin suggests you need to track Friday 20th May in particular for extreme spikes on the graph.” Is this suggest that Bitcoin will go even lower comparing to the 09th May or it will go high?
    Thank you very much for information you share!

    1. Taking it apart, Friday 20th May sees Mercury at 1 Gemini, Venus at 19 Aries, Jupiter at 1 Aries – that hits the charts of the key players in Cryptocurrency, but also Bitcoin itself. Mercury Retrograde is in force so in Gemini (which rules Twitter) we can expect the Elon Musk decision to purchase, which also affects Cryptocurrency markets, to go backwards and forwards. What was ‘final’ on Monday 2nd May is no longer final on Friday 20th May. Gemini also rules Tesla. Venus and Jupiter in Aries suggest self-promotion and again, that is Twitter – your face and name and your profile and brand. What comes out of this is a direct result of Elon Musk’s Twitter journey and you need to make your own judgements about how that will affect the price of Tesla/Twitter/Cryptocurrency, which he favours.

  13. Thank You Jessica for the breakdown of the financial WildRide ahead!

    I would be very interested in your input as to the the lineup of the outer planets (Jupiter through Pluto) at 0-1 degrees in new signs prior to Uranus ingress in 2026 which you confirm as the end of Bitcoin. Is this the extreme volatile end to Bitcoin/or a new platform startup for replacement?

    On a personal note: I have many planets(Mars,Saturn,Juno,Proserpina, Fortuna and the Nodes in the 18-20 degree range as well as Uranus and Chiron at 1 degree. While I don’t have any plans to jump into the rough seas of Cryptocurrency I do have a Great interest in personal financial impacts during the End of July-November 11th 2022 period you have mentioned as Major swing dates to be aware of. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all of your prolific writings!


    1. Thank you GB. Yes, just before we go into Uranus in Gemini (the revolution in petrol/gas/kerosene) we have Pluto entering Aquarius so you can see the two stories running nicely along together. Pluto in Aquarius is people power in the group; electric cars can be plugged into the street, so group-share of electric cars is completely on the money. The end of Bitcoin is really the end of its popularity, perhaps, or even other events which make it irrelevant once Uranus (the radical change) is out of Taurus (currency). You are a Sun Libra with a Scorpio stellium at 8 through 18 degrees of that sign, so 2018-2026 is really a slow shift in your life budget, with occasional jump-starts. Keeping your situation flexible so you can ‘meet change with change’ is a smart idea as the Uranus oppositions from Taurus, to your Scorpio chart factors, will challenge you to do things differently. It may be your house, apartment, shopping, charity commitments, business practise and so on. Scorpio is about personal financial relationships, so the story is more likely to be about a marriage and mortgage (say) or a family legacy. Scorpio money, houses, apartments, possessions are complex and intensely close; sometimes highly emotional even though the issues are purely practical, like rent, or the household budget! Staying flexible, especially in 2022, 2023 is a good idea.

  14. Hi Jessica, can you please suggest if I should avoid or get involved with Bitcoin (or crypto in general) and would gain from it. Looking at my birth chart table I can only tell I have 20 degrees Ceres in Scorpio. Thanks in advance. I could never get how to interpret what the number/planets suggest like you advice to. Never say never, I have find some basic astrology videos to understand and not give up until I do.

    DESC 04° Aquarius 46′ 21″
    Saturn 23° Aries 22′ 07″ R
    Chiron 00° Aries 51′ 50″ R
    Hygeia 02° Aries 52′ 42″ R
    NorthNode 09° Aries 38′ 38″
    Proserpina 21° Cancer 49′ 35″
    Moon 00° Capricorn 56′ 01″
    Salacia 25° Capricorn 05′ 37″ R
    ASC 04° Leo 46′ 21″
    Diana 11° Leo 44′ 36″
    Apollo 13° Leo 55′ 12″
    Sun 05° Libra 45′ 29″
    Uranus 00° Libra 00′ 39″
    SouthNode 09° Libra 38′ 38″
    Bacchus 05° Sagittarius 41′ 15″
    Ops 02° Sagittarius 17′ 48″
    Vulcano 02° Sagittarius 53′ 32″
    Mercury 00° Scorpio 06′ 43″
    Venus 02° Scorpio 38′ 05″
    Neptune 24° Scorpio 32′ 12″
    Juno 16° Scorpio 10′ 26″
    Ceres 20° Scorpio 42′ 31″
    IC 03° Scorpio 07′ 14″
    Panacea 17° Scorpio 56′ 00″
    Psyche 25° Scorpio 16′ 20″
    Vesta 02° Taurus 35′ 49″ R
    MC 03° Taurus 07′ 14″
    Minerva 11° Taurus 29′ 01″ R
    Aesculapia 22° Taurus 52′ 46″ R
    Mars 04° Virgo 25′ 58″
    Jupiter 20° Virgo 39′ 26″
    Pluto 23° Virgo 09′ 34″
    Fortuna 13° Virgo 52′ 20″
    Cupido 20° Virgo 21′ 53″

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Libran going through the most unpredictable financial cycle of your life, which keeps you moving until 2026. You will make or save a lot of money when Jupiter goes into Taurus in 2023-2024 but banking on cryptocurrency will really stretch you, as you may find yourself in two minds about holding, buying, selling or using it to purchase – as you are stretched between Taurus factors (your own money) and Scorpio factors (joint finances) with this and just about anything else you undertake. That can cost you peace of mind and energy so if you value that, you may prefer to avoid Cryptocurrency, particularly in 2022, 2023 when we have the lunar nodes clashing in Scorpio and Taurus too. Do enjoy the Jupiter 11 Taurus conjunction to Minerva at 11 Taurus, though – that’s not so far away. You will benefit from a wise decision about all that you own, earn and owe at that point and your brilliant solutions for yourself, will work perfectly with the most generous economic climate for you in 12 years. As a general rule always get it in writing if you mix sex and money, or sex and property, or even just sort out family legacies, or the will you make to others. No verbal promises, negotiate then finalise on paper and get another pair of eyes across it. That’s a good basic rule until 2026.

  15. I read good things about ADA/Cardano Blockchain developed by a group called IOHK, the coin is named after english mathematician Ada Lovelace, the first programmer they say. Charles Hoskin, the founder also co-founded(?) Ethereum but later split. Cardano has plans for projects in South Africa to use decentralized blockchain to overcome traditional roadblocks, like in micro financing where anywhere in the world can fund a business, and tracking university grades/degrees of an individual for example. Such use cases of blockchain sounds very positive. If you get a chance can you please provide an analysis of the blockchain. Thanks.

    1. That is very interesting to know. Anyone who names a coin after Ada Lovelace is already of interest. The suggestion it can be used for micro-financing is interesting, too. Thank you, I’ll take a look at the chart.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    There is a lot of talk at the moment about a recession in the USA by early 2024 if not sooner. However economists are not all in agreement about what shape this recession will take. What does astrology say about when recession may come and what that recession may look like?
    I would be grateful for any insight you may have for the future of the economy both in the USA and Australia.
    Kind regards

    1. We have the lunar nodes in opposition from Scorpio to Taurus in 2022, 2023 at the same time that Uranus in Taurus is opposing the Scorpio factors of billions of people. Taurus is ‘my money’ and Scorpio is ‘your money/their money/our money.’ That huge conflict in the skies will be played out in a recession, yes. This cycle was last seen, on the flipside, during the last war. So, the value of currency in particular countries, or with particular crypto deals, is erratic, unreliable and quite destabilising. Same as 1939 into the early 1940s. It’s global in nature. Basically we are in the cycle which corrects the system, and that happens from March 2023 when Pluto leaves Capricorn. We have an unbalanced planet with excessive greed for the few and as we know, the have-nots are really struggling. This changes from March next year. We don’t know why but I suspect, by that stage, we’ll be looking at a rearranged economy in every contributing nation. Enough is enough.

  17. Jessica, on this occasion I think you are categorically wrong regarding Bitcoin/cryptocurrency either disappearing, or people no longer interested in it come 2026.

    I could continue and post many other examples where Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are being globally adopted – and will continue too, it is not gong anywhere and will become the norm/mainstream. Its use will increase and become an everyday occurrence, just as we do now with other types of currency. Banks and Governments around the world are moving in the direction of digital currency and Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency is only going to lead this.


  18. This feature which touches on the collapse of the stablecoin Terra /Luna reminds me of your excellent article about Tether published in January ’22, about a stablecoin backed by probably nothing. Having bought Bitcoin, thinking it was a digital store of value, it took that article for me to see things for what they were.

    Your astrological analysis beats any Wall St predictions. This is the only blog where one can get an accurate perspective on global, financial and political issues based on the laws of astrology. Almost every article I read on your blog is pretty much a revelation. I understand the grander scheme of things better without focusing on the fear of uncertainty. You also help your readers get to a safer place for which we cannot thank you enough. I sold off my Bitcoins before the recent crash even though I lost a bit of money, it was a price I was willing to pay for a peace of mind.

    Your latest feature about the Lunar eclipse had me wondering again about how my Neptune at 26 Scorpio would affect my finances, especially with the transit of Uranus in Taurus in opposition to it. I also have Ops at 17 Scorpio and actually a whole stellium. I just quit my job last Tuesday and I would be grateful if you can share some insights on my Scorpio factors.

    1. Thank you. I have to include Kate Silas in this as it is our Twitter discussions which led me to write the feature. She knew Wall Street really well during the crash and also has a lot of astrological charts and research. I am glad you saw the ‘price tag for peace of mind’ issue. It’s hugely important with Uranus in Taurus because it’s an electrical storm until 2026 and there is no peace if you are dancing in the storm! Not everyone wants to do that. They’d rather have less potential profits and a peaceful existence – priceless. Neptune in Scorpio in your Eighth House will be opposed by Uranus in Taurus eventually, as you know. Neptune is an escape from reality surrounded by bubbles. Scorpio is finance, charity, business, property. Uranus will challenge you to change. Keep the escape manageable and the bubbles small. Don’t surf out too far in the non-reality and the opposition will be far less of a concern. You quit your job as a Sun Pisces with a Scorpio stellium – and obviously made a calculation about the price of your freedom or happiness; your job was costing you. You will save or make money until October and then again from January-May with Jupiter in your solar Second House of cash flow, bargains and increase. What you were doing 18 or 19 years ago on the last South Node in Scorpio transit of your Eighth House must have been karmically good – you are owed.

  19. Hello Jessica, thank you for all the information you have shared with us, I am a very beginner in astrology, I can understand what you are talking about but not predict the dates so accurately.

    Could you please share your thots if this is good moment for me to invest into crypto current, thank you!

    Planet Longitude
    Sun e 22°40′ 8″ house 1
    Moon h 29°18’32” house 5
    Mercury f 19°47′ 3″ house 3
    Venus f 6°34’45″# house 2
    Mars e 1°32’38” house 12
    Jupiter i 1°32’55” house 5
    Saturn g 29°22’20” house 4
    Uranus i 5° 4’17” house 5
    Neptune i 26°36’22″# house 5
    Pluto g 27° 8’57” house 4
    True Node c 23°18’42″D house 11
    Desc.T.Node i 23°18’42″D house 5
    Chiron c 2°38’29” house 11
    P.Fort. a 29° 0’37” house 10
    Lilith k 16°46’44” house 7
    *Algol b 25°56′ 4″ house 10
    2244 Tesla g 28°31′ 0″ house 4
    1685 Toro h 23°18’53” house 4
    7066 Nessus e 7°41’55” house 1
    *Regulus e 29°35’29” house 2

    1. Blimey, you don’t have a chart for me to read, and I’m seeing an astrology chart I would never work with in a million years. I’m sorry but I can’t even see your Sun sign. Can I suggest something that will work for you, free of charge? Use the Tarot on my website. Follow the steps. Get comfortable and familiar with it, then try reading for yourself, with this question. Cryptocurrency is a wild and stormy ride, on a Uranus in Taurus transit until 2026, and it depends on how much you value peace of mind. If you place a high price on a predictable life, it may not be for you. Uranus is stormy weather. Taurus is money.

  20. Dear Jessica. I’m investing in cryptocurrencies aim for Ethereum. After runa&tether happening, I’d like to liquidate my investment if possible, but I don’t know when it’s good. Please give me advice. thanks…

    1. I understand why you want to sell your cryptocurrency. It’s a wild and stormy ride until 2026 with Uranus (the unpredictable) in Taurus (currency) and this is the same cycle we had during the last war, when the whole world economy was so stormy. I suggest you use the Garden Oracle, The Smith-Waite Tarot and the Astrology Oracle together and follow the steps. As a Sun Pisces you are going to save or make money in 2022 until October, then January-May 2023, but I can’t tell if it’s from (say) investing in antiques, or doing nicely with a pay rise, or inheriting from a family member, or winning the local raffle. As you have very specific things in mind, this reading must be personal to you. I suggest testing the shuffled online cards repeatedly until you feel comfortable.

    1. I saw this. I am so sorry. It is absolutely dreadful. There is hope. It may be hard to believe, given first the Christchurch Massacre in New Zealand, and then this, but we do move into Pluto in Aquarius from March 2023 and diversity is powerful. It begins in waves in 2023, and then really takes hold from the mid 2020’s where it becomes a way of life from 2030. Pluto is empowerment. Aquarius is the diverse group of humanity. Anything or anybody which works against that is toast.

    1. Thank you. I think when Mercury is out of retrograde in Taurus (currency, economy) we’ll all be in a position to judge ADA more clearly. At the moment, that and everything else is being pulled backwards and forwards in time and clear judgement in any permanent sense is impossible. We’re in stormy Taurus weather.

  21. Hi Jessica

    You seem to focus on 2026 a lot. I am guessing, the markets and the overall economy would have some normality around then. The odd covid outbreak would be the norm by then and new viruses. Such as the monkey pox that is around now. There is always a bear market before the boom, as it is cyclical. Is crypto the investment to make? It is so unregulated and very unpredictable. Not heard one major individual investor that supports it as an investment. Is there more potential in crypto currencies compared to say buying gold or silver equities? I believe in the UK economy over the medium to long term. Crypto is new and interesting just to read about it.

    1. 2026 is big because Uranus leaves Taurus that year. Neptune is also on the way out of Pisces, and into Aries. Cryptocurrency is really Uranus in Taurus because it’s a new invention (tick) and it runs on electricity (another tick). The astrology would add, it’s erratic and unpredictable (another tick). So, unless you have a chart that favours this transit, you may prefer to have a quiet life. The COVID-19 virus will mutate into a more difficult variant again when Saturn goes into Pisces from March 2023. I wish it wasn’t so but it is astrology’s job to clang the warning bell, so that the issues can at least be kept minimal.

  22. Hi Jessica, this is fascinating!!! I wrote to you on another comment re: business splits – and legal matters relating to being ousted as the only female cofounder, what I did not mention was that this was related to crypto! I wonder if this adds or subtracts to any decision around that? I followed your advice and have arranged negotiations for tomorrow when mercury goes direct.

    1. Thank you. I would not have advised you or anyone else to negotiate over finance when Mercury goes direct ‘tomorrow.’ You are mistaking me for another astrologer. Mercury Retrograde is still with you. Please look at the original article I wrote about Mercury Retrograde in 2022 (just find it on Search) as it’s now been on this website for a very long time, as a cautionary note. It will not be until at least Sunday 19th June that Mercury goes out of retrograde shadow, depending on your time zone. He is trawling backwards through Taurus, which rules cryptocurrency, until June 13th. You have to let the wheels spin backwards and forwards from whatever you were discussing or reading, before. Only when he clears his Gemini cycle from around 19th June should you start to call final, final. The Tarot can validate that for you, as you obviously make your business decisions, not me.

  23. Okay I’ve read this again a couple times. I see the patterns where BitCoin will drop but what are the patters/aspects/degrees that indicate it may rise?? If its in here I apologize for either not seeing it or understanding.


    1. You need to work with your own chart and do the research, on a daily basis, as life turns on a dime with Bitcoin. Always look at Taurus and/or Scorpio and the Second House of personal income and Eighth House of joint finance. Do you have a money-making chart? You only have the DC (Descendant) in Taurus and the rest is in Scorpio, which is about other people’s money. Usually a husband, often a parent. So you can’t really figure this out until you look at the ties that bind with relatives or partners; that’s what Scorpio is all about. You’d need their charts, too.

  24. Okay this is something I am going to really work on. The funny thing about crypto is I have that all by myself. No one else is involved in that or my shares in the Market. In one reply you mentioned to do the natural chart and the natal chart and the oracles. I think I will apply that here. In my natal chart I have Mars, Venus, Juno and IC in my second house of Aquarius. My 8th house is Leo and the only thing I have in there is MC. Aquarius is the natural 11th house of groups, society and Leo children. Funny cause I am working on getting groups together with special needs children. Regarding the money aspect, Mars I think rules real estate. I had several properties which I have sold. They weren’t that great anyway. I am looking to investing in more rental properties in better areas. So this too, if I am correct, would still be other people’s money because I’d be collecting rent. I am on the fence with the crypto and stocks. Maybe, if they ever go back up, I will sell and stay out of that arena. I am really going to study the factors I have in Natal and Natural 2nd and 8th houses, their meanings, degrees etc and see what i come up with. Thanks again Jessica your site has helped me in more ways than I can tell you.

    1. You are using a different house system to me, so I can’t comment on what you are saying. Mars does not rule real estate. Your cryptocurrency is very much about other people, as presumably you have named others in your will. The Eighth House, ruled by Scorpio, describes the big ticket debts or credits in your legacy, as it is about sex, death and money. Dig into your Scorpio side. Remember, it’s the Eighth House.

  25. Hi Jessica, I just wondered if you ever got a chance to look at the future for Crypto Mining/Blockchain Company – Argo Blockchain. I know you are a very busy lady with your website and writing articles elsewhere. Any indication of what the future holds for Argo Blockchain would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Very Best Wishes.

    1. Yes, I did look at Argo Blockchain but two different years are given for its ‘birth’ and no date at all (it is listed as both a 2016 and 2017 venture). If you have a confirmed date, I can look, otherwise astrology can’t do very much. I see its stock is falling. I hope you read my Bitcoin predictions here (date-stamped) and also a general prediction made two years ago now: also date-stamped. Search Mercury Retrograde 2022. Thank you.

  26. Thank you for an inside. I am totally a new comer and not really understand the astrological aspects but do believe in it. Please help me to understand If i can ever make money from crypto world as I am very much interested in this blockchain technology that bitcoin has introduced to the world.

  27. Thank you so much for the insights. I am a total new comer and not really understand the astrological aspects. But this scare me a bit as I am very much on board with this. Not only this I am kind of attracted with the blockchain technology that bitcoin has introduced to the world and wanted to be part of this and wondering if its a right path for me or not ? And will I get a chance to get out of this before its too late

    1. Thank you. You have factors at 2 through 29 of Taurus and Scorpio, the two finance signs. So you have a big pattern across your Second House of personal income and Eighth House of joint finance. That leaves you wide open to difficulties, with bitcoin, blockchain and everything else. Why? Because we are going through the lunar node transits of Taurus and Scorpio until July 17th 2023. Very hard work for anyone with your kinds of chart patterns. We also have Uranus (continual upheavals, shocks, ongoing revolution) in Taurus until 26th April 2026. So that’s 2022, 2023 (the hardest years) then 2024, 2025, 2026 with really unpredictable weather for you. Some people like gambling on sudden ups and downs, and can afford to do that, but if you cannot, then keep your stakes really low on this cycle. And have a budget flexible enough to take big swings. You’ve seen how astrology can predict Bitcoin chaos twice. Once in this feature and once in the Mercury Retrograde 2022 feature I filed in 2020, two years before. It’s date stamped. The Tarot can give you a more personal validation as this is your life. Not mine. But do be cautious.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for making astrology easier to understand for learners. I’ve been following all your Bitcoin articles. I noticed the July/Aug 2022 dates and the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio, which matches my chart. I lost a lot of money in crypto and I’m still dealing with a divorce and its debt. What do you make of my chart? Does my chart favor crypto transits? If I hear from you, I’ll follow that up with the Garden Oracle and Tarot reading on your website. Thanks!

    Sun 04° Sagittarius 21′ 11″
    Moon 19° Capricorn 16′ 09″
    Mercury 26° Sagittarius 02′ 35″
    Venus 14° Capricorn 55′ 29″
    Mars 08° Aquarius 02′ 07″
    Jupiter 13° Capricorn 35′ 47″
    Saturn 20° Scorpio 52′ 26″
    Uranus 13° Sagittarius 13′ 29″
    Neptune 00° Capricorn 10′ 01″
    Pluto 03° Scorpio 19′ 13″
    Chiron 05° Gemini 59′ 32″ R
    Juno 01° Libra 27′ 13″
    Vesta 07° Libra 14′ 03″
    Ceres 14° Taurus 43′ 55″ R
    MC 23° Capricorn 04′ 40″
    IC 23° Cancer 04′ 40″
    ASC 01° Taurus 14′ 06″
    DESC 01° Scorpio 14′ 06″
    Diana 01° Aries 11′ 27″
    Fortuna 17° Scorpio 16′ 57″
    Minerva 24° Libra 16′ 22″
    Bacchus 18° Libra 36′ 01″
    Apollo 28° Leo 20′ 03″
    Aesculapia 19° Pisces 04′ 12″
    Hygeia 14° Aquarius 42′ 11″
    Panacea 13° Sagittarius 24′ 59″
    Ops 21° Virgo 35′ 01″
    Salacia 16° Aquarius 49′ 44″
    Proserpina 21° Pisces 03′ 03″
    Cupido 10° Leo 40′ 26″
    Vulcano 02° Sagittarius 29′ 05″
    Psyche 17° Aquarius 36′ 20″
    NorthNode 27° Taurus 24′ 57″ R
    SouthNode 27° Scorpio 24′ 57″ R

    1. Hmmm, Saturn at 20 Scorpio in the Eighth House is a symbol of difficult life lessons involving joint finances and shared property and valuables. It’s very close to your Moon at 19 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, academia and unpaid work, so that is a warning note. I am sorry you have already lost out financially; part of Saturn’s learning curve is to figure out sensible ways to protect yourself and defend yourself from ever being so exposed and vulnerable again. Yet the trick with Saturn is finding ways to make yourself as safe as possible which do not limit you, confine you or restrict you. You don’t want to end up being a Scrooge living on a pittance and hoarding everything, any more than you want to lose a bomb on Bitcoin. You have Jupiter in Capricorn in your Tenth House so will always be fine, professionally, and do exceptionally well as a rule. So Saturn can’t really touch that; just be mindful that Uranus in Taurus will eventually move to 20 Taurus, opposing Saturn at 20 Scorpio and that is very difficult. Lower the stakes well before that happens so you have an ‘Oh’ moment and not an ‘Aaargh’ moment. And do all you can to aim high in your career and get there; you very likely will.

  29. Hi Jessica, how do you tell if one person is suitable to invest in crypto? I’m wondering if I should buy in BTC during the winter period. Thank you.

    1. I’m afraid I don’t see a chart here, but look to Taurus factors in your Second House of personal income and Scorpio factors in your Eighth House of joint finance. Check for aspects to other planets, asteroids, angles, nodes and so on. Then watch the degree of the transits in Taurus and Scorpio as they pass across. This is how I have predicted Bitcoin drama twice.

  30. Hello Jessica.

    Your daily horoscope for Cancer suggested speed learning about cryptocurrency and NFTs, among other things. And in here you say, “Your chart has to have the right patterns – or crickets.”

    Concerning crypto, I think I mostly have crickets in the way you do the charts. Of course, I have Saturn–“Saturn is Money”–but at 14 degrees. I have nothing at 0-1. In fact, the only celestial body I have from 18 to 20 degrees is Apollo at 20 degrees Virgo. So, what does that mean for me? Should I avoid these forms of investment? Would other cryptocurrencies be different, such as Ethereum?

    I will be settling the estates for both my father and my sister at least by February of next year. Can you tell from my chart what would be the wisest use of my inheritance? It won’t be enough to buy a house outright at current prices but it could offset rents if I want to move somewhere more expensive. Or should I stuff it under a mattress?

    And while I have your attention, about NFTs. I am a painter and photographer. But I’ve felt ‘too late’ to take advantage of the wave. Am I wrong? Is there something in my chart that would guide me on that since you did suggest ‘learning up’ on NFTs.

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