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The Leo Weather Event – July 16th, 2022

christine donaldson iwK4EYD881Q unsplash 300x200 - The Leo Weather Event - July 16th, 2022

The Leo Weather of 2022 involves the Sun in Leo (July 23rd to August 23rd); the New Moon in Leo (July 28th); Mercury in Leo (July 20th to August 4th); Venus in Leo (August 12th to September 5th); the Full Moon in Aquarius in opposition to the Sun in Leo (August 12th) and crucially, Ceres in Leo (July 24th until September 29th). Leo rules the Fifth House of your natal chart, which is associated with courtship, your children, and godchildren or young relatives.

Asking Questions at The Leo Weather Event

If you are a Premium Member, you can ask a question about your natal chart in Comments and some of these will be answered at a special Zoom event for members of Astrology and Tarot America; Astrology and Tarot Great Britain; Astrology and Tarot Australia (all at The event will run on Saturday, July 16th, 2022 at 9 pm (Sydney and Hobart); 12 noon (London) and finally 7 am in New York. If you are a member of Meetups, but for some reason you haven’t received the Zoom link, please do as follows:

The Zoom Event Registration and Link

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.
When: July 16th, 2022.
Register in advance for this meeting, here.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

The special guest for The Leo Weather is Deborah Houlding. Her book, The Houses: Temples of the Sky (Wessex, 2006) is a classic in the field and she will be talking exclusively about Leo, the zodiac sign. This photograph by Christine Donaldson at Unsplash, shows a Leo preoccupation, for better or worse; the heirs to the kingdom. The line of succession to the throne and any pretenders to the throne.

For reasons we’ll discuss at The Leo Weather, this period, July 20th until September 29th, 2022, is of crucial important to Prince Andrew, Her Majesty the Queen, the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge. The lions and the cubs.

Is Your Sign Affected?

The Leo weather this year is important if you have any factors in Leo in your Fifth House, but it also matters a great deal if you were born under the following zodiac signs, as you have slow-moving transits in your solar Fifth House.

The signs most affected in terms of courtship or the world of pregnancy, children, teenagers and young adults are:

  • Cancer
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn

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350 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica, as a Sun Cancer, I have five factors in Leo – Jupiter, Ceres, Apollo, Ops, and Vulcano. Could you please take a look at my chart?

    Thanks to your generosity in sharing your knowledge of astrology, I’ve learnt how to notice stelliums.
    My son (1st Aug, 2002), has 6 factors in Leo – Sun, Vesta, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Minerva.

    I was wondering if you could let me know what kind of impact would the Leo weather have on us. My freelance work has had many ups and even more downs. I seem to perenially be short of funds and have to depend on others (such as my husband) for everything. I have tried for decades not to be slave to offices – today I am glad for that decision but it has meant little income – and sometimes, no income. I also started trying to work with marginalised communities by giving them a platform to voice their issues. Again, with little headway – I’d hoped to sell a house I’d inherited to help with money. My son, who is in his second year of a 5 year law degree, has similar concerns as myself regarding many of the same issues. And wants to earn lots of money so that he can pursue the fight against caste, patriarchy and poverty. I wondered if both of us having Leo stelliums make us both so in tune with each other’s world view? How possible is it that we’d be able to meet our goals?

    In light of everything else that is happening in the world today – Covid, recession, a horrible government in my country, your insights are always treasured. I can never seem to join any of the Zoom meets because of the time differences. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you. The Leo weather won’t make any difference to your finances, or your son’s. It’s about courtship or the heirs to the throne. Of course, your son will be at the heart of what happens to you! But it may have nothing to do with money. His law degree matters to both of you. You may have a past life connection which is why you have both ended up with Leo stelliums. A young relative (perhaps one day his child) will be central to both of you, karmically. I am sorry you can’t make the oom meetings because of the time differences. With money, use the Smith-Waite Tarot please. Pamela Colman Smith was herself a freelancer and understood finance and art. Follow the steps with an aim to saving or making money within 12 months and use a journal to help you with a strategy. There are so many readers on here who will tell you that it works.

      1. Sorry, typing error – Zoom meetings! By the way if you have a horrible government you can also ask the Tarot ‘Why?’ and ‘What will happen?’ and use your democratic right to political insights.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Wonderful information! You do a fantastic job of assisting the layperson in understanding their authentic self. I am a recent convert to your natural house system as I find it a more accurate snapshot. I’m wanting to find out about my upcoming Leo weather and what I can expect for the remainder of 2022 and 2023 with regard to job and relationship matters. I am a sun Cancer at 15, with Moon, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Volcano in Leo. I recently completed a grad degree and wonder if this is a good time to start an independent business. I am in a 24 year marriage with another sun Cancer, moon in Virgo guy. In 2017, I resigned from my job and went back to school and since I had more time to be at home, I’ve noticed we seem to be absolutely rudderless in our marriage. Any suggestions?

    1. Thank you. Yes, the Natural House System is the most accurate for prediction. Leo rules relationships, not jobs (unless your job involves children or teenagers). You have a rudderless marriage and don’t mention children, or any young relatives or godchildren on your husband’s side. That’s actually the crux of the matter in July-September. The next generation and its role in your marriage. That will provide the navigation. You can find out more at the event when you draw your own Tarot card and we’ll walk through the use of the cards in divination.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you are doing great! can you please let me know how this will effect me?I have sun in Leo and rising in Aquarius, and many planets also in Leo.
    I appreciate your reply.

    1. Thank you. You have seven factors in Leo including Jupiter in the Fifth House of generation gaps and age differences. You will be put firmly on track with one or two children, teenagers or young adults during the Leo Weather which involves July, August, September questions, some discussion and some important emails. You may become involved with an adolescent charity; be requested to have far closer involvement with a young relative and so on. You don’t say if you are a parent or not; straight or gay; want children or not – it is hard to be more specific than that, but a massive decision involving one young destiny as well as your own is coming.

  4. Im so stunned to read this and your previous answers to other people about the leo weather and the focus on children and the difficulties in this area of life that some of us have. I felt less lonely. Years of IVF challenges led to no children no family and an ended marriage. A fine good man so no regrets or hard feelings. Took a lot of healing to work myself through it. I have three nephews that means the world to me. I also work indirectly with children. I have a relationship with a leo man who shows me, ME, so to speak. Making me grow and develop as a person. So maby everything is what it is supposed to be?
    I wonder what my huge leo stellium reveals when it comes to life purpose and the challenges within there. Am I doing the right thing.
    Counselling fosterparents (have a small company with my scorpio collegue). Im thinking a lot of what to make if life. Am I doing the right thing. Writing books is a thought that came some years ago and wont go. Also thoughts if I should do something of my law degree that I have. Or work with children in another way than I do today? Is there some guidance for me there in my chart? How do I interpret the leo stellium that also opposes my aqua planets? Sorry for all mixed questions. A reflection of whats going on in my mind I guess. Im grateful if you find time to help me with one of them (or none of course. I know you have many people in que). I wish you the best!

    1. Thank you. Six factors in Leo including the South Node of karma suggests several lifetimes dealing with pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy, fertility, miscarriage, abortion, adoption. This time around you have gone through IVF and a divorce, and now have a good partner and nephews who mean the world to you. It is possible one of the nephews was known to you in a previous incarnation. You have a law degree which an awful lot of teenagers and young adults would find useful if you can work in a pro bono capacity to help young offenders. I guess it depends on the law degree you chose. Fostering is a whole other area, of course. You will pursue these paths of being a mentor, guide, tutor and substitute parent for the rest of your life, and may acquire a new young relative or godchild when Jupiter goes into Leo, in about four or five years from now.

  5. Hi Jessica, I have no Leo factors in my chart. My husband (Libra) and I conceived a child in August 2017. We haven’t told our family and friends about pregnancy until the baby was born on 27th April 2018. I still haven’t told my brothers as we’re estranged. My husband and I would like to have another child though but the doctors have found a potential issue with my heart which they’re investigating. I have no Virgo factors.
    Please could you kindly take a look at my chart and tell me how’s this Leo weather going to affect me.
    Thank you.

    1. Apollo at 9 and Ops at 15 Cancer in your Fourth House of family were triggered around this time; your husband probably has Leo factors and those were eclipsed in his Fifth House of fatherhood. You never told your brothers (who may also have Leo factors: their status as uncles has been concealed from them). You want another child but have a possible heart problem. You are a Sun Aries who will fix her family problems and find a younger face comes into her life (your own or somebody else’s child) when Jupiter goes through Gemini, then Cancer, then Leo, in around three-five years from now.

  6. Thanks Jessica. I’m looking forward to this event. In my natal chart, I only have a Leo Descendant. I’ve a Cancer stellium which includes my Sun and Juno, and my MC, Ops and North Node are in Scorpio/the 5th house. I noticed my Ascendant is at 15 Leo, Juno is at 14 Cancer and Ops is at 14 Scorpio so I’m hoping there’ll be some positive changes in my lacklustre love life or with my two primary-aged kids. What do you think? Thank you!

    1. If you were really born at 6.25pm then your Leo Descendant concerns the children’s father and will shed light on what was covered up by him, or about him, during those eclipses. So – on the dates below either the facts were hidden in plain sight and you didn’t see, or there was concealment by him or others. You never really get to the bottom of everything once an eclipse has passed, but you do see – what was obscured. And that helps future plans. If your birth time is accurate then Jupiter in Leo on your Descendant in around five years from now will bring the second marriage opportunity.

      August 7th, 2017 Sun 15 Leo – Moon 15 Aquarius
      • August 21st, 2017 Sun 28 Leo – Moon 28 Leo
      • January 31st, 2018 Moon 11 Leo – Sun 11 Aquarius
      • July 27th, 2018 Sun 4 Leo – Moon 4 Aquarius
      • August 11th, 2018 Sun 18 Leo – Moon 18 Leo
      • January 21st, 2019 Moon 0 Leo – Sun 0 Aquarius

  7. I am a Virgo. My husband is an Aries. We are going through a custody battle with the mother of my husband’s first two children. (Mother is a libra). Hoping for peace-for us, and the child, and a relationship with our kiddo without the thwarting of others. Any ideas if we’ll get any under the Leo thumb? thanks!

    1. Everything changes between March 8th 2023 and June 11th, three months later. You see what life might be like without power and control questions surrounding the child. The Libra woman in question loses the rather grim situation surrounding her life as a mother. This is light at the end of the tunnel for both of you, actually, but in different ways. So you don’t have too much longer to wait. The situation for you eases up in slow stages; this is a transition. It improves again from January 22nd 2024 until September 2nd that year, then from November 20th 2024, ongoing, she will realise that she has to compromise, share and figure out new deals in her life; you can farewell a very long period (of many years) when every time you thought about the next generation, you had to think about the control you did, or did not have. The Garden Oracle can shed light on that timing if you want to validate it.

  8. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for being there. It may sound presumptuous, but when I read your texts it seems as if you are writing only for me. It all falls together.
    Unfortunately it will be very difficult for me to attend the meetings, and as a Leo with so many Leo factors, I would appreciate if you could please let me know how this Leo weather is going to affect my life in what regards my professional situation: am I going to continue to be successful in what I do or should I pursue a different career? And what about the future of my relationship, is it as solid as I feel it is? He is an Aquarius, 29/January/1964, born in Peterborough, NH (US)
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you, that is a really great compliment. I understand the time zones are wrong for many readers, for these Zoom events, so it’s a shame you can’t join us, but the relationship side of your question is certainly governed by Leo weather. Leo and the Fifth House rule sexual relationships; the royal bedchamber and courtship. The line of succession, too. You have a huge stellium in Leo in the Fifth House. You don’t say if you or your partner have any children already. Yet, younger faces in your world, or his, are the key to the future of the relationship in 2022 and 2023. He has major decisions to make about children, teenagers or young adults in his life from September 4th 2022 until March 17th 2023 and that is the time for him to cool down and slow down, regarding the same. The Tarot can shed more light.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    So considering Im Cancer Asc, and I am single with no children, and no plan on any of those in the meantime.. Can this manifest in another way in my life? Or might this be a quick and random love life shift that results in such things??

    1. You have Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House and will really enjoy the growth, hope, expansion and improvements that are ahead in July-September 2022. These will involve a younger generation, so it may be a nephew or an intern at work. You are at your best when you are influencing, guiding and setting an example to the pretenders to your throne. It is also entirely possible that you will begin a relationship then that makes step-parenting possible, or biological children. Further up ahead, Jupiter in Leo in 2026 and 2027 suggests a marvellous period when children, teenagers or young adults as a whole could deliver all kinds of wonders.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    I am one of the sun signs (Scorpio) affected by the Leo weather and so are my 2 sons (Cancer, 7/18/2004 & Libra, 9/23/2002). They both have Leo Stellium They chose to be with their father (Sun sign Leo) since my divorce in 2018. My younger son who was very attached to me has since stopped talking and is very angry with me. I was hoping they will be with me after their high school but it does not look so now, they even refuse to be with me for a few days. I arranged for family therapy but they are refusing to cooperate for it. Is there any chance of reconciliation in the future? I miss them very much and want to have a good relationship with them. Please look at my chart and provide any insights. Thanks

    1. People born with the Sun in Scorpio are currently going through Saturn, then Pluto, in Aquarius in their Fourth House of family. As a Sun Scorpio you also have transiting Neptune in Pisces in your Fifth House of children, and Jupiter moves into Pisces as well, from October 29th until December 20th, 2022. You have done the right thing by organising family therapy but your Cancer and Libra sons have chosen to live with your father and will not participate. This is really tough and I am sorry you are going through it. You have the Descendant and Apollo in Leo in the Fifth House. You will be given an opportunity to fix things with/for your sons from October 29th until December 20th, when Jupiter reverses into your solar Fifth House of children. You then have another window, when Jupiter is trine Apollo at 4 Leo, from September 17th to 24th and again from January 21st to 26th. Allow space in your life for the last thing you expected to happen with/for your former husband, to take place. Open up your thinking to allow for several impossible things to happen before breakfast. That will change the situation. I would expect a change in the balance of power with the boys and their father, or your side of the family (or his) going back further into the family tree – from March to June 2023. So wheels will turn. This situation is not forever. I hope they accept therapy but if they do not, there is another answer.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I have Jupiter, Proserpina and SouthNode in Leo and I would really want to have a child/children in the next 5 years. Currently, no plans for this as no partner, last year I have also divorced. I am hoping also that in the future my love life will be improved, maybe marry again and try to create a family with children. From my birth chart can you see some opportunities in these directions? Wish you all the best and a lovely day!

    1. You were born with Jupiter at 11 Leo and will experience your Jupiter Return at 11 Leo from August 20th to 23rd, 2026, when there is a huge opportunity not possible in 12 years, to add a child, teenager or young adult to your life. Astrology does not show pregnancy, unless you monitor your birth chart using the Moon, which is hard work and requires a diary and software. Astrology does show younger faces coming in; you may have a baby or begin a pregnancy in August 2026; begin a relationship with a man who has children from a previous marriage; adopt a child; foster a child; become involved in a youth organisation; gain a work-experience intern or student. Jupiter is always good news. There will be very good news in August 2026.

  12. I only have 3 planets in Leo, but they are important planets.

    I don’t have children, but I do have 3 nieces that I am very close to.

    How will this affect me?

    Thank you.

    1. Uranus, the Sun and Pluto in Leo in your Fifth House suggest the nieces (three planets, three nieces) and they will be drawn into important emails or discussions with you starting on July 20th. These will move swiftly with a new beginning for you or them near July 28th. Uranus and Pluto have as much to say about your personality as the intertwined lives of nieces; you have pretenders to the throne, not heirs to the throne, but regularly find everything changes at court. Pluto at 29 Leo suggests a change in the balance of power involving your nieces, which the Tarot will likely show you – or other younger faces – at the Saturn opposition from 29 Aquarius, not seen in 29 years, taking place from the final day of February 2023 until March 7th, that year.

  13. Hi Jessica. I’m a Libran born on 3rd October 1969. My son is a teenager, I work with teenagers and I’ve been single for many years. You mentioned that Librans are one of the signs likely to be affected so I’m curious to know if this will be positively or negatively? The last few years have been challenging to say the least so I wonder if you are able to comment on what the future might hold? Very grateful, thank you.

    1. Sun Libra people have Saturn transiting their solar Fifth House of children, teenagers and courtship. The transit began at Christmas 2020 and ends in March 2023 and I am sure you have had quite enough of it. I have readers on here with the Sun in Libra who have had difficulty with their sons (via their sons’ wives) and also hurdles with anorexic daughters. Saturn is always a hard ask. Teenagers in particular have so much pressure on them today with Covid and also the transgender and gender debate, don’t they! The worst is over in March next year. Pluto then enters the solar Fifth House for years and you will need new tactics with your own and other people’s offspring. Summon up the self-discipline to make a plan and stick rigidly to it. Do not enter into any discussions which would risk your power being taken away, or someone/something which seeks to dominate, being given power over you. This applies from the start. Do not appease a Pluto type, or Pluto types plural. Leo and the Fifth House also rules courtship, so this is just as likely to be a potential new lover, on this very long cycle, and if so, he or she would have offspring from a previous relationship, most likely, or their presence in your life would raise issues with your son. That can happen too.

  14. Hi Jessica

    I’m looking forward to the upcoming Zoom. Some feedback from the last one I attended which was on the Jupiter conjunction; you predicted my daughter (Jupiter 24 Pisces) would turn a corner in her battle with substances and mental health and while each day still has its struggles, she is doing well and rejoined the family.

    From this Cancer sun with a Leo stellium, thank you for the hope you provide


    1. Thanks so much Sharlene, I am just sitting down at my desk with a cup of tea and that is my comment of the day.

  15. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the special focus on Leo weather. I’m a Sun Pisces with 2 big impact planets (Jupiter & Pluto) in Leo. I also have a Leo daughter (6pm, 25 July 1982, Kuala Lumpur) that went through a traumatic period 2017 thru 2019. Based on what you said, I wonder if anything that I didn’t know or didn’t see. Will transit Pluto in Aquarius opposing my Pluto in Leo mean some major upheaval
    concerning my children or home? Any significant on my own life? Your insights are most appreciated.

    1. Eclipses cover up so well that you only ever find out part of the story later. Your Leo daughter had trauma during the Leo nodal/eclipse cycle. She will never tell you the whole truth and nor will you find out. Sometimes you have to let things go. You are quite right about the Pluto-Pluto opposition transforming the relationship with her and any other children, like younger cousins or godchildren (the line of succession). When this unfolds, use self-control to gain control and use willpower to become empowered. Your natural inclination to want to dominate as a mother, or have the upper hand as a parent, aunt, grandparent, godmother – will be challenged. Thus, the challenge to change. The Tarot can help with that.

  16. Good Morning Jessica,
    Interesting read as a Leo (DOB 15/08/1966) I have always struggled with the whole children connection. To be honest becoming a parent was never something I felt the need to do and have no regretted that this never happened. I am an aunt to three but not really involved in their life’s. My work involves working with older homeless people, which I find extremely satisfying.
    Not sure what kind of Leo this makes me? or how the Leo weather will impact on me. I would be grateful for any insight that you could provide me at this time.
    Thank you for all that you do it truly is enlightening the information that you share with so many people in the world.
    Stay well

    1. Marianne, you have chosen the typical Leo naming practice of finding monarchs to inspire you (or your parents did). Queen Mary and Queen Anne. Leo and the Fifth House are often poorly understood by some astrologers. It can describe infertility and abortion in a chart, or set views against ever having children, as much as it describes sprawling broods. I don’t see a chart here so can’t say how this has played out for you. The Sun in Leo in your Fifth House is about being at your brilliant best when leading a younger generation. Perhaps you have been that sort of aunt, or will be again. A leading light.

  17. I would love to know how this Leo weather will impact me. With your natal chart, that includes asteroids (something I’m far less familiar with) I have 3 factors hitting my Leo, 5th chart; Apollo, Panecea, and IC. Any feedback for what I might expect here?

    1. If your birth time is accurate then your Leo IC (Immum Coeli) suggests a relative or ancestor whose sexual relationships and/or marriage was the stuff of Shakespeare or at least Barbara Cartland. You have inherited that. The Leo weather will bring up the past in context with the future. Leo rules courtship, pregnancy (coming to term or not), babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and young adults. The heirs and pretenders to your throne and the line of succession, however it pans out. We had a long nodal cycle in Leo and a chain of eclipses some years ago so the past now returns for current judgement and you will have a further decision to make on the Full Moon in August, in Aquarius, opposite the Sun in Leo. It may be a married man with adult children who wants an affair. It may be a godchild with problems. It can be a younger cousin (the line of succession) to whom you feel an obligation on a work or financial level. Those are all typical examples.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I am a Sun Leo with seven factors in Leo in my Fifth House – Sun, North Node, Uranus, Panacea, Psyche, Cupido, and Apollo. I wish that I were able to attend the Zoom meetup, but the time does not work. I don’t have a partner or children. My current career does not involve children, at least not directly. I am looking to make a change in my work life. What changes or opportunities should I be on the look out for in my personal or professional life as a result of the Leo weather? Thank you.

    1. The Leo stellium in your natal chart is about courtship, pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage, babies, infants, children, teenagers and young adults. The heirs and pretenders to the throne and the line of succession. Work is not part of that story, but you have decisions to make about actions you took in the past, and current situations that are due to arise in July, August or September. Thank you.

  19. Hi Jessica

    I have the triple conjunction of Mars Uranus and north node happening at 18 degrees of Taurus on my IC! That too on my birthday – August 1!

    I also have an exact trine from Jupiter to my sun on August 1 – so that is a bit of a consolation – but given this triple conjunction is in my solar return chart & hence colours the entire year – can you please help me figure what it mean for me.

    Looking for a job ( & tired it’s proving so difficult) – I have been recently approached for a role with a hotel company by a consultant – will speak with the woman who will hire tomorrow. I am also hoping this is the year I find someone who I can be with long term – Uranus /Mars /north node – can it be positive ? Or is Uranus always rejection!

    Please please do help me decipher this – your response & advice would be much appreciated!

    Here is to the upcoming Leo season to my fellow Leo

    Thanks as always for your guidance

    1. Thank you. Your IC-MC axis is at 18 Taurus and Scorpio. If your birth time is minute-accurate, then a relative or ancestor was wholly engaged with finance, business, charity or property. This may have been great wealth or bankruptcy. I’ve seen charts where the ancestor was a thief and put away for stolen goods. You come from that and your greatest achievement will be the classic Taurus-Scorpio outcome of philanthropy. The rare, historic line-up of Mars, Uranus and the transiting nodes across 18 Taurus-Scorpio will be a good example of how the global shocks to come will have a trickle-down effect on you. The hotel company may be shaken by sharemarket news, for example, or there may be another sudden event which rattles its usual staffing and budget. It’s hard to say without knowing the chart for the hotel group. Your transit may come from quite a different source, like a family member, or a partner. In any case you know it is about money or property. Uranus is always rejection. I don’t use solar return charts, but a Uranus transit like this is always your rejection of X, Y and Z, or the rejection of you by X, Y and Z. Every Uranian rejection liberates. The sharemarket shock will likely be Elon Musk and his interests but it is just as likely to be Monkeypox. These things have ripple effects. Uranus is not always malefic, but the nodal opposition in Taurus-Scorpio is very difficult for the entire planet, actually and it takes us back to the war. So this is a global economic shock. Allow for the waves to reach your shore and understand that we are always set free from someone/something that would have trapped us in the end. For the world, this is likely to be rampant consumerism and unchecked capitalism which is destroying the climate. We may be released from that by news of a recession.

  20. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for all the wonderful interesting reading! Although, I don’t have any Leo in my chart, I am currently teaching ESL. It is currently part time but I have been still perusing job sites and saw an ad for a counselor ( a government job) that deals with child abuse victims. I am qualified as I hold a degree in Psychology and I am retired from law enforcement and have dealt with this area. I hesitate because at right now I am teaching privileged young adults happily traveling and learning. It is relatively low stress but also only part time and not the best pay (although average for where I am). The counseling job will involve some heavy emotional situations and I am not sure I want to go back to that life. Maybe I could be a great asset and it would be rewarding but I also dont want it to swallow me at this point. Can you take a look at my chart and see if you see any pulls in Either direction. I love to make peoples lives better and the job I have now is pretty rewarding as I get a lot of positive comments from students and superiors but I also know that other world and could be an asset there too.i just want to make a good decision to fulfill my life’s purpose. Any thoughts?

    1. Jobs often reflect the sign patterns in a chart; you don’t have anything in Leo, but you have Bacchus and Aesculapia in Gemini in the third house of internet, languages and writing. So you are using that to teach English as a second language. You have a psychology degree, retired from the law and wonder if survivors of child abuse is the next stop. You will have an opportunity to work or retrain which is not to be sneezed at, by October 28th. If you take it, you will go to the next level with the role, or even take another one, after December 21st 2022 and by 16th 2023. It may be counselling; it may not. The biggest pull in your chart is your own family background. Your immediate family circle; your parents’ family on either side. There is a big, complicated and challenging story there for you, with them, or about them, and perhaps this is why you chose the law and psychology. Have a look at the Tarot for answers about that.

  21. Hey Jessica, thanks for the update.
    I have Juno at 28 Leo and Saturn at 4 Aquarius, so two eclipses to examine. Great to hear your thoughts, cheers,

    1. Saturn in Aquarius is important here, because transiting Pluto will form a conjunction at 4 Aquarius over the short-term. He enters Aquarius in March 2023 and by 2025 you will be aware of the need to put old friends to the test. Are you very different people these days and do you agree on your core values? You are also likely to find tests involving groups, clubs, teams, associations and so on. What emerges is meant to be there long-term. You tend to structure your social life and friendships, and carefully build your role within and around a collective. Pluto in conjunction with Saturn will transform that by asking you to think about the level of protection you do or do not have; are you under-defended or over-defended? This is life-changing stuff.

  22. hello Jessica, another illuminating blog, thank you. i am looking forward to the Zoom call. for those who cannot attend, can I please ask why Ceres in Leo (July 24th until September 29th) in particular is important?

    thank you for all your guidance, The horoscopes as well..they are helping me manage the work weather!

    1. Thank you. The transit of Ceres in Leo in your Fifth House is about the need for a compromise over power and control, with a brand new arrangement coming into play in July, August or September. Ceres is a symbol of enforced deal-making and people politics. In the Fifth House she is concerned with courtship, pregnancy, babies, infants, children, teenagers and young adults. This may be agreeing to disagree with (say) a niece’s parents over her vaccination, or coming to a radically different understanding of your role, rights and responsibilities with a group of teenagers. Ceres is best handled by parking the emotion at the back door as whatever the new understanding happens to be, it must work, and therefore all concerned have to be suitably detached.

  23. Hi Jessica!
    I’m currently working with a team of passionate creatives in their early 20s overseas on a virtual co-working project, with crypto element too. Wondering if this will be my career focus for the coming years, or is it just a short project? And are there signs for me to relocate because of this work partnerships?

    1. You have that Gemini and Sagittarius pattern in your Third House of local domestic travel and Ninth House of foreign travel which suggests huge obstacles from March 2023, as Saturn enters Pisces and slowly begins to form squares with both. Be extremely cautious about emigrating because it may be hard to come back, or even move around the new location. Long-term your career will surprise you more than once and offers will come out of the blue, with the option to take on a completely different project and role from May 2023.

  24. Hi Jessica I’m still very new to all of this and loving your incredible predictions and knowledge.
    I am a Gemini sun and have Moon Venus Jupiter Juno Apollo Panacea and Ops in Leo,can you tell me what this means and how I will be affected by this please?many thanks

    1. Thank you. The Gemini-Leo combination is common in the charts of mothers who are more like teachers to their children and women who do not have children, but become teachers, tutors, professors and so on. That potential will always be there for you, into advanced old age. This particular spell of Leo weather in July, August, September 2022 will ask you to try a variation on that theme; your children (if you have them), godchildren, nieces, nephews and so on, will play a far more important role in your life and a throne will be waiting for you. Accept the throne, take the crown and do what comes naturally. We also see Gemini-Leo in the charts of children’s authors, scriptwriters and broadcasters. This extends to teenagers and young adults and again, this is a lifelong option.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much for your informative blog posts and tweets.

    Please could you look at my chart and let me know how things are looking in the coming year.
    It seems that no matter how hard I work, or what new things I try, I can’t seem to level up and am almost at the point of giving up.

    Are you able to advise regarding career and finances?

    Many thanks

    1. You have a huge Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of joint finance and property. You are going through the most challenging cycle of your adult life, as transiting Uranus is in opposition to your Scorpio factors from 2-12 degrees, so very soon after Uranus entered Taurus in May 2023, the challenge to change began. Don’t give up. The big stretch is over in July 2023 when the nodes leave Taurus and Scorpio; this part of the challenge to change is karmic in nature. You owe, or are owed, from a situation which goes back 18 or 19 years. That has to play out and there has to be closure, but it’s over in about a year from now. You will radically change your career in the most exciting and liberating way, May 2023 to May 2024, but start now. If you want to experiment with alternative plans, projects, courses or training, time is of the essence.

  26. Hi Jessica
    I am sun Leo with Libra daughter (21/10/1999). Our relationship has been tricky for the past couple of years due to her depression/anxiety leading to lack of good communication between us. I have been separated from my husband for 10 years. How will the Leo weather affect us? Thank you for all your do. I really enjoy your blogs and site. Thank you.

    1. I am sorry your relationship with your daughter has been such hard work. There is karma to fulfil here and it ends in July 2023. It’s not just about her; it’s also about her father – your former husband. The South Node in Scorpio is transiting your solar Fourth House of family life and the karma goes back further than the separation, to life as it was 18 or 19 years ago. It may not even be with her or him, yet if you look at the common themes and stories you will see what is ‘going around and coming around.’ If she is seeking help for her anxiety and depression, the right answer will appear in October, November or December 2022. If she is taking medication it may be having a potent effect on her; similarly if she is using drugs of any kind or alcohol. Long-term you will realise that you owed, or were owed, spiritually, by her and very likely her father, so had to cycle through for a while, for complete closure – this comes in about year from now.

  27. Hi Jessica thank you for your recent comment.I have been looking forward for this post. I work with young people/children and from 2017 seen lots of things get covered up.My ascendant is in Leo and I think in the 5th.Will the Leo weather reveal anything ie the truth?Im very grateful for your comments.

    1. Good question. You work with young people and have seen cover-ups. They likely happened during those Leo eclipses. They will be partially revealed in July, August or September. The full truth will never be known, unfortunately.

  28. Hi Jess!

    I’ve got Ceres, Apollo, ascendant and South node in Leo. Would you mind helping me interpret what this might mean for me?

    Thank you for everything

    1. Pregnancy, babies, infants, children, teenagers and young adults are a lifetime learning experience, no matter if it is miscarriage and abortion, or the road to parenthood, adoption or step-parenthood. Sometimes the journey involves teaching or coaching the young or leading them as an authority for other reasons. Ceres was the goddess whose daughter was taken away from her, then returned for half the year, ongoing. Child custody is not unusual with Ceres in Leo in the Fifth House, or a variation on that theme (a godchild whose parents emigrate, for example, which reduces access). The South Node in Leo in the Fifth House in opposition to the North Node in Aquarius in the Eleventh House suggests several incarnations where you were the leader in a group and ‘heavy lies the head that wears the crown’ was part of the story. Today you are here to explore how to be in and around groups, as an authority, without repeating old mistakes. This is a very common pattern in the charts of team captains, for example, or the leading lights in clubs or societies.

  29. Dear Jessica, sorry for posting again but I had to reply – you asked me to use the Tarot to ask why the government in my country is so terrible. I did so, and pulled the Judgement card. It was uncanny – we grow up with the concept of karma inbuilt into our ethos here in India but sometimes forget that it plays out in politics as well!! Feel marginally better – what goes down will go up ( though the saying is inverse, I feel this is more applicable to my country). Had to post this because I think it’s important to share these little stories that validate the power of divination tools. Thank you!

    1. This is off topic, but I have a lot of readers in India who want Narendra Modi to go and don’t understand why he has been in power for so long. Judgement shows resurrection, rebirth and life after death; an angel blows a bugle as people rise from their coffins. So this is literally karma. Thank you so much for validating the Tarot. India runs on reincarnation. There is a karmic reckoning with Modi. It is unlikely to last beyond March 24th 2023, when Pluto goes into Aquarius. This is the start of the transition out of power for people who dominate the planet through their use of fossil fuel. It is the beginning of the end for Narendra Modi.

  30. Dear Jessica,

    I Just have 3 factors in Leo, I am not really sure whether this Leo weather has anything for me? I have 3 sons and 2 of them are over 20 yo, my first son is having difficulty to finish his study (he has been 7 years in Melbourne and still continue his study up to now), while the second finished already and almost a year has no job; I am wondering is there any problem with my planetary placement, due to this matter?
    One important things, Just recently, my ex in-law (which is now struggling with her final stage of CA) ask me to look after her daughter (she doesn’t feel good to ask her ex husband-my brother handling this), will it works well for all of us, if I accept her request?
    thank you as always, for your great insight.

    1. You are having a classic Leo transit. You have been asked to look after a former relative’s daughter. You already have three sons. One son is having issues at university; another is unemployed. So you have some sorting out to do. You are a Sun Pisces with three factors in Leo in the Fifth House of parenthood and substitute parenthood. As all the discussion will take place from 20th July to 4th August get it in writing so. Even an e-mail will do. Get another pair of eyes on the situation, as you want to avoid family conflicts from 4th September until March 17th 2023, when you could be in for a long and drawn-out difference with your relatives, or within the household. You can use the Tarot to draw cards for all three sons and the impending arrival. Just follow the steps. You have strong maternal instincts with that chart but you need to avoid setting up any differences within the family circle, September-March as Mars Retrograde is with you.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    You mentioned writing and music, both being my creative outlet since I make playlists for my novels to write to. I love these breadcrumbs of affirmation for me! I have Apollo, Saturn, Venus, Juno, Volcano and Aesculapia in Leo. Based on the definitions, I see a lot of male v. female energy. Is this right? Would this relate to my writing at all given that I write new adult urban fantasy or more my home life with my teens and ex?

    Thank you for your insights!

    1. Yes, writing and music bring the generations together. The Fifth House is traditionally about ‘hobbies and interests’ but not all of them. Only those which bind young and old. Your male and female sides are expressed through writing for children or young adults, or reading to them, or watching television with them, or listening to the radio or podcasts with them. You are creating adult urban fantasy but may be tempted to make teenagers your main market later, especially as you have adolescents at home.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all your post they are very informative! Can you take a look at my chart and tell me what I might be dealing with during the Leo weather?
    Thank you!

    1. Mercury, the Sun and the Ascendant are all part of your Leo stellium. This is the chart of someone who could easily write for children or young adults. You may be offered chances to do just that in July, August, September. You can also podcast or broadcast for them, or entertain and educate in other ways. A younger face will request guidance and mentoring by September; time for you to step up and take the crown, orb and sceptre.

  33. Hi Jessica
    My life is a total mess.Lost my business and i am loosing my husband too.I am a Cancerian woman with six factors in Leo including the North Node and a Ceres- Ops conjunction in 21 Leo.I have two daughters 2.11.2007 and 3.12.2009 .Me and my husband are near an amicable divorce.I wonder how this Leo weather is going to affect me and my daughters.Please Jessica give me any answer because i am in a crossroad and i don”t know what to do.
    Thank you in advance

    1. I am sorry you are going through this – losing both business and husband, with two daughters. You have Leo factors at 1 through 24. Continue with the amicable divorce discussion and think about 2022, 2023, 2024 as the three-year transition with the girls. So it’s not just about this year. You will sign paperwork or accept a signature (get everything in writing or on email at least) from July 20th until August 4th, so it will be quick. It is very important that you ask the solicitor involved to look at outcomes, should you or your former husband have a further child or stepchild to look after in future. Try to be patient and know that the most depressing aspects of this are over on March 8th 2023. What was stuck, slow and stagnant will start to shift. It is important to share the power and control with the children, even if they are small, and although life will be emotionally intense in March-June 2023 you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. You will be in a position to slowly rebuild your finances from March 2023, and could ultimately become quite powerful in business, charity or property, even if takes you a long time to get there. You have every chance of becoming a player, but you will need to restart from March 2023.

  34. Hi Jessica,

    Appreciate the time you take to get back to each and everyone one of our questions honestly so happy I found you!
    I am trying to attend the Leo meet up however we have had some family members pass so not sure If I will be able to so wanted to understand how this Leo weather will be affecting me as I am a Virgo and have 4 factors in Leo, moon, Venus, Ceres & Diana 5th house, I am single with no kids however I do have a niece (pieces) she is 3 also I have no signs of pregnancy around me (as much as I would love that), or within my friendship group/family so not sure how the Leo weather will affect my sign based on the information above, however, I have felt extremely tired lately and not as motivated which is not ideal when your self employed. I am hoping this will pass.

    love your work & thank you x

    1. You have Leo factors at 4 through 17 degrees in your Fifth House of heirs and pretenders to the throne – and courtship. Your niece will eventually be as important to you, or you to her, as your own daughter would have been. The spotlight will turn on your niece in July-September 2022, or a second young face. You will have the opportunity to become an aunt again; a parent; a teacher or mentor; a godmother – from July to September 2026.

  35. Thanks Jessica I adore my niece so hopefully I will be her mentor/role model. Is there anyway where I can’t understand when the current planetary positions are in sync with my birth chart, as I have cupid in Virgo & south node in Scorpio which are in sync does this mean anything? x

    1. You have a large Virgo and Scorpio stellium and so your Sixth House of workload and health, and your Eighth House of joint finance and property, are connected. Mercury 9 Virgo is sextile the South Node at 10 Scorpio and trine the North Node at 10 Taurus (in your Second House of personal income) so if your work involves your way with words, or connecting people, places and ideas, you will feel fulfilled. Mission accomplished. Any time you have transits at 9, 10 degrees of Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer you will experience crossroads moments, financially, or with your home. You will make or save a lot of money when Jupiter goes to 9, 10 Taurus; he changes signs in May 2023 and by June 2023 you will have gained.

  36. Hi Jessica – can you please confirm if I am on the right track with interpreting the meaning of the Leo weather. I have Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and Bacchus in Leo (Uranus and Bacchus both at 01 degree ) and I am also a Sun Virgo. Does this mean a change in the balance of power to do with my two children (both now adults) or with other young people, in a surprising or self-indulgent way that I wouldn’t expect and which provides lucky solutions or opportunities? Or is this too literal an interpretation of the meaning of the heavenly bodies? Thank you.

    1. More or less, you have interpreted your chart correctly. The change in the balance of power with your adult children, or perhaps other people’s younger offspring, is ongoing but ends in March 2023. It can be (say) a separation or divorce with children involved – that is one example, though rather dramatic. Less dramatic is a wrangle over who/what is in control of the parent-child relationship as a whole. Your stellium in Leo is triggered in July, August, September by this Leo weather and that is the time to figure out your rights, role and responsibilities. Uranus at 1 Leo will be opposed by Pluto at 1 Aquarius after he changes signs to 0 Aquarius in March 2023. That month, into Easter and through to June, suggests a watershed for you and your adult children. Transiting Pluto opposite natal Uranus is ‘the challenge to change’ as a parent, grandparent, godparent, aunt. It will help to remember that any changes which come will set you and others free. Newfound independence from/independence through (insert the situation or person here) is the outcome of that opposition so it does have a higher, greater purpose. Try to step back and see it, when the opposition comes around.

  37. Hi Jessica, looking forward to your Leo Weather meetup. I have a stellium in Leo and interested in understanding how this coming transits will affect my grown children and myself. Thank you!

    1. I hope you enjoyed the event. Essentially you don’t just ‘have’ children with a Leo stellium; you guide, mentor and lead them. This is back in your life in July, August, September when you may find you steer a younger person than yourself or are asked to be the benevolent ruler with a younger court. Leo leads by example and your stellium is about staging a class act, so to speak; you have to impress, so that less experienced, younger faces can follow.

  38. Hi Jessica

    How do you do?

    I’m trying to register for the meetup event but for some reasons the Request button is not working for me.

    Is there any other way to register?

    Thank you

    1. Tania you may have missed the waiting list, and we have been overwhelmed with hundreds of people. Alicia sometimes takes cancellations, so suggest following her at The Astrology Show on Twitter if you don’t already. Thank you.

  39. Hmmph …… very interesting. Thank you so much for the answer. I am a little perplexed by “The biggest pull in your chart is your own family background. Your immediate family circle; your parents’ family on either side. There is a big, complicated and challenging story there for you, with them, or about them, and perhaps this is why you chose the law and psychology” this means for me but I do hope i figure it out.

  40. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all your insightful posts! I didn’t want to get into all that I have been going through. My daughter just got out of an abusive relationship and I’ve been helping her with my grandkids I’m disabled and currently try to get disability. It’s been so hard I just got over Covid and my savings are dwindling. I’m wondering if things will soon get better… Thsnk you!

    1. You are a Sun Leo going through Saturn in Aquarius. Life will seem so much lighter and brighter after March 2023 when Saturn leaves Aquarius. You will make or save a lot of money between October and December. So don’t give up. I am very sorry you have been put through Covid as well as dealing with your disability. You will find that a foreigner or foreign country is very good news for you, until October, and again from January to May 2023. After May 2023 I would expect you to be offered an amazing new role or project which is worth celebrating.

  41. Not sure what that means exactly but I did pull the four of swords when I asked why I chose those careers and where am I headed. Emotionally very close to my mom but she lives very far away. She was a teacher and now I also teach young adults that could be my children age wise. Also husband is a Leo if that matters 8/22/73

    1. Your library contains a flipbook on the Tarot which can give you a more detailed reading on the Four of Swords. Remember to always set a deadline or the cards will take you to the end of your life, years and years into the future.

  42. Hi Jessica. Thanks so much for your valuable insight. I have a small stellium in Leo. One being the south node. I note you say the father is representative of this house. All of a sudden he seems to be having falls and we keep getting calls. Yet it has been all quiet on the western front for a while now. That aside I shall be doing a lot of doggie looking after whilst my daughter and family are away. They are represented in the fifth house l believe? I would be grateful for any insight you have on my chart.
    Best wishes Selina

    1. Selina, thank you. Yes, your daughter and any grandchildren are shown by the Fifth House. So you are looking after the dog, but it seems likely there will be more going on than that. Choices are waiting and they are rather important, about this younger generation. I hope your father is on the mend and that you can help him with his mobility.

  43. Hello Jessica – thank you for your insights. It’s a big birthday for me this year and I’ve been struggling for as long as I can remember with finding work (in entertainment), a lack of romantic relationships, struggling with health & finances. I remain hopeful that I can turn things around but each year seems a bit harder than the last and I’m tired. I feel I have to commit to something but I don’t know the right way to go & so I’m stuck. Any advice on this year/ this Leo weather (I’m a Leo with Leo stellium) and what to focus on/ how to use it to my best advantage to propel things forward? Thank you very much ♥️

    1. Okay, so you are a Sun Leo with a Leo stellium in the Fifth House of courtship, heirs and pretenders to the throne. In fact, you have five natal chart factors in the Fifth House. I’m sorry you have been having a rough time. A very good reason for that is Saturn transiting Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends, social life and groups. So you not only have this heavy, hard work cycle hitting your Aquarius factors; it is also right opposite your Leo factors. No wonder you feel tired. Saturn goes in March 2023. So will the obstacle course. You are here to mentor, guide, tutor, set an example to – children, teenagers, young adults. That’s your path. Have a look at the Tarot to show you how you can get back on that path. Follow the steps. You also have a Gemini stellium in your Third House of internet, media and communication and were born to connect, write, broadcast. That takes off for you really well in a couple of years, but don’t wait that long to spin your wheels. See what you can do.

  44. Dear Jessica,
    I have three factors in Leo and they are
    ASC – 14° Leo 38′ –
    Minerva – 24° Leo 42′ 57″ –
    Cupido 13° – Leo 14′ 31″

    It’s always been mystery to me how come I never found love or love never found me. It looks like my astrological house of love husband children is empty and will never happen. Is that really possible in my case or will I really remain single forever? I am so curious as I sometimes wishing to at list have a god friend to share life with.
    Your feedback is appreciated. Please tell me if my love husband children astrological house is empty? Maybe it’s good to know so that I can focus my life energy on other things and forget about this part of the life especially as I am 47 I think is already too late for this. Why do I have such a difficult karma?
    Thank you Angel

    1. You have a packed Seventh House (sexual partnership) and busy Fifth House (courtship) but that is common in the charts of women who do not marry, or marry late in life. You may date a man with children from a failed marriage, for example, or find yourself in a new partnership with a man whose nieces and nephews become important to you. There are many, many opportunities for this in future; Jupiter in Leo, then Jupiter in Libra, will offer those up – so enjoy your life and get on with your life. This isn’t difficult karma. Cupido in Leo tends to fall in love, with love and it can be short term. Marriage is not the be-all and end-all; the play’s the thing.

  45. Dear Jessica, many thanks for this interesting article. I’m a sun Cancer with 7 Leo factors. You mentioned during Leo weather there may be a promotion or new position. I recently found out that I didn’t get promoted and I’m feeling disheartened. I’d be grateful for your insight in my work area.

    Warm regards

    1. Lisa there will be a second opportunity by October, and a third opportunity in January-May 2023, either with this organisation or an alternative. It will offer you more than you expected.

  46. Hi Jessica, I love your site and I am learning so much about how to understand my Chart. I am really looking forward to the Meetup. I am Sun Virgo, Leo ASC going through a mediated Divorce from my Gemini Husband. It keeps stalling. We broke up 2017 and he had a Child with new partner 2018. We have 2 teenage Children. My Father Passed away Feb this year and I feel a little lost and stuck.

    1. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed the Zoom event. I am so sorry you lost your father in February. You are also divorcing your husband so having a really tough time this year. Your huge Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of joint finance is behind these changes. Your father’s legacy and your husband’s split with you (involving a home or money, possessions and so on) suggest karma is calling from 18 or 19 years ago here. The big stretch is over in July 2023. Until then you may prefer to keep any new property, business, charity or financial involvements simple and minimal so you have less of a load to deal with. The South Node in Scorpio is transiting your stellium, for the first time in 18 or 19 years and Uranus in Taurus has been opposing the stellium; that is ‘the challenge to change’ and it ends in 2026. Try to let go of fixed attitudes and fixed habits; Scorpio is a fixed sign so that is difficult but the more flexible you can be, the better.

  47. Hi Jessica,

    I am unable to join a Zoom meeting and wondered if you could answer a question for me please. I am a sun Scorpio in the process of separating from my husband. Because of my sons anxiety and learning disability it has been hard to start my new life and has taken a long time and I am now making slow progression. My son does not want to leave his home and come with me, but I will see him a lot of the time. I have Uranus at 16 Leo and Vesta 9 Leo. I also will have Jupiter in my 5th house from October. My son is accepting this and he would love to meet someone can you see that for him.

    You have given me lots of guidance lately thanks Jessica.

    1. You will be pleased to hear that solutions come for your son and yourself in October, November, December. There is hope. Try to act for the next few years, when you see the opportunity and set things in place which make you and he feel as secure as possible with all kinds of future scenarios. I am sorry your son has anxiety and learning disability. Jupiter’s transit in your solar Fifth House from October will really help to set yourself up as much as possible ahead of Saturn’s transit in the Fifth House from March 2023. The final separation karma is over July 2023 and you will be hugely helped from May 2023 to May 2024 as the child’s father comesgood for you, or you are with someone new who is very good news indeed.

  48. Dear Jessica,
    I am a Sun Virgo, with five Leo placements: Venus, Ascendant, Juno, Aesculapia, and Vulcano. I noticed I write to you every time we have Leo weather 🙂 Always an extraordinary period, especially in 2017 and 2018. What to expect this time? Preparation is half the battle 🙂 Thank you!

    1. The pregnancy, infant, child, teenager or young adult (perhaps plural) in the frame requires time and thought in July, August, September. You are not happy in some areas and can see hope in others. More importantly you can see your own role and responsibility. Look at the long-term bigger picture. You cannot walk away from your Leo stellium; you were born to lead, mentor, guide, ‘mother’ and supply younger generations. So the onus is on you to find a way to settle up and reckon up by September. Try to leave this in a strong place for the future, although you may change your mind again in around five years.

  49. hi Jessica

    I had posted earlier, please ignore that ask.

    As always, seeking your expert advice when I am confused with interpretation!

    I have 4 factors in Leo – sun, descendant, Vulcano & Cupido. In addition, the triple conjunction of Mars Uranus & North node takes place on my taurus IC (exact ) on my birthday – august 1 – alongside a Jupiter trine natal leo sun ( exact again)!

    I am presently looking for a job; have been out of a role for the past 3 years & can’t stay out for too long from a CV as well as a monies perspective.

    I have been asked to interview for a position with a company where it would be a step down ( large international hotel company – corporate office) but it would be a step down from the role I should get. Further I would have more experience than my boss who will be moving in from abroad.

    Questions are as follows:

    1. Do u foresee another role coming along? Alternatively, would this role where I am being asked to interview be good for me & will I get it?

    It’s a step in to a great company & maybe I can work my way through to a better role?

    2. How does the Mars Uranus north node conjunction on my IC on my birthday play out! It sounds a bit ominous though Jupiter trining my sun the same day May add some protection?

    Your help & guidance would be much appreciated! Thank you as always.

    I would really appreciate your response and guidance.

    1. If your job involves pregnancy, infants, children, teenagers or young adults then the many, many choices now become easier in August and by September you will have reached a trade-off deal with yourself, as you will not get perfection, but will have a compromise you can work with. If your job does not involve Leo matters then I’m afraid you were at the wrong event.

  50. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for your insides. I am a Virgo with Diana 23 , Fortuna 23 , Bacchus 01, Proserpina 05, and Vulcano 06 degrees all in Leo. I don’t have children. I do come from a close family. I’m married. Please review my chart and help me understand how this Leo weather impacts me.
    Thank you so much

    1. Johanna, your close family or extended family will be the source of the heirs or pretenders to your throne being centre-stage in July, August and/or September. A compromise will be reached by them, or for them. Spend time on the deal. A classic example is a teenager at the heart of questions about school or university schedules. You will lead; you will find yourself taking authority.

  51. I’m a native Leo starting work in a school in September. I’m nervous about returning to work in a vocation I’ve never worked in before, as well as how it will affect my family life becoming the main wage earner. As a native Leo I know how playful I can be, but the last 7 years have knocked my confidence. Will I be able to show a professional, calm side too & prosper in my new job?

    Also would you mind looking at my children’s charts please, I feel they’re both having to make decisions they’re not emotionally ready to make. How will the Leo weather affect them? my son is Leo, 13/08/1998 gmt 00.03am. Daughter very Virgo!
    04/09/05 gmt10.43am

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Your role in a school and your role as a mother are both classic Leo weather concerns. You were born to be Queen to a younger court and when a child or teenager were given Princess roles with children slightly younger than yourself (School Captain, Prefect, Older Sibling and so on) to train. Your confidence is best worked on, privately, hitting YouTube or the books if required. Queens don’t automatically come born with confidence – they have to train. Yet you were given the gift of natural leadership and know how to guide, influence and lead. You are also required to do that. The school needs you, according to this chart. Your children are the top priority July, August, September. If the issue is a romance for either or both, you may have to compromise. If the issue is sharing time with someone or something else, with a child in the middle, again you are going to have to compromise. You can compromise without giving in, though, so pick your battles and then proceed. You are unlikely to get it all your way, but 50% is good, if the 50% is the bottom line for you. The issue ends in September.

  52. Years ago when first introduced to astrology I opted for the Koch house system. Using the Natural system you use is enlightening, as my Leo stellium now is all in the 5th House!

    Also, your redo of the USA chart based upon the January 1776 date once again shows the need for accurate birth dates. In 1997-98 when everyone was using Queen Juliana’s date for The Netherlands granting Indonesia its independence I created a new chart based upon when Sukarno declared independence several years earlier. All of a sudden everything fell into place.

    1. Yes, Koch was a concentration camp survivor and all house systems reflect the perspective of the person who makes them popular. I tested 30+ house systems years ago with Solar Fire and chose Natural House.Thanks so much for your comment. And yes, always check the reality against the supplied charts of a nation. I was really bothered by Sri Lanka recently because Nick Campion’s charts didn’t work. I found one that did, based on a real independence date for her, and it was bang on.

  53. Hello from Seattle! I love reading your blog! I recently subscribed to your page and thankful I did. In fact, I acquired a Smith-Waite deck and started reading about Tarot to learn more.

    I am currently in between jobs. In March I left Russia due to the war in Ukraine. I was teaching at an international school and loved my job. I have been fortunate to find another teaching job in Qatar. However, I cannot relocate there until I receive my required documentation from the US State Department and the Qatar Embassy in order to apply for a work visa. The process is very complicated—to say the least. Due to the World Cup happening in Qatar, the school year is set to begin earlier than usual—which means I may not arrive on time to start my new teaching job. After a couple years of Covid and hybrid learning, the last thing I want to do is begin my newest teaching post online and teach remotely, or rely on a cover teacher. I know students will recover from my absence, but it is not an ideal way to begin a school year, especially after events beyond my control have upended my career.

    This waiting game has caused much anxiety. While I am lucky to have a new job on the horizon, my financial position is shaky because I have been without income since March. I am slowly watching my contingency fund dwindle. I have returned to the US to visit my sisters. They have been great hosting me, but I hate feeling like a charity case and rely on their generosity to carry me over while I wait for my documents to process.

    All these delays and complications have caused me to wonder if the universe is telling me: “…Perhaps this is not the right job for you…” Should I cut my losses and pursue a new job? Or should I wait and trust the process will work out? Will I be able to recover my lost income?

    I am a Sun Libra with Proserpina, Apollo, Ops and Saturn in Leo. I have stellium in Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio.

    I have consulted the Tarot for guidance but would love your insights. I am trying to stay positive.

    1. I am glad you have the right Tarot deck in your hand. That will help you all your life, in my experience. You are a teacher and caught up in Leo weather. Your pretenders to the throne are your pupils. You are a Sun Libra with a stellium in Leo including Saturn. This is the toughest cycle for teaching in 29 years so it is unusually hard. It ends in March 2023. That month may turn up in the paperwork for documents or a post. You will get terrific solutions for your work questions and lifestyle questions in October, November, December 2022. Your future with children could make you powerful long-term (a senior role?) if you stay with it beyond 2023. See what the Tarot validates with the astrology. Also have a word with friends and family in spirit and your guides. Light a candle, explain all the issues and ask for help so that you can help the children. Crucially, follow the obvious signs!

  54. Dear Jessica, we are grateful for your help and guidance. It seems that I have Jupiter in Leo. What would that mean during the current period that I am feeling so complicated on my next big step after my decision to quit my current job this winter?

    1. Thank you. Jupiter in Leo suggests your best bets in life are through courtship, heirs and pretenders to your throne. You do not need to have children to have a much younger fan base when you are older. If you do have a son or daughter that is your key to expansion, growth and lifelong protection and luck. Unless your job involves courtship or pretenders to your throne, it won’t be relevant to this forum. July, August, September is about younger faces and a pathway to good fortune.

  55. Hi Jessica. Another smashing article!

    I have Saturn in Leo as well as my Asc. Being that Saturn is currently in the opposite sign of Aquarius, which is my sun sign, how will the Leo weather play out for me?
    I am happily married to a sun Leo and we have four children: 2 Pisces, an Aries and a Capricorn.
    If there is anything I should be aware of coming up, I would greatly appreciate any information that you see.
    Thank you for your insight and for sharing your gifts with the world.

    1. Thank you very much. You are quite right, transiting Saturn in Aquarius opposing natal Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House is important. The Ascendant, not so much. It’s only your book jacket or book cover. The real story is Saturn in Leo. With four children, you have already dealt with the usual Saturn reality checks, ongoing concerns, and the usual need for boundaries, walls, barricades, moats, drawbridges and the rest. Also, a long lookout. The Saturn opposition is followed, many years into the future, by a Pluto opposition, so the issue with/for one of the children now may return later, which is why you need to nip it in the bud by March 2023.

  56. Hi Jessica,

    A little off topic – in the Boris Johnson chart you mentioned his birth time at around 2pm and stated that its not a very common time.

    What do you mean by that? Do you believe afternoon born childeren are different somehow. Why is 2pm not common?


    1. People who don’t know their birth time tend to give round-hour guesses. It’s very unlikely that former PM Johnson’s umbilical cord was cut at 2.00pm exactly. Over the years I have learned to be wary of politicians without AA (Rodden Rating) data.

  57. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your insights. For the past 1 year, I have been trying to get out of my job and actually work on something of my own. It just seems to be taking a lot of time, especially with the current situation all around the world so not sure what should I be focusing on. I slowly wanted to reduce the job hrs and get into something of my own. Any advice on what is good for me as I am kind of losing interest in job kind of arrangements?

    1. Does the job relate to pregnancy, babies, infants, schoochildren, teenagers or young adults? If so, the Leo Weather will bring a decision for you in July, August with a compromise in September when you will agree to differ on some matters in the interests of a better outcome. If your question was not about those matters you are in the wrong forum, unfortunately.

  58. Hi Jessica, I hope to join the event! I am drawn to Leo discussions my sister, best friend and husband are Leo and his Sun is exact conjunct my Moon in Leo in the 7th. Our lives since we met in 1996 have mapped transits to our Sun/Moon and particularly eclipses there. This year has been very tough, I wasted money in crypto and nfts and then my father tragically passed away suddenly in mid May on the eclipse. I’m feeling a bit lost since, especially as my daughter is leaving Primary school this July and starting Secondary in September.. I will no longer be walking her to school and she will grow up faster but its exciting for her and it will be a new era for me. I feel like I am searching for the positives on the horizon and a less stressful time with money. Thank you Jessica I look forward to listening in.

    1. Your daughter is the Leo weather story. She is leaving one school in July and starting another in September. Your choices about her life in July, August and/or September will have a long-term impact on her and also on your opinion of yourself, as part of you knows that you were born to be Queen to a younger court; the heirs or pretenders to your throne look up to you for leadership, guidance and care. So you do have a duty to perform here but you also need to make a huge compromise decision by the end of September. That is what this is about. Anyone who is financially stretched now has Taurus and/or Scorpio factors. You have a large stellium in Taurus and some Scorpio factors. The stretch is over in July 2023. The light at the end of the tunnel is May 2023. You will save or make money by May 2024.

  59. Hello Jessica

    Thank you for a another wonderful article which comes at really significant time for me, particularly relating to my youngest child. Some of the eclipse ‘cover-up’ dates are very meaningful for me as I have been thorough a very challenging legal process which is still ongoing with my ex-husband, much of which has centred on our daughter. I am certain there have been significant ‘cover-ups’ and things happening behind the scenes that I could not have known about but never-the-less had great impact on the outcome of the cases, which have been very challenging for me as mother, trying to protect my children. I would be so grateful to you if you could tell me what will happen/ what I can expect, for me and my children (and ex-husband) during this Leo weather? Will things stabilise for me and the children in a more positive way? I am a sun Capricorn with the South Node and Hygeia in Leo; does this mean this is all Karmic?

    Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you are dealing with your ex-husband and all the challenges of being a mother. You are a Sun Capricorn with Hygiea and the South Node in Leo in the Fifth House. The South Node describes karma, correct; when you went through all those Leo eclipses you were also going through the North Node and South Node cycles in Leo and Aquarius, going over your own nodes in Leo and Aquarius. There is a kind of inevitability about the nodes; we don’t have much choice. The eclipses were the blind spot and cover-up and it is very common to not see/not know until later. Even then, there is still mystery and sometimes we just have to accept that there will always be unknowns. Having said that, there are things you can do. Making radical changes as a mother in order to find more freedom and independence is important, until 2026 actually. The improvements you want will come from May 2023 until May 2024 when Jupiter moves into your solar Fifth House of motherhood and lasting solutions appear, at the same time that you win that freedom I’ve mentioned.

  60. Hi Jessica
    Thank you so much for responding to my previous question on the COVID blog. Some people laugh at me when I refer to Astrology but I feel that there’s more in the universe that one could ever comprehend.
    I’m hoping to understand more of how this Leo weather affects my family in terms of health and work. My son is having a minor surgery soon and my work contract is due for renewal. It’s a bit nervy to think about both so hope you could guide me through what’s happening in the next few months.
    One other question I have in mind forever is what is in my chart that makes my inlaws dislike me so much. My former and current inlaws both accused me of marrying their sons for my own benefits. They slowly came around but still treat me with contempt.
    Thank you Jessica for your expertise and your time to respond to my questions
    With Regards

    1. People laugh at you when you refer to astrology? But why? It just predicted the crisis for PM Boris Johnson, a year before it happened. Astrology is the oldest form of timekeeping we have. It’s like laughing at people who use a calendar. The Leo weather is about children. Your son is having surgery and that’s par for the course on this transit. There is nothing in your chart which suggests any issues with or for your son. There will be more matters regarding him that you sort out in July, August. As for the in-laws we look to Psyche in your chart who had a jealous mother-in-law. You have Psyche at 13 Aquarius exactly opposite Venus at 13 Leo. This is striking, as Psyche’s mother-in-law was Venus in the original myth. Venus considered herself to be the most beautiful creature on earth and Psyche, also beautiful, threatened her. Venus also objected to Psyche drawing the love of her son Cupid. So you see, your exact opposition in the chart is showing up with your mother-in-law, or perhaps a sister-in-law. Psyche won immortality as her reward for putting up with Venus. The love of Psyche and Cupid lasted forever. So what you have with your marriage is perennial; timeless. The Gods tend to smile on Psyche and Cupid; Venus usually learns her lesson in the end. These are all Leo/Fifth House matters so they tend to pop up during Leo weather, which we have until August.

  61. Hi Jessica Thank you for your insides. I am a Virgo with Diana 23 , Fortuna 23 , Bacchus 01, Proserpina 05, and Vulcano 06 degrees all in Leo. I don’t have children. I do come from a close family. I’m married. Please review my chart and help me understand how this Leo weather impacts me. Thank you so much Johanna

    1. Johanna, July, August and September are about nieces, nephews, godchildren or much younger siblings or cousins. The heirs to the throne? You have none. The pretenders to the throne? You may have at least one. Your role as an authority figure, maternal figure, Queen to a younger court is not in doubt, but you will have a huge decision to make that affects the present and future of one of these younger faces. Take your time and maybe do some homework or research online.

  62. Hi Jessica. Thank you for another great post. I am Libra and I have few factors in Leo. Can you please tell me how is this weather impacting my birth chart? I am single without children but I really would love to have a family and get married. The end of cycle in March 2023 has been also mentioned in libra horoscope on your website a lot recently in relation with end of karmic cycle and I am wondering if there is anything I should focus on to make sure I can make a most of each weather before March 2023. I went through a lot of personal growth, changes and realisations since pandemic and even before and your knowledge has been a great support during this journey so thank you.

    1. You are a Sun Libra who is experiencing transiting Jupiter (opportunities) in Aries in your solar Seventh House of partnerships until October, then again from January to May 2023. You also have Leo and Libra patterns natally, in your Fifth House of courtship and children, and again, your Seventh House of marriage. So the door is open to a new relationship by October, then again in the first half of 2023. This cycle then picks up again regularly, so if you don’t take the options you see this time, you’ll take the next, as Jupiter goes into Leo and your Fifth House in the mid 2020’s.

  63. Hi Jessica,

    I am single, no children (but would like both) and see I have a Leo stellium. Am I right in assuming I could meet someone new during this time?

    1. Vesta, Panacea, Ops and the IC are in Leo in your Fifth House, which shows courtships, the bedchamber, pregnancies, babies, infants, children, teenagers and young adults. Yes, you could meet someone new who would be a potential co-parent and co-pilot. You could also be tempted to become more involved in a godson’s life (for example) or to teach a special subject to Millennials. It’s really about the next generation and a road into that.

  64. Hi Jessica,
    My life has been so difficult since 2017 -Saturn entered Aquarius.
    I have a stellium in Leo: Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Minerva, Apollo.
    What does the future hold for me during this season, how will it impact my career and family? Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Stay safe and healthy J.
    Regards, Ika

    1. Ika, you are going through the rotten opposition of Saturn in Aquarius to your Leo stellium so life has been stuck, slow, stagnant and you have been stymied. All the S words of Saturn. It ends in March 2023. In fact a huge answer to one of your biggest general issues just appeared very recently. It hasn’t come to roost yet, but it will and just about everything looks up from March 2023. Light, tunnel. Leo isn’t about career unless you work with/for/through the young. Do you? You don’t say so it’s hard to comment. The children, nieces, nephews, godchildren are a huge focus though and you have some thorny decisions to make by September. You also need to know who is central, in this younger world, and who is peripheral. You could change your mind in years to come but for now you do have a choice.

  65. Dear Jessica, I have three factors in Leo and they are ASC – 14° Leo 38′ – Minerva – 24° Leo 42′ 57″ – Cupido 13° – Leo 14′ 31″ It’s always been mystery to me how come I never found love or love never found me. It looks like my astrological house of love husband children is empty and will never happen. Is that really possible in my case or will I really remain single forever? I am so curious as I sometimes wishing to at list have a god friend to share life with. Your feedback is appreciated. Please tell me if my love husband children astrological house is empty? Maybe it’s good to know so that I can focus my life energy on other things and forget about this part of the life especially as I am 47 I think is already too late for this. Why do I have such a difficult karma? Thank you Jessica

    1. You were born with Uranus and Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House of marriage. Leo rules courtship and the bedchamber, leading to heirs to the throne or pretenders to the throne. Not weddings. Uranus is a symbol of regular upheaval and independence in the chart; Pluto reveals a need to control and dominate. So having a husband is not necessarily the key to happiness and peace with those placements. No wonder you avoided marrying, or marriage avoided you. You can have sex until they draw the curtains around the four-poster bed with this chart; forget being 47 or any age at all. You will always be presented with lovers your entire life. What you may want to do is look at your ideas about what love and sex should be. The Tarot can help there too.

  66. Hello Jessica,
    Thanks for your insights. For the past 1 year, I have been trying to get out of my job and actually work on something of my own. It just seems to be taking a lot of time, especially with the current situation all around the world so not sure what should I be focusing on. I slowly wanted to reduce the job hrs and get into something of my own. Any advice on what is good for me as I am kind of losing interest in job arrangements which I have been doing for the past 20 years?

    Thank you so much.

    1. I am seeing readers in the wrong discussion here; Leo is not about jobs, unless you work with/for/through children and teenagers, or have unpaid work there. If you do that, then you will find the decision finds you, not the other way around, until September and the only question is how much you can compromise. We also find Leo weather brings classic questions about staying at home with the children, versus getting a nanny and working outside home.

  67. Hi Jessica, Thanks for your insights. I am actually wondering if it is the right time for me to get out of the Job and focus on doing something of my own. Over the past year started feeling as if I am not growing professionally and want to achieve something different, I have been trying to get out of my job and actually work on something of my own. I slowly wanted to reduce the job hrs and get into something of my own. Any advice on what is good for me as I am kind of losing interest in job kind of arrangements?

    1. If the job involves pregnancy, babies, infants, children, teenagers, young adults or (for whatever reason) the game of love and sex, then it is part of Leo weather, and as you will have seen at the event, the fork in the road is coming on the Full Moon in Aquarius, with a final compromise by late September, when the Ceres transit in Leo ends. The Leo Weather can sometimes be about unpaid work involving children, so if you are in this forum, perhaps you donate your time and energy to a children’s charity. And sometimes you can have a huge hit with teenagers. That happens too. You only have Mars in Leo though so I am very surprised if in fact your career does involve the young/the world of dating.

  68. Hi Jessica

    I am Sun Taurus but I my parents are Scorpio and Capricorn and I will be travelling home to see them for the first time in 7 years at the end of this year. I have some factors in Leo and my wonderful stepson is a Leo (August 15 1997). How do you see the coming 6 months for me ?


    1. Your stepson is a Leo and you have a Leo pattern in your chart. The Leo weather ends in September, so not six months, but you will find a fork in the road on the Full Moon in Aquarius, not far off now, and a choice has to be made with/for that stepson. It may be another younger face but as he is a Sun Leo it is more likely to be him. He’s that age really. And you have to figure out your future in unison with his too.

  69. Hello Jessica,
    I’ll be joining the Zoom session (Australia) on 16th and was hoping you have insights for me about how the Leo weather will affect me. Although I have a stellium in Leo (Sun, Uranus, Pluto, DESC), I don’t have children and have always lived alone – is this unusual given what the fifth house covers? I have worked as an academic for some time, so perhaps that teaching relates somewhat to it… I’m retired now and just moving to a new location (inner urban from beach), looking for more company and a wider range of easily accessed activities that I enjoy. But I’m not really sure where to focus my energies. I am very interested in blogging/videos though and wondering whether this is a direction to take? I realize this sounds, as it feels, very unfocused.

    1. Welcome to The Leo Weather event. Your stellium in Leo in the Fifth House involves Uranus and Pluto, so skipping motherhood and living alone is not hugely surprising. Uranus is about freedom, space and independence. Pluto is about total control. Becoming an academic and teaching other people’s children has been your answer. The zodiac sign Leo is very common in the astrological charts of tutors, professors, lecturers and the like. It is also expressed less formally through people who write or broadcast – similar idea. You want to blog and even vlog and this is really about Gemini and Sagittarius factors in the chart, as well as Leo. You have both, and will be tempted by something new when Mars goes through Gemini, backwards, from September 4th 2022 until March 17th 2023. It will also go backwards, but that can work well with redrafting a script. That concept or course, if it is still there in 2024, becomes a huge success after May 26th that year, or it may be the forerunner of something you are thrilled with, as a writer or broadcaster, from May 26th 2024 until May 26th 2025.

  70. Hi Jessica

    Thanks firstly for all your insights and knowledge – I am fascinated how you deliver astrology in such an in-depth way.

    I have ceres in Leo and my south node is Leo.

    I am feeling quite stuck at the moment and wonder if you could shed some light on my situation?


    1. Thank you. Well, if you are stuck because of Leo matters (courtship, heirs and pretenders to your throne) all that is about to shift on the forthcoming Full Moon in Aquarius, opposite the Sun in Leo, as you are put on a fork in the road and must choose. This changes everything. It may be a godson; a much younger cousin; a potential new sexual relationship. The Leo weather ends in September.

  71. Hi Jessica, May I know which area should I pay attention to in this Leo weather and how can I make the most of it? Thanks!

    1. The Leo weather is about recognising the co-pilot and co-parent in a relationship, where there are children – even if you divorced. There has to be recognition of the son or daughter being a chip off the old block, either your block or the other person’s. Understanding that Leo is about spiritual or psychological DNA (qualities passed on, never mind looks) is part of the journey. If you don’t have children then the younger generation tends to show up as godchildren; nieces; nephews; much younger cousins and so on. The greener parts of the family tree. You will have a major decision to make here, or perhaps more than one, by September. It’s time to figure out who deserves a bigger place in your life now. And who does not.

  72. Dear Jessica,

    Sun 7 degrees Leo, Mercury 15 degrees Leo, Prosperpina 29 degree Leo. I love reading your articles and love it even more when your predictions come true! Looking for some changes to fuel some passion for life again. My two kids age 8 and 11 seem to have taken all my time. Now I feel the need for some “me” time. Would like to travel overseas but still wary of covid, so in a way still feel stuck. Would you please provide me with some insights. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Predictions are great. I sent a Twitter message to The Astrological Association of Great Britain about them, hoping to start a discussion, but alas no reply. You want to predict your own future in terms of good choices and that’s wise, given this Leo weather. The children require decisions from you by September which put you all on a fork in the road. Take your time because you are shaping their destiny. You want to travel overseas but are wary of COVID-19. That is also wise because the situation which begins in March 2023 is critical. You also need to know the science around flights, airports and COVID-19 and that will put you off, if nothing else does! Essentially you need a job. A great job, unpaid or paid, which helps you become who you always were. Something that speaks to your soul. It’s out there for you and may come from training or a second education, which is on offer now through October and again from January to May. Huge success is possible next year if you are in the right role or have the right goal. The success would continue in 2024.

  73. Dear Jessica,

    I have one more question. While my sun sign in Leo, I have a stellium (7) in Libra. Should I be reading the Libra horoscope too or should the Leo horoscope suffice? Thank you.

    1. No, just read your Leo prediction. I am not sure where all this malarkey about using other signs comes from; there is a lot of nonsense on the internet.

  74. Hi Jessica
    I will attend the leo zoom meeting from France.
    I was borned the july 28 1957 and I am a strong leo : sun, uranus, moon, mars, mercurius and pluto . At the moment it’s not very easy and I am scared about the coming year . Can you have a look to my chart and give me your precious help.
    Merci beaucoup

    1. Bonjour. Oui, you have a Leo stellium in the Fifth House. I look forward to you joining us, at The Leo Weather event, from France. You are currently experimenting with new friends or connections in one foreign country; possibly two. This works out very well for you by October. From October to December you will make or save quite a lot of money. From March 2023 the toughest love life cycle in 29 years finishes. You will be in a new sexual partnership (or a new phase in the old partnership) in March-June 2023; January-September 2024. If you use your willpower in this duet it will render you quite powerful. Au revoir, Madamoiselle.

  75. WOW!!!WOW!!!
    Thank you so much for your reply! you are absolutely amazing! I am a single mom of 2 boys, both of them have sun in Leo !
    And it’s almost 6 weeks I am in a relationship with a guy younger than me age wise, he is a mature person BUT I don’t know where we will go. If there is anything in my chart to help me understand what to do about this relationship, I extremely will be grateful to know it.

    1. Yes, the Leo weather has well and truly started. Thank you for your “WOW!!!WOW!!!” which reminds me of Kate Bush; I can’t think why. You have two children and are dating a younger man. If you are still together in March 2023 there will be a huge decision for both of you – to commit full or call it quits. If you don’t last until March 2023 there will be another potential life partner for you soon after, and the second half of the 2020’s involves choices about being one half of a power couple.

  76. Hello and thank you. I am a Virgo Sun with 9 planets in Leo! I feel more like a Leo than a Virgo, except for my need to have a lot of alone time. Is the Leo weather something I can prepare for, or should I just surf it? Thank you.

    1. Your daughter, nieces and nephews are your vocation and calling, quite apart from any paid work. Anne, you’ll need to make a substantial sign-off decision about at least one of these younger faces, if not all of them, by September. Take your time and find out more as what is assumed now, is based on last year, and you now need to update on where things are really at, for your junior empire. By the way it is very common for Leo stellium people to have a monarch’s name. You have it.

  77. I’m sorry, I meant to include that have an adult daughter who is my world and many nieces and nephews I love.

  78. Hi Jessica, I am always fascinated by your insights, you truly have a talent! There seems to be very tumultuous times ahead in 2021-2026, but can you see a move/job overseas for me soon? And you mentioned previously that stallions often indicate life purpose; what does my Capricorn stellium indicate? Thank you so much for your wisdom!

    1. Thank you. You will emigrate by July 2023 if you are going to do it, and have karma in the place concerned, going back 18-19 years, either with the city, town, country, region – or the nationality. Your Capricorn stellium is about working from the bottom to the top, in high society or in a profession, making it through patience and a willingness to play the system. It is very common in the charts of people who rise through the ranks.

  79. Hi. I have the Sun and Ascendant in Leo. I read your website always looking for your great insights. At this moment, feel that I’m close to start a big project at work and it seems that may come. What do you think? Is this my path? I also dream of having a romantic relationship but no one is on the horizon, will someone come? Thank you

    1. Thank you. You have your Solar Return in Leo so if you are going to date someone new or get back together with an ex, you’ll do it by September 2022. If you are held up in love by psychological issues (say) light will be shed and you will figure out a new path by September – it is the same with purely practical issues; maybe your old way of seeking partners is out of date or wrong for the place/times you are in. Light dawns. The big projects at work will not stop until 2026 and you will be extremely successful May 2023 to May 2024.

  80. Hi Jessica. Thanks for all that you do to help us navigate life! I have Saturn and Apollo at 27 Leo in my fifth house. A bit late in the game, but my husband and I are trying for a baby. I’m also curious about the Saturn conjunct Apollo placement. Can you please take a look at my chart? Thank you Jessica!

    1. Thank you. Saturn in conjunction with Apollo in Leo in your Fifth House is a symbol of a woman who leads by example, not only to other people’s children, but perhaps to her own, if she has them. Apollo is the renaissance person who is multi-talented and frequently imitated. Saturn is about great vulnerability and exposure to who/what threatens. In the Fifth House this may be whatever concerns there are about having children/not having them at all/not being able to have them. So, you tend to protect yourself with all that. It can also work with people who are hyper-vigilant about unplanned pregnancy, or who have had a hard lesson about, say, abortion or infertility. Whatever it is, and it is intensely private, you learn patience and wisdom as you deal with the challenges. And that is why you lead, and others follow. You will find out everything you need to know, in clear detail, with no mystery, now through September and will have made a decision by then, I expect. The Tarot can be useful as a guide by your elbow.

  81. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for the Leo Weather post. I have a lot of Leo in my chart. The previous eclipses hit right on big career changes that led to a bigger role (having to do with a creative job related to kids). Earlier this year my husband (Capricorn) surprised me with the idea that he wanted to have more kids. I wasn’t thinking about more kids at all- I was thinking of doing some renovations to our house. Wondering if the Leo Weather ahead could mean a pregnancy is possible (even at my age) or may be I should keep my focus on my home projects and not get my hopes up for another baby. My career still has my focus too and has been expanding responsibilities. Thanks!

    1. Thank you. A job involving children is typical of Leo weather and those eclipses, but also the North Node in Leo, chimed with your chart. Your husband wants more children – you were thinking about renovating the house. You are a Sun Pisces with a Leo stellium who quite honestly has no major cycles suggesting pregnancy. You also think you’re too old. (That matters!) Home improvements, though, are suggested from September 2022. You will go backwards and forwards with one matter so get it all in writing from the tradesman and the council, and pay attention to the fine print on delays or cancellations, or changes within an agreement. The problem for me here is I have no chart for your husband and he is one half of the equation. He could in fact have a surprise child on his hands by 2026. He obviously wants another young face in his life, so perhaps it will be a godchild, niece or nephew.

  82. Hi Jessica, thank you for all your generous help. I’m a Sun Leo with a 16 year old daughter, (Sun Aquarius, MC and Saturn in Leo) and 20 yr old son (Sun Capricorn, Ops in Leo). My daughter gets important exam results on 25th August – so I’m just wondering what this means for her, and I guess me as Mum. Thanks so much, Dawn

    1. Exam results are always so difficult. The last time I had any, was at the University of Tasmania, and they pinned them all up on the noticeboards lining the corridors of the Union building. Can you imagine? Dawn, your Aquarius Sun daughter had a really good innings with English, Speech and Drama, debating, Information Technology, or one of the other communication-heavy subjects, a few months ago. She will do really well again with her way with words, until October, and then again from January to May 2023. Long-term she could find an amazing work adventure with the worldwide web, the media, education or publishing. So whatever happens at the end of August is a big step on that road. If one door closes, another one opens, and all that. It may be that a couple of doors open and shut at the same time, but her childhood was so important in terms of her reading, writing and speaking abilities that in some ways she’s an unstoppable express train. You also have a family member in spirit looking after you. They are here now. Perhaps you know that!

  83. Hi Jessica,

    I have a big decision to make as I’ve been offered a new job 9-5 which will ultimately affect my son as he’s at an online school at home and has special educational needs. I’m filled with dread when I think of leaving him to go out to work all day and I’ve got a lot of all ground to cover as I haven’t been in work since my illness in 2018, but needs must as I’m currently receiving no support from his rich father who is the one insisting that I get a job. I’m due to start a week on Monday and I’m wondering if the time is now or if I should wait.
    As always, I appreciate your time x

    1. Sun Libra women are all going through fears about their son or daughter at the moment. Saturn is in your solar Fifth House of children. Saturn is a symbol of vulnerability, exposure, a rather raw feeling – so the barriers and walls come up, so you feel better protected. You will be relieved to know the cycle ends in March 2023. Until then you can build in some protection about your son, and for him, at home. I am sure family or friends have suggested using a camera, or setting up a Zoom schedule, or thinking laterally about having some remote help with him, online. There are many, many ways you can handle Saturn. You are now back in work since being ill in 2018 and that’s a good thing. Your timing is right. In fact, work will feel like an escape to you. A bubble away from the real world. From March 2023 you will realise that if you use your willpower, you will become empowered where your son is concerned. Use The Garden Oracle to validate the astrology.

  84. Hi Jessica. Thank you for another fantastic article. As you can see from my chart, although I am a Virgo, I have a lot of Leo factors. Could you please have a look and let me know how the rest of my year will pan out with regards to relationships? Many thanks as always xx

    1. Thank you. Your former, current or potential sexual partner is an escape from the real world in 2022, 2023. This is a bubble existence and very different to most people’s experience of a relationship, no matter if it is long gone, with you now, or pending for the possible future. Neptune is transiting your solar Seventh House. That can be confusing and confused, and it may take huge effort to find clarity and contain and control things. It’s not impossible though and you should try. Jupiter returns to your solar Seventh House from October to December, which is a fantastic way out, or way through, no matter how distorted the situation has become. You will be offered a solution or opportunity then, involving your former, current or potential other half. Do take it as the transit will not occur again for another 12 years. In your natal chart, you have that Leo-Libra pattern which suggests you were made for commitment. You would commit and take the journey, with all the highs and lows, because you were born to do it. And you’ll do it more than once if you have to.

  85. Hello Jessica, I learn so much from reading all the comments. I also have Uranus in Libra in my seventh house like one of the comments that you answered and I have Minerva in Leo. I always wanted to get married and have children but did not meet my husband until I was 40 after never settling with anyone for any period of time. We then tried IVF unsuccessfully and then after a very long process also had an unsuccessful adoption as I came to realise I wasn’t cut out for it at an older age. I feel a little sad that I never had my own children and wonder if this shows up in my chart anywhere as I only have Minerva in Leo.

    1. Marriage and husbands are in fact Libra and the Seventh House and you have Uranus there, the symbol of upheaval, independence and freedom. Children and IVF are of course Leo and the Fifth House as is adoption. Unfortunately adoption did not work out for you. You have Vesta and Aesculapia in Leo in your Fifth House. I’m not sure where you get Minerva from! Was the adopted child a girl? Vesta tends to produce situations where one male can dominate a situation with two or more females. If the adoption was female then she would have been competing with you for your husband’s attention or approval. If the child was a boy then you may have met Vesta through other women (still) as he may have been the catalyst for competition with – say – an aunt, or a female godmother, or your mother, or a mother-in-law and so on. Vesta can feel very painful. The solution is for the females to join forces with each other and find solidarity so that the male in the situation cannot manipulate it for ego purposes. Aesculapia suggests that nothing and nobody is ever over. So something or someone you had just about written off, as a parent or adoptive parent, returns later. Uranus in the Seventh House is associated with marriage as an experiment, not as a known outcome, so it will always be a work in progress ;the trick to Uranus is to offer freedom, space, liberty and independence but also take them, if you need them. This is often very confronting but it can work if everyone involved is far-sighted enough and honest enough.

  86. Dear Jessica,
    Thanks for your contribution about Leo weather.
    I have registered for attending the Meetup but I’m not sure I will have chance to ask questions. So let me ask you now.
    As I am an Aquarian, Leo is my 7th house as well as it’s a natural 5th house. How complicated is it? In Leo, I have Pluto at 13 and Saturn at 19. My would-be heir apparent, also an Aquarian, has Ops@6, Ceres@12, and Mars @24. Is the transfer of power going well? What outcome do you see after transfer of power? Thanks again for your kind predictions.

    1. You are a Sun Aquarian with Pluto and Saturn in Leo. Just stick to your natal chart to keep life simple. You were born with Pluto and Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House of heirs and pretenders to the throne. Also courtship and the royal bedchamber. With Pluto in Leo you need to feel control, even total control, as a parent. You can be quite intense about parenthood, pregnancy, babies, children, teenagers, young adults. Pluto in a chart shows obsession or near-obsession and it can feel very difficult to let go or not feel as if the reins are in your hands. Saturn tends to make you feel vulnerable, exposed, at risk of various real-world outcomes so you build barriers. Saturn the planet has rings. You, as a person, have a moat, drawbridge and high castle walls. The Leo weather will alert you to all this. There may be an event involving your child or perhaps another young person. A courtship or a phase in an existing marriage or relationships that raises questions. By the time September is here you will have made some important choices. Have a look at the Tarot and draw a card to see how Saturn and Pluto work out for you (draw two cards in total, one representing each planet) past, present and future. If there are any issues that need resolving, as there often are with these two, the Tarot can help guide you. Thank you.

  87. Hi Jessica,
    I hope you and Tess are well and happy. You are probably in bed as I write this. If so, sweet dreams. I just purchased the birth chart as it is on sale for my husband. He is a very gifted self-employed jazz musician. He is trying to make a success of his social media platform along with performing and teaching. I feel he does so much for other people and, in a sense, has only reached 60% of his potential. I call him the reluctant star. We hope to one day to relocate to the Emerald Isle where I was born. If you would be so kind as to decipher his career and any other wisdom you see.
    Thanks a million, His chart is
    SUN Leo 28
    MARS Leo 22
    APOLLO Leo 09
    MINERVA Leo 29
    OPS Leo 03

    MOON Taurus 09
    SATURN Taurus 22
    CERES Taurus 07
    PANACEA Taurus 16
    JUNO Taurus 18

    MERCURY Virgo 25
    PLUTO Virgo 26
    VESTA Virgo 29
    VULCANO Virgo 11
    AESCUPULIA Virgo 18
    SOUTH NODE Virgo 02

    VENUS Libra 14
    BACCHUS Libra 10
    URANUS Libra 06
    ASC Libra 00

    CHIRON Aries 09
    DESC Aries 00
    CUPIDO Aries 06

    HYGEIA Cancer 24
    MC Cancer 00

    PROSPERINA Scorpio 24
    JUPITER Scorpio 00
    NEPTUNE Scorpio 28

    IC Capricorn 00
    SALACIA Capricorn 28
    FORTUNA Capricorn 12

    NORTH NODE Pisces 02

    Thanks again Jessica
    Much love XX

    1. Thank you. I just had a Tarot Zoom meeting in America so I’m up early in Australia. Tess is at her holiday home! Your husband would have been tempted by a second career by now. This may be jazz or it may be something quite different, if he calls music his first career. This would have evolved quite naturally and organically; bits falling into place. Hopefully he is already on the road because his second career could become his first career by 2026. Whatever he finds exciting, liberating (as in, being released from a very difficult, boxed-in situation), surprising and like a breath of fresh air, is the right choice. He’ll be very successful when Jupiter changes signs from May 2023 and have a promotion, hit, prestigious role or successful project in hand by May 2024 if he does the work. Will you both emigrate to Ireland, where you come from? He could easily do that with you until October, or from January to May 2023. The door would be open.

  88. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for this article. I have learned over the years from your website, blogs, and responses to questions that even though I am a sun Virgo, I have a Leo stellium that makes me very Leo.

    I have Venus 21 Leo, Chiron 6 Leo, Vesta 18 Leo, Ops 29 Leo, Cupid 15 Leo, and Psyche 23 Leo.

    How would this materialize in my life? My younger sister (7 years younger) has recently moved in with me (I am very thrilled about it) and I have also recently started to take up mentorship roles at my workplace. Even though I do not have a big age gap with these people – do you think it still falls in my fifth house? Also in the last few months, I have been questioning if I want children of my own and I am unable to make a decision around it.

    1. You are strongly Leo, live in your Fifth House and are finding unique ways to do that. Your younger sister is now in your home and you are mentoring younger people. The age gap does not have to be big; thank you for raising this important point! Pretenders to the throne can be slightly younger than you. It’s really about dynasty and pretenders to the throne. Leo is an ancient archetype and dates from a time when if you had a Virgin Queen (like Elizabeth I) issues about the line of succession became enormous. When Jupiter goes into Leo many years from now you will find your younger sister is another source of joy for you.

  89. Hi Jessica – I have registered for the Zoom meeting, but am not sure if I will be able to ask questions especially given the early hour for me. My Leo factors are below. Any insights, please, re how the upcoming transits may affect me? Could there be a tie in with an relaunch using the Aries transits as well? As always, thank you for any insights you can provide and all you do. Stay safe and healthy. PS: as you have been posting about UV killing the SAR2 virus, thought this link may be of interest:

    ASC 11° Leo
    Fortuna 02° Leo

    1. Thank you. Thank you also for the link on UV-C light killing COVID-19. Because I am an astrologer, people see me writing about the Philips UV-C unit and either assume I am a paid influencer (wrong, klaxon!) or that I’m just a whackjob. Philips make half the appliances in my home, I don’t know about yours. If they are selling home and work units that claim to destroy 99% of Omicron and Delta, I believe them. I find it remarkable that this isn’t front page everywhere but then again there are vested interests who have put an awful lot of money into anything that isn’t a Philips unit! Okay, the Leo weather will trine Aries in your chart, and trine the First House, and yes, trine anything passing through Aries like Chiron and Jupiter. So now through September is a good time to consider weight loss, a new look for a book or website, a relaunch of what/who was representing you before, a different wardrobe (seasonal change arrives in September) and so on.

  90. Hello Jessica and team, thank you for the post and looking forward to the event Saturday. I have a few factors in Leo, along with some weather as you note with Uranus and Node in Taurus. What are the best opportunities for me with this weather and any cautions? All the best to you, I agree with the others that I really enjoy reading the q&a as much as the blogs.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the comments extend the feature, thanks to you and other readers. They ground the astrology in the real world, for which I am grateful. You are a Sun Capricorn with the South Node in Leo in the Fifth House. You don’t say if you have children or not, or godchildren, nieces or nephews – that matters. You also don’t say if you want children or not. That is also crucial. What you see and hear by September will put you on a fork in the road with your courtships, heirs or pretenders to the throne. The fork you take is very important as it will result in incredible developments from May 2023 to May 2024 when you could easily adopt, have a child, gain a new godchild or young relative who becomes very important to you when he/she is older. It can sometimes be even bigger than that: working for or through children, teenagers, young adults on groundbreaking new projects.

  91. Hi Jessica,

    I am a Scorpio with Saturn at 15 Leo. What kind of impact is the Leo weather going to have on me? What should I be cautioned about and be prepared for?

    Thank you for your guidance, as always.

    Best regards.

    1. The same story is told in both houses systems I use for you. In your solar chart, as a Sun Scorpio, you have Neptune in Pisces in the Fifth House of courtship, heirs and pretenders, to be joined by Jupiter from October-December 2022. In your natal chart, we have Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House. This is a lifetime of lessons hard learned about heirs, pretenders and courtship. More obvious at the Saturn Returns, so around age 29 and again around age 58. The choices you have made previously to love (or not) and to have children (or not) come back to you by September, perhaps because an ex-lover pops up again, or because of events surrounding (say) a nephew or a young intern. Saturn is always a reminder to slow down, take good advice and brush up on your homework about whatever the issue is.

  92. Dear Jessica, firstly thank you for your great articles through these troubled times, I have been re-reading all the ones about Boris recently, but enough on him I want to know one thing only! So, I have Venus in Leo, my only Leo placing as I am a Virgo sun, moon, Scorpio rising but with a stellium in Libra! I thought that Venus in Leo meant that I loved like a Leo, but reading your articles, it is not that simple. I have been single, so it feels, for many years, though in reality I have met someone. I met them the end of December 2020 but we have been more off than on and currently definitely off. So I was unsure if the Libra weather or the Leo weather gives me the best idea of when I will meet someone new or finally end the duet and dual with this other. Thank you for your support for Ukraine and generally people who are oppressed.

    1. Thank you. If you are absolutely sure you only have Venus in Leo (please don’t tell me you are using an old-fashioned 20th century chart) then it really is an outlier. Venus seduces, is unfaithful, is possessive and rates relationships way above anything else. In Leo in the Fifth House she complicates issues around pregnancy, fertility, children, stepchildren. Perhaps this is why you are single. You have never wanted the complication! Leo and Fifth House placements are always about wanting children (very much) or not at all. This is why we find so many one-night stands that turn into pregnancy; abortions; IVF programs; infidelity and the rest. What you will discover by September is the truth about your current, updated views on fatherhood. And that influences what you decide with your on-off affair.

    1. Yes, my birthday is close to that, July 25th. This is playing out with my godson. Perhaps, for you, it will play out with your godchildren.

  93. I’ve been following you, your predictions are too accurate. I’m a Leo, I got divorced in 2018, and I don’t know when my love will come. I am currently studying in Canada and want to immigrate by studying abroad. Can I succeed? Thank you very much, can you tell me a few words?

    1. Thank you. If you are going to emigrate you will do it by October, or again from January to May 2023. You will be one half of a power couple at any point from March-June 2023, and certainly from the mid 2020’s.

  94. Hi Jessica

    I am looking forward to the Leo weather meet up on Sunday. I am Virgo sun with Venus, Juno, IC, Apollo, Aesculapia and Vulcano in Leo. It’s been a rough few months for me already, nothing has been stable finances, marriage, work. Please take a look at my chart if possible., would be thankful for any advice.

    Thank you!!

    1. Leo does not rule money or work. It rules marriage and the children you do, or do not have. You don’t say if you had a son or daughter, or not. Or if there are fertility issues, or just the desire to be free from children. That is actually what now through September is all about. If you are a Sun Virgo it’s doubly important because pregnancy, fertility, stepchildren, offspring have been at the heart of power and control questions since 2008. You can expect a major decision in July, August, September if so and the end of the challenges in March 2023.

  95. Hi Jessica,

    Happy almost Birthday! Looking forward to “seeing” you at the event this weekend. I was looking at the new moon 5 Leo chart and noticed that there is a full moon at 5 Leo in January 2024. It’s also close to that 2018 4-degree eclipse. I’m wondering if this new moon has a longer than usual story. Any insights greatly appreciated as always.


    1. Thanks Lisa. I’m looking forward to my birthday and also to The Leo Weather on Zoom. Yes, back on 27th July 2018 we saw the Full Moon Eclipse at 4 Aquarius opposite the Sun at 4 Leo and we have a Full Moon at 5 Leo in opposition to the Sun at 5 Aquarius on January 25th, 2024. Because Leo rules infants, children, teenagers and young adults, it’s wise to look ahead, because children grow up, and with age, comes a new angle on the heirs or pretenders to the throne. Uranus at 4 Leo in your chart suggests the next generation, or the one after that, is always a catalyst for radical change. Whatever the cover-up or blind spot was for you, it will be brought to your attention in 2024. As well as younger generations, Leo/Fifth House also rules courtship as you know. So what you did not see, or could not know, casts a long shadow into the future. It may be as simple as a godson’s situation with his parents, or as complex as a dynasty matter.

  96. Hello Jessica
    I am a sag, rising aries, moon in virgo, my husband is virgo and rising sag.
    How it going to impact me and my family or is it more for my job, I am looking for my true job and change country.
    thank you so much

    1. Further to this, your husband’s Virgo Sun suggests you will both emigrate by 2026 with the best opportunity from May 2023 to May 2024.

  97. Hello Jessica
    I am a sag, rising aries, moon in virgo, my husband is virgo and rising sag.
    How the leo weather is going to impact me and my family or is it more for my job, I am looking for my true job and change country.
    thank you so much

    1. The Leo weather has nothing to do with your job or emigration. The job is Tenth House and emigration is Ninth House, plus Fourth House (foreigners, foreign countries and your home town and homeland). Your best bet for permanently resettling is Jupiter in Pisces, from October to December 2022. Your work situation will change radically more than once by 2026 and each time it does so, you will be liberated and free to explore exhilarating new options. The loss of the predictable, against the thrill of the unpredictable. One of the best offers in 12 years appears May 2023 to May 2024.

  98. Hi Jessica, I’m excited for the Leo weather event tomorrow night – thank you for taking the time to put it together. If it’s not too late to ask a question I would love to ask about my chart. It’s light on with Leo, just the IC and North Node at 10 Leo. I have been working on healing some childhood trauma (some known, some unknown) which isn’t necessarily pleasant, but long overdue as it’s manifested in lifelong anxiety/fear…. I hope I’m being cosmically supported to help release it. I’m also feeling really grateful for my little ones and loving spending time with them both. They’re both having minor surgery in a few weeks and we’re hoping for much improved quality of life afterwards. After deciding not to try for more children, due to stress and life (and age!) I’m feeling like perhaps there is another baby…? I hope this makes sense. Thanks for your time and energy Jessica 🙂

    1. No, not too late at all, I am just finding some time to sit down at my desk, the day before our event. You have two major placements in Leo. The IC or Immum Coeli describes ancestors in the family tree and what you have inherited from them as a family story. The North Node describes your karma. So it was always your karma to have your children, and be Queen to a younger court; to have heirs to your throne. You have chosen to do that in this lifetime and probably knew the children and their father before. You have been going through the very tough opposition of Saturn in Aquarius, against your North Node, which can only happen every 28 years or so; thus the big challenge of surgery. Your IC shows an ancestor who was the King or Queen, again, in the context of their career or family. A leader, mentor, guide and authority. Your childhood trauma has left you with anxiety. You have Vesta in Virgo so there may be a story there, where there were two or more females (including yourself) and one dominant male. Have a look at Vesta as a symbol in your astrological chart. That may help to unlock something. Anxiety is a response of the parasympathetic nervous system, as you may know, and it’s easy to get caught in a circuit. If you’ve not seen me recommending the books and audio recordings of the late Dr. Claire Weekes, I am recommending them now. Read the testimonials from others who have survived childhood trauma and used her methods to get rid of anxiety syndrome. Every little bit helps.

  99. Hi Jessica
    Looking forward to to the Leo Zoom event. I have Leo factors and I have 3 sons and 5 grandchildren so I guess this period will impact on me regarding this area of my life. Just realised I got engaged on 23 July 1983 which I have never thought about until this article. What does the Leo weather have instal for me?
    Thank you.
    Linda x

    1. Linda, you got engaged on Leo weather, have Leo factors and many heirs to your throne, so you are textbook. What just happened (or will happen by September) is really about the family tree and its younger branches. How to settle up with the past and accept that some of the mysteries or unknowns of life with/for these younger faces will now be under the microscope. What was not seen or known, a few years ago, now returns for a second look and decisions will be made.

  100. Hi Jessica, I was wondering if you could let me know what kind of impact would the Leo weather will have on me? I don’t have any children in my life and I’m unmarried. Everything has felt very stagnant for me, for the last 3 years. Thanks in advance. Much love!

    1. You are quite unusual in not having nieces, nephews or godchildren – or having any paid work/unpaid work involvement with children, teenagers or young adults. Feeling stagnant is sometimes about not fulfilling your chart. The Moon, Apollo and Fortuna in Leo in your Fifth House suggest you ‘need to be needed’ through a younger generation. The maternal instinct, whatever your gender, goes towards the young. The Moon mothers. Apollo leads. So this is a classic indicator of a teacher. Fortuna spins the wheel of fate and fortune for the young. The people or events which turn up now through September are a reminder of the past decisions you made about all this; those forks in the road. It’s also a reminder that Leo leads the dynasty, no matter if it’s pretenders to the throne (not your offspring) or heirs to the throne (a pregnancy or new relationship with stepchildren thrown in, by September).

  101. Thank you for the amazing article! I am a Leo sun, rising and Venus. I am married and have 3 daughters, also. Just wondering if you could look down the pipeline and see if anything stands out. I’ve been giving intuitive/medium readings for about a year on Reddit and wanting to turn it into something real. Any advice there?

    1. Thank you. You will be tempted by training online and be pretty happy if you take the course by October, or again from January to May 2023, with a foreign teacher or foreigners in the class. You may even end up teaching mediumship yourself one day.

  102. Thank you! Trying to reply to your reply not sure this is in the right spot. Anyway. I do not have children of my own and am now too ‘old’ for my own. Tons of nieces and nephews but all 100+ miles away. Open to relationship that brings ‘step’ children if that is a possibility. But I see your point that this is what the Leo weather is bringing, will keep my eyes open to it. Hope to be up in time for the session in 11 hours! Appreciate it.

    1. Thank you. We had some people at The Leo Weather who were there at 6.00am so I do appreciate all the early risers. Courtship is very likely on this Leo weather in your Fifth House and you are also a Sun Capricorn who has Uranus transiting her solar Fifth House. Right up until 2026 you are in the zone for a new sexual relationship and either the nieces or nephews come rocketing back in, with more importance, or the next person in your life has children; has godchildren, or young relatives who become terribly important to you. It can show up as a new boyfriend with a niece, who then has a child, who becomes central to you, for whatever reason. But the door is open until September and will be open again, many times in the future.

  103. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for all the information you have shared over the past several years while I have been a premium member.
    In a previous post you predicted that I would become an academic and that I would excel in that realm. I am very interested in pursuing that role. My question is; have I missed the opportunity by not applying for a position yet or should I apply in the next couple of weeks for a permanent professor role at the university level?
    Also, in early 2021 you predicted that an ongoing civil legal suit that involved my husband, had a very strong potential to settle from May 2022 to September 2022. You were very accurate and I want to personally thank you for the insight as it has been invaluable. The settlement discussions are very advanced and we anticipate a written agreement next week.

    Warm regards,

    1. Thank you Scarlett. You want to become a professor, so that’s back to the Ninth House of your chart, ruled by Sagittarius, and Gemini, and its rulership of the Third House. You have a Gemini signature and haven’t missed the boat at all. The ability to communicate online and offline as ‘Mercury the Messenger of the Gods’ is lifelong with you and in fact will only expand over time, notably when Jupiter goes into Gemini and your Third House over the next few years, and Uranus in Gemini from 2026, taking you into a teaching or professorial role past 2030, with new technology not even thought of yet. So the next two weeks is important, and you should apply, given the helpful transits from the Leo weather to your Gemini side – but actually you are in this for the long haul – and may learn a second language too. Thank you for validating the prediction about your husband and the civil legal suit. What a relief to know it’s almost over.

  104. Hi Jessica, your work is always very interesting. I wonder how this Leo weather will manifest for me. I am a Scorpio, I have two primary age children, two adult stepchildren and my husband’s first granchild will be born this Autumn. Do you have any advice? Thank you

    1. Thank you. You just answered your own question. A baby is coming in Autumn (the Leo weather runs until the end of September). The final three months of 2022 are the most fantastic turning point for you, likely because of your husband’s first grandchild, but perhaps because of your children or stepchildren. The biggest and the best is coming. The baby may actually be bigger than you might expect; that can happen!

  105. Hi Jessica,

    What impact do Retrograde Leo placements have on natal charts and how can I use this cycle to succeed in business/creative projects and buying a new home this year?

    Thank you!

    Sun 18° capricorn
    ASC 22° capricorn
    Moon 18° aries
    Apollo 14 Leo Retrograde
    Saturn 00 Leo Retrograde
    Fortuna 15 Leo Retrograde

    1. Leo doesn’t rule business or creativity unless it is for children, teenagers, young adults or with them. It doesn’t rule property, either. However, as a Sun Capricorn you have the best opportunities in 12 years to purchase a new home until October, then from January to May 2023. Business is lighter, easier, less of a hard ask, from March 2023 and that month, towards the end, you realise that if you have the willpower you can build up financial power over the long-term. That month is a change for you; a real turning point.

  106. Hello Jessica
    I’m writing this just before the Zoom later in a few minutes.
    I’m a Sun Cancer with Mercury 0 deg and Venus 1 deg in Leo and Psyche in 9 deg Scorpio.
    So for a long while now my focus is all about my son (Capricorn 10 years old, I have only one child); and increasing my income, business interests and financial independence.
    I am divorced and have custody 66% of the time and sometimes I am not the best version of me when things feel a bit too much.
    I work part time and run a business and also looking for ways to increase my income. Many times I feel the frustration of not knowing whether to push hard on my work/career (like going full time) or focus on my business, or push equally hard on both.
    If you can have time tonight I would really appreciate your insights to my situation.

    and value through any legal means necessaryI know that Leo is my 2nd house of money, income and values, etc. MoneThat is my focus

  107. Hi Jessica,
    I find it hard to relate to the child element of Leo as I don’t have any (and won’t unless I meet someone who already has them), nor do I work with children or are close to any. So, could the Leo weather impact my life on the courtship side of things? (Fingers crossed!) I have Leo in Mars 4, Mercury 10, Fortuna 18, Panacea 17. Thank you so much for your valued time and insight.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer with a Leo stellium and could easily date someone during the Leo weather until September, which sweeps across your Fifth House of courtship, heirs to the throne and pretenders to the throne. As we discussed at The Leo Weather, having a pattern in Leo in the Fifth House does not mean one has children, is close to them, or works with them – it just suggests a major story there. Sometimes the story is a miscarriage or abortion in the past, which alters the dating destiny. Different choices are made because of it. And sometimes the story is potential dates who have children, or who want children, but that is an obstacle. Again it alters the dating destiny. It is important to remember Good Queen Bess was the Virgin Queen who was courted, but had no offspring. She was Queen to a younger court, nonetheless. She is a Leo archetype, as much as the current Elizabeth with her huge dynasty. So perhaps you are the former and not the latter, but you will not be flying solo for too long. It may be life until September which changes that, or more likely, March to June 2023, when after years of having to deal with questions about power and control when you date (since 2008 actually) you realise the politics has gone. You don’t know why yet.

  108. Hello Jessica,

    I truly appreciate you sharing your beautiful gift with all of us!

    I’m hoping you can provide some insight regarding my career and finances. I made a daring career move last September by leaving a company I was employed with for 17 years. Just recently, I received another career opportunity and decided to move forward with it. I’m hoping this latest move will provide the career accolades and financial stability I desire. Is this the season for my breakthrough?

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Sagittarius with a huge Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance, legacies, insurance, property, superannuation and pensions, heirlooms, business, banking and so on. So life until July 2023 is full of life-changing choices about that. You just made one of them. The real issue long-term is not so much money as freedom, though. You’ve flown the coop to find freedom and you will have it as Uranus (independence) visits your solar Sixth House of work. That goes until 2026. What you’ll be likely doing until July 2023 is weighing up financial stability against autonomy, space, and the buzz of an unpredictable, non-routine, daily routine. Those sorts of calculations stop next July but for now, they are important. Your entire lifestyle, working day, pride in your work, range of projects brings you huge fulfilment and great opportunities from May 2023 until May 2024.

  109. I didnt get the promotion I applied for and in some ways perhaps it will allow more balance in my life but it is very disappointing and I feel a failure as I have tried 3 times so perhaps the universe is trying to tell me something but are you able to help point me to what that might be please as I have 3 factors in Leo?

    1. I’m sorry you weren’t promoted; I bet you are disappointed. You are not a failure. There is an old rule about three barriers and yes, you are often being turned away from something/someone that would have prevented you from the right career or education. The Leo weather isn’t about work, but your Venus at 28 Capricorn certainly is, and Pluto is moving around 28 Capricorn for the first time in 248 years. This usually encourages you to transform the way you relate to employers, colleagues, staff, clients. It can be intense and feel quite relentless, but transiting Pluto in conjunction with Venus is about understanding you have to change. Step back from what just happened and see if you can figure out the ‘complicated relationship’ side of work, which is what Venus in Capricorn describes. That is now something you must reshape. The Tarot may be able to shed some light on the situation for you and show you how to figure things out. Pluto hangs around for quite a while at 28 Capricorn so it will be a process, but once it’s over, you’ll be empowered by it.

  110. Sun Leo with a stellium in Leo. Baby girl due in Aug or Sep. Anxious and hope her birth will turn out fine. Will I be able to work from home and work minimally to earn a reduced yet adequate income to be with her during the first few years of her life? Thank you Jessica if you can shed some light.

    1. Congratulations on your baby girl, due in August or September. Anxiety about having children (or not having children) is common with women who have Saturn in Leo in the Fifth House. Saturn is about walls, barriers, defences against what or whom makes you feel so vulnerable. So you are already worrying about your baby’s arrival and also the first years of life as you hope to be at home and obviously need an income. Saturn is a great teacher as you probably know and if you can educate yourself about motherhood, and then follow the wisdom, you are going to avoid lessons you don’t need. The only issues people really have with Saturn come from denial or avoidance (it can feel so confronting to deal with things, that it seems easier to shut out the facts). It’s far better to learn from experienced mothers who have been there before you, and of course – the experts. You have far more than Saturn in Leo though so Diana, Ops, Panacea and the Sun also play their part; you will be a mother who needs freedom, space and independence. So if you are at home I strongly recommend you find a babysitter or have your partner do the caring, so you can get out and about. Ops is a very good astrological symbol to see alongside Saturn as she brings optimism, solutions and strong outcomes. I’ll leave you to uncover the rest from your online library. The financial side of your life (starting in March 2023) looks like a test of patience and there is no way around that. You will have to live in the real world where the money is concerned, and accept the things you can’t change for a couple of years or so. If the baby is due on Leo weather, going right across your Leo stellium, you will feel as if you are ‘becoming who you are’ to quote the phrase. You are stepping into a role you were born for and will be more than a parent; you will be a teacher, guide, mentor and leader to this small person. Deep breath.

  111. Hello Jessica, I have just finished listening in on the Leo weather. I am Sun Leo and so much is up in the air for me and I’m very confused. Deborah’s insight into the Leo personality is interesting for me as maybe my personality is causing problems that I presumed were coming from my husband! I would be so grateful for your insight…so far all your predictions on relationship/marriage have been spot on…I’m just unsure what to do next….I am Premium Member so maybe you can see my chart…..he’s sun Taurus (and North node Taurus in 8th House) many, many thanks

    1. You are a Sun Leo with Leo and Libra chart patterns in your Fifth House of parenthood and courtship and Seventh House of marriage. The hard part is over in March 2023 and then the really big change takes place with your husband. March, April, May, June 2023 are a relief because the patience, waiting game and rather heavy realities of your situation stop. Instead, you realise that if you two are going to go to the next level as a couple then you have to transform the balance of power between you and alter the controls. If you decide to separate, do your utmost to prevent a power struggle between you from the very start and you will have a much easier time in the late 2020’s. Much of what he goes through with you until July 2023 is karmic and reflects life as it was for him 18 or 19 years ago, either with you or another duet/partnership/duel and he needs to gain closure, spiritually, so he’s going through this particular stretch with you.

  112. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your great insights. Appreciate you so much for answering so many questions. I feel good about our new home. Love it and want generate/attract wealth so I can enjoy it without leaving for work. It is a one hour commute into the city to teach film studies. Without sounding too cliche, I want to write a book. Does my chart reflect life as a published author?

    Thank you kindly.

    1. You’re a Sun Leo with a Sagittarius pattern in the Ninth House of publishing, so you are in an excellent position to find publication by October and then again from January to May 2023. Teaching film studies is also reflective of your Ninth House/Sagittarius pattern.

  113. Hello Jessica, thank you for sharing with us your wisdom. I’m new to your website and I joined your zoom meeting but unfortunately I was only able to join near the end. I’m very new to astrology, would you be so kind to leave me a few lines on what Leo’s weather might bring me. I was born on the 11th March 1980 at 9 am (on the dot, according to my mother). There has been many ups and downs in my life, we’re on a on/off situation with the purchase of a house, my son might not be given a place in a new school because we don’t know if we’re going to move or when (I probably will have to homeschool him which means I won’t be able to get a job) and all this is straining my marriage. Extended family cause more hurt than help. Is there any light in the end of the tunnel for me?

    Thank you once again, Jessica.
    All the best,

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Pisces and going through house, parenting, work, marriage and family issues all at the same time. You don’t say where you were born and that does matter. However, looking at you purely as a Sun Pisces, you will make or save money until October, then again from January to May 2023, so the on/off purchase of a home has to be balanced against the cash you gain or stash. Try to resolve all the concerns before September and pick your battles. If you battle away against. your husband/about the move/regarding the family after September you may spend far longer than necessary spinning your wheels. If you possibly can, try to get the really big stuff out of the way then.

  114. Hi Jessica , thank you for the Leo weather event tonight , it was again very interesting. especially at the end . I have literally just watched 2 shows on Ghillaine Maxwell.very much appears to be the heir to the throne of her father .

    I myself have a stellium in Leo , with Jupiter, Apollo, Juno , moon and panacea . I found it interesting that Jupiter, Juno and Apollo are related too.i have been blessed with 4 children and 2 grandchildren, one of them born this year named Apollo. is there anything you can see for me with this and is this possibly why I seem to have a fairly optimistic outlook most of the time …. Jupiter in Leo ?

    1. Thanks so much for coming along to The Leo Weather. I’m glad you enjoyed it. How amazing that you have Apollo in Leo and a grandchild named Apollo. Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House is about expansion, growth, hope and good fortune through the children, and also the grandchildren so you have fulfilled your mission. You should enjoy the opportunities with your home and the solutions for the house, apartment or garden until October and then from January to May 2023 when you could easily create more room to move and explore more space – there is also a suggestion that your local area or region will benefit from long overdue improvements.

  115. Thank you for the Leo weather event, it was enlightening and informative as ever. I have a question as a Leo sun sign regarding Emily Bronte. I was flabbergasted to discover (after finding her birth details on astrotheme), that her placements are very similar to mine, even to the point that I was born 13 miles away from her birthplace and I currently live in Haworth! I am not an author (yet?!) although I wouldn’t rule it out as a future possibility.
    Interestingly, you answered a previous question regarding the Leo stellium in my Fifth house of children and mentioned the J. K Rowling and Beatrix Potter signatures and their link to the next generation. As for your frequent reference of Leo to their heirs and the next generation, I have three girls and I currently work at a primary school.
    Is there any light you can shed on all of this? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Apollo in Leo in the Fifth House suggest you are Queen to a younger court. You can either be Elizabeth I and have no children, but several pretenders to the throne – or Elizabeth II and have a huge brood. You don’t have an enormous dynasty but you do have three girls and you work at a school. You are living your chart fully and will find life until September is very important for choices about the students at the school, but also your own children. A couple of substantial decisions are in the air. The Emily Bronte similarities are really interesting. As a Sun Leo born on the same day as Kate Bush, she also has a chart which echoes your own (as does Kate’s). This isn’t about children as much as courtship. Bronte is known, above all other things, for Heathcliff. So there is something about your love life, past and present, which suggests a classically Leonine courtship. Deborah was talking about the drama of the sign. That may give you a clue, and yes, you could write a romance too.

  116. Hi Jessica,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your Leo Zoom event today.
    I am a Cancerian with Leo stellium.
    Really stuck and would like to move home – relocate or find a new job. During your zoom event, I drew the Fool card, you also provided The World card for Cancer sign. Just wondering what I should take from that? It’s time for change. Any advice greatly welcomed. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alicia and Deborah. The Fool is about travel or relocation with a warning. You have a stellium in Cancer in your chart in the Fourth House of home, property, town, country and this is triggered for some time. The Fool here is about relocating, here, not a holiday (not that anyone is taking holidays in a plague anyway!) So the field is wide open for a new place to live and work. Just remember the barking dog. There is a warning or caution being barked here. Think again about the path or route you would take. Where are you going and what is the reality of the new place? The ‘giant leap’ you would have taken is not a good idea; the cliff is crumbling. Sailing forth on a wing and a prayer is not a good idea. Funnily enough I just saw a huge seagull land on the roof opposite my office. It surveyed the landscape for a long time, then flew. This is synchronicity. Yes you can and probably will go, but do your homework and research and find the best alternative path to get to the new town and/or region. On a totally different level, as a Sun Cancer, we drew The World card for you and therefore, Europe, America and Australasia are calling you online and all you have to do is choose – it may be as simple as a regular Zoom meetup in one of those countries or something more potent.

  117. Sorry Jessica, I wrote me post in a hurry because I was trying to get into Zoom before the sessions started. I have realised that it needs an edit. So I am re-posting without the bits after ‘Blessing!’:)

    I’m a Sun Cancer with Mercury 0 deg and Venus 1 deg in Leo and Psyche in 9 deg Scorpio. So for a long while now my focus is all about my son (Capricorn 10 years old, I have only one child); and increasing my income, business interests and financial independence. I am divorced and have custody 66% of the time and sometimes I am not the best version of me when things feel a bit too much. I work part time and run a business and also looking for ways to increase my income. Many times I feel the frustration of not knowing whether to push hard on my work/career (like going full time) or focus on my business, or push equally hard on both. If you can have time tonight I would really appreciate your insights to my situation. Blessings!

    1. Re-posting is fine. You have a lot on your plate. A son, a divorce behind you, a business and a financial stretch, as well as a part-time job. You are a Sun Cancer with a Virgo stellium – the sign of work and wellbeing as you know. The financial tests of your patience end in March 2023. The burden vanishes that month, for reasons you don’t know yet. In its place comes the great challenge of the Twenties and Thirties; to use your willpower to become powerful, with business and money. March 2023 is also important because of the shift with your boy’s father. You will glimpse what it is like to no longer have to use such tremendous self-control and self-discipline all the time. Later on, as you go past the mid 2020’s, you realise ‘that was then, this is now’ and you can rethink the situation with his money for your son; and crucially, your own money for your own independent life. You have some fantastic solutions for your professional life until October this year, then again from January to May 2023 so snap them up.

  118. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you and Alicia Fulton for hosting the warm Leo weather event. I enjoyed it.
    Something is holding me back from travelling to Australia last week of August, a weekend trip, for my niece  wedding and a  peaceful reunion with my youngest sister. I have not booked the airtickets yet.  Should I proceed with the voyage. My husband is not keen to travel. Our mother passed on {covid}last October 2021. Being wary about catching the new  C-variant on the plane trip.   I have been asking Pamela tarot on your website for guidance.I just drew a tarot card before the Leo meetup today and the Death Card was selected, it shows a major ending. I hope this card is not referring to the wedding/physical death.There is a philosophical message from the Tarot. Could you please share your insights with me. I see brilliant sunshine shining ahead with optimisim,, solution, abundance and growth for my life purpose.
    Thank You.
    Many Happy Solar Returns, Jessica.

    1. Thank you I will pass that on to Alicia. If you drew the Death card in the Tarot your question is very important. Did you specifically ask what the outcome of a fight to Australia would be? Weddings are notorious super-spreader events for COVID-19 unless the bride and groom are careful. If you did ask about the flight and you drew Death, draw your own conclusions. You may want to go into the Tarot again, follow the steps and keep it very clear in terms of the timing and the question. In general, the astrology suggests long-term problems with COVID-19 and ever since The Black Death in the 14th century, whenever we see mutable sign cycles affecting mutable sign generations (which we have now) we end up with a mutating virus. Would I travel? No. In fact both Alicia and I stopped flying a long time ago. Have a look at the scientific research on airports and flights, and start with the CSIRO study on wastewater on planes.

  119. I love your website and comments so much Jessica – thank you for all that you do. It’s such a public service.

    I’m a Taurus Sun, Libra rising and my partner is a Libra Sun, Virgo Rising. We have a son together but are not married and don’t live together which is the source of great tension.

    I want us to get married as soon as possible – is that in the stars for us with the Leo weather?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. Leo is not about marriage, it is about the royal bedchamber, and sons and daughters, so not commitment. Libra is the wedding and marriage; Scorpio is ‘until death do us part’ and ‘for richer for poorer’ in the vow. The rising signs are not important (they’re just your image basically, one way or another) yet the Libra Sun of your partner is important, because it shows the obstacle course with your son. This is a test of patience for him, for whatever reason – fatherhood being a tough ask on this Saturn transit in Aquarius until March 2023. Unless there is another child in the frame, this is about your son, and it’s a huge deal for him, were he to marry you and move in with you. I think March is decision time for him, as Pluto then replaces Saturn in Aquarius in his solar Fifth House of heirs to the throne. You will sort this out one way or another, by July 2023, which is also the end point of the South Node in Scorpio in your own solar Seventh House. I strongly recommend you use the Tarot and follow the steps.

  120. Hi Jessica, I have three factors in Leo, Apollo, Hygeia and Ops. In the article you state that Libra is one of the signs most impacted. I am wondering if you can tell me how this will impact me. I do not have children of my own. I have no partner currently but would love one and I know this is how children could come to me. Can you please take a look at my Cchart and let me know what you might see for me.

    Thanks in advance

    1. You could easily be dating now, N and right up until October. You then have a second chance with the same person January-May or with a different man. Your chart is strongly Leo-Libra and you are set up for sexual partnership and for the world of babies, infants, children, teenagers or young adults. It can happen in a textbook way, so you meet someone and become a mother, or in an unorthodox way, so you marry someone who has nieces and nephews who become like your own children, and end up in a career tailoring to young people. The timing is right further ahead, too, as Jupiter (opportunity) going into Leo in the years to come will trigger the Fifth House and Seventh House of your chart in an important way.

  121. Hi Jessica! I was a little late to join the Leo weather today, but enjoyed it very much thank you. I love to read the astrology blogs as well. I have only two placement sin Leo, ascendant and uranus. Unexpected things can happen I gather;-)
    I have two sons and three grandchildren (all girls) and two bonus daughters. Whit uranus in the fifth house I am a bit afraid of what that means .
    Especially regarding my first granddaughter born 13 of november 2018. (born in Oslo at 0.16 am) She is also an earth dog (asian horoscope) like me and do have some similar aspects (i.e moon conjunct pluto (me virgo – pluto. she capricorn-pluto, a ton of oppositions and eat everything that isnt screwed to the wall sort of speak 🙂 Yeah I worry.

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alicia Fulton and Deborah Houlding. I’ve had a few Uranus in Leo/Fifth House readers over the years and it is associated with sudden upheaval involving pregnancy children, teenagers, young adults – it’s true. Uranus is really a lifetime of ‘Independence Days’ for you in relation to your heirs to the throne and any pretenders to the throne, as well as courtship and the royal bedchamber. Each time the word turns upside down you and others are set free on some level. The Scorpio granddaughter may or may not be the catalyst for that, but as you are already widely experienced with this transit you will know that it’s the occasional episode of disruption that sets you free, and usually everyone else with you. The T-Square with the IC and MC across Taurus/Scorpio is exact (if your birth time was also exact) so the upheavals have always affected you in terms of your money, house, business, valuables or apartment. A very basic example of that is the unexpected addition to the family which necessitates a change to your will (Taurus-Scorpio being associated with legacies).

  122. Hello Jessica. I really enjoyed the meeting today. Thank you. I have probably pestered you enough over Scotland and her Independence but I was struck today by the Tarot cards. Nicola Sturgeon Cancer and Alex Salmond Capricorn, me Cancer all had the World Card drawn. I know you said Nicola Sturgeon had a remarkable birth chart and I wondered if she is now going to look for pastures new. I also wonder if all of the twists, turns, machinations which have clouded her reign will be revealed and then what part Alex Salmond will play in a push for Independence. I celebrated my 73 birthday on the 12 July and would dearly love to see my country standing on her own two feet again before I get too old to enjoy it. Also we visit our daughter, Pisces, in Florida regularly but COVID put a spoke in that for a while. Given your warning about travel and given we are heading out in November until January , do you see a big problem for us? Also we usually go again in March and sail back in April but I know you had concerns about that period also. Best wishes, Isobel

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed The Leo Weather. Deborah Houlding will be back with us in November. I hadn’t thought to look at Cancer in terms of Scotland, but you are absolutely right. The card drawn for Sun Cancer people in Leo Weather (July, August, September 2022) was The World. So that is Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond, and also yourself, a proud Scot. Isobel, this looks like Scotland spoiled for choice with EU and UK options, and also trade with Australasia and the US – or nuclear agreements. I also think Scotland will look at UV-C light to eliminate Covid indoors. You are travelling November-January and won’t be immune to new variants I’m afraid. As there is more than one of you, you all need to use the Tarot and Astrology Oracle to see what you are risking and follow the steps. It’s in your hands.

  123. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for all the work that you and Alicia do. Sorry I couldn’t make it last night also upset that I couldn’t make it as I have a stellium in Leo. Life has settled down white a bit this year but my daughter is still not in my life (she is a Leo). I helped her financially in 2019 so I feel that I there was something hidden from me around this time. Can you have a look at my chart (I’m a member) and see how this Leo weather is going to affect me/my daughter. Thanks

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Alicia. I’m sorry you could not make the event. These things happen. Yes, your daughter was at the heart of a cover-up in the Leo eclipse years. You were not told the full story. This is slowly but surely resolving itself as more things come to light in July, August, September 2022. Yet there will never be total clarity or absolute knowledge. Sometimes you have to leave things be. Any issues with/about your daughter or any other children in your world end in March 2023. You are shown what life could be like without constantly having to look for the controls, or pushing back against situations which are so relentless. From that point forward you see the light at the end of the tunnel and from the mid 2020’s, all you went through since 2008 is just a memory.

  124. Hello Jessica. I was unable to attend the event today, much to my dismay. I did have a question about a court case that I’m tangentially connected to. It has been granted an appeal and the grounds for the initial case have been made stronger because of it. I drew a nine of cups for the present and four of wands for the result. I would appreciate your insight or anything that might leap out from my chart.

    Kind regards,


    1. I am sorry you could not attend the event. You can judge the Nine of Cups as an accurate assessment of the present. Is it true? Is it so true you fell off your seat when you read the card? If so, then the Four of Wands for the result will also be true. The court case will result in a very happy reunion with family or friends. A celebration. But you must have had an accurate ‘present’ reading for the latter to come about.

  125. Hi Jessica, Thank you for your insightful take on Astrology ( I have enjoyed reading your work and it makes for a fresh prospective), I am hoping you can help me – I have a Pluto 25′ with Bacchus 17′ Apollo 18’and Cupido 1′ in what is now my 5th house. Its a little crowded in this house and these live here. Kind regards Sharon V

    1. Crowded House is not just a great band, it describes a stellium in astrology. You have a crowded Fifth House. So much of the way you are judged, over your lifetime, will come back to the way you saw your love life, your views and opinions on the game of courtship and love, the relationships that did/did not happen and particularly the children you did/did not have. You don’t say if you ever had children Sharon. That is a huge matter. If you didn’t then the lasting lifetime legacy for you will be godchildren, younger cousins, teenagers or young adults whom you mentor or guide – perhaps – a charity or professional involvement with the young.

  126. Good Morning Jessica and thanks so much again for including me in Leo Weather event last night, which I found fascinating!
    If you have any time, I would love some advice or comment please?!
    I am a Sun Libra with Mars, Proserpina, Cupido and Vulcano all in Leo.
    I can’t physically have my own children but since very young, have raised those of others – I run a Children’s Charity -and have always had a lot of children in my life and I love it so! At this stage of my life I am single (and that’s just fine by me!) I can no longer work due to two work place ‘incidents’ – a long story – which has left me on workcover (a complicated situation which I would like to end and be free from)
    The last 6 1/2 years have been hard – but with a few tiny speckles of light – I’m doing my best to stay ‘up’ – is there anything that I have in my chart that might see me in charge of my own future, owning property and having ‘freedom’ at all?
    thanks in advance, as always you time is so appreciated! x

    1. Thanks Sandie, and I am glad you could join us at The Leo Weather. It’s been very popular with about 250 comments now. You are a terrific example of a Leo stellium woman. You can’t have children but run a charity for the young. That’s textbook. You are wondering about owning an apartment or house. You will be out of one of the toughest financial cycles in 19 years, from July 2023. Better still, you will save or make money from May 2023 to May 2024. At around the same time, a very long cycle when rent/mortgage was also so intense and relentless, ends. The second half of the 2020’s suggests a completely different life, actually. The children’s charity or a similar cause, will attract powerful people or organisations. So later on in the decade you will be dealing with very rich, very influential or politically potent individuals and learn a lot about how power works.

  127. Hi Jessica, hope all is well with you. My SR is august 12th and back in 2018 i had a hit to my Leo sun. What will this FM BRING I also see Saturn conjunct the moon!! On my birthday

    1. I have absolutely no idea what FM means in astrology though I assume by SR you mean your Saturn Return, looking at your chart. The biggest change in your life? A new career or second career by 2026. Exhilarating and liberating.

  128. Hi Jessica, I signed up for the zoom event, but have been recovering from Covid, so didn’t have the energy to attend. I wondered if a recording might be available?

    Could I please ask for your insights on whether my marriage will stand the test of time and if we will have another child or whether it would add too much strain on the existing dynamic? he has a leo Sun and Pluto, also a large Virgo stellium – Venus, mars, mercury, ops, fortuna and psyche. we have a Leo stellium child. will I ever be able to lift his fears and worries around money or is it best i change myself?

    I am working with Venus in Capricorn and have had deep lessons in humility since 2017. very grateful for your wisdom as always Jessica.

    1. I’m sorry, there is no recording of The Leo Weather as part of the session covered abortion and miscarriage and those are private matters for people. In fact, I have decided that there will be no more audio or video recordings of any events, owing to the sensitive nature of what we all share. I hope you are recovering well from Covid and that it is the last time you are infected. I also hope it hasn’t infected your husband or child. You could easily have another child by October or from January to May 2022, but only you can decide if that is a wise move or not. Your husband and yourself have massive decisions to make about the marriage in March 2023. That’s a crossroads when he in particular has to figure out how he is going to make this work with you, or if there is another option. Please don’t worry about the future; you have enough on your plate recovering from illness. But do think very, very carefully about another child.

  129. Thank you so much. You are as ever completely right. He has two children from a previous marriage and is worried how moving in with us would affect them.

    So that’s the obstacle course you spoke of. Thanks for your suggestion to use the tarot- I’ll do that.

  130. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you very much for yesterdays Zoom Leo Weather event, I loved it.
    I am wondering how it will affect me as I do not have family.
    My son born on June 24th 1989, Cancer with Leo rising refuse talking to my for many years, since I sold my house cause I stood surety for my ex husband and didn’t get anything back. I had to sell but in their opinion I stole the inheritance of my boy. (The house was mine I inherited when my parents died.)
    No other relatives.
    My ex partner has 3 boys and a big family but he separated last December. Later we started talking again but didn’t meet, he lives in another country.
    Some weeks ago he wanted to visit but he made me so very angry being very unfair to me that I told him I’m done with him. I was shocked by myself but I cannot live with unfairness, it’s a such a deep pain for me…but I’m very sad.
    What works out quite well is my job. After years of unemployment I started last November and meanwhile I have a good reputation, but that’s not Leo Weather.
    Yesterday you mentioned the New Moon in Leo at the end of the month at 5° and to look for our planets at 5°, 6° or 4°. Mine are Fortuna 5 Aries, South Node 4 Aries, North Node 4 Libra, Neptune and Bacchus 4 Scorpio.
    So my nodal return will be next year.
    Do I have to see everything like a oneness or am I mixing things together? It’s not clear to me.
    Do you see some relief, maybe next March or will these burdening times never stop?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you. You are surrounded by younger people. The heirs and pretenders to your throne. You are a Leo with a stellium in Leo in your Fifth House, so you are Queen to a younger court all your life and will find various ways of leading, ruling and guiding the next generation, or the one below that. You may steer a young adult, or help a teenager navigate. Your career will change again, once or twice, by 2026. From May 2023 to May 2024 you will be promoted, win an award, have a huge hit or find a vastly superior new job. It will help you move up in the world, in terms of High Society but also your career ladder. Everything and everybody which is new, innovative, inventive, exciting, liberating and exhilarating will play a part in your evolving success.

  131. Zut! I missed the event. 4am in LA, on a working weekend it was almost impossible. I’m a proud Leo and this is THE event I didn’t want to miss.
    Is there any way I can see a recording one day? I have my Sun 22 Leo, Mercury 28 Leo. I know you have a lot of comment but if you have time I would love to know how I would be impacted by Leo Weather.
    Thank you Jessica and I wish an early Happy Birthday

    1. I’m afraid I don’t record the Meetup events any more, because they involve psychic readings and thus intensely personal and private information for people. Abortion and miscarriage were under discussion at the event. I am happy to take questions from Premium Members in the week following an event. Essentially you have to spend July, August and September getting the measure of one child or teenager, one younger adult – in particular. He or she may be your offspring, relative or godchild. Very occasionally the issue is younger people en masse, via your paid work or unpaid work. This is not going to be easy and you will have to ask for compromise and also give it. Yet what you decide by September holds good for years; until the next decision is ready to be made, when Jupiter goes into Leo – in about five years.

  132. thank you for your kindness and advice Jessica. I do hope I will be able to make future sessions. in gratitude as always, SP

  133. And you already responded!!
    Thank you very much for that.
    I understand that we have to respect people’s privacy. I’m sure it was a great event as usual.
    I’m working with children, different depends of the days so I’m sure you are talking about that ☺️Looking forward to September

  134. Thank you so much Jessica, I appreciate your reply so much. I am looking forward to this playing out and will work towards bringing it to my life. I have seen your predictions made in the past play out and I know this will.

  135. Hi Jessica,
    My daughter who was born Feb 20, 1981 @0821 is heartbroken her daughter born Feb19,2007 has decided to go live with her father in another town. Is this going to be a good move for her daughter?

    1. Your granddaughter wants freedom. Thus the move. She needs independence. Will it last with her father? Possibly not, by 2026. She may again move quite suddenly in order to be free. Your daughter should try to let go; the more you try to hang on and hold on, on this kind of Uranus in Taurus cycle, the greater the resistance. The flipside of the situation is that your daughter will also be set free. I know it can feel really disruptive and challenging at the time, but later on when the dust settles, your daughter may see that had things gone on as they were, it would have trapped her to some extent and got in the way of other amazing life adventures which are coming – probably via the home or family actually.

  136. Thank you Jessica for your kind words.
    At the Astro-Lodge event on June 27th I draw the tarot card Four of Pentacles.
    It works so well together!

  137. Hi Jessica,
    Absolutely brilliant article. You’re amazing – that bit you wrote about ‘being crowned a sole parent’ prompted me to go back and look at the transits at the time when I split from the father of my child (Leo weather 2011). Triple conjunction of Venus, Sun and retrograding Mercury on my natal moon 23 Leo. Mind-blowing. And my natal Proserpina at 25 Leo. You couldn’t make it up. This all took place just before my son turned 1. It was hectic to say the least but I haven’t looked back.
    Astrology works!

    1. Thank you so much for your reply. You were crowned a sole parent, the lone Queen, on those Leo transits and it was exact. This is great because you know for a fact you are going to gain enormously, with your son, when Jupiter goes into Leo in a few years from now. Enjoy it.

  138. Hi Jessica. I have the moon at 6 degrees Leo, along with a stellium in Leo. I have to say my life has been relatively nice and unremarkable for some time which I so appreciate. What will that new moon in Leo mean for my myself and my 4 sons? Thank you Jessica, it’s always such a pleasure reading your blog.

    1. Thank you. A New Moon in Leo in your Fifth House finds one son, perhaps more than one son, making a fresh start in life. It’s also a fresh start for you as a mother; you are put on a different footing. The path will be quite different once you’re past August.

  139. Wow! I find this personally interesting. I am dealing with “good” family issues with my adult children. Their dad and I divorced when they were 3 and 7 and I moved away from our neighborhood because I didn’t want to be near him. (Ah 1999-2002–what fun that was.) I’ve been fortunate to be part of the boys’ lives all along, but not available all the time as I would have been had they lived with me during the week. That they now call and hang out with me at 25 and almost 30 is an unusual boon–this might seem like a strange statement, but I was estranged from my family the minute I left home at 17 1/2. It is a wonderful thing to have my sons in my life like this–them & their partners–but I confess it has stressed me out because I don’t want to mess this nice family thing up (my experience with my family was pretty bad.)

    Another thing related to the time: My sons’ step-mother was diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer in March. I’m very proud of how my kids have gotten together and worked to figure out how to help their dad deal with the situation. (My older son’s “wife” dealt with her own dad’s death last year and she is just amazing in terms of helping them because she knows what to do.)

    I’d mentioned in a different post that I’d been a teacher for 30 years. I love being around young people. Everything isnew for them and it’s fun to be around the discovery and delight. Teaching is an incredibly difficult and stressful job, and underpaid & had lots of mixed feelings about it when I worked at schools but with all the time I’ve had to reflect I cannot convey how grateful I am to have been able to work with young people & their families. With covid and retirement, I’m not physically around that anymore (some educational work regarding teacher licensing has let me keep a tiny bit of that “teacher” me alive…but I’m happy to have it fade away once I find what clicks with a me that is authentic me now. (You’d commented on me changing a roll, appearance or even my name which I find very funny. Old lady improves appearance just when she got used to not having to do that! LOL! And another name? There’s an old creative idea floating around that I might pursue but I’m not particularly goal oriented right now.)

    Also–thanks for the reply last time. I realized last night, reviewing the Co-Vid post—I’d told you we teach about carrying capacity in 6th grade (11 years olds) but I didn’t mention that students here in California learn about the plague and the middle ages in 7th grade (so 12 year olds/13 year olds)—I think it blows their minds. I remember it blew mine when I was 12 or 13. The 11-13 year olds today will have a whole different way of looking at it.

    1. Teaching, formally or informally, is the Leo path and it happens by example (mothers, children) and also in the classroom. So you are seeing Leo on all levels here. I agree, today’s children and teenagers will view plagues completely differently. They are already seeing a repetition of The Black Death and Little Ice Age, in reverse. This time it is Covid and Climate Emergency. Same transits. The outcome will be a changed world; their challenge is to survive and thrive. Hopefully their intelligence and education will help them do that.

  140. I don’t know if I can still ask a question. I have the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in Leo in my 6th house. Pisces rising. How will this affect me?

    1. I’m still attending to comments here at The Leo Weather as there are so many of them. Your Leo stellium is in the Fifth House not the Sixth House. Pisces Rising is the least important part of your chart. July, August, September are about courtship, children, heirs and pretenders to the throne and you will see an abdication or coronation by October.

  141. Thanks so much for replying Jessica, Gosh and a bit Wow…OK I’ll keep hanging in there then and dream of better days! Xx

  142. I always appreciate the knowledge you give us, Jessica. I have asked many questions here and you have always been gracious and generous in your replies. I have spent some time considering your last reply to me and I think things are beginning to click for me. If you have a moment, I have one question regarding an international move. My family and I moved to the UK last year from the US. I am sometimes conflicted on if we will or should go back to the US, especially because the job we moved here for is not as it was advertised. In previous questions, I had asked in which direction my career was going. I think I know the answer now, but if you have a moment, could you tell me if we will move back to the US and in what direction my career might go?

    Many many thanks, Jessica. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

    1. You will find the questions about where to live/what is home circle around until July 2023 when the South Node in Scorpio leaves your solar Fourth House of property, home, town and country. You have something to finish in Britain and/or America and it may be deeper than it looks. Sometimes there is a need for closure with a family member. Sometimes a greater debt to the town, the country or the locals on a spiritual level. The job is the other motivator; it’s not what you were told. You will have terrific opportunities in your career May 2023 to May 2024 and the closure of rotating issues about home/homeland in July 2023, so it looks like Spring-Summer next year changes everything. Have a look at the Tarot to validate that timing.

  143. Thank you Jessica. We will certainly seek as much guidance as we can to travel. Funny you should mention UV light in Scotland. I have just purchased my own and have thrown out the challenge to others to ask their schools, places of worship and businesses to put the measure in place. Roll on Self Determination . Keep safe

    1. People power works best one-on-one, in these Aquarius cycles. It’s the individuals within the wider group, pushing for the end of Covid. Well done. I have done the same thing with the Greens, Beaker Street, the Lake Pedder movement in Hobart. They all want me to attend fundraising dinners and exhibitions. None of them reassure me that there is a HEPA filter and/or UV-C unit at any of of the venues. So I have called them on it. Still waiting for confirmation. It’s okay to be ahead of your time on this; nothing will really happen until March 2023 but you are wise to get a UV unit in Scotland before the rush. Prices will likely go up as well.

  144. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for an interesting and valuable article. I would love some insight as to what may jump out in my chart. A number of the eclipse dates outlined in this article that aspected my chart, are starting to make sense now. I feel this is another layer to the story building on from themes of last year during the same season.

    Thank you once again x

    1. You have a huge Aquarius stellium in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. Since childhood you have been integral to (say) teams or gangs, clubs or collectives – from the Brownies, for example, to Amnesty International. All your life you will find yourself through circles and communities. The very difficult Saturn in Aquarius transit ends in March 2023 to be replaced by Pluto, marking the end of a restricted social life, heavily tested friendship and extremely limited options with your groups. Covid is likely behind that. March 2023 shows you why you can find real power through and around a new group you join, or the relaunch of an existing collective.

  145. Hi Jessica and thank you for your reply, I am a member and looking at my chart I have 5 in Capricorn, 6 in Scorpio, 4 In Virgo and 5 in Leo. Beyond my 3 children, I create – ideas, design, art always making something. I have also been in business with my daughter for the last 22 years. I had hoped with Uranus moving over my asc I would start to branch out on my own? Pluto leaving my 10 house I am leaving the business to my daughter to have and to run. I am hoping to take time out and smell the roses and take some me time. any ideas would be appreciated Sharon V

    1. Thank you. You have that Virgo and Capricorn combination which suggests dutiful and devoted daily work, which results in success. So you have a business with your daughter which has succeeded for 22 years. Yes, you can branch out on your own. Nothing to do with your Ascendant. You have Uranus (freedom, independence) making a long series of trines to Virgo and Capricorn in your chart. In fact he’s been there since 2018 helping to set the scene for you and remains until 2026. March 2023 when Pluto leaves your Tenth House may be the light at the end of the tunnel. He takes time to go completely but you could call that the start of a transition if you wanted to leave.

  146. Hi Jessica, Thank you. Looking at my chart it seems Leo weather does affect me, and I found myself in need of making financial decisions. It’s because there are anticipations that Hong Kong Dollar may need to unpeg from USD, so I am wondering if I should exchange part my money to USD (which needs some fees). I wonder if that would happen the unpeg would happen at all, which will greatly affect the economy as well.. But as I also remember that in your other prediction you did mention Hong Kong financial system will have a threat due to cryptocurrency in the year 2023 so I would like to ask for your opinion. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Leo weather has nothing to do with money. That’s the North Node and Uranus in Taurus cycle, and the South Node in Scorpio cycle. For you it is entirely about your house, apartment, and any family situation which pulls in a house or apartment. This shows up in your natal and solar chart. You will make or save a lot of money from Halloween until Christmas. Do as much as you can to secure your situation because life until 2023 is hard work. The hard work is there because of the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, circling your house or apartment, as mentioned. It ends in July, but January-July is likely to be challenging. You have Saturn in Pisces in your solar Eighth House and the lunar node in Scorpio in your solar Fourth House, being opposed. Even after July you still have to live with Saturn in your solar Eighth for a couple of years, so it would appear that joint finances are a burden. This is typically a spouse or family member. You can be well off and still have a burden. Read the paperwork very carefully to see what you are taking on board in 2023, 2024, 2025. The biggest factor in your situation in Hong Kong is China and the high-rise property market. Have a look at China on search. I filed some predictions about that a long time ago. Remember to also use the Tarot for your personalised money predictions.

  147. Hi Jessica, Thank you for an interesting and valuable article. I would love some insight as to what may jump out in my chart. A number of the eclipse dates outlined in this article that aspected my chart, are starting to make sense now. I feel this is another layer to the story building on from themes of last year during the same season. Thank you once again x

    1. You are a Sun Gemini with a Taurus-Scorpio pattern that stands out, indicating your house, apartment, investments, legacy, any legacy naming you, bank account, taxation, superannuation/pension and so on. So the main story is not about Leo weather, it is about some concurrent cycles in your Gemini chart but also your birth chart. The need for continual self-control ends in March 2023 when you have a break from many years of the most intense and relentless situations involving other people or large organisations or departments. By June you will have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and by the mid 2020’s be able to gradually move out of a cycle which began in 2008 which has transformed your finances and sometimes for the most difficult reasons. By March 2023 hopefully you will see that you are much stronger; far more empowered; much changed for the better – as a result of ongoing self-discipline. Yet, from the mid 2020’s you are free from that cycle altogether. A situation from 18-19 years ago suggests you are owed, or you owe, karmically – that will be resolved with full and final closure by July 2023.

  148. Hi Jessica,

    Love your content and recently joined as a member! I’ve been following your posts in relation to my chart and, although I have few Leo factors in my chart, I do have Apollo at 16 Leo, and Apollo is currently in Leo at 10. I’m most interested if this has any significance for my career – I’m desperately hoping to change jobs (for both higher pay and a better work environment), and had a wonderful interview for a dream job in early May when Pluto was at 28 in Capricorn and Jupiter at 28 in Pisces, aligning with my natal Jupiter at 28 in Capricorn. It was also my North Node return in Taurus and Uranus was almost at 14 degrees in Taurus, almost at my 16-degree natal Uranus in Sagittarius (the job is in a faraway location). It seems like this should have meant something, but then heard nothing… is there any hope still for any career-related change this Leo season, or will I have to wait longer for news? I’ve been feeling stuck for a really long time, and trying really hard to change jobs but nothing seems to be coming to fruition.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you and I appreciate your subscription as a Premium Member – I hope you get the most out of it as you have a lot resting emotionally on a new job. You are a Sun Aquarius with a huge Capricorn and Scorpio stellium. The Leo weather has nothing to do with your career. You had superb transits to natal Jupiter at 28 Capricorn in your Tenth House of professional life, back in May – and did not get the job. Why? When in doubt always go back to the solar chart. You have the South Node in Scorpio moving backwards, not forwards, in your Tenth House of career. You have karma to complete from 18 or 19 years ago regarding your job, unpaid work or academic career from that time. You owe, or are owed. The transiting South Node moves back, back, back and can often keep you stuck or on a hamster wheel, because the karma has not played out. You will be pleased to hear that the node leaves Scorpio in July 2023. That does not mean you have to wait until then for a new job; it just means you’ll see the same-old, same-old issues played out. It’s sod’s law that when Jupiter goes back to 28 Pisces and sits there, directly, from November 14th until December 4th, that the same position will come back to you, or you will be given a superior second chance. You’re also in much better weather in your solar chart, as the Sun, Mercury, Venus will all have been in Scorpio in your solar Tenth House in November, so I’d be astonished if you weren’t in a new role by year’s end. This makes sense for other reasons – the big reshuffles in your chosen field tend to happen at year’s end.

  149. Hi Jessica,
    Can you please look at my chart and tell me your thoughts about my three Leo placements?
    The Cancer weather brought TREMENDOUS energy to research and chart (on my computer) my family genealogy and finally organize (then discard) the piles of papers I had been saving for this project. Today feels like one of the last days I will do this deep-thought work. Like it is time to think of the present day again.
    Thank you.
    Loving the membership!

    1. Thank you Cecelia. Vesta, Uranus and the IC (Immum Coeli) in Leo in your Fifth House suggest ancestry which involved leading, guiding, mentoring and setting an example to younger people. This may have been a teacher, professor, or just a matriarch or patriarch with a dynasty rather than just a family. Sometimes you do find aristocracy and even royalty with a Leo IC, or the ancestor may have been on the staff, or in the court. You come from there and have inherited the astrological DNA of Leo. As an ancestor did, so shall you do. Vesta is always courtship with two or more females competing for male approval, so you can land in a harem situation with a lover – more than once. It is also very common for people with Vesta in Leo to end up in marriages or relationships with one male partner and a daughter, or even two daughters. They all dance around the husband/father for attention. Vesta is best solved by the females joining forces and finding unity. Finally, Uranus is the rejection of all that. So you are pulled towards all I’ve mentioned then turn away from it. Sometimes the body rejects children. Sometimes you reject men. You can even reject the path of the ancestor. This rejection sets you free; it liberates you. That’s quite a chart you were born with.

  150. Hi Jessica. I’m quite new to this site but already becoming a huge fan of your work.
    I just wanted to ask the effect for me of the Leo weather since I have 3 factors under Leo in my birth chart. Currently i’m single and don’t have any kids. Although a part of me yearns to have a family of my own, I’m not sure if that would happen.
    Also on another note, I’m a pisces sun and a leo moon, which i think are opposites from each other and gives me kind of a paradoxical personality. Any thoughts on that? Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you so much. You are a Sun Pisces with the Moon, Juno and Ascendant in Leo in the Fifth House. You will find that your courtships (past or potential) and also the world of children, teenagers or young adults – touches you in July, August, September. Choices beckon. So, you may find yourself spending the weekend with a friend who happens to be married and who has children, but obviously wants out of his marriage. That can happen. Or, you may find a godchild becomes a priority, having not thought too much about them all year. You are very likely to end up with children, with that chart, and Jupiter in Leo, in a few years from now, will deliver the opportunity. The Pisces Sun and Leo Moon person escapes from the real world using religion, self-help, meditation, hypnosis, dreams, the Tarot, spirituality and other invisible worlds. There is a tremendous ‘need to be needed’ by your heirs or pretenders to the throne. So, a teaching, mentoring, guiding or nurturing role with younger faces is very common. Yet you still need to escape.

  151. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you very much for this article, I love it!

    I am a graduate student, preparing to apply for postgraduate study abroad. At this time last year, I also prepared, but the result ended in failure. So I decided to reapply this year. Actually, I was very unlucky in the first half of this year. All the top ranked schools in the world I applied for sent me rejection letters. Besides, the bunny I have kept for six years passed away in March. All these are very bad memories. Now I’m gradually regaining my calm, but still afraid of failure.

    In the second half of this year, will I have good luck to reapply for postgraduate?Or when will it be the best time for me to do that? Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Best wishes!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you have been through these rejections. That must have been very hard for you. You have not failed or been rejected, though. You just found yourself on the wrong path at the wrong time. So please don’t feel anxious about it. Your bunny rabbit also passed away, which is very sad. You are a Sun Leo with a Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of academia. Born to study. Born to teach, mentor, guide or train as well – if you are not already doing that. You should apply for everything you can get your hands on until Halloween. Then start again January-May 2023. Best cycle for academia in 12 years, as Jupiter goes through the Ninth House of your solar chart (Leo chart) and also trines the Sagittarius stellium in your natal Ninth House (birth chart). Double whammy. Get in there. And you will have another animal companion when the time is right.

  152. Sorry for mistakes about the words “a graduate student”, which I actually mean is “fresh graduates”. I’m not very good at English, but thanks.

  153. Dearest Jessica, happy birthday for today !!! (Is it today?? I read somewhere it was!!) THANK YOU for being Astrology Royalty for our benefit – you have helped me, and I am sure, all of us regular followers, SO much. ☺ XOO Hope you & Tess are having a cuppa and (big slice of) cake, together somewhere. (Coincidentally, you appeared in my dream last night!! As we were in a big library/office space – I just remember you being very kind, practical, and business-like, saying to write down ideas, research crypto-currency, and something else I can’t quite remember??) Anyway, if the advice resonates for you, too – then hopefully Universe was talking to all of us.Have an auspicious, safe and beautiful New Birthday Year Jessica – thanks for all that you do!! x

    1. Ah, thank you. Yes, my birthday is 25th July. I think my chart is up at from memory. Tess is on holiday and I am on holiday too. It is too funny that I appeared in your dream. You are really kind to leave this comment – thank you very much. Definitely waving my tea.

  154. Dear Jessica, I’m very late to this one! I love the symbolism and meaning of this house – even though I have very little there and am not very Leonine! However I have 2 asteroids, Juno and Panacea there which got me wondering if this Leo weather may help me find a cure for my health issues, particularly the head/ears trouble, as it transits Panacea or am I misinterpreting this?
    PS really appreciate your last response and suggestions to look at chakras specifically with experts – I did with Caroline Myss books – still working on that, thank you xxx

    1. Leo is Fifth House and courtship, heirs and pretenders to the throne – nothing to do with health. Health is Virgo and Sixth House. Panacea is a broad symbol for remedies, cures, solutions and fixes and always raises ethical questions. If you are exploring chakras and have head and ear problems, then the crown, third eye and throat chakras are the best to focus on. Thank you.

  155. Hi Jessica, I am replying to your posted reply to me. I have read your work for many years, and wow, am I thrilled to interact in 2022 with your astrological and psychic skills. Thank you for your insights. No astrologer has gotten to your points but I have been studying astrology a long time and I understand your points and they are ripe with wisdom, they are head-on correctly explaining my life. I read this reply, had a guttural laugh and then needed to go do the dishes because it shockingly rang so true.
    My ancestor was a founder of a colony in the USA hundreds of years ago; male ancestors have been USA inventors involved with bicycles, cars, ships, guns, the nuclear bomb to iphone designs. Female ancestors generations back were pioneering doctors and teachers. I helped found a highly successful mail order business for a pioneering female celebrity. And I was born into a family with five sisters ( plus lots of brothers), and being an Aquarian, I found peace by being the observer and letting sisters get the most attention from our father. The men I loved did involve other women, plus one man had females who died yet were present in our household conversations nonetheless. I have stepped into my life chapters and walked away, the book of life continues. My body has lost children naturally and godchildren have ruled instead. One of my fictional short stories involves a female who wrote tiny red books of world history and philosophy that she uses to teach the “young royal family of Great Britain”. Hmm. So much, so great of you to tap in for me. Love your help! and I thank you so much.
    In re-reading your 2015 Asteroids article, I am wondering about my Ops at 14 Pisces might be affecting my Uranus 14 Leo?
    Best to all over with you,

    1. Thank you so much Cecelia. I am fascinated by your validation of my reading for you. Your Leo IC (Immum Coeli) has found its way into a royal teacher in a short story. Your lineage involved American royalty, which is always political. You have also found Vesta in your chart. Astrology is amazing, isn’t it? Ops at 14 Pisces in a quincunx with Uranus at 14 Leo is about your religion, spirituality, Tarot, therapy, self-help, mediumship or similar, running in tandem with miscarriages but also godchildren. The two go together.

  156. Hi Jessica – if you have time, I would like your guidance please. I had a six-month review meeting for my new job last Wednesday, scheduled under the guise that the proper supports to do my job were going to be discussed. My review turned into a termination – my boss gave me sixth months working notice under my agreement. I am still in shock, and no longer trust my boss due to gaslighting during the meeting and some blatant lies he has told me since (plus his now vaxxed and relaxed maskless attitude towards COVID). On top of that, my on and off lover (who helped me negotiate for this job) when I responded to his first text in 4 weeks with the news after the meeting, texted his shock, said he would call… nothing. When I had not heard from him by the following morning, I told him not to bother and that we are done. While I am very blessed with supportive colleagues who are also true friends outside of work and who are helping with my job search, my confidence – especially my ability to read people – is completely shattered. It doesn’t help that my boss is obviously replacing me with someone who is less qualified in both credentials and experience – my catty assistant who has been unsupportive since the beginning. Apart from the job search, I am making plans for the next six (6) months to focus on health, and was wondering if you had any insights based on my chart on how I can best use these upcoming months to reboot my career, love life, and confidence. Thank you, and stay well.

    1. You are a Sun Pisces with a huge Aries stellium as you know. I am so sorry about the shock of losing your job. You dislike your boss anyway and he is a Covid risk, which is far more important than a job loss. You also dislike your assistant. Your lover didn’t support you and so you are thinking of terminating him as well. Friends are helping, which is good. Okay so a heavily Aries person fights and is drawn into battles. It’s part of the life path. You could fight these people but please take your energy, time and effort into something that is actually worth it. A cause or campaign will take your Aries side on the right sort of journey. Sport can do it too. Fighting the other team on the football field is a good way of using your Aries stellium in the First House. You will get another role or even find you want to study online. You do need to understand your Aries self. Understanding the games you play with others is crucial. If you go looking for a fight you will get one. Just be aware of that. You need a job where you can be upfront, assertive, competitive, ‘first’ and all the other Aries things. The bigger picture? If you remained in that job it may have disabled you with Long Covid. Vaccination does not stop Covid. Covid can become Long Covid. You know the science and the medicine but he doesn’t. If he was relying on needles without also paying for HEPA filters and/or UV-C lighting in your workplace then he was ignoring the evidence on Covid infection. So take a deep breath. You deserve to work with intelligent people who protect you. Even if you have to take time out, it’s worth it. Do try to find another Aries focus or you will continue to fight them in your mind which is a waste of time. It’s the same with your lover. If he has not called you then you were right to finish with him. You will save money or make it by October so use it. The cash flow from money saved or made is back January-May 2023. You could easily figure out a new lifestyle and work style in July, August, September although you are going to have to compromise hugely. You may decide to do that. You would put your health first, correct, and it would tally with the sort of work or study combination you create. As for your lover, I know it must be very difficult emotionally to break up – but he was not important long-term. Your serious partnership is in the future.

  157. Excellent work again. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
    The world is really going to be turned upside down soon.
    Hopefully not my world, it’s been such a struggle. Do you see anything for me for the rest of the month and August.
    Please keep warm.

    1. Thank you. July and August are the financial reality check you need to sign off on a test of your patience next March. That month may be important for you in terms of a house, apartment, income stream, debt, business and so on. You will know exactly what is involved by September this year and be able to set your mind to a new life budget. As for the world, we are in ‘correction’ mode for many years. It is very important that you survive and thrive, if possible, and if you’ve not already dramatically transformed your old lifestyle, it’s time. Making sacrifices to avoid Covid is very wise. The sacrifices you make (slowing your life down) will also help the planet’s climate.

  158. Hi, Jessica: I have the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in Leo in my 6th house. Pisces rising. How will this affect me? Thaanks.

    1. You meant to type 5th house (this is for other readers checking Comments). You will sign off on decisions about children, teenagers or young adults by September which affect their lives and yours, until this time next year. At least. Some decisions will never alter and you will in fact be writing their future in stone, based on what happens in July, August, September. Pisces Rising is irrelevant; in fact rising signs (the Ascendant) in general are the least important part of the chart.

  159. Thank you Jessica. I am intrigued by this information. I have only one connection with any of these groups. Have wanted a closer relationship here and it sounds like it might be happening. Yeah for me! (I think).

  160. Thank you for speaking to my question about Ops. Appreciate so much these thoughts that will help me with my chart. Best, Cecelia

  161. Thanks so much Jessica for your guidance, which makes so much sense. My best work involves fighting the good fight against internal theft, external threats, and organized crime (I am in the legal field). I am definitely calmer when I exercise intensely. Ironically, my ex-lover/friend is a Pisces with significant Aries and Pisces stelliums like me. He likes peace at home, but his work involves litigation, and he is as competitive at work as he is on the rugby pitch. As for studying online and sacrifices for work, well, I already planned to obtain another certification online, and the jobs I am gunning for would require me to give up most of my clients but would be a step forward in many ways. Thank you again – your guidance is very helpful with moving forward. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thank you. It’s good to pursue the dominant signs and houses in your chart; it’s really fulfilling your mission. Aries does need combat and yours is legal, as is your Aries dominant friend. When you say you are ‘gunning for’ jobs you are talking the language of Aries. Jupiter in Aries until October, then from January to May 2023, will help.

  162. Hey Jessica! I only have the moon at 5 and Jupiter at 9 in Leo. Could you please look at my chart and tell me what you see for me? Thank you!!!!

    1. We associate Leo transits with the Leo royal archetype, so in July, August or September you will have to make decisions about the line of succession involving heirs or pretenders to your throne, or your own place in line for a throne. The Virgin Queen, Good Queen Bess (Elizabeth I) is as much an example of this as, say, Diana, the Princess of Wales. We might also think of King Charles II or King George III whose son, the Prince Regent, had to rule in place of his father when he went mad. There are variations on this theme but you have a crossroads choice coming on the Full Moon in Aquarius in August, which you will see building in fullness and luminosity in the night sky. I’ve had readers whose godchildren are at the heart of decisions about a legacy, for example – and readers whose former boyfriends get women pregnant. Steer your life consciously at this time as the long, long opposition from Pluto after March 2023 suggests long-term implications from decisions made now.

  163. Hi Jessica! I have IC, Apollo, Hygeia and Ops in Leo. How will it affect me? I’m having a bit of a mess in my love life! Thanks for a wonderful blog. Love

    1. Four factors in Leo in the Fifth House including the IC (Immum Coeli) suggests a relative or ancestor with a dramatic love life, either because of multiple relationships with lovers who made for a good story, or just one person whose marriage or common-law marriage with them was more like a film or play than anything else. Perhaps you know who I am talking about. Back in the days when children born out of wedlock were on the wrong side of the blanket or part of a shotgun wedding, the family often hushed it up, but of course people remember. In any case, if your birth time was accurate, you have that sort of astrological DNA. A love life ‘mess’ is very common but it can usually be traced back to an unconscious, unadmitted need to avoid becoming a parent or even a grandparent. You can fall in love with anyone. If you fall in love with people who are unable to marry you, or unable to commit to a steady long-term relationship, then you are saved from children or grandchildren. It often happens with a Leo stellium. The parents want you to have children but on some level you do not, so you become attracted to lovers who can never put you at risk of that. You will have your own story. It can also be that you have children and want to escape them, thus you fall in love with a third person and the marriage breaks up. Job done.

  164. I wake up have my coffee and follow you. Thank you for your work. You are amazing.

  165. Hey Jessica,

    It was a great Zoom session. Interesting how the noise around the Royal Family increased in the last couple of days.
    I’d appreciate some thoughts, please, about the imminent, Uranus+Mars+North Node 18° triple conjunction on July 31/August 01, because of the way they involve Aquarius and Taurus on my chart.

    My birth & transits aspects on Aug 1st at noon AET are respectively on Aug 1st at noon AET:
    – Mars 5°48’ Aquarius | 18°07’ Taurus
    – North Node 18°50’ Aquarius | 18°18’ Taurus
    – Uranus 9°53’ Libra | 18°41 Taurus
    – Saturn 25°40’ Taurus | 22°54 Aquarius

    Thanks in advance!
    John S.

    1. Thank you John. I agree, The Leo Weather was a terrific event with the right people there, from all around the world, to make it a game-changer. The noise around the Royal Family has certainly increased; Prince Charles is in the headlines again for accepting donations from Bin Laden’s family. That Uranus, Mars and North Node/South Node pattern is unfolding within hours. You are working with Australian Eastern Time. The nodes in your chart are at 18 Leo-Aquarius and here we have the Mars-Uranus conjunction at 18 Taurus on August 1st at 11.53pm GMT. So this is August 2nd for you. Crucially the transiting nodes are at 18 Taurus and Scorpio, at the same hour. This is a Grand Cross. External matters involving finance, property, business, charity or valuables will challenge you to change. The issues will be Leo or Aquarian. So, courtships, children, teenagers and young adults at one end. Friends and groups at the other. The thing to remember about Uranus transits is that they turn the world upside down so that you and other people can find freedom. Can be liberated from, or liberated by, events. It takes great insight to see that in the middle of upheaval, but your own previous experience with Uranus transits will remind you that sometimes it is part of life, to accept that you need to be more independent or someone or something. That you may be stuck, trapped or confined for years into the future, if you stay where you are. Whatever happens out there with the economy (Taurus-Scorpio) or property (the same thing) or a more personal financial story for you, try to see that you are being picked up, dropped down and put on a path to freedom.

  166. Hi Jessica. I have saturn at 0 degrees in Pisces in my chart. Should I look to both 11th and 12th houses for impact or only 12th? Not sure if cusp location means impact on both the relevant houses. Also, would having 12th house saturn mean having hardship when in isolation? Feels like I have been isolating forever to try to avoid covid! I have this feeling it is a karmic placement as I always think of 12th house identifying karmic stuff. Having saturn there, did I really mess up in my last life? I loved reading about leo … I have my midheaven in leo … my Mum, now in spirit, was a sun Leo, big and generous heart. Thank you.

    1. If you have Saturn at 0 Pisces just read Saturn in the Twelfth House. There is no cusp. Saturn is a symbol of what makes you feel exposed, vulnerable and rather raw inside. Thus you protect yourself with walls, fences, barriers and barricades. The moat and the drawbridge. In the Twelfth House this is about religion, meditation, psychic attack, witchcraft, Buddhism, pseudo-religious cults, mediumship, Tarot, hypnosis, self-help, therapy, dream coaching and other invisible worlds. You have very good reasons for feeling vulnerable as life has already taught you some hard lessons. Yes, isolation is an issue with Saturn in Pisces. Isolation can be heavy, onerous, a burden. You may want to spend less time alone. You can be safe outdoors and avoid Covid. Joining a riding club or hiking club is one way. You also need to check on what you do to manage your vulnerability with the areas of life I have mentioned above. This is a private matter for you. How do you protect yourself? Is it wise or unwise? Are you over-defended or under-defended? Your mother in spirit is an example of that as is any spiritualist church. Saturn is not really about prior incarnations; the North Node and South Node show karma in your world. Saturn in Pisces in the Twelfth House is best understood by going back to the part that religion played in your childhood. What happened to you, with the church, nuns, priests or God – that taught you a particular way of feeling less unsafe?

  167. Hi Jessica- we have been called in to foster a baby and we have a very beautiful little boy whom has entered our home. Does my chart reveal any adoption proceedings within the year? We have a parental rights hearing September 21st.
    Thank you

    1. You are a Sun Gemini and I can see your chart here, but not the birth details of your partner or the child. This makes it impossible to say if you will adopt the boy or not. The final decision will come down to money and property for you, with your partner, or perhaps regarding what you can do in terms of financial support for the child. This will be March 2023.

  168. I usually read immediately what you post but this time I am late…and you are SO spot on! I have just had a miserable week with my daughter and her boyfriend who decided to split up for now…he has some huge family problems and this separation is quite understandable and theycare very very young. What is not understandable is my weeping over his sorrow and lack of good parents. It affects me incredibly. And yes, children, heirloom and mentoring are fundamental to me, it took me ages to have my wonderful daughter and I love mentoring young people at work more than anything else. Whenever I am low I think of the young people I have trained in my job and who now have reached incredible jobs and it matters to me more than if I had reached them myself.
    Yes, I have big stellium in Leo and you my dear Jessica, are so spot on.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you are having rough Leo weather and of course your Leo stellium is triggered. Your daughter and her boyfriend have split up. You are also a mentor to younger people at work, so extend your role as Queen to a younger court. What happens when the princess separates from her suitor? As the Queen you can only sit firmly on the throne and show her you are there. This will be quite a long story; it ends in September.

  169. Thank you thank you for sharing your gifts
    I may be a bit late to this blog but wondering if you can shed some light on the synastry of my chart and my love Mr Aries, and what the future holds.
    He has Pluto R exact same degree as my Prosperina – 29 Leo.
    He also has Uranus 7 Leo R.
    I have Aesculapia 8 Libra.
    We have been living together (with my son) for 4.5 years now – but until age 60 he avoided marriage, a committed relationship or children.
    Will his Uranus in Leo always dominate? We are quite a settled family unit now but there are issues in the Royal bedchamber that need addressing!

    1. Uranus in Leo men are never going to have peaceful or predictable love lives, especially if they have stepchildren or children. Welcome to your world. Uranus is a symbol of the person who rejects children, actually. Uranus in mythology rejected all his children, including Saturn, and pushed them back inside their mother, Gaia, the earth. Sooner or later, Uranus is also rejected by both his wife and his children, and all hell breaks loose. We see Uranus in Leo men with a history of unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. Sometimes there is an abortion and sometimes there isn’t, but if there isn’t, then parenthood can involve occasional upheaval. I had a reader with Uranus in Leo who had a son she did not expect and she then broke up with his father and became a single co-parent. The son rejected her later in life. Classic outcome. There are more positive ways to handle Uranus in Leo than this. You have a commitment-phobic man in your life who is triggering you as a mother and lover, because his Pluto is in conjunction with your Proserpina in Leo, and his Uranus aspects your Seventh House too. There is no perfect here. It will always be up and down and I include the royal bedchamber here. He will have regular revolutions or rebellions in his life, with you, with your son, and any other children, teenagers or young adults in his world. Things will change, become very new and different for a time, produce all sorts of intriguing outcomes – and then it settles down again until the next revolution. The Tarot can shed more light on him. And you. And your son. Follow the steps to see what is suggested, but it would be wise to accept what cannot be changed about this fellow. I would expect his love life history before you to be pretty chequered. He may have been left, or left himself, and there may have been an unwanted pregnancy.

  170. Dear Ms Adams,

    Today I observed that my youngest daughter has the same birthday as yours, 25th July (2012)!
    You are such a blessed person, will she?

    1. Happy birthday to your daughter. Blessed to have the Sun at 2 Leo? I guess it depends on the transits! Something that she will enjoy, and I will enjoy too, is the transit of Jupiter at 2 Leo in a rare conjunction with the Sun, which takes place from July 10th to 14th, 2026. Four years away. Uranus at 3 Gemini is very close to a perfect sextile to the Sun at the same time, so the spotlight will shine brilliantly on her then. Maybe on me too. Let’s see.

  171. Dear Jessica,
    You helped me so much in the past by giving me strength while I was spiraling down on a very hard road.
    Today I feel much better but still on this road of ever repeating situations in my company.
    Further more, at the home front is really complicated. My spouse is virgo and my daughter is libra.
    What should I expect, dear Jessica?

    1. Thank you. You have the Sun in a stellium in Leo in the Fifth House and the situations with the company will repeat until July 2023, when they stop. In fact 2023 is one of your best career years in recent memory. The situation with your spouse and daughter requires strong and difficult decisions now, August, September. The daughter is the main story here and your partner’s issues about who/what is in control and who/what is in power are important. They end in March 2023. That month looks like decision time for both/all of you, but a burden will lift for you that month too. Having this person in your life will be far less of a heavy burden to you then, for whatever reason.

  172. Jessica, On my long morning walk a thought popped into my head relating to your reply to me – your sentence “Your lineage involved American royalty, which is always political”. The first man I lived with (long ago) is in a political family that continues to be a part of our lives in the US….and it was a lot to handle – this vast amount of energy from all these ancestors in both lineages! Family feels very present not only when I am involved in my genealogy writing project and fictional short stories. Thanks for listening and tuning in so clearly to my chart. Best, Cecelia

  173. Hi Jessica,

    As many of your readers, I thoroughly enjoy following your blogs and seeking an additional layer of understanding to the life in general as well as my life.

    In regards to ‘Ops’, what does Ops is Aries in ‘R’ mean?

    In respect to Leo, following on from the previous reader’s query about Leo in IC, my Leo is in MC. What does that mean? In terms of my wanting to have children, I have one son and wish I had them more, but sadly I had to be realistic given my marriage circumstances. Now, I’d gladly ‘adopt’ children of a partner but I’m in the long phase of isolation that is being home bound due to life circumstances again and I’m hope some change will happen next year when my son starts his studies.

    Further on the topic of Leo, I have Moon , Vesta and Aesculapia in Leo? I also have Minverva in Cancer ‘R’ on the cusp of the fifth house. I have scatchy understanding of Aesculapia in Leo and that it means some sort of resurrection, come back, but am wondering if my life has passed the point of anything like that happening?

    Just to add that your predictions shed light on the dark corners of the future – thanks for that :)!

    1. Thank you. Ops in Aries R is Ops in Aries Retrograde and it is in your First House. So in matters of image, presentation, wardrobe, branding, reputation, title, physical presence and ‘badging’ in the world, you are the woman who tackles the challenges in a firm and practical way, no. matter how long it takes. From time to time, when you have transits in Aries, you do this backwards. So you have a history of sorting out how you look and present, but there will be episodes of great delay with that. One example might be ordering a work uniform or bridesmaid outfit. Another might be ordering laser eye surgery. If you happen to do that when, say, Chiron in Aries is in conjunction with Ops Retrograde, it may take a long time to sort out or even come to nothing. Weight loss is another one. You gain and lose pounds. Your MC or Midheaven in Leo in the Fifth House is about your highest achievement. The Midheaven is ‘the middle of heaven’ so the furthest you can reach, and in Leo it is about your heir to the throne – your son. You have a pattern in Leo that does in fact suggest comebacks, resurrections, revivals. Just when you think it’s over for you as Queen to a younger court, it’s not. So you will in fact have another parenting role. It may be your son’s child, a godchild, a class you teach and so on.

  174. Hi Jessica, I’ve recently become a premium member and am enjoying your insights. Not sure if u can see my chart but I gave 6 factors in Leo .. sun, mercury, Jupiter, ceres, ops and Vulcano. Do u have any insights for me please? Thank you so much for all u do !

    1. What’s left of July, August, September is a defining passage when you have to look at your children, godchildren, younger relatives and any junior generations relevant to your work or unpaid work. You know what you are supposed to feel and meant to do, but you also have to be truthful with yourself about your life. Courtship is the other great story in your life apart from the heirs and pretenders to your throne. Courtship with a Leo stellium over the course of a lifetime can be complicated. Here we find the reality of unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, but also the reality of infertility or miscarriage. Adultery, bisexuality/homosexuality, the menage a trois and the wrong side of the blanket are also classic Leo and Fifth House courtship outcomes. People with a Leo stellium never tell me anything about themselves so it is impossible to comment in a more personal way, but you have huge choices to make, based on what you did in the past, and what you want for your own future.

  175. Good morning Jessica,
    Happy birthday for the 25th, we share a celebration, although I’m some older than you! Fabulous. I only ‘discovered’ your wisdom two months ago, and you have made sense of the uneasiness I have felt on a planet level. What I do feel is faith in my fellow humans to recover our divinity and look after each other, our animals and planet. I have five stunning children, they are truly gorgeous and survived my parenting (mostly as a sole parent, which always brings in a bit too much Yang, when I would love to have been softer). Scorpio, Aquarian, Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn. I am blessed.
    I am a homeopath/bio resonance therapist, (and a couple of other things) and run my own clinic, and am ordering today a UVC filter. I have wonky lungs since childhood, and have loved our isolation for the last two years – didn’t get sick until the Qld border opened and I got too casual with the mask wearing.
    I don’t understand my chart at all, and will be learning as I go, but I do notice a heck of a lot of planets in Leo! Mercury, Venus, Mars, Pluto, Moon in Cancer.
    My query to you, due to weird circumstances I have ended up living in a city (never, ever thought I’d do that, especially in a pandemic!), and I am not sure whether I’m comfortable here because some of my children live here, or have I just controlled my mental environment so effectively, that I can’t intuit where to go now? Do I feel safe? Yes, if I apply all self care.
    Many thanks for your time.
    Again, Happiest of Birthdays!

    1. Thank you. I came home to birthday presents and cards in the postbox, which was a nice surprise. The second week of being 58 is delivering. I am pleased you are ordering a UVC filter. The science on this is impressive and it has taken three years for us to reach this stage with the solution for Covid. Your Leo stellium is not just about parenting five children, it is also about people young enough to be your own children, who come into the clinic. You are Queen to a younger court. You moved to be near the children and are in the city. You have a huge stellium in Virgo in the Sixth House of health so have become a homeopath after having weak lung function since childhood. You need to change your lifestyle, food, drink, self-care, Covid defence and the rest, and also the way you work – from March 2023. Saturn will form a slow opposition to all you have in Virgo and that is the challenge, to end all challenges. You have already done pretty well in ducking and diving with Covid and then the planes came in. You will need to do even more after March 2023 for reasons we don’t yet now. Another variant is the obvious answer. You have been here before, and got through before, so will do it again all being well. But yes, you will have to change. Happy Birthday.

  176. Thank you Jessica for your very wise – and honest! – advice and insights

  177. Many thanks for your reply… so generous. It’s funny, some of my family already think I walk a kooky line with Covid carefulness..(happy with home etc.). I’ve just started a new health lifestyle which has already created a “cleaness “. Definitely taking your advice and I’m beginning to expand online clinic sessions. I’m already advocating to each client your awareness/advice on care for the future for themselves and their family. Bell ringing… and thank you for your advice.

    1. Thank you. And well done on pushing back against Covid. It’s on each of us to do that. It does mean huge lifestyle change but it’s worth it. Don’t get it once, don’t get it twice, don’t give it once, don’t give it twice!

  178. Happy belated birthday, dear Jessica!
    Wishing you lots of health and abundance of love!♥️
    Thank you so much for your reply and sorry for not answering earlier! I lost the link to my comment…
    I really hope that my life will take an ⬆️ lift turn. Decades of struggling in business and family matters and obligations. I badly need to feel that I have achieved something at least in one area of my life:)

    1. Happy birthday to you too. Thank you. You are strongly Gemini and Cancer, so your siblings and cousins, but also the whole family tree, has really influenced your life. A Gemini stellium in the Third House always show the profound influence of a brother, sister and/or cousin and it is very common in the music business. Sir Paul McCartney has it with his brother Mike. Kylie Minogue has it with her sister Danni Minogue. Noel Gallagher has it with his brother Liam. Sometimes the issue is a brother or sister who passed away young, or there was a miscarriage before you arrived. That can also affect the entire family. Whatever the story, Gemini siblings and cousins teach each other words. They can teach each other to read. Why? Because they are left alone together by the parents when language develops. So there is always a bond, and sometimes the bond can be broken too, or damaged. This affects the way the mind develops and the gap or closeness is always there at school or college/university. For this and other reasons, you have figured out your own need to write it all down, or say it out loud. Secret scribblers often have Gemini stelliums. Your achievements in life will be on paper or online. Maybe on tape. The Cancer side of your chart is about the family tree on both sides. You need to find an ancestor who you relate to and identify with, even if they have passed over, and lean hard on this person. That will really help you. Figuring out family could take you a lifetime but a quick way to find that sense of being grounded, rooted in culture and heritage, ancestry – is to to ask yourself which branch of the family tree you take after, and what was always blossoming or blooming for you, even as a child. That’s the key and that’s the clue.

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