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The Astrology Show Podcast is a free weekly half-hour program with your public and private prediction, and psychic Tarot forecast.

It includes babies born this week – and birthdays of the week are also covered. New predictions and true predictions end the show every week. Recent true predictions include the date of Donald Trump’s Florida charges and Boris Johnson’s resignation. Both men were named and the forecast was calendar-stamped, a year before it happened. You can be new to astrology or an experienced professional, but there is always something new to explore at The Astrology Show Podcast.

The Astrology Show Podcast is produced by Shayne Brian at Brilliant Media.

It’s also interactive, so you can add your own Tarot reading from this website, to your general Tarot for the week. If you are a Premium Member you can customise your reading even further by adding The Astrology Oracle and The Garden Oracle.

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The Astrology Show Podcast has been #1 on the Apple Spirituality Charts in these countries: Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Greece and Finland. If you want to get the most from the half-hour show, please use this website as you listen.

In order to give you the most accurate prediction every seven days, Jessica Adams uses your public chart, private chart and Tarot. Your Sun Sign Chart or Solar Chart is your public forecast. This is the technique used by media astrologers around the world. Your private forecast is based on your natal (birth) chart. It references the most important transiting aspects of the week, by sign and degree. If you are a Premium Member of you will have both your natal chart and also exclusive access to an extended reading, with your regular weekly horoscope – based on what you hear in the show.

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Listen Anywhere

Some people have their personal charts triggered by the aspects of the week. If so, Jessica decodes this for you, whenever this happens, as a Premium Member, in your extended weekly stars. You can listen anywhere, any time that suits you, then go back to your chart, on your phone, to see what’s going on for you.

The solar or Sun Sign chart is based on a technique created for the 20th century media, by a media man. It shows you the headlines of your life. If your world was a news story next week, what would be on the front cover for all to see? That is what your public chart shows you. Your private chart shows the ‘you’ that only your parents and perhaps the nurse or midwife know. That’s based on your time, place and date of birth.

For accuracy, Jessica Adams combines your public chart and private chart together then draws one Tarot card from the Smith Waite deck to show the psychic angle on what the astrology shows. You can listen anywhere in the world.

Decoding the Tarot in The Astrology Show Podcast

Here is the quick guide to the 78 Tarot cards in the Smith-Waite deck.

As a Premium Member of this website, you can also download Pamela’s Tarot, a flipbook which explains your card of the week, in more detail. You can also purchase this for $12, if you are not a member, here. 

Finally, you can add to your sign Tarot card of the week with a personal reading. Go here to follow the steps. If you are a Premium Member you can also use The Astrology Oracle and The Garden Oracle, together with the Tarot deck.

happy birthday to you transparent 300x181 - The Astrology Show PodcastBabies Born This Week

If you would like a short, affordable $7 horoscope for a baby born this week, you can order one from Jessica’s Family and Friends personal birth chart service. You will need the baby’s time, place and date of birth to order a written, concise, report.

Birthdays of the Week

The Astrology Show Podcast also includes a message if it’s your birthday that week. Premium Members can send a birthday e-card based on the zodiac sign of a friend, colleague, partner or relative here. You can also send a gift Premium Membership from $7. The BBC Children In Need auction for 2023 includes a package from Jessica Adams which includes a personalised message and birthday greeting for the winner, on The Astrology Show for that week. You can find out more @jessicacadams and @astrologyshow.




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24 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I hope you are well.

    Any plans to blog about the Aries/Libra Lunar Node shifts next month that you mentioned in the Virgo podcast forecast?

    I need some good news. Pluto has been brutal the past 15 years (two layoffs, deaths of parents and friends, financial devastation, health problems, currently unemployed after one year.) As soon as Pluto retrograded last week, I found out I am losing my apartment and am now facing homelessness. I could use some good news and am hopeful that the nodes improve life for everyone.

    You’ve already told me life could get better with Taurus in Jupiter, so I am not asking for you to respond about me specifically. I was just hoping you were planning a nodes blog.

    Thank you,

    1. Thanks Chris. Yes, I am writing about the South Node in Libra and North Node in Scorpio in time for The Conscious Cafe event about the same, this weekend. You are having a rotten time, for which I am sorry, and are worried about being homeless. Yes, life does improve with Jupiter in Taurus. He’s only been able to operate properly for the last two weeks, as we had to wait for Mercury Retrograde to move forward in Taurus. He’s only just begun and it will take until May 2024 for you to see the full run of solutions for your financial situation. A Sun Libra with Scorpio, Virgo, Leo stelliums like you is having rare challenges which ease up enormously (financially) from mid-July when the nodes finally get out of Taurus and Scorpio. This relaxes the tug of war in your chart, across the Second House of personal income and Eighth House of banking. Jupiter will trine your Virgo stellium, at 3 through 27, and trine your Capricorn factors along the way. Virgo rules your life as a working man; Capricorn rules ambition and status. You’ll be thrown one solid answer after another so keep trying. The Tarot can help you with guidance on here too. I would be astonished, as an astrologer, if you were not seeing all the advantages, good fortune and turnings points of Jupiter by the time he bows out in May 2024. And as I’ve said, July ends a really stuck phase for you. You should also light a candle, sit down and ask your parents to help you, and your guides, who will work with them. Watch for obvious signs and follow them. They are here to help and I can feel one of them in spirit, but of course they have to be asked.

  2. Hello Jessica

    I unfortunately had to cancel my membership due to lack of funds. I enjoy your weekly podcasts and written horoscopes.

    Please can I ask if time allows whether I need to wait until next year for my situation to improve. I was hoping with Jupiter things would turn but no such luck at the moment. I desperately need a bigger home for myself and my girls which is a huge ask given no income. My daughter lives with her dad and really wants to stay with me but my place is too small and cannot accommodate our dog as well as it’s a small apartment. I am unable to find employment I’ve applied for dozens of posts and no feedback

    I would appreciate your response if time allows.

    Thank you kindly

    1. Thank you. You don’t give me your birth date or Sun Sign so I’m afraid I can’t help you. Jupiter is in Taurus and is yet to complete his transit – by May 2024. Things do look up financially for everybody if you take the opportunities, which only just began to roll properly on 1st June as Mercury went out of retrograde, also in Taurus. So you are two weeks in. The Tarot is free to use on my website so follow the steps and see if that helps you with your guidance. Career is Capricorn/Virgo and money is Taurus, just so you know.

  3. Thank you Jessica for your response. You’re incredible. I don’t know how you do it. I’m looking forward to reading about the node changes. I hope they usher in a positive time for everyone. I wish you only the best.

  4. Hi Jessica

    Apologies for leaving Sun sign out my question. I am Aquarius 2 Feb with stelliums in Capricorn Taurus and Aries.

    I have noticed a shift since June I guess patience is needed in term of finance and home. I’m just not in great financial shape but thank you for your response.


    1. Neptune and Saturn in your Second House of income in 2023, 2024 requires a 12 month plan, preferably from the final week of August to the third week of September when things will be clear. Patience is required. Saturn brings limitations and restrictions. You have been in an altered state of reality for years but now you must deal with what you cannot get out of, or cannot get into. That’s okay. The Tarot on this website is free and can show you how.

  5. Hi Jessica, thank you for all the content you create for your readers and listeners. I have learned so much from you in the last few years. You are a wonderful astro and spiritual guide.

    I have a question regarding relocation. My husband (dob: June 10, 1983) and I want to move to Sweden. Do you see any potential for relocation for us astrologically, especially in the next 5 years?

    BTW, I asked the tarot and received the High Priestess card.

    Many thanks as always, and best regards.

    1. If Sweden offers you a university or college qualification, you are being told – yes – Sweden.

  6. hi Jessica, I’m studying nursing but love working in customer service jobs.will i ever complete my course? 29.4.2001 Sydney Australia.

    1. As a Sun Taurus you are up for total transformation in your career from 2024. You had a glimpse of this in March, April. You will be empowered if you use your willpower, so the answer to your question is, which career offers you more influence and control? More clout?

  7. Hi Jessica, long time subscribr of your brilliant forecasts. I have Sun 29 Cap, Venus at 0 Aqu and MC at 27 Cap. Last week was pretty hard both health and career wise. Do you forsee any positive changes wrt career and relationships? I am particularly tensed about 23 July 2023 as it hits my sun and Venus.

    1. Thank you very much. Pluto at 29 Capricorn goes back over your natal Sun at 29 Capricorn in the Tenth House of ambition, achievement, status and success. You shine at your brilliant best when you make it and are always revealed as the patient supporter of systems and structure when it goes well for you. Pluto is your organisation, a particular person, or just a trend which you find overpowering and dominating, to say the least. Now, as then, you must use your willpower to find your empowerment and your self-control to gain control. This is strength training and it will change you for the better if you can be your own boss, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. The MC at 27 Capricorn depends on a strictly accurate birth time. If you have it, then Pluto so close to 27 Capricorn, while he is transiting your Sun, suggests a sweeping transformation of your position, mission and ambition. Venus at 0 Aquarius is next year, although you had a taste of it in March, April. You have complicated relationships with friends, allies and groups. They are more like mother-son or lovers, husband and wife, than just regular friends or acquaintances. Next year, particularly January and February, look at who or what is controlling the business of friendship and people power within a circle and figure out a strategy that involves owning yourself and owning your world.

  8. Dear Jessica,
    I am a regular reader and admirer of your insights for over a year now. After some 20 years in Africa, and my child having been born here, I am considering returning to Europe after my retirement in two years’ time. I am a Sun Virgo with Scorpio ascent, born 10.09.1964 Czech Republic, Ostrov.
    Is it written in the stars?
    Thanks a million if you find time to look this up

    1. Thank you. You want to emigrate and are in a cycle when this is possible, more easily than you might expect. Jupiter with all his opportunities, Uranus with all his freedom and the North Node with its useful karma from 18-19 years ago, are all in your solar Ninth House of relocation and moving. So the time is now. You have until May 2024. You could go later in 2025-2026, also with Uranus in Taurus offering an independent new life abroad, but actually, the astrology is far, far better now through next May. Perhaps you can put down some foundations for such a move.

  9. Hi Jessica, although I have a premium membership’ I really don’t know how to read my chart yet ‍♀️ I’m in the middle of fighting my Aries brother who is an addict for the right to my parents headstone through the courts as he will not look after it as I have done for the last 19 yrs. My father passed nearly a year ago and my younger brother will not allow us to even put up the inscription on the headstone. I’ve many health battles going on and this uncertainty is making me feel ill can you please advise me

    1. I am so sorry your brother is fighting you over the headstone. It’s affecting your health and you are still grieving the loss of your father almost a year ago. Mars at 28 Gemini in your Third House is exactly square Apollo at 28 Virgo in your Sixth House. Mars shows your need to attack and defend. Gemini is siblings. You likely know Gemini is Castor and Pollux, the heavenly twins. Apollo was of course the brother of Diana, and brother and sister also had a complicated relationship. So your chart speaks the myths about siblings and you are going through this very difficult transit with Pluto at 28 Capricorn, setting the square off. It doesn’t last. This is the final revisiting of it all. A few things occur to me. The first is that you are strongly Virgo and ‘live’ in your Sixth House of mental and physical health. You have six factors there. Your thoughts influence your entire body and wellbeing. You can live in your head, in other words, but not always in the most useful way, so you end up with a nervous system that doesn’t serve you. The terrific thing about being so strongly Virgo is that it works the other way. So if you daily meditate, do hypnosis, mindful walking and so on – you will alter your wellbeing. In astrology, mind produces body. Mercury rules Virgo. Setting aside your addict brother for the moment just focus on the great truth of being ‘very Virgo’ and for all that you are no doubt familiar with progressive relaxation and cognitive therapy, either go back into that with more determination, or actually find a professional who gives you what you need on, say, home audio or podcasts. I have readers who swear by Glenn Harrold, Matthew Manning and Paul McKenna. Looking at your chart, the situation with ypur brother doesn’t last, as I’ve said. Pluto moves off that degree eventually and in the same couple of years, 2024, 2025, we find Jupiter the big problem solver going into Gemini, into your Third House of siblings. Later on, Uranus (freedom) goes into Gemini too. We don’t know why yet, but the situation will lift. It’s obviously about more than the headstone. It’s about your entire life as a sister. While this matter plays itself out you can of course ask for help from a priest, monk, medium or other expert to help you with a prayer or ritual which will help your parents in spirit. Just doing that can also feel like a weight has lifted. One last thought is that anger is part of grief. Elizabeth Kubler Ross knew that. And maybe your brother is going through that as well. It has no logic or reason to it but the powerful emotion is as much a part of the known reaction to loss as tears. As I said, I’m so sorry you are going through this, but the outlook is very good and the lifelong bonus is that you will learn, at last, how to sort out your Virgo side and you can lean on the techniques or methods you learn, all your life.

  10. Hi Jessica
    I am thoroughly enjoying your weekly podcasts and especially loved the true predictions this week.

    My DOB is May 16, 1984 ….you had mentioned- my divorce case proceedings will get better after Taurus/Scorpio nodes shift in July so I’m anxiously awaiting that.

    The other side has fabricated so many lies and watching all this unfold has shaken my trust in relationships to the core.
    Any guidance on the timeline when things will finalize since I’m pouring so much money into the lawyers and getting no results at all.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your divorce is so hard. What a pain to keep paying the lawyers and you are dealing with a liar. I am very sorry. This does become so much easier from mid-July when the nodes are out of Taurus and, more importantly, Scorpio. I strongly recommend you give yourself a three-way reading with the Tarot, Astrology Oracle and Garden Oracle and follow the steps. Give yourself a timeline. Find out what’s going to work.

  11. I am really enjoying the podcast show on a Sunday. I am not one to understand all the details of the astrology but have followed for many years with interest. As I begin to wind down on my career at end of August I sense changes afoot. I was interested in your comment for Aries post a July 13. I met my partner around mid July 20 years ago and have not cohabited and are planning to move into together this year sometime. Interestingly have kept an eye on your predictions on the karma revisit from 18/19 years ago and wondered what that may mean as he is the only person still hanging around from that time.

    1. Thank you. You do have karma with your partner and it goes back to life as it was 18-19 years prior. It’s not yet started. It begins in July and will be as clear as day to you by 2024. By early 2025 you’ve had closure and can move on.

  12. Hi Jessica, sorry about the late reply things have been difficult re that situation I’d asked you for guidance about. Every word you said was spot on and it had me in tears because of the truth within the response you gave me. A million thanks for your guidance and advice and I understood Every word you spoke about and I’ll definitely heed what you said as I have to turn my back on 6 siblings after 62 years of feeling like I was a mother figure and never ever felt like a child, my whole life’s been served looking out for them but now I’ll pray for my parents as I know they knew I did my best for them’ then I turn my back now and spend what time I’ve left finding out exactly who I am as I’ve never know anything else than be a carer all my life, and you were correct as my nervous system is shot to pieces now fighting cancer and a brain tumour…it’s my time to find my true self and find some happiness. God bless and thank you so much for this ❤

    1. Thank you. People do sometimes cry when they read a reply here, but I hope the tears have dried. Your cancer and brain tumour are two things that the healer Matthew Manning specialises in; his own wife passed with cancer; he also has an outstanding track record with healing cancer too. Have a look at his work on YouTube and if he appeals to you, borrow his books from the library or think about a short subscription to his website. Remember your parents are just a candle and thought away too.

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