Capricorn Weather at Christmas 2022

The Capricorn Weather at Christmas 2022

In this feature I will look at the Capricorn weather of Christmas 2022, taking us into January, February and March 2023. I will go over your solar chart, or Sun Sign, and also look at what it means to have Capricorn factors in your birth chart too. The first thing to say about December 2022 is that the Sun is in Capricorn from the 22nd, just before Christmas Eve, until January 20th. This will turn the spotlight on the following areas for your sign, as the Capricorn Weather of 2022 rolls.

How Your Sun Sign is Affected

Aries: Status, success, career, unpaid work, academic career, rank, social position, Curriculum Vitae, ambition.
Taurus: Foreigners, foreign countries, multicultural societies, globalisation, academia, publishing, the internet.
Gemini: Mortgages, grants, inheritance, loans, banking, shares, NFT markets, cryptocurrency, houses, apartments.
Cancer: Husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, professional partners, enemies, opponents, duets and duels.
Leo: Workload, wellbeing, health, housework, daily routine, unpaid work, academia, lifestyle, duty, service.
Virgo: Pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers, young adults, courtship, the bedroom.
Libra: Houses, apartments, the family circle, gardens, home town, homeland, household, ancestors, heritage.
Scorpio: Siblings, cousins, the written and spoken word, the internet, media, neighbours, the local scene, transport.
Sagittarius: Finance, business, charity, property, valuables, ownership, debts, the bank, shares, selling, buying.
Capricorn: Image, title, personal appearance, publicity, self-promotion, body type, reputation, wardrobe, vehicle.
Aquarius: Hypnosis, distance healing, Buddhism, mediumship, Tarot, the Church, counselling, self-help.
Pisces: Friends, groups, clubs, teams, bands, trade unions, people power, communities, grassroots organisations.

Astrology eCard CAPRICORN Happy New Year 300x213 - Capricorn Weather at Christmas 2022What To Expect for Capricorn

If you are a Sun Capricorn, Happy New Year – this will be a happy New You – but much later on, when Pluto is out of your sign, on March 23rd, 2023. Your Solar Return, or birthday, is the first step. Perhaps you need to fix your reputation or name; change your  name; gain weight – these are all Capricorn matters now.

For the first time in 12 months, light will be shed on these matters (above) in a clear way. So, for example, if you have a chronic health issue, it may be a dentist who literally shines a light on the problem, which has affected your smile, or exposes it with X-rays on a screen in the surgery.

If you are a Sun Capricorn and want more detailed information about 2023-2024, you can order an exclusive astrology report soon (below) which will also give you the chance to ask me a question online, in a forum nearer your birthday. These reports will go on sale soon. The Capricorn weather of 2022 brings in the end of Pluto in your sign in 2023; that matters.

The Sun Sheds Light on the New Moon

The Sun sheds light. The New Moon on Friday December 23rd will bring a new beginning. This may mean a new diet for you, or perhaps a new job for 2023. You could make a new will, once you have seen the family, or Christmas may bring a new bike. What is new in your life, depends on the areas of your world, I’ve mentioned in the list above.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus is in Capricorn from Sunday 11th December 2022  until Tuesday 3rd January 2023. That is important because Venus brings complicated relationships, like mother-son, lovers, husband-wife, or in-laws. The relationship can be professional (boss-staff) and still feel personal, like a marriage or family relationship, because Venus is involved. The Capricorn weather of 2022 is very much about Venus too; she brings strong feelings into the story. Vanity and envy, too.

Capricorn front cover 199x300 - Capricorn Weather at Christmas 2022Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

The two most important factors I will leave until last. Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn is with you from December 13th until February 7th. That means the discussions, paperwork, appointments, plans, negotiations will go backwards, get stuck or be cancelled.

Make allowances for that. The reasons may be Covid or strike action. Extreme weather or simple mistakes. The Capricorn weather of December 2022 is complicated.

Have Plan B and C to make allowances for delays or changes. Do more detailed planning than you normally would. Read the fine print. The area of life where you will experience these waiting games or reversals, is listed under your sun sign above.

Pluto in Capricorn – Nearly Gone

Wheels will spin backwards from December 13th 2022 to February 7th 2023 with Mercury, which gives you a chance to rethink, reschedule and spend more time mulling over what you want to do. The Capricorn weather at Christmas 2022 is the start.

This is also the end of the Pluto in Capricorn cycle, which is over on March 23rd 2023. For the first time since 17th January 2008 you will what it feels like to be without it, in regard to the life area I listed above, for your Sun Sign. These are the full Pluto dates. He takes around a year to be fully gone, but he has lost his power, domination and tight grasp on your life, on March 23rd 2023. Pluto can only go backwards from that point.

Pluto in Capricorn Since 2008

17th January 2008 to 14th June 2008
28th November 2008 to March 23rd 2023
June 12th 2023 to January 21st 2024

Are You a Sun Capricorn?

You were born with the Sun in Capricorn in the Tenth House of success, achievement, ambition, position and mission. This is where your social status is decided but also your Curriculum Vitae. Ever since 17th January 2008 you have been through a sweeping transformation. The Capricorn weather at Christmas 2022 allows you to sit back and ponder the past – to use it.

Capricorn Weather 300x259 - Capricorn Weather at Christmas 2022You may have gone from a very good job, to a very ordinary one. That can happen. You may have been through a fairly nondescript university degree, only to find yourself in a really powerful position years later.

You may have apparently lost everything, only to regain it (and more) by learning from experience. The more factors you have in Capricorn the more dramatic your path has been. Capricorn children (left) are born with a sense of mission. As children they can be quite driven. What happens to that drive later on, is usually the result of your father’s influence, or even a grandfather’s influence.

Do You Have Any Capricorn Factors?

If so, your career, academic career or unpaid work will go around in circles with Mercury Retrograde from December 13th until February 7th. The Capricorn weather at Christmas 2022 forces you to sit back.

You may find the holiday and return to work is affected by colleagues being off sick with Covid, for example, or strike action in Britain affecting the calendar or diary people set up in November. There may be extreme weather in Australia which holds up couriers and the postal system, not to mention transport. Disruption in China may affect a supply chain.

Mercury Retrograde and Rehearsal

Mercury Retrograde is superb for rehearsal, rewriting, rescheduling and rethinking. Anything with the ‘re’ prefix is retrograde and the best way to use this period of almost two months is to accept that there will be issues with Mercury-ruled matters, like computers, the telephone, the postal service, public transport and travel.

If you do have Capricorn factors accept that there will be a circular professional process not a quick outcome and signature. However, if you need to negotiate over a couple of months, you may find you gain, from having been given more time to do extra research. The Capricorn weather of Christmas 2022 is complicated, but it can help you sort out your career in 2023. In fact, you need this time to look back at life as has been professionally since 2008 and make strong decisions for a new path.


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71 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    If I have Stelluims in Scoprio,Libra,Capricorn and Virgo what does it mean, I am also a Libra?

    Love ready and listening to all the information you give, fascinating.

    Thank you Jen

    1. Thanks Jen. As a Premium Member you have a free copy of Modern Astrology 2050 to pick up, which will tell you.

  2. Hello Jessica,
    I’m so excited to read this today, it gives me hope and so much to look forward to in 2023. I’m a Sun Aries with stelliums in Sagittarius and Gemini and have factors in Capricorn.

    I just recently resigned from one of my jobs in order to start a new business, a bilingual newspaper in my community.

    Could you please help me figure out the best date for a start date without the issues of Mercury retrograde but taking advantage of the new moon and Jupiter’s arrival in Aries? Or would it be better to wait until March 23 (my birthday) for Pluto to be out of Capricorn?

    Thank you and as always grateful for everything you share.


    1. Thank you Elsa. You want to start a newspaper; Mercury Retrograde is best avoided as he rules newspapers. You would be amazed at the number of launches which go back to the drawing board on that transit. You also have Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your Third House, more to the point. That’s out of the way in March. I’d be inclined towards April if you can do this any time.

  3. Thanks for the info, all very interesting. I’m cap sun and the Pluto cycle really resonates. I’m excited for 2023.

    Congrats to my fellow sea goats!

  4. First of all Jessica thank you for another terrific year of insights, predictions and understandings. Your work really is quite amazing and I love my membership and look forward to all you have to teach us and share with us every time a new post pops up. Have loved all the stellium information in the new book which has been fascinating.
    I have a Capricorn stellium and it’s not really a stellium I have felt very connected with. I really feel my Gemini and Sagittarius ones, Aries too to a degree, but this post is very insightful. I have just bought a new house with my partner in a new city (Adelaide). He’s a Cancer with Capricorn rising and was born in India. We bought a house with a granny flat to accommodate his mother who has lived in Australia for some years but is currently overseas, returning after Christmas. It’s been an incredibly stressful year but I’m hoping to continue writing in the new house and finish a book I’ve been working on. I won a scholarship at Varuna Writers Centre in 2021 and was given great advice and support on completing my novel (adapted from a short story that was runner-up in a national competition some years ago). 2022 was consumed by the move and all that went with it throughout the year as we had to wind up and sell two properties. I’m really hoping that 2023 will give me the peace and tranquillity of a fresh start to focus on writing. As a sun Taurus the above post indicates foreign aspects and publishing which sounds very accurate and hopefully promising, any further insights would be appreciated.
    Merry Christmas Jessica and I hope 2023 brings only good things your way.
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks Jules and I’m glad you are enjoying the book; your Gemini and Sagittarius stelliums show in your success as a novelist. You will find there is a circular or stuck situation with foreigners and foreign countries until Mercury Retrograde is out of the loop in February 2023; Mercury being the messenger of the Gods. This transit of Pluto in Capricorn is almost over, so it looks as though December-March is the final time to go around the houses with one project with a possible final, final outcome in February or earlier in March 2023.

  5. Hi Jessica, thank you for this post. I am also a sun capricorn and i really want life to get easier in every sense of the word, including economically for myself as it has been so hard over the past 15 years mostly trying to “survive” rather than “thrive”. Although I regret nothing as Edith Piaf beautifully sang, I really hope that a new career/income for me from 2023 will help me and my family. Can you look into what you see for me financially for the next few years based on my chart if you have time Jessica. Also, happiness and health is my true bottom line but I still need to make money. Thank you jessica. You are an angel with your work. Heaven sent as my grandmother would say.

    1. Thank you. Being a Sun Capricorn means shining when you make it to the top, and working harder than everybody else 2008-2022. This may have been because you were at the top and dropped off. It may have been your choice to get in your own way, with what should have been a successful business (say). Sometimes Pluto’s transit of Capricorn is not your fault at all. You simply wake up to realise where you live, has few job opportunities and you are not prepared to move. It can also be the case that a dominating, rather bullying organisation takes over and you have to resign. That can happen to Sun Capricorn people too. Then there is the self-sabotage which can also happen on this transit. You are given a dream role with proper money and lose it because you don’t do what your boss expects; you do what you want to do! I have seen it all in my files since 2008. My latest favourite example is the woman who rose from an ordinary job to the top layers of high society, but then found herself pole-axed by a jealous colleague who tried to demean her importance. The jostling continues but I know who’s going to win. The Capricorn! Along with all these transits of the Tenth, by Pluto, you have also had Saturn with all his barricades and barriers in your Second (money) since December 2020. That ends in March. In March you will find the blocks, obstacles and barricades vanish overnight. Then, you will be offered a new challenge with your budget and income. How can you use sheer willpower to get yourself a powerful position? The answer will show up in March; you then have to take it on.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your column. I have Saturn at 29 degrees Capricorn. (My father had his at 28 degrees Capricorn. His brother has sun at 29 degrees Capricorn. My mom was a Capricorn (5 planets). ) I have dealt with some serious health issues this year. I am receiving good medical care. I am a premium member, and I love it. We are also handling my parents estate. They have both passed away.

    I know that Pluto is going back and forth over my Saturn next year, and then eventually on to Jupiter. I am not sure what to expect. I would appreciate any insight if possible.

    1. Thank you. Remember to log in next time so I can see your chart, please. Transiting Pluto at 29 Capricorn in conjunction with your natal Saturn at 29 Capricorn turns your Tenth House of success, achievement and position into a mind gym. You will have to draw on self-control and willpower, so you can take back control and become empowered. This applies to unpaid work; paid work; academia. Pluto will emerge as a man, organisation or particularly dominating woman trying to take over. There may actually be a takeover. This will not work long-term. For the duration, though, you have to become the boss of your own self and own ‘kingdom’ and do all you can to run it. Later on you will realise this has been the making of you. Sometimes Pluto is just a situation; a trend or atmosphere. Again, you feel overtaken, but the solution is to push back.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for an interesting and hopefully optimistic article.

    You’ve already answered this, so if I’m being a pain by asking again, then I will not be offended if you need to move on to another’s question. (I swear I’m usually not this needy!)

    I lost my job on April 13 of this year and have been unemployed since then. This is the second unemployment for me. The first was in March 2009 which lasted for a few years.

    A few months ago you thought I might get a new job by this Christmas, but at this point I can’t see that happening. I’m hoping that Capricorn changing in March will be a good thing for me.

    I’m 61 years old, single and concerned that I’m not going to be able to provide for myself in the future.

    Thanks for everything you do.

    I hope you are enjoying the holiday season.


    1. Thanks Chris. You are a Sun Libra with stelliums in Scorpio, Virgo and Leo as you know. You have until December 20th to go back and take up opportunities you let go, which have been there since Jupiter (fate’s helping hand) moved into Pisces and your Sixth House of paid work, unpaid work and study. This may be learning a new skill which makes you employable or just retracing your steps with an offer. There is still time. Jupiter is often the cavalry at the last minute. Your chart suggests you shine as one half of a pair or partnership. Of course, not every job is about shining, but it’s there. You are at home with finance, business, property, charity. You are at home with serving others. You are also at home with a younger generation; children, teenagers or younger adults old enough to be your children (so, thirties). You will be given chances to save or make money from May 2023 until May 2024 when Jupiter (again the helping hand) goes into Taurus and your solar Eighth House of finance, property, charity and business. This tallies with your birth chart too. You lose a lot of the heavy lifting and stretching, financially, in July 2023, so the timing is quite close. Something else you can do, not related to astrology, is to divide a piece of paper into two columns. List what you can offer and give, preferably for a salary. Then list what you want and need. Set a time limit. Leave it by your bed and ask your friends, family and guides in spirit to help set you on the path to that. When the path appears do take it.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    THank you for this article which is so timely. Looking at my chart, I have 6 factors in Capricorn and I am at a crossroad at work. I am spearheading a new function and tech project which is going great. I report up to a senior level who is new in his role and I hold a title 4 steps below. The pay is good but the organization is very hierarchical and the disrespect is pretty bad given staff at all levels vying for attention. Even though my role is highly regarded, I had it this week being so mentally down that I let the boss know that I want to quit which came as a shock to him. I later got a call from my former boss who asked me not to leave and would gladly have me report to him and alluded to something like “you are a ferrari but being used as a Chevy Surburban” and need to find the right alignment. I let him know that I will consider a conversation with him. THis is at a time when these Cap factors are in play. Can you please review my chart and let me know how the factors align right now. I want to stay, lead and transform the organization but will not be disrespected. As you know, Caps keep their head down and keep persevering but at what cost. THank you!

    1. Thank you. The article is timely because you are right in the middle of Capricorn transits. Being told “You are a Ferrari but being used as a Chevy Suburban” is classic Pluto in Capricorn. Keep talking. Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career is with you for many weeks, so conclusions are not final and arrangements are not final either. You’ll emerge in February with a sense of things being completed. Then in March you lose the issues with this particular organization or within the whole field, actually.

  9. Hi Jessica! I love these articles, so thank you… I am a sun virgo with Hygeia 2 cap, descendant at 12 cap, and Salacia at 24 cap. I am emigrating to italy from the US December 19; new job and a lot of changes, but I am really excited and a little nervous to do this on my own. There is also someone I have become close with living in italy, that I have connected with, our relationship is undefined and a little foggy, but there is a solid connection and bond. He is a sun pisces February 25, 1992 with bacchus at 26 cap, ceres 19 cap, north node 08 cap, Neptune 18 cap, and Uranus 16 cap. I wonder if you would take a look at my chart and tell me how this affects me and my move and new job, and this foggy sort of relationship.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.

    1. Teri, you are a Sun Virgo emigrating to Italy with Uranus and the North Node in Taurus in your solar Ninth House of foreigners, and Jupiter there from May 2023, so you will be very happy with the growth, hope, expansion and benefits of this move, starting May 2023 and rewarding you by May 2024. Love and sex with the Sun Pisces man is a different matter. If you do begin a relationship it will come with all sorts of barriers, high walls and fences and you will either feel blocked by those, with him, or barricaded. Sometimes the issue is baggage in the shape of a former girlfriend who stands in the way. You may feel it’s worth it. For him, the issue is not so much love and sex, but money love and sex, and he has huge decisions to make about a house, apartment or bank account in connection with that, from July 2023 into 2024.

  10. Greetings Jessica
    Transitting Pluto in Capricorn is quincunx squared & opposite my Pluto Neptune, MC/IC & Uranus.
    This last half of this year has been absolutely hellish and there’s been times I wasn’t sure I’d make it through without breaking down. Huge familial life and death responsibilities. Huge personal professional and living arrangement changes that I’d put off for far too long. Talk about transformation.
    There’s no question that if I can make it through to 2024 / 2025 I’ll be a completely different person with a completely different life. I’m doing everything I can not to resist these changes as the changes and crises are truly out of my control. You have said self control is total control when dealing with Pluto. Iron discipline. Steely self-control. Remembering your words is like a beacon in the night.
    If I can ace working with these changes, and managing my responses successfully, I’ll be incredibly proud of myself.

    If you have any words of encouragement looking at my chart I’d be so grateful.

    Thank you for the astrological and psychic work that you do Jessica.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aries, with stelliums in Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Aquarius. Family and death responsibility is something a high percentage of Sun Aries women are going through in 2022, as you have transiting South Node in Scorpio in your Eighth House of legacies, wills and inheritance. This is karmic in nature and stops in July 2023. You have also had Pluto going through your Tenth House of professional life so you have been faced with big changes. Pluto’s gift is empowerment. The more you run your own world and become the boss of yourself, the stronger you become and in the end you win. You don’t just win the victory, you also become a more powerful human being as a result of what you have been through. You will relaunch your appearance, name, face, shape, style, profile, reputation quite successfully after Christmas and by May 2023. From March 2023 you lose the barriers with friends and groups, and are shown new potential power with them. Ongoing, this really will transform your life.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I am a sun Capricorn with a stellium in Capricorn, and I must say I’m looking forward to March 2023.
    I started a new job Oct 24 and I thought it was the perfect move, but I’m still feeling stuck/frustrated. Hopefully, this will resolve itself, one way or another.

    Since I found you, and became a member of your website, it has brought me some peace. Thank you for all you do!
    Merry Christmas Jessica!

    Kim x

    1. Thanks so much Kim. The new job arrived when you were still in this long Pluto transit. We don’t know what happens in March but it will be the first time since 2008 you have experienced your professional life without the politics or the relentless issues about who or what is in control, or has the upper hand, or dominates the agenda. That will be a revelation for you. In fact, the second half of the 2020s will remind you of what it is like to do your job, or pursue your vocation in life, without having to deal with all the game players. Good thing too.

  12. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for the article. I don’t know why but it gives me anxiety. My husband is Leo (8/22/73 12:333p same birthplace as me)and you can see my chart. We have so many obstacles constantly. Just when we think things calm down, something from the past crops up to bring us down. Financial stresses are constant and never ending. My husband has severe anxiety and panic attacks which also gives me anxiety. I have had tremendous stress each Christmas season and I dread what’s coming this one.

    1. Anxiety is an illness like any other and it will colour anything, even astrology; even watching television or reading a book. You need to treat the anxiety as does your husband. Stress over money, panic attacks and a sense of dread are common symptoms of what is basically a physical-mental loop that can keep you stuck. I am sorry you are both going through it, but there are answers. Have a look at testimonials for Dr. Claire Weekes’ books and for the hypnosis of Thomas Hall. Try Thomas Hall on YouTube who provides free hypnosis sessions so that you can try before you subscribe. Dr. Weekes is the world’s best-known anxiety and panic attack specialist. March is decision time for you as a Sun Cancer (about money) and for your Sun Leo husband. The decision will put you both on track with a sensible budget you can lean on. For now, have a look at hypnosis for anxiety, but also the famous Weekes ‘float past’ technique for panic. The testimonials will reassure you; this works. Merry Christmas.

  13. Thank you Jessica for all your 2023 insights… it sounds like another complex year ! For those with capricorn Pluto hanging over their 27-29 degrees sun and moon … should we expect big hard changes ?

    1. Thank you. Pluto in Capricorn in transit, goes to a conjunction with your Moon at 27 Capricorn and opposes your Sun at 29 Cancer as he bows out of your Tenth House of success, rank, achievement, position and ambition. You also have Aesculapia at 29 Cancer, in a natal conjunction to your Sun. That last aspect is important as you shine at your brilliant best (the Sun) with family, home town, homeland, household or home. You gain attention for this because you resurrect and revive. So, you may bring back a crumbling house from the point of no return, or may revive a family member, or a relationship with a family member, which everyone had dismissed as virtually finished. As Pluto opposes this, there will be a temporary challenge to resist being controlled or dominated – either by life or by other people. It will be quite specifically about Cancerian matters, like your garden or your mother. This is separate from, but close in time to, a professional, academic or unpaid career matter which triggers your maternal instinct and need to be needed. Capricorn Moon women can hug their employers or ‘elders and betters’ to their bosom, metaphorically speaking. This is the ambitious or social climbing woman who mothers her female superior or contemporary by running errands for her, or crossing the line into emotional territory; comforting her after a break-up and so on. The Moon is how you mother. Capricorn is how you get to the top or stay at the top. Normally this is an uninterrupted part of your life, but Pluto on your Moon suggests a passing period of heavy control, from the top down, which affects your usual patterns. It may be a male ultimate boss, or a new policy within a company, say, or a university. As with all Pluto transits your gift is lasting empowerment if you can rise to the occasion and push back against that/those overpowering, with your own willpower.

  14. Hi Jess – Merry Christmas and thank you for your latest posts. I wonder how this will all play out for Capricorn and Cancer Will and Kate? I have massive stelliums in Capricorn and Cancer and a family legacy of Capricorn and Cancers in conflict. I also had a horrendous falling out with my Capricorn best friend in 2020. Do you think I’ll ever be able to reconcile these two opposing aspects in my life? At the moment I finally feel like everything is tracking well career wise but I’ve struggled for 10 months to find our next home after selling in Feb this year. Previously I had the home, but not the career. I am very cancerian about my home and am yearning for a place of my own again. Thank you for all you do, as always.

    1. Thank you. The Capricorn friend has karma around friendship and social life in general which will be completed in July 2023 with closure at last. This may involve an apology to you. Cancer-Capricorn issues will be far easier once Pluto is out of Capricorn from March 2023; he has been stuck there since 2008 and it’s not been easy. As for home, the most important trends for real estate purchase in 19 years begin in July, with the South Node going into Libra and your public Fourth House of property. You may have already found a place by then of course, but this new transit, which intensifies in September, October is about understanding how life 19 years prior affected you in terms of not just the roof over your head, but also your own, heritage, history, culture and homeland/home town. All that will come back in the second half of 2023 and also in 2024 as the node goes through. The North Node will be in Aries as the South Node is in Libra, and together they will form a series of T-Squares with your Cancer (Fourth House, natal chart) stellium, so it is the same story told twice. Lots of interesting challenges regarding the question of ‘home’ which will be quite productive for you and sort a lot out, especially with the past.

  15. Hi Jessica. Thank you for another stellar article. I really hope next year will be better.
    I also hope you can help clarify something for me. I became a full-time writer in 2007. Not hitting the bestseller lists or making a lot of money, but I write what I love and that’s been good. For the past three years, I’ve been writing/publishing in two languagues, and it’s taking it’s toll. I would really like to pick one horse, the international one, but I can’t support myself on only that. I had a hip replacement a month ago – a Saturn thing, I’m guessing. Because of this, I haven’t been able to get back to my writing properly. Right now, I’m waiting for responses from submissions my (Taurus) agent sent out on Nov 8. So far five rejections, but some of them so close to a yes, it’s really frustrating. I see in your article that March is a turning point. Does that mean I have to wait until March until something positive happens? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you have had a hip replacement. It’s held you up, which is a Virgo thing (health affecting work, and work affecting health). You are a Sun Virgo with a big Virgo stellium; an Aquarius stellium too, which is important in 2023. Going back to Virgo in your Sixth House you are being stopped by rejections to your agent, but also difficulties sitting still for very long. You are being taken in a new direction with your writing and lifestyle, actually, as Jupiter in Taurus (from May 2023 to May 2024) will trine your Virgo stellium, so despite the current difficulties, the changes you make work out very nicely for you. This may be swimming, say, or hypnosis, and a different outlet or medium for your words. Jupiter expands and improves when he trines anything, so this feels like timely growth coming from something challenging in December 2022. Your Aquarius side is at home with groups of friends and is here to supply these clubs, societies, associations, ensembles with what they need. This will be evident in March 2023 when Pluto goes into this sign and Saturn goes out. It is possible that you would become part of an anthology for example, or a bilingual project with a number of friends.

  16. Dear Jessica,
    I am a 26 degree Capricorn, my Aesculapia at 29 degree Capricorn, Juno at 5 and Mercury at 3 degree in Capricorn. I am in hospital for 7 months now. Next week I can go home. I have got my own business, but during being in hospital, I had to send all my clients to someone else. Will my Aesculapia at 29 degree in Capricorn transited by Pluto help me? I understand that until 23rd March there will be silence in my career, but will my clients return to me? Enlighten me, please. Thank you for your answer in advance, Susie.

    1. I am sorry you have spent the last seven months in hospital. It’s very good news that you can go home for Christmas, Susie. You worry that your clients have left for good. You are correct in predicting transiting Pluto in conjunction with natal Aesculapia at 29 Capricorn will see the return of who/what you thought was over in your career. Correct. This can only happen once every 248 years and it is happening to you repeatedly, as Pluto is there as late as January 2024. I am sure you know about this asteroid from your online library here. You have what it takes to revive, resuscitate and relaunch projects, roles and goals, with this asteroid in your Tenth House – even when others have given up on them. Just remember you have lots of flux in your career with Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn over the holidays. Allow for cancellations, delays and changes. It does not mean silence in your career at all; it does mean a period of rehearsal, beta-testing and useful rethinking and rescheduling. You won’t really see the dramatic change until March, in terms of the end of power and control issues, though. They go that month. You don’t know why, yet.

  17. Dear Jessica
    Thank you so much for all your wonderful work; you truly are amazing! I am a sun Capricorn and I can definitely testify to everything you say about the tough transformation with Pluto in Capricorn! I had a very successful career that was hard won and that I had built from the ground up over many years, until I married a man in 2006 who turned out not to be what and who he said he was. By 2008 the ground was beginning to shake and by 2014 the children and I had no choice but to leave him for our own sanity and safety. Since that day to present, he has dominated our lives, bringing many legal cases in an attempt to strip me of everything both materially and emotionally; It has been the most devastating of times. However, having lost everything I had worked for my whole life (I really did start with nothing, coming from a deprived single parent family in the 1970’s). I had no choice but to use this experience to start again for myself and my children and since leaving him I have completed two masters degrees and a post graduate diploma and I’m now working in the NHS as a psychological therapist helping other people to heal from their traumas and mental health challenges. I believe all my difficulties have in a strange way been a gift, without which I probably wouldn’t be privileged to do the work I now do. I’m now looking forward with excitement to Pluto moving on and I would be so grateful to you if you could see what my future holds as I hopefully move from ‘survive’ to ‘thrive’. I feel I have a calling and I may already have found it, but something tells me I’m not quite there yet. Your insights would be received with much gratitude.


    1. Thank you Alexia. I am sorry you married the wrong man. You left him, have achieved great things in academia and are now a therapist. You are a Sun Capricorn, with stelliums in Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius. Scorpio has been your issue with your former husband. It rules sex, death and money and if you look at Scorpio stelliums in your copy of Modern Astrology 2050 you will see how it shows up. The book is free to members. Morrissey has a Scorpio stellium and broke up with Johnny Marr and The Smiths. In 2014, when you left, Saturn was in Scorpio. So, you need to remember that sign and the transits in that sign form a huge part of who you are. You will relaunch your title, reputation, appearance from December 21st, when Jupiter goes into Aries and your First House of image, until May 16th, when he leaves. The politics within the NHS and around it, stops in March 2023. It can only ever repeat itself, but without the power to control your life. Long-term the most important transits are in Aries, suggesting that you may become a psychologist under your own steam. Neptune goes into Aries from 2025 for many years into the future, suggesting you relaunch yourself. When Jupiter goes into Scorpio you may remarry – 2030 – or if already remarried by then, buy a new home together.

  18. Hi Jessica, thank you for the excellent review of the Capricorn weather. I am very worried about my husband and him finding a job. When I think back to his recent job (he was let go on 11/7) and the one prior they both share the same toxic themes of him being under appreciated for his talents and him bucking the system and not going with the status quo making him a pariah. My husband doesn’t believe in astrology and I’ve tried to explain to him that this cycle will help him to gain a new perspective about how we sees his place in the work world. For his part he has two major concerns. 1. Money. After a month of waiting and many attempts to contact the state he has not been paid for being unemployed. He did save for a year out, but one bout of illness (he has a serious heart condition) and that money can go up in flames easily. 2. Ageism as he looks for new work. His fears are valid concerns. Even though he is only 56, he feels his looks will hold him back from finding a job. His stelliums are Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini and Leo. His Capricorn stellium is as follows:
    IC in Capricorn – 25° 10’ 41”
    Diana in Capricorn – 18° 18’ 48” R
    Aesculapia in Capricorn – 05° 49’ 49” R
    Salacia in Capricorn – 22° 55’ 02” R
    Proserpina in Capricorn – 00° 22’ 56” R

    Anything you can relay that might assuage both our fears and worry would be a relief. Thank you kindly for all you do.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your husband is going through this. He has a stellium in Capricorn in the Tenth House of career and has been Plutoed. As he has factors at 0 through 25 Capricorn, it’s been years of dealing with people, organisations or situations which dominate his ability to succeed. I an sure you and he have been really pushed by the lack of benefits being paid out and of course his heart issues. You have what is known as a T-Square with factors at 26, 27 Cancer, Libra, Capricorn which makes a T shape in your chart. That’s very unusual and it’s been triggered by Pluto at 26, 27 as he is going through the end of this cycle. So for both of you the worst is over soon. You are a Sun Cancer with a Cancer stellium and so your family and home is very important to you; it must be hard to go through this with him, but you will come out the other side. In fact, March 2023 is the end of having to figure out who/what has control in the marriage. March 2023 looks like a big financial decision for you which will change things too. He has one, two, three chances to take a new part-time or full-time role in 2023, or to study free of charge and upskill. There is only so much you can do; at a certain point he has to do this himself. Sometimes the solution is to put up with one job which is bread and butter and then find the cake, part-time or after hours – paid or not. The icing on the cake is the reward for that. He will have fortunate Jupiter in Taurus from 0 degrees through to 25 degrees, from May 2023 going through 2024, which will trine his Capricorn stellium and be so much better off for choices. He is not the only man to have had toxic people at work on this cycle and yet he will see the people or the company go South from March. Your money situation will alter that month because you use your willpower to empower yourself and you will find the big barriers vanish as Saturn goes out of Aquarius and Pluto goes in. If you can use self-control to run your own life budget then, you will exchange barricades for the controls.

  19. Hi – I’m in a very complicated situation with a person and not sure whether Christmas is going to be easy or not. In addition, work just seems so stuck. No matter how hard or smart I work everything just feels stuck – like absolutely no progress! Will these ease soon? Thank you Jessica for all your hard work and amazing insights.

    1. Stuck work is very likely Mars Retrograde in Gemini, as your efforts to make other people do their jobs, or do them at the same rate you are, tends to be an uphill battle with Mars appearing to go backwards in the sign which rules computers and communication. That lifts in March 2023. Pluto is out of Capricorn then too which will be like pulling the plug out of an over-full and rather clogged sink. For your complicated situation I suggest the Tarot as I have no idea what it is.

  20. Good Evening Jessica,
    I have stellium in Capricorn.
    How this will work out for me?
    Thank you

    1. Good evening. The end of Pluto in Capricorn in March spells the resignation, departure or demise of a person or organisation which sought to dominate your career, academic career or unpaid work in an obvious way. Controlling others without their say-so or ability to reclaim their power is a sure sign of someone risking being ‘Plutoed’ and this will in fact come to pass that month as Pluto goes from Capricorn to Aquarius. Even when Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn the person or organisation can never go back and neither can you. The system, in particular, is over. Finito.

  21. Hi Jessica,
    Sun Capricorn with a stellium in Capricorn ranging from 1 to 26 degrees. Although December hasn’t started out well because I was involved in an accident when a car ran over my foot causing some broken bones, I’m hoping you’ll have some good news for me for this Dec/Jan period. Currently single, turning 50 in January, and curiously pondering when a relationship might be on the cards for me (previously married 6 Jan 1996 – 16 Dec 2002)
    Thank you and warm wishes for the holiday season!

    1. Thanks Jen. Capricorn sexual relationships are of the unpredictable, sudden, exhilarating, variety until the year 2026. You have Uranus transiting your Fifth House of bedroom and courtship. Uranus is a symbol of revolutionary times with quite radical changes coming from nowhere. Something to think about while you are hobbling or putting your feet up this Christmas. You have been married and will now be looking at something so utterly different. Uranus finds us, surprising ourselves. So you will do that. This may not be permanent at all, necessarily, or even long-lasting. And it may be more than one person. It really depends on you, but with a Libra stellium in your Seventh House of romantic partnership, and in your public chart, Uranus going through the Fifth, I’d say something or someone big is on the horizon at any point after July 2023 into the year 2024.

  22. Hey Jessica ! You have predicted things so accurately in my life in the past! Capricorn sun here ! Any news for my future

    Sun Capricorn 14°20′
    Moon Pisces 3°28′
    Mercury Capricorn 27°11′
    Venus Scorpio 27°45′
    Mars Virgo 2°38′ R
    Jupiter Sagittarius 5°34′
    Saturn Pisces 8°21′
    Uranus Capricorn 25°43′
    Neptune Capricorn 22°44′
    Pluto Scorpio 29°41′
    Lilith Gemini 0°20′
    N Node Scorpio 12

    1. It’s quite a limited chart and I don’t use Lilith, but let’s see what the priority is. Your Saturn Return in Pisces is the big one. You also have the Moon in Pisces. You may want to minimise the involvement with religion, Tarot, therapy, hypnosis, Buddhism, crystals, dreams, healing, and so on. All the inner world matters. The less you do, the less you have to do, when Saturn turns up in that sector of your chart. The Saturn Return is famous in astrology; have a look on this website and elsewhere to understand how best to handle it; I think you’ll feel the start of all this quite strongly in March 2023 when Saturn changes signs.

  23. Dear Jessica, thank you for your columns and for the material that you freely share on your webpage.

    I have sun in Capricorn and also stelliums in Capricorn. I truly resonate with what you write about Capricorn and specially about Pluto in Capricorn (I feel this so much). I had many changes in my private and professional life in the last 14 years. Professionally, I had a good job position in the corporation but over time this changed and I left the company. And then I spent two years being without a job, to find a job that didn’t keep me satisfied. Currently, I am going through a change again. I’m looking for a job and I would like to work abroad. What does 2023 look like for me in terms of professional career?

    Thank you very much for everything you share with me. I truly appreciate your work.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Capricorn, with stelliums in Capricorn, Aquarius, Scorpio, Sagittarius. You have certainly had enough of Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 and will see the bump in March 2023 when he goes. Two years without a job, and then a job that didn’t satisfy you, is typical of this transit. Your role and goals will change, going back to life as it was 18-19 years ago, from July 2023 when the South Node goes into Libra. Working abroad is typical of Sagittarius stellium people and if you did want to do that – pull up sticks and relocate or emigrate – your best chance in 12 years starts December 20th through May 2023. There is a very, very important group that features in March 2023 which accompanies that story.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    Really loving your articles. I wonder if you wouldn’t mind giving me some insight, perhaps guidance?
    My divorce finalised 23rd March 2022, I sold up and moved home with my daughter (22) 19th February 2022. I recently resigned from my job of 30 years (20th Oct 2022) due mainly to bullying from my line manager (ring leader) and her unwitting recruits some of which I have known for 20 years. The anxiety I sufferered brought on unwanted physical symptoms as well as psychological which determined my decision. I am now in temporary work albeit unknown territory. My current home is not ideal as I was under pressure to move at the time and would like more security.
    My questions are…. do you think a move is possible next year, my finances are somewhat different now, if so when is best to pursue and what is the climate looking like for a more stable career launch?
    My date of birth is 20.12.1969 – Time unknown – I have a Stellium in Sag (7), Cap (4), Aqu (4).
    Much appreciated. Thank you

    1. Thank you. You have been making massive changes in your life, divorcing and resigning. Your body told you the truth; anxiety affecting you physically helped you shift. You have an unknown birth time so we use 12 noon and don’t use the angles or anything on the cusp of a sign. You are a Sun Sagittarius woman with stelliums in Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. The last two tell me why you just changed everything. You were quite right to leave the ring-leader/line manager. In fact she may be sacked, resign or be out of the frame next time you hear about her. Sometimes Pluto presents as female. In any case, from March 2023 everything slowly begins to look like history to you. You will have a superior lifestyle and new way of working, or studying, from May 2023 and by May 2024 be in a much, much better position. This shows up in your public and private chart. You don’t have to wait until then; you could start a role sooner, but be promoted from May, be thrown a terrific project or even headhunted. Financially, March 2023 is also the end of the constant questions about who or what is in control of your finances. That month has a ring around it on the calendar, because you are also tempted to rejoin a group then, put more energy into it – or join one. This is the slow, small beginning of what will transform your life for years to come, as you were always meant to feed or supply a community and will do that, powerfully so.

  25. Thanks Jessica ! I survived Saturn in the 1st -the 12th house sounds just as miserable (isolation/subconscious fears) I just realised my subscription is not working as I used Paypal for this website which I canceled PayPal months ago, I’m going to subscribe again! And look forward to your insights/premium content and hope to get a Birthchart reading -keep up the Stella work Jess, from one moonchild to another xx

  26. Hi Jessica, thanks for this really interesting and informative article! I’m Leo sun but don’t have any Capricorn factors. I have recently had 2 job offers and I’m hoping that I’ve chosen the right one which is normal office hours and starts 9 Jan. The other one is shift work and would have started 23 Jan. It’s been difficult to decide as the office job is starting during mercury retrograde unfortunately! I’m hoping this job will give me some stability back next year and things will improve. Would you know if the new job will be a good move and life will improve for me next year? Thanks so much Jessica and have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

    1. Thank you. Mercury Retrograde is with you until 7th February 2023, and I understand – other people don’t run on astrology time – so we have to go along with it. You have nothing in Capricorn so there’s really no big deal here. Mercury won’t form any conjunctions with factors, so there is no dramatic impact from the inevitable delays and rescheduling. You are a Sun Leo and will have your biggest and best career cycle in 12 years, May 2023 to May 2024. As Jupiter in Taurus passes through 1-9 Taurus it will trine your Virgo (Sixth House, work) factors at 1-9 Virgo so May and June look like highlights you’ve not seen in years. What shows up in your public Leo chart shows up in your private birth chart.

  27. Hello Jessica,
    Thankyou for such extensive content, it’s always enlightening!
    Pluto through Capricorn for me has seen a much loved career and vocation as a massage practitioner, developed over a decade, come to a crashing halt ( literally crashed my car I used for mobile practice and it was a write off. But other factors were making me question the sustainability of this vocation for me. ) At the time I thought I would manouvre sideways into either positive touch consulting, which I did course in, or nature based therapeutic work- more courses, but one thing after another created this awareness of having ceilings pressing on me that were beyond my control. After being flush with cash, living a life enriched by appreciative and generous wealthy Sydney clients and an abundance of vitality and good health I became very poor, financially dependent, stuck on a mosquito and tick infested island in Moreton Bay and developed physical conditions which doctors couldn’t explain. Of course through this I did have plenty of time for deep listening to what we call nature, actually life, and got to appreciate the richness of living of Quandamooka country and basically unwind from years of hectic live-to-work.
    Upon accepting the change in my body I met and moved in with the love of my life and discovered intensely all the inner mind- body connection work I had only preached about to clients as a their bodyworker previously.
    Turns out ‘ mystery illnesses ‘ are not all that mysterious but sometimes take time to reveal themselves. I’ve had to look at my emotionality and, repressed creativity and have rediscovered joy as a founding principle for vocation, even if it’s doing something mundane.
    Pluto’s transit through Capricorn has given me so much by taking away.
    I’m now semi ambulant and still love nature connection . Next year I want to create some resources for people with invisible disability such as CFS to access and enjoy being a part of nature based recreation.
    At the start of the Capricorn Pluto cycle I had no concept of what that meant other than ‘ this walk is for people of high levels of fitness ‘.I have learned to find ways to include myself rather than stay stuck in grieving the loss of a strong body, and now I can see the kinds of barriers to inclusion that ableism creates.
    I feel like this project would be good timing with Pluto moving into Aquarius. But also, it has just arisen organically for me through networks.
    Any astro insights you could see from my chart would be gratefully received.
    Thanks again.

    1. This is a Virgo and Sixth House story, and you have a stellium there including Pluto at 29 Virgo, which is very important. If you look at your Virgo stellium in my new book Modern Astrology 2050 you will see how it plays out. You are going into the most challenging phase of the cycle with Saturn entering Pisces, in opposition to Virgo, in March 2023, and Pluto himself trine natal Pluto (historic) at 29 Capricorn in February and March 2023. This is a powerful person, organisation or overpowering situation which challenges you to change the way you engage in paid work, unpaid work or academia. It has to happen in tandem with your health and wellbeing on all levels, because it is aspecting natal Pluto in the Sixth House, where you pursue total control of work-life balance, as well as your wellness. Pluto is like the personal trainer who never lets go and it is through this transit, which returns in June, July 2023 and December 2023, January 2024, that you will realise willpower is empowerment and self-control is control. The Saturn oppositions from Pisces will also make you play a long game, but once you are through this you will have hard-won experience to pass on to other people and a completely different way of viewing your service and duty to others, and your daily routine too.

  28. “Don’t be surprised if they try to take a thoroughly controlling angle or if you find yourself wanting to meaningfully change the game you have both been playing. As I said, it’s over in March 2023.”
    Okay, so I have a Capricorn Stellium. I also have a mega-stellium in Cancer. The man I am trying to change the game with is an Aquarian (Feb 16, 1976). Yes, huge age difference. The new game I am playing is stating what I want, knowing I may not get it. But the clear statement is new for me. And I just got back a “Sure, Kitsy!” Whoa.
    What can you share about this relationship? It includes my foray into blockchain, NFTs of my own, and his living in Charleston–my home town.

    1. Your Aquarian may go back and forth until March 2023, when you finally know where you stand. He may change his mind or alter the schedule with you, just so you know. March is an important month for you, as you sign off from many years of questions about control, in relationships. They will never be like that again. Ask the Tarot for its view of this too.

  29. I am a Capricorn Sun with a Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius Stellium. Every scenario you cite that Capricorns may have experienced from 2008 has happened to me. I worked hard and had my dream job, financially stable, happy marriage and we were remodeling our home. Then in 2014, I lost my job (undermined when I had a medical emergency and was out), our contractors stole $100,000s from us and we had to step in and become guardians to a special needs little girl from my husband’s family. I couldn’t find a job for a long time and once I did accept a job, I was treated very badly by my manager and had to quit from the abuse. My dealing with my little girl’s school, teachers and the other Mom’s have been tough – and I am definitely on the outside. It has been so odd – I never had these types of severe issues with people before this Pluto transit. Now my Venus is at 27 Capricorn and I can’t think of what will happen next. BTW, I still have a happy marriage and love our little girl so I hope nothing will come out of the blue with them. Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you have been Plutoed. Your actual career was Plutoed, when you lost your job in 2014, then your ‘job’ became your little girl and the school and other mothers Plutoed you. I understand it would be completely odd and quite unusual and you are lucky to have a happy marriage and love your special needs child too. So what’s going on? Venus at 27 Capricorn is part of the story but so is your Aquarius stellium. Pluto is hovering on 27 Capricorn so you tend to find overpowering, dominating, controlling behaviour from people, organisations and institutions when that happens. It’s back in December, January – and then in March you realise any lingering trace has vanished. You then get to see what life is like without the pushing and pulling. Alpha females or males often go into overdrive when Pluto is around. Pluto retrogrades to 27 Capricorn in September, October 2023 but he has lost his potency and can only go over old ground, failing all the time. So – should any of these faces emerge again, it will be to show you ‘that was then, this is now’ as the ground they are standing on is crumbling beneath their feet. The other issue here is your Aquarius stellium in the Eleventh House of groups and you ran into the Harper Valley P.T.A. by the sounds of it. I have spirit world confirmation on that; someone in the spirit world sees the joke for you. That goes in March, in the blink of an eye. And you will join a new group of people, or even rejoin a group, and wake up to find power is at your fingertips. Use it wisely and well, but you will.

    1. Thank you! Alicia Fulton, who looks after The Astrology Show on Twitter, and our Meetups, sent it to me to use for the new book.

  30. Jessica,
    My Indian Capricorn’s CEO and VP are very demanding in same time very defensive. As a manager I try to improve 360 proces and when I explain to Them What needs to be done they are like who are you to teach us not in literal sense but almost. If I show them how they are like they know however if they knew they won’t let it be incorrect in the first place.

    In same time recruiter approached me on 17DEC22 for a new job with healthcare pharmaceutical company born 1912 in Germany with locations worldwide and in Chicaga USA too…

    So do you see anything in my birtchart that there is possibility to get this position of Quality Assurance Director position for Christmas and relocation from my home in USA to work for this company???

    Sending you blessings and thank you very much in advance for your very much needed feedback as I feel I may get it… IT will be blessings from the sky to escape my ever moody Capricorn’s bosses…

    Wow this would be an amazing Christmas gift

    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Scorpio with stelliums in Scorpio, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces, Aquarius as you know. The timing is right for this new job, or another, or even two more, as Jupiter (solutions) goes into Aries and your solar Sixth House of work, tomorrow. He stays there until May, so you will get away from your CEO and VP if you wish. March 2023 is the big turning point when you may move. The rest is up to you, but if you wanted to get out or get away with a terrific solution, it’s close now. Merry Christmas.

  31. Merry Christmas dear Angel Jessica! Thank you for a much needed feedback. I thank God for your existence.

  32. Dear Jessica,

    The Nodes are the most difficult to understand, but you explain it so well. A work published in 2018 is being praised. Genius explanation.
    I have reached a milestone and don’t dare to take on too many projects for fear of hurting this percentage of completion.
    The Nodes have always felt so vague, until you showed us how to spot the effects.

    You and you ALONE can answer this :
    From what I see, Pluto moving to Aquarius will trine my Pluto in Libra, the second house.

    I cannot believe that I have to put up with a younger, domineering person.

    I am very private and
    nonfrontational. This person is anything but.
    …talks openly about personal affairs, and that makes me uncomfortable.

    I, quite by accident learned that the d.o.b makes Jupiter and Mars conjunct my Mercury and sextile my Venus.
    ( I do have the aspects, not the exact date :(. )
    I have never run away from anyone this fast!

    I plan, practice and analyze.
    I am a recluse.
    I may have to work with such people. My company is interested in asking me to analyze some datasets for others.

    In general, what should I do when faced with the other person’s Jupiter and Mars conjunct my Mercury ? ( Katy Perry+ Orlando Bloom, but that’s a couple.)
    Or what working relationship will I have with a person whose Mercury is exactly conjunct my Jupiter or my Mars?
    Is it worth it to try to work with them ?
    Prayers for your team to expand and your books being recognized as the gold standards that they are.
    ( All of them.)

    It’s just that you write so we’ll about Jupiter that I cannot ignore this.

    Yet, like you write, being Plutoed is ROUGH. I don’t mind the work..ever..but I do mind the bullying.
    The other person’s Pluto is conjunct my Juno, so that is scary as well.
    Strong South Node
    North Node connection too…
    Confused and scared.
    Failed asking Tarot, keep getting the Lovers, and Pages…so strange.

    1. Thank you. Your Pluto is in the Seventh House in the Natural House System. Duets. You keep getting The Lovers in the Tarot here. That’s why. Pluto in Libra is about equality, fairness, balancing the scales – but with the need to control. It’s like tightly handling the scales between oneself and another. That can’t be allowed to happen so there is usually a compromise. You may know who the other person is (you describe someone) and you may not know them yet. You need to wait for Pluto in Aquarius to trine natal Pluto to really see the issues about power and control which are coming. An outside voice can be very useful – psychologist, counsellor, even legal opinion.

  33. Thank you, for your column. Jessica since 2008 Pluto came in Capricorn my life has changed so much over the years. I have seen tough times.My Saturn is in Taurus in my 7th house in my birth chart. I am a scorpio sun 22 degrees. I have 8 stelliums in Scorpio and 6 in Aquarius. I have been single since 2013.Pluto is in Virgo at 26 degrees. Uranus is in Libra at 7 degrees. I have Chiron 02 degrees is in Aries and Juno 16 degrees in Capricorn. Ops 29 degrees in Aries, Salacia at 26 degrees in in Capricorn North node is at 18 degrees pisces. Jupiter is in Libra at 24 degrees. Please advice where life is taking me now? Pluto will be in Aquarius in January
    November 151969, at 6 am. I was born in Quetta Pakistan. I have been living in Michighan U.S since 1990.
    Thank you for all the outstanding work!!

    1. Thank you. I use a completely different system to you. It sounds as if you are using Vedic if you think Pluto is in Aquarius in January and are from Pakistan. Anyway, I’ll read your chart as I read every other chart here. You are a Sun Scorpio so shine at your brilliant best through joint finance and shared property. That is how you gain attention and admiration. This is now subject to deep change as you have Uranus and the North Node in Taurus, the opposite sign, so until 2026, you need to ‘unfix the fixed’ if you can. A sibling or cousin is at the heart of a transformation in March and issues about who or what is in control disappear. From March 2023 you will see a sequence of reshuffles in the family, for the next 20 years, when the hierarchy changes. The first real change is March itself, though, as some family members will leave, or there will be a recalibration of roles and goals. You are in a terrific cycle for solutions with your job, role, unpaid work, service and duty. You could find a get-out clause that works by May 2023 or find a way of looking after your wants and needs in life, without having to put your wellbeing second. You may, for example, resign from a prospective role on health grounds, but take on your enjoy more that allows you to opt out of the cut and thrust of everyday life.

    1. Jodi asked me the same question, Diana, as I’d forgotten in the pre-Christmas rush, but it should be here now – or shortly – as she puts the finishing touches on the design. Happy Birthday.

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