Astrology, Guns, America and the Future

The Texas Massacre and the Eclipse

On May 24th, 2022, 18-year-old Salvador Rolando Ramos killed nineteen students and two teachers and wounded seventeen more, in Texas. A dreadful day for America and the world.

Earlier that day, Ramos had shot his grandmother. He was born on 16th May 2004 and bought a semi-automatic rifle one day after his birthday on 17th May 2022.

Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association

This is important in astrology. Why? The Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse of May 15th, 16th 2022 fell on the killer’s birthday. He bought his first weapon within 24 hours of that eclipse. An eclipse is always a cover-up. It conceals, it never reveals.

Houston Texas May 15 16 2022 Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon - Astrology, Guns, America and the Future
The Scorpio Eclipse of 2022

Why did the massacre happen within days of the Houston National Rifle Association event with Donald Trump? Just a coincidence? Why did the Texas tragedy happen in a place, just four hours away? Fate? Astrology, guns and America have a story to tell, there.

The astrology tells us, we will not know just how much we were in the dark, until the final week of October 2022 and first three weeks of November. In other words, Midterms.

The Scorpio Eclipse and Salvador Rolando Ramos

There are many mysteries about the Texas massacre. When police officers arrived at the scene of his crime, they waited for around 78 minutes before going in. Ramos had not just one, but two weapons, priced around US $2000 each. He worked at a local Wendy’s on a salary which suggests the weapons, plus 375 rounds of ammunition, were over his budget. Was this a birthday present? If so, from whom?

This was a Scorpio eclipse. Sex, death and money. Females in touch with Ramos on Facebook and a French dating website have been mentioned. Questions need to be asked.

When we look at the astrology chart for the tragedy, we find a link to the charts for the Republican Party but also the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms).

The Republican Party and Guns

The astrology chart for the Republican Party works. I was able to predict a future crisis for the GOP two years in advance with it.

Born on Wednesday 12th October 1853, the GOP horoscope has a direct connection to the Second Amendment horoscope, which passed on Thursday 15th December 1791.  Astrology shows guns and America are intertwined.

The Republican Party shows the True North Node at 12 Gemini, True South Node at 12 Sagittarius. The Second Amendment shows Saturn at 12 Aries.

The Republican Party also has key factors at 11 degrees, very close to the 12 degree hotspot. The entire pattern hangs on the same hook. Saturn in Aries. Defence and weapons, is the direct translation of it.

Destiny Chains the GOP and NRA Together in Astrology

A problem for the Republican Party is always a problem for the National Rifle Association and gun owners. Destiny chains them together.

Here’s the astrological proof.

This is my prediction of a crisis for the Republicans in April, May, June 2021, which you read on this website, way back in 2019 – and the headlines which followed at the ABC, The Guardian, CBNBC and USA Today. The astrology of guns in America – and the future – becomes clear with this chart. Now read on, to see how this came true:

Republican Prediction - Astrology, Guns, America and the Future CAPITOL RIOT PROBE - Astrology, Guns, America and the Future Facebook Ban Trump - Astrology, Guns, America and the Future

Why America Will Control Her Guns

Generation Z, led by activist David Hogg, was born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius, the sign of people power.  Known as Zoomers, they were born in the second half of the 1990s until the end of 2010.

They don’t do thoughts and prayers. They do well-organised, sweeping, social change. This is Generation Aquarius.

Hogg has cleverly identified the way to win. Get gun owners on side and find a common opponent. In this case, weak laws.

The charts for the Republican Party and the Second Amendment show Aries-Libra signatures, and whenever you see that, you see the hunger for battle and the fight for justice. If you make weak gun laws and incompetent politicians and greedy gun lobbies/manufacturers the enemy, you will win. So, when? Well, astrology calls guns, America and change – soon.

BETO 217x300 - Astrology, Guns, America and the FutureBeto and the Blue Wave – Midterms 2022

I’ve already published my prediction (twice) that the Democrats will win a blue wave at the November 2022 Midterm Elections. Astrology should not stop anybody from voting, though. The only question is, how big will the wave be? A tidal wave is enough to change the American constitution.

Beto (no surname required, such is his fame) could easily win Texas for the Democrats. How easily, is up to the children, teenagers and young adults who carry those Aquarius chart signatures. Yes – children.

There are children born in 2012 with Neptune in Aquarius who are the same age as the young students who were shot in Texas. They will form part of the blue wave. Again, it can be a ripple effect, or it can be massive: enough to transform America forever.

Lessons From Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech

Lining up these astrology charts for the Texas Massacre, with the Republican Party and the Second Amendment against Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech- we find the same Aries patterns. (Saturn in Aries being the whole problem with the Second Amendment). I’m sure you know Aries rules guns. Mars, the god of war, rules Aries.

That common Aries pattern in the charts, way against mere chance, gives us the key to dates when people power wins over mass violence against children.

The tragedy at Virginia Tech happened on April 16th 2007 on the  New Moon in Aries,  with Mercury in Aries. Sandy Hook took place on December 14th 2012 with Uranus in Aries. (The Texas tragedy happened with Jupiter, Chiron and Venus in Aries). Aries is a symbol of attack and aggression. You can channel it through sport, or you can channel it through guns.

July 18th 2023 to January 11th 2025 – Pushing Back on Weapons

These charts for the Republican Party and the Second Amendment are centuries old. If we’re looking for a window, it has to be equally historic.

The first important window is the cycle of the North Node in Aries, from July 18th 2023 to January 11th 2025. That can only happen every 18 or 19 years.

Watch June 12th to 30th in the Year 2024

That’s not enough by itself, though. What you really need is Generation Z, also known as Generation Aquarius, becoming empowered. That arrives with Pluto in Aquarius, which will be starting its nation-changing cycle in 2023-2025.

Remember that hotspot at 11, 12 degrees in the astrology charts for the GOP and the Second Amendment?

The North Node moves to 11, 12 Aries between June 12th and 30th in the year 2024. That is game-changing for the Republican Party. It cannot possibly go on, in its current form. As I publish this in May 2022, that’s Trump.

How June 12th to 30th 2024 Changes America

June 12th to 30th, 2024 is  also game-changing for Generation Z/Generation Aquarius. There is a perfect trine from Jupiter at 1 Gemini to Pluto at 1 Aquarius then. That has not happened in the entire history of the settled United States.

At that point two things will happen, according to the astrology. The children of 2022 will become the teenage activists of 2024 who use a new wave of internet and phone technology to bring about change.

The New Local

The second thing? It’s the arrival of what I’ve called ‘The New Local’ which is the rolling Gemini cycles. Why? Gemini rules neighbours. The United States of America will split down neighbouring state lines at that point, with further revolution from 2026, which helps to control gun violence. The astrology on guns and America is clear. Time’s up in the 2020’s.

This is not a divided America, which Vladimir Putin has been struggling to set up for so many years. This is actually an Aquarian America. Giving space. Asking for space. Pooling resources. Giving way. Making room. Extending tolerance. Agreeing to differ, even on abortion and guns, is really where this is going. It can only happen when Generation Aquarius, though, steps up. The new laws or ruling which come, have to respect difference while preserving American unity.

John Wayne Syndrome – Aries in the Charts

This Gemini and Aquarian cycle process takes a long time, but it will happen in waves, with the first teenagers in that very special generation, coming to power in March 2023. We don’t know why.

It’s so clear in these charts, though – Aquarian America is coming and the trick to success with gun owners, will be understanding the John Wayne Syndrome in the old astrological charts for the GOP and the Second Amendment.

You can’t change history and you can’t take the difficult Aries patterns out of those charts. If John Wayne wants bad guys, though, it is important to show clear evidence that politicians and the N.R.A. are the bad guys and make that the heroic fight. You are not going to melt the guns with those charts. But you can unite the country and stop small Americans dying.

US Flag Photo by Raúl Nájera (Unsplash).



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96 Responses

  1. Will my country stay together, Jessica? I’ve thought myself that the Democrats will prevail in 2022, when it was just abortion that became, again, a hot issue. And now this horrible week we’ve had. What I’m worried about is that violence will erupt again after November 8, (this next eclipse scares me for national and personal reasons). And then down the road, when the states makes their own rulings, with the North and South essentially two separate nations. Then we’re back to pre civil war conditions. We have two distinct sides and thanks to Trump, a precedent has been set for not conceding elections.
    Will we stay one nation?
    And thank you, of course.

    1. Unfortunately Vladimir Putin has been working very hard, for many years, to divide America. He did it with Trump. America is cleverer than Putin, though, and even though the abortion issue and gun issue (I believe it, though I cannot prove it) has very carefully been set up, with deliberate intent before the Midterms – the solutions are bigger. Pluto in Aquarius is coming and so is Generation Aquarius and they are smart enough to know that even if the states divide sharply on those issues, the states can still tolerate each other, give each other space and find a way to make the whole nation work. The end of Pluto in Capricorn will reveal the extent of the corruption inside Trump Russia by the mid 2020’s and that will also help; Americans will be brought together by the shock of realising they had a common enemy all along and it was not each other. The nation has been manipulated but not for much longer. We’ll be relieved when Pluto in Capricorn finally goes!

  2. Dear Jessica,
    It is off topic, but have a question regarding my health. I have got lots of troubles lately, high anxiety, weakness, internal vibrations. I have come to a point to quit my job, because i don’t know what else to do, i am extremely stressed on daily balsis. Do you see some breaking point for me in the nearest future. I always look for health issues from the view of psychosomatics. Maybe you can tell me something. Huge thanks, for your work anyways.

    1. I have replied to you elsewhere. If you suffer with anxiety, many readers have had great success with the work of Dr. Claire Weekes, which you can find online. Her books have sold millions of copies and helped people with chronic anxiety be cured.

  3. Dear Jessica,
    I know it is off topic, but i feel the urge to ask you a question regarding my work and health. I can not solve my health issue, that is continuing for some time now. It seems that I have falled far away from where i should be and life is pushing me out of my current job, causing trouble to maintain a normal functioning. Can you tell it there are some changes on the horizon for me, as i have finally decided to quit my job with a perspective to change my daily basis to a healthier one, physically and spiritually. Will it help? Best wishes to you.

    1. You have the Moon in Virgo in the Sixth House of health, wellbeing, mental health, housework, paid work and unpaid work. You are strongly influenced by the transiting Moon in Virgo (your Lunar Return) every 28 days or so. Just keeping a journal and tracking that can be useful. You want to quit your job. That will go more easily from the second half of June, when Mercury Retrograde is out of the way. You are a Sun Aquarius who will also find career matters in general so much easier from 2023, when a stuck cycle ends (the South Node in Scorpio in your solar Tenth House). Try a diary and watch patterns that repeat with your health, when the transiting Moon in Virgo, goes over your natal Moon in Virgo. Those clues may help you make some useful changes.

  4. It’s very sad what happened. Thing makes it right. A friend of mine was at the Columbine High School massacre he is Married but he refused to have children of the trauma what he went through that day.
    I personally hate guns, I honestly do not know what is the answer.
    They definitely need to look at what type of guns people allowed to have.
    America is getting more divided. I don’t know what you think but I believe that America next president will be a female. Some that not think it would be possible but it will happen. Something like a Margaret Thatcher, All the odds were against her but she come prime minister.

    Not sure how Nimrata Nikki Haley chart look January 20, 1972
    What’s your opinion. There has been too many school shootings in America. Something needs to be done.

    It’s always the innocent that suffer. I can’t handle how big companies, people can get away with things. The worse thing is, I think and I hope I am wrong but I think things are going to more worse in Australia and around the world. Before things can get better. I hope I am wrong…..
    How does June look for me in my chart

    Hope you well and warm in Tasmania.

    1. Your friend refused to have children because he was at Columbine. These tragedies affect people for years, don’t they? The solution is at Americans’ fingertips as she votes in November. Biden and Beto have taken a stand. So just follow the road. Gun-owners need to be given an option: Australia solved this many years ago, you know. I’m quite optimistic about Pluto in Aquarius from March 2023, I think it’s going to be the change we need. June in your chart? All the stuck situations with finance, property, business are no longer stuck. Things will slowly move, although they may change direction. By the second half of June a rather odd situation when nothing really moved forward, will cease.

  5. I try to steer clear of politics. I personally feel that they serve no purpose in humanity except to divide. I am not sure where the gun issue went awry. My brother and I had 22 rifles as kids and we KNEW without question you never point a gun at anyone. We’d take them to the lake in case of snakes/gators and we’d shoot beer cans. As an adult my husband and I purchased 2 hand guns one was a 9mm. This was 40 years ago and we had to be finger printed, background checked (as we should have been) and waited months before we could get out guns. I am not sure how it came to be that a child could buy an assault rifle. Makes zero sense. Why anyone would need an assault rifle is beyond me. Anyway. The idea of people and especially children murdering children is more than sickening. I have theories as to why this is happening but its all anecdotal of course based on mine and my parents childhood. I wonder if I could back any of it up with astrology as it would pertain to the bigger outer planets because its all seems to be a social/generational issue. When I was growing up there was no TV beyond 2 channels and you were told when and what you could watch. We were not allowed in until the street lights came on. We got ourselves up, fed, dressed in the morning and then rode our bikes the 3 miles to school and back. When we got home we did our homework and chores and then went to play. All of us did this we all understood the rules. Were we stupid? Very. We did dumb things, we bullied and were bullied, we met on the playground to “fight it out”. But we always made up, we faced out punishments, we did what was expected of us. We were outside 70% of the time, no parents at home, many of us from broken families with primarily a mother at that point in American history. As I convo with people all around the US on various groups on Facebook the theme seems consistent. So we didn’t have perfect family lives, but we were independent from a very young age, I mean I walked to school at 4 years old. America needs to walk back. My mom was a single mom, zero child support and worked as a waitress and she bought a house. Fast Forward to today, even families with 2 earners can’t afford a home and in many cases food. Kids these days go from home early in the morning to day care, then bussed to school, then back to day care, the home by probably 7pm to eat an go to bed. They live on their phones, iPads, TVs. They have 24/7 access to news and not only news but bias, sensationalized and violent news. ALL DAY. When I was a kid the news came on at 11 and you better believe we were in bed and not allowed to watch it. There are scientific studies showing how damaging screen time is to the brain, even the adult brain. The internet gives the false appearance of connection but really our children are isolated and constantly filled with a barrage of information that they are not even capable of making informed decisions on. There also seems to be a lack of emotional intelligence. People killing someone just because they leave them, etc. People reacting in such violent and inappropriate ways to everything. What is the deeper meaning here? Are there planets at play that are causing these scenarios in the American society? I feel horrible for todays children, they are truly prisoners in their own society.

    1. You are unusual among my readers, in that you had guns. You’re also not convinced politics is the answer. I am absolutely convinced that it’s the answer, because I live in Hobart, where we had a dreadful massacre at Port Arthur when I was in my thirties. The issue went straight to the Prime Minister John Howard, and it was rapidly fixed. We no longer have massacres here. At one point America had the rules in hand. Now it doesn’t. What is the problem? Well, Trump just demonstrated it, four hours away from where the children had died. And his Republican allies. It really, genuinely, is about politics leading change.

  6. To add to my comment. I am NOT PRO GUN. I just feel very strongly that the underlying issue here is much deeper and profound and what needs to be addressed. Removing guns is a great idea because its the easiest way for unstable angry people to act on their aggression in a large and shocking way. However, the problem will still exist, the problem is in the heart of our society and violence will be played out in many ways with or without guns. We need to get to the root of the problem and deal with it there in order to create real and lasting change. Our children depend on us to do this for them. It is our duty as a society to do it. All children are our children.

  7. I’m glad you wrote this post, Jessica. A glimmer of hope for change. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds with the proximity to the NRA convention/Trump/Russia and the eclipse. I have been crying my eyes out all week over this tragedy. The sacrifice of innocent’s for certain people’s money and power. 19 children died while 19 adults stood outside the door. I am ashamed of my country right now. I ask myself what can I do? Is there a chart signature that points in a certain direction? I have almost half my chart at 8-13 degree points. I am a blue voter in a red state. Many thanks Jessica.

    1. As a blue voter in a red state you are in a unique position to help the movement for change (it is centred on Twitter, which is fast and better connected to powerful people). The astrology says the entire problem (since the Second Amendment) has been a great need to fight – and a conviction that there are bad guys. The trick with this is to make gun-owners realise the bad guys are the weak politicians and gun industry which permit war-grade weapons as birthday presents for teenagers with mental health problems! That’s the enemy. Once that’s sorted out, the astrology suggests change will actually come. Tears are not going to do it.

  8. Hello Jessica, thank you for such great insight re the sad American issues. My birthday is June 1, 1953. My Ascendant was conjunct recently. Can you tell me about my year to come? Also, how can we help the Gen Z? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Essentially a group you are a part of, or a group of friends and allies you are very important to, offers you huge opportunities for growth, expansion and good fortune if you do the work. You can let the chance pass you by, but that would be a waste of something that could be so much bigger than it is right now – especially by October. You could go to stage two in January-May 2023, or go to the next level. Generation Z need help with funding their protests and activism and that’s honestly the best way to assist. They are trying to do this while they are studying at school or college and every little helps.

  9. This does give me hope. I’ve had to deal with school shootings for over a decade being in education. I had several lockdown working in an urban school a few years ago. Scary time, but the kids knew what to do and I was blessed to work with two resource officers who unlike the police in Uvalde, have and made sure any “threats” were quickly taken care of. I do worry about this as I’m switching school districts in the fall. I also find it so incredibly sad that once again not only are we see school shootings and the GOP, Fox and NRA just saying: “More guns are the answer”. It keeps repeating itself and once again, the two teachers who tried to help the children are considered heroes. Yet, I’m pretty sure we will eventually be painted at the “bad guys” by the likes of Ted Cruz, Trump and the GOP that we “need” to be arm. It never ends.

    1. You have seen it first-hand, and had resource officers who stopped tragedy. This time, for whatever reason, nobody was there to help. I really sympathise with your situation as you are switching school districts. You are lucky to have Midterms so close, though. That is a golden opportunity. Beto has stepped up. Biden has already tackled this once. It’s only a matter of time before you get what you want.

  10. Thank you Jessica – this gives me hope. I live in the UK far away from the tragedy in Texas but I want to cry every time I watch the news and hear about those poor terrified children dialling 991 and no one coming to help them.

    1. We can support American activists on this just by following them on Twitter and adding to their numbers. It’s hard to do much more, other than donate to crowdfunding for the surviving families, but as Dunblane and Port Arthur showed, the response has to be local, doesn’t it. In Tasmania, we had to solve our own gun problem, as Tasmanians. It was actually done very quickly.

  11. Dear Jessica, thank you, this post makes so much sense. I keep checking everyday, waiting for your texts. Would you give some light about Spain’s future? There are so much tension in the political life here, it is so difficult to visualise a clear future in the management of the country. The crisis we all are expecting will hit Spain in a strong way? Thank you, thank you and thank you!

    1. Spain is really part of the European karma from 1939, which is the last time we saw these kinds of cycles. Uranus in Taurus, the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. So Spain is owed, karmically, but also owes – and the settlement is financial, in 2022 and 2023. In this respect she is caught up in the EU story, but what seems likely to happen after 2023, is the end of the old EU and in its place, something quite different. So Spain may align herself with different countries in different agreements, as a response to the economic pressure. This is system change, which is why it’s really hard to begin with, but 2023-2024 when Jupiter goes into Taurus will help get Spain back on track.

  12. Hello Jessica-

    Thank for this fascinating posts. It seems sad to see Gen Z being stuck with cleaning up this mess. Do you think they will get help from their Boomer grandparents and Gen X parents? Some people claim Boomers and Gen X are more conservative.

    Thank You

    1. Anyone with Aquarius in his/her chart, of any age, can get on the Generation Aquarius bus. These teenagers and children are unique, though. They landed on the planet with astrological signatures nobody else has. And they haven’t really started yet. When they do (March 2023) they are in charge for the 2030s, when anything/anybody that does not support the varied community, is out.

  13. Dear Precious Jessica

    I send great love.
    Blue WAVE is coming ??? I pray from your mouth to God ears.

    The world is immersed in LIE (Putin lie, Xi JinPing Lie of Covid origin, extremists… .) Please see here.

    Worst is Trump lie – 21 times a day:

    I’m not even digging into Marc Zuckerberg numerous LIE: See here:

    The damage is for us ALL. Please give me a few ways I can start little by little to heal us ALL.

    I send great love.

  14. Jessica Adams is a prolific writer and historian of astrological events. Her essays about the past, present and subsequent heavenly events, timing and humanity is a gift from God. I hope she continues to use her talents responsibly.

  15. Hi Jessica
    The Texas shooting is Tragic beyond words , The Left and Right are so divided in America ,and I see this happening slowly in Australia ,I heard a interview with Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters saying how this is a concerning area that needs fixing ,which I totally agree he went on to say ‘once upon a time a Republican and a Democrat could sit at a table with a bottle of whiskey and have a good time now they dont this is one of the main problems its becoming very tribal .
    If people dont learn to compromise or meet in the middle and respect others perceptions or experiences ect how will we evolve and live in harmony ,I always thought it was sign of maturity to respect others peoples beliefs ,culture and politics even if you where on a different page but that seems to be lost and replaced with hate now ,thats what worry’s me the most and I have seen family’s divide over different political beliefs ,I really hope this thought system does not continue ,I hope this next generation solves this area and there will be less extremism and more middle ground lets hope 🙂

    1. Dave Grohl is right. The gap between Democrats and Republicans has widened to a point where the issues have become so divisive (abortion, guns) that the old unity in the United States is breaking up. This is quite deliberate on the part of Vladimir Putin, who hangs on to an old vision of ‘Divide and Conquer’. You don’t have to look very far, or blink too hard, as an astrologer, to see who and what is behind this. The trick is Americans recognising what the enemy is. And it’s not each other.

  16. I do agree Jessica, that politics is what is needed to fix the situation. I was commenting on politics in general, politics is what got us to this point and is what needs to get us out of it as well. It is the problem and the solution. At this point in the evolution of our collective consciousness the masses need a leadership scenario. But truly, the higher the mind is the less we need this. Alas, evolution is a very slow process. Trump is nuts. I do feel guns should be much more highly regulated, however, I really feel this will not solve the underlying issues. These issues really have to be addressed or we are going to see violence continue and more than likely worsen. People can buy the materials to make bombs right over the internet. This is a deep rooted problem and there is not one easy solution. We need a social transformation. Thank God there are people like Mackenzie Scott who recognize this and gifts such generous donations to organization who help these at risk kids like 4H and Big Brothers/Sisters but we all have a part in this. Its not just up to politics or the wealthiest among us. Each and everyone of us has to power to create change and it begins with realizing that each of us is not a bubble. We are all connected and we all need to be cognizant of that and aware of those in need. As I was discussing before about my childhood. We actually physically interacted, every single person on our street knew everyone, the parents all talked, we looked out for each other. Now people don’t even say hello, most people don’t know their neighbors. We’ve gone from community to isolation. That’s a big problem. Its a big country. We need change on a massive scale.

  17. Hi Jessica, this particular blog will generate some traffic, people like to give their two cents, a few their ten cents. Too bad their is no block option but we have the scroll option. On a different note, it appears that the comment queue works on a LIFO basis not a FIFO basis (last in first out; first in first out). The earlier date-stamped comments get shifted to the back and the later ones get to the front
    of the queue for your perusal. One of your readers was a bit miffed this happened to him on another blog. It’s not your fault, you are answering them as they come up on your screen, which are the the most recent ones coming up first. What needs to be done is to get Asporea to change the queue to a FIFO basis. That’s the fair way to do it.

    No worries if it can’t be done. We all have to learn to be patient. Patience is a virtue.

    Thank you

    1. Caroline, I have passed that on to Asporea, who run this website and many others. Let’s see if they can help. Thank you.

  18. Hi, Jessica! Here a kid born in 1999. We need prayers but we need actions too! In my country we say “God gives it to you, but He won’t put it in your bag” (translated word by word). This means, God gives you the opportunity to change something but you should take action whrn God gives you the opportunity. I hope the future will give people more power, and toxic politicians will go away. Hope the north node in Aries will bring me good things!

    1. One of the 1999 people – you have something in common with the British tribes of 60AD whose babies also had an Aquarius chart signature. Tribal thinking will mean your generation wins against the National Rifle Association. I just emailed David Hogg, actually, to see how other countries outside America can join the June 11th protest online…let’s see.

  19. Dear Jessica,

    I know it is off topic, but I have just joined your premium membership, and I would love to understand your thoughts on my birth chart with this new moon in Gemini. Best wishes to you.

    1. You are a Sun Virgo with a Taurus-Scorpio signature, so in both chart systems I use for you, are in a position to save or make money right now, until October. Then again from January to May 2023. Jupiter (opportunities, good fortune) goes into Taurus from 2023. There is some karma to complete from life as it was 18-19 years ago in 2022, 2023 as you owe, or are owed. That wheel will turn and you should find life far more simple in terms of your budget.

  20. Thank you Jessica. As an Aries moon, I can feel that terrible militaristic side flare at times, always when I’m scared about something. Offense as defense. It’s horrible and I really try to work on it. But it’s so interesting to consider how Aries can affect transits and at such scale. Terrifying. I wonder if fear plays a role as the catalyst during these Aries transits as well. Or if it’s just anger that has been nourished instead of compassion. It’s all so sad. But it also reminds me that I only have control over my own reactions (well, a work in progress anyway!). My father is an Aries sun and often let his anger get out of control (not at people but at things). Very often if a picture/painting was hung in an odd place on the wall in our house, it meant that it was hiding a hole in the wall from his angry fist punched through dry wall. He felt awful about it afterwards. But it did create early discussions in our household for talking early about things that upset us and having an outlet like sports to channel it. Always a work in progress…

    So terribly sad for these children -the survivors too— so much trauma.

    1. Aries, ruled by Mars, is the impulse to attack. Not actually the attack. Every Aries stellium person I’ve ever known pursues martial arts, football, darts, even netball. Anger is a hallmark of both Mars and Aries and your father had it. It’s good that you could talk about it. As for the children: the world will carry them forever, I think.

  21. Wow!!! Jessica what does my birth chart suggests? Will I have to go trough revolution in America or will I have a choice to be in some other happier place on this planet called Earth. Thanks

    1. A Sun Scorpio with no major transits in the Ninth House of emigration in her solar chart, and nothing in her natal chart, is unlikely to emigrate. It could happen, as astrology is the weather, not the outcome, but it would be most unexpected.

  22. Thanks for your wise words, exactly what you say America needs to understand who the enemy is and it is Putin not each other. I am eternally grateful to ex PM John Howard (not anyone in any universe I would ever vote for) and how he changed our trajectory and went against his voter base and had the gun buy back and put stricter licensing laws in place for our safety. It worked, I never, ever have to worry someone has a gun.

    I am glued to the current Micronesian reaction to the Chinese Foreign Minster and his Belt and Rail spruiking trip. Consensus and the need to stick together. I hope Penny Wong and her wise words played a part in healing the damage done by the Coalition and help to keep Oceania outside their substantial power

    1. Thank you. Prime Minister John Howard’s enduring legacy – Leo leadership on guns. Things have changed so rapidly in Australia since she went to the polls – Scorpio Penny Wong and Pisces Anthony Albanese hit the ground running, didn’t they? Wong is the perfect antidote to Morrison, who I remember ate his breakfast on a Zoom with Australian’s neighbouring leaders in the region!

  23. Dear Jessica, You have inspired me to get more involved in wanting to interpret my own birth chart so I purchased one of the books you suggested which was Astrology For The Absolute Beginner by Mark Mann.
    I have printed out a copy of my birth chart but I am not finding the placement of my houses. That’s all I need for now to get started. Wish me luck! Thank you Jessica!

    1. Thank you. I’ve never actually heard of that book and didn’t recommend it. But hey-ho, as the Ramones say. Your chart shows you have the Sun in Libra, with a Libra stellium (unusually high number of factors) in your Seventh House of duets and duels. You can start with that and go a very long way. You shine brightly in a marriage; in a two-way friendship with a purpose; in a double-act of any sort. That’s what makes you light up and it also dazzles. You don’t just get there with no effort; it takes time and energy. You are now in a great cycle for duets of all types, with Jupiter in Aries in your Seventh House in your solar chart, and some useful aspects to that Libra stellium, in your natal chart, from other transits. So now through October is revival time for a duet, or you will start a new one. There may be a second duet, January to May 2023, or the original pairing or couple you were in, expands and rewards you more. I said duets as well. You are here to fight the good fight, if you try. Joining forces with another person to do battle for a cause you believe in, is the highest expression of a Libra stellium. It can be peaceful protest. John Lennon is a good example of a strongly Libran type. He paired with McCartney and Ono and was a peace activist.

  24. Jessica, thank you.

    Again, a post which broadens our perspectives. I take to heart your message that “Gen Z need help with funding their protests and activism” as the best way to assist these students and every little bit helps, also the tip to support them through Twitter, “which is fast and better connected to powerful people.”

    Mackenzie Scott, Melinda Gates, Michelle Obama come to mind. How do they feature in the making of a more peaceful America?

    Based on what you have said of those with Aquarius stellium I am encouraged to take action and will be looking for more opportunities to unfold from March 2023. There is so much to do, it makes my head spin!

    Thank you Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Twitter is powerful and I just witnessed that in Australia, where it was used to win an election for Labor, Green and Independent candidates even though the majority of newspapers in the country (owned by Rupert Murdoch) were publishing propaganda against. It was really interesting to see non-journalists on Twitter pick up on an issue, make it trend, then have the BBC report it later on. So that’s the new media. You can see how it will work for America on gun violence. Gen Z and Generation Aquarius are on student incomes so if we can donate even $5 that’s enough to help make a difference. Of course the big donors and power are there, with the people you mention – but the astrology says it will be people power, en masse, from March 2023, when your chart suggests you will also hear the call and become part of something new.

  25. Dear Jessica,
    You mentioned that you believe the school shooting in Texas was set up or arranged. (I trust your instincts a lot.) This would mean though that someone is willing to sacrifice little children because they “fear” the NRA/GOP/Trump so much. Or phrased differently: They fear an armed population as the country slides into inflation and economic demise. People who would do such a horrible thing would want the Democrats to hold on to power past November.

    “…and gun issue (I believe it, though I cannot prove it) has very carefully been set up, with deliberate intent before the Midterms …”

    In any case, could we perhaps get some further insight into the Midterms by looking at the VP’s chart? You said you did not have good data on POTUS, perhaps the birth data on Harris is better?

    An interesting indicator for future events might be Hunter Biden. He has been accused of wrongdoing and having all sorts of nasty things on his laptop. If DEMs hold on to power past November, it is unlikely that he would ever be prosecuted. If astrology would show that he will be in legal trouble, that could be an indicator that he would no longer be “protected” because the DEMs and potentially even POTUS will have lost power.

    Thank you

    1. There is something nasty about that Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse. It was a Blood Moon. It also occurred in the sign we associate with sex, death and money. The fact that it fell on the killer’s birthday is suspicious. The fact that the manufacturer in question also launched a gun advertisement on that day, using a child, borders on evil. I have absolutely no evidence for this other than my knowledge of astrology and my work as a professional psychic. A cynic would step back from what happened, note the proximity to Houston and the N.R.A. event (both in distance and days apart) and the towering presence of Donald Trump with all those investigations into Russia in his background. When the Christchurch Massacre of Muslims took place in New Zealand, I chanced upon access to Facebook. I left it years ago but some racist pages were open. They were anti-Muslim. Within hours of the mass murder, one of those pages was linking to full footage, on a website with an I.S.P. in St. Petersburg. It was immaculately designed, as if it had been set up. My problem with Facebook at the time was reported in The Star Times in New Zealand, a newspaper I used to write an astrology column for. So there is a practical reason for my huge problem with this shooting, as well as my view as an astrologer. The eclipse which dominated the year of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination fell on the day Lee Harvey Oswald left one job, to go to the next – in Dallas, Texas. Some say he was given orders. He had a Russian wife. As I say, I have absolutely no proof or evidence whatsoever that the Texas massacre was anything but a random incident by the typical lone wolf gunman. Just a sense of great evil, beyond the evil that was already done. Moving onto Midterms; this looks like a blue wave to me. We do have an AA chart for Kamala Harris, which is terrific – such data not normally being available – and she is part of the long-term future of America. President Biden is on a roll, professionally, until October – then again from January until May 2023. A solution will come for/through Hunter Biden in October-December 2022. If Vladimir Putin is behind a long-term plan to divide and conquer America, he will fail. Pluto in Aquarius is coming and for at least the next 20 years, the keynote is tolerance and diversity. There will absolutely be a revolution as the states become independent of each other from 2026 (Uranus in Gemini) but that does not mean the nation is fractured. If anything, the freedom unites the US.

  26. Thank you Jessica for the hopeful message. Looking at my birth chart, will me and my family have to move away from America back to Europe or can we manage staying and go through all the changes that are coming to this country? Many thanks

    1. You are a Sun Taurus with a chart signature in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. If you chose to, you could relocate in 2022, 2023, 2024 but it would be quite high-pressure and from 2026, very difficult in terms of transport and travel. There is no question of having to move to Europe from America. You would really have free choice, but your solar and natal chart both suggest it would be quite challenging. We are moving towards a new cycle with Uranus in Gemini, long-term from 2026 when anyone who has Sagittarius chart factors is going to find it really difficult to fly home to see old friends or family, for example.

  27. Wow as an Aquarius sun and rising with an Aries moon, JJ’s comment and your reply really hit home; being an angry Aquarian has always been a contradiction that I have struggled with. Thank you for handling this as a major topic and on an individual basis! (You’re comment about martial arts made me laugh; I’ve been studying Aikido). I have had a lot of fear about America breaking up, but you have brought a lot of hope to my heart by showing the actual astrology behind your conclusions. I am also starting a new era in my career after leaving the Unites States Postal Service after some traumatic injuries on the job. If you have a moment, I would love any insight you have on the astrological weather moving forward for my situation.
    Thanks so much for all you do.

    1. That’s great you’re studying Aikido. A good use of Aquarius-Aries. That combination is common in the astrological charts of footballers and hockey players as well. The Aries archetype is really the battering ram; if you also think of a ram with its heads down and horns locked in combat, you begin to get a feel for the sign. Of course we’re not allowed to do that at work, so it’s a good idea to have an outlet after work, where you are given free rein to vent or charge. Or, as with yoga, to control the heat. You are a Sun Aquarius with an Aries stellium in the First House and so overdue for a relaunch. A new job title will be part of that. Perhaps, a new uniform or no uniform (after having worn one). The First House is about your personal appearance, profile and reputation. You have transits in Aquarius in your solar First House by Saturn, then Pluto (from March 2023) and in your natal chart, Jupiter and Chiron are in your First House in Aries now, and sustain on and off until May 2023. So you have about 12 months for the rebirth. You will have opportunities which are blessed in every way; perfectly timed; landing in your lap with no effort from you. This goes beyond a makeover into the kind of exterior transformation (by 2024) which changes you on the inside as well.

  28. Jessica-
    I have been worried about the plethora of guns in America. Your article gives me hope which I felt had left forever so I am very grateful the hope you have given me.
    I am also curious about a message you wrote to JJ (at 31 May 2022 at 7:56 pm ) concerning persons with an Aries stellium pursuing martial arts and or sports. I have an Aries stellium and have never pursued either. I had a weak interest In martial arts. Not pursued due to work and health issues as an adult (cancer 3x).
    I do not think of myself as having to control my anger but perhaps my response to anger has been unhealthily influenced by a family dynamic: when my father (uncertain birth info & location) allowed his anger to get out of control, he directed it at people, in this case his children. I am afraid of anger having associated it with physical violence and I feel that fear quite strongly when a person around me expresses anger. My response is to flee. I think I escape thru workaholicism as do my silblings. (We are also workaholics b/c may parents opined that we were useless when we were not working.) Depression has been said includes anger turned within. All my life, I have dealt with depression on and off. I hate to think that I would one day explode b/c of what I have bottled up. Can you please share what my chart indicates?
    Thank you!

    1. Aries factors in the First House work themselves out, very commonly, through sport or physical activity like yoga. They can also express themselves in the army, navy, police force and air force. If you are aware of anger being difficult for you, and you have also had a minor interest in martial arts (Mars ruling Aries and giving his name to the word martial) it sounds as if you are aware of Aries blocks. Your father’s anger was directed at you, as a child, and you are rightly afraid of it. Okay so let’s dig into the chart. I would expect there to be squares or oppositions to your Aries factors, so anything in Cancer, Capricorn, Libra will do that. The first one is the Sun at 14 Aries square Vulcano at 13 Cancer. Textbook. Vulcano is your father with his volcanic rage. You have learned to control it, at home, with the family and around the house or apartment. It is stressful as you cannot square that, with your need to be an action person: an energetic, assertive go-getter. Depression can be an outcome of what you cannot square, or make fit. Use your library here to dig into the meaning of that combination. You have others. Mars at 25 Aries (your inner warrior) is square Fortuna at 25 Capricorn in your Tenth House of work. Your career, unpaid work or academic career is pulled into another inner conflict, between your need to yell ‘Aim, shoot, fire!’ and charge (or become a human battering ram) – and whatever happens workwise or academically. You could figure out those two squares, exclusively, and make headway with depression. When the struggle within is too much, one way out is to flatline. You won’t explode. You are not a bottle. But you do need regular, daily exercise or practise that mimics what a soldier, sailor or pilot does. It has to be sweaty and physical. In a perfect world it would be you battling an opposite team or player. Some people climb mountains: they battle the elements. It would help if you can use The Garden Oracle, the Tarot and the Astrology Oracle to go more deeply into what is possible, but 2022-2023 is when you will progress as Jupiter goes over Aries in your chart with all his usual helping hands and lucky opportunities. You have done fight or flight and learned to flee, but you need to try something that feels more like fight. Boxing will do it. Squash will do it.

  29. Hi Jessica – was there also an eclipse or cover-up at the time of the Tasmanian shootings in order to be able to achieve a ban on automatic weapons in Australia? Some of the evidence reported in the media at the time didn’t seem to ring true (although that could just have been a problem with the media!) Thanks, Kat.

    1. I’ll call up the astrological chart and check. It’s a good question. An eclipse is not at all linked to massacres or assassinations. It only appears when there is something obscured – usually hidden in plain sight – not even thought about, until months later.

  30. I am new to understanding astrology, but would you say my chart makes life more challenging in general? I am starting to get that feeling…I also know we all have free will but one can wonder!

    1. You have a couple of oppositions in Sagittarius from your Ninth House of internet, academia, education and publishing – against Gemini from your Third House (also the internet), your phone use and basic communication, as well as commuting and local travel. That can make life feel hard, especially if you are online every day. To ease the pressure of the opposition, reduce screen time. There is no ‘perfect’ communication. Part of the general uphill battle since 2020 is down to the pandemic, of course, which has profoundly affected travel and transport. We’re also online more, and less in person. So building time and space in your day which means you can get away from that, is going to help. You are probably avoiding airlines, trains, buses and coaches anyway, but it goes without saying that with a mutable sign opposition, that’s a smart move when Saturn goes into Pisces, another mutable sign, from March 2023.

  31. thank you Jessica. I laughed when I saw your daily horoscope for Aquarius this morning June 1. Seems to answer my question of where I put my energies to prepare for March 2023! so many interests so little time… And thanks for the reminder about travel from 2026. There are big decisions ahead for this migrant!

    1. Thank you. March 2023 will be big. Pluto leaves Capricorn and Saturn leaves Aquarius and goes into Pisces. We don’t know why it’s specifically March 2023, but I suspect the WHO will announce a new variant of concern. Saturn in Pisces opposes the Virgo placements (health) of billions from that point. Saturn will immediately start to square the Sagittarius (international travel/migration) placements of billions, too. So you don’t have to be a professional astrologer to see that March 2023 could be as dramatic as March 2020 was, back when the WHO first declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic.

  32. Hi Jessica, the monthly June horoscope was really interesting. You gave more than enough information for each sign. Mercury retrograde is a topic that readers can locate in your website easily.

    Thanks again for all that you do. There is not one astrologer in the world, name me one, who has such far-reaching foresight, who predicts world events with such accuracy, and who writes with such clarity and brevity. I hope people appreciate the time and effort you put into your work on a daily basis – from writing frequent blogs to educate and edify us, to answering volumes of questions, copious some days, and offering advice to hurting/grieving readers, keeping us up to date with current news from around the world (do we want an astrologer who doesn’t know what’s going on in the world). And let us not forget you are writing a book as well at the moment. Most importantly, you have a family that you love dearly and they love you and need you too.

    With joy and gratitude for your outstanding work as a professional astrologer and psychic – a combination that separates you and elevates you from the rest of the astrologers.

  33. Hi, Jessica, I’ve lived outside the US for a number of years now (I’m originally from the US) and don’t have plans to return, especially given the political and gun situation there. Given the difficulty in travel you say is coming in the next few years, should I look at moving back? I currently live in Hong Kong – how will the changes in China that you described in another post affect me, my career and life? Any insight you could provide would be appreciated!

    1. Without a chart, it’s hard to say more personally, but the astrology has long since shown that international travel will be blocked and stopped for many years. International travel, by migrants who continue to return to their last place of residence, is ruled by Sagittarius. That’s a mutable sign. We are seeing difficult squares from transits in Pisces (Saturn, which begins in March 2023) and in Gemini, the opposition (Uranus, which begins in 2026). So it really depends on what you had in mind. If you wanted to get out of Hong Kong and stay put, that would be easier than (say) going back to America and trying to fly back. There is a great deal of denial and fantasising about COVID-19 which has not gone away and will mutate again into the most challenging variant yet when Saturn goes into Pisces from March 2023 and immediately opposes the Virgo (health) placements of billions. Now, as then (going back to the 17th century) the issue is not the virus; it is the infection being carried around the world by travellers.

  34. Re: Trump/Russia. I do not own a gun, but decent people own guns and are NRA members. The NRA, however, is also involved in giving contributions to politicians. These sources of contributions are unknown. This is likely why certain politicians won’t touch the NRA. Russia and other bad actors, using greedy, power-hungry people in the U.S. who have risen to positions of power through these and other contributions, have also done an excellent job of infiltrating our country through various means, such as using/controlling free, non-cable and cable, television airwaves, media platforms, etc., to preach lies and divide the USA. Good will win, but more good, i.e.-supporting honest politicians and voting for them, can change more and more quickly.

    1. Yes. The answer is to vote Democrat, ongoing. We are at the end of the long Pluto in Capricorn cycle when an elite at the top of money and power (like Vladimir Putin) have risen to control the agenda. By whatever means. He may have had a long term plan since 1999 and particularly from 2008 when Pluto made the switch. Trump Russia is well documented. None of this lasts, as Pluto goes, but the extent of the clean-up depends on the size of the vote, doesn’t it!

  35. I understand your interpretations of future events in the US, but the fundamentals would indicate serious revolution if there is a blue wave this November. The RNC (Republican National Committee) has been exposed today in the news of trying to recruit people to work the polls and suppress the votes. These are crazy cult people. They are not going to just lay down their arms because Pluto moves into Aquarius. They are going to start shooting. Just like they tried to kipnap the Governor of Michigan, you will get other crazy schemes. If Beto succeeds ( and TX has laws so that if they don’t like an election outcome, I think they can vote to overturn) which will then be contested. This could get really ugly. Now these are not the smartest people, but Steve Bannon is directing them with his podcast. He may direct them to assassinate Beto. I have friends in the midwest, with guns, who voted for Trump, that expect a revolution. They wouldn’t join the militia, they are just defending their farm. But you have enough sheep that would storm state houses and try and take over. Wouldn’t last long. But I could see that happen after a blue wave. You couldn’t have reconciliation among states unless most of them got taken out by the army, another pandemic or they just die off because they are overweight and old.

    1. I wonder what other readers think about this? Have to say, its not shown in the astrology. You will get separate tribes in America from March 2023, for about 20 years into the future. But no one tribe is more powerful than another. Millennial pacifists will have as much power as gun-toting, Trump-voting Texans. That’s interesting; we don’t know why. I suspect it will be a change to the American constitution, in the Twenties.

  36. Hi Jessica! Your articles are truly fascinating, especially on Russia-Ukraine war and the American politics. I came to the US as a teenager and have grown to really love this country, but it has not always been welcoming to me. I was planning to move back to my home country and make a difference there, but the war in Ukraine has deterred my plans, I’ve been feeling so lost as a result. I have a Sagittarius stellium, is there anything in my chart I should focus on? Thank you so much for your wisdom, I’m really learning a lot on this site.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn with a Sagittarius stellium, as you know, in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. That Ninth House is under unusual pressure, thanks to Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, then Mars Retrograde in Gemini, after September. The irony is, you will be offered a rare opportunity to enjoy a much better house or apartment situation; a vastly improved situation with your home town and homeland. I think the message is, move, and stay. Relocating and putting down roots, either in another part of America, or another part of the world, will be easier and happier than you might think, between now and October 28th, then again from December 21st until May 16th 2023. The caveat would be that you don’t travel back and forth once you’ve gone. The Sagittarius stellium in your chart is open to squares from Saturn, oppositions from Mars Retrograde, in 2023 and ongoing, is part of a really difficult long cycle picked up from 2026 with Uranus in Gemini, opposing Sagittarius again. So as home has to be long-term, you would be thinking about using the astrology to relocate by May 2023, but put down roots. The old days of flying here and there are over from 2026 with major obstacles now through 2025.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    thanks for all your insightful input concerning things that affect us all, both individually and collectively.
    In the current circumstances, Chiron is very much on my mind. There seems to be a more-excessive-than-usual amount of fellow humans ‘getting away with murder’ – either literally or figuratively.
    It feels like an almighty overload. Might this be a Jovian influence on Chiron in Aries, amplifying it, not necessarily in a good way? From literal murder in places like Ukraine and Uvalde (to name but two) to the more figurative crucifying of democracy in e.g. the UK, to an increasingly obvious global ecocide, there seems to be an inordinate amount of unchecked ‘getting away with it’ going on. More overtly than usual, in my perception.
    I take onboard the rise of the Zoomers as a counterbalance – in time – but is there nothing to moderate this rampant rampage of misguided, murderous egos in the meantime? Do we just have to grin, bear or actively fight during this cycle?
    Any insight on the current Chiron energy and influence would be much appreciated.
    As would any comment on my chart, if you have time to cast an eye over it. I seem to have been stuck for ever so long, but also feel I’m now at a critical crossroads, and some perspective on where to direct so much pent-up inner energy and creativity in service of the good would be hugely helpful. (My natural 12th House inclination is of course to sequester myself away somewhere quiet and remote while I write books on life, the universe & truth… But that also sounds like sadly impractical Piscean dreaming )
    With much appreciation,

    1. Thank you Axel. Chiron in Aries can show up as gunmen or mass murderers, like Putin. If other cycles join Chiron, then that risk increases. Unfortunately in May and June 2022 we have Mars (the Roman god of war) and Jupiter (opportunities) also in Aries, a sign long associated with the front line in war. Mars remains until July 5th when that extreme risk window ends. Chiron does get away with things; you might say the Republicans in America have gotten away with policies which made it possible for all those poor children in Texas to die. The combination of Mars, Chiron and Jupiter together is historic, rare and we won’t forget it. Until July 5th, though, the danger remains, no matter if this is Ukraine or the US. You are a Sun Pisces with an Aries Stellium and Taurus Stellium. So you know all about Aries ‘front line thinking’ which can send you to the front of a peace protest or environmental blockade, or send you to the front of a football game. Aries is not about violence, but it is about war – and it can be war on poverty, war on pollution, war on war, actually. The Taurus stellium is about your house, business, charity, apartment and valuables. You will make or save a lot of money until October, then again from January to May 2023. You can do a lot with that. This may help your crossroads now. For more personal insights, use the Tarot and follow the steps.

  38. Hi Jessica, I used the Tarot cards on your website to ask a question about a specific person to be in a partnership. Ace of Cups.
    Thank you – the cards are a wonderful resource. Waving to you in Hobart.

    1. Goosebumps are a sign that someone from the spirit world is with you, and feeling excited for you. You are psychic and picked it up. The Ace of Cups is a fantastic card. Waving back from Hobart.

  39. Dear Jessica.
    We are so blessed to have you in our generation. Your idea of astrology helping people prepare, cope, and fight for our communal good gives me hope that against all the sad and challenging things happening, we still can see the light of the future. I appreciate you very much!
    If you have time would you mind looking at my birth chart? Do I have any important events coming my way? Should I prepare for something? Am I in the right place to live? What story my chart says?
    Again lots of love

    1. Thank you. You are too kind. You are a Sun Cancer, F, with a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance and property. You are currently in a very demanding financial, property, charity and/or business cycle not seen in about three decades. It changes in March 2023 when the burden lifts and the waiting game is over. You then begin a new cycle which lasts until 2044, believe it or not, when you could become quite powerful thanks to partnership banking, or family money. This is shown in your natal and solar chart. There is karma (you owe, or are owed) from the last time we saw the South Node in Scorpio, which was 2003, 2004. So you will settle up, and reckon up, be repaid, or pay back – spiritually – by July 17th 2023. Over the long term, get the best financial advice you can afford, when entering into new arrangements, contracts, agreements – to make sure that the balance of power is rigidly fair and maintained.

  40. Jessica, thank you for such detail in the June descriptions. Should we look only at our sun sign? I’ve read elsewhere that it’s helpful to also read for our ascendant sign, but I didn’t want to muddle things. Still, sometimes I find more accurate horoscopes when I read for ascendant. Thank you kindly!

  41. Fabulous, insightful article as always, Jessica! I recently renewed my premium membership after a few years and after reading this article, I wish I had done so sooner. Off topic, but I have been struggling to find work since January 2022 and would love to know if a new job is on the cards for me soon? Many thanks in advance x

    1. Thank you. I’m sorry you have had trouble finding work since January. That is a long time. You have the Sun at 29 Virgo in your Sixth House of paid work, unpaid work and academia. In January 2022 when you lost your job, the North Node moved to 29 Taurus and South Node moved to 29 Scorpio for the first time in about 19 years. They aspected your natal Sun at 29 Virgo and triggered some old karma, from the last time they were at this degree, in those signs – April, May and June 2003. You are owed, from that time, or you owe – karmically and spiritually. That’s why you lost your job. It’s not been made easier by Pluto going to 28 Capricorn, which is very close. And in fact, that’s the long-term story. Between now and 2024, transiting Pluto trine your Sun will transform your identity, self-confidence and sense of self, through one or more work roles, courses, or voluntary positions. You will be a completely different person starting January 2025, for the rest of your life actually. Your Sun in Virgo in the Sixth House describes someone who stands out, shines and is at their brilliant best, when serving others in the line of duty, attending to the fine details of the task, and yet also managing to look after personal health, wellbeing and mental health. The former should not exist at the expense of the latter. Pluto’s long trine to your Sun will reshape your Virgo side. Have a look at your father and also your birthdays involving your father (or not) as there may be some clues there; the Solar Return always brings up questions of who/what to follow, lead, take guidance from – a father figure can sometimes be the story, not your actual Dad, but a lot of what you are going through and set to experience will echo your childhood or adolescence with him. You need to look at your lifestyle, as well as your working life, and really use that Pluto trine to become a different version of the person you were always supposed to be. The Tarot can help you with timing, but this is going to happen. In fact, the years 2024 and 2025 will be a professional triumph for you, with a promotion, prestigious new position, qualifications or an outstanding success.

  42. Thanks so much Jessica for taking your time and sharing your insights, it is very much appreciate it even though I am still trying to understand everything said 🙂 when I talk about challenges in life, It is really about me landing a solid job and ever since April 2020 that has not been the case, although I keep working hard at it, it just does not seem to come together. Will there be a change in this for me at all in the future? many many thanks again

    1. The difficulties with finding a solid job you like will end in March 2023 when Saturn leaves Aquarius and exits your solar Tenth House of career. From that point forward Pluto is in Aquarius in your Tenth House, and he brings powerful people and organisations your way. Sometimes these are political, business-based or have a lot of money behind them (thus the power). For most of 2023, while Pluto is in your solar Tenth House, you will have important new choices to get more involved with a line of work which could empower you if you use your willpower. Of course you could get work long before March 2023, but it would be a holding pattern in terms of your C.V. until March 2023 when any existing role changes, or you take another one. It’s the change that makes a world of difference. In your natal chart, you have a stellium in Taurus in the Second House of salary and income, and Jupiter in Taurus from May 2023 to May 2024 will slowly but surely help you to save or make much more money; this suggests to me it’s the first half of 2023 that really starts delivering for you, even if you were to get a job in 2022. It would be next year that makes you feel you’re finally on the downhill slope. You have a gift for the internet, by the way, and how to make the web work for you and others: that may well be a deciding factor.

  43. Hi Jessica, love your work as always.
    Question about this entry and others: Is there an astrological signature for international borders? That is the biggest hidden aspect to the changes I believe are coming, and I would love to know if there is a way to track the Mexico-US border astrologically.

    Thank you!

    1. We don’t have a chart for the border. We do have numerous charts for America and Mexico. Two charts for Mexico tell you the issue: 15th September 1810 at 23.00 LMT in Dolores, gives us Jupiter at 1 Gemini, the sign of neighbours – like the USA. The other chart set for 31st January 1917 at 4.00pm in Queretaro gives us the Moon at 3 Gemini, again, the sign of neighbours. You are correct in spotting the border as a massive issue in the years ahead. Saturn at 1, 2, 3 Pisces will square Mexico’s ‘neighbour’ zone and bring a situation she cannot square. There will be a revolution over that border and likely, a complete break with the past, when Uranus (radical change, shock) goes to 1, 2, 3 Gemini after he changes signs in 2026. The last thing anyone expected to happen, will happen, 2026-2030.

  44. Hi, Jessica love your new articles on Saturn, Gemini and Pluto. I seem to have factors in my natal chart in regards to all 3 of them, the past 3 years have been very challenging in my career last year I went through a very complicated redundancy, a relationship ended after 3 years and health issues with my mum (who is doing amazing now thank god). I have recently gone self-employed and set up my business in property but I just want to see if I’m on the right path, as well as seeing if Mr right is ever going to turn up, I’m 37 in September and wanting to find my soul mate and start a family of my own. Any insight you can share would be amazing, so glad I became a premium member worth every penny xx

    1. Thank you so much. You are a Sun Virgo who will make or save a lot of money over the next year or two. In both charts I use for you, we find Jupiter (solutions, luck, breakthroughs) moving through the Eighth House of joint finance and property, but also the Second House of personal income and assets. You have set up your own business in property and will do very nicely from that, likely because of government or council decisions which help your market, as this is bigger than you, although it will be your past life credentials as a good business person, which help you most. You will have a chance to date someone new, who is very good news indeed, from October to December this year. This may be a person you let pass you by before, or a new face who expands your horizons.

  45. The big news is roe vs wade being overturned. And the comments from Clarence Thomas that maybe contraceptives and gay rights are next.
    This seems like young people are going to come out in droves to vote in Nov and help your blue wave prediction. But I am thinking that this is one of those things where “be careful what you wish for” because now embryo and IVF are in the gray area and infertility clinics are shutting down in red states. Because they cannot get “rid” of excess embryos anymore. You either do one and imbed it or take all.

    Any input on this?

    1. Thank you for raising this issue. There are a couple of predictions on this website which address Roe V Wade. One goes all the way back to Nostradamus. Have a look at Nostradamus/Mueller on Search. I identified Amy Coney Barrett in the forecast and found the Nostradamus quatrain about abortion. This is a few years ago now. It was always going to be a potential issue in America after Donald Trump handpicked her. The other prediction was made this year about Midterms, if you want to also check Search. Yes, embryos and IVF programs are now a concern. What you are going to see in America is a revolution involving the neighbours. That’s a direct translation of Uranus (the revolution) in Gemini (the neighbours) from 2026. Canada is America’s neighbour. Within the United States, red states like Texas also have blue neighbours. So what we are likely to see from 2026 is a radical change in the way the US is divided, perhaps with two Americas; one which is blue state and in league with Canada and the other which is red state. The former would be where people move to, in order to get what they want, as it may be that Texas (for example) makes that impossible. Gay marriage and gay adoption is absolutely in the firing line here too.

  46. Thanks. As a dual citizen, I do not see Canada in any revolution. They never had a revolution when they got their independence, all very civilized.
    I see neighbors as red and blue states. Travelling south through TN, KY, AL and the panhandle of FL in March, it is a different world than NYC and the west coast. But it means a loss of power for people like Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz. And for Ron DeSantis, who looks like the 2024 RNC hopeful. They want division but they want the power over the blue states. But like a battered wife who has had enough, there will be demands for a change — like in the electoral college. Maybe the red states pull a tantrum and say secede and blue states say, OK. And then negotiations happen. I could see a mess for a couple of years.

  47. This is fascinating. Given current events, if you are inclined to pull the chart of Obergefell and give us your take on its future, that would be so enlightening. I do notice that True Node in Taurus is headed for the ruling’s natal Uranus in H9 and transiting Uranus is eventually headed for its Sun (I think in the late 2030s?)… implies to me some twists but not necessarily destruction.

    1. I’m afraid we use completely different astrology systems. If you are asking if America will get rid of guns, the answer is, many states will. This is part of the separation of what used to be ‘united’ states.

  48. One thing that will certainly change the face of America is if certain states decide to secede from the Union. Texas being the biggest advocate for this citing the section of their constitution “State Sovereignty” which basically states that the federal government has impaired their right self govern. Kinda funny from the most avid anti-aborotion state in the country! Who is impairing whose rights here? Hmmm If any state has enough capital to secede its Texas. Both Texas and California could probably make it withouth federal funding. Would be interesting to see though how that fares for those on federal programs like welfare, social security, etc. If they are in a state which has seceded do they instantly lose those benefits? Could backfire on them if everyone abandons the state. We will just have to wait and see!

    1. Yes, it is very likely the states will leave the union and secede, after 2026. Red states and blue states (but also, crucially, Canada) seem likely to rearrange themselves on the map. This is a lot like the world after the last war. The map rearranged. You also have control of border closure, as Covid and other epidemics/pandemics roll on. In fact, Covid would be solved tomorrow if one state controlled tourists and business travellers and shut borders. It’s interesting.

  49. Completely agree with you on the borders and your country did a fine job with that during COVID. Too bad many did not follow suit. I think New Zealand did as well. The funny thing about border control is if you talk about it people immediately jump all over like you are racists or non-humanitarian. But it has nothing to do with that. We have to look at the Micro as well as the macro here. A countries borders are no different than personal borders. I mean would you let someone push you, or come in your home and eat all of your food. Borders are boundaries and are there to protect the safety, ideals, prosperity, and well being of the individual or the country. A border is simply a boundary. When someone has gained your trust and are deemed safe you allow them within your boundaries. Even animals have boundaries/territories. Mass immigration, after all, was the true fall of Rome.

    1. New Zealand and Tasmania both threw away Zero Covid and people died. Both places could have launched an air bridge and bubble but the leaders were political opposites so no agreement was made. Long Covid continues to infect people in both places. Border control has been used to control plagues since the Bubonic Plague. The word quarantine comes from the length of time that ships were required to isolate in harbour. Border control of foreign travel will come in, worldwide, from 2026 beyond the year 2030 when Uranus in Gemini blocks and stops the Sagittarius placements of billions. Sagittarius, of course, ruling tourism.

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