The Scorpio Weather 2022

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If you have four, five, six or more factors in Scorpio in your birth chart, you have a Scorpio stellium.

This unusually high number of Scorpio horoscope placements is in your Eighth House, which rules sex, death and money. It is sometimes known as the house of marriage and mortgage, but also family legacies. It also rules insurance, for obvious reasons, and property.

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59 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for your very generous gift of your new book to premium members like me. I am especially excited about trying to get an indication of my past lives with my north node at 22 degrees Gemini. I know what I’ll be doing for the next while … already making my cuppa and starting to read, read, read. Thank you!

    1. Thank you! The North Node in Gemini is really about siblings or cousins and that relationship may be past life; have a look at other North Node in Gemini cycles to see when and how you may have gone through that incarnation with a person who in this life is brother, sister or cousin.

  2. Thank you for the free Ebook nice birthday present for me today. Wondering what you see for U.S. midterms.

    1. Thank you. My US Midterms predictions ran several months ago. Basically there are two major long-term astrology cycles here. One is Pluto in Aquarius (from March) which restores power to the people, recognising women hold up half the sky. That suggests Democrats as Republicans are dividing the nation on abortion rights. The other cycle from 2026 is Uranus in Gemini, suggesting American states undergo a revolution and the neighbours split. Watch Generation Aquarius vote; they are going to the booths for the first time and were born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius. They don’t do sexism.

  3. Thank you Jessica for the free ebook! It’s brilliant. Love your blogs. Am in bed with shingles. Painful. Having gone through my second Saturn return last year, wondering if my chart shows what’s next for me as unsure about continuing career/work or retiring given covid isn’t going away, staying healthy a priority and managing the cost of living. I’ve really had enough of working with Plutocrats! With the North Node in Leo am fascinated by past cycles to provide insight. With the Sun, Mars and Aesculapia all at 5, and Uranus currently transiting Taurus right on my natal Mercury 17. What could these mean? Any insight would be much appreciated.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry about the shingles – try some of the free hypnosis on YouTube from Glenn Harrold and Paul McKenna to take your mind off what you are consciously experiencing and allow your subconscious mind to take over and permit self-healing. You have just come out of Mercury Retrograde in Libra in your Sixth House (solar chart) but also Mercury Retrograde in Virgo in your Sixth House (natal chart) so a great deal of what was in motion August-October was never really in motion at all; thus the shingles. You are a Sun Taurus with stelliums in Aquarius, Leo, Aries, Virgo. The hardest cycle in 29 years ends in March 2023 when you may resign, go part-time, job-share, or find a new role/roles where the Plutocrats no longer bother you. You could put things in motion now and see them come up March 2023, or actually start then and see a result by May. Uranus in Taurus, triggering your chart, is the brand new and quite radical appreciation of your money as a symbol for what money cannot buy. In the past you bought other people’s ideas about being rich, or well off, or secure – now, you have a different life budget and may be putting a far higher price on something as basic as health. Priceless stuff. Shingles is teaching you that.

  4. Hi Jessica
    I have a sterllium in Scorpio. And I feel what you mentioned about life repeating itself, in my case is on the work subject. Last time that I faced a situation of this kind the company fired some people. I don’t know how to explain it more detailed but it really feels like I need some kind of “vengeance”.
    I’m a cancer so I’m also very afraid of changes and having a traumatic family experience with lack of money my insecure feeling tends to worsen. I feel like the time for me to reach a higher level with abundance is coming but, like I said, I don’t know how to reach when life seems to be repeating itself.
    Thank you so much!

    1. Setting aside the financial aspects of Scorpio, your actual success and status is on the rise, with a fantastic solution or opportunity, Christmas 2022 until May 2023, which is about a better role or goal for you to fulfil. It may be within the company, which will further reshuffle in December, January – or within your profession, where there will be a game of musical chairs by January. Maybe you want a new chair. Your financial obstacles will disappear next March 2023. From that point forward if you use your willpower with finance, business and property you will end up in a powerful position by 2030. The Tarot can validate this for you.

  5. They commented that Gen Z polled 40% likely to vote. Ten points higher than last time, which tends to translate into 30-35% actually voting. That could induce the blue wave, if they are in the right demos. With gerrymandering, it is a difficult push. But maybe some universities in red districts could turn the tide. Hope.

    Hoping this cycle makes good changes in my scorpio tendencies. Especially opposite my venus.

    1. That’s very interesting about Gen Z, thank you. The future is talking to the past here, so Pluto in Aquarius must have his way – and he is all for female equality. Gay and lesbian equality too. That’s the Aquarian vision. This is not those judges, nor that white male vision of power. The past is also talking to the present, with those Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius young adults, wanting to fulfil their mission. Will it be enough? I expect so. Just as the voters with Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, got Republicans elected, as Pluto rose in Capricorn, you would expect the same pattern with Aquarius imminent. You have a huge stellium in Scorpio and are going through the lunar nodal cycle in Scorpio-Taurus. The tug-of-war over money, business or property within, will end in July 2023, as well as any tug-of-war involving taxation, government policy, inheritance, income and so on.

  6. Hi Jessica, I have a stellium in Scorpio and wondered what you could see for me. We bought a piece of land back in 2000 but didn’t start to build till late 2004, my husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 at which point the build came to a stop for health reasons and he died in 2014. It took me a further 2 years grieving and saving up before I could restart getting it finished. It’s just about finished but what is worrying me is my stellium in virgo factors and saturn moving into Aries and opposing them. You said the other day in my horoscope that I would have to be careful for health reasons and put myself first before work and housework. I have to work full time and I am still on my own so have everything else to do on top. Since getting the garden finished 3 years ago I have found that I am bottom of the list and my health has been deteriorating slowly, it takes me 4 to 5 hours a week just to mow the lawn and that’s with a ride on mower. My first planet is at 13 degrees of Virgo will I have a year or so before I need to really start worrying. Do you think I should start thinking of moving somewhere smaller?, but I didn’t want to do anything until the world’s economy settles down and we have a better understanding of what we are dealing with. What complicates things further is that I have been seeing someone else off and on over the last six years, he is the one that did the garden for me. Which is good in one sense as it looks a lot better but as added to my list of chores and hence less time to look after myself or to give him. He falls out with me every so often as I think he thinks I am not dedicating enough of my time to him. He currently fell out with me at the end of August, he is also a sun libran and so we are very much a like. To be honest I do feel less stressed to keep all the balls juggling in the air, when we aren’t talking, but at the same time I can’t think of what life would be like without him. Sorry it’s a long one.

    1. I am sorry you have had the sad side of a Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House, which can sometimes show up as widowhood and property issues. You are single, working full-time and dealing with the property/land without help. Please do not worry about your health. Astrology is there to help you pre-empt any issues by being well ahead of them. So the time is now. You do have a boyfriend but he’s not supporting you, he is giving you more trouble, as when you fall out, he doesn’t so the garden. And it’s a big garden. Okay, so you will be in a fantastic position to decide what to do about him/with him at Christmas. Christmas to May 2023 brings the best possible results for the pair of you, no matter if you separate or agree to have a very different sort of relationship. You can and will talk and fix things, no matter what you decide to do. The home situation will be sorted out March-June 2023 so if you did want to move, you could start things in motion now and then probably find your next place, in that period. It would mean an end to the constant pressure. Finally, the most important thing of all, your husband will be wanting to help you, in spirit, so have a quiet word with him when the time is right and ask for some guidance or signs. They are usually unmistakeable.

  7. I didn’t know you were gifting your e-book, Jessica. I would love to have a copy:) Could I also trouble you for some insight into my Scorpio factors during this period? I have always suspected that Saturn in Scorpio is a tough call so that would be an interesting insight especially as in my case it is in the Eight house. Double whammy? Curiously, my two brothers and two sisters also have Saturn in Scorpio….

    1. A free copy of Modern Astrology 2050 is there for a limited time only, just for Premium Members, and you are very welcome. The book is released on Amazon this week as a $25 Kindle e-book. Your Premium Member edition will have your chart at the front of the book, though, which is exclusive to this offer. Your family has a Saturn in Scorpio chart pattern and in November, some or all of you must make crucial decisions about taxation and/or inheritance. Just skip the eclipse.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    This has sent shivers down my spine! My dad moved to the Isle of Wight in the summer, yesterday he announced he’s putting our childhood home on the market but wanted to offer it to me first (at a hugely reduced price, to help me get a leg on the property ladder).
    We have been saving to buy a house for many many years, but I never considered moving back to my family home.
    I didn’t have an awful childhood, but equally I couldn’t wait to move out. My sister was a pain, my parents divorced in that house, I feel strangely about it. It’s a great deal I am being offered but I don’t feel good about moving back there, I want to move forwards!
    It’s not quite November yet, but surely this must be to do with this Scorpio weather you are describing. Do you have any advice?
    Thanks so much, you’re amazing and the timing of this is uncanny as always ❤️

    1. The shivers down your spine were your spirit guides confirming that what you’ve found out is true. Thank you for validating the prediction. You will sort this out for the most part in November, during Scorpio weather, but the final tiny detail of the karma involving all of you will come in July 2023. The only thing to do in November is skip the eclipse. Otherwise there is a decision that just has to be made; the Tarot can help you there.

    1. You have a chart with a high number of fixed sign placements. The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. You will be in endurance mode until March when at last Saturn is out of Aquarius and there is a sense of the brakes being released and the gears changing. From July when the lunar nodes leave Taurus and Scorpio, you are on the downhill slope. This transit of Uranus and the North Node in Taurus, the South Node in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius has put heavily fixed people through the transit known as ‘fixing the unfixed’ and it can be very hard to accept things have changed. Yet you do come through this very successfully and will eventually come to see that what you were forced into, happened for a reason. And you may even be glad of it in the end.

  9. Good Morning Jessica!
    As always thank you for your insights…this year, they have really been needed! Your advice for this last summer was so on the mark…it was wild watching it unfold in front of my eyes!

    So now we come into this Scorpio season and here i am with stelliums in Capricorn, Scorpio and Taurus!

    Should I be worried?

    Thanks again Jessica!

    1. Thank you. Astrology does unfold in front of us, it’s true. You have important financial decisions in November about your immediate tax return, long-term tax strategy, perhaps in inheritance made (or made to you) and very likely, necessary bills on the house or apartment, garden and so on. Just avoid the eclipse, please. And try to stay as flexible as possible in your budget so that you can zig-zag when you have to, between now and July 2023.

  10. Thank you Jessica for gifting your new Modern Astrology 2050 eBook very generous and kind of you to do for your premium members.

    1. Thank you, for your thank you. This is just for a short time, but I hope you enjoy the offer.

  11. I just read your north node in Scorpio in your e-book and it says be very careful when taking on other peoples finances – I was not careful ! I have 29 degree Scorpio north node, and my neighbor broke her hip and she asked me to be her power of attorney (after I took care of her dogs for free for two years because I felt sorry for them)- she calls me ten times a day from her care home – I have to do everything for her from ordering meals to bringing bottled water and buying clothes taking her to appointments – lifting her into her wheelchair- hospital visits- I got covid from her skilled nursing in March of 2020- moving her to new care homes when she doesnt like the old one it goes on and on….I feel I’ve adopted a child- I lost my zesty youthful fizz- I’m trying to keep a sense of humor about it and be happy I can be of help – but I feel slightly swindled I thought I was just helping her pay her bills but now I see after four years of constant phone calls and total enmeshment -no matter how hard I try to put in boundaries…It’s completely changed and taken over my life but also I have a new understanding for aging and everything it entails. I hope I get my life back soon, but I suppose this was a karmic lesson or something I owed her ! She will be 93 January 11th.

    1. I’m sorry you are having this North Node in Scorpio experience. As the new book, Modern Astrology 2050, explains – it can be hard work if you take on other people’s money. Your neighbour is needy and you are her Power of Attorney. You feel as if you have adopted a child and may well have a mother-child karmic relationship from your previous life. Four years of constant calls is too much. You are quite right when you say you have learned about ageing. That will help you enormously in your own old age and with the lives of others, apart from her. The karma is over in the final small detail in July 2023. The transiting South Node in Scorpio and North Node in Taurus (the source of your problems) end the cycle that month. She gave you Covid and enough is enough. Ask the Tarot how you can resolve this for both of you until July. But as I said, that will be the last tiny detail of the story with her. IF you have been trying to put in boundaries and it’s not worked, you need help. Follow the steps with the Tarot and see what comes. Part of karma is sometimes just this kind of situation, where someone (her) has to back off or back down and a very truthful conversation has to result. The Tarot can be good at showing you an unexpected solution.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    I am having troubles with the astrology section of your website. I am a premium member until sometime this month (Nov). I canv get the full goriscope, but astrology keeps going to a log in page. Any tips? It’s been playing up for about a week now.

    1. I am sorry you are having technical issues with the website. Best to click on the SUPPORT button and they can help you. Thank you.

  13. Omg Jessica what an article, what a book!!!!! I can’t tell you how excited i get when i see a new book/article of yours.

    I have a scorpio/libra stellium, my money is from all the partnerships around me, mainly my husband and my fathers inheritance, right now my taurean husband is diving his inheritance between his brother but the carve up isn’t happening. This is karmic! Something is going on and it is to do with scorpio season. I hope after all these months the deal comes through but I am now sceptical with everything i’ve learnt from your way of looking at the patterns and using roman planets, I cannot wait for your november horoscope. And guess what, my husband who shares a commercial asset with his brother bought it 18/19 years ago. Everything you say is so so spot on i don’t even bother reading astrology blogs by others. I cannot be the only one who gets an accurate, tested, reading every time i read my monthly daily weekly horoscope. My husband has been trying for months, each time your astrology kept saying nope, i’ve even told him the astrology isn’t matching up to the conditions you require. I’m in heaven, this knowledge is right up my scorpion stellium, Thank you

    1. Thank you so much. Your husband is in the nodal cycle, having bought his commercial asset 18-19 years before. He must be learning about astrology from you at the moment. You’ll find it all easier when the South Node leaves Scorpio, so July 2023.

  14. Happy Monday, Jessica.

    I’m in a strange situation. The house that I made and offer on the 7th Nov 2020, and was accepted. But, then three hours before it went conditional the seller decided she wasn’t selling anymore. This wasn’t the truth. She had in fact accepted another offer for the same amount. The only difference was that they could move sooner. The reality was I ended up selling and completing on my current place before that house completed.

    The question I have is this house/ duplex is back on the market ( Aug- now). The seller that convinced the old lady to take her offer has been trying to sell at auction since August. There have been two auction and no movement. Now it has a listed price. Which is about 60-70 k more than I would be happy to pay.

    I decided last week to revisit the home to see if I was missing the opportunity to purchase again given I cried for about two weeks when it was pulled from underneath me. Aside from being on a busy road ( not the best) but it’s all about compromises to have more space as a single solo provider ( no child support at all) for my Aquarian. I currently own my townhouse outright so I take financial decisions seriously given I’ve spent the last ten years starting from nothing again.

    Jessica, is there anything in my chart that supports a house sale and purchase given the current economic doom and gloom. Clearly, I would only be able to buy what I can afford and have no mortgage, if possible.

    Mostly what I like about the house ( noise from road aside) is the space, and the ability for my child to have friends over and having space to entertain. There is also a small pool, which of course was a massive hit with my little one and the dog when we first looked in November of 2020.

    I seem to be fixated on after March 2023 being the right time from reading a variety of blogs. But, wondering if there is anything that would suggest this move could (up to the universe and all those in spirit to decide) be okay to do during this time. Or, do I just forget the entire thing and wait until a better time.

    With blessings and thanks Jessica. I appreciate your continued support in these wild times we live in. xxx

    1. Thank you. You want to buy the same house again (the one you cried over) and wonder if you could go sooner than March 2023, if at all. It’s $70,000 more than your limit. You are a Sun Capricorn, with stelliums in Capricorn, Libra, Sagittarius. The good news is, property does not define you and neither does money. So your life is about other things, and getting this house, or not getting it, is not the point of your existence. The solar chart and natal chart back each other up. Your best window of opportunity for selling your home and buying a new one is Christmas 2022 to May 2023. Jupiter is in your solar Fourth House of property, a rare 12-year cycle. Yet the chart also shows that any such transaction, even with a different place, is going to cost you. Only you can add up the value of your life budget. So that’s the timing. Have a look at the Tarot to decide for yourself, using that timing to see what you can find.

  15. Wow Jessica you have basically described my mother-in-law’s life as it stands. She recently returned to India to sort out her finances and transfer some funds to Australia. Against the advice of all her family she sold a property to her sister, the youngest sibling who was the favourite child of their mother (so much so that younger sibling got their Mother to change the Father’s fair and equal will in her favour after his death). Even this sister’s children told her not to sell to their Mother but she did and was completely ripped off. Born 19/11/49 with a time of 6am (not sure how accurate this is) she has a Scorpio stellium. On top of this the Indian Govt is taxing everyone taking money out of the country 30% so she loses again.

    Over the past year she’s gone against every piece of kind and well intentioned advice from those closest to her which has caused an on flow of financial loss to those around her due to delays on decisions she has held off on making for no reason other than “it’s my wish”. We are really hoping that this proves to be a learning curve as we’ve been kind, supportive and understanding but … not holding my breath on this one!

    1. Your mother-in-law is a Sun Scorpio probably with Scorpio Ascendant and will be in this cycle until July 2023, in terms of karma with your extended family. I’m sorry you are all going through it, but the endless stop-start, flux and reversals will stop in her own life in March 2023.

  16. Thanks Jessica – yes she does have a Scorpio ascendant! And Scorpio moon at 8 I think. Just love the astrology ~ she’s a believer so hopefully this will help. Her sister is a Libra and I’m sure they have some serious Karma xx

  17. Thank you Jessica for so generously making your new e-book available to members at no charge. I am really looking forward to reading it properly to understand what my Virgo and Scorpio stelliums mean for me (Leo) Sun. Thank you again for your gift.

  18. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for another really interesting article; I always look forward to your posts. I am a sun Capricorn with a stellium in Scorpio. If you have time, can you tell me what this weather has in store for me. I am going through a extremely long, drawn out and complicated divorce that seems like it will never conclude. I wonder if the end is in sight and whether I will receive what I am owed financially and I believe spiritually. Your insight would be very appreciated. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry the divorce is taking so long. The restrictions and limitations are over next March, 2023. There will be a shift that month, when the barriers disappear, and in their place you find higher stakes, but potentially more powerful results – not just in 2023 but for years into the future. The month of July 2023 actually ends the karma with this man. The lunar nodes leave Scorpio-Taurus and that time loop ends. Long-term you will realise why you had to go through this. It was about having children/not having children as you will see by 2026 and just one issue: independence. Have a look at the Tarot to validate this timing.

  19. Hi Jessica – thank you so much for the eBook – what a magical gift! I have Scorpio in Proserpina and Psyche – how would that affect me?

    1. Thank you, I will pass that on to Asporea who worked over the weekend to bring it to you. Proserpina and Psyche in Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance are about the mortgage and marriage; the common-law marriage and the rent; the parental legacy; the will you make out to family members. It can bring in more unusual sexual and financial relationships, so you may fundraise for a charity and have an affair with the director. Scorpio is intimate, close, complicated, intensely personal arrangements involving banking and bonking, often. However, it is very much about the extended family. You are a human bridge who connects two powerful people or two powerful sides, in that context. You are the go-between. Have you read Little Dorrit? It’s on that level. Psyche is about what and who endures and lives forever; something about your will or inheritance suggests that what you leave, is there for all time. Sometimes it can be a house. Sometimes it’s what you bestow through a scholarship, for example.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this article and the monthly forecast. I read that upcoming Jupiter at 28 Pisces is helpful if you’ve anything at 28 degrees. I’ve 4 factors at 28 degrees including my Cancer Sun and Uranus in Libra. I also have 6 factors within one degree including my North Node at 29 Scorpio. I’ll be overseas for work briefly at this time and am wondering if I may unexpectedly meet a man with whom I have a karmic connection…Thank you!

    1. Jupiter often turns up in human form when he transits your chart with exact aspects and you are likely to find a man, larger than life or physically big (tall or overweight) who is jovial – cheerful – and has huge optimism. He would be a born problem-solver and lucky for you, in that he helps you earn or save money (for example) or assists you in other ways. Jove is the old word for Jupiter and that is where joviality comes from. Jupiter is also global in outlook and tends to break up situations which are tense, providing relief and release, and future growth and expansion.

  21. Thank you. You mentioned all the equality issues. Interestingly, the whole college diversity thing is before the supreme court. The conservative judges could throw out affirmative action. It is like the US is really split between those who want to go back to white man in power America. No rights for women, minorities or sexually different. And the other side that says it is the age of Aquarius. Live with it.

    1. History and astrology tell us that when the wheel of time turns and Pluto goes into Aquarius from Capricorn, there is always an extreme period, when (from the point of view of women in particular) things could not be worse. Then it changes. Have a look at Pluto in Aquarius on Search. It’s very close now and will be here for such a long time, that you can’t really have more of the same. That old vision of ‘only a few make it to the top’ is crumbling along with the pyramid version of society. The future is horizontal not vertical and there is no top and bottom. Pretty much like Paris after 1781.

  22. Hi Jessica, Many Congratulations on the new book! The cover design is gorgeous and I am working my way through the stelliums. Thank you for the early Christmas present.

    I have a very-very Scorpio partner with whom I share a child and from whom I am currently separating although still living together. This article is an X-ray of this person’s upbringing and personality. Their birthday is on the eclipse 7/11and I am terrified of potential arguments and further toxic behavior coming up as a result.

    Aside from being flexible with all the Plutonian behavior how can I best manage this period. And what can you see on the financial/career fronts as a result of these eclipses? Finally, I have been advised to travel for my birthday. What do you think of traveling for one’s birthday to relocate the solar return and do you recommend it?

    Thank you and very best wishes for the upcoming holiday season .

    1. Thank you. I will pass that onto the designer. You are living with your child’s other parent, but separating and worried about the eclipse on their birthday. The eclipse is really an issue for them, about their title, profile, reputation – and they won’t know and can’t see – so there’s not much for them to do, other than try to avoid judging or acting on those matters, in any major way. The Uranus in Taurus transit will liberate you by 2026, so you will free from the child/freed through the child/freed by the child, who of course will be three or four years older by then. You will see a welcome opportunity to sort out your home from Christmas to May 2023 in terms of the living space and the household itself as well as your extended family. So there are ways out of this, and ways through. If you are very restricted by this person and feel subjected to all sorts of rules and regulations, it may be they who break first, and if so it will happen suddenly. They will set you free, in other words. Ask the Tarot for insights on how to deal with this person. Your biggest restrictions with finance are over in March 2023, a huge month of change for you, when you realise you are in a completely different set of circumstances and could find real power, long-term, if you are prepared to use your willpower to get there. Travelling on your birthday – how? Flying? I think most readers know I am against flying during a pandemic. Covid numbers have increased steeply and sharply in New Zealand and Australia today. I don’t know where you live, but clearly the ‘answer’ of vaccines + unrestricted travel isn’t working.

  23. Thank you so much for the free book Jessica something I will keep and pass on forever. It seems I have Taurus in my north node and I can feel the obsession side coming into play with someone that I have chemistry with he is a Libra we both work in property should I be worried or need to look out for anything specific?

    1. Thank you so much, I am glad you like your free copy of Modern Astrology 2050. He’ll make up his mind about you, and perhaps another potential lover or partner (sorry, there may be more than one) from Christmas to May 2023 and then you will know where you stand. He is fixated on finance and property until July 2023, not only because he works in real-estate with you.

  24. Hi Jessica. I am still very green with astrology. Question: Am I to focus on my sun sign of Capricorn or ascendant in Scorpio? While I don’t have any stellium in Scorpio, my finances have suffered significant losses this past year; so much more than I have ever experienced. I’m getting the idea that the North/South nodes are affecting everyone. Does this end soon after mid-November? And does the world economy improve soon after or much later?

    1. Just read your Sun Sign of Capricorn and don’t worry about the Ascendant/Rising Sign. You are having an awful cycle at the moment which ends in March 2023. The barriers, restrictions and limitations look quite heavy now, but they will vanish in March. In their place you will be shown the promise of empowerment and control with finance, if you can use willpower and self-control, until at least 2030. The world economy strain ends in July 2023. The reason we have this strain is war karma. I predicted this a long time ago looking at the charts for 1939, 1940, 1941 and of course it’s the same countries involved. Even before July 2023 and the end of the big strain/stretch of the lunar nodes in Taurus-Scorpio – we have huge optimism, growth, hope, expansion, solutions and light at the end of the tunnel from May 2023, and by May 2024 so many issues will have been resolved, for the good of all. Jupiter can do that.

  25. Thank you for your response, Jessica. I needed some reassurance and have been reading past responses from you about the future.

    Regarding traveling, more than flying per se, I meant to know whether or not relocating the solar return is something that makes sense within your cosmology.

    1. Thank you. Oh, moving or emigrating is different to travelling. That’s your Fourth House of home, property and real-estate, ruled by Cancer and you have a stellium there. So it all looks good for that. In fact it shows up in your natal and solar chart together. You are a Sun Capricorn so have fortunate Jupiter in your home zone from Christmas to May 2023. At the same time you have the South Node in Scorpio, North Node in Taurus, Uranus in Taurus, all forming helpful sextiles to the Moon in your Fourth House every 28 days. You then get even more help from May 2023 when Jupiter moves into Taurus and again, moves into a chain of sextiles with your Cancer factors in the Fourth House of property and home. So your idea about shifting your base is great. Just keep the N95 mask on within the airport and at all times on the plane, of course.

  26. Thank you for the free ebook!
    Such a nice treat.
    I appreciate the info on eclipses-so often I’ve thought they were a scary thing (astrologically) but now I understand more thanks to you.

    1. Thank you. I will pass that on to Asporea who created this special free personalised edition of the book for members.

  27. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks so much for your time; its priceless! I’m a newbie, and am trying to generate my birth chart, using 12:00 p.m. (for 12 Noon) as I don’t have a birth time.

    However, when I select 12:00 p.m. and then go to save the information, it comes up as 12:00 A.M.

    So, if the chart were generated with that time of 12:00 A.M. it would not be the 12 Noon you say to input.

    Been in touch with Support, but the issue still exists.

    And there is the notification that says “You won’t be able to change it once you proceed.” So did not go ahead with 12:00 A.M.

    How to move forward?

    By the way, to test the system, I selected other times as sample, to see if those would “Save” accurately to generate a chart, but they all then reflect 12:00 A.M. as well at the end.

    1. I am sorry about this. It is very important that if you do not know your time of birth, you use 12 noon. I don’t understand why 12.00pm is appearing as 12.00am. I am going to copy this and forward to Asporea to fix. Thanks for your patience.

  28. hi Jessica. I am having a rough time lately with health & relationships. Can I blame this on scorpio weather?! I have Mars, Neptune & Cupido in scorpio.. 27 28 & 4 degrees. do you know if this horrible time will be over soon? many thanks for all you do!!

    1. You are a Sun Pisces with stelliums in the cardinal signs; Aries, Capricorn and Libra. Health issues tend to talk to you about what you are not doing/not changing/not facing. It is hard to say more if you don’t tell me what the health issue is. If it’s headaches it’s Aries, for example. Relationships? Do you mean sexual relationships, your family, your friends or your children? Again it’s hard to say more if you don’t tell me. In general, your issues are a cardinal pile-up. When Pluto leaves Capricorn in March 2023 a lot of that will go. On the plus side having an Aries stellium means a makeover and relaunch for your face, name, shape and title from Christmas to May 2023.

  29. Hello Jessica, With a Scorpio stellium, what can I look forward to during this weather? Any progress/improvement is expected in my personal relationships and career? Life seems to have come to a standstill since the beginning of July’22. Thanks.

    1. You are a Sun Scorpio, with stelliums in Scorpio, Libra, Sagittarius, Virgo. Your best trends for work and lifestyle in 12 years begin at Christmas and remain until May 2023 so take the offers, options and opportunities. If you are happy to serve, then the universe will be happy to serve you, and there will be solutions for your overall wellbeing, tied into your workload. By personal relationships, do you mean your sex life? It’s hard to say more because I don’t know if you are married, single, serial dating and so on. In general, if you are a Sun Scorpio then freedom, space and independence is on your menu with partners until 2026. Try to find sexual partnerships which allow for that, for both of you, and there will be less disruption. Uranus tends to pull the rug if the marriage or partnership is too boring, stuck, rigid, fixed, stale, tied to the past and so on. However if you have a double act which lets both of you keep moving, it tends to work.

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