The Sagittarius Full Moon in June

The Sagittarius Full Moon in June

The Sagittarius Full Moon falls on Sunday 4th June 2023 at 4.41am in London. Allow a day either side for the world to catch up with itself, so you would be looking at worldwide web, media, publishing or academic questions from Saturday 3rd June until Monday 5th June.

The Astrology Chart for the Full Moon

What/who doesn’t quite fit or work, then, is actually the basis for a fantastic year in 2024 and an exciting revolution from the year 2026. It’s all down to the Sun in Gemini, opposite the Full Moon in Sagittarius.

In a moment I will look at your public chart and private chart to see how you are affected. (Chart: AstroGold).


Full Moon Sagittarius 4th June - The Sagittarius Full Moon in June

Jupiter in Gemini and Uranus in Gemini 

Gemini rules everything that is digital. Even though this Full Moon in Sagittarius is in an opposition to the Sun in Gemini, it is a useful spur to huge improvements, breakthroughs and booms from May 2024.

In May 2024 Jupiter goes into Gemini, for the first time in 12 years. Everything and everybody that did not flow, or connect, near 4th June 2023, will act as a spur to future outcomes – they’ll be great – and then life-changing, from 2026, when Uranus enters Gemini for the first time in your adult life. This Sagittarius Full Moon will trigger it.

sagittarius 2016 2 300x300 - The Sagittarius Full Moon in JuneYour Sun Sign Chart – The Public You

How are you affected by this grit in the oyster, that makes the pearl later on?

Aries – The Worldwide Web, newspapers, magazines, television, radio, telephones, code, transportation, podcasts.
Taurus – Valuables, collectors’ items, shopping, philanthropy, business, income, houses, apartments, investments.
Gemini – Title, appearance, reputation, name, face, shape, style, image, profile, online identity, first impressions.
Cancer – Religion, spirituality, self-help, Buddhism, hypnosis, Tarot, mediumship, therapy, counselling, inner self.
Leo – Friends, groups, clubs, teams, societies, Twitter, Substack, Meetups, associations, bands, ensembles, allies.
Virgo – Success, ambition, position, mission, achievement, status, rank, Curriculum Vitae, career, academic career.
Libra – Foreigners, foreign countries, academia, the Worldwide Web, travel, tourists, emigration, globalisation.
Scorpio – The sharemarkets, cryptocurrency, mortgages, banks, inheritance, wills, legacies, trust funds, insurance.
Sagittarius – Professional partners, sexual partners, marriage, divorce, separation, widowhood, feuds, conflicts.
Capricorn – Work, lifestyle, wellbeing, daily routine, mental health, physical health, service, duty, Mind/Body/Spirit.
Aquarius – Dating, mating, relating, courtship, the bedroom, pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren, young adults.
Pisces – Home, family, household, home town, homeland, property, renovations, ancestors, the family tree.

Your Natal Chart – The Private You

If you have anything in Sagittarius in your natal chart, then what happens near that Full Moon will pull you in a different direction with your degree; course; class; website; book. How important is this to the rest of your life? Not much. This is just a fleeting Full Moon and we don’t have any other historic or long-term cycles in Sagittarius in your Ninth House. It’s a blip.

gemini 2016 2 300x300 - The Sagittarius Full Moon in JuneIf you have anything in Gemini in your natal chart, then this Full Moon is pivotal to the future.

The full meaning of Gemini and the Third House goes beyond the internet, the media and communication – towards siblings, cousins and short journeys.

So we associate this part of your chart with your brother, sister, cousin, commuting and all business trips or holidays which involve your own country (for example interstate or inter-city travel) as well as neighbouring countries (for example, Britain and France).

Gemini and the Third House are a part of yourself and your life, and the extent to which this is so, depends on how many factors you have in the sign of the twins.

Four, five, six or more is a stellium so you live here. You really inhabit your Third House and Gemini self. If you happen to have anything at Gemini 13 degrees, then this Full Moon will hit your chart exactly and have long-term impact on, say, the relationship with your sister – or your use of Twitter. Perhaps, important projects which revolve around digital life. Maybe your car or other transport.

Full Moon Rules

A Full Moon is a full stop. Pause for thought. It involves the Sun and Moon clashing in opposite signs, so you may experience inner conflict or be dealing with a tug-of-war with other people, organisations or situations which produce conflicting opinions or feelings. This Sagittarius Full Moon will involve foreign relations for a lot of people, as Sagittarius rules people from other countries and cultures; other nationalities.

For that reason, professional astrologers traditionally advise to avoid a Full Moon for anything new or important as you will be commencing your plans when you, or others, are being stretched or pulled in different directions.

You can find out more about the Moon and Full Moon on this website just by hitting Search or if you are a Premium Member, read all about it in the books in your online library. You can also purchase these, if you are not a member.

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150 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica,

    I have my Sun at 13 Libra which will in a nice position to both the Sun and Full Moon. Can I expect a easier time over this week end with those aspects?


    1. Yes, you shine at your brilliant best in a duet, Kane, and the Sun and Moon will form a trine and sextile to your natal Sun in Libra, so the weekend is very much the time to put your face in the place, with the other face!

  2. On the Taurus New Moon (exact timing!) I have met a foreigner, and my world was turned upside down… This Sagittarius Moon will happen in my natal 7th house, I feel this is not a coincidence at all… Could you please have a look at my chart and let me know your insight regarding the relationships field and what I could expect in this area? Thank you so much in advance!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Leo with Leo and Scorpio stelliums. Go in slowly with this foreigner and find out more about the money, the house and/or apartment, the business interests and so on. You have a large pattern in your Eighth House of joint finance and property and need to know. It will be much easier after July when the South Node has gone from Scorpio. Keep talking and keep discovering. Be aware that with your chart it will never be ‘just love’ or ‘just sex’ it will always be about the material world and your previous experiences here should tell you what to do and what not to do, too.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I have Diana @ 13 Gemini. I also have a stellium in Sagittarius. Can you speak to me about these full moon effects on 4th June.
    I’m hoping for conclusions and a new job.

    1. Margaret if you want a new job, look to Virgo and Capricorn. This isn’t about Sagittarius or Gemini (foreigners and the worldwide web, respectively). You are a Sun Libra woman with stelliums in Libra and Sagittarius, as you know, so it’s quite true that other cultures and nationalities are a lifelong magnet for you, and you for them. You’ve not said what your career is. If it’s overseas or bilingual, then you’d skip the Full Moon. Whatever it is, in 2023, 2024 and early 2025 there are new realities about work and employment that need to be taken on board. It’s a Saturn cycle and that means acceptance. You are a lifelong natural student and tutor/mentor/guide and so all that you learn online, free or paid for, benefits you and ultimately becomes part of what you can help others with. What you absorb in 2023, 2024, onwards is good for your C.V., good for your own fulfilment and part of who you are. Just avoid that Full Moon for going further with a course, say, or starting one.

  4. Hello Jessica,

    Gratitude for the knowledge you impart through all the blogs and Astrological predictions. I have been an avid follower of your website for many years now. I have a stellium in Sagittarius and Moon too. I feel like I am just circling in a loop in life and want to grow and take strides but do not how or in which direction. Will this Full moon be positive in any way for me? I want to be financially independent and buy a home some day but I dont know if I will be able to do it on my own. Do you see that happening ever at all? The Pandemic changed everything in my world with no solid ground to stand or people to lean on. Last few years went into healing from that and recovering.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. I appreciate the compliment. The pandemic did to you, what it did to a lot of people with a Cancer stellium in the Fourth House of home town, homeland, family, relatives, house, apartment and so on. As you say, it removed the solid ground beneath your feet. The reason for this is Pluto in opposition to your Cancer factors in the Fourth House at 22, 26 degrees. It takes Pluto 248 years to reach 22, 26 Capricorn so you went through historic difficulties from 2020, when the WHO finally declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. In fact, you have done extremely well to get through – so be kind to yourself if you are in a loop. You also had Saturn at 26 Capricorn that year, 2020, so a second opposition! The good news is, you will eventually have a terrific opportunity to get the house, apartment and/or garden situation you need, as Jupiter goes into Cancer from June 2025 and by 2026 you will have been shown an excellent open door. In fact, if you want to dream bigger, June 10th 2025 until June 30th 2026 shows up in your public and private chart and escaping from reality/being near water/having a pool/feeling like home is a holiday will be real, if you want it. Closer to home, right now in June 2023, there are some wonderful possibilities linked to courtship, the bedroom, the world of babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and young adults. They roll in a straight line from 1st June and do not stop until May 25th 2024.

  5. Thank you for a very interesting article. I have minerva at 13 gemini and I have a gemini stellium as well as a sagittarrius stellium. What should I expect from this full moon? I am currently trying to expand my social media business/following.

    1. Thank you. Avoid the Full Moon as it’s a split between people, within people and may be hard for you to wrangle with stelliums in Sagittarius and Gemini.

  6. Hello Jessica

    I’m such a fan, thank you for your work. I’m hoping for a fresh start soon, both with a new direction with my career and relocation. How long before this happens? Many thanks

    1. Thank you. And thanks for listening to The Astrology Podcast in New Zealand, if you’ve ever tuned in – I am thrilled to hear that we have been #1 in the Apple Spirituality Podcast chart there. You want a new job and new home. Your public chart and private chart have to be read together to see what’s really going on. You are a Sun Pisces woman with Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus stelliums. You could easily move now, but could move a second time, from May 2024 until June 2025. You would be delighted with the neighbours and also the neighbouring towns or regions and it would benefit you in terms of walking/public transport/traffic/parking as well. Jupiter goes through Gemini then. Far sooner, you are in a very good position with work, as from 1st June you are on a roll with opportunities and solutions until May 2024, as Jupiter in Taurus will trine your ambitious Capricorn stellium and trine your strongly motivated Virgo stellium. So the job may happen before the move, but you have every door open if you want to go through and make things happen.

  7. Hi Jessica
    Congratulations on all the latest success with your predictions. These tansits are a little confusing for me and I was hoping you could take a glance. My 12th house stellium is being triggered and I am wondering if this is loss or grief as Saturn, Venus, neptune and Jupiter are involved. My natal Bachus is at 13 degrees Aquarius at the same time.
    Have a peaceful weekend and Thank you

    1. Thank you. You do have a Pisces Twelfth House stellium with Jupiter involved, which is terrific to see. Astrology can be confusing for an absolute beginner or casual reader, so it’s my job to show you what’s going on with the transits. You live in your Twelfth House. If you had an estate with 12 houses, the one marked 12 and with Pisces, the two fish, on the door, would be where you go in and out, a lot. In modern astrology we have 34 factors and on average, you should have 2-3 factors in Pisces and the Twelfth House. You have four. So we could say you spend four months a year by yourself, or four days a month, more or less – by yourself. You do this to figure out God, your rejection of God, spirituality, the psychic world, Tarot, hypnosis and so on. The invisible world is as real to you as the visible. Jupiter here always allows you to expand, improve, explore and enjoy, so the door is always open from your Twelfth House to ‘more’. As you currently have Saturn and Neptune transiting Pisces, long-term, this is far more important than the blip effect of the Full Moon, though you may want to skip that particular day for, say, trying trance mediumship or seeing a Jungian therapist. You are restructuring what you have faith in, or whom you believe. I had a reader recently who lost a Buddhist friend to cancer, with COVID-19. She is struggling with Buddhism. The Dalai Lama’s unfortunate headlines with a child also saw her struggling. She had a strongly Pisces chart too. The astrologer Howard Sasportas wrote an excellent book about transits which includes cycles in the Twelfth House if you can pick up a copy. You are on the journey now and it will take you until February 2026 to complete, with that month being very important for whatever reason!

  8. Well, I am Sun 28 degrees Gemini, Mercury 12 degrees Gemini, Ceres 11 degrees Gemini and MC 18 degrees Gemini! Wow. that’s a lot of Gemini energy!

  9. I had an interview on a May 19th when the new moon was in full swing! That whole week ever since the eclipse has accelerated things I had a funeral, traveled interstate then had an interview for a social media position! I didn’t get the job and now I’m more confused and this week our area is going through changes, I suspect it’s the top heavy people that will be moved/sacked but this year my whole work/life situation is moving and changing and I feel the need to move too. I need something more creative. Another job has been advertised for marketing but it is a fixed term contract until October 2024 which means I will become unattached from my current ongoing position (risky) ! My heart says go for it though, something different, that I will enjoy and it’s a higher pay…. Not sure I can take all these full moons! I need stability haha

    1. You are a Sun Capricorn man with stelliums in Capricorn, Leo, Pisces and Scorpio. The most important transits always show in your public (solar) chart and private (natal) chart. You have Uranus, Jupiter and the North Node transiting Taurus and your solar Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, children, teenagers and young people. This is with you intensely in June, July 2023 and ongoing, less so, to May 2024. In your natal chart, privately, we also find you have a Leo stellium under aspect, throughout. Leo and the Fifth House are about your role as King to a younger court. So you are asking about work but your chart is talking to you both about sexual relationships, courting – and the part that children teenagers or Millennials must play in your future, happily so. Perhaps this will cross over with your marketing options or your current job. Obviously anyone under 20 online is a demographic everybody wants.

  10. Trying to post my comment again in case I get better luck this time! Also adding a question about the Jupiter in Taurus cycle!

    Hi Jessica, thanks for this informative post (as always). I’m quite worried about my Mum and her health with Uranus going into Gemini. She is a 2nd June 1939 Gemini and this Full Moon seems to activate her chart. She’s a sag rising, in fact her rising is conjunct my sun! So both our charts get activated by this Full Moon. I was meant to be with her for her birthday but my Virgo little boy fell sick and we had to cancel the long haul flight from the west coast of the USA. I’m desperate to move to the east coast to be nearer to my mum as she can’t travel due to Covid (she has lung issues) and I just want her to get to see us and her only grandson more often. And living on the east coast would make a UK trip much easier. Anyway, any input gratefully received. I know how busy you are!

    PS: A lot of what keeps me in the West Coast is financial even though my finances are drained by the cost of living here. I am hopeful that Jupiter in Taurus be helpful to me given my South Node at 3 degrees Taurus plus Prosperina at 22 Taurus, moon at 23 Taurus and Jupiter at 24 Taurus. From reading my own chart I would say that I could end up with a sudden windfall that allows a house purchase and location move next April, a huge win win for my family, but I may be being overly optimistic?!

    1. Your Sun Gemini mother will find a stuck situation with her health stops in July 2023 when the South Node in Scorpio leaves her Sixth House of wellbeing. The South Node is circular, moves backwards through the signs, and accompanies a typical loop when nothing moves forward as it should. The transit ends on 17th July. You want to move to be nearby. You have a stellium in Taurus and will be given one opportunity after another to make or save money as Jupiter in Taurus, for the first time in 12 years, moves into conjunctions with everything in your chart. The second half of April 2024 finds transiting Jupiter at 22, 23 Taurus and May 2024 finds him at 24 Taurus before he signs off. This may enable you to emigrate permanently and thus put an end to any more Covid-19 risks for yourself and others. The timing is right as you have a huge Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance and property and long-term, we also find Jupiter going to Cancer, which rules the family, from 2025, and he will trine your entire Scorpio pattern. So 2025-2026 is about reshaping the family circle and rethinking finance and housing, to your advantage. New direction.

  11. Hi Jessica, thank you for this great post. I have Uranus at 13 Libra and my sun at 14 Capricorn, please could you tell me what that means for me? With thanks, Alexia.

    1. Thank you. This is a lifelong aspect. Uranus in Libra in the Seventh House is square the Sun in Capricorn in the Tenth House. Taking it apart, you are a permanent catalyst for upheaval in partnership, but also in duel situations – feuds, conflicts, battles, differences, opposition. It can be benign and played out in sport, but it can also be personal. The third person in a marriage, for example, or the former boyfriend who is now against you. More commonly, this is the mark of a woman who upsets her own applecart in love, or has it upset for her, repeatedly. Each time it’s a blessing because it sets you free. Inevitably the person concerned would have trapped you for years or confined you in other words. The pram in the hall syndrome! Uranus in Libra in the Seventh House is common to your entire class at school and your birthday year generation. So you all know what it feels like to chop and change, reject people and be rejected. Every time it happens you are set free, so you experience liberation and exhilaration by saying ‘No’ or being told ‘No’ – even though it can feel as if you have a series of disruptions during your lifetime. And it can happen within a marriage, or professional partnership. You commit and are committed to, but the rug gets pulled and you both have to figure out independence issues. This cannot be squared with your position, mission and ambition. The square to your striving Capricorn Sun makes it a big stretch to manage the other person/the two of you but also to shine at the top of society, or in the upper ranks at work, or in the upper strata of your world. Wife or husband is a label that brings status. Double that if the marriage is to somebody who enhances your rank. Yet, it can’t be squared with this deep push for freedom and space, which always comes from you, or the other person. So, this Full Moon, transient though it is, is a nod to this lifelong pattern. Any time you have slow-moving transits at 13, 14 degrees but particularly the cardinal signs, Libra, Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, you have to figure out the issue one more time. It becomes easier the older you grow and the more experienced you become.

  12. What is the Y symbol stand for in the above chart? It marks 1 degree Capricorn in the chart above. Thanks!

  13. dear Jessica,

    I have 4 factors in Gemini and 4 factors in Sag. and I have Ceres in 13 Deg in Gemini.
    How this Full Moon can be pivotal for my future? I have to say, that I use at my work internet and social medias ( he consulting. headhunting, coaching) but I am not really fan of it. I prefer face to face contact. I am not able imagine what future can brings as for Jupiter and Uranus in Gemini, what can amaze me or I will be happy for..

    thank you for your insight

    1. Yes, four factors each in Sagittarius and Gemini will frequently put you in a job like consulting, headhunting and coaching as one is about mentoring and the other is about pure information. Your entire life will change from May 2024 after Jupiter enters Gemini and your Third House for the first time in 12 years. He will form a chain of conjunctions with your Gemini factors and oppose your Sagittarius factors. This pulls you away from globalised media and knowledge and international websites/information exchange. Gemini is about the local scene and the neighbouring regions. Sagittarius is about foreigners. What you figure out will be a creative conflict, resolved creatively and may involve further study, training, you taking a teaching role, or embarking on a new course with the web and also the media, depending on your preference. Long-term new technology will radically change the way you operate, from the year 2026 past 2030 and Web 3 will be part of it for you, going to Web 4.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    I have a stellium in both Sagittarius and Gemini. Last year I wrote and illustrated a children’s story which three publishers have offered ‘hybrid’ contracts to publish. I turned all three down based on not knowing anything about the industry and not wanting to be ‘scammed’ (a hybrid contract requires the author to financially contribute to the publication.) Since then, I’ve had no luck with any other publishers. Do I continue writing and sending my children’s book manuscript around?

    Thank you for being here for us!

    1. Thank you. You have that classic writer’s signature but you are trying to do this too early. Wait for Jupiter to enter Gemini and your Third House of media, internet, podcasts, publications, digital communication and the like. That’s May 2024. It carries you to June 2025 and throughout, you could take the same ideas and find a different medium. Don’t limit yourself to books. And you are quite right not to vanity publish. Are you on Substack? That’s just one option for you. The Full Moon will no doubt have you between a rock and a hard place with internet, paperbacks, podcasting and so on, but the hard place now is a good place later, as discussed.

  15. Greetings, Jessica. Would love to have your further take on the influences, options, decisions that I may need to make at this time based, on my chart. As this pertains to my public and private chart. In particular with respect to Professional partners, sexual partners, marriage, divorce, separation, widowhood, feuds, conflicts. Thank you !!

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Sagittarius, though you don’t say if you are a man or woman, which makes it difficult. You have stelliums in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Leo, Virgo. The most important stories in a chart are told twice, publicly and privately. Virgo/Sixth House themes show up in both. So you are asking about love and sex, but that’s not a 2023 story (it starts in May 2024 when Jupiter enters Gemini and forms a chain of sextiles to your Leo factors in the Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom and the world of offspring). The story in 2023 is about work, health, wellbeing, duty, service and the relationship between your duty to your own physical and mental health, but your duty to your clients, employers, staff, colleagues, fellow students and so on. This is where you are being given a terrific opportunity to reshape your days. It is starting in the smallest way from 1st June as Mercury finally begins to move normally in Taurus, joined by Jupiter himself. Until May 2024 you could walk away from a role that frustrates you, for example, or from colleagues who don’t pull their weight. This would be because of a sensational and superior offer, or offers plural, but with Jupiter you have to spot the opportunity and chase it all the way. This shows with transits in Taurus in your solar Sixth House as a Sagittarian, and in your natal chart, from the trines to Virgo in your natal Sixth House.

  16. Hello, dear Jessica!
    I have Psyche (0 degrees ) and Moon (11 degrees )in Gemini, but my ex?-parner has Neptune in 14 degrees Sagittarius. Ex is not 100% clear yet – I wanted a break with the transiting Uranus conjunction my Saturn in Taurus ( and opposite Diana too! ). As I told earlier, I am very ill, and have been since Neptune went to Pisces, affecting my partner’s Sagittarius stellium as well. I have been the one wanting to relocate for a while already, but not quite sure where – main thing with a lot of trees and nature around! You didn’t see relocation in the stars this year, but is it likely latest with Uranus in Gemini, or perhaps already in summer 2024 when Jupiter goes to Gemini? So far the Jupiter in Taurus has brought slight improvements in lifestyle/wellbeing ( much needed help with household ), but no money or paid work – yet? Oh, and just for the curiosity – I happen to have a twin sister, so the Gemini theme always feels very actual! Since I emigrated to another country 21 years ago, and before that lived a year in another country in 1987-1988 and again in 1998-1999 plus in many different cities in between due to art studies and restless soul , our relationship is more distant than I would like to. We have friendly contact in social media, though. She has career in Gemini themed area, btw! I am curious if my relationship with her will get closer, and if the stars say whether it’s better to move back to my home country, or, to actually neighboring country where my partner will inherit a house – if we are together then, that is. For the partnership I pulled 2 of cups when I asked about the best result concerning Uranus-Saturn-conjunction, and earlier, when I asked about the best result for Jupiter in Taurus cycle for both of us ( being together, that is ), I got 9 of Pentacles. But I miss my sister, my own language and home country, so feeling pulled between all the time lately….Sorry for so many questions, but I would be happy for the insight if you have time for it. Kind regards, Ester

    1. Thank you. You have a twin sister so are having the classic experience of a woman with Gemini factors in the Third House. You want to move and won’t let the question go, so the Tarot has avoided that, because it’s not going to happen in the time-frame you specified. Ester, you may want to try 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and beyond. I am sure you do miss your sister, your own language and your homeland, and will in fact have the chance to move back permanently when Jupiter goes into Cancer and your Fourth House of roots, heritage, family and belonging – which is from June 2025. The Two of Cups is commenting, not on a Saturn-Uranus conjunction as that is simply not happening. Go back to the Tarot, follow the steps and look at 2025-2026 when Jupiter goes into Cancer.

  17. Hi Jessica,

    Thankyou for the headsup. Apart from having a Gemini Stellium, I have Ceres at 14 Gemini. I was hoping you could help me understand how it will affect me.


    1. Ceres in Gemini in the Third House is a statement about your brother, sister or cousin – growing up as well as in adulthood – and the need for separate boundaries over rights, roles, responsibilities – and also individual control. It is very common when parents break up and siblings must divide their time. That is just one example and your own will be personal to you. Sometimes we find a sibling died before, as a miscarriage took place or another sad event. The loss of the first sibling, preceding you, is ever present in the family. We also find Ceres in Gemini when someone is not related, but ‘like a sister’ or ‘like a brother’ and there is a sense of twinned destinies. Again this has to be sorted out as neither of you can have full control or power and it has to be shared. What you will experience on the Full Moon is a ripple about this – but it precedes the most terrific wave from May 2024 when Jupiter goes into Gemini, and will ultimately be in a conjunction with Ceres, solving any issues and helping the two of you expand and explore, bigger and better things in life – this may be a sibling figure, or an actual sibling or cousin. Big growth period!

  18. Hi Jessica. Interesting read! Can you please look at my chart? I have a stellium in Gemini as well as Diana 13 in Gemini. Thank you – Mary 🙂

    1. Your stellium at 9 through 22 Gemini is nicely picked up by Jupiter at 9 through 22 Gemini starting in July 2024 and taking you to May 2025. This is really about neighbouring places within your state, but also neighbouring states, and you will expand across those borders for personal or professional reasons, very happily, from winter 2024 in Australia. This may be because of work or other, purely vacational, plans. Diana was free to roam; goddess of the hunt; usually shown with her greyhounds, running wild and free. She was known to the Greeks as Artemis. She is alive and kicking in your 2024-2025 horoscope and as well as exploring other neighbouring places you will be connecting people, places and ideas so your phone or laptop will never be far from your fingertips.

  19. Good morning Jessica,
    after a battle with leukemia, I finally returned to the workforce back in March but had to hand in my notice, it was just too hard on the body, I’m due to start a new customer service office roll on June 12, something I’ve never done before. Hopefully this is the answer to my money worries I like to be financially independent and pay my way. Any insight would be very much appreciated.
    Many thanks and kind regards,

    1. I am so sorry you had to go through leukemia, Kath, but happy you have made strong decisions on your work. When there are twin work/health issues we always look to Virgo and the Sixth House in astrology. You have Virgo factors there at 2 through 25 and Pluto leads, at 2 Virgo. I am sure you know Pluto is a symbol of empowering willpower and strength from self-control. You might have guessed this, but you have been through Saturn at 2 Pisces, right opposite Pluto, for the first time in 28 years and it happened at the end of March. This is called transiting Saturn in opposition to natal Pluto and if you can hold the reins tightly and run yourself and your life, you become literally stronger (in your case, as it has been physical strength). I mentioned work. That is the other half of the equation. Your customer service role has been heaven-sent as Jupiter at 2 Taurus appeared from May 26th to 30th and was perfectly trine Pluto. This was meant to be. You also have your finances to sort out. This will take time, but the same rules apply; if you can use sheer strength of will, you will become much stronger financially and in fact, for various reasons, could end up in a really powerful position over the next 20 years. You are just starting a long, long Pluto cycle in your solar Eighth House of joint finance and property.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    I have a stellium in sagittarius. I am really struggling with my phd, it started in 2022 and is suppose to finish 2026. I am really struggling with it already and just don’t know if i’m going to pull through. Could you please have a look at my chart with this full moon and see if it triggers anything to do phd.

    Thanks, Lilly x

    1. Lilly, you were born with Neptune at 23 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of academia, semi-sextile the South Node at 23 Capricorn in the Tenth House of academic career, quincunx the North Node at 23 Cancer in the Fourth House of family, home town and home, sextile Minerva at 23 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. So that’s your answer. Any time you get a slow-moving cycle at 23 degrees the pattern is triggered and you have to figure out all the pros and cons of your PhD or other ambitions. You have had Neptune at 23 Pisces as recently as February 2023 and Uranus will be at 23 Taurus in August, September, 2023 then May 2024. I don’t know how long you want to give the situation, but Jupiter will help you enormously at 23 Taurus in April 2024. Uranus will also be very close at 22 Taurus. So you do have some liberating and exhilarating choices. I am sorry you are struggling with the PhD but over your lifetime, you will always study, learn, teach, mentor, guide, tutor in a knowledge exchange.

  21. Hi Jessica, I have Ascendant (24), Neptune (02), and Jupiter (05) in Sagittarius, and a stellium (Panacea 02, Cupido 06, Descendant 24, Psyche 25, Juno 27) in Gemini. I am hoping for some good publicity around a project I have published, which so far has not retained the attention I wanted. Do you have any insights on this? Thank you so much, Chloe

    1. The moral of this story is never chase publicity on Mercury Retrograde. It ends on 1st June. Mercury rules advertising, self-promotion and the media, as well as the web, and when moving backwards, nothing works as it should. You are lucky to have that Gemini stellium, though, so get past the Full Moon, which is unlikely to do much to correct things, and then think about May 2024, ongoing into 2025, then 2026 – for years into the future. At some point, Chloe, you will also need to shun foreign places, people, export, foreign languages, countries – for the local scene, neighbouring places and local life. This is the long Uranus in Gemini transit which favours places, faces and spaces near your front door, or within miles of your home base, but not so much the pins all around the map. That’s later, though. For now, think beyond the Full Moon when you’ll find basic promotion so much easier, and from May 2024 when a good idea can become great.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    Since Pluto shifts to Aquarius, life has not been stable for me. I lost my supposedly secure job*, and thereafter other work opportunities seem to not pan out one after the other. I’m worried about the high lease I pay in the city I live in. And my annual check-up just came out, a few tests didn’t come out normal.
    *my previous job came back again but I declined as they are not willing to increase my pay which was unchanged since 2019. Was I wrong?

    Will I expect a relief when Pluto moves to Capricorn this June? I’m Capricorn rising at 29 degrees, and have Capricorn, Aquarius stellium. Also does that mean work will alter for me once Pluto moves to Aquarius for good? Could it also mean I may not find a job anymore? I’m keeping myself positive, as an astrology student and LOA believer. But I must admit I feel wobbly sometimes unsure of my next direction. I’m looking into content creation but I know this needs time before there is a chance of monetizing.

    1. Jobs are Virgo and Capricorn, so we start there. I am sorry you are in a wobbly phase. Let’s see what is going on. You are a Sun Aquarius woman with stelliums in Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra, Gemini and Sagittarius. You will find yourself finishing a stuck and repetitive career loop from July 2023 when the South Node moves out of your solar Tenth House of career. In your natal Tenth House we find Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, from June so yes, you will experience transiting Pluto conjunct Ascendant, which is about your title, reputation and profile. The same old issues about willpower and self-control regarding the same, return from 2022, but the worst is over. Basically your Ascendant is your persona or hologram, not the real you, and in Capricorn, you appear to be ambitious, striving, patient, plodding, practical, focussed on the next rung of High Society or the ladder. Along came Pluto for the first time in 248 years and you lost your job. So you are being asked to figure out how much your business card and title matters to you. At least the repetitive, circular nature of the situation ends in July, but from that point forward and particularly in December 2023, January 2024, when the Sun is also in a conjunction with your Ascendant and going right through your Tenth House, you will need to be ready to move sideways, up or down with a particular role or goal. You are headed for a completely new project or course from May 2024 which will expand your horizons, offer you more and reward you if you take all the opportunities. It will be online, involve the media, academia or publishing. That’s the bigger picture. Long-term into the distant future you will of course be writing/podcasting/connecting/communicating for years and realise that 2023 was just a blip on the graph. Yet everything happens for a reason so this tough temporary situation where you question just about everything regarding your old ideas about success/status (Capricorn) will make sense later on. The pay issue is really important. Don’t do that again (turn down a job because of no pay rise). You are going through Saturn and Neptune in the Second House of salary and reality is meeting old unreality, in your solar chart, through 2023, 2024 and early 2025. You learned a lesson there, which is typical of Saturn in your Second House. This is also true in your natal chart; you have transits in your Second House there too. Back to the most important thing of all. Health tests which were not normal. Your body is chatting to you about something your conscious mind is not dealing with and at a certain point it may involve you making some quite dramatic decisions about your ambitions, work ethic, workload, daily routine and the rest. That is also indicated in your chart and perhaps it’s really overdue. Just remember, longer, longer term (years into the future) your air sign side, which circulates, keeps it light, breezy, easy, connected and plugged in – thrives. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius patterns in your chart will be well lit by Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini and it all starts next year. Deep breath until then because you will be changing your compass points.

  23. Hi Jessica, Interesting read & insight! I have Gemini stellium Can you please look at my birth chart? Many thanks x

    1. Thank you. Like all Gemini stellium people you are strongly influenced by your childhood and teenage experiences with a brother, sister and/or cousin as this is where you learned how to speak, read and write away from the teachers and your parents. Communication, understanding, comprehension, literacy and ease of the same (or barriers) can always be traced back to a sibling or cousin and early experiences at school with, say, English or Speech and Drama. Later on, perhaps, Computer Studies as Gemini rules the internet as well as the media, publishing, education and academia. Strongly Gemini women tend to live in their heads and put a huge amount of effort and energy into the message and its delivery, and the connections and contacts which enable that, but periodically need to go back down into their true feelings and strong emotions and ask ‘Why am I doing this and what am I saying?’ With 1 through 28 degree patterns including the IC, if your birth time is correct, a family member or ancestor was involved in the above areas of life; newspapers, television, radio, magazines, books, schools or universities. You have inherited that. You will be thrilled with the project, role or course which emerges after May 2024 which will allow you to draw on all that you were cultivating from 2011 to 2013 and from the year 2026 may well take this path of yours even further with exhilarating results.

  24. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for the great article , I am Sun Gemini with stellium in Gemini , Capricorn, cancer and Virgo
    I also have Venus 13 Degree in Gemini

    I am currently looking for new job and my family along with my husband and kid moving to new city.
    How this cycle impacts me and will I get a new job


    1. Thank you Yashika. Your family is moving and you need a new job. Take your time choosing so that you do not get lumbered with a job which is heavily restrictive and hard to get out of. You have Saturn in Pisces in your Tenth House, joining Neptune, so publicly speaking you have less room to move than you once did. You need to put more time, energy and effort into finding the career, but then also dealing with the realities of it. This is time well spent as you don’t want to just leap into things on a Tenth House transit like that. It’s the same with your natal chart and the Capricorn stellium. Pluto is going back into Capricorn so you once again have some quite demanding questions about who or what is in control of your position, mission and ambition and who or what is top dog. You did this in 2022 but it’s back for a while. Long-term the Full Moon against the Sun in Gemini is a spur to action from March 2024 when you realise that what was so tricky in June 2023 is the grit that makes the pearl in the oyster in the second half of 2024. This will very much involve the internet and perhaps languages.

  25. Hi Jessica,
    I think my comment got stuck. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    Love your site, blogs and the podcast! Great information. My MC is in Gemini in the 9th house. Could you please elaborate on what this full moon means? I’m also a Sun Sagittarius. Or anything relevant you see from my chart. Many thanks!

    1. Comments don’t get stuck, but they do end up on a screen which I don’t see, as today there are 18, 175 comments in the queue. I only see one screen at a time and there are usually 20 questions on there, for the record. Yours has just popped up at the top of the latest 20. Thank you for your kind comments. If your birth time is strictly accurate then your MC or Midheaven is indeed in Gemini and not in your Ninth House, in your Third House. It’s opposite your Sun and IC (Immum Coeli) at 29 Sagittarius, which actually are in the Ninth House. There is commonly a language barrier issue which pops up as Sagittarius rules foreigners and Gemini rules language. There may be issues with neighbouring countries or cities; say, France to England. France to Italy. These again may pop up; it wouldn’t be every day of the week. When you have transits going over 29 degrees of those signs you’ll feel it more. There is typically a huge emphasis on radio; code; HMTL; the internet; the telephone; signals; messages – either in your interests or in your career. And sometimes you find brothers woven into the story too. Aspects of this will cross your radar at the Full Moon and are best avoided. It’s a stretch. Long-term you will find from May 2024 you are offered a huge opportunity linked to local life that will involve full use of the web and from 2026 you may decide to take some of this and use emerging technology to relaunch it. A sibling may be involved. Your way with words, ideas and images certainly will be. Do not overlook translation either.

  26. Hi Jessica,
    thank you for this other beautiful article.
    I am Sun Aries with Hygeia 12° in Gemini, Moon and Ops 2° in Gemini and Neptune 0° in Sagittarius.
    Actually I’m a family caregiver, I’ve got economic problems and I feel very depressed.
    I try to hold on but it’s not easy.
    What should I expect from this full moon?

    1. I am sorry you are depressed Mary, though you have a load on your shoulders. The Full Moon will make aspects of the relationship with a brother, sister, cousin or ‘twin’ figure unbalanced, but this is also what makes life so much better, later. You are a Sun Aries with stelliums in Aries and Taurus. You will make or save a lot of money from 1st June through 25th May if you take the opportunities. Jupiter is in Taurus and your Second House of income, savings, possessions, property, business, charity for the first time in 12 years. Nothing has really worked to date, despite hope for the future, as Mercury has been stuck on a loop in the same place. He finally shifts tomorrow. Ongoing, say yes to obvious people, organisations or situations which look like a goer – then figure out the rest later. Ongoing, to 2026, accept your finances are unpredictable. Have a budget which can take that. The old days have gone. Learn to surf the waves of change and have an extremely flexible set of plans which you can shift quickly if you have to. There is a reason why all the pro astrologers I know got out of debt in 2017 and bought the cheapest property in the country! (This erratic cycle for money began in 2018). Still, as I’ve said, you are in a terrific position to save cash or make it. Depression is more serious and I hope you have help from your doctor and/or alternatives. Readers report good results from walking and physical activity, full stop. Science backs them up. Walking in a group, even better, according to studies. As a strongly Aries person you need to move your body. Depression keeps people stuck on their bed or in front of the TV but actually over the years, readers have told me dragging themselves out for a walk kickstarts something. As an Aries stellium woman, I would go further and suggest you do something competitive, faster, sweatier and just a little bit more Wonder Woman. In your nylon tights, fighting for your rights.

  27. I have Cupido and Psyche in Gemini. What is it like to have a romantic couple in one house, since in mythology they were in love, though had their share of troubles? In Sagittarius I have Hygeia, but she seems to be retrograding into a conjunction with Diana. None of them are near the 13th degree, but I’m wondering if you can shed light on the symbolism, and how the full moon might operate on them.
    Thank you for all your comments on the other charts, too…since I have 13 degrees Sun in Aries, the comments you made about 13 degrees Libra seem to apply to me too with the trine and sextile. I love reading your answers!

    1. Thank you. Good point about Cupid and Psyche in your Third House. They are lovers in mythology, and together forever after tests and trials. Your media, internet, publishing or academic projects, plans and goals are always a labour of love but you are intensely passionate about them and they endure. In fact you will produce another digital perennial at some point after May 2024. The Full Moon is a sticking point for you online (likely) or perhaps with other channels for communication. The sticking point pays off later, as Anita Roddick said, ‘What irritates you, makes you money.’ This may not be so much about financial reward, though, as deep satisfaction with a project or course, starting in 2024 then seeding something exhilarating and liberating from 2025 when Uranus goes into your Third House. I suspect this transit is also about your sibling or cousin, or a twin figure in your life. Jackie and Joan Collins level.

  28. Thank you for your reply, Jessica, I really appreciate it that you took the time to respond (apologies, I cannot “reply” to your comment for some reason). However, this publishing project of mine has been around for the last six months, so I did not really chase publicity on Mercury retrograde, but for a while now. Generally speaking, I have been disappointed by the Jupiter in Aries transit (I am an Aries with an Aries stellium), which came and went with nothing great to report. This was supposed to be my year, but it just fizzled out with less than mediocre results – despite vigorous efforts. I seem to constantly be on the verge of a breakthrough, and then this does not materialize. Thanks again,

    1. I’m not sure why you can’t reply to my comment. Let me ask Asporea. If your publishing project has been there for six months you began it on Mercury Retrograde in December 2022, in Capricorn, in your Tenth House of career. It was always going to be a rewrite, if so. And likely a second launch. You then had another Mercury Retrograde in Taurus (business) from April, as you know, and it’s still with you now. I am not sure why you thought Jupiter in Aries was your year. Your year for relaunch? Absolutely. Anything else? Not really – the First House is about your title, appearance and reputation. You would have been given several opportunities to have more from life in that department but you may have rejected who or what you were offered. That can happen too. Sometimes people do look a gift horse in the mouth with Jupiter. Never mind. Neptune goes into Aries from 2025 and you will be promoting yourself with an avatar in online spaces.

  29. Hi Jessica, I only have Gemini in 19° in IC in my chart – can you please share what this might mean under the current Sagittarius moon? Thank you!

    1. If your birth time is strictly accurate then a relative or ancestor was Gemini, or had several factors in Gemini, and was involved in media, education, academia, publishing, code work, telephones, radio and so on. You have inherited that. The IC is dependent on the clock time of umbilical cord cutting, but assuming you have that, you will always feel at home with the world of words, ideas and images – communication and connection – and as you come from that, will feel most grounded when you return to that. This Full Moon shows you what is not working, regarding the same, but later on it becomes the grit in the shell that makes the pearl – from May 2024.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    Love your podcast and blogs.
    I have moon in Sagittarius and Mars in Gemini I was wondering what is in store for me. My relationship with my family is not great, I have recently retired and would really like to travel.

    Many thanks in advance

    1. Congratulations on your retirement. The horoscope will usually tell you what is important, even if you think it’s something else. So let’s see. You are a Sun Leo woman, with stelliums in Leo, Virgo, Pisces, Aquarius. You have karma with some relatives which ends on July 17th when the South Node finally exits your solar Fourth House of family. Life as it was 18 or 19 years prior has caught you in a loop with some family members but the loop ends that day. The biggest story in your chart is the Sixth House of workload, wellbeing, lifestyle, daily routine, service, duty and health. As a Sun Leo you have Pluto going back through there, completing a cycle of intense transformation which began in 2008. In your birth chart your huge Virgo stellium, also in the Sixth House, is under trines from Jupiter and oppositions elsewhere. You live in your Sixth House. You have 8 factors there out of a possible 34 so about one-quarter of your existence revolves around the small aspects of the day-to-day. You probably have a copy of Modern Astrology 2050 (free to members) by now so look at that Virgo stellium. J.K.Rowling has it too. It is very important that you create a new lifestyle which involves work. Travel begins much later and it will be a complete escape from reality for you – that’s 2025. You can take your Covid-safe trips before then but 2025 begins many years of absolute departure from the known world. You will immerse yourself in a foreign culture and experience an alternative life. Coming back to the present, it is very important that you have method, order, regulation, routine and ritual to satisfy your Virgo self. Even walking the dog or feeding the cat. Sometimes, especially that, as strongly Virgo people are often known for their intertwined animal/bird/creature lifestyles. Most of all God is in the details for you. It’s the tiny things that you perfect. Virgo is ruled by Mercury the planet of the mind. The messenger. Whatever you end up doing by May 2024 is very important as it will help you sort out the work-life balance and pinpoint exactly why any health issues occur in that particular way, at that particular time, setting up that particular circumstance. Thank you for the compliment.

  31. ssica, I have SouthNode 10° Gemini 27′ 41″ and NorthNode 10° Sagittarius 27′ 41″ and Moon 29° Gemini 24′ 53″ and Arsculapia 20° Gemini 01′ 03″ R and stellium in Sagittarius… What will stars bring it to me.. Can you share any feedback about these full moon effects on 4th June. I have a lot going on at work and really hopping for a new job in next two weeks… Thank you for all your feedback

    1. Jobs are Capricorn and Virgo, not Gemini or Sagittarius. The only time a job is relevant, is when you work in media, advertising, on the worldwide web, with publishing, academia, education, coding, switchboards, telephone networks and so on. You don’t say what you do for a crust so I can’t tell you much more about your quest for a job. For all I know you are a quantity surveyor!

  32. Hello Jessica
    I have Apollo at 13 Gemini as also a Gemini stellium. How do you think this full moon or even Jupiter in Gemini from May 2024 will affect me?

    1. Gemini stellium people tend to live in their Third House of communication and connection. You have factors at 0 through 25 degrees of Gemini so tend to experience the full cycle as an extended story. It began when you were a child with a brother, sister, cousin or ‘twin’ figure (like a best friend). Every Sir Paul McCartney has his John Lennon. Every Noel Gallagher has his Liam Gallagher. Every Morrissey has his Johnny Marr. Sometimes the issue is a sibling who died, or a miscarried pregnancy – before you appear. Whatever the nature of the twin today, from 2024 it offers solutions and opportunities. From 2025 it becomes liberating, exhilarating and separates you from the past, and offers you a radically different future. Your ability to speak up, write, ‘speak your truth’, use your throat chakra and the rest is very much tied to your sibling, cousin or faux twin. It can work for you, or block you, depending on your past. All this is up for reappraisal and huge improvement, starting in May 2024. The tiniest hint of it will be there at the Full Moon, opposite this Gemini Sun.

  33. Thank you for your podcasts and forecasts, I enjoy dipping into them. I have 13 Aries in Aesculapia and stelliums in SCORPIO (8), PISCES (6), ARIES (5) & TAURUS (5) Please tell me how this will impact me?

    1. Your public chart and private chart have to be read together to see the main stories. You are a Sun Aries with stelliums, as you know, in Scorpio, Pisces, Aries and Taurus. You don’t have anything in Gemini or Sagittarius so the Full Moon is a blip on the screen. The biggest story for you is financial or tied to property. From 1st June through 25th May 2024 you will be offered one solution after another with your insurance, mortgage, investment, shares, cryptocurrency, NFT investment, charity, loan, salary and so on. Jupiter can only do this once every 12 years. Mercury is no longer stuck on a loop in retrograde from 1st June so you are free to negotiate, sign, offer signatures, and so on.

  34. Hi Jessica – I’m not sure exactly how this Full Moon will affect my personal chart as opposed to my public one. Are you able to see? I’d be so grateful for your insights if so…thank you.

    1. People get their knickers in a twist about any Full Moon for some reason; I think a lot of it is amateur astrologers putting so much focus on them. They happen just about every month! The only reason this one matters is that the Sun in Gemini is opposite the Full Moon and we have long-term, life-changing cycles in Gemini in the Third House of your natal chart. They are terrific and begin in May 2024. You are a Sun Taurus with a stellium in Gemini in the Third House of media, internet, publishing, education, siblings, cousins, short journeys and neighbours. Mixed bag but all connected. I daresay 2025-2026 is when it all comes together for you. Liberating, exhilarating, radical changes are ahead and you will see Web 3 turn into Web 4 and become heavily involved with it. You are very likely to teach or study with new technology. The situation with siblings or cousins will set you free. Public transport will be unrecognisable for you. Your interest in neighbouring cities and regions will also radically change and you will be travelling in a completely different way. What does not work smoothly at this Full Moon is the tiniest, tiniest hint about a different future.

  35. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for this insight. You’ll note I’ve a Sagittarius ♐️ stellium with and a busy Gemini. Still a bloody struggle and Pluto reverses back in to my sun on 11th. Is life about to get even more tougher?

    1. Thank you. You were born with Ceres at 29 Capricorn in the Tenth House so your entire issue is transiting Pluto at 29 Capricorn, for the first time in 248 years. The cycle began in February 2023 and resumes from June 12th as Pluto retrogrades back to 29 Capricorn. This all happens in your Tenth House of success, status, achievement, ambition, rank and position. You will have to accept a 50-50 compromise. Job-sharing would be ideal if you could ever do it. In the absence of that, your professional life, academic career and/or unpaid role is about carving up the power and the control. In fact you are very likely to see a reshuffle (or another reshuffle) as transiting Pluto is in a conjunction with natal Ceres in June, July, December, January 2024 – and that is the sign-off. This is of course the time of year when we see resignations, retirement, appointments, promotion. In mythology, Pluto and Ceres were involved in a power struggle. The outcome was time-sharing and acceptance, and a new deal where both parties agreed to differ and to carve up the controls between them. This will likely be offered to you. The good thing about 2023, 2024 is that Jupiter with all his solutions is of course trine your Capricorn stellium so you will be offered four big answers, spaced apart.

  36. Hi Jessica,
    I have my sun at 13 Capricorn, Ascendant in Gemini and stelliums in both Libra and Sagittarius. I was born in the UK and moved to Canada in 2013. Im an engineer but dislike my job, well not the job itself but the politics. Is this transit about my job and living in a foreign country?

    1. Kim, you are typical of your Sagittarius stellium in that you are a migrant. I’m sure you have had it up to here with work politics, but the good news is, the worst is over and it gets better in stages. You were born with Mercury at 28 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career and for the first time in 248 years, Pluto with all his power and control issues, is going over 28 Capricorn. He is retrograde there in July, August, September 2023 then November, December 2023 and then pushes off. It may be that December-January sees a reshuffle for you, either around you, or involving you, which means the game playing and string pulling stops. I said the worst is over and it is. You will have some nice trines from Jupiter with all his solutions to your Capricorn factors as he passes through. Transiting Pluto in conjunction with natal Mercury is notorious for dominating communication; pushing and pulling you around in regard to being heard/read. It does not last. I am sure you are seeing all the usual ridiculous corporate white male nonsense of people not replying to your emails, for example, or people talking over you in meetings. Classic Pluto on Mercury. Your Capricorn stellium is ambitious, patient, practical and respectful of systems which work. As Jupiter slowly goes through Taurus it will trine that for you, complete by May 2024, so one solution after another will appear for you. This is a huge difference to what you’ve just been through. Long, long-term when Jupiter is in Virgo in your Sixth House of work trine your Capricorn stellium in your Tenth House of success, you will be given the chance for a huge promotion, prestigious new job, or massive hit project – so that’s 2027 and 2028, worth dreaming bigger for.

  37. Hi Jess – with my North Node at 13 Gemini and South Node at 13 Sag what does this mean for me? Does it mean that the 1st and 7th house issues, and Gemini and Sagittarius issues have past life reverberations? Thank you!

    1. It’s Jessica, thank you. You do have a past life spent dealing with language differences but also cultural differences. You can have this as a Briton dealing with Americans, for example, or as a Japanese person dealing with China. Your last life may show up in strong attractions now; you are heavily drawn towards a particular nationality, its food, its art, way of life and so on without fully understanding why. Food is often the clue. Your lifetime before was about trying to speak the language of others, while also respecting the importance of the local scene. The local village or town, the neighbouring places and also pins on the map, across the way, in your own country. Gemini is also about short burst information, like radio or code. Sagittarius is about academia and the trilogy of books on the shelf. Gemini is about the soundbite. Sagittarius is about the bigger intellectual picture. You will find different ways to thrash this out all your life. The Full Moon will nod to that. A bigger deal, in 2024 to 2033, is the Gemini transits which will show you just how much your own neighbourhood, town or city can change. Your public transport will alter. The lines of communication will alter (Americans will no longer run your social media; it will be done locally). And that’s just the start.

  38. Hi Jessica, thank you for another great article! The last years have not been easy for me, job getting more intense and stressful, relationship with boss getting worse… hoping to have better days ahead after Saturn left Aquarius… could this full moon be a start of nicer time? Sun in Aquarius, stellium in Taurus, Capricorn and Aquarius.

    1. Thank you. A Full Moon is quite transient and as I said, is more important because of the Sun in Gemini, which nods to the long-term future, as Jupiter is in Gemini in 2024, then Uranus in Gemini in 2025, ongoing to 2033. Nothing to do with your job unless you are in media, publishing or the internet, which you don’t say. Your chart is important because of the Aquarius stellium. What began in a very small, hesitant way with your friends and allies in March, April, May 2023 will become central next year and pivotal from 2025. You may be supplying or feeding the circle of friendly faces without being immersed in it. Pluto in Aquarius will slowly form a conjunction with all your Aquarius factors and then Jupiter, followed by Uranus, will trine the same. So it is about honouring the group as separate individuals who need their own space; understanding the rules of tolerance; realising that ‘All for one, and one for all’ is the mantra.

  39. Thank you Jessica once again. If you see this, can you tell me more about how to deal with my Sag/Gem oppositions?

    1. Thank you. I am picking up your question now and can see your birth chart on the screen. Sagittarius-Gemini is the challenge to address foreigners and foreign countries; different cultures and languages, accents and customs – while also keeping it local. This is really ‘We shall fight them on the beaches’ as Churchill decreed, cleaving to the towns, cities and villages of Britain while also eyeing Nazi Germany. He had to win the war by keeping it about the neighbours (the Home Guard; Land Girls) while being an international player. He was trying to win the home front in villages while negotiating at the highest levels with Russia and America. It is exactly the same for you, all your life. How do you manage the worldwide web and all its citizens, while also staying local? This becomes more important, not just on this Full Moon (which is transient) but when Uranus goes into Gemini from the year 2025. From that point forward your own local life and neighbouring towns and regions will start to undergo a revolution. It begins slowly, on and off, and then by 2033, when the cycle ends, you will realise your entire existence has undergone the most radical change of your life. It will affect your ability to translate languages online; to be heard and read; to know the local map – everything.

  40. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for the great article again !!
    My ASC, DESC and at13.
    I also have a stellium in Sagittarius and LIBRA I am moving to a new city at the end of this month and also starting a new job, it is very similar to 12 years back, I moved to new city and a new job.
    Can you please shed some light on this with Full moon and Jupiter and Uranus in Gemini by next year

    1. Thank you. You must have a nose for your astrology chart as 12 years ago lucky Jupiter was in Taurus in your Second House of income. You are moving and starting a new job on the same cycle, just as you did before. You were born with the North Node at 8 Cancer and South Node at 8 Capricorn, the former ruling houses and apartments, towns and countries – and the latter ruling your career. Jupiter going to 8 Taurus in the final week of June makes a perfect trine and sextile, just as he did 12 years ago, so that’s your answer. It’s karma.

  41. Hi Jessica

    I have my Sun, Neptune and Bacchus in Sagittarius, are we heading for some tough family times? Thank you xx

    1. I will look at your public and private chart together, as when two house systems point to the same thing, you have an accurate prediction in your hands. You are a Sun Sagittarius woman with stelliums in Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn. You have financial, charity, property and/or business issues to sort out in 2023 and some of 2024. This is true in your solar and natal chart, both. So, not tough family times, but you will need to look at more watertight arrangements with relatives and also the house or apartment, along with any property investment. You have been drifting for years, with no boundaries with those at home, or various branches of the family tree. Since March 2023 when Saturn changed signs it has become necessary to address the real world (very, very real) regarding these people or these places. This is the case in 2023, 2024 for other reasons too; the Scorpio-Taurus axis of your chart, which is all about wills, inheritance, trust funds, family finances, mortgages and so on, is crossed by really slow-moving planets, which means you have historic crossroads choices to make. It’s a good time to make them, but you have to be a total realist.

  42. Hello Jessica,
    Thanks for the great article. I have Mars at 14, Ops at 10 and Psyche at 19 degrees Gemini, being a Scorpio sun. I am expecting in one month I think or maybe less for some publicity around a hiring campaign in which I was involved with my image and also to . Do you have any insights on this? Thank you so much.

    1. You have a couple of spaces in the chart related to publicity. Aries rules profile, reputation, appearance. Gemini rules the web and media. You have at 14-15 degree Gemini-Aries sextile so Jupiter going to 14-15 Gemini in August 2024 looks good. You’re misreading this Full Moon though. It’s not ‘good for’ it’s an inner conflict or real-world difference.

  43. Thank you Jessica, I think that all makes sense, we need to update our wills and I’m likely to be involved in helping to sort out the estate of a family member who is not going to be with us much longer xx

  44. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for another fascinating insight. I am a sun Aries and my Moon is in Sagittarius, along with ASC Apollo and Cupido. What does this tell me and is there any guidance that maybe useful? Home or work but any new ventures on the horizons. My job and place of work is in a strong position at the moment, the very best its been in and I am proud of the achievement and that of the team that work for me. The business began in 1993, became independent of the Council in 2003, and I joined in March 2013 and I opened new premises in December 2013, is there any significance in that? This improvement in fortune seems to have a life of its own. Can you shed any light?

    Thanks x

    1. Thank you. Far more important than Sun, Moon and Ascendant is stelliums. You are a Sun Aries woman, with stelliums in Aries, Capricorn, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini. Classic go-getter horoscope. Capricorn is your ambition to be at the top. Aries is the competitive instinct to do better than your rival. Sagittarius is the outreach into other countries, nationalities, cultures, languages. Gemini is the phone or internet commitment which makes the wheels go around. In your public and private chart, the most important transit is professional, with more reshuffles in rights, roles and responsibilities. You have become skilled at people politics and power plays since 2008 and will once more do the politics from 12th June until January 21st next year. In fact Christmas will bring resignations, hirings, and so on right across your field. There is a replay of an old situation in September, October, November 2024 then it’s gone forever. I expect you have at least one man who is abusing his powerful position by playing Svengali or puppeteer, but he won’t last. Those who misuse their powerful jobs for their own gain and at the expense of their profession tend to go into Decline and Fall on the fag-end of a Pluto transit in Capricorn! The most exciting prospects are local, tied to new inventions affecting Web 3 or public transport, involve a neighbouring place, set you free, give you total independence and may involve more media or a different, better sort of media. That rolls from next May for many years.

  45. Dear Jessica thank you for this post. I am trying again here to see if you have time to reply as I note the volume of readers like me are responding! You are such a busy lady and much admiration and gratitude. I am starting a new role teaching online from middle of June onwards. I have minerva in gemini as well as the south node. I also have a sagittarius stellium (and aquarius, libra, capricorn stelliums). I have volcano at 13 Sagittarius and Juno is at 14 Capricorn. if you have time from Jessica I am grateful if you can answer if I will like it and will it lead to something better/more permanent? I got the Hermit card when I asked tarot “if i will like my new job”. Any insights you have are so appreciated by me Jessica. I hope you and your team are well. Much appreciation and gratitude as always.

    1. Thank you. I am training astrologers at The Sun Sign School so eventually we can share questions using my method. At the moment there is only one of me and this minute, 18,183 questions. Congratulations on your new teaching role. You have a classic teacher’s chart. A tutor’s chart, actually, as we find it in academia as well as the classroom. Will you like your new job? The Hermit tells you that you will spend a lot of time by yourself figuring out what it means to you. And meaning, full stop. When you see the Hermit you suspect Pisces transits to your Twelfth House of solitude and spirituality and Hygiea is at 0 Pisces in your chart. Pluto is at 0 Aquarius semi-sextile, for the first time in 248 years and he goes over that degree repeatedly until Christmas 2024. Is this a religious school? That may explain the soul-searching. Even if it’s not, your chart is telling you to protect, guard, shield and safeguard your inner self. This is about God, your rejection of God, therapy, hypnosis, Tarot, mediumship, psychic work, counselling and the inner life. There’s a need for some kind of pre-emptive action here, showing up. So the cards ducked your question and talked about that instead. You will be thrilled with the role, project or course that unfolds in 2024, 2025 and new technology from 2025 will change your life. I’m seeing a Mini, clairvoyantly. So you drive one by then or get rides!

  46. Dear Jessica,

    Excited for this full moon, and I’m also noticing some life changes that have taken place that fit with the astrology. There have been some dramatic shifts in my home with me having to put up boundaries from an overbearing older mother, and very recently she has seemed to be more accepting of stepping back and staying in her home more often (versus coming to mine and dictating how I raise my children and care for my home). I also have Juno in Sagittarius at 13 degrees (with a Sag stellium) and Cupido at 17 degrees Gemini, so I’m wondering how these might be activated by the full moon.

    Finally, I’ve been having good interactions with a longtime friend who I’ve always fancied, as you might say, and he has a Libra stellium with his sun and Mercury at 13 degrees Libra. He has a Sag stellium (Saturn 20 degrees, Fortuna 05 degrees, Bacchus 16 degrees and Panacea 29 degrees), along with Mars in Gemini at 02 degrees, Vulcano in Gemini at 15 degrees and Hygeia in Gemini at 23 degrees). I believe we have plans to see each other this weekend and it seems that many of our Sagittarius and Gemini factors bold well for this month and the future.

    Any thoughts on what this full moon has in store for all of these situations? As always, thank you so much Jessica! You bring all of us so much help, understanding and hope!

    1. A Full Moon is never exciting, sad to say, it is an opposition between the Sun and Moon. There are an awful lot of amateur astrologers out there who keep dancing around as if it’s some kind of Jupiter Return, but actually it’s a clash between people, between organisations and within individuals. The most famous example is D-Day. Your mother has nothing to do with Gemini or Sagittarius; she is purely a Cancer matter. So nothing there. You want to have a sexual relationship with your friend, who is heavily Libra. He’ll make up his mind about you starting from July 18th 2023 until January 11th 2025, when karma from a previous sexual relationship or marriage, 18-19 years prior, returns to him. Perhaps you were friends then too. If not, this is about a woman from his past, and if you two do start a relationship then it will owe so much to his past, and there will be closure or completion for him with unfinished karmic business.

  47. Hi Jessica

    I have Saturn at 13 Sagittarius and I wonder what that means comprared to my other planets in Sagittarius.
    Thank you so much

    1. Saturn in Sagittarius in the Ninth House is about travel restrictions, which pop up from time to time. You already had that with the pandemic and of course they are here to stay until the travel industry addresses the problem. So Saturn in Sagittarius can be about that, but you may also find that you are blocked and stopped from travel for other reasons, as a lifelong recurring pattern. Sometimes it’s down to visa or passport issues, or residency, for example. Just as Saturn is about difficulty gaining access it is also about difficulty getting out! So you may find you are stuck in a foreign country, for example. The Ninth House is about people as tourists, migrants, foreigners – so you can find it hard to gain access or entry to their world, or impossible to get away from them. This is only part of your Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House. It is commonly about academia or publishing; the worldwide web. It is a large stellium with 5 out of 34 factors there, so about one in seven days a week is spent absorbed with, say, other languages or cultures – and dealing with the usual feeling of ‘can’t get in’ or ‘can’t get out.’ The Full Moon will show you something pretty familiar and so you would choose another day to try and sort out a multicultural cross-EU Zoom for example! You can find out more in your flipbook library.

  48. Jessica,

    Thank you for all you do. I read your website all the time. It has helped me greatly over the last 3 years. Since 2021, I’ve been through an unpleasant divorce and three surgeries. I’ve struggled quite a bit both mentally and physically. My last spinal surgery was April 13. I’m improving but I can’t seem to get past this..for lack of a better term funk. I just feel a bit lost and the clarity isn’t there. What do you see coming in my chart that might lead to a break in terribly heavy feeling?
    I would truly appreciate any insight you can give.

    1. I am glad the astrology has helped you through the divorce and surgery on your spine. You are allowed to be feeling low – and also lost. Something like this is usually down to a slow-moving outer planet or node transit, which is historic and rare in nature. Okay, so you have this. You were born with Uranus at 19 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships. Divorce is common. For the first time in your life transiting Uranus has been at 19 Taurus so you have experienced your Uranus-Uranus Opposition. It’s rather like an electrical storm hitting a live power line. You likely fell back on your entire physical, mental and spiritual system just to absorb the shock, and then to cope. At a certain point, you just have to recover from that. If you don’t consciously start treating yourself with kid gloves, you can unfortunately find the body further rebels and you end up literally on your back. The outcome is freedom and independence. Well you have that too. It is important to remember that had you stayed married you would have been trapped for years, so the Uranus-Uranus opposition got you out of it, but it is associated with shockwaves. As if that wasn’t enough along comes Saturn at 1, 2 Pisces in opposition to your natal Jupiter and Apollo at 1, 2 Virgo in the Sixth House of health. So no wonder. The good news is, you are now officially on the road to rebuilding, as Jupiter (solutions, opportunities, advantages, good fortune) will slowly but surely trine your Virgo placements in the Sixth House of wellbeing and form a chain of conjunctions to the Taurus placements in the Second House of personal income, so you are on track to save or make quite a lot of money by May 2024. Longer-term the next 20 years will see you with a new partner if you want one; put you front and centre with a very important group of people who require you to input your considerable energy, understanding, common-sense and nous. This group will transform your life and you will transform them. It is terribly important that you devote half an hour every day to healing with audio, if you can. Look up Healing on this website. You also need to look at walking, if your back will let you do it. Readers repeatedly say it was as good as anti-depressants if not better, especially when done in a group.

  49. Hi, Jessica. What to expect from this full moon if you have Sagittarius Rising and a Gemini Moon? My professional life has been intense this year, to put it mildly, full of ups and downs, culminating in a promotion on the last working day of May followed, on the first Monday of June, by one of the worst and most demoralizing professional setbacks I have ever experienced. I’m really looking forward to a change of scenery but so far can’t anticipate any easy way out.

    1. By now you will have realised, thanks to your Gemini Moon, that whatever did not sit easily on the weekend with the internet, media, publishing, academia or short journeys – is going to help you do incredibly well later on. It takes more than a Full Moon to deliver an awful career setback though so let’s look at the full chart. Salacia at 28 Capricorn is your answer. Pluto is about go back over 28 Capricorn, the sign ruling career. Salacia in your chart indicates you do well in two worlds, at the same time, neither of them particularly real. So this is the person who achieves in his paid work but also with an unpaid sideline, for example. We also find it with people who juggle two jobs. Salacia is about the escape from reality or the holiday from the normal world and expressed through Capricorn, it is always about career, academia or unpaid vocations. So Pluto going back over that is a challenge to you, to find your power. You find your power through sheer willpower. This is also about control. Your self-control will give you control. Whatever you decide to do this works out splendidly for you by 2024 so stay true to yourself, despite this setback. Pluto commonly shows up as power-trippers and honestly, this is a gnat on the windscreen of your life. If anything, the whole point of this situation is to make you stronger and ultimately to help you do better where you are or to find a far superior position elsewhere by 2024.

  50. Hi Jessica. I would very much like to learn more about the Sun Sign School. What is the best way to begin this? Is it necessary to join the Sun Sign School if I am already a member here? Thanks!

    1. Thank you. You can join The Sun Sign School at any time and learn at your own speed over 12 months. We are going back to pop-up Zoom weekend tutorials later in the year, but until then, there are downloads, podcasts, flipbooks and more from a wide range of astrologers and you’d be very welcome.

  51. Dear Jessica
    Just a quick note to say thank you for letting us know how best to navigate the world around us.
    if you have a moment can you see if things will get a bit easier it’s been a difficult few years personally with family responsibilities and work life.
    Kind Regards

    1. Melly, the public and private chart sometimes dovetail and that is when the astrology starts shouting. You are a Sun Scorpio woman with a huge Libra stellium in your Seventh House of partnership. Until May 2024 you have Jupiter (growth, expansion, benefits) and Uranus (freedom, autonomy, independence) in your public Seventh House of duets and double-acts. In your private chart the South Node of karma goes through Libra and also your Seventh House of pairs and duos. So the whole story is about that. This is either the person you are paired with professionally or sexually now, or it is the person to emerge, but it is terrific, central, karmic and owes a lot to life as it was 18-19 years ago. It begins to emerge in July and is there by May 2024.

  52. Hopefully I have better luck this time with posting a comment..
    For the past few months I’ve had job opportunities conversations but none have come to fruition, which made me very disappointed and don’t even know if I should try to look for a new job. Will this new moon help with turning the tide?

    1. Thank you. I’m just getting to my desk after a few days away and your comment is at the top of the page. I am sorry about your job situation. This was a Full Moon, not a New Moon, so I do need to correct you. And a Full Moon does nothing to get anyone a job! You will have one opportunity after another to go freelance, work two jobs, pursue hybrid study and a job, work flexible hours, job share, and so on by May 2024. You would be mad to give up now as this is the best ‘work revolution’ cycle in 12 years, with Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus in your solar Sixth House of gainful employment. One rule about this transit – do not lock yourself in with old ways of thinking about what work should be. Be open to what comes and get out of your own way.

  53. I have my neptune, descendant and bacchus in Saggitarius and am gemini rising with a lot of other gemini in my chart (a stellium). Am waiting to hear regarding a book, and am in the midst of a career reset after a prolonged break, and am starting meetings around this this week. we’re also hoping to expand our family….. I’d love to know the influence the planets may have on me (and my saggitarian husband)

    1. Long-term you are on the right track with your Gemini stellium so no matter if this is the first idea that takes off later, or a second idea that builds on the first, the tracks for success are being laid now with signals up ahead from May 2024 with a result by 2025. New technology (some of which Apple is just announcing) will be part of an exciting and very different new online future for creators and writers and you would be tempted to engage with virtual reality from 2026 as future books are interactive and three-dimensional. You also want another child and will find that easier once the South Node leaves Scorpio and your Eighth House of sex, death and money (typically marriage and mortgage) which is July. You can go round in circles with the South Node as it moves backwards, but from next month there are no more hold-ups.

  54. Thanks so much for the explanation! The screen blanked out for me which seemed odd. 🙂 Thank you so much for your additional information as well. Amazing as always!

    1. That is odd about your screen going blank. Have to say, the spirit world has a way with technology. Thank you.

  55. Hi Jessica

    I have north node 14 Gemini, Moon 13 Gemini, and Saturn 14 Pices and Pluto 13 Virgo so two squares and a conjunction! Sounds very tense which is an understatement to life recently as a Scorpio rising 24 and a Taurus Sun 13 any thoughts on what looks pretty dreadfull please?

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. You’ve had the Full Moon now and so you have been through the big bump. It’s true to say that what is an issue on the Full Moon is the reason you have success later, with the internet, the media, publishing, academia or short journeys. So bungling a taxi schedule, or grappling with dodgy webmasters and so on, can be the impetus for something terrific from May 2024. In fact by 2025 you will realise if X has not happened you would not have done Y.

  56. Oh Jessica… I really screwed up! Total digital bomb full moon: I erroneously sent a text to the wrong person, triggering massive pain for myself and of course, that person. She, my maternal aunt (Capricorn) was so angry that she threatened me; she is truly “out-for-blood”. She wasn’t at all interested in my instant repeated apologies. Themes of cultural differences, language, relocation, fish-out-of-water, relatives, were in this text. The blow-up also puts my housing in jeopardy. It’s too long a story to get into but briefly: I moved back to this place because I had been named legal guardian for my mom (dementia, 81 yrs old), after my dad died 4 years ago. My husband (no kids) was able to transfer his job and can do so again as he works for a national company. Prior to this, we had lived for 35 years in a city that I affectionate nickname “The Manhattan of Our Country”. We had met there as young adults. Now, my husband likes it here, the inexpensive and luxurious housing situation, but I feel really displaced and unfulfilled. I am a “half breed” and the cultural issues here are very injurious to me since childhood. It’s a backwards place, and my aunt epitomizes the worst of it. I miss my artistic career (low paying but my dream come true), my friends, the ability to hail a taxi right outside my door. We cannot afford to move back my husband feels, even if my mom would die tomorrow and I inherited her condo (where we live, as ‘renters’). I am the sole heir, but my parents’ assets here in the boonies just don’t translate to Big City prices – we had stupidly sold our old “Manhattan” condo go vs. renting it out, while we were here. I’m stuck, and scared, really behind enemy lines. I also have long-standing health issues, which began before we left “Manhattan”, which I think is why I was deemed the person for the job: “Well, she’s not REALLY working a real job anyway, so she can come.” If you have the time, I’d really appreciate any insight you can glean from my chart. I only have 1 Gemini factor, Psyche, in the 3rd house in my natal personal chart. Thank you in advance.

    1. I am sorry this happened with the text. You have apologised to your aunt but she is angry. You are also living in the wrong place for you – and you have health issues. It takes more than a Full Moon for a family issue, so let’s look at the chart. You are a Sun Libra woman with your IC at 3 Cancer in the Fourth House of clan, house, apartment, town, country, roots, heritage, history, culture. That is your private chart. You are descended from a matriarch, which may be your mother, grandmother or great-grandmother. Cancer describes the female line and is ruled by the Moon, which correlates to the pregnancy cycle of the female of the species, so it’s all about that – and now you are mothering your own mother who had dementia. In your public chart as a Sun Libra woman you have Pluto about to go back into your Fourth House – same. This does work out long-term but you may have to be patient in 2023 as there are questions here about power and control with your aunt, but also with other family members. The question of your home and home town is part of that. Pluto is out of Capricorn again in early 2024 so you do get a break. Christmas is the obvious time for this to occur and most of the decisions about your aunt and where to live/how to live will be there in December 2023, January 2024. So rest assured this is not long-term for you but while it is there, you have to be patient. Look at the Tarot to validate that timing and to see what you can do. We are all only human and we all make mistakes. You blundered but you wouldn’t be the first. Time will give you a chance to more than make it up to her with actions not words and that’s that.

  57. Hi Jessica, Thanks for your great posts on your blog. I have to ask, my focus at the moment is to find a new job where I will develop and get a significantly higher salary than where I work today. I want a high-status job in my field of education (HR university degree) and of which I am proud. Can you see how my professional life will develop and if I will succeed in my goal?

    1. You are an Aquarius woman with a Sagittarius and Capricorn stellium so are pulled towards academia (Sagittarius) and ambition (Capricorn). You also have a huge Scorpio stellium in your Eighth House of joint finance and property, so I can see why you want a high salary. You’ll have to set priorities as it may be that you need to trade status for income or pride in your title with actual pay and benefits. So you may get an impressive business card but have to be a realist about the pay structure, or perhaps you will decide to take a less than glamorous role but inch towards greater benefits. This is long-term in your chart until 2026 – and then it changes again.

  58. Dear Jessica, I am natal Taurus (just!) and have the following Gemini stellium: Minerva 8 degs; Mercury 11 degs; Vesta 11 degs; and Aesculpia 14 degs. I also have Mars at 13 deg Sagittarius. I would be grateful if you could help me understand how this full moon may affect me? I would really appreciate any insights you could give me. With thanks.

    1. Exactly as you read here. Whatever/whomever did not fit properly with media, the worldwide web, publishing or academia on the Full Moon, is the grit in the oyster that makes the pearl later. You are strongly Gemini and are here to connect and communicate. Short journeys are also ruled by Gemini so you’re The Wanderer. You get around! Whatever was a sticking point on the weekend regarding this actually assists you from May 2024 when a thrilling new cycle begins with long overdue improvement and expansion for you with (say) your website or (perhaps) your local or regional getaways.

  59. Hi Jessica, I do love your site and all the useful info you give us! I’m not sure what to make of this one as I have nothing in Gemini in my chart at all. I do have Neptune, Ops and Jupiter in Sagittarius though. This last few days have been very stressful with a last minute legal objection from a neighbour to some building work I am planning. The neighbour and I are on good terms but it could delay the project a bit and escalate the cost and I am very worried. Is this a blip or a major issue for me? I know you’ve said elsewhere that this is a great year for renovations and home. Thank you so much.

    1. The Full Moon is now well and truly over. This sounds more like you trying to renovate on Mercury Retrograde (stalled or reversed paperwork) in Taurus (property and finance). I am sorry you are hitting this objection so late. The legal objection is worth taking seriously as you do in fact have Pluto at 1 Libra in the Seventh House of legal opponents and transiting Pluto is hovering around 1 Aquarius (Pluto trine Pluto) so there are core questions here about power and control in the equation. So it is a great year (until May 2024) for renovations but you need to make sure they are legal to the strict letter of the law. I’m sure you’ve already gone straight back to your solicitor about this, but if not, it would be smart to do so. Libra is the scales and Lady Justice holds them.

  60. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for another brilliant post.

    Please can you shed light on the astrology behind the multiple trains crash in India.

    Not sure if the India independence chart work that well. Interestingly, earlier India chart of 1 January 1877 which is of the first unified India when Victoria took over as Empress, shows the event.

    Is India headed for more upheaval? What do you think?


    1. Thank you Ann. There are a few Indian charts of course. On the most basic level, the Full Moon was in Gemini and Sagittarius. Gemini rules short journeys and commuting by public transport. Sagittarius rules foreigners and foreign countries. It takes more than a Full Moon to produce a multiple crash but it can be a trigger. The events will lead to improvements from May 2024 when Jupiter (Brihaspati in India or Guru) moves into Gemini and then even more so when Uranus (new inventions) moves into Gemini from 2026 for many years. I daresay India will see a revolution in her trains, Ann.

  61. Thank you for all your work Jessica. I have Panacea in Gemini and Fortuna and Neptune in Sagittarius. I don’t have any placement in 13 degrees but I have Mars in Leo in 14 degrees. Would you please shed some light on what these placements mean for me? Please can I also ask how can I get a link and timings for upcoming zoom sessions for The Sun Sign School? I tried to look everywhere on website but I can’t find it. Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you. The Full Moon has passed by and you are now at the other side. Looking at your chart, you are a Libra person, with Libra, Virgo, Cancer stelliums. The most important story in 2023-2024 is about your partner (be it a professional or sexual partner) and sometimes you can have two partners, one at work, and one in the bedroom. There is karma there from July going back 18-19 years, as you owe, or are owed, and the universe will settle up with you, putting you into quite a circular, repetitive situation with him or her, which makes it necessary to change on the inside to make the most of the repetition, so you evolve and are happier. This is a rare cycle; the South Node in Libra is about two decades in the making. You also gain from Jupiter in Taurus until May 2024 which will sextile your Cancer factors and trine your Virgo factors, so this is a terrific cycle for improvements with a house, apartment, the local area, your lifestyle, wellbeing, food, drink, fitness and perhaps property investment. Certainly the work you do and even the unpaid work or study. You will thoroughly enjoy the opportunities.

  62. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this insight. I recently expanded into education and scientific publishing work where I collaborate with people from different countries/speaking different languages. So, I can confirm that “nothing is flowing” for now. It is all quite comfortable. Even so I will rely on Sagittarius & Uranus for this revolution I ABSOLUTELY NEED in my career. Thoughts?

    Secondly, can you please talk some more about June 10th, 2023 – T-Square with Neptune at 27 Pisces square Ceres at 27 Virgo and Bacchus at 27 Sagittarius. I have Proserpina 27 Pisces in my chart.

    Thanks as always!
    I cannot tell you how much I have benefitted from your wisdom in the past & the ongoing Saturn cycle.

    1. Thank you. As always with career we look to Virgo and Capricorn in your private chart. You have a large Virgo stellium in your Sixth House of work, service and duty and so your job, or jobs plural, is at the core of who you are. You are in a terrific cycle with Jupiter in Taurus trine every Virgo factor you have so until May 2024 will find the projects, roles or goals benefit you in new ways not possible before as you expand your horizons and gain from people who also see the big picture. You should have some major accomplishments under your belt by May next year. The T-Square is really about minimising the potential issues with religion, Tarot, therapy, spirituality, mediumship, self-help, alternatives to God, psychics, hypnosis and so on. Downplay and shrink the story then, rather than make it bigger, as a T-Square is very hard work and it falls across your Pisces side.

  63. Thank you Jessica for your insights – I enjoy your Astrology blog very much. I know you are super busy with many comments but I thought I’d try one more time to gain your insights on this full moon. This past week has been a very intense and surprising one with multiple areas of my life impacted. Here’s the quick questions:

    * Both of my two jobs appear to have changes or reorganizations of sorts. In one job, many colleagues have just left suddenly, several of whom were beloved supervisors and friends. In the other job, I was just told my role would be switching with the company wanting to highlight my achievements and degrees, including getting a picture taken and put on the company website in the next few months. Oddly enough on the same day, I was told that both of my supervisors at both of my jobs will be changed – these were two different women that I am very close with. What’s going on?

    * An ex showed up suddenly – I saw him at a local store – he’s moved back into town with a woman. I have not seen him for years. The relationship was a painful one – he was very controlling/highly critical – despite that I loved him and gave him lots of grace, love and support which was not valued by him. Still healing from the trauma of that relationship in some ways. Over the last few years, he would find me and message me his number to see if I wanted to connect – a little nervous that he’s suddenly in my area. Not sure what’s going on?

    This is a lot in just one short week – my head is just spinning. I also averted (I think and hope) an unexpected possible covid exposure last week (i.e. I am working mostly remote with HEPA filters everywhere, avoiding large gatherings/stores, and masking). Any hope that any of this works out for the positive or that there is anything positive to look forward to?

    Thank you so much, as always, Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Work is Virgo or Capricorn, not this Full Moon (which has now passed) but you have a huge Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of lifestyle, wellbeing, paid work and unpaid work, as well as academia and health. You stand to gain from a series of trines from transiting Jupiter in Taurus as he passes through until May 2024. So your high profiling by your employer is typical. The reshuffles are also typical and actually you gain. As a strongly Virgo person you are Covid-aware and are protecting yourself from a 1/10 chance of Long Covid (those figures are agreed by most mainstream media now) and doing very well. The positives are that a Clean Air act will eventually come to many countries. The other huge breakthrough is a particular kind of Australian garlic which was found to destroy 99% of Covid. The Peter Doherty Institute which is widely respected in Australia made the announcement last week. This will change everything. It will be possible to take it in tablet form. They are not telling us which of the 200+ forms of Australian garlic it is, but this potent substance also eliminates other viruses. This is also coming when I guess they have hit the sharemarket. Working remotely and avoiding super-spreader spaces will help you in the meantime. With the Jupiter trines to your Virgo stellium, though, I think you will find even more benefits for your wellbeing in 2023, 2024, even if it’s just the doctor of your dreams.

  64. Hi Jessica,

    I definitely felt this full moon and a shift energetically. I have a Gemini stellium and wondered how this might play out for me? I’m in a place where I’m starting from scratch again in many areas; friends, family, job, hobbies, love and feel a sense of excitement but not sure of my goals in these areas yet and worry about spreading myself too thin.

    Thanks for all you do.


    1. Thank you. Starting from scratch is usually about 29 or 0 degree placements in a chart as 29 is the end of a sign cycle and 0 is the beginning. You have Libra, Aries, Scorpio placements at 29, 0 and so it will take you a good couple of years to begin again. Pluto is hovering at 29 Capricorn and 0 Aquarius, you see, and that’s the big one. Pluto is about total transformation and a change in the balance of power. It takes time. Libra is about your sexual partnership or professional partnership. It can also describe a platonic partnership, for any reason. Two people who balance each other. Aries is about your title, reputation and appearance. Scorpio is about sexual and financial relationships – and family-based property relationships. So this sounds like your love life and family, to be certain. Pluto is empowering if you use your willpower. It gives you control if you use self-control. Use the Tarot to personalise this reading as I have no idea if you are married, single, living with the family and so on, K.

  65. Dear Jessica, I have a Gemini MC and I am a Scorpio (26.10.1949 (02.50)Cape Town, SA.) Would you mind telling how this will affect my work /project life? I would be very grateful. Thank you.

    1. Well, the Full Moon has passed now, but looking at your chart, as a Sun Scorpio woman with a Libra stellium, 2023 and 2024 are all about your partnerships. This may be past (an ex-spouse) as well as present (a new partner). The partnerships can also be purely professional, so a working duet. This shows up in your public chart and also your private chart. The interval from mid-July to mid-May 2024 is the important one as you are being offered freedom, independence and also overdue improvement (as in, 12 years overdue). You may walk away from a partnership, for example, if you feel it is too restricting, or there may be circumstances which liberate you from a partner. There are also substantial issues here about what is fair. What is strictly legal, perhaps, or was once the concern of lawyers. There are also other kinds of Libran equality; it need never have involved a religious ceremony, for example, or any binding legal contract, but there is a moral, spiritual and ethical issue about what brings balance. I dare say that soon after the South Node goes into Libra in mid-July you will notice the change. And then the Sun’s transit of Libra from late September to late October is the next important phase. Try to do anything really important regarding this person by May 2024 when luck is firmly on your side.

  66. Hello Jessica,
    Today 06 June 2023 I no longer work for Capricorn born January 17 1970… Do you see bright future for me… My stars are difficult… Is this Uranus or Mars???

    Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you Jessica

    1. As a Sun Scorpio you really had that Full Moon across your sector of salary but also life budget. You have lost your salary but you are also now able to do your own maths. Even if you have to accept a lower salary, or two part-time salaries together, perhaps, or even give up a salary (to study) is it worth it to you? That is what you are being asked here. Long-term you will make or save quite a lot of money from May 2024 if you take the opportunities. For now you must deal with your own values. I am sorry you lost your job; it is always very hard to take, isn’t it? Search Healing on this website and start tuning into the audio recordings to recover and repair and renew.

  67. Thank you for your interpretation! I did have two unexpected encounters, one on Saturday with an Aquarius–a new male friend, and we really hit it off intellectually and he is helping me with an online project, and then another today, Tuesday my time, an unexpected call from someone with much better academic connections than I have, concerning a writing project of mine. She is working on writing about the same thing from another angle, and needed my access to it. She is twenty-two years younger than I am–you mentioned that age group in another comment response about a Leo placement. Tuesday may be a little far away from the Full Moon…
    Also, today, when Mars in Leo is squaring my Scorpio moon, an unexpected confrontation from a man, a stranger, who came onto my work property without asking and was rude and made it clear he’s been tracking my movements. He was sent. mistakenly, by someone else. After trying to be nice but clear, I ended up having to stand my ground. Here’s hoping he won’t be a bigger problem when the square is exact tomorrow.

    1. The intruder at work who sounds like a borderline stalker needs to be flicked to the authorities if you’ve not already done that. You have Saturn at 28 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career and Pluto is about to turn back over 28 Capricorn, which is important. You were right to stand your ground but he is trying to ‘Pluto’ you and likely other people and it has to be stopped. Approach those whose job it is to protect you and your space please.

  68. Dear Jessica
    I really appreciate your reply and your insights and I value what you wrote. Your astrology has helped me so much. I always read your daily astrology on waking (except Fridays.) You are a guiding light to all of us.

  69. Hi Jessica, I have the moon at 12° Gemini, and Mars 7° Sagittarius – my world has suddenly opened up with new groups and friendships – and a new partnership that is starting off as friendship/business, but has romantic potential. I also have a new opportunity to develop my writing career. Does the Sag full moon and Jupiter in Gemini bode well for this? Thank you.

    1. Your Moon in Gemini is doing the talking here. You are ahead of the luckiest cycle in 12 years for web, media, the local scene and short trips. Commuting as well. Huge and long overdue improvements with that arrive from May 2024 although they were pointed at, with the Full Moon in Gemini. What did not add up or cannot ‘compute’ with your life any longer needs to be sorted out and you should now have evidence that it will be. Your writing career is at the heart of this and once Uranus also goes into Gemini you will be using your work (or play) with new inventions. For the romantic potential of the scribe-plus-scribe partnership have a look at the Tarot here now.

  70. Hi Jessisa, I have tried to post this comment before but it feels like it may have ended up in the spam folder. So I’ll try again.

    I have my nodes at 27 degrees and my Mars in Capricorn at 27 degrees. In addition, I have Venus at 28 degrees in Sagittarius and Juno at 26 degrees in Virgo. So June 10 feels very personal. Could you please give me some guidance how this will affect me. I feel a little anxious about it.

    We are planning to take the boat out on the ocean for a fishing trip on June 10. Maybe not such a good idea considering the horoscope?

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you. There is no spam folder, just a list of 18,269 people in Comments today and although I am training people at the Sun Sign School to be able to take part in a panel of astrologers and psychics in the future, to help reduce the number of questions in ratio to answers – it will take time. By now your fishing trip will be well and truly under sail. Your chart is showing up with trends that go way past the Full Moon and are far more important, long-term. That pattern around 27-28 is crossed by Pluto in 2023, 2024 and so this is really about a change in the balance of power, either within your own industry and profession, or just within your work place. No need to be anxious. Those who abused their power or acted as if they were above the rest, will get their come-uppance. They will resign or face another kind of exit. This will create a shake-down further down the chain. It may in fact be your business, whatever line of work you are in, and as Pluto is on the turn on Monday, I would expect this to be laid out in front of you in the remainder of June, July if you wanted to act. People who want to empower you are around you so do listen and perhaps act.

  71. I have been a premium member for a few years now and your horoscopes have given me hope and kept me sane during some of the hardest years of my life they are so accurate. This Sagittarius full moon has brought to light a situation that was right in front of me all along that I just didn’t see that very much fits both the Pluto in Aquarius and some Leo factors that I have at 0 that have been triggered but also Saturn in Pisces (it also feels like a repeat from the last time Saturn was in Pisces) and it’s thrown me in a tizz that this situation is brewing and as per what you just said in your weekly horoscope for my sign I think I am, reluctantly and sadly, going to have to remove myself from that group to ensure it doesn’t blow up into something major. You are so spot on, it’s so helpful. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say. The Full Moon has now passed but it has shown you the truth about some friends, or acquaintances, and the groups they belong to. You may have to put distance between yourself and that group until it is cleaned out and the toxic people have gone. Of course sometimes that never happens! Yet as a Sun Leo you can expect Jupiter in your groups zone from May 2024 to remove a lot of the problem types. You may even find the whole landscape of social media and so on, changing to your total advantage.

  72. My question is not about the topic of this blog but I know of no other way to ask you if you will write again about Pluto in Capricorn. Depending on the time zone, Pluto will re-enter Capricorn on 11 June 2023. You have written before that Trump won’t have the power he had before. He has just been indicted and his supporters – including members of Congress are talking about the use of violence in support of Trump. What can we expect?

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the astrology was proven correct twice on this website about Donald Trump and the date of Monday 12th June 2023. (Though earlier on a different time zone). Traditionally on this cycle, with Pluto in Capricorn slowly going to Pluto in Aquarius, we see suicide (Nero), execution (Louis XVII) or madness and replacement (George III). Updated for modern times, so far we have Trump facing over 30 charges and of course former disgraced PM Boris Johnson stepping out of politics. What happens next with Trump depends on Melania. The media have forgotten Melania but she is half the story and she and Donald have an agreement that will take them right to the edge.

  73. I am very sorry you lost your job and must depend on your parents. The bigger message is that you need to be with your parents so you can both/all settle things with each other spiritually. One day you will look back and realise you had to get to know each other better and have this situation where the power or control between you was shared differently. You are a Sun Scorpio with stelliums in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Libra, Leo. This entire situation has been about family karma and family politics, so not actually your job. You are a born student, in fact a lifelong student, and should be learning or training. Are you doing that? You may also be able to pursue opportunities with two languages. The rejections have set you free to reinvent yourself. Rejection is hard but in astrology, rejection is freedom and liberation from something/some people that would have tied you down for years. You have a different destiny to that! The financial/rent/bills situation with your parents has karma that stops in mid-July. It ends then, though we don’t know why. Long-term you will have a job that is an escape from the real world. For now, look at July, August for a new role, or new roles, plural and seriously consider new qualifications. Study is often free.

  74. Hi Jessica, I just wanted to say how incredibly accurate your star predictions for the week starting June 12 have been. I am a sun Taurus and you mention issues involving myself and a group, publishing and the web and foreigners around June 11-12. I recently left a job in publishing after over 20 years with the same company. In order to help my colleagues- people I regarded as not just friends but family, I worked to create a file of work to be published after I left. I just found out the new hire -who is, like myself, from another country- has been publishing the work I wrote before I finished up online, but using her byline, not mine. I have raised my disappointment about this with my former employer and colleagues and have been ignored. It feels very much as if I am on the outside of a group I was once part of. It is such a betrayal, but it is exactly as you predicted in my weekly stars! I take heart because I now see I was right to leave. In a way this has freed me of any further sense of loyalty or obligation to this group. For that I am grateful.
    Thanks again for your insight. xxxx

    1. Thank you for validating the astrology prediction. I am so sorry you have this dreadful person who has been using her byline for your work. You’ve been ignored, which is just as bad. Yes, you were right to leave, but this is still very difficult to pass through. You can look forward to a much better, bigger, brighter future. In fact, this will make you a different person. You will take steps in future to protect your work so this never happens again and will one day in a position to no longer care about this episode.

  75. Hello Jessica – I have a note in my calendar that Mercury will be in opposition to Fortuna of me. I’ve researched but I can’t seem to find the answer of its effects. I think Fortuna is fortune and so I’m up for a few roles career wise – one is with a UK based company but I’m not sure they actually have the funding, one is with a tech company in California but there’s stiff competition. I’d really prefer to be on the East Coast to finish my degree, which likely won’t be possible with either of these other two jobs. But, there doesn’t seem to be a sign of any East Coat roles manifesting and I’m going to need to make a decision soon. Any guidance or indicators on when I might be able to lock something and what that may look like? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You’ve actually misread the astrology here, but I can look at your whole chart to see what is going on with your career choices. You are in a fantastic position with your career now through May 2024 and should go for everything which would allow you to expand, go further and higher. You already have a supporter or backer, perhaps two. Don’t worry about stiff competition. That should spur you on. You could so easily be stunned by what unfolds in April 2024, but start your climb now. Best cycle in 12 years.

  76. Hello Jessica
    I’m very confused with the way the planets have been playing out. Last 4 days of Jupiter in Aries the process of a new job got initiated and I now have a conditional offer subject to background checks which are ongoing. This happened prior to the new moon in Taurus on 16th may. I am yet to get a confirmed offer. The organisation is very very prestigious but salary is 2.5 times less than my previous job which ended in February. Is this a case of planting an acorn at this new organisation which can grow into a full tree over the years with eventual good salary? What confuses me more is that Jupiter entered Taurus few days later and I have Taurus factors at 23 and 26 so ideally I should have gotten good pay? Again subject to the fact that I get the confirmed offer. What adds to this confusion is that my mother named me as the recipient to her savings which is a good substantial amount but now my mother is really sick and for her treatment we asked my sister to pay who is a multi millionaire but while sis is helping with the coordination of the treatment she refused to pay and the entire expense is coming from the inheritance that my mother named me at. So instead of getting inheritance this Jupiter in Taurus season everything along monetary lines is diminishing. I’m unable to understand this play of planets. Please advise

    1. You are being checked out for a prestigious new job with lower pay. It’s the first of many good financial options as it will either offer you a raise later, or be substituted by you, for a career which rewards you. You are late Taurus so the rewards are 2024 not now. This is the acorn planting. Your mother is also a Jupiter, Uranus and North Node in Taurus event. Right on cue you have inherited from your mother. She is ill and needs the money. You will pay. I hope you can see how lucky you are to be able to fund this.

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