Your Aquarius Side and Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto in Aquarius and Your Aquarius Side

If you have one, two, three, four or more factors in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friendships, groups and people power, then your life is about to change. In this feature I will look at Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044 and what’s in store. The cycle begins on March 24th 2023 and ends on January 19th 2044.

This area of your natal chart, the Eleventh House, was really shaped by the Millennium. I am sure you remember New Year’s Eve, January 1st 2000 (or maybe you were born near then). Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius dominated, with the South Node in Aquarius.

You and your friends or group were changing your corner of the world in 2000. Well, from March 24th 2023 you will take that experience to the next level. If you are a Sun Aquarius and have an Aquarius 2023-2024 Horoscope from me (below), I go into more detail, but in general – your Millennium memories are back. 

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About Aquarius in Your Chart

Astrology is Roman. The Aquarii in Rome were slaves who carried water for fountains and ponds. They were “water men”. The slaves who worked on the aqueducts. In Latin, Aquarius is literally ‘the water bearer.’

The constellation of Aquarius shows a stream of water pouring from a jar. The pattern of Aquarius was identified with water by almost all ancient cultures, including the Chinese and Indian nations, probably because its rising coincided with the rainy season.

These ideas are very old. From this we know you are here to contribute and share. It may be easy for you or difficult, but that is your mission, if you have Aquarius factors. You are here to pool resources and acknowledge the equality of all people.

Racism or sexism usually concern people with Aquarius factors. There is an understanding that you have, based on your own evidence, in your own life, that when men and women, old and young, white and coloured come together – history is made. If you have an Aquarius stellium then being a strong woman and supporting strong women has been part of your life since childhood. As we’ll see in a moment, Pluto in Aquarius brought us Boudicca, Lady Godiva and Elizabeth I.

True Predictions, New Predictions

Before you enter this new Aquarius world, the old one has to go. That was Pluto in Capricorn. Remember when just a few white men, mostly in America, ran the whole planet? It’s nearly over.

I predicted the end of Facebook on 4th February 2022. That’s just part of it. There will be replacement social media.

Remember this? “Facebook Wipeout. This slow end, happens partly on Saturday 1st October until Wednesday 12th October. October 2022 is also really important because of an eclipse at 2 Scorpio, on Tuesday 25th October.”

Facebook and the End of Pluto in Capricorn

On 26th October 2022, The Guardian reported $80 billion had been wiped from the value of Facebook and Instagram.

The year  2022 ended  with trillions of dollars wiped off world stocks.  Not just Facebook, but also the world’s richest man, Twitter owner Elon Musk, lost their wealth and power. This paves the way for Pluto in Aquarius.

The logo below (the wavy lines of water) also looks like WWW or the Worldwide Web. This is classic astrology. The web itself became a tool for people power from January 2000, when the South Node, Uranus and Neptune were all in Aquarius. We will now go to the next level with that, thanks to one-world digital currency shared by all (rich and poor). I’ll give you some dates for that astrology in a moment.

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Pluto in Aquarius to 2044

March 24th 2023 to June 11th 2023
January 22nd 2024 to September 2nd 2024
November 20th 2024 to March 9th 2043
September 2nd 2043 to January 19th 2044

The conjunctions of Pluto in Aquarius with your own Aquarius factors will take place at any point from 2023 to 2044, depending on what degrees they are. So, for example, if you were born with anything at 0 Aquarius, you will be among the first to experience the dramatic transformation of Pluto. If your birthday falls on, or within a day of, January 21st then you may have the Sun at 0 Aquarius.

Aquarius is About Strong Women

Aquarius is about strong women. The Aquarii of Rome carried the water which supplied the Roman Baths where women either shared the space with men, or had their own spaces. Like men, these Roman women were able to use the baths to network, read and pool resources. Powerful Roman women could enjoy the baths just as powerful Roman men could.

60 to 85 AD saw the rise of Boudicca in Britain. It was the first well-recorded Pluto in Aquarius cycle. The Queen of the Celts, Boudicca, sacked London on this cycle. When defeated, as Mary Beard records, “Boudicca took poison and according to one tall story lies buried somewhere near Platform 10 of Kings’ Cross railway station in North London.”

Boudica and Pluto in Aquarius

In The Making of the British Landscape (W&D) Nicholas Crane writes:

“Led by Boudica, the Iceni, Trinovantes and other tribes “not yet broken by servitude” killed – according to Tacitus – nearly 70,000 Roman citizens and allies. The historian was exaggerating, but it was probably the single most horrific act of mass-murder ever to have occurred in Britain.” Boudica was beaten in the end but “The Roman machine took the best part of a decade to recover momentum,” according to Crane.

Girl Reciting the Quran Bey Wikimedia  - Your Aquarius Side and Pluto in Aquarius

550 to 574 AD – Islam and Women’s Rights

The Islam of 550-574 gave women equal value to men in The Quran and gave them both equal rewards in the afterlife. Muslim women became sultanas, queens, elected heads of state and wealthy businesswomen. Before Islam, Arab culture did not give women those freedoms.  (Girl Reciting the Quran by Bey, Wikimedia)

795 to 819 – Viking Businesswomen

Warriors from Denmark, Norway and Sweden (Scandinavia) begin raiding and trading on this 795-819 Pluto in Aquarius cycle. The Viking system included female textile entepreneurs. The richest burial of the Viking Age was of a woman.


Lady Godiva by John Collier Wikimedia - Your Aquarius Side and Pluto in Aquarius

1041 to 1063 – Lady Godiva

February 9th 1041 to July 31st 1041
December 20th 1041 to March 31st 1062
August 4th 1062 to February 11th 1063
October 11th 1063 to December 16th 1063

Lady Godiva (circa 104o to 1080) painted here by John Collier (Wikimedia Commons) is a terrific example of ‘Strong Woman Syndrome’ on Pluto in Aquarius. She was the Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who rode naked, covered by her hair, through Coventry, to protest against the taxation of tenants by her husband.

Pluto in Aquarius 1286 to 1308 – Scotland Breaks Free

March 5th 1286 to June 29th 1286
January 10th 1287 to September 23rd 1287
November 1st 1287 to March 27th 1307
August 10th 1307 to March 27th 1307
October 23rd 1308 to December 4th 1308

Aquarius is not necessarily about feminism, though strong women commonly lead. It is also about tribes, as a whole. Different tribes coming together, is an Aquarian hallmark.

The First War of Scottish Independence began in 1296 as the Scots under Robert the Bruce pushed forward. This is another tribe. This is one of the reasons I have been predicting Scotland will have a referendum and leave the United Kingdom.

Pluto in Aquarius 1532 to 1553 – Mary and Elizabeth

This particular cycle was as important to British ideas about female leaders as Boudicca. And the world’s. Pluto goes into Aquarius in 1532, and right on cue,  the future Queen Elizabeth I is born on 7th September 1533 – heir to the throne.

She famously said: “I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman, but…the heart…of a king.” (Elizabeth I at Tilbury, 1588). Pluto in Aquarius tends to transform the society it stamps at the time. Several female monarches and Prime Ministers have followed in the United Kingdom ever since.

Elizabeth’s  birth was a disappointment to her father, Henry VIII, who wanted a male heir, but Elizabeth I arrived on Pluto in Aquarius and rose to rule at the age of 25. She remained unmarried, because unmarried, she held all the power.

Strong Women and Pluto in Aquarius

These ideas of strong women which began with Pluto in Aquarius and Boudicca against Rome, repeat on most Pluto in Aquarius cycles, which we only see around every 248 years.

The dominance of Queen Elizabeth I in this period is accompanied by the importance of her elder half-sister Mary, who took the throne in 1553 and her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots, imprisoned and eventually executed.

Pluto in Aquarius is about strong women  and minorities. In this particular cycle it was about religion; Protestants and Catholics.


Boudicca iStock II 819x1024 - Your Aquarius Side and Pluto in Aquarius
Vintage engraving of Boudica by MEYRICK, Samuel Rush and SMITH Charles Hamilton.

French Revolution and Independence Day for the USA

From April 3rd 1777 to December 26th 1798 Pluto in Aquarius delivered a lot in a short space of time. Women operated as equals to men in the French Revolution. It was the beginning of the end of slavery. The United States won independence, again with female leadership.

On 14th July 1789 the revolutionaries of France stormed the Bastille. On 26th August 1789 the French Revolution produced its Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. “Men are born and remain free and with equal rights.”

When Plutocrats Fall

At the very start of this article I mentioned how the end of Pluto in Capricorn brings the end of ‘plutocrats’ or a tiny number of white men with a lot of wealth and power. On 21st January 1793 King Louis XVI was executed at the guillotine. His wife Queen Marie Antoinette was later guillotined on 16th October 1793. On 22nd May 1787 The London Committee for the Abolition of the Slave Trade was founded.

Date-Stamped Pluto in Aquarius Predictions

The transformation of the United Nations will begin on March 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2023 at a critical U.N. conference in New York. Watch the headlines then. The organisation has become unfit for purpose and will ultimately be replaced.

The Rise of One World Digital Currency

The first sign of people power and ‘the people’s banks and currency” going mainstream in a big way, is May 17th to 21st 2023, when we find Pluto at 0 Aquarius square Jupiter at 0 Taurus. This is not about Bitcoin or the Wall Street elite. It is about ordinary women and men accessing something powerful.

The Rise of The People’s Social Media

Forget Twitter, Instagram and Facebook being owned by the super-rich or TikTok being owned by a Chinese corporation. What’s next? Shared ownership of your/our social media. This becomes news when Jupiter at 1 Gemini trines Pluto at 1 Aquarius from May 31st 2024 until June 3rd 2024.

Virtual War Games 

The historic aspects between Uranus at 1 Gemini, Pluto at 1 Aquarius and Neptune at 1 Aries take place from August 21st 2025 until September 14th 2025 and will permanently alter the way nations attack each other. This makes virtual war games in online bubbles an outlet for the military. This is Boudica with a computer mouse.

Many Metaverses

Again, there will many metaverses online launching August 21st to September 14th 2025. A version of yourself will enter spaces, to chat to others (also using versions of themselves) with language translation. You will choose your face, hair, shape, style and then be able to talk and listen, across many languages, in real time.

Zoom Invitation – Pluto in Aquarius and You

If you’d like me to look at your questions, try a Tarot reading to expand your prediction of Pluto in Aquarius and discuss what’s in store for the world – come along to a Zoom event with The Astrology Collective on Sunday February 5th, Sunday February 12th and Monday February 13th, 2023. We’ll consider the next female president of the United States (Kamala Harris?) and the new people power with its one-world digital currency.

Sunday February 5th 2023
London 9.00am
Hobart 8.00pm
Adelaide 7.30pm
Hong Kong 5.00pm
Perth 5.00pm
Auckland 10.00pm
Paris 10.00am

Sunday February 12th 2023
New York 7.00pm
Los Angeles 4.00pm
Montreal 7.00pm
Tokyo Monday February 13th 9.00am
Perth Monday February 13th 8.00am
Hobart Monday February 13th 11.00am
Bangkok Monday February 13th 7.00am


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142 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for such an indepth article. I find your knowledge of astrology endlessly fascinating.
    I have Sun 0° Gemini – Neptune 0° Capricorn – Diana 0° Aries – Ops 0° Cancer, which will be quite active during the dates outlined above, especially the t-square when Neptune enters Aries. I would love some insight please.
    Thank you once again, Happy New Year x

    1. Thank you. You are the second reader to show up with zero degree aspects. Pluto will present as a powerful person, organisation or situation set to change you, and change your world, from Friday 24th March to Sunday 11th June. It will begin with friends and groups. January 22nd until February 22nd 2024 is the second phase. July 18th to September 2nd 2024 is the third phase. The final phase is November 20th until December 29th 2024. This picks up your life on the internet (Gemini) and in the local scene (Gemini rules neighbourhood). It is also about your need to escape from the real world through your career, academic career or unpaid vocation (Neptune in Capricorn). It is also very much about being free to do what you want with your title, reputation and appearance (Diana in Aries). Your home, home town, homeland, household and/or family are also pulled in (Ops in Cancer) with the need for a solution there. Who or what shows up at the minute of ingress by Pluto may later prove to be significant. I was at an astrology conference in 2008 when this happened. A few minutes of my life then proved to predict what I would be doing for the next decade or so, eventually. It was quite extraordinary. Pluto transits always pose the question ‘Who is in charge?’ or ‘Who is top dog?’ Pluto, you will know, had a dog called Cerberus. Who is leader of the pack? As you will know if you have ever tried to ‘master’ a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Bull Mastiff, they are acutely conscious of human/dog politics and pull very hard on the lead. They also need a ton of exercise. All of which makes you stronger if you can stand it. And eventually you will figure out ‘shared control’ of the walk. This is really an analogy about Diana in your chart as she ran with a greyhound and Rubens painted her as being muscular and potent. Whatever or whomever enters your life as a theme in March will hang around for quite some time so be aware of what you are being shown. This could work out in a fascinating way for you professionally, in academia or with unpaid work, and involve your way with words and ideas.

  2. Hi Jessica I have an Aquarius stellium, but Pluto 0 degrees Scorpio which I believe will square Aquarius, please could I ask if this square is positive or negative? I certainly have felt dwindling power over the last few years but a lot of willpower, in finance, relationships and my own fertility. All has required I grit my teeth and dig deep. Thanks Jessica!

    1. You will have transiting Pluto at 0 Aquarius square your natal Pluto at 0 Scorpio. He will also form a conjunction with your natal Diana and Aesculapia at 0 Aquarius. And aspect Chiron at 0 Gemini. So this transit transforms you and your world. Friday 24th March to Sunday 11th June is phase one. It will begin with friends and groups. January 22nd until February 22nd 2024 is the second phase. July 18th to September 2nd 2024 is the third phase. The final phase is November 20th until December 29th 2024. Essentially, the known world of your social media, any clubs/teams/bands/charities/societies, old friends and communities of allies – will quickly present you with power and control questions on March 24th. Transiting Pluto challenges you to use your willpower to find your power and to use your self-control to have control. Thus, you become stronger. It will involve joint finances, shared property or possessions. So if you were in AC/DC this would be the royalties from the new album. The other aspects pick up Gemini and your Third House so I suspect this involves the worldwide web, primarily. Take your time deciding what you enter into, as Pluto arrives. If you are going to mix money and friends, or charity and groups, or business and a tribe, be aware of things you cannot square, between making or saving money, but also being a friend and an ally. Draw a Tarot card closer to the time to see how this transit shows up for you. Stage-direct the action in the Tarot card to avoid what you don’t want and to achieve what you do want. You need to control your bank account, house, apartment. You always have. Now, that control is challenged. How do you take it on?

  3. Just a quick note – Mary, Queen of Scots, was cousin to Elizabeth I, not half-sister. Elizabeth’s half-sister was Mary Tudor (aka Bloody Mary). Mary Tudor becomes queen of England in 1553 following Henry VIII’s death; while Mary, Queen of Scots, was crowned queen of Scotland in 1542 when she was only six days old. Elizabeth I becomes queen in 1559 after Mary Tudor dies – possibly of cancer. Mary, Queen of Scots, later loses her Scottish throne, seeks refuge with Elizabeth, and then is accused of an assassination plot against Elizabeth I because Mary had a claim to the throne. Mary, Queen of Scots, was executed in 1587. While the above details may be incorrect, the effect of Pluto in Aquarius is still obvious – and there is one more strong female leader to show for it.

    1. And so it is to my copy of History (Adam Hart-Davis, DK 2007) I turn to read more about Mary – thank you! Now, the timeline in the book (which is of course chiming with Pluto in Aquarius) states that on 7th September 1533, Anne Boleyn gave birth to Elizabeth I, recognised as heir, ahead of her half-sister Mary, daughter of Henry VIII’s first wife Catherine of Aragon. “Her elder half-sister Mary’s accession to the throne in 1553, placed Elizabeth in a perilous situation.” We then find the second Mary, making an appearance. “She had her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots, imprisoned and eventually executed.” So you are quite right. There are two Marys in this story. I stand corrected and will fix the identities of Marys, plural, in the story. Happy New Year.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this insightful article. As a woman, it is heartwarming to read this article especially having Pluto in Cap since 2008 and battling progress against all odds in a male dominated profession. However, in my personal life, I have been so fortunate to have a spouse who is so respectful of women and equality irrespective of color, age, race etc….. Being Cap with stellium in Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius and Scorpio, I would be obliged to get your reading of my chart on Pluto in Aquarius and how it will affect my profession and role. I am all about teams and building teams and without a particular focus, most of my hires at my previous leadership role were the growth of women and positions of influence in the government. I have Aquarius in Diana, Saturn, Moon and Apollo. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You have a strong Aquarius signature in your Eleventh House of allies, amigos, comrades and ‘United we stand’ which is quite powerful. A lot of what is to come had its origins in the Millennium, as the year 2000 saw three big astrology factors in Aquarius, again in your Eleventh House. What happened then went beyond merely teaming up, or being friends; it was about a fundamental understanding of equality, equal rights and the beauty of sharing. Pluto is rather different to Uranus in Aquarius and Neptune in Aquarius, which you experienced in 2000. He brings immediate issues about taking control; taking back control; sorting out the controls. It takes time to sort out. You need to be utterly sure of what or whom you are signing up for, with groups, or even casual social circles, from March 2023 as it really is a commitment. And yet, to be fair to Pluto, if we accept the challenge, we tend to become far stronger. We end up in a position of strength, but we also become quite literally stronger people.

  5. Hi Jessica
    I always love the history lesson that comes along with the astrological
    Information. So fascinating and helps with understanding the concepts better. I only have 1 Aquarius factor. My sons (feb 10, 98) has Neptune 0 Aquarius along with some other factors (Uranus 09, Mercury 12, Sun 21)his moon opposite his Uranus at 09 Leo)He is starting a new career (internet). My husband has Jupiter 04 Aquarius, and some other factors (ic 20, salacia 02, Hygeia 17). my daughter also has 5 factors 11-24 in Aquarius and her Diana at 00 Leo. She is having a baby around March. Can you tell me anything for these? I am hoping my husbands Jupiter may help him on some way (8/22/73). Thank you for everything and Happy New Year.

    1. Thank you. Astrology is actually history. It’s cyclical time so everything repeats, thematically. Your son will feel the Pluto in Aquarius transit first and it will take the rest of you many years to see any impact. Your son has Neptune at 0 Aquarius in his Eleventh House of friends and groups, so Pluto moving to 0 Aquarius in March 2023, will transform the bubble he has with these people. His social life, probably online, has become an escape from the real world. Pluto will come along and change that, either because there is a new friend or group challenging him to think harder about who/what is in control of everything – or because of a personality change with one friend who becomes far more influential and dominant.

  6. Hi Jessica, thanks a lot for the article. Pluto entering Aquarius has me intrigued as I have a stellum in Aquarius. I also have a few 0* placements, including the south node at 0* Aquarius. Could you please tell what Pluto entering Aquarius means for me?

    1. Thank you. Your chart reveals the North Node at 1 Leo and South Node at 1 Aquarius so your last past life was spent dealing with leadership issues, in a group of friends. This may have been in the army, navy or air force, with challenges about/for the commander, for example. This theme repeats in this lifetime and it is about to become intense, as Pluto goes to 1 Aquarius on February 23rd 2024. Leo is the King or Queen to a younger court. Leo is concerned with heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne – Leo mentors, tutors, guides and leads. Aquarius is people power in a community or network and as these two signs are in opposition it’s always an uncomfortable trade-off. Think about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and you’re close. So, be aware of the ins and outs of any band, club, team, union, party, society, association when you commit, or recommit. Leo is about courtship and the bedroom, as well as fatherhood. You also have Psyche very close at 0 Leo, next to the North Node, so this is quite a past life you have here, which will come back to you, as early as March 2023 when Pluto goes to 0 Aquarius, opposite. It pulls in the family as you have Mars at 0 Cancer and also your lifestyle, workload and health, as Vulcano is at 0 Virgo. This is a long, long transit with the first signs in March as I’ve said, but it extends to Pluto at 1 Aquarius as late as December 2025. So it’s around three years of accepting that you owe, or are owed, from another lifetime – in respect of the group and friends, but also questions about who or what is the ‘King’ – and that it will affect many different areas of your life. I have seen this pattern before with a singer in a band who was the monarch, essentially, with the court around him. What came to pass was the reinvention of the band and the usual musical differences and of course it influenced just about everything. You need to keep an eye on what goes in writing, as an agreement but you/you all, from March as what is binding may also be karmically binding too.

  7. Thank you, Jessica. I’m looking forward to this new year, but must admit I’m a bit hesitant about metaverses and digital currencies – although, during and since the pandemic, we barely see any cash anymore in shops. Everything is cards and online banking.
    Did we just see an example of the strong woman with the amazing tweets from Greta Thunberg vs that idiot? It was beautiful!
    I have Uranus at 1degree Virgo, and a stellium in Aquarius. (I’m very happy to see Pluto leacing Capricorn, and although I have a Scorpio Asc, I feel that Uranus is stronger than Pluto in my chart.) Could I ask how this will play out for me? Thank you, and all the best to you for the New Year.

    1. Thank you. Many readers have issues about one-world digital currency but it appears to be an alternative to Wall Street, for the people, not the elite. The shared values of what is higher in price may be very different – so, not fossil fuel or gold. Uranus at 1 Virgo is in your Sixth House of workload, wellbeing, mental and physical health, daily routine and lifestyle. You have always been subject to regular upheaval here, your whole life, either finding medical care stops your job or studies, for example, or reshuffles mean you lose a position. You may also have quit in the interests of your own freedom. Pluto at 1 Aquarius will aspect your natal Uranus at 1 Virgo so ‘meeting change with change’ is wise. The change will chime with a Full Moon in Virgo on March 7th 2023 so that whole month appears to be a call to action. Perhaps, eating more raw vegetables or making an appointment for long overdue hearing issues and so on. It’s on that level. I don’t need to mention safeguarding against Covid.

  8. Thanks for your impressions Jessica.

    Considering how the banks & credit unions willfully acted as agents of law enforcement for the Canadian government, the idea of a global digital currency leaves me cold. It seems ripe for abuse. The Canadian example of digitally freezing bank accounts and credit cards of protesters without due process, is a cautionary tale for any free society (and a helpful suggestion to any autocracy taking notes).

    1. Thank you. Uranus in Taurus translates as ‘revolution in currency’ and Uranus is associated with anything running on electricity, as well as new technology. Uranus is about liberation, freedom and independence so it seems unlikely that we would all be under the yoke of world-domination banking. If anything, this looks like an alternative economy or sharemarket where the values are those of the people not the elite. You may find governments trying to own it, but the arrival of Jupiter in Taurus (always good news) as well as Uranus suggests that what we end up with, favours everybody/all of us rather than the (say) Canadian government. But I get your point. I think this will become a bigger concern when we find Pluto in Aquarius (people power protests) square Saturn in Taurus (currency obstacles) in March 2029.

  9. Hi Jessica, Wishing you a happy New Year. On reading your article, I am hoping you can provide some insight into what may play out in my chart re May 2023, with Diana at 0 Aquarius, and IC at 0 Taurus. I have struggled with the loss of – freedom- that comes with marriage, and read with interest your writing the cycles of womens rights through the ages. I do often think of my own Lithuanian mother, who grew up, on the one hand, in a culture with more advanced womens rights than existed in Australia, (she owned European property as a young woman through inheritance but had that taken – along with education- by her father), the theme repeating through her life. I hope a wave of individual and collective female strength builds through Aquarius times.

    1. Happy New Year. You will feel Pluto at 0 Aquarius strongly from March 2023 as transiting Pluto conjunct Diana in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups will transform your social life, social media and networks. If you are prepared to use your willpower you could become much stronger and feel far more empowered. Your IC depends on an accurate birth time. If you have it, then your family patterns around money, property, charity, business and ownership will be challenged by the events of March. You have inherited a particular way of approaching your bank account, investments and security from one ancestor. That will be confronted by March 2023. As we go into Pluto in Aquarius and female leadership is back, you may well find that on a very personal level, you feel the political. It won’t be long before a strong, charismatic and powerful woman emerges on the world stage. There are already a decent number of female leaders, but this one is here to change the system.

  10. Hello Jessica,
    I am curious if you have any insight, thoughts or opinions regarding Chinese astrology and the year of the Rabbit.
    Just curious, Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I will publish the Year of the Rabbit predictions on Lunar New Year, but in general, 2023 is about family change, for all of us. The family tree on both sides, mother’s and father’s, is subject to upheaval and it may be extreme or just necessary, depending on what we do. A good example of this is Prince Harry and Charles III. You can see the space for free choice there. There is a tremendous break with the past on offer, in terms of roots – so history, culture, heritage. This goes for all families and all cultures and countries. Chinese astrology is of course Asian astrology and Lunar New Year is Asian, not only centred in Shanghai and Beijing. We are seeing a final, decisive break with the ancestors for billions of people around the world in 2023. Generation change. If we take China as a separate entity, the Millennials will be very tempted to just leave the old Communist loyalties and family systems behind.

  11. Jessica,
    I added all my kids (Family & Friends) by doing an extended birth chart on each of them. I noticed my youngest twins have the most planets & asteroids in Aquarius and other interesting aspects. We’ll go with my daughter Andrea’s chart ( born 4 minutes before my son Josh). She has Mercury 0 deg Aries, Ceres 0 deg Aries, Fortuna 0 deg Aquarius & Salacia O deg Pisces. Her interestingly large stellium in Aquarius: Fortuna 0 deg, Vulcano 4 deg, Descendant 5 deg, Bacchus 14 deg, Moon 16 deg, Vesta 19 deg, Ops 22 deg & Saturn 27 deg. I can only imagine what the next 20 years has in store for them!!

    1. Thank you. Twins are a good example of the ‘alchemy’ of astrology. It is the transits and also the people who make them, what they are. Andrea and Josh are four minutes apart, but as they grow older, will have different friends, boyfriends, girlfriends and respond differently to the cycles, as they have free will. They are also male and female of course and so society treats them differently. Andrea has that 0 degree line-up which suggests a transformation in her social life, social media, friendships and groups from March 2023 to June 2023 (first phase) will transform her too. Transiting Pluto at 0 Aquarius sextile Mercury at 0 Aries suggests she will find her voice then and may alter her title, reputation and appearance online. It’s a choice she has. She may not be fully aware of how much she affects other people, particularly old and new friends, or particular circles, teams, clubs, bands, societies and so on. Her Moon at 16 Aquarius suggests a key role with a group from January 2034 and as Saturn at 16 Cancer and Jupiter at 16 Pisces also aspect her Moon as the year 2034 begins, this people power community will change her life.

  12. Hello Jessica,

    Happy new year and thank you for your article. I have Aquarius stellium, but it seems have a lot of squares and I wonder what is stored for me. Moreover, if women are in power what does that mean for me as a Aquarius man? Thank you for your insights.

    1. Happy New Year. Yes, you do have an Aquarius stellium, with the Sun at 0 Aquarius, in your Eleventh House of friends, groups and people power. Your identity with/around a network of people will transform from March-June 2023 to start with, and again from January to February 2024 and November-December 2025. A powerful person, organisation or circle will arrive in March and challenge you to change. Alternatively, existing friends or networks will transform and become far more influential, dominant and controlling, also forcing you to alter how you approach life. Women will be involved, as they always are with Pluto in Aquarius. Some will lead, now or later. The Sun in Aquarius man is here to shine in the spotlight and gain admiration and curiosity for his approach to women, which is inclusive, respectful, and above all, based on equality.

  13. Hi Jessica, newbie here and happy new year. I found your blog while combing the web for light at the end of the tunnel posts for Pluto in Capricorn. I have a stellium of planets in Scorpio and Capricorn. Pluto has humbled me greatly since 2008 when my life came to a seeming halt. I’m looking forward to Pluto’s departure from my Cap but also worried about Pluto entering my second house of resources as I have so much catch-up to do in that area. Any chart insights please? Thank you!

    1. Happy new year. Yes, Pluto is almost out of Capricorn. The power is disappearing from the white male elite. One look at the headlines for 2022 and the collapse of wealth at the top – and you can see the astrology working. As you have factors at 8 through 29 Capricorn you have been living with this transit for a very long time. Pluto is now at 27 Capricorn and will form a conjunction at 29 from February 12th to March 23rd, the last period of being tested by dominating people or organisations, or situations which seem sent to overpower you. The gift of Pluto is that it gives you no alternative, except to change the way you operate and as a result, you become stronger. In fact, you become strong, full stop. You are likely to feel a bump when Pluto changes signs on March 24th. For the first time since 2008, your job, unpaid work or academic career is no longer qbout endlessly figuring out who or what has the control. You are concerned about your money. You are a Sun Scorpio with a huge Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of shared finance and joint property and possessions. A situation which remains stuck, circular and unresolved will end on March 17th. There is a second moment of release from a circuit or loop, when the nodes leave Scorpio and Taurus on July 17th. You have karma, probably with partners, former partners or family – involving your bank account, house or apartment, valuables or business – and you are owed, or you owe. That karma finishes on July 17th.

  14. Hello Jessica. All I have is Chiron at 2 Aquarius. I want to be ahead of the ball with creating my own social media and metaverse, and forming community solutions using blockchain and geographically local or global cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency and blockchain network I am currently working in is entirely open source and I can get my own copy of the code and build whatever I want. What can you tell me about my specific role, area of focus, and timing? What other factors will I want to be watching?

    1. Chiron at 2 Aquarius in your Eleventh House is important for many reasons. You got away with the so-called impossible, in February 1996 when Uranus was at 2 Aquarius and your experiment involved friends and groups. That set a revolution in motion and you were not the same again. Neither was the group or the friendship within. It was still there at Christmas 1996.Later on in April and May 1998, Neptune moved to 2 Aquarius, so the club, team, band, political party, good cause, social media platform and so on (whatever it was) became an escape from the real world. This bubble was still there in 1999 as the Millennium approached. Your history has made you who you are and traces of the late 1990s will be back as you deal with powerful new people or organisations when Pluto goes to 2 Aquarius in April 2024. Of course, it is also possible that existing friends and groups transform to become more powerful. It is more likely that you will find social media, the metaverse, blockchain and cryptocurrency lands with a thump in April 2024, as Uranus is still in Taurus (the revolution in money) and Jupiter is also in Taurus. Pluto is empowering if you use your willpower, and you will have to do that, as the alternative is to be dominated by people or organisations which seek total control. It’s an odd gift. The transit will be relentless, as transiting Pluto conjunct natal Chiron takes hold, but it will also transform you and your life, if you are prepared to rise to the occasion.

  15. Happy New Year, Jessica! I am aware that many countries in the Wolrd are testing CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies), which is total control of people’s money, so I guess this will be put in a bin as it does not serve the purpose of a better humanity. It must be something else coming out of nowhere with people’s digital currency. I really look forward to that. I always remember your prediction that the banks will collapse by 2026. Very exciting years ahead.
    I have only one placement at Aquarius, at 22 degrees in Salacia. Not sure if this planet has any major significance in a birth chart.
    Take care.

    1. Yes, PM Rishi Sunak among other suits at the top, is interested in this. That immediately tells you, that whatever comes our way in May 2023 is completely different. The future belongs to people power, including minorities and the less wealthy, as Pluto enters Aquarius in March 2023. This, combined with Jupiter (benefits for all) in Taurus (currency) and Uranus (the revolution that liberates) in Taurus, suggests an alternative online currency and bank. Everything people have learned from eBay, PayPal, Etsy and Bitcoin will come together from May 2023 and the New Moon in Taurus on Friday 19th May will kickstart at least one new enterprise. Uranus is about all that is revolutionary, unique, unprecedented. It is also about breaking the chains and setting people (especially women) free. Working with this idea, we are not talking banks or Wall Street. We are not talking about the male-dominated finance industry. This seems to be far more female-centred, and much more interesting. I suspect the values which underpin the new one world currency and online bank account will be based on things that people feel matter most: that may not be gold. Shock.

  16. Hi Jessica, loved the article. I have natal retrograde Mars at 13° Aquarius, natal North Node at 14 Aquarius and my descendant at 1 degree Aquarius. Any insights on what I can expect? Thank you.

    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate, your Descendant (DC) will be 1 Aquarius and so you historically have important partnerships (sexual or professional) with people who are involved with groups, bands, clubs, teams, good causes and so on. They are friendly, easy, light and breezy and present as Aquarian types even though they are born under other signs. As the Descendant rules current as well as previous partners, when Pluto arrives at 1 Aquarius there will be a dramatic transformation of the relationship with whomever you are with then, or the person who came before. It will involve a shift in the balance of power between you. Both of you need to come to terms with the way the control is to be shared, then. It will take many more years after that for Pluto to form a conjunction with your North Node, but when it happens, karma from previous lifetimes will return to you. The faces involved will have incarnated with you in this lifetime to obtain closure. You would both/all have been involved in a group. The army, navy or air force are very common, or military units. Sometimes, political parties or trade unions. A brotherhood or sisterhood comes back to you and there will be quite a repetitive situation until you realise something has been settled. Something has been repaid.

  17. Hi Jessica,

    I’m still very new to understanding how you show us to read our charts and it’s fascinated me no end! I’ve always been a ‘huh, I wouldn’t have guessed you’re an Aquarius’ to people but seeing that I have a stellium there, I’m hoping that I can harness my Aquarius side more than ever! I have Pluto in 0 Sagittarius (a sign where I have a 6 stellium)–would you be able to enlighten me on how to approach that, please? My Sagittarius stellium has taken me completely off-guard (it makes sense to me intuitively, though), especially with Jupiter, MC and Bacchus being one degree apart from each other, so I also wonder if Pluto’s slow transition across Aquarius will also affect the various placements of the Sagittarius stellium at some point.

    Either way, thank you so much for all that you do & I’m so excited to explore the possibilities of everything to come–in the world & discoveries in my chart!

    1. Thank you. Pluto at 0 Sagittarius natally will receive a sextile from transiting Pluto at 0 Aquarius, several times, starting in March 2023.The process goes through Christmas 2024. Transiting Pluto sextile Pluto is about your willpower and self-control, harnessed to make you stronger. In Sagittarius in the Ninth House, where you also have a Sagittarius stellium, this is about foreigners, foreign countries and the worldwide web. There may be a specific story about academia or publishing within that. For many different reasons you have come to need control (tight management) of your life as a student, teacher, traveller and worldwide web citizen. March 2023 begins ‘the challenge to change that’ and find a different way to manage. As March 2023 begins the worst phase of Covid yet, I would expect this to be a ban on tourists, or your own travel, or severe restrictions. That would make sense, logically. In response you have to figure out a way to keep holding the reins with foreign people, foreign cultures and countries – but in a new way. Pluto will create a sextile to every one of your Sagittarius factors over many years, and you also have Uranus in Gemini in opposition to those factors, so the world citizen you were – is not the world citizen you will be. From 2026 you will find airlines and cruise companies collapse and local and regional travel, replaces international travel. Given that this is such a part of who you are, you will need to use this Pluto transit to reconstruct your global self.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I have three Aquarius placements in the 11th house. Wondering what this might mean for me in the coming year. As always, grateful for your work! Happy New Year!!

    1. Some very big messages will be sent in March 2023 by world events which all have the same theme – nobody is more entitled or privileged than anyone else. This will affect the Royal Family. It will affect the United Nations with its peculiar views on women. It will happen in big, global ways but also get you where you live. The last time we saw a pattern in Aquarius of any note, it was the year 2000. The Millennium. The Sydney Olympics is a good image to take away. Female power, non-white female power and group thinking – no politics, just humanity. A little of that comes back to you in March. You will join or reboot a group by adding your energy, time or care and realise that this is home for you. It feels so natural. And in time it will become quite powerful.

  19. Thank you for a very informative article. Enjoy these very much and always learn something new. You’ve got my chart and while I don’t have a stellium or any major planets in Aquarius I’m curious what 2023 and beyond will hold. I’m heavily Scorpio so I know going forward I’ll have a square there. And opposition to my Virgo placements. Aquarius is my 2nd house so I’m just winding up Saturn’s transit as well. And of course Pluto to my 1st which was no picnic. But wondering what I can do to prepare for the coming years? And where to focus? During Saturn I paid off all debt except my mortgage which I’ll be working on in 2023 and beyond. Built substantial savings and will continue that. Worked 2 jobs for the last 3 years as well. I’m divorced 9 years since Pluto conjunt my Venus. With very short lived non committed relationships with Uranus in my 5th house. Can’t say I have many friends these days as I’ve climbed the mountain to the top it’s gotten rather lonely. Any advice for 2023 appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Yes, Pluto in Aquarius will slowly square your Scorpio stellium. Aquarius isn’t your Second House it’s your Eleventh House, in the Natural House System. It sounds like you are using an old system from the 20th century or earlier. Going back to the squares to Scorpio, it’s just common sense to check the fine print on financial, property, charity or business paperwork after March 2023 and ongoing. A very obvious pitfall is to mix friends and money. Groups and property. You would not want to lend a friend cash or go into a communal property arrangement with a group, for example, without carefully checking what was involved.

  20. Hello Jessica,

    Happy new year! And thank you so much for this article. I’m still newbie with reading personal horoscope using birth chart. I have stelliums in Capricon, Aquarius and Cancer. I can confirm that transition of Pluto across Capricon has brought really big changes in my career trajectory (positive way) during past two years. I have sun sign in Aquarius and also have stellium in Aquarius. Would you please able to enlighten me about what’s in store for me during upcoming slow transition of Pluto in Aquarius?

    Thanks you so much in advance, very excited to dive deeper into chart reading and make astrology work for me at it’s best. Truly fascinated by your work!

    1. Thank you very much. Happy New Year. You have seen what Pluto can do in Capricorn as your career changed. You must have strong willpower because Pluto has made you more powerful. You will really feel the difference when Pluto goes from Capricorn to Aquarius in March. He leaves one house and goes into another. This is like a tenant leaving and arriving. The groups and friends you are involved with in March, or will shortly become involved with, represent the potential of people power to change things. They involve women and do not exclude anyone based on age, race, gender, class. They are inclusive and quite potent, when they work. You will either find a group you are already committed to is reshaped in March or you will be able to play your part with a new network. It may be Twitter. The future is about ‘all of us’ and the old Capricorn system is vanishing. You will need to find your Aquarian self and forget your Capricorn self, eventually, but it shouldn’t be hard.

  21. Hi Jessica, thanks to your birth chart I came to realize I have 6 Aquarius Stelliums. Also my son Grady was born on January 21, 2010 and knowing how much Aquarius I have has helped me understand him better. I am curious what you see for me professionally this year? 2022 was extremely difficult. I dealt with the most misogynistic client in my 8 years as an interior designer. I have seriously considered quitting on multiple occasions. I want to feel joy and passion again for this chosen profession but this past year has been hard. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Sagittarius with stelliums in Sagittarius, Scorpio and Aquarius. Being strongly Aquarian you would not tolerate any misogynist. The good news is women rise from March 2023. We don’t know why yet but it’s the start of new female leaders who are like Boudicca crossed with Lady Godiva. This spills over into society’s attitudes. People like him don’t last. Your issues with your work in 2022 have been about the clash between the need to make money (Scorpio) and the reality of other people’s budgets (Taurus). Also their values (Taurus). This big stretch has been very hard but it ends in July 2023. Groups and friends will change your life after March and you will change them too. You’ll become stronger.

  22. Thank you, I love your wise, well thought out, researched, in-depth, insights/interpretations/knowledge etc. always. I have Psyche, Minerva and Proserpina in Aquarius I think in the 11th house. How does this affect my groups connections. They aren’t easy for me as I prefer one-on-one’s. I am a runner with several connections that sometimes feel unsatisfying but it’s practical to run with others. I would be grateful for any other insights around my home/house, I live alone. I have been feeling very stuck for a long time. I want to go somewhere but I don’t know where. Blessings to you.

    1. Thank you very much. You are a runner who lives alone and should run with groups for practical reasons but find some people unsatisfying. This sounds like an Aquarius pattern to me. Have a look at these three goddesses who live in your Eleventh House. Psyche was always tested. Minerva is wise. Proserpina had to go between people as a middle woman. I dare say you find circles of people quite hard work! Either with these runners or another group, club, team, society, charity, band (and so on) you will find it all changes from March. Powerful new people, organisations or situations which seek to dominate and control will appear. Your challenge is to find your own willpower so you can become stronger. You may actually become physically stronger, so – a better, faster runner. That is, if this is a running group which is the focus.

  23. hi Jessica, I have pluto in 7th house virgo. pluto in aquarius what does this mean for leo, saturn in pisces 1st house. Leo

    1. Your Pluto is not in the Seventh House in Virgo, it is in the Sixth House. Saturn in Pisces is in your Twelfth House, not your First House. I really need a chart to be able to say more, thank you.

  24. Hi Jessica
    I have an Aquarius stellium but I know that Pluto won’t reach my Venus & Mercury for a long time yet but can you give me an insight into what will it trigger when it conjuncts Apollo in my chart, I think it’s at 1 degree. Thanks Jessica

    1. Yes, you have Apollo at 1 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups and friends. You are a leader and have always led groups, even as a child. Perhaps you were the Peanuts gang version of Lucy, or you were a sports captain. Apollo was often imitated in Rome so perhaps people copy you. Pluto at 1 Aquarius will transform your leading role with a club, team, society, Twitter account, association, charity, band and so on. It will transform because you are suddenly challenged to change – to use your willpower and self-control – to meet a dominating situation, person or organisation head-on. The first signs of this are February 2024.

  25. Thank you Jessica, I have north node at 1 52 Aquarius Moon at 13 Aquarius and Vesta at 16 a Viking from Norway I say ‘ bring it on ‘ ❤️

    1. You are the first Viking I have ever encountered on this website! Happy New Year.

  26. Happy New Year, Jessica. While the effects of Pluto won’t immediately touch any of my factors in Aquarius, it will sextile my natal Jupiter and Neptune at 0 Sagittarius – would love to get your take on what this means for me. Thank you!

    1. Pluto in aspect when transiting appears as a person, organisation or situation which is powerful, dominating, controlling and rather challenging. I have seen Pluto turn up as a dog, too. The archetype comes to us from 1930 when dictators emerged (and Pluto was discovered) and also from Constance Lowell, widow of Percival Lowell, who led a power struggle to claim the planet for her husband. This potent person, situation or organisation will work in your favour. March-June is about your need to escape from the real world by travelling, or losing yourself in foreigners, or submerging in foreign culture. It will work in a really obvious way then.

  27. Hi Jessica, I have some 0 degree factors. I’m having trouble making sense of how they will be impacted. Could you kindly let me know your thoughts? Many thanks and happy new year

    1. Happy New Year. Gemini, Libra and Scorpio are the signs to watch as you have factors at 0 degrees of all three. Pluto going to 0 Aquarius on March 24th will change your life. The first phase ends on June 11th, a few weeks later. The relationship with a brother, sister or cousin will be reshaped in a powerful way. Your sexual or professional partnership will also be reshaped. If a battle or duel matters more to you than a partnership, then the rules of engagement with the enemy will alter. March is also about the finance, property, business or charity (perhaps the valuables) connected to your family or partnership. Again this will alter. The March-June situation may be down to just one person or event. If so, this person, event or organisation is dominating, focussed, potent and requires all your willpower to deal with.

  28. Happy New Year Jessica!
    I am a sun Aquarius, with Aquarius in ops and salacia. What does that mean for me please and do my stelliums in Aries, Gemini and Scorpio lessen my aquarius-ness?
    thank you again for sharing your amazing insights ⭐️

    1. Thank you. Happy New Year. You are a Sun Aquarius with Gemini, Aries and Scorpio stelliums. These do not take away from your Aquarius Sun. To have the Sun in Aquarius is to shine brightly through friends and groups. When you get it right you are admired. When you get it wrong you realise you must try harder. Yoko Ono is a good example of this. Her group was The Beatles and still is. The Sun is only what it says on the packet, though. It’s just how you are recognised, watched and singled out for attention. It has nothing to do with the rest of your character or life. For that we go to the stelliums. Your brother, sister or cousin is fundamental to your personality and life story. You will repeatedly be drawn to the local scene; the village; neighbourhood and ‘live’ there far more than other people do. You are set for a relaunch by May 2023 with a new title, appearance and reputation if you want it. Finally, keep your finances, house, business, apartment as flexible as possible because until 2026 there will be regular upheavals. We have already seen several of those on Wall Street and in the world economy. Often, the value of a pension or superannuation fund is affected, or property prices change. Try to keep your commitments loosey goosey because Uranus oppositions from Taurus to Scorpio don’t stop for years.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    Happy New Year to you.
    I have south node at 16.55 Aquarius.
    The transit of south node in Aquarius in 2018-19 was the worst of years in my life.
    Can you please let me know the effects of Pluto transit to Aquarius on my life and any remedies for same.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. I doubt it was the South Node in Aquarius in 2018-2019 that was behind the worst years of your life. There is no chart here so I can’t say very much, but if you have the South Node at 16 Aquarius, then you have the North Node at 16 Leo too. You have reincarnated to deal with karmic questions about groups and leaders. Friendships and loyalty to authority. This is quite common in people who were in the army, navy or air-force in a previous life. Mutiny on the Bounty is a good example of a Leo-Aquarius story. When transiting Pluto goes to 16 Aquarius in 2033, 2034, you will find the karma transforms as you realise the way through is your own will power. Another good example is The Stranglers. What happens when Hugh Cornwell leaves?

  30. Happy New Year Jessica.

    Your article screams of good news on the way, people power genuinely looking out for people as a collective – rather than ‘what’s in it for me’.

    A great read that I will probably come back to again and again, thank you.

    1. Yes. The narcissism of modern life, which is so boring, is down to the Aries transits. We have had Uranus in Aries (when Facebook was invented) and Chiron is still in Aries now (men putting on a dress and claiming to be women is a good example). Aries is about identity, reputation, title and appearance as you probably know. The focus switches away from ‘Me, me, me’ to ‘All of us’ pretty sharply in March when Pluto changes signs. Long-term we do have Neptune in Aries from 2026, but it will be balanced by Pluto in Aquarius. So the selfishness of ‘You do you’ will have to be balanced with the powerful needs of all of us.

  31. Hi Jessica,
    I have a stellium in Aquarius and IC at 01 degrees. I also have cupido at 0decrees. I am starting a new job this year which I thought would never materialise! It has. I would be most grateful if you could look at my chart. Thank you so much!

    1. You are a Sun Pisces with an Aquarius, Libra, Taurus and Cancer stellium to work with. You will make or save a lot of money in 2023 as your public chart shows Jupiter (abundance) in your cash zone and in your private chart we find Jupiter also in your cash zone. By 2024 you will have seen more than one opportunity. March is a crucial month for friends and groups. In March the barriers dissolve and in their place you find real power, if you want to do the work. Finally, a sexual or professional partner is the big story of 2023, 2024 with karma from 18-19 years ago presenting from July. You owe, or are owed, either with this person or another face from that time. You will recognise the karma when you see it.

  32. Hi Jessica

    I have Saturn at 0 degree Saturn in Virgo, Juno at 29 degree Capricorn – I am looking for love & a job! So does Pluto conjunct Juno mean an overhaul in my view of commitment on both fronts? Saturn at 0 degree sounds ominous more so given I also have a Saturn opposition Saturn in march !

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    1. We start with the solar chart. You are a Sun Leo. The job opportunity will come in May or June. You could already have a job by then so this would be a superior offer or promotion. March is the turning point for love. The barriers come down and in their place you are offered a power couple partnership. It may not be sexual. It could be professional. But this is also the transit where we see people meet and marry. Just be aware of transiting Saturn opposite natal Saturn in March, please. This is about your health and wellbeing which should be your number one priority.

  33. I couldn’t help but be struck by your mention of Boudicca allegedly being buried somewhere near Platform 10 at Kings Cross! Wonder if she might just be on the fictitious Platform 9 and 3/4. Tall story or not, do you think there is some historical pattern repeating with the stories of Boudicca and those of the Harry Potter author? Both have powerful and impactful legacies in common.

    1. Yes, the information comes from Mary Beard, but it’s likely J.K.Rowling knows the story. Or perhaps she read it once and it just floated into her subconscious when she was creating the Harry Potter Kings Cross legend.

  34. Hi Jessica, I have many factors in Aquarius including the Sun at 3 degrees so this has been very useful information. Looking at my chart, my Ascendant and South Nodes (and thus Descendant and North Nodes) are on the same degrees. Also my MC and IC are both on 29 degrees, Aries and Libra respectively. Is there any significance to either of these things that I should be aware of? Any guidance would be much appreciated. Orla

    1. Orla, if you think back to the years that the outer planets were in Aquarius and your Eleventh House, you will remember Friends and Teletubbies both ruled television ratings. Both are Aquarian. Seinfeld, too. An Aquarian tribe is hands-off, very friendly, equal, diverse and game-changing. You have a group like this in your life, or will join one, in the final week of March. It is incredibly powerful so may be political (it changes part of the world) or personally transform people (group therapy). I find it interesting that both Seinfeld and Friends had Jewish input. That’s the diversity, as far as it ever went, with those shows. They evolved as Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius both circled the world horoscope. Whatever the make-up of the circle, it will have people from very different tribes, coming together as one tribe. The big, big lesson for the next 20 years is tolerance and space. This makes the group asexual in nature (hands off) even though men and women are there. It’s interesting to watch Teletubbies, that intensely Aquarian tribe, to see how vast the territory is, and how few of them there are. So for you, one of the keynotes will be that there’s ample room for everyone to do his or her own thing – to be themselves in their own space.

  35. Happy New Year Jessica!
    Wishing you 2023 blessings.

    I have 3 factors in Aquarius 1 degree in Panacea, 7 Jupiter, 18 in Salecia, what could this mean for a virgo sun.


    1. Happy New Year. Well, right up until 2026 you will be finding freedom, space and (even) liberation by getting to know what you used to think of as a foreign culture. Even, a foreign country. This will increase from May 2023 to May 2024 when there will be a terrific opportunity. You could pick up a new language for example or even decide to uproot yourself, making the move by 2026. You can still make or save money in a big way by May 2023 if you take the opportunities on offer.

  36. Hello Jessica and happy New Year! Thanks again for your super interesting insights and information.
    I’m really interested in this Aquarius influence, as my social and friendship groups have changed and fluctuated a lot since 2008. However, due to many different groups, I cannot work out which one may be affected. I have Venus, Vulcano and my IC all in Aquarius (I am a Sun Pisces) – in particular, how does the fact that my IC is in Aquarius affect me?
    On a separate note, I have noticed that for the past few days, Jupiter is at 1degree Aries – I have Mars at 1 degree Aries. Is this transit important for me? Should I be noticing/manifesting/acting on anything special to make the most of this? (and for how much longer will Jupiter be at 1 degree Aries?)
    Thank-you once again! x

    1. Thank you. Which group is affected by Saturn leaving and Pluto entering Aquarius? It will be the group where the power is. This may be a protest movement. It may be a hiking club. A political party. A university reunion group – alumni and friends. It may be a group project in your profession. The group which has offered up nothing but barriers in 2021, 2022 and early 2023 may well turn out to be the group where you are let in, only to find that you are really powerful, even on the margins of the circle. Your IC in Aquarius, if your birth time is correct, reveals an ancestor or relative who was dominated by a group. It may have been a trade union, a rock band or the Suffragettes. The Golden Dawn or the Democrats. You have inherited that DNA. You are now past your Jupiter conjunction to Mars in Aries and will have seen first hand how your title, reputation and appearance has gained from Jupiter. The transit is now behind you – I apologise for the delay, but have 16,707 comments in the queue and have only just found your question now, three weeks on. Happy Lunar New Year.

  37. Hello Jessica and happy New Year! Thanks again for your super interesting insights and information.
    I’m really interested in this Aquarius influence, as my social and friendship groups have changed and fluctuated a lot since 2008. However, due to many different groups, I cannot work out which one may be affected. I have Venus, Vulcano and my IC all in Aquarius (I am a Sun Pisces) – in particular, how does the fact that my IC is in Aquarius affect me?
    I also have two 0 degree factors – Proserpina in Capricorn and Vesta in Cancer.
    On a separate note, I have noticed that for the past few days, Jupiter is at 1degree Aries – I have Mars at 1 degree Aries. Is this transit important for me? Should I be noticing/manifesting/acting on anything special to make the most of this? (and for how much longer will Jupiter be at 1 degree Aries?)
    Thank-you once again! x

    1. Happy New Year. Lots going on here; to answer your question about the IC (Immum Coeli) first – it depends on a strictly accurate birth time. If you can trust your birth time, then the Aquarius IC shows an ancestor who was heavily involved with groups, clubs, teams, societies and communities. He or she may have been involved in a trade union, a lifetime of army involvement or a rock band. You have inherited that need to figure out groups in this lifetime. Pluto entering Aquarius in March 2023 will introduce you to a new idea: group power. Your 0 degree patterns in Capricorn and Cancer suggest March 2023 brings an important choice about work and home, at the same time – or social position, status and the family – making it, versus going back to where you come from, or staying there. These are all classic Cancer-Capricorn choices. Finally, transiting Jupiter in conjunction with natal Mars at 1 Aries is with you until January 7th, and will show up as an expansive, jovial, open-handed, larger-than-life person, or a huge organisation which is seen as a fixer. The target? Your title, reputation or appearance. To bring this down to earth, you may find a big, fat, jolly publicist who wants to promote you at an introductory rate for 2023. Jupiter tends to show up as overweight, smiling types who genuinely can’t do enough for you. Keep your eye out for that…

  38. Hi jessica,

    I have Neptune 00 capricorn, pluto 03 scorpion, ASC 00 pisces, DESC 00 virgo, Apollo 02 libra, Hygeia 00 taurus, Panacea 01 aquarius, Ops 01 scorpio. What does it mean for me ? What should I expect?

    I have as well a special question, i would like to create a company in Portugal related to real estate and insurance. It’s a project that I started only the business plan in 2020 and discussed with potential insurer in Portugal 2021…But 2022 the project was put on hold Because others priority came and had difficulties to convince the insurer about this new concept in the country… I love my project but I feel less motivate And have the impression that I will never do it. I leave and work in a bank in Switzerland. Do you think i can set up this project? While working? At least at the beginning? Will 2023 be a good year? Or it will be difficult? Can I lose my job? I am as well looking to move for a new opportunity.

    Sorry for all of this questions. I am
    A little confuse with all these
    Stelliums Mutuable signs that i have…. I don’t know if it is good or not. I sincerly Hope you can have few minutes.

    Many Thanks for always be present with your blogs! I love them!

    1. Thank you. Your Neptune at 0 Capricorn and Hygiea at 0 Taurus are first cab off the rank to be hit with Pluto at 0 Aquarius and Saturn at 0 Pisces, in the big ‘zero degree entry’ month of March 2023. This is about the escape from the real world you seek through your work, study or unpaid work. You find these roles and goals, positions and ambitions a way out of reality and in some ways they are a holiday or vacation from what is far too real for you. March 2023 brings a big choice about that. It also brings a choice about your salary, savings and business interests. Perhaps March is already in your diary, regarding your real estate and insurance company in Portugal. Take your time deciding in March. Get outside advice and be a realist about who and what is involved. Use the Tarot on this website to give yourself a personal reading about this timing. Another reason March is important; you are a Sun Virgo woman who will have Pluto (powerful people and organisations) entering Aquarius and her Sixth House of work, the same month. So this shows up in your private and public chart. You have a lot to figure out in March so use all your resources to do it. You will continue to have opportunities to save or make money until May 2023.

  39. Thank you Jessica for another wonderful insight.
    I’m excited for the new year. Possibly looking for better job’s and partnerships.

  40. Hi Jessica,
    I am a woman with Aquarius stellium, reading the blog validated that I am a strong person. I have Salacia at 01°, Jupiter 04°, Asc 06°,Moon 11°, and Hygeia 16°. How will the Pluto in Aquarius affect me? Thanks

    1. You will find the past comes back to you, from the year 2000 (a memorable year) as back then you had the South Node, Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups and were strongly affected by these people and what you achieved together – or what changed you, challenged you or rewarded you. Those friends may be back in your life in 2023 and ongoing but this time round it’s different. Pluto going to 1 Aquarius will form a conjunction with Salacia as late as January 2025. You will find yourself operating in two worlds then, with friends or groups. Neither world is real. Something or someone will take that over, in January, and you will be challenged to change. It could make you far stronger.

  41. Hi Jessica, thank you for all the fantastic information you provide. I have an aquarius stellium but I am unsure of what it means for me. Are you able to see via my chart, whether I have a positive career change this year or house move? I have been in a career I hate for 17 years and pray for something I am passionate about and I’m hoping this is the year I make it happen. Thank you i’m advance!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Taurus woman with stelliums in Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini, Pisces, Aquarius. You have opted for financial security and become stuck with a career you hate (for 17 years: even for a Sun Taurus with all her stubborn persistence, that is a long time). March 2023 brings things to a head. What happens near Pluto’s entry into Aquarius on March 24th shows you a powerful person or organisation, and a choice. If you want to transform what remains of your working life until 2044 you will deliberately choose a new job or profession where you take on the challenge of quite dominating, controlling, forceful people, but push back with a will of iron and self-control. In this way some of their power is shared with you. March 2023 is important because all the heavy restrictions, barriers and limitations of 2021, 2022 with your career finish. You could make or save a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024 as Jupiter goes over your Taurus stellium. Far into the future, from 2026 you will become involved with radical new internet inventions and innovations and discover your way with words, ideas and images using new technology. It will set you free.

  42. Happy New Year, Jessica!
    Thank you as always for keeping us informed with your precise and knowledgeable insights. I have both the moon and Saturn at zero degree Aquarius. In addition, I have Uranus at zero degrees Virgo and aesculipia at zero degrees Pisces. I would greatly appreciate it if you can tell me what this means for me? Thank you!

    1. Happy New Year. Thank you. A Moon-Saturn conjunction is rare. You have it in Aquarius, the sign ruling your Eleventh House of groups and friends. You are a mother figure to old and new friends, networks, circles, teams, clubs and societies. Yet there are always heavy restrictions and barriers that come with that role. You may even have stopped doing it, a long time ago, because it was all too hard. The Moon is your maternal drive, no matter if you are male or female. Saturn is just like the planet: heavily barricaded with ring-fenced situations and people. In Aquarius, it’s a life path of learning about what works/who works in your social life and on social media if you use it. Pluto at 0 Aquarius will transform you and change friendships and group involvements of all sorts; even if you are on the fringes of a group or scene. March 24th starts the cycle and you would expect a person, organisation or circle which seeks to dominate, either arriving or moving centre-stage. Pluto is like a personal trainer. You can swear at them, under your breath, but eventually you admit you have become stronger. This first encounter with Pluto at 0 Aquarius ends on June 11th. Something basic; take your time getting into any new situation or committing to any new person. Don’t just ‘go there.’ You’ve not had this transit in your lifetime. In fact, we’ve not seen it since the French Revolution.

  43. Happy new year, Jessica. I still feel like it’s 2020 not 2023. I have jupiter (15 degrees), salacia (18 degrees and panaca (21 degrees) in Aquarius. what does this mean for me in the coming years of Aquarius?

    as always, thank you for your help to better understand myself

    1. What will happen from March 2023 is like a tidal wave of change that everyone surfs, enjoying the difference between the past and the present. You will also catch a wave. There will be some quite stunning success stories involving people power, from March. More than one successful class action lawsuit against a mega-corporation, where a small investment from one person, joining her friends or allies, can result in a decent profit, but a really big win on the board. This is Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. The other things you will notice in 2023 really involve women rising as role models and influencers; not just aping men, but pursuing feminism. Their huge success will also inspire other women. It has been years since you have been without Pluto in Capricorn and will be delighted to see that you were right all along. People deserve the best. Not the rich elite at the top. We, the people. Women are half of it. The group you join or rejoin, or are tempted to join, in March 2023 is part of that.

  44. Amazing article Jessica! Somehow I feel this change will be for the better and I am excited about it.
    I have Venus exactly at 0 Aquarius. What I can expect regarding Venus themes?

    1. Thank you. Venus in Aquarius seduces her friends and charms people in the group, club, team, society – to fall for her beauty. You can be a man or woman and play Venus in Aquarius in the Eleventh House. You can be a groupie with this placement, or the femme fatale in a political party who causes no end of bother. You can be a football player whose charisma is as important as his ball skills, so to speak. Venus is an ancient symbol of vanity (her glyph is a truncated hand mirror) and tremendous attractiveness. She moves with the fashion of the times; Ruben painted her as fat. Venus today is no doubt rather thinner than that, but her association with clothes, fashion and hair comes from the mirror. So here you are with this in your chart and Pluto is about to sit on Venus. A powerful, dominating, controlling person will come along (or reappear) in March who triggers your Venus. This could be soap-opera or opera level but be careful about who or what you are getting involved with. It will change you.

  45. Hi Jessica and a Happy new year!
    I am a sun Libra with stellium in Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius. What is my challenges or my possibilities in the nearest future.
    i love too read your predictions, it gives my many thoughts how the planets rules our world and people.

    1. Happy New Year. Your health should be your number one priority from March 2023, in 2024, 2025 and early 2026. Nothing else matters as much as your wellbeing. You will find 2023 most important for the changes to your finances, as you stand to save or make money from May 2023 to May 2024, as Jupiter in Taurus goes through your public Eighth House of joint finance and shared property. In the same cycle, you lose the stuck nature of the nodal oppositions from Taurus to Scorpio (this ends in July 2023) so this year brings really obvious progress for you extending into 2023.

  46. Dear Jessica,
    firstly, I would like to wish you a very happy and successful 2023!
    Thank you for such an interesting article, sharing the historical view on the Aquarius. As this is one of my stelliums, please could you share how this relates to me and what I should look out for.
    Thank you and best regards!

    1. Happy New Year. An Aquarius stellium woman is usually obvious in childhood, as this is the girl who is in the gang, or around the gang. Television shows, stories or cartoons about groups of friends (like The Secret Seven or The Famous Five) are often popular, or more recently, Teletubbies. Peanuts, too. Aquarius is about male and female shared space, without sex. It is about platonic friendship and sexual equality. Aquarius is an air sign and is associated with cool, light, breezy, easy, hands-off friendship. The internet is where Aquarius lives, because of Zoom, Twitter and Meetups. No agenda friendship between the community and no physical contact. It is no accident that the internet took off in 2000, when Uranus, Neptune and the South Node were all in Aquarius. What you did that year will come back to you as Pluto goes to 0 Aquarius, where the South Node used to be, in April 2000. It may be the same friends, the same comrades or associates, the same group project. The only issue with Pluto is to avoid power-trippers and blatant controllers and takeover merchants. They are pretty obvious. You’ll see one in March, or more than one. Avoid.

  47. Happy New Year and Thank you! I hope its not to late to ask questions. Me (sun and Venus Leo, with NN, mars and moon in aqu) and my partner (leo with moon and venus in cancer) are looking to buy a new home this year so my question is when would be the best time for us to do that?
    Im grateful for any response (I know many are in line).
    I wish you well!

    1. Happy New Year. You have Jupiter at 26 Scorpio in the Eighth House of partnership property, so were born lucky. Neptune at 26 Pisces makes a perfect trine to natal Jupiter in April 2023, May 2023 and again in August, September 2023 and February, March 2024 so you have several trines in your favour when Jupiter can work for you. You are both Sun Leo people who also have transiting Saturn in Pisces in your Eighth House, at the same time, so this looks like a new home with classic Saturn tests of patience and stamina. In other words, a demanding mortgage or renovation. Given your chart, though, you will always be protected and often gain enormously from these shared arrangements. I’ve seen this in the charts of people who buy affordable houses and then see them more than double in value in a few years. Have a look at the Tarot to validate the timing for yourself.

  48. Hi Jessica, thank you for the deep dive into the upcoming Pluto in Aquarius transit time periods, it will be a very long haul in Capricorn…
    I read the many articles written by you on the website about Pluto in Capricorn leaving in March of 2023 and what a relief that was going to be for Capricorns. I was looking SO forward to the release as I am a Sun Cappy and have NINE aspects in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn for me was not a fun time, it was a rather hard and very daunting time for me personally and for my adult children and grandchildren. It was a period filled with losses and conflict in the following areas: a thirty-year marriage that ended in divorce, a very nasty one at that, along with financial losses and deception in the legal industry due to deception, followed by lost money-making opportunities in the Stock Market due to men, (Financial Advisors) that adamantly refused to do what I as a woman requested of them where “trades” were concerned, and don’t get me started on the plumbing issues in my home and the plumbers. I have a stellium in Aquarius in Mercury at 17, Jupiter 14, Saturn 01 and in the South Node at 18 degrees. I know that you said Pluto leaving Capricorn is a good thing, but Pluto is going into Aquarius, is that supposed to be good thing according to the placements in my chart, or will it cause more heartaches and losses? I am also having a hard time making progress with getting the podcast started and website updated in order to move forward with the project and new business venture. It would really help to have some clarification, please and thank you. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts as I will not be able to register for the Zoom Event, I have work on those days. Happy New Year and cheers to 2023.

    1. Thank you. Happy New Year. Your marriage was your status and you lost it when Pluto went through your Tenth House of position, mission and ambition. I am sorry it was a bad divorce for you. Your former husband played Pluto, or his lawyer did. You have a podcast and business venture to look after too. Okay, so your chart shows you are a Sun Capricorn woman with stelliums in Capricorn, Aquarius and Virgo. You are ambitious to do more/have more all your life and will frequently rise to the top of society or your profession. You are also central to more than one group, involving friends and allies, friendly acquaintances and ‘the community’ now and forever. Finally, your Virgo stellium makes your work, your life’s work, a barometer of how happy you are. I can imagine the plumbers have driven you round the bend, literally. The most important day of 2023 is March 24th 2023 when Pluto leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius. From that point, you will no longer have to live with the background noise of men (in particular) or rather dominating women, trying to have it all their way in your chosen field. You have become so accustomed to Pluto by now that you take it for granted that any attempt to do well, or do better, will always be an intense business. I have been taking notes on my readers’ experiences over the years and some people will try anything to overpower their professional competition – even satanic black magic rituals. It’s pathetic, really, but Pluto is always rather sad! You have seen shades of Pluto in the stock market, unfortunately. This entire period since 2008 has been the trickle-down effect of Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Vladimir Putin, Bill Gates (add names here) who have played the plutocrats. Men copied their style and it has become quite normal to power-trip people using wealth, hasn’t it? The good news is, the trickle-down effect of the attitudes, the mechanisms, the systems on your own life, vanishes on March 24th 2023. Pluto returns from June 12th, but retrograde, or backwards. He knows he is doomed and so is his system. Meanwhile you are adjusting to Pluto in Aquarius, which will rule your life until 2044. You will join or rejoin a collective of people. Could be Twitter, could be a group of businesswomen. Aquarius is about tribes coming together for a common purpose, frequently under a strong female leader. Women themselves are required to make it work and you will be one of them, for some time to come. Pluto is not about heartache or loss. It is about extremely powerful, dominating, controlling people or organisations which have no concept of what the rules of reality actually are. They are always defeated and have to surrender. The defeat makes us stronger and so once the balance of power has altered (it has done so for you) you realise you have new muscles, where there were none before. It can be the making of you. Just take your time deciding which groups, clubs, teams, communities, associations, societies you join or rejoin in March. Know what you’re in for.

  49. Happy New Year! I have really enjoyed my membership this past year, so much solid information! I only have Psyche at 14 Aquarius, not sure what the Pluto placement will mean for me with my Cancer, Capricorn and Libra stelliums? I can say I am very happy to see Pluto leave Capricorn, it has indeed changed the structure of my life in challenging ways!

    1. Happy New Year. It’s the departure of Pluto from Capricorn you will feel the most on March 24th and following. He can only ever retrace his steps, while all the time, he knows he’s over. Hanging on to a system that is losing its power, while he also loses his own. If we apply this to your career, academic career or unpaid work – your place in the system – your status and rank – you can see how this works. Pluto has been in your Tenth House since January 27th 2008 and you have become so used to constant issues about control that you may have forgotten what life can be like without them. More than one person or organisation has played Pluto in 2008-2023 and yet it is almost over. It will take Pluto to 2032 to form a conjunction with Psyche and a friendship or group involvement which lasts forever (after you go) will transform that year and 2033. A person or organisation; perhaps a situation – will take over – dominate – and it will challenge you to find your willpower and self-control. You will become stronger for it, afterwards.

  50. Hi Jessica!

    Thanks for such an uplifting message it really heartens me to hear news that women & equality will prevail, I’ve been following the news about the Iranian revolution closely. Personally, I have Aquarius factors like North Node, Salacia, Psyche and Aesculapia. I’m a bit worried about my job security, as I work in social media marketing and while I consider myself a very adaptable person I’m worried my career won’t survive this upheaval. Do I need to switch careers? I do love my job & my work in tech.

  51. Hi Jessica, I have been following you closely for a couple of years now. Thank you for all your hard work.
    I have aquarius stellium (and taurus (2degrees), gemini and virgo stelliums) and my Aquarius is 0 degrees IC…And pluto will be there at 0 degrees you said…I think it is going to affect me quite a bit…could you please leave a comment on it? Thanks so so much. I really appreciate it. I am going through tough times:( but I am hanging in there…

  52. Happy New Year Jessica, wishing you and your team all the best for 2023!
    Very excited to get the year moving to see what is in store for us all, especially when reading all the comments posted here and on other blogs recently posted.
    I have Aquarius stelliums, and zero degree aspects – Mars in Aries, Neptune in Sag, Ceres in Pisces and Hygeia in Gemini. Anything standing out in particular that you could give further guidance on, would be most welcomed and appreciated.
    Also, a question I can’t seem to find an answer too in amongst all other valuable information you provide – I have six planets/asteroids in Retrograde at time of birth (Uranus/Pluto/Vesta/Minerva/Aesculapia/Vulcano), is this significant in any way that should be given consideration too?

    With continued thanks to you and wider astrology community.

  53. Dear Jessica, thank you for this article as always taking care of us, your readers and loyal followers. I see you have many responses from your followers. This is my second attempt to see if you have time to respond to me also (thank you in advance Jessica). I have several zero degree placements too. What does this mean for me Jessica? am i going to be rich, wealthy and unbelievably happy (just joking of course I think!) as i feel a bit elated at the thought of pluto leaving capricorn. it was a game changing period in my life. I hope you are well x many thanks for answering if you can Jessica x

  54. Happy New Year Jessica! I have an Aquarius stellium and wonder how this will affect me this year. I feel as though I’m just treading water at the moment. Waiting and waiting for things to happen, which are not in my control. No movement on the sale of our land to developers, which we are hoping will eventually lead to a house build for us (2 or maybe 3 years down the line) and no information to help progress research of my family tree. I do not know who my father is and I am fearing I may never know. I only discovered my Mother’s secret a couple of years or so ago when a DNA test taken for research purposes dropped a bombshell and revealed I didn’t connect with my family members as expected. It was a great shock and stirred up a mixture of emotions. I haven’t told anyone.

  55. Dear Jessica,
    I am in awe by your commitment and desire to help others understand their astrology, replying directly to so many. The detail and depth of knowledge mapped out in the minds of astrologers like yourself is astounding.
    I have raised the question to other astrologers regarding my chart and the forth coming year, as I have a stellium in Aquarius. It is has been met with raised eyes. I have my moon at 00 degrees, Sun 02 degrees, Venus 03 degrees, mercury 12 degrees and Jupiter at 19 degrees all in Aquarius. If you could you shine a light on how may approach it, what ever it may be?
    Wishing you well through 2023.

  56. Hi Jessica, Happy New Year! Thank you, what a fascinating insight into how astrology played out in history (and repeats) I’m looking forward to strong women showing a new way forward for all of us when Pluto moves into Aquarius. I don’t have anything in Capricorn and only have Venus and Salacia in Aquarius, could you please point out where I’ll see Pluto themes once he changes sign?
    Best regards

    1. Happy New Year. The most obvious way you will see Pluto in Aquarius arrive is the end of particular politicians. The problem with Pluto in Capricorn, which ends with a door-slam on March 24th, has been an elite white male mentality, at the top, trying to control everything and everybody. So in Australia, the Liberal Party leader Scott Morrison gave himself secret ministries. Sometimes women ape men and act out Pluto. In Britain, Theresa May took power but failed to give people what they had voted for – Brexit – having voted against it herself. In America, Donald Trump refused to accept a landslide election result for President Biden and encouraged a violent mob. In Russia, Vladimir Putin gave himself power for years into the future and attacked Ukraine. All of this is textbook Pluto in Capricorn. It finishes on March 24th. We don’t know why yet. What you will see is a general shift in voting patterns, system change, attitude change, across the board. March 2023 will also see quite a different atmosphere with one or two friends in your life. You realise things are changing, but also have to change in response. You may need to work up some serious willpower and self-control to deal with the new challenge, but will become a much stronger person as a result.

  57. Many thanks Jessica for all the insightful articles and horoscope information available this new year! I hope you can have a look at my chart and help me understand the Pluto transit that’s coming in March. I am a sun Capricorn with Salacia at 0 Aquarius, Cupido at 0 Libra, Pluto at 1 Libra and Proserpina at 1 Aries. North node is at 5 Aquarius (Pluto is also returning to a conjunction with my sun at 28 Capricorn as I look at this). I noticed in my yearly horoscope that this year will bring significant decisions regarding my partner (who is Aries) so I wondered if that makes the Libra aspects with Pluto in March all the more important?

    1. Thank you. Pluto moving across 0, 1 Aquarius will transform your friendships and social life (Aquarius) and your partnership (Libra). This is the first change to deal with before you come to the North Node at 5 Aquarius, which suggests karma in 2027 with a circle of allies you have known in a previous life. You can find out more about that in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you on here as a Premium Member. As soon as Pluto changes signs on March 24th 2023, you will see a new person or community of people, tremendously powerful, dominating, controlling and potentially empowering for you – arrive. Or, there may be a deep change in the way a familiar friend or circle presents. At the same time, you realise your usual pattern with your partner, which is intensely romantic, prone to short-term ‘second honeymoon’ periods and old-school passion – is about to change. This may also happen with a second person. If your partner is Aries, then he or she has historic choices to make about the pair of you in 2023, 2024, evident now – and karmic from July 2023.

  58. Hi J Thank you for this post we are all waiting for Pluto to change into Aquarius, the 17th May is my b-day, I have Bacchus at 0 and Dianna at 1 Aqua. Sedna and IC at 0-1 Taurus. Quite a mix. What are your thoughts

    1. Okay, so I don’t use Sedna and neither should you. The Romans who gave us our astrology would have thought it was bonkers. Your Bacchus-Diana conjunction at 0, 1 Aquarius is under a transiting conjunction from Pluto at 0, 1 Aquarius for quite some time. The last week of March will bring in a powerful person, or powerful circle, resulting in an immediate transformation of a friendship or group in your world. It will change you too. You are here for pleasure and good times, but also freedom and feminism. Take your time as you get into this situation though as it will transform your world.

  59. Hi Jessica,

    I’m a Capricorn ascendant 29 degrees, and Sun Aquarius. I wonder do I feel Pluto more now or when it passes my Aquarius at 21 degrees which wont happen in another 15 years?


    1. If your birth time is accurate then transiting Pluto in conjunction with your Capricorn 29 Ascendant is historic and important and will permanently transform your title, appearance and reputation. In Capricorn, you already present as an ambitious, patient, practical woman who is determined to get the top and stay there. The mountain goat who ascends is the Capricorn Ascendant image. Pluto is the dominating, controlling, powerful person or organisation which appears, or reappears, to force image change. This seems most likely in the context of your career, academic career or unpaid work. So between now and March, as Pluto signs off from 29 degrees, as does Saturn (in Aquarius, semi-sextile your Ascendant) your portrait alters.

  60. Hi Jessica, very much looking forward to the Zoom on 5 Feb. With a stellium of 8 in Aquarius and 4 in Leo I have been feeling this for awhile and as a Sun Capricorn am so happy with freedom on the horizon after Saturn working me to the bone! That said it feels like the real work is just beginning. The call for group work, interests in astrology, yoga, meditation and taking responsibility for our own well being has taken my breath away and I have never been busier as a healer and mentor. The tide is turning. Could you please give me the heads up on what I need to be aware of with work, finance, health and romance. Thank you Jessica and I will continue using the tarot which has been invaluable as has astrology. Deep breath…it’s time for change at the deepest level for humanity x

  61. It is fascinating to see history through astrology or astrology through history!

    I only have Salacia and the South Node in Aquarius and Vesta and the North Node in Leo. I have been intrigued for a long time by Vesta on my chart. It conjuncts my rising sign. I am clueless about the role of Salacia.

    You mentioned that Leo mentors, tutors, guides, and leads, and that Aquarius is about people’s power. This caught my eye as I am currently working on a project related to it. I have been coaching teams of students for three years (there was always a male trying to steal credit for my work). Now I am working on launching something that helps to break down barriers and connect multicultural professionals and future professionals using technology. 
    How will Pluto affect the launch of this project? Would Uranus also help when it trines my North and South Nodes?

    1. Thank you. Astrology is history, which is why the best astrologers are also historians. Nicholas Campion is a good example of that. When you say you ‘only’ have the South Node in Aquarius and North Node in Leo, you need to remember the nodes show your last, past life. Have a look at the North Node tables in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you. If any of the years resonate with you, that may be when you grappled with Leo-Aquarius. Very commonly, you find yourself baulking at your leaders or authorities, because your tribe is not represented or fairly treated by them. It works the other way as well. You find yourself in a position of leadership or authority, but some in the tribe reject that. You will come across these old, old karmic issues with your project. The male trying to take credit for your work will be sacked, resign, demoted or may even leave the planet, at some point after Pluto changes signs in the final week of March. You don’t ‘do’ Pluto and take over without paying the price. Moving back to your project, dig deeply into Leo-Aquarius and see how best to handle it. You have until 2044! Your online library here will explain Salacia to you. Vesta is very simple. Don’t buy into one man’s need to run a harem, for ego reasons. Join together with the other women and ignore him.

  62. Hi Jess,

    I believe Pluto in Aquarius is going to oppose my Leo Ascendant at 1 and then go on to oppose my Ceres at 5 and South Node at 7? What will this bring?

    Thank you for everything.

    1. If your birth time is accurate, your Ascendant at 1 Leo will indeed be opposed by Pluto at 1 Aquarius. Your reputation, appearance and title are Leonine. You are seen through the lens of the bedroom or courtship. You are seen in the context of pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and/or Millennials. It’s how you are judged. I have had readers over time with Leo Ascendants (Leo Rising) who are single and avoid marriage by choice, and that is how their married friends see them. I have also seen Leo Rising people judged by, say, their sons. It’s only your shop window, but if you really do have a Leo 1 Ascendant, you will find issues about power and control with friends, or with a group, affect your love life, your children (if you have them) or projects and plans involving other people’s offspring. It’s good you can see this coming. You may not want to go there. You can use astrology to minimise and downplay something now (for example, joining a group of friends to work on a project for children) or being drawn into a saga with, say, a godchild or stepson. Ask the Tarot for more personal insights. Pluto retrogrades to 1 Aquarius repeatedly so you don’t really want that to take up too much time or energy.

  63. Hi Jessica, fascinating to read all the permutations discussed in the Q&A. The world changes you are predicting thanks Pluto moving into Aquarius all sound very welcome to me. On a personal level, if I am seeing both exit and arrival of Pluto, how might that be felt? I.e. my Capricorn sun and my Aquarius ascendant within a stellium of four. (Not my biggest stellium, that’s six in Scorpio, my husband’s sign.) It seems like a lot of change. Then there is what I read in your book about north node in Aries, another cycle for July this year. In April 2005 I got on a plane as a sort of last resort and my life changed more than I could have imagined. For the better. Your Groundhog Day analogy sounds both scary and exciting 🙂 Thank you in advance for any thoughts on this.

    1. People with Capricorn and Aquarius factors will see exactly what Pluto does as he quits Capricorn and enters Aquarius, in the final week of March. You have experienced both sides of power since 2008, in your career, academic career or unpaid role. You have been undermined, taken over or had your strings pulled, by people or organisations consumed with their own power. You have also used sheer willpower to put your head down and really work at your projects or roles, resulting in where you are now, hopefully in a far more influential and important position. What happens in the final week of March will correct any imbalance. Your company or corporation – having employed you in the past or still being involved with you – may face a huge take-down, perhaps because of its monopoly in the marketplace. That is one example. Old bosses or superiors may resign, be sacked, retire, or go off the planet. That can happen too. Any person manipulating their position by ignoring or rejecting you, despite your professional merit, will receive their come-uppance. In fact, that is a Pluto word. We associate Pluto with ‘up’ or ‘down’. The final week of March brings Pluto in Aquarius, so having been in the most difficult position with groups in 2021, 2022 and early 2023, you now realise how much power you have, in and around a group. It may be that you own a holiday home where various friends need to stay. You may discover your projects and plans are very precious to the group and put you in pole position. Saturn is out of Aquarius from the first week of March, where he has obstructed you. Pluto goes in, so that final week is really important. Take your time though. You need the right band, or right crowd, to feel that the power issue is balanced for you.

    1. This is terrific, thank you. The plutocrats at the top of the world lost $575 billion in 2022. The headlines do match the astrology. The goats who climbed to the top of the mountain are falling off. The mountain is coming down. Let’s see what happens in the final week of March 2023 when Pluto in Aquarius replaces Pluto in Capricorn. Power is then horizontal and not vertical and you’d have to bank on Wall Street having a lot to do with it. Or taxation policy by the Biden Democrats, of course.

  64. Hi Jessica! Thank you SO much for the quick and in-depth response to my question regarding Pluto in Capricorn, now set to move into Aquarius. When I read it the first time and for many times after, I was overwhelmed with deep emotions that brought me to tears, I am not a person that is moved to an emotion like that very often, but this period in my life has been SO difficult to understand for me. However, the things that I have learned from it has given me the experience and the desire to help others that find themselves in the same boat. You are correct! Both dominating, manipulative and controlling men and women will do anything to be front and center including using “evil” tactics, that includes those in the church. Thank goodness God knows our heart. Where has integrity gone? I am convinced it’s buried six feet under right smack-dab alongside, accountability and the lost moral compass. I hope Pluto in Aquarius will not be the same thing its placement was for Capricorn for the past fifteen years. Thank you so much for always having your “nose to the grind” and providing the very best of yourself and your endless knowledge to your followers, I greatly appreciate you. Cheers to 2023

    1. Thank you. People do sometimes cry when they read a reply; astrology can be powerful. I am glad it has helped. I agree with you about the loss of integrity in modern life. The accountability and moral compass is missing. Pluto in Capricorn is about power controlled by the few, at the top, and all the money too. That produces pretty dire results in terms of human behaviour. Even the arrival of ‘ghosting’ which is basically ignoring people. Rejecting and ignoring them. How pathetic! I am amazed when people just accept it as normal behaviour. Yet another little sign of integrity disappearing. When Pluto leaves Capricorn and goes into Aquarius in March 2023 we will see the decline and fall of some characters who have embodied loss of integrity – to downright murderous intent. Pluto in Aquarius will be pretty blatant in March. We either give space to each other and treat each other with ‘you’ in mind (and not me) or we get nowhere and get nothing. It’s a really interesting change! Happy New Year.

  65. Jesica, I have stellium Aquarius Psyche 09° Aquarius 38′ 36″ – Salacia 03° Aquarius 19′ 01″ – Fortuna 14° Aquarius 24′ 04″ – DESC 14° Aquarius 38′ 16″ but Pluto 07° Libra 58′ 33″, hygeia – 00° Taurus 15′ 57″ R, Bacchus 00° Libra 36′ 17″… Any insights on these factors in my chart will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    1. You are strongly Aquarian and supply the group. You do this on my website, as you often post, and your question and my reply, often ‘feed’ the group discussion. That is a pretty small example of how it works. From the first week of March, barriers with your social life, groups and friends vanish. You may have found you cannot travel any more, because of Covid, so miss your friends in other states or countries. You may have moved somewhere where socialising for your age group, and your interests, is really thin on the ground. You’ve not found your tribe. Or – more Saturn in Aquarius examples – you have been unable to go out with a group, or go to big events involving bands, because you risk Covid. For reasons we do not know why yet, March stops this. I suspect it will be Covid-related as billions of people with Aquarius factors all get relief and release at the same time. You included. From the final week of March, you go back to a group, or join a new group, and realise how powerful you are, even as an outsider.

  66. Hi Jessica, love your astrological insights. I have Cupido at 1, Salacia at 2 and Jupiter at 5 – all Aquarius. Diana at 7 Scorpio. I am a Scorpio Sun, Gemini moon with stellium in Sag, Scorpio, Gemini & Aqua. I have been building skills in the trading world but so far successful outcome has not materialised. It’s an alternative career path for me that I am hoping will give me financial freedom. Long journey as a single mom has been fruitful but hard and I want to now focus on freeing myself. I have found great mentors, community & passion, surprisingly in this field. Or should I just focus on therapeutic skills & work I already have. Any guidance for me will be greatly appreciated as Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius is keenly on my radar.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Scorpio man with stelliums in Scorpio but also Aquarius. You will be drawn to complex finance and property all your life. At the moment, it’s challenging. The lunar nodes are in Scorpio and Taurus, opposite signs, so you cannot agree with yourself, or you find yourself poles apart from the people and organisations around you. Different values. Scorpio rules family legacies, family finances, and partnership banking, so this may be you and your mother, or you and your work partner and your agent. However it is panning out for you, July 2023 ends the stretch. The nodes leave Scorpio and Taurus. Long-term, though, Uranus will be in Taurus, with all his famous unpredictability, opposing the Scorpio side of your nature and life, until 2026. So nothing is predictable, even with astrology. You need a ‘system’ which allows for sudden and unexpected change. It can be a pension or superannuation fund which recognises how Covid (which will become more critical) can keep on hitting the world economy, and thus what is invested in your name. That’s a common example. Being flexible, understanding that the astrology until 2026 is erratic, can help with trading. Your Aquarius side is completely different. You are here to be around groups – to influence circles of people and friends – but never to be immersed in them. You are always a little outside, but somehow an insider. This role becomes powerful from the final week of March, if you wish. The group you join or rejoin in late March can change a corner of the world. Go in carefully though as it will transform you too.

  67. Hi Jessica, I have noticed that I have Pluto 0 degrees Scorpio – like Prince Harry.
    I wondered if you could tell me how this lines up in my chart, and its other factors when Pluto enters Aquarius in March x

    1. Yes, you have Pluto at 0 Scorpio in the Eight House, like Prince Harry. An awful lot happens in March (and it will happen to Harry too). Transiting Saturn goes to 0 Pisces and trines natal Pluto. Pluto moves to 0 Aquarius and forms a square to natal Pluto. This is a new era in your life, with money, charity, business, property and valuables. It will involve the contents of your will, naming others, and any legacy which also names you. The Queen’s will is sealed. Yours is not. You need control over joint finance and property. Pluto always wants total control and easily dominates. You intensely dislike being told ‘No’ and it doesn’t matter if you are sharing a car with your boyfriend, or sorting out your sister’s ties to you. This changes in March. Pluto in Scorpio usually has to compromise every few years, as deal-making is part of the deal. A new deal will come out of March for you. Scorpio rules sex, death and money. Very commonly, marriage and mortgage. Sometimes, the Mafia. Usually, family ties with a house or apartment involved in the will, or extended family (say, godchildren) who are in or out of your will. It is very important to compromise. And to park emotions at the door, if you possibly can. This may be your pension/superannuation or life insurance; mortgage terms and so on, but these transits to Pluto suggest the big-ticket items in your life have to be reshaped, with a new approach, for whatever reason – in March.

  68. Hi Jessica,

    Just a quick message to validate what you said here and on Twitter. On 22nd January (the day after the new moon), a friend invited me to a seminar about empowering women! The date for this seminar hasn’t been finalised yet but I’m guessing it will be some time after March. I was so surprised that I was hearing the exact same phrase that you have used above. Maybe the person organising the seminar is one of your readers too!

    1. Thank you so much. The New Moon in Aquarius was a nod to the future, so the friends or groups which were on your radar then, suggested something powerful later, from the end of March. You set something in motion. Aquarius is of course about diversity and equality in a group, and we are about to see women’s liberation, 1970s style, come rocketing back. The catalyst for this for many people on Twitter is the failure of leaders in Scotland to fight for the rights of girls and women. But it’s happening everywhere. March brings a massive push back.

  69. Hello Jessica,
    A few observations on your predictions for Pluto in Aquarius.
    Nicola Sturgeon is already rowing back on her gender identity Bill (as a result of 2 trans women prisoners guilty of sexual offences against women being placed in women’s’ prisons) She seems on a downward trajectory at present. As predicted.
    Also, the idea of a few powerful white men losing power as a result of this cycle, and in the past it being about religion- at that time Catholics and Protestants.
    On Friday Archbishop Welby joins Pope Francis on a joint visit to Sudan. Protestant with Catholic. Is the astrology revealing anything about the visit or outcome?
    Interesting that both the hierarchy of both faiths are wrestling with marriage/ same sex relationship issues.
    Pope Francis has recently declared homosexuality not to be a crime and not to be treated as one anywhere in the world. But he declared it still a sin. (So no chance of same sex marriage then)
    He has been criticised for his “too liberal” views in former Pope Benedict’s posthumous book, just revealed, urging the faithful against “liberal” views on homosexuality.
    Archbishop Welby has said bishops in Church of England have voted against same sex marriages, but clergy can give blessings, but he won’t be giving any himself.
    Will it be both their undoings?

    1. Thank you. Yes, the Pluto in Aquarius feature dovetails with the feature on Scotland, where the chart for that country showed defeat for its leader. Nicola Sturgeon has been hit hard and she will never lead Scotland to independence, according to these ancient horoscopes we have for Scotland. It will be someone else who does that, but it will come, after 2026. You are quite right about this being similar to Catholic and Protestant domination in history. Actually we could go back to Boudicca and the Romans. The Romans raped Boudicca’s daughters. That is what fuelled the war on Rome by the Iceni. Same issue. Both Sturgeon and Salmond would have led Scotland to independence far more rapidly and easily had the R word not entered the conversation! As to your other very good point; I didn’t know Archbishop Welby and Pope Francis were visiting Sudan. This fits the Church of England chart. The split in the church is coming from the slavery compensation question. This in turn brings in the Commonwealth and its former slave colonies and, the head of the Church of England. The monarch. The issue of gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual (and the rest) Anglicans shows up too. So again this brings in Pope Francis and his view that homosexuality is a sin. What we are going to see at the General Synod in February, but more particularly in the last week of March, is the Anglican bishops and clergy parting company with the rest, on the issue of expensive compensation for slavery (at a time when church employees are dealing with Britain’s financial crisis and pension worry) and of course, what Holy Matrimony actually is. I am sure you can see where this is going. Some in the church will deny Charles and Camilla the coronation. These will likely be the people united on the same issues; equal marriage and slavery compensation. What they call ‘woke.’ The issue for gay and lesbian Anglicans will likely be that they feel like second-class citizens because their union can never be consecrated – and yet here we have the newly appointed head of their church, defender of their faith, hoping to take the throne with just such a second marriage behind him. And not just with a divorcee, but also an adulterer. This is either the most tremendous coincidence (fate) or it has been engineered and manufactured by interested parties who want to split the Commonwealth and fracture the United Kingdom and its king (or queen). The Welby astrological chart shows the world turns upside-down in the final week of March, as does his church. Never seen anything like it.

  70. Hi Jessica, hope you are well.
    I have a question regarding my career. I am a lawyer but since I started working a few years ago, I have wanted to quit and build my own business. I have a really good technology related idea and would like to build a start-up. However, I am scared and hesitant of leaving my career and starting something completely new. Do you see any indicators in my chart that show potential in building a business / tech related in the next few years and would I be successful? Many thanks in advance 🙂
    All the best, Lili

    1. Thanks Lili. You are a Sun Virgo woman with stelliums in Virgo, Aquarius and Scorpio. I don’t know when you want to start your own business, but it would be a big stretch, from March 2023, 2024, 2025 and into early 2026. Saturn moves into Pisces in March 2023 and will slowly but surely be in opposition to your Virgo stellium, so this is rather like driving with the brakes on. If anything you may want to minimise the focus on work in your life, as the less you have to do, the less you have to meet Saturn. Saturn has long been a symbol of barricades, obstacles and barriers. In opposition it can be a big stretch. The idea itself is different. This has huge potential for you. In fact when Jupiter goes into Gemini and your Third House of internet in May 2024, you may find the time is right at last – with opportunities rolling until June 2025. After that, Uranus (the revolution) goes into Gemini in 2026 for many years, so our entire way of communicating and travelling undergoes a revolution. Perhaps you will be part of that. There is a lot going on in your chart. You will join or rejoin a circle of people in the final week of March where you are on the outside, but very influential and very much involved. It is intensely ‘there’ in your life until June then returns later on, in 2024, and from 2025 you realise why you are here – to empower the group but also be empowered by it. Finally, the big stretch with finance, property, business and related areas – ends in July 2023 when the South Node leaves Scorpio and the North Node leaves Taurus and the inner tug-of-war is over. Ask the Tarot about your idea and look at alternatives, less extreme than chucking it all in to try a new independent business. You were born with Uranus and Neptune in an exact conjunction at 18 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, ambition, position and mission so are a magnet for regular upheaval, professionally or academically, as much as you seek to escape from reality through your various projects and roles. You need an outlet for that, which won’t destabilise you, or lead you too far off the beaten track. Something which allows for the unpredictable is a good idea! My hunch is that you need to look at side hustles, as they call them, or perhaps a way of reconfiguring your working week, using your prowess as a lawyer but also nursing this technology-related idea. Again, see what the Tarot says.

  71. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your predictions. Absolutely fascinating, I’m getting to grips with what it all means in terms of the 0 degrees and Aquarius placements. I have an Aquarius stellium – 02 Salacia, 03 NN, 03 Aesculapia and 11 Minerva. I have 0 degrees Pluto in Libra.
    I have a stellium in Aries and my birth date is 24th March 🙂
    I am a healer/channel going deeper into the cosmos to provide higher consciousness codes for female clients and humanity, helping them to know and shine their own light. I am right on target for sure, and now doing this in groups more than 1:1 so collaboration and rising up of women is strong.
    I’d love to know your take on all of this, it feels like a powerful year incoming with more success and fulfillment. thank you in advance.

    1. Thank you. You will feel the bump of Saturn leaving Aquarius and Pluto entering, twice – in March. There will be 1-2 events involving a group or friendship which show you the walls have come down, and the future looks completely different. You are a healer with a Salacia-Aesculapia conjunction so you move in two worlds, neither of them real (channelling) but also revive, resurrect and bring people back from the brink. Have a look at Aesculapia, known to the Greeks as Asklepios. He is always shown with a snake which looks like kundalini or the DNA symbol! Your Pluto at 0 Libra is also the story in March. So this is a partnership or conflict. It may be related to the friend or group, or operate at a distance from it. Saturn will aspect Pluto in early March, and you have the Pluto-Pluto trine at the end of the month. Your other half, or the other side, will be involved in a deep question about power or control with you, then. It’s your path to understand your need to take over, or own, the person or the situation. You can be obsessive. A compromise or deal is coming by June; it will change you and change the other person too.

  72. Hi Jessica,

    Your blog articles are incredibly deep , moving, and profound. Thank you for your brilliant intuition and insight into this much-too-often misunderstood esoteric fundement that is astrology.

    I currently have Pluto squaring my N Node at 1 degree scorpio and squaring my s node at 1 degree Taurus. which are at the end of my fourth and 10th houses, respectively. Which of course means transiting pluto enters my 8th house at 3 degrees aquarius.

    meanwhile, in my Progressive chart, my Mars and Mercury are both at 1 degree aquarius.

    additionally, my natal Pluto is libra 14d, so hopefully that brings some relief. but then again, my natal Saturn is 16d leo, so I’ll be dealing with pluto/saturn opposition in a few years, I presume.

    Further along in the Pluto stay in Aquarius, I’ll be dealing with Pluto being conjunct my natal Venus at 20d 20′ Aquarius (no lie, my natal Venus is literally 20 degrees 20 minutes aquarius… in my 8th house…hindsight is 20/20 with love?) which is also in opposition with my natal Saturn. So I’m kind of nervous about this transit as well.

    And just to shake things up further, my natal Pluto (also in my 4th house) is opposing chiron (in my 10th) at the moment.

    I’m also just reeling from Neptune and my natal moon conjunction as my moon is 20d pisces, but you see, my Midheaven is 28d Pisces, so I’m going to be dealing with that conjuction soon.

    And to make matters more intense, on 4.20.2024 transitting Uranus and transitting Jupiter will be exact conjunct each other. which is odd for me because their exact conjunction is in exact conjunction to my natal Jupiter at 21d 49′ Taurus in my 11th house, no less.

    I’m nervous. My life is such a wreck. I am so scared and extremely depressed. Any insight would be greatly needed and appreciated.

    Thank you again for your voice and service. You are truly needed…

    -Stacy Bell
    Dob: 12/26/1976
    ☀️♑ ⬆️♋ ♓

    1. Thank you. I don’t use the progressed chart/progressive chart. I am sorry you are feeling nervous and depressed, Stacy. You have also given me your name and birth date which is public so I can’t answer you. Can I suggest some things you can do now which are private?

      1. Find Dr. Paul McKenna on YouTube who has very good free hypnosis for peace of mind.
      2. I’ve looked at your chart very quickly and you are vulnerable to anxiety syndrome, which is a medical condition like any other. Please find the work of Dr. Claire Weekes online. It is also free in places. Read the reviews. Get the book from your library. A lot of what you are doing is anxiety-based, and has no validity in astrology. Yet your chart shows me your mind influences your body, influences your mind, in feedback. That is what the parasympathetic nervous system does when it is over-stretched. Dr. Weekes can help with that.
      3. Walking, especially in a group, is proven to help people reduce or eliminate depression. Look at Google Scholar research on walking and depression and start now.
      4. Use the Tarot on this website which is free. Follow the steps. Find your own solution, Stacy. I hope you feel better, from today.

  73. Pluto is on top of my 0’24 degree Aqua Moon in the 3H and I feel nothing. No intense emotions or dramatic external experiences. Strange…

    1. Your Aquarius Moon is in the Eleventh House of friends and groups and the transiting conjunction by Pluto in Aquarius will see someone (or something) take over your Twitter feed; your friendships; the groups you are involved with (on the outside) and your social life. This situation, person or group will be powerful, obsessive, controlling, dominating and quite unmistakeable. Go in slowly and use the Tarot to find out what’s really going on long-term as Pluto will return to 0 Aquarius several times.

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