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Fate, Free Will, Astrology and Your Money

Stocks, Shares, Astrology and Free Will

So are you fated to win or lose on stocks and shares in the unpredictable Twenties? Astrology and your money, matters.

“Destiny is negotiable” is the phrase made famous by academic and author Geoffrey Cornelius in his book, The Moment of Astrology. 

You do not take your fate, you engage with your astrological chart (and the universe) and figure a way through it, or around it. There is a very good interview with Geoffrey on YouTube which explains this.

Negotiating With Fate

I mention this idea of negotiating with fate, because – ever since I published specific dates for a Bitcoin drama, a year before it happened – I’ve had questions from readers asking when they should get out.

Some of you are asking me, should you sell Bitcoin now, or other cryptocurrencies. Or – should you hang on?  I am publishing this on Tuesday 17th May 2022 when we’re seeing a crash. The time’ s right to talk about it.

Coins upright - Fate, Free Will, Astrology and Your Money

Astrology is Alchemy

The first thing to say about astrology is that it’s alchemy. Prediction is you, and your astrological chart (birth or natal chart) plus your solar (Sun Sign) chart – for a start. The two sides of yourself, public and private. Astrology and your money are out there and in there.

The second part of prediction is your location. Your nearest town, city or country. That has an astrological chart too, a fact which often surprises people, but they all work together.

All the Charts Count

The third part is the people around you. Your financial partner, perhaps, or the group of investors. They have charts, which create chemistry with your own, and with the place where you live and work. Then there is the chart for Bitcoin. The chart for Elon Musk, if you have stocks in Tesla. The chart for Twitter or Luna. And so on. Together – it’s all alchemy. All the charts count.

Tarot, Astrology and Your Money

If you add a Tarot reading too and start drawing cards from the Pentacles/Coins suit, that echo what the astrology is telling you, that’s more alchemy.

The point is – this is for you, about you. You’re not ‘doing’ some get-rich-quick formula. You take sole responsibility. And maybe it won’t be what you want to find – but you have to own it. The biggest mistake people make about astrology is that it’s based on statistics and a formula that you can feed into a computer and sell as an app. Nope. It’s unique.

 True Astrology Predictions and Elon Musk

“Expect a cover-up involving money, currency and business on April 30th 2022. It may be months or even years before we look back and realise something was going on. Big.” This prediction was published on this website back on 7th October 2021. Six months before Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, made his move on Twitter, as you can see.

Fixed signs April 30 2022 - Fate, Free Will, Astrology and Your Money

30 Apr 2022 - Fate, Free Will, Astrology and Your Money

I Do Not Advise: You Advise Yourself

The final part of the alchemy with astrology is the transits – the cycles of time – and the patterns they make with all those charts around you. Put all that together and you have a unique fingerprint of several different factors, which cannot be repeated and cannot be processed for the masses. Astrology and your money? It’s personal.

Some people have done well from Bitcoin, or made money buying signed Harry Potter books, or investing in Tesla – and other people have lost fortune on a cryptocurrency in 2022.

What do you look for? Same-degree patterns. How do you figure out the rest? Research. Patience. You, do you.

Jersey foreign currency 10 Pounds 300x172 - Fate, Free Will, Astrology and Your MoneyHuman Weather Forecasting

Prediction with astrology is intensely personal. You cannot and should not ever take anything I write on stocks and shares as advice.

It’s just – astrology as an open knowledge platform. Call it, human weather forecasting. I do not advise you on your stocks and shares – you advise yourself.

I can talk to you about storms (and we are going to see continual storms with cryptocurrency until 2026, with Uranus in Taurus.) When we talk about astrology and your money, the background is – erratic.

Money is Intensely Personal – Personalise Your Astrology

Money is intensely personal. Even currency itself is personal. What is ten pounds in The States of Jersey worth to you, if you live in New Jersey, New York? Not much.

There is no lazy, easy, one-size-fits-all recipe for getting rich quick. It’s the same with horse racing! You have to cast charts for the horse, the jockey, the gambler, the race location, and above all – the cycles. Alchemy. Unique to the person. Unrepeatable. Get to know your own cycles and chart. You may not have a money-making chart at all.

Uranus in Taurus, Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio

You are living in a fated period for the world economy. We all are. In astrology, we are seeing a mirror of 1939, when war began and so did supply shortages, rationing and currency that was out of control.

That’s Uranus in Taurus and the lunar nodes in Taurus/Scorpio. The signs ruling food, property, business, money. We even have another war (on Ukraine) which is costing the world dearly. Same transits.

When the nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio, the world trends that are most heavily fated are essentially about greed. Or generosity. Giving. Or taking. Values. Astrology and your money is one thing, but the weather now is about what money cannot buy. Integrity. Decency. That is actually at the core of the sign Taurus. We are seeing the worst and best, now.

Money 300x145 - Fate, Free Will, Astrology and Your MoneyThe Tarot and Oracles

So how do you negotiate with fate when the piggy bank keeps jumping around every time you look at it?

The answer is, keep a journal and track your own cycles; use your own Smith-Waite Tarot readings; try The Garden Oracle and The Astrology Oracle and learn.

There are many different oracular systems available to back up your astrology. The I-Ching is ancient. Test and test again. When you have the same story told once, twice, three times, four times and more – you learn to trust yourself.

Well, would you rather trust yourself, or someone waving their hands around on Tik-Tok? One size fits all, doesn’t.

Liz Green on Fate 

Liz Greene tells the story of Death and the appointment in Samara, in her well-known book about fate. (The Astrology of Fate, Liz Greene, Weiser Books, 1984).

Death comes to meet a man who then runs away from him (understandably) in the Isfahan market. The terrified man flees to Samara. But –  “I tried to say that you and I had an appointment tonight in Samara. But you would not let me speak,” says Death.

The Act of Avoiding Something

In the act of avoiding something, we hasten its outcome – that’s the theory. But I don’t believe that, because I have heard from too many readers over the years, who have dodged a bullet with astrology, or Tarot, and are happy to have done so. Books about history and astrology, like The Fated Sky, can help. History repeats and astrology tracks it.

Now, let’s talk about two instances where you can negotiate your fate. These are really good examples of knowing when not to move, and what not to do. When it comes to astrology and your money, you debate with fate.

Fated Sky 195x300 - Fate, Free Will, Astrology and Your MoneyEclipses and Neptune and Your Financial Future

The recent Scorpio Lunar Eclipse in May 2022 is a good example of what not to do. Eclipses conceal, they never reveal.

They obscure what should normally be seen and cover up what is usually perceived. History proves that to us. Things go dark. We are left in the dark.

That’s a simple example of negotiating with fate. Wait. Especially if the eclipse is in Taurus and/or Scorpio, the money signs. Make up your mind later.

Doing Deals With Destiny

Neptune transits, and transits to your natal Neptune, are another good example of doing deals with destiny.

Neptune is about distortion. The fuzzy vision you have under water, is Neptune. It’s an astrological symbol for the sea, the ocean, and all water including fog and mist (vaporised water). Clouds are Neptune.

When We Can’t See Properly – Neptune

In all those places and with all those conditions, we can’t see properly. Astrology and your money can’t really be paired until you realise there’s a big ‘blind’ cycle all the time, on and off, and that’s Neptune.

When we are swimming in a pool we even wear goggles. Negotiating with fate means recognising where Neptune is in your chart (it may be in the finance sign, Scorpio) or it may be transiting your chart in a way that ‘mists over’ your windscreen. Buyer beware. Don’t fumble around with Neptune. That is an astrological rule.

Mercury Retrograde. The Third Tip to Know

The third tip to know, apart from eclipses and Neptune, is Mercury Retrograde. I give the dates 1-2 years in advance so you can plan ahead. Mercury Retrograde brings sales, purchases and deals in an atmosphere of chaos. The dates for 2021 and 2022 are here so you can analyse them.

The Mercury Retrograde dates for 2023 and 2024 are here – they were published back on 6th January 2022.

Bitcoin – Check the Degrees of Your Horoscope

I have predicted Bitcoin drama, date-stamped, a year before it happens – by discovering common degrees in the astrology charts for Bitcoin itself, but also the key players in cryptocurrency. Astrology and your money does not exist in isolation. Everything is interconnected, as Dirk Gently says.

Every time we see transits at 0-1 degree and/or 18-19-20 degrees of any zodiac sign in astrology, pay attention. Especially if it’s a slow-moving outer planet like Jupiter, or a slow-moving cycle like the North Node and South Node.

If you have factors at 0, 1 degrees (of any zodiac sign) and 18, 19, 20 degrees (of any zodiac sign) your horoscope will chime with the times. Research your own astrological chart, against these.

The Generations and Fate

In astrology we believe whole generations of people land on the planet to fulfil a karmic mission.

In the Twenties we have an unusually high number of people born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Scorpio. The big money, property, banking and finance sign. That’s why the 2018-2026 cycle is so erratic.

A large number of people on the earth, are all going through a Uranus opposition to their natal Scorpio placements together. Big numbers equals big trends, financially. And what does that mean? Rolling economic shocks, 2018-2026. Revolution.

uranus 11625 960 720 300x300 - Fate, Free Will, Astrology and Your MoneyUranus and Shock

Uranus transits are about the world turning upside-down. Uranus is literally unpredictable. Odd. Unusual. The planet itself, moves oddly.

In fact, you will see that shock is  usually see that as a key word used for this planet. Astrology and your money in the Twenties are dominated by the Uranus in Taurus cycle. So – sudden supply chain breaks, for example. The erratic virus, COVID-19 is obviously behind much of this.

Ironically, astrologers (whose job it is to predict the future and thus remove shock from life altogether) invariably say ‘unpredictable’ for Uranian transits, or transits to Uranus in your chart.

Coins With Dogs on Them

So really, when it comes to Uranus, we have to throw our hands up in the air. In Taurus? We do that, with one eye on the world economy, which Taurus rules, together with Scorpio, its opposite sign. We have already seen some of this since May 2018 when the cycle began. Coins with dogs on them. Wall Street betting on – fake meat. We are dealing with an entire generation born with Uranus in Scorpio, experiencing transiting Uranus in Taurus, opposite their natal Uranus position. How odd is that? Very odd indeed. And risky.

Jeff Mayo on Prediction

Uranus will be with us until 2026 so 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and the final year, 2026, are stormy. You really have to want this, if you are going to take the stocks and shares rollercoaster.

“The astrologer cannot predict every event,” wrote Jeff Mayo. It’s true of Uranus. Predictably, unpredictable.

When you are negotiating with destiny, you should certainly track Uranus transits to your charts, and transits to Uranus in charts. What’s volatile? And when is volatile? When Uranus lines up at the same degrees (numbers) as key patterns in your chart, and the charts associated with the individuals or companies you commit to – that matters.

Quantum Worlds and Astrology: Science and Fate

The Many Worlds theory of Quantum Mechanics suggests that when we measure reality, we change it. There is no reality until we measure it.

There are many realities; many worlds. So for this reason, destiny really is negotiable. It’s science!

This all begins with sharp awareness of yourself, because you’re the observer. They call it The Observer Effect in science. You are not standing back from some ‘truth’ because it does not exist. There are many, many truths.

Hugh Everett and Dr. Who

Just by going in there, you alter what happens. This is Hugh Everett’s ‘Many Worlds’  theory. It’s widely accepted these days, and not just by Dr. Who scriptwriters, either. Watch the acclaimed BBC4 documentary Parallel Lives here.

Parallel universes is another word for this idea of many worlds. So, when it comes to Uranus in Taurus, the North Node in Taurus, the South Node in Scorpio and the rest – you have to ask yourself how you’ve ended up here in this particular universe. Keep negotiating with yourself and with fate.

Remember the alchemy rule. You, plus where you are, plus who/what you are banking on, plus the cycles of time. This is the ‘Moment of Astrology’. It’s a one-off.

Legal Disclaimers in Our Astrology

This alchemy is why so many astrologers  issue legal disclaimers saying:

The content on this website and articles are provided as general information only and should not be taken as investment advice. All information on this site is given for educational purposes only. The content on this site is provided without any warranty, express or implied. All opinions expressed on this site are those of the author and may contain errors or omissions.

No Advice, No Recommendations

General information. No investment advice, no recommendations. I say that, too. When it comes to astrology and your money, general information for educational purposes – the astrologer’s opinion – defines what we do. The rest is up to you.

This common legal disclaimer, applies to everything I have ever published about the economy in your life, or ever will do. I’ve published a lot of warnings about the economy and opened up a lot of information about the astrology cycles, going way back to 2017. Just as it says above, use them for educational purposes only. Learn your chart.

They are ongoing, about Uranus in Taurus, because I’m so concerned about the risks. The first warning was issued way back on 4th April 2017. Some are for Premium Members only. If you are serious about using astrology, check the date-stamped, validated predictions about the economy. Start a journal about your own chart and research the patterns.

4th April 2017


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114 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for this timely piece. I believe the next few months will be incredibly bumpy in the share market.

    Would you please look at my profile and what the above means for me. I rent, and recently single. And live in Sydney, Australia.

    Does this time also impact career if you have North node in Taurus ?

    Thank you

    1. You are a Sagittarius Sun woman with a Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House. You also have the lunar nodes in Taurus-Scorpio. You are in an historic period of change for your finances, which shows up in your solar and natal chart at the same time. The big change is March 2023. Whatever happens that month (and it may be a government decision in Australia and/or NSW which, say, affects your opinion on renting) you are going to be set free from a very long cycle when you had to constantly use your willpower and self-control, just to regain the upper hand all the time. So, presumably, scrimping and saving in Sydney. That would qualify. March ends all that, for most of 2023. That year also releases you from the stuck loop of the nodes going around in Taurus-Scorpio. You still have to disengage slowly from the cycle in 2024, but from 2025 you are looking at the 2030s with new eyes. You will never again feel as controlled or dominated by fate, or employers, or politicians, as you have in recent years. That will be an incredible feeling for you. Your career will be changeable and unpredictable until 2026 too, but you’ll be very happy with opportunities and solutions in 2023. I think next year is your turning point.

  2. Woah so fascinating. I will have to read this several times. I agree, people need to take responsibility for their own actions and choices. Elon Musk puts out a tweet and people jump and run with no critical thinking on the outcome.

    I love the Uranus movement. My grandson has a song on the planets and one of the lines is, “Uranus is funny cause it spins on its side”.

    Now the question I have is about the planet that intrigues me most, Venus. So Uranus may spin on its side, but Venus spins opposite to the earth. Venus is the planet of wealth and investments (and love) is that correct? My youngest was born with Venus rx and got married over a decade ago with Venus rx. I’ve read that Venus rx is very bad for marriage but she’s truly had a very magical marriage. I wonder if Venus rx is really better because its actually spinning in synch with the earth. Okay, I am not astrologer and these are assumptions but also based on some observations.

    All that being said. Does Venus also factor into that for growth of an investment. The Uranus/Neptune seem to be planets to watch for possible losses or bad investments. But what are the good planets, transits, etc.?

    The other thing about “crypto” is not all coins are synonymous with money. They have value, yes, but they also have function and amazing technology that enhances security and function of current technologies. So really doing due diligence on the “currency” that one want so invest in is critical. What is the function of this currency, does it solve a problem, does it enhance any technical functionality, which institutions are using this technology. I think using the word currency synonymous with money is part of the problem. Currency is energy, think of current, electricity runs in currents. So these crypto currencies, many of them, are technologies that serve a purpose.

    Finally, and this has nothing to do with Crypto, but I stumbled upon something on Youtube yesterday that I’d like your input on. I saw and astrologer who was asking for everyone to provide their physical mail address in case the internet goes down. She’d mentioned that many astrologers were talking about this happening but it was the first I’d heard of it. I thought it funny though that she’d want physical addresses, does she not know that the postal system runs on this technology as well and would not be able to function either?

    One more thing. Bravo on the Elon Musk call! Just as you predicted he’d probably back out and that looks to be the case!


    1. Venus, Cryptocurrency and the internet going down – that’s a mixed bag of questions GV. Venus rules Taurus and Libra so she’s about financial relationships between people (complicated, when it’s mother-son, or lovers, or husband-wife, or in-laws) and how budgets are handled. Yet, in Libra, she’s also about straight-up equality, fairness and justice. Nothing to do with cash. Cryptocurrency is a function of the people born with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Scorpio. Scorpio rules joint finance as you know. Uranus in Scorpio people are the unwitting, unaware catalysts for shock. Economic upheaval happens to them, and around them. Neptune in Scorpio people live in a bubble of escapism; they borrow and think the possessions or houses are theirs. Pluto in Scorpio people want to tightly control money and to dominate, in a world where they have no power (wealth is held by the old) they have made up their own currency and rules. For all these generations, 2018-2026 is one challenge after another, as Uranus in Taurus opposes their outer planet positions. Finally, the internet going down? Yes. I would suggest it will happen from 2026, past 2030, with increasing frequency. Uranus in Gemini is ‘shocks to the internet’ and as it opposes the Sagittarius placements of billions (Sagittarius rules the worldwide web) for whatever reason, we’re going to see it cut out. Erratically.

  3. “I am publishing this on Tuesday 17th May 2022 when we’re seeing a crash. The time’ s right to talk about it”.

    Dear Jessica, currently today we are not seeing a crash, BTC (Bitcoin) has traded higher today from open at 29,844.75 and currently trading, as I write this, with an increase to 30,574.45+933.61 (+3.15%).

    The last two years it has traded from a range of 2,000 up to 60,000+ and market cap is currently 528.8 billion. Large investment institutions, along with retails investors, continue to invest.

    However, as with ANY investment, it can go up as well as down. It is VERY important that any investor does their own research and makes their own decisions regarding their appetite for risk.

    1. I assume you are in London, if you read the Financial Times, so you are a day behind me. I am an Australian astrologer. The New York Times reported ‘Crypto Crashing’ on Tuesday May 17th 2022. I agree, investors should do their own research and make their own decisions. That’s the point of the article.

  4. Hi Jessica, great writing and insight once again! If it’s okay to leave a request, how does astrology of Turkiye and Nato look like right now? President Erdogan wants to stop Finland and Sweden from joining Nato, and many have the question if he is serious or just demanding something in exchange. Or if he is Putin’s helper.

    1. Thank you. Okay, so the future calls to the present. In March 2023, Pluto (power) transfers from the elite at the top, to the people. Pluto goes from Capricorn (the white man in the suit and tie) to Aquarius (all the people, including women). That’s massive. This cycle dates back to 60AD when Boudicca gathered the tribes of Britain to defeat the Roman Empire and Nero. So, Erdogan can say what he likes, but he is a man out of time. Pluto will remain in Aquarius through the Twenties and Thirties. NATO is an example of Aquarius. The group. In the end, it is the group/groups in general and solidarity by united nations which will ensure Vladimir Putin and the men who are with him, beat a retreat.

  5. So fascinating Jessica. I have never had enough money to worry about stocks and shares, ha! However I am working really hard to buy a house and I value articles like this such a lot to help me get the timing right, thanks as always ❤️

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Taurus with a huge stellium in Scorpio and Taurus, across your Eighth House of joint finance and Second House of personal finance, so watch what happens when Jupiter (opportunity) goes through Taurus. It’s not that far off and 2023 will be really interesting for you.

  6. Thank you for this. Thanks to you and your teachings I am discovering the deep complexities of astrology. I don’t know if I have a money making chart but am slowly (very) learning all the facets. I am stumped most of the time but appreciate your site and my premium membership for guidance. I have learned more from you than from all the years I have dabbled in books and articles on astrology.I have wanted to commit to studying astrology more in-depth at different points in my life but something always interrupted that and I regret not keeping a journal as I believe it is super important. Next life hopefully! Thanks again, Jessica.

    1. Thank you so much. You have Taurus/Scorpio factors at 9 through 21 degrees, so always track the slow-moving outer planets at those degrees, because they will trigger repeated stories about money, business, charity, property in your life. The repetition is what shows you the way. A very good example of this is the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio, which will move to 9 degrees, by 2023 – ringing the alarm bell for that pattern in your chart. A journal is an amazing tool and astrology does not have to be mysterious or complex. It’s just the oldest timekeeping.

  7. Hi Jessica, a fantastic read as always. You nailed it with the line, “History repeats and astrology tracks it.” And the one by Dirk Gently as well, “everything is inter-connected.”

    To digress : was that Tess in the screen-saver with the words, “we will be up and running shortly.” when your website crashed the other day? She is adorable, oh those eyes, they speak volumes! Our family dog, Max, watches the telly with a look of deep concentration, soaking every bit of what’s in front of him, priceless to watch this every time.

    Am in the wrong blog I know but there was a reader whose dog passed on a few days ago, it’s hard to go through a loss of a family member but I agree that we all transition over and the ones still here on earth are informed of their transition. One time we heard the doorbell ring, early in the morning, dead of winter, snow covered right up till the doorstep; when we opened the front door no one was there AND there were no footprints on the snow covered ground. It’s beautiful and confirms that life is eternal.

    I have to do some research on my 0,1 degrees and 18, 19, 20 degrees. Good to know that these degrees tie-in with Musk, Bitcoin.

    Thank you, take care and stay safe.

    1. Thank you Caroline. I will ask Asporea if they used a photograph of Tess for the website crash notice. She is quite photogenic although she did bite me on television, on Channel Ten (Studio Ten). The dog story from the spirit world is interesting. They move in mysterious ways.

  8. Hello Jessica. Thanks for this intructive article. Cryptocurrencies are not for me -at least, not at the moment !- but I’m wondering if buying a house next year will still be a smart move with Pluto entering in Aquarius and then starting to be in “square” aspects with all factors in Taurus and Scorpio. Could you have a look at my chart and tell me what you think about it, please? Thank you very much

    1. Good question. Yes, Pluto will slowly begin to square anything you have in Taurus and/or Scorpio. This is actually a global trend affecting us from March 2023, in slow stages, until we really get the picture from 2030. Groups are not compatible with Wall Street. Friends and money don’t mix. This will be interesting if Mark Zuckerberg and/or Elon Musk try to further monetise friendship on Facebook and Twitter. It won’t end well. If you want to buy a house in 2023 you are looking at Taurus, Scorpio and also Cancer which rules your Fourth House of property. You are a Sun Pisces woman with Taurus and Scorpio factors at 5 through 26 degrees. The Moon is at 6 Cancer so you have a 5, 6, 7 cluster which usually means events happen together. So you are really looking for Jupiter (blessings, solutions) at 5, 6, 7 Taurus in June 2023. That’s when you will find, or purchase. Pluto only gets as far as 0 Aquarius in 2023 so it’s not an issue for you. June 2023 also finds Gemini weather in your solar Fourth House of property so in both house systems, that’s the green lit month. Use the Tarot to validate or seek further information.

  9. Hi Jessica, thanks for this article. I love the advice to ‘advise yourself’. I am still quite new to astrology and seeking to understand patterns in order to be informed and take greater control of my future. With regards to money, it has been a quieter few years (although, I have been investing in myself to have greater financial and lifestyle freedom) and I am wondering if things will pick up in the near future, based on what you see in my birth chart?
    Many thanks, S

    1. You are a Sun Libra woman with a large Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance and property. By now you should be accustomed to the famously unpredictable Uranus in Taurus cycle, which began for you in May 2018 and immediately brought wild and stormy weather which made you focus so much harder on sexual and financial relationships, but also family property and money. At various points between now and 2026, you will have to test what you have created in your life (the contents of your legacy; your actual will; any legacy naming you) to see how sturdy that structure is and how flexible it is. The Eighth House is rather like a real house in that respect; can it adjust to electrical storms? There is also karma to go through in 2022, 2023 as the lunar nodes cycle backwards through Scorpio and Taurus. There is a lot of settling up going on, and it’s really down to what you did or said, 18-19 years ago, regarding money.

  10. Thanks for an incredible report once again!
    I am also trying to figure out where I should move and if I should buy a house instead of wall street…What are you thoughts on DC, USA and Amsterdam, NL or Nice, France…

    1. Location questions are best tackled with a three-way personal card reading, so line up the Tarot, Garden Oracle and Astrology Oracle and a notebook and follow the steps. What you value most should be a personal thing; it may be that you place a higher price on a peaceful home, as opposed to a good buy, and so on. The cards will work for you if you develop a relationship with your own intuition. Thank you.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this article. I’m curious if you can tell me anything about my chart, and the potential it shows for making money, if I learn to work well with my chart? How might these eclipses impact me? Thank you!

    1. You are a Sun Leo with a good Taurus-Scorpio axis to work with. Opportunities to make or save a lot of money will appear in October-December with Jupiter in your solar Eighth House of joint finances and joint property. Long-term you will find life until 2026 is ‘the challenge to meet change, with change’ as Uranus will be in Taurus, picking up that axis of your chart. For that reason, stay flexible so you can move quickly, to meet conditions which alter just about every other year. Do use October-December.

  12. Hi Jessica!

    Several posts talking about Taurus, Uranus, the nodes, the eclipses and their relationship with money. I wonder how it all affects me having a stellium in scorpio and Jupiter in Taurus. What should I consider to build my best destiny. Thank you very much.

    All the best to you.

    1. Jupiter in Taurus is a fortunate blessing with your personal income, valuables, house, apartment, charity and/or business. All your life you will have windfalls or large rewards. For example, you may win competitions. You may win scholarships. You can inherit on this cycle, and also gain from those who are like guardian angels or fairy godmothers/godfathers and help you with a Midas touch by doing the work for you. There are many options. Around age 12, 24, 36 (every 12 years) you have your Jupiter Return and do very well. One is coming again 2023-2024.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your amazing insight!

    Just wondering what you can see from my chart? My husband and I are constantly chasing our tail. We earn great money (after 10 years of slogging it) but everytime we seem to earn that little bit more we miss out or just sit outside gov benefits/subsidies . There’s always something important to spend our money on, but never enough to treat ourselves. I can’t say the share market or crypto has ever really caught my attention enough to look at it, but is crypto the way of the future? I have been trying to follow some of your articles but having basic knowledge of astrology, some parts seem to elude me.

    1. Pluto in Scorpio in the Eighth House will do that for you. Until you can lean on self-control with finance, property, shopping, saving, business – you will never have control. Pluto is quite hard work. You have to find empowerment through willpower or it is all too easy to be dominated. This may actually be by your husband as the Eighth House rules sexual and financial relationships. It can be by ‘something’ rather than someone, but the answer is always the same. You have to take back control in order to avoid feeling dominated by someone/something which always pushes you around, financially. There is really no magic wand with Pluto, but if you follow the rules, the empowerment is actually priceless. And it lasts a lifetime.

  14. Thankyou for a great article Jessica. I did dip my toes into the crypto market over 12 months ago but with Neptune transiting my 2nd house I wonder if it was a wise move after reading your article

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancerian who has Neptune in Pisces transiting her solar Ninth House, using the Natural House System. The escape from reality is through foreigners and foreign countries and cultures, ongoing. In your solar chart, you have transiting Saturn in Aquarius in your Eighth House of finance until March 2023, with all his waiting games and burdens, then Pluto takes over. Literally. March 2023 looks like an important month for your finances, including cryptocurrency. From that point forward willpower will empower you and self-control will put you in control, with rolling transformation past 2030. Your Tarot can tell you more.

  15. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for the very interesting articles. Please let me know what this means for me and what would be the best day to sign
    important investment documents over the next couple of months.

    Thank you again,

    1. Scarlett, wait until you are past mid-June for signing documents as Mercury Retrograde is pushing backwards in Taurus (finance) and Gemini (communication) until then. The long trawl backwards began in April. I list all the Mercury Retrograde dates in the story. You will be in a better position with your astrology chart later in June or July, but I don’t see a chart here, so it’s hard to say more, specifically.

  16. Hi Jessica, love your blog and to read the horoscopes so Thank you. I have a question regarding savings and stock markets. I am planning to buy stocks each month the upcoming 5 months with my company money (First studio opened April 2010, today 5 studios). I know the market is turbulent but I want to save them a long time so no need to sell. Is it a good time for me to make that decision/buy?

    We will also in the upcoming future rebrand, will my company have a prosperous new future?

    What do you think? Thank you! 🙂

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aquarius with a Scorpio stellium in your natal Eighth House of joint finance and shared property. In your solar chart we find Jupiter with all his benefits, gains and opportunities in your solar Second House of personal revenue, ownership and assets – from October until December 2022. You will save or make money then, partly as a result of what you did right 18 or 19 years before on the last nodal transit of Scorpio. It’s uncertain if that will come from stocks or not. Sometimes people are offered a free rental, for example. Or they are given a car. You are correct. The turbulence in the markets will last until 2026 with Uranus (the unpredictable) in Taurus (personal finance). Your company will have a new chart with a rebranding so you may want to cast it: you can do that with the Family and Friends service on this website. For the best relaunch wait for Jupiter to enter Taurus (good fortune in finance) next year. Not long to go, but if you have to go ahead in 2022, at least try to avoid the long Mars Retrograde in Gemini which begins in September; it’s quite difficult for companies which depend heavily on the web.

  17. Dear Jessica. Very Interesting read as always. I was wondering, when you mention 0,1, 18, 19, 20 degrees, if this is just for bitcoin or all ‘chimes’ to cryptocurrency? (or any trading/gambling for that matter).

    I have 3 planets in these degrees (plus Juno), and also lunar nodes in Taurus/Scorpio. I seem to be very affected by Uranus transits: the day Uranus went into Taurus I had a huge spiritual awakening that was literally overnight (like the Tower card!). My life has certainly taken a huge uplift since May 2018 and I thought I’d take full advantage of this and dabble in cryptos (esp when Jupiter joins Uranus).

    Many thanks,

    1. Justin, even the chart set for the opening of the New York Stock Exchange building chimes at those degrees, so there is something that runs very deep with the place itself; the institution; the walls and floors. You are a Sun Pisces with a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance and shared property and possessions. In your solar chart you will save or make a lot of money now through October and January through May 2023, as Jupiter transits your Second House of personal income and ownership. This suggests you did something right 18 or 19 years ago when the South Node last transited Scorpio and your natal Eighth House. After that, though (from May 2023) this twin cycle ends. You are left with, just a series of oppositions to the transiting Moon in Scorpio at any given moment, until 2026, also passing through your natal Eighth House. So life is erratic, unpredictable and may be volatile. Justin, I suggest you start a journal and track this for yourself and use the Tarot as well. Only you can really figure this out. You have a stellium in Pisces, though, in your natal Twelfth House of dreams, Tarot and psychic ability, so are a natural at navigating.

  18. Jessica

    Excellent blog again. The world is definitely busy turning upside down. Far too many people got away with things in the past.
    Twitter, freedom of speech is extremely important for Musk, as he never had a voice as a child. I believe that Twitter will have many levels, meaning you will have to pay for not a basic level.

    The young generation will have a huge effect on the economy. Look what happened to the bank in England taken over by people betting against the bank on the market and then the bank lost against young people cheating together online buying shares.

    Can you tell me anything about my chart. What do you see for my future
    Be safe take care

    1. Thank you. Yes, Twitter is at the heart of a long revolution from 2026 with Uranus in Gemini. Radical change to messaging online. It is back-announced in 2022 with Mercury Retrograde in Gemini (Elon Musk mess) and then Mars Retrograde in Gemini (from September). You are a Sun Cancerian with a stellium in Aquarius in your solar Eleventh House of groups and friends. In your natal chart you have transiting Uranus in Taurus in your Eleventh House of groups and friends. In your solar chart you have Saturn transiting the Eleventh House until March 2023 then Pluto takes over – for many years into the future. Old friendships, relatively new friendships, Twitter, your social life and the clubs, teams, societies, charities, political parties, bands, associations (and so on) that feature in your life, are under heavy weather now. There is an historic shift taking place and by 2026 you will find freedom and independence are central. Some faces will arrive to deliver that. Some will leave your life to deliver that. If you have been shackled by social media you will leave, or it will leave you. From March 2023 the hard part of this is over and the barriers, restrictions, waiting games and burdens vanish. In their place comes a new suggestion you’ve not seen before: that the group might be all-powerful. That you or anyone else who supplies a group with what it needs might have special power too.

  19. Good morning Jessica,

    I love reading all the comments and replies to glean nuggets of wisdom. As a single Mumma, hustling two jobs and feeling like after years of not moving forward it’s finally starting to happen! Its my chance to save money and get ahead whilst the weather is giving me this blessing. I’m definitely doing some of the hard yards! Tired yes, but thankful to be able to make money. Where to put it is the mystery these days, for sure.

    Is there anything I should flag ( aside from retrogrades) coming up in my chart? Given I’m working on the making money until Oct and using this time to build my name and skills and contacts to seed in the future.

    Thanks for all your wonderful juicy content, which I devour even if I don’t really understand all of it. It’s riveting to read x

    Have a beautiful day x

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn with a Scorpio signature in your Eighth House of joint finance. The hard part is over from March 2023 when at last Saturn changes signs and you can farewell a difficult person in your life, or a difficult situation where there were no opportunities, or rather lacklustre options! Saturn is replaced by Pluto and from March 2023 you will become aware of a very new, powerful, rather dominating person, organisation or situation in your life an have choices there. Long-term, if you decide to commit, the need for self-control and willpower will take over and a new era will begin for you financially. This is also across your natal chart as well as your solar chart; certainly until 2026 some profoundly new, very different chapters will begin and as you have literally no experience of anything like it, you’ll need to ask those who are in the know. All change.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this great piece. It really is timely. I’m not into Crypto – I know enough about it to know that I don’t know what I’m doing, and don’t have time to learn. And I’m not chasing fortunes, I’d prefer to create elsewhere. Thats just me.
    I took your advice about Uranus in Taurus some time back, it may have been in response to a question I posted, but your words stayed with me – it was about learning to resist the temptation to swim against the current on this cycle, because its going to be stormy at times. So, I’m trying to learn ‘how to surf’. And I’m becoming ok with ‘uncertainty’ and just focusing on the information I have and how it applies to me/my chart.
    I won’t say I’m not a little concerned about finances – it would be less concerning if I didn’t have children to care for.
    I’m just cocooning, learning new skills and trying to orient myself.
    But if there is something that looks like a tidal wave, specific to my chart, I’d love a heads up, pretty please!
    Thanks again for your ‘weather forecast’.

    1. Thank you Din P. You are a Sun Cancer with a Taurus stellium in your Second House of personal finance. This period in your life is all about the money for some years, yet you will be pleased to know that Saturn changes signs next March 2023 and a burden will vanish. If this is about a person, he or she may move right away. In other cases, the issue may be a lack of opportunity you are finding, but that also vanishes next March. In general 2023 is a turning point as Jupiter goes into Taurus for the first time in 12 years and transits your natal Second House of valuables, the bank, your house, apartment and so on. There are tremendous ways to save or make a lot of money from next year. At that point you should also begin a long-term plan taking you past 2030. Willpower will empower you.

  21. Hi Jessica, I enjoy reading your blogs. They’re so informative. I’m learning how to read my chart, but it’s a challenge.

    Would you be able to explain how the current transits affect my career?

    Warm Regards,

    1. Thank you N. You are a Sun Pisces with an Aries stellium so will relaunch in 2022, 2023 with a new look and/or role. In your natal chart we find Jupiter and Chiron in Aries transiting your First House of self-promotion and in your solar chart we find Jupiter and Neptune both there in October-December 2022. So it’s really about image, reputation and appearances. I don’t know if your career emphasises that but it will certainly help. The next most important transit for work is the Leo weather, which picks up in July, August and offers you projects and roles which are also useful for changing your lifestyle.

  22. Hello Jessica,

    This is another very interesting article – I’m really appreciating your writings over the last months, since I discovered you. Can you suggest where I should read, as a beginner, to understand my chart and alignments? Right now, I’m looking at selling my unit at the beach, wanting to move back to an inner city precinct because I live alone and have retired. But it looks like I’m co-incident with worrisome transits through Taurus….

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Leo with a stellium in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. This is where the good news is for you, now until 2023, as Jupiter in Aries transits your solar Ninth House, and trines everything in Sagittarius in your natal Ninth House. So this is not the question you asked but it needs to be passed on; there are opportunities galore. You will make or save a lot of money October-December as Jupiter reverses into Pisces and your solar Eighth House of joint finance, property, business and charity. In your natal chart, we find the South Node in Scorpio there, so what you did 18 or 19 years ago has earned you some good karma and the final quarter of 2022 is profitable for you. Use the Tarot to validate the timing.

  23. Jessica,
    Since we are talking about money, I have to share shocking development. So let me tell you…On Monday May 16, 2022, I received e-mail from recruiter about the job with salary from 150 to 200 K it dependable on your experience. This is from biotech company that was founded in 1996 and I cannot find the birthday. Why is it shocking to me? Because of high salary and because it is located in British Columbia; Canada where my sis (born on August 27, 1970) resides. So, I am not looking for a job as I found a job October 4, 2021, however, imagine if I am the one getting this opportunity. Wow. What this means? Me and my sis was separated because of war, and she lives in Canada, and I live in USA. Is this some type of God’s miracle returning us back to live close to one another again?

    Talking about Fate, Free Will, and Money I am heaving first interview tomorrow May 19, 2022.
    What do you see in my birth chart?
    What is really going on in my astrological chart?
    This is really strange miracle if it comes true.
    If I was planning this, I wouldn’t be able to plan this happens to me.

    Any feedback I will appreciate.
    Thank you

    1. Congratulations on the job offer and interview. This would bring you closer to your sister. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Gemini stellium in your Third House of sisters. Right now two cycles are overlapping in the Third House, as you also have Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. This will all go back and forth with her until the middle of June. Communication or planning will get stuck and go backwards with her. Yet, you will know where you stand later in June.

  24. Hi Jessica, like many others, I worry for my finances as I am not naturally good with them. I am mainly concerned for my 4 deg. Jupiter Scorpio 10th house squared by Pluto during these next few years. How does this transit usually play out? I have read it being more about one’s values getting challenged, but in the context of current events and 10th house, I am expecting to be more about work and finances.

    I have also midheaven in 0 deg. Scorpio, and Saturn Aquarius 24 deg. in 2nd house. Delays in career building, getting a home and “adult life” are familiar to me, I am a late bloomer.

    1. Okay, so in the Natural House system, you don’t have Jupiter in Scorpio in the Tenth House, you have it in your Eighth House. Saturn is in Aquarius in your Eleventh House, not your Second House. Test this house system by looking at life around age 24, 36, 48 on your Jupiter Return in the Eighth House. Did you benefit from joint finances or property? Did you gain or save from other people’s money, assets or homes? If so, please switch systems. It will change your life.

  25. Good afternoon, Ms ADAMS and thank you very much for all you are doing for us!
    May I ask if is something good in store for me, this year and the next one?
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Taurus with a Capricorn stellium in your Tenth House of ambition, success and status. You are the mountain goat who climbs to the top, no matter how long it takes. You are now in the biggest change cycle of your life, having started the climb in 2008 with Pluto in Capricorn. Powerful people and organisations have dominated, and will do so until March 2023, when at last Pluto changes signs. In the same month, Saturn leaves your solar Tenth House after a very long and demanding transit which began at Christmas 2020. So that month is changeover time for you; possibly because of a new job, unpaid role or academic career. The Tarot can validate for you.

  26. Dear Jessica

    Thank you for this very interesting blog. I believe we are entering an even more uneven times…. Would you be able to look at my chart and see how this impacts my future, career and financial situation as this is such a concern of mine in the times we live in. Thank you so much again!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Taurus with an Aquarius stellium. You express your true nature through groups of all kinds – and friendship. At the moment, Saturn in Aquarius is transiting your Eleventh House of social life, social media, old friends and both formal and informal networks, like Twitter or a political party. That is hard work and heavy going but it ends in March 2023. In your solar chart you have Neptune in your Eleventh House so there are issues about boundaries and one person in the group, in particular, may not have them at all. So, you have some obstacles ahead of you, but as Jupiter goes into your solar Eleventh House in October, and remains until December, that is the turning point. From March next year, in any case, the hard yards are over. Eventually by 2030 Pluto transiting your natal Eleventh House will transform your social life altogether and show you how powerful a group can be.

  27. Thank you Jessica for your always interesting readings.
    I have bought an apartment that will be finished in 2023 March-May and will even then sell the one I have now. What does the economy look like for me during these years. Is a little worried and has shares, knows that it goes up and down and tries to take it easy.
    03.36 malmo / Sweden

    1. As a Sun Libra person you have Uranus (the unpredictable) in Taurus (joint finance and property) until 2026 so try to keep things flexible, easy to change quickly and don’t take huge risks without good reason. Get a professional to look over everything to do with the apartment, and also the local council/government so you know what is in store. This may all take more work than you planned but you will save or make a lot of money from May 2023. Over the long-term until 2026, though, the economy will change so fast, you’ll be glad you got yourself into a flexible position.

  28. Jessica,
    This article is off-charts. A Master Class on self empowerment through information and self discovery. Thank you!!

    I feel very off after this recent eclipse. I have a business idea that has been hard to take off the ground. I am terrified about my finances and above all, about using my limited resources during this Saturn cycle. What went on this eclipse?

    Thank you

    I need a life line!

    1. Thank you. The eclipse was just another cover-up or blind spot and it would have concerned your friends, or a group. What you assumed was not informed; now you probably have a clearer idea, although the mystery will never be cleared up entirely. Your business idea will do better once Mercury Retrograde has finished his loop, so think about later in June to restart. You can use May as a rehearsal. You are a Sun Capricorn with a Taurus-Scorpio pattern in your chart in the Second House of personal income and Eighth House of joint finance and property. This means in your natal and solar chart, you have the same priorities. Hard work, waiting games, patience, learning experiences and the rest, are indicated until March 2023. There’s not an awful lot you can do. The situation is bigger than you are and all sorts of things are contributing, from COVID-19 and its domino effect on economies, to the sheer fact of your location and circumstances. From March 2023 it becomes much easier, less of a burden and you will realise that willpower and self-control will put you in financial control. In fact, by the mid 2020’s you could be firmly steering your own economic ship. It just takes self-discipline.

  29. Hey there, Jessica & team – this is a brilliant illustration of the tangential resources available to people to complement their professional financial advice! In my experience, I have been investing (through a professional financial planner, separate legal advisers and also a chartered tax accountant) for over twenty years now, and I always feel better empowered in myself, to absorb, research then act on their advice the more I also understand the current astrological weather. Enter Jessica & her team, with the astrological education – but of course, finance is only one (okay, two) houses of a 12 house astrological system, and so the educational empowerment is much broader than that narrow area!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jessica (& team), for helping us see another angle to our life stories – Blessings & prosperity to everybody reading this site !! 🙂

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. We should all be more prosperous once Jupiter goes into Taurus from May 17th 2023 so I’m really looking forward to that.

  30. Hi Jessica, thanks for this article, it resonates with my current situation a lot. Having uranus in scorpio, neptune sq neptune and neptune conjunct my IC in the progressed chart. Had not luck with crypto this year…. Appreciate if you can have a look at my chart cause next year I will have my uranus opposition and I having venus at 0 cancer opposing neptune, that is an aspect I never really understood. Thanks a lot.

    1. You are a Sun Gemini with a large Taurus stellium in your Second House of personal income, property, charity, business and valuables, so you ‘live’ there a lot of the time. In your natal chart we find transiting Pluto in your Eighth House of joint finance, since 2008.In both charts I use for you, life until 2026 is unpredictable, frequently liberating and very hard to anticipate. Cryptocurrency fits that bill. So, this isn’t really about your IC or the other things you mentioned. It’s really about the Second House and Eighth House in both charts. Try to be so flexible that you can meet change, with change, to 2026. Zig-zag. You will also be pleased to hear that Pluto is out of Capricorn and your Eighth House (Solar Chart) in March 2023 so for most of next year you have a long break form constantly having to face issues about who/what is in control, who/what is in charge, who/what has the power. This may have been about a family member’s loan; a tenant; a former partner and a house – it’s on that level. Past the mid 2020s you are free of that entirely. You will make or save a lot of money with Jupiter in Taurus in 2023-2024.

  31. Hi Jessica

    I have messed up a potential role majorly. I had been approached by an industry colleague to work for an international hotel company – reporting into him ( been out of a job for 3 years – but the role had to be created).

    You had suggested in your last guidance that astrologically the timing was right and an offer would be made ( but to be carful on mercury retrograde).

    The fix I am in is as follows – since we knew each other well we hung out a couple of times, last night we ended up making out. He is married and a no go for a relationship; now that this happened – it was a mistake and we intend to be friends – he has however done a turn around and suggested it would be hard to create a role in the company.

    I really do want to work for this company The role, money would be perfect – the question is given it’s mercury retrograde is there a chance he will change his mind?

    I mean we could have been a work power couple together – the role was on that level – now it’s all so confusing and muddled.

    Any possible way to salvage this situation?

    Thanks in adv ace

    1. I’m sorry you are in this situation, but you haven’t messed up. We are all human and you made a mistake, which can be corrected. Your colleague in the hotel company created a role for you. He’s married, you both strayed and now he’s changed his mind. Mercury Retrograde! Can I suggest that you give yourself more options? Free the situation up so that you are not just thinking about him or this one job. It can sometimes help to put things down on paper. With your computer by your side, jot down at least ten possibilities, including a return to this role he created for you. Find nine more options: paid work, unpaid work, study, part-time roles, full-time roles. Line them up together so his offer to you, now rescinded, does not matter any more than the others. You’ve learned a lesson. You won’t do it again. You will be in new work and it will be very exciting. For now, see what is possible. You can make headway from the second half of June when Mercury is back to normal in your career zone. It has been backwards since April.

  32. Hi Jessica! Thank you for your insights.

    I am curious how the elements you mention in this blog post show up in my own chart. I’ve not found my career path yet, money has been mostly just-getting-by, yet I recently have had a little extra to invest and am feeling hopeful. Love the way astrology at times can help temper or manage expectations….

  33. Will see what happens today. But I believe both labour and liberals are going o be shock how many people have left to vote for the greens and independents.
    I also think albo is going to have is job cut out to convince the greens for joining him.
    But say I don’t believe albo will make is full term his party is going to do to him Julia and the Kevin Rudd sorry over again.

    With the greens being so strong. I believe there will be many changes to come for all of us.

    I also believe that most crypto will not make it, but it is here to stay but it will take awhile to develop future.
    Money will it not be good if we go back to the olden days were people used to change skills for things. But July will be a tough month and next year even tougher for Australia. The ripple effect of the war will hit us…

    I am no psychic… just feeling.
    Jessica, could you be so kind to look at my chart. What do you see for my financial future….
    will I be moving.
    Thank you, keep the blogs coming, they are so interesting
    Stay safe

    1. Well, it’s now Sunday 22nd May and there has indeed been a huge swing to the Greens and Independents. It is also possible PM Albanese will not see a full term; that also happened to Julia Gillard who arrived in power on Mercury Retrograde. I hope he does. I think he’s decent and sincere and I admire his stand on Uluru when he took power – literally his first words as PM of Australia. You are a Sun Cancer with a stellium in Cancer and it will be far easier to move from March 2023 when the pressure will be off. You have been in a very tough cycle for feeling any kind of settled ownership or belonging to particular houses, land or apartments – even whole areas – but it ends when Pluto changes signs in March 2023.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much. I have only recently discovered you and I believe I was meant to do so. I would like to delve further in to being able to read my own chart and will endeavour to do so in the near future as during the last 6-9 months I have been trying to learn new things. I just entered in to the stock market for the first time in my life late last year, as I was very interested in crypto but found it was going to be too risky trying to buy it and keep it safe! I have so much happening within my business (staff) and my close loved ones at present, I am finding it hard to make correct decisions about life going forward and seem to be rolling with the punches instead of being proactive as I usually am. I am hoping this is the right way to handle things with the cycle I am going through?
    Best wishes,

    1. Rob, there is no chart here so I can’t read it and you don’t tell me your Sun Sign. Can I suggest you use the Tarot on this website, which is free to use?

  35. Hi Jessica,
    I am so pleased that I found your site! I have always been interested in learning about my chart and I am finding your articles very interesting! I was hoping you could look at my chart regarding my Taurus/ Scorpio placement in connection with my investing in crypto. I started dabbling last March/ April but I am trying to make sense of it- especially in relation to Bacchus, Venus, Ceres, Panacea? I am not sure how to interpret? Another question is- is it normal to not have anything in the 11th house or 4th house? Thank You for your time and help! Best Regards, Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa. You have factors at 4 through 28 degrees of Taurus and Scorpio, the finance signs, including Saturn, which is hard work and sometimes a hard lesson. You would find cryptocurrency, property, business, charity, finance quite demanding, as there is a gap between your values, and the values of others who share your family circle or your partnerships. So the question is really, what price do you put on peace of mind, serenity and a quiet life? Perhaps you don’t mind paying the price for having to stretch yourself over spending, saving, investing, gambling, shopping and so on, but there may be another way to do this: the Tarot can help you. It’s unusual to lack factors in the Fourth House and Eleventh House, yes. It just means your family does not define you and neither do your friends.

  36. Many thanks for your reply Jessica – you’re amazingly productive and I really appreciate your time and insights. Also, thank you for the new blog topic about learning about astrology!

    1. Thank you. The astrologer William Lilly wrote his life’s work during the plague so I am doing much the same thing!

  37. Thank you Jessica for everything. We are so fortunate to have you. I wonder if you could throw some wisdom for me
    Ive applied for a job advertised 4th May , sent in application 13th and interview 27th and if successful likely offered/signed all in Merc Retrograde – and start when Mercury is direct – is it really unwise to accept (if successful) any job if all this has happened in Merc retro/shadow. We always are told not to sign not to apply not to start anything during this time as it may not be a secure job or funding not available and not work out.

    1. Thank you very much. Mercury Retrograde in Taurus (salary) then Gemini (commuting to work, your computer) is tricky as what was printed, discussed, assumed is now reversing until the middle of June. So there’s no sky fall, but just get it all in writing, read the fine print, and have Plan B and C. That should see you through this tricky time. You are a Sun Cancer with the most fantastic transits in Aries in your Tenth House of success so will do very well in 2022, 2023 anyway and be promoted; win a prestigious position; win an award; be accepted into a sought-after course.

  38. Hi Jessica. You mention horse racing and I just had to let you know that last year you made a prediction who might win the Melbourne cup so I did some research on the jockeys and owners and came up with who I thought might win based on your prediction and I won 4 digits in a trifecta. It was very exciting so thank you. 🙂

    1. I’m so thrilled you won The Melbourne Cup with my prediction. Have a champagne on me.

  39. Hi
    Thanks for your outstanding work. I have been trading stocks for ten years as a stay at home mum and it has been a learning curve in loss, gain and patience. Your information is always insightful. I am in the Maldives on our first holiday out of Australia concerned about all the plastic i see in the ocean and the obvious lack of coral and sea life. what a mess. I will also be going home to start building a house 2 years in planning after a gutsy move to purchase a home to knock down in the early covid panic …..something we have worked hard towards. I would love your insight as we can still walk away…..although we have been patiently waiting and checking all matters before we begin. Would love your insight as in this cycle in 2003 my husband was moved interstate ( Libra 25 Sep 69) i am 6 feb 73 born 851am adelaide.
    I find your work well written and logical …thanks again

    1. Thank you. The house building progress will go hand in hand with Uranus in Taurus in your Fourth House, as an Aquarian, and your husband’s Pluto transit in Capricorn in his Fourth House. This is in your solar charts. A Libra-Aquarius couple would necessarily have to take on a really revolutionary, exciting, empowering new task like building, or rebuilding. Uranus rules new inventions and innovations and in Taurus in your solar Fourth House, you can expect to have your life changed by (say) solar panels. This goes beyond the home to the local area; local council and regional politics, and you may become involved in a cause or mission by 2026. It’s important that you get things in writing, even with your husband, as to the agreements concerning the house. There may be a backflip, delay or rescheduling by the third week of June, for example. Negotiating things clearly and in writing with him or anyone else concerned with the matter will save time and energy later, ongoing, until 2026.

  40. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for letting me know I was probably not logged in. I am so sorry! I have now displayed my chart and copied my question below. Thank you so much!
    I have only recently discovered you and I believe I was meant to do so. I would like to delve further in to being able to read my own chart and will endeavour to do so in the near future as during the last 6-9 months I have been trying to learn new things. I just entered in to the stock market for the first time in my life late last year, as I was very interested in crypto but found it was going to be too risky trying to buy it and keep it safe! I have so much happening within my business (staff) and my close loved ones at present, I am finding it hard to make correct decisions about life going forward and seem to be rolling with the punches instead of being proactive as I usually am. I am hoping this is the right way to handle things with the cycle I am going through?
    Many thanks and good wishes,

    1. Thank you Rob. You are a Sun Libra with a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance. The stock market, business choices and all your life budget options dominate 2022, 2023 as for the first time in almost two decades, the South Node is in Scorpio. Karma from life as it was 18 or 19 years ago will come back as you owe, or are owed, spiritually. You will have reckoned up by 2023 and 2023-2024 will find you saving or making a lot of money. You can validate this with the Tarot on this website.

  41. Hi Jessica,
    Since I work in tech I’ve been aware of crypto longer than most but have avoided it because of the original extreme libertarian/tax avoidance ideals and the later get-rich-quick schemes which have dominated the crypto world – all from my point of view very (potentially toxic) masculine values. However, this article has tipped me off to to the fact that many placements in my chart ping with the crypto degrees, including Venus the planet ruling Taurus and value. Based on my chart what part might I have to play here?

    Sun 18° 33′ Cancer
    Moon 17° 47′ Cancer
    Venus 18° 15′ Gemini
    Chiron 17° 19′ Aries
    Jupiter 01° 28′ Capricorn R
    Apollo 01° 49′ Leo
    Salacia 01° 56′ Aquarius R
    Pluto 29° 34′ Virgo (Not 0-1 but may be relevant since it’s so close to 0)


    1. Yes, you have some cryptocurrency degrees there. Exclude Pluto, Ciara. Pluto moves to 1 Aquarius soon enough (he enters Aquarius in March 2023) and immediately aspects Jupiter, opposes Apollo and forms a conjunction with Salacia. Pluto is always powerful people and organisations. In Aquarius, this is groups. The opposition to Apollo is quite difficult. This pattern can only happen every 240+ years so it’s important. Were you to buy cryptocurrency you would find that the group’s power – the shared, collective control – really changed you and changed your life. It depends on the price you place on being free and having a relatively simple life, as this suggests a really big task, psychologically, were you to proceed. That’s the stand-out transit here.

  42. Hi Jessica
    Your predictions and writings fascinate me not yet mastered how to read my chart

    If you could please look at my current positon i am living majority of my time in egypt and i just cant see my clear direction re my finances everthing seems in a haze i need to try focus

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with Chiron at 28 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academia. You are going through the most intense changes of your adult life, with your profession, charity or voluntary roles or student life. Pluto at 28 Capricorn is there in 2022, 2023, and very close at 29 Capricorn in 2024 before pushing off for good. So you need to look up Chiron in the Tenth House, which is what you have and who you are, and Pluto in the Tenth House, which is the weather. Rule of thumb; you will have dominating, controlling, probably male Plutocrats trying to take over, or take, in your professional, academic or non-profit domain. The organisations may be like that or the people. Push back. Own your psychological turf and territory. Run your own world and learn how to use self-control and willpower to become empowered. That will be with you forever, long after this cycle is over. If you sign up for a new job before 2024 read the terms and conditions carefully and ask around for what is not written down. You do not want to work for Pluto. On the plus side, you will find what happens in March 2023 is a huge relief and release, in terms of your status, success, social position and so on. Your finances are a temporary issue and not important long-term. Your career is.

  43. Hi Jessica, Having just moved house and to a new country for career reasons, the instability in the world is jarring as I have many balls in the air regarding finding a place to live, maintaining the tempo in my business and watching my finances as the cost of living rises. I have investments, including in bitcoin and the shakeout there is really worrying. Is there any specific element in my chart that would provide guidance through these choppy waters?

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with Ceres at 25 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. In your solar chart you have transiting Saturn in your Tenth House of career until March 2023, which is very demanding and tests your patience. In your natal chart transiting Pluto has been at 25 Capricorn in an historic conjunction with Ceres. It’s fading now but for as long as Pluto is at 26 Capricorn, just one degree away (intensely so in October 2022 when he turns direct) you will have issues with power and control. You will never have to stretch yourself as hard as you do in 2022 but March 2023 will be a relief and a release, professionally. Pluto will never again come so close to Ceres in your chart. The financial stories are temporary. Allow for one situation go get stuck, go back and forth until June 19th (this is why I give Mercury Retrograde warning dates two years in advance, so people won’t move house on them). After that you’re fine but get everything in writing, have plan B and C and prepare for more circular and stuck situations, September 4th to March 17th 2023. Mars is retrograde then, again in your finance and property sector. Particularly avoid wrangling with people as it will go on for months. You’ll welcome March despite that as the downhill slope. You will also be more powerful and more in control having used your will of steel in 2022.

  44. Hi Jessica,
    your writings and predictions are amazing.
    I am not into crypto but have investments in shares/stocks/properties. Have a lot many expenses coming up in next 1-2 years, daughter’s marriage and building of a new house. Can you look at my charts and suggest what should be I doing with my investments.
    Should I go ahead and build a house in near future?

    Thanks and Regards

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer with a stellium in Cancer so your daughter and house-building are important, even central, to you. Cancer is the crab who carries his/her shelter, refuge and sanctuary around; it is part of him or her. Crabs also travel in large family groups and don’t stray too far from home, alone.These old astrological rules still work, 2000 and more years later. The toughest cycle in 29 years ends in March 2023. You then begin the great but rewarding test of Pluto in Aquarius in your solar Eighth House, for years into the future. From March 2023 you need a long-term plan which hinges on your self-control, self-discipline and willpower (saving, very likely, or harder earning) and which will make you quite powerful financially if you succeed. As to your investments, you need the charts for the time you bought, and the charts for the actual commodities or companies. As a very rough overview of investing with Uranus in Gemini from 2026, globalisation is ending, local life is replacing it, electric vehicles are here to stay and car-share and bike-share using alternative energy will boom. Have a look at Uranus in Gemini on this website.

  45. Hi Jessica.

    I always enjoy reading your posts as I can be an anxious person and they always seem to calm me down a bit. A lot of people have been saying that there is a recession coming up and I was wondering how that might affect me and my family. We live in the Bay Area, California and my dad has business, while I’m currently a student in computer science and am probably going to apply for job in a year. I was also just wondering about my career in general and what I can do to earn enough to care my for my family. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. I’m glad to hear that. Recessions usually come and go on Taurus-Scorpio cycles and we have on in 2022, 2023 so should not be too surprised. I don’t see a chart here and you don’t say what your Sun Sign is, so I can’t really say more. The Tarot is free to use on this website and can help you with questions about your dad’s business and your degree and career.

  46. When Pluto finally moves into Aquarius and the pressure is off from 29 Capricorn risings …. That just means Pluto is in their second house – is that just money stress or can it be good ?

    1. You use a different astrological chart system. People born with a Capricorn Ascendant (Capricorn Rising) have this angle placed in their Tenth House of career. Pluto going into Aquarius moves into the natal Eleventh House of friendship and groups. If there is financial stress in 2022-2026 it is due to Uranus in Taurus in the Second House of finance and nothing else. And there are ways to cope with that: search Uranus in Taurus on this website for more information.

  47. Hello Jessica, your articles are fantastic, very informative! I’ve only recently come across your website (very glad I did) so I am still catching up reading your blogs. I’m really interested in crypto and wondered if you could help me in translating my birth chart to see if it’s something that could work for me?

    1. Thank you. Cryptocurrency is a Taurus and/or Scorpio matter. Aesculapius is in Taurus in your Second House of personal finance. Mars and Neptune are in Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance. It depends on how highly you price your peace of mind. Life until March 2023 is difficult, tine-consuming and a great test of your patience, financially. That is in your solar and natal chart. The nodal cycle in Taurus-Scorpio is over in July 2023, so a great deal of pressure will be off. If you don’t want that pressure to come from seeing your purchase lose you real money, you would avoid cryptocurrency. It may be easier to experience that nodal cycle through something that doesn’t make much difference to you, like a nothing-burger bank account. You would also want to avoid, far up ahead, the Uranus opposition to natal Neptune. That bursts a bubble. Better to have small bubbles that only make a light pop. But this is your life not mine so please validate what I am saying with the Tarot as it’s your call.

  48. Jessica
    Tonight I cry nom stop. Is there any more good people in this world
    The person I asked to help me is so rude to me. No one wants to fight for what’s fair and right. No one wasn’t to stand up or helping someone. Everyone is just looking after the self.
    I was made an offer but the offer was a slap and an a insult to me. The other person only want me to take it as it’s benefits them.
    Now for a long fight.

    What does my star say, the planets is luck on my side before July or first week in July.
    I am sick and tired of all the corruption in the world. I am all the people getting away with horrible things.
    I really hope albo stay mp, I really hope his party don’t push him out for the self.
    I wish people will stand up for injustice.
    We are here to look after each other.

    Hope you well stay warm and safe your blogs is all that is keeping me alive these days.

    1. I am sorry. You have run into Pluto in Capricorn. You have a lot of water in your chart so are emotional and ruled by feelings. I’m afraid that self-interest is a hallmark of Pluto in Capricorn. When only a few people can make it, and the rest have to put up with (whatever) you tend to get quite selfish people trying to push past you, but also hang on for dear life once they get there. This frequently awful cycle ends in March 2023. We don’t know why. You do not have to wait that long to feel happier, though. Eventually all these dreadful people and the system that supports them will vanish; 2023 is year one of that process. In the meantime, you have a really interesting new political situation in Australia, where power is about to be shared across, not from the top down, because of the huge number of Independent and Green politicians, sharing power with Labor. On a more personal note, you have a nice Aries signature in your chart and will relaunch, with a new look, profile and perhaps title, by October. To your total advantage.

    1. The North Node entered Taurus on 18th January 2022 and remains there until 17th July 2023.

  49. Thank you, Jessica, for all you do. I have been a member and follower of yours for a while, and despite your excellant guidance, I am still at loss in reading my chart! I have most of my assets in the market. The majority is guided by professionals but I kept a small account to invest on my own. I’m invested in the cannabis industry and it has taken a hit like most. I feel that holding with conviction will pay out in the end … does my chart reflect same or give an indication? Thank you & every good wish!

    1. You’re a Sun Virgo with factors at 6 through 29 of Taurus-Scorpio so will go through the whole unpredictable, up and down, financial cycle until 2026. You will still make or save money until October. Then there will be a break, and you will make or save money again from January to May 2023. Cannabis is a good investment long-term after 2026. It’s hard to say more without any more information, but try to use the short term bargains you snap up (not necessarily shares, this could be a car you are lent, or a holiday home you exchange) and any profits you achieve. Longer-term, from 2026, Neptune changes signs and you are in a bubble then. It’s the kind of bubble which insulates you against everything else everyone else is going through.

  50. Hi Jessica. I been following you for a while now and read your predictions and watch your videos. They are fascinating. I am a scorpio. My birth date is 13/11/1979 And have money in the financial markets. I am also currently reading some translation of text from the writings of Nostradamus. Not that I can understand them, even if they are in the english language but I can try. When do you think the economy and the general share markets in the u.k will recover? And can you offer any of your thoughts on the gold and silver market??

    1. You won’t see anything like ‘back to normal’ with the economy as Uranus is the revolution and it’s in Taurus (economy) until 2026. So there may be recoveries, but there is no permanent recovery of anything. The world has to leave fossil fuels behind, but also money laundering, and those two truths will ultimately reshape money. As a Scorpio Sun you would be deeply involved in that. This is the biggest change since the war and we are in the same cycles: Taurus and Scorpio. So yes, you are affected, and even as a fixed sign – you will need to change.

  51. Hi Jessica,
    I’m hoping for bigger things and freedom, any candle you can shine this way is most appreciated. It’s been crazy town for a super long time.
    Thank you for this practical, full of wisdom, blog. Money and finances, energy in form… a washing machine spin cycle.
    Thank you…hope you’re well.

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn with a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance and property. The toughest cycle in many years ends in March 2023, when Saturn (tests and trials) leaves your solar Second House of personal income, at the same time that you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, for a stuck, circular situation involving the South Node in Scorpio in your natal Eighth House. Some of the currents of time from 18-19 years ago are pulling you backwards with the house, apartment, money, charity, business, valuables. That goes in 2023, which is a huge pivot year for you. The great advantage you have in 2023 will be via property, your home and home town or homeland. So deal with what is there now, but know that next year is the start of a new phase. You could find tremendous financial empowerment from the mid 2020’s if you use your willpower.

  52. Hi Jessica. I been following you for a while now and read your predictions and watch your videos. They are fascinating. I am a Libra. My birth date is 26/09/1984 And have money in the financial markets.

    1. You already know how unpredictable life can be, as Uranus in Taurus entered your Eighth House of joint finance (in your solar chart) back in May 2018. It remains until 2026 and in your natal chart, stays in your Second House of personal finance, so you really have this transit picking up your public life, and also your private life. You have patterns at 0 through 28 degrees on the Taurus-Scorpio axis so literally go from 2018 to 2026, start to finish, with unexpected economic shocks. We have already seen COVID-19 crash the markets back in 2020 when nobody thought that would ever happen. There will be more highs and lows that come from nowhere in the financial markets. Cryptocurrency is an obvious source of stormy weather, because it fits the bill; Uranus in Taurus translates as ‘electric currency’ and we are going to see huge challenges with that, based on the groups of friends who use it together. The toughest years are those in which you have Taurus-Scorpio oppositions across your chart, challenging you to change – that’s 2022 and 2023. You don’t say what you have invested in. If it’s fossil fuel then you need to know that the old world economy based on coal, gas, petrol is unlikely to survive 2026 as Uranus turns the known world upside-down.

  53. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for your previous reply. I must say, I lost my trust in astrology before, but after knowing about you and and some others, I am a believer. How did you predict the coronavirus? I must say, some predictions from Nostradamus, Baba Vega a
    and others are quite scary. Not sure I agree with your theory that oil won’t be needed in the future. I see the future of booms and busts in the economy, it’s always been that way. Is the conflict between Russia and Ukraine going to affect people in the U.K in future?

    1. Thank you. I predicted a virus that would change the balance of power with China and Europe, a year before it happened, using modern astrology. I did it twice, naming January 10th 2020, when the first man died, and then March the same year, which is when the WHO declared the virus was a pandemic. Modern astrology is much more accurate than 20th century astrology (or previous) as it uses recent discoveries by astronomers, like Salacia, and it uses exact orbs, with the latest software. Oil will no longer be part of the global economy after 2026. The absence of Russian fossil fuel in the 2020’s will accelerate the investment in wind, solar, electricity and other inventions we’ve not even heard of yet. Fossil fuel is history from 2026, and petrol/gas cars, coal and Russian gas a thing of the past.

  54. Dear Jessica, thank you for another fascinating article. I feel like I’m in the crossfires with Uranus and Pluto now. We (my husband and I) just got a note from our landlord that he intends to sell the apartment we are renting now. It came as such a shock as we both love this apartment (and we are expecting our second child in the winter.) He is offering us to buy it of course but we are a little uncertain given all the commotion with the financial markets – it’s always a big decision to purchase property but especially so when there is so much uncertainty in the world. But perhaps it will be liberating to not depend on a landlord ever again 🙂

    1. I am sorry about the news from your landlord, as you were expecting your second child, but certainly not expecting your home to be sold. You are a Sun Libra with a Scorpio-Taurus chart pattern, which is about joint finance and property, so you have well and truly had Uranus in Taurus (the shock) trigger that, pulling in your husband’s situation too. The trick with Uranus is to recover and then realise you are being liberated from something or someone which would have cramped your style long-term. Had you gone on renting that place, you would have been on the wrong path, in terms of your personal freedom, space, autonomy and room to move. Literally so. You may have to put up with this obstacle course involving the emerging family and your home until March 2023 but from that point forward it’s over. In its place will come a new possibility. Actually being in control of where you live. It will take self-control but you should be able to do it, and the long-term future is very much about owning your own place, and perhaps more than one.

  55. Hi Jessica, You do a fabulous job replying to all these questions!

    Can you tell me when the Uranus opposition to natal Neptune is for please. You mentioned it bursting a bubble for me.

    1. You were born with Neptune at 27 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finances and shared property and possessions. Uranus at 27 Taurus bursts that bubble, as transiting Uranus in opposition to natal Neptune always does. So that’s August, September 2024 then May 2025 and January, February, March 2026. It is very common for people to have a valuable apartment, for example, then find the market changes so that the value drops and the bubble bursts. Later on, it can regain its value. Be very careful with loans and mortgages as these are bubbles – nothing is yours, it just appears to be – and if you can possibly avoid borrowing heavily on this transit, then do so.

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