The Coronation Grim Reaper Explained

The Coronation Grim Reaper Explained

Thanks to Twitter, millions of us have now seen what looks like The Grim Reaper at the Coronation. This figure is actually a well-known ghost at Westminster Abbey, Father Benedictus.

He does not feature on the official Coronation stamp, but he certainly starred on television.

He was murdered by robbers at Westminster Abbey in 1303, writes Peter Underwood in Haunted London. This footage of Father Benedictus has now gone viral and can be seen on YouTube.



How Father Benedictus Died

According to historian James Clark (Haunted London), the ghostly Father Benedictus died during the reign of King Henry VIII after robbers met him while trying to take the treasures in the Chapel of the Pyx.  In 1934 a clairvoyant claimed he had named himself and died in the 1530’s.

Westminster Abbey’s own website shows its Benedictine monks and they are indeed wearing the robe and hood of the figure millions thought was The Grim Reaper during the Coronation.

The Westminster Abbey website is the best source for the history of this fascinating institution, for obvious reasons. In fact, it’s one of the best websites anywhere for a detailed look at British history (below).


monks at funeral of king westminster abbey copyright scaled - The Coronation Grim Reaper Explained

Father Benedictus Haunts Westminster Abbey

Father Benedictus appeared at the wedding of the late Queen Mother, too. He has form with the Royal Family. (Image: Wikimedia Commons). Known then as the Duchess of York, the Queen Mother’s marriage to the Duke of York (the future King George VI) was haunted by this dark figure, in front of witnesses, according to historian Underwood, who interviewed them for his book, in the 1960’s. This extract from Underwood’s fascinating book about the British spirit world, reveals that our Grim Reaper was actually there when the Queen Mother married the future King George VI. Charles’ grandparents.

King George VI and The Queen Mother 26th April 1923  218x300 - The Coronation Grim Reaper ExplainedScreen Shot 2023 05 07 at 7.45.11 pm 1024x487 - The Coronation Grim Reaper Explained

The Queen Mother and The Abdication

Father Benedictus appeared on the eve of the wedding of the future King George VI to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in 1923. She would later become The Queen Mother. The haunted couple would later make history as George’s brother King Edward VIII abdicated (King but never King) to marry twice-divorced Wallis Simpson. The Abdication took place in 1936.

Divorce, abdication, is Father Benedictus trying to tell us something?

Sound Disruption at the Haunted Charles III Coronation

Newsweek contacted Westminster Abbey about the so-called Grim Reaper after the Coronation scare and they claimed the figure was a verger.  Yet, he looks quite different to any modern verger with his peaked hood  and is also clearly out of bounds, at the ceremony. For the record, Father Benedictus commonly haunts the Cloisters at Westminster Abbey.

The BBC sound disruption at the Coronation confirms this was a spirit, as interference with television or radio signals is common when mediums are in contact with the other side. Further down, he has also been making appearances on my website, but more on that in a moment.

@MailOnline - The Coronation Grim Reaper Explained

The Grim Reaper Ghost Interfering with BBC Transmission

The Daily Mail (image above, on Twitter @MailOnline) had easily the best social media coverage of this haunted Coronation. It included questions about the strange and patchy BBC sound, in particular. This is classic spirit world intervention and has all the hallmarks of a Most Haunted Coronation.

BBC viewers switched to ITV after the audio broadcast broke up and interference was heard from production staff. Of course, it may not have been production staff talking at all.

Was It Archbishop Nikitas?

Was the hooded figure Archbishop Nikitas? If so, he was hooded, not with the cap seen in footage – and he was oddly separated from the rest of the congregation. The Orthodox Times is the newspaper of record for the Greek Orthodox church and here their still from the Coronation shows his headwear.

Father Benedictus NOPE 300x270 - The Coronation Grim Reaper Explained

Princess Diana and Electronic Voice Phenomena

Spirit world presence commonly interferes with technology for reasons we don’t understand. Voices can be heard, from people who have passed, on the radio (in the static in between stations) and also on live television.

It happened at the Coronation and it also happened, with Princess Diana clearly audible, at the late Queen’s funeral.

As early as 7.30am on the day of the Coronation, according to The Daily Telegraph in London, BBC viewers were shown coloured bars and a message saying ‘BBC North Salford’.

Death Is Irreversible

A BBC spokesman said, “We apologise that some viewers experienced intermittent sound drop-out during the Coronation broadcast on BBC One. This was due to an audio conversion issue.” Or something else?

Princess Diana famously used E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomena) to interrupt the ITV broadcast of the Queen’s funeral procession. “Death is irreversible and the fact that she is trapped” can clearly be heard – in Diana’s voice – in clips on YouTube and Tik-Tok which have reached millions.

Mercury Retrograde and an Eclipse Coronation

On Friday 20th January I told Anna Barry at The Express, that Charles would not rule. I said the biggest shake-up for the monarchy in 248 years was coming and the upcoming Coronation would not go as planned.

In two interviews with The Express, I also said “Expect a date change or cancellation.”

Images like this, of Sydney Opera House, went right around Twitter when the decision to pull the Coronation light show was made. The Coronation wasn’t cancelled but events around it were. The date did change – at least according to Bloomberg.

@kathmandupost - The Coronation Grim Reaper Explained

The June 3rd Coronation That Wasn’t

Bloomberg reported the Coronation was set for 3rd June 2023, back on 6th October 2022. Buckingham Palace then corrected it.

The Coronation Set for 2033? Well, if you looked at an official medal, The Daily Mail reported, it appeared to be ten years on. All this is pretty standard for Mercury Retrograde.

Cancellations and Eclipse Weather

At Battersea Power Station, the public livestream screen went black. Bad weather (heavy showers) cancelled a chain of big screen viewings around the United Kingdom. More Mercury Retrograde. And going to black, is a classic eclipse symbol.

The Red Arrows Flypast Rescheduling

The Red Arrows Flypast in Bournemouth was cancelled because of poor weather on the South Coast. The Guardian reported cancelled Coronation parties after a lack of donation to costs and – big news in Australia – the New South Wales government (above, Twitter) cancelled the Opera House Coronation event.

The Coronation Oath Bible Mistakes

The Coronation was a classic example of Mercury Retrograde at work, on the historic bible itself –  on one of the most important days of the year.

King Charles’ Coronation Oath Bible contained mistakes, said its editor. That may yet prove to be more significant than anybody thinks.

Three days before the Coronation, a controlled explosion of shotgun cartridges at Buckingham Palace and an arrest also made breaking news. Even Prince Harry’s US Visa papers were on the line following legal action in the US.

Charles and Camilla, Haunted By…What?

Charles and Camilla were certainly haunted by Father Benedictus at their Coronation, complete with BBC sound interference and strange voices. So, what else are they haunted by? Time will tell, along with the usual delayed impact of that Lunar Eclipse.

That document about the legality and constitutional status of the Charles-Camilla marriage (sealed until Charles III’s death) could be one factor.

Perhaps the good father could tell us more, but one thing’s certain. That was not an actor dressed as The Grim Reaper. In fact, historically, Father Benedictus has always appeared to be solid.

Spot Father Benedictus on My Website

I’m updating this feature on 23rd May 2023 following a lot of comments about the image of Father Benedictus at the top of this feature – popping up in other stories on my website.

He is here on a story which first appeared three years ago about Meghan and Harry. And then the good Father appeared here in a story called Your Money Horoscope to 2026. 

I have asked Asporea who run this website if there is an explanation. None has been provided.

Please tell me if you see his image appearing anywhere else on my website. Thank you.





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134 Responses

  1. Beautiful Insights Jessica, the work you do is amazing, it was interesting to see the weirdness of the coronation.

    What do you think the Royal Family has in store for the next 12 months?

    1. Thank you. I’ve said all I’m going to say about Charles, Camilla, William, Catherine, Harry and the rest. So I will leave the predictions there. Last September I looked at the 50-50 chance of a Coronation cancellation for Charles or abdication, by 2024. He did proceed to the ceremony as we know, but it happened on Mercury Retrograde and an Eclipse, as we also know. There is a strong chance the legal and constitutional validity of that may be questioned at a much later date. The bible he used was full of mistakes, which its own editor confessed to the BBC, which is one example of what can happen on this transit. I think William the Conqueror will repeat in the history books. There was something badly wrong at this ill-starred event.

  2. Hi Jessica, I am right on the cusp of aquarius/pisces. (Sun pisces). Always wondered in that case do I look at both signs predictions, or just pisces. Been a bit of a rough ride lately, with a huge changing future looming. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Elise

    1. Elise, go to to type in your place, date and time of birth (which is free) and you will find if your Sun is in Aquarius or Pisces. I am sorry you have a rough ride under your belt. The Tarot is also free to use here and can show you useful steps to take.

  3. Sorry also, I was always told showing traits of both signs. Is that correct?

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I just woke up in USA to see the images of the Grim Reaper and immediately came to your site and found this blog! Wow. My Aunt, who has since passed, lived in England for YEARS. She would tell me so many ghost stories as a child about England. My family is full of psychics so I’d hear all kinds of things growing up but her English ghost stories were my favorite.

    I think I know why those who have passed come in through technology. We are all energy, that has been proven scientifically. We are electrical beings. So the flow of electricity is similiar to our own spirit and can easily be tapped into. I have so many stories of loved ones who’ve passed communication through some medium of electricity. My mom literally blew out the light in the kitchen the day after she died, shattered the bulb. She also showed up in the garage to help my x-husband who is a COMPLETE skeptic until then. One of my Aunts called on the phone after he death. Another Aunt, Aunt who lived in England called me from her death bed. He care taker had said that she was near comatose and not to call anymore as the end was near. When I saw my Aunt’s number on the phone I thought for sure that she’d died. NOPE it was her, plain as day, calling with a specific message for me. She had a strong voice, said what she had to say and hung up. I was and still am a bit flabbergasted. She was in Canada, I could not go to see her because I was caring for my mother who was also in the process of dying. I have so many other experiences of parted loved ones using electronics and electricity to comminicate but I will just leave it at that.

    One person on Twitter called the image at the Coronation Nostradamus. I found that interesting.

    One day I will have to visit England. My Aunt loved it so and cried when my Uncle insisted on moving back to Toronto. She never wanted to leave England. That was my grandmother’s side, French. My dad’s side is French Huguenot. I really want to go trace the family for both sides and France and see what kinds of things I find.

    Will certainly be watching the Royal happenings going forward.


    1. Thank you GV. You know people in spirit use electronics to communicate, or may affect electricity. The phenomenon of the phone call from beyond is well documented. I remember picking up a ringing phone at Town Hall station in Sydney, waiting for a train. It was Kylie Tennant. She had passed years before but was signed to my publisher and I had been working on my first novel for them. I hope you can visit England once it is safe to do so.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    This is so interesting! It may be Father Benedictus but I think what stands out (and what is meant to be portrayed here) is the symbolism of the Grim Reaper, and general feelings of death hanging over the coronation. There is something bigger going on here. It was such a joyless coronation. I have slowly warmed to Camilla over recent years but when I saw her crowned I felt instantly angry. I’ve just listened to your weekly podcast for this week and will be interested to know what happens with the royals around the 21 May as you mentioned!

    1. Father Benedictus was seen as The Grim Reaper by millions on Tik-Tok and Twitter, perhaps because the unlawful killing of Diana hung over the event. There is no evidence we have, at all, that Camilla had any knowledge at all of the deaths in Paris all those years ago, but we do know that Diana attempted to take her own life, during a long depression in a marriage where Camilla was the third person. Diana told Andrew Morton that and spoke about it in her Panorama interview. Any event on Mercury Retrograde is rewritten or cancelled later. Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, which rules currency and coins, ran through the Coronation and on the most basic level of astrology, minted money may be the source of the second take to come.

  6. Hi Jessica
    Saw the coronation. Was struck with a few things. Firstly William, Kate and their children being late for the service (around 11 minutes). Kate when they did show seemed rather peeved about something.

    Could not help but feel that Charles did not look comfortable at all during the service. He looked pale, haunted and like a man with grey energy around him – as if his life force is waning.

    When he and Camilla were crowned I kept getting the word “fake” come into my head. Could it be that Charles feels deep down like an imposter with a King’s crown? I know Camilla definitely looked like she would of run out of the Abbey if she could.

    As for the appearance of the ghost of the Benedictine monk- this ghost appeared before the wedding of what would become King George V1 and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (later the Queen Mum). King George V1 had a short reign and died from a clot in his coronary artery. For some time now I have felt that King Charles 111 (as he is now known) has congestive heart disease and doesn’t have long to live. I feel he will be gone from this world by November 2026. He will either hand the crown over to William within the next 2 years due to ill health or from a desire for his final years to be spent quietly in the country or William will ascend the throne at the end of 2026 on his Father’s passing. Sorry if this sounds all a bit depressing. Maybe the appearance of the ghost warns of a short reign? Certainly when George V1 ascended the throne he felt ill equipped to take the job with his speech impediment and natural shyness. Charles isn’t shy or burdened with a speech impediment but is definitely not a “strong” king. We’ve seen this with how he has allowed Harry and Meghan to get away with trashing the royal family. Queen Elizabeth 11 was a strong monarch. I see Charles keeping the throne warm for only a short while before William takes over. William will be a strong monarch like his Grandmother.

    1. Yes, the Prince and Princess of Wales were late and last to appear. I was glad Catherine (Kate) wore Diana’s earrings as a mark of respect. It’s interesting that the word ‘fake’ kept running through your mind. A fake Coronation would take place if the King and Queen knew perfectly well that the crown would be passed on, before time. That is one possibility. Father Benedictus at the wedding of George VI and Elizabeth was well documented and as you say, his reign was cut short. You think Charles III will abdicate or die by November 2026. Charles Carter in 1946, predicted Charles III would give up the throne one day. William the Conqueror may well conquer all.

  7. I was struck by the image of Father Benedictus, and knew it to be meaningful despite it being explained away. On reading your article, I walked outside and dwelled. I looked up at the bright waning full moon appearing from behind the dark storm clouds, and watched a remarkable glowing profile of a womans face appear in the dark sky. Later I reread your article and thought, what does the Grim Reaper image mean, as I drew tarot. Judgement appeared. I had been thinking throughout the coronation coverage how ghostly King Charles and Queen Camilla appeared. A few weeks back I had chatted with a friend about the spiritual stories surrounding Queen Elizabeth. The Coronation is indeed powerful, drawing my fascination. And then, Princess Anne. A Royal Avenger with a royal red cloak. I look forward to your future articles.

    1. Father Benedictus appeared on the night of the future Queen Mother’s wedding, but that is the only royal event we have seen referenced by historians, until now. I find that very interesting as of course she was drawn into The Abdication and here we are again. If you drew Judgement in the Tarot then you drew the only card which shows a family rising from its coffins. We think about our late Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh here, but also Princess Diana, Dodi Al-Fayed and Henri Paul. So much death surrounding one Coronation.

  8. The figure seen is flesh and blood no ghost at all .Slowed down you can see his face hands and walk . Someone is pulling your leg

    1. See other comments – Father Benedictus has historically appeared so convincing as to fool tourists. He then walks through walls.

  9. Hi Jessica, I watched the coronation and felt drained by it, as though watching a car crash in slow motion. The sheer number of clergy milling about was exhausting to watch. ‘Famous people’ taking selfies in a cathedral (not a film set!) was appalling. Did you notice how rushed Camilla’s coronation was? The clergyman who picked up her crown practically ran there and back – was he being deliberately disrespectful? I have never been excited by Catherine who, to me, was created for the role of aristocrat by her mother (e.g. Kate cancelled her place at Edinburgh University after it was announced that William was going to St Andrew’s, and then Kate switched to that university). My instinct about the Royal Family has always been that it is an artificial construct based on murder, theft and adultery – sinful at its core. I can’t understand the interest in Penny Mordaunt as anything more than it was – low-cut dress, carrying a sword; to me, it was like a Monty Python/Carry On… sketch. From the ridiculous to the sublime, the highlight for me (among the many lowlights) was the choirboy Samuel – who had more grace and presence than the rest of the congregation put together. My question for you though is, if the ‘Grim reaper’ was in fact a ghost, why does it have a shadow?

    1. You are the second person to have watched the Coronation and felt she was seeing slow motion footage. Selfies are dreadful aren’t they? The height of vulgarity in the midst of history, but then again, perhaps people need to see the way the world was in 2023. There are a couple of conversations on this website which I hope will stay online for years as they will remind us of history too. Thank you for your contribution, it is very interesting. Father Benedictus does appear to have a shadow in the footage. However, he has also talked to lost tourists, apparently, and walked through walls! The two books I have been using are expertly researched and suggest he has genuinely been mistaken for a real man. I think the BBC transmission interference is good evidence.

  10. The big problem for astrology is that since soon after his birth, astrologers were saying Charles would never become King – yet he did. Then some shifted their stance to ‘he would never be crowned’ – yet he was; at 12.02 on 06/05/23, in London. That his reign may not be a long one, given his age, would not be a surprise. But maybe some form of rectification or re-assessment of his chart is required. Or maybe, in later life, astrology becomes much less precise; with the natal chart having been ‘modified’ by experiences and events over the decades of ones life.

    1. Actually, Charles Carter in 1949 published a famous prediction about the baby Charles III that suggested abdication would become more accepted in the future and that Charles would step down. Looking at the chart last September I thought there was a 50-50 chance of not proceeding to Coronation, but also abdication or even cancellation of the role, after having taken it. Something I’m not seeing discussed is that later on, the legal and constitutional nature of the deed may be questioned. Mercury Retrograde is notorious for second takes. People make assumptions and later on new information comes to light which overturns a ‘final’ outcome. We’ll look back at this discussion thread with interest, perhaps! So I’d hold to the astrology; Charles’ chart has panned out to date. The big, big factor in all this is the Scorpio Eclipse which obscures the truth. I remember when Charles married Diana nobody had a clue that Camilla was in the congregation and that Diana knew her husband was in love with her. So you see…

  11. Goose bump article. The coronation was in early morning hours where I am at so I woke up early, moved on the sofa in our living room and kept falling asleep while watching the tv. The guests started coming in and the orchestra was playing and I was waiting for the carriage to see king Charles and Camilla come in. I fell asleep meanwhile and had a dream. In the dream the King and Camilla were wearing completely black clothes in the carriage that brought them to the Abbey and I thought to myself Why would they be wearing completely black clothes at the coronation, that is odd.. in that moment I woke up and saw the guests were still walking in. One other thing that struck me odd was William and Kate coming in the last ones, I thought the King was supposed to enter the Abbey the last one? And another a bit odd thing was that it seemed as a lot of the guests have not bowed when the King was passing by, maybe we did not see it on tv or they simply forgot, but I remember seeing people bowing much more in front of Queen Elisabeth II..
    I understand Mercury is also retrograde and will turn forward and cross the same degrees after 24th of May.. We shall see what messages it brings. Thank you Jessica. All the best.

    1. It’s amazing how many readers have goose bumps or chills reading about the Coronation, or actually had them during the ceremony. You dreamed Charles and Camilla wore black to the service. It’s quite true that Mercury Retrograde will go over old ground. He does so in the sign of Taurus, which is our late Queen’s Sun sign of course. It also rules currency including the newly minted currency – and Mercury himself rules stamps. Thank you.

  12. How could anyone think it was an actor? This event had the tightest possible security. No prankster or protrester trying to cause a disturbance could’ve gotten in and why would anyone responsible for organising the coronation hire an actor to scurry by the entrance on such a serious event? I’m not a very esoteric person but it was most certainly a ghost, there’s no other explanation. Even my stricly sceptic aunt couldn’t come up with another reason when I showed her the footage.

    1. Yes. Not an actor, nor a prankster, but an incredible sight, captured on film. A Twitter friend asked if the reason Father Benedictus appeared at the wedding of the future Queen Mother was the war to come. That’s really interesting.

  13. I immediately noticed the sinister figure moving past the Abbey door and to my husband’s annoyance I stopped the TV transmission and reversed back to see it again. It was clearly a grim reaper figure. My husband said: it’s got to be part of the performance. I didn’t think so. And still don’t. Surreal. Anyway what I really wanted to ask you here, Jessica is this: The New Moon on May 19th is at 28 degrees. I am a Taurus with my natal moon at 28 degrees Aquarius. And a stellium in Aquarius. Anything to note? Thanks for your amazing insights. My husband is almost a believer in astrology, thanks to you:)
    Emma K

    1. Yes, The Grim Reaper on rewind will be online for years and perhaps we can find an image of Father Benedictus on other old photographs or film to compare. The question is, why did he choose this particular Coronation to appear again? Emma, I’m glad your husband is open-minded about astrology. It’s not for everybody, but it is useful and sometimes indispensable. You are in classic career relaunch mode for the next year or so with an offer that would enhance your title or add letters after your name, if you took the opportunity. Sometimes the work is unpaid so there is a new title of an honorary or voluntary nature. Again, you have to accept the opportunity.

  14. Hello Jessica
    You mention the eclipse at the wedding. I think the eclipse refers to this: the big love story all along was Charles and Camilla, not Diana who was never in love with Charles. Never. Diana is the one who has had multiple men, and gone off abroad to be with men, leaving William and Harry behind. Charles has remained true to Camilla, the one he really was suited to.

    I loved the coronation. Loved it. It was fabulous to see the King and Queen smiling on the balcony afterwards. I did not expect them to smile during the coronation, it is after all a solemn service and had great spiritual significance for Charles.

    I agree that Charles may not have a very long reign, because he always said he did not really want to be an aging monarch. It’s a shame. I respect him for all his amazing work. He was ahead of his time on the environment and it took strength of character to remain true to his convictions. I know one thing: the big polluters of this world want to get rid of him. He is frequently targeted. I also know that people of malign influence who hate Britain aided by the gutter press and third rate journalists, also want to bring down the monarchy. Sometimes it’s pure jealousy, I have realised that recently. Others share our joy in the Monarchy.

    I feel sad that so many people harp on about Diana, herself a highly strung adulteress who slept with married men. Why can’t people let go and let bygones be bygones! I know misery and negativity sells, but it’s also cheap and demeaning. It’s also a refusal to see Diana in a more balanced light.

    Charles is a good man, and will be a good king for as long as he is able to remain on the throne. Time to remove the blinkered spectacles and get behind him. Camilla has proven herself and remained steadfast with Charles.

    Long live the King and Queen!

    1. Have you read the Andrew Morton biography of Diana? Perhaps not. It was her autobiography, in essence, as Morton had her co-operation and in fact collaboration. It is the historic record as is her BBC Panorama interview. The legal verdict on her death in Paris was ‘unlawful killing.’ So there are some facts to balance your opinions.

  15. “Prince Harry’s US Visa papers were on the line following legal action in the US.”

    This is a patent falsehood. They are not online or missing (as you wrote in other posts) or even a problem.

    Are you trying to start a conspiracy theory?

  16. Hi Jessica,
    There is a very important election in Turkey on 14 May.
    Do you foresee a change for Türkiye?
    If there is no winner in this election, a second round will be held on 28 May. Do you think this is possible? Or is change possible in the first round?

    1. Turkey is voting on Mercury Retrograde so a second round is entirely possible.

  17. Hi Jessica,

    Another fantastic blog. I was out for most of the day yesterday but caught most of the coronation via Sky before I left the house. I never saw the grim reaper on my feed but I had a feeling something “spooky” was going to happen everytime we saw the overhead shots of inside the Abbey. My eyes were scanning for something to happen or appear almost and it wasn’t the guests. I feel I’m very intuitive but I get scared by my intuition most of the time. Not sure what that means if anything at all.

    A few things that seemed to be foreboding or omens if you like to me was the gloomy weather, it added to the eerie atmosphere already and a horse got spooked in the crowd and knocked the barrier over, the Wales’ being late and knocking the schedule off a little and it felt very forced like Charles didn’t really want to be there but with Camilla I feel that there was a smugness to her facial expressions as she sat on the throne and made her way up and down the altar and of course all the technical issues.

    I have started watching the BBC footage to see if I hear anything otherworldly as I never picked anything up on my Sky footage I recorded. Even as I write this message I am watching the Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle and that eerie feeling is around me again.

    1. Thank you. The weather was dreadful at the Coronation and the photographs of the flypast reveal a very gloomy sky over Buckingham Palace, as you say. Inauspicious Coronation. I didn’t know about the horse; I’ll follow that up. You still have an eerie feeling, just watching the Coronation Concert. There is the most tremendous feeling of a hidden agenda here or a dark secret in the astrology. Eclipses obscure and cover up – the screen that was put up around Charles mirrored the eclipse. Bizarre but true.

    1. Father Benedictus is recorded by two authors as having spoken to confused tourists at Westminster Abbey and also walked through walls.

  18. Hi Jessica

    Everyone but Harry looked miserable at the coronation. I was struck, by William when he pledged allegiance to Charles, that he didn’t even make eye contact with his father. It seemed disingenuous to me. Are the Wales’ really pissed at Charles and Camilla? I also got the vibe Charles is not well.

    I feel there’s definitely something going on in the inner sanctum.

    Could Rose Handbury or her son, the page, be the something hiding in plan sight, I wonder?


    1. Sharlene, the photographs show this don’t they and also the film footage. This is not the 1950s and that was not our late Queen Elizabeth II. It was something so different. The Sun in Taurus clashed in opposition with the Moon in Scorpio. The Moon herself was in a Lunar Eclipse. So right from the start, there is the symbolism of opposition and cover-up. The light concealed, screened, obscured and hidden. This was one day before. Preparation time. Mercury in Taurus travelling backwards on a long loop from April was the other ill-starred omen. So as an astrologer I am not happy. And the eclipses are too similar to the eclipses surrounding the first wedding, which deceived us, and the unlawful killing of Diana. Astrologers have always attracted royalty and the reverse. So it’s traditional to talk about royalty with one eye on the horoscopes. This goes back to Elizabeth I and Dr. John Dee. It extends to the reign of Charles II who asked William Lilly for a reading (and then ignored him). Diana herself saw three astrologers, including my friends Penny Thornton and Debbie Frank. That chart was not a good chart. It was bad astrological weather and the real weather was bad too; cancellations and rescheduling across the land.

  19. Hi Jessica
    This article is fascinating. When does the Mercury Retrograde cycle finish?

    1. Thank you. Mercury Retrograde completes the loop he began in April, on 1st June.

  20. Morning Jessica,

    Two days before the coronation I asked my tarot, “what are we not seeing about the coronation?” And the 5 of swords popped out. Hours before the coronation was due to begin I asked my tarot, “is King Charles sick?” And the death card fell out. Now, I know death doesn’t suggest actual death but then to hear about this ‘grim reaper’ fella….I was gobsmacked! I was going to write to you and tell you the death card fell out at the time, but thought maybe it could have just been accidental. Can the tarot be so literal? I’m not a tarot reader and I’ve only just begun to invest time into it, but everything in the death card was at the coronation. I didn’t clarify the death card, it made me feel sad. No matter what people have done in the past I don’t want to see unfortunate events fall upon them. I feel Charles is very sad, and it hurts my heart to see.

    1. Thank you for your Tarot reading. “What are we not seeing?” is a good question. I am sorry you drew the Death card for the question “Is King Charles sick?” It’s too odd that you then saw Father Benedictus on camera looking for all the world like a reaper. Can the Tarot be literal? You are a beginner and will find out, I guess, from this reading, one of the very first you have likely done about a public figure and a public event. I was taught that Death never predicts actual death unless the person concerned expects it and wants to know. That’s Tarot tradition.

  21. Sorry Jessica, I think you’re just trying to justify your doom predictions re mercury retrograde, full moon eclipse, etc. etc. The ceremony went off, on time and as planned, without a noticeable hitch, Grim Reaper or not (and we all know not to believe everything we see or read online). I for one certainly did not see him or hear Diana.

    1. You may want to look at the many photographs of Father Benedictus on Twitter and watch the BBC and ITV footage. Thank you. As for ‘justify my doom predictions’ – they are predictions because they talk about the future, and the future is yet to pass. As I’ve said, Charles and Camilla won’t rule. It is also possible that time will prove the legality or authority of the Coronation will be invalidated. There is a sealed document our late Queen oversaw, yet to be unsealed.

  22. Yes, ghosts are real and yes, it rains a lot in England, but the Coronation of King Charles III went ahead as planned anyway.

  23. Jessica,

    What a great experice for you to answer that phone! Maybe there can be a blog post on people writing in their experiences from the beyond. I am so intrigued by that! Thank you for all you do!


    1. Thank you. John Edward has me as an administrator on his new website, Evolve, which is where we talk more about mediumship and the spirit world, Patrice.

  24. Hi Jessica

    I got goose bumps just reading your article and would like to offer my take on the Coronation – for what it is worth. I loved all the music but the whole thing was much too busy for my liking. Almost a mediaeval fair with people passing backwards and forwards dressed in their finery laughing and joshing each other. No sense of spirituality at all – until that is the moment of anointing.

    Something very mysterious happened at that moment. I went spontaneously into a deep meditation and sensed the spiritual union of the late Queen at the point of death and her son. It shook Charles to the core. I felt the Coronation was not so much the beginning of the reign of a new King but the beginning of the end of his work in public life. In this respect, the anointing seemed more akin to the last rites of the Roman Catholic Church and the crowning his final glory and achievement.

    Charles has probably done more good as the Prince of Wales than he can ever do as King – which role, as Diana suggested, will curtail his freedom to act in the world as he would wish to do. I am not saying Charles is dying (no more than anyone of his age on the downward slope physically speaking) but that his main task now is to prepare William to take over. William and Catherine are not yet ready and their children are too young. When the time is right……….

    PS I agree that the grip reaper may be a harbinger of war – or could be a symbol of the war in the Ukraine which is taking (culling) so many lives. Olena Zelenska was after all seated in the congregation with Jill Biden!

    1. You felt the Coronation was the beginning of the end of Charles III’s work in public life. Many people on here agree with you. There are also many people who agree with Diana, as you mention, who thought he would do more good away from the throne with his commitment to the environment. Thank you.

  25. I find this all very interesting. I am an Australian . I don’t have strong abilities but often have strong intuition which turns out to be right. When I was 7 there was a loud knock at our front door and I told my mother that it was the police and they were here to tell us that my brother Keith had died. He was 23 years old and it was true. I have a very strong feeling that Charles will pass away within months. I agree with the person who said Camilla looked smug. That was my original thought too. Best wishes from the land of Kangaroos and Kookaburras.

    1. Thank you. You sound like a natural psychic. I am also in the land of kookaburras and kangaroos – waving from Tasmania.

  26. I watched bits and pieces of it on youtube, (am in the US and wasn’t going to stay up for it) and the whole time I saw Camilla in her white dress, I kept thinking this is like the wedding she should’ve had, if Charles married her instead of Diana. The coach ride, white dress, (a tradition QEII started with her coronation), state jewels, and the big balcony wave. Due to them both being divorced and their cheating scandal, they had a small, discreet wedding. Barely even a proper regular ceremony, let along a royal one. Now, whenever I see the clips on social media I think, “Camilla’s wedding”, instead of it coronation.

    For me, the highlight was Princess Charlotte’s gorgeous cape and dress, and her and Prince Louis interactions and reactions. She seems to have her Great-Grandmother’s regal energy and conduct.

    Pool Harry looked lost. Princess Anne is amazing. As to Prince Andrew attending, I personally didn’t feel he should be there and hope justice is served for all those women impacted by Jeffery Epstein and like Prince Andrew.

    Thanks for the information on Father Bendictus. Though I am a bit confused. One date has him dying in 1303, and another during the time of King Henry VIII which was not till 200 years later. I have not seen the video yet, but plan to look it up.

    Thanks for a lovely post.

    PS-You heard about Tara’s stroke, I presume?

    1. Thank you. To begin at the end, I have been in touch with Tara’s daughter who is caring for her. The white wardrobe for Camilla first made its appearance at the white wedding for Diana. I was brought up with the tradition that you should never wear white at the bride’s big day. As for Benedictus, there are two books which talk about him, so I need to do some more checking at the London Library. But I trust it was him. The BBC sound failure was typical of spirit world interference.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this great insight into the “Grim Reaper”. Love him or hate him, you have to feel some empathy for Charles – eclipses don’t just follow him, they are THE feature, or the theme of his life.
    He married a shy woman, after being the Playboy women kissed for attention on the beach in his youth – only for his coy wife to outshine (eclipse) him in popularity. No longer the eligible bachelor, he was the dowdy older husband to a stylish, mesmerising young woman.
    Patiently waiting his turn as Monarch, his highly anticipated ascension to Kingship be overshadowed by the duration and magnitude of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Time will never allow him to achieve what she achieved – he is too old. Before he has even started, his mothers’ reign has eclipsed his.
    And in all likelihood, William will take the throne as a reasonably young man, with an unblemished record, a beautiful and much loved wife and healthy, happy children. Generally, William does not offend in the way that Charles does, even to those who don’t like the Monarchy. Again, Charles will be outdone or overshadowed by his son, before he has even done anything as King.
    Then – on the day after Coronation, all everyone is talking about it a 2 second clip of a background Ghost from 500 years ago – Charles’ moment in the Sun outdone by Father Benedictus!
    Like you’ve said many times before, I’m still perplexed about the timing of the Coronation.
    Wonder if we will ever understand just what it is we can’t see?

    1. Thank you. By rights, we should realise what a dark jigsaw puzzle of hidden pieces this was, when we see transits over the same degree of the eclipse. So that is 14 Scorpio, opposite a Sun in 14 Taurus. The most obvious transit is Jupiter at 14 Taurus, from August 5th to 16th. This seems most likely, as it falls when we have a New Moon in Leo, the sign of monarchy, on August 16th. I agree with you about William the Conqueror. Let’s watch that timing.

  28. Thanks for your explanation on Father Benedictus, Jessica! So he was murdered by burglars in the 1530’s. Things come to my mind immediately: 1530’s – establishment of the CoE, divorce of Henry VIII, marriage to the beautiful, intelligent and outspoken Anne Boleyn, beheading of Anne Boleyn (on the 19th of May just like the wedding of Harry and Meghan!) – just because she was beautiful, intelligent and outspoken? To me, it comes across as desecration of the Sacred Feminine. The death (murder?) of Princess Diana can also be considered desecration of the Sacred Feminine. She was not only the People’s Princess, but also some sort of Pagan Goddess. The Princess of Wales and Penny Mordaunt seemed like Pagan Goddesses at the Coronation. The Green Man on the invitation to the Coronation…is King Charles III the Green Man? So many things! I still have this vision of the Seven of Swords, plotting and scheming behind the scenes…..CoE clergymen? Sorry if my comment comes across as a bit incoherent, my mind is currently in overdrive!

    1. It is absolutely the same era that the Church of England was established; to enable a divorce and protect a divorced king. So here we are again, Pluto back in Aquarius, same cycle as the formation of the Anglican Church under Henry VIII and here comes Father Benedictus, who lived under the same monarch. Unless this is the greatest practical joke of the century complete with a complex plan to get past the massive security on the day – it is the good father. I agree, the whole thing was pagan. Not in a particularly good way. I still dislike the falling golden lion on the first invitation, who became a black lion in the second. And that Scorpio Eclipse, the day before. Just no.

  29. Oh I love this ghost! Well, I love it being present at the Coronation anyhow (not that I saw any of it, I’m afraid).
    I just have a question about the New Moon coming up next week – when you say ‘if you have any factors in Taurus…’ does that include things like Ascendant/Descendant, North/South Nodes, MC/IC? (Actually this question applies broadly to all horoscopes, not just this New Moon one!) The only Taurus factors I have are the Descendant at 23 degrees and the North Node at 27. So how should I make the most of this lucky New Moon?
    Thanks so much once again!

    1. Definitely focus on saving or making money on the Taurus New Moon. The North Node at 27 Taurus is good karma, crossed by Jupiter at 27 Taurus in May 2024. So you are potentially heading for a rare, fated, helpful, historic turn in your fortunes then. Set the compass right on the New Moon, know the direction you want to travel, jot it down on paper, say it aloud to the mirror (a promise to yourself) and let Jupiter take care of the rest.

  30. Hi Jess

    I saw the figure too and didn’t know what I was seeing, I remember thinking it was odd to have him in all black. To me Charles and Camilla looked anxious. I too wondered why William and Kate were late and the horses seemed unsettled too. With it being an eclipse I wonder if we will ever know the truth? For me the most poignant part was when William gave his pledge. I personally don’t think Charles had anything to do with Diana’s death, not to say someone else wasn’t of course, but I also wondered if he thought of her as he was being Crowned because the whole thing felt odd, almost like the Royal family know something we don’t know.

    1. The horses are important, as they are so sensitive to atmosphere. The horse at the Meghan-Harry wedding was called Stormy. An omen for what was to come. So yes, the horses have their part to play in this very peculiar part of history, too. Does this family know something we don’t know? The Scorpio eclipse, in Charles III’s own sign, opposite the Sun in Taurus, his mother’s sign, would say ‘yes.’

  31. hi Jessica so many Americans at British coronation Street oops coronation. what’s your take on katey perry standing on Churchill’s plaque? I feel illuminati are close at hand. I just kept thinking of Diana the innocent. how charles got away with murder I’ll never know. ty Chris

    1. Katy Perry stood on Sir Winston Churchill’s plaque? (But why was she even there?) Part of the bogus nature of the whole event is that we know Charles III’s taste very well and he has never professed to liking either Nick Cave or Perry. And Diana much on everybody’s mind, as you say. Thank you Chris.

  32. A allegedly murdered Father Benedictus, Penny M evoking the (framed) Anne Boleyn, and two inconvenient royal wives conspicuous by their absence, Diana and Meghan. Bit of a Henry VIII theme at Charles III’s coronation.

    1. You are the second person to see Anne Boleyn come to life again at that ceremony. It was deeply Tudor, I agree. Thank you.

  33. Referring to Penny Mordaunt MP, I thought she was the non-Royal or military star of the ceremony. Both my friend & I said ‘Anne Boleyn’ the moment we saw her. Certainly a lot of people have expressed the same in the media, probably due to her stunning headwear that had the look of the famous Boleyn French Hood (minus the back veil). The attached cape of her dress mimicked the draped sleeves that AB favoured. The teal colour is called ‘Poseidon’ in deference to her naval constituency of Portsmouth and the fern design reflects the design of Privy Council uniforms. She’s the first woman ever to carry the Sword of State before the Monarch, considering it weighs over 8 pounds holding it straight took some doing! Whatever you politics you have to admire the way she carried herself!
    So, ‘Anne Boleyn’ finally carried a sword in the Abbey in honour rather than becoming a victim of one…..just a thought!

    1. Oh, so you saw Anne Boleyn? That’s interesting. And she wore Poseidon colours. In astrology we call him Neptune, planet of unreality. Perhaps she is Anne, come back.

  34. Goodness me, the petty comments about Camilla, Harry, the Wales’ being late, Charles being glum etc etc and the interpretations of so called hidden meanings behind every facial expression. Royals are humans too with hearts and minds – or maybe not if you are a conspiracy theorist. I did read Camilla’s lips as she stepped out onto the balcony, suprised at the crowds: Good Grief !! Nothing unusual about rainy days in May either.

    I was born in England – in my view the monarchy underpins the class system and should be pared right back to basics – I think all the tourism dollars we are always told about when justifying the Civil List is rubbish – tourists would still visit England for all the history etc – after all how often are you likely to bump into a royal on your holiday.

    The Coronation was a huge waste of money when the cost of living in the UK has soared. However, I think the idea of ‘service’ that seems to be promoted by the royal family is something that everyone could aspire to — as the Dalai Lama says –

    ” We are visitors on this planet. We are here for 90 or 100 years at the very most. During that period we must try to do something good, something useful with our lives. If you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find the true goal, the true meaning of life”

    So less mean spirited comments and lets all be more giving and forgiving.

    1. I think most people in this discussion would agree with you about visitors to the United Kingdom still coming even if the monarchy lost its power and wealth. They come for the history and the beauty, of course. Have to say, gossip about the monarchy is part of the tradition of monarchy. So is criticism. I don’t think Shakespeare would have his plays without the crowd at the Globe commenting on the kings and queens on stage (and likely quite rudely). Therein lies the interest. Petty comments? But all is pettiness within royalty, right down to the tiniest details on that invitation. Kate’s earrings, worn backwards. So although I take your point, have to say, it’s part of the ancient tapestry.

  35. The designer of Diana’s wedding dress claims that Princess Anne told Camilla at the coronation dinner: “you’re not Queen, you’re the Queen Consort!”
    No idea how he comes by this information, but we know Anne is not afraid to speak her mind. I don’t know if it’s true, but Anne and her husband did not attend the coronation concert, which could also point in this direction. She attended the reception for guests at Windsor Castle before the concert, but then went home. Why?

    I have to say that to me, Camilla did not look smug as she was crowned, she looked scared. Here we see the grim reaper, but does Diana also haunt Camilla I wonder? Or is it perhaps her own bad conscience that haunts her?
    Every single time she appears in public, Camilla wears that Alhambra clover bracelet – clovers for good luck. Camilla knows herself that she needs it – good luck, I mean.

    The whole coronation looked very Roman to me, but not Charles and Camilla themselves. There was Princess Anne looking like Minerva, goddess of wisdom and war with her military hat. And the role suits her, doesn’t it? Wisdom, strength and the military.

    There was Princess Charlotte looking like a little Diana (the Roman goddess I mean), Catherine as the goddess Victoria perhaps. Catherine, who in my opinion will ultimately always be victorious. She has been so far, and she was born to be Queen – most people can see it. But she leads with kindness, empathy and a genuine warmth.

    There was Sophie on the balcony, next to Catherine as she so often has been, protective of her and her children. The Daily Mail’s lip reader said that on the balcony Sophie asked Catherine “Where’s George?”, forgetting that he was with the other pages. A mother cannot have a better female friend than one who will look out for her children.
    A Queen ideally needs a female supporter by her side and while traditionally it was ladies in waiting, I think Sophie will be Catherine’s support.

    So many people remarked that Penny Mourdant looked like a Roman goddess as well! Despite her crown, the new Queen was kind of outranked, wasn’t she? Because Roman goddesses outrank an earthly Queen.

    Finally, there was the Roman goddess who was not seen at the coronation, but she’s on her way: Justice. I don’t see things in black and white, I don’t think Charles or Camilla are all bad, nor was Diana all good. But Justice comes to everyone eventually, it is only fair.

    1. Well, Princess Anne is echoing what our late Queen thought. Remember, she didn’t go to the Camilla-Charles nuptials and ‘Queen Consort’ was supposed to be the accepted moniker. Someone pointed out on this discussion thread, or on Twitter, that people still referred to Elizabeth II as ‘The Queen’ but are not currently referring to Camilla as ‘The Queen.’ Well, not in everyday online talk anyway. The whole ceremony was full of archetypes, as you say. Anne as Minerva. Charlotte as Diana. Catherine did look rather like Victoria. Penny Mordaunt was verging on the Tarot; Queen of Swords. I like your comment on Justice.

  36. I dunno, Jessica – that might have been the REAL Grim Reaper! Check out asteroid Grimm 6912 at 10 Virgo, sandwiched between asteroids Regina 285 (Latin for queen) 11 Virgo and Charlier 8677 (one of several referents for Charles, for which there is no exact English match) 7 Virgo. Seems like the GR may have been in the thick of things! :^)

    And did you see the larger-than-life bust of Charles in chocolate, exhibited 4/26? How about asteroid King 2305 19 Taurus at the focal of a T-Square with asteroids Candy 3015 12 Aquarius, Sweet 11727 with Rey 13647 (Spanish for king), both at 12 Leo? Crafted by master chocolatier Jennifer Lindsey-Clarke, the addition of asteroid Jennifer 6249 at 19 Scorpio makes this a Grand Cross.

    And we won’t go into that huge 30-foot phallus mowed into the lawn at Royal Crescent, Bath on 5/4. But if we did, we’d see asteroid King 23 Taurus conjunct asteroid Green 12016 24 Taurus, trine asteroid Pecker 1629 21 Capricorn with asteroid Charlois 1510 (another Charles stand-in) 22 Cap. Well, we might say Charles had that coming – his natal chart includes a Pecker/Crescentia 660 (for the Royal Crescent venue) conjunction at 24 and 25 Virgo, squared asteroid Mowers 23833 22 Sagittarius. Put the two together, and we have a synastric Grand Trine. That Virgo conjunction also falls at the Apex of a Yod with asteroid Grass 11496 22 Aquarius and asteroid Batth 11176 (for Bath) at 20 Aries, so I guess the verdant virility was inevitable.

    It’s all there in the sky, you just have to know where to look for it. :^)

    1. Those asteroids are interesting. They aren’t part of the traditional astrology family tree, but if this is pure divination, they fit. Though Grimm is surely about Grimm’s Fairy Tales, isn’t it? The grim/Grimm end to the fairy tale that began with Diana and Charles. I like your way of looking at divination, it’s intriguing. So what do you see for 2023, 2024?

  37. I dunno what Father Benedictus was doing there but my English cuzzy and I were live chatting during the ‘ proceedings ‘ ( I’m in Aus, she’s in UK ) and we were discussing what our very down to Earth, Leeds born grandfather who entered the Anglican priesthood after WW2 and emigrated to Australia woulda said about all the gold and the proclaimations towards helping the poor. We agreed he’d have said ” Get on with it! “. That’s what that shadowy figure walkthrough says to me. Like, we might have to all wait through this charade on clock time but those who linger longer in spirit know what time it is.

    1. I love that about your Leeds-born grandfather. Famously practical place isn’t it.

  38. Thank you for your work Jessica.
    This whole coronation seemed like a facade, nothing seemed genuine.

    Even Charles himself doesn’t want to be a king…he looked miserable.

    William is playing this for the long run and it’s quite evident, he is saying all the right things at the moment to secure his place in the coming future.

    Camilla as a Queen …I should say Queen Consort knows that she didn’t deserve that crown..I believe in Karma so more to come on this ( I’m sure!)

    1. So many people found that Coronation not what history had led us to hope for. Charles looked miserable. I was thinking about the family as the ‘Firm’ (our late Queen’s alleged name for it). This company has been based on sturdy values since the Queen Mother’s defiance during the Blitz. It’s always been very clearly about the Church of England, to the letter of the law, and for all that there are rumours about the late Duke of Edinburgh, two generations of monarchs saw through their marriages to the very end and it seems he was everything to Elizabeth II. So that’s where this firm comes from. It’s a brand, but the brand has been so tarnished that a survey in 2022 saw Diana, Princess of Wales, was more popular in death than any of the family members now still living. I believe that was a YouGov poll so government authorised.

  39. so are you really going to go on record stating that the verger seen walking across the Abbey was a ghost?

    1. I just did. Have you ever seen a verger even at Westminster Abbey dressed like that, with hood up?

  40. What an interesting article – and yes, I did see The Grim Reaper’s sudden and brief appearance at the Abbey.

    I wonder if his appearance on the eve of the Queen Mother’s wedding is connected to Charles’s coronation? Soon after his second marriage, I remember reading somewhere that Charles had told an aide that it was a pity that his beloved grandmother wasn’t alive to see his union with Camilla. His aide had to remind him that had his grandmother been alive he wouldn’t have married Camilla!

    1. I did think it was striking that the last recorded sighting of Father Benedictus was at the wedding of a couple who would be fated to take over during an abdication. And of course Charles Carter in 1949 predicted Charles would abdicate. Let’s see.

  41. no one has mentioned the figure standing in the same place, just as King Charles was sitting on the throne.

    1. Okay so I need to watch some of this footage back on YouTube from BBC or ITV now. Thank you.

  42. Hi Jessica, The figure that people saw as the grim reaper is that of the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Nikitas of Thyateira in the long black cloak and black hat and carrying his ceremonial staff. He was invited by King Charles to perform in the ceremony as a nod to his father Prince Philip’s familial ties to the Greek Orthodox Church.

    1. You absolutely win on this post! It is to Google we all go, and the footage of the Coronation. But why did Westminster Abbey then say it was a verger? (This is their comment to Newsweek). And why was he by himself in another part of the Abbey? Final question, why was BBC transmission interrupted to the point that all the media were carrying complaints about the sound and ‘voices’ on the television?

  43. Hi Jessica,

    Something very strange happened last night. I read this post just before turning of the light and going to bed, and suddenly I felt very tense and I realised that what I felt was fear! That never happens to me when I channel or feel spirit. For me as a psychic medium the veil is thin and I get nudges, messages or just encounters with spirit on a daily basis .I can feel spirits energy but it is disconnected from my own. I always keep my energy clear and grounded so it is highly unusual for me to feel what I did last night. I wrote to you that I got a message that said – no coronation – that was incorrect as we all know by now .But I do agree that everything about this coronation have a very eerie feeling about it.
    I didn’t watch it but read the comments on twitter and the first thing that that came to me when looking at Charles was that he has a heart problem. I did hear heart failure, and when looking at pictures off his swollen hands you can tell that something is wrong. I don’t understand why I had that dreaded feeling last night after reading this post , but I know that it is my intuition going off. I belive that Father Benedictus is a sign, or a warning maybe of something to come .I am sorry if it sounds dark. This is not me at all, and usually not how my guides communicate but I do have a heavy feeling . And I know this is my guides or my intuition coming through . I guess time will tell us what we are all sensing.
    Take care and my best wishes to you and Tess / Anna

    1. I am sorry you had that experience. Mediumship is sometimes like that. We get spirit people who slip through. They are often the equivalent of prank callers as you know. Your guides will help you move them out of your space. You feel Charles III has a heart problem and heard ‘heart failure.’ He has certainly had his heart on an emotional level affected by Harry, Meghan and the children. I disliked the Coronation intensely and the invitation which originally showed a golden lion falling, which later became black. Why was a Lunar Eclipse chosen? So many questions.

  44. Jessica, what do you think Diana‘a ghostly message at the Queen’s funeral meant? “The fact that she is trapped” is quite a curious statement.

    1. I have an awful feeling Diana repeated that phrase because it was something she heard from someone at the scene – legal or medical – and wants that person to remember. Trapped is hugely important. Why was she trapped without a seat belt on? She habitually wore a belt. Paparazzi have a large number of photographs of that very fact. Her own family say she always wore a belt. If she was told to take it off and get in the well of the car, or did so because of her own training (or Dodi’s insistence) it must have been because a gun was being pointed at them from a parallel car or motorcycle. There is no camera evidence. I trust Diana’s E.V.P. here.

  45. I believe in ghosts having lived in a haunted house.

    Tantalising as it is, the photograph is fake. Despite there being ghosts in Westminster Abbey, this is not one. The creator accidentally added a shadow.

    Ghosts do not have shadows. Somebody is having a laugh or trying to stir up negativity against the King, and who does that benefit?

    1. All the images are from stills of the film footage. Watch the film footage again and see. Father Benedictus walks through walls and talks, according to records kept, so I think shadows are not altogether out of place.

  46. Hi Jessica,
    We bought a new house last month. But it has tenants in it. We want to move into the house immediately, but the tenant says they can leave after at least 1 year. I want to move now.
    My Sun is Scorpion. My ASC is Scorpion at 29 degrees.
    Also, the Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are in Scorpion. My Saturn and Pluto is Libra
    Will eclipses give me the opportunity to move? Or it is possible to act when the Lunar nodes change.
    I’m very curious about your thoughts on this. Because next year my daughter will take a very important exam. And I may have to postpone it more so as not to disturb my daughter’s order. Thanks

    1. Eclipses show as nothing at all – you will not see nor know the facts – for weeks, months or sometimes years. Then you will look back and realise something was covered up. That is true of last Friday, and may have affected Saturday. The eclipse is now over. So it has nothing to do with your house and tenants. You are strongly Scorpio and I can tell you now that with Mercury Retrograde in opposition to Scorpio placements at 5-15 degrees of Taurus, there is a good chance you are being ‘Mercuried’ and so the discussion or information is going to change, or even be reversed – with the tenants. I strongly advise you to check landlord and landlady organisations online to see what is happening with others in your position. I don’t know where you live and I cannot see a chart here, but I think it is time to check with the law and with the word on the street. Go back to this.

  47. A quick update on the ‘Grim Reaper’ – a number of news outlets today confirmed that the figure briefly seen was stated by Westminster Abbey to be one of their vergers, crossing from one side of the Abbey to the other.

    1. Yes, Newsweek contacted Westminster Abbey who said it was a verger. Acting alone, unchecked by security, wearing a full hood. During national BBC transmission interruption. That’s what we mediums call, a spirit person.

  48. Good Evening Jessica:
    I love a good ghost story and New Orleans is my happy place. So much history and unexplainable happenings there that I have captured on camera. I used to watch a Ghost Hunting team from the UK years ago and found the UK very interesting. The Grim Reaper video at the coronation peeked my curiosity so I decided to research and it turns out it’s not what it seems. This is what’s online:

    Coronation Viewers Spot ‘Grim Reaper’ at Westminster Abbey—Video
    -When contacted by Newsweek for clarification, Westminster Abbey identified the figure as a verger, a member of the abbey community who assists with religious services but who is not a member of the clergy.

    Oh well, it still gave an interesting twist to the day.

    1. Yes, the Newsweek response is quoted in my feature. I disagree with Newsweek, for reasons also mentioned in the article.

  49. 10/05/2023
    After calling brexit I was convinced you were infallible, Jessica. However, seeing your post below I became a little perplexed how you could have fallen for the great sickness industry’s VIRUS MYTH. Especially considering your meticulous research of historical facts. GNM (German New Medicine) blows the entire virus fraud out of the water. Has anyone ever seen a virus? No! There’s no such thing but it makes a heap of money for the questionable pharmaceuticals and their toxic vaccination programs. Pasteur, the virus “discoverer” confessed his fraudulent conclusion in his dying days. Antoine Bechamp who opposed Pasteur and declared all disease originates from WITHIN was conveniently overruled, but he was 100% correct. Medicine was hijacked by moneyed interests associated with Rockefeller which has slowly changed the medical industry into medical racket. See also Contagion Myth by Cowan and Fallon Morell.

    “In fact, astrology prevents death and dated virus warnings do it. In my profession, you call the dates for a virus as far in advance as possible.
    I did this twice in 2019 and flagged January 10th 2020 for a new virus with big implications for China and Europe. I did it again on 11th June 2022 because March 2023 worried me. We now know this was the WHO concern about a new variant seen in India, called Arcturus. It was announced by Sky News as arriving in March.”

    1. I’m afraid astrology is not infallible because astrologers practise it and they are human beings, who make mistakes like doctors, Prime Ministers and everybody else. Four of my people are dead from COVID-19. I’m friends on Twitter with Professor Doctor Kerryn Phelps whose life has been badly affected by Long Covid. So you see.

  50. Hi Jessica, Thank you for sharing the link to the footage of Diana on your Twitter page. For those who get an error message, all they need to do is google National Geographic Diana in Her Own Words, and click video. I’m halfway through watching it. What struck me, intuitively and also from the body language and facial expressions, is that the late Queen knew what was going on. And, more to the point, accepted it as normal because that was the life she led with Philip. Anyone who looks at the photos of Philip and Penny Romsey, especially in 1975, can’t fail to notice they were a couple. If there was a man who knew he could have his cake and eat it too, it was Philip. And Charles learned that from his father. On a brighter note: Trump is on his way down and out. It’s funny that his defence is that he can’t remember the women he abused, because that isn’t a defence to any reasonable person; it’s a reflection of his regard for women – their identity isn’t important because they can safely be forgotten (he thought) after he’s used them. Thank you for providing a forum for us all and, more importantly, astrological proof that karma is real. In layman’s terms: a Scorpio (Charles) neglected a young Cancerian (Diana) with the help of an older Cancerian (Camilla). As a woman with a Cancerian stellium and a misogynistic Scorpio ex, I can understand how toxic that must have been. Decades later and the chickens are coming home to roost. Hence, IMHO, the appearance of Father Benedictus.

    1. Thank you. The National Geographic program on YouTube ‘Diana In Her Own Words’ can be seen in Australia (as we watched today. It is very good). British friends say it can’t be seen in the United Kingdom unfortunately. I agree, our late Queen knew what was going on. The situation with Donald Trump and Charles III is so similar. We are at the tail-end of this Scorpio cycle, with the South Node in Scorpio for the first time in 19 years. It ends in July but the karma from every other cycle comes around and Scorpio traditionally rules marriage, divorce, adultery, the legacy, will and inheritance. The shorthand term for Scorpio and the Eighth House, which it rules, is ‘Sex, Death and Money.’ I agree, the chickens are coming home to roost, and by all the laws of astrology, they will roost from now until July 17th, when the South Node finally leaves Scorpio.

  51. Dear Jessica
    Re your reply “By rights, we should realise what a dark jigsaw puzzle of hidden pieces this was, when we see transits over the same degree of the eclipse. So that is 14 Scorpio, opposite a Sun in 14 Taurus. The most obvious transit is Jupiter at 14 Taurus, from August 5th to 16th. This seems most likely, as it falls when we have a New Moon in Leo, the sign of monarchy, on August 16th.”
    Harking back to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II the North Node was at 14 Taurus and South Node 14 Scorpio precisely on that day September 19th. Could that have been the starting point of this pattern as it does again seem a remarkable coincidence otherwise ? Synchonicity.
    regards EF

    1. Well done for spotting that. I’ve not seen (even) professional astrologers raising the timing of our late Queen’s funeral. The eclipse sign/degree and then Jupiter going over the eclipse sign/degree, where the lunar nodes stood, when Her Majesty left us. Quite remarkable as you say.

  52. Hi Jessica, I am totally impressed with the Brits’ ability to stage huge events … I was captivated by the Platinum Jubilee followed by the late Queen’s funeral and now the King’s coronation. The planning for just one of these events blows my mind but three such events in around twelve months … wow. Congratulations to them. Re: the coronation, I get really good vibes from King Charles … a gentle, thoughtful, kind man. Sure, he gets a little frustrated when irritating things happen like leaking pens but I think that’s because he takes the whole responsibility of his position very seriously. I am actually very happy for him that he is now with a woman who is obviously his soul mate. I don’t think that he and Diana would have lasted regardless of Camilla … Diana and Charles were not a good match at all I feel. I also thought that Charles looked a very bad colour at the coronation … looked very pale I thought. I hope his health is OK and that he can make his mark in the role. I had a strong feeling that despite appearances, William and Kate and their adorable children actually planned their slightly late arrival so they could avoid Harry. If they had been sitting waiting before the start of the event, he could have loomed up in front of them and tried to force an interaction which would have been horrible for them. They must feel so betrayed by him. The late arrival meant they could avoid him completely. Kate is a capricorn … supremely organised and would never arrive late for such an important event unless she was avoiding something harmful to her family. As the years go by I feel increasingly sure that evil has its claws in Harry and he hasn’t the strength to stand up to it. I didn’t see the ghost but have no doubt there are spirits all around us … I have them in my house and love them dearly. Take care Jessica.

    1. Thank you. All opinions welcome in this astrology discussion – which just dived into the spirit world, thanks to Father Benedictus. Have a look at the footage again and you will see him.

  53. Hi Jessica, someone recently pointed out that the coronation took place 6 months 6 weeks and 6 days after the Queen’s funeral. And on the 6th day of May. Another synchronicity?

  54. Hi Jessica, something a bit strange just occurred: I was scrolling back through some of your old blog posts for some interesting reading and came across one from the 9th April 2019. I’m not sure why I picked that article over the others but for some reason it caught my eye. As I was reading, I suddenly spotted the image of the ‘Grim Reaper’ in Westminster Abbey posted strangely next to a paragraph about a shock Brexit from 2019 in relation to Uranus! It gave me goosebumps to see it there. I read through the article but can’t make sense of why the image should have found its way there… quite spooky! I wonder what that could mean?

    Best wishes, Alexia.

    1. Thanks so much Alexia. Goose bumps are a sign your spirit guide is saying ‘Yes, this is real.’ Okay, so I seldom go back and change any article on the website, apart from updating when a prediction has come true, to show the link in the media. Sometimes Jodi or Justin will clean up the design, but we don’t touch anything, especially if it goes back a few years. So what you saw is not the result of anybody’s work. There is also a Tarot book cover by Paul Fenton-Smith which has appeared in the same article. No reason! I must contact Paul to see what’s going on. But, the Father Benedictus photograph makes perfect sense when you scroll down and see the paragraph about the bible, Scorpio (Charles is a Scorpio), sex, death and money. It is illustrated by a bishop or archbishop from the 1500s marrying a couple at the altar. I believe this is about Charles and Camilla and that wedding many years ago which could not take place in front of the Archbishop and which in the eyes of the Church of England at the time, was not constitutional. Father Benedicus knew and knows. It’s too odd. Take a look.

    1. I’m enjoying it too, especially as Father Benedictus is now popping up on another part of my website. See comments!

  55. Hello Jessica,
    Did you find any footage of the person standing in the same place as Charles was first siting on the throne? I couldn’t find it.

    On a side note (no disrespect intended) but it is weird for me type that Charles was sitting on the throne because it has a whole different meaning in the states. Again, No Disrespect intended.

    1. Now, that’s interesting. We all have time to go back now and see just what is appearing on the film footage. I’ve just had a reader spot Father Benedictus popping up in a story written four years ago on this website. At no point has anyone working here been told to reproduce that image there. In any case, it’s not explained. Scroll down though and you’ll see why he might have made an appearance! It’s an article called Your Money Horoscope to 2026 which does in fact reference the bible of the 1500s, Scorpio, sex, death and money further down. So he’s chosen his timing there. What do you think?

  56. I wish to apologise to you Jessica for disputing the vision of the Grim Reaper and hearing Diana, etc. at the Coronation. I thought this morning that maybe just the psychic mediums could pick up their presence, but us “ordinary” folks didn’t.
    Anyway, I should not have commented 🙁 You are so in tune with that side of life and I respect you and your work, and the fact that you volunteer so much of your time answering questions and posting on your blog.

    Best wishes. B.

    1. Thank you. I am lucky to have such nice readers, I must say. Raising my glass to you in Australia.

  57. Thanks Jessica. I felt Dianas presence very strongly, especially around her grandchildren. Perhaps the dark figure was her as a shape shifter!
    Charles health is definitely on a downturn.
    I disliked the coronation very much also, it was an enduring struggle to watch, so much tension in the air. Keep up the good work Jessica.

    1. Thank you. I am seeing some intriguing comments on this post. Many people have pointed out that the classic eclipse diversion/distraction (‘Look over here’) was Penny Mordaunt while the real story was the appearance of Charles III which confronted many. This was not his mother’s Coronation.

  58. Hi Jessica,

    Hope all is well in beautiful Tasmania. I’ve always been fascinated by Islands and love visiting them. I have often wondered whether living not too far from water (the sea) makes people more open psychically? If nothing else it is relaxing and enjoyable to be near the sea.

    I didn’t see the “Grim Reaper” while watching the coronation. I was too much concentrating on Charles and Camilla but was amazed by the viral footage on your website.
    I don’t have a “rational”/ conventional explanation for the figure. How can someone walk briskly across the outside of the Abbey entrance and not get stopped by security? Who wears a hood indoors and walks with a long walking cane? I think everyone who was meant to be at the service would have been in their place. The Church of England robes are often white and gold and don’t seem to include hoods. This was a dark hooded cape more appropriate for bad English weather to keep the wearer warm and dry.

    Father Benedictus himself, from what I have read, seems to be a rather friendly, helpful “ghost”. He has been mistaken for a tour guide by tourists and apparently once helped an American couple find the Abbey exit at closing time.
    Rather than a harbinger of doom or ill portent could he be someone who appears when a blessing is needed – a benediction perhaps.
    He appeared the night before the wedding of George VI and Queen Elizabeth – later the Queen Mother.
    During WWII Hitler described the Queen mother as the most dangerous woman in Europe as she contributed so much to morale.
    Father Benedictus died in a botched robbery while protecting something precious. Perhaps he was back to bless the Queen Mother and George VI who dedicated their early lives to protecting something precious, Great Britain and democracy and the fight against evil.
    Maybe his reappearance is showing ahead a role Charles will play.
    Olena Zelenska, the first lady of Ukraine was there I believe. She and the President are also protecting something precious – their Country and political freedom.
    As I side note I have seen in the press the invitation to her was addressed to the first lady of “Ukaine, maybe taking the R ( Russia) out of Ukraine.

    Take care and again thank you for your work.


    1. Thank you Caitlin. As you say, how can someone walk briskly outside the Abbey entrance and not get stopped by security? Who wears a hood indoors? The standard garments for Church of England officials do not include a peaked hood that I can see. A reader has picked up spirit world interference in a 2019 story I wrote about finances on here, too. A photograph of Father Benedictus has appeared, for no reason, just near a comment about Scorpio, sex, death and money and the 1500s bible. I’m not going to ask my webmasters to correct it, although I will be curious to find out how such a thing can have happened. I’d say it’s the spirit world. It’s very odd. I like your idea that Father Benedictus is here to protect, to help – even to save. There is more to be revealed about this astrologically ill-starred event, but of course the eclipse covered up so much, it will take weeks or months to show itself. Anyone who thinks ‘That’s that’ is quite wrong here, astrologically.

    2. Thank you Caitlin. Following up a point here about the security; Father Benedictus traditionally is seen in the Cloisters. The paving beneath his feet in the BBC footage is the same as that we see in the Cloisters so he may be in his familiar haunt – literally. It would be good if readers with more knowledge of the abbey could comment on where he actually walked. And it was extremely fast, wasn’t it? Extremely odd. As he was a Roman Catholic monk who was evicted from the Abbey by Henry VIII or who died before that happened (but still knew about it) we would expect him to be troubled by kings who divorce and commit adultery. So there we are.

  59. Hello Jessica,
    What a brave article!
    ‘The grim reaper’ is to me evocative of the song by the Blue Oyster Cult : the moment I read that phrase I couldn’t help but singing inwardly ” All our times have come… Romeo and Ju li et are together in eternity… Don’ t fear the reaper’ and so on…!
    I’m surprised that we can see this ghost so well… He must have gotten tremendous energy from the event…
    Patricia Darré, a French ‘ghost buster’ unafraid of the most aggressive ghosts – yes, it exists and who wrote ‘There’s someone in the house ‘ usually sees them in 2D, I think. So I wonder why Father Benedictus seems to appear in 3D… In fact, PD explains in her book that ghosts need love, empathy and understanding so that they can reach a better place… You don’t chase a ghost away without his consent! He was there before you! Of course, some ghosts are a lost cause and you just have to let them be.. not threats etc.
    The Blue Oyster Cult is also reminiscent of the fetichism attached to the ceremony… But like a tongue-in-the-cheek joke…

    I very much liked what you wrote about horses. I believe that they are indeed very sensitive animals – they are actually considered to be psychopomp animals. I love them dearly as well as donkeys. I feel animals have a much higher vibration than humans and I think it can actually be measured (Bovis scale). Before and after the ceremony, one horse reared back towards a gate which was protecting the crowd – quite frightening for the horse, the rider and the people – and another horse “trottinait” in diagonal as if he were drunk…

    Thank you also for mentioning the documentary ‘Diana in her own words’ which I watched yesterday. In it, we can hear her say that her wedding had been the ‘worst day of her life’, that she had felt trapped (she had spotted Camilla while walking towards the altar) which is evocative of her interfering words on the BBC at the Queen’s funeral ? : ‘the fact that she is trapped’ which you explained as being a key to what happened in the car… It goes full circle. What a heavy destiny.. Will the truth about her death be eventually revealed? I feel for her…

    On an ethical point of view it seems to me that Charles and Camilla should have never been crowned. They have been very happy together so far after Diana’s death, good for them – sincerely. But I wonder if it’ s their pride or a circumvoluted sense of duty or a secret agreement between him and William that led them to be the new King and Queen ? All in all, I think it is unrespectful towards the memory of Diana and her sons. Renunciation would have been their redemption.
    Huge thanks, all the best and lots of love xxx

    1. Thank you. It is that Blue Oyster Cult song isn’t it. I agree, it’s odd that we can see Father Benedictus so clearly in the footage. It’s like the ITV footage of our late Queen’s funeral and Diana’s voice, heard so clearly. The spirit world is now more ambitious than it was. I didn’t know a horse had reared at the Coronation. The natural world often reflects the supernatural doesn’t it. You will find many people on here who agree with you that Charles and Camilla should have rejected the crown. The Coronation, which I thought may never happen at all, may yet prove to have been outside the constitution, but we will not know, until Charles has gone, because of the sealed documents he oversaw when our Queen was still the ruler. I am always amazed at how many astrologers in the profession seem to have forgotten about this, but here it is, the secret papers that may well show that this odd, fetished (as you say) ceremony was never legitimate. Link to The Daily Mail, which I sometimes appear in, here ––Camilla-marriage-Legal-advice-sealed-Princes-death.html

  60. Hey Jessica – I was reviewing an old post of yours from February 20, 2019, titled ‘Your Money Horoscope to 2026’ and was gobsmacked to see an image that appears to be the exact same Grim Reaper pic we saw during the Coronation!
    When compared with a still taken from the Coronation video footage, the 2019 image is almost identical – including the background and the shadows. Is this CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) in action? Who would be pulling the strings? For what purpose? Would love an explanation, like where did you get that image from in 2019?
    Here is the link to your 2019 post:

    1. That is peculiar. This article was behind a paywall so only Premium Members can see it, but let me check for Father Benedictus. 2019 was obviously four years before he appeared at that blighted Coronation. It’s not unusual for the spirit world to tinker with technology so I’ll take a look. Many thanks.

  61. Hi Jessica. As you said in the elections held in Turkey, went to the second round. There is a re-election in Turkey on 28 May. The second round will be between Erdoğan and Kılıcdaroğlu. Do you think Erdogan, who has been in power for 20 years, will stay or will there be a change?

    1. Thank you. Yes, that prediction came true didn’t it. I am picking up your comment some time later, as we are now approaching 18,000 messages so there are delays in some replies. In general, with Turkey, we have that classic Pluto in Aquarius transit whereby the old gives way to the new, over a long period of time. Transition! What was, crumbles – and it is the crumbly old alpha males who often take ages to disintegrate in front of our eyes. The structures which support them also take a long time to completely go, but take it as read – from March 23rd 2023 – the writing was on the wall for the corrupt has-beens of tomorrow. Once Pluto in Aquarius is firmly established in January and February 2025 you will also see other countries in a group (Aquarius) playing their part.

  62. Hi Jessica,

    Just thought you would like to know that the good father has also appeared in your 2020 Megzit blog article under “date-stamped predictions.” (I went there looking for a chart.) I wonder where else he is. X

    1. Thanks again to you and other readers who spotted the wandering photograph. Quite astonishing he has also turned up next to a story on Meghan and Harry. Let me find it!

  63. Hi Jessica,
    a quick note about the Coronation. Agree with many on this thread. A grand event, but a rather joyless one, except appearances of William and Catherine. King CIII and Queen C seemed exhausted (even George was worried of them) and on the balcony and later in the photos the couple seemed like leaving a farewell. Exciting to see what happens in the coming weeks.

    1. Yes a farewell fits the astrology. The date for the Coronation set on Mercury Retrograde; the event on Mercury Retrograde; the Full Moon in Scorpio, Charles III’s sign and the eclipse – within 24 hours. The sealed document about the constitutional and legal status of the Charles-Camilla marriage is only to be opened on his death. That’s the UK Freedom of Information ruling about the marriage. The other point readers are making is that an ill monarch can hail a Regency or even abdicate. The final point I’ve seen here, just to recap, is that if Camilla is unable to fulfil her duties, that may be another reason for a handover to William and Catherine. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. The photograph does end up in the most peculiar places. Father Benedictus has displaced a photograph of Tunnock’s Teacakes in a story about Scotland. I expect he is reinforcing a prediction I have made repeatedly over the years: Scotland will ditch the monarchy and leave the United Kingdom. This begins from 2026 as Uranus (the revolution) goes through Gemini (the neighbours). The example you link to here has nothing to do with Scotland but this Benedictine monk from Westminster Abbey does hover quite close to a line about a famous person who is money laundering. I guess at this point we stroke our chins thoughtfully. I can’t wait to see where else he turns up. Anyone who thinks this is an Anglican verger from 2023 does not know what a Catholic father looked like in the 16th century. Because that’s exactly what they did look like!

  64. The Father Benedict photo is now not here (in this article) but the Tarot book cover is! How weird is this!

    1. Cecelia, I asked Asporea to fix the issue. So Father Benedictus has gone. I have no idea why Paul Fenton-Smith’s Tarot book is there.

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