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Pluto in Aquarius – the Next Five Years

Pluto in Aquarius – The Next Five Years

People power is back. Women are back. Pluto in Aquarius is here.

You have put up with Pluto in Capricorn (power at the top of the system) for about 15 years. If you, or the people you know, have Capricorn chart factors, this will have been a time of mergers, resignations, takeovers, scrapped projects and redundancies. People politics in your profession.

Astrology clearly predicted that the end of Pluto in Capricorn would be the end of the handful of rich white men at the top.

As CNN reported recently, in the worst 12 months since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis – 2022 was the year their stocks and shares plunged.

The Mountain Goats and Mountain Disappear

We can’t really talk about Pluto in Aquarius (people power, shared between men and women) without talking about the end of Pluto in Capricorn. You are watching it collapse, slowly, backwards – from March 23rd 2023. There’s another collapse on 22nd January 2024, when (on all time zones) Pluto is out of Capricorn again.

Donald Trump, that symbol of Pluto in Capricorn, is literally stumbling in January 2024.

The financial wipeout of the elite at the top (the goats who climbed to the peak) has prepared the landscape. Donald Trump will go. Mike Pence will go. Vladimir Putin will go. As I told the Daily Express, Charles III will go.

Charles and William

Again, Charles is a symbol of Pluto in Capricorn. In January 2024 as the transit ends, he on the sidelines, dealing with an enlarged prostate. It’s rumoured Prince William will act as Prince Regent.

More seriously, the transition of Pluto in Capricorn to Aquarius can be severe and historic.

On previous Capricorn-Aquarius transition cycles, Pluto saw Nero take his own life. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette went to the guillotine. George III became unfit to rule and was replaced by his son.

Pluto is absolute power. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs to the top of the system – be it royal, political or corporate. Yet again in 2024 the astrology is working, as I update this original prediction from February 4th 2023.

The End of Pluto in Capricorn

How Is Your Sign Affected?

Where do the challenges and rewards come from? Where is the power for you? Where is the control, the clout, the influence? The New Moon in Aquarius alongside Pluto in Aquarius on February 9th 2024 will show you.

Pluto transits are hefty and hard. They last a long time (this one; around 20 years). They change your life. They can make you extremely powerful. Yet, nothing happens without a huge amount of self-discipline, energy and commitment.

If you let Pluto situations, individuals, organisations or even nations take over – you will find the flipside. The power goes. The control goes.

Aries: Groups, friends, communities, social media, your social life, networks, tribes.
Taurus: Career, unpaid work, academic career, social status, position, mission.
Gemini: Foreigners and foreign countries, academia, the web, publishing.
Cancer: Finance, business, shares, property, banking, cryptocurrency, charity, valuables.
Leo: Professional partners, romantic partners, duets and double acts of all kinds.
Virgo: Lifestyle, health, wellbeing, daily routine, paid work, unpaid work, academia.
Libra: Courtship, the bedroom, babies, infants, children, teenagers, young adults.
Scorpio: Family, household, home, town, country, property, house, apartment.
Sagittarius: Brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbours, short journeys, the media, the web.
Capricorn: Banking, finance, property, charity, business, cryptocurrency, valuables.
Aquarius: Image, personal appearance, wardrobe, labelling, profile, presentation.
Pisces: Religion, Tarot, mediumship, self-help, therapy, hypnosis, meditation.

What Flows? Check the Degrees in Your Chart

Pluto moves very slowly and you will find your life in the next 5 years to 2028 also transforms quite slowly – if you have anything at 0-8 degrees of Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius.

Pluto at 0-8 Aquarius will sextile Aries factors, trine Gemini factors, trine Libra factors and sextile Sagittarius factors. If you have a stellium in those signs you will become hugely empowered. This transit will change your life. Extremely powerful people, organisations and situations will either move front-and-centre or appear for hte first time.

Master and Commander

Transiting Pluto lends control if you use self-control. Once you realise you have to push back; own your space; steer your own ship – you become Master and Commander, in an area of your life where you never really made it before.

Pluto was found in 1930 when the idea of resistance to who/what tried to dominate became important. Weight training is another analogy. The Thirties were crucial if you wanted to resist the rise of Fascism and Nazism for example. You had to push back.

Einstein did.

When Pluto challenges you, if you meet the challenge and use your willpower, you become stronger. You become far more potent and influential.

Here’s a really good test. Look at your email from 2008. Now look at your email from 2023 and 2024. You will soon see which area of your life rendered you pretty powerless 15 years ago. Now, with years of effort, you are top dog.

If You Have Aquarius Placements at 0-8 Degrees

Pluto will form a conjunction with your Aquarius placement at 0-8 degrees in the next 5 years. Dominating, controlling, obsessive, powerful people and organisations will come along and challenge you to change.

Friendships and groups will be affected. You’ve not had this transit in your adult lifetime so read about Pluto, the Eleventh House and Aquarius beforehand.

It’s not unlike Christianity.

Luke began to write his gospel in this same Pluto in Aquarius cycle in AD80. It includes more stories about women than any other gospel. Women are disciples and full members of the new community in Luke; they are partners with Jesus in mission. It’s interesting to note that the next great religious movement (system change) began with Islam.

Muhammad was born in 570 on another Pluto Capricorn-Aquarius cycle and his wife, merchant and businesswoman Khadijah bint Khuwaylid became his first follower. Dates to watch?

Pluto in Aquarius 2023 to 2044 Dates

March 24th 2023 to June 11th 2023
January 22nd 2024 to September 2nd 2024
November 20th 2024 to March 9th 2043
September 2nd 2043 to January 19th 2044

The Female of the Species

Modern astrology comes to us from Rome, where an ‘Aquarius’ was a literal water-bearer who carried water from the aqueducts to the public fountains and communal baths. Women and children, ordinary people as well as rich and powerful Romans, all shared the space. The baths also housed libraries.

The constellation image of a water-carrier goes back to Mesopotamia, but as the archetype of Aquarius evolved in Britain, where the Romans were introducing Latin (the language of astrology) as well as baths, the idea took hold. Equal sharing.

The last gasp of the patriarchy, where older, powerful women were belittled as Karens – and men took over women’s spaces in Scotland – really will be a long exhale on March 23rd. All the puff will start to go out of the patriarchy from that point.

Women and Pluto in Aquarius

History proves astrology correct. Every time Pluto goes into Aquarius, women replace men as leaders.

Pluto was in Aquarius from February 12th 1532 to December 12th 1553. The future Queen Elizabeth I was born on 7th September 1533 and ironically, replaced King Henry VIII in the grand scheme of things, and his obsession with a male heir.

This is her chart. She was born with Pluto in Aquarius and was given her place in the line of succession with Pluto in Aquarius, when Henry VIII ordered the Third Succession Act of 1543. That would eventually be the act that made her Queen.

Queen Elizabeth I will have her Pluto Return at 0 Aquarius from January 22nd until February 22nd 2024. Remember – the female line of succession. Watch Princess Anne.


Queen Elizabeth I  - Pluto in Aquarius - the Next Five Years

Pluto in Aquarius and the Church of England

Even at the age of 10, with Pluto in Aquarius, Elizabeth I was on the road to power.

The Church of England was also born with Pluto in Aquarius in 1534 and would eventually admit women priests.

What goes around comes around in astrology. Here we are again in 2023 and the Church of England is asking if God is female and Charles III has just issued a stamp bearing his head, without a crown.

Race and Pluto in Aquarius

Aquarius supplies what the people want and need – all the people – not just those at the top of an old system.  Moving forward to the next Pluto in Aquarius cycle, the 1777 Second Continental Congress agreement set up “a firm league of friendship” between the new united states.

This is where many American astrologers began to associate friends, allies and the idea of a brotherhood and sisterhood – with Aquarius. The British Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade was established in 1787.

How Do Tribes Share the Space?

Aquarius is about different tribes coming together to share the space with tolerance and understanding. Often, it happens because the only alternative is constant warfare. On the first Pluto in Aquarius cycle we have detailed records for, Boudicca taught the Romans a lesson they would never forget. The British Isles had to be about all the tribes. Not just the Italian invaders.

On 13th May 1787, during this last Pluto in Aquarius cycle, the First Fleet of settlers, including 778 convicts, left Britain for New South Wales, Australia. It was an invasion too. Today Australia comes full circle with 2023 heralding the arrival of First Nations people on the currency, replacing British monarchs. And so it begins. How are the tribes to share space?

A Vindication of the Rights of Women was published by Mary Wollstonecraft in 1792 during this Pluto in Aquarius cycle. It called for girls to be educated equally with boys. From Boudicca to the nascent Suffragette movement, Pluto in Aquarius encourages men to become the allies of women. It urges women to lead. I thought Kamala Harris was very likely to be the next American President, as I wrote this on 11th February 2023.

Updating it on 21st January 2024, I’m not so sure. Women are favoured with Pluto in Aquarius but Nikki Haley is a force to be reckoned with too.

A key issue here is Harris’s confusion about the two sexes, men and women. We have to remember this is essentially a feminist transit. And that’s  not Dylan Mulvaney.

Do watch that issue in the US election of 2024.


World Predictions to 2044

Pluto in Aquarius does more than just sit in that sign. It makes brand new angles with (for example) transits in Gemini.

Here are some world predictions from 2023, about life until 2044, which I’ve updated for 2024.

*New borders in Europe and the USA, and within the United Kingdom. Scotland becomes independent and Ireland unites.  (Image: Glenn Carsten Peters, Unsplash).

*Individual petrol/gas car ownership is replaced by neighbour-shared electric cars and mini-buses.

*New language translation in real-time makes the Zoom of 2023 look positively old-fashioned, as we also move into online spaces with a wardrobe of faces and portfolio of identities.

*Total transformation of the United Nations – or a replacement. The same, with the Commonwealth and NATO.  The crossroads for the United Nations will begin on March 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2023 at a critical U.N. conference in New York. 

*The end of the monarchy as our late Queen Elizabeth II knew it as we enter the same cycle that delivered a republic in France and the end of the aristocracy, King and Queen. Will the monarchy survive? We have a generation born with Uranus or Neptune in Aquarius who will experience transiting Pluto (power) plugged into their charts. Perhaps not. Generation Aquarius does not do elitism or hereditary privilege.

*One-world digital currency. Not for the rich elites (Bitcoin) but for the people. It may vanish after Uranus leaves Taurus in 2026, but what happens from May 2023 to May 2024 with Jupiter in Taurus will make us all richer. Online, anyway.

*When Jupiter at 1 Gemini trines Pluto at 1 Aquarius from May 31st 2024 until June 3rd 2024 the old Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will be replaced by new social media which transforms the world. You’ll have the power. Not a billionaire.

Year by Year, Degree by Degree

Pluto at 0 Aquarius in 2023: If you have anything at 0 Libra (partnerships) or 0 Gemini (the web) this is supported, enhanced and held by Pluto at 0 Aquarius (the influence and control of a group).

Pluto at 0, 1, 2 Aquarius in 2024. This trines your 0, 1, 2, Libra placements (partnership ) or 0, 1, 2, Gemini placements (the web). The year ends with Pluto at 1 Aquarius, sextile the North Node at 1 Aries and trine the South Node at 1 Libra.

This is an unforgettable time if you have 1 degree air sign placements; December 30th and 31st (New Year’s Eve) and life as it was 18 or 19 years before will come back to you, then.

Pluto moves at 1, 2, 3 Aquarius trine 1, 2, 3 degree factors at Libra (partnership) or Gemini (the web). July 2025 finds Pluto at 2 Aquarius sextile Neptune at 2 Aries. This is the beginning of alternative reality Zoom Rooms.

Aries is title, reputation, appearance. Neptune is a holiday from reality. Pluto is empowerment. Aquarius is the group. Watch July 8th to 30th for launches on (say) Twitter and similar. If you have anything at 2 Aries you will relaunch your profile or portrait at this time.

August 2025 is remarkable for the line-up of Pluto at 1 Aquarius, Neptune at 1 Aries, Uranus at 1 Gemini, Saturn at 1 Aries. This looks like virtual reality without the strange look.

Convincing, natural, realistic ‘alternative you’ worlds online. This is also the beginning of cyber warfare, proper. We’ve not seen Neptune in Aries (ruled by Mars, the god of war) alongside Saturn in Aries (the same) on this particular kind of cycle in our lifetimes. The answer to ‘You and whose army?’ is virtual.

August 21st to 31st finds Pluto, Neptune and Uranus all at 1 degree. If you have anything at 1 degree in your chart, that reveals what transforms. And how. September 1st to 14th 2025, continues the flow of Pluto at 1 Aquarius, Neptune at 1 Aries and Uranus at 1 Gemini.

Pluto moves across Aquarius 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 degrees. In July 2026 we see the flow resume between Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus in Gemini and Neptune in Aries. All three move at 4 degrees, from the 7th to 31st of July.

From 19th to 23rd July, Jupiter is at 4 Leo. That is a substantial pattern and it is about the monarchy, its historic changes and challenges. There may be a change in the line of succession from 19th to 23rd July 2026 involving two siblings.

On 28th July the North Node enters Aquarius and the South Node enters Leo. Again, this suggests an historic time of closure for the monarchy.

This will continue until next year, 2027, with March 27th 2028 ending the cycle for another 18 or 19 years. Pluto in Aquarius is opposed to Leo for around two decades; this is the ‘challenge to change’ or even end, which we last saw during the French Revolution, which brought a republic – and the replacement of King George III with the Prince Regent, George IV.

Pluto moves across Aquarius 4, 5, 6, 7 in 2027. We see more of the flow patterns with Uranus in Gemini and Neptune in Aries, continuing the theme of ‘the new virtual me’ online in groups of friends. June 6th to 17th brings an exact line-up at 6 degrees: Pluto 6 Aquarius, Uranus 6 Gemini, Neptune 6 Aries.

November 16th to 19th is central, as the North Node at 4 Aquarius is in an exact conjunction with Pluto at 4 Aquarius. This is the transformation of the United Nations, and perhaps other groups – NATO and the Commonwealth. As the South Node is at 4 Leo, opposed by Pluto, and Leo rules the monarchy, November 16th to 19th 2027 will likely see countries leave; the monarch removed as Head of State; the constitution of the Commonwealth change.

Pluto moves across 6, 7 and 8 degrees of Aquarius in 2028. Again, a stunning trine to Uranus in Gemini takes hold. January 3rd to 31st 2028 finds Pluto at 6 Aquarius trine Uranus at 6 Gemini.

If you have anything at 6 degrees of the air signs, this will liberate you online as powerful new groups of friends rise. At this point, the years 2008-2023 and its controlling elites will be a distant memory as trade unions and ‘the new people power’ dominates.

Part of the reason for this is the mask of your alternative self; your alternative face, shape, style and wardrobe. The recurring link with Neptune in Aries is also back in 2028. May 14th to 31st finds Pluto at 8 Aquarius sextile Neptune at 8 Aries. Pluto is also trine Uranus, from 8 Aquarius to 8 Gemini, the same month: May 2028.

Soon after Jupiter enters Libra on 25th August 2028, the stage is set for breakthroughs in marriage and partnership. We will expand our understanding of what union between a couple can be. September 2028 is very special as Jupiter at 6 Libra trines Pluto at 6 Aquarius.



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  1. Hi Jessica,
    I have my moon in Leo at 3 degrees conjunct my midheaven and a few other planets/astroids at the degrees/signs you mentioned… Is there anything I should be worried about for this cycle? I pulled the Magician card but unsure how to contextualize it.
    Thank you for the detailed post!

    1. The Moon in Leo is a teacher, tutor or professor. She can do that with her own children, young relatives or godchildren and become a guiding light. She can also enter education or academia, or the new informal education online, where Zoom becomes the classroom. Your Moon in Leo will be under transit from Jupiter in Gemini and then Uranus in Gemini, starting in 2024, and really rolling from 2026, and as you experience transiting Jupiter sextile Moon and transiting Uranus sextile Moon, you will find yourself in a fantastic position to instruct, inform and educate. You will be at your brilliant best, then, as Uranus rules all that is new, exhilarating, electrifying and enlightening. You will yourself be enlightened. You can see the Magician picking up information from the universe and transmitting it. That’s what this transit will deliver for you.

  2. Thank you for your insightful and exciting post! I always look forward to the astrology blog posts and am excited anytime I see one when checking daily horoscopes 🙂

    I have a HUGE Libra stellium and my new beau is a Sun Aquarius (10 degrees), Salacia at 1 degree Aquarius, North Node 5 degrees Aquarius, with a Leo moon (14 degrees), IC at Leo 3 degrees, ASC at 4 degrees Gemini, Proserpina at 5 degrees Aries and Cupido at 0 Libra. This is my first relationship in 8 years after a brutal divorce (two, actually…..5 years apart) and I have high hopes for our partnership combining love, a home and work. He is an artist and I am a nurse (for now – although I am working more towards health coaching in the near future). He is an Indigenous man who teaches culture and has struggled to find a secure place for himself not only on his traditional land when it comes to housing and career, but also within his marriage which is in the processes of being dissolved and has been in the process of ending since 2018. He has had a brutal time with covid, and is only just beginning to recover. I am just finishing my pluto square, so the last couple of years have been quite the time for me as well, including 6 months off work on disability leave which just ended. We were friends for some time before we became a couple in December of 2022. It is long distance for now, but he has hopes to move here and go to school in the next two years before we both have dreams of buying land outside of the city and starting a place for people to come stay, learn, heal, create……

    Needless to say, after my pluto square, all things pluto are causing some anxiety! I am quite excited by what I read here for myself – this new relationship is exciting me and it feels quite stable, although we are both a bit like two feral cats learning how to be together! I also have this image of the two of us holding hands as we walk out of what looks like a war zone together. His divorce is proving to be dramatic – she is trying to charge him with assault (he honestly didnt do anything and its retaliatory for cutting her off financially after providing for her life for 18 years which put them both in a state of perpetual poverty), and she is trying to take from him for the next two years as she is an immigrant from the UK who kicked him out the day her papers arrived. I feel as though the next little while is going to be a battle for him to untether from his old life so we may really begin, yet I have high hopes that when he does he and we will soar. I am wondering about the Pluto transit to his north node in particular and how this may effect him and Us when it occurs…… I am a beginner with astrology and am not as comfortable with astroids yet as I am with planets, so any insights would be SO appreciated! This partnership feels precious to me and I wish for it to be fruitful for both of us. Im committed to standing with him through challenges, supporting and empowering him as I think he could help a LOT of people with the work he shares with others – and after all we have both been through with relationships and for him with instability in his home/career – Im nervous yet optimistic, committed yet also going in with eyes wide open. Thank you, Jessica!

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you enjoy the features (and the comments are half the content in every feature I write; they make it real, so I appreciate your contributing). You are in love with an artist and you are a nurse. He is indigenous and leaving his marriage. He’s also had Covid, which I am sorry to hear. You’d like to buy land and start a community centre together. He is up on assault and yet his ex-wife also threw him out of their home when her immigration papers arrived. There are a lot of Libra issues here and you have a huge Libra stellium. The issue for him will be children. You don’t say if he ever had any children with her, or if you have children, or want them. Uranus (the unpredictable, the unexpected, the revolutionary, the liberating, the radical) enters his Fifth House of fatherhood from 2026 for many years into the future. So that’s coming. If you do have a child with him be aware that there is no formula after that – nothing can be planned – and that his own independence will be important. Jupiter is in his Fifth House just before, with all its opportunities for expansion and growth, in the year 2024, so even earlier than this, there is a chance he will have a child with you, adopt a child, become an uncle and so on. If either he or you already is a parent, then this pattern of events applies to the existing son or daughter. My eyes are on the Fifth House in your chart as well, because you are a Sun Libra woman who has Pluto going into that sector for 20 years, starting in late March 2023. If you have a child it will transform your life, of course, but under Pluto, the transformation can be intense, relentless and involve questions about power and control, both with the father and with the child; sometimes with the in-laws. All of these transits are in both your solar charts; in your natal chart we find the Libra stellium opposed by Neptune from 2026, for many years into the future. Eyes wide open is good. Get the best impartial advice you can afford about commitment with him. Astrology is about negotiating with destiny. I can see one path for both of you and it lacks stability. To stay off that path, do the work now, before Pluto changes signs in the final week of March. The Tarot can be very good for that; laying out parallel universes you may be heading into and choosing which one you want to take – and finding out how you achieve that. If you have a Libra stellium it is as much about his ex-wife as it is about him; Libra rules your Seventh House of open enemies as well as husbands. Neptune’s opposition to that, from Aries, from 2026, is worth remembering if she does in fact hang around that long and if you two are committed then. Again, you’d want to have a chat to the legal experts. The future also belongs to the wonderful trines from Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini to your Libra stellium, and you are quite right to be so visionary and idealistic about a partnership that would work wonders. It really could. But sort out the children or pregnancy question now.

  3. Hi Jessica! You have been absolutely spot on with your blogs I love reading all your articles/tweets! I’m Aquarius Sun 29 degrees, Saturn 21 degrees in my first Saturn return. Very much looking forward to getting out of Saturn in Aquarius! Do you see love happening for me these next few years as an Aries rising 18 deg with the natal nodes? Been very lonely with both friends and love life. Since Leo is across my 11th house, do you see controlling partners/challenging children with Pluto?

    Also I’ve read some astrologers say for Aries be careful who you’re friends with in spring/summer as they may be manipulative. I’m assuming that’s due to Pluto, what are your thoughts?

    I’m confused about the natural house system so unsure if I will be affected with marriage & reputation with the upcoming Aries Libra nodes.

    Thank you so much in advance!! <3

    Venus 12 deg Aries
    Ascendant 18 deg Aries
    Jupiter 14 deg libra
    Aesculpia 19 def libra
    Natal north node 19 deg Sagittarius
    Chiron 19 deg Leo
    Moon 21 deg Capricorn
    Mercury 17 deg Pisces
    Mars 8 deg cancer
    Uranus 20 deg Capricorn
    Neptune 20 deg Capricorn
    Pluto 25 def Scorpio
    Juno 1 def cancer
    Vests 22 deg Capricorn
    Ceres 08 deg Pisces
    Diana 22 def Pisces
    Fortuna 11 deg Pisces
    Minerva 26 deg cancer
    Bacchus 09 Capricorn
    Apollo 27 Capricorn
    Hygeia 18 deg cancer
    Panacea 07 cancer
    Ops 24 Capricorn
    SAlacia 29 deg Aquarius
    Prosperina 04 Pisces
    Cupidito19 Sagittarius
    Vulcano 04 Capricorn
    Psyche 22 Scorpio

    1. Thank you. Loneliness is common when Saturn transits Aquarius and the Eleventh House of friends and groups. There are barriers to friendship; obstacles preventing you from getting into a group; difficulties with social access and so on. The cycle ends on March 7th and has largely reflected the pandemic which has made it dangerous for people to gather, if there are not HEPA/UVC units in the room. Leo does not rule your Eleventh House, by the way, Aquarius does – using the Natural House system. You have had Saturn in that chart sector since Christmas 2020 which is why you are lonely. The internet is full of bad astrology unfortunately and Pluto in Aquarius transiting your Eleventh House does not mean manipulative friends appear. Power appears in a group, and influential people who like to dominate will be involved, but you don’t have to have your strings pulled, if you don’t want someone else to make you a puppet. It’s more accurate to say that you will be struck by the way a community made up of different tribes can transform a situation – and this is really until 2044. I don’t know why you’re confused about the Natural House system. It’s actually the most simple house system of the 30+ astrologers choose from. Worth a try.

  4. Thank you for all your marvellous content Jessica. I am new here and never had a birth chart before so I’m still learning 🙂 It looks like my social life is in for some changes this year and there might be new people in my life that will make a big impact. I think I have some points in my chart that you mention above as being particularly affected by Pluto in Aquarius. I have had a very difficult couple of years with losing my beloved dad and a range of family issues and money worries. I am still doing jobs under my old career due to financial necessity, but am hoping to start building towards a new career/studying/change of direction in a couple of years or so (I want to be a psychotherapist). Would my astrology be favourable to this? I’m also wondering about chances to go abroad – I’ve lived abroad before and wonder if I might again! Thank you so much Jessica. Really enjoy your site. Much appreciated.

    1. Thank you, I will pass that compliment on to my friends at Asporea who run this website. You have a stellium in Capricorn, but also in Aquarius, so more than most people, will feel the shift away from the old system, and the start of the new system. The final week of March will show you, but you also need to go back to the year 2008 and look at your old e-mail about work, unpaid work or academia from that year. You will see how power was distributed. Now, go and look at how far you have come by 2023. Budget issues have forced your hand (you are living in the United Kingdom so it is not your fault; that country is going through the biggest economic turmoil since the war). Now you are wondering about a new career or academic career. What or who is on offer to you from the final week of March is completely different to the last 15 years. It is achievement without people politics. The endless questions about who or what is top dog, or leader of the pack, vanish. Even when they return from June, they have lost their power and in fact the old set-up in your profession, business or industry crumbles from that point, to vanish altogether by 2025. You can now reach for the heights without the pressure of Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto in Aquarius will enter your Eleventh House of friends and groups at the same time, so your tribe, or your tribes (plural) now have power. It is very important to think as part of the group, not just from late March, but for the next 20 years. You are very likely to find yourself drawn into a movement or community and discover that you come into your own; you were born to supply this circle of people on some level and yet you also gain so much from being in that world.

  5. I drew the World card, expansive but confusing. I have my Asc at 10 Aqua but placements here to. What is possible for these? Thank you in anticipation

    1. The World shows the Jupiter and Uranus transit of Gemini and your Third House of travel in the mind, as well as actual travel. When you look at the card you will see the lion, representing the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – but also Africa – it depends on where you live, and which countries matter most to you in future. The bull is Spain, a symbol of Europe. The eagle is of course the United States. The blonde figure with an oriental twist is Australasia, I always think. The key is, Gemini rules neighbouring nations and neighbouring places. It also rules the internet, the media, and academia. So you have a long-term future full of choices and it will very much involve going sideways to the next country or city (for example London to Paris) or from county to county (New York to Los Angeles). That is you in the middle, not knowing who to choose, or what to choose. When this transit takes off in 2024 and accelerates from 2026 you may want to ground yourself, slow down, centre and start making thoroughly informed and steady choices. It is an incredible period of your life and if you want a new sexual relationship, one will be available to you – with one of these faces in these far-away places.

  6. I love your articles, I so look forward to them! I’m looking forward to seeing how things changes things globally when Pluto moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, it sounds very hopeful overall. I have worked in a very male dominated tech industry most of my life and in the last few years after some very hard challenges (Pluto in Capricorn I believe?) am quite involved in the women’s group and hoping to expand our activities this year to provide more support for young women coming into this industry. I notice I have Aries in Vesta at 1 degrees so I assume from what you are saying this works with Pluto in Aquarius and will be positive for that work? But I also have Vulcano in Leo at 0 degrees which will be an opposition from the get go when Pluto changes and I was wondering if you could help me better understand how that please? You mention here that Pluto can present dominating, power grabbing and controlling people or organisations so perhaps I should keep the stakes low on these plans to start with until this aspect passes?

    1. Thank you very much. Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini (together from 2026) are extremely good news for the environment and also for grassroots democracy. That first wave of Millennials born with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius will rise as voters and politicians. Pluto in Capricorn would have been very difficult in your male-dominated technology industry. Pluto is absolute power, corrupting absolutely – and in Capricorn it is patriarchy. The old system. Vesta is about gender imbalance in a harem atmosphere, which you need to avoid at all costs. Solidarity with the other woman/the other women is much more useful than any ideas about competing with other females for male approval. You have Vulcano at 0 Leo in your Fifth House, which rules parenthood, teaching, godmother/aunt status, grandmother status, tutoring, mentoring, guiding of the young. The entertainment and welfare of children or teenagers is also to be found here. Vulcano suggests lifelong patterns of great self-control, self-discipline and huge power as a result of that. The Fifth House is also the bedroom and courtship. Vulcano was cuckolded by Venus and Mars and his iron grip on his own response to that, made him admired and respected (while the cheating couple were humiliated). So that’s the astrology and the Roman mythology which informs the astrology. Pluto opposing suggests an historic crossroads about the same. So this may be your godson or it may be your boyfriend, as Pluto goes to 0 Aquarius in the final week of March, through June 2023. Something or someone will take over, dominate and seek to control. Your resistance to that and handling of that empowers you. That is Pluto’s gift to you.

  7. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for your great insightful research and interpretation. Timing is essential in preparation of the events unfolding. This time in our history may look largely chaotic, but I think it will define the beginnings of a yet to be defined mass awakening. Good to know there are good interpreters to help in guiding the external chaos. Wishing you great relations and peace through this sojourn of discovery. My name is Dan, a fellow teacher and guide teaching weekly at the Carroll Righter Foundation in the Hollywood Hills. Peace Within

    1. Thank you very much, Dan. Carroll Righter rings a bell. I love that period of American astrological history.

  8. Dear Jessica, I have Juno and Saturn at 1 degree in Libra, and pulled the King of Swords from the Tarot deck. My reading of this is challenging times if I were to meet a partner and is making think to proceed with extreme caution, if at all! is this correct?

    1. Yes, you have Juno (marriage) and Saturn (obstacles) in Libra in the Seventh House of partnership, and Pluto will come along to trine that, as he goes through Aquarius. The King of Swords is that man. Plenty of women have married the King of Swords and been very happy. It really depends on you. The King of Swords is tough; decisive; intimidating; strong. If he’s fighting the good fight, he is a terrific husband or partner. He is the kind of old-fashioned embodiment of masculinity that some women want. If he is against you, forget it. Not a good husband to divorce; no, not at all. Caution is good – it’s sensible – and will give you time to find out who this man really is and what he is made of.

  9. Hello Jessica, thank you so much for another stellar guidance article!
    I was just thinking about your predictions yesterday and meant to ask, you mentioned we will be seeing power going to women and people of color as Pluto goes in Aquarius. How does MTG fit into this equation, does it mean she and the other extremist, Boebert, will be getting more power within the Republican Party? They just removed Ilhan Omar (a woman, Muslim, person of color) from the committee. I guess that is where the other piece – religion – plays its role.
    I have NN in Sag at 0 degree and SN in Gemini at 0 degree, also Pluto in Libra at 6 degrees. What does that translate into? Would you have any message for me as Sun Cancer with ASC in Cap in terms of finances? I really appreciate it!

    1. Thank you. Pluto in Aquarius always puts women in charge, or gives women equal importance and power in a movement. This goes back to Boudicca and takes us into the reign of Bloody Mary, but also the work of Mary Wollstonecraft. The Republican party will be drawn into this cycle, as much as the Democrats, so we would expect to see ‘old white golfer’ syndrome bite the dust from the final week of March 2023. This is system change, and as Pluto takes 248 years to end up in Aquarius and leave Capricorn, it’s very much about all the Presidents of the past, no matter if we’re talking about the 18th century or Trump. Your chart shows a past life spent dealing with language, translation and communication issues. Which year? It will be an era that draws you, because you prefer the clothes, homewares or architecture – perhaps the music, films, books – in any case, the culture draws you. You can look up the years that the North Node was in Sagittarius in the back of Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you as a Premium Member. This comes around again rapidly near March 7th and again near March 23rd, ongoing, as although Saturn clears 0 Pisces fairly quickly, Pluto returns to 0 Aquarius long-term. You will find your past life comes back to you and the trine from transiting Pluto to your South Node in Gemini suggests this may involve travel in the mind, or actual travel as well. Gemini-Sagittarius is a combination we find in the charts of people who have two countries dominant in their long-term fate; whose existence revolves around the media, publishing or academia for long stretches of time; who has to master the understanding/empathy between different cultures who have a different vocabulary.

  10. Hi Jessica, hope you’re well. Thank you as always for such illuminating content! I’d like to ask a question, and on behalf of all Scorpios please: given that Pluto is the co-ruler of Scorpio, does that mean every Plutonian transit continuously triggers Scorpio chart factors no matter what the sign it’s in? Such as the upcoming ingress into Aquarius? Thank you so much!

    1. Good question. Pluto rules Scorpio, by himself – and in transit, does affect Scorpio Sun people more, and Scorpio stellium people. Why? Because Scorpio is about control. It is particularly about control and the balance of power in sexual and financial relationships, like marriage. Pluto when he moves around the zodiac signs, always raises new questions about who and what has the upper hand. We don’t like to talk about that, or even think about it, but it’s the truth. For all that white weddings are romantic, visually spectacular and emotional – for all that the speeches are funny and the tin cans tied to the car are nostalgic – the core of a wedding is Scorpio. Until death do us part. For richer for poorer. In sickness and in health. For better for worse. So, Scorpio is really about the unspoken taboo: the will, inheritance, legacy or pre-nuptial. Pluto in Aquarius will square the Scorpio placements of everyone born with the Sun in Scorpio (Pluto square Sun) and square Scorpio stelliums too. So this is all very new. It is about the power of a group, like a trade union, to directly affect the mortgage of a married couple. It is about the power of a group, like a feminist movement, to have a huge impact on a divorced couple dealing with custody of the children. It’s on that level.

  11. PS. I noted the dates January 3rd to 31st 2028 when Pluto at 6 Aquarius trines Uranus at 6 Gemini, and September 2028 when Jupiter at 6 Libra trines Pluto at 6 Aquarius because my Pluto is at 6 Libra. I know transiting Pluto transforms, but it was difficult over a long period of time when it opposed my Sun so I’m both excited and wary about this period in 5 years time. With Pluto, do people always have to go through the wringer before becoming empowered?! Thanks

    1. Good question. Do we have to go through the wringer to become empowered by Pluto? There is usually a process with Pluto. It begins with powerful, dominating and controlling people (or organisations) which are quite driven and obsessive. Through your handling of that, you discover willpower and self-control you did not know was there, and find yourself taking back control, and more than that. Eventually, over a number of years, you find you are in pole position and there is usually an ‘Aha’ moment when you realise that the end of the transit, answers the start of the transit. If you go back to your emails from 2008 and note who/what was so powerful then, you will soon see how the last 15 years has been about a sliding scale of progress in that area of your life. Now, in 2023, there is a definite sense of the circle closing.

  12. jessica, I have pluto in virgo 7th house opp moon moon and saturn in pisces 1st house. money is tight. will work be abundant for me? hiw do I know what my rising sign is too. as I was adopted. TY athina

    1. Okay, so Pluto is in Virgo in your Sixth House, not your Seventh House, Athina. I can’t see a chart here, but if you have money questions, the Tarot is free to use on this website. Just follow the steps.

  13. Hi Jessica
    I feel quite excited about Pluto going into Aquarius for myself and everyone else on the planet. I had an image this morning of myself in adult form emerging from an oval egg shell – in the depths of the shell there were beautiful dark blue colours suggesting great riches ( I dont’ mean financial!) – Pluto will transit several factors in my chart – notably my Sun -Saturn conjunction. I would be interested in any observations you might have on my transits/chart.
    23 Oct. 1953. 7.15am London UK
    Thank you

    1. It’s hard to take one transit out of context and I don’t see a chart here, but if you were born with the Sun in conjunction with Saturn at 29 Libra, it will be almost two decades into the future that Pluto at 29 Aquarius makes the trine. Far more relevant to you is the South Node entering at 29 Libra this year; that will bring back karma from 18-19 years prior, likely with a partner, possibly with a dispute from that time.

  14. January has been a very difficult month for me and 2023 is feeling so heavy already at my job and my relation with my husband is draining me. Reading this article makes me feel more drained about the saturn opposition to leo given i am a leo.

    1. No need to feel drained. The Tarot is free to use on this website. Just follow the steps. It’s here to help.

  15. Hi jessica, I m Gemini and have Aries and libra stellium. so all 3 houses are activated. can you please explain if this is good or bad in which way. have saturn in aries…debilated. Uranus in firsr house same time in 2026…too many changes from 2023 itself. thanks. in advance. good health to you and your team.

    1. Gemini, Aries and Libra are pulled into an Aquarius pattern, not seen in your lifetime. This is about a new friend or group on the scene, from late March (or a new version of the old group) which shows you what might be possible with the internet. It would also be relevant to your profile online. Pluto empowers you, if you use sheer willpower. It can slowly but surely transform the situation, online in particular, so that you are in a far more potent position at the end. There will be new inventions from 2026 which make this very clear to you and innovations on the web.

  16. Hi Jessica – When pluto moves into Aquarius, it eventually makes a pass that trines my natal north node at zero degrees Libra at the same time as my nodal reversal period. Confusing matters even more, my north node in Libra is in my first house. Any ideas about what to expect from that? Then Pluto will sextile my Sun/Jupiter conjunction, then move on and trine my natal Venus, so if the nodal transit is tricky, at least I have the other transits to look forward to! Thank you. As always, enjoying your prolific and insightful observations!

    1. I can’t see a chart here, and it’s hard to read without every factor included, but it’s fair to say you have karma going back into past lives with your current partner (professional or sexual) and that karma will be cycling around from July 2023 when the South Node enters Libra and Seventh House. The Seventh House also describes enemies or opponents, and again, there would be karma, if this was the case. The North Node in Libra is not in your First House, it is in your Seventh House. Have a look at the feature on Libra and marriage, which I think is still on the front page of this website.

  17. Dear Jessica, what an exciting blog!! I checked my natal chart and saw that my MC is at 2 degrees Libra and IC at 2 degrees Aries.

    I pulled the Knight of Wands when asking for the impact of Pluto in Aquarius from 2023-2044 on my life. Is that to do with new technologies? Or is it health as Pluto is at 18 degrees in Virgo in my chart?

    Would love any insights from you on what this means. Despite reading extensively on your website, my grasp of how MC and IC impact a chart, is sketchy at best. And thanks to the time zone differences, being in India, I miss all the Zoom events. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you. The Knight of Wands is a clear symbol of a project, plan or idea which needs to be grounded and nurtured. It’s about your IC at 2 Aries, but your stellium in Aries, as a whole. You are quick off the blocks; competitive; a woman in a hurry. Pluto empowers you (gives you go-faster stripes) and lends you greater strength and potency, but there is a reminder here to steady the pace and figure out a strategy. The long-form interpretation of the Knight of Wands will tell you more – and have a look at the Tarot flipbook in your online library. The IC in Aries suggests a relative or ancestor was in the army, navy or air force. A fighter or battler. You have inherited that fierce drive from this person, and are every ready for a mission or campaign, but this Tarot card suggests you may want to look at the speed, style and approach. Go back to the card; do keep it.

  18. Hi Jessica,
    Great article as usual.
    I am curious about Aquarius opposition to my Leo placements.
    Any heads up greatly appreciated.
    On another note can you suggest some tarot questions… I think I am making them too long and not direct enough… some suggestions appreciated.

    1. Thanks Amanda. You were born with Ceres at 2 Leo and Jupiter at 5 Leo in the Fifth House, which rules the bedroom, courtship, pregnancy, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and young adults. Pluto will oppose those first, from 2 Aquarius and then 5 Aquarius, as you slowly go through the first stages of this cycle – around 20 years of your life. Ceres was the mother of a daughter, Proserpina, who was taken from her by Pluto. So that opposition is important, as literally or symbolically, you will need to reach a deal or compromise with something/someone intent on taking over. If you don’t have children, this may be a class you teach, or a godson. Read more about Ceres and Pluto and look at the paintings of them. I’ll go into this more at the two Astrology Collective events. The art can show you, rapidly, what Ceres is all about. Part of you is emotional here, entitled, powerful and prone to control. Of course, this may be about a lover or partner too. Leo and the Fifth House rules life between the sheets. Ceres always delivers a compromise or deal, with others, or with the Universe. A new world. You have been through this before, and can likely remember examples. On a practical note, dial down the part that sexual relationships, dating, parenthood or the world of younger people plays, when the opposition is closer. You wouldn’t raise your hand to volunteer on a children’s orphanage project with your new boyfriend, for example! Jupiter is benefic; benevolent; ‘The Greater Benefic’ the old astrologers called him. This is where you are protected, lucky, generous with others, big-thinking, optimistic and usually prone to living it large. So you may gain from children, or be blessed with particular teenagers, or benefit enormously from younger people – or your lovers. It doesn’t mean Ceres isn’t there. She is very much there, but…it’s complicated. The Pluto opposition to Jupiter suggests your usual expansive, open-handed, cheerful approach will be blocked or stopped. Again, you may want to dial down the importance or sheer size of the matter at hand, so that the stakes are lower and the opposition is less of a big deal. Once Pluto has passed, I expect the landscape of your life will be very different, as you will have gone through two challenges from him. As always with the oppositions, the gift he gives you is empowerment. If you use your willpower and self-control to take back control, you become quite potent and influential in the process. Pushing back, holding your own and so on, is the key to power, Amanda. You can look at this with the Tarot. Very simple. Check in with the present with one card. Is it jaw-on-the-floor-accurate? Ask ‘How will Pluto’s opposition to my Leo stellium show up, overall, by 2044?’ (If you did not get remarkable accuracy with the first card, defining your situation at present, take a rest and come back. You were too distracted).

  19. I really enjoyed reading this post- much appreciation! Per your suggestion, I pulled the 7 of Wands. It said for me to get centered and to fix myself/my situation, because being divided/divisive was untenable and will not provide safety or security. What insight and helpful guidance, for sure! I admit I struggle with my mental health at least 1/2 of the time. I am doing the best I can and trying to be kind and do good works for others. Also, I emailed the interpretation to myself and wrote down it down in my journal. Thanks again for sharing on Pluto in Aquarius. Take care

    1. Thank you. That card can be used to inspire you to find solutions until 2044. It shows a group (Aquarius) and you (the person trying to gain a foothold) and is a good reminder that you need a nice, reliable, technique to turn to whenever you are dealing with a number of people who seem to have opposite opinions or ideas to your own. The irony is you are all really similar in outlook. Yet, it is the coping strategy that matters, and if you do have mental health issues, for which I am sorry, you may want to look at methods which stabilise you and centre you. Yoga works for some people. It balances the unbalanced. Walking in nature is grounding. Wands/staves are about the mind. We live in our head. The card is telling you to remember the rest of you, below the neck. If you’ve not yet found a good place (a local area, say) where you can go off by yourself and centre, it may be time to explore. That’s one way into this card.

  20. Dear Brilliant Jessica.

    This may be the most significant piece after your analysis of the Royal charts.
    When I listen to Led Zeppelin, it feels like they had divine help.
    This explains so much.

    Pluto sextile Neptune must be very unique. Confused about how to make the best of these gifts.
    Tough aspects may corner us, but letting an astrological gift pass one by feels just as bad. I did capitalize on you advise in 2016. You saved me.

    Running out of words to thank you.
    Pluto in Libra
    Neptune in Sagittarius.

    1. That’s kind of you to say, Carol, thank you. Pluto in Libra suggests a partnership (sexual or professional, perhaps platonic) is centre-stage from July, either appearing, or just moving into sharper focus. Pluto in your Seventh House of duets is really about figuring out how to compromise with the other person, and share the controls. The South Node in Libra from July will eventually form a conjunction with your natal Pluto, so you have some karma and some closure to sort out with the other person.

  21. I don’t know why Jessica but before even reading the article I feel like I want my work days to slow down.

    Working in sales is non stop. I want the financial gains and willing to work hard for it but the rat race really takes it out of me at times.

    1. You are actually feeling Saturn in Pisces before he lands. That happens around March 7th. He will oppose the Virgo factors of billions; Virgo rules work. You have Ceres at 2 Virgo so will experience transiting Saturn at 2 Pisces in opposition to natal Ceres at 2 Virgo in late March and April. You do have a decision to make. If you feel tired (for example) or if you feel you are not being protected against Covid by your employer (crucial) then that may form part of your choice. This has not happened for 29 years so it’s an unusual opposition. Look at the Tarot if you need guidance, it will likely echo what is going on in your chart.

  22. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for providing such wonderful insights into astrology.
    Could the placements that I have in my chart indicate my two adult children possibly leaving home ? Unfortunately for them, not us, due to their illnesses, we have been supporting them. I believe my daughter 7/6/86, may be on her path, however I’m not sure about my son, 14/12/82. He has had CFS/ME (due to contracting Ross River virus)for 19 years, and only in the last few years has he been able to fully start healing. About a third way though his illness he nearly died, and that is the point when I found a wonderful and genuine spiritual healer, who I believe turned his corner. I would really appreciate your insight Jessica.
    Many thanks

    1. Thanks Maria. The situation with your adult children ends in the final week of March, in terms of feeling dominated or controlled (by them, perhaps, or by their illnesses). You think your daughter is on the way, but your son is a bigger concern. In both charts I use for you, the Fifth House (parenthood) shows transformation. Pluto leaves Capricorn and Virgo’s solar Fifth House, where he has been for 15 long years, around March 23rd. Even when he retrogrades back into your Fifth House, he’s going backwards; the tide has turned; all he can do is repeat himself, losing power all the time. So we don’t know why things change, but they do. And they will never challenge you like this again. In fact from the mid 2020’s you will look back at 2008-2023 and shake your head at what happened. It has been the making of you; you have become stronger, more influential, empowered, a force to be reckoned with. And yet – this does not go on, because it can’t. In your natal chart, the Fifth House is ruled by Leo and you have Uranus at 10 and the MC or Midheaven at 22 Leo. Your MC is your calling in life and you have chosen to be queen to a younger court; your little prince and princess, now adults – who were Eighties babies. You can express this through teaching, of course, or running a Brownies group – it’s not always your own offspring! Some of what has been happening is about that. Fulfilling your destiny as leader and authority to your children, not just ‘mother.’ Yet Uranus in Leo is a big one; it is a symbol of rejection, and also being rejected, and I dare say you’ve seen both sides with your son and daughter. They’ve been through adolescence after all. The rejection dance ultimately ends in freedom. Independence Day is coming for one or both of them, as Jupiter goes to 10 Aries from February 21st to 25th and trines your Uranus – and then Jupiter goes to 22 Aries from April 13th to 17th and trines your MC. That’s not happened for 12 years. Something which may assist is a self-conversation where you figure out how your vocation in life (Queen to a younger court) can be fulfilled in other ways. You also need to really look at freedom and independence for yourself, as well as for both of them. You don’t mention their father in your question but this is of course part of the story too. You can find out more about Uranus in your online library. Just remember that life is always going to be unpredictable for you as a mother and the sudden jolts are often like locks snapping.

  23. Hello Jessica

    This seems rather foreboding for me as I had Pluto in Capricorn now it’s in my sign Aquarius. The year has started badly I feel hopeless about the future. No income home or employment. Everything is in turmoil.

    Please if time allows can you see how Pluto is going to affect me.

    Thank you Jessica

    1. Feeling hopeless about the future is a common symptom of the illness we call depression. Astrology deals with the future, so I often find people who are going through a depressive episode, or have them regularly. So never mind the horoscope, the first port of call online is always Beyond Blue and The Black Dog Institute. I am not surprised you are feeling low with no income, home or job. But these things do go round in circles; you don’t feel your normal self, so it’s hard to even think about applying for work; that lands you back where you started. You do need to break the circuit of depression and fortunately there are any number of experts (and those in the same boat) who can support you and help you. I like the organisations I’ve mentioned because I’ve seen readers get good results from them. You were born with Uranus, Pluto and Ops in Virgo, the sign ruling depression and also anxiety. It also rules employment, daily routine, the housework, exercise, food, drink, medication, doctors and cures. So this is nothing to do with Pluto entering Aquarius, it’s really your Virgo pattern in the Sixth House. Chiron is at 12 Pisces in opposition to Pluto at 13 Virgo in your chart. You would benefit from keeping a dream diary and analysing your dreams, preferably with a good book or website by your side. My friend Jane Teresa Anderson is the expert. Why dreams? Because Pisces rules them. There is a subconscious tug of war going on here, between one part of you which tends to show itself in your dreaming or unconscious life, and the other part of you which wants to control your work, control your wellbeing. Pluto in Virgo needs to ‘run’ the job and run her food, drink, exercise, the lot. Yet there is something buried deep down below in the subterranean depths which pulls in the other direction. I know you want practical answers but actually there is a fair bit of work to be done here on your health, full stop. For all that big pharmaceutical companies have been pushing particular answers, there is an awful lot of research showing that something as basic as walking every day, or walking in a group (even better) can turn things around. As work and health are the same thing in astrology (Virgo matters) one feeds the other. You will in fact be offered a far better house or apartment option from May 2023. That’s coming no matter what you do and by May 2024 I expect you’ll have taken it. You *will* need a new budget from March – time to grab a pencil and do the sums again differently. In both charts I use for you, public and private, the Twelfth House (the unconscious, soul, spirit, psyche) shows up as being tremendously important. You have spent 15 years trying to deal with what, essentially, goes on in your head when you are by yourself. It is a cycle when you cannot share (unless you tell a priest or counsellor) and yet, from the final week of March, it’s over. We don’t know why. Maybe I have weirdly become part of the prediction, by telling you about Beyond Blue or The Black Dog Institute. You are not alone and this does get better, but I can only do so much on this website. It would be great if you could take a deep breath and start taking some different steps.

  24. Hi Jessica – I pulled a Knight of Cups from the tarot for Pluto in Aquarius. I have stelliums in Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. Could you please if you have time elaborate on its meaning for me? Thank you so much!

    1. Sure, well this is a reading until 2044, but in general, there is plenty of travel ahead, and perhaps a regular commute between cities or nearby regions. Libra suggests it’s travel with heart and soul; this may be a long-distance relationship, or possibly a family relationship where different relatives regularly go to stay. Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries. Libra is about strong feelings. Gemini is short journeys; regional or local hops; Aquarius itself suggests rather distanced connections. You have to ask yourself why you or someone else is not ‘there’ all the time, in the same space – perhaps there is a deep need for more independence, thus the gaps on the map.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    Thankyou for the fabulous article. I have a stellium in Leo, Sagitarius and Gemini. I am concerned about my Mars at 2 Leo and Uranus at 5 Leo opposing Pluto in Aquarius. Would you be able to give me a heads up. I see that I do have some positives with my moon at Gemini 2 and also Sagittarius placements though. My life has just started to lighten up especially with a significant event in March. Ifeel I need to brace myself with anything to do with Pluto even though ultimately it’s tranformative.
    Warmest Regards,

    1. Marie, transiting Pluto in opposition to natal Mars and Uranus in Leo, is ‘the challenge to change’ regarding the bedroom, courtship, offspring, young relatives or the world of younger people, en masse. This is already an area of your life where you have fought various battles, over the years, and also where you have seen upheaval and radical, quite sudden change. I’ve had readers over the years with Uranus in Leo who’ve had not one, but two, shock pregnancies, for example, or been in turbulent marriages where they broke up a lot. Everybody is different and you will have your own story. Pluto is the challenger and life, other people or particular organisations will represent him. If you accept the challenge (which is to transform yourself and your world) then you end up in a really powerful position. You don’t need to brace yourself with Pluto, but you do need to duck and dive, so you don’t plunge into a classic Leo/Fifth House set-up where you just know there would be conflict. You’d pick another time for a child custody process, for example. Astrology is really about destiny being negotiable; just keep an eye out for likely scenarios. You have to have a Pluto opposition! In astrology you can’t not. But you can have a relatively manageable one that you ultimately end up being grateful for in the end.

  26. Hi Jessica
    What a time to be alive! Pluto into Aquarius is one for the ages as you so eloquently write in your blog.
    I think your “Spare” article will continue to evolve for the rest of time. It was such a great article. My favourite of all your articles!
    I have Prospepina at 0° Leo so I am guessing that is going to come alive with this Pluto transit. Whilst she is a small asteroid, she seems important to me.
    I also have a stellium in Aries and Libra and my moon in Gemini being activated….. is this time to hold on for dear life as changes are a coming, or is this a rebalancing of dynamics that have not been in my favour for the last 20 years….
    Would love your insights.
    Waving my tea from across the ponds

    1. Pluto married Proserpina after abducting her, so the opposition from Pluto at 0 Aquarius to your Proserpina at 0 Leo is ‘the challenge to change’ in reference to Leo/Fifth House matters; courtship, the bedroom, children, young people. You’d see it very quickly, from the final week of March on. Pluto presents as powerful, obsessive people or organisations, to which we must respond with our own willpower and self-control. If we can persist, it is the making of us. It was the making of Proserpina. She needed nerves of steel to spend half the year with Pluto in Hades and half the year on earth with Ceres, her mother, but in doing so, she became remarkably influential.

  27. Hi Jessica, What do you think will happen to education once Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini go into transit?

    1. Really good question. Education is ruled by Gemini; academia is ruled by Sagittarius; this rare combination of Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus in Gemini and Neptune in Aries suggests global virtual classrooms with sophisticated translation (in real time) which would offer an alternative to a traditional degree. I am looking back through the history books to see the last time this happened…it feels momentous.

  28. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the update on Pluto in Aquarius. I am following this very closely. I am also planning a “saying goodbye to Saturn in Aquarius” party second week of March. It’s been relentless. My spine aches.

    Would it be possible to predict on the future of South Africa given our electricity generation problems as well as rampant corruption, which is holding us back?

    Personally, I have Proserpina at 0 degrees Virgo and Chiron at 01 degrees Taurus. How would Pluto in Aquarius impact these placements?

    Much appreciated

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, a few people at our Astrology Collective event were looking forward to the end of the Saturn in Aquarius cycle. You have a large stellium in Aquarius so must have been blocked and stopped constantly in 2021, 2022 and yet from March 7th 2023 it is over. You will really notice the change in the final week of March when Pluto enters your Eleventh House, filling the vacant space left by Saturn, and not only is life much more free, easy and open – you also begin to come into your own. Your mission, over the next 20 years, is to meet the needs of the tribe/tribes and contribute to something very special. The corruption in South Africa is part of the corruption worldwide. Pluto is absolute power. Absolute power, corrupts absolutely. In Capricorn, the sign of the system, the elite and the establishment, he has brought us the biggest attacks on democracy in 248 years. That ends on March 23rd. We don’t know why. I would speculate arrests for money laundering are part of it, as money laundering has blighted the planet for the last 15 years. This would make sense astrologically: Jupiter (solutions) goes into Taurus (the world economy) from May, so just a couple of months after many of the corrupt elite lose their control. You will find life changes dramatically and quickly with work and money, for yourself, in 2023, and will be delighted to take full advantage of a great opportunity to save money or make it, from May 2023.

  29. Dear Jessica,

    In the past 15 years, I have survived heavy blows from Pluto (divorce, financial problems, severe appendicitis surgery, and for the last 5 years I have been terrorized by my partner with whom I live unmarried, and whom I still have to endure due to property and financial reasons…). My steles in Capricorn and Cancer were painfully affected. I feel that with Pluto in Aquarius I will be reborn, because I have 5 factors in Gemini that Pluto will activate. What can I expect from those trines? (By the way, I’m a freelance journalist.)

    1. Okay, so we start with your solar chart. You are a Sun Cancer who has gone through Pluto in Capricorn in your Seventh House of partnership for 15 years. Your partner has terrorised you and you cannot afford to leave. That situation will end in the final week of March. We don’t know why. Pluto leaves your Seventh House. Even when he retrogrades there from June, he has lost all his power and so has your partner. This is also about your money and home. In the final week of March, Pluto goes into your Eighth House of financial relationships. Get the best advice you can afford then, and use all the free resources available. This will empower you. You will need a plan, long-term, but that’s okay. You have the willpower. You will be reborn as a writer, from 2024 and from 2026 your entire life will change. You will be exploring new technology, using translation, be quite free, and exhilarated by new projects. Deep breath.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    Hope you’re well. I’d like to ask you about Covid-19 in 2023. Is it really over? Pandemic is coming to an end in Aus? I still wear face mask on public transports, indoor gatherings and at the office.
    May I stop wearing face mask?

    NSW Health mentions that “Notifications of COVID-19 continue to decline however the rate of this reduction appears to be slowing and PCR positivity has stabilised. This indicates that we may be approaching the bottom of this wave.”


    1. Amber, this is where Twitter is the go-to source as Professor Kerryn Phelps (my old colleague at The Australian Women’s Weekly) is a lifeline of updated, frequent information on the truth about Covid. Her network on Twitter is composed of other doctors and academics, epidemiologists and so on. They will all tell you the pandemic continues. Your N95 mask is your best friend. Even better is a HEPA filter with UVC light in your office. The mask can come off. Have you asked your employer to get one? How do other people in your office feel about asking? In Australia, Philips make plug-in units for around the price of a good air cooler. And no, I’m not being paid to pass that on. Covid variants appear all the time. The astrology tells me the hardest test is yet to come. It begins in the first week of March and will slowly challenge the world to finally change its approach, in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026. Never get this. Don’t get it once, don’t get it twice. Long Covid affects about 5% of people.

  31. Hey Jessica, always love reading your articles and how accurate they are. My concerns are that I am a Leo with a stellium in Leo and the sign covers a great deal of ground in my 7th house. Our family is a 3 way concern with my daughter 21/11/2006 & hubby 27/06/1975 with all 3 of us very strong willed. I was wondering how the planetary play out would affect our family dynamics, because at the moment it is free for all and very chaotic in our relationships, often with anger & resentment. By the way, I pulled the 2 swords – made me wonder if I would loose everything before starting again. Feel way too old to start again. Your thoughts would be amazing & appreciated if you have time for me.

    1. Thank you. The Two of Swords is you, deciding how to manage your husband and daughter. You would gain from developing your psychic ability as you are blindfolded here – unable to see who or what is actually an issue – and what is only in your imagination. You do have time; Pluto is in Aquarius for some years. You will need to figure out a strategy for dealing with both of them. You are on the defence in this card, but do you need to be? This is where psychic ability comes in. There are some good teachers on this level: my Twitter friend John Edward is one of them. His go-to medium Linda Williamson wrote some very good books too. Finding out who or what is blinding you is also very useful. These cards are about active imagination. You are a Sun Leo with Pluto about to replace Saturn in your solar Seventh House of marriage, but also duels. So it’s time to sit with the card and ask yourself how you can see clearly and what you need to do. Maybe you need to put your swords down. Are they required? In this card you are inaccessible, keep others at a distance and seem removed. Is that what you want? A decision is pending. Something has to happen and something has to change. That is up to you, as you go through this Seventh House transit. The Tarot can assist again. Follow the steps.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    I always follow your articles with great interest and I find your answers enlightening.
    Currently I have problems with the IRS due to my accountant’s negligence.
    As the situation is very stressful and I’m suffering financial consequences I decided to contact a lawyer.
    Do you see a light at the end of the tunnel? I have the Moon at 1° Gemini, Ops at 2° Gemini, Neptune at 0° Sagittarius, Uranus at 6° Libra, Panacea at 2° Aries, and Salacia at 29° Capricorn.
    Many thanks. Mary 🙂

    1. I am sorry you are going through this issue with your tax and your accountant. You’ve contacted a lawyer. Money is always Taurus and Scorpio, so we go to Taurus, ruling the Second House, and Scorpio, ruling the Eighth House, to see what is going on. You have a huge stellium in Taurus. If you’re not aware of that, read more about your Taurus stellium in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you as a Premium Member. You will make or save a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024. And exhale. We don’t know if this is directly related to the IRS or from quite another source – or for a different reason. Jupiter with all his opportunities and solutions enters Taurus and your Second House of bank, house, apartment, business, charity, valuables from May 2023 with a welcome bump, as you realise a door just opened. By May 2024 you will either have found a way to save yourself a small fortune, or actually gained through some kind of increase, windfall, reward or return. July is also important as the nodes leave Taurus-Scorpio and you will have done your time, karmically. You are owed from 18-19 years ago, Mary, or you still owe. So that is something the universe is settling, which is why you are stuck in a loop. The loop is over, July 2023.

  33. Hi Jessica,
    I feel two ways at once after reading your article – excitement for the new future for all and some dread on a personal level. the last three years have had shocking events in my family life and I’m worried about what’s coming. I’m tired of ‘fighting’.

    On another topic, if a person passes to spirit and they could have prevented it, do they find peace in spirit?

    thank you again

    1. I am sorry you have had shocks in your family. No wonder you are dealing with anxiety or depression; if you are tired of fighting and dread the future, that’s really your mind, body and spirit talking to you. You need healing, as you know. That will be easier from May 2023 until May 2024 when Jupiter trines your Virgo patterns and you commit yourself to a solution for what affects your peace of mind and happiness. You can start now, of course, but Jupiter just makes it easier, by parking the right person or organisation in front of your nose. In fact, May 2023 to May 2024 will help you to sort out anything which still affects you with the family, as Jupiter with all his solutions is coming to assist. The spirit world is populated by guides, who sometimes reveal themselves to us here on earth. They are often drawn from religious orders, and so we find nuns, monks and so on volunteering to help. Any soul who wants to evolve and find peace is assisted. One only has to ask.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    My tarot card for Pluto transit is the Ace of Swords which is my Sagittarius card for 2023, I have Saturn at 1degree and Neptune at 18 degrees in Libra, any advice would be appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. This is appropriate for Pluto in Aquarius as he enters your Eleventh House of groups from March 23rd 2023, for many years into the future, as you know. The lemons or yellow petals scattered show the people in the group. This may be a political party, orchestra or football club. The crown dangling on the sword shows you the change at the top. The King or Queen in that group will lose his or her crown very suddenly, and the leadership is up for grabs. I expect this will happen to you repeatedly by 2044, Jameela, so you will get quite used to dealing with this kind of kerfuffle. It can be a good thing, with new potential, new possibilities and exhilarating challenges, but so much depends on the group sorting itself out, and who takes charge. Maybe you. You have that Leo pattern, which rules the leader, authority or chief in any group (King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table or Queen Elizabeth I and her court). Pluto will oppose that on the way through so these time-honoured questions about who is best to take charge of the ‘court’ will come to you.

  35. Hi Jessica. I’ve been looking forward to your insights in Pluto in Aquarius, and this is fascinating. Thank you! I’m looking forward to the change, to be honest. I have Mercury at 1 Virgo, trining Saturn at 6 Aquarius. I also have Uranus at 1 degree Virgo. As far as I can see, the stelliums I have will light up pretty quickly as soon as Pluto changes signs. Financially I have struggled with Pluto in Capricorn, but last week, with Pluto at 28 Cap, I received great financial news from one of my publishers for audiobooks. When I look back 18-19 years back, that’s when my writing career started for real, and with the same publisher. I used the tarot for Pluto and drew Ace of Cups. I’m more nervous about Saturn in Pisces than Pluto in Aquarius to be honest. Can you see how this possibly could play out for me?
    Also, I’m wondering how ChatGPT will influence publishing – lots of writers, myself included, are worried about how this will affect us. I’d love your insights on this. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You don’t have Mercury at 1 Virgo trine Saturn at 6 Aquarius, though. They are too wide to trine, and those signs don’t trine either. Congratulations on the good news about your audiobooks. Your card, the Ace of Cups, reflects your chart. You have a Leo stellium in the Fifth House which rules children, teenagers and young adults. That audience for your work, either as a writer, broadcaster or teacher, will take off for you when Jupiter goes to Gemini from 2024 and particularly when Uranus goes to Gemini after 2026. This sextile is terrific and the Ace of Cups is a strong symbol of both babies (the Christening font) but also infant school children (learning to drink from a proper cup) and finally, teenagers who are allowed to legally drink alcohol (in their cups). You will find new technology and inventions not even dreamed of in 2023, begin to change your world from 2026 and beyond 2030 you will see one liberating new outlet after another. Your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of workload and wellbeing needs a long look, from March 7th. Saturn in Pisces will be in opposition in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026. Saturn is the challenge to change. So you may have to alter your food or drink habits; give up smoking; spend money on Covid protection; rethink the 24 hours in your day, and the 7 days in your week. We saw this cycle about 29 years ago and entire generations born with Uranus or Pluto in Virgo, then in their twenties, had to learn how to put on a condom; stick to one partner; choose safe sex. This same generation saw the reality of smoking, on the same cycle, as the tobacco companies were sued out of existence in some cases and new evidence emerged about what cigarettes did. So it’s really on that level. The challenge to change can be accepted!

  36. Hello Jessica,

    Interesting article as always. Being a Scorpio sun I have Juno at 3 degrees in Sagittarius and the natal North Node at 2 degrees Aquarius. I am curious how this sextile with Juno and the conjunction with my natal North Node will impact me. It will be in the groups, friends or home area? Best regards.

    1. Pluto at 2 Aquarius in conjunction with your natal North Node at 2 Aquarius and will also oppose your natal South Node at 2 Leo. Pluto moves very slowly so the one degree difference with Juno is notable. Therefore treat them as separate transits. You have a past life where the issues for you were leading a group, and dealing with leadership challenges along with the demands of a diverse community. A classic example would be teaching a class full of children from different backgrounds in America. Or, going further back in time, being the tribal leader of a group composed of men and women from other tribes. Leo is the leader, Aquarius is the group. You can also play it the other way and have a past life where you were in the group (like a crew on a ship) but struggled with the captain. This is the Mutiny on the Bounty side of Leo-Aquarius. Pluto suggests you will be dominated, for a while, by a person or organisation which wants total control. This affects the group and very likely, friendships too. You’ll see it coming a mile off, so sidestep it, or minimise it. The Tarot can help you more at the time.

  37. Hello Jessica. Can you tell a little bit about my girlfriends chart. I am waiting for her to come to UK she’s in a european country. She still hasn’t started working due to family sorting things back home. I am hoping something starts on her career wise as she’s studied arts in Uk. Do you see her starting something of her own or working in a company? Also, could you tell a little about us. Thank you! This is her chart! Sun-Pisces – 17• Moon- Scorpio 22• Mars – Scorpio 11• Mercury – Aires 3• Venus – Aires at 17• Jupiter – Aires 5• Uranus – Aquarius 14• Neptune – Aquarius 3• NorthNode – Leo 21• SouthNode – Aquarius 21• Saturn – Taurus 00• Pluto – Sagittarius 10• Chiron – Sagittarius 3• DESC – Gemini 11• ASC – Sagittarius 11• MC- Virgo 24• IC – Pisces 24 Fortuna – Leo 17• Juno – Sagittarius 10• Vulcano – Pisces 11• Salacia – Pisces 7• Bacchus – Pisces 10• Diana – Scorpio 4• Minerva – Sagittarius 26• Hygeia – Leo 22• Degrees Prosérpina – Gemini 22• Aesculpia – Scorpio 29• Psyche – Capricorn 25• Juno – Sagittarius 10• Ops – Libra 19• Apollo – Cancer 4• Ceres – Gemini 6• Cupido – Libra 15• Vesta – Leo 8• Appreciate advice.

    1. Your girlfriend will know where she stands with her family and your home life in March, as she has been caught up in Mars Retrograde since September and everything has gone around in circles. She will make or save quite a lot of money by May 2023 if she takes the opportunity. By 2026 she will have been offered something quite new, different, highly unusual and quite unexpected online, or with the media. It will involve her ‘voice’ across a new medium, be it the written word or over a microphone.

  38. Hi Jessica loved your article. My tarot card was The Hanged Man ? l have stelliums in Capricorn Cancer and Gemini. 4 Leo and 0 Gemini. I’m struggling to put it all together can you help? Many thanks

    1. You asked the Tarot about how Pluto in Aquarius would affect you until 2044 and drew The Hanged Man which is about a period of dangling before action. This suggests to me you have retrograde planets which are pulled into the transit, as retrogrades show us going back and forth. Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel, relocation, emigration, foreigners and foreign countries. You also have the node there, which goes backwards anyway. Figuring out where to live, how to live, where to be will take time. The pay-off is new understanding, wisdom and knowledge. By being made to wait, or being unable to decide, you learn. Pluto will sextile your Sagittarius and Ninth House placements, as he transits, so you become empowered after enough time has passed. It’s this new strength and power which enables you to do something about your situation and you may go between two places, or just pick one.

  39. Hi Jessica, thank you for the article and the years how this period will be affected. Looking at my chart, I have Sagittarius at 5 in ASC and Vulcano, Gemini at 5 in DESC, and Aquarius at 9 in Saturn. I would be obliged to get your reading of these placements. I actually pulled a Tarot and I got 3 of swords. I am not surprised as this is the case with the family (parent and an adult child) rather than affairs. Couldn’t have been more exact as to what is going on with so much heart ache while there is so much love and longing for the child to belong with us. Any insights from your reading of the chart is appreciated. THank you!

    1. You have the Three of Swords as your Pluto in Aquarius prediction until 2044. Your family is triangular and it’s painful. Assuming you did this correctly and asked about the next 20 years, the resolution of the situation will go on affecting you for 20 years. You have a Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships; typically a marriage or common-law marriage. This also describes the legacy you leave to children and any inheritance you receive. Pluto will square your Scorpio stellium over a long period of time. This suggests the Three of Swords which shows a heart pierced by three swords. Scorpio is a water sign: emotional. How do you fix the Three of Swords? The interpretation told you. It is very important that the money, house, apartment and/or possessions are sorted out; if you have to do it more than once, then so be it.

  40. Dear Jessica
    I wonder if you could take a look at this for me? I pulled the 9 of swords. The uncanny thing is my father had and accident September 2006 and has acquired brain injury. No one said he would survive let alone last 17 years. He can’t really speak. I note that the card says Uranus and the full moon seem to be of importance in the card. We all as a family have been left devastated and in a way unable to move on. I have spent years trying to make sense as they say everything in life has a lesson. Would this be a Pluto matter in my chart. He was born 20/09/1947. Also thanks for you advice for my husbands anxiety.
    Very best wishes Selina

    1. Selina you asked about Pluto in Aquarius in your life until 2044 and drew the Nine of Swords. This card shows insomnia and anxiety, perhaps depression. It is there to be used for solutions. Your father has brain damage and cannot speak, which is an awful tragedy that has affected your whole family. Your husband also lives with anxiety. This card shows you, neither your father nor your husband, but your success in using meditation, hypnosis and perhaps spirituality will set them an example on how to live your life. Pluto in Aquarius will transit your Twelfth House, ruled by Aquarius, in your solar chart. As a Sun Pisces you are sensitive and emotional. Pluto with all his tests, is moving into your Twelfth House of inner life which rules your peace of mind, state of mind, soul, psyche and spirit. This is the cycle when you become stronger and far more powerful because you discover how to use your willpower to overcome sleeping disorders and anxiety and/or depression. Your willpower may lead you to self-help or therapy. It may lead you to Buddhism or hypnosis. Healing or cognitive therapy. You can be sure something or someone will find you from the final week of March, Selina. What you build on the inside will serve you for years, but it will take self-discipline. That’s perfectly fine, as it is this self-discipline which will put you in quite a powerful position and make you much stronger. That is Pluto’s gift.

  41. Jessica,
    I am not looking forward to this…7 Leo placements. Since Sept I have been caregiving (treatment will end by end of march)…once pluto moves on I feel like I’ll be busy. Help

    1. Pluto in Aquarius in opposition to a Leo stellium in the Fifth House is about your son or daughter; your godchild; young relatives; stepchildren. It can be about children or teenagers as a whole (a children’s charity) too. It is very much about courtship and the bedroom. You do have choices and if you don’t want the typical intensity and challenge of Pluto, can refuse to date a person who strikes you as controlling and dominating. Astrology is about negotiating destiny. If you are asked to take on a long-term project involving teenagers, you may want to do more research on that and think a bit harder before you say yes. You can’t avoid Pluto. People will do, what people do – and you are affected. So, for example, there may already be a niece or nephew in your world who is quite controlling, or who has the reins in his or her family. That is the sort of situation which would become more challenging once Pluto comes past. Again, you do have choices. As you get closer to the oppositions use the Tarot to help you navigate. At some point, though, you have to allow for the fact that children, teenagers and young adults are going to do – whatever they are going to do. It is very important that you do not let them, or the parents, or the school (and so on) dominate you more than is necessary, to make you stronger.

  42. Hello Jessica! I’m really excited about what lies ahead with Pluto moving into Aquarius and the advancements in technology and new language translation! The first thing that jumps out at me is I have Diana (daughter of Jupiter – Freedom & Independence) at 0 Aquarius. Pluto transit will conjunct this degree in a little over a month. I also have my Sun 8 Sagittarius and (nervous about opposition to Aquarius) Jupiter 4 Leo! I. noticed I have Mutual Reception with My Sun in Sag & Jupiter in Leo!! The only other aspect I saw was Ceres 4 Cancer. I wanted to ask again if cruising would go away? It’s been an important part of our big family vacation get togethers. It’s funny because Princess Cruises is normally who we cruise with and they have the Aquarian water symbol on all their ships. Last April we cruised on the Majestic Princess and this ship was in one of your blogs several months or years back. We love being on the water and traveling to exotic places. Hate to see all that go away!
    I pulled the Nine of Pentacles for my one card reading. Any input you provide would be greatly appreciated!
    I’ve had Covid twice: First diagnosed December 30th, 2020. I was sick for about 2 weeks, but mild compared to everyone else in my family. I was diagnosed second time with Covid December 15th, 2022. ( 2 years apart!) This time very bad head cold and real bad congestion, but the new covid anti-viral cleared it up and no long term affects. Would this show in my chart?? Will December always be a trigger month for me and Covid? So January I purchase 2 Philips UV-C Air disinfection units thru Amazon and have been using them daily in my home. I am nervous about the Month of March and Covid coming back hard,… closures and what kind of affect this will have on all of us! Seems like everything is going great…hate to see it all close again! Thank you so much Jessica!

    1. Thank you. Diana in Aquarius is a symbol of independence with friends and groups; freedom from them, but also freedom through them. You will experience that all your life, either quitting a club, team, society (and so on) and feeling quite exhilarated, or walking away from a friendship and feeling free. You can also join a band (for example) which liberates you or make friends with people who allow you to be yourself and give you space. You always have choices with Diana. Pluto at 0 Aquarius in conjunction with Diana at 0 Aquarius will bring a person, situation or organisation which takes over. Your response to that will make you stronger and empower you. You also mention you have been infected with Covid twice and your family has also been quite ill. You take cruises. It’s dangerous for yourself and others, in 2023, just as it always was – that’s astrology talking to you as well as science. I am glad you have HEPA-UV units in your home. The world will open and shut, until 2026, in different regions, so life will be stop-start. Covid continues to mutate and in March we will be dealing with new challenges until 2026.

  43. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your fascinating insights! This article seems particularly interesting to me as I am the Sun in Aries with stelliums in Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius, and some natal planets and asteroids from 0 to 8 degrees. I’m torn between Europe where I come from and where my family is and the US where I moved for love, to get married and be with my husband, in 2006. The marriage proved to be more stressful than warm and nurturing, and I haven’t really grown roots or deep and intimate connections here. So, I’m not sure about the future of this marriage or about my own authentic path and place. I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about what to expect. However, the most intriguing thing for me from your article is the incredible technological advancement in language transition because I work as a translator and interpreter myself. How do you see the future of my profession then and the future of many people who not only make a living working these jobs but also passionately love what they do?

    Thanks a million!

    1. Maya, to answer your question at the end, translation will undergo a revolution as Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini take hold. Circumstances around the world will force people to learn a language, quickly, and we will see telephones and computers, the worldwide web and media, go through rapid changes. These inventions have not even been dreamed of yet. It’s closer to Douglas Adams’ science fiction. On a personal note you left Europe for America to marry, find the marriage hard and don’t feel connected to America or Americans. You will figure out the future of the marriage from July 2023, into 2024, as the South Node goes through your Seventh House. How are you two to balance the scales, together or apart? What is fair? You may consider another region in the US or Canada, before you consider returning to Europe, as a good option turns up in 2024-2025 but it is next door, not on the other side of the world.

  44. Hi Jessica,

    I wonder which impact Pluto will have on those with the sun between 0-8 degrees.
    I have my sun at 1 Gemini (Vesta at 0 Leo and Aesculapia at 0 Cap). Looks like I will be quite impacted by this transit. Thanks.

    Kind regards,

    1. Pluto at 1 Aquarius will trine your natal Sun at 1 Gemini and eventually Uranus at 1 Gemini will form a conjunction to your Sun. That is the main focus here. It all takes place in your Third House, which rules transport, travel, the neighbours (neighbouring regions) and the internet – the media. Your life will change quite suddenly and life will be exhilarating and liberating if unpredictable. You may find yourself caught up in a wider revolution, as the last time we saw this cycle was the American Revolution but also the Industrial Revolution. It will be personal for you, so you may (say) work in areas which involve ‘the new internet’ and ‘the new transport’ when it arrives.

  45. Hi Jessica
    Born the 28 th of july with a conjunction sun uranus I am concerned about this transit . My Smith tarot is 4 pentacles .
    I hope the best even if I imagine huge changes in my life. Do you have any advice ?
    Merci Jessica .

    1. You asked about Pluto in Aquarius to 2044 and the Tarot told you the Four of Pentacles. You will be rich and secure. You have the nodes in Taurus and Scorpio in your Second House of personal income and Eighth House of inheritance, so over the next 20 years will experience a T-Square with Pluto, which is quite motivating. A T-Square can be tense, but quite empowering if you use your willpower. There are some issues here about over-controlling a situation, though, and being too tightly possessive about the money. Have a look at that, when it comes around.

  46. Hi Jessica, Thanks so much for your amazing blog articles. I’m really excited about the shifts that are happening in astrology at the moment as life has been very tough and restricted for many years now (since 2008). For the most part, I am now feeling great optimism as my Jupiter and Chiron in Aries are being activated, and my Aquarius/Sag stelliums seem well placed to benefit, etc – I’m feeling quite in control for once, and almost light-hearted at times as my writing career (novels with a historical, gothic bent towards fantasy) feels like it is taking off, and I feel like I’m at the beginning of what might turn out to be a very significant relationship with a man who has Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Pisces and his Mars and North Node in Aries – so I’m hoping my Venus in Libra will be made very happy with the Libra transit coming up 🙂 HOWEVER I’ve just realized that my Saturn at 2 Leo is going to be impacted by Pluto in Aquarius when it hits two degrees from 2024-26. How does that opposition transit normally manifest with Pluto and Saturn? Does it always mean more restrictions and difficulties, in family terms because it hits my Leo? Or can it have a positive side? I have a 12-year-old son, a strong-willed Aries – does the pluto transit of my natal Saturn in Leo portend potential difficulties with him as my lifestyle shifts and transforms? Up until now, all the restrictions in my lifestyle since my divorce from his father when he was 4 years old have meant I’ve been entirely at his beck and call with him as my main priority. Funnily enough, the two main dates that the astrology hits next month in March are the 18th which is my potential new man’s birthday, and the 24th which is my son’s birthday.
    Thanks again, and warmest wishes x

    1. Thank you. Every chart is a mixed bag of aspects and transits, so there is no perfect. You have your Jupiter Return, so by May you will successfully relaunch your title, appearance and reputation, probably through your novels. The new relationship will stretch you, as Aries and Libra are in opposition, but a good stretch can be helpful for both of you, as it teaches you about ‘Me’ (Aries) versus ‘We’ (Libra). Pluto at 2 Aquarius will indeed be in opposition to your natal Saturn at 2 Leo. You have a lifelong pattern of ‘strategy first’ when it comes to courtship, the bedroom, babies, infants, children, teenagers, young adults. You need strategies because you inevitably face restrictions. Your particular way of structuring your life will be tested by a person, organisation or situation which is powerful, and dominating. This makes you reach for your own willpower and self-control and in doing so, you become stronger. You also become empowered. This is probably your son and/or his father. It would not be unusual to have an adolescent male heading in one direction, while you go in another (or an older man, come to that). It may also be your new boyfriend. They all qualify. Common sense rules. Don’t make the opposition the time that you pursue big new goals with high stakes, with courtship, the bedroom, your son, his father, or any other children and teenagers in your life. Give yourself the least to deal with and you’ll have less of a challenge.

  47. Hi, av been thinking about pluto semisextiling my North node at 2 pisces and squaring jupiter at 2 Scorpio. Then training my vesta at 4 and semisextiling my Minerva at 4 Pisces. Lastly training my Uranus at 7 Libra and quincunx my sun at 8 Virgo. As a Virgo sun, I don’t get the picture. Allow me to ask please. Bd.. 1 Sept 1970 in Malindi Kenya at 5.30am…Life has been hard since 2008.

    1. If life has been hard since 2008 you have probably been living with Pluto in Capricorn, transiting your Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academic career triggering your whole chart. It ends in the final week of March as you know. Pluto empowers. That is his gift. When you come across people, organisations or even entire professions which misuse their own power, you have to deal with it. Find your own way. Dealing with it makes you stronger. Ideally you should be able to look at the emails of 2008 and the emails of 2023 and realise how far you have come. There is still time to sign off.

  48. Hi Jessica, I have Libra in Mercury at 0 degrees, and a few Libra and Leo placements at 3 and 4 degrees (Sun, Moon, Jupiter). The Tarot card I pulled is the Ten of Pentacles. Would you mind sharing a few words about what that means, particularly over 2023 and 2024?
    Thank you.

    1. Assuming you asked about the whole Pluto in Aquarius cycle to 2044, the focus is family inheritance to you, and any legacy you make to the family. This is Scorpio and the Eighth House. You were born with a stellium in Scorpio. Pluto in Aquarius will slowly but steadily form a square with everything in Aquarius, so there will be situations which challenge you to change. The changes will be in the way relatives and/or partners relate to each other. There is an abundance of money here and solid property, and three generations. Plus dogs, perhaps, or single women. Maybe both. There is no lack of money to go round, but there is a question here about who or what is in control of the individuals and their connection (or lack of it) to each other. This requires effort, time and energy to 2044, but it is worth it, as closer and better relationships are possible. It’s always wise to look at the paperwork surrounding legacies, trust funds, living wills and so on, and have a professional cast her/his eyes over it.

  49. Thank you, Jessica, for this great information on Pluto in Aquarius! I’m wondering what to expect with all the squares and oppositions this will bring to my highly fixed chart. Obviously the need to adapt and change will be there, but I’m optimistic that power will be decentralized and spread throughout many groups of people, rather than concentrated in the hands of the few at the top, who are usually wealthy white men. I personally am looking forward to Pluto leaving Capricorn as this transit has brought a lot of work issues on my plate, but I’ve learned to handle them and take control, even though I’ve dealt with a lot of anxiety as well. I hope I’ll be ready to learn my lessons with the upcoming transit of my 7th house. I’ve had issues around empowerment in relationships for many years (was a people pleaser), but I’ve learned not to sacrifice my values, beliefs, and desires for anyone else. Hopefully good things are coming for us all.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Leo woman with Scorpio, Taurus and Cancer stelliums, so your challenge since 2018 has been to ‘unfix the fixed’ with your approach to income, the bank, your house or apartment, your business, charity, shopping, valuables and so on. This continues until 2026 as Uranus also continues in Taurus, but you will make or save quite a lot of money from May 2023 until May 2024, as Jupiter with all his largesse moves through Taurus and your Second House of life budgets – and also sextiles your Cancer stellium, which describes your home, but also any property investment. This covers home improvements, and also mortgages, and gains from, say, owning a rental apartment. Pluto in Aquarius will put women in power, which has happened before, but not as feminists. We will see women’s rights dominate from March 2023 for 20 years into the future and the most basic issue (equal pay for equal work) will dominate as Uranus in Taurus, the revolution in the world economy, lines up with Pluto in Aquarius, power for the people (half of whom are women).

  50. Dear Jessica, thank you for sharing your knowledge! I am enjoying my membership.

    I am sun cancer woman with Gemini and libra stellium if you can see my chart.

    I am looking back my life 20 years ago.

    I have not been in a long term relationship since 2010 when I broke up with my first love. In 2004 I met him and was in a sweet relationship with him for 5 more years. After that I had several intense relationships which all ended quickly. After so many years, I still think of him occasionally. The love him gave me changed my life for the better. He’s married and been living the life he wants. I am happy for him.

    After I got my Phd degree in 2019, I was dismissed by a famous institute because I fought against unfair regulations. Went broke and joined a top university. Then quit after two years and joined another university in 2020. The boss is controlling but I don’t have the willpower anymore. Let him dominante me and ended up with depression last year. Now I am under recovery and gathering my strength to take the control back. Job is getting better. I am still learning to make the balance between duets and duals. Not easy but I think I know how to do now.

    For the next few years, I wish I can have love back into my life. A supportive partnership is what I have been missing for so long.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you very much, I am glad you are enjoying Premium Membership. You’d like a partner again. You’ve also been ‘Plutoed’ as in 2019 you were sacked because you fought against unfair regulations. You did the right thing, and then took your Phd to a number of universities. So what is going on with love and work? You will be pleased to see the back of Pluto in Capricorn in the final week of March. Your 2010 break-up and your 2019 dismissal are part of the same cycle: Pluto in Capricorn. We don’t know what happens in late March, but it will clearly show you that you no longer have to draw on your willpower and self-discipline so much. In fact March-June will be a revelation as for the first time in 15 years you are no longer being pushed and pulled, either in your duets or with your duels. There is some karma there from 18-19 years ago regarding a relationship, or the world of pregnancy, babies, children or teenagers. That ends in July. There is closure then and again, you will feel a change. The next partnership you are in will revolve around a house, apartment, business, charity or joint bank account. It will be powerful and empowering, but also raise questions about the balance of power between you and your other half. Get professional advice before you agree; it’s not very romantic but it will save you a lot of bother later on. You have a long time to find this person, and be found, so you have more than one choice. Transiting Pluto in Aquarius will also involve you in quite deep questions about the legacy you leave, as well as the legacy you inherit, so again, you may want solid outside advice.

  51. Good Sunday morning Jessica. I hope this finds you well. I wonder if the new pandemic is the reason for the new Gemini effects we will see? That is, people finally realize this needs to be attacked with a mindset of this won’t just disappear- that offices, workplaces, schools need to think differently about how things are managed. I’m excited about the changes if this is the case as I’m quite disillusioned by the current education system and the rat race I have found myself in – and the fact everyone else appears to be forced into it. Can I bother you to have a quick look over my chart to see what you can see? As a mother of three boys I suspect the next 5 years will be a challenge.
    Loving these articles as always!

    1. Yes, the answer to Covid is UVC light, also known as UV222. Safe ultraviolet light. It also eliminates the cold and flu. Breville and Philips now make HEPA units with the lights attached so it’s mainstream. I am sure the only reason UV light has not become law since 2020 is the fact that so many politicians backed vaccines. Big pharmaceutical companies stand to lose a fortune once light is installed. And not just on Covid. You can’t stop progress, though and as ultraviolet is actually emitted from the Aquarius constellation, it would be fitting if it became the norm from March 2023 until 2044. That requires co-operation and communication; it may be that trade unions (teachers) and unions (student unions) have to force it; that would also fit the astrology. Your entire lifestyle, workload, daily routine and ideas about health will shift in the first and final weeks of March and by 2044 you will have found your power. Anything or anybody that disempowers you must be taken on; by doing so you will end up in a formidable position of strength and find the shoe’s on the other foot. A foreign country or foreign person is extremely good news in May 2023; follow up.

  52. Wow- another exciting, action-packed missive from you Jessica – thank you.
    I just came in from an enlightening evening talking to a new, younger female friend (Aries-Taurus cusp) who has introduced me to a new older Aquarian female friend – an astrologer – for whom I’m house sitting. My Aries-Taurus friend and I revealed our interest in politics to each other and a mutual desire to influence positive societal change. I had goosebumps. Was that just the weather or have I met a group of people with whom I can try to make society fairer for all? Thank you as always for your service to this community.

    1. Goose bumps is your spirit guide drawing closer to you and encouraging you to pay attention. Your friendship will offer you real power from late March if you are keen to make the world a better place. Today’s teenagers will be tomorrow’s voters and leaders and play their part as Pluto forms conjunctions with natal Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, in their charts. You can join.

  53. Hi Jessica, I love how reading just one more of your responses to a reader, repeating a lesson for us, opens a doorway in the mind. Your responses are subtly worded and different each time, though the lesson in the end is the same. Like here today with our Pluto lesson. Love this delivery of astrology, so helpful. Thank you. Best, Cecelia

  54. Hi Jessica,
    I love reading your articles. They always have so much information in them. I pulled the two of swords for Pluto in Aquarius in the next 20 years. Could you give me some insight in this.
    Thank you, Lenae

    1. Pluto is about the ending that makes the new beginning, and if we take Ceres or Proserpina to be the woman in the card (acting for you) we can see the old myth about Pluto coming to life. The woman in this card, like Proserpina, must decide to end her old life and start the new one. It will involve going between two powerful people, or two places. Proserpina spent half the year with her husband and half the year with her mother. Thus the two big swords. Proserpina, who was the daughter of Ceres and wife of Pluto, had to (blindfold) figure out what was precisely fair to both, and ended up spending Spring and Summer with Ceres and Winter and Autumn with Pluto, either on earth, or in Hades. This made her extremely powerful; she was in pole position with both husband and mother, who both wanted her. You may also play the part of Ceres. This is the mother who must decide to ‘halve’ her existence or cut it in two, with those swords, and live her life apart from her daughter for half the time, and with her for the rest. Ceres had to learn how to be content and at peace with the times of absence and not to just ‘live for spring and summer’ and spend winter and autumn feeling the loss. Balance in everything. Lenae, this is most unlikely to be literal. It can happen, but in general this is about thematic or symbolic halving of your life, figuring out what is fair, what is balanced, and how to spend time and energy fairly between two competing people or two competing worlds, if you like, both very different from each other. A potent compromise.

  55. How interesting. I drew the Queen of Pentacles and as a Water Rabbit, I noted the little rabbit in the corner. I’m a Gemini with a Virgo stellium, Jupiter in Aries at 15 degrees, and Saturn in Aquarius. Pluto in Cap transformed my finances (in a good way) so I’m curious to see how Pluto in Aquarius will transform my 11th. I began working in publishing and translation a couple of years ago–a very slow start–but things are beginning to look up. With Uranus in 1 degree Virgo, 8 degrees Virgo Mars/Pluto, can I expect poor health with Saturn opposing those planets and squaring my moon, Sun, and venus in Gemini?

    1. Your work in translation will boom from May 2024 and by June 2025 you will begin hearing about new technology for phone and computer which allows the world to communicate in the most liberating and exciting new ways. Not only Pluto in Aquarius but Uranus in Gemini suggests real-time translation, but of course they will people on the ground to help make it happen. Saturn’s opposition to your Virgo factors does not bring poor health. It brings a challenge to change to protect your health and to improve it. Make March 2023 the start of that as he’ll be in opposition until early 2026.

  56. Wow! Just when you think you can do a happy dance when Pluto leaves Capricorn, because you assumed you will have some breathing space! Think again, because then you find out you have a bunch 0-8 degrees placements in Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini. Blimey!

    As a single parent ( to an Aquarius) , am I right to assume this all means more bullocks with the Aries ex? I had thought that was all under the bridge after March or July? It’s been well over 9 years and I’ve rebuilt and that’s has take all the willpower I could muster to get through it all. So really thought it was all done done done. Please tell me I’ve made an incorrect assumption in my processing. Hugely grateful as always. X

    1. You can definitely do a happy dance (as so many people will be) when Pluto leaves Capricorn on 23rd March. You have that stellium there and also your node, so you have done your time. The last 15 years has hopefully empowered you, made you stronger and given you far more clout than you had before. If so, this would have happened because you were given ‘the challenge to change’ and not just once. Have a look at your email from 2008 (type the start and end date into Search) and for your own amusement, see what you were like 15 years ago and judge how far you have come now. Pluto’s gift is empowerment, much as we find the process difficult. The father of your Aquarian child is not really about this at all. He is a Libra or Scorpio matter. It’s Libra, because you have a huge stellium there, and Pluto will in fact trine your Libra placements, one by one, so you will find the situation with him, but also any new partner, gives you the upper hand. Pluto trines are supportive and strengthening. The real closure though comes from the South Node in Libra, starting in July 2023, and by 2024 you will feel as if everything has come full circle. The karmic closure concerns someone from 18 or 19 years prior, then, and it may be him or another face. The scales will be settled and harmony and symmetry will come by 2024.

  57. **Just wanted to add that family it is important to me. Having lost my dad at 8 years of age i was raised by my mom only and with my 2 siblings.

    1. A family situation which has created irritation or annoyance ends in March 2023. It began in September 2022 and has taken you around in circles, with false starts and either delayed or non-response. Typical Mars Retrograde in Gemini in your solar Fourth House. It’s not important in the grand scheme of things. In fact, you enjoy the biggest and best cycle for family life when Jupiter goes to Gemini in May 2024 and is there through June 2025. A revolution within the family, creating more freedom, space and independence for you, your two siblings and mother, will begin to show itself in 2025 and from 2026 onwards this is the beginning of a brand new phase for the clan.

  58. I am very excited about Pluto in Aquarius, and I have probably never been excited about any other planetary placement like this in my life before. I can feel a positive change will be happening around the world.
    Personally, I have all those placements at 0-8 degrees of air signs, Gemini and Libra, also in Aries. I drew a card King of Pentacles on your website, asking what should I expect from Pluto in Aquarius. I would like to ask your astrologer’s opinion how this King of Pentacles card and my 0-8 air sign placements tell my future story combined? The king of pentacles seems constrained with vines even those he has all those possessions and coins.

    1. Correct, the King of Pentacles seems constrained by the vines, but he can also change. This is your husband or boyfriend, perhaps a business or charity partner, who looms large. You have the Moon in conjunction with Venus at 5 Taurus and Pluto at 7 Scorpio, in the Second House of personal finance and Eighth House of shared finance. As Pluto goes to 5, 6, 7 Aquarius it triggers that and you have some big decisions to make about negotiating with this man; perhaps being delegated to; certainly approaching him about your part in his financial, business, property or charity situation. You also have that Libra pattern, which Pluto will trine, so this suggests to me it is your partner – maybe a financial or professional partner – but he could also be your spouse. He is powerful. So are you. You may want some outside advice when you come to cross that bridge. It’s not your father or employer; this is your other half, or the other side. It takes power tools to hack through years of overgrowth doesn’t it?

  59. Jessica I read your post on Pluto in Aquarius and drew a card from the Smith-Waite Tarot to give myself a one-card reading for Pluto in Aquarius, 2023-2044 and got Queen of Pentacles. The more I try to understand it the more I feel frightened, I see all degrees and all aspects in my chart, things have not been easy for past almost 2.5 years and don’t seem getting any better , I keep jumping from one fire to another, I am losing hope , I keep a straight face even I don’t know how. My head spins. I need to this to end. I am a member. Anything you can help me understand?

    1. You are not a member, or if you are, are not logged in, unfortunately, so I cannot see your chart. You read that the Queen of Pentacles is about a woman with money. If you are a woman, that is you. If you are not a woman, this is a wealthy female who will be important by 2044, likely for many years. Go back to the interpretation you saw, if you are a member, by logging in and reading the Tarot book in your online library. The Queen of Pentacles has a goodly sum of money to spend, or perhaps to share with you. It’s a positive card.

  60. I am a Cancer woman. and my south node is at 1 degree Aquarius. I wonder what will happen when Pluto conjuncts.

    1. You have Eleventh House transits in your solar and natal chart, so publicly and privately, 2023-2026 is about friends and groups. You were involved in a group in your previous incarnation and it had issues with its leaders. You may have been leader or group member. You have incarnated to explore that and since childhood have had episodes with teams, clubs, gangs, friends, associations, charities, societies and so on, which have shown you the Leo-Aquarius dichotomy of authority and group solidarity. When Pluto goes to 1 Aquarius it will trigger that, and life will challenge you to change. You may want to keep the stakes low by clearing the decks before that happens, so you have less to deal with. In your solar chart this is the same time-frame that we find Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus (groups, friends) so there will be tremendous issues about freedom and independence to deal with. You can find out more about Uranus and Pluto in your online library.

  61. HI Jessica,
    As usual I am fascinated and not just a bit out of my depth! I am sooo looking forward to tonight’s Zoom.
    I have drawn The Hierophant as my 2023-2044 card 🙂
    I am a Sun Libra with Leo and Virgo Stelliums and have Pluto at 15 degrees Virgo, Psyche at 4 deg Aquarius, Juno at 5 deg Sag, Vesta at 2 deg Pisces, and Ceres at 2 Capricorn.
    I have a massive meeting (which is kinda ‘ish’ Legal) scheduled for March 23rd. This work-cover related meeting could literally lead to my ‘freedom’
    This has been an extended and traumatic event where my power (think Brittany Spears here) was removed and I it’s time for it to end. Any thoughts or insight you have would be so helpful and I am would be so thankful for. Personally, I feel a definite positive shift within my core and am absolutely ready for what my Scottish ancestors would have screamed “Battle”! 🙂

    1. Thank you. The Astrology Collective Zoom in a few hours will be useful for your legal meeting and beyond, as Pluto is about empowerment. The Hierophant used to be called The Pope in older decks and your MC or Midheaven is in Pisces, the sign ruling Christianity. Your greatest achievement in this life, will be to reach your own understanding of God, no matter if you believe, or you do not believe. You asked about Pluto in Aquarius until 2044 and have drawn a Major Arcana card about religion, the church, bibles, papal authority, monks and doctrine. It’s about any form of Christian belief, though this was Roman Catholic (Pamela Colman Smith who created the illustration converted to Catholicism; Arthur E. Waite who advised her on the deck, left Catholicism). If it does not make immediate sense it will do so later in your life, but that Pisces MC or Midheaven will eventually show up. You actually have your work-cover meeting on the day Pluto enters Aquarius and leaves Capricorn. I can see when the event occurred in your chart. We can blame Pluto for that, as you have quite an unusual conjunction in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work and academia – and Pluto in transit, created a triple conjunction. Anyway, he’s on the way out and so are your issues. In fact you will have a terrific lifestyle, workload, daily routine shift when Jupiter goes into Taurus (May 2023 to May 2024) and trines your Virgo stellium. Pluto vanishing March-June and Jupiter coming in, as May gathers speed, suggests you can start putting the past behind you and begin looking forward to new opportunities (Jupiter) to improve the way things are, on a day-to-day basis. Have a look at your Virgo stellium in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you. Your fellow Scot J.K.Rowling has it. March really is the month it all starts to change, as in your public chart (Libra) you have Saturn joining Neptune in your Sixth House too, so it’s the same sector of the horoscope, in two different systems. This means some structure, a strategy and a plan will be required. This is not just about work, it is also about wellbeing on every level, mental and physical. Boundaries, after many years of never having had any. This will take a bit of time to get used to, and even the new period of expansion and growth will, too, but you seem ready.

  62. Hi Jessica I’m worried about my daughters future and which Uni she should go to or whether she should repeat her ALevels. She has worked so hard. Born as. Libra on 18.10.2004 at 2.34am. I guess this is triggering my Leo/children. Any insight would be most appreciated as always. A phenomenal few blogs here to keep us continuously intrigued!

    1. Your daughter does have some decisions to make in March. She has been through the most confusing and confused phase of her life, in terms of study. What happens in March will bring in new rules and that’s not a bad thing. The future does look very bright for her with the most fantastic academic opportunities from May 2024 until June 2025, and then, for many years into the future, from 2026 beyond 2030. So please do not worry about her long term. It is very likely that a foreign country and foreigners will play a terrific part in her destiny. For now, though, March is about realities.

  63. Hi Jessica, thank you for another brilliant article. Learn so much both from the article and your kind detailed replies which are always so helpful and positive. I’m a sun Leo, my husband is Libra, my young adult son and daughter are both Aquarius. I drew the king of Pentacles from the Tarot. Any insights as to what Pluto in Aquarius would mean for me please? Thank so much much as always.

    1. Thank you! Pluto in Aquarius will aspect your Taurus and Scorpio patterns, so here we have a classic picture of great power and control, vested in the man who has the money. Pluto will actually form a T-Square with your nodes which is quite unusual. Your husband has huge financial and property decisions to make in 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and you need to negotiate with him. He will make or save quite a lot of money from May 2023 to May 2024 and either in that 12-month period, or certainly by 2026, you will find yourself trying to figure out life budgets with him. It is very important that he does not become trapped, restricted or confined by his position, as the King of Coins can hang on and hold on, when he should be letting go and progressing. That’s really for him to figure out, though. This does involve the children as it is very much about their family home.

  64. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks again for a comprehensive article.

    I’ve had a tough time at work in recent years, which has meant that I haven’t been feeling so well. Now when Pluto is finally leaving Capricorn, I’m hoping for a change in workload, health and finances. But after reading your article, I am a little bit worried.

    I have my own Pluto at 2 degrees in Scorpio and many other factors between 01-08 degrees in other houses.

    Diana 01 Aries
    Vesta 01 Libra
    Moon 04 Cancer
    Chiron 06 Gemini
    Bacchus 06 Libra
    Panacea 07 Sagittarius
    Cupid 08 Leo
    Mercury 08 Sagittarius

    Can you please help me to understand how Pluto and Saturn transits will affect my chart.

    Many thanks in advance.
    p.s. I learn a lot about how astrology should be interpreted from your explanations. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say. Work becomes very different from the final week of March when Pluto leaves. Who/what was so powerful and dominating, ceases to concern you. This may mean the situation, people or organisation actually leaves your world, or you are no longer affected. Pluto going to 1-8 Aquarius will slowly change your life over a number of years. The Diana-Vesta opposition is about professional or sexual partnership. You have a lifelong pattern of wanting to present yourself as free, single, liberated, autonomous (Diana) but being pulled towards relationships where one male has two or more females (including you) in his sphere. It is a pattern that comes and goes. Pluto will remind you it is there and ask you to change it. The other aspects are years away but among them, the most important is Pluto trine Chiron, as Uranus will also be in conjunction with Chiron. This is about getting away with the so-called impossible, outrageous or unthinkable online, or with media, and the project or plan will be quite audacious. It will change your life and be very exciting.

  65. I love how your articles help me understand the astrological weather happening both globally but also personally to loved ones and myself. Through the darkest times it helps make sense of what happening and times, like now, when Saturn and Pluto are going to shift after several years of global and personal crisis it reminds me that the current situation is finite. I know the next phase with will bring more hope than we’ve had in years but also its own challenges, but after several years of crisis that have drained so much of my confidence and sense of self it feels like finally being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think Vesta in Aries at 1 is going to be a good thing from next year onwards but that Vulcano in Leo at 0 is going to be challenging for the next couple of years? I joined a group two years ago who have been a huge help for me dealing with my own struggles and the start of this year has left us all feeling like we are the best we are ever going to be and now I can’t wait for Pluto to shift into Aquarius. The first card I drew I felt distracted and anxious about an idea I have that I worry I can’t do because I’ve lost my confidence I got the Page of Wands, so I waited until the next day when I was in a better and open state of mind about the whole of the era and drew the Star. I think this is a really hopeful card to draw for Pluto in Aquarius for the group I am in? After years of wanting to be involved in this type of work I’m finally there and when Pluto is moving into Aquarius.

    1. Thank you for coming to the Astrology Collective. The macrocosm is the microcosm in astrology so what we see played out in the news is mirrored in our own lives. You’ve had years of crisis and yet have used the Aquarius transits to join a group where you help each other. That group will be really important from late March (or perhaps another) as you realise how powerful it can be. If you drew The Star for the next 20 years of Pluto in Aquarius you really are fortunate; this is the Aquarian card. You have a stellium in Aquarius so were born for this; you will be in more than one community in the years ahead and learn how to pool resources but also how to rotate pole position, so everyone shares in shining and being the star. The group itself will ‘star’ in your life and dazzle people for whatever reason. This card seldom turns up but when I have seen it surface previously, it has been about the entertainment world. Finally, Vulcano in Leo is about self-control in the bedroom; in courtship; with the world of children or teenagers. That self-control will be put to the test when Pluto is in opposition, but as you saw tonight, Pluto’s reward for all the hard work is empowerment.

  66. Great talk this evening Jessica, thank you for your insights. I have drawn 10 of Cups for Pluto in Capricorn and The Empress for Pluto in Aquarius. Would love your wisdom about these card choices. Thank you

    1. Thank you. Well, you spent the last 15 years dealing with Pluto in Capricorn through the family and property. Your card shows the past as the place where the family dynamic was sorted out (sometimes small children can have power; sometimes it’s a husband or wife). That is rapidly closing in March. The future is about a powerful role for you as the owner of property or land; perhaps you don’t own it, but nevertheless have it organised very much to your wishes and commands. It’s more likely that you will end up sitting pretty in a place that feels like part of you.

  67. Thank you, I really enjoyed the Zoom tonight. I first drew the 7 of wands. Very fitting as we all want the same thing, just such power struggles. I then drew the 5 of Swords as my second card and asked you about my marriage, the apron strings, that our lives have been and still are just on hold… you said there is not long to go now. My main concern is that we just stay together. That he will finally somehow be free to not have to put others first. We do have 2 children. The youngest together. This rules my mind and heart minute to minute. I just want peace, with him and my children. Thank you for your time today, I am an avid follower and am learning all I can from you.

    1. I was able to chat to you a bit about the marriage, tonight, and mentioned friends would carry you (important) and that there was baggage to clean out (very important; your secrets; your past; your inner self). The children also came up, and you confirmed that. I will give you the full text of the cards. The last 15 years was about group versus individual politics and is below:

      If you are going to go in to bat for your ideas, opinions, plans or cause, then you need to be grounded. Unless you are firmly on terra firma, you are not in a particularly strong or stable position, when it comes to defending yourself against others or their concepts or thoughts. There is one against the many here. The irony is, the actual views are rather similar, or the projects or concepts are quite samey. You have to wonder why people are at odds with each other. The solution is for the ungrounded person (yourself?) to stablise, centre, focus, find a solid position and perhaps move, physically, so that some kind of unity can be achieved. There is potential for unity, here.

      Are you a Premium Member? Please keep reading for a long and detailed interpretation of your card now.

      This is what happens when someone is living in their head (Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius live in a world of theories and ideas). Look for those signs prominent in your chart, or the person who is at the heart of this conflict.

      This person is not grounded and practically being pulled apart, with one foot East and one foot West. So there may be a lack of earth signs in the chart (Taurus, Virgo and/or Capricorn). There’s nothing settled about this position, it’s quite precarious and geographically split, or intellectually/emotionally divided.

      This card can appear if someone does not know where he or she stands, or there is no fixed address, or there are two business or work centres on opposite sides of the country, or town, or the world. It’s divisive.

      Without a centre to work from, how can any opinion, plan or concept ever hope to get off the ground, still less hold its own against the ideas of the wider group? The irony is that the words or ideas are all pretty much the same, as I’ve said.

      The Golden Dawn, illustrator Pamela Colman Smiths’s magical society, was similarly split down the middle and it must often have felt like ‘one against the many’ even though all the ideas were similar – based around astrology, the Tarot and so on.

      You can see the remedy here. The person doing battle with others’ points of view needs to come back down to earth, stop reacting or imagining, and actually put faces to names, and faces and names, to opinions. This is a classic internet fight card. You have a face on your Twitter feed, but ‘the many’ are anonymous and call themselves numbers, and use cartoon heads!

      This situation is untenable and depending on the state of mind of the person being pulled in two, it can be quite difficult and even risky. My issue here with this card is the land under the feet. What happens if there is an earthquake or earthquake? Not literally, perhaps, but thematically and symbolically? A leadership split can split the ground beneath your feet, but if you don’t have a leg to stand on and do not have your feet firmly on the ground, you can fall into the abyss or fall off the edge. Fall between the cracks.

      This card sometimes turns up when a person has become distracted by the debate, which can be on social media as well as in the real world, and forgotten it is just about words. This card is literally about what is on paper, in the newspapers (particularly the disgraceful, unethical kind) or online. And the internet, as we know, can be a real quagmire. There is nothing physically going on here, and sticks and stones can impact bones, but words can never hurt, unless you let them.

      He or she at the centre of this war of words, or intellectual opposition, does not realise that the lack of stability or agreement stems partly from his/her own position, which is temporary, unstable and split between two places, or two camps. The answer often lies in fixing oneself and one’s situation. From there, negotiation and agreement is possible as I’ve mentioned.

      This can be a man coming back into the fold, as David Beckham came back into the fold in football, despite being persona non grata for a time. This card tells us, rifts can close, balance can be achieved, unity can be found, harmony can be achieved. It takes a lot of work on both sides, but mostly on the part of the person who is so divided and also quite divisive.

      The second card was about the next 20 years with Pluto in Aquarius and was the Five of Swords: This card turns up when there have been battles. They may be emotional, psychological, physical (illness), or intellectual. Someone, probably you, needs to take the time to rejuvenate. What is fascinating about this card is the stained glass window in the corner, showing a mother and child. What is that picture saying to you? This is an intensely personal card to be read individually. The woman and infant hold a message. This looks like recovery and repair for you. I am sure you are very concerned about what is going on in the marriage, and the family, as this future card shows somebody who needs to rejuvenate and start again, with drama behind them. So your Tarot has taken you far, far into the future and also shown you mother and child, as a special relationship. There is no chart here, but working purely from the Tarot, there will be a period of healing ahead for you which allows you to start again. Without your chart and your husband’s chart it’s not possible to say more, but remember the two points about friends’ support and also the need to really examine what is there for you, behind your own closed doors – you need to let the light in and look at it all. Later on (years into the future) you can find a new beginning as a mum. A sacred role.

  68. Hello Jessica
    What a great Zoom session! Thank you for all that teaching and information.
    For my 1st tarot card I drew The Fool and for the 2nd card I drew the 8 of Wands.
    Can you help me out please? I thought the Fool meant proceed with caution and the 8 of wands meant ”speed up”?
    It seems contradictory and I’m confused.

    1. Thank you. The first card was the last 15 years and how Pluto in Capricorn affected you. The second card was the next 20 years and how Pluto in Aquarius will affect you. The last 15 years was your big leap – more than once – and the precarious ground you were on, when you took the leap. This is typically travel or relocation. It can sometimes be a leap into the unknown with no parachute. It was empowering but you also had to deal with the usual Pluto take-down. The next 20 years is about groups of people you join, or are already involved with. A band, trade union or Mumsnet would qualify. Pluto transits your Eleventh House of circles and communities and reminds you that you have to take control of the group, by using your self-control, or it falls apart; it doesn’t fulfil its potential. That does not mean dominating the circle, just working out how to bring everyone together so they can focus on a collective goal and hit it, rather than scatter or fail at the group mission. This will happen repeatedly.

  69. Thanks Jessica I really enjoyed the zoom meeting. I had The Lovers card for the effect of Pluto in Capricorn for me and I had The Two of Cups when I asked about Pluto in Aquarius for the next 20 years. I wonder if there’s any connection between these two cards. My current partner is Pisces and we have been together for 20 years. He has stage 4 cancer and all I want for him is to have a smooth and easy journey at his final stage of life until transcends back to the spirit. In a way that would also set me free.
    I had a visualization last week foreseeing how my life would be 10 years from now and I could see myself living in a different county with a gorgeous man and having two children and I felt loved and happy in that meditation. As a gay man, I never thought that I would want a child but I don’t mind it either as long as my partner can support this idea financially. Could the Two of Cups card mean the possibility of this happening? Thanks for your insight.

    1. Thank you for coming along to The Astrology Collective. The Lovers card talked to you about your partner, who has cancer, and your journey together over the last 15 years. He is at the end now and you have both taken The Lovers journey. There is a connection between the two cards. The next 20 years will involve a new relationship, as you suspect. You saw yourself in 2033 with a new man and two children. What does the chart say? You have a perfect trine from 8 Aquarius to 8 Libra in your chart and I am sure you know Libra rules partnership and marriage. When Pluto goes to 8 Aquarius you will find yourself at an amazing crossroads with someone new and the question of parenthood or substitute parenthood will be overhead. This is a powerful future moment in your life.

  70. Hi Jessica,
    It was a great talk this evening. Thanks so much for your insights. I drew the 10 of Swords for the last 15 years and that was spot on. For Pluto in Aquarius I drew the Queen of Swords and I resonate with that. I have a son with severe autism and the last 15 years have been devoted to getting him to a place where he can transition into the work force and into support accommodation. He is in his final year of school and I wonder where new transit will see him succeed and my being able to step back and let him go, so to speak. He is Taurus with Aquarius rising (02/05/2004 00.01am Sydney).
    I was also relieved to see a suspicion of mine regarding the Sydney property market and money laundering being confirmed. Will this cycle allow me to finally purchase a home where my children will always have a haven?
    Cosmic blessings,

    1. Thank you Fran. I thought The Astrology Collective session was terrific with people from Ireland and Sydney able to meet across time zones. I am glad you card told you the deeper truth about the last 15 years. You have been the Queen of Swords (because you had to be with your autistic son). You no longer have to be that person from the final week in March. We don’t know why yet. But you can relax your grip. Your son may be at the heart of new discussions about education and work, or unpaid work, from the same week, so although he is finishing his final year at school, there is a turning point in late March and you will both be able to see quite a different future for him. Money laundering is global and one of the reasons property prices are so distorted worldwide. Did you draw a card for Pluto in Aquarius over the next 20 years? That would show you more about money or property.

  71. Dear Jessica.
    Thank you for a wonderful session with the Astrology Collective this morning (my time 😉 I drew 10 of Cups for the next 20 years with Pluto in Aquarius. I was wondering if you could say a bit more about it based on my chart/stelliums? I interpreted it very much in regards to my personal life and really liked sound of it. That said my professional life is also up in the air for me at the moment and probably the part that is taking up most of my thoughts these days. Just left my job due to a large cost cutting reorganisation and am pausing to reflect on what I should do next. Feel very ready for a change. Could not as such interpert that from the 10 of Cups Tarot card but maybe it’s all part of the same story. Thank you so much.
    Kind regards – Mounia

    1. Thank you for coming along to The Astrology Collective session. Mounia, the Ten of Cups is about a new home, a happy family and a terrific sense of being accommodated by life; this goes beyond the lovely surroundings; this is somewhere you can put down roots and grow as a clan. This may be immediate family (marriage and children) or a variation on the theme (an unconventional clan). Pluto will sextile your Sagittarius stellium so this is relocation or emigration to somewhere that is quite foreign to you, or overseas. Your job is very ‘now’ in that Pluto is at the tail end of Capricorn and your Tenth House of career. You are also a Capricorn with a Capricorn stellium. Once you’re past 7th February and Mercury Retrograde is over (also stuck in Capricorn!) you will have your facts straight, the paperwork will move forward, and you’ll have a better idea of what you want. The final week of March is important and for the first time in 15 years you will see what ambition is like without people politics.

  72. Dear Jessica, thank you for the astrology collective meet up and to your colleagues too. I loved it! I got the four of wands for the first question, followed by the knight of wands for the second question and then after the call I drew the two of cups. Can you interpret this for me based on my chart. It was a lovely way to enjoy Sunday. Im excited about pluto in aquarius and the world becoming a better place for us all. thank you again.

    1. Thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoyed The Astrology Collective event. So your Pluto in Capricorn cycle was about your family, and one or two partnerships. 2008-2023 was/is about the way power is shared between family members (or extended family) and there may have been a house or apartment involved. You have a pattern in Cancer in the Fourth House of home and family, so Pluto was in opposition to that, from Capricorn. The future is about that Uranus in Gemini, Pluto in Aquarius pattern we were discussing. There will be exhilarating projects, plans and ideas from 2024, gathering speed in 2026. You have your South Node in Gemini so your last incarnation was spent on paper trails, big brainwaves, concepts and very likely the publishing world. It’s returning. The Two of Cups suggests big choices about a partnership/budding relationship from July 2023 when the South Node goes into Libra and your Seventh House, where you have a Libra stellium. The big choices will relate to your life as it was 18 or 19 years before and have karmic implications.

  73. Jessica thank you so much for your work – you are truly a blessing to those of us who are interested in astrology. 2008 marked my prestigious job title being taken away and my role (but not my salary) being downgraded so that there was no longer any prestige associated with my role. It was a great come down. While I got the job title back in March 2016 it was just notional. Over the past 15 years I have had to dig deep many times and just get on with the job while developing my knowledge and expertise of my work area. I repeatedly tried unsuccessfully to get to a promotion but each time, despite being better qualified and more knowledgeable, the jobs have gone to men. I have had to be incredibly resilient and roll with the punches. Intuitively (and with help from reading your blogs and astrology) I have kept going. I drew the High Priestess for the past 15 years and I know the knocks and set backs have made me very much stronger mentally, despite great unfairness. Other people in my position would probably have left the organisation (I have tried but been unsuccessful) or felt very bitter, but as someone with no close family in the UK I have tried to just put my head down and carry on. I have built up my knowledge and tried to develop a reputation for always delivering successfully, and take comfort from the fact that last year I was referred to by a senior Director in another part of the organisation as the “Queen of XX” for my knowledge, and this week someone else wrote there was no problem set that I did not make better – which was so nice and unexpected.

    However what really rankles is that colleagues in my work area, who see innovations that I and members of my team have delivered manoeuvre / engineer it so they take over the work (perhaps because they see it as sexy and innovative and want a piece of the action). This has happened over and over again since 2008 and the annoying thing is that when they fail, become bored, or find it too difficult invariably give it back to me to pick up the pieces, but I never get the same resources (money and people) as they did. Its just happened again and is very unfair on members of my team who worked very hard on a prestigious project. One team member (an Aquarian woman) who did the major bulk of the work, is upset the work has been taken away and will be done by a much better resourced team but who do mot have our knowledge and experience. She is worried we will be asked to pick up the pieces at the last minute to deliver the project – because the man taking over the work over lacks my creativity and the team he manages do not have our skills or knowledge. I drew the Hierophant as the card for 2023 – 2044. Pluto entering Aquarius in March makes me hopeful that the balance of power may change – especially with several of my signs in 0 – 8 degrees – am I correct and will there be a reversal of fortune?

    1. Thank you. Have you looked back over your emails in 2008? Standing back with the perspective of 2023 will be fascinating. You were ‘Plutoed’ in 2008 and your prestige and role was downgraded. You’ve seen men take promotions that should have been yours. Your card for the last 15 years shows The High Priestess. Good. This is the grit in the oyster that makes the pearl of wisdom. You can see the pearl in your card. You are the High Priestess and are stronger and more powerful as a result of the grit. Too funny that they called you ‘The Queen’ and of course you are. You are still seeing takeover attempts by others, but these stop in the final week of March. We don’t know why. Or – they continue – but you no longer care. Again, we don’t know why. I think the key here is the Aquarian on your team. The man taking over is not up to it. Yes, the balance of power will change. From late March onwards you begin to see patriarchy replaced by feminism and you start to see people power replacing the old order. This is real power too. It’s heady stuff and it will change your life and change that corner of the world. The Hierophant is about authority over the group, leadership with the group, and the group’s authority with the leader. This is played out with the Pope and the monasteries in the card. In your own life this is unlikely to be religious (though anything is possible). It is more probable that you will be heavily involved in a tight community of people upon whom the leader depends – yet they also need the authority and guidance to become their best selves. The big question is, what is ‘the bible’ here?

  74. For the last 15 years, I got the Ace of Cups. Instead of the W, I saw M, which is the first letter of my son’s name, and my cup really does runeth over with emotion from and for him. For the next 20 years, I got the Three of Wands, which had my least favourite phrase at the bottom of the text – self-sabotage. How to avoid that?

    1. You are operating on the psychic level which is great. Yes, the Ace of Cups is your son, whose initial is shown in the card, and the cup is often a symbol of children, as it represents a Christening font. It is also about emotion spilling over. This is where you have come from with Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 and it has been very powerful. The next 20 years shows you terrific options with projects, plans, qualifications, brainwaves and concepts. This is Uranus in Gemini (short journeys, big ideas, regional or international connections) up ahead. Your Sun is in Gemini in the Third House; Jupiter with all his opportunities appears there in May 2024 and remains until mid 2025. From 2026 new inventions in technology and travel will offer you even more roads, well past 2030. How do you not self-sabotage? You know what not to do!

  75. Hi Jessica, great article. Having Uranus at 0 degrees 49 Libra I wonder what to expect from Pluto in Aquarius. Partnerships have not been easy with Pluto in Capricorn, to say the least and having the Sun at 29 Aries probably doesn’t help it either. I’m looking forward to the end of Pluto’s Capricorn transit.

    1. Transiting Pluto trine natal Uranus is about something or someone which you find controlling, dominating, forceful, powerful, obsessive – attempting to take over. Take over what? Well, in Libra and the Seventh House, Uranus acts through marriage, partnership, professional partnership. It also acts through conflicts, feuds and contests. This is an area of life where you find regular upheaval and each time it takes place you are set free, and the other person also finds freedom. Chopping and changing in partnership and also in disputes is very common with Uranus in Libra. So you have a pattern there. A particular way of operating. Pluto will come along and challenge you to change that pattern. If you begin a new sexual or professional partnership at the trine, or even a battle, take your time, get good advice and get in slowly, if at all. Pluto goes back and back to 0 Aquarius so this could be rather long and drawn-out if you get into bed with the wrong person or get on the wrong side of the wrong person.

  76. Hi Jessica, I went to the Tarot and drew The Hierophant, I have a stellium in Aquarius with oppositions in Leo, as well as a stellium in Capricorn. Any guidance would be much appreciated!

    1. The Hierophant is the Pope and this card shows him laying down the law of God (and the Bible) to two monks. This is your Aquarius stellium, as Aquarius rules fraternity (brotherhood) and sisterhood too, and this is a symbolic image of two people in a group and its leader. Long-term, with Pluto in Aquarius opposite Leo factors, this is really about the authority and the collective. It can show up when the issue is the lead singer in a band and the band itself, or the manager of a band, and the group. You may take both sides. You may find yourself the unofficial ‘Queen’ in a court, or be in the court and dealing with a Queen or King figure. It’s tricky. It’s not impossible, but it takes time. It’s rather like the midwives in Call the Midwife dealing with the hierarchy of the church. Once all concerned figure it out, the institution or collective is better for it.

  77. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for these riveting articles. I have been lapping it all up and spending way too much time going through all the comments 😉

    Please can you offer me some advice / words of comfort.

    I’m married for 17 years and I do love my husband. Time and family responsibilities have started to take its toll. He is a Pisces …a sign I find incredibly hard to understand and deal with. We have moments of bliss but when arguments arise he becomes a different person. He can be very childish and argumentative.

    I don’t want a separation and I am aware this year is all about marriage divorce etc which is scary…

    What do you see for us? Will therapy make a difference here or is it a losing battle and time to call it a day? I want a peaceful life and do not want to have an unstable partner. We share two kids 17 and 6. My worry is how will divorce affect us all? Neither of us want it but change needs to happen for us to move forward.
    I’ve paid for his chart which you should be able to see.

    Thank you so much, really appreciate it all.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the comments are the second half of any feature and they keep the astrology real-world. Thank you for your own comment, Christelle. You have two children and a difficult marriage. He is a Sun Pisces and you also have his chart. You have a Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of joint finance and property. The long-term future from May 2024, beyond 2030, is about rethinking home and family. I don’t think therapy hurts, does it? It’s good to have, a professional good listener. The future may be about renovating the home; relocating to a new place; separating and living in two homes; changing the family rules with the children; becoming co-parents from different places. It is quite true that the South Node does go through Scorpio until July (where you have some karma to sort out with him, financially and sexually) and then through Libra after July 2023, into the year 2024. Libra rules marriage, divorce, engaged, separation, common-law marriage and partnership. So you are quite right. The time of decisions is now, but there is no rush. You also have 2024 ahead of you and I think next year is the real turning point, in the second half of that year, with only positive options ahead. Once you get to 2025 the issues have disappeared, and that alone is worth whatever you have to do to get there! Something you’ve not mentioned, which is just as important, is your social life, friendships and group involvement. This becomes central from the final week of March and for the next 20 years, you will come into your own, as the woman upon whom a terrific circle of people depends.

  78. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this post. I drew the 10 of Cups. Wow! Could you please take a look at my transits? There is someone new in my life, but he lives 700 miles away.
    Thank you!

    1. Nancy, Uranus trine your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of lifestyle and Pluto trine Pluto itself, in your Seventh House of partnership, suggests that long-term you settle down in a new home which makes you feel nicely in control (Pluto) and of itself, is quite a powerful statement about your success in life. There is balance, harmony and equilibrium here. Will it be with your long-distance romance? Time will tell, but the Uranus transit to your Virgo stellium is here for long enough, and this suggests an entirely new way of life.

  79. Thank you for this, Jessica! So much of thus post will be coming true in my life in the coming months. My employer’s contract with the government is finished at the end of this year. A competitive bid process determines who gets the next contract. We expect to know the results between…the end of March and July. The employment status of me and all my coworkers will be up in the air. The government has asked for massive changes in operations in the future, so no matter who gets the contract, there will be changes in job responsibilities and even my housing. Exciting times are ahead! Thanks again, Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Yes, we’re quite close to March now, so most readers already know what is coming – it is in their diary. Your employer’s contract is up for a decision in the time frame March-July, that Pluto is out of Capricorn and in Aquarius. The Tarot can tell you more about different outcomes.

  80. hi dear Jessica,

    I enjoyed the zoom meeting unfortunately I had to leave a little bit earlier.

    I pulled the tarot card seven of swords for Pluto until 2044…but the card seems more positive then all the (heavy) transits that are coming…or is it just my fear?

    thank you so much again,

    hope you are well!


    1. Doenja, the transits are not heavy. In fact, Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus in Gemini and Neptune in Aries suggest a far easier, more sociable, more connected and more interesting world ahead. The Seven of Swords to 2044 is about Pluto in Aquarius as a powerful group, and shows you pre-empting an issue before it takes hold. This comes to pass more than once as you have more than one Pluto aspect in your Eleventh House, of course. As time goes on you become more adept at removing anything that could be used by a group (or groups) plural that is not in your own best interests. Not in anybody’s best interests, actually. So this transit for you is about becoming empowered to handle a team, club, community, collective, network, circle and so on. You can find out more in the Tarot material in your library and in the features section.

  81. dear Jessica, waving hello! I learnt a lot from your zoom session yesterday thank you. I received the Emperor for the time since 2008 and then Queen of Cups and another unpopped universe of 5 of pentacles for the time till 2044. You explained that if we let go of the reins of self control, we would shrink from Pluto’s reign in Capricorn. 2008 did see me start to soar on a new meaningful career trajectory but that changed after chooisng marriage, migration and modifying my behaviour most after parenthood. Funnily enough, in a clear reflection of how much I have left the old me behind, my partner called me insipid earlier in the week as i tried to assert my views that he is bullying in his approach to raising our child, in his view undermining his authority.
    I have two questions based on what the controlling traits of Pluto in Aquarius might look like. Would loosening my grip this time be akin to being a hermit and leaving the group? And, what will be the effect of Pluto in Aquarius on my marriage? I have attached my partner’s chart:
    Sun 25° Leo 38′ 23″
    Moon 28° Taurus 12′ 31″
    Mercury 22° Virgo 14′ 22″
    Venus 28° Virgo 38′ 26″
    Mars 06° Virgo 45′ 29″
    Jupiter 02° Libra 11′ 34″
    Saturn 07° Sagittarius 43’13”
    Uranus 08° Leo 27′ 28″
    Neptune 00° Scorpio 12′ 33″
    Pluto 29° Leo 59′ 26″
    Chiron 14° Aquarius 12’50” R
    Juno 00° Gemini 07′ 03″
    Vesta 21° Aries 36′ 24″
    Ceres 05° Cancer 38′ 54″
    MC 13° Cancer 07′ 12″
    IC 13° Capricorn 07’12”
    ASC 24° Libra 31′ 12″
    DESC 24° Aries 31′ 12″
    Diana 08° Sagittarius 52’19”
    Fortuna 21° Virgo 57′ 30″
    Minerva 08° Libra 55′ 34″
    Bacchus 09° Sagittarius 25’21”
    Apollo 07° Cancer 35′ 27″
    Aesculapia 06° Gemini 28′ 43″
    Hygeia 20° Aries 12′ 55″ R
    Panacea 15° Libra 51′ 24″
    Ops 27° Virgo 53′ 17″
    Salacia 10° Capricorn 00’43” R
    Proserpina 22° Scorpio 20′ 57″
    Cupido 18° Gemini 17′ 57″
    Vulcano 02° Scorpio 08′ 00″
    Psyche 26° Virgo 28′ 01″
    NorthNode 13° Scorpio 58’28” R

    Thank you so much Jessica. you work tirelessly, and it is very much appreciated. thank you.

    1. Thank you. The Emperor is your husband for the last 15 years, or perhaps a recurring cast of characters, all male, who are remote and yet have power. The future is the Queen of Cups, for the next 20 years, with an alternative possibility that you also popped. I will talk about the first two. The Emperor is probably your husband (now) as your issues are with him. You need to find a way to reach him that will speak his language. Part of his issue is where he has come from, with work, or with his climb to the top of the social ladder. The system itself has put him up there and yet this makes him very hard to reach. If you don’t want to do that, then you do not have to. But unless he goes through a huge transformation in his life and gives up his superior position, and finds something else to conquer, he’s never going to change. He will always be exactly who he is, to. you. Fortunately this transit ends in the final week of March. We don’t know what happens with him then, or why, or how – but the mountain and him (mountain goat, if you like) both finish up in your life. March itself is a huge turning point with your chart; the first week and second week in particular. The Queen of Cups is you to 2044, if you pop that possibility. You will have a completely different relationship with your husband, one that does not tick any boxes – or a new lover – again, who does not tick any boxes. Remember, this is life until 2044! The trick is to get real about your love life, and particularly the children (and any children you never ended up having) and take a practical approach. Have a look at the Queen of Cups in your Tarot book in the online library here. This next relationship will be highly unconventional, precious, special and you may not know what to do with it, until you realise you have to change yourself – become more grounded, more of a realist – and take yourself and the situation somewhere, where you can do something with it. Back in the real world. I hope that helps.

  82. Thankyou for the time you took in answering my question. Sleepless night I’m afraid. In your reply you mentioned a stain glass window with Mother and Child. I drew 5 of swords but I think the one you’re referring to is the 4 of swords. Still fitting of my current situation however as you mentioned it I wondered if you drew it. Thankyou Jessica.

    1. Yes, I drew the Four of Swords for you. If you are not sleeping, a lot of my readers find the free hypnosis of Michael Sealey, Dr. Paul McKenna and Glenn Robbins on YouTube is very useful. You can also take out a subscription to the healer Matthew Manning. This will get you over the sleep issues until you see the way through to the two solutions I spoke about: friends (likely in a group) and sorting out what is usually never looked at. Thank you.

  83. My son was born in 2008! Amazing. You are so fortunate to have the gift of reading the DNA of the Universe. Whenever I use the Tarot, I always smile at Pamela first 🙂

  84. Hi Jessica,

    The International Monetary Fund is predicting that Russian economy will grow by 0.3% this year, more than the economies of Germany and the UK, despite financial sanctions. There seems to be no signs of end of war in Ukraine.

    When will we see the downfall of Putin? Russia isn’t giving up.

    Thank you

    1. I guess it depends which expert you listen to. Bloomberg reports Russia’s war may destroy its energy market forever. The astrology disagrees with the IMF on Russia’s economy. Russia has a couple of charts with 0 Aquarius factors and Pluto goes to 0 Aquarius in the final week of March. That’s Putins’ cronies being swiftly dominated and controlled by something so powerful they’ve not encountered it before. Aquarius rules his mob. Let’s see. Ukraine will win in 2023.

  85. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve had a huge amount of upheaval in 2021 and 2022. My marriage has broken down and I’ve had issues with a couple of my sons and their families. I’m looking to move later this year and to start over in Brisbane. Previously when I asked you about Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus you advised me to guard my health and wellbeing in March.
    I am wondering if you see me successfully shifting and finding new employment? I have been at my current employment for 20 years now, and feel confident about starting over at 62. I drew the Knight of Swords in the tarot.
    thank you for all your wonderful readings and interpretations. You are the first site I log onto every day.

    1. Thank you. Life can be really tough sometimes with a Cancer stellium in the Fourth House. Pluto has been opposing that since 2008 and it has been a very long, slow, challenging transit for strongly Cancerian women who have such huge emotional attachment to their homes, their home town, their homeland, their roots, heritage, history, ancestors, family tree and culture. You will not know yourself from the final week of March, as you get a window into life without Pluto, until June. From that point forward he has lost all his power. It will be far easier to settle into a new sense of belonging from that point, and although it may take a while, from 2025 you can forget the past with the upheaval behind you, far, far away. If your card was about a new job and you drew the Knight of Swords, the card was ducking your answer and talking to you about one of your sons. The son in question is rushing too fast, and needs to slow down. The Knight of Swords is very big on up and atom, but he should think about halving the driving speed and pulling right back on the confrontation with others. Ask again. Follow the steps and see what comes: check in with the present. Ask “What career prospects are there for me in Brisbane in the next 12 months?” Follow the other Tarot steps too, using your online library. I don’t know if you will be earning proper money, making it elsewhere or saving a fortune, but from May 2023 until May 2024 you’ll be rolling in it. Quids in.

  86. Thank you for this great information and for taking the time to answer so many reader’s questions. When I pulled a Tarot card for the past 15 years of Pluto in Capricorn I got the 9 of Swords and the anxious and sleepless woman sitting up in the bed was definitely me at many points during this period. Being able to move on from dark and disturbing thoughts and get to a place of peace has been a journey for me, so that cards definitely read me correctly on this one. I pulled the 9 of Cups for the upcoming Pluto in Aquarius transit through 2044, which is definitely a more positive sign, so I hope that will be true. Thank you again!

    1. I’m glad you had such an accurate Tarot reading. I am glad this Pluto in Capricorn cycle is behind you (it ends for good on March 23rd and loses all its power from that point). Enjoy your Nine of Cups future.

  87. Dear Jessica

    I hope that you’re having a good start to the new year. May blessings always find you.

    Please can you kindly give me some insight as to how this transit will affect me.

    I’ve recently have been reunited with my 8 year old daughter after a very long custody case. I’m eternally grateful for your gifts as your guidance has given me hope and strength throughout my trying times.

    With Saturn moving into my 5th house, make me nervous with the lessons to be learnt about children and Pluto moving into my home and family.

    Kindest regards

    1. Leann, I am glad your eight-year-old daughter is back with you. I’m grateful to you for the feedback about the astrology. The Fifth House is about motherhood, as you know, so we need to look at your solar chart (public Sun sign chart) and natal chart (private birth chart) to see if the same story is told twice. You are a Sun Scorpio woman with three Leo factors in the Fifth House and a whopping Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships; legacies, wills and inheritance. You do indeed have Saturn going into your Fifth House in your public Scorpio chart, joining Neptune, who has been there for years. Thus the confused and confusing question about boundaries with and for your daughter. Saturn will bring new realities about boundaries, actually, and all the high fences and big walls you can’t get around, regarding her. New rules! The Leo factors are at 7, 18 and 24 degrees so it will be 2027 before you even begin to have Pluto oppositions from 7 Aquarius. In other words, the two cycles won’t run together so this isn’t a huge deal. Better still, the South Node of karma will leave Scorpio and depart your Eighth House, in July 2023. You will have done your karmic time with her father, and perhaps the in-laws; maybe your own family. You also have Pluto entering your solar Fourth House of family from March 23rd, for almost 20 years into the future. You have nothing in Cancer at all in the Fourth House of family so this isn’t showing up privately. It’s more a publicly seen trend: you’ll transform the family (happening) and likely move or renovate in a serious way. The Scorpio stellium is actually the whole story of your chart and if you’ve not yet read about this in Modern Astrology 2050, have a look; it’s free to you as a Premium Member. Now that your daughter is back with you, you will need a new budget. You also need a new life budget; factoring in price tags for the things you cannot purchase. Peace of mind, contentment and so on. That can be an interesting exercise for a Scorpio stellium woman.

  88. Hi Jessica! Thank you for the article! I asked this question earlier, but guess it got lost. I drew the Tower card. I did not ask a question, but was thinking about traveling to Russia, so not sure what this means. Is it dangerous for me to go there? Will I be able to return? I have Psyche at 2 degrees Aquarius and Vesta at 4 degrees in Leo. What does it mean – the next 5 years will be hard and in which way? Should I be afraid for my life? Health? Money? Thank you!

    1. If you were asking about a trip to Russia and drew The Tower card, think twice please. If I did this, I would not go. I would cancel my ticket and not care about the loss of money. The Tower is about sudden, shocking crisis and it is rare to see. You can find out more about this card in the Tarot flipbook in your online library.

  89. Hello Jessica, thank you for this very enlightening article on Pluto, and for always taking the time to answer, with generosity, the questions of your readers. What you write about Pluto is totally true: I am experiencing its second transit on my Mercury at 28 degrees Capricorn, and I feel like my head is stuck in a waffle iron within my company. I am the waffle. With no icing sugar.Meanwhile I’m working on a huge project and at the same time it’s daily torture because the power over this project ultimately belongs to a few men in top management who spend their time hiding information, threatening to stop it, then to stress everyone so that the project resumes… One of these men is retiring in a few months and what is extraordinary is that a woman has just taken over the head of the company and most of all the powerful people who ruled before… are gone now or in the process of leaving. Nevertheless, I live under great stress, permanent tension, some abusive people (sexual and moral harassment) are still there and continue to harass others without consequences, and i am totally fed up with constantly responding to a hierarchy of men who are not very competent and much better paid than us…I have not abandoned my willpower as you recommended and I have a little astro coaching practice next door. So thank you again for your advice which helps me get through this not easy transit. And thank you also because a long time ago, I wrote to you about the suffering represented by the fact of not having children (jupiter in leo is always manifesting in my chart) and today, I am very much “fed” by the love that I have for my nieces and my godchildren, and you told me about it, even if it does not replace the fact of not having children of my own.
    Obviously with pluton on mercury, I also have endless neighborhood problems, even if it’s calmer than when pluto in cap (in my natal 4th house) was squaring my natal pluto in libra.
    By March 2023 Pluto will pass over my Aquarius Stellium (Moon 1:50, March 5, Sun 7 and many asteroids) and oppose my Jupiter Leo at 3 degrees: I’m in a cycle where I can’t bear anymore to be the shrink and the non stop support of many of my friends, and i have begun to put up barriers… Without being always understood.
    I have suffered from isolation like many those past 3 years, but it’s starting to get better and social life is picking up a bit. I’m looking to move in the countryside half a month.
    And having a concentration of planets in Aquarius, and wanting to change job in a few years (looking more on the coaching side), I am trying to understand how the 20 years of Pluto in Aquarius can, despite necessarily big changes, help? Many thanks for your always visionary advice Jessica and have a nice day.

    1. Thank you, it is very kind of you to say. I don’t envy you having Pluto at 28 Capricorn in a conjunction with your Mercury at 28 Capricorn in the Tenth House of work. You are experiencing classic Pluto behaviour from the male managers who hide information. The one set for retirement is your ‘end transit’ case study and he will be off the stage from the final week of March. You are seeing the end game Pluto exodus. You will find it is the making of you. Perhaps the sideline in astrology coaching is more important than you thought. Whenever Pluto is in a transiting conjunction it is ‘the challenge to change’ and can feel relentless at the time. Pluto was discovered in 1930 and anyone resisting Fascists or Nazis had to have nerves of steel, great stoicism, iron willpower and so on. Today we are only dealing with corporations; professionals; politicians (Capricorn) but the principle is the same. Keeping a diary will be therapeutic as Mercury likes to write and you are being dominated by people who make that hard. Push back and write it down, even if you have to rip it up later. You only have this cycle every 248 years so are allowed to find it unusually hard work. With an Aquarius stellium at 1 through 25 degrees you will experience the Pluto conjunctions from start to finish. This replaces Saturn. Your issues with friends it’s hard to get away from (you are treated as a free astrologer, I expect) are part of the Saturn cycle and it ends near 7th March. Pluto replaces Saturn and the game changes from that point on. You were actually born to feed the group and supply the community, and when transiting Uranus and Neptune went through Aquarius some years ago, were shown what friends and groups could mean to you. In future, you will be offered the classic Pluto challenge repeatedly: if you want real power and influence, instead of all you had before, then you will need to roll up your sleeves and set your mind to organising your social life, social media, group involvements and friendships in a way which puts you in control. The Tarot can give you guidance on that when you come to it.

  90. Hi Jessica,

    Once Pluto moves to 0 degrees Aquarius I think (if I have read properly!) that Pluto will sextile my natal Uranus in Sagittarius? How might this play out for me? Also I’m interested next year when I think Pluto will tribe my ascendant at 1 degree Gemini? Thanks so much!

    1. Yes, transiting Pluto at 0 Aquarius will sextile natal Uranus at 0 Sagittarius in the Ninth House. By nature you invite upheaval when travelling, dealing with foreigners, foreign cultures, or when relocating overseas. Sometimes academia or publishing, or the worldwide web is involved. This tendency to be a catalyst for quite sudden and radical change will return as Pluto moves to 0 Aquarius in the final week of March, until June, and then ongoing (he goes back to 0 Aquarius repeatedly). For all that Uranus makes life unpredictable (the first wave of the pandemic in 2020 is a good example of the sudden shock of border closure) it also sets you free on some level. So independence is on offer here; a very new and unexpected sort of independence, as you find Pluto sets you up to break with the past.

  91. Morning Jessica, thank you for a brilliant Zoom last night on Pluto out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. So much covered about a significant period.

    I’d love some advice on how to interpret the info that for Leo, Pluto’s entry into Aquarius will bring the best career period for a long time, and there will be a major health decision. Five years ago I stopped working (academic world where I can now see lots of Pluto in Capricorn issues since 2008!) for health reasons, and now explore sharing information on social media, about clothes for people my size/shape and age, which I am having huge fun with. Might it be a possible late career? Or might health issues be dominant?

    I don’t know yet what to make of drawing Nine of Cups for Pluto in Capricorn period, or Wheel of Fortune for Pluto in Aquarius… but am looking at them.

    Many thanks and, always, in awe.

    1. Thank you very much for coming along to The Astrology Collective. You are up for success (academia, paid profession, unpaid work) from May 2023 as Jupiter enters Taurus and your solar Tenth House of ambition and achievement, alongside Uranus and the North Node. Pretty rare. That’s your public Leo chart. In your private chart you have a huge Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of service, duty, workload and wellbeing, lifestyle and health. That will receive a trine (or easy flow aspect) from Jupiter with all his solutions, opportunities and rewards – so the same story is told twice. Your Wheel of Fortune card for the next 20 years or so, is about being surrounded by academia or publishing (the books) but in the middle of a swings and roundabouts wheel, tied to your life at the top, alongside the people at the peak (the top of the wheel) but also experiences on the downside, before you swing up again. As I mentioned in the Zoom event you can unpop that possibility. It is where you are headed now, and you may think it’s worth the randomness to have the dizzy heights of success too, but perhaps you’d prefer another path. You can also ask ‘Why did I end up with the Wheel of Fortune?’. Your past, with Pluto in Capricorn, was the Nine of Cups, describes the fatcat top person (which may have been you) and the wider group. If you were in the academic world, this may have been the Vice-Chancellor and the students or lecturers, en masse, for example. Or you may identify with the clear leader of the pack. Remember the dogs analogies and Pluto? Anyway, that is fast disappearing, and over completely by late March. Have a look at that huge Virgo stellium in Modern Astrology 2050; free to you as a member. J.K. Rowling has a Virgo stellium. Health issues right across the board strongly influence Virgoan types. Make health your top priority from March 2023 when Saturn enters a long period of opposition to your Virgo stellium. Everything else, even the tremendous success which is possible by May 2024, comes second.

  92. Hi Jessica. Thank you for the Zoom event last night. Always so much to learn and ponder. I’m looking forward to the modern Boudicca whoever that may be!

    Hopefully you are sitting down to a cup of tea and can take a look at the comments. I drew the King of Pentacles last night for the first card (looking back) and The Lovers for the second card (looking forward). I wanted to change my second card, and got Two of Swords. I also have Pluto at 29 very soon to be conjunct my Saturn at 29 in the same house and wondered what this means for me. I would appreciate any insight you have on my cards, and what to expect or avoid with Pluto at 29. Thanks again for all your insights they certainly make the wold a little easier to navigate.

    1. Thanks for coming along to The Astrology Collective event. Pluto in Capricorn showed up as a powerful, tightly controlled (and controlling man) in your life; probably a business partner, husband, lover – sometimes a relative. He always presented with his money first. He was rather trapped by his own situation and rather hard to shift. A plutocrat in an age of Pluto in the sign of achievement, success and ambition. That influence is fading fast. Your next 20 year Pluto cycle was The Lovers at first – you rejected that path – and found the Two of Swords instead. Pluto in Aquarius will show up as the need for willpower in deciding who and what to eliminate from your world. You will have to use self-control and self-discipline to decide strategy and tactics, repeatedly, as you figure out how to protect yourself and how to secure your situation. Transiting Pluto at 29 Capricorn in conjunction with your natal Saturn at 29 Capricorn in the Tenth House of unpaid work, career or academia suggests a person, situation or organisation which dominates, just before Pluto leaves 29 Capricorn and goes to 0 Aquarius in the final week of March. You are by nature quite strategic about your professional life, any unpaid ambition or role – and any study. You have had to be, because life has constantly challenged you to deal with situations where you find it hard to get out, or get through – or hard to get in. Saturn in Capricorn can feel very restrictive and rather limiting, so you come up with all sorts of techniques and methods to get through. Now, Pluto comes along to challenge you to change. A classic example would be a company merger or a new boss. By leaning hard on your own willpower and self-control, you become empowered (far stronger) and ultimately finish the cycle by feeling it is has been the making of you; no regrets. The situation will start up and end quite obviously in March then return from June, but it will steadily be losing its power (or the person in question will be losing that initial control). Pluto can only retrograde or go backwards, you see, and the situation is over almost as soon as it begins.

  93. Hi Jessica – Thank you for another successful zoom last night. I’m a Capricorn (premium member check my natal chart please) Start 2008 to awful divorce/relationships/narcissism/jobs/careers/volunteer to years of lots of hard work to a complete turnaround 2023 I’m single, doing now in unique creative art space; people now finally start to love and more recognition what I’m making ever before- started getting now small jobs that can possibly and will lead to something better work than ever before. Funny during the weekend went to a massive birthday party (person who is hosting is an Aquarius of course) felt like a school reunion- reconnecting with people and making friends again. For the Pluto in Capricorn, I drew out first the death card – to Pluto in Aquarius transit – The moon and Ace of wands. Many thanks for your advice.

    1. Thank you. I will pass that on to Zane Stein and Lynette Malone at The Astrology Collective. It’s good you looked at 2008 to see what was going on; it is amazing how the simple act of looking at old 2008 emails, letters or photographs can instantly show you what the Pluto transit was all about. 2023 brings it full circle and you can see it now. You went through your Death phase 2008-2023 (changing now) and the marriage died. You buried the past and set off for the future; the card shows the sun shining up ahead on a new journey, which you have completed. For Pluto in Aquarius you drew the Moon and Ace of Wands. So you have two alternative universes. here. Which one will you choose? The Moon is about two people, both alike, yet superficially different, choosing to split up, stay together, and (if they stay together) which place to live in. There is usually a fair bit of need for clear communication. Talk, when it happens. Don’t just guess. There will be a Scorpio issue (the bank, the property market, the currency exchange rates and so on) snapping at your heels when this takes place, so I would expect transiting Pluto in Aquarius to be square your Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships. The other pathway, should you choose it, is all about a brilliant brainwave which needs to be planted in the real world. It is not enough to visualise Live Aid or Obamacare; you have to make it happen. This is really Uranus in Gemini in your Third House of internet, publishing, media and education from 2026, for many years into the future. From the final week of March one face at your birthday party reunion will become front and centre. Go in slowly.

  94. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve only recently discovered the absolute delight of these deeper dives you do and you really are brilliant! I love how intelligent and knowledgeable you are. There is such science and academia to what you do and I am always eternally impressed.
    So, I pulled the Queen of Swords – again! So something is going on there. (I pulled it for the Pluto in Capricorn Transit and Pluto in Aquarius transit last night on your zoom, and again tonight.)
    Maybe I ditch the tarot altogether at the moment!?
    I’ve already walked through fire and brimstone the past 2-3 years, so am hoping Pluto in Aquarius is a far kinder transit (being Aquarian you’d hope so!)
    18-19 years ago I was living in New York and was asked to join a director on his film which I didn’t end up doing for various reasons. (my partner at the time wasn’t keen on me heading off to Canada for 6 months.) I’d like to say it was the wrong decision, as it went on to be nominated for 3 Oscars and won two…but it was a sliding doors moment, really…. Perhaps the pivot I’ve been working towards will be a second chance…..?

    1. Thank you so much. That’s really kind of you to say. The Queen of Swords in the Tarot (twice) is talking to you so you may as well tune in. This is you. If you look closely you will see she has a bead bracelet. Some people see this as Buddhism, others as Roman Catholicism. It can be the small but important hint about spirituality that you recognise. (And sometimes it’s just a bracelet!) Boundaries are strong with you. “This far and no further”. It is a symbol of Aries and you have an Aries stellium. The trick with the Queen is the sword itself. It’s rather heavy. Is there another way to keep people at bay while you let the right ones in? I suspect both Pluto transits picked up/will pick up your Aries stellium. Pluto made a square from Capricorn the first time, and will make a sextile from Aquarius the second time. This is empowering but it can also lend you so much force that you create a force field around yourself that can sometimes be too much. You are also looking back over your shoulder at the last node cycle; this sounds like the North Node in Aries to me, in your First House of title, reputation and appearance, so yes, it’s all coming back round again. Your Aries stellium is very much about image. There’s a fair bit to uncover there and sort out, as you need to ensure that what you project, is what serves you. Any director in 2023 would cast you as Boudicca or Elizabeth I in a heartbeat, natch.

  95. Thank you so much for that reply between your reply and your weekly horoscope I feel a weight starting to lift. I couldn’t believe how perfect that Star card was when I drew it, in fact I wondered if your software had a glitch so I ended up buying ordering my own pack of Smith Waite tarot cards after getting that card. Although it’s probably because the work the group is doing very Aquarian it’s based around feminism predominantly but all diversity & inclusion, and technology (supporting women and diversity in Technology). My mum said the same thing to me when I joined it two years ago “you were born for this”. I was co-leading it for a year and a half and handed my lead to someone else partly because I wasn’t coping because I feel so utterly broken and partly because we decided it would benefit the group to rotate the leads, and partly so I can concentrate on the area I’m really passionate about but haven’t had time to focus on. We are in our infancy compared to other groups doing this work but now we have a new main star helping us (she is fair as well) this is definitely going to be our best year yet and it’s made me want to go out this year and get involved in more of these groups to continue to build that support and also use my own experience and wisdom to help more women and with diversity & inclusion. The last 15 years have been so so hard, this is really uplifting to read. That’s interesting it normally comes up in entertainment though I’m a techie who doesn’t like being up in front of people but like you say hoping it refers to our group dazzling in how we help others 🙂

    1. You will have your Smith Waite Tarot all your life I am sure and come to see it as a friend. You joined the group during Saturn in Aquarius; the toughest cycle in 29 years for groups. Saturn is a symbol of what/who is hard (if not impossible) to access and gain entry with – it can also show what is very, very difficult to ever get out of. It’s a waiting game and a test, but it ends on March 7th. You have a ‘star’ to match your Tarot card so this sounds as if it’s going to dazzle – watch what happens around March 23rd. This is a very long Pluto cycle, but some early clues will be there.

  96. Hello Jessica! I’ve just became a member but I think my main comment got delete, sadly. Could you please tell me something specially on my career and moving in with my boyfriend(a libra sun). As you have replied this to my boyfriend :” She will make or save quite a lot of money by May 2023 if she takes the opportunity. By 2026 she will have been offered something quite new, different, highly unusual and quite unexpected online, or with the media. It will involve her ‘voice’ across a new medium, be it the written word or over a microphone.” Could you please let me know what the microphone or voice could be? I have studied Media and performing arts. I have done many things is arts. From singing, dancing, acting, videos, modeling, fashion and so on. Could you please let me know if you could know what area could be? I have got steliums in leo, gemini, Sagittarius, aires , Pisces, scorpio. Could please let me know about it? What scorpio means in my chart for example? I’ve been in a stuck period waiting to come out and work on my career same goes with groups. Do you see me starting something of my own or working under a company? Who could I be offered something different? Would be in a group? It’s been hard with groups of friends. Perhaps use my “face”, “name” on something? I enjoy nature and want to do something i enjoy in my career. Going back and forward between 2 countries I haven’t been able to form something solid. I ‘d like to do something meaningful. When should i move to Uk? I’ve been taking time to take care of myself and my health as with all this i got anxiety in pandemic something i never experienced.I need a lot to exercise, go outside and be busy.Thank you. I’m sure you help lots of people in times of uncertainty.

    1. Thank you for becoming a member. I only delete comments which are offensive or advertisements from other astrology websites. So your comment is here, I just have 16,996 comments this morning. You say you’ve studied media. That’s the microphone. That’s your answer. You studied performing arts. Again, the same – acting, singing and so on. You are waiting for Jupiter in Gemini from mid 2024 through mid 2025, and then Uranus in Gemini from 2026, when it all takes off for you. If you have anxiety, then try what many readers recommend: Dr. Claire Weekes, Dr. Paul McKenna, Matthew Manning, Glenn Harrold. Much of their work is online and free to try on YouTube.

  97. Hi Jessica. Always enjoyable to read the comment section. Learnt so much. I found one of the readers Alexandra has quite similar 01-08 placement with me and I am so enjoyable to read that comment. (Although I know not everyone’s chart is the same)

    Diana 03 Aries
    Venus 04 Sagittarius
    Chiron 07 Gemini
    ASC 07 libra
    DESC 07 Aries
    Panacea 00 Sagittarius
    Cupido 03 Leo

    Hygeia 07 Aquarius
    Psyche 08 Aquarius

    I also have Pluto 02 Scorpio.

    I pull the tarot card “Death” when I asked what will happen in Pluto of Aquarius.

    I would really appreciate if you can share any insights.

    Thanks a lot. Always. I enjoy read your post and comment every day.

    I have tried your method, letter to spirit guide (divide the sheet with 2 columns, write down what I can offer and what I need and read it aloud, and sleep on it) a few days before. Let’s see what will happen.

    1. Thank you. It’s quite true that readers with similar charts can have similar stories going on. Your Pluto at 2 Scorpio will be in a square pattern with transiting Pluto at 2 Aquarius, quite close to Cupido at 3 Leo, which is echoed by the Death card in the Tarot. The end of an era is coming and it will involve children or teenagers – you can see two young people in the card. The end of the old and distant birth of the new. Leo rules younger people in your Fifth House, of course. Sometimes this is young adult sons or daughters leaving home to go to university. That is one example of Death. Scorpio itself rules the Eighth House where we figure out legacies and all kinds of inheritance, from parents to children; from grandparents and so on. What do we pass on, or what is passed on to us? What qualities, habits, skills, attitudes, talents, are inherited? Pluto in transit will ask you to answer these questions at the deepest level, but also ask the same, of that younger generation.

  98. How perfect the waiting game and test with this group ends on March 7th, our new main Star and co-leads decided we are doing a big relaunch of our group with two high profile women in executive leadership roles for two big tech companies on International Women’s day on March 8th!

  99. Hi Jessica. Very interesting article again, thanks a lot! I looked at my chart and noticed that Pluto in Cap will be exactly opposed to my Juno in Pisces next weekend. My Venus is nearly at the same degrees in Sag. Is this related to career somehow? Could you give any further insight for this? My job is interesting, but at the same time it’s draining me because the projects are very difficult.
    I drew Ace of Swords for Pluto in Aquarius. What does this mean for my future? I greatly appreciate your guidance!

    1. Thank you. Pluto in Capricorn will not oppose Juno in Pisces; he can only ever oppose factors in Cancer. The Ace of Swords for Pluto in Aquarius tells you that a group you are involved with will see a change in leadership; it’s important and may happen more than once. It’s rather like David Cameron resigning from the Conservatives and being replaced with Theresa May. You have a stellium in Aquarius so are deeply concerned with the way communities or circles of people unite, or are challenged to change, and it may also be not unlike the Tories of late, in that Theresa May was then replaced by Boris Johnson, and he then lost his crown to Liz Truss, and subsequently Rishi Sunak! I hope it won’t be as disruptive as that for you, but this is a long transit until 2044 and I suspect the leadership issues with the group will happen more than once. Every time it does, you know better what to do.

  100. Hi Jessica, I am a Virgo with stelliums in Aquarius, Leo, and Cancer. What lies ahead? I love it when you connect planets and music, what would be the soundtrack for this Pluto process in my case. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I used to work as a music journalist and editor, which is why songs sometimes turn up in the astrology. Your Aquarius stellium is the key, because Pluto can only pass through Aquarius once every 248 years. You have been evolving towards this new life (20 years) with friends and groups for a long time. Even just watching shows like Friends, or Seinfeld which became hugely popular during previous Aquarius transits, gives you a feel for what is ahead. Groups of diverse people from all sorts of backgrounds (Jewish in the case of both shows) and women, alongside men, operating as platonic equals. Sometimes relationships get in the way, but in general, that idea about male-female hands-off friendship is typical of Aquarius and Uranus and Neptune both transited Aquarius when the internet took off too. Remote, distanced, connected and yet also quite powerful (Twitter movements change laws and win elections). So you ‘live’ there to a certain extent and yet it’s been a long time since you have found any of that easy. 2021, 2022 and early 2023 (even now) are really limiting and restrictive. This shifts on 23rd March and until June 2023 you will see what life is like when people actually let you in, or you let people in – for whatever reason. So your soundtrack for the next 20 years is Power to the People (Lennon) and With a Little Help From my Friends (The Beatles). Maybe the Teletubbies’ soundtrack. They also arrived with the last big Aquarius cycles and are a trippy, infants’ version of the sign.

  101. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you as always for your work! I’m looking forward for people’s power era, hopefully we can make it really happen!
    I’m a Capricorn, but I have so many stelliums (Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Sagittarius and Aquarius) that I get really lost with my astrological insights. Your work here, also on twitter, the tarot and horoscope has always being helping me to understand what is going on with me. I think it’s would be wonderful to have another hint of the future from you for this upcoming Aquarius era.
    I have been downgraded multiple times since 2008, but those downgrades has always helped me to reach higher altitudes just after. The downgrades are usually in work title (recent) – but gaining in importance type of market being managed, or the opposite, keeping the title (past), but downgrading from managing the most important product division statewide to the least important product division. but nationwide. I’m really open to downgrades, and I feel happy when those happen – I asked for all of those downgrades because I really needed them – I usually needed to get out from higher corporate blablablas, or needed to work with a different type of people…… I can’t work on corporate environment, and don’t want a big title – I just want to be happy =). After a downgrade, I eventually go up on corporate levels again, and there I can’t stay much due to incompatible ways of thinking and acting, so I usually seek for a downgrade to get out. Funny but I only realized this part of me right now. It’s been like this especially from 2010.
    During the 2020 madness (it feels we are still in madness) I worked really hard to create a software – its now ready, I suffered a lot with Mercury retrogrades during the build time, I needed basically to build it twice…. but now everything is working fine and I’m getting my first customers =) Its being slow – its a niche market, but I’m happy with the results so far, and the interest from the potential customers. I’m alone doing this while I work my 9-5 downgraded, but really busy job. My software is designed to solve problems remotely. It uses video and many other tools to help solve problems. It saves expensive trips, it saves time, money and reduces the usage of transportation that causes pollution – so its also a green choice.
    I asked for a card for the Aquarium Era as recommended in this post, and the card was the King of Swords. It seems to be a very rigid card (at least thesis the impression I have). Sorry to write so much, I would like to give you the best background possible.
    I would really appreciate as always your comments.

    Thank you very much and all the best

    1. Thank you. Pluto in Aquarius will come as a revelation from March 23rd as we are so used to assuming we don’t have power any more. We have 20 years to find out just how influential the majority can be, against a minority who previously tried to pull the strings. It’s interesting that you requested work downgrades. In fact you have been up and down the ladder since 2008 which is typical of Pluto in Capricorn. Many readers have been undermined, sacked, rejected, ignored and the rest, only to find that their power and influence actually increases, because of the moves they make next. You are right about the 2020 madness of the pandemic. We are still in the pandemic. Nothing has changed. The virus keeps mutating and the ‘vaccines’ do not stop infection. We are not at home, with the shops shut, but that’s the only difference. You created software when you were in that situation. Your software is a problem-solver and green choice. Your card is the King of Swords, which is you. You become stronger, more of an authority figure, with the power to make budget cuts (the sword) or to slash jobs (the sword) if you choose to do that. You may never choose to do that, of course. That kind of power comes from Jupiter at 20 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, ambition, mission and position. Not so much Pluto, but other slow-moving transits, will pick up on natal Jupiter and you will find you are elevated – to the top of your own mountain.

  102. Hi Jessica
    What an article. I was hoping you could help me untangle my chart regarding the Pluto Aquarius movement? I think I may just get out of this one without too much chaos, what do you think?

    1. Pluto trine Libra and square Scorpio will trigger your Seventh House of marriage, common-law marriage and partnership (sexual or professional) and also your Eighth House of purely sexual and financial relationships, so this is a landmark relationship, or the end of one relationship and start of another. As Pluto slowly makes exact aspects to both houses, taking turns, the new arrangement will evolve. It’s as well to be aware of who you are when this happens, what you need and how you function: if you’ve not read about your Libra and Scorpio stelliums in Modern Astrology 2050, it may be helpful. Get third party advice from a professional before you sign anything, be it a mortgage application, a will or a joint bank account. This is just common sense anyway, but with Pluto making aspects, there are always issues about who has the upper hand, which you do not need.

  103. Happy New Year Jessica! You’ve previously discussed my opposing stelliums in Leo and Aquarius and I was thinking about that when I chose a tarot card for Pluto in Aquarius. I pulled the Page of Swords- today the Page looks to me like a girl who’s pulled her hair back and her skirts up ready to take on whatever is coming but perhaps not quite sure what direction it’s coming from?

    1. Happy Lunar New Year. Pluto in Aquarius as the Page of Swords is certainly there to be read in a personal way and you see a girl. Pamela famously illustrated characters who could be male or female. If you have a look at the whole card again you will see the group of birds scattering. This is typical of Pluto in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of teams and networks. Pluto changes the balance of power. Importantly, in this transit, a circle of friends or allies is shifting direction – like migrating birds.

      The full interpretation is:
      A person younger than you has a mission. This is about an attack, or perhaps a defence. The winds of change are blowing hard and action calls. This is a green light. What is odd about this illustration is that there is hesitation. The page is not sure if he/she should charge full steam ahead or linger longer. This is a card of mixed signals, like a traffic light going amber-green.

      Are you a Premium Member? Please keep reading for a long and detailed interpretation of your card now.

      Pages were young male servants in the theatre of Pamela’s day. This is a younger male, with the red boots of Aries (its colour is red) and the sword of Mars, the ruler of Aries. Of course girls and young women can dress up as young men. Who is this person? Perhaps it is a youthful and energetic part of your own personality, as much as a real person, as I’ve mentioned. Perhaps look to Mars in your chart, natally or by transit. Mars Retrograde, or Mars in square or opposition to other chart factors, can result in this kind of green light/amber light mixed signal.

      We might associate this card with ‘Up and atom’ or ‘Up and at ‘em’ depending on how you read it. There is a certain amount of testosterone here, if the person in question is a young man or boy. The weather depicted by Pamela in this card is significant. This is not a calm, quiet, sunny day. It is really a day of tremendous gusts of wind, blowing us around, in search of a new direction. West, East, North or South? The page is unsure.

      The family tree to the left is blown sideaways. This may be significant, if relatives or close family members are switching direction, or if there is some kind of disruption. Perhaps someone has come home to stay, or there is a departure. Maybe there is family politics, so the tree of one’s ancestors is being shaken. This seems to be part of the story, although it is in the background. It may be a background issue, or belong to the past, thus influencing the drive, personality and mixed feelings of this Page of Swords.

      The group of birds, symbolising the Eleventh House, is scattering. In Pamela’s cards, read every detail. She knew groups very well, having been in The Golden Dawn (which indeed scattered its membership) and also involved in the Suffragette movement of early last century. She was quite sensitive to the hive mind, or group mind, and it shows up in quite a few of her cards. Here we see it as a flock, disrupted by the winds of change. This is another background feature, so it may belong to the past, or be an element of the situation approaching from the future.

      Note that yellow, the colour of fear, is here too. The colours in Pamela’s cards really matter.

      Saturn is a pale yellow colour and symbolises delays. This page is hesitating. Stay or go? Thrust and parry or head back? The winds of change are urging the page East but one foot is still turning West. This idea of turning on one’s heel, is really important if you are looking at the astrological chart, because we may be seeing a retrograde planet somewhere; likely Mars, but possibly Saturn (yellow) or even Mercury. There is a feeling of ‘Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?’ here, like The Clash anthem. If he goes there will be trouble, but if he stays it will be doubled…

  104. Thank you for your response Jessica. I did as you said and asked the tarot the direct question “what job prospects will I have when I move to Brisbane” and I drew the 4 of Wands which indicated good times ahead. Thank you again.

  105. Thank you so very much Jessica for your responses and to be able to contact you like this at all

  106. Hi Jessica,

    Will you please have a look at my chart considering I have a aquarius stellium . What can I expect from March ? I have my asc at leo 00” and desc at aquarius 00” so I am guessing I will be one of those who feel the shift early on.
    I also have stelliums in aries and pisces so I am a bit anxious about what to expect.
    Thank you for all that you do and for sharing your gift and talent in such a profound way for people all over the world. I am so glad I signed up to be a premium member a couple of years ago.
    I am the psychic that commented in the Harry post about Irland will reunite. Your predictations about coming world events always confirm what I am getting told by my guides. I am sure I was to led to you for a purpose because every single time I get a psychic message about something , a validation of it shows up in your blog not to long after. It is lika my guides give me trailers of whats coming, and than you show up with the manuscript for the future 🙂
    Have a lovely evening / Anna

    1. Thanks Anna. It’s good to have a fellow psychic in the discussion. I am glad your guides validate what my guides tell me too. Ireland has an astrology chart which resonates with Pluto in Aquarius and here we are again – on the road to a new nation – since the last cycle, 248 years before. Okay, so in your own chart, your Ascendant and Descendant depend on a strictly accurate birth time. If you have that, then Pluto at 0 Aquarius will take over a duet or duel in your life. The Descendant or DC rules the other side, or your other half. Pushing back will empower you. Sometimes it can appear as a controlling new partner, or a dominating new opponent. Again, owning your situation will put you in control. The opposition to your Leo Ascendant at 0 Aquarius is about your godchildren, children, young relatives, teenagers or youth as a whole. Pluto is like a gym for the mind. It demands ‘weight’ training and resistance, push and pull, but doing so makes you stronger. As a general rule, don’t just walk into situations regarding the above, in late March. Do some homework. Your Aries stellium shows a relaunch of your appearance, title and reputation by May, to your advantage, if you want it. The Pisces stellium is about being a psychic. Life has been random, lacking boundaries and all over the place, all the time, for years in this department. Saturn in Pisces will change that and you’ll need a new strategy in order to deal with new realities, for whatever reason. That’s not a bad thing.

  107. Hi Jessica, unfortunately I missed your zoom on Sunday due to illness but I watched the recording (so much good info!). I pulled The World card when reviewing the past 15 years and the Eight of Swords card when looking at the next 15. I was wondering if you can provide any insights please? I’m really hoping for a positive change in my future as things have been quite negative for a while now. If there is anything that I can work on, or anything that I can do to change things for the better- I would love to hear it. Thanks Jessica.

    1. The World since 2008 has been about your Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House which rules foreign people and places. Transits to that stellium have dominated your chart. The Eight of Swords to 2044 is about escaping from a group situation (Aquarius, Eleventh House) by understanding you are free to go. The Pluto transit in Aquarius will show you that you are here to learn about empowerment, self-control and your own willpower and this will enable you to walk away from a circle, community or network and do more than that – perhaps relocate. You may do this more than once in the cycle as it’s quite long. Determination and intuition will be your friends. If you don’t want to get into that situation in the first place, ask the Tarot how you can avoid it. Maybe, how you get into it, so you can sidestep that. The Tarot is about negotiating with destiny.

  108. Dear Jessica,

    Looking at the signs and my stellium, the Pluto transition through Aquarius will be mostly about his opposition to my stellium in Leo, starting with Saturn at 0 deg in Leo. And I pulled a tarot card, Six of Cups, which as I learned when I read the explanation, is about children.
    I wonder what I am going to experience. I have no children and have been in a love partnership for 20 years. I don´t work with or for children 20 years younger generation. So I am curious to see what Pluto will produce for me in Aquarius.
    Thank you.

    1. Yes, this Pluto in Aquarius transit will be in opposition to your Leo stellium in the Fifth House of children, teenagers and young adults. This generation will be central to all that you experience, and people typically experience it with a godson (say) or a niece, but sometimes through a children’s charity, or a team of Millennials that they coach football with. The man departing the scene is important. This is a powerful figure who matters in the story and the way you deal with him, influences how these youngsters fare. Entering into their world will be a revelation for you; you will have to meet them halfway on their own terms, but it will be a wonderful escape for you.

  109. Thank you again, Jessica. This is so uplifting and positive. (Some proof-reader I turn out to be, though. My Mercury is at 1 degree Libra. I should know that by know … : D). All the best!

  110. Hi Jessica,
    I always follow your articles with great interest and I find your answers enlightening.
    Currently I have problems with the IRS due to my accountant’s negligence.
    As the situation is very stressful and I’m suffering financial consequences I just contacted a lawyer.
    Do you see a light at the end of the tunnel? I have the Moon and Ops at 2° Gemini, Neptune at 0° Sagittarius, Uranus at 6° Libra and Jupiter at 2 Scorpio.
    I gave myself a one-card reading for Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044 and I drew Page of Cups.
    Many thanks. Mary 🙂

    1. Mary, the South Node will cross 2 Scorpio by July 2023, the end of the cycle, and be in conjunction with natal Jupiter, a symbol of luck, protection and gain in your horoscope. Either because of this IRS matter, for which I am sorry, or for quite another reason, you will be in a good position financially then, either saving or making money. This is partly because of what you did 18-19 years prior; you planted an acorn with a house, apartment, business, charity or bank matter which now becomes an oak. Your Page of Cups shows you your son, nephew, godson (or even a much, much younger partner) who is strongly Pisces/Neptune, not in touch with the real world. bohemian in spirit, and has a great deal to offer once he can be made to compromise with the real world.

  111. Hi Jessica,

    I have just attended your event at The Astrology Collective and wanting to know two aspects in what directions I will be taking within both my personal relationship with my husband and my career/ work place. I have a stellium of 5 in Aquarius in my chart, and I’m concerned on whether or not my marriage is coming to an end and if I will be secure in my current employment as there are changers within govenment that my impact on the organisation where I work and the postion/role in which I am currently in. My card I drew was The World card.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for coming along to The Astrology Collective. You have a Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships. For the first time in about 19 years, the South Node is in Scorpio, slowly crossing over your Eighth House. You will know the outcome, finally, by July at the very latest, as the South Node leaves in July, and the discussion will be about the house, apartment, any shares, joint bank account and so on. This discussion will be with yourself or with your husband. The focus shifts from July 2023 into the actual emotional, psychological, spiritual balance between you. What is fair? What is just and what is justice? This will take you back either to the way things were with him 18-19 years prior, or with somebody else, as there is a karmic issue here to be balanced. This takes you from July 2023 into 2024 as the South Node goes through Libra and your Seventh House of marriage, divorce, common-law marriage and separation. Once this is done, it’s done. No matter if you stay or go, you will have absolutely sorted out every single aspect of life with him, in 2023, 2024. You are also concerned about your job. You were born with Proserpina and Vesta in an exact conjunction in Virgo in your Sixth House of work; very unusual. You are the go-between who bridges the distance between two powerful people or organisations. This applies to study or unpaid work too; it’s a lifelong pattern. There is always gender politics involved as you find yourself with one male who manipulates the situation involving yourself and other females. This pattern was recently triggered by Pluto at 26 Capricorn and it does matter, in terms of what you choose to do next. There will be a final reshuffle of rights, roles and responsibilities by the final week of March in your organisation or the wider industry. Musical chairs sums it up. As you are also strongly Aquarian, March looks like the moment of truth when you realise your destiny is with the group, be it a union, or an important new community of people which comes into focus; a diverse circle. So this is either where you are now (people power gathering from March 23rd in the light of the changes) or you may decide you want to go elsewhere, but it would be with a wake-up call about just how influential men and women, in a network, can be – in terms of achieving great things. The World card suggests you were/will be spoiled for choice with foreigners and foreign countries.

  112. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for Pluto in Aquarius found it really informative. I had no emails from 2008 but looking back at images I can see exactly what my life was and how much I have changed and grown to now. It has not been easy but I have learnt along the way some very Pluto Capricorn lessons. I drew the 2 of Wands and relate to it straight away there were 2 options to me back then but I could not see what the missing factor was. Or shall I say understanding the Pluto in Capricorn in 2008 would have been helpful.
    Moving into Aquarius I drew the Sun which did send a warm fuzzy feeling through me. Would really like to enter Pluto in Aquarius understanding my strengths and weaknesses. To make the next years easier than the last.
    Many thanks again for all of your work

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the event. The Sun is a symbol of godchildren, younger generations (to be taught, guided or mentored), your own nieces and nephews, younger relatives per se, sons and daughters, and the teenage or youth market, in terms of a demographic or consumer base – sometimes The Sun turns up for people specialising in teenage medical care, for example. You have a couple of factors in Leo in the Fifth House, which Pluto opposes. This may also be a key phase in the life of a child or younger person; first school or even university graduation. Long-term, from 2026 for many years into the future, those younger faces will represent a holiday from reality for you. Children, teenagers and so on will give you a vacation from the everyday and you will be transported by it.

  113. Hello Jessica,

    I have a stellium in Aquarius and Aries. You do have access to my chart. How will this transit affect me. I am desperately trying to get a job. Not much happening there.

    Will I be able to get to full time work anytime in near future?

    Thank You in advance.

    1. I am sorry it’s so hard to find a job at the moment. It became easier since yesterday when Mercury Retrograde (stuck, backwards or scrapped letters, e-mails, paperwork, news) in Capricorn (career) ended. Everyone has been on a go-slow, dealing with cancellations or changes for weeks, which is why you have found life to be unusually trying. There will be reshuffles at the top of your profession or field until the final week of March; they stop around March 23rd. You will see promotions, mergers, demotions, job-sharing, takeovers and so on. Take a deep breath and start again today. Keep going until the end of March and widen your net.

  114. Hi Jessica
    I came to the Astrology Collective on Sunday and loved hearing you in person! Thank you so much for such an informative session.
    I am a premium member and drew the Queen of Wands . I would be very grateful if you could give me some insight into how this connects with the coming astrological shifts and my personal chart.
    Best wishes to you

    1. Thank you for coming to The Astrology Collective event. The Queen of Wands is a Leo symbol and you have 15, 23, 29 degree factors in that sign, in the Fifth House of teaching, parenthood, aunt or godmother status, grandmother status, lecturing, mentoring and guardianship of the young. Leo is Queen to a younger court; the Fifth House rules the next generation. Pluto will oppose your Leo factors from Aquarius, but they will also receive a sextile from Uranus in Gemini for many years and a trine from Neptune in Aries. So it’s all about that. Accepting your position of authority and influence. The wand, also known as a Stave, is a symbol of a course, project, plan or idea. The sunflower in the card is the Sun (which rules Leo) and you can also see the lions decorating the card too.

  115. Thank you Jessica for taking the time to answer my question .
    I just want to share some of my predictions with you because it reasons with your astrological knowledge of whats coming.
    Last year I got Elon Musk is our times Howard Hughes. He is about to lose everything. Donald Trump is gone, and there will be no doubt who he really served. And it was not the US.
    There is a heatwave coming over northern hemnisphere that’s really gonna make people understand that we need to change our way of living because climate change is for real ,and the climate is changing fast. Watch out for China. A political crisis is coming that will affect Australia and the US the most. The middle east will be dangerous ,but the woman of Iran will gain their freedom.A global financial crash / change is coming. Just the other day my guides said – The Kreuger crash. The Kreuger family was one of Swedens richest family in the beginning of last century that lost everything in the the big depression of 1929 . Their downfall changed the rules on how big companies in Sweden handle their shares. It might sound very gloomy but I have also been shown that society is going to change for the better. We are moving towards a much more economical equal society where living, healthcare and education is important. I also been seeing that big cities is going to be greener and have much less traffic. Ukraine will win the war and the map over Europe will be redrawn. A new east/ west is forming and there will be politcal tensions ,like my guides say- cooler heads will prevail. ( they actually use that sentence in english.)One of my guides loves to speak in a posh, old fashioned british accent. It is so funny when I channel through automatic writing and I suddenly start writing in english. I have a friend from south africa who studied at Eton and he always laugh when I call him to try to make sense of some of the sentences I get. He says they sound like his Professors.
    Charles will not be king for long, the monarchy is going to change. Harry will eventually divorce and go on a spiritual journey that will make him withdraw and live a very different life . For some reason I get he will end up living i Scotland for some time. They show me a connection between Harry and Scotland but I cant’t really make sense of its meaning

    Wish you and Tess a nice day / Anna

    1. Thanks Anna. Elon Musk is a Sun Cancer man with Saturn leaving his Eighth House of joint finance on March 7th and Pluto entering on March 23rd so a crossroads seems likely. Donald Trump is going, going, gone according to the US chart (we can’t use Donald’s supplied data as he’s given two different dates) and again we would expect the end game from March 23rd. In order for people power to rise, the global elite must lose their money, so I agree a crash is coming. I also agree with you about less traffic: Uranus in Gemini from 2026 would herald that. I agree Ukraine will win the war and have recorded that on YouTube at The Conscious Cafe. And yes, the Europe map will be redrawn, from 2026, also predicted here on this website. I also agree Charles is not ‘King’ for long; he is yet to be crowned; you’ve just seen his stamps appear without a crown on his head. I like your prediction about Harry and Scotland!

  116. Dear Jessica

    Wow, thanks for your article.
    In these few days there has been a lot of news on ChatGPT.. and then Google and Microsoft on their AI technologies.
    I am a parent with two kids, and have joined quite a number of parent groups in Whatsapp due to those AI news. There has been a lot of discussion in the groups about how to bring up kids as all the skills seems going to be replaced with AI. We parents wonder what skills will be beneficial for the kids in the future. And what kind of career will be good. Jessica may you share your insights on this ? Thanks.


    1. Yes, artificial intelligence is suddenly on the radar: an early sign of Jupiter in Gemini from 2024 and Uranus in Gemini from 2026, for many years into the future. Some skills will be replaced by robots. So how should children be educated with a view to future careers? The world to 2044 is dominated by people power in large groups. We are seeing a hint of this with the proposed boycott of the next Olympics because of Russia’s involvement. Some things are more important than sport and money. This move towards a global community will require people who are multilingual to finesse the translation. We will see astonishing advances in online translation with AI but it will need finesse and handlers. So, just learning a second language will be a huge asset in the new world. This extends to an understanding of other cultures and religions. The new world is far more co-operative, connected and collaborative with Pluto in Aquarius, so spending time in another country will be useful. The time to learn is now. My parents took me to France more than once when I was small and I picked up French far more easily at High School. Maybe you also have a second language and know that it helped to have people speaking that language around you, when you were a child.

  117. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for the recent hugely informative zoom with regards to this life changing transit. with a stellium in Aquarius and Leo it was a real eyeopener and being Capricorn Sun and Mercury, I found your insights into coming into my power personally since 2008 with it effecting my first house really resonated. I also start my second Saturn return in March so quite the month! You advised that my intention to settle down with someone in the coming years would be much more intense and that I might meet someone and get married very quickly and they would have grown children as well as my own children being highlighted. This looks as if it is happening and I wondered if you could see how it may play out. My BFs chart should be available to see. 3/11/1963 London time unknown. Whilst I have 8 in Aquarius and 4 in Leo, he has 8 in Scorpio and 4 in Taurus. That is a lot of fixed energy. His wife died suddenly in January 2022 and his mother in 2020. He is healing and is the kindest person. I would like to be aware of how to support whilst also encouraging him to get some bereavement counselling. Being a healer and therapist I am being mindful of boundaries whilst also being there for him. Thanks again for your insights. X

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed The Astrology Collective. I predicted you would likely be with someone who has children, and you say that is coming about. Your boyfriend is recently widowed and you want to help him, as you are a healer and therapist. However, you are concerned about boundaries. Understood. You have Jupiter at 0 Leo and a huge Aquarius stellium, as you say. I can now see why I predicted sons, daughters and stepchildren would be the focus; Jupiter shows your lifelong pattern of expanding through parenthood, and growing through substitute parenthood. Your luck is always in when you are a guide, mentor, tutor, mother, grandmother, aunt, godmother to a younger generation. Saturn goes to 0 Pisces on March 7th and Pluto goes to 0 Aquarius on March 23rd. Cue choices. Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Jupiter and transiting Pluto in opposition to natal Jupiter tests your natural optimism. This Pluto transit in particular is long-term and takes you into 2024. It is also very much about the bedroom; Leo and the Fifth House rules life behind that closed door. So – you have momentous choices to make. He is strongly Scorpio and going through the South Node transit of Scorpio in his Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships – and family-based legacies, inheritance and wills. This ends in July and he will have final closure then about his wife and mother. He also needs to sort out any question about a house or apartment with you. Once the South Node is out of Scorpio he will find things have come full circle and karma from 18-19 years prior is no longer there. So, to some extent, you have to let nature do its work. Time fixes things. Being strongly Scorpio and Taurus, he is fixed in his approach to life (as are you, with the fixed signs Aquarius and Leo dominating). So he’ll have his own ideas about counselling (or not). He will have very fixed ideas about money. For your part, you may want to put more of your energy into friends and groups from the final week of March, as Pluto goes into your Eleventh House and people power becomes important to you from that point. New relationships are one thing, but your chart is telling you to see what is possible through the community, as you are required there. This may be an existing network of people or a brand new circle you join. It will help you understand why you are here, and this is just the first step. You also have your second Saturn Return in March; a useful tip is just to look at what was going on 28-29 years prior regarding therapy, hypnosis, dreams, God, religion, Tarot, quantum theory, auras, chakras and the invisible world. There is a lesson there and it is a useful one.

  118. Hello Jessica. It’s been hard getting a job. I’ve been applying since last august and I have not been gotten any good opportunity to myself. I finished uni 2021 so did my boyfriend. He started working since last May. I’m waiting on my financial/ family situation so me and my boyfriend can move in UK. Do you see me being offered a good opportunity on my career this year itself rather than this stuck and repetitive loop I’m in.

    1. You are a Sun Pisces with an Aries chart signature and a Scorpio stellium. I am sorry you have been trying to get a new job for such a long time. Some of this is karma with your family and boyfriend. So it’s not about a career, it’s about needing money and a roof over your head, and turning to your parents and/or him. (Scorpio rules financial relationships). The karma ends in July. You don’t have to wait that long, but you may find there is closure with them/him that month and a stuck situation with your bank account, rent and so on, resolves. This goes back 18 or 19 years, as you are owed from that period in your life, or you may owe others, and it has to figure itself out. You do make or save good money by May, so we would assume this is one or more new jobs, or a scholarship – and you relaunch your appearance, title and reputation – which also suggests a new role for you. An old trick, which works for readers, is to divide a sheet of paper into what you can offer and give – and what you are looking for – set a deadline. Read it aloud and ask your spirit guides to help matchmake you. When you see obvious signs, follow them. Include spiritual qualities, not just job skills.

  119. HI, Jessica. I have limited knowledge of Astrology. I understand when Saturn transits Aquarius from 2020 to now. During this time, I have been obsessed with Share trading suddenly, partly I think due to the fact I lost lots of money in Crypto. I have worked so hard in the last two years. All I am interested is candle chart. Even my husband think I am mad. I get up 00:00 every night to watch New York trading session (I am in Australia by the way) and see how the chart develops. Now Pluto is about to transit Aquarius for almost 20 years. what is the difference between Saturn and Pluto Transit? will I have to go through the same hard process again?

    1. Share trading and cryptocurrency are ruled by Taurus and Scorpio. Taurus rules your Second House of income and Scorpio rules your Eighth House of joint finance. I would expect to find you have a stellium in either or both. You are a Sun Libra woman with a Scorpio stellium and Saturn in Taurus. In both house systems I use for you, the Natural House System (natal chart) and Solar House System (your Libra chart) there are major cycles taking place in your Second House and Eighth House. In fact you are on a karmic loop, with life as it was 18-19 years before influencing you until July. You are owed, or you owe, spiritually, from that time. Just before then, from May 2023, Jupiter with all his solutions and big answers, moves into Taurus and so your finance, charity, business and property sectors slowly start to improve. At that point you have choices to make. How are you going to use your Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House? You could choose several different ways to save money, or make it, but cryptocurrency and Wall Street are not your only answers. More will appear, as Jupiter moves in – and it might be a good idea to leave space to see what the universe suggests to you. Nothing to do with Pluto in Aquarius or Saturn in Pisces; everything to do with Jupiter, the North Node and Uranus all in Taurus, all in May, June and part of July. That is an historic, unusual interval in your life when you will be spoilt for choice. See who and what turns up then. Uranus tends to deliver the last thing you expected.

  120. Hi Jessica, I love your blog. It’s really compulsive reading for those of us who are trying to make sense of the world and find a path through all the decoys and dead-ends. So, thank you! Please never stop posting. I am both excited and terrified about the upcoming Pluto in Aquarius transition but I have to admit that I am thoroughly fed up with the inequalities of the Pluto in Capricorn period so a change will be welcome. I have two questions for you: Will you be talking about the 29 degrees ‘anaretic’ point anytime soon? I read a fascinating article about this, entitled: ‘Reconsidering the Zodiac’s 29th Degree; Three Sides of an Enigma’ written by Michele Adler and published in ‘The Mountain Astrologer’ Oct./Nov. issue 2015. In my birth chart, I have the MC at 29 degrees Aries, as well as Psyche at 29 Aries with IC at 29 Libra. How do these placements stack up in the Pluto/Aquarius scenario? I understand that there is an ‘Aries point’ up ahead. Is that significant? Thanks for any light you can shed. Warm wishes, Emma

    1. Thank you Emma. I don’t work with anaretic degrees, although I can see why you are interested as this final degree of the signs is prominent in your chart. Just remember the MC and IC depend on a strictly accurate birth time. You are a Sun Taurus with stelliums in Aquarius, Gemini and Leo so have an Eleventh House cycle (friends and groups) in your natal and public chart. March is important as Saturn goes into your sector of allies and social circles, joining Neptune and bringing the need for new strategies with people. That’s your public solar chart. In your natal chart, Saturn leaves your Eleventh House and Pluto goes in. This is a good illustration of how two house systems work together; on the outside you may look as if you are experiencing new restrictions and limitations with (say) a club or association, or an old pal. On the inside you see it differently; a call to action perhaps, after a lifetime of preparation. The Aquarius transits will change your life over a 20-year period and it is important to remember that Pluto’s function is to empower you, if you are happy to use your willpower. So, not much to report about 29 degrees here, but you will find you are drawn towards a new circle, or drawn back in, and March-June will show you just how influential you can be, even if you are never immersed in the community itself. Have a look at your Aquarius stellium in Modern Astrology 2050; free to you as a Premium Member.

  121. Hi Jessica,
    Trying one more time to see if my question is accepted by the moderators. Thank you so much for all your generous time and insight writing the blogs but also answering so many questions. I do get so much value out of seeing your answers to everyone’s questions as well as the blog.

    Every aspect of my life has come to a grinding halt. Work/income, relationships, friendships, house/home and health. I feel I am at a crossroads and need to rebuild my life in better ways. Not one area of my life is ‘performing’ or generating much in the way of success or fulfilment. I feel as if I am going through a tough University course over and over again with no hope of graduating!!

    I have Jupiter 3° Libra, Uranus 1° Libra, Chiron 6° Aries, Mars 7° Sagittarius, Hygeia 6° Gemini, Vulcano 7° Gemini and then Ceres 2° Aquarius and Psyche 7° Aquarius.

    The past 8 years have been tough and unstable and challenging – just wondering if things are going to turn around. It would be so nice if things felt lighter and easier. I’d be so grateful if you could help interpret my aspects and what they signify for 23/24. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you. There are no moderators (that’s just WordPress terminology); the issue is 17,029 comments today and I am only just getting to your question now. I am sorry you feel you are stuck. Astrology can help show alternatives and also reveal patterns. You are a Sun Leo woman with stelliums in Libra, Virgo and Cancer. Your Libra stellium is most important and describes new or rebooted partnerships; the duets may be sexual, professional or platonic. 2023 and 2024 are important years for ‘the two of us’ and you may have a number of double-acts. This shows up in your Leo chart (publicly you will have Pluto in your Seventh House) and in your natal chart (the South Node in Libra goes into your Seventh House in July). The situation will be set up from around March 7th when Saturn leaves your solar Seventh House, shifting from Aquarius. So this is quite a new way of operating. It is worth looking at your Libra stellium (you can read more about this in Modern Astrology 2050, free to you as a Premium Member). How have you made your various sets of scales work in the past and how can you improve on that in 2023, 2024? You also have stelliums in Virgo and Cancer so your routine at home is crucial to how you feel. Virgo rules your lifestyle, wellbeing and workload on a daily basis and Cancer is your apartment or house. This all becomes much easier and far more satisfying after May when Jupiter with all his benefits and solutions goes into Taurus for the first time in 12 years and trines your Virgo stellium and sextiles your Cancer stellium. You could easily renovate from that point, or even move – perhaps redecorate. It would be more than a superficial change, though, as part of you needs to feel at home on every level and that goes into the local area, even your region or country. As you do have a Virgo stellium your health on all levels should be your absolute priority from March 2023.

  122. Hello Jessica
    I am so grateful; for your website ,I recently joined as premium member. this is all new to me, but I have learnt that I have mercury 01 Aquarius and Chiron 06 aquarius, and the moon 02 Libra. Unfortunately for the last three a half years( on and off) I have had ongoing health problems, which have kept me at home feeling isolated ( and the pandemic ). I am hoping that now from March things will change for me, I have vastly improved thanks to NHS. My husband and I are hoping to move house this year , or maybe next year, so we will be nearer our family. I am hoping to join up again up with my sewing group, seeing my friends and moving house ? I hope this year is a change in the right direction, do you think this will happen ?
    thank you

    1. Thank you for becoming a Premium Member. I am sorry you have been at home with health issues and have felt isolated. You are a Sun Aquarius woman with stelliums in Aquarius, Sagittarius, Cancer and Capricorn. Your Mercury at 1 Aquarius will receive a conjunction from Pluto at 1 Aquarius in transit as you go through the mid-2020’s. Let’s start at the beginning, though. The isolation has been timed by Saturn in Aquarius in your natal Eleventh House, which rules your social life, friendships and groups of all kinds. That ends on 7th March. By the final week of March you realise something new is happening; your old alliances and circles are rebooted, with more power, or you join new circles. The sewing group is a good example. You should be able to move easily, to be nearer the family, once Jupiter changes signs to Taurus from May 2023 until May 2024, as he will sextile your Cancer stellium in the Fourth House, which rules your home and clan. In fact, watch for the New Moon above your rooftops as May 2023 winds down and you will see a new beginning not far away. This shows up in both charts I use for you; your solar (Sun Sign) chart and your natal, birth chart.

  123. Thanks for that, Jessica. The funny thing about groups is that I suspect I had a bad experience in a previous life with groups (branded a heretic/burnt at the stake sort of thing) and so I am wary of joining in without really vetting the group. That said: the irony is that I work with groups of people as a teacher, facilitator and mentor – in global settings across cultures – and have a very good reputation as an ‘inspirational force’:) That speaks to your comment about how I might influence without being part of the group. Fascinating. On another point: I just realized that as Pluto will enter Aquarius on March 23, that gives us a number sequence of either 23032023 or in the U.S. 03232023. Looking at the sequence from end to end, beginning with the outer numbers, it reads: 23 – 32 – 03 – 02 or in the case of the U.S. 032-023- 32. What do you make of this, if anything? I’m inclined to hope that it’s David Bowie’s mobile number on Mars because he was way ahead of his time. Did you see his interview with Jeremy Paxton back in 1990 about the Internet? He really saw the potential. Very best wishes, Emma.

    1. Cheers Emma. Yes, in Rome, the Aquarius supplied the community (from the aqueduct) without getting in the pool – or the fountain – so merging is not an option. You may see this with your current group or quite another. I’d not realised the numerology of 23-3-2023. That’s fascinating.

  124. Hi Jessica, I went to the tarot and asked about Pluto transiting the first card I drew was the fool and the answers it gave felt like they applied to my past and current situation. I pondered on it a bit and the asked the tarot more specifically about Pluto transiting into Aquarius 2023 to 2040 and I drew the Ace of Pentacles, which was interesting. I have been pondering on it today and would love some help deciphering the meaning. This is some background, I have been working very hard to grow business and make it successful, last year was the first year I brought in a profit and went over my goals. I have set loftier financial goals this year and have 2 partnerships in the works one is with a much younger Aquarian with whom I have worked before and the other is finally having an exclusive studio space for my portrait photography. I also have a question about the best time to start a health journey to get over long covid and lose weight (about 8 stone). I found 2 amazing doctors who will work together, one is a nature path and the other a more conventional doc. I went to tarot and drew the 5 of cups. I found this card fascinating and at first thought it had not meaning for what I asked. However as I read on it felt like yes I am shedding a cloak and like the “real me has been hidden”, releasing past trauma and a toxic relationship with my parents (could they be the green liquid) and need for food to comfort me. Any further interpretation from you would be amazing.
    Thanks again for all your insight.

    1. The Tarot told you the truth JC. You have a Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries and until 2044, travel is an intense and important business, as Pluto repeatedly forms a transiting sextile to your Sagittarius factors. The Ace of Pentacles or Coins is a huge lump sum, as the interpretation told you. You have muddled the Tarot by continuing with the cards, so I will leave you to go back to the start and follow the steps. When you travel, read the warnings and cautions before you go. Consider an alternative route. Do that habitually as The Fool shows you what it is: a person stepping out to parts unknown while a dog barks a warning on a crumbling cliff. As for the weight loss, the Five of Cups is a superb instruction. You can stop wearing shapeless/dark clothes if you deal with the relationships which need to be cleaned up or chucked out. Toxic parents are often the reason people end up fat – readers tell me so.

  125. Hi Jessica, i still always love to read you! I see that you had a lot of request/sucess if you still have some forces:/coyrahe could you please kindly let me know how this will impact me having a look into my charts?

    Many Thanks!

    1. You have a stellium in Virgo in the Sixth House and are a Sun Virgo, so live there for much of the time. If we go inside your Sixth House we find the fridge and pantry, with your handpicked food and drink (very important to you) and then into the bathroom where we find your medicine cabinet (also crucial) and perhaps essential oils. Work spills over from your bag onto the table, and you may have a space where you work at home. You go on working because of your phone or laptop, even after hours. The calendar and diary are front-and-centre as your routine, lifestyle and wellbeing (as well as paid work, unpaid work and study) are the key to everything. From March 2023 until 2026 you enter the most important cycle in years, for this aspect of your life and personality. Health has to come first. Saturn will oppose your Virgo stellium slowly but surely in 2023, 2024, 2025 and early 2026. Transiting Jupiter will trine it, from May 2023 until May 2024. So this is a challenge and an opportunity. It’s not just about your health, it is also about your workload. You can’t separate them. So you have a ton of choices coming up. Make them carefully and with the best advice you can find.

  126. Hello Jessica
    I purchased property/investment in another country 9 years ago. My partner manipulated the property and put my land in his name, I lost control of my money/investment, it has been years of control/struggle with him and trying to get it back. He passed away just recently after the November eclipse. His heirs, adult children have the property now in his estate. I have submitted a claim letter to them for the probate process. Communications are sparse from them. Will the properties sell and will I get back my money and proper return soon? I also need to move from his primary property. Should I buy a house I am looking at now (would I be happy) or rent now and buy later, hoping to have my money and investments back? I am paralyzed on making a buy or rent decision now. Your published horoscopes have helped me understand generally what to expect. Can you see my chart and provide anything specific?

    1. You are a Sun Cancer woman with a Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of financial and sexual relationships. This is also where we find inheritance, from your parents to you, but also from you to other people. That is an ancient association with Scorpio and the Eighth House, yet here we are, centuries after the time of the astrologer Vettius Valens, and your partner just passed. I am so sorry you are going through this. It ends in two stages – March and July – so it’s not too much longer. Your manipulative partner took your control, and played Pluto. It is not unusual for men who play Pluto to leave this mortal coil, have to say. This situation ends in the final week of March, when Pluto goes out of your solar Seventh House of partners (and feuds) and gives you three months to see what life is like when you no longer have to deal with power and control issues. The karma with the estate is not escapable. You will have to wait until July for the South Node to leave Scorpio and the Eighth House for another 18 years. Once it does, things shift. You owe, or are owed, from 18-19 years before, likely with another partner, or with the same issue: money, property, business and legacies. March is the first shift for another reason; in your solar chart as a Sun Cancer person, Saturn goes out of your solar Eighth House (same thing) so the barricades come down – and in the final week of March, Pluto goes in – so there will be a change in the balance of power with you and his heirs. If you can make choices about property at any time at all, you may prefer to wait until March has come and gone. Over the next 20 years or so you could become quite powerful through business, charity, finance, property and the tiniest sign of that future will appear near March 23rd. So – March and July.

  127. Hi Jessica

    My Sun sign is Gemini and my Ascendant is Libra
    also I have stelliums CAPRICORN GEMINI CANCER and VIRGO.
    Is there anything I should be worried about in this cycle


    1. Astrology is not about worrying, it is about sidestepping obvious risks. As The Company of Astrologers says, destiny is negotiable. Pluto in Aquarius will show up pretty quickly; the end of the first week of March, and last week of March, will show you how different things are going to be with foreigners, foreign countries, academia, publishing and/or the worldwide web. You will lose the heavy restrictions of 2021, 2022 and early 2023 and have a completely different existence, if you accept the challenge to change, which comes by April. You could end up with a huge amount of clout, influence and control if you accept the challenge and I would expect it to be with a particular nationality, culture or country.

  128. Hi Jessica, Presumably Erdoğan, the Turkish president, will be one of the male autocrats exiting the stage along with Pluto? The devastating earthquakes have exposed his political selfishness, given his reluctance to employ the army to help with the response to the disaster. The presidential election is due in May. Turkey was founded as a republic on 29 October 1923, and is thus due to celebrate its centenary this year. Erdoğan (born 26 February 1954) has of course been a pain in the EU’s and NATO’s backsides, given his two-faced approach to Putin and the West. What do you predict for Turkey? My interest is the fate of Cyprus, having been present as an infant during Turkey’s invasion in 1974.

    1. Thank you for this reminder about Turkey and Erdoğan. If you play Pluto in Capricorn, you get ‘plutoed’ when the planet changes signs and he qualifies. Plutocrats who express their dominance, obsession, control and (let’s face it) Fascist tendencies, usually come a cropper. We think about previous Pluto Capricorn-Aquarius transition cycles and find Nero cutting his own throat; Henry VIII seriously ill and facing the prospect of being replaced (and bettered) by a woman; Louis XVI going to the guillotine, Captain Cook being killed by Hawaiians; George III going mad and being replaced by his son…! If the election is in May then Pluto has gone from Capricorn and he’ll be going, going, gone too. I wouldn’t use that chart solely for Turkey, by the way; you’d want to combine all the historic charts. Cyprus was where my father served in the Fifties and it is a very special part of the world, isn’t it. You don’t even need a chart, actually; Pluto in Aquarius is coming and the EU and NATO will increase in power, reshape their memberships and reassemble their leaders. There’s really no room for Putin in there or any other plutocrat (Putincrat) once we get to 2026; it’s all about ‘the new neighbours’ then and Cyprus will be part of the redrawing of the lines on the map.

  129. Jessica, thanks, very interesting. You must have missed my comment because there are so many of them. Decided to send again. Thank you for devoting so much time to questions from blog readers, it’s priceless! You wrote that this transition will greatly affect me, as a solar Gemini (06/14/1984). How exactly? Impact will be all 20 years? I also drew the Page of Cups card on your advice. What does it mean? Once again, thank you so much for everything!

    1. Thank you. Just getting back to my desk now with a cup of tea. Pluto will enter your solar Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries, academia, the worldwide web and publishing on 23rd March. By June you will have seen the first signs of a brand new chapter, which goes to 2044. Pluto tends to make us feel like Ceres and/or Proserpina, on the way through and you are likely to identify which one, by June. Get into new situations, organisations or associations slowly and carefully from late March as you do have choices of which sort of Pluto experience you want to have. The Page of Cups is a child or teenager. This is about the South Node going into Libra and your Fifth House, where you act as parent, teacher, aunt, godmother and so on. That begins in July 2023. There is karma around a child, teenager or young adult then and yet by 2024 you will have closure. The past as it stood 18-19 years prior will have a pull on the present. This youngster may even have been born then.

  130. Thank you for the Zoom talk! The first tarot card I drew was the Moon – of course! Constant dilemma about where to live. The second card I drew was the Three of Wands. I appreciate your readings so much, thanks again.

    1. Thank you for coming along. You may move, and take your ideas, projects or plans with you. Pluto in Aquarius from 2023-2044 trines your Gemini stellium in the Third House of internet, publishing and education – but also neighbouring places or countries. You would not move too far from your starting point, but the deciding factor would be ‘Will this take off in a new place?’. You can find out more about the Three oF Wands in the online library.

  131. And a quick related question, if its alright:

    My husband (DoB: June 10, 1983) is a Taurus rising. This means his natal 10th house is in Aquarius. Because I’ve had a terrible time in my career ever since Pluto went into my natal 10th house, Capricorn, I’m afraid of my husband having a similar negative experience with his career for the next two decades.

    Will he be impacted as severely as I was, Jessica?

    Many thanks for your continued kind guidance

    1. You are using a different house system to me. Your husband has a Taurus Ascendant which is the least important part of his chart. However, he is a Sun Gemini man, born on June 10th 1983 and so needs to lean hard on friends and groups until May 2023, as they are incredibly fortunate for him. Through circles, communities, allies and friendships he will find so much more is possible than he ever dreamed. Making new friends and joining new groups by May 16th at the latest is a good idea, astrologically.

  132. Hello again Jessica,
    Thanks so much for the fantastic session. Unfortunately I had to move my attendance from last week to today, Sunday Feb 12th, so we have just signed off and again, it was just brilliant.
    I am starting to relax a bit about the big meeting I have on March 23 and feel a bit secure about having chosen that week for the meeting (I wanted a couple days later but it wasn’t available so took what I could get!)
    As mentioned during the chat, I have the same Tarot deck as you and pulled the:
    Page of Cups for the past 15 years and
    The Hierophant for the next 20!
    Then the Nine of Pentacles for the question ‘what do I need to know most for the next 20 years until 2044’
    Thanks in advance for any insight you may be able to give and once again for a terrific session and for all that you do.
    Wishing you a peaceful year
    Sandie x

    1. Thank you. March 23rd is rather fated with Pluto’s exit from Capricorn at 29 degrees so just put one foot in front of the other. It’s about the group, as you have Saturn at 28 Aquarius, very close by, and transiting Saturn will just have left that spot (your Saturn Return). Lots going on here, but it’s about the transfer of power away from the bosses and back to the people. Your card, The Hierophant, is about the Gemini-Sagittarius patterns in your chart. The internet and academia; Twitter and publishing. You will have Uranus in Gemini for many years into the future, starting in 2026, so this is really about accepting or rejecting authority. Do you go along with what is being proclaimed or not? You don’t have to. There may be others who feel the same way. Academia in particular is full of men with vested interests (financial interests) in having everyone nod along to particular ideology or views. But it may not be true for you. Finding out what is true, as much as you can, could be a huge story in your chosen field. The Nine of Pentacles/Coins you can find out more about in Pamela’s Tarot, in your library here.

  133. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your zoom talk today and for taking the time to answer so many questions at the end. I drew the Hierophant for the last 15 years (like you did haha) and I immediately understood. I also had the hair on the back of my neck stand up! The card for the next 20 years is more difficult for me to understand, I drew the ace of wands. Can you offer any insights? I’d also like to understand a little more about my Venus and Salacia in Aquarius if this is important for me to know going forward.
    I feel so energized after this zoom, thanks for sharing such interesting information and for your upbeat energy. The topics covered were at times heavy, but you kept it so fun and light!
    Bravo, D

    1. Thank you D. I am glad you enjoyed the Zoom event. You understood The Hierophant. The hair standing up on your neck was a sign your spirit guide/s had moved into your energy field, or aura, and were validating what you were seeing and likely, trying to send a message. The Ace of Wands is usually about Gemini and/or Sagittarius in the chart. Third House of websites and Ninth House of books and big ideas. You have stelliums in both. The years 2024 (Jupiter in Gemini) and then 2026 and onwards (Uranus in Gemini) will change your life if you pursue the course or project which uses new technology, very likely involving translation. Closer to the time the Tarot can help you more. The trick with the Ace of Wands is to do something with it. Otherwise it’s just a big idea. But this could be huge for you, over time.

  134. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for the Zoom session! I have stelliums in Pisces, Capricorn and Aquarius. I drew the 6 of Pentacles and then for the future – Strength. If you have any insights. Greatly appreciate your time!

    1. Thank you. You are parking your financial past in history and leaving it there, in the final week of March. The future is Strength, which is healing. You have the North Node in Virgo so were a healer in your past life; perhaps a nurse, doctor or surgeon. Saturn will come along and trigger the South Node in Pisces and North Node in Virgo, once he changes signs in March, and by the end of the transit in early 2026, you will have had that classic moment of truth about looking after yourself and getting the best care you can find, but also using your considerable power to make somebody else well. Eventually the transiting South Node will go to Virgo and North Node to Pisces, which will again cross this part of your chart. You can find out more about the nodes in your library here.

  135. Thank you for the zoom talk, was very informative.
    I drew the Eight of swords and Four of Wands as the second card. I’m hoping 2023 will bring a change of home and/or job. I need the change. Feeling hopeful.
    Any information you could provide is very welcomed.

    1. Oh that’s great. The Four of Wands is a housewarming involving family and friends, and the house or apartment feels more like a castle. You know what the Eight of Swords was about 2008-2023 and can let that go. The future looks joyful, partly because Jupiter with all his abundance and expansion goes into Taurus, and your Second House of money, property and the good life – which can at last be afforded by 2024. You have a stellium in Taurus and Jupiter will form a series of conjunctions with that, starting in May 2023.

  136. Hi Jessica, thanks for the zoom today. I found it incredibly accurate for the information you provided for Pluto in Capricorn in relation to my life, and very insightful for what’s to come for Pluto in Aquarius. The card I drew for what to take forward was the Star Card. Then for what I need to know for the next 20 years was the 8 of Cups clarified with the Death Card! Which felt a bit shocking, drawing those 2 cards in a row, though 8 of Cups does resonate for me at this time. I’m hoping this means end of the old, and new brighter beginnings? I’m Sag Sun (19/12/1971) Aries Rising with stelliums in Capricorn, Libra, Aquarius and Pisces. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you for coming to The Astrology Collective. You earned your stripes with a circle or group (or more than one) since 2008 and have learned how to shine by pooling resources and sharing the spotlight too. The Eight of Cups is below. I would expect to see this with Saturn leaving your Eleventh House of groups and Pluto entering the same. March is a turning point and March-June is really about figuring out the crowd. The gang. That’s a glimpse of the next 20 years as you will need to be proactive in finding a different path. Try not to get stuck in a situation with this community of people where you are always leaving and going back. Perhaps it’s not for you. Set the Death card to one side, and once you arrive at the final week of March, once you realise what is going on, ask the cards to suggest an alternative pathway.

      Just Walk Away, Renee! This card brings to mind a lot of songs. She’s Leaving Home by The Beatles is another one. This is an archetypal experience. Breaking up with a shared household. Breaking up with a social circle. An organised group of people. A family. Perhaps leaving ‘everybody and everything’ behind.

      The downcast face of the Full Moon suggests that the lunar cycle has reached peak squeeze. The Sun is always opposite the Moon on a Full Moon and here we have someone who is not exactly leaping for joy on his/her journey, but going because there is nothing left, emotionally. This is a classic case of there being quantity but not quality. There are people all around, but as Cold Chisel’s Jimmy Barnes sang, ‘You’ve got nothing I want, you’ve got nothing I need.’ We might also think of Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s classic, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. A disenchanted man, probably gay, tires of big city life and goes back to the countryside.

      When this card turns up, look at the lunar cycles, aspects to the natal Moon and (in particular) eclipse cycles going back months or years, in the same zodiac sign. The Moon is a symbol of mothers, breast milk and fed babies. Here we have someone who is not being fed, emotionally. In fact, he or she is being starved. The cups should be full and fulfilling. They are stacked high but there is nothing there, that we can see. There is certainly nothing there for this departing figure.

      The 8 cups here symbolise friends, family, lovers, former lovers and show solid gold people. The issue is the emotional climate, the lunar cycle and the times. When this person returns it may be a New Moon, a sunny day and things may look and feel so much happier. This case of mild to severe depression, anger or even deep rage, could become history, by the next turn of the lunar cycle. And – conditions can change.

      Who is not fulfilling promises or potential? Who is an empty vessel? Who is devoid of (insert some quality here)? These cups say it is not just one person, but all of them. Yet, times change and people can fill up again. They can become fulfilling. Cups are water signs in the Tarot. So, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Mother’s milk. The sweat, semen and occasionally the blood of Scorpio sex. The tears of sympathy, sensitivity and compassion that come with Pisces.

      For all that they are empty on departure, the cups are solid gold. These are precious people or valuable relationships with enormous worth – and could return so much more, another time. Perhaps. Maybe.

      Will there be a return? Sometimes people don’t come back. Some authors feel Pamela Colman Smith, the creator of the cards, was depicting a famous eclipse of 1909 in this card.

      An eclipse is a blind spot. This person cannot see how precious and valuable these eight relationships or friendships are. His/her back is turned. Pamela herself did this, turning her back on British literary, artistic and Bohemian society and leaving for the coast of England and a simple life away from W.B. Yeats and his family. Her visitors’ book in London, once so full, stopped – and she departed for the sea and the countryside, Catholicism and anonymity. Very few people in the village of Bude, where she passed away, knew who she was. So, given that Pamela herself is the creator of this card, we have to say there is a decent chance that you, or someone else, will never go back.

      All the cards can be directed like a stage set, however, as Pamela was also a set designer for The Abbey Theatre among others. You are the director. Perhaps you want to change the lighting. Bring other cast members onto the set. Urge the central figure to alter the script. This card has tremendous potential for redemption, final reward and reconciliation. If you want clues about how this could happen, then pull another card.

  137. Hi Jessica,

    It was great to attend another one of your online events. I was watching from Europe in the early hours, as there had been some confusion over my link to this event on the 5th (Yep! Mercury retrograde).

    Looking forward to Pluto going into Aquarius, where I have a stellium. As you will see from my chart I am a Capricorn Sun, and have seen a steady advancement with my career position over the last few years with Pluto in Capricorn, and am happy where I am with that part of my life.

    As for turning a card during your talk, I always like to turn three cards to a specific question, as it always seems to tell me a better story and give more clarification. This morning I turned Queen Of Cups, Knight Of Swords and Six Of Cups.

    Would be great to here your take on these cards.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you so much for your patience; I am sorry the event was at such an odd time and hope you caught up on sleep. The three cards you drew together are about your wife or girlfriend (now or later) who has a relationship with you, that puzzles her. It does not fit any conventional ideas about what a relationship or partnership should be. She is not in touch with the real world; rather Neptune/Pisces and ungrounded and would benefit from shifting herself and her world onto planet earth, where she is far more likely to find a good place to park this quirky connection with you. Of course it may be your ex-wife or girlfriend. Sometimes it’s not relevant at all; the woman is your mother, or a platonic female friend, but nine times out of ten the woman has romantic importance. The Knight of Swords is a younger man. Not you. These two are connected. He may be her son. It may be your own son. This knight needs to slow down and cool down; he has a head full of steam, to quote the Go-Betweens and someone needs to yell ‘Strategy!’ at him. The final card is described in detail here:

      This is one of Pamela’s ‘children’ cards, The Sun being the other one that people know best.

      Here we have the innocent exchange of feelings – not sex, just emotion – and done with pure charm and trust. It’s child’s play, as I’ve mentioned. Children like to go to birthday parties and give each other presents, but also to swap objects. When I was at Mowbray Heights Primary School we swapped playing cards, but also our Christmas presents. The idea here is “One for you and one for me.”

      In your horoscope, or that of another key person, we find something familiar. This card represents Leo and the Fifth House. The Fifth House describes the entertainment, education and activities which bind the generations together. Young and old. This is where might find theatre, music, riding, or a particular kind of book, like Harry Potter, which can be read by all the generations.

      As I’ve said, this card is usually about children in a literal way. So we might be talking about your niece and nephew here, or two children in your class. It sometimes turns up if there is a childish adult relationship. So, for example, if two people are all about little presents and innocent friendship, even though the cups are involved (and cups are always about stronger emotions – being linked to Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). This card can turn up if a woman wants a man sexually but he wants to play at being pals.

      If we take this card purely as a child’s world, or a teenager’s universe, then we can see the escapism of a youthful reality. This is a bubble for these two younger faces. They are completely removed from the adult real world, with all their flowers and cups, in this little corner of the garden in what appears to be a very grown-up estate.

      This might be the young Prince Charles and Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace in the 1950s or 1960s, left to their own devices, getting on with childish or adolescent pursuits while the adults are involved in the very serious business of managing the royal property and business.

      Look at the man with his spear striding off to the left. Why is he leaving the scene? Your answer to that will be quite important as this card is open to such personal interpretation. Is this the father of your children who has dropped them off to you, for the weekend? Perhaps you get from the children what you do not get from the man. This card tells you to really relish and appreciate the children here, because they are not young forever.

      Take into account the blossoming flowers in the cups at the front of the card. What is growing? How can growth be encouraged? There is something so promising about all that you see before you, here. The two young souls, who look as if they have escaped from a fairy story. The trust between them. The solid gold cups, which always show precious and valuable relationships. The rather impressive surroundings – is this a school, or a house, or a future university?

      There is a coat of arms here and perhaps it means something to you. I have seen people take it as a symbol for Scotland.

      As I’ve said, if children or teenagers do not ring a bell with you, then this may be about the inner child in you, and another. There is nothing adult here at all – no grown-up intimacy, no money, no mortgage, no mature dialogue. No sex at all! It’s playful, naïve, heart-to-heart contact.

      This can sometimes show the Second House or Eighth House. Exchange. What one gives to another, just as one sibling leaves to another, or swaps with another. Most of all, the signs here are Cancer (the property and perhaps the siblings in the family) or Leo (children, or teenagers, as a whole). What is it telling you? There is so much here to enjoy, if you are an adult who is watching the children or teenagers from a distance. With appropriate timing and care, you could ask to be included in their game. Their child’s play.

  138. Excellent Zoom, Jessica. I felt very connected and one thing I noticed as you were going through the 12 signs, I have or have had nearly all of those issues going on in my life–especially with the signs where I have stelliums: Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Capricorn. I could relate to the issues of the entire zodiac but not necessarily in just these past 15 years. I’ve struggled with being distrusted, dismissed, discounted, and disregarded all of my life. So, I won’t know how to handle myself if that stops—but I’m sure ready for it to stop. (2) I feel like Chiron being at 2 Aquarius 59′ makes this Aquarius transit a really big deal for me but I get mixed accounts of Chiron. I’ve always felt my mission involved creating or writing or speaking to Heal misunderstandings that caused people to hurt each other. So when I first learned of Chiron as the Wounded Healer, that felt right. But your take on Chiron as where I attempt the so-called impossible makes me think I’m being grandiose and will be making a spectacular fool of myself. Ex., On my Substack, I’m exploring the intersections and synchronicities between new thinking in the universe/quantum physics and religion on weekends and during the week, looking at Teilhard de Chardin, CG Jung, Climate Crises, Feminist Rhetoric, etc to distill new ways of living in the emerging world. Am I asking for disaster? Is there a timing issue I can use to my advantage? (3) My cards were rather unimpressive. Before 2023, I always got very encouraging readings that indicated I had arrived and would be doing amazing things for the world (again, Chiron.) My ‘last 15 years’ was the 6 of Swords. My ‘next 20 years’ was The Sun (that’s encouraging, I think.) But the ‘one thing I need to know’ was the 2 of Swords.(?) (4) In your estimation, am I to accomplish big things? Every transit that has promised success, good fortune, luck, and advancement in the past several years (especially while Philip Sedgwick was advising me) has not panned out. Why? Is it timing? Is it self-sabotage? That’s plenty for now. Thank you for any insights you can give me. I’m learning but I need to figure out what I’m missing. Thank you, Jessica!

    1. Thank you for coming to The Astrology Collective. Chiron isn’t a wounded healer. He was in charge of herbal medicine, but he was seen as a centaur/teacher. A maverick, according to Zane Stein. Chiron at 2 Aquarius is about getting away with the so-called impossible or outrageous, with friends and groups. You are on Substack which will take that for you, once Pluto goes to 2 Aquarius, some time ahead. Chiron does not deliver disaster. Have a look at Chiron on this website. Your last 15 years was the Six of Swords. You can look that up in detail in the Tarot material here and in your library online. The Sun is children or teenagers, young adults. If not your own brood then a class you teach, or a younger face you tutor or mentor. It’s joyous. The Sun nods to Leo and you have a stellium in Leo and Jupiter there too. 20 years is a long time, but the aspects from Uranus in Gemini alone (sextile your Leo placements) will surprise you and delight you, as Queen to a younger court.

  139. I really enjoyed your talk on Astrology Collective. Thank you so much.
    My question involves my husband’s health challenges with Diabetes. He has an Aquarius stellium in his Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus. Will I be able to find a solution for his neuropathy in his feet, as I have a Pisces stellium in my Sun, Ascending, Chiron and Ceres? Health issues may effect our retirement plans significantly.
    I appreciate your thoughts.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your husband has diabetes, Sharon. I don’t have a chart for him here. Your own chart is about changing the way you travel and get around, for years into the future, because of his issues with driving or walking, cycling and so on. You will be given good answers about that from May 2023. It may be that you find quite radically different options for that which give you far more freedom and choice than you realised. It’s similar for him. Have a look at local travel, neighbouring places, new ways to get around – he’ll have options by May; yours start in May. That makes a fantastic difference to life.

  140. Hi, I just attended the zoom call. Thank you for taking time out of your day to talk to us. The first tarot card was six of pentacles, and the second was eight of swords. What does this mean?

    1. Thank you, Kim. The last 15 years was this:

      This is a symbol of Taurus and the Second House and/or Scorpio and the Eighth House. It is also very much a symbol of Libra (the scales in the rich man’s hand). It’s Robin Hood, isn’t it? Or Mackenzie Scott, the former wife of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, donating billions to people suffering in the 2020 Pandemic.

      When you give money away you create a power-based relationship. When you beg for money you also create chemistry based on powerful feelings. Beyond the simple truth that money will be given away here (or perhaps lent; this could arguably be a banker) there is a big question about what money does to the soul.

      There is a principle at stake with this card. Justice or fairness (the scales) and perhaps a legal ruling. Pamela Colman Smith quite deliberately put those meticulously balanced scales into the image. Libra rules the Seventh House of astrology, which describes former, current and potential partners. The partnerships can be personal (marriage) or professional (business). Who are the two recipients of generosity? Is there a partnership here and what does it count for?

      Beyond Libra and the association with former, current and potential partners, we find Venus, the ruler of Libra, and thus the scales, in the picture. Venus is about the cost of marriage and the price of adultery. It is also about the value of beauty and the ‘reckoning up’ or settlement that comes with issues about justice. Fair play. Sometimes, legal rulings.

      The gap between rich and poor here is extreme. What will the beggars do when they have their cash? Is begging a lifelong pattern? Would the rich man let go of his wealth if it meant the extreme gap between rich/poor was less so?

      I have seen this card turn up both when someone is in the wonderful position of being able to pay others, in a less fortunate position, or even donate to them, or lend them money. It also turns up when people are down on their luck and are about to enjoy the relief and release of someone helping them out, with a hand-out. The only issue, as I say, is the motivation of the giver. There is also the common-sense question – when people get back on their feet, as you hope they will, how can they sensibly repay the original benefactor? Will there ever be a repayment?

      Here you have a neat picture of capitalism. The rich, who are excessively rich, because they are at the sharp, top, pointy end of the system – and the huddled masses down the bottom who have almost nothing. These are coins being handed out, not notes. And the poor are not being covered in coins, they are receiving just a few. Given that the millionaire, multi-millionaire or billionaire (perhaps multi-billionaire) in question has so much, one has to wonder why those in rags are being given just a little.

      There are more questions here to ask. Perhaps if those with nothing get too much (too much ‘something for nothing’) they will never know the value of money. As with all the Coins/Pentacles cards we are led back to Taurus, the sign which rules values. Your moral, ethical and philosophical value system is intensely personal and bound to be triggered by this card. Not everyone likes taking charity. Look at the expressions on the faces of the recipients. Then again, some people live on benefits and quite deliberately play the system, according to some.

      Look at the face of the donor. Look at the attitude and body language. There is a tremendous message in this card, behind the mere fact of giving or lending. As with all Pamela’s cards, you also need to see if you can add stage directions. How could you direct this scene, add or remove actors or props? How could you turn it to your satisfaction, if indeed you have issues with what is being shown? This is Live Aid and Band Aid, isn’t it? As always with this card, you also have to wonder – what happens next?

      The next 20 years is this, which is a pathway you do not want. Please draw another card to see how you can avoid it; what the issue is; what to look out for. Tarot is about alternative pathways which co-exist. Parallel worlds. You are wandering into one you’ll probably want to hop out of and choose another.

      A blindfolded woman is surrounded by fallen swords, which create a jail for her. She is also tied up. A castle is in the background – not too far away. She could cry for help but that might take weeks. The damsel in distress is here but the answer is not always a distress call. She would be much better off using her initiative and sensing when she is out of danger – then using the swords to cut the fabric that binds her arms and hands.

      This card usually turns up when a woman (sometimes literally with dark hair) is trapped emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Don’t get too fixated on the hair colour or the gender, but in my experience as a hands-on Tarot reader in my twenties and thirties, it is often a wife in a bad marriage, or a career woman in a bad professional situation.

      If you look closely at the card you will see the swords are only just lodged in the sand and mud of the receding tide. If she waits long enough the tide will come in and the swords will float away. That could be dangerous, though. If she cannot wriggle free, she risks drowning. So, even though these swords (representing the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune) are wobbling, she can’t afford to hang around.

      This is real Action Woman hero stuff. Once her hands are free she can take away her blindfold and see just how close the castle is – and other options, not seen in the landscape of the card. The castle is a symbol of a new house, apartment or work space. Perhaps, just a really good holiday – the kind that transports one. There is quite a distance to walk, climb or journey, but it is not so far that she cannot sense it.

      This card encourages you or someone else to use intuition and the sixth sense, because when one cannot see (blindfolded, symbolically) there is only the inner, psychic sense to lean on.

      Use who or what hurt you to break free. That is the message of this card. It is a symbol of Mars (action) but also Uranus (the process of liberation). So, transiting Mars or Uranus may be involved, or there may be transits to your natal Mars or Uranus.

      It may be seen in the light of the Suffragette movement of 1909 which Pamela Colman Smith, the creator of the cards, was involved with – or Women’s Liberation in the 1970s when her deck had its rebirth thanks to U.S. Games Systems. This is woman (‘hear me roar’ to quote Helen Reddy) but there is not much roaring going on. There is no point squeaking ‘Help! Help!’ because there is no evidence at all that there is any figure in the castle on the cliffs, or even just out of sight, beyond the margins of the card, to save one.

      Instead, this woman must set about the determined task of using who/what hurt her, or threatened her, or encircled her, to break free. If this was an episode of Doctor Who, and we were looking at Sarah Jane Smith trapped by the antics of Daleks or Cybermen, we would be giving her stage directions. Shouting instructions at the television.

      If the woman in this card senses she is safe (and she should; we can see no further threats in the picture) it is time to wriggle over to the swords and use them to chafe the ties that bind, until they are broken. The blindfold can then be removed, and the woman will see just how secure she is. Just how non-threatening those swords, thrown a long time ago, actually are. Just how free she is to make her move. To leave the scene. To embark on the journey. To head for that new home or exhilarating holiday.

      This card advises planning, strategy, some caution, some persistence, determination and stamina. Yet, there is absolutely no reason why a woman who has been trapped in a miserable situation, psychologically, should not be liberated from all the restrictions and given the gift of clear vision, to make her way onwards and upwards. And far, far away from a mental prison.

      Kim, you may even know this is possible from late March already. Choose a second card to show you what to do, and what not to do. Switch your railroad track.

  141. Thank you Jessica that was very very interesting. Love how you teach us how every planet has its story. Just Love it.
    The first card that jump out without pushing the bottom was eight of pentacles then I got the hermit and the Queen of swords.
    I have a dilemma whether to help my father in law ( Taurus) buy back his home after his wife left him dry/clean and out of this house after she passed away. He is very set his own way. Very stubborn. My husband (Capricorn) is very similar to him but not entirely he is bipolar he could be the best husband but could be so evil sometimes. Should we help my father in law? Even if he don’t want us to? We would go in with him on the loan all three of us?
    My other question is that I want to get some aesthetics procedure what month would be the best to do it? I don’t want to be vain but it’s something it bothered me all my life.
    Thank you Jessica

    1. Your father-in-law is a Scorpio matter. If you can chase this any time with him you may want to wait until after July when the lunar nodes are out of Taurus and Scorpio, where they are currently stretching you. Three people and a loan, when you have the South Node in Scorpio in opposition to the North Node in Taurus, is very hard work. At the least, you would want a professional opinion. Cosmetic surgery and the like, is an Aries/First House matter. You have a stellium there including Saturn so probably feel lumbered. Jupiter is now going through Aries for the first time in 12 years so solutions will be there by May. See who and what is out there for you, but Jupiter is only transiting your First House of appearance until then, so it may be time to start ringing round to see what your options are. Luck’s in.

  142. Hello Jessica, Thank you for another great talk today. I’m a little curious about my card drawings during the zoom. First one, for the past 15 years I got the Hanged man. Then, for the second one as what I should do to change that I got the Magician. 2 mayor arcana cards. Then on what the next 20 years would bring, the 6 of cups. On top of that, I’m virgo with the biggest stellium in Aquarius. Can you tell me something about what this change is going to mean for me? Always grateful for your knowledge.

    1. The Hanged Man describes the last 15 years of dangling while becoming enlightened! Sometimes people need to be in a state of suspended animation to see the light, spiritually. The next 20 years brings you the Six of Cups. So let’s look at those two cards in turn, both of which show up in your chart.

      Dangling upside down, stuck (for the moment) and going nowhere fast, The Hanged Man is a symbol of any retrograde planet. Retrograde means that normal motion is obstructed; the planet appears to stand still and go backwards. Mars Retrograde means action is reversed. Mercury Retrograde means communication is reversed. Do check your astrological chart if you see this classic symbol of a standstill.

      When the time is right things move on, but first of all that has to be illumination and enlightenment. The Eureka moment of truth is suggested here. So is the Sun (Sun Sign) or aspects to the Sun as the human head here is radiating golden light.

      This is rather like being forced to wait for an outcome with property or family (say) or citizenship. The roots and branches of the foliage above The Hanged Man’s head suggest where he has come from (either side of the family tree) or where he is going to. This is one of the ‘absolutely male’ cards in Pamela Colman Smith’s deck. Unlike some of the more ambiguous people illustrated, this is quite clearly a man.

      I always think of the phrase ‘cooling-off period’ when The Hanged Man appears, as sometimes a house or apartment purchase comes with that option, should the purchaser change his mind. The enlightenment can be a brilliant breakthrough or realisation which changes the original plan.

      On a more serious note, I read for a woman whose boyfriend had disappeared, when this card turned up. She feared he had hung himself – taken his own life – but none of Pamela’s cards ever show death, unless it is a known factor already. In fact, he was just ‘dangling’ and had no fixed address. He had lost his telephone. (The Hanged Man is upside-down so things fall out of his pockets). Eventually, he turned up.

      The family tree on either side is suggested (Cancer, Fourth House) and the T shape of the tree may be a classic T-Square, which in astrology is a point of tension when three factors form 90 degree squares to each other.

      When the time is ready, this person will untangle himself, reach up, and start moving. The whole purpose of the waiting game would appear to be a spiritual or mental wake-up call.

      Look beyond the title. Look at the actual figure, who is all tangled up. This card reminds me of Bono and U2, and their song about being stuck in a situation you can’t get out of. It takes the most tremendous effort to do so, but it can be done. This card is also rather like Shakespeare’s expression ‘hoist by your own petard.’ You can be your own worst enemy here (or someone else is) self-sabotaging and stuck as a result of it.

      The planet Uranus is associated with the world turning upside-down. In mythology, Uranus was thrown off his wife, Gaia (the earth) having sex with her. He turned her upside-down. The shock of hair on The Hanged Man and the suggestion of electrocution, with hair standing on end, is a good pointer to a recent or current Uranus transit.

      Uranus is the symbol of a world turning upside-down, and electricity (he was the father of electricity, and consequently shock). He is also the symbol of independence and liberation. At some point The Hanged Man will stop this state of suspended animation, and find the strength and willpower to free himself. The sense of space and autonomy after such a long time spent trapped in mid-air will probably feel quite Uranian. A revolution. A revelation. Liberation!

      And the next 20 years? This is one of Pamela’s ‘children’ cards, The Sun being the other one that people know best.

      Here we have the innocent exchange of feelings – not sex, just emotion – and done with pure charm and trust. It’s child’s play, as I’ve mentioned. Children like to go to birthday parties and give each other presents, but also to swap objects. When I was at Mowbray Heights Primary School we swapped playing cards, but also our Christmas presents. The idea here is “One for you and one for me.”

      In your horoscope, or that of another key person, we find something familiar. This card represents Leo and the Fifth House. The Fifth House describes the entertainment, education and activities which bind the generations together. Young and old. This is where might find theatre, music, riding, or a particular kind of book, like Harry Potter, which can be read by all the generations.

      As I’ve said, this card is usually about children in a literal way. So we might be talking about your niece and nephew here, or two children in your class. It sometimes turns up if there is a childish adult relationship. So, for example, if two people are all about little presents and innocent friendship, even though the cups are involved (and cups are always about stronger emotions – being linked to Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). This card can turn up if a woman wants a man sexually but he wants to play at being pals.

      If we take this card purely as a child’s world, or a teenager’s universe, then we can see the escapism of a youthful reality. This is a bubble for these two younger faces. They are completely removed from the adult real world, with all their flowers and cups, in this little corner of the garden in what appears to be a very grown-up estate.

      This might be the young Prince Charles and Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace in the 1950s or 1960s, left to their own devices, getting on with childish or adolescent pursuits while the adults are involved in the very serious business of managing the royal property and business.

      Look at the man with his spear striding off to the left. Why is he leaving the scene? Your answer to that will be quite important as this card is open to such personal interpretation. Is this the father of your children who has dropped them off to you, for the weekend? Perhaps you get from the children what you do not get from the man. This card tells you to really relish and appreciate the children here, because they are not young forever.

      Take into account the blossoming flowers in the cups at the front of the card. What is growing? How can growth be encouraged? There is something so promising about all that you see before you, here. The two young souls, who look as if they have escaped from a fairy story. The trust between them. The solid gold cups, which always show precious and valuable relationships. The rather impressive surroundings – is this a school, or a house, or a future university?

      There is a coat of arms here and perhaps it means something to you. I have seen people take it as a symbol for Scotland.

      As I’ve said, if children or teenagers do not ring a bell with you, then this may be about the inner child in you, and another. There is nothing adult here at all – no grown-up intimacy, no money, no mortgage, no mature dialogue. No sex at all! It’s playful, naïve, heart-to-heart contact.

      This can sometimes show the Second House or Eighth House. Exchange. What one gives to another, just as one sibling leaves to another, or swaps with another. Most of all, the signs here are Cancer (the property and perhaps the siblings in the family) or Leo (children, or teenagers, as a whole). What is it telling you? There is so much here to enjoy, if you are an adult who is watching the children or teenagers from a distance. With appropriate timing and care, you could ask to be included in their game. Their child’s play.

  143. Hello Jessica!
    Great article and lovely answers to so many comments. This taught me a lot! I’ve been waiting for my next Jupiter In Leo return since 2015, but correct me if I’m wrong, bc it is 6 Leo I should be worried? Pluto will oppose it? Will I get anything less than a positive year I need so badly? What does that mean for my chart and Jupiter return? I have had a rough 6 years and now recently my father passed. I’m sad all of the time but I know he is still with me in my dreams and almost everywhere I turn. I know he wants me to be happy and I need positive changes and love and friendship and basically a different happier life – please shed some light my way. I hope you’re well – thank you!

    1. I am sorry you lost your father and understand why you feel sad – and want some light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t worry about Jupiter in Leo. You do have the chance to form one half of a pair, or partnership (or any kind) between now and May. It may be someone you work with in a duet, or a lover. It really depends on where you are at in your life. From May, you enter a new cycle when you will have more money to save, or make. From July, a stuck situation regarding finance, property, charity, business ends – and you can then look seriously at how to be wealthier by May 2024.

  144. Hi Jessica – many thanks for the Zoom talk. I learned a lot, and realized my rekindled interest in the violet perfume from my childhood may have something to do this cycle! I was wondering if you could please take a look at my chart to see if there is anything I need to focus on. For context – in early Dec 2022 (pre-Mercury retrograde), I restarted my own solo practice and joined a firm who recruited me to join their roster of contract lawyers. This after starting a high profile and prestigious dream job in Jan 2022 that turned out to be a nightmare. My (male) bosses were Plutocrats. The experience removed my remaining naiveté regarding sexism, and worsened my anxiety and depression. I am working on rebuilding my mental and physical health, as well as my business and finances. My casual BF (Mar 13/69 Joburg, birth time unknown, he has Vesta 13° Taurus and no Aquarius factors) and I started fighting last year over COVID precautions. The situation is much better and we are no longer fighting, but he is still not as cautious as I would like. Some of the friction is due to the pressure in our industry to attend in-person events for business development, which I refuse to do until Davos-safe air is standard to protect myself and as a conscientious objector to help protect others. He caves. During the Zoom, I drew the following cards (I misunderstood the directions, so I guess 1 and 2 are duplicates?): (1) Nine of Cups in response to what do I need to leave behind with the exit of Pluto in Capricorn, and what lesson do I need to take forward into Pluto in Aquarius; (2) Four of Pentacles in response to what is the most important message I can take away from Pluto in Capricorn, which I interpreted as being more realistic about my financial position (I deeply regret overpaying my ex due to his domination); (3) Nine of Swords in response to how to better my financial position, a follow up to question 2; and (4) Four of Pentacles again in response to what is the most important thing for me to focus on during Pluto in Aquarius until 2044. Thank you, and thanks for all you do.

    1. Thank you. I’m sorry you have had rotten bosses. You have also differed with your boyfriend over Covid. When you say ‘he caves’ you are subconsciously talking about Pluto and Pluto behaviour (he lived in one). Your cards show you farewell the Nine of Cups on 23rd March 2023 and from that date, for 20 years into the future, you are offered the Four of Pentacles. So goodbye to this, first of all: This is the solid backing of some solid gold people; friends or family. Perhaps, a political party lined up behind a beaming leader. Is the rather self-satisfied, well-fed character on the chair, you or somebody else? Pay attention to the semi-circle of cups. At the sharp right-hand side, one cup is slipping. Who needs help?

      Are you a Premium Member? Please keep reading for a long and detailed interpretation of your card now.

      This card is a warning. Given that all the cups cards are Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (the emotional water signs) it may be that these signs are actually involved. There are many of them, and the cups all look the same. That’s a trap. If you regard people as a faceless mass, and make assumptions that they are backing you, sooner or later one of them may break apart from the group, and when he or she falls, the rest can topple sideways or off. Attention must be paid, to quote Arthur Miller. No matter how self-absorbed and self-congratulatory someone feels about ‘all this’ and ‘my people’ it really is time to get off the chair and pay singular, individual attention to each solid-gold person, behind. Treating people on a case-by-case basis, checking that they feel fulfilled, have all they need, are in a sturdy potion – averts what could be quite disastrous, at least at one end of the group, or the family.

      Let’s look at Pamela’s card from the outside looking in. A smug, rather fat man poses in front of his nine trophies. These are cups, which represent sexuality or emotions. Water signs, as I’ve mentioned.

      Look again at the cup in the right-hand corner which is about to fall off. This man is so wrapped up in his own achievement, he is not paying attention to the individual people who ‘have his back.’

      One of them does not! Like Ten Green Bottles, if one should accidentally fall, it means many of them might. The fabric can be pulled away and other cups, topple over. So much depends on just one person, but this one person is not even on the fat man’s radar!

      This card hints at Aquarius and the Eleventh House, with its emphasis on the group. This card reminds us of the phrase ‘He’s got your back’ or ‘She’s got your back’ or ‘They’ve got your back’ and is very much about being supported. The semi-circle reminds us of football supporters at a Chelsea game in the stands, with the rich Russian owner beaming for the television cameras. Sports teams do turn up with this card because there are so many players, substitutes or supporters and so often, the stands are circular or semi-circular. It’s the same with the theatre; if you think about the cast and crew, the seating and the director or star, you get a sense of this card.

      The key to success for the person at the front, who may be you or another, is to remember that such a wall of solid-gold support does not happen by itself.

      At some point you have to stop basking in the backing, and actually actively pursue each and every face as an individual. Put back into these people what they need. Try to enrich, expand and improve the separate relationships and people. Of course this may be a message for quite another person; not you! The ability to stop basking and start rolling the sleeves up, and pouring time, energy and attention into the individual is enough to turn this picture around. With care, with sensitivity, with time and effort, this impressive wall of support and backing can indeed become hard to topple.

      The central character needs to remember that he or she is the first line of defence. The front line. “This far and no further” might be the message. Every group needs a leader, protector and defender. That is really the purpose of this person. Less smugness and more sharp awareness of this huge responsibility will also help turn the picture around. That wobbling cup on the far right-hand side of the picture can be stood upright again, and the whole, returned to completion.

      Pamela and Arthur were in The Golden Dawn for long enough to see the membership fractured and divided. Pamela also worked with Dame Ellen Terry, and was familiar with Shakespeare. This card is not unlike Henry V, with its ‘few’ and band of brothers. It is an archetypal experience; how often have we seen Prime Ministers or Presidents get so lost in their own position and magnificence, that they forget about the individual? This is a great lesson for our times, as we go into Jupiter, Saturn and finally Pluto in Aquarius, the sign of group solidarity and the orchestra of community.

      And hello to this: FOUR OF PENTACLES

      Wealth and security. There is not just one gold coin or pentacle here, but two to ground the person here (and perhaps pay for designer shoes) and two more in hand. Yet, the property market behind is a reminder that if houses, apartments, land or other premises are the background story with the money, that it is worth knowing the ever-changing property market very well.

      Are you a Premium Member? Please keep reading for a long and detailed interpretation of your card now.

      Sitting pretty or looking greedy? It really depends on your point of view. The Cancer symbol is hidden in this man’s encircled arms. He is hugging the money, standing on the money and it even adorns his crown. As with all Pamela’s illustrations, this man can be you, even if you are a woman. Here we have a picture of the Trump family, don’t we? Those must be Trump towers in the distance and the clinging to cash is characteristic. Perhaps you see quite a different symbolic message. This card is for personal interpretation on the deepest level. Is this Scrooge? Perhaps it is you, with four sources of income, wondering who to pay, or where to donate profits.

      Behind this character, as we’ve seen is property. The fact is, if you don’t let go, release and invest (or spend) you can find that the cash value of what you have and hold is irrelevant, compared to the rising value of houses or apartments – or business towers. That is one message about this card. Bitcoin is all very well, but what about the skyrocketing value of particular towns or nations, or specific listed buildings?

      This man is grounded, yet also not grounded – he is floating in the air, if you look carefully. He’s Eight Miles High, to quote The Byrds, or Ten Feet Tall, to quote XTC. A great deal of money can be a high point; it makes us high; we hit the heights of success; we gain from investing in high-rise (spreadsheets in the sky) or perhaps we speculate on investing there. This could be any of the four Beatles at the height of their wealth. As Ringo Starr observed, he got high with a little help from his friends.

      The grounding comes from the feet on the coins/pentacles and the astrological association with Taurus, an earth sign, and money. Capricorn, another earth sign, is associated with high-rise apartments and the penthouse suite or top floor. (The mountain goat who climbs to the top of the mountain). This is a mixed message. One is grounded in money like any good, materialistic, practical earth sign – Taurus is typical. Yet, here we also have someone whose feet do not touch the ground.

      This card is also a symbol of the Fourth House ruled by Cancer (property) the Second House ruled by Taurus (cash flow) and the Eighth House ruled by Scorpio (assets) too. You can see the zodiac sign Cancer hidden in the curled arms. They resemble the Cancer the crab glyph.

      Money can make us grasping, of course. The metaphor in this card is ‘To have and to hold, for richer, for poorer’ (he is holding on tightly, isn’t he?) We think about clutching our money, or hanging on to our values, perhaps. Safeguarding, protecting – but also grabbing – are suggested here. We talk about ‘money-grubbing’ and maybe that is also here!

      Happiness is here, though. This wealthy man seems satisfied, full, secure, abundant – you would have to say it’s a rich symbol of someone who is really well set-up.

      The trick with this card is to ask yourself how best money can be managed. Hanging on and holding on is one strategy, but the buildings behind hint at the possibility of an investment in property or premises, as we’ve seen. You also have to wonder at what holding on to money so tightly, does to a person’s life and character. Somewhere in that far-off city behind him is poverty. In Pamela Colman Smiths’s day, especially (in the Thirties, which she lived through) the towns were full of the poor. Perhaps this person is on the verge of transforming his attitude towards money and will give one of the four coins or 25% away. Maybe all of it.

      The two big features in this card to interpret are the tightly folded arms and the feet on the ground/not on the ground. What are you being shown here and where can you take the card, in terms of directing the action or adding props, characters and backdrops?

      You will spot the astrology in both cards lining up with your chart. The other cards I will leave you to sit with as they will offer suggestions.

  145. Hi Jessica,
    I so look forward to your posts and the discussions they genrate. I also have learnt a lot through your interpretation of the Tarot, many thanks 🙂 In the zoom call my 1st tarot card was Ace of pentacles which resonated with me . My second card was the Queen of pentacles. I have Sun 23° gemini – 20′ 10″, ASC ° 03 aquarius – 39′ 41″, Ceres 28° aquarius 56′ 58″Panacea 04° gemini – 52′ 13″, Minerva 24° gemini – 39′ 23″, Venus 21° gemini ] 04′ 29″ What can I expect with Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini? Thank you for your time and wisdom, so greatly appreciated

    1. You’ll be quids in, according to the Tarot. I would expect to see Taurus factors in your Second House of personal income, savings, valuables, charity, houses, land, apartments, business and so on. You have Psyche at 12 Taurus so what you own, earn or owe lives forever. It endures beyond you. This suggests something you leave to future generations. Perhaps as a result of what you purchase or re-commit to, May 2023 to May 2024.

  146. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for the zoom chat last night. I felt I got a lot out of it and so appreciate everything you offer on your website and blog posts as well. Astrology has always fascinated me and I really plan to go deeper into understanding it as best I can.
    So much of what you write resonates with me. Thank you!
    In the meeting, I drew “The Star” regarding the last 15 years and “The Magician” for the next 15 years. I was just wondering if you had any other insight into this or my chart. I am very interested to know about a project I am working on and it’s potential. I am not sure if I procrastinated too long or the timing is going to be spot on. I do feel extremely hopeful there is much powerful and positive change coming my way, even if I feel a bit out of my comfort zone. A lot of similar situations from the past, seem to be happening and I can’t help but feel it’s a bit fated in its way of reminding me where I’ve been and where I’m going.
    Thank you again for your time last night. I will continue to be a premium member for a long time.
    Best regards,

    1. Thanks for coming along Jerry. I appreciate your kind words. The Star in the Tarot reveals Salacia, Psyche and Fortuna in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. For the last 15 years you had Pluto semi-sextile those horoscope factors and trigger them in a powerful way, in your sector of allies and communities. Three women (or three aspects of the same women) were central to that. Salacia is Neptune’s wife and rules the ocean and the beach. In The Star, she is represented by the blonde woman kneeling over water. A real-life Salacia was in your world for a long time and may still be. The Magician is a terrific card and shows you taking a role as mentor, guide or tutor. You will also be taught or heavily influenced. The Nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius confirm your last incarnation was as a professor, educator or similar. If you identify with a particular era of history; can’t get enough of films or television programs about it – that’s a clue. You can check the tables in Modern Astrology 2050 to see when that past life likely was; the North Node would have been in Gemini or Sagittarius. Your life will expand hugely in 2024 when Jupiter goes into Gemini and change radically with new technology not invented yet, from 2026 past 2030. Perhaps that is your project.

  147. Hello Jessica, thank you so much for the brilliant Astrology Collective Pluto in Pisces session – I set my alarm for 2 am South African time to wake up for it – my friends think I’m crazy, but they don’t know just how valuable these sessions are!

    I picked the 5 of Swords for the learnings I take away from the outgoing Pluto in Capricorn cycle and the Knight of Cups for the upcoming cycle.

    In addition, I have natal Jupiter and Neptune at 0 Sagittarius, which will be sextile when Pluto gets to 0 Aquarius.
    Also have Pluto and Venus at 29 Virgo which will trine Pluto at 29 Capricorn
    And finally, Salacia at 29 Capricorn, which will conjunct Pluto at 29 Capricorn

    Would so appreciate your take on how I will be impacted by this.

    I’m loving the learnings from all the Q&A here and do very much hope you will get to mine too – you are an absolute rock star for taking the time to answer so many questions with such care.

    Much gratitude always

    1. Thank you Marls, 2.00am is too early though. I’ll remember to think about three sessions for future Zoom events. Okay, so Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 for you shows up in the Tarot and in your natal chart. Swords represents a time to bury the hatchet. You have a stellium in Libra in the Seventh House of duels and feuds, and your scales were unbalanced in that long cycle, as Pluto was square your Libra placements. Now you are going into the Knight of Cups, for the next 20 years. This is a long relationship with a family member, friend or perhaps a lover who is a habitual explorer; lives and works in another region; drops in and pops in. Will this ever become permanent? It depends on him. He may decide to settle down. It is important that you meet him halfway, but he has a lot to give you emotionally.

  148. Hi Jessica! I hope you’re well. I wanted to attend the online seminar but missed it! I do have Aquarius factors in my chart and wanted to check with you that today I saw a post about becoming a certified coach. It did intrigue me but I have had tendencies in the past whereby something interests me, I sign up and I end up wasting money because I don’t follow it through to completion. Is this something that you can see in the charts of maybe could be something I can can successful with? I am looking for a change in my sales career.

    Thanks Jessica looking forward to your reading.


    1. Thank you. Yes, I’m very well. You have a habit of signing up for courses which you never finish. You want a new career, though. You are a Sun Gemini, with stelliums in Gemini, Cancer, Taurus, Leo. Gemini is very good at short journeys and short communication. Gemini is ruled by Mercury the messenger and the archetype is 2000 years old and counting. It’s very much about Rome-Napoli, not Rome-London. It also involves fewer words, and delivered a lot better than most people can manage. So sales is common. However you would also suit any career where you must use your way with words and images, quickly and efficiently, to get the message across – and also be mobile, either within your city or regionally – perhaps online, of course. You will see a revolution in your neighbourhood that changes your life from 2026 and liberates you – also with a neighbouring region or country. Just before then, with Jupiter in Gemini in 2024-2025, you are given fantastic opportunities to have more, achieve more and do more with the web, and with the media. Again, the focus would be regional. You will make or save a lot of money if you take the opportunity offered to you with Jupiter in Taurus, May 2023 to May 2024. You would make an excellent real-estate agent.

  149. Before I rejoice about Pluto’s departure from Capricorn, should I be worried that I have the following at 27, 28 and 29 degrees? Thank you if you have time to reply.

    Panacea at 27 Aries
    Vesta at 28 Leo
    Neptune at 28 Scorpio
    Bacchus at 28 Cancer
    Mercury at 29 Taurus
    Salacia at 29 Capricorn

    1. Yes, a lot of people will be rejoicing at Pluto’s exit from Capricorn and the drain of power from the male elite at the top. Pluto at 27, 28, 29 has triggered/will trigger your financial, professional and property chart. Setting aside Panacea and Vesta for the moment, you were born with this tight pattern in Scorpio (bank) Cancer (house or apartment) Taurus (salary) and Salacia (career, unpaid work, academic career). You would already be aware of the person, organisation or general trend in your field – feeling dominated or manipulated, controlled or ‘managed’ is very common. When you resist, as with resistance training in the gym, you become stronger. In fact that is the whole point of this transit. If you give in, you end up being utterly dominated. So Pluto is really the gift of strength and empowerment, if you have the self-control and willpower. This challenge ends in the final week of March. We don’t know why. Even when Pluto retrogrades in June, he has lost his power and is going backwards. The end for those people, situations or organisations is well and truly nigh.

  150. Hi Jessica,

    Looks my inital comment didn’t make it so here’s the second attempt with fingers crossed…

    I loved attending my first astro webinar (Pluto into Aquarius 2), and wanted to thank you for all the interesting and detailed information you gave us.

    I pulled Page of Swords for Pluto in Capricorn and Ace of Cups for Pluto in Aquarius. Given that I’ve had the worst time with my career (as well as with graduate studies, finances, residence/home, health and even appearance) since 2008, I’m really hoping this bodes well for me going forward. Your thoughts on both cards would be very much appreciated.

    Also a quick related question, if its alright: My husband (DoB: June 10, 1983) is a Taurus rising. This makes his natal 10th house in Aquarius. Because I’ve had a terrible time in my career ever since Pluto went into my natal 10th house of Capricorn, I’m afraid of my husband having a similar negative experience with his own career for the next two decades. Will he be impacted as severely as I was, Jessica?

    Lastly, the following story about Toronto’s Conservative Mayor, John Tory, resigning in disgrace brings to mind what you’ve said about Pluto leaving Capricorn:

    In short, he was a terrible mayor under whom our city’s health, transport and built infrastructure declined, while crime shot up. He failed to disclose major personal financial interests to the public, and (unfortunately for us citizens) successfully lobbied the Conservative provincial government for significant expansion of his mayoral powers.

    To top everything off, this corrupt, married 68 year old man decided to have an affair with a 31 year old staffer – someone nearly 40 years younger than him and over whose career he had all the power.

    However, this affair (not any of the corruption) ultimately ended being his downfall.

    So I say thank goodness for Pluto’s exit from Capricorn – may we see the immediate decline of every Plutocrat in the next few months.

    Many thanks as always for your continued kind guidance, Jessica. I look forward to attending your next webinar regarding Pisces on February 18th.

    1. Thank you for your patience. Having three Zoom events in quick succession has resulted in quite a few questions. Thank you for your kind words about the Pluto in Aquarius event. Your last 15 years was really about attack and defence, cutting and running, accepting that not everything and everybody in the family was going to stay; dealing with change. Your future 20 years is emotionally rewarding, extremely fulfilling on a heart and soul level, possibly involving a new baby in your world, certainly involving a terrific group of people. I use a different house system to you, so your husband does not have an Aquarius-ruled Tenth House. What’s in store for him? March 2023 will indeed bring a serious career decision for him, around the 7th, but from the 23rd he will also realise the future is with foreigners and foreign countries and he will also see just how powerful that could be for him. As for Pluto leaving Capricorn, your dodgy Toronto Mayor has gone. He ticked all the boxes by the sounds of it. I look forward to seeing you at The Pisces Weather this weekend.

  151. Wow thank you! I am eager to dig into researching that. Oddly enough… or maybe not, currently in this life I am a professor and educator, though my heart belongs to music.

  152. Hi Jessica! Thank you for this post. I got the five of wands. Pluto is already in my 11th house, but I am curious about how this will play out for me as I build my career and future.

    I’m interested in being an adolescent therapist// non profit management. I was accepted into a grad program for social work that starts in the fall with a bit of a scholarship, but I’m still so stressed about taking out loans. I want to work part time or maybe get a full time job and do the program in four years. I really want to make good financial decisions and not get started on the wrong foot. (I’m only a couple years out of undergrad) do you have thoughts about how this transit will affect my career/financial plans? Am I on the right path? Thank you! So grateful. (I’m based in Brooklyn)

    1. Congratulations on your part-scholarship. You are a Sun Aries woman with a Taurus stellium in your Second House of personal income and property. In your public chart, you have the biggest and best opportunities in 12 years to make or save money, May 2023 to May 2024. Jupiter will enter Taurus and your Second House with a dazzling New Moon in late May 2023 and the path will be clear. In your private chart, Jupiter will form a series of conjunctions with your Taurus factors, so you can increase the amount of money you make, or save. I dare say the final week of March is a turning point on this new road, because Pluto leaves your Tenth House of career and academic career, having been there since 2008. So things are moving in the right direction for you. Now, to the Five of Wands. Keep the stakes minimal with this group and reduce the impact of these differences by being proactive as you see the situation developing. It may repeat with different groups over a number of years. See the interpretation, below

      This is the band about to split because of musical differences. It reminds of every fractured rock band in history, from The Beatles to The Rolling Stones. It is any group, actually, because all groups have to deal with the central problem of who is the leader/the star (look at the shouty person on the left) and who is so wildly different to everybody else that he/she is on the outer (the person in the blue patterned tunic).

      If you read the history of The Beatles you find creativity and brilliance born from individual eccentricity and difference. The fifth Beatle was Sir George Martin. At other times the fifth Beatle was Yoko Ono or a passing presence like Magic Alex. It is only when the four/the five found common ground that they were able to raise an album. The albums reflect what was going on at the time: productive tension.

      You Never Give Me Your Money, Nowhere Man, The Two of Us, all tell the story of The Fab Four, but within a group of four, plus one, you can get pairs and solo acts. It’s all rather hard to manage.

      This is why bands have managers and it is amazing how often this card comes up with musicians and their tour manager, or business manager. Or, in Spinal Tap style, you may find yourself with the odd ‘creative’ girlfriend or dodgy A&R man to deal with. There is something funny about this card. Perhaps Pamela Colman Smith saw the humour in the frankly bonkers behaviour of some members of The Golden Dawn, the magical secret society she belonged to with Arthur E. Waite, her co-creator in the Smith Waite Tarot.

      We also have someone rather angry or overheated in red, in the centre. There is real potential for a split here. This is Mars the red planet if you are looking to the astrological chart, and of course the group itself is the Eleventh House, ruled by Aquarius. Some or all of this may show up in the transits, so at least you can tell when the end point is, and what the potential for resolution is. The sensible answer, as mentioned, is for two pairs to form, who co-operate, then the pairs to unite, and an accommodation of sorts, for the fifth person. A great deal comes down to communication of the tactful but truthful sort. Someone here looks like he/she wants to be loudest, upfront and central. Is that really the case, though?

      The ideas, theories, concepts or plans are all similar. That’s the giddy joke of this card. The actual notions or brainwaves are virtually the same. The rods/wands/staves look so much alike. Everyone wants to be a musician. Everyone wants to be a politician. Everyone wants to make a film. The individual personalities are really different, but what they are talking about, or putting on paper, or online, is very samey and so the potential is there for unity.

      Nothing can be built until people set their differences aside, along with their narcissism or anger, and co-operate. One person here has a spotted or polka-dotted costume. A leopard never changes its spots, or does it?
      Together these people will raise a barn or make a great album. Like this, they are a shambles and those ideas are not going to last long. They need to be planted. The potential is vast here but the problems are real. Without a secure place for what is on paper, or online, nothing will ever grow and the whole thing will fall over sideways. This is The Troggs in the studio on a famous bootleg tape, or the state of Australian politics for quite a few years, with leadership spills disrupting both the main parties. Look to Mercury in the chart too, as Mercury rules communication. Listening skills. Hearing as well as talking, or shouting. Negotiation!

  153. Hi Jessica,
    I have an Aquarius stellium as well as stelliums in Aries, Capricorn, Taurus and Cancer. My life has undergone a lot of change in the past 12 months. I have married and am now expecting a baby in August with my husband. I have 2 teenage children also from a previous relationship. I have always been very independent and struggled initially regarding sharing bank accounts etc. This new baby is going to a huge change for me as my youngest child is almost 15, and I am going back to a very dependent small child. I envision having 9 – 12 months off work when the baby is born. That too will prove difficult for me as I have studied and worked hard for years to get into the high management position I am in. I want this baby but there is a lot of adjustment.
    Could you give me an idea how it will all go? My husband is a Leo and my children are an Aquarian 16yo boy and an Aries girl turning 15 in April. The kids are delighted about the baby and my husband has been in my children’s lives since they were 4 and 5.
    I have always struggled with big changes as I really like to be in control and often get very stressed when I don’t have any ideas of outcomes. My mother has always had tumultuous relationships with men and when I was 11 she went into a relationship that involved quite a bit of domestic violence. I left home at 15, entered a relationship and had 2 kids by the time I was 18. A similar relationship to my mum’s. I ended this relationship, put myself through grade 11 and 12 and then university. I am now studying for a masters. My husband is a successful lovely man and we have a great friendship which I think is a good base for a marriage.
    It would be great to have an idea of how the planetary lineup in the next few months will affect me and my family.
    Thanks in advance Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Congratulations on the new baby. You are a Sun Gemini woman who has the South Node of karma entering her Fifth House of parenthood in July, for the first time in 19 years. You say you have teenage children; if you go back 18-19 years in time, as you wander through 2023 and 2024, you may find the karma either with one pregnancy from that time, or a similar Fifth House issue: courtship, the bedroom, babies or perhaps the first question about ever having children, given your 15 and 16 year old teenagers came along just after that cycle. By 2024 you will realise that you are owed, or owe, from 18-19 years ago and the circle is closing. The karma is complete. You like to be in control so astrology is useful. Before we get to July and the start of the karmic closure cycle (it will all feel very familiar to you) we reach March and a landmark decision about the money, house or apartment with your husband. Around March 7th and 23rd you both figure this out, not only in terms of the numbers but also the issue about sharing the controls. It might be a good idea to get a professional in if you two are going to, say, update the legacies and wills, or sort out the joint bank account differently. The high management position does require decisions in March too and you will need a strategy and plan as well as patience because as. you say, this small person will need you in 2023, 2024, 2025 at the bare minimum. This is exactly the amount of time it takes Saturn to go through your Tenth House of ambition, position and mission (but of course). You have some good friends to help you until May and a terrific support group, like Mumsnet, which I strongly recommend you put time and energy into, as people power in a group is really good news for you, until May.

  154. Dear Jessica,

    Loved this article. It makes me both excited and nervous. I have so many planets and asteroids in the early degrees that my chart will be triggered by both Pluto and Saturn in the early degrees and Jupiter a couple of months later. Here’s what I have in the early degrees: Aesculapia 
    00°  Virgo 02′ 35″
    01°  Leo 41′ 32″
    01°  Scorpio 39′ 50″
    02°  Virgo 16′ 59″
    02°  Leo 51′ 13
    My husband and I are only three years apart so he has these chart factors in the early degrees:
    00°  Leo 58′ 24″ R
    00°  Sagittarius 47′ 32″
    01°  Cancer 12′ 58″ R
    02°  Gemini 15′ 15″ R
    Some of the main themes in our life right now. I am likely to get a promotion in a job where I will be leading a bigger group of people much younger than me (Leo in action). This is likely to happen in March. I am simultaneously trying to get a home business related to selling homemade beauty products off the ground. My husband has only just started work in a promising contract in the renewables industry (after 3 years of unemployment). I earn more than he does and this makes me nervous about being the one in charge of providing for the family (Scorpio in action?) My oldest son has trouble learning and focusing in school (Leo in action again) and I’m nervous about him starting middle school this fall when he will have to be more in charge of his own learning and not rely on teachers and parents communicating. I also hope to buy a house this spring or summer (Jupiter in Taurus, please help!). Can you look at my chart and my husband’s chart and let me know if I can get through all of this without feeling overwhelmed and actually enjoy life more? I’m hoping that I get more leisure and can pursue hobbies (Pluto transit to my fifth house?) Thanks so much for all you do! You are indeed an angel! I really, really hope my question gets picked!

    1. Thank you. Transiting Pluto at 0 Aquarius will oppose your husband’s natal Saturn at 0 Leo from the final week of March, in the Fifth House of parenthood and youth leadership. So this is your son. This also picks up Venus at 0 Sagittarius in your husband’s Ninth House of academia and Aesculapia at 0 Virgo in your Sixth House of workload and wellbeing. Crossroads choices here, and they recur as late as December 2024, with Pluto’s final pass at 0 Aquarius. So this sounds like a Christmas 2024 sign-off on commitments you begin to make from March 2024. It will take Pluto a long time to settle at 1, 2 Aquarius which picks up the rest of your chart so focus on the 0 degree transits for now. You also have Saturn at 0 Pisces from March 7th, and so Saturn will be in opposition to Aesculapia. This is not just about your work it is also about your health and wellbeing. You can’t and shouldn’t separate that from the work question about leading a bigger group of people far younger than you. Transiting Saturn will also quincunx your husband’s natal Saturn and square Venus, so there are a couple of ‘bump’ moments around March 7th and 23rd for the pair of you. Take your time as you figure this out. This is far more important than the home business with beauty products as it’s showing up clearly in your chart: both your son and this job with younger faces. Jupiter goes to 0, 1 Taurus in May 2023 which will really help you – this horoscope symbol is about growth, hope, expansion, reward and sweeping solutions. You have a Leo stellium so you ‘live’ in your Fifth House for much of the time and are Queen to a younger court. Now is the time to really understand that, and how it has played out in your life so far. You can read more about your Leo stellium in Modern Astrology 2050, free to you as a Premium Member. You can also use The Garden Oracle, The Tarot and The Astrology Oracle as a Premium Member, which can help you with these landmark March choices about the possible promotion and your son’s learning difficulties. Follow the steps.

  155. Hi Jessica,
    I really enjoyed the zoom talk, thanks for your time and insights. I drew the hierophant for the last 15 years and the ace of cups for the following 20. You spoke about the hierophant during the zoom, using yourself as test subject, but I’d love to hear your take on the ace of cups for me?
    Cheers, D

    1. The Hierophant is the Pope, and in modern life this can be a male astrologer dictating ‘the bible’ according to himself, anyway. Too funny. We also find it in publishing; the CEO says ‘this is the word’ and that’s that. The Ace of Cups in your astrological chart is shown by your Pisces stellium. It describes spirituality (the lotus flowers on the water; Buddhism) but also Christianity (the chalice). You may already go to church or meditate, but as Saturn goes into Pisces, days away now, there will need to be a rethink of how you have the spiritual world in your life. Saturn will join Neptune, where he has been since 2011, thus the feeling of ‘my cup overfloweth’ when it comes to this side of life. Now, Saturn will challenge you to change your approach.

  156. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this long and detailed article. Before I write to you, I always read others’ questions first to see if they have similar planetary positions so as not to waste time. This time I could not find similar, so here it goes! I have Bacchus and Diana conjunct at 0 Aquarius and would like to know what kind of impact Pluto will have once it conjuncts them. In the past when Pluto hits a sign, I feel it. When it went in to Sag I moved countries, into Cap my finances went haywire, and not in a good way. I would like to know if this very long Pluto transit will include lots of travel as it would be in my 3rd house or 9th house using my sun sign. Before writing this, I decided to pull a Tarot card on this site, and got the Moon! Strange how it kind of knew my question.

    1. Thank you. You do have an unusual chart. Bacchus and Diana in an exact conjunction at 0 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. Even in childhood you found your true self in and around Peanuts-style gangs or Famous Five inspired circles. Aquarius is also very much about friendship, so the best friend who is as important as a husband or wife; the friendship which may feel as emotional as family, no matter if it goes wrong or right. Diana in Aquarius is about your fiercely independent, uncompromising approach to your social life. Diana in mythology ran and swam with the nymphs; she begged Jupiter her father to release her from marriage and motherhood so he made her goddess of the hunt. You will never be immersed in the group – always just outside it – but you will be integral to the group, and it to you. Bacchus next to Diana shows the hedonism and self-indulgence you would expect, so this is quite a rock’n’roll placement. Pluto will go across Aquarius 0 for the first time in March, as you know, and by June you will have seen a transformation in a friend or group, so that there is new passion, intensity and a greater need for control there. In other cases you will take up with a new group or friend and meet Pluto there. S/he is just what you would expect; dominating but also empowering, if you can strike a deal. If March-April entails signing up for something or someone very new, then do a bit of quiet homework. You are a Sun Gemini with a Gemini stellium and all your travel will be local – Gemini rules the neighbouring places near your home – and it begins properly in 2024, changing your life from 2026. The Moon card describes the friendship phase to come; the pair of you will need to decide if you are going to take the same road, or go your own ways. A very, very important friendship. Two peas in a pod, but different.

  157. Hi Jessica, I always enjoy your articles. Can you look at my chart and see how Pluto in Aquarius will affect me?
    The past 17 years I’ve been working caring for children. It’s something I’m naturally good at but it isn’t my passion. But life circumstances (financial and pressure from others) have made it almost impossible to leave. I would love to work as a writer and producer of theatre. I’m in the south of France at the moment for work and I’ll be here until April (although I would love to stay in Europe!) Pluto transiting my 10th house has not been easy. Every time I try to pursue a creative career something happens in my life that causes me to stay working a nanny (the job is much more than that, I’m basically a nurse/chef/counselor all in one!). Of course it’s admirable work but I feel called to go in a different direction in life. Maybe I have some past life karma involving caring for others?
    And also maybe karma involving females (every woman i work for has been extremely difficult to deal with).
    Will Pluto in my 11th house be better for me?

    1. Thank you. Your heart is in theatre but you work with children, in the south of France and are a nanny in search of a dream. You also wonder if you have karma about being a carer – and karma working with women. Will transiting Pluto in Aquarius in your Eleventh House be better for you? Well, work issues are always Virgo and Capricorn, as Virgo rules the Sixth House of service and duty; Capricorn rules the Tenth House of ambition and achievement. Psyche at 2 Virgo is trine Neptune at 3 Capricorn in your chart. Psyche was often identified as Cinderella; in the original myth, she had sisters for whom she scrubbed and cleaned. She became immortal and is a symbol of what lives forever about you. So the children do. You are raising them and will live forever, through them. This is tied to the escapism of Neptune in Capricorn; your holiday from reality is the south of France position, non? I would assume you are in beautiful surroundings – Neptune is always a vacation from the mundane. Nannies are also widely portrayed in film and television (Mary Poppins, the Travers creation, springs to mind) and so this fits the trine. You have found one way of enacting it. You will be given a rare, terrific choice to play the trine another way when Jupiter goes to 2, 3 Taurus – shortly after he changes signs in May 2023. So the second half of 2023 is your opportunity. Pluto will have lost all his power in Capricorn as he will have quit that sign March-June, in the first instance, so your chart is falling into place. Perhaps that is why you have written now. You can feel it. You have Aries and Sagittarius stelliums which lend themselves to teaching, actually, and using your appearance, reputation and title to boost that. Aries-Sagittarius is common in the charts of ‘name’ academics. Are you still studying? You will return to that if you wish. Can you see yourself tutoring, guiding, mentoring, training in the theatre world? That is also quite possible. Pluto in Aquarius will sextile your Aries stellium and your Sagittarius stellium as he passes through. Have a look at those stelliums in Modern Astrology 2050, which is free to you as a Premium Member.

  158. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you are well.

    I’m new here. This is a fantastic website you have here, I have been reading all the excellent articles with great interest, and I am learning loads. I think astrology is such a fascinating subject!

    I am a Sun Aquarius, with stelliums in Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius and Aries. I have a Leo Ascendant.

    The last couple of years have been tough going, I currently work from home and have been been working from home since March 2020, when the first physical lockdown started. I have come to understand that this was/is due to Saturn in Aquarius, and that it will depart from my sign on March 7th this year. However, I have just found out last week that my current job will no longer be available due to the restructure taking place in a few months’ time.

    Just wondering if you would be kind enough to perhaps enlighten me about what’s in store for me for 2023 and beyond, if you have the time?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you kindly,


    1. Thank you very much Michelle, I will pass that compliment on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. Astrology is fascinating. Your job is ruled by Virgo and/or Capricorn in your chart, as Virgo rules the Sixth House of work and wellbeing; Capricorn rules the Tenth House of ambition and achievement. You have Uranus at 28 Virgo in your Sixth House and transiting Pluto (historic transformation) is hovering around 28 Capricorn in a trine for the first time in 248 years. Pluto will go back and forth across 28 Capricorn, so your job is going. This is a lifestyle change as well as a workload change and it will be empowering if you use your willpower. Pluto’s great gift is making you stronger, more influential, putting you in a more potent position – if you steel yourself to use your self-discipline. So this is 2023 but also 2024 and will work to your total advantage from May 2023 to May 2024 in particular as Jupiter goes into Taurus and will eventually reach 28 Taurus and trine your natal Uranus. What does it mean to have Uranus in Virgo? Well, everyone born in the Sixties has it, and this is really about two things. The trade union movement and being freelance. Working from home is a nudge, I would say, in either direction. Uranus is always there in your chart and brings regular upheavals when the world turns upside down in relation to employment and wellbeing. So you are seeing it now, with Covid but also with redundancy. Uranus in the natal chart can feel quite destabilising, as if there is an electrical storm with occasional lightning bolts, but dance in the storm and come to see that freedom, space, independence and autonomy are the gifts of this transit. As I say, I think the Jupiter trine will sort you out. You are likely to bless the day they let you go actually.

  159. Hello Jessica. I’ve enjoyed my membership and your insights! I just drew the Death card for my next-20-years question. I understand this isn’t literal but I’m not young and I certainly can expect that there will be more and more significant “endings” in my life. It’s only natural. But, also being excited about new beginnings, I’m curious as to what you see in my chart for the new age we’re entering.

    1. Thank you for being a Premium Member. The Death card in Tarot shows the end of an era and in the distance, the beginning of a new one. In common with most professional Tarot authors, I agree it is rarely about literal death; Sasha Fenton used to see it appear when a client with a terminal illness wanted to have the relief of knowing there would be an ending, but also the start of the afterlife (life between lives) to come. You were born with Pluto at 28 Leo in your Fifth House of children, teenagers, young adults – and also courtship, and the bedroom. Eventually transiting Pluto will move to 28 Aquarius and oppose that, which is extremely rare and suggests the children in the card. So, for example, if you were younger, this may be the imminent menopause and the end of motherhood. This card is best interpreted by you personally. If you do have children and they have great-grandparents, already at an advanced age, then logic says they would not still be here as we go towards 2044 and the end of the cycle. Thus the fallen king in the card. Pluto in Leo in your Fifth House is worth looking at closely to see the patterns in your life regarding children and younger people. This card could just as easily show a youth market or demographic – a younger generation involved with your profession – and the end of an era with a male superior. A headmaster retires, say.

  160. Jessica, thank you for your reply.
    As a nanny I have always been surrounded by beautiful people and in beautiful homes! I’ve been on private jets and stayed in the most lavish hotels. Anyone would say I’m crazy for wanting to leave a job like this. But the heart wants what it wants. By working for the elite I’ve seen that money does not buy happiness. It’s all an illusion.
    I wanted to get my Masters Degree in Theatre from a school in England and was applying right before the pandemic hit. Since Covid I’ve given up that idea.
    In April I’ll be heading back to Los Angeles but I would love any excuse to stay in Europe. I prefer it over America any day!

    1. You are a Sun Libra woman with a Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of foreigners and academia, so want to obtain an MA in England. Long-term this path would be quite difficult, as from 2026, Uranus goes into Gemini and is in opposition to the Sagittarius factors in your horoscope. So you would be pushing against the tide. Have a look at your other options; the Tarot can be very helpful. The Astrology Oracle may give you an answer which is echoed in the chart anyway and that’s validation for whatever you are asking.

  161. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for this article! For the next 20 years, I drew Ace of Swords. My Career have been an uphill battle all the way from the start of it to be honest actually since 2001, especially hard the past few years. I sometimes get the feeling that I get passed up for opportunities and sidelined… Will Pluto in Aquarius actually shift this for me? I am hoping this finally moves into better for me and my family. Looking at my chart, could you pls see what I have to look forward to in the future? As I have the main responsibility for our family’s livelihood, I am hoping I can bring something better and security for my family in the future, Husband Aquarius ( 01/27/1972), Daughter Aries (04/18/2012). As well as happiness in my career. Any insights are much appreciated as always

    1. Thank you. You will see a dramatic reshuffle in your career or profession, from the final week of March 2023, and there may be a resignation, replacement or enforced take-down of the top person. This makes the group scatter around you and you will all have to pick up the pieces. It’s usually in your workplace but it may be in the whole industry and you will find life much easier afterwards. In fact, Pluto can only go backwards in Capricorn, once he has vanished for that first March-June interval, so both the system and the person (or the people) are going, going, gone. You will be astonished at how different your career is from 2025 in particular and look back at 2008-2023 as a different era. You are the breadwinner after all. It is very important that you find your allies when the group scatters. You are a Sun Taurus but also have a pattern in Aquarius, so March 2023 is very much about doing things together and finding common ground; regrouping. Even if it’s just one friend within the wider circle think in terms of you both and where you are going to land. You will save or make proper money from May 2023 to May 2024.

  162. Hello Jessica, I see so much anxiety and mental issues with teen girls here in the USA – so different from how we grew up. Apparently over 50% of teen girls suffer from this – terrible. What is causing this and do you see this transforming to something more positive? It is heart wrenching and worrying to see this every day up close, and not know what the future holds for these young girls with their whole lives ahead of them.
    Thank you.

    1. You must have read my mind this morning. I was looking at an astrology app which targets teenage girls and young women in their twenties and thinking that I need to get something out there to put another point of view. I am not surprised younger Americans have anxiety and depression; they are being bombarded with sex, money, image and success messages. I’m going to make a few notes on what I could offer through astrology. Thank you.

  163. Hello Jessica,
    Thank you for your amazing predictions and your incredible astrology insights- it is very special for me and I am a faithful follower.
    I am a Capricorn dealing with Pluto for a long time as you can see. I had very serious health issues with a major operation and therapy in March 2014 and once again in July 2020.Last week my medical results were somehow inconclusive and I would like to ask you -are there better days ahead in terms of my health? Would appreciate very much your time and advise, Thank you.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you are being put through this with your health. You have Pluto, Fortuna and the North Node in Virgo. Your South Node is in Pisces opposite Virgo. Your last life (previous incarnation) was spent dealing with conflicts involving religion and health. You may have been a monk in a monastery where there was an outbreak of plague, but been required to tend to the sick and become sick yourself. It’s not unusual. One of the reasons for this Pisces-Virgo node link to past lives is that for centuries, it was to the church, or the convent, or the monasteries that people went, when they were very ill. So you have incarnated this time to deal with health again, but in a new way – and in a way that empowers you. In astrology, Virgo rules your service, duty, paid work, unpaid work and academic career as well as your health and wellbeing, on all levels. So we do not separate them. This makes sense when you think about it. If you are recovering from surgery you can’t work. As children we learn that if we get a cold, we have days off school watching television and raiding the fridge, so there is a strong connection between time off/time out and the body! If you’ve not had a long talk with yourself about your feelings regarding work, or even housework, it could be useful. Just talking out loud to a mirror can be quite useful. Your radar should be up if the condition is something that specifically prevents you from your job. David Beckham had foot problems, for example, and he’s a footballer. This whole issue more than anything else is what will help you turn your health around. You are coming up to the North Node in Pisces and South Node in Virgo from January 12th 2025 and so that part of you, and your chart, will be triggered. You may even remember or ‘feel’ what the issue was in your last life. With Fortuna, the Node and Pluto all in Virgo it is very important that you feel in control of the bargain, or the deal, about your health. You will have to compromise, but you can do that and still feel empowered. I suspect when Saturn opposes Pluto you will have to accept that you can’t have total and absolute mastery of what is going on, but that’s okay. You can still have your life, and have a good life too. The trick is to make your health the priority over work, service, duty and other people. Even walking the dog. Your wellbeing on all levels comes first, possibly because it did not, in your last life. In the meantime, have a look at the work of distance healer Matthew Manning who I think is marvellous, as complementary therapy.

  164. Hi Jessica,

    I Have Sun at 0 Aquarius conjunct DC, Moon at 13 Aquarius. Jupiter at 21 Taurus opposition Juno. Chiron conjunct South node at 28 Aries.
    I lost my job on Christmas 2022 and wonder if I can still have some light in my carrier as Pluto and Saturn are coming?

    1. I am sorry you lost your job. I don’t see a chart here, but just as a Sun Aquarius, you have excellent options to use the internet to study, build a network, learn new skills – until May. Jupiter in your solar Third House will provide. That helps you get the kind of work you want. Even if you are still stuck as late as July, the exit of the South Node from Scorpio and your Tenth House of career will release you from a loop. Long term you will have a powerful new title, reputation and appearance if you try. The very first signs are there in the final week of March so tune in. This does get better.

  165. Hi Jessica,

    This was also an amazing session and learning for me as well. I pulled the Ace of Cups in this reading and I thought it quite exciting. I would appreciate any insights regarding this as well. My Venus is in Aquarius and I wondered if that had any bearing on this situation as well.

    Also thank you so much for your response to my Pisces blog query. Very helpful and I’ve already implemented your suggestions! 🙂

    1. Thank you! When you look at the Ace of Cups you will see scattered lotus flowers on the water. That represents the group: a Buddhist community, perhaps, or just some people who are floating along with you – a swimming group – maybe an astrology class. It’s very important to look at all the detail in the card. It’s about abundant emotional fulfilment and as you have Venus in the Eleventh House of groups and friends, Saturn leaving that space (he is out of Aquarius near March 8th) is like unplugging a tap. There is sometimes a new baby with this card (it can resemble a Christening font to some) but as all Tarot is personal there may be a real cup, or Holy Grail, involved. Pluto going into Aquarius from March 23rd for 20 years into the future is part of this transit; it’s very powerful. The group is the thing.

  166. With the recent development of US UK declaring Russia act as war against humanity and Russia counter claim blaming the west and Russia-China seems to be getting closer. Would the war be intensified or even spreading especially Pluto move into Aquarius during Aries season? Something unimaginable to bring down those in the top? Not sure if my worrying is over thinking.

    1. With Pluto in Aquarius, power is in the group and power is with friends. China and Russia are odd friends. They don’t particularly go back a long way. I agree that they have been in partnership for some years now. The problem for Putin and Jinping is – Pluto in Capricorn is nearly over. Elite male minority rule (with an iron fist) is finished. They don’t show any signs at all of understanding the Aquarius ideal or participating in it. Women are excluded from power. It’s a male, male, male world. As history has shown us, that’s the first thing to go. So they can try, but essentially NATO and other bodies with a big female presence, and an ideal of shared power, will show them what’s what. The Commonwealth too, which is why Putin has set about trying to dismantle it for such a long time. He does like to play a long game. But his time is also running out.

  167. Hello Jessica

    I have several factors at 0-8 Leo and Aquarius . Does it means I will have to manage conflicting energies over this long cycle ? After several complicated years I was expecting some relief with Saturn leaving Aquarius !


    1. This is where it pays to use your online library about astrology. You also have the Moon at 1 Libra in the Seventh House of marriage, partnerships and duets and Pluto at 1 Aquarius will trine your natal Moon for the first time in 248 years, encouraging a second honeymoon phase or a new relationship. This seems important as the South Node also goes to 1 Libra and forms a conjunction with your Moon at Christmas 2024. Bonne Noel. You also have Neptune at 2 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries; Pluto will sextile natal Neptune so your escape from reality abroad, or with foreign people and places, gets a boost then. This is February 2025. More immediately, you have Salacia at 0 Aquarius so tend to live parallel universes and alternative worlds (as far as most onlookers are concerned!) with your social life, social media, friends and groups. When Pluto goes to 0 Aquarius from the final week of March, this way of operating completely transforms. The line-up you mention with natal Hygiea at 8 Leo in opposition to natal Mercury at 8 Aquarius will indeed be triggered by Pluto at 8 Aquarius. Long before this happens in 2029, clear the decks and keep life minimal and simple in relation to courtship, the bedroom, children, godchildren and young relatives – youth projects too. The less you have to concern yourself with the easier life will be. It is the same with groups and friends in 2029.

  168. Hi Jessica,

    I am really worried if my current job and the setting that I am in, is a good fit for me. I have a stellium in Aquarius and wondering what March will bring. Moving for another job is not an option since I would like to stay close to my boys. Also, I drew the tarot, King of pentacles. Please advise

    1. This is the children’s father, your father or your boss/new boss. Here he is:

      This is an established Taurus type and the card is a symbol for this sign of the zodiac (you can see the bulls hidden on the throne). Look to Taurus and the Second House in this card. Investments, shares, property or cash has given this man a certain position. He is hard to get to, rather intimidating and also ‘surrounded’ by all that he has. To be honest it has entombed him, alive. There is not much freedom or space in this card.

      Taurus is a fixed, earthy, stubborn sign which finds it hard to budge. This man (older than you, or your age, if you are older!) is stuck.

      The grape vines are keeping him trapped and although Bacchus the asteroid of self-indulgence is suggested here (he rules grapes) and there is pleasure on his face, at all that he possesses, he is trapped by his wealth to the point where problems may begin.

      There is a fine property in the background but he cannot see it. He is either ignoring it or has become quite blind to what is there. For this reason you might also look to an eclipse, which always delivers a blind spot. Neptune might also be a clue in the chart, natally or by transit, as it distorts vision. You cannot see what is in front of your face in certain Neptune situations.

      He holds a gold spoon, magnifying glass or mirror (depending on your point of view). Maybe, to quote The Who, he was born with a plastic spoon in his mouth (Substitute). For some people this is a Welsh spoon. For others it is a cocaine spoon. For some, it is not a spoon at all, but a magnifying glass, and this man collects valuable stamps. What is this card telling you?

      His garden needs weeding and he needs to start moving. We can see the Second House, Eighth House and/or Fourth House of property and land here, which often turn up in Pamela Colman Smith’s Tarot cards, as so many people in the troubled 20th century had questions about finance, security and property. She created this picture in 1909 and 20 years later, the markets crashed.

      This card must have turned up over and over again, between 1909 and the Wall Street Crash of 1929 as a warning to a particular sort of man to get a life, have a life and start living – by spending, not hoarding. By getting rid of who/what has grown up all around him, to the point where he is only living half a life, because of it. There are tremendous questions here about self-worth, tied to monetary worth, but also the value of ‘valuable’ shares if the market crashes and the apparently precious product or substance is worth less.

      This man is ripe and ready to negotiate with the right person at the right time. He actually needs to or he will become choked by those vines and slowly lose all power to move. This is where the card becomes most interesting because it is about power. It can be empowering to part with money over the right deal, with the right person or organisation.

      With a little imagination you can see a rich businessman like this, hiring Marie Kondo to ‘Spark Joy’ in his life by getting rid of the clutter. The key to this card is to direct it like a stage set. Create a script, in particular. What needs to be said, here? Communication is terribly important. Being heard, read, understood and paid attention to – and swaying, persuading and converting another – is central to its potential. Why on earth should this man give you some or all of his money? What is it about you and your life that is somehow shown by this King?

  169. Thank you so much Jessica! I was very excited to pull the Ace of Cups especially as my surname is Williams!

    1. Absolutely. The Ace of Cups is a firm favourite in the Tarot world.
      An abundance of fulfilling emotional outcomes. Your cup runneth over. This is about your soul, spirit and heart overflowing. There may be a group, community or movement in the background. Centre stage is a very special relationship. It may be child and parent at the Christening font. It may be a very pure partnership.

      Are you a Premium Member? Please keep reading for a long and detailed interpretation of your card now.

      This is one of those cards which makes every heart leap because at first glance it transmits so much joy and energy. It is a terrific Tarot card to see if you have been going through a hard time. It often turns up before a baby is Christened, but it can also appear when there is a relationship phase, a friendship phase, or a brand new involvement which is the gift that goes on giving.

      There are many symbols here. The letter W is on the cup. The Christian cross is on the Holy Communion wafer. The dove of peace flies overhead. The Tibetan Buddhist lotus flower floats on the water. As always with Pamela’s cards you should interpret the symbols in a personal way. Perhaps you know a William or a Williams, so the letter W is significant. Maybe the ‘W’ in Pamela’s 1909 illustration stands for WWW today and this card is about a website venture which is emotionally and creatively rewarding.

      The Holy Grail is certainly hidden in the cup symbolism so perhaps you are involved with Arthurian mythology or even Monty Python! As I said, this card is rich with symbols which are best interpreted in a highly personal way. The lotus flowers which are dotted on the water may have particular meaning for you if you are involved with Tibet, or Thailand.

      The cup itself is about emotional or sometimes sexual fulfilment and this one is overflowing as we’ve seen. There is no end to what pours forth. Your cup runneth over and the cups were associated with water signs in the original Tarot, so this is Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

      It’s all potential, certainly, and unrealised to date. You have to make this happen, by trusting the Tarot card and believing that the time is right to take what is on offer. It is yours to enjoy and time is of the essence as it’s not certain how long the offer will remain.

      The cloud is classic quantum uncertainty and Pamela Colman Smiths’ cards are full of it. Billowing clouds of potential delivery and hypothetical reality. Nothing can happen until this is made real. This is really part of the Tarot experience; there is no point drawing cards in a cynical way, as the trick with quantum reality is to accept, trust and ‘know’ things to be true. When you step into Pamela and Arthur’s world of Tarot, you have to enter completely. There is no point distrusting the experience or being sceptical about what is there. This card is about buying into what and who is on offer.

      At the moment, for all that this card is so joyful, it is an unpopped universe. Christenings are often suggested by this card, as I’ve mentioned, or there is a spiritually fulfilling and emotionally rewarding passage in a relationship or family situation which feels as if something has been ‘Christened’ or blessed and brought into being. It’s a lovely image. Refreshing, promising, deep and complex. Reach for what you see.

      Something sacred is on offer here but it must be brought down to earth and integrated into your life. The imagery of water suggests the water signs, as well as the cup; Cancer is mother’s milk. Scorpio is the blood, sweat and tears (and other bodily fluids) of a passionate marriage. Pisces is just tears.

      The tremendous emotional and spiritual surge of the Ace of Cups is profoundly moving, because it describes something that is so deeply felt between two or more people. This is the stuff of great music or poetry; great art or spiritual experiences. It is also of tremendous religious importance to some Roman Catholics, as this imagery ties in with Sunday Mass.

      On a more basic note, a gold cup is a gold cup. This can be the sportsman’s victory, held aloft, no matter if we’re talking The World Cup in football or The Grand Prix. The winner of The Melbourne Cup or any other cup is suggested here, depending on who you are, and what your question is. This is so much more than a win on the board, though. It transcends the metal in the hand, and becomes so much more than it is, spiritually. You might say England’s 1966 World Cup, in Bobby Moore’s hands, with Her Majesty the Queen in attendance, on British soil – against Germany, twenty years or so after the war – had that kind of resonance.

  170. Hi Jessica, Thank you for your great work, I pulled Ace of Pentacles for Pluto. What does that mean for me? Cheers!

    1. Thank you. You have a huge Scorpio stellium in the Eighth House of joint finance and property, including the North Node. Pluto will square that as he transits Aquarius. That pressures you to use your self-control and willpower. It can be quite empowering and this suggests the lump sum available to you, during this cycle.

  171. Hi Jessica. I am very new to your work – I came across your Twitter feed about a year ago and I’ve recently become a premium member. I have always avoided anything connected with Nostradamus because of an incident when I was 18. I overheard a conversation between some of my college friends about him, saying that he had predicted historical events with accuracy – world wars, assassination of JFK, etc. and his predictions for the coming decades were not good – war in the Middle East, nuclear conflict and so on. This was 1969, and my then fiancé and I had set our wedding date for July 1970. I suddenly thought that there was no reason to plan for a future because of what it held for us and this state of mind spoiled what should have been a very happy time for me. But, we did marry in July 1970 and are still happily married nearly 53 years later. No children sadly but part of a big family group. So I was very surprised that I find comfort from your work even though you reference Nostradamus often.

    My question is, we are thinking of building a new house, and are in the process of having plans drawn up. We are not new to this – this would be our fourth – but it is much more complicated and expensive now than it was 40 years ago when we built our first house. We are in our 70s but thankfully still fit and healthy. Do you think it would be the right move for us? The reason would be to downsize the house and garden. It seems a bit daunting at the moment and I would be glad of your views. Thank you so much for all the work you put in. I live very close to Rottingdean, which I think you mentioned was once your home village.

    1. Thank you very much, but you need to log in so I can see your chart, please. As for Nostradamus, he is a useful old astrologer and psychic to have in hand. He predicted 1999 and the rise of Putin. People should have blocked Putin then. On the plus side, he predicts a better world. Your house building for retirement overlooking the lovely Sussex Downs (or facing the other way, the sea) really depends on both your charts, and just knowing your partner’s Sun Sign will help, but you really need to log in so your natal chart is displayed, next time. Try the Tarot in the interim, on this website. Pamela Colman Smith who created it lived in Kent, not too far away.

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Taurus woman, with stelliums in Taurus, Leo, Cancer, Gemini. It’s not unusual to marry someone whose Sun Sign is the same as one of your stelliums. It means you chime together. The two of you put a high value on home, home town, homeland. March is decision time, so not far away now. A stuck situation for you with money, property, business (since September) moves forward at last. Your husband also finds around March 8th that obstacles that were there with joint finance and property vanish. From around March 23rd he realises he can become much more powerful, financially, if he uses his willpower – long-term. You will personally save or make quite a lot of money May 2023 to May 2024, so the two of you are poised for really big choices. Once we get to July 2023, ongoing to 2024, your husband will realise that life as it was 18-19 years before has a part to play in what he ultimately decides about the roof over his head, but also his connection to a place.

  172. Hi Jessica,
    I really enjoy reading your blog posts. After reading this post I pulled the 3 of wands card which sums up my situation right now. I have been living and working out of the UK since 2006 and am now thinking of moving back in June 2024 (18 years abroad). I have to give my notice in October 2023 would this be a beneficial move for me as I have been feeling restless for a while and am looking to settle down and create some roots. Would this be beneficial for me romantically, financially security, buying a property etc?

    1. Thank you. You are the best person to decide if moving benefits your love life, money and property ambitions. So go back to the Tarot, which accurately told you about your vision of relocating – and ask again. Just follow the steps. Remember to set a time limit. You are a Sun Scorpio with a Sagittarius stellium, so your home town, homeland, family, property situation will transform anyway from March 23rd, in the first wave of change until June 2023, as Pluto changes signs. You need to be a realist about travel, though, as your Sagittarius side is a natural tourist or migrant, but you are going to be blocked when Uranus goes into Gemini from 2026-2033 and opposes the Sagittarius placements of billions.

  173. Hi Jessica,
    Your answer left me speechless -I red it many, many times ! I have always felt that I have responsibility and duty in this life and was not able to figure out as to why I feel always this way and yes my health was not a priority and the illness came just out of the blue.
    You explained everything in a way that gave me hope as you said-,,You can still have your life and have a good life too.” and please know I am so grateful for that.I printed your answer and keep it with me to remind me that my wellbeing comes first.
    Thank you for being absolutely brilliant and a very special person!

    1. Ah, thank you so much. This is a lovely reply and I am glad astrology is helping you. It will be a really interesting experience for you to figure out what actually works for you in terms of optimism and energy. It is not one size fits all and you will have the reward of triumph as you discover the solutions, but also genuinely – you will just feel better. Double reward.

  174. Dear Jessica and your support team,
    Thank you for accepting me as a premium member and what a fantastic website, the information available is incredible. I appreciate the work involved (and love the butterfly detail!)
    I’m new to the more intricate detail of my birth chart but felt that ‘Born under a bad sign’ was the best description for me but then I started reading about Pluto in Capricorn, starting in 2008 – the year I had a breakdown. The years since have been relentless, just one thing after another, bereavement, deceitful people, I could go on, but culminating in my husband retiring and us moving miles away to a house that I did not like from the initial viewing, but felt I had to agree to. 9 years later it is still being worked on and the outside looks like Steptoe’s yard – my husband is so untidy, something I’ve only realised since his retirement. He was in the Navy so we spent a lot of time apart and I could keep ‘our home’ tidy but now it has caused a lot of tension and I will say he is trying to sort things out, but it seems to be taking forever and I don’t want to be spending my last years doing up a house. (He’s an Aquarian 30 Jan 61)
    Can you give any insight into how Pluto and Saturn moving on will affect me. Thank you and kind regards, Claire.

    1. I hope you are enjoying Premium Membership and many thanks for the compliment. I love the butterflies too. I am sorry you had a breakdown in 2008 and it also sounds as if you’ve been through the mill with the rest of life too. The house is a major concern for you. Steptoe and Son, with your ex-Navy husband playing Steptoe. I sympathise, Claire. You had space before, and could keep. your home tidy, but he’s messy by nature and he is taking forever to do anything about his mess. You are a Sun Aquarius woman, with stelliums in Aquarius, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Cancer. This is good news as it does get better at home, for you, for whatever reason. It starts in May 2023 with Jupiter (solutions) going into your solar Fourth House of gardens, apartments and homes. He is also an Aquarian so you both have the transit at the same time. We don’t know why it improves. Maybe you agree to differ. Maybe you move into separate spaces. He may change his ways. Rather than go through all the many, many ways in which Jupiter will help (some men benefit from going to a Mens’ Shed locally and taking their gear with them) just trust the process. It can and does get a lot, lot better. There is also some karma to sort out with him. Your Scorpio stellium is about the shared bank account/rent/mortgage and the legacy or will you leave to each other. So this goes back years, and you are now in the karmic balancing/settlement/closure cycle which finishes in July. You are owed, or you owe, and this stuckness is part of it. I can see why you care so much about your home. You have a stellium in Cancer. This rules the roof on your back, just like a crab’s. Your roof is yourself. Crabs also love their safe burrows in the sand and dig down and don’t come out. The nice thing about this Jupiter transit is that while it picks up your public chart, or Aquarius chart, it also picks up your private or natal chart. The sextile from transiting Jupiter to your natal Cancer factors is confirmation of a very private answer for this issue.

  175. Thanks so much, Jessica. It looks like there will be a lot of changes for me in the near future with Pluto affecting my Libra stellium, North and South Node and Leo Mars. My life has been largely pretty steady and uneventful for probably the past 10 or so years.

    1. Transiting Pluto trine your Libra stellium in the Seventh House of duets will act rather like a powerful, influential, dominating, empowering, relentless brother, or husband, or son-in-law (all of which Pluto was) supporting your marriage, or supporting your need to get married, or assisting your professional partnership. It’s sometimes easier to see the planets as the Roman archetypes – the gods or goddesses who are at the heart of modern astrology. And it can be literal. A trine is what flows easily – what is supportive – like the different sides of a pyramid. It’s a structure that holds and assists. Pluto in Aquarius is quite literally, the powerful person in the group, and someone like this may well be involved in a dramatically different new phase of your partnerships. You also have a Leo stellium in the Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, children, young relatives and godchildren. Pluto will oppose that, so in the same time-frame, 2023 to 2044, you will experience conflicts about/over a stepson (for example) or a niece (say) and perhaps a planned adoption (maybe). You will notice the first clues when Pluto goes to 0 Aquarius on 23rd March as he will form a conjunction with your South Node at 0 Aquarius and oppose your North Node at 0 Leo.

  176. Dear Jessica, Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it considering your busy schedule.
    It has given me hope, my husband has conceded he needs some help with things, and we will be getting a gardener/handyman to help with some of the more onerous tasks once the better weather arrives!
    Your analogy of Cancer is me to a T. I once overheard a friend say they thought I’d been kidnapped because they hadn’t seen me for a while!
    Thank you again and kind regards, Claire.

  177. Hello Jessica, I do have some factors from 0 to 5 deg. I have my sun at 0 degree Aries, Diana at 1 Sagittarius, and North Node 5 Libra, South Node 5 Aries, Vulcano 5 Gemini, Chiron at 3 Taurus (mar 21 ’78). Focusing on some academic oppor but so far -ve. Past some years have been tremendously tremendously difficult on all fronts to put it briefly. It’s time for me to get my own career,. funding, my life, moving out of this country. Am not a member yet kindly, so if you do get some spare moments as you are very busy, your insight greatly appreciated. Am just so so worried , that I am still stuck at the same level of struggle. Thank you for all you do. Best.

    1. Okay, so just working with the Sun at 0 Aries and Diana at 1 Sagittarius, they are trine. They flow. You shine at your brilliant best when you use your name, title and appearance to stand in the spotlight and push forward. Aries is about being front-and-centre and the Sun is about how you attract attention and stand out. The trine to Diana is flowing, and suggests you are extremely independent with foreigners and foreign countries. You would naturally want to move, and may well do that. Diana is a symbol of autonomy and freedom. She ran with her greyhound by her side, hunted and swam with her nymphs. So part of you is that goddess, no matter what sex you are. The Ninth House and Sagittarius also suggests academia. So don’t fret about the present. As Pluto goes to 0 and then 1 Aquarius, he will sextile your Sun (more flow) and sextile Diana, so in 2023, 2024, 2025 you will be on the up. Have a look at the paintings and sculpture of Diana. She is alive and kicking within and Pluto will give her the empowerment, academically and geographically. 2023-2025 will transform your life. Greyhounds sometimes appear with Diana stories as synchronicity.

  178. Hi Jessica,

    I read the Premium March Virgo horoscope and you said to look for this article to see the impact. It’s been difficult trying to get a tech platform going that helps with community empowerment. I have some Aquarius snd Libra placements in my chart, do you see this being beneficial to me and my plans? Thank you again for your work!

    1. I am not surprised it has been difficult to get a tech platform for community empowerment going. Saturn (obstacles) has been in Aquarius (the group) since Christmas 2020. When he goes on March 8th the obstacles vanish. The computer/communication side of the situation is down to Mars Retrograde (backwards and stuck action) in Gemini (the web) since September 2022, but again, it ends in March. The final week of March will be astonishing as Pluto goes into your Eleventh House and real power is there.

  179. Hi Jessica,
    Forgot to add in when I pulled the Tarot card when I asked how Pluto in Aquarius will impact me I got the “Judgement” card.

    1. Judgement is an image of your ancestors and extended family in spirit, ascending to a new level of spiritual development. It is a picture of the Eighth House, ruled by Scorpio in astrology. You have Juno and Uranus in Scorpio, so transiting Pluto will square natal Uranus, and transiting Pluto will square natal Juno. The former is a classic indicator of transformation and liberation, and what happens for your people in the afterlife, may have an impact on you here too.

  180. Hi jessica
    Thank you for very helpful article
    İm virgo sun and rising leo. İ have moon 0° leo, pluto 0° scorpio, NN 0° Retrograde gemini, SN 0° Retrogade sag. İ need insight please.
    At the same time, i want to ask about my daughter’s horoscope. She is gemini sun and rising leo. She has mars 8° aquarius, SN Retrograde 7° aquarisus; Venus 6° leo and NN Retrograde7°.
    My husband’s sun in scorpio. could you explain me, how transiting Pluto effect us?
    Thank you once again.

    1. Thank you. Your Moon at 0 Leo is square natal Pluto at 0 Scorpio. Your daughter’s and husband’s chart don’t apply here as your daughter’s natal factors at 7-8 are too wide, and you don’t have your husband’s chart at all. So let us go back to you. You need to be needed, as a mother. This is channelled towards your daughter – you are the Queen, she is the Princess – but if you never had children at all, you might become a Professor to teenage students. It’s not easy and never has been. You find it hard to square that, with the financial, property or business realities of your marriage (Pluto 0 Scorpio) your parents and family, or your husband’s family. We are about to see Saturn cross 0 Pisces and Pluto cross 0 Aquarius so take your time if making new decisions about, say, the joint bank account. It’s not a bad idea to get some external professional advice on the paperwork that’s there, or any new discussions which emerge. I say that because Pluto goes back and forth across 0 Aquarius and creates a T-Square with your natal Moon-Pluto square. As you also have the lunar nodes at 0 degrees in Gemini-Sagittarius it is possible that foreigners and foreign countries will be pulled into the discussion or a sibling. Sagittarius rules the former, Gemini rules the latter. These are historic transits not seen in your lifetime so another pair of ears or eyes would be useful, as you get closer to 8th March and 23rd March.

  181. Hi Jessica, your predictions are always so true even when I don’t want to hear what you have to say because I don’t like it!! I’ve just read your march monthly and Pluto’s move to Aquarius. The Pluto transit in Capricorn I didn’t stumble across until 2018 and it made sense of everything I had been up to at that point, yet 2018 to 2022 life tested me beyond what I though was possible from family to partners. I did make a lot of losses but with luck (or my determination) in 2019 I secured a property that has almost doubled its worth in a few years. My health has been tested and now find my self just running on empty and easily frazzled and always on guard of what’s to come next. Even confused as to what direction to take my career. Now with Pluto going into Aquarius and I have stellums in Aries, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio

    Moon 20°Aries 02′ 02″
    Diana 14° Aries 38′ 26″
    Aesculapia 01°Aries 51′ 31″
    Prosperpina 03° Aries 36′ 14″

    Mercury 22° Leo 23′ 27″
    Venus 07° Leo 24′ 02″
    Juno 06° Leo 20′ 39″
    Vesta 08° Leo 11′ 45″
    MC 18° Leo 55′ 09″

    Mars 17° Scorpio 23′ 45″
    Saturn 09° Scorpio 44′ 34″
    Asc 16° Scorpio 56′ 42″
    Panacea 02°Scorpio 28′ 11″

    IC 18°Aquarius 55′ 09″
    Salacia 18° Aquarius 12′ 41″ R
    Psyche 14° Aquarius 46′ 25″ R
    Hygeia 12° Aquarius 51′ 41″ R

    will it be (next 20y) as trying as it has been? Not sure what to make of the property scenario, do I take calculated risks and with professional advice to build my portfolio? Is there a certain time frame to maximise my property financial strategy? And what about relationships? Is this something I need to put to the side for sometime (I’m single). I have a daughter (9years old in early may) from a previous marriage and I just want to take care of her and give her the best start in life.

    1. Thank you. If it’s any comfort, astrologers don’t always like their transits either, but their secret super-trick is to find a way to ‘do’ the transit which does not stretch them too far. I had Pluto in my Sixth House of health for 15 years and found a bossy dog. She makes me walk twice a day, at great length – and so it’s a pretty trivial way of doing Pluto. You have left out your Sun sign which is the most important part of the forecast. Solar charts and Sun Signs are the world standard, so we begin there. You are a Sun Cancer who has the South Node of karma in her Fifth House of motherhood until July. In your birth chart, the Fifth House is also underlined, as Leo rules this, and you have a Leo stellium there. Your daughter will be nine years old in May, so it’s all about her until July. There is karma there from 18-19 years prior and you are owed, or you owe, so there is a rather stuck situation with her until that is sorted out. The karma may not even involve her father at all; it could be a completely separate issue, but the Fifth House is about bedroom, courtship, heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne, so something has to come full circle then it’s over. The financial side of your life, tied to her father (I would assume) or other family members, is also showing up in both charts. Around March 23rd the balance of power changes and goes on changing. By June you will see that finance, property, business will be very different for years into the future. Some professional advice would be handy at that time. You tend to be fixed about those matters (Scorpio is a fixed sign and you are strongly Scorpio) but unfixing the fixed is not a bad idea when you have Uranus in Taurus coming the other way until 2026. I have left the most important until last. You are strongly Aquarian, do well around groups, need groups (actually) and count friends and allies as part of your core. Saturn leaving Aquarius near the 8th is a relief and release after a very tough 2021, 2022 and once Pluto enters Aquarius near the 23rd you will realise this is now about how powerful you can be, to empower others, who are pursuing people power collectively. This shows up in both charts. You will be amazed and delighted at what happens to your social life, social media, formal or informal groups – from May 2023 to May 2024.

  182. Thank you Jessica and yes your personal snippet of how Pluto impacted you was a sweet reprieve. Apologies I didn’t include my sun sign, and thanks for finding it out! Ok so it won’t be till July for the fifth house matters to resolve regarding my daughter. I hope by the balance of power (re finances and property) it means I will be equal in what I have earned in this lifetime that is rightfully mine. I will seek professional advice for any property/ financial issues before proceeding and I am excited about the social groups, I can already feel it, and I’m starting to gain a sense of my purpose just from an event I attended on the 2nd. Thanks again and I wish you all the best!

  183. So the 2000 yr age begins in earnest as Saturn leaves Aq and our reflection leaves Aq and Pluto starts driving the changes needed for opening eyes. How does the physical planet respond to this energy, and what of those who refuse to change?

    1. People get stranded if they refuse to change on a Pluto in Aquarius transit. Men and women out of time. This applies right through history. Unless you recognise people power is the new power – and women hold up half the sky – you are rather doomed to becoming irrelevant at best, and may be moved off the planet, at worst. This goes back to Boudicca. It’s an ancient cycle. Most recently, we saw it usher in the end of King George III and Captain Cook and colonisation. One went mad and the other one was killed by the owners of the land in Hawaii.

  184. I read all of your posts multiple times and I have commented a few times before (just so you know, you’re always spot on with what you tell me).

    I have a stellium in Gemini and Sagittarius. Which you said will empower people with those placements. Also my moon is in leo at 4′

    Could you go deeper as far as what I should expect, or look out for, or areas I should be focused on or avoid?

    These last few years (10) have been very transformative for me, and I am just really interested as far as what will the next 1-5 years will bring.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    P.S. the fixed signs in changing times post i commented on is coming true 100%. Its been a journey, but I am looking forward to July 2023 lol

    1. Thank you. I am glad astrology is delivering for you. You are a Sun Taurus man, with stelliums in Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn. The most obvious change for you is financial. From May 2023, Jupiter joins Uranus and the North Node in Taurus in your Second House of personal income, charity, shopping, sales, business and property. Opportunities to expand not possible in 12 years are here. The chance of a more independent existence is even more rare, as it is only once in your adult life that Uranus is in Taurus. The North Node suggests life 18-19 years prior will play a part as you will save or make money in May-July. The Capricorn cycle now ending with Pluto is the other major story and this is the end of 15 years of power and control issues at work, with academia or unpaid work. Constant questions about who is top dog, or who is actually in charge, vanish in the final week of March. Longer-term your way with words, ideas and images will offer you complete freedom and a chance to use brand new technology from the year 2026.

  185. Hi I was just wondering what it means to have your asc at 27 Aqu. Pluto is 1 in Vir. 7 th Leo has Venus mars and Uranus at 6,7 and 13. Sat 4 Cap in 11. Every yr just gets worse with too many controls and restrictions and lack of respect from others. When I try to ask for just a little help or time for my charity projects – I’m not taken seriously. My bd is 6/13/59 in queens ny.I try to stay positive but it’s gets harder to believe anything good will truly change. Any thoughts or will this keep spiraling down hill? I’d rather be forewarned than disillusioned. I tried to help my mom and siblings out and take pressure off them and it was twisted that I was the bad guy.That happened between 9/19 and 9/21 I gave up my career and home moved 2000 miles to help them bought a new home to move them into but my sister wouldn’t let me. My mom since passed away(10/10/22) so I was denied any time left to have her in my life. I don’t know if I will ever believe in family again. Sorry but that’s my Chiron pain that hits me right at 27 Aqu. Any thoughts to help me get pass the hurt? Thank you

    1. Okay, so the Ascendant is the least important part of your chart. It’s your shop window, not your contents. You are using a house system I don’t work with, but if you have Pluto in Virgo, then it is in your Sixth House of work, wellbeing, lifestyle, craftsmanship and skills, professionalism, service, duty, mental and physical good health. That is potentially powerful. Transiting Jupiter in Taurus will trine your Pluto at some point from May 2023 to May 2024 so do use that opportunity to turn your part-time job, full-time job, voluntary role or academic career around. Your wellbeing will also benefit.

  186. Hello! I’m a Sagittarius Sun with my Ascendant and Moon at 1 and 3 degrees Capricorn respectively, and my Saturn is at 6 degrees Aquarius. I’ve had quite a bit of Saturn and Pluto in my life, with the last few years being especially transformative, as well as challenging. Any thoughts on what to expect when Pluto crosses over my Saturn?

    Thank you so much for your very informative work!

    1. It’s far into the future, but transiting Pluto in conjunction with natal Saturn in Aquarius in the Eleventh House is a change in the balance of power that directly affects your social life, social media, friendships and groups. It would dramatically transform the lifelong patterns you have, around friends and groups, where you deal with barricades and obstacles regarding the same. This would have been there since childhood, say, with a netball team or a book club – or one particular friend. To lower the stakes and minimise the energy and time required, wind down and pull back on groups, in particular, before this transit. If you need paperwork to become part of a group, read it carefully. You may also gain from understanding what it means to be born with Saturn in Aquarius, the sign of community.

  187. Hi Jessica, I’m feeling really confused! Should I be reading my Pluto transit in my 6th house as a sun virgo or my 7th house as a Leo rising sign? Or do both apply when thinking about the next 20 years, and then, if so, has Pluto been transiting my 6th house as a Leo rising for the last Pluto in Capricorn transit? Thank you Jessica – I absolutely love being a member here you always provide such thorough and insightful readings for me as a sun virgo. Katie x

    1. Ignore the Rising Sign Katie. That’s another astrology system I do not use. If you are using this website, you have a public chart, based on your Sun Sign. This is behind your daily, weekly, monthly and annual prediction. You also have a private chart, called your natal or birth chart, based on time, place and date of birth. Pluto in Aquarius is shortly in your Sixth House, in your public Virgo chart. In your private chart, he is in your Eleventh House. You read both together. So, for example, within hours you may realise how potentially powerful (Pluto) a project, goal or role (Virgo) is for you, and a group (Aquarius) involving friends or allies (Aquarius) will be involved, now or later. If you wanted more information you would go to the Tarot, The Garden Oracle and the Astrology Oracle decks on this website to validate that. So there you are.

  188. Hi Jessica, just wanted to say so sorry to hear about your Aunt, my condolences to you and your family. And thank you for what you’re trying to do with the Air Filters at the hospital here in England. My question is I have north node Taurus 00 degrees and south node Scorpio 00 degrees.. will this have any impact on Pluto arriving in Aquarius please? Thank you for your help as always.

    1. Thank you. I am hoping to make progress with the hospital concerned so they can plug these HEPA-UV air filters into the ward, to start with. It’s very easily done and they eliminate COVID-19 in minutes. Your lunar nodes are absolutely picked up by Pluto at 0 Aquarius which will form a T-Square to Taurus (your income) and Scorpio (join income). This is about your past life, actually, as you were heavily involved with business, finance, property or charity the last time. You have come back to try again and here you are. Pluto will show up as a dominating, controlling, powerful person or organisation which challenges you to change. You are likely to find that you are divided between your own values (or life budget) and that of family members or partners. This happens throughout your life anyway. A typical example is being generous while your parents are frugal, or being non-materialistic while your boyfriend just wants a car. In any case, Pluto accents this split within, and as the nodes are karmic in nature, it would involve your past life. Pluto goes back and forth at 0 Aquarius until December 2024. Minimise the stakes with any new financial concern, if you can, so that you minimise the stretching required. If you are intent on entering into something big, though (a house purchase, a land sale, a new business) just be aware that it will involve a lot of heavy emotional or psychological lifting while this transit is operating.

  189. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all your content and support. Your work it is very enlightening and I am sure it helps a lot of us out there trying to figure things out through challenging times.
    I have just received news that a consulting contract I have had for almost 3 years will not be renewed at the end of June. I also recently found out how much sabotage was going on in the background of this project to make sure it was not financially viable.
    Whilst the end of the project raises serious concerns over how I will survive financially after June, I also felt a strong sense of relief/freedom at having to not deal with the toxicity that accompanied the project all along, albeit not always visible to me at the time.

    I am trying to stay in the freedom zone and not panic too early, sell my house etc to make sure I can survive financially and I would really appreciate your input and advice. Many Thanks

    1. Thank you. June ends a contract being sabotaged anyway, to make sure it did not proceed. You are quite rightly concerned about your income, although you are pleased this toxic job will end. You were born with Psyche at 28 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career. Transiting Pluto just passed 28 Capricorn for the first time in your life. Psyche is that part of you which is tested and tried, but lives forever. Your work, as a whole, but also on this plan, will outlive you. Maybe you realise that. Yet, you have been dominated, controlled and ‘stood upon’ by those above you. The situation or people will be replayed, even though the project has ended, in August and September 2023, November December 2023 – but it’s over, as are they, in terms of having any real influence. This is because Pluto goes back over 28 Capricorn, but he can only be a shadow of his former self. You are a Sun Aries woman with an Aries and Capricorn stellium. This feels like a new role or project to me, as you are in a terrific position to relaunch your title, reputation and appearance by May 2023, with Jupiter in Aries in your First House of self-promotion, presentation and profile. If you’ve not already put yourself out there online, in a new way, think about doing that. Advertising your presence in the right circles is a smart idea at the best of times. Yet it is Pluto’s exit from your Tenth House of career which will have the most impact. The high-handed and heavy-handed approach taken by some is history, even as you read this. As a Sun Aries you have Jupiter (him again!) with all his solutions and expansion, going into your financial sector, the Second House, in Taurus – from May 2023 to May 2024. So for whatever reason you will be given a fantastic chance to save a lot of money, or see it come in. Have a look at the Tarot to validate this for yourself, but please find yourself a new C.V. for example, an updated photograph and if there is a chance to promote yourself, then jump on it. You already had two.

  190. Good Evening Jessica, I’ve just re read this blog since the day has now arrived that Pluto has finally moved into Aquarius. I’ve noticed that I have 2 Leo placements at 0-8 degrees, Jupiter and Ceres, both at 8 degrees. When I first read this post in February I pulled the tarot Knight of Swords. If you have time, could you let me know how this may impact me. Regards and best wishes Cheryl

    1. The Knight of Swords is a younger man, who drives fast on his motorbike, or in his car. In his speed boat or on his jet ski. In Ancient Rome he would have been galloping on his horse, of course. He lives for the moment and responds in the heat of the moment, too. Cheryl, because of the transiting opposition by Pluto to your Leo factors in the Fifth House, this is about your son, nephew, godson or another young man in your world, adolescent or young adult, who is the heir, spare or pretender.

      He is a symbol of Mars and Aries in astrology. An energetic, fierce, fast and furious man wearing red (the Aries/Mars colour) hurtling at breakneck speed towards some kind of attack, or defence. I mentioned circumstances and context. You have to fill in the rest of the picture, here. Is he part of a United Nations Peacekeeping Force? Is he ‘the enemy’ as far as you are concerned?

      Very occasionally this card can be you. You will know immediately if this is the case. You will recognise your fast and furious intention and the impact that adrenaline is having on you. There is not a great deal of thought or contemplation here. Just pure heat.

      The trees on the left-hand side of the card are being bent backwards. This may be a comment on a family in the picture (family tree). Perhaps that is part of the issue. The Knight of Swords is charging in to defend a family member, or perhaps attack one. There may be strife in the clan. You can see Braveheart in the Knight of Swords.

      The family tree may not be a directly connected part of the story here; it may be pure background or history. Perhaps the Knight of Swords comes from a troubled background where male aggression was the norm. This is really for you to interpret. Maybe he has ancestors who fought in the First World War; the Second World War. That legacy stays with him in the background.

      The horse cannot see; flying blind, all it can do is try to keep up. Who or what is the vehicle for the Knight of Swords’ energy? Perhaps he has attached himself to a cause. It may be a ‘blind’ cause and so those involved may lack awareness or insight. They cannot see what you can see. That happens too, in war. And in peace.

      There is a healthy warning here about driving too fast, or driving oneself or other people too hard. Accidents can happen as Elvis Costello noted. What we really get from this card is a sense of rushing, not thinking. Not seeing or understanding much, beyond the central, core mission. Or just the immediate reaction. That can lead to speeding fines or worse.

      The rider is also rather blind. Look at the eyes and you will see the Knight of Swords is in an altered state. You might call it frenzy. The heat of the moment. We talk about ‘seeing red’ when we are angry.

      Are there other ways to fight the good fight or seize the day than this? And what is the motivation here? What on earth is at stake? You can see the Aries glyph on the reins. Aries is a really good way into this card. Aries the ram is a symbol of male aggression where there is territory at stake, or the need to compete, fight and win. Aries the ram is linked to the idea of a battering ram – an ancient weapon.

      Aries is of course ruled by Mars, which Pamela Colman Smith would have known. She created this image a few years before the First World War but accurately portrayed the rush to the front, which of course involved horses as well as riders, which claimed the lives of so many young men of her generation. This card was dreamed up in 1909 under the guidance of Arthur Waite, Pamela’s mentor and employer, from The Golden Dawn.

      This is the Charge of the Light Brigade, but it is also the Vietnam War, which was there when Pamela and Arthur’s cards were popularly revived in the early Seventies by Stuart R. Kaplan.

      The idea of harnessing energy and controlling feelings is very close to this card. Even if you are racing into an emergency, there must be time – even a few minutes – to plot and plan. To pause and strategise. Not everything has to be done in a single streak of raw energy. There is a saying: “He who hesitates is lost” but in this case, I am sure you can see that even a modest amount of hesitation could help the Knight achieve what he wants in a more successful way. There is something so reckless about this flight of his.

      The rest of this card really has to be interpreted by you as it is so personal. Some of the Seventies readers of this card (popular among the hippies of California) would have been in the peace movement and strongly disapproved of Vietnam. Others may have had quite different feelings about the war and found the Knight of Swords to be a valiant force for good worth encouraging.

  191. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for everything you do, you give people including myself so much hope in challenging times.
    I would like to ask you a question. I have an elderly parent, full blown narcissist and plutocrat, who is still emotionally torturing and intimidating my mother and siblings. What does astrology say how will this unfold for us. I have moved far away and I feel safe however my siblings and my mother are still stuck receiving his wrath. Thank you!

    1. I have answered your Tarot question elsewhere. You logged in, for this question, so at last I can see your chart. You have a Cancer stellium in your Fourth House of family at 4 through 20 degrees including the North Node, which shows your past life. You knew the whole family, including your father, in your last incarnation. I am very sorry you are being put through this, as you are an emotional, strongly Cancerian person who is strongly affected by what the relatives say and do. You are also a Sun Cancerian so the difficulties with your father are obvious to everybody else too. This will be sorted out when the transiting South Node goes into Libra, from July 2023. There will be closure and a cycle will end by 2024. In your public chart, the South Node of karmic settlement and balancing will actually go through your solar Fourth House of family. In your private chart, you have what is known as a T-Square, as the South Node in Libra and North Node in Aries will form a series of T-shapes, aspecting your Cancer stellium. T stands for tension, so this is not going to be the most peaceful time in your life, but the family as a whole will be sorted out, step by step, as you are owed – or you owe – spiritually – from your last life. You will see how to reach an agreement with yourself about everything and when the lunar nodes finally move off Libra-Aries, you will be free. It may be hard to believe now, but you really will be.

  192. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for everything you do, you give people including myself so much hope in challenging times.
    I would like to ask you a question. I have an elderly parent, full blown narcissist and plutocrat, who is still emotionally torturing and intimidating my mother and siblings. What does astrology say how will this unfold for us. I have moved far away and I feel safe however my siblings and my mother are still stuck receiving his wrath. Breaks my heart over and over as feeling powerless to do anything except listening. When I draw Tarot I draw Ace of Wands. Thank you!

    1. Okay so there is no chart here, but you have drawn the Ace of Wands on my website. This says nothing about your father. The cards have skipped your question. What you are being shown, though, is a terrific idea which must be planted in the real world if it is ever going to reward you. Thus –

      A big, bold, brilliant idea. It might be Obamacare. Perhaps is it this Very British Tarot deck itself, created by Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Waite in 1909. Staves, rods or wands are symbols of paper, and the pulp from trees that used to make books and newspapers, journals and posters, over a century ago. In the Tarot they show possible websites or podcasts as much as they show likely song lyrics or computer programs. Formulae for scientific breakthroughs.

      Unless this massive concept is brought down to earth and made real it will remain forever a dream or fantasy. Like all Pamela’s cloudy illustrations, this ideas and its success is in the realm of parallel possible universe. Yes this could happen. It is close to becoming real. Yet, unless you and/or others act and secure this somewhere it can grow, it may vanish with the next weather pattern.

      Live Aid and Band Aid had to be moved from the pub to the meeting room and then to the world, via Wembley. This massive, groundbreaking charity enterprise began with Paula Yates and a message on her fridge door. Some things never happen at all without practical, down-to-earth thinking. She was a Taurus who inspired her then-partner, a Libra.

      Time is of the essence here, because leaves are already falling from the branch. This thing has to be planted at the right time in the right place – and soon. It also has to be planted in the correct environment so it is time for research and homework. Maybe, asking around. Auditions for a secure future, you might call it.

      As we’ve seen, this Ace is also part of a typical quantum cloud, seen often in Pamela’s deck. She did not know it at the time but she was channelling the new world of quantum uncertainty, proven by science in the Double Slit Experiment.
      Everything is in the uncertainty field of reality until you make a choice and make it real. Once you measure what is there, it becomes that. So measure your chances of transporting this from the realms of imagination or conjecture, into a solid place for success. Like all branches this can become a tree (perhaps literally the branch of a franchise) and then become a mighty forest, or hectares of woodland, in the years ahead.

      You’d have to guess that the building in the background (what some call The White House) is the right place to park this. What is the building and who inside can help here?

      In Pamela’s day this would have been the Rider publishing company who made Arthur Waite’s vision happen. It found another home in America in the 1970s with U.S. Games Systems. Not exactly the White House but ‘the right house’ for the dream of a modern reproduction of Pamela and Arthur’s old deck.

  193. Hi Jessica
    Just two days into Pluto in Aquarius and already we have riots and strikes in France, over the governments attempts to raise the pension age to 64. In Australia the pension age was raised to 67, then 70, then back to 67 and not a whimper was heard. The French understand the power of the people. We (Australians) could all be a little more French.
    Also a planned state dinner at the Palace of Versailles for Charles and Camilla has been cancelled, postponed or relocated depending on which news outlet you read. Perhaps the government was worried about comparisons with the French Revolution, which occurred last time Pluto was in Aquarius.
    The choice of France and Germany seem like an odd choice for King Charles to choose for his first tours as King. What does this choice say about his rule? Is it about karma? Anyway Pluto has certainly arrived in Pluto with a bang in France.
    I will be interested in your thoughts.
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you Julie. It is all very odd. Paris is such an obvious set-up for Macron and Charles III that I wonder what lured Charles there in the first place. Paris is Diana’s territory. It was probably a very large business or financial incentive. He may have been dropped into it, or it may just be the fates. As you say, Pluto in Aquarius is with us again, just as it was during the days of Danton and Robespierre.

  194. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for everything you do, you give people including myself so much hope in challenging times.
    I would like to ask you a question. I have an elderly parent, full blown narcissist and plutocrat, who is still emotionally torturing and intimidating my mother and siblings. What does astrology say how will this unfold for us. I have moved far away and I feel safe however my siblings and my mother are still stuck receiving his wrath. Breaks my heart over and over as feeling powerless to do anything except listening. When I draw Tarot I draw Ace of Wands. Thank you!

  195. I am very sorry Jessica, I cannot work out where have you answered me elsewhere. Could you kindly point out where can I find your answer to my question.

    1. I’m afraid I have 17,341 comments today so it’s not possible for me to locate the other answer. This is why it’s best to ask only one question and to do it with one feature, otherwise everything is mixed up, unfortunately. If I see it on the list today I will republish.

  196. Oh my god I have found the answers and I thank you for the bottom of my heart.
    And I am so sorry for the confusion on my behalf.

  197. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your answers to so many comments. They are inspiring to read even when they do not apply to my situation. Your website and predictions have given me so much comfort. I wonder if you could take a look at my chart. I have been dealing with plutocrats my entire life, starting with my father. My work situation was one in which incompetent, authoritarian males were promoted and many unfair incidents arose from a lack of justice and a systemic and embedded good old boy system where a circular round of favors was more important than record, performance and ability. I will be moving soon to another state but the scars from the tension of being a loner against the bullying are not healing. I would like to know if there are less stressful times ahead or if I am in a karmic position of standing alone for what is right. When I asked the tarot about my future, I got the Queen of pentacles. Any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for all you do for everyone.

    1. Thank you. Pluto is out of Capricorn and I’ve been hearing from people experiencing it in definite improvements, in the last five days. It seems to be reaching different people, at different stages. One woman found her controlling, dominating colleague could be brought to heel with a simple technique another colleague showed her. Another realised she had the key in her hand all along, to a better time at work, but had never owned it, or used it. You will make or save a nice amount of money, with the Queen of Coins, starting in May 2023 and by May 2024 will be sitting pretty, having earned it or stashed it away. This will enable you to do so many things you want to do, it will help you improve your life. The plutocrats are over and although they might try to put on bold face or pretend they’ve still got it, they really haven’t. You will hear about their failures, or the failures in their world, in 2023, 2024 and no longer care by 2025 or actually be watching the smoke in the distance.

  198. Hi Jessica,
    I am veryel excited for the sun signs school re-launch! Congratulations!

    Can you please share your insights about my natal Pluto 0 Scorpio during this Pluto transit? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you are looking forward to The Sun Sign School relaunch. I’m really pleased to have familiar tutors like Natalie Delahaye and Stephanie Johnson, Sharon Knight and (long list, too long to type in here) back for more. You have Pluto at 0 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships – and family-based property relationships. Typically, the rent and the bedroom – or mum and the legacy. Pluto shows your need to control this. To feel empowered and in control of your life it is very important that you run this. The reality of Pluto, though, is that you are constantly forced to compromise, back down, give way and share. The sooner you can accept this the easier life will be, particularly until June. The transiting Pluto square natal Pluto cycle resumes in late January 2024 for some weeks, then again in August 2024; November and December 2024. So it takes a couple of years. Try to wind back the obsession. It is frequently sexual. Sometimes it is both about business and sex. Lower the stakes in terms of power and control, particularly in any paperwork, and get everything in writing, then have a professional look over it. Typically, living with a man (say) or sorting out the family home with your brother. It’s on that level. It can become more complex than that, and the Mafia, money laundering and pornography are very much ruled by Scorpio, but in most cases it’s about the common issue of marriage and shared bank account.

  199. A local community group I’m in has been afflicted with an autocratic leader for some years. After months of setbacks and cancellations the national committee that are looking into his conduct finally arrived and began taking testimonies on Thurs 23rd! Interesting timing! Can you give any insight into how any community changes may affect my personal life? I drew the seven of swords.

    1. The Seven of Swords is telling you about this community group. You also have Pluto just (now) entering your Eleventh House of groups. Box clever and go carefully. The odds are in your favour. Use the Tarot again and follow the steps if you need more information.

      Removing the means to future conflict can be a breeze, which is why the person in this card is grinning. How can there be a battle, feud or even a war if there is nothing to fight with? It is unclear if there has already been a stoush, or if there is the potential for one, but a sense of humour can help anyone, avoid anything.

      Unlike the rather shady characters in the distance, this hero or heroine of the hour, is upfront, front-and-centre and feeling good about life. Energetic and positive. Hopeful and strong.

      It is time for the weapons to be removed, so that the chance of any more conflict can be removed, too. This is a classic picture of the aftermath of the Second World War, when the United Nations was created and the big clean-up began in Europe.

      There were questions about territory and staked claims. The tents represent temporary entitlement to some kind of space or position. Who owns what, or who belongs where, or who has the right to be anywhere in life? These are pertinent questions. The issue here, is what belongs to whom?

      There is a definite risk here, however. The eyes are closed, if you look carefully at the features of the leading character in this drama – and this person is going to tumble and perhaps suffer injury unless there is less joking around and smug satisfaction with oneself – and a bit more awareness.

      Time is of the essence, too. Leave it much longer and the huddled group, clearly carrying swords (as this is a swords card) could descend. Pamela Colman Smith was close to Shakespearean actors and was strongly influenced by Dame Ellen Terry, who was her hostess at Smallhythe, where the deck was partly dreamed up in 1909. Thus, we see shades of Macbeth here. Perhaps, Henry V.

      Then, as now, the key to evading future conflict or escaping from potential battles, was swift action. This card is telling you or somebody else to get a move on, but also not to drop the bundle. Move fast but take a bit more care, or something could go wrong, here.

      Five swords are too much to carry so the amused peacemaker will have to do this in two trips. What is at stake? The tents suggest territory, as I’ve mentioned. Ownership. It may actually be about a house; an apartment; a garden; a block of land. Perhaps, other sorts of property. Intellectual property. Now that’s an interesting question.
      This rather sinister group of people, disguised in silhouette, plots and plans in the far left corner, in the shadows. Black hearts under a grey cloud.

      This is an uncannily prescient card, because Pamela’s illustration foreshadowed the late 1930’s and future British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and the appeasement of Hitler and the Nazis. Anyone who beamed about ‘Peace in our time’ was not looking properly. Chamberlain wriggled away with an agreement which allegedly avoided war, but Hitler lied. Chamberlain did not look before he leaped. The territory in question was Poland.

      There is fantastic potential here for smart strategy – if one is smart. The issue of timing (how fast to move, before the shady group descends?) has to be weighed up against the effectiveness of the strategy. As with all Pamela’s cards, there is room to move. Props can be brought in, or new characters. What or whom is inside the tents? Pamela created her cards at a time when the reality of quantum mechanics was descending on science. Her images are full of possibility for a parallel outcome.

      The running figure with the swords is headed in one direction, but there are more. The idea of ‘burying the hatchet’ is very strong here. Also the word ‘disarming’ and the idea of disarming the enemy. You invariably look for natal Mars under transit when this card shows up, or you are looking for transiting Mars, aspecting an important planet, asteroid, point or angle in the chart. There may be transits of the Fourth House, involving the zodiac sign Cancer, as the tents are a pointer to territory and turf. Equally, as tents go with camping, and the great outdoors, and adventure holidays – you may be looking for the Ninth House and Sagittarius. It really depends on you and your personal situation.

  200. hello,

    i read fiona Mcphee message and it resonates with what i live. A local professor very dominating and controlling is harrassing me, it turned against me the whole group looking like a cult behaviour and underrate me in order to humiliate me and block my graduating advancement. I’m stuck since then and feel trapped and tracked. if i apply a school or a job they find me though their connection or web and slander me…i’m aries sun 1st decan. I hope the pluto transit in Aquarius sextile my sun will help me to free myself from this tyrannical face. But as pluto leave capricorn i may be released from the professor but i will be more harassed by the group as Pluto enter aquarius (11th). I managed to get myself out there physically but not psychologically as i am still involved administratively in this class and can’t leave with my personal data files, what is weird is that in the meanwhile i have transiting uranus trine my ascendant and no event released me from that group and his negative leader…i m still hoping for some academic inspection or new harassment law that will help me to leave definitely or someone who suffered abuse of power from that professor talk about the harassment to academic lead office. I have to carefully hide myself and find a job where my ID is hidden as they can’t find me and of course no public role. It’s like i am socially dead and live in constant terror of social shaming.

    i have mc 2nd decan gemini and 9th house moon 2nd decan taurus and pluto 2nd decan libra. If i dont get out, i feel i will be trapped for many years until i have pluto trine midheaven and square moon where i will face a comeback of these themes with a high risk of disclosure of my activities leading to clash and death then rebirth with transiting pluto trine pluto ? another idea is to live in another town or country but changing country will bring another issues later when transiting pluto square 9th house moon. Another idea is to wait new online universities opening with online courses where it’s easier to dodge harassment and stop studies when pluto will form a square to 9th moon. i feel very sad to stop my academic pursuits due to dominant people and bullies. But for now, nothing happen, i will like i have same luck as Fiona with some inspector poping and taking testimonies and release me from this turmoil.

    1. I am sorry you are going through this situation with your professor and the group. I can’t see a chart here but just because your MC is in Gemini and so on, does not mean you will be stuck in any situation. You are correct about online universities. Jupiter going into Gemini in 2024 and then Uranus into Gemini from 2026 will see the biggest and best changes to internet education in years. It looks as if you and Fiona are having similar situations and yet the future has some strong answers for you.

  201. Hi Jessica can u explain to me what I have in store with the Pluto in Capricorn. I’m a Virgo with stelliums in libra Leo an Aries. Reading about it makes me very anxious an my work environment is very toxic at the min
    Thank u x

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Virgo woman with stelliums in Leo, Libra and Aries. If you feel work is toxic, you are being shown the first challenge to gain real power over a 20 year period. The challenges will come and go, but always involve your willpower and self-control. If you perfect your skill set, serve others faithfully, commit to the details and do it all with an iron will, then you could become very, very powerful and shake your head at where you began in 2023. So these toxic people are part of that. They are your training wheels. The big story for you is partnership, later on. This may be a sexual partnership or a professional partnership. It starts in July when the lunar nodes go into Libra and Aries. Karma from life as it was 18-19 years prior will roll from that point, right through 2024, with yourself being owed by the universe, or perhaps owing – spiritually. What happens with one other key person will help you balance the karmic books by 2025.

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