The 8th November Eclipse

The Total Eclipse on 8th November

The total eclipse of the moon falls on Election Day in America on Tuesday, November 8th 2022. I’ve already filed my predictions about the Midterms, back in May. This election will be about abortion. It will also be about Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. There will be a cover-up. The Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon is in Taurus. Scorpio rules sex, death, property and money. It is the sign to associate with the mortgage industry and the banking sector.

This is the first Election Day total lunar eclipse in American history, not set to happen again until November 8th 2394. It will be months, perhaps years, later, that we keep on returning to this date to try and pinpoint exactly what happened. And why. This 8th November eclipse is huge in astrology.

Scorpio istock 300x290 - The 8th November EclipseHow Are You Affected?

In this feature I will look at the life department to avoid, in terms of judgements or action plans. Why? Because you will be in the dark. You would be taking a leap in the dark, if you went ahead, making decisions about that life department.

If you have Taurus and/or Scorpio factors in your natal chart, then the blind spot – perhaps someone is keeping something dark – is financial. It concerns your tax return; insurance; shares; business; charity; house; apartment; shopping; sales.

Eclipses, Charles and Diana

The whole world will be hoodwinked on Tuesday November 8th 2022. We were all fooled in 1981, when two eclipses fell. Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer on Wednesday 29th July 1981. The first eclipse took place on Friday 17th July. The second one occurred on Friday 31st July. Nobody knew Charles was in love with Camilla Parker-Bowles, in the congregation.

Princess Diana was unlawfully killed near an eclipse. She passed on 31st August 1997. The eclipse took place on 2nd September. This 8th November eclipse reminds us: astrology can be dark.

jfk - The 8th November EclipsePresident John F. Kennedy and Eclipses

It helps to look at the degrees and signs involved with eclipses to narrow down prediction. So, when judging the 8th November eclipse, the natal charts of anyone in the frame, are crucial.

When Lee Harvey Oswald was allegedly fired from his last job on July 19th 1963, before Dallas, Texas – at the Reilly Coffee Company in New Orleans – the total eclipse the following day saw the Sun and Moon at 27 Cancer.

His alleged victim, President John F. Kennedy was born on 29th May 1917 at 3.00pm in Brookline, Massachusetts with Saturn at 27 Cancer. 

The Total Lunar Eclipse at 16 Scorpio-16 Taurus

Eclipses obscure the truth. This one will be about the global economy, as it falls in the currency and sharemarket signs of Scorpio and Taurus. There are two charts for Wall Street and both of them show us all left in the dark on 8th November 2022.

This is one chart, which I prefer, showing MC 16 Aries, IC 16 Libra, South Node 15 Aries, North Node 15 Libra, Ceres 16 Leo.
The Tuesday November 8th eclipse finds the Sun at 16 Scorpio and Moon at 16 Taurus. Full Moon, full cover-up.

A commonly preferred chart for the New York Stock Exchange set for 17th May 1792 at 12.00 LMT in New York, shows Uranus at 15 Leo and Chiron at 15 Cancer. Amazingly, two completely different horoscopes for the NYSE show the same line-up. The 8th November eclipse, in astrology, is really about sharemarket blind spots.

Jack Dorsey Elon Musk 238x300 - The 8th November EclipseElon Musk, Jack Dorsey and Twitter

We can expect the same result for Dorsey and Musk on this 8th November eclipse. The facts will be obscured. It will involve Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey. Musk was born with the South Node at 15 Leo and North Node at 15 Aquarius. Dorsey was born with Saturn at 16 Leo. They will be hoodwinked, as much as we are hoodwinked.

Like bats, beetles, moles or owls, their astrological charts suggest Musk and Dorsey will be fumbling on the eclipse, unable to see what is under their noses.

Your Blind Spot and What Not To Do

Eclipses always generate questions about “What should I watch out for?” and “What will happen to me?” The whole point is, you won’t know and won’t see. If the eclipse falls on the same degree and zodiac sign as something in your chart – so, 16 Taurus and/or 16 Scorpio – just avoid that day for judgements, and allow a day either side, for the world to catch up. Particularly if the judgements involve finance or property.

smartmockups l9t8slpq 300x200 - The 8th November EclipseSun Signs as a General Eclipse Guide

Aries and Libra find this eclipse quite specifically about money, houses and apartments, so avoid that day for (say) buying a home or naming a charity in your will. Taurus will find it is about a duet or duel. The 8th November eclipse for Taurus may be about her husband.

Gemini has this in her work and health zone. Cancer has it in the zone of courtship, heirs and spares. Leo has it in the home, household, family, town and country zone.

Virgo has it in her zone of siblings and cousins. Scorpio has it in her zone of title, image and reputation. Sagittarius has it in her zone of religion, therapy and psychics. Capricorn has it in her zone of friends and groups. Aquarius, in her zone of career, academic career and unpaid vocation. Pisces, in her zone of foreigners, publishing, academia and the web.

If you are a Premium Member, you can find out more in my new book, Modern Astrology 2050,  If you have stelliums in Taurus and/or Scorpio, it will explain in more personal detail what/who the eclipse will conceal.

The Dark Side of the Moon

I’ve mentioned the life areas (above) for your Sun Sign, most likely to keep you in the dark. We should also look at the Moon herself in Taurus, opposite the Sun in Scorpio. Those life areas, too, will find the true story, or real story, overshadowed by someone/something taking your attention. The diversion or distraction takes your eyes away from the bigger truth. Again, this is a reason not to act or judge, on the day of the November 8th Eclipse.

Aries and Libra: banking and business; Taurus: profile, portrait, reputation and image; Gemini: psychics, psychology, religion and spirituality; Cancer: friend and groups; Leo: career, unpaid work and academic career; Virgo: publishing, the web, foreigners and academia; Scorpio: duets and duels; Sagittarius: workload and wellbeing; Capricorn: heirs, spares and courtship; Aquarius: household, home, home town, apartment, family; Pisces: siblings, neighbours, local travel, media, web.

The Double Cover-Up Sequence

Was Lee Harvey Oswald telling the truth when he claimed to be ‘a patsy’ before being murdered, days after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated? We will never know.

Eclipses count, by degree and sign. Just tracking transits across that degree and/or sign, particularly with rare cycles, shows you a double cover-up. The Solar Eclipse of July 20th 1963 saw the Sun and Moon at 27 Cancer. Oswald left his job.

On 22nd November 1963, Kennedy was killed. The Sun was at 28 Scorpio. One degree off the July eclipse. The United States chart shows Vesta at 26 Aquarius and Juno at 28 Libra. Again, just one degree off.

On September 24th 1964 the enquiry into the assassination, The Warren Commission, was handed to President Johnson. The North Node was at 27 Gemini; the South Node was at 27 Sagittarius; Ceres was at 27 Sagittarius, Jupiter was at 26 Taurus.

Our 8th November eclipse will have the greatest impact on sharemarkets, or with digital currency, when Uranus goes to 16 Taurus from 15th March until 5th April 2023. That is when the world will look back to the US Midterms of 8th November and really see that eclipse wool-pull.

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110 Responses

  1. Jessica,
    Do you see anything between an attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband between these eclipses and perhaps it casting a shadow on her job at this election period in the USA? Seems so many leaders are raising or falling out of their jobs right now.
    Thank you.

    1. I did see the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s partner. It was close enough to this Scorpio eclipse to qualify, Cecelia. But the true story or reality would have been obscured. Scorpio Joe Biden will be at the heart of the November 8th cover-up. So might Ivanka Trump – another Scorpio.

  2. Learning about the ripple effects of the eclipses like this is really helpful in getting a sense of how they ( might ) effect lives and events, and some of the ways in which there are hidden factors at play. Interesting that one of the powerfully influencing narratives in the MAGA side of the US election is stories about hidden votes and secret sex slavery. Is that something hiding in plain sight, I mean clearly both stories are popular sagas of the dissaffected peoples, but untrue?
    I’m laying low for the duration til April. Taking the wise cousel to treat this as rehersal time. Lucky to be able to do that. I’m a jewellery maker and have ordered ahead for silver as the prices could go wild soon.
    You were bang on about my mum’s health BTW. She went in for minor surgery in September but it revealed itself to be a longer journey, hopefully just months.
    Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine moments in this cold snap in Tasmania this week.

    1. Secret sex slavery is interesting. That fits Scorpio South Node cycles and also the eclipse, partly in Scorpio. This being America, you would expect both parties to save their biggest shots for the preceding days before the vote. I doubt sex slavery would cut it, unless they could point the finger at a high profile Democrat or Republican. I would expect this Scorpio period to be about Ghislaine Maxwell, and all she knows about Donald Trump and/or Bill Clinton. You would expect abortion to be an obvious easy target for anyone hoping to expose Republican hypocrites. I am glad your mother is on the road to recovery even if it is taking longer than you and she would like. Thank you for validating the astrology.

  3. Hi Jessica, 2 questions. As someone who trades on the market almost full time, I follow alot of different threads. Its somewhat assumed that digital currency will be the ‘next’ tool to help prop up economies despite the fact that even the IMF and BIS admit that itll be an encroachment on privacy and even civil liberties (they dont voice a concern about that either). If this moment in time has a tie in with digital currencies, would you consider this a good electional date to fire something like this off??

    2nd question, like I said, very involved in markets. Its a passion of mine. I have a natal pluto at 16D of Scorpio. Should I be concerned??

    Thanks again!

    1. If your Pluto is at Scorpio 16 in your Eighth House of joint finance, it’s also aspecting the Sun at 16 Libra, so this eclipse is best avoided all round. I would include personal and financial relationships, along with the market. The eclipse falls with the Sun at 16 Scorpio opposite the Moon at 16 Taurus and you’ll be in the dark. Astrology is about strategy – just skip that entire lunar period, with the Moon in Taurus. I’m concerned about Uranus at 16 Taurus in exact opposition to your natal Pluto and Sun, not only on eclipse day, but until early December. That is an unpredictable environment, on the markets, and with digital currency, in which to make decisions about finance, property, shares, currency and the rest. You have transiting Uranus in opposition to natal Pluto and that is historic. It repeats in March, April 2023 and is then gone, but while it is there, you would expect sudden, destabilising events (Uranus) to block and stop your desire to control (Pluto) joint financial or shared property arrangements (Eighth House). I recommend keeping the stakes low so you have less to be concerned about, when you meet the inevitable ‘challenge to change.’ I would expect digital currency to be a threat to civil liberties that means people power will push it back. It’s bad enough when you use your credit card to buy a pot plant at a street market and have your phone number show up on the seller’s phone, without your consent or permission. That happened to me the other day. No thank you. But I digress. Skip the eclipse for judgements or actions which would set you off on a particular path. That path could lead you astray for years.

  4. Hi Jessica, so accurate! It happens I have chiron 15 taurus. And being a gemini sun, as you said, I have the eclipse right in the work and health zone. After months of sick leave and returning to work last friday, my boss and I reached to an agreement involving my departure, which will be signed on wednesday. It is so amazing this all happened between eclipses! I am still in awe.
    My question is, should I be worried it is happening between eclipses? As the negotiation went rather smoothly (I actually thought it would be worse), I am afraid there is something covered up as you say.

    Thanks so much !!!

    1. Between eclipses is fine. It’s the actual eclipse itself. It really depends what happened on the last eclipse, and what will happen on the next eclipse. Is that part of the negotiation process? Was something signed, sent or agreed on that last eclipse day, or will it be done, next eclipse day? If so, alarm bells. Diana and Charles did not wed on an eclipse day. They wed near two of them. There were agreements, promises, negotiations, all around the day which were later shown to have been blind alleys. So you see…

  5. Hi Jessica, I have Hygeia and Vulcano at 16 Taurus, Minerva at 16 Leo and Ceres at 17 Aries and am about to become a board member of a new charity foundation. The foundation is being founded this month and I keep telling the person dealing with this not to incorporate this foundation around the time of the eclipse. Would love to hear your thoughts on this as I want this foundation to be as successful as possible. The other board members are a sun Cancer and a sun Leo. Thanks and have a wonderful day/evening

    1. Gawd. If you can get them to incorporate when the Moons is either in Aries, the day before, or Gemini ,the day after (or any time before or after) that’s so much better. You are already woven into the story with your placements, of course, and just about to go on the board. Figure out the eclipse for your time zone but as foundations are often global, factor in day before/day after.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I am a little concerned because I have my ASC (Aries) ad DESC (Libra) at 16. I also have a few factors at 17 in my chart. Please do throw some light on what I can expect or need to be attentive to during the eclipse period.

    thank you.

    1. Just allow for other people’s ‘not knowing/not seeing’ to affect you and don’t embark on new paths on the eclipse. New paths won’t be clear; you will be in the dark; you could navigate off-track for years. You will know a new path on eclipse day, if and when it opens up, so just don’t go there. Wait until the eclipse has gone. It’s rather like someone at the wedding of Charles and Diana asking you to plant a garden for them which will grow into fruition in ten years’ time. You’d say yes, because you were blind to Camilla and inevitable divorce, and end up wasting the garden. It’s on that level. New paths are bad ideas on eclipses.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the advanced warning. In your monthly email you mention “ I dislike this eclipse because Uranus at 16 Taurus is in conjunction and opposition. Ceres is at 16 Virgo.” I have Ceres 16 Scorpio so this feels a bit ominous to me. Is this more significant for someone with 16 Scorpio placements? Could you please comment on the significance, or not, of the sextile – transit Ceres to natal Ceres ? I know how busy you are with comments and questions so I’ll be very pleasantly surprised at a response 🙂 All the best.

    1. Give that eclipse a miss. Allow the day before and after too, as we live on a planet that never sleeps. It’s not ominous unless you fall for it. Ceres in Scorpio in your Eighth House is joint finance, property, charity, business, sales, insurance, shopping, and so on. That is where you always have to compromise. Now, the eclipse puts you in the dark. So it’s really simple. Don’t act or judge on those, or related matters (like a legacy) until the Moon is in Gemini.

  8. Jessica,
    This Total Eclipse will hit my chart in ways that concern me!!
    I have my South Node at 16 Scorpio and North Node at 16 Taurus,
    my IC at 14 Scorpio and MC at 14 Taurus, Minerva at 14 Scorpio, my Moon at 15 Cancer and Ops at 14 Cancer,
    plus my Apollo at 14 Leo and my Venus at 13 Sagittarius 54 (Which is practically 14 degrees).
    I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a bit nervous! We always vote the day of the Election, not early.
    Will be interesting to see how this Election plays out…
    Thank you for all you do!!

    1. Dawn, the early voting question is interesting, and there will be a real moment about that, on 8th November. Eyes need to go back to the process, I think. Thank you for the reminder. Don’t be nervous about the eclipse, just skip the fork in the road, the turn-off on the highway, the new path. It won’t be hard to pick. I remember an eclipse for a client who had it in his Seventh House of love and partnership. He was betrayed by a friend who slept with his wife that day and immediately decided to pursue another friend. The other friend turned out to be gay. New path, wrong turn, he didn’t realise this woman was a lesbian for some years. I’ll keep on giving eclipse examples from my files in this post, just to make sure the message gets through. Nothing ‘happens’ to you, because you won’t see it and can’t possibly know about it. But it still happens and that’s why you don’t head off on a new direction on an eclipse, in astrology.

  9. Hello Jessica. Thank you for your very interesting posts. Your astrological approach is new to me, with the natural housing system you use and if gives a new and fresh perspective!
    The eclipse of November 8 falls almost exactly on my Moon in Taurus (16’08” degrees). I am a Sagittarius. I have behind me extremely difficult years, after building a house with my husband and enormous conflict with my direct neighbor (ongoing). Is there any advice you can give me?

    1. If your Moon is 16 Taurus then this Full Moon would be a stretch anyway, as the Sun at 16 Scorpio is opposite the transiting Moon at 16 Taurus, right on your own Moon in the Second House of money, property, business, charity, shopping and selling. You’d skip that, to avoid the stretch. The fact that it is also about an astronomical phenomenon where it’s hard to see – if not impossible to make out – tells you all you need to know. The conflict with the neighbour will stop throwing up barriers, walls and fences from March 2023. March 2023 is the end of Saturn in Aquarius in your solar Third House of neighbours. Pluto enters your solar Third House of neighbours the same month and get the best advice you can afford then to negotiate a new deal with the neighbours that assures the balance of power between you is fair and square. I expect the issue is noise, it often is.

  10. Dear Jessica,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I will be grateful if you can help me with a dilemma I a facing.
    I am an Aries with stellium in Gemini ,Aquarius and Aries as per the chart on your website. And my husband is a Capricorn.

    I have seen a vacation house which I really really liked after a long time. Last time I searched about a year ago and gave up because of finances and also could not find something I liked a lot. Interest rates were really low then.Right now a house has suddenly cropped up in market. It Is in the area I was looking for .Exactly on the lane where I was looking for .Next to river close to a beach with lots of sunlight in the rooms which is most important to me . Also it can be rented out as a vacation rental to help pay mortgage payments.

    I am really confused about this .

    On one hand it seems to be my dream vacation house and on the other hand am worried about market conditions, economy, war and interested rates.

    Sometimes I wonder if we can pull this off until economy gets better by July 2023 .

    Another confusing things is they are taking offers on 8th April which is an eclipse day.

    And the blog says there is cover up and Aries should not make any decisions on that particular day. regarding property and finances And there are going to be wild fluctuations in market and also real estate markets.

    Can you please look at my chart and guide me if I should make an offer for this house? Or if there is a cover up here and the house is not what it seems to be. Or if I buy this it will be not be good for me. Because it is an expensive property.

    I will really appreciate your guidance.


    1. You say this house is on offer on 8th April ‘an eclipse day’ – but it is not an eclipse day. You must mean November 8th, correct? If so, by all the laws of astrology, you would either go earlier, or go later. An eclipse conceals, it never reveals. It usually obscures and covers. History tells us that, from the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles, to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. You have found a perfect holiday home but they are offering it on not only an eclipse, but a Full Moon at 16 Taurus and 16 Scorpio, the property and money signs. You have Saturn at 16 Gemini in your Third House of commuting, short journeys and (klaxon) neighbours. Do more research. What are the neighbours like? What are the neighbours’ plans for their homes? This is your choice not mine, so please use the Tarot on this website to validate for yourself.

  11. Congrats on the new book Jessica. Just wishing to how my natal nodes at 15 taurus and scorpio, and vesta 16 Aries will affect me. What might i need to watch out for? Or just lay low until it passes. I definaley feel something brewing.

    1. Thank you. You are in the zone for this eclipse. You will find a fork in the road, or a new path, opens up the day before, day of, and day after the eclipse. Don’t take it. It’s really that simple. A classic example is your bank offering you a new interest rate loan. Don’t take it. It’s only a day or two. History tells us eclipses are huge blind spots and it can take months, or years, to realise what one never saw/realised. Captain Cook saw more eclipses than any other Englishman of his age. He sailed to see them. His big, big blind spot was that he was destroying whole cultures when he thought he was ‘exploring.’ That’s a dramatic example. A smaller one is ‘not seeing’ a currency exchange rate because you are too busy, and doing a money transfer at a loss to yourself. Just skip.

  12. Hi jessica,
    Thanks very much for your article. I m worry for this eclipse because I have one factor,daina which is at Leo 17, in my birth chart. Yes I am sun gemini, but I have taurus rising moon, for these years it was not easy for me. To my understanding, this eclipse would have an influnce for me. Is this right? Which field would it be? I mean Leo is my sun sign three houses. And I have two factors in scorpio dec and psyche , is these factors in Scorpio also will be involved in this eclipse? Since I read your monthly forecast, I have some confusions. Could you please give me some comments? Thanks again!

    All the bests

    Yun Shen

    1. You do sound confused, Yun Shen. Okay, so the eclipse rules are: do not take a new path on the day of the eclipse. It may be arranging a visit from your godchildren. Signing up for a new dating website. Whatever it is, do not take the fork in the road on the eclipse. I hope that makes sense. You are a Sun Gemini with stelliums in Gemini, Taurus, Libra, Cancer. So looking over your whole chart, in general, Diana in Leo in your Fifth House is about courtship, heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne. So avoid new choices about all those. And the eclipse itself is partly in Taurus, so it’s the same message with finance, shopping, selling, business. Just skip the eclipse.

  13. Hi Jessica job interview November 8th, good or bad day? Within one week need to take decision concerning moving abroad or staying home. Should I wait or take this step? Thanks, Jaana

    1. Jaana, there is no bad or good in an eclipse. It does what is says on the can. It covers things up. I can’t see a chart here, I’m afraid, so you need to log in. What an eclipse delivers depends on the context of the full natal chart.

  14. Hello Jessica,
    I am discovering a potential cover up (if it’s true) and it’s the lead up to this eclipse. Would you take a look at my chart and advise please? I know not to actually do anything on the 8th November.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Well, without knowing anything more about it, you may prefer not to react or make up your mind. A cover-up can take many days, and the eclipse itself can be part of the overall story. You might call it the peak moment, in an ongoing narrative across a week or two. It depends on what you think the cover-up is. If it regards an inheritance, charity, will, property, taxation question, trust fund, business deal, valuables and so on, it falls firmly in the Scorpio camp and thus, it is directly involved in the eclipse. If you can, wait until this Scorpio season has calmed down a bit; final week of November and into December.

  15. Dear Jessica, your article finally cleared up a mystery that had weighed on my mind since 2017. During the August 2017 I lost a court case despite facts being clearly on my side. The ‘winner’ used the ruling to paint me negatively. Subsequently, the ‘winner’ assaulted me, but this time a passer by witnessed it all. He still cited the 2017 ruling. He died in 2019 and left his affairs in the hands of dubious characters. I have to deal with them and feel fairly worried about the forthcoming discussions happening during an eclipse. Any pointers? Thank you so much, nat

    1. This sounds Dickensian. The culprit is dead and his affairs are with dodgy types. Don’t worry about the eclipse, just by pass it. Day before, day of, day after. It is amazing how often scheming people will ‘accidentally’ choose an eclipse to try their subterfuge. As I don’t know the charts, I would suggest days, plural, around the eclipse as well. For example, Charles and Diana embarked on their honeymoon (Gibraltar) on the day of an eclipse. So the wedding itself was less of a mask, than the cruise. Tell them, December, if you can.

  16. Thanks for the early blog post about 2023 eclipses! I’ve stopped counting how many times your individual approach has helped my daily life and the your unique Smith-Waite interpretations in the Guide for premium members have validated my gut feeling.

    How do we interpret MC 16 Pisces which is where this eclipse occurs? Also, I have a scheduled elective surgery on November 5th. Wish me luck, please!


    1. Thank you so much. Your MC at 16 Pisces depends on a minute-accurate birth time, but if you have that, your vocation is religion, spirituality, Tarot, mediumship, healing, meditation, quantum theory and other invisible worlds, like hypnosis or psychology. Skip the eclipse for those matters. I hope your surgery goes well and you make a quick recovery.

  17. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for your helpful interpretations and insights. I cannot understand what this eclipse will bring for me. Life is exceedingly challenging (I’m in the US) and I have serious questions and doubts about work, income, and where I will live in this next year. I am Leo Sun and Leo Rising. What I could use help with is to understand what my planets in 15-16 degrees mean for me while in the upcoming eclipse. I have:
    Fortuna 16° Virgo
    North Node 15° Scorpio R
    South Node 15° Taurus R
    Moon 15° Sagittarius

    Thank you again!

    1. Okay, so skip the eclipse day, and give it a day either side – don’t judge or act dramatically. Not in a way that would put you on a new path. If you have work, money and home concerns, that makes sense, given your chart. You are in a position to make or save money now through Christmas, so use that. Something or someone is in front of you, which will help you. Work is really about experimenting, discovering and exploring. If you rigidly stick to your old career and don’t want change, that will not serve you. Uranus in Taurus is about revolutionary and quite radical moves. If you’ve not made them already and persisted with them, then do consider. Home concerns end, July 2023, when the South Node is out of Scorpio and you have fulfilled some old karma with your family, house, apartment, household, town and/or country. The nodal cycle will keep you there until you seriously pay some dues or gratefully receive.

  18. Hi, Jessica!
    This eclipse makes an opposition to my Venus-Pluto conjunction in the 8th house and it´s the exact day of my Venus return. Should I take a sick leave from work and isolate?

    1. The eclipse will not be about Covid if it’s from the Second House to the Eighth House. It will be about money, business, charity, shopping, selling, houses, valuables and apartments. So it’s up to you. At a stretch, health insurance and life insurance would be related to Covid. I don’t know what your situation is and cannot see a chart here. I suggest you ask the Tarot for more information, which is free to use on my website. In general, an eclipse across those houses and signs (Scorpio/Taurus) is a clanging bell to avoid judgement or action, regarding finance or property, on the day in question. Allow a day either side because the world has to catch up with itself.

  19. Hi Jessica, thanks for the warning about the eclipse! I have Sun 16 degrees Leo, Jupiter 16 degrees Pisces, Juno 17 degrees Pisces. I also have Bacchus and Hygeia in Taurus but no Scorpio factors. I’m currently having some problems with my child’s father who wants me to sign a new parenting plan which I don’t agree with. Should I wait until after the eclipse? Thanks for all your advice, your predictions have really helped me over the past few years.

    1. Thank you. Your Sun is in Leo in your Fifth House of children, parenting and motherhood. The eclipse is square this, so on that day (allow a day either side) there will be divisive matter about your child, you can’t square. So I’m sorry about that, but avoid that 72 hour period with the other parent. You will quickly sort things out from late November through to Christmas, as you go into the right kind of Sagittarius weather, trine your Sun. Clear communication!

  20. Hi Jessica! There are a quite a few planets in my natal chart at 16 degrees. IC at 16 Cancer, MC at 16 Capricorn, Pluto at 16 Libra and Uranus at 16 Scorpio. Would you please look at my chart? Anything I need to watch out for? Thank you so much!

    1. Uranus at 16 Scorpio in your Eighth House of superannuation, pensions, taxation, inheritance, legacies, property, valuables, business, charity, insurance and so on, is the one to focus on. The eclipse casts that in shadow. It is extremely likely that someone or something of great importance, which is the real story, will be overshadowed on the day. You won’t be looking for it, so won’t see it. That’s why it’s best, in astrology, to choose another day.

  21. I appreciate your posts and responses back very much, Jessica. I had a few eclipse type questions as handling eclipses are new to me. You’ve been so kind to respond back to me to address worries that I have. In response to one of your posts which seem to focus on the need for self care as a Sun Libra with a Virgo stellarium, I started getting more preventative health care over the past few months, including routine tests that I’d been very afraid and anxious to do. Most results have been good thus far with one or two being delayed, not communicated about timely or needing to be repeated. Pelvic floor therapy was suggested to help me which is to start in November – I wasn’t sure whether the eclipse impacted treatment timing or, for that matter, the Scorpio influence – should this type of treatment wait til the end of November when in Sagittarius? How do you avoid an eclipse (i.e. should I try to stay home as much as possible on the eclipse day and the day before or after)? Does that mean you avoid new things on the eclipse like new tests, new travel, or new treatment and, if so, for how long? I have been trying to get all preventative care done before the end of the year due to covid worries and the Virgo stellarium in my chart, out of fear for what might happen in the future but I’m not sure I can get it all done by then with wait times.

    You had been so kind to reassure me in an earlier response that I’d only be challenged, nothing frightening, in this regard to the health worries and anxiety. It seemed from your response that my focus should be on my daily routines including work and well being. So I have been making many wellness and lifestyle changes to prepare, which range from continuing covid precautions (remote work, N95 mask wearing, little socialization, no large groups), making my work schedule more reasonable and less stressful, preventative care (blood work, urinalysis, dental cleaning, eye exam, ob/gyn visit, physical therapy scheduled), and adding mental and physical health self care too (i.e. journaling, healthy meals, regular exercise, and improved sleep schedule). I still have a few more preventative tests which I’m frantically trying to schedule before December 31, 2022. Do I have more time to get these things done or should I keep doing my best to get them all in by December 31st? How do eclipses play into all of this – should I not have health related appointments on or around eclipses or full/new moons? I’m still trying to learn about eclipses, full and new moons, and other things – there is so much to learn!

    Thank you so much for your kindness!

    1. You’re on track with your health. This eclipse is in Taurus/Scorpio so not about your wellbeing. It’s about finance. You are a Sun Libra with a Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of wellbeing. The Libra solar chart (your public life) shows a blind spot or cover-up about money, property, charity, business on eclipse day. So just avoid taking a new path then. It’s not about your constitution. You are wise to get a system in place to make health your priority – now. From 2023 to 2026 you will be glad you organised it early. Remote work and no large groups is very wise indeed. In general, avoid eclipses for anything at all. They’re just unhelpful. The new book has a list of eclipses to 2050 so you can see at a glance. So that’s Modern Astrology 2050. Thank you.

  22. Hello Jessica, The past seven days have been a doozy for me to say the least. I’m an early degree Taurus Sun. November has been always a weird month for me. How will this lunar full moon affect me? Or should I even ask? -Errin

    1. Errin, just skip the Full Moon. The Sun is opposite the Moon. Opposing people, opposing issues, opposing situations are really common then. So why put more pressure on yourself then? Take a day or two out if you can.

  23. Hi, Jessica –

    My sister is having knee replacement surgery on Nov. 9, one day after the eclipse. Too late to back out now. Now that I know about the eclipse, I’m worried about how this may affect her surgery. Should I be concerned or am I just make mountains out of molehills?

    Also, the American midterms. As it looks right now four days prior to election day, the Republicans are leading, which scares me. Do you still think there’s a possibility of a blue wave?

    Thank you!

    1. The eclipse is about money, property, business, charity and the economy. Not your sister’s knee. If she is a Sun Gemini then the Scorpio side of the eclipse does fall in her Sixth House of health, or a Sun Sagittarius, the Taurus side of the eclipse falls in her Sixth House of health. So, a Gemini or Sagittarius sister would make the health insurance claim when the eclipse has finished. Not on the day itself. I hope that gives you a better idea of what is going on. I’m not sure where this information about a Republican poll lead is coming from. I just saw a Democrat poll lead. Let me check. Though of course, polls are often wrong for a reason. It pushes Democrats to vote, vote, vote.

    1. If you have factors on/close to the eclipse degree, always treat those matters as being in shadow. If you can’t see the details and can’t make out what you need to see (it is often small) then think of this like fumbling in the dark and treading on a piece of Lego. Or fumbling in the dark for your purse and missing the pile of $50 notes on the floor.

  24. Greetings Jessica! I truly appreciate & applaud your talents. You are the most accurate Astrologer I’ve found. Given all the intrigue on US Elections Day November 8 (please include early voting as well), do you think Democrats or Republicans will win this election?

    1. Thank you. Yes, early voting is important. The Democrats are ahead there. I filed my other prediction about this election on my Substack and saw a blue wave. I also saw people moving states as a result of the split within America and many going to Canada. Justin Trudeau subscribed to that Substack!

  25. Hi Jessica – I just realized I have a property tax hearing that cannot be rescheduled – on the 7th of NOvember. I am Pisces. Is there anything I can do to limit the impact of the eclipse? Thank you so much.

    1. I can’t see a chart here so I’m afraid I can’t answer that question. In general, if you are a Sun Pisces, you have Jupiter with all his solutions, win-win outcomes and benefits in your Second House of property, taxation, finance – until Christmas. So luck is on your side with these matters in general.

  26. Hi Jessica

    Thanks again for the info. How concerned should I be with my MC 17 Scorpio, IC 17 Taurus, Saturn 18 Taurus, Proserpina 15 Scorpio, Psyche 15 Taurus? That’s a lot of action around the eclipse! I can tell you I have no intention of acting on anything of a financial nature.

    Also, it’s curious that the Robodebt Royal Commission, instigated by Taurean, Bill Shorten, uncovered that Scott Morrison, also Taurean, was advised of the illegality of the scheme but pushed ahead nonetheless. I suspect stuff will come up Tuesday.

    Warm regards

    1. If you’re not acting/judging on financial matters on eclipse day, it may well be that the cover-up is general. As you say, Shorten and Morrison. There tends to be a lot of evasion, ducking and diving when the Sun and Moon do this. As a rule of thumb, pay attention to what’s just behind the diversion or distraction. There is likely to be some big spotlight thrown at the eclipse, which would affect your (say) banking: yet the truth would be hidden in plain sight away from the diversion.

  27. Hi Jessica. It’s very fascinating how you mention Charles and Diana for this Eclipse as the first installment of the latest series of The Crown plays on Netflix on November 8. This series is all going to be about Charles, Diana and Camilla. It is going to be interesting to see how the public reacts and what light it will put the Royal Family in.
    I have Hygeia at 16 Taurus and Apollo at 16 Leo. I won’t be doing anything financial that day – just going to the movie with a friend to see Mrs Harris goes to Paris.
    Anyway thanks for the insights and stay safe on Eclipse day.
    Cheers JC

    1. Oh really? I didn’t know The Crown’s Diana episode was airing on the eclipse. They planned it. I’m glad you’re going to the movies that day! I expect the cover-up with The Crown will be Diana’s inheritance to Harry and William, or the divorce settlement money from Charles. All good Scorpio stuff.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    In your twitter post regarding “the fool” card for the midterm elections. I noticed that there are bright orange dots on the fools clothing. From a distance they resemble peaches. Isn’t the state of Georgia “the peach state”? Isn’t that one of, if not, THE most contested senate races this election? Maybe this election will turn a deep southern red state permanently blue? Who knows?
    Also if you look even harder at the colours, the shapes and the formation, the fool and the background have similarities with the flag of Arizona. Another important race and another southern state that went Democratic for the first time in decades in 2020. I wonder what will happen there too!

    Have a good day.

    1. Good psychic vision, thank you. Yes, if you see peaches, that may be important. Georgia is the peach state. If so, this is a Georgian who is moving states. Why? Perhaps because of the blue wave in front of him. Arizona is also something you’ve picked up – thank you for that. I should point out to other readers that this reading of The Fool card was on Substack, back in May 2022.

  29. Hello Jessica, I am a Virgo with mercury at 16 Virgo, MC at 16 Scorpio and IC at 16 Taurus. How would that affect me? What could I do? BTW, I already made a few wrong decisions in investment/pension in early and mid-October and lost some money…. I am thinking of making some changes next Monday. I should hold?
    Thank you very much!

    1. I think most astrologers would suggest you skip the eclipse for financial decisions. I don’t know where you live, but India is covering things up. The US Midterms will no doubt result in shenanigans from Donald. If you want to make changes, avoid that eclipse period. I hope the historic examples I’ve shown you illustrate where those blind alleys can take people. The ultimate choice, of course, is yours.

  30. Hi Jessica. A Capricorn Sun and Ascendant, stelliums in Cap (8); Taurus (5); Pisces (4). My North Node is 23° of Pisces. I believe that I recently discovered a Yod (Neptune 19°17 Libra, Pluto 19°38 Leo, North Node 23°09 Pisces) in my natal chart. Can the North Node be considered in a Yod? Is the 23° apex too far from orb to be considered a Yod? If it is a Yod, what would be the indications of the apex of a Yod conjunct my North Node? So far, the only celestial body conjunct my South Node is a fixed star, Alkes, at 23°41 Virgo. Perhaps you don’t work with fixed stars? What could it be showing me about my destiny in this incarnation? It seems I’ve been rather preoccupied with this 23° Pisces placement! It feels big and it feels important – like, a grand completion is on offer? As well, my nodal return in Pisces is coming in 2025. Your insights would be most appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. I don’t work with yods. I don’t work with fixed stars either. You are a Sun Capricorn with stelliums in Capricorn, Taurus and Pisces. Easily the biggest change is the end of Pluto in Capricorn from March 2023. By 2044 you will have almost forgotten the years since 2008 when everything in your life was so political; so much about control or power. Jupiter in Taurus from May 2023 to May 2023 will make or save you a lot of money if you act on the opportunities. The current Jupiter and Neptune transit of Pisces is fantastic for hypnosis, mediumship, Tarot, meditation, religion, spirituality, therapy and the inner life. It ends near Christmas. The nodal return in Pisces later on, will show you a past life. You may have been a monk or nun, perhaps a seer or mystic.

  31. Hi Jessica So interesting thank you – and reading all your insights is always so helpful. the global downturn is escalating and its a real concern for what is going to happen next and if we will get through this. saturn at the moment is making things hard financially for me – I recently put my house on the market that had tenants who had to leave quickly and now the market has plummeted and no viewers no buyers no interest – just dont know what to do – just keep waiting for a buyer but worried the market will drop so badly that we will lose on it majorly , work/job is also at risk and costs going up and up so difficult to know what the right decisions are or to just hope , sit tight and wait till March when things will move forward. I need to sell this house to buy another which is more suitable for the future. thank you for all your love and kindness.

    1. Thank you. This sounds like a Taurus and/or Scorpio issue, these being the signs which rule finance and houses. You are a Sun Cancer with factors at 7 through 28 of Taurus and Scorpio, across the Second House of personal income and Eighth House of joint finance. You are in the United Kingdom which is going through the same cycle as the war. Uranus in Taurus and the lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. March 2023 is a turning point in the heavens when the whole atmosphere changes and you will then find the barricades and barriers vanish, and in their place you have new choices which depend on your willpower. You say “we” and I don’t see the other person’s chart, so it’s impossible to say much more than that. The Tarot can be really helpful. Follow the steps. If the other person will also use the deck, invite them too. This can and does get better. From May 2023 Jupiter goes into Taurus and until May 2024 there are solutions aplenty. This is the hard part. Eventually, long-term, you could end up becoming really powerful through business, property, charity, and so on. So just bear that in mind.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    I have Uranus in Scorpio16. How will I be impacted. I am currently heavily restricted. I am fighting for money owed back to me from the authorities, this has been a 5 year battle. I have a stellium in Taurus, Scorpio and Leo. Thanks Jade

    1. Battling is hard, Jade, and you have three fixed stelliums so you are fixed by nature, do not back down and can be stubborn. Five years is a long time to fight the authorities for money. You are locked into fixed sign cycles until July 2023, with the nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, Saturn and Pluto taking turns in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. Can you unfix the fixed? Sometimes it can be useful to put a pound sterling value on the time you have wasted being angry or pushing. If you feel it’s run into thousands of pounds you may want to cut your losses. This is your last, best bet for getting what you are asking for. You are now in the Jupiter in Pisces cycle until Christmas. If you keep battling from March 2023 I’m afraid your prospects aren’t great and that Saturn in Pisces cycle goes on until 2026. So if you can give it a shot now, do that, but Jupiter is just as likely to give you a way out, or way through, which has nothing to do with the fight, and everything to do with some other great way to save money, or make it. The Tarot can validate this for you, Jade.

  33. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for this article, I’m pretty clear that the message for me is pretty much don’t choose anything new on Tuesday, or the day before or after. I have a Taurus moon at 14, and rising Taurus at 15. I have papers for my ex to sign re: property settlement, so I’ll wait till later in the week to speak to him to arrange signing. Is there anything else you think would particularly benefit me to know?

    1. That’s great if you can wait until the eclipse has passed to sign property settlement papers. What was not showing up or obvious on the eclipse will reveal itself later. If it’s no big deal to wait, then wait.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    I have Ceres & Ops at 16° Taurus. Should I be concerned? Not sure how to interpret the meaning in my chart. I think in the back of my mind are the words darkness, blind regarding the eclipse as I have narrow angle glaucoma. Does the natal chart show physical challenges? Sorry not very good at explaining myself.
    Your new book is brilliant, thank you.

    1. Thank you Lin. This is about shopping; your will; insurance; your tax return; sales; the house or apartment; the bank; currency exchange; shares. Skip the eclipse for choices about the same, or judgements which would put you on a new path. It has nothing to do with health or your narrow angle glaucoma. That reminds me; would you like a large-print version of the book, or are you able to change the settings on the PDF?

  35. Hi Jessica,

    I have sun in Aries at 16 degrees, does this mean the eclipse is more of a first house issue for me or would it still be more about finances? Thanks!

    1. Both outcomes, actually; the eclipse will leave you partly in the dark about your profile, image, name, reputation and at the same time, there is a real blind spot here about finance. So just avoid new paths Monday-Wednesday if you can. I was just talking to another reader about Mastodon, the new social media website set up to ‘take’ Twitter users who want to leave, now Elon Musk has bought the website. Classic example of something nobody knows much about, and it’s landed on an eclipse. It doesn’t have to be dramatic, but whatever you duck and dive around is important.

  36. Hi Jessica, thank you for your time to show us how eclipses went down in the recent history in front of everyones eyes and pretty nobody seeing it. I love to read how you lay down all the facts, it becomes so obvious. I have a feeling this eclipse is already pushing my buttons. I am trying to not take it personal, telling myself I cannot see the whole picture and to just try float trough the next few days left. I have Minerva in 16 Scorpio and a bunch of other 16 factors in the chart – Uranus in and IC in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Aquarius. On top of that my husbands True Node is in 16 Taurus. Mine is in 18 Taurus. We are having issues with his son who has addiction+mental problems.. In my question what is the way out for this heavy full moon I pulled the 8 of pentacles card, which my thought is the way forward is trough very hard work.

    1. Just skip the eclipse. I realised that Mastodon, the rival to Twitter, is launching now. The eclipse is about business and the world’s richest man just bought Twitter. Mastodon is part of a cover-up, I dare say. In your own life, if something/someone new arrives today, tomorrow, Wednesday, it will be quite shadowy and hard to see clearly and is best avoided. Your real problem is your husband’s son who has mental health and addiction issues. It’s about money. It’s about the funding this boy/man receives from you or the government. It’s also about the financial agreement you have with your husband. When you married you made your vows. Where does his son fit in? This is about karma and the pair of you/three of you will sort it out by July when it ceases to be a financial issue.

  37. I drew a Tarot card on your website about an hour or so ago. Then I shuffled my own deck and drew the same card–The Tower. With this eclipse ‘weather,’ is it possible to get more/reliable details? What would be the best use of this time? (Am I in physical danger?)

  38. Hi Jessica,
    Its my birthday on the 8th and I have just noticed my sun is in scorpio at 15 degrees same as my birth chart does this mean this eclipse is big for me. I have lots going on in relationships.
    Thank you.

    1. Begin with the idea that this is a Full Moon in Taurus opposite the Sun in Scorpio, so there is a tug of war going on within yourself (over money, business, charity, property, valuables) or a difference between your life budget, and the life budget of your husband (say) or former husband. These are unsuitable times to make judgements or choices anyway, because of the inner conflict or outer differences. If you can make up your mind at any time of year, make it up later. Once you factor in the blackout/blockout effect of an eclipse you can see the twist. Just decide later. And remember, Uranus, the planet of upheaval, is very close to this eclipse, also in Taurus. This is personal for you as your Sun is also very close, so defer judgement and act later, when you can see. It’s not so very long until the Moon is in Gemini and this entire Full Moon is over.

    1. You are the second person to tell me about this. So 1.9 billion dollars and a Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon eclipse, chime together. How very peculiar. Thank you for the link.

  39. Hi Jessica. Thanks for your insights and a guide to 2023 eclipses. I cancelled all my travels and I postponed all decisions making for this time and by looking at the travel disruptions we have around London, I am glad I am not travelling anywhere. Looking at my birth chart, I have Venus in 15 Scorpio and I wonder if there is anything I should be aware of at this time and with upcoming transit of Venus in Scorpio.

    I also found interesting Cop27 is taking a place during this eclipse. What are your thoughts on this event taking a place at this time?
    Thank you and I am looking forward to read your new book as well.

    1. Thank you. The cover-up with COP27 may well be private talks about one world digital currency. We will find out later. It seems very likely to be about oil, petrol, gas and coal – and alternative energy shares. It speaks volumes that Thunberg is boycotting it, doesn’t it! Venus in Scorpio in your Eighth House is about complicated relationships involving the money, house, apartment, shares, business and/or valuables. Often, the legacy or will, life insurance and so on. These can be with mother-son, husband-wife, or in-laws. Sometimes, lovers. Even if it’s a different sort of relationship it may be with someone you once slept with! It’s on that level. The Uranus transit at 15 Uranus is in opposition to your natal Venus (retrograde) so the challenge to change, has been on and off for a long time. Uranus retrogrades again to 15 Taurus in December, January, February 2023. I have no idea if you are single, but if so, Valentine’s Day would be a red flag, just in case someone wants to take you on a date, or get back together with you. You’d want to look very closely at this person’s bank account, rent, mortgage, debts, investments, if so. He or she would be arriving on a period of instability and flux for your shared financial concerns.

  40. Hi Jessica,
    I wanted to pull a tarot card on the evening of the eclipse to see what it would bring, I got the queen of pentacles is there anything in my chart that you can see that would relate to this, I have a male Libra figure complicated but it’s not sexual but there is intense chemistry.

    1. You are giving yourself a Tarot card reading when an eclipse is a blind spot? The eclipse is in Taurus and Scorpio, which rule money, property, valuables, charity and business. You drew the Queen of Pentacles, or Coins. Wait until the eclipse is over and try again. You are not seeing straight financially on such an eclipse.

  41. Hello there again Jessica. Wondering if my comment posted here on 8 November 2022 at 4:06 pm has been lost in the shuffle?

    1. Just checking and I have 15,819 comments on the website today. I have another screen or so to look at, before I start work on next week’s stars, so I will watch out for your question, if it’s there. Thank you.

  42. The election didn’t turn out well for Democrats. House is red. Which means they are going to stop funding war in Ukraine, start impeachment proceedings against Biden (they said that would be imminent), investigate his son. And all other ways to restrict women’s rights. There is still hope they could hold control in the Senate but it looks like it will depend on a run off election Dec 6th. Horrible night for women’s rights.

    1. I’ve just checked The Guardian and it seems abortion rights have triumphed in America and the final results for the Democrats and Republicans are undecided. Thank you.

  43. Hi Jessica. I am really unsure how to proceed on a property. I have seen a lovely cottage in my parents village which has just come up for sale. I sold my own property during lockdown as I had to move in to my parents house to become a carer for my father. However the house I am interested in was put on market on the Friday before the November eclipse, I viewed it on the Saturday. Didn’t offer due to eclipse. Viewing again tomorrow Thu 10th Nov. Do you see problems if I offer? Seems so right for me in so many ways but eclipse is worrying me. Thanks as always for any guidance. Regards. Sarah

    1. Sarah, the eclipse is over, the Moon is now in Gemini, and it is possible that what you did not see/could not know involved quite another financial matter. That would be typical of the eclipse. Perhaps the second viewing will reveal something to you, but if you are in Britain, then Thursday 10th November is well away from that Taurus-Scorpio eclipse which caught cryptocurrency, Powerball and Wall Street. So you’re free to choose. The Tarot can be a good friend at such times. Follow the steps to give yourself a reading.

  44. Jessica,

    You are right on about financial/banking/house problem for me (Aries here). I’ve been dealing with this stagnant/stubborn situation revolving about getting money for a house purchase but it’s just getting nowhere. I have Pluto in Scorpio at 12* and Bacchus in Taurus at 16*. Do you foresee the deal is coming out positively? Thank you

    1. You’re caught in the cycle which is bigger than you are. It dates back to the war and the whole world has to sort out its karma, in the economy. This is the extreme Taurus-Scorpio cycle, but it ends in July 2023. Even before then there is hope, as from May 2023, Jupiter moves into Taurus. You will save or make a lot of money by May 2024 if you try – and a house or apartment purchase will be so much easier than it ever seemed in November 2022.

  45. Thank you for all your illuminating articles Jessica! After reading in my horoscope that there would be big news at work, I found out that my line-manager- whom I have never worked with as I joined when she was on maternity leave – is not coming back. She has another job. This is a blow because her handover was shocking and my colleague and I have been awaiting her return as she has so much knowledge about the job in her head. It’s like we’ve been fumbling in the dark all year! Needless to say, just as we were walking into the mystery meeting with our CEO when he subsequently told us I said ‘Someone’s getting fired/leaving, there was an eclipse yesterday.’ Thing is it still felt like such a shock as I would have never guessed it was this person who was leaving. Now I’m obsessively wondering how to protect my income or manoeuvre myself into protected work to withstand the next round of Covid in March. Thanks again Jessica, your guidance is invaluable.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your line-manager is not returning. This sounds like your chart delivering that classic work moment in real time. It was certainly in your horoscope. Amazing your CEO mentioned the eclipse too. You are a Sun Leo woman with Leo, Virgo, Cancer, Taurus stelliums. So your career is set to skyrocket from May 2023 to May 2024 and this is part of a longer chain of events. You may get promoted, take a new role, be accepted into a prestigious course or just have a big success on your hands, if you take what is offered to you from May 2023 to May 2024. It would be sudden, and yet very exciting and liberating at times. Exhilarating. New inventions or innovative technology would be part of it. Having said that, your health and wellbeing on all levels should be your absolute priority from March 2023 as Saturn begins his slow opposition to your Virgo factors in the Sixth House of work, lifestyle, duty, service, housework, daily routine and the rest. This is like being a wise human 28 years ago and avoiding smokers (passive smoking) and unsafe sex. Beyond that there may be other more personal challenges for you, so you will find your inner Virgo takes control as she will attend to the tiny details of what needs to happen to keep you well. Work would be part of it, or other unpaid work/academic work, as you can’t really separate that from your wellbeing. Especially not in the Twenties. You will really enjoy Jupiter in Taurus and feel the bump in May, June 2023. Jupiter will make terrific aspects to Virgo, Cancer, Taurus in your chart so you will be supported with taking care of yourself, sorting out your work routine, your house or apartment and – the key to it all – saving or making proper money.

  46. Good stuff. My original comment is showing up under your Nov. 1 post of The 8 November Eclipse. Why it would still be awaiting moderation, when my more recent comment was posted near instantly, is a wonder. Yes, you do have many subscribers. — My original comment:
    “BJM says:
    8 November 2022 at 4:06 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    Hello Jessica. Delighted to have downloaded your Modern Astrology 2050! Thank you. Any insights into this eclipse regarding my chart that shows Jupiter @ 16º Gemini, Juno @ 16º Leo Rx, Diana @ 16º Aquarius & Mercury @ 16º Pisces Rx? I also have Hygeia @ 17º 58′ Cancer Rx but would that one matter, it being nearer to 18º? And is it necessary for us to indicate if any are Rx’s? My late-30s nephew, a both 3rd decan Aquarian Sun & Virgo Asc. & early Sag Moon, has Ceres @ 17º Taurus, Fortuna @ 15º Sag & Uranus @ 17º Sag. Anything that he should be mindful of at this time? Am curious as to how Ceres would apply in his case? A most interesting read here of earlier posted comments as well. Thank you, Jessica.”

    1. The comments on the website are a mystery to me, sometimes, too. There are 15,826 of them today and so I have come to yours. I’m glad you have Modern Astrology 2050 in your hands. The most important thing to say about the 16/17 patterns is that Uranus in Taurus is retrograding at 16/17 in November, December, March, April so general economic instability and broader national and global impermanence on the markets will have a broad impact on you. Gemini is your use of Twitter. Elon Musk is meddling with it. Aquarius is your friends. They may be losing money. Pisces is your religion, Tarot or therapy. Again there may be indirect impact from financial uncertainty. As for retrogrades, the rule is simple. They are dormant until a transit appears on the same degree and then you act them out – backwards. Your nephew has Ceres at 17 Taurus so will be in a financial, property, charity or business compromise or deal – backwards. If the stakes are high he will gain from professional advice. Uranus usually wants to deliver freedom and independence, for him, her, he or they – but what gets people to that places is usually upheaval.

  47. There were no shockers on election day in the US. No jaws on the ground. No sex scandal reveals….nothing. Just more of the same. I was really hoping for a huge shake-up but it’s US politics as usual. Very anti-climatic.

    1. Too funny. You didn’t read the May prediction, did you? Scroll down for the photograph of Virginia Guiffre. As the astrology showed, the cover-up was Epstein.

  48. Hi Jessica,

    Almost 16,000 comments – I’ll not ask how you manage these.

    And here I am adding to the lot. Need your insight and guidance (don’t we all!!)

    I get glowing reviews when working, and I have excellent work ethic, enjoy getting things done, and even feel euphoric as I deliver. But still I’m out of work since 2015. Don’t have a penny of my own. Don’t live in my own space [very bad situation, getting worse]. Have reached out to former colleagues, they don’t respond. My work situation is a bit peculiar and restricts my work options, not comfortable spelling them out here.

    I do not see a way out of this – have used the Tarot, sometimes they are hopeful, other times…

    Thank you…

    1. Okay, so going back to the Tarot – only read once. Follow the steps. If you keep on reading, you will confuse your timelines. You have to obey instructions to the letter or the Tarot does not work. If you’ve not used The Astrology Oracle and The Garden Oracle on the issue of your unemployment since 2015, then reserve that and use it later. There are flipbooks which tell you what to do with these, in your library, so please use them. Just read once for (say) the next 12 months. Going to your chart, I’m looking at Virgo, which is your work ethic, duty to other people and desire to serve. It’s also your daily routine and the impact that your physical and mental health has on work, and vice-versa. How you feel about work, affects how your mental health and physical health does, or does not, function. I will also look at Capricorn, which is your ambition, achievement, success and status. You are a Sun Virgo, with a Virgo, Pisces and Leo stellium. So right away the issue is Virgo and your Sixth House. You have Uranus and Pluto in there so need to invent your own way of working – for money; unpaid too. You need to invent your own way of studying and adding to your employable skills. Uranus is a symbol of innovation; originality; all that is new. When you say your situation is peculiar and you are not comfortable spelling out the issue, that’s fine. I can’t give you any more detail than that, as a result of this. All I can really tell you is that your answer is not working for the man, 9 to 5. It never was and never will be. You will have to create a lifestyle that supports your inability to fit in with other people. Others have their own way of operating. They have set ways of functioning. You’re frequently at odds with that and you may not even be aware of that. So you need to create your own work style/lifestyle. It may also involve the freedom of rejecting what they/he/she do. Pluto is another obvious symbol in Virgo. This is your need to have control. To be in charge of your role, your space, your turf, your territory. You need to dominate and run what you do. Again, this may make it very hard for others who also have Pluto in Virgo (around your age group) and also want to run their domain. So you see, it’s about figuring out a plan where you can cater for this. If you can only stand fitting in for a day a week, work for a day a week. If you need total control of the situation but can’t have it, find a niche where you do have it. I had a reader who had Uranus and Pluto in Virgo and chafed at her bosses and colleagues. She disliked the office and found the clients not her cup of tea – at all. She was made redundant. (Uranus in Virgo often brings upheavals). She was unemployed until she began walking dogs for $15 an hour. She controlled the dogs. She obeyed their owners, and the dog park rules, and the rest of it – but never had to do it for very long. She also learned Indonesian on Zoom and began tutoring Indonesian. Again, part-time. So you see, you have to invent this. The Astrology Oracle and The Garden Oracle can answer your questions. Please read the flipbooks and use a journal. You could save and make proper money, Christmas to May 2023, if you try. Even if you land a free online course, that’s a huge saving that could help you profit from a new role. March 2023 could result in a powerful new professional start in your life if you are prepare to set aside old ways of thinking about work and embrace who and what you are. You are unique, a law unto yourself, you’re never going to do normal routine and you have to find a way to trade off/deal with other people. That may mean it has to be part-time or just limited time, as you can only follow orders and instructions for so long. It was probably the same for you as a child or teenager. You were the child who didn’t want to do what the other children were doing. Have a look at your need to escape reality too. You are very Piscean. You need daily escapism, no matter if it is meditation or swimming, or fantasy gaming. Finally, with all that Leo in your chart, you are a born mentor, guide, teacher, parent figure, aunt/uncle figure, tutor, example to children or teenagers. You have flair there. So…lots to think about.

  49. You are dispensing useful information. We and everyone else will be able to learn more thanks to the incredibly correct information. Continue sharing your information. I’m thankful.

  50. Hi Jessica,
    The solar eclipse on 20 April 2023, is on my birthday and is in 29 degrees Aries.
    I am 0 degrees Taurus and really concerned about how it will impact me. Can you shed any light?

    1. Eclipses don’t impact. They cover up, conceal and hide. They divert and distract. So you suspend judgement and action until they are gone. We just saw a classic example. Virginia Giuffre, Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump. So you see how they work. Just be smart enough to see the point of waiting to judge, on your birthday. Allow a day before and after too. There will classically be a sense of ‘Look over here’ but then ‘No, look over here.’ Later on you go back and look again when things are clearer.

  51. It’s been fascinating to follow the US elections. Especially after what you have said about how women will rise, and the American women really did. All the political and media predictions about how the GOP would win so huge. I think mansplaining might have played a big part in how they got fooled 😀

    1. Thank you. Yes, the red wave and Donald Trump were just a lot of stuff and nonsense. I agree, mansplaining had a lot to do with the media coverage. Astrology cuts through the noise. The most important thing of all about that eclipse is Virginia Guiffre. It will be months, even years later that people realise the news story about her was deliberately planned for election day, so that it would get lost in the Midterms coverage. The facts are, she went back on her word, about a man who represented Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump, in a drama which involves an alleged suicide and Prince Andrew. And Bill Clinton. Watch that one. It will come up later when the next news breaks about Donald and Melania Trump.

  52. Dear Jessica, you hit the nail on the head about the election! I must say I fell for the media’s hysterics that the Democrats had no chance. It is always in their best interests to fan the flames of anxiety, of course. If only the Democrats won control of the House also, it would have been a true Blue Wave. But now we will have a circus in the House of Representatives for the next 2 years, while the Republican Party possibly splits on Trump vs. DeSantis.

    Will the Republican Party as we know it cease to exist as Pluto enters Aquarius? Or will it disintegrate and something else rise out of the ashes, similar to the 1850s death of the Whig party, which was then replaced by the Republican Party?

    1. Thank you. Astrology is quite good at hitting the nail on the head, even if you are predicting as far back as May 2022 – and that American astrology chart works really well. It’s not the chart most astrologers use, but it’s the only one I have found to show what’s real. Donald Trump is doomed and although he has given two completely different birthdates to the authorities, even just using the US astrology chart it’s possible to see his decline and fall. It’s rather like the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire and I say that quite deliberately, because this is the cycle that destroyed Nero. Nero famously stabbed himself in the throat. We have no idea what is going to happen to Donald and Melania Trump but I don’t think he’s going to survive Pluto in Aquarius, starting in March 2023. Interesting question about the Republican Party and its future. Women will rise, that’s for sure. Every other Pluto in Aquarius cycle, we see women rise to power, from Boudicca, to Mary I, to Elizabeth I, to the beginnings of the Suffragette movement with Mary Wollstonecraft.

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