Do You Have Aquarius Factors?

Aquarius - the Eleventh House is where we find your social life, groups, friendships, people power, communities, activism, team sport, team activities (like yoga or hiking) and where we also find Twitter.

Do You Have Aquarius Factors?

If so, you live in your Eleventh House, for part of the time. If you have an Aquarius stellium (four, five, six or more factors) then you live in your Eleventh House for much of the time. The Eleventh House is where we find your social life, groups, friendships, people power, communities, activism, team sport, team activities (like yoga or hiking) and where we also find Twitter.

It’s where we find Zoom, which became popular when both Jupiter and Saturn landed in Aquarius in December 2020. Zoom is a good example of Aquarius in your chart, as it is about people circulating (Aquarius is an air sign) in a well-ventilated space (Covid free) and immersing themselves in a digital way. Aquarius is about mixing and mingling, but in a light, airy way.

Are You a Sun Aquarius?

If so, it really is a Happy New Year for you in 2023, as even though January and February are still barricaded, in terms of your social life, you will soon begin to hear about plans for March, which is the month everything changes. You may hear about a shared household you are invited to move into, in March, which would fit the Aquarius themes of friends and groups. You might hear about particular pubs, restaurants, bars or venues which fit UVC lighting, finally making them Covid-safe.

Welcome to a New Era With Friends

Starting on Wednesday 8th March 2023, with another big bump on Friday 24th March, if you have Aquarius factors in your birth chart, you begin a new era with friends and groups, where you will be handed power, influence and control many times until the year 2044. It will begin in a small but important way, in March 2023.

Astrology eCard AQUARIUS Happy New Year 300x213 - Do You Have Aquarius Factors?The Worst is Over in Your Social Life

If you have Aquarius factors in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, you will be pleased to hear that the barriers in your social life, and the barricades with friends, come down on Wednesday 8th March 2023. Saturn is out of Aquarius and leaves your Eleventh House that day. A heavy situation which began on Friday 18th December 2020 and got worse on 29th December 2021 is now over. 

How Saturn in Aquarius Has Unfolded

Saturn is a symbol of slow-moving situations. Of the five planets visible to the naked eye, Saturn moves slowest. In Aquarius, that means clubs, political parties, lobby groups and so on. Old friendships and new friends too; nothing moves at its normal pace when Saturn transits Aquarius and your Eleventh House of allies and people power.

Saturn Transiting Your Eleventh House

Saturn is hard, like butterscotch. It is a butterscotch colour. It has a rocky core. Your friendships, social life and group involvements have been rocky since Saturn entered your Eleventh House on Friday 18th December 2020.

The massive core of rock also contains ice. People can be icy or cold, or just cool to overtures of friendship from you, on this transit. Saturn’s famous rings consist of icy chunks, according to Stars & Planets (Ian Ridpath, DK Handbooks, London 2022). 

rings of saturn vector illustration e1533154648105 scaled 1 300x233 - Do You Have Aquarius Factors?Rings and Circles

Saturn’s rings resemble circles. As the Saturn in Aquarius cycle ends on Wednesday 8th March 2023, you will come full circle with a friend, or friends, plural. A situation in your social life which has been a vicious circle will also end. This may have been Covid. Funny how Saturn (left) looks like a head in a mask.

Because you don’t wish to become ill, or even disabled by Long Covid, you have avoided meeting new people in unsafe, indoor, group situations. It’s a vicious circle. Because you don’t meet new people, you have to go looking for other circles to join. If you do go to (say) a crowded pub without HEPA or UVC protection indoors, you can become infected and become ill. So your social life ends anyway!

That is just one example of how Saturn’s transit in Aquarius works. On this cycle it is also very common to find yourself shut out from a ‘charmed circle’ in your social life. You can feel surrounded as you try to circumnavigate society. Saturn’s rings may have had a ringleader. 

Micro-Prediction and Aquarius Timing

As your diary may be open for planning across 2023 and 2024, I have covered both years here.

Sun in Aquarius and Lunar Transits in Aquarius 2023-2024

January 21st to February 18th 2023
January 21st to February 19th 2024
New Moon 21st January 2023
Full Moon February 5th 2023
Full Moon January 25th 2024
New Moon February 9th 2024

matheus ferrero TkrRvwxjb 8 unsplash 300x200 - Do You Have Aquarius Factors?These periods in your life will shed light on what happened with particular groups and friends, back in 2021 and 2022, which were the most barricaded years (in three decades) for your social life, clubs, teams, social media, groups and so on.

The Sun will turn a powerful spotlight on the most important old and new friends, frenemies, former friends and communities, in the dates above. Check back here in a year or two and you’ll see how accurate the astrology has been.

This image from Unsplash (left) shows a particular kind of Aquarian group. Aquarius is the sign which has nothing to do with sex, but everything to do with friendship. That is why it tends to turn up in hiking or mountaineering groups, for example. Aquarius has nothing to do with money or career, either, which is why the groups exist for a common purpose; to empower friends, all together. No agenda.

Aquarius Transits For Your Planning

Mercury in Aquarius in 2023

February 13th to March 2nd 2023  cycle sees the most important news, media, internet discussion and paperwork of 2023, regarding your social life, friends and groups. Some of this will follow on from complicated relationships involving families, lovers or marriages – among friends or inside those circles. These will date from the Venus in Aquarius cycle, just before: January 4th to 27th 2023.

The End of Saturn in Aquarius on March 7th 2023

Saturn Aquarius is over on  March 7th 2023 and the barriers and barricades collapse. Pluto in Aquarius takes over from March 24th 2023 to June 11th 2023 when dominating, forceful, people will join or rejoin groups you belong to. A friend may gain a powerful new position or role, and begin to take over. You will quickly realise that there is a game of musical chairs in a political party, rock band, environmental organisation, children’s charity or similar – and choose a chair. 

Pluto in Aquarius resumes from January 22nd 2024

Pluto in Aquarius then resumes from January 22nd to September 2nd 2024 and again from November 20th 2024 to March 9th 2043, so you are in for the long haul with groups and friends, and the new power trends, until the final sign-off on  September 2nd 2043 to January 19th 2044.

Your Part in New Movements and Trends

As you can see in this look at Pluto in Aquarius in history, every major movement and trend, from the rebellion against the Romans by Boudicca, to the new female power of Queen Elizabeth I, began on this cycle. What will you join or start? 

Main Image: Marvin Meyer, Unplash. 

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72 Responses

  1. Thank you Jessica, this is very interesting. I’m looking forward to Saturn leaving Aquarius although I’m not sure if its entry into Pisces will be a good thing for me. I have a seven-factor stellium in Aquarius and I think Pluto’s crossing of the sign will be very intense (and very long) but I do hope less dark than Saturn’s…

    1. Pluto conjunctions in transit are unforgettable, aren’t they, as they take rather a long time to take place, and they involve a transit which empowers us, if we are prepared to use our willpower. That is Pluto’s great lesson and reward. It is often the making of us. Those who had no real power gain it. You are most likely to see this with just one group of allies or friends; of course it may be more than one. If you go back to the transits of the slow-moving outer planets Uranus in Aquarius and Neptune in Aquarius, near the Millennium, you’ll have a good example of what can happen with a group of people, and your social life, when there is a conjunction.

  2. Thank you, Jessica. I have just read a little about Empress Zoe; I had only heard of her from an earlier blog of yours (with this one). I have long admired Boudicca – a strong and influential leader, warrior and mother.
    I look forward to March 2023. Thank you for your insights throughout the year.

  3. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for the post!
    As a Sun Aquarius with many, many placements in Aquarius and a Capricorn Ascendent, I look forward Saturn to finally moving out of Aquarius. It’s been kind of lonely and empty years for me, in terms of my social life and friendship at work and at home.

    I’m interested to hear if you see any placement in my chart that you find worth watching out for.

    1. Thank you. You have a large Aquarius stellium so having Saturn in your Eleventh House, in Aquarius, since Christmas 2020 has been a test of endurance. The rings around the planet either keep you inside, or keep you outside. If inside, it may be in a social, group and friendship situation you find insurmountable. In mythology we associate Saturn with entrapment and confinement and it may feel like this for you. If you have been outside, then you have been trying to break in, or get inside, but have been barred – for whatever reason. Loneliness is very common and I am sorry you have been going through it. What happens in March, we don’t know, but it will be historic. Long-term, Pluto in Aquarius in your Eleventh House is like a powerful male house guest who wants to control everything and dominate everybody; at the same time he is there to empower people who never had any control, and show others, as influential as him, how to share the power. It will be a new world for you, socially, eventually. A new social life.

  4. Thanks for this post, Jessica. It’s really illuminating and fascinating. I have a stellium in Aquarius and I’m planning on a mastermind group that meets online and helps leaders around the world. It starts March 6, 2023. Would I better better moving it after March 8 or even March 23?

    1. You’ll probably find this has its own momentum, with the dates falling into place around you. For example, later in March may suggest itself. Thank you.

  5. Hi, Jessica

    I have Saturn in Aquarius 18. It has been very difficult for my social life, never say partnership!. I hope that this cycle will be over soon.
    Happy holidays!

  6. My son, 09/09/2000 has a rising sign in Aquarius. He has been struggling since the pandemic started to find his place in the world, as I have been also..

  7. Hello Jessica, thank you for all the insights and explanation of what’s to come especially that I’m a Sun in Aquarius and with a stellium in Aquarius as well. As you pointed it out the last couple of years have been quite challenging and certainly with a lot of struggles and disappointments. I’m look forward to March and since I’m in a moment of transformation in my career I’m wondering how will that affect me considering all the factors in my chart.
    Thank you again for your amazing insights.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aquarius with an Aquarius stellium. You also have stelliums in Capricorn, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius. Your career is ruled by Capricorn and the Tenth House so you are experiencing the end of Pluto in Capricorn there, in a personal way. March 2023 finds you welcoming the end of power and control issues which have been with you since 2008. The person, place or situation has gone then – or you no longer care. It’s very interesting. All Pluto can do after that is retrograde, on and off, so you may see the replay of an issue from 2022, but it has lost its power. Undoubtedly March is the month to watch as the Aquarius changeover is timed then. Having been blocked with a group you could help to influence in quite a powerful way, you will see things change around you, and all obstacles disappear. This is the path to a future long road.

  8. Hello Jessica! And an early Merry Christmas! My daughter is Aries and has a Saturn / Jupiter opposition at 4 / 3 degrees Aquarius/ Leo. Pluto will soon conjunct her Saturn and oppose Jupiter. What bothers me more is the north node which will also conjunct her Saturn with transit Pluto in a few years time. Karma? Transformation ? Or just an enormous headache? This position falls in her natal 3rd house . Many thanks.

    1. Thank you. We use different house systems; the transiting North Node goes through Taurus (now) then Aries, Pisces, Aquarius and so on, backwards through the signs. That is not your daughter’s Third House; her Third House is ruled by Gemini.

  9. Dear Jessica, I have Aquarius descendant, wonder if it means anything else other than those you have mentioned? I have shut myself out somewhat from social life since 2010 because of a poor relationship choice I made (not that I have made any good relationship choices in life so far..) and a career that has stalled at the same time.

    As always, thank you so much for your posts!

    1. If your birth time is minute-accurate then your Descendant or DC will be 17 Aquarius. The Descendant describes the person who most affects your name, image, profile and reputation. Usually your husband (your change your name when you marry and become a wife and/or mother) or your wife (you go from single to married and she alters your standing in the world, and possibly your appearance, if she makes you shave your beard off!) Your Ascendant or AC is always opposite and the two tend to work together. Your Ascendant is your appearance; your Descendant is the person most affecting how you appear. Poor relationship choices, which you believe you have made, are a good example of this. Your Ascendant is Leo, so you are seen through the lens of courtship, the bedroom, heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne. Your Descendant is Aquarius, so partners tend to be involved with groups, clubs, teams, bands, charities, societies, associations and whatnot. Look at the Tarot on this website to ask how you are expressing your AC and DC these days and see how you feel about it. Changes can be made if you are not content about it.

  10. Jessica, Thank you for this second post published quickly after the Capricorn factors one. I wrote you yesterday mistakenly saying I have only 2 factors in Capricorn and that I wildly have mostly Capricorn godchildren….yet I am thinking more clearly today and I have stelliums in Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces (plus Scorpio). I agree that is has been hard to physically circulate with new people because I value my health and wish to not ever have Long-term Covid. Zoom and more digital platforms have helped me tremendously since 2020 to feel like I am in the company of a world of people! I am a Sun Aquarius, love the tech change and yet I was the last to sign-up! Pluto thru Capricorn brought a long transit over my Moon; it was when my mother asked me to be her lead care-giver and so I helped her leave the planet with hospice care after many years, and more …. So I am tuning in to your thoughts about Pluto moving into Aquarius. I try to not mis-use power given to me and am always on the learning curve of how to interact with those I become friendly with that lack boundaries with their powerful emotions: because the Pluto cycles are long it is a lifetime of learning! Your posts help so much. Thanks for the live Zooms I have attended with you this year. May your holidays be happy. Best to you, and crew, plus your audience, Cecelia

  11. happy xmas ,i want to know the life meaning of this south node with this stellium. —————-
    aquarius > psyche + uranus + Neptune + south node (in fifth house) ———- & what to expect in future with with aquarius long weather….

  12. Hi Jessica,
    You exactly said it, with an Aquarius stellium of 7 factors, the groups/jobs that I joined in 2021 and 2022 were not socially welcoming and I never felt part of it. Now, I am afraid to try out any new job for fear of joining another bad one. I want to break out of this and try a new field. Will the ones I apply now work out or should I wait till March? Thanks

    1. I am sorry you faced the classic Saturn ‘walls’ with these unwelcoming people. It will be history from March 2023. The Saturn transit becomes easier as it goes on. This is classic astrology wisdom; Saturn becomes more manageable with age and experience. He himself ‘matured’ in the original Roman story and went from his extremely difficult early phase, to a much calmer, wiser, more settled phase later on. You are only three months away from the end of the cycle now so Saturn is easier. Why not give a new job a try and see how it goes?

  13. Hi Jessica, I am a Leo & have Pluto moving into my 7th house (thus opposing my stellium) & in March which your articles in any case state is a big month – I have Saturn moving into Pisces – the start of which is a Saturn opposition Saturn at zero degrees! I have a stellium of 8 planets in Virgo.

    I am highly concerned – after quitting my job in 2019; I only got back into the market in 2022 – that too no job – so have started consulting. Work slowly trickling in – will my house of work daily routine again grind back to a standstill. I desperately need the money so I can move out – ( have just gotten a Co share so fixed expenses ticking) – living with my
    Emotionally abusive father & schrezophenic mother saps my energy – impossible to work.

    I have ( I think) near conquered my depression & anxiety – which is why I quit
    In 2019 – but i am at a stage where I can easily slip – I am extremely concerned on both Pluto and Saturn; in addition to Uranus already in my 10th house. I know Jupiter comes in May into Taurus, but not sure if it can withstand the pressure given my Virgo and Leo stelliums.

    I am single and also long to meet someone to share my life with – how will Pluto in my 7th impact that? Harder to find an equal relationship given power domination and controlling type men will be more the norm?

    I know you have thousands of people reaching out to you; I would be so very grateful for a response!

    Thank you

    1. Lots going on here so let’s take it apart for you. You enter the best career cycle (as a Leo) in 12 years from May 2023 when Jupiter with all his solutions and opportunities moves into Taurus and your Tenth House of success. He remains there until May 2023. Your Sixth House of service, duty, daily routine and everyday labours becomes free of Pluto with all his challenges, in March 2023 and even though he retrogrades back in June, he has lost his power. Your parents have been part of that Pluto transit. For whatever reason, their control/the control the situation has, ends in March. Your depression and anxiety are part of that Pluto Sixth House transit, which you have had since 2008. Have you tried hypnosis for both? It is mult-proven in many university research papers. I recommend trying the free hypnosis with Thomas Hall on YouTube. Read the testimonials for him on Trust Pilot. In this transit with Pluto it can be nice to have something you do every day, that works for you. If you find it helps, make a habit of it. Pluto entering your Seventh House of partnerships in March 2023 is the ‘Kate and William’ transit. As a Sun Cancer Prince William had this before you and he met the woman who would be powerful in her own right but also form one half of a power couple with him. It is true that new lovers on this cycle tend to be extremely strong, quite controlled and (we would assume) fond of the controls, but if you meet Pluto-style partner halfway you can achieve incredible things. So there it is. Your prospects are very good for this new year to come. In the meantime please do try hypnosis for your anxiety and depression, or what is left of it. Dr. Paul McKenna is another widely recommended professional who is free to try on YouTube.

  14. Thank you Jessica for this. The past few years have been extremely challenging and testing due to Saturn in Aquarius my Sun sign. I’m hoping that things get better. Can you perhaps see any indication of this in my birth chart. Thank you for your accurate analysis. I so enjoy reading your blogs

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aquarius woman with stelliums in Capricorn, Aries and Taurus. You have not only had Saturn in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends, social life and groups – you are also nearly at the end of Pluto in Capricorn in your Tenth House of success. You also have Chiron still going through Aries and your First House of image and as if that wasn’t enough, Uranus and the North Node in Taurus in your Second House of income. You have been challenged to change all the things about yourself and your life that are core elements of who you are. The good news is, March 2023 also turns the tide. The barriers and barricades with friends, making new friends, joining new groups or being involved with old groups – disappear. The endless politics with work, unpaid work or university also disappears. You will relaunch your reputation, appearance and image at any point from Christmas until May 2023 very successfully. You will also make or save a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024. Merry Christmas.

  15. Hello Jessica,
    I finally plucked up the courage to separate from my partner of 27years. It was definitely not a healthy relationship and I wondered how things looked for me navigating the single mum life?
    Ps I checked the planetary patterns against my birth chart afterwards and it was uncanny; Cancer, Aries and Libra factors all lining up!
    Thank you x

    1. Congratulations. It takes a huge amount of willpower and self-belief to leave a partner after 27 years and I know you have agonised over it for a very long time. You are now a single mother. I hope you are also happier. Let’s look at your chart. You were born with Fortuna at 16 Taurus and the Sun at 17 Taurus. For the first time in your life, Uranus (freedom, independence) is going over 16, 17 Taurus in your Second House of income, possessions, house and apartment. You have done a ‘high Taurus’ thing and changed your life budget to put a different price on things and valued liberation above security. You cannot buy freedom. It’s not in the catalogue. In March and April 2023, Uranus will go over 16, 17 Taurus again and so you will alter your life budget a second time. As much as we love French perfume over $200 a bottle, you can’t bottle space, can you? The karma with your former partner ends on July 17th 2023. Until then you may find things are on a loop, or circuit. You have to finish the karma but you will have final closure on that date, above. You will be delighted with a new look, your new name and a different wardrobe, perhaps car or bicycle, title, reputation and profile from May 2023 to May 2024. You could easily take a new job in March 2023. Merry Christmas, you did it.

  16. Hi Jessica, and thank you for this uplifting info about pluto going into the waterbearer. I guess things will be a bit better. But as I have pluto in 00 virgo I do wonder how that will play out together with my stellium in aquarius?

    1. Pluto at 0 Aquarius will aspect your natal Pluto at 0 Virgo in the same month (March 2023) that transiting Saturn at 0 Pisces opposes it. This is historic and unusual, and draws you back to the meaning of your natal Pluto in Virgo. He lives in your Sixth House of health, housework, daily routine, paid work, unpaid work, mental health, lifestyle, wellbeing and study. All your life, this is where you seek to control and dominate. A great many women with Pluto in Virgo work for themselves because they need the controls in their hands. Pluto is always a trade-off though. Job-sharing is also common, or part-time work. This may be the choice you have in March 2023. You also have an Aquarius stellium so were born to supply the group. We don’t know what happens to you in March 2023 but it is life-changing in nature and you may want to use the Tarot to shed more light. Pluto aspecting Pluto is about a change in the balance of power; this may be in your work space, university, at home – or in your wider profession. Promotions, mergers, demotions and departures are very common. Saturn in opposition to Pluto is ‘the challenge to change’ and it will be very specifically about how you live your life, day to day. Health and wellbeing cannot be separated from the work you do. It goes without saying that it is your own physical condition and mental state (fit and happy) that comes first. Nothing else matters. Make it your number one priority then.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    Can you help interpret the Hygiea, Salacia and Psyche placements in Aquarius? Also, I am trying to understand the Ceres move in Libra on Dec 18 while I have not only Venus but also Vulcano in Libra. From your books I have learnt – and frankly my real life has validated- that Venusian-type relationships are really no good for me. However, I have been so alone and so single that I worry this on-going subtle war with loneliness doesn’t become a lifelong saga. Thoughts?

    Thanks again – for the Zoom webinars you do, for the free book for premium members, for the early posts about March 2023 cycles – but most of all – for your wisdom in the comments replies. You do SO MUCH!

    Love from New Jersey ❤️

    1. Thank you very much. You are single and feel lonely. You have a Leo-Libra pattern in your chart which suggests you will never be by yourself for very long, as Leo rules courtship and the bedroom, and Libra rules marriage, common-law marriage and partnership. Transits to Leo and Libra by slow-moving factors offer you choices. Sometimes you won’t want them, but they will still be there. The South Node in Libra and North Node in Aries transit will aspect your Leo and Libra placements in turn, starting on July 18th 2023 and finishing on January 11th 2025. You will have options then, so use the Tarot as they appear. Whenever people complain of being alone, but have Leo factors in the Fifth House, it is usually about children and parenthood. This is the person who is infertile, or does not want to have a baby. It is also the person who is a single parent, who finds her son or daughter has to come first. All these kinds of Fifth House stories can put you on a solo path. We also find the woman who does not want to date a man with children from another marriage. Again, that can put you on a solo path. Ask the Tarot how you came to be here and what the issues are. It can be very helpful.

  18. Dear Jessica,
    thank you for all your interesting blog articles.
    I have stellium in Aquarius, and my ascendant is Capricorn. Since Sept 2017, I have been in a stop and flux about my career and have decided to be independent and no longer part of the corporate world. With groups, including volunteering work, I have been in kind of conflict with respect to different values and integrity of some influential members.
    I have been trying to build up my own coaching business, and it is slow going, though I believe I have done a lot of groundwork over the past three years. Also, the husband is refusing to go into process of divorce, which is very stressful.
    Please could you comment on what you see as relevant with regards to business, new clients and the divorce.
    Thank you very much!
    With best regards

    1. You are a Sun Leo woman with Leo, Gemini and Aquarius stelliums. Your husband won’t divorce, which is typical of Saturn in the Seventh House, which you have until March. March 2023 is the turning point, for reasons you don’t know yet. Saturn goes out and the barriers come down, Pluto comes in, so the power and control in the lost marriage need to be sorted out, and will be. Saturn is also the culprit with groups where you volunteer; you have been shut out by conflicts. That also ends in March. Long-term the most important transits are the Jupiter and Uranus transits in Gemini in your Third House, which suggests a huge new life with neighbours; a radically different way of using the internet; a liberating and exhilarating life with media, publishing, education, the web – building in 2024 with Jupiter in Gemini and life-changing from 2025 when Uranus goes into Gemini. In tandem with this is new power through and with groups, with one or two in particular suggesting you play an influential part, to 2044.

  19. Thank you so much Jessica for taking the time to respond given your busy schedule…it is more than appreciated.

    I feel so positive now after reading your response as I have felt very depressed as having no income and being a single parent is not easy.

    Thank you for giving me hope. You are a blessing. A very Merry Christmas to you.

    1. Merry Christmas. The nice thing about astrology is; there is always hope. Things do change. And they will.

  20. Hi Jessica… again another great article, thank you! I hope you enjoy a beautiful Christmas in Tasmania!!

    It’s funny because I never looked into my Aquarius stellium because they’re asteroids i believe?
    What kind of impact do you think this could have on me? My love life has literally been one with so much difficulty for 10 years now. I find that either nothing sticks or they’re emotionally unavailable but there’s a definite mutual attraction. I know there’s be other factors in my chart (thanks Uranus) that would be the cause of this, but I’m wondering if my Aquarius stellium may play a part also?
    The dates you mention do resonate and I can say my social life has become much less active since 2020 following the passing of my beautiful Mum… I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t asked her to help me find my forever person. I guess it would just be interesting to know if this stellium plays a role. Sometimes when I look at everyone else’s life, it feels a little like I’m being left behind.

    1. Thank you. Merry Christmas. Love and sex are always Leo (Fifth House of the bedroom and courtship) and Libra (Seventh House of marriage and divorce). You have an exact sextile from Libra factors at 22 to Leo factors at 22, so once you make a note of what you have there, look it up and see the sextile as a permanent loop or circuit between those factors. You can also ask the Tarot how they both pan out, and ask the Tarot again if you want to know how to change the loop. You do have a Libra stellium too so are hugely concerned with equality and fairness in a sexual relationship or partnership. It may be that there are issues about marriage full stop, so have a look at your Libran side. Your new book can help you do that.

  21. Hi Jessica

    I’m very interested in Pluto moving into Aquarius. I have some Aquarius placements and my Moon in Leo. Will the Leo placements also feel the Pluto opposition? I’m also concerned about Saturn’s move into Pisces, but I’ll save that for another post comment/question. Thank you for the post and looking forward to March 2023- seems like we are in need of a big shift.

    1. Yes, Pluto into Aquarius means oppositions to Leo factors in the natal charts of billions, and as Leo rules courtship, the bedroom, pregnancy, infants, children, teenagers and young adults – there will be obstacles for some time. Occasionally this has been an historic period when it was fashionable to be single and child-free; Elizabeth I reigned on this cycle. Heirs and pretenders to the throne tend to bring difficulties; again we are back to Elizabeth I and Mary I as well. On a world level this will be a complicated time for the Royal Family and all its branches; the line of succession for Harry’s children, for example, or the reliability of the ‘spare’ to William (being Harry). In your own life it is about your own godchildren, sons, daughters, and any new relationship where your lover has children from a previous marriage. You don’t say what your situation is so I can only be general, but if you see Pluto in opposition as situations/people which oppose your parenting, or substitute parenting, you’ll get a feeling for what the next 20 years or so is going to be like.

  22. Dear Jessica, I have Diana in 22deg in Aquarius and Mercury and Jupiter in the same degree in other signs. What can I expect when Saturn passes through 22 deg in Aquarius?

    Thank you very much

    1. Saturn tends to show up as rather heavy people – they may deal with you behind a wall, or be very defended and defensive. People who barricade themselves are Saturn types. Organisations can also be Saturn in nature. So someone or something like this will show up, or become a bigger deal in your life, as Saturn crosses Diana. You are a free spirit with groups and friends. You are Diana. She was feminist, independent, went her own way and only ever mingled with her friends the nymphs. Even if you face barricades, walls or barriers with particular groups, or friends, or your social life – it will pass. Sit tight. Sometimes there is no point trying to crash through a brick wall, and it doesn’t last. In fact, what you put up with now, may pay off later, when Pluto goes into Aquarius and some of your power comes from people remembering your stoic attitude.

  23. Hi Jessica, hugely grateful that the tides are turning and can feel the rise of people power already. Found the articles about Boudica really timely with so many women rising in typically Capricorn roles in politics and business. I have a stellium of 8 in Aquarius, 4 in Leo. Until I became a premium member and was initiated in the Natural House System and the asteroid influences, my chart didn’t quite fit. Now my nature and life path make total sense to me. I mentioned before that I am a healer and am starting to teach and build a community. As Pluto leaves Capricorn I have sacrificed my marriage to follow this path and have also kicked alcohol and become well recognised and respected for what I do. I feel the next 20 years will be even more defining and am so grateful for astrology and tarot to guide me. Any significant dates or elephant traps you feel I should be aware of? Happy Christmas to you and yours x

    1. Yes, the people power is rising, isn’t it. When you think about how utterly dominated Americans were by Donald Trump; the British by Boris Johnson; the Australians by Scott Morrison – we have seen a massive change in direction since the dark days of all those heavy Capricorn cycles. I am glad you like your chart with the asteroids. Looking at your chart long-term, you are highly unusual with two large stelliums in Aquarius and Leo. This is Kate Bush, really. Her lifetime challenge and achievement has been to be ‘Queen’ and to be the star and leader she is, but also to have a band with her. To be part of a group. Having a partner in the group at one point made it more complicated. Aquarius is the group, Leo is the Queen. You will have something similar on your hands with Pluto in Aquarius, as he triggers your community-minded side and also gives you the ultimate challenge, which is to mentor, guide, steer and be an authority – to influence and truly lead – but to respect the fact that the group itself is composed of separate, very different people and it is human nature for those within, to go their own way and do their own thing. I would be cautious with children, teenagers and young adults. Why? Leo rules them and they are found in your Fifth House. You may want to minimise the involvement there as Pluto slowly opposes your Leo factors. The Tarot can help you there, once it comes by. Sometimes it’s a godson who goes off the rails, for example, and you have to figure out just how involved you are going to get; you don’t mention children but if you have them, just be aware of that.

  24. Dear Jessica my granddaughter is taking her exams next year. She has stellium in Aquarius 3 Moon 6 Mercury 19 Venus 18 Neptune 9 Chiron 22 Bacchus and stellium in Capricorn 28 Sun 1 Mars 15 MC 19 Ops 19 Cupido 23 Vulcano . Is she going to do well in her exams. She is very much an outsider as far as groups go which l presume is her Aquarius factors. many thanks for your help. Wishing you and all your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    1. If your granddaughter has anything in Gemini and/or Sagittarius, which reveals education and academia, she is in luck as she is in a stunning cycle for exam progress, with Jupiter going into Aries from December 20th and remaining until May 2023. Jupiter will either sextile or trine anything she has in those signs, in the Third House of written and spoken work, and Ninth House of further study. If she is strongly Aquarian she will be an outsider, never immersed in the group, and yet the group needs her! She’ll realise this in a powerful way in 2023 ongoing.

  25. Hi Jessica! It’s that wonderful time of the year when everyone’s all smiley and cheerful! Wishing you the top of the season
    I have tremendous faith, but the upcoming transits, Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius, in addition to Uranus already in Taurus feel like a prick in my preciously achieved happy bubble. My progressed ascendant has moved into Scorpio last year, which has made me much stronger I feel. How do I proceed in the next few years, specially with my Pisces stellium?
    Secondly my 19 year disabled son is a 0 degree Virgo ascendant, Mercury, Leo Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Aquarius moon and Neptune, worries me no end with the Pluto ingress.

    Thank you so much and much love….

    1. Merry Christmas. I don’t use the progressed Ascendant, and in fact the Ascendant is just the shop window. It is really not that important in my experience; it’s about how you appear. People often get it wrong as well, because parents are notoriously distracted when it comes to writing down a minute-accurate birth time. So I will read your chart from the point of view of you as a parent (Leo, Fifth House) and see what else is going on. Okay, so you have nothing in Leo, but the standout in the chart is Saturn at 2 Cancer in your Fourth House of family and property. That is the demand of having a teenage disabled son, and no doubt there have been other issues/are other issues ongoing with the house, flat, extended family. Saturn is always barriers and barricades. We all have it somewhere and yours, as I am sure you know very well, is in the sign of motherhood and the clan. The tribe and the place. The roof over your head. Transiting Saturn at 2 Pisces trines natal Saturn in March, April 2023 and is back there, September, December 2023. This is a new situation which will make it necessary to be patient with the obstacles. I would be careful about what or whom you sign up for, regarding the family, house, flat, home town, homeland, household in those periods because you may be saddling yourself with something you’d not expected. Do your homework then and ask around – don’t just scan any paperwork. Astrology is all about avoidance. Pluto is life-changing and when he goes to 2 Aquarius will quincunx your natal Saturn. This is April 2024, May 2024, February 2025, March 2025, July 2025, August 2025, December 2025, January 2026. Pluto is ‘the challenge to change’ and the various systems or attitudes you have set in place to deal with your son, any other relatives, the household beyond him, the house or flat, the council (even that) and what spells ‘home’ will need to be reshaped. Pluto rewards you with empowerment and control if you are prepared to use your willpower and self-control. The Tarot can help you with insight into the nature of what comes, and how best to deal with it. Pluto’s task in astrology is to really confront you with the need to own your power and to figure out how to meet people, organisations or situations with steely self-discipline and a true sense of your own hands on the reins. Pluto in Aquarius suggests this will be a temporary group in your life, or a temporary friendship. As for your Pisces stellium, Saturn transiting Pisces and your Twelfth House is best managed by minimising the Twelfth House aspects of life. Astrology can be really simple. Just shrink: religion, Tarot, psychics, mediumship, meditation, Buddhism, therapy, self-help, hypnosis and the inner pursuits. Minimise them. Keep an eye on who/what comes your way in March when Saturn enters as you may want to sidestep it as an obvious example of a ‘heavy’ Saturn situation. More positively, you will relaunch yourself with a different name, title and appearance from May 2023 to May 2024 because the chance, even online, is irresistible.

  26. Hello Jessica, I am Capricorn sun with stelliums in Cap, Aquarius and Pisces. I am hoping that when Pluto leaves Capricorn, my working life will improve as I have been stifled by a demanding boss. I applied for 3 different jobs this year to get away from the boss but with no success. With Saturn in Aquarius I have also noticed my friendship groups have petered out in the last couple of years, mostly because of Covid and me becoming very unsociable to protect myself from getting it again. I often made friendships through working together and although I love working from home it is harder to build the connections with people. I have decided to start learning astrology in 2023 as your site has inspired me and I enjoy reading and learning about this subject. I’d be interested to hear how Pluto and Saturn moving on will affect me in 2023. I also watched Conscious Cafe on you tube and then pulled the Page of Pentacles for next year.

    1. I am sorry your boss has been so demanding; that is a common story with this Pluto in Capricorn transit, of many years. Saturn out of Aquarius will help your friendships and Pluto into Aquarius will change your social life. Pluto out of Capricorn will end the tenure of the boss; end the situation; end your time with that job. You will accept a new project which owes a lot to life as it was 19 years ago, from July 2023, when the South Node goes into Libra and your Tenth House of professional life, unpaid work and academia. It may go with a new role. The Page of Pentacles is an important financial negotiation in 2023 with a much younger man. He’s here to do a deal with you. Perhaps that is your new role.

  27. Thank you so much for your reply. She has both Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius but nothing in Gemini. It’s been a difficult couple of years for her. I was concerned it might impact on her study and results.

    1. Jupiter in Sagittarius? She will always be protected, and at best, do incredibly well, as student and/or teacher. The trine from Jupiter to Jupiter suggests skyrocketing success for her, by May 2023, and a foreign accent or language may be involved.

  28. Thank you so much for your reply and yes this makes total sense. Kate Bush lived in my village and when I was in banking we had her account too. Grateful for you insights once again and you said the Page of Cups would be a theme next year and I have started working with my Godson. He did really well and is very open spiritually and also a Leo. I have 3 children aged 22/24/25 but feel that the heads up could be about my Godson. Also a good heads up to perhaps steer clear of romantic involvement with anyone in the groups I will be leading! I have a feeling that many of us will be stepping forward into our gifts over these coming years. As consciousness is on the rise we need to work together to kick the ass out of the love of power and step fully into the power of love. For ourselves, one another, those we share this beautiful planet with and Mother Earth herself. I am hopeful and I am up for it. Thank you Jessica for all of your wisdom. Just as an aside, on the full moon I took note of The Devil card that came up on Zoom. It was so clear and so easy to free myself from the chains that were only in my head about the situation. I am so loving the tarot with the astrology for guidance and how you encourage us to go use it! Here is to a progressive 2023 as we move to power for the people x

    1. My spirit guides have a sense of humour and whispered ‘Kate Bush’ to me – and her account was in your bank. The child is in fact your Godson, correct. Thank you for your kind comments. It sounds as if you have your own guides to work with, in the people power ‘first year’ of 2023 and beyond. Merry Christmas.

  29. dear Jessica,

    I have a question; I read many times in your reply to people that an Aquarius sun gets more power?
    the husband of my mother is an Aquarius but he is dominant, manipulative etc. my mother suffers from this but she does not see it. I also have problems with him, and it seems it becomes worse this behavior. Does it mean when Pluto is in conjunction with his sun or other aspects in Aquarius that it becomes worse or less..
    My relation with my mother is infuenced by not always good..For me it felt quite heavy for a long time…I hope it will change for the good..

    thank you so much for all the insights!
    and have a Wonderfull 2023☺️

    1. Thank you. Almost true. An Aquarius Sun person who experiences transiting Pluto in conjunction with his or her Sun, is challenged to change, within the group, circle, team, club or community. He or she is pushed to transform in respect of them. To become stronger. So, this may be your stepfather or father and his football team. A bossy manager is appointed who forces him to train harder so he becomes far more powerful on the pitch. You are going through Scorpio-Taurus weather, which is about your mother’s inheritance to you, but also her financial and property deal with this man. You do have factors in Scorpio and the Eighth House of family money and Second House of personal income. So although you don’t mention her will to you, or your will to her, or any arrangements you have with each other about possessions, money, a home and so on – that is actually the issue. It ends in July 2023 when the nodes move off Scorpio-Taurus. You will have a lot more money that you have saved, successfully, or made – from May 2023 to May 2024. Merry Christmas.

  30. Hi,

    I absolutely love all of the astrological information that you provide on the site as a new user. I’m still trying to better understand my astrological chart. I’m a Sun Scorpio with stelliums in Virgo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

    I’m planning to take a significant exam May 31, 2023 which will allow me to obtain a key certification for my career. Since I have a Sagittarius stellium, I believe the Jupiter in Aries transit would be a good time to attempt the exam. Is that the case? Results will likely be released mid-August. Acceptance or deregistration from the program will occur within the 4 to 6 weeks after that.

    Also, I’m currently unemployed after resigning in early November 2022 after concerns over the long hours that I had to put into the job and the impact on my overall health. I’m wondering what my chances are astrologically for a job. I’m hoping I can take advantage of what’s left of the Sagittarius season and if I’m not mistaken Chiron in Scorpio for the end of 2022 till May 2023 (Hopefully I can secure a job sooner than that). I know that I’ll have to deal with Mercury retrograde during the next couple of months as well.

    Thank you! Happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you. Okay, so the solar/Sun Sign chart is Queen. We start there, with your exams and hopes for a new job. You are on track for the biggest and best opportunities in 12 years, in terms of work, unpaid work or academia and it begins with Jupiter in Taurus entering your solar Sixth House of workload, on May 17th 2023. We then have a strong New Moon on May 19th, when you may begin the new role, project or goal. Uranus is also in your solar Sixth House so this will bring independence and freedom by the end of the dual Uranus-Jupiter cycle on May 25th 2024. Looking at your natal chart, you have Neptune at 27 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career and a Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of work, service and duty. Pluto at 27 Capricorn is in conjunction with Neptune and will transform the escape from the real world, that your current career is – even if you are just studying and not actually on the job. This conjunction is here now, in December 2022. Transiting Pluto in conjunction with natal Neptune challenges you to transform the way you view your C.V. which is likely not real-world. It happens in January 2023, September 2023, October 2023, and is then over. Neptune is about altered states and in Capricorn it can put you in another world/another space professionally, academically and so on. Pluto can only sit on Neptune like this once every 248 years so in both your solar chart and natal chart, you are set for a completely different (better) life after May 2023, with benefits for your health, lifestyle and wellbeing. You were right to put your body first. You will see why from May 2023 to May 2024 but it may entail a dramatic ‘get real’ moment about what, to date, has not been so real about your ambition and mission. If you accept the challenge and use your self-control and willpower, you will become empowered and very much in control.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    I’m amazed at the timing of this difficult transit because it is ‘to the date’ that my life became more difficult with groups- particularly jealousy -which I could never quite pinpoint what it was that made people act that way. It’s been a tough lesson- Saturn like. Felt 10x worse than my recent Saturn return- I would never have figured it out that it was my Aquarius factors. On my chart without the asteroids, I have no major indicators so I felt this Saturn transit would be a breeze, but it’s turned out to be so difficult. I wonder why that is from an astrological point of view? Anyway, I’m simply stunned that it was those exact dates that began some harsh realizations about how dark people can be and am happy for the realization. I now know how to move in groups and pick my associations more wisely. It seems like I had the double whammy being a Pisces sun with Pluto in my 11th. I feel like I always get a taste of what’s to come before the world get it. Yet, now I’m wondering what this means for all these Pisces factors! I’m shifting into the spirituality business as well as music/artistry as a Sun Pisces. What tough lessons will begin in that once these begin with Saturn’s shift into Pisces? And that would also mean Pluto shifts into my 12th, correct? Hopefully it’s not as hard as this surprisingly was. I know I can handle whatever it is. It’s the Pluto in Pisces transit lol years down the line that has me raising my eyeballs lol

    1. Thank you for letting me know this. Vesta, Minerva and Salacia are all in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups. Vesta is notorious for jealousy. I am sorry you have been going through it. Saturn transiting Aquarius has been giving a lot of readers real trouble with their social lives; old friends; trying to make new friends; difficult groups and so on. Saturn was Vesta’s father in Roman mythology, which is where modern astrology comes from. So a Saturn-Vesta conjunction is about obstruction and barricades, as well as the usual toxic female rivalry which can occur. Have a look at Vesta in your online library here or on Search. You also had (publicly) Pluto in the same place, the Eleventh House, in your Pisces chart. He’s gone in March. So have the issues about who or what is in charge of a friendship, or a group. Saturn transiting Pisces from March 2023 is in your First House, publicly, and your Twelfth House, privately. You have a large Pisces stellium in your birth chart so now is the time to figure out tactics. An old rule is to clear the decks before Saturn enters. Minimise religion, Tarot, psychics, meditation, Buddhism, crystals, therapy, self-help and the inner world, in your life. The less that is there, the less obstructions you have to deal with.

  32. Hi Jessica, I hope you are well. I have a big stellium in Aquarius- can you help me with any standout placements? I have definitely felt the burn with friendships over the last decade with the last few months a real watershed time – my young son was very unwell and diagnosed with an auto immune disease and when I looked behind me to see who was there in support… there wasn’t really anyone there in a meaningful way. Onwards I guess as I don’t have the time and energy for those who just take and never give. In a positive friendship development, I have met 2 really nice mums at our new school kindergarten orientation sessions for my daughter. I’m also starting a new job (just 1 day/wk) in February in a niche medical field that I used to work in from 2007-2016. I would also like to move forward with my psychic medium business. Am I in tune with the cosmos? Thanks so much and wishing you a safe and happy Christmas season 🙂

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Pisces with stelliums in Pisces, Aquarius, Taurus and Cancer. Friendship is the theme now and in 2023 as well. The politics of power plays and control games you have seen since 2008 will end. Your son was unwell and you found people did not have your back. That will change and the two nice mums are a part of that. March 2023 will end an era and leave space for a new one to begin. Over the next 20 years or so you will find powerful people in your circle of friends, or powerful groups with a lot of influence, come into play. You will be able to give these people what they need. You will make or save quite a lot of money when Jupiter goes into Taurus and your Second House of income and ‘cash in kind’ from May 2023 and by May 2024 will have gained. Mediumship is ruled by Pisces and Saturn going into Pisces 2023-2026 suggests new boundaries, obstacles and restrictions so it’s a good time to train – to learn – even if you already did that. I’ll post a feature on Saturn and Neptune in Pisces next, as you are in this rather unusual new cycle from March 2023 when everything and everybody is all over the place, all the time, psychically and spiritually (which is the way it’s been for years) but Saturn comes along and imposes barricades. That can help, actually, but have a look at the feature when it appears. Merry Christmas.

  33. Thanks. How would one minimize religion, Tarot, psychics, meditation, Buddhism, crystals, therapy, self-help and the inner world? Would that be not engaging as much with those or going out into the world vs being so involved in that? Or maybe more 6th house matters? I’m wondering how that works if you do it for a living. I’ll definitely do all I can to prepare.

    1. Neptune has been in Pisces for years so your Twelfth House has been awash with non-reality and alternative reality for a very long time. Your Pisces stellium has really opened the door to people, organisations and the spirit world who have no boundaries. It’s been a long, strange trip but now Saturn is moving in. These two cycles offset each other and it can be hard work, thus the advice to shrink Twelfth House matters. If it is your profession (you are a Buddhist monk or a distance healer) then there’s not much you can do about your career, but you can avoid adding to the Twelfth House in your life. Neptune is the escape from reality. Saturn is the barricades you stand behind, either shut out of situations, or shut in by them. Neptune is floating, drifting, cruising, diving, bobbing around, surfing, going in over your head, plunging. Saturn is waiting, learning, dealing with, putting up with, and all those other Saturnine concepts. So it’s quite a challenge which is why the less you have to sort out the better, come March. The best analogy for this transit of Saturn and Neptune in Pisces in your Twelfth House is a flooding ocean and the sea walls that try to contain it.

  34. Hello Jessica, Many thanks for all the amazing posts. I am a Scorpio sun with Capricorn but also Aquarius stellium (Moon, Salacia, Cupido, North Node) . I am a little scared about the moment of Pluto entering in Aquarius next year in March as this moment probably will coincide with buying a new house (in a couple of weeks I will pre-sign some papers) and I know from birthday predictions that next March will be crucial in terms of 4th house. Do you have some insights for me about this aspect? In the last 2 years my aspects in terms of house, family, partners even friends were really heavy and hope that in the future these will be easier or at least to know at what to improve and expect. Wish you Happy Holidays and thank you again for all your insights!

    1. Thank you. Don’t be scared by Pluto going into Aquarius and Saturn going out. I’ll admit it’s extreme (all in the same month) but as you are buying a house and may be exchanging or moving in then, you do need to take some steps. The departure of Saturn from your solar Fourth House as a Sun Scorpio is a relief. You have been stuck in 2021, 2022 but from March 2023 you can operate far more freely and easily without constantly being shut into a situation or unable to get in. You do need to do some research now about your council, neighbours, the local area, any building work you intend and so on. Similarly, do your homework about any other stakeholders in the house. Pluto is always about control and power. In a new sign and new area of your life, he will show up as an issue where you must use your willpower and self-control. So keep the stakes low. If it’s a garden where weeds are taking over, that’s fine. You’ll become a world class gardener. If it’s greedy developers wanting to build an ugly high-rise on your doorstep, that’s another thing. You need to look at everything that might show up as Pluto and prepare. You always get politics with Pluto so would there be any politics about your intentions for this house? Pre-empt the politics or minimise it. It is important to have some balance, though, so let’s say Saturn going with all his restrictions, limitations, ring-fenced situations (like Saturn himself), boundaries, heavy borders and barricades – is really good news. Pluto’s gift is one of empowerment if you can pass his little tests.

  35. Got it! Thanks. Saturn’s been in my 12th so I’ve already begun this process thankfully. Appreciate the info.

  36. Hi Jessica,

    Always a pleasure to read your posts. I have my Saturn in Aquarius and a stellium in Aquarius too. The past few years have been extremely difficult in terms of friendships, some of my closest friendships broke and my social life changed radically. Looking at my birth chart do you think the situation with friends / social groups will change for me as well starting in 2023?

    Many thanks in advance and Merry Christmas 🙂


    1. Merry Christmas Lili, and Happy New Year. 2023 will give you far more scope socially with your Saturn Return out of the way and your Eleventh House no longer weighed down by heavy restrictions. You were born with Saturn in Aquarius so your path with friends and groups is always barricaded and it was like that at school (say, with sports teams or friendship circles in your class). Sometimes just one friend brings the barriers! Thus, when transiting Saturn comes back to natal Saturn it can feel extremely difficult, as you are either shut out, or shut in. We don’t know what happens to you in March 2023 but it is important and historic. The walls come down, the drawbridge is no more and the moat is not required. At that point, you begin to realise that a friend or group is transforming in front of your eyes and becoming far more powerful – or that a potent, influential, dominating person or network is now in your life. Your challenge from that point forward is to figure out a deal whereby you are empowered too and step up to play an important part in a shared enterprise where everybody benefits from pooling resources. There will probably be more than one over the years to 2044, it has to be said. You will come into your own and understand your Aquarius side so much better.

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    Jessica, you have an amazing power..wonder how your friends, family and neighbors handle this ?

    Paid and unpaid work..I suppose you understand work like no one else.

    Seeing how Jupiter will be conjunct Chiron at 14 degrees in Aries, what seeds should I sow ?
    I took your advice for 2015-2016..a copyright created a good record, solving a tough issue for men with cancer
    Just so you know, I am.
    working to say thank you. The analysis will definitely show your work in a new angle..after the retrograde maybe ??
    Also, will a forum or a message board here chime in with ♒ Aquarius the sign of created an amazing group of readers, because of your great moderation and editorial and psychic skills.
    With humility in the presence of your precision, compassion and knowledge.

    1. Thank you, you are very kind. Jupiter in conjunction with Chiron in Aries is the opportunity, not seen in 12 years, to improve your appearance, title and reputation in a way that challenges convention. Aries rules the First House of your chart and is in turn ruled by Mars the Roman god of war. The Roman army won on reputation and appearance; those facing the stories about them, not to mention their impressive armour and battle formation, surrendered faster. Sometimes surrender took place prior to attack. Astrology has these ancient associations for a reason and if you take the essence of Aries the ram, thrusting forward and putting his head down – and Mars, roaring in advance – you get a sense of what the First House actually does for you. Jupiter and Chiron in conjunction there suggests a new advance. A new set of armour. A new standard to hoist and perhaps a new title – going up a rank. Chiron is the centaur who should not exist, but did exist, and got away with a teaching role, despite his half-horse existence. So, there is also a feeling of ‘Cannot, should not, must not, but does’ with this relaunch, if you choose to take it. Thank you for the suggestion about a forum!

  38. Hello Jessica, I have Mars at 12, NN at 14 and IC at 26 Aquarius. None of this will be immediately affected, nor will the opposing factors to my Virgo stellium. Pluto coming in at 0 will sextile my natal Jupiter, and Neptune at 0 Saggitarius. Jupiter at 14 degrees in Aries will sextile my North node for a few days in March – keen to find out how that could play out?

    Much gratitude always!

    1. Marls, you have the Sun in Virgo, with stelliums in Virgo, Leo and Libra. March 2023 is important because Pluto leaves your solar Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, heirs, spare and pretenders to your throne. From March to June you get to see what life is like without control and power issues, willpower and self-control issues, dogging your footsteps. You may have been through this with multiple partners or just one; anything from pregnancy, to parenthood, to uncle or aunt status may have been the story. This shows up in your natal chart too, as you have a stellium in your Fifth House in Leo, which is being trined by Jupiter on the way through Aries. March is important for another reason. Saturn leaves Aquarius and Pluto enters. In 2021, and most emphatically in 2022, you were stuck inside a situation with work, unpaid work or academia or found it very hard to get in. Either was tough. This finishes in March. If the issue was ill health, again, you may have been barricaded in, or felt unable to access what you needed. March replaces that cycle with a new challenge – willpower for empowerment. This is a very long cycle until 2044 so go in slowly. You cannot separate your health, wellbeing, good mental health, fitness for duty, from the actual service required of you – and how you feel about it. So it’s intertwined, as these things always are for a Sun Virgo/Virgo stellium. It also shows up in your natal chart; Saturn moves into a long, slow opposition to Virgo factors in your Sixth. This is a test, and it is with you until early 2026. Put your health first. Nothing else matters as much. You are in good position to turn your lifestyle, job satisfaction and wellbeing around from May 2023 when Jupiter slowly begins to trine your Virgo stellium, but you are also living with Saturn so need to be a total realist about (say) Covid as well as other factors. Your duets and duels are also important in 2023, 2024. Starting in March (that month again!) you will find yourself looking for strategies to handle a new situation with a partner, or someone against you. Patience is a virtue. Rather than bashing your head against a brick wall, with this person, you may want to see what others have done in similar situations and play a long game. A wise game. Be very careful about who you get into bed with, or who you pick a fight with, in March. You could be saddled with this for ages, if it’s a poor choice. The Seventh House focus is also there in your natal chart with the South Node of karma entering Libra and slowly crossing your Libra stellium from July 2023. This is karma from 18 or 19 years ago and it will be with the other side/your other half, or a person who is quite different, but raises similar karmic themes. You owe, or are owed. Closure comes in 2024.

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