Full Moon in Pisces September 2022

The 10th September Full Moon in Pisces

The Moon will be opposite the Sun on Saturday 10th September at 17 degrees of Pisces. This tug-of-war in your horoscope is between the Sun at 17 Virgo in your Sixth House of workload and wellbeing – and the Moon at 17 Pisces in your Twelfth House of religion, self-help, Tarot and hypnosis.

If you have anything in your birth chart at 17 Virgo you may prefer to wait until next week to judge or act dramatically about your working life or your health. If you have factors at 17 Pisces, the same advice applies to the church; counselling; psychics and spirituality.

Your Sun Sign and the Full Moon in Pisces

This Full Moon is more than usually important because it falls before Jupiter re-enters Pisces from Saturday 29th October 2022. This house of your chart (or department of your life) will not add up on Saturday 10th September but this inner conflict or real-world challenge will later result in fantastic solutions and wonderful breakthroughs.

In fact, Jupiter will be with you from Saturday 29th October until Tuesday 20th December 2022, and will deliver good outcomes from what (or whom) presents such an obstacle on Saturday 10th September. This Full Moon in Pisces in September 2022 is much more than it first appears.

The Saturn Tests of 2023-2026

Later on, Saturn enters Pisces from Wednesday 8th March 2023 and that’s another story. This same area of your life will become a test for you, until Sunday 25th May 2025 and again from Tuesday 2nd September 2025 until Saturday 14th February 2026.

This is why attention must be paid to the Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday 10th September 2022; this story in your life looks like a three-act drama to me. Take your time as you make your choices.

In fact, if you can choose your timing, you may prefer to take mental notes at the Full Moon on Saturday 10th September, then make your choices when Jupiter is at a 12- year high in the Pisces zone of your chart from Saturday 29th October until Tuesday 20th December, 2022. The advantage is with you then and you can plan ahead for 2023-2026 with luck on your side. The Full Moon in Pisces in September 2022 is very useful.

Image: Worachat Sodsri, Unsplash.

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Where is the 2022-2026 Pisces Story?

Aries: God and the church; faith and spirituality; psychologists and psychiatrists; meditation and hypnosis; therapy and counselling; Tarot and mediumship; confession and counselling; your unconscious mind and subconscious inner life.

Taurus: Friendships old and new. Clubs, teams, political parties, charities, associations, trade unions, secret societies. The brotherhood and sisterhood around you. Allies and communities. Circles of people and achievement through people power.

Gemini: Status and success. Hierarchies and pyramid structures. Social strata. Position, mission and ambition. Professional life. Your vocation or calling. Unpaid work of a philanthropic or voluntary nature. Your academic career. High Society.

Cancer: Foreigners and foreign countries. Publishing in digital and traditional form. Academia, colleges and university life. Globalisation. The worldwide web. International relations. Language translation. Knowledge, learning and teaching.

Leo: Legacies, wills and inheritances of all kinds. Marriage and mortgage. The wedding dowry. Common-law marriage and joint finances. Shared bank accounts. Sexual and financial relationships. “Until death do us part” and “For richer, for poorer.”

Virgo: Marriage and separation. Common-law marriage and divorce. Former partners. Widows and widowers. Engagement and weddings. Professional partnerships. The law, applied to the end of career double-acts. Battles. Feuds. Mutual allies.

Libra: The daily routine. Your mental health. Your physical health. The housework. Staff and employers. Your lifestyle and the small details of your existence. Dogs and cats you must feed and walk. Your work ethic. Your food, drink, dentist or doctor.

Scorpio: Your sons or daughters. Any godchildren, nieces, nephews or grandchildren. The next generations along.  Courtship rituals. Unwanted pregnancy, I.V.F., adoption, step-parenthood. What entertains or educates you and a younger generation.

Sagittarius: Houses and gardens. Land and houseboats. Permanent caravans. The family on both sides. Your ancestors on both sides. Leases and mortgages. Renovations and home repairs. Your home town and homeland. Your culture, history and roots.

Capricorn: Commuting on a local or regional basis. Short journeys. Walking and hiking. Cars, public transport, riding and sailing. The media. The worldwide web. Twitter. Speech and language. Brothers and sisters. Cousins. Messages of all kinds.

Aquarius: Your tax return. Your legacy, will and inheritance and any will which names you. The value of your property or assets. Debts. Banks and credit unions. Valuables for sale or purchase. Shares. Your income. Your personal code of values.

Pisces: Your public image. Your title. The names you are known by. Your face, hair, body type and shape. Your wardrobe and accessories. Your mode of transport, if it is a comment on your image. Your profile online. How you present and package ‘Me.’

What to Expect From the Full Moon, Jupiter and Saturn

This triple sequence begins in a small way with the Full Moon at 17 Pisces on 10th September 2022. Check your local time, but we will see the moon at her fullest and brightest, at 5.59am in New York; 10.59am in London and at 7.59pm in Hobart, which is where I am writing this now. So, this is Saturday mid-morning in London, just as the nation is slowly beginning to adjust to King Charles III and the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Andrew and Prince Edward are both Sun Pisces men, of course. For them, this is about their title and reputation. King Charles has this Full Moon in his sector of ‘heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne’ so obviously – William and Harry.

Brassiere Pisces Istock 300x207 - Full Moon in Pisces September 2022
Pisces Illustration I-Stock.

Do You Have Factors in Pisces?

If you have factors in Pisces in the Twelfth House of your natal chart, then you will feel this Full Moon far more strongly than other people. The Twelfth House rules your inner life. It describes introspection and meditation. Solitude and soul-searching. It describes your psyche or spirit. It has traditionally been associated with prayer and confession. It is very much the home of Christianity, the fish being the symbol of Jesus Christ and his disciples.

The Twelfth House is also about other aspects of the invisible world; quantum mechanics and trance mediumship. It covers dream interpretation, oracles of all kinds including the I-Ching, self-hypnosis and all that is hidden within. The Full Moon in Pisces in September, shows you.

The two fish describe the two realities. One is that which you know (the real or normal world which others live in) and the other is your own hidden world. This is mysterious, below the surface and can be confusing or confused, very often. This is where the usual boundaries of time and space are lost, but also where classical physics gives way to quantum physics.

The two fish of Pisces can show two parallel universes. They very much describe angels and mysticism; miracles and the afterlife; what Dr. Carl Jung might have called the stuff of the unconscious.

What a Full Moon Does in Astrology

A Full Moon is an opposition between the Sun and Moon. Any opposition describes opposing forces within yourself, or a difference with others. It is typically associated with unrest and sometimes disturbance; an increase in car accidents, for example, or an increase in hospital admission. It is possible that the sheer brightness of a Full Moon during sleep can create imbalances for people who are light sleepers and whose medical conditions are affected by sleep deprivation or disturbance.

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Virgo Factors Matter on This Full Moon

Returning to pure astrology, it is common-sense to make allowances for people on a Full Moon and to make allowances for yourself, too. The Sun has always described fathers, as the Moon describes mothers, and sometimes there is an obvious gender split at times like this.

Do You Have Virgo Factors?

If you have Virgo factors, then again, the much bigger cycles of Jupiter and then Saturn in Pisces are important. Jupiter will oppose these at 28 and 29 degrees, from around Halloween until Christmas, so if you have Virgo placements at 28, 29 you need to pay attention to your health and workload.

Whatever is in Virgo, requires thought – no matter what the degree. Slowly but surely, Saturn will oppose your Sixth House Virgo placements, starting at 0, 1, 2 degrees in March 2023 and eventually taking you to 26, 27, 28, 29 degrees in January 2026 before leaving Pisces in February 2026. This Full Moon in Pisces in 2022 exposes a great deal.

So you see, this is more than just another Full Moon. It’s like a torch or flashlight, showing you what you need to look at, in terms of your work ethic, your job, and how things are for you with your physical and mental wellbeing. It’s very useful.

Main Image: Ganapathy Kumar, Unsplash.

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141 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, your blogs are so insightful. I look forward to them eagerly. It is generous of you to share your knowledge with us.

    I have a Virgo stellium and have had quite a harrowing two weeks with poor health, first mine and then a family member. Work wise also it’s a bit of a lull. Should I be worried for the Saturn phase in Pisces that’s coming up?

    Thank you once again.

    1. Don’t worry but do be proactive. The two great health challenges of the last Saturn in Pisces cycle were AIDS and smoking. They both revealed how our unconscious mind programs what happens to the rest of us. If you have a Virgo stellium, look at your mental health and physical health in the light of your daily routine, housework, unpaid chores, duty to other people, work ethic, service, any academic work, volunteering, caring and so on. Poor health is a pointer to unconscious need for…you fill in the blank. Dreams can reveal the unconscious and the Tarot can give an insight. It’s as well to be aware of the Pisces/Virgo/Twelfth House/Sixth House dichotomy before you go into this Saturn cycle. Why did people get AIDS? Because they had unsafe sex, often. Why did they do that? Unconsciously they had a need for…fill in the blanks. Why did people smoke and get lung cancer? Unconsciously they had a need for…again, fill in the blanks. Nobody forced anybody into bed without a condom or put a cigarette in their fingers. Pisces-Virgo can be very useful in understanding the way we ‘work’ in astrology.

  2. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for all the details you put in. Joined your Premium Membership and really enjoy the extra content. Feel this one is close for me but struggling to understand to what degree. I have my North Node at 18 Pisces and South Node at 18 Virgo. Ready for a change as have been feeling very restless lately.

    1. The lunar nodes in Virgo-Pisces reveal past lives spent in the armed forces, dealing with daily routine, duty and service (Virgo) and also the oath of allegiance to a particular religion. In this life you may question that more broadly; your faith or belief, and your work ethic. You were also in service, as a servant or unpaid housewife/maid and learned the only way you could escape was illness or injury. Again, more broadly in this lifetime, you explore those issues about who or what comes first: your wellbeing or your employer’s/husband’s expectations? It’s as well to look into these things now. Saturn in Pisces will make it more obvious.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I am hoping to bring a therapeutic approach into a school. I have tried so hard in the past but have only come up against shut doors. It seems that doors may be opening now. Please could you look at my chart and advise how best to proceed carefully. Thank you so much. F

    1. You have Gemini and Sagittarius factors in your Third House of communication, the internet and the Ninth House of education and academia. The doors are squeaking open with Mars Retrograde in Gemini until March 2023 but you really need luck. The luck appears when Jupiter goes into Gemini from May 2024 and a revolution in this area of your life is here from Uranus in Gemini, after July 2025. To try something new in a system, you need system change, and that begins in a couple of years.

  4. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your articles, I visit your website constantly hoping to find new articles. I am a Virgo sun and have a few other planets in Virgo (16.9.1963 21:41 Hertfordshire, uk) I’m getting a bit nervous with Saturn approaching Pisces and opposing my Virgo factors. With Jupiter also opposing my factors at 28 & 29 degrees and then Pluto aspecting 28 & 29 degree factors. I am in a position where I need a new position or source of income and I am diabetic. My health has always meant everything to me. I have not been able to take care of myself over the last couple of years as much as I have previously due to taking on a caring role for a sister with learning and physical disabilities since we lost my parents. I must admit I’m a bit worried of what’s to come. I wonder if you could look at my chart? Thank you so much for everything you do x

    1. If you have Virgo factors in your Sixth House then you do need to take special steps with Saturn entering Pisces and your Sixth House from March 2023. You are a diabetic and need a new job. You are your sister’s carer and you’re both orphans by law. You have some work to do. Begin with your sister and the unpaid work you do for her. Keep a diary of daily details. Your path back to the kitchen and what you have there in terms of food and drink. If you have Diabetes Type Two you can get rid of it with low carbohydrate food and exercise (Google Scholar is your source for the research). But there is more to this than just diabetes. I don’t have a chart here but if you have an illness and no job, you need to find out what your unconscious is doing. If you unconsciously dislike being your sister’s full-time carer, and a lot of people would sympathise, you need to consciously admit it, and do something about it. That’s the astrology of Pisces-Virgo.

  5. Thank you for this post and also you Vale Queen Elizabeth II post. The full moon coincides with the official proclamation of the new King. A new era begins under this moon. What can the UK anticipate under this momentous full moon.

    1. The signatures were inked for ‘King Charles III’ on Mercury Retrograde in Libra and Mars Retrograde in Gemini. Libra rules marriage and partnership. Gemini rules siblings. Retrograde is all that goes backwards and sometimes comes to nothing. If we step back from this historic occasion we would be looking at Charles and Camilla as a symbol of a Libra ruling partnership – and Edward, Anne and Andrew as siblings shown by Gemini, as well as the siblings William and Harry. As if that wasn’t enough, the Full Moon in Virgo-Pisces shows a difficult story about health, service and duty. So that’s the astrology. I published my prediction about a coronation in July; two months ago now. Have a look at that.

  6. Hi

    I have Neptune, Sun and Saturn in my 12th — but that is in a chart using my Ascendant at time of birth as Scorpio rising – 7.15 am 23 October 53.

    Using my birth time/Asc to track transits works well for me.

    Do you only use whole sign houses? Could you clarify please?


    1. There are many, many different house systems in astrology: AstroGold has over 30. After a long career as a professional astrologer beginning with my first job at ELLE aged 23, I realised the only house system that worked was the Natural House System, sometimes called Aries Zero. I tested every house system against the last war for accuracy and also in tandem with the solar chart, which is the world’s most popular form of forecasting. All of them fell down but the Natural House system.

  7. I don’t know where to start! I’ve got a stellium in both Virgo and Pisces – including Saturn at 16 Pisces and Mars 17 Virgo. Needless to say today has been heated – with conflict involving my son, care of his dog, my partner, my ex and stirring the pot of lots of unresolved issues. This makes me nervous about what’s to come! Help! Thank you

    1. Looking after your son’s dog is an expression of Virgo-Pisces. Don’t be nervous, do start looking at all the work you do. That is unpaid work, paid work, academic work, housework, volunteer work, and the rest. I don’t expect you’re given $20 an hour to care for the dog. Pisces-Virgo is very common in the charts of people who find their physical health or mental health is dictated by how they unconsciously feel about their workload. The physical and mental health/condition/state also dictates the sort of work they end up doing. The latter is beyond your control, to some extent. You’re a woman. You are likely to be smaller, shorter and lighter in frame and build than a man so we’re not going to see you become a professional wrestler in a male game. Yet, on a different note, it is also true that your physical strengths or proclivities tend towards certain sorts of jobs. If you are a speed typist you become a court transcriber, thanks to rapid brain-eye-hand co-ordination and, likely, quite long and agile fingers. If you have the right kind of feet, you become a footballer. There is a flow between Virgo and Pisces in your chart you need to become more aware of. Saturn in Pisces is not far away; understanding what Saturn means in transit, and above all, understanding your Virgo and Pisces side, will help you manage that. On a global level, we will see Long Covid and a new variant of Covid which defies the endless ‘vaccine’ development from March 2023. This will raise a massive worldwide question for working people about their employers; their rights; their control; their power as we know Covid is airborne in offices and on public transport which takes people to their work place. This may touch your life by 2024 and you may have decisions to make. There’s really nothing to do now except be aware; the effort comes from March 2023. But have a look at your son’s dog. For all that it’s a pooch with a wagging tail, that animal represents a fundamental issue about how you unconsciously feel about serving for nothing. If you adore dogs, fine. If you don’t, that’s an example of the tiny, tiny Virgo detail which can confront the huge Pisces unconscious.

  8. Hello Jessica,

    My condolences and shared mourning with you on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II — may her soul find everlasting peace.

    Thank you for sharing your interpretations for this Pisces full moon. I have a stellium in both Pisces and Virgo, with close aspects to the full moon. Could you tell me what you see for me in terms of my Pisces/Virgo placements, as well as the matching degrees (or close orb) in other signs and houses? It seems there are several trigger points in my chart, and I’m wondering where and how to determine the significance of each — does one aspect have a greater bearing than another and, if so, why? This full moon is on my Panacea at 17 Pisces, but also trine Jupiter at 16 Taurus, for example. Pluto is in play, but also Chiron with a slightly larger orb (2 degrees). Is there any impact/correlation with the current Pluto Retro in tight conjunction with my natal Sun in Capricorn? I am also very interested in upcoming Pisces weather and my Saturn return. So many questions, but I know I cannot have you all to myself! 🙂

    Thank you always, for all you share with us. Be well.


    1. Thank you. You have Virgo-Pisces factors at 2 through 26 degrees so will experience the full Saturn in Pisces cycle across the Twelfth House of the soul, spirit, psyche and unconscious – and the Sixth House of all work, and all levels of health. You will feel the change from March 2023 and have the final transit in January 2026. It is a good idea to become well-versed in what Pisces and Virgo means in your chart, the factors you have there, the way this theme in your life has shown up historically – and to ‘fathom the unfathomable’ which is the Twelfth House. All that exists below the surface of the conscious mind is in Pisces in the Twelfth House. The Full Moon will give you some clues this weekend, as she passes. A diary can be a good way to drag things out of the unconscious. Essentially any transit in Pisces in the Twelfth House always clashes with placements in Virgo in the Sixth House. The very first transit you likely had was in childhood when you were sent home from school due to illness or accident. You were shown the rewards of time off/time out as well as the troublesome cause – the body out of kilter. When children are ill they receive more care; attention; special treatment; relief from daily routine, no matter if this is homework, school or home chores. That is a very, very strong memory for most of us and even if we ‘forget’ our unconscious remembers. That is why diaries and also dream analysis can be so useful. Looking at the dichotomy of your health and wellbeing with your work ethic (include housework) is essential for this long Saturn in Pisces transit ahead.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    I have Pluto at 29* Vir and I’m concerned about the health info and prosperity. I accepted a new position on 22 Aug. that will be far less work than my present high-stress position. My last day is 26 Sept. at my present job, and I start the new one 24 Oct. I am hoping it is not rescinded with all the retro planets, and that it will be a better fit.

    I also developed a sexual relationship with a Sco friend of over 10 years in an open marriage back on 10 Apr, that is fizzling out. It is important to maintain the friendship, so I am hoping for the sense of the right to contact him so he doesn’t completely withdraw from my life. I want to contact him now, but he is on holidays with group of friends. Is now the right timing?

    1. Pluto in Virgo in your Sixth House is a message to control your workload so that you can control your wellbeing. Part of that is the change to a less stressful job. You have in fact been doing this with Mercury Retrograde in Virgo in the Sixth House so it is important to get everything in writing and read the fine print. The sexual relationship with your Scorpio friend suits his need for freedom, excitement, the unpredictable. As long as you know it will never be stable or reliable for you, then it will be on offer until 2026. His issue is children, or even unwanted pregnancy. Don’t be that person.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Here I am again. Wishing I would have just asked about my grandson and not myself. I had you do his chart so I have his factors. I would LOVE to know how this Full Moon will affect him. I am hoping it will help with speech. He has austim. We just got him in a school, its been a long time coming, but he is just thriving!

    So he is an Aries Sun (will a whopping 7 factors in Aries)! He also has a stellium in Pisces with Chiron at 18, Mercury at 19, Salcia at 28 and Neptune at 21. There is not one factor in his Virgo.

    Pisces is his natal 2nd house and interestingly enough he has Mercury and Neptune there. Does that house rule speech? Can Neptune be clouding his speech? I also hope that Saturn moving into Pisces isn’t too hard on him 🙁

    I would so greatly appreciate your input on how this Moon and the upcoming Jupiter cycle will help him.


    1. As an Aries Sun he has Mars Retrograde (backwards action) in his Third House of speech, until March 2023. So prepare for him to go back and forth with his use of language. Does he have a brother, sister or cousin? If so, there is a huge story about that, given his autism diagnosis. Jupiter goes into Gemini to help after May 2024 and Uranus in Gemini will liberate him after July 2025 for many years into the future. The Pisces stellium in the Twelfth House suggests an unconscious reason for what ails him. Again I would go back to siblings or cousins; even a sibling who never arrived, GV.

  11. Hi Jessica, thank you for this article which makes me look at my chart and your previous comments to my questions regarding work/life balance. At this full moon, we are embarking on a major project that will (sigh! possibly one half be executed during a Mercury retrograde- by Sept 30th and another by October 7th) start implementation in mid October which will run its course through March 23 and then from there, the rollout and adoption by the company (another challenging phase but exciting) will commence from April 2023 for a busy one year. Such projects take shape and require a two to three year effort to be successful.
    Reading the article, I would like your input on this period exp after Saturn’s move into Pisces. I have Virgo stellium and many factors in Pisces. I actually have a pic of you in the office to remind me to focus on health/balance than place duty and commitment to work first. Honestly, that reminder is so good for the soul. Your predictions have been so right on, that you have such influence on how to focus on my health. Please take that as a complement and not being fanatic about it. God bless you!

    1. Thank you. The 2/3 year development of the project suits the astrology. If you have a Virgo-Pisces pattern at 2 through 27 degrees, you experience the whole Saturn in Pisces cycle through a chain of conjunctions and oppositions, so Easter 2023 into 2024, 2025 and then closing in 2026. It’s a good idea to become well-versed in what Pisces and the Twelfth House and Virgo and the Sixth House mean to you, and have always meant to you. And, perhaps, how you might approach your Virgo and Pisces side in the future. I’m very flattered there is a picture of me in the office as a reminder to put health first. This is the one thing to lean hard on. As much as you have a duty to perform to others (even feeding and walking a cat or dog) from the washing-up, to the paid work; the unpaid work; the ‘services’ – your first duty is to your mental and physical health. You are the machine in the machinery and you have to maintain the machine. Perhaps, upgrade the machine. This will be more obvious to you from March 2023 when Saturn changes signs. You may have to alter your food or drink; your sleep; the way you see the world of health, medicine, healing and surgery. The relationship between work in all its forms (labour) and your conscious and unconscious mind, is the big key to it all.

  12. Hi Jessica, this full moon is almost the exact degree of my natal pisces sun. I’m a bit worried about Saturn in Pisces and how that will impact my life. It feels like structures, like my career, in my life may not make it through that period. I’d be very grateful for your advice in navigating this period.
    Love and light, Fishie

    1. Thank you. Saturn in Pisces enters your solar First House of appearances, reputation, title and image in March 2023 as you’ve read. He stays there for a number of years. So, publicly, in your public horoscope, you will be tested by the mirror, the ‘mirror’ of the internet and all portraits of you. Privately, in your natal chart, we see you have a huge stellium in Aries, also in your First House of profile. Given that we will see Jupiter, the North Node and Chiron all in Aries in your natal First House in 2023, next year is the most important turning point for your exterior, in many years. Have a look at The Aries Weather on this website and at the November event, on Meetups, though I believe it’s booked out. There may be some cancellations.

  13. Good morning, Jessica. I keep noticing the strong messages concerning “foreigners and foreign countries” but I have very little of that in my life these days. I know one or two people from foreign countries. Should I nurture those connections? Concerning Pisces, that house holds both my MC and Fortuna. I have been known to give spiritual advice but I’m new to Fortuna and what I’ve read makes me wonder if I am being careless and speaking without credibility. Am I reading Fortuna correctly? Concerning the 17 degrees of Pisces, my natal Venus Trines that spot. Does that complicate things for me? As for 28-29 Virgo, my Sun and Uranus sextile that spot. How can I use these best? I am studying the Tarot, Jung, Feminine power through images, my North Node in Sag. I feel internal stirrings but don’t have a clear vision yet of what it’s about. From your advice, for now I will observe and keep notes. Am I reading you correctly?

    1. Good morning. Foreigners and foreign countries powered the Tarot and still do; the Smith-Waite Tarot is a good example of that. In fact it was a multicultural venture between Arthur E. Waite and Pamela Colman Smith, who was half black, half white and as much a child of Brooklyn and New York as Waite was a child of London. If you are studying Jung then you are intellectually and spiritually in Switzerland, but in other countries too, as his concern with archetypes was global. The Ninth House means travel in the mind, as much as literal travel, and foreign influences online and on the printed page, as much as in person. If you look in your library you’ll find I explain this at length in one or two of the flipbooks. It sounds like you’re on your way. You’re not reading Fortuna correctly; have a look at the interpretation in my last book, 2020 Astrology. Thank you.

  14. Thank you for this insight, Jessica. I have a stellium in Virgo (5th House), with the Sun, Mercury, Pluto, and Uranus all opposing Saturn a 0° Pisces. So when Saturn moves in Pisces, that will be my second Saturn return. I’m prepping for the bumpy ride now – the last return was a doozy. I ended up in a completely different place and changed the course of my life, but I will say that it was the best thing that could have happened to me. Looking forward to seeing what this one brings.

    1. Good point about the second Saturn Return for people who have a Virgo stellium and also Pluto/Uranus in Virgo. There are many millions of readers with the latter. The last time we saw Saturn in Pisces, which you obviously remember well, was 22nd May 1993 until June 30th (first phase) then January 29th 1994 until April 7th 1996. What you take away from that period in your life will be useful for this next cycle, starting in March 2023. On the broadest possible scale, this was the period when AIDS killed more Americans than anything else. It was also the start of a huge wake-up call for smokers about the cigarette industry.

  15. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for yet more insightful information about such a fascinating topic.
    I have Uranus at 28 degrees in Virgo in my birth chart. I was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) after contracting Covid in January. Furthermore, my position at work was made redundant in July and I have not yet secured another job despite submitting numerous applications. Would you be kind enough to share your thoughts about how Jupiter in Pisces, from around Halloween until Christmas, opposing my Virgo placement at 28 degrees, could potentially affect my health and/or job search please.

    1. I am really sorry that you have COPD after being ill with Covid – then you were made redundant – and can’t get a job. Okay, this sounds like a Virgo/Sixth House overhaul and so Jupiter 5, Pluto 22 and Uranus 28 Virgo will do that for you. Transiting Pluto is at 26 Capricorn today and will move to 28 Capricorn and slowly finish the cycle by March 2023, then go back to 28 Capricorn to retrace his steps as you go towards the mid 2020s. This is a lifestyle, workload and mind/body/spirit reshape which can only happen once in your life. You were also born with Hygiea at 27 Capricorn trine Uranus at 28 Virgo, and of course Hygeia is ‘prevention not cure’ and Capricorn rules your overall career. This does end well. Jupiter goes to 27, 28 Taurus after he changes signs from May 2023, so you are in an excellent position to completely transform every tiny detail of your existence, from the time you wake up, to the quality and duration of your sleep. As always with Virgo/Sixth House transits, you look to Pisces/Twelfth House, because they are opposite. Pisces is the unconscious. It opposes the body (Virgo). So if you have body issues, you need to look at how you are unknowingly programming yourself and why. Take all this apart in your chart: transiting Pluto in Capricorn in your natal Tenth House; natal Hygiea in Capricorn in your Tenth House; transiting Pluto trine natal Uranus in your Sixth House. It is a very good idea to use your dreams (which feed into your unconscious mind) to assist. My friend Jane Teresa Anderson has a good website with advice; she is a professional dream coach.

  16. Hi Jessica! I have nothing in Pisces but I do have Virgo placements. I’m trying to decide between going back to finish a graduate program I started at the beginning of 2020 and withdrew from during the pandemic. I would return in April of 2023. However in the time since then I have fallen in love with astrology, tarot and especially mediumship. My heart calls me to these things but I wonder if you could tell me if anything sticks out to you in regard to making this decision? Thanks Jessica!

    1. Well, just as I say in the feature, you’d be better off waiting until the Full Moon in Pisces (mediumship, Tarot) is behind you and Jupiter (solutions, opportunity) is in Pisces, from around Halloween to Christmas. That would be time to train. If you are on a British time zone, or close to it, The College of Psychic Studies in Kensington offers excellent online courses. If in Australia, the Tarot Guild of Australia is superb and the oldest established Tarot organisation in the world. Astrology on a British time zone is best learned at The Astrological Lodge of London. So you’re spoiled for choice, really, but as long as you realise the learning curve will be serious, slow and long from March 2023 until 2026, Saturn in Pisces offers you the chance to commit to the hard work and emerge as a heavyweight reader. Your spirit guides will help you with the choice.

  17. Hi Jessica.
    Thank you for the warning. My husband has Diana 28 virgo (he is a Leo) and Although I have virgo and Pisces placements I am not sure how this effects either of us. Can you please provide any insight? Thanks again!

    1. You have Apollo at 28 Cancer in the Fourth House of family and home. Your husband has Diana at 28 Virgo in the Sixth House of workload and wellbeing. So you are connected by fate. Pluto at 28 Capricorn triggers you both on matters of housework, chores, daily routine, the house or apartment, the garden and so on. Slow transformation until March 2023, which then resumes, from May 2023 for some time. A mutual lifestyle reshape.

  18. Hi Jessica, I am Pisces sun at 7 degrees, Aries rising and Venus, Libra moon, Pluto in Virgo at 19 degrees, and Taurus NN at 8 degrees and I really desire a postmenopausal physical transformation. It’s been really difficult finding what diet and exercise truly work at this stage in my life and what I can do to overhaul my health and health habits. How can the planetary alignments help me in this regard? Thanks so much!

    1. There’s no chart here but you do need to take action while Saturn in Pisces opposes your Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House of health. Try the Tarot on here which is free to use.

  19. hi Jessica

    Hope all is well with yourself. Condolences to you on the passing of The Queen. I saw your comment on how Meghan will not be able to succeed in destroying the special relationship with the US & I am glad!

    Jessica, This full moon degree aligns closely with my IC/MC at 18 degree Taurus /Scorpio – followed by the eclipse soon at 18 degrees in Taurus; followed by Saturn opposition my natal Saturn at zero degrees in Virgo – I have 8 placements in Virgo.

    Life has not been easy the past few years – since 2019 to be specific. My mom has schizophrenia which has lately become worse; my dad clearly has a personality disorder & I have only recently conquered my anxiety/mild depression.

    So I quit my job in 2019, am living with my parents – and not realising when I quit how difficult it would be to get back in – now doing a few consulting gigs.

    It’s all a mess; while I want to take care of my mom; I need to make sure I earn money – they have made it clear that everything will go to my brother and his family – so I should not depend on them financially. Consulting pays little; I need to find a corporate job but I worry u have mentioned life will never be what it was before 2018 ( so I won’t get a corporate role?)

    Given all these alignments hitting my chart; followed by Saturn opposing my Virgo factors – I am hoping things don’t get more difficult – I ideally want to move out, find a decent paying job & be close enough to my mom so I can looo after her. My relationship with my dad is zero.
    I also feel while I continue to live with them; it bogs me down – finding a partner /commitment is difficult.

    Any guidance would be much appreciated. I really don’t need any more angst than the situation I am in currently.

    Thank you as always

    1. Meghan is a good actress, but you can’t beat the British royal family; protected by Welsh Druids! Thank you for your condolences. I have looked at your chart and the Full Moon would not have been easy, but of course it takes more than that to deliver tests with your parents and your own anxiety and depression. You need a proper job and money. Your parents have cut you out of the will. You’d like to move out but still look after your mother; your father doesn’t have a relationship with you. This sounds like a Scorpio/Eighth House problem. You have a stellium there and also a huge Virgo stellium. Scorpio first. This rules sexual and financial partnerships but also legacies, wills and inheritance within a family. You are going through karma from 18 or 19 years ago in regard to this but it stops in July. You are also a Sun Leo having the same thing – the South Node in Scorpio – go through your Fourth House of family. Again it stops in July 2023. Either you lose the problem by that month at the very latest, or the situation stays the same, but you no longer care. I think you’ll move out. There are some stunning career opportunities ahead from May 2023 to May 2024 which you must snap up. Yes, Saturn will oppose your Virgo factors one after another, but it’s nothing that hasn’t happened before (we last saw this in the 1990s). Essentially you have to put your physical and mental health first. Numero uno. Before your mother. Before the new role. (There may be choices here about juggling good part-time roles or taking one big job). So just be aware; you have to like or even love the work you do, and be happy to serve and delighted to do your duty. If you are not, you may find ‘things happen’ which mean you have to take time out or off. So it is worth negotiating a position where you not only have your rights; your employers, clients or customers are made to understand that you have rules for yourself. The Tarot will confirm the timing for you but this can and does get better. I am very sorry about your mother, but as I said, this is karmic in nature and the karma brings final closure in July. You will make or save quite a lot of money from Halloween to Christmas, too.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    I have my South Node and Hygeia in Pisces and a Stellium in Virgo (none at 28 and 29 degrees). I have a lot of irons in the fire, but nothing is really materializing. I quit my job earlier this year, and I’m finally starting to look for a new one. I thought I wouldn’t have much trouble finding a new one, but the reality is quite different. I’m also starting coursework in psychology because I’m curious about the subject. I don’t know where it’s going to take me, but I feel compelled to do something different. I’ve also been doing a lot of internal healing work through therapy and just learning more about myself. I’m finally beginning to connect the dots about the trauma I’ve experienced throughout my life, but I’m really struggling with “what’s next”.

    Would love to get your insight.

    1. You have the nodes in Pisces-Virgo as well as a Virgo stellium so were made for healing and psychology. In fact, previous lifetimes may have led you to this point. It is a good idea to do some hard, sustained work 2023-2026, which will create a container for Saturn in Pisces. Give him something to do! It may be a qualification in Jungian analysis, for example, or perhaps the world of counselling will call you on a volunteer help line. Just be aware of the Virgo path. You cannot help other people unless your internal machinery is working well. You have to be happy with your duty statement and your service to others. Unless you are happy then you may find you have to take time off, or even take time out. Never let it get that far if you can avoid it; always try to serve on a level you feel content with. Carl Jung was a great one for Pisces synchronicity; have a look at him – of course he may well find you!

  21. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your reply, I am type 1 diabetic and yes I dislike being my sisters carer. It’s hard to look after my diabetes with having to put put my sister first! Thank you once again for your wonderful articles x

    1. I understand. I hope you find a way through the issue with your sister. You are allowed to dislike it, but you need something that will work for both of you. Light a candle and have a quiet word with your parents; the spirit world is always willing to assist, but you have to ask. Be nice and clear. Your guides will help the message get through. The next trick is to recognise when you are being offered help and to act on it.

  22. Hi Jessica & thank you greatly for another informative piece.
    Yeek…:( I have 6 placement in Virgo in my tenth natal: saturn 00°, MC 01°, proserpina 01°, apollo 06°, ops 16°, panacea 18°. Just as I thought career and business related matters cannot get any worse, saturn will be opposing all these placements soon. I was looking forward to south node moving out of scorpio (many placements there too, including my ascendant) but now I have to deal with Saturn opposing Virgo. Sounds like a horror movie to me 🙁

    Thank you

    1. You are strongly Virgo and Saturn will indeed oppose those factors in your chart, but you will also have Jupiter trine them, from May 2023 until May 2024, as he passes through Taurus. So, balance in everything. Not a horror movie (nothing like that) but a series of tests, over a long period of time. Saturn tests patience, staying power, endurance and your sense of humour. It is very, very important to keep the tests of your lifestyle, workload and wellbeing in perspective. They are not the whole story in your chart. Yet, you can’t be in denial either. This cycle is nothing new. We saw it in the 1990s. We know what to do. Put your health, mental health and physical wellbeing first and everyone and everything else, second, third, fourth. And be wise enough to realise that your unconscious mind often has a great deal to do with what’s happening physically. If you have to explore that in 2023 and beyond, then you can learn a lot about how it all works.

  23. Hi Jessica – What a fascinating blog and you have provided some thought-provoking answers to the already posted questions. I have a large stellium in Virgo – Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and Vesta -so I’m pretty interested to read about the challenging years ahead. Is it really all about putting me first – such a non-natural Virgo thing to do!!

    1. Thank you. Virgo stellium people who spend a lot of time living in their Sixth House will need to forget the natural Virgo instinct, as you say, and make themselves the priority. The last time we saw this cycle, people who disliked their jobs (because of the conditions) used to get out of work by taking cigarette breaks. Then evidence came pouring in that their cigarette breaks were going to shorten their lives. People who were in the sex worker industry got AIDS because they did not wear condoms and did not use safe sex to do the job. I hope you can see the broad message here. Unless you roll your sleeves up and take a stand with your employers, clients, staff or colleagues – you are going to find 2023-2026 very hard work and it will have health implications. As you say, it’s not Virgo to put your foot down, but it has to happen. I am sure you can see what is going to happen with Covid. Unless people take strike action, join a union and/or demand their rights of their employers, they will be risking Long Covid or worse. This is a classic Virgo work-health outcome. Mars in Virgo in your Sixth House suggests you need to take action on these matters, either being strict with yourself – or demanding with a boss. It’s as well to avoid very complicated personal relationships with staff, colleagues, employers on this cycle too, as the less you have to deal with, the better. Vesta, Venus and the Moon in Virgo are often inappropriate at work; they really belong at home!

  24. Hi Jessica,
    In recent years, I have lost my stamina and mental strength and my driving force. I have suffered several physical injuries, etc. Normally, I rarely get colds, but now I have been sick since the beginning of September.
    on top of that, it feels like I’m stuck in a rut where I can’t find meaning and joy in my daily existence. Everything goes on repeat and I can’t find the way out. My home, job, daily routine feels meaningless and I can’t find the way to feel mental strength and energy, motivation, passion and joy again.
    Can you please tell me why this is happening and when will it stop? It’s feel like I am counting down the days without having any idea for what purpose. I gratefully accept all your guidance.

    1. You have Saturn in Scorpio, are strongly Scorpio and ‘live’ in your Eighth House of sexual/financial relationships, legacies, wills and inheritance. I am very sorry you have been ill and find life meaningless. You are currently going through a challenging cycle with the lunar nodes in Scorpio and Taurus, and Uranus in Taurus, triggering natal Saturn. Saturn is a symbol of all that is heavy, limiting and hard work. This does pass. It’s just a cycle you are going through. However you have symptoms of depression and need help. I am not sure which country you are in, but use the Beyond Blue website. Call the Samaritans if you need to talk, anonymously. They have very good resources for depression. I assume you’ve seen a doctor. Beyond that, others find all kinds of ways to help or even get rid of their depression, from exercise, to meditation, to cognitive therapy. I suspect there is a story there about a sexual/financial relationship (past or present) and maybe a parent or other family member and a legacy. That would be predictable when you have these transits in your Eighth House. You could also be forgiven for finding the whole thing too heavy, or even shutting down to avoid having to deal with it, emotionally. Feeling closed down is a whole other story! You are not alone and this does not last. Go and find help now because it is there for you. Have a look at The Garden Oracle too; just follow the steps.

  25. Hi Jessica
    Thank you sharing your astrological knowledge.
    March 25, 2025 will be my nodal return in 24 Pisces/ 24 Virgo with Saturn at 1 degree opposition on the cusp of Aries/Libra.
    Any thoughts would be helpful.

    1. Thank you. You have a Pisces stellium in the Twelfth House with your North Node there and the South Node opposite in Virgo in the Sixth House. Your past lives revolve around the conflict between your belief in God and the reality of illness; you may have been a monk in a monastery affected by a 14th century plague, for example. Pisces rules Christianity and all faith; Virgo rules your health. It can also show up as the person using Reiki who then finds it doesn’t work. The two signs are in opposition so they clash and it can be a lifelong journey to figure out the path if you have the lunar nodes there. In fact you incarnated with Virgo-Pisces to try and get closure. Saturn going through Pisces in your Twelfth House will test your ideas about what and who is real. This invisible world of dreams, Tarot cards, spiritualist churches, God, the unconscious mind and so on – will become a very heavy source of questioning in 2023-2026. Just understanding your Virgo and Pisces side will help you a lot; dive into that and how it has appeared to date and how best to manage it in future.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this information. It is, as always, so detailed and a great heads-up for the calendar.
    I’m quite looking forward to seeing what happens with our new King Charles III, though there is plenty of time for that, after Queen Elizabeth II is properly honoured for the incredibly influential role she played on the world stage.
    As a 6 Factor Cancerian, for me a Full Moon is most often and most comfortably spent at home.
    I only have 1 factor in Pisces – Diana. But it is one part of my chart that I really identify with, because what Diana represents really is part of my 12th House realm – my freedom is only truly expressed in my Inner World – my current reality does not lend itself to a true expression. I’m wondering if this will change. I’m certainly focusing on it. And trying to do the work.

    Blessings to you Jessica,
    DinP xx

    1. Thank you. Yes, Charles III may be a year or more away from a coronation; the late Queen assumed the title but did not accept the crown for another 12 months or so. Charles’s chart from September 2022 to September 2023 is complicated and pressured, have to say. The whole family will need a huge amount of support and solidarity. People forget their foreign enemies but they are meddlesome and more. Diana in Pisces in your Twelfth House is the free spirit who needs a God or faith (maybe faiths, plural) which permits feminism and autonomy, Din P.

  27. I had strong a-ha moments for this blog. Thank you!
    I have a Virgo stellium and the full moon was in conjunct to my natal moon in Pisces.
    I’m going to get a promotion in my recent work soon. I’m happy for that but also nervous at the same time. It means bigger responsibilities, of course. Already now, in my recent position I feel stressed and it feel it in my body in different ways. I have planned to learn as much as I can now, and jump into some less stressing work when possibilities arrive. Jupiter will enter my sixth house next year. Do you think there would be chances ahead then?
    You said that for sagittarius, Pisces weather shows up in house, mortgage, renovating area. We are planning to buy a house, but after reading this I became a bit suspicious. Will purchasing turn for good or is there reason to be cautious according to coming aspects?

    1. Thank you. Reading both your public (solar) and private (natal) chart together, you are a Sun Sagittarius with Uranus in Taurus in your Sixth House of work and wellbeing, but also a Virgo stellium in your natal chart, also in the Sixth House, currently under transits too. These two cycles are concurrent in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 so it’s as well to address classic Virgo issues like ‘Who gives you work and why should you do it?’ to quote Joe Strummer. You also need to look at your mental and physical health; your constitution – as the number one priority. Not your employer, nor your client or customer. The psychological leap of putting your wellbeing first and everything else second is very important if you are strongly Virgo. You need to know you serve yourself first and everyone else after that. As a Sun Sagittarius you do have Pisces transits favouring you from Halloween to Christmas, with a house purchase, or a useful twist of fate about such a purchase – yet, Saturn in Pisces in your solar Fourth House is very publicly a test of your patience from March 2023 and it doesn’t let up. Have a look at the balance of power between yourselves as co-signatories and also yourselves with the bank; perhaps the council. Be sensitive to possible issues about power or control here, as Pluto is in and out of your Second House for about the same time-frame, in Capricorn, that we find Saturn in Pisces in your property zone. The Tarot can help.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    I have a number of factors in Pisces and I’m nervous as to how the Saturn in pisces transit will affect me from March 2023 next year. Can you please provide some guidance on this? Thank you!

    1. You have a stellium at 4 through 21 Pisces and Saturn will pass over 4 through 21 degrees from 2023 onwards. You are strongly Pisces and live in your Twelfth House. So, you spend a lot of time alone with – religion, Tarot, self-help, hypnosis, distance healing meditation, Buddhism, mediums and so on. At most, you have a priest, therapist or psychic to listen. Even if you are scientific rather than mystical or interested in your psyche, the world of quantum mechanics and the Multiverse may be where you live, a lot of the time. Saturn is the teacher who tests. Now in Aquarius, he is testing friendships and also testing groups. The life exam is partly there because of Covid. There may be other reasons! So, you know what Saturn feels like. He is a symbol of restriction; limited possibilities; heavy circumstances; tight situations. Some NASA photographs of the planet show the rings as a steely blade. That is interesting because Saturn rules the scythe. So, tests of character and tests of patience and stamina, determination and focus tend to come with a Saturn cycle. A very good use of this transit is to take on a course or self-learning program of 2-3 years’ duration and commit seriously to it. Learning meditation with a Buddhist monk, for example, or training as a distance healer or trance medium. Something may already suggest itself; if not it may appear after March. It is a very good time to learn about the reality of your unreal, non-reality and to find out all you can about what others have learned, so you don’t have to. Whatever/whomever appears in March 2023 is the first test and it will reflect Twelfth House matters. Don’t assume or be casual about it; don’t think you can just stumble into it. (Or him/her/them). It would be a very smart idea to do some homework and research; Saturn responds well to that.

  29. Hi Jessica, I have a stellium in Virgo and two factors in Pisces. Any insights on work and Saturn opposition will be helpful. Thank you!

    1. The Virgo stellium and ‘some Pisces’ combination is really about work, housework, unpaid work and academic work. Pisces is that side of you which operates the controls, even if you don’t realise it. If you picture yourself as a ship, sailing to your next assignment, and realise that the engine room is not under conscious control, that just about sums it up. On the surface you ‘want’ to work and ‘must’ do the housework and ‘have to’ study. If your unconscious mind disagrees then the ship may stall or even have to turn back. You will notice this much more from March when the transit of Saturn begins. In fact it is essential that you fathom the way your below-surface, unconscious self is navigating as it will show up with your health on all levels, if you let it go too far. Much better to be fully conscious of how you genuinely feel about serving others or doing your duty.

  30. Hi Jessica, amazing article as always. I have a stellium in Virgo, so dreading what challenges what might lay ahead. I have been having a very tricky time with my daughter- is this related at all, does it get worse (01/05/06). Would be so grateful for your thoughts.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo having a Pluto transit of your solar Fifth House of parenthood. The issues with your daughter will end in March 2023 when Pluto changes signs. He returns in June, but can only retrace his steps, so all those issues about who/what is in control and who/what has power in the situation will be over in March, and only return in fading importance thereafter; there is nowhere left for Pluto to go. As for the Saturn oppositions to Virgo, we had this cycle 29 years ago and got through it. It was HIV-AIDS at the time. Smoking was a close second (it took class action lawsuits during Saturn in Pisces to finally wipe out the power of cigarette brands). Don’t dread anything. Be proactive, get organised and most of all, commit to your own health and wellbeing before anything or anybody else. That includes your employer if necessary. Virgo stellium people have to figure out the core truth of the sign; you cannot possibly serve or do your duty, if you do not serve yourself. There is a very, very delicate relationship between the psychology of ‘doing for others’ and doing the best by yourself.

  31. Hi Jessica

    Had a massive argument with a Cap (30/12/1972) on 8th Sept because he revealed hurtful information. Argument escalated and we now dont speak and probably never will. This came out of the blue for me as I was superr sweet and thoughtful —seems like it came intentionally. Any idea what will happen with this pls?

    Thank you.

    1. You are experiencing a Capricorn man who wants to be free. Capricorn people now have Uranus in Taurus transiting their Fifth House of sexual courtship, pregnancy, step-parenting, fatherhood and so on. They can destroy relationships to get out of them, so they can be ‘liberated’ to have sex with someone else, or a whole lot of someone elses. You don’t say if he had children or you do. Uranus is about sudden, shocking, twists in the tale which liberate. It is typical of Capricorns who plod carefully through life to suddenly shock themselves as much as you, by creating a rift. It’s self-sabotage at first sight, and makes no sense, until you realise they are in a transit when there is a deep, deep need to have absolutely no ties to anybody.

  32. Thanks so much for your help Jessica! I just joined your site and received my chart. There is so much I did not know. I knew I had a stellium in Pisces, but did not know about Scorpio and Cancer. Can you tell me how the Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Pisces transits will impact my health and career and what I should do to make the most of this energy?

    1. Thank you. With 8 Pisces factors from 0 to 29 degrees, you will experience the full Saturn transit of Pisces from March 2023 to the end in 2026. Saturn is the teacher who tests us. We learn through the obstacles. There is no ‘energy’ affecting anything; astrology runs on synchronicity, and quantum mechanics. It’s about time and timing, really, so you need to go back to your last Saturn in Pisces transit in the 1990s to see what happened then. You were in your thirties and may have been involved with the New Age (very Piscean) or religion. It’s coming around again. As a general rule, clear the decks. Don’t load yourself up with Piscean plans or the Saturn transit will be too onerous and heavy. It’s not the time to become a born-again Christian, at the same time that you train as a Tarot reader, for example!

  33. Thank you Jessica. For everything that you do.
    You’ve taught me so much.
    You even use Fridays to highlight the state of our global Climate Emergency!
    You are truly a gift

    I have a request for clarity please.
    My Aesculapia (Jupiter’s grandson) is @18 degrees Pisces.
    I’m wondering what this special Pisces full moon @ 17 degrees might mean for me.
    I’m working on strengthening my physical body core and my spiritual and mental health.
    Some healthy habits went the way of the dodo over the last couple of years, so am on catch up.
    I’m hoping there’ll be help from my Aesculapia placement and the full moon Pisces conjunction to get back on track … the Great Resurrector! Although I’m thinking my Panacea and Hygiea (his daughters) are under a bit of stress?

    As always, hank you so much for the teachings!

    Aesculapia 18° Pisces 40′ 57″
    Hygeia 26° Capricorn 26′ 13″
    Panacea 24° Cancer 25′ 54

    Current Transit
    Uranus 18° Taurus 47′ 52″ R
    Neptune 24° Pisces 11′ 45″ R
    Pluto 26° Capricorn 17′ 56″

    1. Thank you. I was at an Astrology Collective Zoom event on Sunday, where we talked about the way astronomy had removed the meaning from life. Astrology was replaced by science and all our archetypes vanished. Well, it’s time to bring them back. You have archetypal gods and goddesses associated with healing, protection and cure, remedies and prevention – in signs which have nothing to do with health. Yet, they still operate, as they are triggered by outer planet transits. Aesculapia is the old man with the snake and staff (the Rod of Asclepius, the Greeks called it). You still see that symbolism in modern medicine. The Indians channelled this snake and staff as the kundalini. Scientists found a DNA symbol that looked just like it. In Pisces, this is about religion, Buddhism, Tarot, mediumship, hypnosis, therapy and self-help. Something there is waiting for revival; miraculous resurrection; coming back from the brink. Hygiea is about prevention not cure, protection, screening and shielding. In Capricorn, that is your career, academic career or unpaid work. Panacea is a solution with ethical and moral questions. In Cancer, this is your family circle or household; more broadly it is your house or apartment. So that is how the archetypes are playing out. They were a family to the Romans who took them very seriously and built whole temples to them. Have a look at dream incubation and Aesculapia. This fits the symbolism of him in Pisces.

  34. Hi Jessica, already very glad that I became a Premium member. I know the basics of astrology, but it never occurred to me that I also have a stellium in Aquarius. What your website says about my stelliums is incredibly spot-on.

    After reading all the comments above, I understand what the challenges are for people with stelliums in Pisces and Virgo. We have to put our mental and physical health first, and should follow our own path instead of other’s, especially in terms of work (paid and unpaid), housework and chores.

    I have some health issues and I am indeed too overloaded with work (paid and unpaid), which makes the health issues worse. If I have to put my health first, I should cross out at least one of my three main ‘activities’. Preferably the only activity that actually makes me money: freelance writing. Instead, I would love to focus on what I really love to do: research work for other people (Virgo) and writing poetry (Pisces). I had some successes in these areas. But will I be able to make enough money with it?

    Funnily, I remember exactly what happened to me at the last Saturn in Pisces. Between 22nd May 1993 and June 30th (first phase) I ditched everyone who was draining my energy. Shortly after January 29th 1994 (second phase) I got together with my now husband, also a Sun Pisces – Moon Virgo. Will it this time be the job that I ditch?

    During this Saturday’s full moon I worked until midnight on the freelance writing job, while every fiber in my body wanted to turn to poetry.

    1. You are figuring out your own chart and seeing how it is showing up, which is very useful. You have also spotted the last Saturn in Pisces cycle when you got rid of people who tired you. You are now wondering if you can ditch your freelancing in favour of poetry and research. I don’t see a chart here, so can’t tell you, but the Tarot is free to use on my website and can guide you. It is very, very important that you put your service to your health and duty to your wellbeing first. If that means you have to reshape your budget, so be it. Virgo can be habitual. Habitual, old ways of thinking about yourself and ‘them/him/her’ may need to be examined. Again the Tarot can help with that.

  35. Hi Jessica, Thanks for all these posts and your much appreciated responses. On reading this yesterday I reflected on the Virgo/Pisces axis and my fatigue searching for solutions to my ongoing health problems of many years. One of your responses above prompted me to do some sub conscious investigation and I asked the tarot why I am avoiding life and drew the magician, I’m not sure how to read this, I have read the full reading provided but don’t understand how it could relate to my question?

    I’m also concerned about Saturn conjunctions / oppositions in Pisces, I don’t think my health/psyche can take more tests – I’m hoping for a miracle! Are cures and solutions outcomes with this transit?

    Thank you Jessica

    1. Thank you. You have fatigue, avoid life as a result and wondered why. The Tarot gave you The Magician. You just said it yourself; ‘I’m hoping for a miracle!’ Magicians perform miraculous tricks. Rabbits come out of hats and flowers appear from nowhere. You unconsciously want magic and miracles. Have a look at that script in your life. If you run that story, you make it quite hard for yourself, as miracle men are rare creatures. Even Matthew Manning failed with the Duke of Edinburgh, despite his incredible success with other patients (ongoing). There is always a wow factor with OMG doctors, surgeons, healers, therapists. It can be exciting; fascinating. The Tarot has told you that unconsciously this is what you want and expect. It is also possible that unconsciously you want to work magic; be the magical creature who taps into the divine and is evidence of that, via a cure. I would sit with the imagery of magicians and see where it takes you. Sometimes there is a boring, dull answer to fatigue. It has no wow factor at all, but it can work. There are a few options for you to turn over. As for Saturn; he’s been here before, in Pisces, about three decades ago. We know what he’s about. It was AIDS and cigarettes in the 1990s. Now, it’s Covid. So we know what to do and what not to do. Same thing. Effort, discipline and sticking to sensible rules…that’s all.

  36. Hi Jessica, forget/cancel my previous post. I was so in to your blog and wrote to fast…took the horisontal line as my ASC/DSC.
    I’m still a beginner……Sorry.

  37. Hi Jessica,
    Trying to understand my emotional day Saturday where I cried all day not being able to do the things on my list because I was home with a toddler and am currently 8 months pregnant. I have south node in Virgo in my 10th house, and my MC is there. I have north node in Pisces in my 4th house. I feel like my past life was ruled by lists and getting things done. I still struggle with it everyday and finding release is so hard because I am actually good at getting unrealistic things done! Thank you for this blog!

    1. It’s okay; you had a full-impact Full Moon. Hopefully you should be feeling a bit more normal now. You are allowed to weep if you have a toddler and are nearly at birth stage with your new baby. You are also Virgo-Pisces and have just realised what that means. Your past life may indeed have been ruled by lists. In this lifetime you want to figure out the Virgo ‘master challenge’ in a better way. A very simple thing to do is plan a bath or shower, perhaps even twice daily. Or a swim, if you can do that. Why? It’s Pisces. It’s escaping in water. Yet, you can schedule it in, which keeps your Virgo happy. I am not sure if you can leave your toddler with someone long enough to do that, but I strongly recommend you do the full Pisces; candles; incense; essential oils; music; water! You would also gain from scheduling in short meditations or hypnosis/relaxation from YouTube. Again, you are doing a Virgo thing, by organising it, but a Pisces thing, by letting go and fully escaping.

  38. Hello, [Jessica], and thank you for this information.

    Also, I’d like to add my condolences, from America, on the death of your beloved Queen Elizabeth. What an icon. She truly gave her life for her country and its people, and epitomized that World War II generation’s spirit of service and sacrifice for the greater good.

    My question is about the current astrology as it relates to my chart, particularly my Virgo and Pisces factors. I am in the process of revamping my approach to health and time-management in the wake of a brain tumor diagnosis. The tumor is thankfully benign, and I am symptom-free, but I have taken it as a warning to reorder my priorities. In particular, I’ve been heeding your general advice about trying to understand what unconscious needs and impulses have led to my health and career issues. Thank you for making these connections for your readers.

    Right now, I am trying to get more and better sleep, and am exploring a modified version of a keto diet to both lose weight and inhibit tumor growth. I am also taking an online university class that is the first step toward a learning-design credential. My hope is this will help me find work that combines my interests in writing and education, and that allows me to work from home. I believe my current workplace, a negative environment whose owners refuse to allow remote work, has contributed to some of my health problems.

    Based on my chart, can you offer any advice (or warnings) regarding either the health issues or a career relaunch? Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. I agree with you about the Second World War and its values; those people were/are the salt of the earth. I am sorry you are going through a brain tumor diagnosis. Thank goodness it is benign, but it has still confronted you. You have Virgo factors at 3 through 25, including Uranus and Pluto. You are also a Sun Cancerian. You have correctly diagnosed your issue: you need to work remotely. The owners refuse. Okay, so your body is refusing the owners! You are in a terrific position to relaunch your career, unpaid work, academic career (or a combination of this) until Halloween, and then again from Christmas until May 2023. You may already have been given an opportunity as I write this. Your online university class is a strong part of the overall plan but you need a new job. Commit to that, as much as you commit to keto and a sleep program. We are about to go through the Saturn in Pisces cycle, from March 2023, which opposes your Pluto and Uranus in Virgo, along with millions of other people in your country. So, your generation must find its power, in the work place, and its control, over health. Taking back control of your wellbeing on every level is the challenge. That may mean a completely different relationship with work and income; work and free time; work and self-respect and self-mastery. The bottom line is, you cannot serve, if you do not serve your physical and mental wellbeing as the number one priority. So that’s that. The Tarot can help validate the timing for you and the choices. And ask your dreams – ‘How do I decode my brain tumor? Is there an unconscious reason for this?’ That could be very interesting for you.

  39. Dear Jessica

    I hope you are well. I’m hoping to come back to membership when I have time to sit still, maybe later this year. It is so enjoyable to read your blog, having been away from your blog for long and still not much time for myself.

    For the first time in my life, I am having problems on my face skin, eyelid and corner of my mouth. My eyelid swollen and very itchy and very dry lips. The doctor’s prescription is not working at all.

    Further more, my panic attack is coming back. The last time I had was about 18 years ago. At that time, I was working hard (enjoyable) and ignored doctor’s stop as I wanted to continue working.

    I have stellium in virgo and Pisces. I have nodes in Sagittarius and Gemini.

    Funny thing is that I bought my bicycle back then and didn’t have much chance to ride it. Now I’m getting my bike but I’m guessing I won’t use it so much if I’m in the same cycle!

    I feel the similarities

    What do you think this cycle I’m in? Or it’s just that I’m thinking too much of astrology?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I’m sorry you have facial skin problems. You have panic attacks. You’re strongly Virgo so ‘live’ in your Sixth House. You also have a Pisces stellium. Let’s begin with what you can fix; panic attacks can be unlearned and eliminated if you use the technique made famous by Dr. Claire Weekes. Find her on YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, Goodreads. She has ended anxiety syndrome (which is what you have) for so many people; the testimonials for her books say it all. Your library may have them. The issue with your face may come from an unconscious need to avoid facing people, or having your face online, or being a ‘face’. I have no way of knowing if this is true as it is your unconscious, not mine! Yet, Pisces works below the surface, out of sight and what surfaces is often an illness. Have a look at the Tarot, which is free to use here, which can help you see if that is so. If that is the case, another doctor can help, but you may also find that if you get rid of whatever you unconsciously dislike about ‘facing’ someone/something the issue may go. Why? Because you no longer need it. Something else to try while you are having these issues, is healing hypnosis on YouTube. Readers recommend Paul McKenna and Matthew Manning.

  40. Hi Jessica,
    I am struggling with sorting out inheritance issues with my siblings but coming up against a wall again and again as far as my brother is concerned . Also planning to move to another town for better climate and a more restful life. Will these work out ?

    1. Inheritance is Scorpio and siblings are Gemini. Starting with that, Gemini Third House placements at 12-25 and Scorpio Eight House placements at 2-22 degrees, suggest September-March timing with your brother, so this will take months. The nature of the battle will change; it will be stop-start, delayed and ultimately end with karmic closure with him and other family members, perhaps, in July 2023. So this is a two-step. Do all can from Halloween to Christmas when Jupiter is on your side. You can use the Tarot to validate that timing. Moving? If you are going to do it, again, it will happen by July 2023 and life as it was 18 or 19 years ago will play its part in where you relocate/how you relocate.

  41. Hi Jessica! and thank you for a very interesting blog!

    For the first time since the introduction of democracy in Sweden, a right-wing populist party has won over a fifth of the votes in the Swedish election 11/9-2022. Is there an explanation because of the full moon? Can you see what changes await in Sweden in the next four years?

    I am grateful for answers!

    1. Sweden was born or reborn on 7th December 1865 at 3.30pm in Stockholm. (Source: The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer). She is switching from globalisation to The New Local, which is my term for the long transits in Gemini, ruling local life, which begin in a small way now – and roll from 2026 beyond 2030. Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries. Sweden has the Sun and Mars there; this pattern is under heavy opposition for some time so it’s nothing to do with the Full Moon, but everything to do with the Gemini clashes. She will ultimately be part of the reshaping of the European Union and a redrawing of borders and rules from 2026. So this is bigger than she is.

  42. Thank you so much Jessica – it’s so wonderful to hear that there is light at the end of the tunnel – keeping faith and patience has truly tested me through my daughter’s mid teen years. Thank you again got your brilliant work.

  43. Hi Jessica.
    It seems my work life has been triggered by this full moon. I’m a support worker for a mother and her son. She was born 05/02 not sure of the year and her son 13/08/1983. they both seem to have deteriorated the last two years they suffer from Ehrlos Danlos quite severly. do you think this is maybe Karmic for me as this is what I have always done as a job. I actually love it. Or their charts. kind regards Selina

    1. You have a stellium in Taurus including the Moon and your name, Selina, means ‘Moon.’ The moon mothers and protects. She nurtures and feeds. She safeguards and holds. So you do this to earn your keep (Taurus) but your values are philanthropic; I’m sure this isn’t a millionaire’s salary but you love your work. There is karma to complete as the lunar nodes go through Taurus and Scorpio and there will be closure in July 2023.

  44. Thanks very much for your reply, Jessica.
    I’ve just checked the definition of dream incubation, and see that I loosely practice it, but didn’t know it was called that.
    I’ve recently been keeping a notebook and pen by my bed to log my dreams, so your encouragement is right on and timely.
    I totally look forward to learning about dream incubation and Aesculapia.

  45. Hi Jessica – I am about to receive an agreement for a job offer, due for sign back by September 28, with a November 1 start date. If you have time, please, any insights please as to how the upcoming transits may impact this change and anything in particular I should be aware of? I am mindful that I am signing in Mercury retrograde, although the start date is thankfully after the end of Mercury retrograde shadow. I am also mindful that a recent Pisces daily horoscope you wrote recommended as a Pisces, I should keep my career options open until the end of September when Ceres exits Leo. Also, if I may, if one has a stellium, should they check Sun sign horoscopes for their stelliums as well, or only just their Sun sigh? Thank you for all you do to help guide us.

    1. Mercury Retrograde is in Virgo and Libra, and as this is about work, it’s a Virgo/Sixth House story. It just stops and starts and runs backwards. There is nothing apart from Cupido at 6 Sagittarius square Juno at 6 Virgo creating anything challenging with work and that’s not really a big deal. So just keep the process going. You will likely see a long pause or a reversal of a talking point. As always with these things get them in writing then it’s easier for all to work from the same page. Ceres in Leo is in your solar Sixth House at the same time that Mercury Retrograde is in your natal Sixth House so it’s public and private. Ceres is about compromise; the art of the deal; giving in; standing firm on what matters. This process ends as September ends. Only ever read your Sun Sign first and then work backwards from there, going to the natal chart for validation and explanation.

  46. Hi Jessica,
    I spent some time reading your replies to all Virgo Stellium folks freaking out about upcoming Saturn in Pisces. I have made this equation for myself that I will help others after I’ve done these 5 things for myself – 7 hours sleep, 2 glasses water, 30g protein in morning (to keep ADHD-type symptoms away – grandma had Bipolar for 19 years before she passed away – RIP – & I was super-close to her – she was my primary caregiver), ex3r

  47. Hi Jessica, I spent some time reading your replies to all Virgo Stellium folks freaking out about upcoming Saturn in Pisces. I have made this equation for myself that I will help others after I’ve done these 5 things for myself – 7 hours sleep, 2 glasses water, 30g protein in morning (to keep ADHD-type symptoms away – grandma had Bipolar for 19 years before she passed away – RIP – & I was super-close to her – she was my primary caregiver), exercise in the morning. Hypnosis at night. I love Paul McKenna’s work and thank you for introducing to me!
    My question is – even after all this it is hard to sustain a feeling of “I am okay” . What’re your thoughts about Saturn being such a wet blanket that nothing ever seems enough? Thanks as always.

    1. You are living your Virgo stellium. Six factors in Virgo in your Sixth House will do that. Thank you for passing on your own ideas about staying healthy. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which in turn rules communication, translation, information and the mind. Something 20th century astrologers used to caution was over-thinking; for all that lists are terrific and research is useful, at a certain point with the Sixth House and Virgo you have to stop the cogs whirring in your brain. Switching off and relaxing; escaping; doing nothing – are also part of a balanced life. The thing to remember about Saturn in Pisces opposite the Uranus and Pluto in Virgo placements of a generation – and the billions born with Virgo factors – is that we have been here before. We know what to expect. We know what to do. We know what not to do. The last time Saturn was in Pisces, we saw HIV-AIDS dominate the death statistics, and the truth about cigarette companies, cancer and heart disease finally come out. So there’s a message here to be as updated as your doctor and perhaps, better updated. If your doctor does not mandate N95 masks in the waiting room and surgery, or clearly state that HEPA filters and/or UV-C light is in use; find another doctor. It’s really on that level. Don’t fly. Don’t take a cruise. Don’t be part of the problem, essentially. What you are going to see in 2023-2026 is public health, hospitals and doctors unable to cope with demand. Long Covid as well as COVID-19 (very likely the new BJ1 variant from India) will be a fact of life. So self-care, prevention and sensible avoidance of risk becomes essential. Strongly Virgo people like you need to have good habits, ingrained, but also be prepared to update when new information arrives. I predicted that the variant making the news on the Pisces Full Moon last weekend, would be the one to watch. Well, it appeared and the academics, epidemiologists and doctors are very concerned. No need to overdo it, though. As I’ve said, we’ve been here before. It’s all about ‘Don’t die of ignorance’ which is what they used to say about AIDS. I see ignorance all around me on Twitter. This is a very, very dangerous virus and it mutates constantly, bringing us closer to the risk that the last vaccine anybody had, won’t work. And that’s just the developed world.

  48. Thank you as always Jessica. You shed light on a simmering issue within me. I know you mentioned not taking any action near the full moon. I am a Sun Sagittarius and I just quit my job, I really really couldn’t handle it anymore and it was affecting me immensely. My family could sense my depression.
    Although I don’t show it, I am now worried. We have 2 young kids and I am the sole breadwinner. Will things get better?

    Thank you for all your insights.

    1. Thanks Joanne. The children are the gateway to expansion, improvement, growth and simple luck. I don’t know why. This holds until Halloween and then is good from Christmas to May 2023. Have a look at both the children and see what suggests itself to you. You also stand to gain from the family as a whole in November, December and particularly from your home. Going into 2023 you will be delighted with your new lifestyle and work from May 2023 onwards. Of course you don’t have to wait that long for a new role, but the project, reward or plan after May next year is huge. Financially the pressure is off from March 2023 with lots of big decisions made in December 2022, January 2023. If you have depression you also need to deal with that separately, of course, and I always suggest Black Dog Institute and Beyond Blue, online, as starting places. This does get better.

  49. Dear Jessica, thought this article on the new variant was useful.

    Also, scientists in my family and friends circle from across the world say that while variants are being identified in say India for example as with this variant, it does not mean it originated there. That’s what makes it difficult to pin down the source. Countries like India have a robust genome sequencing protocol and is open to sharing scientific information. Other countries either do not have the systems or do have them but do not want to share their findings.

    Interestingly, your articles have spoken about cover ups in this weather. I’m wondering whether the hiding of crucial scientific information is one such cover up?

    Also, I’ve been reading about your strong optimism about the UK, US and Europe by 2026 and how they will re-emerge different but stronger- how about countries in Asia and Africa?

    Your predictions were that India would be banned from global interactions because of rise in disease. Is there nothing positive would emerge out of our subcontinent?

    And sorry for the loss of your Queen – she was truly a great soul. We will not see her like again – at least in our life times.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you for this link. Yes, the variant BJ1 is a concern because it made news on the Full Moon in Pisces opposite the Sun in Virgo. This is a mirror image of the Full Moon when the WHO declared a pandemic in March 2020. I have no knowledge of genome sequencing and leave that to the experts. I’m not sure where you read me writing about cover-ups. That is usually an eclipse and we won’t see the next one until the end of October 2022. I wrote a prediction about India a long time ago; as part of globalisation she will of course see borders come down – that will also happen right around the world. Globalisation is now under attack with Mars in Gemini until March next year, then from 2026 it becomes quite a radical change as Uranus in Gemini opposes Sagittarius (globalisation) in every chart. If you find the India feature you will find predictions about alternative energy vehicle production; that is India’s next role. Thank you for your condolences.

    2. The India prediction about 2022 (please check ‘India’ on Search) used a reliable astrology chart for your country, picking up August 2022 as a crisis for the economy one month before it happened. The chart also showed another Covid virus mutation. The rice planting area shrank to the smallest in three years that month – which affects the world economy – and the Indian rupee was close to a record low. So we know that chart works. The next month to watch is October 2022. My concern is the BJ1 mutation. As I’ve said, I am not an expert on genome sequencing so can’t comment on its origin or not.

  50. Hi Jessica, I have been a member for some time now and have been singing your praises to anyone with even a passing interest in astrology and how it affects the world. I love the addition of the Stellium information on my birth chart ( CANCER (6) LEO (6) GEMINI (5) LIBRA (4) CAPRICORN (4)) I am on the cusp of Gemini 18th June 1956. I have been diagnosed with oesteoarthritis in my right shoulder (I am right handed) and it has had a major negative impact on me – the pain is one thing but for the first time in my life I feel OLD. Is there any basis for optimism from the heavens for me? I am trying to be positive and practice the attitude of Gratitude and also have booked a week long retreat at a place I last visited in 2004 – am I at least on the right track? I would just love to feel that better times are coming.

    1. Thank you. You have a Gemini stellium and this sign rules the arms. So, your shoulder, connected to your right hand. I am very sorry about the pain. Sometimes the body talks, so are you a right-hand woman for someone? Were you a right-hand woman? If you are nearing retirement age or are retired, then you need to look at your work ethic, workload, service and duty to others, sense of duty to yourself. There is also the issue of ‘shouldering’ responsibilities. There may be something out of whack there, emotionally, psychologically or spiritually. You should feel better once the lunar nodes have moved off your Sixth House of health, in your solar chart, and that’s July 2023. You don’t have to wait until then, though – get on with whatever works for you. It may be that you fall into something that’s good for you in other ways. And sometimes a quiet request to your family in spirit can do the trick; have a word with them and ask to be guided towards what you need, to get rid of the pain.

  51. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for all the effort you put into your site. It is all most fascinating.
    I have been watching the Queens coverage, i have met King Charles & thought he was lovely. For some reason I have never liked Meghan Markle….she seems to fake every move. Will it end in divorce? Is their a chance for Meghan to become president?

    I have just purchased the premium membership and would love for you to break down what you see for me? I have no idea where to begin.
    I am most curious about career, finances, marriage and children.
    I have been with the same company for a while and have a great job…I am curious for a bit of change and more earning potential.

    I am arien my husband Pisceas. After him being diagnosed with diabetes a few years back our relationship has become a bit fragile although the love is still there. He is wanting one more child (we have 2 boys) hoping for a daughter. I am nervous as early years with a child can be draining. what do you see in this regard?

    Thank you and lots of love.


    1. Amazing to have met Charles III, Christelle. Meghan is an extremely experienced actress. I don’t predict divorce for anyone, but I did look at her chart a few years ago. You can search Meghan Markle. You have to remember her marriage to Harry took place when Trump was the President; he did make an oblique remark about her. She slid into view when Trump Russia was at its height and of course, when the UK-US Special Relationship was at its most vulnerable. In your own life you will find the decisions with/for your husband appear after July 2023 when the lunar nodes are in new signs. You will also be reshaping your finances until 2026 as the old days before 2018 are well and truly over. Keeping things flexible is a good idea in that regard. Use the Tarot for questions about children as there are two of you in this and I don’t have his chart. Thank you.

  52. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you again for an illuminating article which i admit i feel very concerned about. I am a Sun Leo with a staggering number of Virgo factors (9) mainly within the degrees mentioned. On 9th of Sept, i had a 3rd opinion on a medical condition that i have been struggling with for a couple of years (after trying different non-surgical and alternative ways to ‘cure’ myself) and have decided that its time to bite the bullet and undergo surgery. I’m hopeful that this surgery would be the end of this condition, it is the last resort option since i am not responding to the non-surgical treatments. Also around the same time of the full moon, i have been speaking to potential partners for a project which may or may not materialise and we have signed an NDA a couple of days ago. I left an unsatisfying job in May 2021 and only have only started to look at working with potential business partners in the last 6 months however nothing has really come out of it. Do you have any advice for me for the period of March 2023- Feb 2026 because it seems as if this will be a challenging time for me. I appreciate any insights you can offer based on my chart placements.

    Many thanks for all that you do. Take care.


    1. Thank you Clarice. You have an unusually large Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of work, service, duty, wellbeing, mental and physical health. You are trying surgery for a chronic condition. This is a good time for rehearsal and research; Mercury is retrograde in Virgo so information flow is backwards, not forwards, may stop and start, or change. I filed the Mercury Retrograde dates for 2022 a couple of years ago now. You also started a new project on the same cycle. So expect to go back and forth with productive rethinking until October. The Saturn opposition from Pisces, from March 2023, will pick up the Pisces-Virgo oppositions in your chart. Have a look at Pisces/Twelfth House if you are having health issues or had a job you disliked; Pisces rules the soul, spirit, psyche and subconscious. It might be useful to find out if there is a hidden reason you have generated these situations. Sometimes just writing things down and spotting the subliminal message can be useful. Chatting to a mirror, too and dream interpretation. (Ask your dreams before you sleep). Unconscious programming of the body by the submerged part of yourself which rests in the Twelfth House is sometimes the issue if you are strongly Pisces-Virgo. You are ‘doing’ Virgo so have health and work issues, but there’s no evidence you are ‘doing’ Pisces at all. That is the astrological take on what is happening; of course it’s an issue for your surgeon. The long Saturn opposition is really about rethinking how you deal with routine, service and duty. Lifestyle and schedules. People sometimes deny Saturn. It’s better to accept the transit and figure out some new rules. As you may have gathered from this thread, astrology does not distinguish between workload and wellbeing, so if you unconsciously resent your boss you may develop a health issue which forces you out. Sometimes sitting down with the Tarot and asking ‘What or who is the issue connected to my medical condition?’ can help. The chart suggests you live in your Sixth House for most of the time. Whatever is in there isn’t working for you so you need to find out why.

  53. Hello Jessica, thank you for this article and replies to other comments I made. You are very generous with your time and it is appreciated.

    This post focusses on 17 degrees Pisces and Virgo, and I do have a stellium in Virgo, but not at that exact degree. However, I have several planets at 17 and 18 degrees including my Asc and Descendant.

    You also mentioned in another response to me that after July 2023 to 2024 would be a bit of a ‘stretch’ and I wondered if you might be able to expand as to what area this would be – health, finances, homelife etc – and what would be driving that so I could do a little more research.

    The other thing that occurred to me, is if various planetary movements create these challenges, stretches etc, does forewarned is forearmed apply? By that I mean for example, my second saturn return is around the corner so will I face these challenges regardless, but it is more about being mentally prepared?

    Many thanks.

    1. Your second Saturn Return is the biggest stretch. The rules of astrology are: minimise issues ahead of time. This goes way back to William Lilly in the 17th century who predicted a great fire in London. Had they listened to him (he rang the warning bell years before) there would have been fire brigades, such as they were in the 17th century, at the ready. There were not and London was destroyed. So it’s about minimising. I warned about a virus in 2019, twice, and gave dates. I even mentioned China. The whole point of astrology is to shrink the problem. Covid would have been controlled if anybody in the WHO took astrology seriously but of course – nada. So in your case, with Saturn in Pisces, you just minimise Pisces things. You keep Twelfth House matters small and controlled. Religion. Tarot. Mediumship. Hypnosis. Counselling. Dreams. Self-Help. Solitude. The other thing is, you have been here before. This happened to you 29 years ago so use what you learned.

  54. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all that you do and for providing us with a glimpse of what’s to come. I know you have mentioned many times that COVID isn’t going anywhere and in fact you have more recently mentioned new strain that will impact BJ.1 us come March 2023. You also mention to trust the science, so it was upsetting to see WHO announcing the ” End of the pandemic is in sight”
    What hope have we in preparing for what’s to come if so, many believe it’s all but over? My family and I have been so careful to avoid catching COVID-19 and will continue to be but it is challenging when the masses seem to no longer care.
    Thanks once again

    1. The World Health Organisation declared the pandemic ‘end in sight’ on Mercury Retrograde in Virgo. The astrology disagrees. That statement will be retracted or later shown to have been null and void. Virgo rules public health. They are also doing this on an opposition from the Sun in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces. Confusion rules supreme. My eyes are still on the Saturn in Pisces cycle which begins in March 2023, affects the birth charts of an unusually high number of people with Virgo/Sixth House factors (health) and is serious, stuck and slow. As I’ve said, the BJ1 variant which troubles some Covid experts just made news on the Full Moon in Pisces opposite the Sun in Virgo. What can you do? Keep on doing what you already do. Live outdoors, open the windows (even in winter; the electricity bills for the heater are worth it). Don’t put up with anybody who does not have proper indoor safety measures; N95 masks, HEPA filters, UV-C lights. You know the score. We have been through this cycle before and got through it. Back then it was HIV-AIDS. Now it’s COVID with the new mutation or variant. So that’s my take. I totally disagree with the WHO. Quite a few medical professionals do too. Remember, they got us into this mess in the first place in January 2020. They had one job and utterly failed. The borders should have been shut to China.

  55. Hi Jessica!
    I was wondering if you could share any insights towards my living arrangements? I would love to move away from our current area and start fresh someplace new.
    Cheers x

    1. Always start with the solar chart (your Sun Sign is Queen). As a Sun Taurus you have nothing major in Leo which rules property. There is also nothing showing up in Cancer in your natal chart, which rules real-estate moves. There are fleeting cycles but nothing showing relocation. You do have a signal for emigration; going to a foreign country. It’s there until March and peaks in December 2022, January 2023 with a stellium in Capricorn, which rules the Ninth House of your solar chart. In that time-frame we also find Mars opposing Sagittarius factors transiting your natal Ninth House. So, yes, a move to a different country is possible.

  56. Hi Jessica, hope you are keeping well. I was wondering how Saturn in Pisces squaring my Sagittarius stellium might affect my life in general, please? I am looking forward to Jupiter in Taurus. I have my North Node and Ceres in Taurus but also Saturn in Scorpio so would that minimise the positive effects of Jupiter in any way? Many thanks.

    1. Good question. Saturn will square your Sagittarius stellium from Pisces and the Twelfth House. Saturn is slow, heavy, represents restriction, limitation and defences, as well as vulnerability. Pisces rules Christianity and all religion. Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries and their cultures. There’s a clash here. Something that is hard to square. The Jupiter in Taurus transit will expand, increase and improve your finances, charity, business, material position. The opposition to Saturn in Scorpio will be beneficial and help with joint finances.

  57. Hi Jessica, I have been following your blog for some time and just joined the membership. I’m a long-time lover and learner of Astrology. Thank you for sharing your insightful gifts with us!
    I am relating to a number of things you touched on – I have Mercury in the 12th at 16 degrees Pisces. I have been considering more psychic/mediumship development training. Boundaries with this…is it for me? The explanation of the fish swimming in opposite directions really stood out to me – my inner world (intuitive, spiritual, creative side) often feels at odds with how I have made a living out in the world (coordinating events and office managing/bookkeeping). I have been craving that the worlds integrate rather than feel separate, something authentic to me. At the full moon, I have had an increased interest in quantum mechanics, pain in my body has increased and sleep was definitely affected, supporting friends going through significant health challenges, I signed a contract to complete what I think will be my final year with a nonprofit I’ve worked with for 16 yrs. I’m also considering what to do with my creative projects/hobby – turn into more?
    Is there anything outstanding that would be best to focus on now for improving fronts in work and health/healing?
    Thanks again, I’m learning a lot through the blogs and comment sections….(shifts in travel are a bit concerning living in Hawaii, hope is for more interest in localizing farming, solar farms are going up).

    1. Thank you. Mercury in Pisces in the Twelfth House is commonly found in the charts of mediums, Tarot professionals, dream counsellors and religious professionals too. The two fish in the sign swim towards the two realities; seen and unseen. Visible and invisible. The two fish are a Christian symbol as we associate the fish with Jesus Christ, his miracles and followers. If you think about the local village church, it runs in the real world (weddings, funerals, Christenings) and the unreal world (miracles, prayer, God moving in mysterious ways). So that’s how Pisces functions. Finding a way to use your Mercury in Pisces is important as it is how you communicate. The Full Moon was not the time. Halloween to Christmas is the time.

  58. Jessica – I LOVE your accuracy and insights that help your readers, (me in this case) in SO many ways, especially with planning. Thank you! Reading through the full moon and the effects of Jupiter that will be beneficial from 1-29-22 – Christmas 2022 providing “luck” for planning for the future 2023 – 2026. I have aspects in Pisces: Chiron
    04° pisces – Pisces 01′ 33″ & Aesculapia
    04° pisces – Pisces 27′ 18″ and a stellium in Virgo: Pluto 09° virgo – Virgo 46′ 09″ R, Apollo 09° virgo – Virgo 44′ 46″ R, Panacea
    20° virgo – Virgo 34′ 57″ R, Psyche 15° virgo – Virgo 15′ 41″ R. I also have NorthNode 18° leo – Leo 02′ 51″ R southnode – SouthNode
    18° aquarius – Aquarius 02′ 51″ R. I have HUGE stellium in Capricorn – 9 aspects. Here’s my questions: I have had such issues with financial losses at the hand of FA. Divorce costs that were six-figures & spouses were sixty-eight percent less than mine. Contractors that have cost $$$ for their mistakes…when will these losses stop? Plus, I am about to start a podcast, and I am nervous about making the right decision. Can you please provide some insight? I would greatly appreciate it. Best – CF

    1. Thank you. Jupiter re-enters your Twelfth House from Halloween to Christmas so use his stay to make the most of the Pisces side of your personality and life, which is solitary, introspective, therapeutic, escapist, spiritual, religious, psychic and so on. You can gain from people or organisations which help you enormously, then. You’ve lost money from a divorce, too, which is a separate issue. A Ceres-Neptune opposition at 13 Taurus-Scorpio will do that, especially when Uranus goes over 13 Taurus by transit, and the North Node goes over 13 Taurus, and South Node goes over 13 Scorpio. Put this behind you in 2023 and move on. In future, with any partnership or family finance at all, get a second opinion before you sign and even a third opinion. Neptune can distort the picture so easily and be quite confusing and confused, when in opposition. These cycles are rare; historic in the case of Uranus. You will make or save money from May 2023 to May 2024 which should help, as Jupiter goes through Taurus.

  59. Hi Jessica – writing again and hoping for some light.

    I really appreciate all the time you take to respond to our questions.

    The full moon certainly hit my life hard…a suicide of someone very close to me, radical significant changes in work place, now down with COVID (after having avoided it all these years) and looks like my husband of 35 years is leaving (he has been ill and his meds are really hurting him mentally, but I have stayed calm). It’s all very strange, sad and surreal – getting counselling to help my very fragile state – usually I am strong and can beat anything through sheer will power and effort – this time feel very defeated. Any insights on how I can take back some control? Don’t feel like I have been this deep down in an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole yet. How do I climb back out.

    Many thanks as always for being so generous and thoughtful to your readers and helping us navigate through life when times are dark.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you are going down the rabbit hole. No wonder you have a counsellor by your side. I hope you recover fully from Covid and never get it again. Let’s see what is going on and how to get out of this surreal world, as you call it. You’re a Virgo-Libra-Capricorn-Leo type. Virgo rules health and it is triggered now. You have the virus. Libra rules separation and divorce. Libra rules marriage. Capricorn rules career and you have work changes. You don’t say if you have a son or daughter, but Leo rules children. You will be pleased with a solution for/through your husband by around Halloween. You should take the answer offered. Your fortunate position with him/without him increases from Christmas until May 2023. From July 2023 there is karma to fulfil with him which takes you into 2024 but for now, focus on the way out, or the way through, because it will be offered to you several times with this marriage. It is very important that you put your health first. Not him. Not work. Not even the children if you have them. You are the machine in the larger machine and you have to function. That means physical and mental health. Whatever it takes to achieve that, please do it. This is crucial in 2023-2026. If you don’t want to serve then don’t do it. If you feel you should do your duty, but dislike it, don’t do it. This covers paid work, unpaid work, housework and chores. You can live out your Virgo side and feel good about it; and so you should. The work situation is decided in December, January with reshuffles around you. You will take on a new role then or see others depart or arrive. This makes a massive difference and the constant questions about how to handle power, or deal with people politics, end in March 2023. They can only ever rewind before disappearing. Take a Tarot card from this website and choose a single reading for each of your stelliums. Ask ‘How am I living this sign?’ and see what comes to you. Not just my interpretation. The picture as it speaks to you intuitively. Your intention for the reading should be to put yourself first, and help yourself most. You deserve it. Finally, the ‘surreal’ and Alice nature of your life now is Neptune in Pisces in a long, slow opposition to your Virgo factors. Neptune is associated with distortion and a feeling of unreality. To defeat this you need to get grounded. Yoga which grounds you from the base chakra is good. So are long walks.

  60. Thank you, Jessica, for your kindness and responding personally to each question or concern presented. As Sun Libra who is still new to astrology and learning the concepts, I think I get alarmed easily when I read the horoscope(s). So I thought I would write to you again to see if you could help me understand without being afraid. As a result of the pandemic, I have also developed a lot of anxiety and fears especially about potential health concerns, which of course includes the coronavirus and other viruses. I am very careful to wear masks, engage in social distancing and avoid nearly all social gatherings to protect my elderly parents, my family, my community, and myself as best I can. I literally feel so very alone in taking these precautions (i.e. so many people behave as if there is no virus(es)) but my heart tells me it is the right thing to do. I also work remotely most days (i.e. I was granted remote work 3 1/2 days a week at my recent request) and I work very hard at at a full-time job and part-time job(s) to support myself and my family (i.e. I’m a widowed mom with kids in college, 3 older dogs & a cat, and elderly parents). I have been working so hard for many years and I carry a lot of stress with the heavy workload and responsibilities that I manage on my own. I have, however, always eaten very healthfully, exercised regularly, and gotten good rest which has helped me to stay pretty healthy thus far (well, occasional sinus infections here and there). As mentioned earlier, I have struggled over the past few years with heightened anxiety, depression, and overall burnout from all that’s been occurring in our world – I think many of us have been impacted in this way. Anyway, I guess I’m worried about the next few years since I think I might have a lot of Virgo factors – none of which mercifully enough seem to be 28 or 29. The last four or five years have been so heavy, I was really hoping for some happier, less stressful and positive years ahead. I hope this is not too lengthy but I’m just trying to unpack some of this for you – at some point soon is there happiness and goodness ahead?

    1. Thank you. Virgo is about the small habits that build up a daily routine and little by little, powerfully change a life. Your large Virgo stellium in the Sixth House is a statement about what you put into your system (like a daily pill) and also how you feel about work – being a working woman – doing the housework. The small things you are doing now, with your N95 mask, avoiding super spreader events, working at home will help you survive and thrive. Keep on doing that. You will find your tribe after March 2023 when people like you share strategies. Smaller group gatherings in spaces protected with HEPA and UVC will slowly become popular. One of the reasons you feel alone with this is your Aquarius stellium. You have Saturn in Aquarius until March 2023 so restrictions, walls, limitations, constriction has been present in your social life, friendships and social media since Christmas 2020. After March, Pluto enters Aquarius and your social life will begin to change. Back to your Virgo stellium; for all that Saturn opposes that, it’s going to challenge you, and no more than that. You already got through the T-Square with the lunar nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius so well done! Jupiter in Taurus will trine your Virgo stellium in a stunning pattern from May 2023 until May 2024. A trine is ease, flow, assistance. What you need to happen with work and money will happen. You will in fact have your Jupiter Return so make or save a fortune by May 2024. This will help you spend on your health, wellbeing, lifestyle and wellness on every level. A Jupiter Return in Taurus in the Second House trine all your Virgo factors in the Sixth House is a chance not seen in 12 years to take full advantage of huge opportunities and breakthroughs, involving your money, house and/or apartment – which enable you to put yourself first. You will also have an opportunity to form a duet, partnership or duo with an important person (for any reason) by Halloween and it will repeat and build from Christmas to May 2023. This person is tremendously important. You are different but equal.

  61. Hello Jessica – my condolences on the passing of The Queen and thank you for sharing your time with us, it truly makes a difference! You had indicated that I would find a new job in early 2022 through a knight of coins card, and I did through a male friend! But that job ended in August and they have not paid me for the last three months. I’m hoping they’ll pay, but if not, an attorney advised reporting them to the labor board in the hopes of getting payment. Do you think it will come though? They are waiting for investment funding themselves and it seems likely they’ll go bankrupt, they have many debts. I also started a masters in business on the weekends in August, but still very much need a full time job. My money will run out at the end of the month. I’m networking and I’m hoping that pursuing this advance degree might help. But, I’m living in another city and commuting for school. I’ve joined networking groups and am polishing my resume.

    May I ask, where is it most likely that a job will come from and when? I really need to stabilize things. Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much. The Knight of Coins does bring a financial offer and you got one through a new job. He’s not paid you. Was this the only man with money at the time? If there was no other male with money to potentially offer you, then this is indeed the Knight of Coins and so you are owed. Yet they are near bankruptcy. This does not mean you will not eventually be compensated by the individuals concerned or get government compensation for what you have lost. In fact you could easily get the money from Halloween to Christmas so pursue this. If you don’t get the money from them on that timeline, you will save or make a lot of money (for other reasons) late October to late December. You will be delighted with your career from May 2023 to May 2024. Again that does not stop you from applying for jobs now but you are on the up and up next year. Leo, Virgo, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius dominate your chart. Jupiter goes into Gemini, then Leo, then Virgo in a nice easy sequence for you, up ahead, so the long-term future does look very bright. You have a lot to look forward to.

  62. Thank you so much for this. You are spot on. Both have children. He is in a situation that he cannot escape from. A very dire one. He keeps crushing on this reality. I was offering an escape. But it seems its unwanted. 🙂

  63. Hi Jessica, thanks for all of your interesting posts. I have had a problem with what I recently discovered to be limerence. I paid a psychic to work with me during 1990-1994 pretty much about this. She pointed to the relationship (there was none) as being karmic, etc. She tried to help me but did not really indicate limerence and the fact that it was anxiety/depression, although to be fair, she probably did tell me this in another way.
    Anyway, I had two more limerence episodes, years later; the last of which (2015) caused me to be blacklisted from my career and only allowed 3/hours no benefits a day job and total ostracization and humiliation career wise. I did other jobs elsewhere but I never made any friends and felt ashamed at only being given such a small amount of hours and hid this from people as best I could.
    I am fully aware that I was warned over and over again by the Universe not to indulge in this fantasy, but I was out of control with it. I believed the person when the flirted with me and I genuinely was miserable in my marriage. I realize I received instant karma for my error and the other person was protected and elevated in status and still has a career there. It is a Man’s World, after all. Since 1/24/2017, it has been over for me, and after trying and trying to get a promotion, I lost any desire to work and I haven’t in a couple years now.
    It is as though any work ethic was taken away to do any job, right along with my work with children being taken away. I couldn’t endure the interviews now, and they would check with my former district and then that would be that. I did volunteer work with kids, but I just don’t do anything now.
    I also live where the people are for the most part culturally different from me and I have no friends or base or anything except a little money and plans to spend my life on the go. Thanks for listening. I really appreciate your in depth writings and insights. Take care

    1. You have work and crush issues. Work is Virgo and Capricorn. Crush and infatuation is usually Leo and/or Libra. You’ve got no friends where you are and that’s an Aquarius issue. So we go to your chart and find Pisces, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Virgo stelliums. Happiness depends on finding a sensible way to ‘do’ your signs. Pisces is spirituality, self-help, hypnosis, therapy and psychics. You hired a psychic. You do need some kind of mystical or internal path to feel content so find it again. You can use the Tarot on my website and start a journal; join Tarot groups – or join a Buddhist meditation group on Zoom. Whatever you need will find you. It may be the Anglican church for all I know. Aquarius is friends and groups. You are in the toughest cycle in 29 years for that. It is over in March. You will make new friends, remake old friendships and your entire life will change in terms of that. Not long to go. Until then groups and friends really test your patience; that’s Saturn in Aquarius for you. Aries is self-promoting, self-interested, pioneering, pushy and fearless. Do you have an outlet for that in your life? It is really important that you either have a job that can contain it, or a hobby that will. Football contains it. Activism contains it. So does being a YouTube star. Leo is what you call ‘limerence’ as it is about affairs, adultery and one-night stands – very commonly. You can’t do that as it is disruptive for parenthood and everything else. Can I suggest you make your children your focus and/or more volunteer work with children? That is the highest expression of Leo. If you are strongly Leo, as you are, it is very important to be queen to a younger court; however you can manage it. Virgo is work, plain and simple, and work ethic, service and duty. If you’ve not worked in a long time, you simply must go back to some sort of labour and routine. Volunteering will do until you find a space again. You also need to do something for your health and fitness, mental health – every day. Again this is Virgo. When you ‘do’ your stelliums you find life falls into place. You have actually been moving against your stelliums which has made you miserable. I am sorry you are going through such a rotten time, but look at your chart and live it, if you can. You will be amazed at how much more settled you feel. The Tarot can help show you ways to do that now. Just follow the steps.

  64. Hi Jessica, Thanks for a great blog.
    My husband and I (26 June -76) are at the crossroads with our company (since 2010), we have a buyer (franchisor/investment company) who wants to get rid of us and who is negotiating with low offers that we cannot accept and negotiations will continue forward with our lawyers, if we agree to sell the company or if we will try to continue to extend our contract periods, approximately 3 more years.
    It is a bit scary because we don’t know how they will react that we will decline their offer and respond thru a lawyer. Will it be tough times ahead or will we come to a solution that benefit us? Can you see something how we will handle the coming period going forward?
    Thank you, best

    1. Thank you .Scorpio, Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra, Sagittarius dominate your chart and you are a Sun Aquarius. Your husband is a Sun Cancer. Can you solve all your problems from Halloween to Christmas? That is your best timing. You won’t get perfection. Don’t expect it. You will however have Jupiter in Pisces on your side so grab the opportunity for a solution then. You will also have Mercury Retrograde out of your way. I am sure you know Mercury Retrograde is not a good time to negotiate – it’s like a ping-pong game without end. Thinking about November, possibly December as decision time, it is still going to feel like a huge burden to your husband (his position being different to yours) but for both of you March 2023 is a restart. This month may turn up in the paperwork. From March 2023 forwards your husband has to reshape his business and personal relationship with you. You also have to reshape your budget. None of this can be avoided, but for the best possible outcome, think about inking any new decisions from around Halloween into November and before Christmas pudding is on the table. The Tarot can validate that for you.

  65. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for your work, because you bring a light into our lives that we so need, especially in these turbulent times.
    My work situation is precarious, as it is for many others. Likewise, the support that I try to provide to my colleagues in my capacity. At the same time, I would like better relations with some members of my family. How do I effectively align my strengths to meet these challenges? Or just let all those things pass by?
    Stelliums in scorpio, virgo, aries, libra.


    1. Thanks Charles. Stelliums in Scorpio, Virgo, Aries Libra, suggest the family issue is money and property, if you dig down deeply enough. Your colleagues are a Virgo matter. Libra is a partner, if we assume you are married. Aries is your self-interest. You can expect your will or their inheritance to be at the core of issues until July 2023. You may need to rewrite yours or figure out what theirs means in relation to you. Virgo is here to serve and do his duty. To put others first at work. You can be President and still have a duty to perform for the people. That’s fine but you have to put your own health and wellbeing before them! Your body or mind will reveal to you if anything is amiss there. If it is, then reconfigure the relationship between servant and master. Aries needs to come first, be first and push forward. If you cannot do that at work without ructions, then find a hobby where you can. A lead singer in a band and a karate champ are both Aries. Libra as I’ve said is usually husband and wife, but Libra can show up as a fight or contest. If life is unfair that is what a Libra stellium will do. Just knowing your signs will help you be happier. Lay a Tarot card out for each of the stelliums; you can do a one-card reading here now.

  66. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for your guidance in what to consider….I am still new at all and lose my way in understanding what exactly to be mindful of. I have had a pretty heavy 13 years with moving back to the UK, going through a divorce, losing a parent, moving in to care for the other. as well as battling bouts of low mood. In all of this I have been working and really trying to at least be a good parent with my own children and create a meaningful life. I now know I am just drifting, always placing others before me……. and cannot make a decision when it comes to my own needs. I cannot decide what my priorities and how to change the status quo.

    Can you direct me a little please?

    1. Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio, Cancer dominate your chart. A simple rule with stelliums is to find a way to ‘do’ them or express them which makes you happy. I am sorry you have been through the divorce, loss of a parent, carer role (always challenging) and low mood. That has knocked you around. Whenever people go through crisis it is usually down to cycles of opposition and you have had Neptune in Pisces opposite Virgo for a long time, Uranus and the North Node in Taurus opposite Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn opposite Cancer. That’s three out of four. The good news is, these cycles begin to break up in 2023. Find a way to ‘do’ Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio, Cancer that makes you content. You can find out more about these signs on my website and in your library. This is a very watery combination. Water is feeling, emotion. It is irrational and deeply felt. You need a container for your feelings and it may be a diary (say) or a group of people where you can talk freely about your emotions after loss. You will find your own way to deal with your stelliums. Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio, Cancer types are happiest with a spirituality of some sort (like Buddhism or Spiritualism). With meaningful work. With a healthy lifestyle with a sport or activity they enjoy (like dog walking or swimming). They are happiest in a relationship, to be honest with you; there is no rush but try to pursue a life where that’s possible one day and daydream until then. They are happiest with a proper home, that feels like home. And a way to hold the home town or homeland dear.

  67. Hi Jessica, so grateful for all the wonderful information you so willingly share with all. I feel we are all looking for a bit of wisdom to help us navigate our lives. I have 5 factors in Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and 4 in Gemini. I have lived my Virgo and Pisces side for many years traveling with my sister on her journey through cancer and her eventual passing, moving my mother and sister here so they will be close to me. My mother passed away in the last few months, my sister is on hospice. They have been here for 15 years. I am in the process of winding down my mother’s estate. I am so looking forward to living my life without having to think of another’s welfare first. I guess I just need reassurance that all will be well. I totally do my virgo side and stay pretty well, but I am a little concerned about Saturn in Virgo. Thanks so much!

    1. You have really lived out your Virgo stellium. Thank you for reminding me that it is about service and duty in the context of illness – in your case your sisters and mother. You are now going through a reshaping of what it means to be heavily Virgo. Saturn is in Pisces, in opposition, from 4 to 28 degrees, starting in 2023 as you see. So, he will oppose your Virgo factors. Time to put your health and wellbeing first in every possible way. Time to find a new way to serve or do your duty. As you say, it’s time to put yourself before others, for the first time in many years. Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini in your chart suggest the biggest change long-term will be through your sister, actually. That’s quite radical and liberating and it begins towards the mid 2020’s. For now, with those mutable signs, it is very important that you make your own self-care and protection your number one priority, please. Start now and make it habitual. From March 2023 it will be something you ultimately are glad you began.

  68. Thanks a million – Great to hear that there is some light coming, I am very lucky in that I do not have to retire so I can work till I am 100 if I want to which is great freedom. It is very interesting that the Retreat I am going on next week is to a place called Cloona in the West of Ireland – I came across it by Googling retreats and then realised that I had been there before – when they confirmed my booking they were able to tell me it was 18 years ago – so fits right in with your predictions of a cycle back 18/19 years. A friend loaned me a magnetic bracelet which seems to be giving a bit of relief so ….onwards and upwards…LOL Dx

    1. Thank you for letting me know about the 18-19 year node cycle. Quite incredible that you are going back there to the same place. I hope your health restores. Cloona must hold something for you.

  69. Thank you Jessica, it is very enlightening for me and at the same time it seems to fit me.
    My card from Tarot is hierophant.


    1. Thank you. The Hierophant is a symbol of orthodoxy. It is The Pope with two monks and may specifically be about the Roman Catholic church. If this was the era of King Henry VIII then we would be talking about the dissolution of the monasteries and royal divorce. It really depends on your question. More broadly, The Hierophant is about what is dictated and then followed (or ignored, if the monks rebel). There is always some kind of ‘bible’ even if it’s a legal document. Are you The Pope or the monk?

  70. Very good articles, detailed analysis.
    Can you please guide me astrologically for a good job or higher studies, since im am in very depressive state.
    My dob 14 june 77 at 2.10am tiruchirapalli female.

    1. If you have depression and are living with what Churchill called ‘the black dog’ you need to begin with your doctor, of course, but also The Black Dog Institute online. You also need to look at Beyond Blue, which is excellent. As a Sun Gemini (and that is all I have to go on) you will find any restrictions, limitations or heavy situations concerning study will vanish in March 2023. From March 2023 you can and should study as it could empower you if you have the willpower. The Tarot is free to use on this website so see how it validates the astrology. Until then keep going if you possibly can. Use those websites. Use the free Dr. Paul McKenna hypnosis on YouTube. If you can afford it, subscribe to Matthew Manning’s website; he is easily the most respected healer in the world and has many useful videos.

  71. He Jessica thank you for being you it’s fantastic to have a mentor out there in this weird and wonderful world , i thank the changes that are happening are going to benefit us all in the end and hopefully stop the greed finally,

  72. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for keeping us informed, particularly regarding Covid. I was watching my local news this morning, and there was a story about Boston University researchers combining the original Covid strain with the Omicron strain, resulting in 80% mortality in mice!
    BU claims that this is not gain of function research. I live not far from Boston, and I find this very concerning for everyone! Plus, I have a Virgo stellium and Saturn in Pisces will oppose my Virgo factors in March 2023, as you have mentioned. I have not had Covid, nor has my husband (Taurus sun) – we have had all of our boosters, wear masks, stay away from others as much as possible, and do not travel (unlike our family and friends who are traveling everywhere!). Would you mind looking at my chart regarding Covid? Thank you so much!

    1. This is an important question. Thank you for asking it. What happens when you have Virgo factors in your Sixth House of health, wellbeing and self-care and Saturn goes through Pisces for the first time in 29 years, standing in opposition in 2023-2026? You have six factors in Virgo, so that’s quite a large stellium. For as much as the Sixth House and Virgo rule the physical condition – your physical state – they also rule your daily chores; unpaid work; housework; paid work. Earning your keep or earning a salary. This goes back to Virgo the virgin or maiden. Being a girl made her the maid of all work. When she became a woman she became a wife and mother and ran on a different schedule. So this ancient idea about the body defining the role, is also true today. Tall men become basketballers. My point is, you won’t separate your work from your wellbeing when Saturn is around. So, you need to rethink how you work, why you work, where you work, under what conditions, and so on. I would include housework in that. Stepping back from Covid, the issue is politicians taking donations from businessmen who do not want to pay, to protect their work force. Businessmen who have invested in airlines and cruise ships, who do not want to pay, to protect the public. It’s really that basic. Everyone in Covid academia knows that UVC light eliminates the virus, but also the cold and influenza. Why isn’t it everywhere? Who knows! But you can protect your work place and your home by paying for it – and/or HEPA filters. Injections do not stop infection and infection can be disabling. So the issue here is really protected space, and that means work space. The next big revolution will be strike action or another ‘Great Resignation’ by working people who simply will not tolerate employers who fall short. It is very important that you affirm your self-worth and self-value by doing whatever it takes to put your health first, and that means addressing the issue of work. That’s the astrology.

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