The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse 2022

The Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

The total lunar eclipse will occur on Sunday, May 15th into Monday, May 16th, 2022 – depending on your location. As with all eclipses, professional astrologers advise that you avoid anything important on those days. The signs matter. Here, we have a split between Taurus (your money) and Scorpio (joint finances, usually in a marriage or family legacy).

Everyone is talking about this Scorpio eclipse in 2022, but why? One very good reason is the state of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, as Scorpio has always ruled finance. When will you experience the eclipse? Find your city here

Rising Moon c 1930 Clarice Beckett Melbourne Richard Morris Art History in a Tweet @ahistoryinart - The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse 2022
Rising Moon c 1930 Clarice Beckett from @ahistoryinart

How Your Finances are Reflected on the Scorpio Eclipse

A Full Moon is always reflected in the water, and this beautiful painting by Melbourne artist Clarice Beckett, profiled by Richard Morris at Art History in a Tweet, @ahistoryinart, shows it. You will find that the Scorpio eclipse mirrors a situation you are currently experiencing with the bank, your family legacy, valuables, a house or apartment, land, Bitcoin, stocks and shares, companies, charities and so on. The trick is not reading anything into the reflection. Leave it. Judge or act later.

It’s A Once-In-430 Years Twin Eclipse 

As you may know, there are actually two total lunar eclipses this year, with the next one 145 days later on November 7th and 8th, 2022. That also features an 84-minute totality and is highly unusual. Does your astrological chart show factors at 25 Scorpio, 25 Taurus, 16 Scorpio, 16 Taurus? This is personal for you.

May 16th 2022
Sun 25 Taurus opposite Full Moon 25 Scorpio. These two zodiac signs are opposed to each other. Taurus is about your money, your house or apartment, your values, your life budget. Scorpio is about shared or joint concerns: for example, a marriage and mortgage, or a business partnership. The gap between those very different approaches is more obvious on this Full Moon.

November 8th 2022
Sun 16 Scorpio opposite Full Moon 16 Taurus (also in conjunction with Uranus at 16 Taurus, aspecting Ceres at 16 Virgo. This photograph by Abed Ismail (Unsplash) shows the dance of the Sun and Moon during an eclipse. In old-fashioned astrology, the Sun and Moon were known as Lights. If you think about two torches not functioning normally, that’s close. As Scorpio and Taurus are associated with everything you own, earn and owe – you may prefer not to judge or act on either of these eclipses. Of course, November 2022 brings the Midterm Elections in America.


abed ismail  jhUrn9o8yM unsplash scaled - The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse 2022

Bolivia and Bitcoin – What We Will Not See

The best view is from Bolivia. The Blood Moon Scorpio Eclipse will be directly overhead. There has been a complete ban in place on the usage of Bitcoin in Bolivia since 2014 by the Bolivian Central Bank. That’s a huge clue about the nature of the cover-up, the blind spot or the ‘obscure’ situation to come, for that country. In fact, the November 8th 2022 eclipse at 16 Taurus and 16 Scorpio, aspects Bolivia’s Uranus at 16 Capricorn. (Data: The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). From this we can predict that there will be an upheaval in the Bolivian leadership, covered up or concealed – for a time.

China and COVID-19 – Another Cover-Up?

The last time we saw this combination of the North Node in Taurus, the South Node in Scorpio and eclipses there, China covered up SARS. In 2003 we saw a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. A Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. In 2004 we saw a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. A Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, again.

Given that the lunar node cycle/eclipse cycle is mirrored now, we would be right to ask the same question – is China concealing a new variant, or more? Because this affects the world economy and Taurus/Scorpio is about that. In 2003, the global economic loss of SARS was estimated at $40 billion (Jong-Wha Lee/Warwick McKibbin). The grey stripe on the graph shows you 2003, along with the plunging golden line on the graph. (Reuters). That’s right in the Taurus/Scorpio node and eclipse cycle. And it’s back.  As the Sydney Morning Herald reported on 21st April 2003, China confessed to a SARS cover-up on that cycle.

CHINA 2003 SARS - The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse 2022

Reuters SARS - The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse 2022

What Was Happening in 2003, 2004?

An eclipse is really ‘the road less travelled’ or ‘the path not taken’. You become aware of the stage being set, with finances, property, business, charity, valuables, purchases, sales and so on – like stage props around you. That’s the scenery. Avoiding acting things out, or staging a drama is wise, as the lighting won’t work. Scorpio and Taurus are always about big-ticket money concerns.

The other clue? Ask yourself what was happening from April 15th 2003 to December 26th 2004, the last time the North Node was in Taurus, the South Node was in Scorpio, and we had the same astrological weather. It may have been a deal that was done, for example. That will be mirrored now.

The Blood Red Scorpio Eclipse and You

For viewers across the Americas, the extra large full moon will turn deep blood red for nearly an hour and a half on May 15th and 16th. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes into Earth’s shadow. In a total lunar eclipse, the entire Moon falls within the darkest part of Earth’s shadow. If you have anything in Taurus and/or Scorpio in your astrological chart at all, avoid judging or acting – regarding financial matters – when this happens.

Darkness and Shadow

You would not walk down a dark alley without a torch. Eclipses obscure. They conceal, they never reveal.  The word ‘undercover’ suits an eclipse. There is always a cover-up. The idea of something/someone being cloaked or masked is similar to this idea. This is why ‘dark deeds’ often take place on an eclipse. It can be months or years before we find out, and that is why astrologers have traditionally warned against taking a dramatic new path, during an eclipse.

Galileo Galilei @historydefined 217x300 - The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse 2022Being left in the dark during a cover-up is a good expression of this Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse. Thus, a lack of insight, awareness, knowledge is normal. You can run into things/crash into things in the dark. So try to avoid dramatically changing course or taking a fork in the road, in your life – especially if it involves a mortgage (say) or a new bank.

The Information Blackout

A blackout of information – redacted information – is a good example of an eclipse. We often find eclipses coincide with important documents which arrive with whole paragraphs blacked out. This illustration by Galileo Galilei @historydefined shows a similarity to a modern contact lens. It is centuries old but it neatly describes what an eclipse does. Think of it as incomplete vision. We cannot see clearly on an eclipse.

This Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse is safe to watch. You don’t need special glasses, unlike a solar eclipse, so you can stare at the moon. Yet, in astrology, it should be treated with caution, because you are essentially trying to look at Scorpio matters (joint finances; sex, death and money) or Taurus matters (your bank account) with the equivalent an ill-fitting contact lens.

Her Majesty the Queen and the May 2022 Eclipse

There will be a cover-up involving Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II, on this Scorpio Lunar Eclipse. It falls with the Sun at 25 Taurus and Full Moon at 25 Scorpio. It is possible that she will arrange for Charles, Prince of Wales, to become Prince Regent on this date – but the public would not be told for some time later. There may be other more private decisions Her Majesty makes, about what she is reputed to call The Firm. This is a momentous, fated day for her.

This Scorpio eclipse is in an exact conjunction with her midheaven (MC) at 25 Scorpio. It is one degree away from a conjunction with Saturn at 24 Scorpio. This illustration of her chart is from Astrodienst. 

Screen Shot 2022 05 13 at 7.47.59 am - The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse 2022

The Scorpio  Lunar Eclipse is in Saros Cycle Series 131

This Saros Cycle Series is important, below, because as America argues over abortion (certainly a Scorpio matter – sex, death and money), we find that one of the key players in the drama was born during the same Saros Eclipse Cycle. Samuel Alito is on the Supreme Court.

So, not only Her Majesty the Queen and Bolivia, but also the current debate over the end of the Roe Versus Wade ruling, are firmly in the sights of this Scorpio Eclipse. The data on Samuel Alito comes from Wikipedia. Born on April 1st 1950 just a day before the eclipse, he also has a fated part to play in the two cover-ups that occur, in May and November 2022.

The Saros Eclipse Cycle 131

The full details of the 131 Saros Eclipse Cycle are below. Perhaps these dates are important in your own history, or in your family’s history. If so, you can find out some clues about this May 2022 Scorpio Eclipse.

March 22nd 1932
April 2nd 1950
April 13th 1968
April 24th 1986
May 4th 2004
May 16th 2022

Find out more about the New Moon and Full Moon Cycle elsewhere on my website.

Main image: Joao Ferrao, Unsplash.




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159 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, really interesting post especially with everything happening. I wonder if this also involved COVID-19 and how there is very little coverage now on it in the news.

    I’m wondering what you see for me, I have almost direct hits on my south node and north node which are 1 degree off. Would love your insight. I have a feeling this is connected to family money/property and being excluded or not being told the whole truth. My family is very bias towards the sons of the family, but also I have always been on the outer with them because I am darker than all my siblings and I also got divorced young. It’s a complex situation connected to religion and culture. I always thought that it would all work out in the end and that karma would even it out. Any insight you could offer would be great.

    Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you are quite right. There is a cover-up about COVID-19 and either the life insurance industry and/or the similarities with HIV/AIDS due on the Scorpio eclipse on 16th May. In your chart, you also have the lunar nodes just one degree away from that Full Moon opposition. You already sense what it will be about. You are on the outer of the family and are darker than your siblings, and are divorced. Okay so no need to be concerned – just steer clear. Take the day before and after, as this covers all time zones, and skip 15th, 16th, 17th of May for choosing or deciding, signing or taking action. Astrology is about ducking and diving and it’s no big deal – you will know it when you (do not) see it – and give things a wide berth. Once the Moon is out of Scorpio you will be onyour way again, though you need to get through Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, stuck at 26-29 degrees, which would make any paperwork or negotiation quite circular, stuck and even result in it coming to nothing. The 14th of June is the time to act; Mercury will be well and truly out of the Taurus loop then.

  2. Hi Jessica, Thank you for all the information you share with us. I only have chiron (R) in Taurus, but many placements in Scorpio (ASC, Venus, Uranus) which Uranus has or will be opposing. Decisions that I have to make on my business really worry me. Two companies which were born on: 19th July 2017 (first one) and 5th March 2018 (second one). For the second one this is the official incorporation date, but the idea was born on 26th February 2018. Running both businesses with Aquarius partner (their DOB 17th Feb.1977). What does the future hold? If I could part ways with my business partner (not the businesses), I would. Mainly as I find cooperation with my business partner very difficult. I have a big meeting with my business partner on 18th May to discuss our issues and ultimately the future of the business. Thank you and best wishes.

    1. Thank you. You want to separate from your business partner as co-operation is hard and you have a big 18th May meeting. That is two days after the eclipse at 25 Scorpio in your Eighth House of business. You have factors at 26 and 28 Libra in your Seventh House of work partnership. They are picked up by the eclipse and also by Mercury Retrograde at 26, 28 Taurus, which runs in circles until June 13th. Can you treat this discussion as a dress rehearsal or first take? Don’t sign or accept a signature – if you can leave it open it will work better for you astrologically. Then you can proceed from the second half of June. Sure enough your 19th July 2017 company has the Sun at 26 Cancer. Same degree. The 5th March company has Uranus at 26 Aries. Same degree. Your partner has the North Node at 25 Libra, really close, and the South Node at 25 Aries. I can see why you want to part company. It’s a very difficult chart. It is also karmic; your partner knew you in previous lifetime and you two are here to act out the Aries-Libra issues and bring closure and settlement. Keep talking and talking. As long as it takes. What you end up doing must be utterly fair in every way; completely level – for that reason you may want to hire a third party – a professional.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I have Cupid at 16 Scorpio. What do May 16 and November 8 eclipses mean for me? And is November 8 eclipse more important for me?

    1. Cupido at 16 Scorpio in your Eighth House inclines you to short-term passions, and sex and money (or a house/apartment) are intertwined. You inspire as much desire as you generate and your love life is full of episodic longings with just one person, but also with a variety of objects of your desire. The eclipse in May passes you by. The eclipse in November finds the Full Moon at 16 Taurus and Sun at 16 Scorpio, in an opposition to Cupido and conjunction too. That’s big. Don’t judge or act on the day itself, or the day before/after – if the matter is financial, sexual, about family money, related to property, possessions, charity or business. There’s no skyfall, you just don’t need that level of complication when you cannot see what is going on and do not know the full story. A blind date really would be blind, for example, on that eclipse.

  4. Hi Jessica! I am new to your blog but I am already obsessed with your predictions! It certainly seems we are in a state of change and chaos, and astrology is a great way to be ahead of the curve and ‘ride the waves’.
    I’m wondering if you could please shed a little light on a concern of mine regarding the changes this year. I was told by a psychic that my husband would get an incredible job opportunity out of the blue that would lead us both to our destined paths. The timeframe that she gave me hasn’t quite aligned and I am feeling restless to get on with it! Can you see if there’s anything in our charts that indicate this?
    Me: Husband:
    Sun Pisces 3’41” Sun Aries 4’14”
    Asc Taurus 24’25” Asc Scorpio 22’36”
    Moon Taurus 16’36” Moon Aquarius 10’39”
    Mercury Aquarius 12’42” Mercury Pisces 6’30”
    Venus Aries 15’55” Venus Aquarius 26’08”
    Mars Capricorn 0’27” Mars Taurus 22’25”
    Jupiter Aries 27’07” Jupiter Aries 5’27”
    Saturn Capricorn 0’43” Saturn Saggitarius 21’08”
    Uranus Capricorn 0’18” Uranus Saggitarius 26’42”
    Neptune Capricorn 9’34” Neptune Capricorn 7’57”
    Pluto Scorpio 12’34” Pluto Scorpio 9’29”
    Lilith Leo 20’56” Lilith Cancer 13’39”
    N Node Pisces 23’18” N Node Aries 11’34”

    I would be immensely grateful if you could give me some hope and guidance!

    1. Thank you. A psychic told you that your husband would get an incredible job and it hasn’t happened. Either you’re not logged in, or not a member, but I can’t see your chart here. If your husband is a Sun Pisces he will in fact make or save a lot of money, now through October and January through May 2023. This may be because of a new job, or it may be for completely different reasons – but he’s in a good place. Don’t use Lilith, by the way, she is not part of modern astrology, which is based on Roman gods and goddesses.

  5. So, I got Pluto at 16 degrees in Scorpio 5th house. I am very involved in the markets. This doesn’t sound overly good. Is this something I need to be cautious around?

    1. Pluto is at 16 degrees of Scorpio in your Eighth House, using the Natural House System, and if you are involved in the markets, that fits. The Eighth House rules joint finance. Pluto is your power and control in any given situation. The eclipse is far too wide to have much impact on you personally, but in general you should treat the 15th, 16th, 17th of May as a period of low visibility. Assume you have contact lenses with the wrong prescription, when your eyes turn to money, property, valuables, business, charity. You may prefer to act or judge another day. I am sure you can see the market turmoil now. Given that we have an eclipse as well as Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, not to mention Uranus in Taurus and the North Node in Taurus as well (!) we’re not going to see anything like normality until Mercury is over that cycle from June 13th.

  6. Woah you are on fire with the Blogs lady!! Love it. I can’t keep up with what I’ve asked. But this one scares the heck out of me.
    My dad (July 14, 1944 around 6am in Wash, D.C.) is not in great shape. I’ve single handedly moved him to a senior apartment near me, cleaned out and sold his home, among other things. The house contract was ratified April 14, we signed settlement papers on 09 MAY 2022. The purchaser (an investment firm) was supposed to sign on the 11th and now pushing it to the 17th. This whole thing has had me so anxious. There is a lot of family animosity and I am trying to be the peace keeper and make everyone happy. I pray every night that this sale just goes through and is over. I only have my Desc in Taurus, whatever that means. But man I got a full house in Scorpio. All 19-21 degree range Neptune, ASc, Bacchus, and Cupido. I wish I could just lay low and stay in bed until this passes but I take care of my dad and my disabled grandson 🙁 Hoping something good comes of this.

    AND, having also been subjected to the same abuse as Johnny Depp, whose trial, just 20 minutes from me, is set to resume on Monday I hope to GOD nothing is covered up for him. This is a landmark case and very critical to all of use who’ve never had a voice against such abusers. I hope he is not negatively effected by this because if he is.. all of us survivors are too.

    1. I’m sorry you are being affected by Mercury Retrograde in Taurus. It began around April 27th and was in place when you signed. Now the purchaser is delaying. This is typical of this cycle. No need for anxiety, though, just wait for the circuit to complete. It will do that when Mercury goes back to 26, 27, 28, 29 Taurus for the last time, May 30th until June 13th. Try not to complicate the situation until then by adding to it. Your father was born with Venus at 26 Cancer (property, family) and the North Node at 27 Cancer, so very close by – again in the Fourth House of family and property, ruled by Cancer. Mercury has picked that up and gone backwards. When Mercury goes forwards, all should be well although it’s possible the final agreement with the investment firm and/or family members could change. You can use the Tarot to validate that and find some guidance for yourself.

  7. Okay and I’ve been furiously looking up charts on my entire family. Funny my daughters both have Pluto in Scorpio, one at 18 deg the other at 25 deg. But the most concerning for me is one of my son in laws. He was born Dec 10, 1989 in McCook, Nebraska at 3:15pm and has Moon in Taurus at 23 deg; Mars at 24 deg Scorp; Pluto and Lilith are both in Scorp but they are at 16 and 4 deg respectively, not sure if that counts. Hoping this doesn’t hit him hard. Any words of wisdom. I just LOVE your site, your blogs, and all of your help!
    Much Appreciation

    1. Thank you. Your son-in-law has Mars at 24 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finance, which is close enough for a conjunction from the Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse. He may prefer not to take a new path, or shut one down, on the 16th of May – and allow a day either side. Lilith is not part of modern astrology, by the way. Not part of the original Roman family tree which began with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the rest.

  8. Hi Jessica, I have several factors at 25 degrees. Could you please help decode my chart for this eclipse period as I’m thinking of walking away from my current work despite enjoying an assured money flow.

    1. You aren’t logged in, so I can’t see a chart here, but if you have factors at 25 degrees, don’t resign on the eclipse, and allow the day before/day after to be on the safe side. Double that message if your chart factors are at 25 Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus and/or Capricorn as these are the work and money signs.

  9. Good morning, and thanks a lot! Jessica, can you have a look – I have Uranus 8 Scorpio and jupiter 26 Taurus. And mars 24 Scorpio.

    1. Mars at 24 Scorpio in your Eighth House is the story here. The eclipse falls at 25 Scorpio, just one degree away, and so your normal instinct to push/take action/compete/fight where money, business, charity, valuables or property is concerned – is unwise. Why? Because you’ll be doing it almost blindfold. The eclipse covers the day before and day after, depending on your time zone and the time zones of people you are dealing with. So just give it a wide berth. On the plus side you will make or save a lot of money when Jupiter goes to 26 Taurus in May 2024.

  10. Hi Jessica, please help me understand more clearly how this Eclipse will affect me, as it falls on my DC/ AC axis. As per Saros Eclipse Cycle 131, May 4th 2004 stands out, as around that time I met a man with whom I have had a long-term relationship. This relationship always seemed sort-of fated to me, and I am still not totally over it, after so many years. Last year I briefly reconnected with this person, after 10 years of no contact whatsoever. To this day, he is still in the center of my mind, although we are not together. In the days around this Scorpio Eclipse we are both to attend a social event, and again, it seems like no coincidence at all (the event scheduled so close to the Eclipse, both of us at the same event, Eclipse on my DC and progressed natal Mars, Eclipse related to the time we started our relationship…). Somehow I have a feeling that this Eclipse will have a totally heartbreaking effect on me… Thank you in advance for your kind insight.

    1. Yes, you have the Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse falling at 25 degrees, opposite the Sun at 25 degrees Taurus, so right on your Ascendant (AC) and Descendant (DC) axis. Your heart won’t be broken so please don’t worry. You just need to steer clear of judging or acting too dramatically, on the 16th of May and the days either side. Scorpio-Taurus is about the gap between your values and the values of other people – like a lover, whom you decide to live with. It can also be about your life budget and the life budget of a family member. You have already woken up to the story here, before it happens. Your former lover is back on the scene and here he is again. Just use your common sense and don’t make any assumptions about him on the eclipse. You won’t know, and cannot see, what is really there. Sometimes you find the diversion/distraction (the main event) also takes your eyes away from the real story, so be aware: he may be the decoy duck and the real cover-up involving money, business, charity, property, valuables could be in plain sight but not seen by you. A little bit of fancy footwork and you can avoid fumbling in the dark and getting off on the wrong path. Let the Moon pass out of Scorpio.

  11. Here goes again – the initial reply has suddenly been forwarded by my computer without my consent, sorry 🙂

    Hi Jessica, I’m a bit alarmed about your insights on the eclipse on November 8th because you mention that Uranus at 16 Taurus, will be aspecting Ceres at 16 Virgo. It doesn’t happen very often that my natal birth chart matches the same factors you are writing about and since I am still learning about different aspects they are more than often a mystery to me. Since Uranus rules Aquarius, which is my sun sign, I am really wondering what kind of U-turn this might be for me this time. My Uranus is also in Virgo 4° if that matters at all, or Vulcano at 25 Sagittarius. Thanks a lot for your insights!

    1. Yes, November 8th 2022 finds the Full Moon at 16 Taurus and Sun at 16 Scorpio, and it’s an eclipse. Ceres at 16 Virgo and Neptune at 15 Scorpio in your chart are pulled into that, so there will be a cover-up regarding your work, unpaid work or academic career (Virgo) and it will have an impact on your finances (Scorpio). No need for alarm, just don’t act or judge on November 7th, 8th, 9th (give the world a chance to catch up with itself). A classic case might be a company headhunting you and offering a pay rise – yet by January 2023 you realise your old employer had you in mind for an even more lucrative promotion and you didn’t know. It’s really on that level. Eclipses are not negative, nor positive, they just hide the real story and distract us from the full picture. It is usually in plain sight. That’s why astrologers like Debbi Kempton-Smith, among others, used to steer clear. In fact, she once refused to meet me in New York because it was an eclipse. Just negotiate with fate and steer around. Whatever happens on those dates is obviously important as you also have transiting Uranus at 16 Taurus, opposing natal Neptune and in trine to natal Ceres. You’ll know it when you see it (or don’t see it, more to the point). As a general rule of thumb, try to keep your finances, house, apartment, business interests – real. The smaller the bubble of non-reality and escapism by November, the less Uranus has to challenge. Again this is just common-sense astrology. We’re seeing a cryptocurrency bubble burst at the moment. It was never tied to anything real. So read up on your Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House and be aware of that. The Eighth House usually involves big-ticket items, such as those in the legacy where you name others, or in family or partnership legacies (say) naming you.

  12. Hi Jessica, I’m so glad you mentioned Her Majesty the Queen. Elizabeth II. You picked up on what I was thinking too – there is something hidden that we won’t know about for some time, a fated day indeed, this upcoming Scorpio Lunar Eclipse.

    And now to turn the focus on you: your analysis on people, world events, current events, is nothing short of brilliant. It makes for an
    interesting read, each and every one of your blog posts. The breadth of knowledge you have regarding any topic is unsurpassed and you convey it well to your readers, it’s so important to write well.

    Many thanks and God bless you and your family.

    1. Caroline, this is really kind, thank you. And the eclipse at 25 Scorpio/25 Taurus likely won’t reveal itself until around 19th June when we find Venus at 25 Taurus and Saturn at 25 Aquarius, making the square. The Royal Family are particularly well-known for the eclipses dotted in their history. They usually coincide with the most concealed stories for this very private, public family.

  13. Dear Jessica, I feel lethargic and not in good spirits, since this week. Not only that but the working place condition is continuously in chaos and not kind. Is this something to do with eclipse seasons? Also is it okay to go on boat trip before the lunar eclipse? Much thanks and love.

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn with an Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio stellium. So you are experiencing Saturn transiting those 24, 25, 26 patterns. (Saturn is in Aquarius). This symbol in astrology is associated with slowing down; a thwarted process; a long and winding (too long and winding) road. No wonder you feel stretched. It’s not really the eclipse, just the fact that you are strongly represented by Fixed Signs and you are experiencing a Saturn transit which hits those fixed signs in your chart. This too shall pass. The work chaos will subside from June 19th. Until then try not to add to it, by weaving any complex new ‘solutions’ as they may just add to the tapestry. Have a look at the Tarot about your boat trip: Pamela Colman Smith often illustrated water/sea/ships and it can be quite specific.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    My astrological chart shows that Sun at 21°45′Scorpio,Venus at 24°57′Scorpio,Pluto at 17°44′Scorpio,Rising sign at 26°11′Taurus. That’s all about Taurus and Scorpio in my chart. Is there anything I need to avoid during the next weeks?

    1. The eclipse falls at 25 Scorpio so quite close to your Venus at 24 Scorpio. That’s really the story here. Complicated financial and sexual relationships, or complex family/property relationships (for example, a legacy) are where you should leave well alone on the 16th of May and I would allow a day before and after as different time zones may be involved. Don’t act or judge, just let the Moon pass out of Scorpio. A classic example would be a blind date with a millionaire (it happens) but you don’t realise that the true love of your life is secretly hoping you’ll get back together. You have Venus in Scorpio in the Eighth House and the eclipse falls in your Eighth House, so all matters pertaining to that, are in shadow on the eclipse.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Wondering if you have an idea of what I should be aware of with this eclipse and the November ones.
    Thank you!

    1. Nancy, it really depends on your personal situation. If nothing is on the agenda of any importance (the purchase of superannuation, for example, or the terms of a family will) then the eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis will affect you, as they affect us all. There will be an entirely misleading situation involving the world economy, the markets, trade or cryptocurrency on both eclipse days and it is very important that we are not hoodwinked, in a general sense.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another very interesting article. I have stelliums in both Scorpio and Taurus so I am guessing that this will impact me in a very significant way? I am in the very very early stages (i had the idea a few weeks ago) of setting up a research agency for the cryptocurrency space using a more data focused approach for identifying promising projects and am also invested in the bitcoin / cryptocurrency. Should i therefore sit on my hands over that period?

    From an inheritance point of view – as per another poster – my wife (and her sister) have been ostracised from the family (and their mother) – by their brothers – and there are often wranglings and secret meetings regarding the family inheritance. So i am guessing an eclipse may have something to do with that?

    Would my chart shed any light?

    Sun 14° Scorpio 19′ 56″
    Mars 19° Scorpio 49′ 43″
    NorthNode 03° Scorpio 35′ 51″ R
    Mercury 13° Scorpio 51′ 19
    Uranus  07° Scorpio 54′ 30″
    Aesculapia  13° Scorpio 51′ 36″

    Proserpina 28° Taurus 28′ 18″ R
    Jupiter  27° Taurus 41′ 45″ R
    SouthNode 03° Taurus 35′ 51″ R
    Ops 14° Taurus 11′ 26″ R
    Moon 10° Taurus 37′ 30″

    Thank you Jessica

    1. Thank you. You ‘live’ in your Second House and Eighth House and inhabit a financial, property, charity and/or business space for most of the time. You have at least one past life with heavy involvement in money and have come back in this lifetime to deal with cryptocurrency – our new reality. You can use this long Mercury Retrograde in Taurus to ponder your options and make rough notes, but come back to final decisions in the second half of June and following, when the loop has finished. It began in April and as you know, people who made dramatic decisions about cryptocurrency back in April are being shown why that was a mistake, in May. The eclipse does not aspect your chart directly, but as a general effect, it will cast a long shadow over the numbers you need to see, or the truth about the inheritance. Scorpio rules legacies. I am sorry your wife is going through this; Scorpio also rules marriage. One way or another this matter has to be settled in 2022, 2023 as the nodes go through Taurus-Scorpio, because there is a long piece of karma here which has to complete. Choose your times though. Both with your business idea and your wife’s situation, you may prefer to wait until the eclipse has gone and Mercury Retrograde too – from around mid-June life will start to look much more manageable, astrologically. Cryptocurrency will dominate us until 2026 until Uranus leaves Taurus so I imagine a lot of people will be interested in your research agency idea.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    My husband and I retired and moved from our family home in Seattle to a smaller city leaving our daughter to live in the home until she found another place to live. That was 5 years ago and it’s now almost impossible for her to find anything affordable. So selling the home has been delayed. Our son also borrowed a significant amount money from us two years ago for a business adventure that failed. Every time we bring up a payment plan, he finds all kinds of excuses why he can’t pay.
    All that being said, my husband and I cannot afford to do all the things we planned on doing after our retirement. Our patience is running out and we plan on having some uncomfortable conversations with our daughter and son about these financial matters. Should we wait until after the full moon and mercury retrograde to have these conversations?

    1. If you can wait until Mercury Retrograde in Taurus has finished his loop – and also wait until the eclipse has gone – you will be in a far better position with the astrology. Your son owes you money and your property is tied up with your daughter. I’m sorry you are going through it, but you deserve the retirement you want. You have Jupiter in conjunction with the South Node in Scorpio, which describes exactly the life you have. You are fortunate, blessed, lucky with finance, property, business, charity. It is natural to want to give and be generous as a result. It is also karmic. You, your husband and children have been involved with each other in at least one prior lifetime. You have reincarnated to gain closure over property or financial matters from the last incarnation and have made an agreement in your life between lives, to return – to do that. So you are not going to get away without uncomfortable conversations in 2022, 2023 with the nodes going through Taurus and Scorpio again. And neither are they. You will gain settlement, spiritually, and come full circle in the end and that has to happen – it can’t be avoided. You will find a way through. There are many ways to sort this out with your children and going over the options (mental rehearsal) is a good use of the waiting game with Mercury Retrograde. Skip the actual eclipse for any judgements though, it is very misleading.

  18. Good morning Jessica

    Thanks for another insightful article. Based on my chart, am i about to be slammed on this eclipse?

    Thanks for everything you do! Have a fantastic weekend.

    1. Thank you. Eclipses don’t slam anybody, they tend to produce collective blindness. That is why people avoid eclipses for, say, weddings or for the ‘decision’ to fall in love. You can set off on the wrong path for years if you make up your mind to do something, or pursue something, on an eclipse. You have Venus at 25 Scorpio so you will be directly affected. Venus in Scorpio describes complicated relationships which involve money, houses, apartments, assets or valuables. They are usually sexual relationships but they can involve family members too, through a legacy – for example. Steer clear of the eclipse unless you want to go barking up the wrong tree.

  19. Thanks for another great article, Jessica! I don’t have any factors at 25 Scorpio, but for the November 8th eclipse, I I my IC/MC at 16 Taurus/Scorpio, Sun at 16 Leo. It seems like this might be a coverup with my home life and career, but what should I be watching out for at that time?

    Thank you again and wishing you good health and happiness.

    1. Thank you. The funny thing about eclipses is that people always want to know what they should watch out for, but the whole point of an eclipse is that you can look as hard as you like and you won’t see what is in plain sight. There is often a diversion or distraction. The eye is drawn to Point A but the true story is Point B and it’s just not registered. Given that you have Taurus/Scorpio factors, skip financial, business, charity or property choices on that eclipse. Leo rules pregnancy, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and young adults and the story might be conception; termination; projects aimed at small people; godchildren; a teacher or mentor role with a younger generation. Just avoid choices or judgements which would send you on a new path, regarding that, as an eclipse passes you.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    All these eclipses are exciting for me this year as in my sign. I have 26 degrees Taurus in Mars for the May 16th eclipse.

    The eclipse in November falls on my birthday I have 15 degrees Scorpio in Sun and 16 degrees Uranus in Leo.
    Does this mean anything for me? My whole life is going through changes at the moment.

    Thank you for such interesting blogs.

    1. Thank you. Eclipses can be dramatic but as your chart is picked up in financial sectors (you can include property, charity, business, valuables) you may prefer not to pursue anything or anybody new on those dates. It’s rather like coming to a fork in the road and driving with broken headlights in the middle of the night. Eclipses can fool us all. Captain James Cook saw more of them than most men of his generation on various expeditions, and he was blind to what he was doing, which was essentially colonising countries for King George III. Not so much an explorer as the agent of unwelcome change for native people, from New Zealand to Hawaii. The idea of unwittingly doing something, or unknowingly pursuing something, is at the heart of these eclipses in your chart and as you have 365 days to choose from to make your choices about money, shopping, selling and the rest – you may prefer to skip these few small days.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for another interesting article. It keeps my Astro brain functioning.
    I see this eclipse is going to hit my natal Neptune exactly as well as others of my generation. And Chiron in Pisces too. I wonder, as a collective, how this is going to affect finances and legacies. As Neptune is currently in orb of my Chiron, 25 Pisces, should I expect the unexpected health wise after recovering from COVID recently.
    Thanks and have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the eclipse is part of a sweeping transit of Scorpio and Taurus by the lunar nodes, and whole generations are affected, including your own, born with Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finances. The easiest example of Neptune in Scorpio is fantastic plastic credit card use. A mortgage is another example. The escape from reality is the illusion that one owns the shopping, or owns the house, when in fact it is technically owned by the bank until the balance is paid by you. Neptune rules the sea and so all the words we associate with the ocean apply to joint finance: bubbles is a big one. Collectively the eclipse suggests a blind spot about the world economy at that point. On a personal level you will obviously avoid the Moon’s transit of Scorpio from beginning to end, for important decisions as you will be flying blind at the time. Chiron in Pisces in the Twelfth House is not about health. Chiron is not a wounded healer – he is a maverick who describes your ability to get away with the so-called impossible or outrageous; the unthinkable. In Pisces in the Twelfth House this is about spirituality, mediumship, Tarot, religion, hypnosis, therapy, counselling and so on. That’s a lifetime pattern. It’s picked up by the eclipse so there will be a shadow cast on all these matters and you may prefer to make choices another time. I hope you make a full recovery from Covid-19.

  22. *Please disregard my first message.

    Hi Jessica, Thank you for this feature. My birthday is not far away on Monday16th May, when I’ll be twenty one again!
    I have the following placements. Sun 24 Taurus. Chiron 25 Aries. Moon 25 Cancer & Mars 26 Pisces. Should I just wait this eclipse out by staying in bed under the duvet from Sunday 15th May through to Wednesday 18th May?!
    Regarding the eclipse in November, I have Saturn 15 Cancer. Will that be affected?
    I’d really appreciate your interpretation, please. All the best. JT 1605 P.S.
    Thanks also for the Birthday Horoscope 2022 – 2023. It’s really helpful.

    1. Thank you. Happy Birthday. The eclipse does pick up your chart and rather than acting as a spotlight or searchlight, it acts like a shadow, so that your normal ability to pick out the full details is not there; this covers finance, property, charity, business, self-promotion, your appearance, house, apartment, family, home town, homeland – and more. No need to hide under the duvet, but try not to make assumptions or choose a new path in life as the eclipse moves through your chart. People can make fundamental errors of judgement on eclipses because they cannot see/do not know the truth. Any eclipse which falls on the same degree as a chart factor casts it into shadow for a time, so watching eclipses which pass by at 14, 15, 16 is a smart thing to do as they will always aspect your Saturn in Cancer, and that’s hard work anyway; Saturn in Cancer in the Fourth House is a symbol of tough realities and lessons learned, particularly with property. In modern astrology we allow a one-degree orb, or one degree’s difference, to see any transits working, and an eclipse is governed by those rules too. The classic example of an eclipse is the wedding of Diana, Princess of Wales and Charles, Prince of Wales. The nuptials were close to two eclipses and the entire world was fooled. Typically the truth only comes out a long time afterwards; it took the publication of Andrew Morton’s book for us to realise how in the dark we were.

  23. This eclipse thing is great, Jessica!

    My nodes are at 24 degrees Taurus and Scorpio, and otherwise I have more factors at 25 degrees. Uranus and Pluto 16 virgo…
    What to expect?

    Greetings from Bosnia!

    1. You are still going through the nodal transits of Scorpio and Taurus in your Eighth House and Second House so will be dealing with some of the most important financial, property, charity and/or business discussions of your life in 2022 and 2023. Your pension/superannuation, for example, or a will. Sometimes, a large-scale property purchase. You have several past lives where you were wealthy or impoverished and have a long relationship with money and all the issues that come with having nothing, or having it all. At the moment, NATO is going through an expensive war in Ukraine. That brings in all of Europe, so that is part of the story, if we are talking about reincarnation. Here you are again having Taurus-Scorpio cycles and perhaps in another lifetime, you also went through similar issues. The eclipse is best avoided as you will not be in full possession of the facts, so responding to, or reacting to, what you experience on the day of the eclipse is very misleading. You could be barking up the wrong tree and as this is about money, you are better off steering clear of choices on the day, and the day before/after.

  24. Dear Jessica
    I am learning so much from you since I started logging into your webpage everyday. I have a job interview on the 18th and the next day 19th I travel. Would there be something that I could observe during this important time? I have:
    sun – 02° scorpio
    moon – 29° sagittarius
    mercury -16° libra
    venus – 17° sagittarius
    mars – 29° leo
    jupiter – 24° capricorn
    saturn – 15° virgo
    I would appreciate it very much!

    1. Margaret, you will always be protected in your career, with Jupiter in Capricorn – and frequently quite blessed. Jupiter in the Tenth House describes a life packed with big jobs. You are now in the luckiest cycle in 12 years for work, with transiting Jupiter in your Sixth House natally in the zodiac sign of Aries, so with this interview or another you’ll get what you need. This window is open until October. Travel is more complicated as you’re doing it on Mercury Retrograde so just follow the usual rules; have Plan B and C just in case. Mercury Retrograde winds down in the middle of June.

  25. Hi Jessica..The eclipse are both landing on a few of my degrees..Mercury 25 Taurus,..Jupiter 26 libra,. Pluto 24 Virgo,..Fortuna 25 Capricorn,Panacrea 26 Aries,. And in November, Saturn 16 Taurus….Proserpina 16 Scorpio.. They are also at my Scorpio son degrees,.Jupiter 26 Scorpio, Chiron 24 Virgo,.Diana 25 libra And in November..North node 14 Scorpio.. Moon 15 Cancer ..Psyche 15 Aquarius.. Ops 15 leo.. I’m getting nervous about this year,I didnt realise how much the eclipses are on our degrees..a blind spot,,My sons girlfriend is Sun 15 Pisces,moon 15 virgo,maybe this involves her as well..Or is it 2 or 3 different stories..None of us own crypto or property,,I rent,the only thing the other two own are their cars,they live between my home and her mothers home..They can’t afford to go out on their own at the moment,as my son is in his last couple of weeks in college..He is hoping to do renewable energy course after he’s qualified as electrician,with the intention of getting a masters degree,.But he is also recovering from addiction s,his counselling seems to be helping him,I hope I’m not being blind to that is rest of year going to impact us?..Thanks so much Jessica

    1. No need to be nervous about eclipses. Basically, on this Scorpio Full Moon, you’ll be aware of some tension between your money, your house, your flat, your charity, your valuables, your business – and other people’s involvement in your situation. The Sun in Taurus is opposite the Full Moon in Scorpio. So there is internal conflict (you can’t make up your mind, or strike a deal with yourself) or a big gap between yourself and (say) your son, his girlfriend and anyone else who is involved with you personally and financially. You’ll know it when you see it, as the eclipse passes. And that’s when you skip the decision or judgement. Don’t take a fork in the road on an eclipse. Stay at the centre, reserve opinion, delay action and wait for a couple of days. Basic astrological housekeeping!

  26. Hi Jessica,

    I have the following:
    Moon at 25 Scorpio
    Ops at 17 Taurus
    Jupiter at 29 Taurus
    Anything significant for me? Appreciate your insights..

    1. Lucky you, born with Jupiter in Taurus. The greatest and best of planets, in the Roman view, and for over 2000 years, a symbol of blessings, good fortune and grand solutions. Taurus is of course your house, land, investment property, collectors’ items, assets (sometimes assets are free but priceless), antiques, charity efforts, business and so on. You will always be protected with your possessions and money, house or apartment and every so often, land a really big fish. Your Jupiter Return in May 2024 finds you making or saving a small fortune. For now, skip the eclipse. You will be staring at something and not see who/what is there.

  27. Hi Jessica!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful posts!! I’ve got a question that differs from the financial issues above. It’s a strange thing, but I have suddenly been confronted with issues in one of my closest friendships that I didn’t quite realize were there before – certainly not to that degree. This always seemed to me like a very solid friendship, but suddenly it doesn’t feel and look like that at all anymore… Could this have anything to do with the eclipse and if so, will the issues pass?
    I’ve got Mercury in Scorpio (17°28), Venus in Scorpio (29°47), Pluto in Scorpio (21°52) and my ninth house in Scorpio (14°41). So quite a lot of Scorpio… Plus my third house in Taurus (14°41)
    Thank you so much for your time!!

    1. Thank you. If the friendship is financially based (you both volunteer for a charity) or even sexually/financially centred (you are occasional lovers and split the costs on vacations) then your Scorpio side would definitely come into play. Thus, the need to skip the Scorpio eclipse for choices or action plans involving your friend. If, however it is a straight, normal friendship with no real financial, business or sexual story – you are having a Saturn in Aquarius transit of your Eleventh House of friendship and may have Aquarius factors in your chart, which are being triggered.

  28. Hi Jessica! I hope my message reaches you.
    I decided to leave my job a week ago due to varying reasons (not so good manager, quality time with my kid, etc). However, I’m now starting to get anxious about what’s next. I’ve worked hard to get to the income and professional level and I’m worried that I’ve thrown it all away. I’d like to continue advancing my career and maybe have my own company.
    What are the chances of making a comeback? Do you see anything in my chart?

    Mercury 24° Scorpio
    Venus 17° Scorpio
    Cupido 25° Scorpio
    Thanks, Jessica!

    1. You have resigned on Mercury Retrograde and are asking a classic Mercury Retrograde question – can you reverse your decision? You’re a Sun Scorpio in a terrific professional cycle until October, which resumes January-May 2023. Lucky Jupiter is passing through your solar Sixth House of work for the first time in 12 years, so if you did want to go back, you should give it a shot – Jupiter is quite a benign influence. However, there may also be something bigger and better for you, and if your manager wasn’t great, and you wanted more time with your child, perhaps you should see what is out there for you once Mercury has corrected his motion, and that’s after June 19th. Skip the eclipse for any judgements or actions too as you really don’t want to be making financial choices in the dark. Yet it’s really clear that you have luck on your side this year, not only with work, but also your wellbeing and overall lifestyle, which of course includes your duty to your child. See what The Garden Oracle says, to validate this.

  29. I knew for a fact the eclipses were going to affect my money. Very interesting you mentioned Bitcoin. I’ve been saving 100% in bitcoin since the early pandemic. The value of my bitcoin has gone down by about a 25% since the solar eclipse in taurus but I will not sell.
    I read your article – “Bitcoin astrology predictions for 2022” and I wouldn’t use Satoshi’s birthday as the birthdate for bitcoin. You see bitcoin has two birthdays- the day the white paper ( was released; October 31, 2008, and the day the software was released, January 3, 2009. Bitcoin (with a capital B) and bitcoin (with a lower case b) are distinguished differently. Bitcoin (with a capital “B”) is used when talking about the concept/technology, while the word bitcoin (no capitalization) is used when talking about the unit of currency (currently 1 bitcoin = USD$29,400). Bitcoin has gone through many changes in concept such as block size wars, implementation of segwit, taproot, and what I believe will revolutionize the world; lighting. But those are concepts so astrologically speaking they should reflect the whitepaper birthday. You’d probably would want to use bitcoin’s birthday when it comes to price action (in USD) and in the future once USD becomes worthless and Bitcoin flips the dollar, you’ll come to find that purchasing power or perceived value will be the new indicator of bitcoin’s “strength”.

    Anyway sorry for the tangent. I’m feeling a little nervous considering my placements:
    Leo-Sun-9°13′ Libra Rising 1st house -14°34′
    Gemini-Moon-3°01′ Scorpio 2nd house -13°06′
    Cancer-Mercury-26°58′ Sagittarius 3rd house-13°36′
    Virgo-Venus-23°43′ Capricorn 4th house-15°16′
    Gemini-Mars-19°58′ Aquarius 5th house-17°05′
    Scorpio-Jupiter-6°08′ Pisces 6th house-17°23′
    Pisces-Saturn-11°10′ R Aries 7th house-14°34′
    Capricorn-Uranus -23°44′ R. Taurus 8th house-13°06′
    Capricorn-Neptune-21°29′ R. Gemini 9th house-13°36′
    Scorpio-Pluto-25°18′ R Cancer 10th house-15°16′
    Taurus-Lilith-12°55′ Leo 11th house-17°05′
    Scorpio-N Node-20°20′ Virgo 12th house-17°23

    Scorpio and Taurus in the “money” houses as you can see, not to mention i have my nodes of karma in scorpio.

    Any advice?

    Peace and love,

    1. Thanks so much Jo this is incredibly useful. I will add those two extra Bitcoin ‘birth’ dates to the story, as they also resonate at the horoscope hotspot degrees. On October 31st 2008, Uranus was at 19 Pisces, Saturn was at 18 Virgo, Mars was at 18 Scorpio. On January 3rd 2009, Uranus was at 19 Pisces and we also have the one-degree placements – Pluto 1 Capricorn, Mercury 1 Aquarius. So, either this is just typical astrology or someone has been quite deliberately using astrology for all phases of Bitcoin. Your chart chimes with this pattern as you have Mars at 19 degrees. (Don’t use Lilith by the way: she is not part of the Roman astrological family tree). You may want to research transits at 18, 19 degrees and see if you can detect a pattern. Mars moves very fast, is competitive, fond of action (not words) and is your inner warrior. Therefore, whenever we see cycles going to 18, 19 degrees, both your internal Roman soldier and the actual Bitcoin (and related) charts all trigger. It’s like a lot of alarm clocks going off. What it means to you, is up to you to figure out. The dates I have given in the feature should be good research for you. In general, allow for chaos until Mercury Retrograde has finished after June 19th 2022. The market is muddled and that is a long-term astrology prediction going back two years now. And try to avoid that Scorpio eclipse, please.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    I have Proserpina and Bacchus at Scorpio 26 … can you please tell me how this eclipse is likely to affect me??? I’m a singer-songwriter doing my very best to push beautiful creative boats out into the world while taking care of my elderly Mum. I believe passionately in the healing power of music and have been lucky enough to win quite a few awards for my music, lyrics especially, and even some number one spots on iTunes thanks to my loyal band of followers 🙂 Any insights you may have would be much appreciated Xxx

    1. You have the Leo and Virgo stelliums common in the charts of songwriters and performers. Leo is about understanding music, because it speaks to teenagers and young adults, which Leo rules. There is no generation gap for strongly Leo people as their passions and talents are usually exactly where Millennials and twentysomethings are headed. Your Virgo side is devoted to the hard work of being an outstanding face in a highly competitive business, but Virgo stellium people enjoy crafting the details of their sound, lyrics and the rest. Your Scorpio side is really about the money, house, apartment, business, charity, retail or sales – maybe the valuables. An eclipse does not last particularly long; the Moon will be in and out of Scorpio in a couple of days – but just bide your time then. You don’t particularly want to allow yourself to go galloping off on a big new pathway when you’re doing that without the facts. Congratulations on your success on iTunes and with your awards; there will be more to come, but then you likely know that.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    I have Chiron in 16 Taurus. Just joined a new job. Should I be worried? I feel a little uncertain about my new job. I am hoping I made the right decision.

    I hope to hear from you.

    Thank you,


    1. The lunar eclipse is just a day or two of blind spots and ‘not knowing’ so just let it pass you by, rather than plunge into dramatic decisions about money, property, charity, business, shopping or selling. It may have nothing to do with your job at all. Chiron in Taurus in the Second House describes your natural tendency to see what you can get away with, financially, with houses or apartments, good causes, retail or trading. It makes you a maverick, but here we have a maverick who is operating in the dark. If choices come up about the above, and they probably will, veer around them until the Moon is in Sagittarius a couple of days later, RAR.

  32. Hi, Jessica, thank you so much for such thorough answers to all of the questions. I learn so much from reading your columns and your responses. I’m sure the eclipses will affect me as I have Mars at 26 degrees Scorpio and Saturn at 16 degrees Scorpio. Also, my Sun is at 26 degrees. During the time of the eclipse, the North Node will conjunct my ascendant. What should I pay attention to the most at this time? Thank you.

    1. You basically live in your Eighth House of sex, death and money. To put it less bluntly, the world of marriage and mortgage, property and inheritance, valuables and legacies, business and trust funds, life insurance and prenuptial contracts is where we find you. In your personal or professional life you will have found your space by now, and the Scorpio/Eighth House space in a chart is typically rather closed, private, hard to unlock, with a boudoir/bedroom absolutely central to proceedings, along with a safe for all the financial documents. If you can imagine all the lights being thrown, so you can’t see any of this – fumbling in the dark – that is the eclipse. Should a choice come up relevant to the Eighth House, as the Moon begins its trawl through Scorpio, just avoid it. Avoid, avoid.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    I have Mars at 26 degrees of Scorpio in my 2nd house, Saturn at 13 degrees of Scorpio in my 2nd house. I am a 3 degree Taurus sun.

    My husband and I have been negotiating a new lease for our business for the last few months and it looks like it is finally coming together. A lease could be ready to be signed in the next week. Any advice on how this eclipse could impact me?

    Thank you!

    1. You are doing this on Mercury Retrograde going backwards and forwards in Taurus (property) and that means you need to read the fine print, get it all in writing and have Plan B and C (before June 15th). Skip the eclipse too; it’s not good timing at all in astrology.

  34. Hello Jessica,

    I don’t have a direct hit but I do have Juno at 24 Capricorn, South Node 26 Pisces and North Node 26 Virgo.

    I am currently in Shanghai in lockdown, which they are saying May end soon after the 15th……. We have heard a lot of things through this period. My big question is that I am leaving China in a week, my work place haven’t paid me since March. With these aspects on the Eclipse I feel like the universe may have my back and support me in getting my money.

    Can you enlighten me on if you think these aspects will work in my favor.



    1. You have the Sun in Libra and a Scorpio stellium, Kane, so you are experiencing a financial cycle not possible in many decades, with Uranus (radical change) in Taurus in your solar Eighth House of joint finance. At the same time, in your natal chart, we find transiting Uranus opposing your Scorpio factors, again in the Eight House of ‘other people’s money’. I am sorry you have not been paid since March in China. You are also at home, which is very difficult, so I can understand why you want to leave Shanghai. Even if you are pushing paper around or going backwards and forwards with these people, just persist until the end of Mercury Retrograde in the middle of June. If nothing else, you need to collect evidence. Skip the eclipse itself for judging or acting regarding property, finances, business, shopping, sales (for example selling your apartment contents) as you’ll be in the dark. Get past that one and you have a few more weeks of Mercury Retrograde’s delays and rescheduling. Your chances are much higher then of hopefully negotiating what you are owed. The Tarot can give you a more personal angle on that, in terms of timing and specific people or organisations, which you can’t obviously name here. Whatever the outcome you will do very nicely financially, saving or making a lot of money, after May 2023 and into 2024, Kane, so the universe will make it up to you. Safe journey.

  35. Hi, thank you so much as always for your brilliance. I am feeling very out of sorts right now. Lots going on project-wise and yet needing a focus that seems to allude me. If you have any thoughts on how the May 16 eclipse affects my chart, I’d be so grateful. Thank you, Jessica.

    1. Thank you. If you have lots of projects then Mercury Retrograde will not be helpful, so you are likely to find you don’t have focus. The eclipse has nothing to do with the projects unless they are strictly about finance, business, charity, property (Taurus-Scorpio matters). The Mercury transit began in April and finishes near June 19th, depending on your time zone, when the circuit is complete. This is an excellent period for first, second, third drafts – for beta testing – for rehearsal and sketches. The Beatles produced some of their best work after Mercury Retrograde ‘unfocus’ you know. They used it to trial ideas.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    My husband and I are purchasing a house that the sale of has already been delayed. My husband has Moon in Scorpio 21 degrees; I have Fortuna in Scorpio 16 degrees and and Vesta at 21 degrees in Taurus. I am supposed to be handing in my dissertation in on the 16th May but have 5 days extension. Is there anything in particular for us to be aware of during this eclipse please?

    1. Yes, you are purchasing on Mercury Retrograde in Taurus. The planet of negotiations has been heading backwards since April and disappears from Taurus before turning up again and backtracking. Delay is very common. Your dissertation is a Sagittarius/Gemini Ninth House-Third House matter and not really part of the eclipse, which is about finance, property, business, charity, valuables. Your extension with the dissertation is also typical of Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, which rules written projects. The actual eclipse itself is just a reminder not to take a fork in the road when one appears as you won’t have full vision.

  37. Hi Jessica, I have moon in Scorpio at 25 degrees in my chart… and was planning on moving a good amount of of BTC to a safer spot (cold storage) on Monday 16th.

    Bad idea?

    Alternative is leave it there for a few more days but then I’m nervous about the place it’s in…

    Can’t work out which is better eclipse wise: action or inaction. Aka moving it (risk of loss due to a mistake on my end), or keeping it there a few more days (risk of loss due to weirdness around where it is post the UST situation).

    1. Well, you’ve read the feature – an eclipse is always a cover-up in astrology, when life imitates the heavens and we are left in the dark. I don’t see a chart here so I can’t really talk about your Moon at 25 Scorpio as I don’t know if it aspects anything else in your horoscope, unfortunately. Everything has to be put in context. The Moon is in Scorpio now so she’s on her way.

  38. You are so great looking at the astrological impact of transits on countries, Jessica, I am very curious what you see in the new UN Conference on Climate Change, COP27 (numerology #9) being held in Egypt starting on NOV 7 — exactly on the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse. What do you see in the Astrology Charts for Climate Change Egypt + UN generally — which you talk about in many blog posts as radically reinvented — + the first UN climate conference (Rio de Janeiro, 1992) + this intense Scorpio eclipse?

    1. Thank you. Oh, I didn’t know the UN Climate Change Conference was due November 7th 2022. That is right on the eclipse. That’s a shame as there will be a cover-up about fossil fuel. Too many people with a stake in gas, kerosene, petrol, coal. There would also be a cover-up about the alternative energy sources; solar, electric cars, wind power and so on. Anyone who buys into the outcome of that conference will be led up the garden path. It’s much better to wait until we have some fantastic patterns in Taurus – Jupiter and Uranus will both be in the sign of world economics from 2023-2024 and that is when we will actually see solutions. Mother Nature will approve and we can all save or make money too. The United Nations is strongly Aquarian and there is a power struggle after March 2023 which will eventually resolve itself in a new ‘born again’ UN later on in the Twenties.

  39. Hi Jessica,
    My nephews birthday is the 16th May is this significant for the eclipse. He has just bought a house. I was a little concerned about the timing, what do you think?
    Kind regards

    1. He bought it on Mercury Retrograde if he purchased since April and if he actually paid up or signed Sunday 15th May, Monday 16th May he is also right in the heart of the eclipse. Either way there is something he does not know or cannot see about this. JB, at some point he may want to look at the fine print on the paperwork or ask for something in writing rather than just a verbal assurance. This extends to the people who sold it to him; the agent; the local council.

  40. Hi Jessica. I feel the eclipse will have a big influence on me? My mother’s birthday is 24 of April. and she get married on 10 of May 1986. and my father’s birthday on 25 of Oct which will be the next solar eclipse?

    1. The eclipse is Scorpio-Taurus and so this is about your house, land, apartment, superannuation/pension, business, bank account, insurance, legacy, shopping, sales and charity. Your parents do not feature unless you are being left property or money in their will, or you intend to get involved with them financially. If so, leave it until Tuesday please.

  41. Hi Jessica, I have both my Moon 23 degrees Scorpio and Jupiter 24 degrees Scorpio – both 12th house. I have been having a really hard time at work. Any insights that things will be getting better. thank you!

    1. Thank you. Your Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio are in the Eighth House of joint finance in the Natural House System so I need to spin your chart. They are not in your Twelfth House. Essentially, skip the eclipse (now, as you read this) and through Monday, allowing for world time zone differences. Don’t act or choose about money, property, charity, business, valuables on a Scorpio eclipse, please. The work issues are a nuisance but will vanish from 19th June. Do not let anything go on for too long there; words can stick, especially online, and communication issues or other X factors can linger. Try to keep it really minimal and simple otherwise the old issues could return one more time from September 2022 and this time there would be heat. You don’t need that so try to let this Mercury Retrograde in your solar Sixth House of work run its course past mid-June. It does get better.

  42. Jessica,
    Thank you for another dive article.

    Anything significant for me? Appreciate your insights..
    Sun 11° – Scorpio 06′ 07″
    Mars 04°- Scorpio 28′ 16″
    Proserpina – 29°Scorpio 34′ 35″
    IC 02° – Scorpio 38′ 20″
    Venus – 10° Scorpio 26′ 17″
    mc – 02° Taurus 38′ 20″
    Hygeia 00° -Taurus 15′ 57″
    Mercury 24° Libra 52′ 37″

    My CEO born January 18 1966 and VP January 17 1970 husband and wife both Capricorn.

    Can you give me any feedback heavenly light on my financial and professional growth or anything else you see for me.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you. Two Capricorns in charge of your career must be…interesting. Your chart is obviously strongly Scorpio and you ‘live’ in your Eighth House of sex, death and money. Sometimes people work in life insurance or they have complicated relationships which involve sharing a mortgage or the rent. You’ll have found your own way to live in the Eighth House. Often the family is involved. Essentially you are going through the most radical change in many years with your life budget. It began with Uranus entering Taurus in May 2018 and has not stopped. Uranus in Taurus is in opposition, in stages, to the IC (Immum Coeli) which is where you come from; your family, roots, heritage, culture. That was the first stop and you are already past that. In future you will find Uranus finally opposes Proserpina just before he leaves you in 2026. The whole point of this journey through major financial questions is to find freedom, independence and liberation. Priceless.

  43. Hi Jessica, my Minerva appears to be hit at these degrees. Is there any insight you may be able to provide? A revival of a dead love life or some wisdom on how to resurrect it would be very appreciated in a ‘romance desert’. Love and light, Fishie

    1. You are a Sun Pisces with a Scorpio stellium, more importantly, so if you are going to mix sex and money, it will be 2022 or 2023. In these years you have the South Node transiting Scorpio and your Eighth House of ‘bed and bucks’ and so if you are owed some good karma from 18-19 years ago, it will return to you now with a new opportunity. A house, apartment or shared business/account is usually involved, as Scorpio involves joint finances and resources. You do have choices. Have a look at the Tarot to see what it says about 2022, 2023 and follow the steps.

  44. Hi sorry for the repeat comment. I am new to this and am thinking my first question wasn’t very specific about that Neptune position. It’s 25o52’. It’s part of a stellium of 6. Nothing at 25oC Taurus. Nearest is IC at 28o. But a number of other houses have planets at within a degree of 25oC: Salacia and Mercury in my Sun sign Capricorn, and Chiron in Pisces. It feels like a time of change in my work environment, people moving on, people joining — a time when we really need to get it right, to set the tone and the culture for the future. Lots of volatility in terms of the volume of (health) business too.

    1. Please don’t apologise, I make mistakes on the website all the time! You are a Sun Capricorn with Neptune at 25 Scorpio in the Eight House of joint finance. This eclipse in Scorpio is already underway and you’re likely aware of choices you could take. Forks in the road you might venture down. The old “Cannot see/do not know” applies here so staying off is wise. It would very specifically involve your money, possessions, house, apartment, garden, finances, insurance, superannuation/pension, legacy and so on. The Road Less Travelled is a good way to describe an eclipse as we consciously reject a road that opens up. You are describing Mercury Retrograde in Gemini when you talk about work. People coming and going. Health, the same. Mercury is retrograde in your solar Sixth House of work and health so until June 19th you will continue to see flux. It is important that you try to settle things after June 19th, when it is easier, and leave them in a good place, as you don’t really want anything coming back (or anyone coming back) to complicate life September-December this year.

  45. Hi Jessica, love your comments on world events, I had a dream 2 months ago that that the Queen had passed away. I could clearly see a newspaper front page with it on. I don’t dream like that often but usually what I see in such a strong dream happens. I’m wondering if that could factor in to the eclipse cover up?

    I’m in the UK and I wanted to ask if there was any sign of getting shot of our current government as well, they seem to be absolutely awful, corrupt and yet despite being obviously terrible – like Trump – they are untouchable. I think it will make a huge difference if Boris resigns, is this likely?

    1. Astrology doesn’t predict death (and shouldn’t) but of course dreams are a well-known way of experiencing the future as we enter into a different time/space/reality zone when we sleep and perhaps you picked up on something years before it is set to happen (or months). You want to know if the United Kingdom will get rid of the Conservative government, and if Boris Johnson will resign as Prime Minister. If he’s going to go it will be October-December and he’ll go to a superior offer. The corruption you speak of ends in March 2023, and most of 2023 is spent with power returning to the people, not being used (or abused) at the top. This is the light at the end of the tunnel and although we’re not quite there by 2024, from 2025 the new system (power shared across, not from the top down) will slowly be coming into view. It will be very, very difficult for leaders to get away with ‘absolute power, corrupting absolutely’ by then. You are also very likely to find that the system is dismantled, because it is the system that enabled that, while Pluto was in Capricorn 2008-Present.

  46. 25 Scorpio, 25 Taurus, 16 Taurus I may have missed more, I was so intrigued.
    I believe a lot of these numbers come up in my chart, though I may be reading it wrong. I’m doing ok financially but yes it’s been very hard to make leaps and bounds forward. I Have felt something major coming for me for a few months now again I’m not sure why I’m feeling this way which causes me to wonder if it is good or bad. A quiet anxiety I suppose.

    1. Thank you. Yes, 25 Scorpio is close to the eclipse as is 25 Taurus. The Moon is already in Scorpio now, so you may be aware of announcements, news or discussion out there (already) regarding finances, houses, apartments, business, charities, valuables, shopping, selling and so on. There is always an element of “What we can’t see and don’t yet know” about eclipses which is why we don’t act or choose. In Australia, for example, right on cue, the government has promised that first-time home buyers can use $50,000 of their superannuation/pension to buy an apartment or house (They want to win an election on that promise). In general, if it comes your way now or in the next day or so, and it has an obvious Taurus or Scorpio label on it (money) just know that there are clearer, better times to act or judge. “Later” is the response. As for your quiet anxiety, are you aware that this is very common with men who have Saturn in Virgo in the Sixth House of health and wellbeing? The good news is, you have Jupiter (the problem-solver) also in Virgo in the Sixth House, so for every challenge there is a solution. If you have not yet made the connection between anxiety and, say, what you eat, drink, smoke, put into your system – or the way you think (particular ways of thinking can generate anxiety) this would be a great year to start the search. Anxiety is an illness like any other and it can become a way of life (you say a few months). If you’ve not yet come across the Dr. Claire Weekes technique, find her online, free, and read the reviews and testimonials. Millions of blokes can’t be wrong. But there is nothing in the astrology except a note of caution, next day or two.

  47. Hi Jessica, could you please tell me how i will be affected by the current lunar eclipse.
    thanks in advance

    1. Sure. You are a Sun Capricorn with a stellium in Scorpio in your Eighth House and the North Node/South Node in Taurus-Scorpio. You have past lives spent being both rich and poor. You have reincarnated to go through 2022, 2023 when Second World War karma is back. You may have had your most recent past life 1939-1945. It’s possible! So in general, 2022 and 2023 are about your values. What you will and will not sell your soul for. Who or what is so precious to you it is priceless. From this will come a chain of decisions. You may be putting a lot of money into your pension or superannuation fund, for example. Taking up a completely new approach to your business. Spending on renovations so investing back into a house or apartment. Going into a business partnership. It’s really on that level and it doesn’t stop until the nodes reverse into Libra-Aries and the very busy Second House/Eighth House axis of your chart calms down for a bit. The actual eclipse itself is just a cautionary note not to act or judge if it’s about any of these matters. You don’t know the background and you can’t see the full story, so you may prefer to just skip Sunday-Monday for important choices.

  48. Dear Jessica,

    I have Neptune at 25 Scorpio, Chiron at 6 Aries. About a week ago, I had an issue / miscommunication with my younger sister. We normally talk it out but now she is just refusing to talk to meet. Just shutting herself out from the rest of the family. We normally have a good relationship but now I think she is just being stubborn – her way or the high way. Or maybe the problem is me. It has made all of us uneasy. This eclipse has definitely affected us all. Please advice. Thank you.

    1. I am sorry about the misfired communication with your sister. You are a Sun Leo and had the eclipse in Scorpio in your Fourth House of family, home town, home, homeland, household. By now you should be aware of what you did not know/could not see recently. You made a judgement, hopefully just in your head, without acting on it – and now you realise that the whole picture was really missing. This will help you, but it does take a few days to adjust to. As a family you also all have Mercury Retrograde in Gemini in the Third House of siblings and cousins. This is a classic period for communication issues which will disappear from the third week in June. Try to totally resolve things from late June with her/ around her and don’t leave anything lingering by September.

  49. Hi Jessica,
    I made a decision to end a relationship a few weeks ago but seem to be going backwards with emotions this full moon. There’s doubt even though I was so sure at the time and also can’t see a way through.
    Can you shed any light?

    1. You are a Sun Leo with Saturn in Aquarius in your Seventh House of sexual relationships, until March 2023. Saturn is impediments, tests, trials, waiting games and chronic situations. It can feel very heavy, like a lead weight, and people often want to just get rid of the burden. Your natal chart shows a stellium in Scorpio in your Eighth House of sexual/financial relationships, so it’s a double whammy. Can I suggest you make up your mind once and for all after the middle of June? You need Mercury Retrograde out of the way. Get to know the Tarot, the Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle on this website until then. Follow the steps, download the flipbooks and really work on your psychic abilities. Then, when Mercury has resumed normal motion, you will have a much better idea of what’s what and who’s who in your life. And why. In any case March 2023 is a huge turning point for you with a sexual relationship option. Ask the cards why.

  50. Dear Jessica, I need your opinion for my Tarot reading. Using the Tarot Deck and asking ”what this lunar eclipse will bring me/„ I had chosen the 10 of Sword. As far as I know, this card is one of the worst card from the deck. Then I gave myself another reading and it appeared Queen of Pentacles. Then I asked ”how my relationship with my future husband will be” and I have got King of wands. I am scared about the first one, should I be worried? Please, what do you think about it. I will really apreciate if you will answer. Thank you!

    1. Well, the eclipse has passed you by now. What was concealed from you (hidden in plain sight) might now be obvious. The Ten of Swords, like all the swords card is about conflicts. The sharp end of human nature. This may have been you, or someone in your world, but you had no idea. And now you will. You’ll be glad you didn’t jump to conclusions or swing into action, I dare say. The King of Wands is your future husband and is a go-getter who needs to delegate. His career or unpaid work is all about writing, public speaking, Zoom, the intellect, paper work and so on. He’s an authority; a leader in his field. He also needs help. Maybe you’ll do that for him, or he’ll hire the right people.

  51. Jessica, I want to thank you for the detailed information you provided for these eclipses. I follow your blog as well as Susan Miller’s. Thanks to both of you, I was well-prepared for a difficult situation that occured. Our beloved dog Molly became ill May 6-7. An x-ray showed no blockage or tumors, but I knew that we did not have the full picture due to the eclipse. Sure enough, she became very ill again May 11-12, and an ultrasound showed advanced cancer of the spleen. We made the painful but necessary decision to have her euthanized, and she was eclipsed out of our lives. Although I am grieving, I feel I was able to make the best decisions for Molly’s care and also support my husband, who was devastated by the news, thanks to your timely warnings. Also, in Neptune-related news, we had some repair work done in our attic and found out that there was extensive water damage because the roof had been installed incorrectly decades ago. Again, thanks to your information, I was not surprised by the news, and we are now making arrangements for a new roof, properly installed. These are small matters compared to the great changes happening in our world, but I wanted you to know how much you are appreciated. Blessings!

    1. That’s so tough about Molly. The poor thing. If it’s any comfort, I’ve had a dear cat (Henry) pass away, and a dog (Ollie) and both returned at different points to say they were okay. When I heard that Ollie had been put to sleep, I walked to the local shop and every dog howled or barked from behind her/his fence. That never, ever happened before. So at some point Molly will find a way to let you know she’s okay and she’s made the transition. The repair work revealing water damage is a classic eclipse outcome, with a little Neptune thrown in. What we’re finding, post eclipse, is that judgements were incorrect. New information is coming to light. So this old rule about not being too hasty is really wise. I’m very grateful to you for the validation and hope you can look forward to smoother sailing as time goes on. This was a storm.

  52. Thanks Jessica! Fascinating about the link to HIV. That’s a major cover up!
    Also, thought I’d mention that the oracles and tarots were moving slower. The tarot hangs on “Hang on! reading now…” or takes a few minutes to come up for me. Maybe it’s all the Mercury retrograde or traffic.

    1. Thank you Amber, we’ve had website problems since last week and Asporea are aware and are acting on it. Mercury Retrograde always brings internet problems, as you know, and this one is in Gemini, which rules authors like me. I hope we’ll be back to normal soon. Thanks for your patience.

  53. Hi Jessica,
    Thought you might find this feedback interesting.
    As per your suggestion, I drew a tarot card based upon the question “ What is the most important episode in my life, delivered by this Scorpio Lunar Eclipse?”
    The card, Seven of Pentacles, had this as part of the message, “ There is Neptune in this card too, perhaps, as Neptune rules blindness and distorted vision. Eclipses also rule blind spots or things hidden in plain sight. The person here cannot see the money at his feet and so he is missing the point and missing profits. He is too busy daydreaming about what might grow for him as we’ve seen, or perhaps he has perspiration in his eyes, after a sweaty day of dedicated gardening. ”
    The reference to eclipses is a tad mind blowing! As is the ref to a ‘sweaty day’ of gardening – that is literally my existence every weekend as I battle to keep our large garden (aka the jungle) in check. We do dream of developing and selling on part of it but have been prevented. Wish I knew what I was missing. I wonder if anything occurs to you?
    Best wishes.

    1. I’m so glad you tried this. The Seven of Pentacles/Coins is about life gardening, but also gardening – and you found it a tad mind blowing, as you have a large garden. You dream of developing and selling. You will, but during the eclipse you were blind to something right at your feet, also valuable. I wonder what it was?

    1. Eclipses can be odd things. Buying a house without realising your ancestors were slaves there, is an extreme example. Thank you.

  54. Hi Jessica,
    This time period has impacted my children’s health and my finances. My children are pretty healthy, so it’s been a real challenge dealing with unexplained health issues that have come up since August 2021. One is Cancer Sun 15,
    Pisces ASC 18, Cancer Moon 22, Taurus Pyche 25, the other is a Cancer Sun 4, Libra ASC 15, Libra Moon 3. Aside from the challenges, it has also been a very creative time period for me. What is the impact of the recent astrological weather on these areas of my life and what is my power in the situation? When can I see a positive shift?

    Thank you so much!

    1. I’m sorry your children have been unwell. Two Cancer Sun small people here, with nothing major in their solar Sixth House of health (ruled by Sagittarius) which also rules school. The only thing I can possibly think of here, is that this is about their friends at school, the sports teams, debating societies or other groups they are involved with, and the Uranus in Taurus transit of their solar chart, which typically sets you free from friends and networks you feel restricted by. And sets you free by showing you new friends and networks, usually online. So if they were ill and had time away from class, this may have been the outcome. The illnesses themselves don’t show up in the two Cancer Sun charts, if they have been unwell since August 2021, but the bigger story may do: it’s been about getting away from some people, and running towards others. I guess if you are home in bed your social life goes online and that way you meet new faces/join new circles. It can be exciting. Financially, you are a Sun Capricorn with a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House. This works in both your natal and solar chart: you have obstacles and a waiting game until March 2023, when it stops – no more tests and trials. From that point on, something dramatic happens. We don’t know what. But you realise if you want to be financially empowered you are going to have to take a deep breath and set yourself long-term targets involving willpower and self-control. With a little luck you’ll make it and end up holding the reins with finance, houses, apartments, valuables, charity, business. 2023 is the first test year. But the sense of having to try so hard, and wait so long, vanishes in March. Some of this is karmic in nature, and goes back to life as it was 18, 19 years ago – but it is settled in 2023.

  55. Thank you Jessica.
    On an eclipse I draw a card referring to an eclipse – fascinating!
    Do you have any suggestions for how I might further delve into what is hidden? Could you recommend any questions to follow up with? Thank you again.

    1. By now, with any luck, you will know what was hidden from you, or just not seen. I’ve just had a reader who was caught up in a drama all last week. She made assumptions and now realises they may have been wrong. What was covered up was staring her in the face – the neighbour opposite her. She was looking, but not seeing, her behaviour as a driver. Long story short, now everyone is in the clear and nobody is left in the dark. If this has just happened to you, thematically or symbolically, take a deep breath and move on. Usually everyone is led astray or hoodwinked at the same time. Nobody realises, until they do.

  56. Jessica, In future when Uranus finally opposes Proserpina just before he leaves me in 2026 what will that looks like for me. Will that be another shock and trauma. I am asking because in May 2018 when with Uranus entering Taurus in May 2018 I had found out about my family member who pass away in April 30 2020 unusual habit which is spending money and it was shocking for me such as I have never known my own family member who lived with me. However I understand that he was in love and going with his girlfriend to cazino and heaving fun. Even today I don’t know who stared this habit his girlfriend or him. Now that he is in Heaven I am happy that he lived his life the way he did. Thank you for your divine feedback.

    1. The family member who went to the casino – shocking you when you found out – is a typical outcome of Uranus in Taurus opposing Scorpio factors in the Eighth House. The family member who passed away (Scorpio) leaving a legacy but also secrets, suddenly exposed. He lived with you and you never knew. Shock is not trauma, necessarily. It is really important to know that Uranus, for all his lightning bolts and electrical storms, can be liberating. Freedom and independence are the long term result. It’s the same for you. Rule of thumb for the Twenties – do not tightly lock in and restrict yourself financially – things will change in the blink of an eye. Have wiggle room.

  57. Hi Jessica, thanks for the great article, once again. I’m Sun Pisces and have Neptune in Sag 16 deg, North Node in Libra 25 deg, Jupiter in Taurus 24 deg and Mercury in Aquarius 24 degrees. Hoping for some breakthrough with my stalled permanent residence application. Also just left a job that gave me little money but priceless knowledge and experience, perhaps time has come for something new. Just wonder what these eclipses will bring to me. Can you provide some insight please? Thank you!

    1. Eclipses just bring a cover-up and blind spot, and they are tricky. You have to wait for them to pass, then you realise what you were never told or shown. If you are stalled on permanent residence, that is because you are a Sun Pisces on Mercury Retrograde in Gemini in your Fourth House of home town, homeland and property. The cycle began in April and it ends as you pass the middle of June. From that point, you will know where you stand and wheels will turn. You also want a new job. Your next window for that is July-August 2022 when the Leo transits start to roll in your Sixth House of employment. This tallies with your natal chart too, as August begins the Sixth House transits through your birth chart.

  58. Advance hype has a way of spoiling things for everybody. The May 15, 2022 Blood Super Moon was, shall we say, seriously unimpressive. This was a severely anemic BLOOD MOON, some several billion transfusion units short of anything that might pass for health. Personal perspective is everything. If you had a lot staked on this celestial event you are probably disappointed, unless you CHOOSE not to be. The course of your life, ambitions, & goals is determined by you, and not your stars. This is a liberating concept if you think about it: your destiny is in your hands and not the unpredictable whims of distant, ineffectual celestial bodies. This might make some people uncomfortable while others will feel vindicated & continue to push full steam ahead. This is not a Good guy-Bad guy paradigm; that is too simplistic. I made a decision to interpret the Blood Super Moon as propitious, a good omen not just for myself, Pisces, but also for people I consider important a Sagittarius, a feisty Aries who goes for the gusto, & my Gemini mom. I am all but certain that 2022 will be good for us all.

  59. Hi Jessica

    I’ve got Neptune at 24 degrees Scorpio in the first house ( date of birth 19/09/1968 9.30 am)
    I had a horrible night on the eclipse and collapsed with an unspecified illness. My uncle found me but instead of calling an ambulance – left me!!

    I feel really shocked and furious that I was ignored when I was so unwell. More like a veil being lifted than something concealed.

    II’m also wanting to buy this beautiful house in Ireland but feel I should hold back because of your advice re finance.

    I would so appreciate your thoughts if you can look at my chart.

    Many thanks, Marika

    1. I am so sorry Marika. How awful. You are not logged in, so I cannot see your chart. In brief, though, when you collapsed with a mystery illness, your uncle fled the scene. There are two cover-ups here. One is the illness itself – now the eclipse has gone you can find out what was wrong. The second is your uncle. Trust this – there may be a good reason for what he did. I have no idea what and neither do you. This does not forgive it, but you honestly just don’t know and may never know. If you can possibly let it go, do that. Buying a house? You need your chart. You can use the Tarot in the meantime, Marika and read for yourself.

  60. Hi Jessica, I have Ceres 25 Taurus, NN Taurus, SN Scorpio. In Feb I was ousted from a business I cofounded with a friend and over the eclipse they announced their funding, which has been emotional. I am in legal proceedings and feel very much at a loss, desperate for some good news, new starts and a resolution. Is there anything to watch out for further in the coming months ahead of the next eclipse?

    1. I am so sorry you have been ousted from a business you co-founded. Let’s see what is going on. You are a Sun Libra with a whopping Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance and shared ownership of property and assets. You are highly emotional as Scorpio is a water sign and feelings accompany finance, always. It doesn’t matter if it’s a marriage and mortgage, a family legacy or a business with a friend; it will run very deep. Look after yourself as you need time and space to ‘feel all the feelings’ and read more on Scorpio and the Eighth House to really understand yourself (the flipbooks and articles on this website can help you do that). Step back from the situation and try to see that you have been set free from someone/something that would have tied you down long-term. I know that is easy for me to say and hard for you to do, but trust me on this: transiting Uranus in Taurus, in opposition to natal Eighth House/Scorpio placements, is a liberator. It is hard to go through but that is the higher purpose of the cycle. Had you stayed with the business and the friend, it would have cramped your style for years and tightly fenced you in, perhaps for reasons you are not even aware of now. Having said that, you have to do, what you have to do. I strongly recommend you do not tangle yourself in legal proceedings that would further restrict you. The toughest part of the transit is over when the lunar nodes leave Taurus/Scorpio in 2023 and move right away from your solar Second House/Eighth House. At the moment you are going through karma from 18 or 19 years ago, either with your friend, or with a completely different person or situation, which has echoes of the present. Karmic settlement and closure will take a long time, but it will happen by next year. To cheer you up, you will make or save a lot of money from 2023 into 2024 when Jupiter goes into Taurus. For now, try to ponder what all this is showing you. The Tarot can help, along with The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle. Ultimately by 2026 you will have learned to put a higher price on freedom, space and independence with your finances, business, charity, valuables and possessions and the exhilaration of being your own person will be priceless to you. The eclipse was a cover-up. Skip the others. They conceal, they never reveal.

  61. Thanks Jessica, I appreciate you taking the time to respond so thoughtfully, and definitely agree re the eclipse concealing, there seems to be a cover up for sure- since sending this message I have been asked to mediate with a lawyer which I am hoping to delay until post mercury retrograde. The algol positioning when mercury stations direct is scary to me (i am also the only female founder) so if there are any tips on holding on / giving up / dates to aim for – much welcomed – thank you so much. I also pulled the 10 of swords card – (lord)!!

    1. Thank you. Yes, if you can delay negotiations until Mercury is over his long circuit, you will find it easier. Do not worry about Algol. If you mix up your astrology then you’ll get mixed results. Algol is not a symbol in the Roman family tree which began with Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the rest. So park that at the door. Do use that Tarot card, though, to head off what you do not want. The Tarot shows you where you end up if you do nothing differently. If you do not want the Ten of Swords (and who does?) go back to the Tarot to find out how to avoid it. Follow the steps. It should be possible to negotiate with fate, here.

  62. Hi Jessica, This is very new to me so my knowledge is limited. I’m interested in what you can tell me. Financially my husband and I, our business has done extremely well during the pandemic in VIC and continues to be strong and does not seem to be slowing down. On 17th January 2022 my husbands parents sold their business which they had for more than 15yrs and since the new owner it has been extremely stressful for our business because we depend on it for our business to survive. It seems like it will continue to be a difficult working relationship going forward. My husband has been working in the same regional area for over 10 years but a lot has changed now. I do believe that its time for a change and we are open to a new direction but just not right now. My husband mother was always very controlling whilst they were in business but this dynamic is changing, there’s little she has control over now. I’m tired of the dynamics. I am also working on designing our house and not ready to build for a couple of years based on the building sector, supply chains etc.
    This is my chart. Can you have a look at my chart please.
    SN 03° taurus 33′ 05
    NN 03° scorpio 33′ 05″
    Ceres 16° Virgo 01′ 50″
    Saturn 16° leo 13′ 31″
    uranus 07° scorpio 34′ 14
    Jupiter 28° Taurus 22′ 29″ R
    Interested in what you can tell me.

    1. This all sounds like Scorpio weather to me; this zodiac sign rules your natal Eighth House of joint finance. Your in-laws and the business with new owners. You find them hard work. You are tired of the situation. You are also figuring out your house design. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Scorpio and Taurus stellium, and so very fixed in nature. These are fixed signs. A stellium is an unusually high count of factors. You are open to a new direction, you say, but not now. Actually you have to be open to it – you are in that kind of astrological climate change. The toughest part is 2022, 2023 and yet as 2024 comes into firm view, you will find a lot of the stretching is no longer required. Jupiter’s return in Taurus (your Jupiter Return) is also on the way from next year and you will make or save a lot of money then. Try to open up to who and what comes and it will be a lot easier. It may seem quite revolutionary to you, but this does work out, no matter what you decide to do. What was going on 18 or 19 years ago with finance, property, charity, business? You are owed, karmically, from that time, or you owe others. There will be closure by 2023 and a karmic settling up or reckoning up.

  63. Hi Jessica,
    My youngest son, born 14/05/96 0430 London had his career put on hold 29th May 2021. He is dependant on others for an outcome. Will it restart this August after so many obstacles or next year? Or ever? Thank you x

    1. The worst is over for your son in March 2023. For now, he should just treat 2022 as an excuse to come up with new, different and useful ways to handle the situation (like training or studying online; there are many free courses). Or perhaps, volunteering. This will make this difficult Saturn cycle pass more easily. In fact, he could end up in quite a powerful situation with people or organisations with a lot of influence and clout, in March 2023.

  64. Hi Jessica, I really get the impression folks at work are hiding something and am worried I may lose my job without finding a new path. Also I have been hoping for years for some inheritance which is tied up in legalities and am worried I will never see it. Can you see anything in my chart for hope?

    1. I’m afraid you are not logged in, so I can’t see your chart. Work is Virgo and Capricorn. Inheritance is Scorpio. You can probably decode this yourself, just by using this website and the flipbooks which come with membership. Otherwise the Tarot here is a really good way in.

  65. Thanks so much for your words. This does make sense and I have been looking back to 18 – 19 years and its my time to give to others. “A stellium is an unusually high count of factors” What does this mean and how do I learn about this?

    1. Thank you. A stellium is a cluster of planets, asteroids, points and other factors all in one zodiac sign. You are a Sun Scorpio, but you also have a lot of factors in Scorpio, all in the Eighth House of joint finance and property. You can scan your chart quickly and see in a second, which slice of the wheel contains the most factors. Time to look up the Eighth House and Scorpio in your flipbook library and also the meaning of each individual factor – like the Sun.

  66. Hi Jessica. What is your take on the Monkey Pox that is spreading now. According to one tiktoker dr tiffany (@tifftastic75), it was due to 3 super spreader events – a internationally advertised gay party in spain, an adult sauna in madrid responsible for most of the 30 cases there and a few cases from a Belgium fetish festival and now in Germany and spreading thru young men and community spread like covid. I am old enough to remember the aids scare in the 80s. the stuff that was said back in 2020 about international travel being banned – is that still there going forward?

    1. I was wondering when someone would ask me about Monkey Pox. You are quite right to think about HIV-AIDS. I was talking to a medical herbalist about this on Twitter. Monkey Pox arrived on the Scorpio Eclipse. That is a cover-up. Scorpio rules sex, death and money. When AIDS landed Pluto moved into Scorpio. We know Monkey Pox is afflicting gay men. I’m afraid this is not going away. And it will at its most difficult in 2022, 2023 as the South Node goes through Scorpio. The cover-up was either over the cause of Monkey Pox, or it was the usual reluctance by politicians to admit something is wrong in case it affects tourism or causes panic. As always with eclipses we will never know, but we should all be absolutely on guard for sexually transmitted disease. Textbook Scorpio. And yes, the last time we saw the South Node in Scorpio, it was the Eighties.

  67. Hi again Jessica. Just double-checking if my above 18 May 2022 at 9:08 am comment was received by you? Hope so. You do get so many!

    1. I’m afraid the comments today total 14,271 according to the counter at the top of my computer screen, so it’s not possible for me to hand-check this. Thank you.

  68. Hi Jessica, can you help me make sense of my Chiron? I’m born the same day at the queen, but ‘72. I have it at 14 degrees in Aries, and cupido at 14 in Virgo. I have stelliums in Taurus, Aquarius and Gemini (with Venus and mars both at the same degree of 16). I have mercury in Aries at 5, and Saturn at 4 in the twins, Neptune 4 in sag, Proserpina 6 in Taurus, and then many factors at 7 degrees: moon in Leo; Juno in libra; asc in Capricorn; desc in cancer. What does the Chiron signal for my late blooming career? Thank you.

    1. You are a Sun Taurus woman with Chiron in Aries so 2022, 2023 is about a relaunch with a new title, new look (weight loss, glasses, hair, wardrobe) and a new profile on Twitter, for example. Uranus in Taurus in your First House of self-promotion is a revolution in the way you appear, valid through 2023, and as you also have transiting Jupiter and Chiron actually going through Aries, your natal Chiron (which is all about experiments) will rise up to meet the cycles. Chiron is a maverick. A gadfly and heretic, according to Dennis Elwell. You can get away with the outrageous, on this cycle and you have until October, then January-May 2023. Some people develop a second self online, others become drag queens, some become punk rockers. Some go on stage, others play dress-ups in their career.

  69. Hi Jessica! Thank you that’s so interesting. I have am a writer trying to get my first novel published and I use a pen name. Could this be it?

    1. You have Gemini factors at 4 through 24 degrees in your Third House of writing, scriptwriting, podcasting, television, journalism and fiction – as well as theatre and spoken word. Your timing is not there in 2022 as you have two retrogrades in Gemini but it’s a very good time for rehearsal, until June 19th, then further fine-tuning or third, fourth drafts from September 4th until March 17th. If you wanted a finished product without the retrogrades you’d do it June 19th through September 4th. Further afield you will have the best opportunity in 12 years when Jupiter goes into Gemini, so May 2024 until June 2025, which is very special.

  70. Which parts of my chart will indicate success? Is it possible to see success or merely the possibility because opportunity is there?

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with Jupiter at 8 Capricorn in the Tenth House of success so you are blessed. Temporary challenges, difficulties and obstacles with your career, unpaid work or academic career vanish in March 2023. In their place come powerful new pathways which could give you control and put you closely in touch with movers, shakers and players. This feels like a promotion, new job, prestigious course or big hit to me, as the North Node at 8 Taurus and South Node at 8 Scorpio make historic trines and sextiles to your natal Jupiter in January, February 2023.

  71. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you. That is so exciting. My book is finished, just needs a bit of a rewrite then an agent. What strikes me (being new to astrology), is that timing is everything! How do other writers manage to be prolific during so much heavenly turbulence? Are they in an altitude all of their own? Coasting up there after being blown around like I am now? After March next year will I be above the clouds?
    Apologies, the metaphor got the better of me!!

    1. Rewriting is ideal on Mercury Retrograde in Gemini and then Mars Retrograde in Gemini, later. All the ‘re’ prefixes work on this cycle, including rehearsal and rescheduling. Rethinking and rewriting, of course. Most writers have Gemini and/or Sagittarius chart signatures and you do too.

  72. Thank you Jessica! I appreciate your time so much. Can you clarify the dates of the retros in Gemini and mars you mention, as we’re in Taurus currently, so I’m a bit confused. Apologies if you’ve already made it clear, and I’ve missed it.

    1. I wrote the Mercury Retrograde dates two years ago, if you want to search that on this website. Thank you.

  73. Jessica, you mention my Sagittarius factors. Can I ask, all other birth chart generators online do not have a provision for daylight saving. I was born at the end of the month when it was introduced in the Uk in 1972, and so have never had this perspective. It changes my ascendant from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Therefore, I always thought I had sag ascendency before I found you!

    1. We use software from Astrodienst ( which is the industry benchmark. It’s worth paying for a chart, but you also need to double check the time you enter which can very easily shift your Ascendant if it’s wrong. Thank you.

  74. Thank you for letting me know how many current comments you’ve rec’d as I have no way of knowing how later-dated comments by others were receiving replies from you. — My original posting (due to this chaotic, for me, Rx near my Asc):
    BJM says: 18 May 2022 at 9:08 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    Jessica, what advice do you have for me re this current Merc Rx and the Scorpio Full Moon in regards to my Rx Neptune in Libra and Chiron and Bacchus in Capricorn? With my Asc and Nodes an additional degree away from either of the exact trigger degrees, will they also factor into this in any way? And from my logged into birth chart, for the upcoming Nov. Full Moon, what will my Jupiter in Gemini, Rx Juno in Leo, Aesculapia in Scorpio, Diana in Aquarius, and Rx Merc in Pisces signify? Appreciate all of your wonderful fact filled articles and amazing predictions. Thank you for your much welcomed insights.

    1. Yes, the approval process for comments is misleading; when there are over 14,000 of them (which is the case today) I only have time to see and reply to the most recent page, if I am to do the questions justice. This is why I have created a library and three Oracle and Tarot card decks on this website, so people can attend to their own questions. Okay, so looking at your solar chart and natal chart together, you have the Sun in Pisces, a stellium in Pisces in your Twelfth House and a pattern in Aquarius in your Eleventh House (natally) under transit from Neptune, then Jupiter and Saturn, then Pluto. In your solar chart you have the same story told publicly from a different angle. Saturn then Pluto transiting your Twelfth House and Pluto transiting your Eleventh House. The years 2022 and 2023 are about religion, spirituality, Tarot, mediumship, self-help, therapy or hypnosis. You gain enormously and become who you were always meant to be, on a long journey which takes you through the 2020s. Friendships and groups will reshape your life until March 2023. Figuring out who holds the cards; who or what is in control; who or what dominates – is important. You will be altering the balance of power as part of a long process, too, and learning a lot about your willpower and self-control as a result. The Tarot can shed more light on which friends, which groups, and how this unfolds.

  75. Hi Jessica, it’s got to be Mercury retro causing this – I sent you two comments yesterday around 7 am, your time, May 24, 2022 which strangely did not give me the blurb, “Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.” If I post it again, you will be seeing it for the third time. Well let’s give it a try, if this goes through, then I will post it again. Mercury retro in Gemini affects me every time.

    Thank you

    1. I have in fact received this but cannot see the other comments, Caroline. Mercury Retrograde is having a personal impact on people but also a global impact so it’s really with us, I’m afraid.

    1. Thank you Robin. The only solution is for Americans to vote at the Midterms in November and to vote Democrat. Is that coming? Yes, a blue wave is coming, partly in reaction to the overturning of abortion laws. How big will the blue wave be? That depends on every American. Twitter is powerful. I would begin there. Just following someone like Beto O’Rourke is encouraging for him. The NRA is not that powerful on Twitter. Look at the numbers. The individual Democrats are. It’s the tiniest thing, to just click a mouse. Yet it leads to change.

  76. Dear Jessica,
    I have been a member for a few years and I count the minutes until your next post! Thank you!
    I’m trying to learn to read my chart and I just realized that I have Vulcano in Taurus opposite Neptune in Scorpio within 1° of this eclipse. So Vulcano is tight control in the second house of everything that I earn, own or owe and Neptune is invisible or my relationship with God in the eighth house of other people’s money, marriage. This is where I get stumped. I understand all other aspects except opposites. Will you help me understand this better?

    1. Thank you. The eclipse has now been and gone, but hopefully you did not act or judge about finance, property, charity, business or valuables when it was there. Had you assumed anything, you would now realise you were wrong. Vulcano is tight control of Taurus matters in your Second House, so, yes – all that you own, earn or owe in your own capacity. Neptune is about how you escape from the real world, and find a bubble to exist in, with Scorpio matters, which are joint finances, shared property, mutual possessions, business interests or charity commitments. The opposition is your inner conflict about doing one, while also trying to do the other. So, for example, holding back quite powerfully, over your money – but finding that makes it difficult to go on inhabiting a bubble with (say) a husband, or your mother, with a financial matter. The eclipse would have made some aspect of such a conflict impossible to see, or know, at the time. Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House commonly reveals itself as a credit card (the bubble is borrowing money to buy possessions which are not actually yours until you pay the balance) or a mortgage (a property market bubble based on a bank loan).

  77. Hi Jessica! Thank you for your response. Indeed, nothing bad happened on May 16, but I had discovered a cover-up. The board of my co-op in Russia has decided to install a new intercom prior to the eclipse, but knowbody called my relatives to provide access to my apartment. I live in New York (you also advised against traveling to Russia this year) and found out about the new intercom and that it’s not working a few days ago via my coop chat in WhatsApp. A board member added me to the chat after the eclipse, but never told me about the new intercom and the need to access my apartment to install a new device. It’s not a big problem, I asked a relative to take care of the situation now. And if they will not, I’ll deal with it when I get to Russia. But I am now concerned that the board is not communicating with my relatives in my absence even though they have their phone numbers. Hopefully, no untoward intentions on the part of the board with respect to my property! Is it possible to tell from my chart?

    1. Yes, an eclipse tend to coincide with a cover-up and blind spot, rather than an actual event. The new intercom and its failure to work and the board member who didn’t reveal the information is an example of that. Is the board dodgy? Your relatives haven’t been contacted about your property. This sounds like something you can sort out by June 19th. Along with the eclipse you have Mercury Retrograde (a failing intercom is typical) in Taurus, which rules your property, and the Gemini, which rules neighbours and communication. Mercury sorts itself out over the next 18, 19 days so this will sort itself out too. You are a Sun Virgo and so foreigners and foreign countries are, in fact, part of this cycle. Ask the Tarot if there is another reason to be concerned, please. Just follow the steps.

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