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Free Healing – Hypnosis, Audiobooks and Meditation

kinga howard UNSuzRkNmFg unsplash 300x200 - Free Healing - Hypnosis, Audiobooks and MeditationFree Healing – Hypnosis, Audiobooks and Meditation

Some of the world’s best-known professional healers, hypnotists and doctors are just a click away, thanks to YouTube and Audible.

This is really good news if you are spending time recovering at the moment, or if you are facing an issue which you know will take your entire body, mind and spirit to deal with it.

It can be a relief to lean on a professional with his or her years of experience – online. I’ve had so many readers over the years report good results with these people and organisations that I thought I’d put it all in one place for you. Just lie down on the bed, or sit as you feel comfortable, and press play. Some of these healing sessions are just for sleep. It all helps.

Virgo Factors and Health in the Horoscope

In astrology, we always look to Virgo and the Sixth House for health questions. So that should be your first stop. If you have anything in Virgo, the sign which rules the state of your body (which affects your entire life) – then transits, or cycles, may be triggering that. So, you are now being asked to make yourself the priority.

When you are feeling better, it will be time to look at the question of your job, unpaid work, housework or study. In astrology we don’t separate that, from your health as a whole. For now, though, here are some outstanding professional healers and helpers, past and present – and where to try their work. Image: Kinga Howard/Unsplash

DYoxC6jWkAEF4cR 197x300 - Free Healing - Hypnosis, Audiobooks and MeditationNjU kdNK 263x300 - Free Healing - Hypnosis, Audiobooks and MeditationMatthew Manning

Matthew went through a period of tremendous television and media fame when he was younger – as a bearded teenage hippy – and later was asked to heal both Prince Philip, the late Duke of Edinburgh, and John Cleese. He has written a number of books and has raised healing to a respectable and open profession in the United Kingdom.

These days Matthew Manning has a terrific, generously affordable website with music, live healing events and self-healing meditations. You can try one of them, here, on YouTube.

His energy has been captured on film and he has been tested by scientists without outcomes they cannot explain. The testimonials on his website from members are impressive. Maybe Matthew’s work can help you. He has been tested by scientists and passed. Have a look at his testimonials.

The Healing Trust

The key word here is ‘trust’ because this is the most trusted healing organisation in the United Kingdom. There are a number of excellent, free, spiritual healing meditations on this website, under Resources. The Healing Trust is recommended by Matthew Manning and is also a training organisation. Try Fountain of Light, Healing Meditation and Meeting Your Healing Guide.

Dr. Paul McKenna

When COVID-19 kept so many of us indoors, Dr. McKenna began providing his bestselling hypnosis sessions free, on You Tube. Radiant Health is offered with this message: “In these challenging times, I want to make as many of my techniques available to as many people as possible for free. Here is my Radiant Health Trance – a hypnotic trance to help you boost your immune system. Be well, be safe.” Paul McKenna’s YouTube channel is here. 

ahfelnt0 300x199 - Free Healing - Hypnosis, Audiobooks and MeditationHe also offers hypnosis for sleep, overcoming emotional eating and quitting smoking. He is also the UK’s most successful non-fiction author. His hypnosis audio is best heard through headphones as different sounds come through to your left side and right side. Many people who try the sleep hypnosis report falling asleep before the recording ends.

Dr. Claire Weekes

Dr. Weekes specialised in anxiety. She treated nervous symptoms, agitation, insomnia and panic attacks. You can try her audiobook, Freedom From Nervous Suffering, free on Audible for 30 days. Some of her recordings are free on YouTube. 

She has become legendary for her powerful, effective treatment for anxiety and is thought to have cured millions of people without any need for drugs. This is a BBC profile of Dr. Claire Weekes.

As with these healers, past and present, read the testimonials on YouTube and the reviews on Amazon, GoodReads and elsewhere. There are some incredible stories from listeners who have found success with everything from depression to more serious illness. Worth a try.

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Main Image: Brandon Cormier/Unsplash


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24 Responses

  1. Thanks Jessica, I am trying to avoid shoulder replacement surgery so am on a mission to find an alternative way to manage the pain. Thank you so much for the links it is very timely. Deirdre

    1. Thank you Deirdre. I hope you find a healer or hypnotist you can enjoy, to help manage the pain. Glenn Harrold has specific pain hypnosis for subscribers on his website. From an astrology point of view, you also need to ask yourself what your shoulder does for you when it works. What do you shoulder? Does your driving or typing depend on that? Building or carrying a baby? Whatever you are shouldering is the clue. Some part of you does not want you to do that any more. In astrology, the Pisces-Virgo opposition suggests the interplay between the subconscious and health. It’s worth a look.

  2. Thank you, Jessica for sharing these resources.
    I actually have Stelliums in Sagittarius, Aries, Virgo and Gemini. This January I started a new business and decided to publish a bilingual publication for the community. It was three months of hard work. Our first issue went out April 1st however since that day I started feeling sharp pain in my right wrist and hand. Went to the doctor and they told me I developed carp tunnel syndrome, I didn’t want to believe that and now my other hand is giving me problems too. The pain so intense that I can’t type for more than 30 minutes without taking a break. Even holding my phone is painful. I followed my other Stelliums so I try to maximize my talents but I never imagine that Virgo was going to show up this way.
    Is my body forcing me to take a break? Is this something that shows up only during this cycle? what else should I know about my Virgo Stellium?
    Thank again for all your help!

    1. I’m sorry you have hand problems ET and the pain is preventing you from publishing your bilingual community website or newsletter. You always go to Virgo and the Sixth House for the clues, because Virgo rules the physical state, or physical condition, which dictates everything else. Your MC is at 0 Virgo and Diana is at 1 Sagittarius. They are square. The MC or Midheaven in Virgo in your Sixth House of wellbeing and workload, is square (cannot be squared with) Diana in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries. So you were born with this tension between your ambition (MC) to serve others (Virgo) but your need for freedom (Diana) with foreign faces, spaces, voices and places. Along comes Pluto to 0 Aquarius for the first time in 248 years and sets the whole thing off. Pluto is at 0 Aquarius in the first phase until June. He then returns in January 2024. As the square is 0-1 we need to allow for Pluto to slowly move to 1 Aquarius as well, and that’s January 2025. On a psychic level I just heard “West Coast” so this may relate to you. (Or it may be a newsflash about the weather, so apologies if my spirit guide just intruded). Back to your situation. You need to create a response to the square. So look at Diana in your chart in Sagittarius in the Ninth House. Find paintings of Diana or sculpture. She is a symbol of feminism, independent, refusal to compromise, total autonomy and exhilarating freedom. In Sagittarius, this is very much about other nationalities and languages, but there is someone or something there that is blocking your need for complete alpha female abandon. You won’t do anything about it, because you want the website or newsletter to succeed, so your body has cut in, very specifically, with hand issues, to stop you typing. You are the only person who can figure this out, but the good news is, a natal square is the grit in the oyster that makes the pearl. And Pluto in transit is here to make you stronger. Mentally and physically.

  3. This is just brilliant Jessica – I so love the way you so openly share your knowledge and the gifts of others to your community – you are an angel in our midst. I’ve seen you mention many of these names in your blogs and I tried a few – Paul McKenna is an absolute God-send, I now recommend him to anyone with sleeping issues, though he does far more than that. I can attest to falling asleep before the recording ends. Also realized that it’s all about whether or not a voice resonates, and his voice certainly does with me – thank you ever so much!

    1. Thank you. Endorsements from readers are great. You say the Dr. Paul McKenna hypnosis on YouTube has you asleep before it finishes. Good. People with insomnia on here need to know that.

  4. Thank you so much for this library – in one place – for us to access. You once advised me to try not to linger in the 12th House when the Pisces factors are being transiting, which are opposite 6th House activity. And these resources help! Best, Cecelia

  5. I’ve been listening to Paul McKenna for several months now based off of something I read on your website. I have to say, something just clicks with him. I truly feel it’s making a difference for me. Highly recommend to anyone reading this. His voice is like magic.

  6. Thank you so much for summarising this in one article! I have read these tips in the comments before but now I can bookmark this page. Quite frankly comes at the right time too! I thought all my workplace problems would miraculously disappear with Pluto finally changing signs, but doesn’t seem to be the case at all and it doesn’t feel like I have benefited from Jupiter in Aries at all (some fellow Aries friends also going through a rough time and all wondering why we’re having such bad times) It is seriously affecting my health so this article is very helpful❣️

    1. Thank you. I thought it was time to take what was tried, tested and trusted by readers – and put it in a feature, so I can link to it quickly when people are in trouble. Sometimes all you need to do is fall asleep to the audio. Sleep being nature’s healer. Pluto is now out of your Tenth House of career, professional life, academia and unpaid work, so the power players, manipulators and power-trippers have vanished or lost their ability to have much impact on you. They never will, again. You need to work with astrology as it is, not in a broad ‘miracle expected’ way. It’s nuanced. Pluto is about the abuse of powerful positions; Donald Trump being the ideal example and he’s now been, as he says, ‘arrested’ just as Pluto goes. A little version of Donald will be in your own life. And no more than that. Jupiter in Aries is about a successful image relaunch. Nothing else. Again, astrology is nuanced. It’s not “Jupiter in Aries, wonders and miracles”, it’s “Jupiter in Aries, you have opportunities to improve your title, reputation and appearance.” Two just landed. One on Substack one on Twitter. Did you use them yet?

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you don’t mind me posting this but since this blog is about healing and meditation, thought it will be of interest. I just released a new album of instrumental ambient chill electronica music that is aimed at helping people to relax, chill out, meditate, help with healing and all, it’s called ‘The Lone Runner’. It’s available on CD but also on Spotify for those interested in wanting to check it out, here’s the link:

    Many thanks and blessings.

    1. That’s great, Joe, thank you for the link. I am sure plenty of readers will be interestd.

  8. Thank you so much, Jessica for these free services. I will definitely access these links. I only have three Virgo factors but they are huge with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all rolled up there. I know I need to take better care of myself. I’ve been so busy taking care of family that I’ve forgotten that I need to live as well. I was always active in the past literally making myself over. At 54, I can’t afford to drop the ball as it gets harder when we are older. Anything that can get me motivated to curtail the bad cycle I’ve been in is greatly appreciated. Cheers!

    1. Thank you. Uranus and Pluto are the change symbols, in the horoscope, and as you are 54 you will remember the first big cycle (Saturn) which was AIDS and also the class actions against cigarette companies. These two issues: safe sex/smoking are close to the Covid issues now, as so much of this is about clean air and also lifestyle changes – masks when necessary. So you are part of that generation and in a general way, will need to keep on adapting and altering as you go along. You benefit hugely from Jupiter in Taurus (May 2023 to May 2024) which will trine natal Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in your Sixth House. People, organisations and situations which are benevolent, larger than life, open-handed and rather a blessing, are just around the corner.

  9. Hello Jessica

    Thanks for all the recommendations. I shall look into them.

    I would recommend Yoga Nidra – easily found on You Tube. I use Lizzy Hill Yoga Nidra – its a wonderful technique to clear and cleanse the tired or overstimulated mind. Some yoga teachers use it at the end of classes. Friends have even used it for insomnia – it works a treat.

    Also the Yoga with Adrienne free yoga lessons – either one off specific lessons, or series for a month. So great to do at home at your own pace to stretch and unravel. She is so generous and humble with her teaching.

    I developed tendonitis at work in October, caused by computer mouse. Tendons are healing but wrist is stiff from long term splinting. Probably a sign to lessen the workload, as I plan to do next year.

    I have Mars @ 24 deg.Virgo – think its being opposed by transiting Neptune at the moment.
    Mars sextiles my natal Scorpio Mercury and Uranus in Cancer & squares Jupiter in Gemini.

    Best wishes

    1. This is great, thank you. And I hope your wrist heals. Mars in Virgo in the Sixth House places all your action – your impulse – your attack and defence – squarely in the work place, but your health is also the place where Mars also functions. Jupiter going to 24 Taurus will trine Mars which will help, K.

  10. Thanks Jessica, very timely. We have been moving around for years due to work and have landed in France. We have found that we don’t fit in with the expats here, and are having a lonely time. We have friends in other cities and we get on well with some our French neighbours but it hasn’t been easy. I wonder if it is the universe telling us to enjoy what we have and then come home to Australia. It has resulted in soul-searching discussions. Any advice would be welcome.

    1. I am so sorry it’s not worked out for you in France. You are a Sun Taurus with a Taurus and Virgo stellium, so the good news is, with Jupiter in Taurus May 2023 to May 2024, you will be in a terrific position to save or make money and that can help you make up your mind, I suspect. Jupiter will also trine your Virgo factors, which is about lifestyle, wellbeing and your daily routine. So from a practical point of view, there are nice practical answers for you up ahead and a bit of luck thrown in.

  11. Thanks Jessica, that has brightened my day. Our Aus friends are so excited to see us this year when we visit. A good sign and comforting.

  12. Hi Jessica. What a wonderful idea to post free healing on the internet. I’m also a fan of Paul McKenna, and I add my enthusiastic recommendation of his work. I would like to add Bob and Brad, the two most famous physical therapists on the internet (in their opinion). They helped me through a bout with a sore hip after three trips to the chiropractor failed to make a difference. (Don’t worry. I still love my chiropractor.) They are also working with other therapists, one of whom has developed a protocol for osteoporosis. Very interesting. Bob and Brad manage to be highly professional and a very good time all at once. Always good to remember to discuss things with the health care people first. I hope they can be helpful here.

    1. Thank you very much. I’m sure readers will find this useful, especially if they have sore hip issues like you.

  13. You are so thoughtful to share all this information, thank you! I’ve had a string of health issues in the last few years, and currently being very careful to avoid further injury or accidents. Your advice and/or insight into timings for health improvements are very welcome. So far I’ve changed my diet and skin products, and use special insoles to help with foot and tendon problems! Please stay well yourself!

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