The Conscious Cafe June 2023

The Conscious Cafe June 2023

This event was about the final six months of 2023 – July through December. It’s not been possible to answer every question about this Zoom event at The Conscious Cafe, but where possible, I have replied to many of you who were there.

The best way to look at this special six-month prediction, is in the light of the big twelve-month prediction I gave you in December and January 2023. Treat this more recent six-month view, as part of the whole. When you read both together you will see how they work together, all the way to Christmas 2023.

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July to December 2023 is Dominated by Libra Patterns

Libra is the sign which rules marriage, divorce, remarriage – and also complicated areas like bigamy and adultery. It rules widows and widowers, but beyond sexual duets, it also rules professional partnership. It’s about ‘the two of us’ but also ‘one against one’.

Libra is the scales. You on one side, and a particular person on the other.

So, you’re up for six months of Libra cycles which trigger other cycles in July to December 2023, too. Thanks to Ceres and the South Node in Libra (just two cycles) July- December 2023 is dominated by questions about love and the law. This may affect you directly, or at a distance, but it’s coming.

Astrology eCard LIBRA Thank You 300x213 - The Conscious Cafe June 2023

Libra Rules the Law

Libra has always ruled the law. This may be the law regarding same sex marriage or the constitution as it affects church or civil partnership, in your country.

The law regarding equality between men and women is another expression of this cycle. The scales say it all. Women who lose their jobs for saying sex is real, for example, are a Libra issue.

If you are a Sun Libra, have factors in Libra, or are involved with your other half (or the other side, if you are against each other) and he or she has Libra factors, this cycle is intensely personal and will change your life. How? Because you will be dealing with karma from life as it was 18 or 19 years ago, and what you are owed, or owe, will come back to you – from July.

Camilla, Anne, Margaret and Wallis

This is the ‘Camilla, Anne, Margaret and Wallis’ cycle.

Mrs Parker-Bowles, as she still may be; the divorced and remarried Princess Anne; Princess Margaret (who was not allowed to marry the man she loved) and the exiled Mrs Simpson.

From television series like Wallis and Edward, to The Crown, to the cover of VOGUE magazine with this beautiful portrait of Anne, the astrology shows up in the imagery. Libra is about the woman on one side of the scales. A man is always on the other.

The two big royal marriage acts of 1772 and 1949 both took place with either the South Node or North Node in Libra. It’s back.

Divorce and the Law – Libra Cycles

Libra is about women, as we’ve seen. It’s about divorce. It’s about odd pockets of the law, like illegal marriage and bigamy.

As so many people have Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Libra in their birth charts (perhaps you) the South Node in Libra will put all of this centre-stage soon. The Conscious Cafe event of Sunday 18th June 2023 will look at all of this. When you are reading this feature, do look at Comments over time, as these extend the information for you. Other people’s questions may be yours.


WALLIS 212x300 - The Conscious Cafe June 2023 MARGARET 240x300 - The Conscious Cafe June 2023 ANNE 226x300 - The Conscious Cafe June 2023

The Marriage Act of 1949

Charles III and Camilla were not allowed to marry in St. Paul’s Cathedral or Westminster Abbey, or even an Anglican ceremony, because of the Marriage Act of 1949.

This act arrived on another South Node in Libra cycle. So, against the odds, Charles and Camilla wed with the South Node in Libra, against the Marriage Act of 1949, which was passed on another South Node in Libra cycle. And here we are again.

An earlier act, the Royal Marriages Act of 1772 took place with the North Node in Libra, as I’ve mentioned. The opposite node. Same sign.

The 1949 Marriage Act stopped Princess Margaret from marrying divorced commoner Captain Peter Townsend. It sent Princess Anne to Scotland to marry Tim, because she wasn’t allowed to do so in England. Our late Queen saw all this.

Our late Queen also received legal advice from PM Tony Blair and four anonymous experts about Charles and Camilla, which is to be sealed until Charles is dead. So, this may not be Queen Camilla we are seeing at all.

The Town Hall Wedding

Camilla and Charles married in a town hall (the Guildhall) with four other couples booked straight after them, and the Queen did not attend, according to The Daily Telegraph, because she was Supreme Governor of the Church of England and Defender of the Faith. This was not an Anglican ceremony.

That South Node in Libra cycle, across the wedding, of December 27th 2004 until June 22nd 2006, will repeat from July 18th 2023 to January 11th 2025.

Those wedding banns from February 21st 2005 pinned on the noticeboard of the registry office, nailed a difficult truth. The highest legal and constitutional authorities in the United Kingdom said the Charles-Camilla marriage was not lawful.

This agrees with astrology, which since the 1940s, has also said Charles may step down; he may never rule; he may not be crowned. Astrology has seen another role for him. This is a common viewpoint of eminent astrologers including Charles Carter, Noel Tyl, Penny Thornton (one of Princess Diana’s astrologers) and Associate Professor Nicholas Campion.

When the Daily Mail, Daily Express and ABC asked me about Charles and the Coronation I said I doubted it would happen. I said he and Camilla would never rule and he would not be king. I’ve not changed my opinion and at The Conscious Cafe in June 2023 I will explain why. And how, in the end, the document unsealed when Charles dies will reveal he and Camilla were never married in law.

GettyImages 52224654 1 300x180 - The Conscious Cafe June 2023
Photo by Matt Cardy /Getty Images)

The Libra South Node and Sex Outside Marriage

For all that the Libra South Node is about the karma of marriage and divorce, it is also about the finer details of the law, as it pertains to (say) couples living together.

Common-law marriage or a de facto relationship is a Libra matter.

Because the legal advice to the Queen, waved through under former PM Tony Blair, about Camilla and Charles is secret, this is a South Node cycle matter.

Lord Falconer, Tony Blair’s former flatmate, used the Human Rights act as a last resort to get the town hall event through. It was never enough for some of the UK’s most respected legal minds.

The Law and Husbands – Royal Husbands

It might have been different if this 2005 town hall registry office event was about Mr and Mrs Windsor, but Charles III as King must be, as his mother was – Supreme Governor of the Church of England and Defender of the Faith.

Anglicans do not accept sex outside marriage and the Church of England as recently as 2020 said, sex was for married heterosexual couples only.

Family law authorities like the late Dr. Stephen Cretney QC pointed to the fact that Camilla and Charles may never have been married at all.

Here’s a reminder of just how many astrologers including Princess Diana’s own astrologer Penny Thornton, have been troubled by the chart for Charles III for many years.

Queen Camilla 241x300 - The Conscious Cafe June 2023Queen Camilla and Andrew Parker Bowles

BBC History Extra contributor Marlene Koenig states Camilla’s marriage to Andrew Parker-Bowles was never annulled by the Roman Catholic church.

This will come under close examination on this South Node in Libra cycle in 2023-2024, by all the laws of astrology. That South Node in Libra transit will trigger both charts for Camilla and Charles.

On 13th February 2005 BBC Panorama showed Professor Vernon Bogdanor (Oxford University) stressing that it was important that the public should have no doubts about the legal position of Charles and Camilla. Yet we do have doubts, all these years later, because Tony Blair covered up the legal opinion given to the Queen which allowed Mrs Parker Bowles her marriage, and thus her path to Queen.

One writer tried to use Freedom of Information to find out who the legal experts were and what they had advised the Queen and the Blair government. He was denied.

Boris Johnson, The Spectator and Catholic Camilla

When Boris Johnson was Editor of The Spectator in December 2004, the 18th December edition even claimed Camilla was a Roman Catholic – and Catholics can never be Queens or Kings as the law dictates.

There is no evidence for this at all, though Camilla did raise Catholic children. But – what if Johnson knew something?

Even if there is no evidence Camilla converted to the Roman Catholic church to marry, the second registry office event with Charles flew against the 1949 Marriage Act.

Tony Blair’s old flatmate Lord Falconer (also in charge of the Millennium Dome) thus acted against the law – according to Professor Robert Blackburn who is a constitutional law expert and author of King and Country: The Monarchy and Future Charles III.

Charles GQ Twitter 250x300 - The Conscious Cafe June 2023Germaine Greer, Charles and Camilla

Germaine Greer, writing in The Change, said, “In 1994 her mother’s (Camilla’s mother’s) long suffering ended. So did Camilla’s marriage to Parker Bowles. What is not clear is whether the original Catholic marriage has been annulled and on what grounds. The Catholic Church does not countenance divorce. Camilla may still be the wife of Andrew Parker Bowles in the eyes of the the Catholic church.”

Dr. Stephen Cretney QC, then Emeritus Fellow of Legal History at Oxford University, said that marrying in a register office could mean that “the Prince of Wales is not married and Mrs Parker Bowles is not his wife. Constitutionally it’s important to know whether they are married or not.” He commented many years ago and has since died. Nothing has changed, though. The papers are still sealed. We still don’t know.

Libra Factors in the Charts of Camilla and Charles

We will only find out if Charles has been single all this time, as well as Camilla, when Freedom of Information gets through, or when Charles passes. We obviously hope this will not be for many years; our late Queen Mother passed 100 years of age. Meanwhile, we have a Libra problem.

The pair share Libra factors at 14, 15, 16 degrees in both their astrology charts (AstroGold software, below). It hits both Charles and Camilla. At The Conscious Cafe of June 2023 we will look at the timing of these Libra cycles.


Charles Camilla 1024x788 - The Conscious Cafe June 2023


The Archbishop of Canterbury

It’s quite true that ‘the monarch never dies.’ Accession is automatic.

Thus, “The Queen is dead, God save the King!” is traditional. Yet, when Charles III signed the Accession papers, Mercury was retrograde.

He announced his Coronation for another Mercury Retrograde cycle. He chose the day after an eclipse in Scorpio, the sign of inheritance, legacies and wills. These all suggest retrospective second takes. What is supposedly final on Mercury Retrograde seldom is.

A coronation was never even required for Charles III to be King. The problem is, the King comes with Queen Camilla. They’re a package. And religion comes with the job. That’s also a package. If Dr. Stephen Cretney QC was right, these two people may well have been single when crowns went on heads. And single people cannot have sex outside marriage in the Anglican faith.

The Archbishop of Canterbury at the time of the Charles-Camilla registry office commitment, Dr. Rowan Williams, never gave his approval for Charles to marry Camilla in 2005.  History stands.

Catholic Queens, Catholic Kings

 New rules since 2015 mean any King or Queen can be married to a Catholic these days, but that was not the case in 2005 when Charles and Camilla wed. If The Spectator was right all those years ago and Camilla actually did become a Catholic to marry Andrew Parker Bowles,  then that wedding automatically blocked Charles as heir to the throne.

Our late Queen was never given enough advice during the wedding,  at the time, according to the Conservative Attorney General from 1992 to 1997, Sir Nicholas Lyell QC.

The Invalid Coronation

Family lawyer Valentine Le Grice QC queried what would happen if other royals married in a register office. “Those marriages may produce children and it may be important to know if they are legitimate,” he told The Evening Standard at the time.

All of this will resurface pretty quickly from July 18th 2023 as the South Node goes into Libra where it stood in 1949 when monarchs were banned from civil weddings.

In January 2023, the distinguished royal biographer and journalist Anthony Holden said the Coronation would be invalidated. As an astrologer I agree. What we saw was theatre. There was no legal nor constitutional foundation beneath it.

HELLO Charles 230x300 - The Conscious Cafe June 2023Hello to A Right Royal Mess

Another Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey, said of Charles III, “Remarriage would create a crisis for the Church – this is well-known.”

This was when Princess Diana was still alive, of course, but it points to another astrological truth. 2023 and 2024 see the Pluto Return of the Church of England, founded by King Henry VIII. And that’s critical. It’s a transformation for the entire church.

Gary Atkinson, from the College of Law, called all this ‘A Right Royal Mess’ in The Law Gazette of the UK.

What bothered Atkinson and so many other legal minds in the United Kingdom, was the only thing that got Charles and Camilla over the threshold was the Human Rights Act of 1998 and it wasn’t sufficient.

Gary Atkinson wrote, plainly, in 2005 – “If the family law experts are right (and the Lord Chancellor is wrong) the forthcoming marriage of Prince Charles to Camilla Parker-Bowles is legally scuppered from the outset.”

All of which means, Charles and Mrs Parker-Bowles have been living against the rules of the Church of England, for 18 years and counting. The marriage was scuppered. The advice was sealed to death. Yet here we are. So does this go away? No.

A Warning for the Future

Professor Stephen Cretney QC has now passed, but in 2006, a year after the Charles-Camilla town hall event, he gave a lecture to the Society of Legal Scholars, warning that the marriage could be open to legal challenge by people trying to prevent Camilla from becoming Queen one day, or inheriting from the Royal Family.

Taking the Crown Off and an Uncrowned Head 300x169 - The Conscious Cafe June 2023He had not, Cretney said, “found anybody who (would) categorically say” that the Government’s advice was correct.”

The sealed document is still there, and so is the public, waiting.

The Reverend Paul Williamson

The Reverend Paul Williamson of St. Georges Church in Hanworth, West London, objected to the illegal nature of the 2005 marriage in a caveat. He waited for a reply. As a good and faithful Anglican he and many other objectors to the town hall wedding were ignored.

Barrister Aileen McColgan, who shared chambers with Cherie Blair, summed up the legal angle on the religious question, at the time. She said that the prince’s future role as Supreme Governor of the Church of England raised questions over his right to marry in a civil ceremony.

King Without A Crown

Even the Royal Mail stamps (pictured) show Charles without a crown.

The stamp for the Coronation shows a crown apparently being put on his head, although a reader has written to say, she believes it’s a picture of the crown coming off.

Charles is the first monarch to ever lose the crown on the stamps, since stamps were invented. And this is at his instruction.

Halsbury’s Law of England

All editions of Halsbury’s Laws of England show the opinion that the civil registration of marriage is not available to members of the Royal Family.

Anthony Holden, Vanity Fair contributor and bestselling biographer of Charles, says, “The then Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie, had told me – at the time, of course, unattributably – that the advent of King Charles III would provoke a constitutional crisis.”

The astrology says, all this is just as relevant in 2023-2024 as it was in 2005. Nothing’s changed. In fact it increases in power. At The Conscious Cafe June 2023 I will go into the ‘climb’ of the intensity and potency of this Libra cycle. I was talking to my friend, astrologer Lynda Hill, about Charles III – and she is yet another leading horoscope author and lecturer who has said he’ll never be King.

Expect a rewind and reevaluation when the truth comes out about the unconstitutional status of the coronation. As I mentioned at The Conscious Cafe, we have to wait until Charles III has passed, legally, and documents are unsealed.

The Libra South Node and Your Marriage

This South Node cycle will raise the issue of invalid marriages for all of us. Yours too, perhaps, or that of people you know.

Bigamy can be conscious, or quite unwitting. Being married abroad in a fake ceremony or without adhering to the formalities can raise Libra problems.

The current Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, oversaw a ceremony between Prince Harry and Meghan days before their official wedding. So was that also a wedding, or not? The Daily Telegraph reported Camilla had been presented with a ring at the Coronation that gave her a church wedding to Charles after all. So are they right?

Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall and Other Questions

Mick Jagger claimed his marriage to Jerry Hall was invalid as it occurred on a beach in Bali. Under Balinese law the marriage had to be Muslim to be valid. It was declared null and void.

Again and again, from July 2023, right through 2024 and into early 2025, you’ll see the twin Libra issues of love and legals, bringing back unanswered questions from about 18 or 19 years ago, and even 18 or 19 years before that.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris - The Conscious Cafe June 2023Libra, Trans, Abortion and the 2024 US Election

Libra rules what is fair, equal, symmetrical and harmonious. It’s not just about illegal or invalid royal marriages. It’s also about some dark issues. Rape inside marriage and abortion, say. It is also about unusual questions. Marriage between a man and woman, when the man claims to be female.

This brings us neatly to men who say they are women (changing their names, wearing women’s clothes, having silicon breasts) and women who say they are men (breasts being removed, changing their names, wearing men’s clothes). Classic Libra concerns.

I’ll run some charts at the end of this feature to show two important dates in the War On Women, as Graham Linehan has called it.

The US Election and Women – Kamala Harris Or Not?

This trans and abortion debate will strongly influence who becomes President in the US in November 2024. I’ll only touch on this briefly at The Conscious Cafe June 2023 but it’s important, given these Libra cycles. The election charts for the day and also the inauguration of 2025 show strong focus on Libra.

The partnership between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as they seek nomination, will be at the heart of karma in 2023-2024. The karma runs 18-19 years ago, for both of them. So how will they both fare?

A Libra-Scorpio Election Day in November 2024

There is no point in looking at the various contenders for Presidency as they stand in June 2023. We don’t have reliable chart data. The US chart for the election day itself shows the story though. It’s Libra and Scorpio dominant. So, it’s about feminism, trans, abortion and the rights of gays and lesbians. It’s about the law. It’s also about what’s fair. 

Kamala Harris 1 - The Conscious Cafe June 2023Dylan Mulvaney and Joe Biden

Should men who claim to be women (although there are only two biological sexes) use women’s change rooms and rest rooms?

Should rapists go into women’s prisons if they alter their names and put on make-up and dresses? Should men compete against women in cycling and swimming?

These are not Twitter or Facebook distractions.

The astrology says these issues undercut the 2024 US election. Dylan Mulvaney is an election issue. And the Libra transit makes us question women, who fight women, on women’s rights. Harris backs Mulvaney. Biden backs Mulvaney.

Women and the US Election

The Scorpio and Libra patterns on Election Day 2024 raise all the unanswered questions about Donald Trump, the writer E. Jean Carroll (who won $5 million in damages against Trump) and…Sex with a capital S for Scorpio. This goes into the dark areas of rape, child sexual abuse and more.

Twitter is where ‘the woman question’ (actually the Libra question, as it is the sign of women and equal rights) is being played out in June 2023. By November 2024 this will be shifting votes.

Nikki Haley and Liz Cheney are just two more examples of why Libra thinking is Election 2024 thinking. These Twitter posts from Nikki Haley and about Liz Cheney were widely retweeted from Fox and the Washington Post. What’s a woman?

Screen Shot 2023 05 09 at 9.42.34 am 300x245 - The Conscious Cafe June 2023 Liz Cheney 300x228 - The Conscious Cafe June 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Junior and Men in Women’s Sport

You don’t have to be an astrologer to guess an outcome for the US Election 2024. It’s like betting on two flies crawling up a wall, to use the old Australian joke.

My students at The Sun Sign School are picking Democrats because from the first year of power, the White House will be under Pluto in Aquarius. That’s the sign of community and diversity. That’s Democrat.

The Democrats at the White House

The astrology suggests, even as far in advance as June 2023, that the Democrats will take the 2024-2025 White House.

Will Robert F. Kennedy Junior be President? We lack data for him so should not even speculate. Yet, he is on the right side, on the War On Women. This is from The New York Post Twitter account, April 30th 2023 and was widely retweeted. There is a rumour Michelle Obama will run. If so, where does she stand on trans women in female sport?


US ELECTION - The Conscious Cafe June 2023


Astrological Charts For You

I’ll talk more about the astrology of the US election later in June 2023. If you can read astrological charts, here are some from Stephanie Johnson’s AstroGold software, below.

These are the big dates in the Libra South Node cycle.

All those divorces and separations will result in remarriages, new engagements and weddings for New Year’s Eve 2025 and that is what we are seeing at 6.00am on Tuesday 31st December 2024 in London.

Adjust for your time zone. Those kisses on the stroke of midnight could change your life.

Pluto at 1 Aquarius 02 is exactly sextile the North Node at 1 Aries 02 and trine the South Node at 1 Libra 02.

The Lovers’ New Year

There are a couple of ‘watch out’ Libra cycle dates long before we come to this powerful lovers’ New Year, so I will include them too.

Avoid 23rd July 2023, which is a Sunday.

Allow a day either side for world time zone differences, so say July 23rd, 24th, 25th. This is a T-Square so it’s tight, tense and troublesome. Pluto at 29 Capricorn 06 is square the North node at 29 Aries 06 and square the South Node at 29 Libra 06. Not good for first dates, engagements, weddings or divorces.

The other date to avoid is the Solar Eclipse on Sunday 15th October 2023.

Again, allow a day either side. The Sun at 21 Libra 07 is next to the Moon at 21 Libra 07 (New Moon, new beginning) but it happens as the Sun and Moon cover each other up. An eclipse is always a cover-up. It conceals, it never reveals. It obscures. Don’t judge or act about love and sex, then.

Your Comments and Questions

I have some time for questions and comments with this feature and if you are a Premium Member, your chart will appear on the screen so I can interpret it. With 500 people booked for this event I’m afraid I just don’t have time to respond to every enquiry but I will try to go through as many as possible in the week of Monday 19th June.

Thanks for coming along. The Libra Cycles gives us a huge amount to think about, no matter if it is the future of Camilla and Charles, or the outcome of the 2024 US Election. Or your marriage!


T SQUARE 1024x788 - The Conscious Cafe June 2023 SOLAR ECLIPSE 1024x788 - The Conscious Cafe June 2023 Libra Aquarius Dec 2024 1024x788 - The Conscious Cafe June 2023




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150 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica
    You’ve again opened my eyes to my own past. I have both the moon and Neptune at 28 Libra. During the last Aries/Libra cycle I experienced the end of my marriage. I’ll spare you the details which are quite awful, but know I filed for divorce in March of 2006. I’ve been on my own since then and have come to be quite comfortable with it. I don’t ever plan to marry again. I’m coming out of a rough period with Pluto in Capricorn opposite Uranus and Diana in Cancer making a t square with the Libra factors. So what can I expect for the next six months now that Pluto’s going back to it, now with the nodes pinging on my factors during that time? I did pull Tarot on it and got six swords which I hadn’t seen in quite some time (not since Pluto was last in that position)- I took it to mean safe passage with the help of a friend, but loved the bit you mentioned about “six months in a leaky boat”! Am I in the ballpark on this one?
    And incidentally, when the Sunsign school group came up with Kamala Harris as the High Priestess and perhaps next in power, I had a dream that night, where I saw first Barack Obama, older now and grey, and then Donald Trump, orange and angry. Then I saw Kamala Harris, which led me to ask, where’s Joe? I somehow think it will eventually be her. I agree with Robert Kennedy’s stance on girls sports, but that’s all. I don’t think he’d get the nomination. Biden just needs to clarify his stance, perhaps someone can clue him in.
    Thanks again, looking forward to the event.

    1. Thank you. You will be glad to see the back of Pluto in Capricorn; he has lost his power; what comes in 2023 is the beginning of the end of being controlled or dominated, by situations or people. The Six of Swords is about you or someone close, emigrating or relocating. You will see this come about on the time-frame. As for Kamala Harris, she ticks the boxes for Pluto in Aquarius but she supports men who claim to be women, taking what are usually women’s jobs, which is not acceptable on a Pluto in Aquarius transit. That will hurt her chances. Your dream shows Biden absent. That may come to pass. We don’t have accurate data for him so we can’t use the chart unfortunately.

  2. Hello Jessica! I bought a ticket, but won’t be able to make it to the 6am zoom from the USA. I’ll be waiting to hear the recording. I did pull two cards. The first for the south node is Libra is the wheel of Fortune. I don’t have Aries placements but I did a card for that as well and got the page of pentacles. My boyfriend is an Aries with Stellums in both Aries and libra. Can you please look at my chart and the cards I pulled and tell me what you see for me, thank you for your help.

    1. Thank you for making a good point. People who can’t come to the event live on Zoom must pull their Tarot card at home. You should only pull one. The Wheel of Fortune will do. Basically these nodes in Libra and Aries will aspect your huge Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of academia, publishing, education and the world of books, websites, authors, Substack, the media and the like. This is an important period in your life for that but every high will be a low at some point, and every low will be a high. So use your sense of humour and keep rolling with this. It ends in 2025.

  3. hello Jessica, your predictions about June 1 and my career played out exactly as you said. I have a better job with good people. However, I am quite fatigued on the relationship front. Could you please take a look at my chart to see how Libra plays out for me? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. I am glad my prediction came true for you. If the other person in your partnership has Libra factors then you two must go for closure with each other in 2023, 2024 with the final result no later than early 2025. You owe each other; are owed; owe other people. It really depends on what you did or said about 19 years prior.

  4. Thank you for speaking freely about the war on women. Our entire culture here has been hijacked by men playing dress up. I’m encouraged to hear RFK doesn’t support it. Given that position, he most likely doesn’t stand a chance because being in support of women’s rights gets you branded a hateful phobe and you suffer a lot of wrath. And, there’s a lot of money in this movement. But thanks for that heads up. It’s the deciding factors in my vote next year.

    1. Thank you, for your thank you. Men playing dress-up is one thing; men doing that and going into women’s change rooms, restrooms, domestic violence shelters, sport and prisons is quite another. Robert F. Kennedy Junior stands against men in women’s sport; I am not sure of his other position. The whole situation in US politics is yet to reveal itself but I have a feeling that with these stars, we may be looking at a big break with the more aggressive side of trans, which has thrown women out of jobs. Unacceptable. That kind of thing goes nowhere on a Pluto in Aquarius/South Node in Libra transit, as we’ll see next year.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you again for sharing all your knowledge with us ! Loved the session. Last time you did mention that from June 1st things would be changing … I just signed a new job contract, and will be starting sometime in July. I hope this will be a good ride and good decision made ? Also, love wise, still hoping to hear back a man (Gemini in London) who seems to be too busy working and travelling the world to have time for me (if that’s the reason)… I pulled the Three of Swords. I wonder if for Gemini it could be this London/Paris duet city and if the 3 of swords could be him, me and his work… Would love to get tour thoughts. Thank you again !

    1. Thank you for validating the prediction I gave you. Congratulations on the new job. Do you know about the Gemini man and any other woman? A rival to you, or his ex-girlfriend or wife? Be careful if there is someone else, or even a child, as there may be a love triangle you should avoid. The Three of Swords is always about you, and two others. It hurts. Even if you sidestep this you may once again find yourself shown a triangular situation of the heart. Choose another Tarot card when this happens for advice and insight. It’s always free on this website.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Loved the Conscious Cafe talk this morning! I pulled the three of pentacles. Funny as I am actually collaborating with two people on a project.

    No real question for me just a comment!

    The card you drew for Capricorn really hit the nail on the head in my life right now. As Capricorn and the Judgement card pulled during the talk for all Capricorns, resonates with me. I have lost so many people in my life over the past few years, my mom, best friend, several aunts, an uncle, and more. I have been recently getting very powerful signs, undeniable signs. of their presence in my life. Especially my mom. And not just personally but through others. I am taking care of my elderly father and he tells me dreams, or what he calls journeys because they are so real, and he is with all of our ancestors. I also keep seeing my mom and one of my aunt’s names on license plates, I keep finding pennies with their birth years. My mom was born in 1944, not a right common penny to find, but it keeps showing up for me. So much more. I see them in dreams. I get calls on the phone and no one is there. I know they are with me. Funny too, I have a friend in India who lives close to a scared temple that does a holy ritual for the dead and I sent my list of deceased for him to put into the ritual.


    1. Thank you GV. That is terrific about the three of you and the project. Find out if the money is actually there. The other two are not the right people to discover that; you’ll need an expert. I’d say it’s worth the quest. Thank you for validating the Sun Capricorn Tarot card. You understand the message about the spirit world and the extended family who have passed. Your mom is in touch, which is great. Your dad is experiencing your ancestors. You are also finding apports; coins which come from spirit. Your ritual for the deceased in India has reached/will reach your people. They will be released, helped, evolve and ascend. You will also benefit as you are so strongly in touch with your spirit family.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks again for another fab Conscious Café!
    I’m a Sun Libra, with Ops and Mercury also in Libra, Jupiter in Taurus and 9 planets in Virgo, the card I drew for the next 6 months was the Page of Cups. I have a Gemini rising.
    I thought that the reading for Gemini (The Chariot) was really fascinating and also very “complimentary” for the reading Libra – so it kind of doubled-up what you said about travel and all things foreign – I am now quite excited and fascinated…and a little on edge – with plans to travel to the UK/Europe (from Australia) for a milestone B/day next year, so thanks for the heads-up to be very thorough.
    Just last week I have had that very serious conversation with the younger male about the money, the property, and the long-term future and it’s nowhere near over yet – perhaps not until a year from now but after 7 years already, one more year is but a sneeze in time, so I can wait. I am being very clear about what I want and need.
    The personal card I drew was King of Swords.
    Anything you can see for me I am grateful for!
    Thank you,

    1. Thank you Sandie. The Page of Cups is a younger male in your world who may use pronouns; is effeminate in many ways; not tied to the real world. He is ungrounded, fascinating and rather hard work. It may be your son or godson. Sometimes it’s a much younger lover. For you, it sounds as if you alreaduy know who the Page is. The younger male to whom you are still talking. You drew a number of cards and it’s best to stick to one. As a Sun Libra the card I drew for you overall is the one to start with, then add the second to explain the first. So the King of Swords will be relevant but not to this session. The Page of Cups is worth persisting with as he is open, accessible, and you have to sell him the message in his own language. What he has could go a very long way but he’s at risk of wasting it – talent, money, talents, gifts, resources. But you know that.

  8. Hi, Really enjoyed today’s session – insightful and brilliantly lateral as always. Quick question re node shift – I have Cupido and Pluto in Libra… so am feeling partnerships could be a theme when the nodes shift but for good or bad?! Was very affected by node in Scorpio & Taurus on that front. As private tarot pulls I got the Page of cups and Judgement. Thank you, Alex

    1. Thank you. I’ll take ‘brilliantly lateral’ as a compliment. Alex, stick to one card when you add on, to the first card, to keep life simple. You may want to go back and do that part again. Your Libra patterns are about your love and sex life, 18-19 years before, and it begins in July, goes through 2024 and ends in early 2025. So you owe, or are owed. Only you can judge that. Your partnership, or a new partner in your life, will show you which you are dealing with. If you were the third person in a love triangle, that comes back. If you had to deal with your children, and a second person, that will come back. You will recognise it when you see it. The new partnership phase, or new partnership, as the South Node goes over your Pluto and Cupido, will be hugely important for the closure you need.

  9. Hi Jessica – brilliant session today as ever, thank you so much. I’m a sun Sagittarius with stelliums in Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, and Taurus. I pulled the Two of Swords on the first session break (should I disregard this as it was only meant for the first six zodiac signs?) then on the second break I pulled the Queen of Pentacles (also the Sagittarius sign card!) and I have Mars in Capricorn so lots of what you said about that made sense as well. I guess this means pay really close attention to that particular card – certainly what you were saying chimed with me re: money, opportunities and children. Does anything jump out to you in this arrangement regarding relationships?

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Sagittarius with Mars in Capricorn, so you understand why the Queen of Coins was you – and what the Capricorn goat head on her throne meant. You will make or save a fortune as Pluto goes through Capricorn. It’s empowering for you. You also pulled her again so you are being told twice. With relationships, it’s about sex not love. Just take care you don’t get pregnant or walk into a stepmother situation which you were not ready for. I am assuming you are single. If you are married or with someone, sex still becomes a huge issue for you. So you are financially well off and could gain from advice on how to spend it or invest it, but your libido also needs total respect and your full concentration. Fascinating year.

  10. Hi Jessica just finished the Concious Cafe zoom event, it was brilliant and thanks.

    I’m a Capricorn with SN in Libra, NN in Aries, 5 factors in Aries, including Saturn, 6 in Libra including Jupiter and Uranus.

    I’ve always been every independant in all ,my relationships and am beginning a new phase of my live, new career and lifestyle.

    Any thoughts you could give me on how all this will proceed and will my new career and new life style work out, would be great.

    Many thanks, Bal

    1. Thank you Bal. The Sun in Capricorn card was Judgement which is about your extended family in spirit, including in-laws or friends, who are evolving and going to the next level. This helps you. What you do, also helps them. You don’t mention a second card, so I hope you drew one. I don’t see a chart here either, so I am going to have to read your Sun in Capricorn. You will be returned to life as it was 18-19 years prior, in late 2023, 2024. You are owed, professionally or academically, or you owe. So you may be elevated in your career or status because you helped others that time. Or if you need to learn about what to ‘make good’ or settle up with from your past at university or in the work force, that will also happen, Bal.

  11. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for the Zoom session. It was fantastic as usual! You’re incredible and I look forward to attending many many more 🙂

    I felt moved to pull a card for the next 6 months – I got The Empress. My eyes went straight to the heart at her feet – really curious about it.
    I’m also wondering if this cycle has anything to do my with my PR application – I’ve been waiting a very long time but have always been hopeful. However, for the 1st time feeling very…lost…as if I have been pulled away and detached from all the grounding I have done – a very odd and unsettling feeling.

    Any insight from you would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Thank you for your time.

    1. Thank you so much. The Empress is great. It’s not about PR but it is about fulfilment, happiness, contentment and rich reward. You have a huge Cancer stellium so this is about your house, apartment, garden or local surroundings. You will be blissfully rewarded now through May 2024 as Jupiter aspects your Cancer factors in the Fourth House of sanctuary, belonging and grounding. On the job front – you will be given one opportunity after another until May 2024 and could have a wow-factor peak moment in April. Keep going.

  12. Hello Jessica. Thank you for the Conscious Cafe live event. I woke before 5 a.m. to join! If you have time I would love for you to give some details for me regarding the Wheel card I pulled for myself during the event and how it relates to my personal chart. The nodes are moving into the signs they were in when I was born. As always thank you for all your insights.

    1. Thank you so much for waking before 5.00am, I really appreciate it. I do think the sessions work best live as we have that amazing group intention, shared among like-minded people, who want the readings to be useful – and of course there are professional psychics, mediums and Tarot readers there who help encourage the spirit world to join us and to send information across. So you were there, have the Wheel of Fortune and are now heading for a really unusual six months when every high is a low, and every low is a high. You are at the top then the wheel spins and you’re not. You are at the bottom and the wheel spins and you are at the top. You have a huge Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of publishing, bookshops, academia, education, the worldwide web, and ‘the word.’ This will be aspected by both nodes, as you also go through your nodal return. Readers and authors, web citizens and scholars surround you in 2023. They will be part of this rather odd story where life is up, down, sideways – just for a short time. Get the most from the peaks, I say.

  13. Jessica
    Just left the event and I want to thank you for your efforts. I’m exhausted myself, so I can only imagine what you’re feeling. Just to let you know, my personal card for the day drawn two hours before- 10 Swords- matched the card you pulled for my sign, so now I know why I pulled it. I followed up the six of swords I pulled earlier and asked for clarification and received the 4 Wands- perhaps it’s my daughters family- moving closer after a difficult few years. Anyway, thank you for your efforts, I just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated.

    1. Thank you. Not exhausted, just having a nice of glass of wine with my friend. You are very kind to let me know I am appreciated. Your Ten of Swords is important as you had it twice. To keep things simple just focus on that one card. Go into it deeply on a psychic level and sit with it, for weeks if necessary. You need to work it, with your imagination. How could you change it, or make it better? Who could you call into the scene, or what props could you bring in? That is a really solid way to work with the Ten of Swords. I explain it at greater length in Pamela’s Tarot as part of the Swords suit, which means – it’s action stations.

  14. Jessica that was a great event, thank you and to your co-host. You shared a lot of information. I definitely got the breezes and still am as I type. I personally drew the magician card when I asked how the Aries Libra nodes will affect me. I am wondering what you think this will mean for me? I would love to move somewhere else part time, meet someone new and enjoy overall positivity in my life after surviving pluto in capricorn for 15 years…..thank you if you have time to answer.

    1. Thank you. Yes, spirit was there. The Magician is about the Aries/Libra node transits picking up your Sagittarius stellium in the Ninth House of education, academia, books, websites, publishing and webinars. You are about to take off, both receiving and passing on special knowledge and information. Everything is about that. It begins in mid-July, and the trines and sextiles from the nodes to your Sagittarius factors extend for long enough, for you to qualify, or formally instruct others to graduation. There may also be an informal period of powerful, powerful knowledge exchange.

  15. Hi Jessica. Thanks for the sharing in the conscious cafe. Very enjoyable.

    I got a question. Yes I know Scorpio card is death in future six months and I exactly know the meaning of death card.

    When I pull the card for myself for future six months, it is the devil. It is exactly the same card when I pull to ask about how I and my potential sexual partner until end of Aug. So that is a double message I believe. (Who we both have a feeling that we may have potential to build up not only sexual but also long-term love partnership)

    Any comments will be appreciated, thanks a lot Jessica.

    1. Thank you. You know the Death card, which saves me having to explain it again! You are having a classic transit of the Seventh House by Uranus, the North Node and Jupiter in Taurus. That is your solar chart as a Sun Scorpio. In your natal chart we also find the South Node in Libra in your Seventh House, from July. So The Devil shows you the choice. You two must decide if you are going to have sex, or not, or be together, or not. There are issues here about what or who is ‘evil’ to you, or wicked, sinful and so on. I should have thought freedom and space was more important, depending on what you exactly plan to do. Sometimes what is wrong, is being trapped. It’s your decision. Pull a second card and follow the steps, but I think you will be delightfully free and liberated in April 2024 either with this person or by yourself, perhaps – maybe with another lover.

  16. Hi Jessica. I enjoyed the session this morning! I was plesed to see the Cancer tarot card really seemed to support the new teaching endeavor I am starting late summer. Its something I did part time years ago and am returning to in retirement. You actually indicated this would happen last year! I’m feeling renewed energy these days and hope that exxxtends to my family situation improving. I drew the Death card on the website, wondering how both are supported by my chart?

    1. Perfect timing for you as a teacher; this will be an unforgettable part of your life. I also told you this would happen last year, so I am glad you are on the path. Death is shown in your solar and natal chart, both. It never means death, literally, but always the end of one chapter and start of another, later. This is about finance, a house or apartment, perhaps a business, in connection with your extended family. Pluto is in Aquarius in your solar Eighth House of inheritance, legacy and ‘generational onpass.’ So there are children or teenagers in the story. They will inherit here; influence, knowledge and spiritual DNA. You can find out more about Death in Pamela’s Tarot, free to you on this website.

  17. Hi Jessic and Judy – Thanks so much for a wonderful event. I am a sun Capricorn I drew out the two of wands. For the next 6-12 months ahead, can you please look at my birth chart ?? relationship? career?? what to look out for … Many thanks xx

    1. Thank you. The Two of Wands added to your Tarot card for Capricorn Sun, which was Judgement. The one or two projects, qualifications or ideas which are being exported, will help your family or extended family in spirit to progress, advance and find release. This may be a concept or plan, which you take regionally or internationally. Sometimes another person takes it and you are involved. Those in spirit will be helped by it.

  18. Hi Jessica
    Thanks again for an amazing Zoom session. I always learn so much.
    I drew The Hierophant.
    I know you have a squillion-bajillion emails, but I would really appreciate some guidance on how to read that card alongside The Magician, which you drew for Cancer for this Libra/Aries Node cycle. I’ve never drawn the Magician for myself, and was thrilled.
    I have big hopes for the coming year. I’m working hard and actually hoping for everything to change, even if there is some discomfort involved initially.
    I am definitely feeling much more connected to Spirit and feeling greater guidance, so from that perspective, I feel supported. Not so much in the ‘real world’ :D.
    Thanks again for the wonderful work you do and for sharing your gifts.
    DinP xxx

    1. Thank you DinP. You will transmit what you learn and ‘know’ intuitively to others by Christmas and part of this is religious or spiritual. You will be taught, mentored, guided, tutored but also pass it on. The Hierophant is religious or similar instruction (it can be astrology or Buddhism). So The Magician is rather similar. A very important time for you.

  19. Dear Jessica. Thank you for today’s conscious cafe. So much information.
    During the first break grabbing my tarot cards the king of pentacles came out of the pack. Then i shuffled them and I pulled the Fool just minutes before you did. I am a libra sun and not sure how t analyse all this. I have been living in a new country for the last 2 months for family reasons and travel internationally on a regular basis. Business wise not sure if I should stay or get out of the situation. Not sure which « cliff » should I cautiously retract. Could you help me to understand ?
    Enjoy your hiking this weekend.

    1. Two pulls of The Fool is your answer. Only one card for these sessions, to accompany the first card, or the Tarot scrambles. You are a Libra Sun and will travel, emigrate or relocate, or welcome a tourist, migrant or explorer. The issue is the white dog and his warning. As I said, this is a caution. You live in France at the centre of Covid transmission across Europe through Paris. That is not the only issue. Did you know you can read Pamela’s Tarot from the library on here, free of charge, which will explain The Fool more to you. You travel internationally and need to be aware of risks. This may be visa, passport, borders, travel companies, hotels and the rest. Just be more cautious than usual please.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your today predictions. I am a Libra: Sun, Diana, Apollo, Hygeia and IC included. How the Nodes will play with?
    In early 2005 one of the most important personal relations broke. Since then I have not been able to create a new one, even a sample of…
    Either there was no one (no one literally) or the next one I met was a problematic case (married, old).
    What could I expect from the new Nodes cycle?

    I thank you for your help.

    1. Your break-up in 2005 comes back to you from July 2023, into 2024, early 2025, because you need closure. Did you leave this person or were you left? you are owed, or owe, spiritually. The next potential date will remind you of what happened and you will settle up, spiritually, Vivi. There will be a sense of things coming full circle for you by 2026 and you will feel the scales are balanced, thanks to new chapters with a new person. It really depends on what you did in 2005, though, and only you know. Maybe you ‘owe’ on some level in which case you can repay and that is also fulfilling.

  21. Hey Jessica! I pulled the Death card during the zoom meeting – and it was me who got the tarot card Messi/World Cup thing – still so proud of myself for that! However, any insights you have for me would be amazing, thank you

    1. Congratulations on your Messi prediction during the World Cup discussion on this website. I do remember your very clear vision. You are a natural psychic of course. Death is never death; it is the end of a chapter and start of another, in months or years. For you this is your extended family, perhaps friends, as friends can be like family to you. There will be children or teenagers involved who need time and space. You sometimes see divorce for example. This is very important in the next six months or so and yet you will also see the bright beginning up ahead. You are strongly Aquarian and Pluto, ruler of simultaneous endings and beginnings, is of course going through Pluto from 2024.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    I just left a long message in support as I did not know where to ask my question. Please read when you get a chance. Am torn about decisions. Finally felt an emotional connection with a man – a Scorpio -yet I broke off with him. Is he the person for partnership for me? Should I try to reach out again? And am also planning volunteer travel. Is this my long term path? If so, how will I access financial opportunities? Thanks!

    1. This is the right place to ask questions. Thank you for coming to The Conscious Cafe. You don’t mention the card you drew, in the session, so I will just take a brief look at your chart. You have a Libra stellium so all the decisions about the Scorpio or any other man, July 2023 through February 2025 are karmic in nature. What you did 18-19 years before with another man entirely will result in you being owed, or owing, spiritually and so things will come full circle and you will feel there is closure for you, accepting the rebalancing, in the year 2025.

  23. Jessica, today was my first experience with you live. Thank you for this wonderful work. I want to really let you understand my appreciation first. I was one of the Cappys that was confused. Without including personal details, I am hoping you can give a brief comment on these next six months as I work through loss and grief of my loving partner and through to the next chapter. I drew the Ace of Cups. I am also the anticipated female head of family as we wait for my mother to pass on and I execute her last will. I am Cap with 8 stellium; Leo rising; Neptune, Ceres and Ops in Libra. Many thanks again for this important service and gift of love to the world. JPF

    1. Thank you. I am sorry you lost your partner. Your Tarot card is showing you Judgement, as discussed (you are a Sun Capricorn going through the evolution of your extended family in spirit – their progress helps you too). He is with his own people in spirit, and perhaps some of yours, and their advancement on a soul level will release them and help you as well. You are also your mother’s executor of course and so her family in spirit are also important to you, JPF. Some of your world will be ‘over there’ for important parts of the next six months – on that side of life. The Ace of Cups is about a wonderful, new, fulfilling phase in your emotional life when your cup runneth over. The good news is, you can read more about these two cards in Pamela’s Tarot, free to you in your Premium Member library.

  24. Dear Jessica,

    Top of another beautiful day in Tassie to you. I pulled the Empress. As a Capricorn with the Judgement card you pulled, and my combo of Aries/ Libra nodes could you help me elaborate on these please. For context, single for the last ten years, since the birth of my not so little Aquarius. Have recently moved ( end of March) into a lovely home with a garden which makes both of us and the dog very happy. Have a debt that I need to whittle down as quickly as possible. But overall the sense of accomplishment and home is wonderful for everyone. Have zero suitors and never stuck me toes into the water either. Mostly my energy has been rebuilding, trying to get some financial security and get a new career that supports being a single parent and all that goes with that.

    Anyway, would love some insights on the blend of cards. I get that I still need to get moving and be hungry and not just rest on my lounge! .

    Always x

    1. Thank you. Tasmanian sunrises are always good to start the day with. As you know, those in spirit; extended family who have passed, are about to be released and to go to the next level on that side of life. This is because of something you do or say, or something which happens for them, which also affects you. This is the Sun Capricorn solar chart, triggered in the Eighth House, ruled by Leo, as you suddenly have aspects to that from the nodes, not to mention Pluto in opposition, in 2024. None of this is relevant to your question about being a single parent, but The Empress is. She is talking to you about being set up and settled with your home and garden, either rented or owned, or perhaps lent (house sitting). This does chime with the spirit world as of course they want you to be happy. The Libra stellium is the other clue. I was chatting about the South Node in Libra, love, sex, marriage and divorce at the event. You will find karma from 18-19 years prior comes back with an evergreen love. That is shown in the card by the green Venus motif on the stone symbol with The Empress. Some things can be revived, differently. That is the message here. This may be the father of your child of course.

  25. Jessica Adams is one of the few, if not only astrologer to differentiate between men and women in her general readings, ie, if you’re male the astrology will effect you in this way and if you are female it will effect you differently. This a breathe of fresh air because I’m old enough to know how differently life plays out for men, as opposed to women. But in saying that I realise that astrology applies less and less to me because there aren’t any men in my life at all, so when Adams states a male will impact on your life I have no reference point. I’m not sure anyone is doing astrology for women over 50.

    1. I am 59 so I am certainly writing about astrology for women over fifty. And I have always used the difference between men and women, the two sexes, in my work. Of course you have men in your life. Unless you live in a convent of course! The men I refer to in your world can be brothers, fathers, neighbours, bosses, staff, friends. I hope you don’t think it always means sex and love, because it often doesn’t. I hope that helps.

  26. Thank you very much for that, Jessica. Evergreen love, sounds lovely! She says trying to remember who, what, when from 18- 19 years ago. Thankfully it isn’t going to be anything to do with your last sentence. . I’m off to Thank those on the other side for helping me to be happy with the house. Got a little teary reading that. Bless them. It’s been a tough decade. Bloody Pluto in Capricorn! The joys of life and those stars above that journey with us through time. Oh wise ones they are indeed. Have a beautiful week ahead x

  27. Good afternoon Jessica, thank you for your insights. My own Pluto in Libra has caused all sorts of heartache for me in the past that has left me “stuck” with my responsibilities as the other party was free to abandon everything without consequence when we separated 5 years ago. I am longing for a more carefree lifestyle but that won’t happen for a long time. My (piscean) partner is out of work again due to health issues and I’m feeling very overwhelmed. I pulled the hierophant and I can’t say it gave me a good feeling to see it. Is this just the final throws of Pluto? Or am I missing something?
    Thank you for your time, and I hope you are keeping warm in the apple isle.

    1. I am sorry you have had a rotten time with your ex. Meanwhile your current partner is too sick to work. The Hierophant is about the promises you made, or promises made to you, with both partners. Did you have a religious celebrant? What did you actually promise? When you come back to the word of the law, or the word of God, or the word of the relevant church, you will find your answers. You want a carefree lifestyle but it begins with understanding what the pair of you agreed all those years ago. This goes back to your separated partnership too. This is typical of the South Node in Libra transit, going over your Pluto in Libra, and you’ll know all the issues we discussed at the event. You are up for quite a deep psychological, spiritual and emotional process here and it will directly pertain to one or both partners. From there come your solutions. Have a look at Pamela’s Tarot, in your flipbook library, for the long version of The Hierophant.

  28. Hi Jessica, I enjoyed the insights from last nights Conscious Cafe meeting. Thank you for your time. I drew the Queen of Pentacles. I’ve been working hard and I have many responsibilities with work and children, mine and my brothers kids have come into my care. Any advice or highlights from my birth chart and the tarot? Thank you.

    1. The card is not about the children, but it is about your money. By the end of 2023 you will have a large lump sum saved or made. So the question is, what will you do with it?

      Note the rabbit in the corner. Beatrix Potter was 43 years old, when Pamela Colman Smith, also a gifted illustrator and artist, created her famous Tarot cards: what would later become known as The Smith-Waite.

      The Tale of Peter Rabbit had come out in 1902, four years previously and even today, thanks to the film, it makes money for the Beatrix Potter estate.

      The rabbit is also a reminder that you can have money, but perhaps you also need sex. (Rabbits can produce a litter a month, though, so be careful). Playboy bunnies, so sex again, are associated with rabbits. Being ‘at it like rabbits’ is associated with frequent sex and we can also associate this creature with vegans. Rabbit food is a nickname for a classic vegan diet. It really depends on where you locate the rabbit or bunny in your consciousness. It can be quite literal. I have known more than one well-off woman with a rabbit and I’m sure you have too!

      Sometimes this Queen turns up if there is a wealthy single woman enjoying her garden or the local wilderness, parkland or woods – but sex won’t go away. In fact sex keeps nagging at her until she does something about it. The issue with ‘just sex’ though (rabbit impulses) is that it’s not really about making a good marriage, or finding a soulmate, and the rest. It’s just about the physical side of life. She may have to pay attention to that, sooner or later. Unless the rabbit hops away, of course. Yet – what if it jumps into her lap? That rabbit holds a key to this entire card.

      Some women I have read for (readers on my website) identify with the rabbit as a sign of divorce, because they gain a divorce settlement and sex ‘goes away’ and runs off. Down the rabbit hole. Alice in Wonderland sometimes holds meaning for people reading this card because of the White Rabbit and his pocket watch. Being late, for a very important date, can be another hint that one can be well-off, financially (everything in the garden is literally lovely here) but also miss out on dating. For some people, the rabbit/bunny is ‘a bun in the oven’ or pregnancy, and single women with enough money to have a child by themselves, can pull this card. In fact, the bun in the oven is the next step, after she has counted her pennies.

      This is a contented woman gazing at her wealth, to be sure. This is a Taurus, Second House, Scorpio and/or Eighth House card. Capricorn the goat is hidden on her throne, so have a look at that. Perhaps her career (Capricorn) has made her secure.

      A baby’s face peers out from the stone. Again, this is a hint about sex, in the background, in one’s history (a pregnancy that did or did not happen) and nods to the rabbit. There are a curious amount of cherubic heads in the stonework in Pamela and Arthur’s Tarot deck, the Smith-Waite. In astrology this can be the asteroid Cupido, or Cupid, but over the years I have found women relate to the idea of historic pregnancies, abortions or miscarriages. They are always unseen by the Queens in these cards. Forgotten, suppressed, ignored. Adult children and their babyhood sometimes show up in this Queen’s past. That was then, this is now. She’s moved on and she’s interested in the money instead.

      Romantic roses surround her and she has, unusually, a bright green cloak. The colour of conservation and the environment. What is this woman going to do with her money, why and when? You will find more tiny details and clues, personal to you, here. She may work for Greenpeace. She may want to donate to The Wilderness Society or The Bob Brown Foundation. Nature is very close here and she is at home in it.

      The Queen of Pentacles is one of many figures in Pamela and Arthur’s Tarot who is pondering money. Lost in daydreams. Basking in the moment, which is financially secure. Yet – this needs to be invested or put to good use. Something has to be done with this money; one cannot sit gazing at it forever. And of course you cannot handle the cash and the rabbit at the same time. You will have to put the money in a safe place, or spend it, or donate it – so you can be liberated enough to catch the rabbit before it hops away. Time is very much of the essence in the card if this woman does want to start a sexual relationship or even have a one-night-stand.

  29. Hi Jessica
    Thankyou for the conscious cafe event last night, I enjoyed it. I amAquarian. Regarding the nodes in Libra and Aries, mine are placed in the opposite North Node Libra 14 deg and South Node Aries 14 deg. Juno Libra 25deg and Prosperina 10 deg Aries. My tarot was the Moon.. I have moon in Gemini, the card shows a sad moon.. the dogs x 2 represent my two Gemini children and an estranged relationship.. interpreted by me in the card. I am hoping you can explain what my node placement mean for me in this cycle.. with appreciation. C x

    1. Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed The Conscious Cafe. You drew The Moon which is about breakthroughs with the children. These begin in May 2024. By May 2025 you will have seen solutions as the pair of them make decisions which resolve things for you. As a Sun Aquarius you will have Jupiter and then Uranus in your Fifth House of motherhood, from May 2024, for years into the future. In your natal chart we find Uranus in Leo in the Fifth House, so you were born with a life path full of regular upheaval, as a mother. I’m happy to say that Jupiter will sextile Uranus once he passes into Gemini. So your card is showing you this much, much better journey ahead for the children and for you. It’s a bit early at the moment but then again you were asking about life until Christmas. Sit with this card and use your imagination to see how the dogs could be happier, and you too. I daresay the issue will be apartments, houses and/or money and that’s where you come in.

  30. Hi Jessica,
    I just applied for my startup – Company license today on June 19th, 11 a.m. local time.
    I named the company after Jupiter – I can not yet share the name as I have not yet have the Trademark license yet.
    The company is a Digital Agency based on Web 3 and uses Artificial Intelligence.

    As a Gemini rising, with stelliums in Leo and Libra, can my new company thrive?
    I have 15 years experience in marketing and digital.
    I was just made redundant as Saturn entered my 10th House in Pisces, lost the job on May 8th.
    Love Love Love your work! Stay healthy and safe.
    Thanks Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Your only issue is the other people involved. You have Juno at 16 Gemini in the Third House. Your lifelong commitment to Web 3 and AI. You are wedded to the web. Juno is exactly quincunx Uranus at 16 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint business, finance, intellectual property, shares and so on. You also have Pluto at 16 Libra in the Seventh House of duets and duels. Have you done this with a partner/partners or do you intend to? Get legal advice if so. Uranus is unpredictable and unstable and often results in one/both/all parties seeking independence and freedom. Pluto is about power and control, and in the Seventh House of duets and duels, can result in unbalanced scales. So much depends on what you are doing. Solo or together/with? The Tarot can help you more.

  31. Hi Jessica, thank you for another fab Conscious Cafe event. Always left wanting more because it is so good.
    I’m Cancer sun (The Magician) and I pulled The Hermit. Can you please provide additional insight on these two cards? Hoping it will help me work things out and move forward on some of the ideas I have.
    At a previous meet up event I pulled the nine of cups and in your comments everything you said resonated and is starting to happen.
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you that is a lovely compliment to read. Thank you also for validating my last prediction for you. You are up for a life-changing six months with a massive new connection to spirit. This is your religion, spirituality, Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism and so on. Maybe something else you do not label. You will be quite alone and find your soul and psyche this way. This is necessary because you will be bringing down a lot of information and wisdom and this will be passed across your desk. You will also be absorbing quite high levels of knowledge; not the usual textbook stuff. It’s going to change you and it may change other people too.

  32. Hi Jessica, thank you for your time, energy and expertise at yesterday’s Conscious Cafe. I thought I’d give it a day to see if anything became clearer for me, but I’m still none the wiser. I’m a Capricorn and have no known connection to any ancestors, so the six month theme, and Judgement are a bit unclear for me.

    Unfortunately, I also pulled the Page of Wands which is also making me even more uncertain about other uncertainties. “Stuck” would describe how I feel. More “quick sand” than just “sand”.

    I’m wondering if you might have any time and energy available to look at my chart for some insight please?

    With gratitude. SH

    1. Thank you. If you are still confused about Judgement, remember you were being shown the next six months, starting in July. Nothing has happened yet. You may think you are not connected to your family or ancestors in the spirit world, but of course you are. The Page of Wands is the young man in the family most affected. Son, nephew, godson or similar. Again, you are predicting the future here. This hasn’t started. If you are still baffled by the Tarot, go back and pick up Pamela’s Tarot from your library on here which will explain it to you in a simple way.

  33. Hi Jessica,

    Very interesting and intriguing articles about the Coronation and Camilla Parker Bowles!
    I have Venus 21 degrees and Psyche at 28 in Aries and also Neptune at 26 degrees plus Hygiea at 8 degrees in Libra.
    How and in which area will these coming six months affect me.
    Thanks for your great work!

    1. Thank you. I find it extraordinary that the UK public and the Commonwealth citizens have to wait until Charles is dead to find out if Professor Cretney and his colleagues were right. Were they never married at all? For all we know, Cretney was one of the experts giving his opinion in the sealed document. To look at the next six months, always go for the same story told twice in your public and private chart. Which house comes up twice? You are a Taurus with Gemini and Pisces stelliums. This is about saving or making a lot of money, which is the real story for the rest of 2023 and 2024. The Tarot can tell you more.

  34. Hi Jessica, thank you for the energy you pour into each reply. I am on the verge of deciding on separation in a more thantwo decades old marriage, despite worries about a special son. For the next six months, I drew a three of pentacles and then a king of cups. Maybe the priest in the card was me, celibate for almost fifteen years!

    Please share any visions you get for me in my scary journey ahead

    1. Thank you. One card will do, with this sort of reading. You’re being shown your husband or the special son. This male is in his own little world, hard to access, the drugs or prescribed drugs have a strong effect on him (or the alcohol). He is cast adrift, influenced by the Pisces in his chart, going through a Neptune in Pisces transit and – you have to ask – is he worth it? There is hope here but he has to make change happen; you can’t do it for him. The Three of Pentacles urges you to get an expert to help you find the money or proceeds, if it is there at all. You will be on the quest for hopeful rewards, but you have no way of knowing if this is imaginary or real. You need the right people to help you look as neither you nor the other couple of people involved are exactly suited. You will know exactly what this means when it happens and hopefully get some hugely experienced, professional types to assist or even take over.

  35. Hi Jessica, I have my South Node and Descendant (7th House) in Libra, my husband is a Libra rising. He also has his Part of Fortune in Libra in the first House. About 18-19 years ago, my husband and I went through a difficult time. He was bullied at work by a colleague, and the bullying stopped when my husband was transferred to another job. My brother filed for bankruptcy and it turned out he had used vast sums of money from my parents’ inheritance to pay his debts and legal bills, leaving me worse off as one of the beneficiaries of my parents’ inheritance. Now, 18-19 years later, my mother, brother and father have all passed away. My husband and I both went through a difficult time – sorting out the inheritance, selling my father’s house, going through and recovering from major surgery, trying to cope with enormous grief….I hope the changing of the Nodes will bring some closure. At least we don’t have to worry about finances anymore, because my father left us an enormous amount of money in his Will. Thanks for another great article, Jessica

    1. You are having a classic nodal return, back to the nodes in Libra (your husband) and what you are owed from the last cycle. That turns out to be time, money, energy and so on. Closure will come. The scales will balance. Sometimes another person can bring it about, or fate has a funny way of settling old scores. It can happen in the most unusual way, but if an apology needs to be made, it will be, or if things need to be made good with a particular person or organisation, that will happen. It takes a bit of time.

  36. Hi Jessica
    Grateful if you could share what the next 6 months will be for me with job prospects and relationships.

    The last 8 months have been the hardest periods in my life.
    I lost my previous job on May 9th which came as a shock. I moved cities for this job – started it in Nov 15th during the eclipse. Boy, did I really misinterpret the signs. I shouldn’t have applied for it. I truly thought it was a good and rational decision. Now I’m unemployed and have huge debts. I feel like I have lost my intuition or don’t know how to listen to it anymore. I have a job interview tomorrow. I’m scared about making a wrong decision with my next career path – whatever that is I don’t know. Doing a lot of soul searching. I drew the Emperor card for the NN in Aries transit

    I’m a Scorpio sun with stellium in Libra, my ex (separated in Dec 2021 not divorced) also has a stellium in libra (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Juno). I still love him very much.

    I can’t quite recall anything major 18 years ago except that I followed him and moved cities. We were in a committed relationship but we weren’t living together yet until 2006.

    What do you see for us the next 6 months? I drew a Hierophant card for the South Node in Libra transit.

    Again so many thank you’s to you

    1. I am so sorry you lost your job. A shock, as you say. You also have debts. The Emperor is excellent intelligence. Between now and the end of 2023 you must negotiate with a boss, or other superior, older man at the top of your profession or field. He is quite alone, hard to access, yet not impossible to get to. I also suggest you look at your ambition and the kind of places you are choosing, because you are opting for organisations with high office block towers and typical Capricorn structures; lots of people at the bottom, one man at the top. Do you want that? If you don’t, then think about another sort of structure for success. This is of course the North Node in Aries going through your Sixth House of work, as a Sun Scorpio person. You have karma with your ex, and you followed him to move cities on the last cycle. You are owed. It didn’t work out but you changed your life for him. This karma now returns, from July 2023. The Hierophant tells you to go back to the vow. Especially so if it was a church wedding. What did you promise each other, because that is also coming back, even if you are separated and not yet divorced. You can find out more about this in Pamela’s Tarot in your library here. Just look up The Hierophant.

  37. Hi Jessica,

    Hope you and Tess are all well. As a dog owner myself I have to give Tess a complaiment for being a beautiful girl, did you take her in as a rescue or trough a kennel? I am thinking about getting a rescue dog so thats why I am asking ? And it’s absolutly fine if you don’t want to share Tess story.

    I keep getting the same messages from my guides that Charles will / is not the king. On the 8/5 I got – The saga about the two kings -and I got a image of Scotlands flag. As I’ve written in posts on your blog before I got a really strong connection with prince Harry and Scotland. I channeled that Kate will in the middle of a big drama and that the Kingdom will reform. And yes it all points to King Charles not being a king at all.

    I do hope that the Democrats will find a strong candidate, because Robert Kennedy is not the one. He is too far down the rabbit hole. I would keep my eye out for a woman. Thats the energy I get when I ask about the US election.
    I do agree that there is a war on women but it is so much bigger than the gender question. There is risk of a big war and a banking and a global economic crisis is still coming. In war and economic crisis women is always targeted. We see that already with the housing crisis in a lot of countries that prevents women from leaving bad and even violent relationships. So I will argue that the the one that will stand up for economic equality will also win the votes. And the climate crisis will be a fact even for the ones that keep on denying it.

    On a personal note I got the tarotcard Strength . I have Pluto and cupido in libra.
    I am divorced and single and actually happy about that. I made a promis that I would get to know myself again. Coming in to my own and embrace and practice my psychic gift. And it has been a time for healing .Focusing on being a friend , a parent and just let romantic love come when the time is right, and if it does not , life is still good. The thing is that my guides keeps on bringing up a man I met in 2005 while at university ,as well as a man I shortly worked with a couple of years ago that I never was romantically involved with .But for some reason got a strong psychic connection with. I’ve been getting information about him and his life without even asking for it. It was like being sucked in to his energy field and sharing his life from a distance. I respect his privacy so I will not share any details but it was the strangest experience. He is or was married and that’s why I never acted on whatever was happening between us. The man I met at uni was also in a relationship that he broke off when we met , and with all the drama I decided that I would never be the reason for a breakup again, and I have kept that promise. Reading your post about karma and the libra astrology made me smile when connecting it with my messages from spirit. They keep on saying that both of these men will come back in to my life .I want to add that whenever I get psychic downloads I take notice and listen, but I can’t stress enough the importance of being a vessel and keep the information as ” clean” as possible and I am aware of the messages that comes trough to me personally is biased to some agree so I listen but stay grounded.

    Sorry for the long post.
    Wish you and Tess all the best /Anna

    1. Thanks so much Anna. Tess ended up being photographed for the RSPCA in Hobart on her Million Paws Walk so I am delighted to see her, as other people see her. She was a pup, bought as one of six in the litter. A rescue dog is an excellent idea, by the way. See if one will find you. I am glad you agree that Charles is not king. You are also a medium and have been bothered by this too. The two Scotlands is interesting. This feels so important because Anne had to go to Scotland to wed Tim, but Charles did not, and now here we are. I think the late Professor Cretney will be proven right and he may in fact turn out to have been one of the four secret experts who are inside that sealed document. I think you are right about a woman in America too, for the 2024 election. And the war on women is about more than just abortion and trans, of course. We only have to look at what Russia has done to women in Ukraine. Yet, history and astrology tell us that the female of the species triumphs and is in power. Anna, your Strength card is about healing or being healed. Both men in your past you mention will come back into your life and one will need the sort of remedy only you can offer. So it’s him.

  38. Hi Jessica I wondered if you could interpret the South node cycle for me ? I have a stellium in Libra. Does Libra just cover your marriage relationships? only my dads accident was in 2006 and as a result our relationship is completely changed as a result. I have helped both him and my mother as a result. He was very much the nurturer when I was a child so have found losing him extremely hard. He’s not passed but has a brain injury so is not the person he was and yet he is. If you understand my meaning. I drew the queen of pentacles and read the interpretation. I have to say I feel a bit like Alice looking for the other world so that we may glimpse the man he once was. It’s nice to find somewhere to express without others thinking you are woo woo!!

    1. I am sorry about your father’s brain injury. You were born with Panacea at 26 Cancer in the Fourth House of family and for the first and last time in 248 years, Pluto has come along to 26 Capricorn and made an opposition. Panacea, as you will know from your Roman mythology, was a healer. Her father was Aesculapius, the god in charge of healing temples and her sister is Hygiea, whose snake and bowl are often seen on pharmacy windows. Panacea herself is just as the name suggests – she is a cure, remedy, fix. And it’s hard to say if it’s just a state of mind or the real thing. You have been playing Panacea with your Dad but also with your Mum. Okay the Queen of Coins is quite separate to this. You will have a lot of money in your hands and need to enjoy the challenge of how to spend it or save it. You also need to remember your sexuality, even if you had forgotten it, as this is an important side-story in your life until the end of 2023. You can let it go, but it’s there. The financial side of things is shown by your 2-29 degree pattern in Taurus in the Second House of banking and of course Jupiter with all his abundance will go through there until May 2024.

  39. Sorry completely rude I forgot to say thankyou. Your website is a blessing.
    Best wishes Selina

    1. Not at all, thank you for that compliment, I will pass it on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin who look after the website so well.

  40. Hi Jessica very interesting read. right now I’m looking for a new job because I don’t get along with my boss, unfortunately there are more people than me who feel that way. So I have to move on in my teaching profession. how does it look for me also in terms of salary when changing jobs. By the way, I am a solar wave and premium member.
    Thanks for all the information you are the best monica löfgren

    1. Thanks so much Monica. You want a new job so as a Sun Libra woman with a Virgo stellium should be happy with your options between now and May 2024, as your work ethic, attention to detail, sense of obligation to others, ability to serve, conscious understanding of routine – all work for you. Jupiter in Taurus will slowly trine everything you have in Virgo in the Sixth House of workload and lifestyle and this is about more than just work, as it is also about your health and wellbeing, your environment, your diet, time off and the rest. This helps balance the other transit you are having, which is about the patience required with teaching in general. Things will be far easier once you get to 2025 and from 2026 you will be far more interested in foreign people and cultures, either purely online, or because you decide to relocate. But that’s another story.

  41. Hi Jessica
    That was a fascinating presentation, as it always is. My question is regarding the Nodes in Libra and Aries, as my birth chart shows nothing in Libra, and Venus and Fortuna in Aries. Should I focus on other aspects of my chart’s transits? In looking at my husband’s chart that I ordered on your website, he too has few affected areas (Vesta in Aries and Libra in Diana). The kicker to all of this is that we bought our home together in 2005, so that would ping with the potential for a change in residence as a possibility.
    Thanks as always for your insights.

    1. Thanks for coming along again Sharon. And thank you for ordering your husband’s chart. You will have a fantastic opportunity to move after May 2024 and have made up your mind by May 2025, but could actually move one more time from 2026, so be aware of that. You two have that classic nodal return cycle, as you bought together in 2005, and owe each other, but are also owed, karmically. So the way you split the finances this time and the decisions you make together will chime with that. You could expect the karma to begin from July 2023 and the big options with property from May’s ingress of Jupiter into Gemini.

  42. Hi Jessica. I enjoyed yesterday so much and really got a lot from your explanations. You drew the five of wands for Aries and I also drew that card myself. I have stellium in Aries (8) Does this have any great significance in my partnership for the next 6 months please?

    Thankyou again for all the work you do…..and seemingly so calmly too!

    1. Thanks so much. So, this card is not about partnerships. It’s about the group. With patterns at 1-24 Aquarius, the sign of the community and circle, including Jupiter at 1 Aquarius, with all his potential – you are in luck. Yet, if you are all going to construct something fantastic, you have to put differences aside, and with that, self-interest. I mentioned looking for yourself in the card. Have you found her? Understanding how you contribute to the unity or otherwise of the group is a good first step. You could all be quite powerful together and bring about transformation but there’s too much ‘Me’ and not enough ‘Us’ over the next 12 months. If you have a partnership question, give yourself a a three-way reading on that using the three decks on this website.

  43. Thank you for your predictions and guidance, Jessica, I appreciate you! Weird things have been happening related to past relationships which I’m trying to understand. I’m a Sun Libra with stellariums in Aquarius and Virgo. An ex appeared in my neighborhood even though he’d moved away years ago. First time I caught a glimpse of him was in mid-March although I wasn’t sure it was him. But at the end of May, I nearly ran into him in a store. Our past relationship was a troubled one – he was critical, demeaning and sometimes emotionally cruel. He tried to get me to sell my home and to buy another home a few hours away (I said no) – he also tried to distance me from family and some friends (I would not). Anyway, we ended the relationship over 5 years ago – I haven’t seen him until now. I found out from a mutual acquaintance that he just moved in with a woman in town and she is now selling her house. After the relationship ended, he has tried multiple times over the years to reconnect with me on social media which I’ve declined. Does this relate to the July 2023 to December 2023 South Node Libra cycle somehow? I thought this cycle related to 18 or 19 years ago, which would be when I was married to my now deceased husband, who had hidden troubles which I was just then starting to find out about. In my marriage, I was very supportive, kind and giving – I tried so hard to help him. Anyway, with all of this history, I’m wondering how this cycle might impact me? My love life is calm because I’m single (although a caring partner would be a nice addition). Hopefully something good to look forward to …

    1. Thank you. You are being prepared for closure with your ex. He owes you. He may realise it. Now he is with a new woman. You decline him on social media and now he is back for final closure with you. It begins in July 2023 and ends in early 2025. The South Node in Libra cycle is in your Seventh House and will trigger your need for balance. The cycle relates to your deceased husband but it is being mirrored in your ex. Different men, same theme. Once you get the closure with both men you will be ready for a new partner.

  44. Hi Jessica! I was a very sleepy 6 AM riser for my very first Conscious Cafe and it was worth it! What an eye opening experience for me. My public card – Magician combined with my personal card of Wheel of Fortune; my first thoughts were this is very auspicious! Until I realized the card doesn’t always mean good fortune it can be a double edged sword. I am unable to get the Tarot flip book to open at present however your explanation of The Wheel of Fortune did hit home for me. The words: ” Imagine Pamela has been asked to illustrate the most important scene or theme of your life”. Life is a bunch of ups and downs for all of us and this we all must accept. Much like the death card where a transformation will come after we release what no longer serves us, I guess I too must accept whatever fate is dealt to me when the wheel spins. The past 18 years have been hard with pervasive health issues of my partner, too many deaths to count, and financial loss. I was hoping the switch over to the Aries/Libra nodes would bring the upside of that wheel for a change but now I am uncertain. In a few short years I will be going through my second Saturn return (Saturn in Aries) and I confess I’ve been dreading it. I don’t want to worry and yet here I am with negative Nelly sitting on my shoulders telling me not to get my hopes up. On a side note – the Magician card is number 1 and the Wheel of Fortune is number 10 which in numerology reduces to 1! In my life the number 11, 111, 11:11 has played prominently and thoroughly everywhere and even more so as I get older. I am hoping that my intuition and seeing those numbers means that the universe does indeed have my back and that I should use the alchemy of the Magician to spin that Wheel of fortune into a favorable outcome. Am I interpreting this scenario correctly? Thanks again for all you do and I look forward to your podcast on Monday!

    1. Thank you so much for waking up at 6.00am for The Conscious Cafe. I am very flattered. You can’t open your Pamela’s Tarot flipbook? Please ask Support. They are there to help. Let’s focus on your cards. The Magician and Wheel of Fortune point straight to learning or teaching. You do this formally or informally by the end of 2023. The Magician lectures and channels information. That’s a desk in front of The Magician. The Wheel of Fortune is surrounded by authors, publishers, webmasters, Substack writers, readers, GoodReads fans, students, tutors, lecturers, teachers. So you see. Formal or informal. You can find out more when you can read the book.

  45. Hi, Jessica. If you are able to get to my question, would you be able to comment on the new “Aquarian America” that you have predicted as coming in 2023, 2024 and beyond, and especially on the future of guns and gun control in the U.S.? (You addressed this a bit in a post in May of last year.) Right now, I feel that gun groups, gun manufacturers and the Republican Party are “Pluto-ing” the gun issue while the vast majority of ordinary Americans (especially those of us in blue states) are desperate for change and an end to constant gun violence. This really is a largely Republican sickness, so I’m wondering if positive movement in this area also signals that the current Republican Party will be suffering a massive defeat in the 2024 election cycle. I have Gen Z children and am determined to be part of the solution myself, so I would be grateful for any insights into my chart as well. Thank you so very much.

    1. Guns are a massive problem in America aren’t they. Nothing will change until April 2025 when Neptune (fantasy, escapism) goes into Aries (violence) and stays there until 2039. This is new inventions, virtual reality, headsets, internet avatar spaces and the rest – for shooters. Men and boys who like violence and the occasional female will find they are being offered outlets, for a credit card commitment, which enable them to act out their Hollywood gun dreams in a more satisfying way. Technology to the rescue. This period in history also tallies with Pluto in Aquarius so you will find that politics changes and shooters/the N.R.A. no longer have space, within the wider space. That is because Aquarius is about everybody pooling resources. Gun threats don’t sit with that. So you should be hopeful. In the meantime there will be community solutions. Uranus in Gemini (the revolution in the neighbourhood) from 2026 suggests towns and neighbourhoods will DIY. You will happily be part of a solution for your own Gen Z children and your local area. You all feel the same. Of course it’s going to happen.

  46. Hi Jessica, I was so sorry to miss the Zoom event but I’ve just watched my recording; thank you so much. I was so interested to see the Judgement card pulled for Capricorn. I am a sun Capricorn with stelliums in Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio and Sagitarius. I pulled a personal tarot on this site too and got the Knight of Wands. I would like to make some big changes these next six months starting asap. I want to leave the relative security of my full time role in psychology in the NHS to work as a locum (self employed) so I can have more control of my hours and earnings. I’m also exhausted from the role which has burned me out. But the main reason is so I can devote much more time to supporting my 12 year old daughter who is struggling at school and with her mental health. Even though I know this is the right thing to do, I am so nervous to make a wrong move and damage our security that I’ve worked so hard to achieve for us. I’m a single mum so I only have myself to rely on and keep a roof over our heads in these difficult times. I was worried when I saw the ‘Knight’ card as reading the description it urges caution about rushing ahead, blind! Is this what I am potentially doing?! Or am I reading it wrong? I would be so grateful for your reading of my chart for your insight on the way forward. With much appreciation for all your wonderful work! Alexia x

    1. Thank you. I am glad you picked up the recording. This has become quite a popular forum with 101 people in the queue this morning. Your card has nothing to do with your question but everything to do with your family in spirit. The Knight of Wands is a younger male family member who is affected by your dead extended family going to the next level spiritually. They are evolving because of him, or he evolves in tandem with them. This may be your son, nephew, godson. You also have a child who is struggling and are sole parenting. Alexia, all that reading will have done is show you the most important event of the next six months. So that’s your spirit world family evolving and affecting you, but your young male relative being part of that. If you want to know about your daughter’s mental health, your rent, leaving work, recovering from burnout – those are unrelated issues. Yet you can sit down with a cup of tea and all three decks on this website, follow the steps and figure it out. You will fix every issue about your daughter by May 2024 if you take every opportunity. It will be liberating and very, very well-timed.

  47. Hi Jessica, I’m sad to have missed the zoom meeting but hoping to make it to the next. Your predictions about career and job opportunities have been bang on for me. I’m about to start a new job in the next couple of weeks and extremely excited for it.
    One area of my life I’m still struggling with is love and marriage. I’ve never been married and the last major relationship that could have been long term ended in July 2015 when Venus was retrograde in Leo. Since then I’ve been in a few toxic relationships. I’ve been single since 2020 with Saturn adding barriers. I was hoping to see some change this year but have only been disappointed so far. Do you see any potential for a new relationship in the next few months. I pulled a ten of pentacles when I asked the tarot but not sure how to interpret it. Should I instead just focus my energies on work.

    1. That is the last Zoom for 2023, apart from the Libra Weather Event with Deborah Houlding, so I hope you can make it. In future all Zoom gatherings will be at The Sun Sign School and we are already planning 2024. I am glad the prediction about your career was bang on. Congratulations on your new job. You want love and got the Ten of Pentacles which is ducking your question. Better to ask ‘Why haven’t I found a lover?’ or ‘What stands in my way regarding a new lover?’ and so on. Use the Tarot to workshop this.

  48. Hi Jessica thank you for this article it’s very interesting.
    I’m a sun Virgo with north node in libra, south node aeries. I married during the last north node in aeries and south node in libra. Am I likely to be impacted by the shift in nodes in July?

    1. Yes, the lunar nodes in Aries-Libra will bring back your marriage karma from 18-19 years ago. Aries is your title and name. Your appearance. Libra is the two of you. If you change your name (or not). Your reputation as a married woman, no longer free and single. What you owe, or what you are owed, from that time, will return to you. Much depends on your partner’s chart though.

  49. Wow! Thanks Jessica, these are thorough Libran questions, and their subjects are getting hotter by the week. When you say ‘ And the Libra transit makes us question women, who fight women, on women’s rights. ‘ – I just read an article by Ken Klipenstein in The Intercept titled The FBI is Hunting a New Domestic Terror Threat: Abortion Rights Activists. Which you can read here.
    I’m in the Libra Uranus generation. My grandfather emigrated from England after WW2. He and my Nanna crawled out of a Leeds bomb shelter, babe in arms, feeling survival blessed and soon after boarded a boat as partially trained teacher and preacher couple. My grandfather had been somewhat rescued in his youth, from a violently alcoholic father and apparently cruel stepmother, by local Anglican clergymen… Lately he has been visiting me in spirit, even audibly speaking on one occassion. It’s surprising me because he passed when I was still in my teens and I was closer to my Nanna, who lived another 35 years after him. He was Sun Aquarian. I have always wondered how he would have perceived and acted in the Anglican church in Australia around same sex couples and their marriages debates the last 20-30 years. He’d already passed by the time I came out in 1993. My Nanna didn’t change towards me one bit and continued to encourage me to lead a full life as ‘ the beautiful way you are ‘, always asked if there was someone special in my life and introduced me to the word bigot, referring to the religious labels people put on their prejudices. Not sure that my grandfather’s church politics would have given him as much freedom of conscience. He already pushed the boundaries locally in support and defense of embracing female priesthood in the Anglican church. Somehow I feel he’s around for me, for this round of war on women.
    Regarding trans rights and entitlement of males I think this is going to take a long time to flesh out, pardon the pun. Aquarius water bearing isn’t discriminating the flourishing it brings. My friend who used to attend some alternative lifestyle gatherings called the rainbow festival would tell of some of the creepy stuff that went on there, noting that you get all the colours of the rainbow, even the dark ones. That’s pluralism I suppose. But is it just? Or justice? Or fairness? Perhaps Libra/Aries node will interrogate some of the relational processes of Aquarian Pluto cycle, and hopefully that might restore some balanced comm- unity , reasonably nuanced in diversity and tollerance to get us out of this surreal identity narrative war.
    I will consult the tarot regarding my grandfather, perhaps he wants to tell me something. Thanks for the excellent tarot on your site. As a member I find it extremely useful in tandem with the astrology and horoscopes. Your tarot interps are wonderful guidance to liasing with Pamela’s tarot.
    Apologies that this has become a lengthy comment..
    Stay warm!

    1. Thanks Kate. The Libra issues of abortion, trans and Camilla all coincide with the extreme Libra weather of October 2023 with the Sun, Eclipse, South Node, Mercury and Mars all in Libra together. Libra is about marriage but also about the law. And the law stands. You were born with Uranus in Libra so understand it. It sounds as if you have inherited that Libra DNA from your grandfather. The Tarot is a gateway to your sixth sense, of course, so your grandfather may come through when you read. Women will win the War On Women. It will take time. A lot of women are going to be judged by history as they did not support their sisters, but that’s their karma, I guess. October 2023 will be a flashpoint.

  50. Hi Jessica,
    I was so disappointed to miss this one – kids got the better of me so I couldnt jump on the zoom. After chatting in Melbourne I was so keen to hear more about Charles and Camilla! I pulled a tarot card for the next six months – The Chariot! With so much in flux in my working life, I am hoping it points to progress after years of planting seeds, speculative work and building on making my next move. With an important meeting next Tuesday about a TV show, and still sitting in a holding pattern waiting to hear about the book I am hoping to find an agent for, some forward momentum would be delightful. (And chariots move forwards, don’t they?) All the Aquarian horoscopes speak of progress and movement after a hard three years, and the past three years have been horrific, so I am hoping there is some optimism ahead. There must be Libra in my chart as 2020 through to 2022 I fought for what was right for my mother, despite the huge personal and financial cost to me…. Hopefully that horror is over now. (Although my Leo father continues on his quest to try to eviscerate his Saggitarian wife with dementia. Delightful.) Was the Conscious Cafe event recorded? I am so keen to hear more about Charles and Camilla and the Royal mysteries!
    Look forward to your next Melbourne visit too.

    1. No worries Jo. As for Charles and Camilla, unless Prince Harry can succeed with a Freedom of Information request (I’d guess he’d be the most likely candidate) we have to wait for Charles III to pass to know why he was never married to Camilla. I honestly think that Tony Blair et al assumed ‘Well, we’ll all be long gone so it doesn’t matter’! You have a good card there in the Chariot and of course you can see the TV screen on the breastplate of the armour. You will be going between Melbourne and Sydney, or perhaps online, from Melbourne to (say) Hollywood. I believe the Conscious Cafe will put the recording in YouTube next week. Your 5-27 degree Gemini and Sagittarius patterns will be beautifully set off by Jupiter in Gemini from June 2024, so this is when you will have your deals – and in fact this goes for years into the future. Stephanie Johnson and I will be holding salons at Abbotsford Convent (in The Salon) over Spring and Summer, Jo, so you would be very welcome. We’ll announce it at Sun Sign School for subscribers soon.

  51. Hi Jessica – amazingly detailed information yet again, thank you for all you do. I have a Libra stellium and 18/19 years ago was financially good as we had sold our business, made money and built a new home but emotionally, not so much. My mother had just died and my marriage was unhappy leading to a separation a few years later, not long after the death of my father. So, quite a bit going on. You say that there is karma to be sorted out. Are you able to give me a clue as to whether it’s something I need to be addressing?
    Also an old flame has reconnected after many years but as a friend. He lives overseas so there is no physical connection but the emotional and spiritual link is really strong. I’m not quite sure what to do with this, if anything, as I don’t want to spoil the friendship but we seem to have a very strong connection. Thank you again Jessica for your time.

    1. Thank you. The karma with the Libra/Aries nodes is personal to judge. Only the universe decides if you owe, or are owed, or both. So you will realise, fairly soon after the nodes go into Libra and Aries on July 18th 2023. A separation may require closure, on either side, depending on what the fates decree. It may also be your old flame, quite obviously. You have a lot of time to figure all this out. So, 2023, 2024 and early 2025.

  52. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for the Conscious Cafe Zoom last Sunday. I hope I’m still in time to get my question answered…
    I am very curious as to what this Libra Node will bring. I have Libra South Node. My first Libra-Aries transit, at the age of 18, saw me leave home, to go abroad after the death of my mother and the abandonment of my father. (both adoptive parents btw).
    My second Libra-Aries transit, at the age of 36, blessed me with (the long awaited and much desired) birth of Boston Alexandra my now 18 year old daughter (also a member here and present last Sunday) dob: 21.02.05 born Sydney, Australia. I left my daughter’s father during my pregnancy and have been alone since then. That transit also gave me a first class honors degree in Languages and Literature.
    What I’m hoping for this transit is in the financial arena.
    I have recently started a business with my daughter but we have already touched upon that during my last session with you and Q&A.
    The card I pulled on Sunday was the Chariot.
    (I pulled the Magician two days prior when asking the question regarding my financial situation.)
    Thanks so much Jessica! I am very much looking forward to my Birthday horoscope…Any day now!

    1. Thank you. I’ve just heard from your daughter, I would assume, as she has an unusual name. You will be using your degree in language and literature, teaching, mentoring, tutoring or guiding. You will also learn while you are doing this. A decent amount of finance will be there to sustain you. Your priority will not be the money, though, it will be the knowledge exchange. You will be going between two cities online, or two countries. You are obviously bilingual. It will begin in May 2024 and change your life for years into the future and new technology will be a big part of it.

  53. Hi Jessica,

    I enjoyed the Zoom on Sunday. My mother and I both participated here in Italy. My mother is a Cancer (07-July-1968) and I am Piscean (21-Feb-2005). We both have Libra in the south node.

    We have just set up a business together, I am still hoping to go to university though, at some point in the future. Hopefully Cambridge, but things are rather uncertain at the moment. The business is a relocation/immigration service for foreigners relocating to Italy.

    I pulled two cards on Sunday, the first was the Page of Swords, and the second was the Knight of Pentacles. It was my first time with tarot.
    I was in a fairly negative state of mind when pulling them, so I’m not sure if they have any significance.

    What can I expect over the next six months regarding study? Finances? Business? Life has been very strange for the past few years…

    I was also wondering if you do personalised readings based on individual charts.

    Thanks very much Jessica!

    All the very best,
    Boston Alexandra

    1. Thank you Boston Alexandra. I don’t do personal readings, except for charity auction, and the next one is with BBC Children in Need later this year. Draw the cards again, and follow the steps. It was your first time using Tarot and you need to firstly establish the present, then secondly, set a specific question with a time line to enquire about the future. Your chart shows your Pisces and Aquarius stelliums are most important in 2023, 2024. This shows up in your public and private chart. You will be alone, figuring out God, your rejection of God, your spirit, psyche or soul – and really do some inner work. Perhaps you are a Roman Catholic as many people in Italy are. Maybe you are more interested in hypnosis or therapy, but a good deal of the future is ‘within’ and you will structure your inner world in a new way, figuring out a way through the confusion which has often been there in the past. In fact, it is your inner world which will be most powerful for years into the future. This is the cycle when people realise they are mediums, say, or go into counselling. Aquarius in your chart indicates your dealings with groups, allies, friends and acquaintances. This defines you. It always has, since childhood. It may have been a gang, club or team (or several of them) but the experiences there in childhood and adolescence, make you who you are. You have been through some really difficult episodes with friends or groups over the last few years and learned a lot about your own strength, your own willpower and the whole question of power. Now you know what not to do. And what to do. You will turn a huge corner with this in 2023, 2024 and from 2025 you will realise that everything you learned was for a reason.

  54. Dear Jessica, I woke up early to come to your event (New York time). Thanks so much for having it. I’ve been looking forward to this cycle as I feel something big is on the horizon and recent events have been leading up to that. I’m a Sun Scorpio with many Scorpio and Libra factors, and I have been divorced since 2018. I was not in any relationship in 2004-05 or the cycle before that, but I did change jobs and moved across the country in 2005. I have had a strong friendship for almost 7 years with a very Libra man who is married, but we want to avoid an affair. He was married during the previous Aries-Libra nodal cycle of 1986-87 and said he is attending marriage therapy to make a final decision about what he should do. His wife is a sun Aquarius. He has been more vocal in the last two months about being in love with me, but he admits it’s very difficult to totally transform a life he’s had since the mid-1980s. The fact that this nodal cycle is coming back now is very interesting to me. I saw that the death card was pulled for Scorpio in the Conscious Cafe session (and I know it doesn’t mean physical death), and I pulled Justice for myself on the break. I asked specifically about love matters. I would love your insight on this! On a different note if you have a chance, there is a major vote taking place in my region about abortion rights, but it is in summer and fall 2023, not 2024. (It is not a national vote.) Do 2023 elections also have the same pattern as 2024 in terms of abortion/women? Thanks again!

    1. Thank you very much; I know this was an early event for New Yorkers. You must be waiting on tenterhooks to find out if your married Libra friend will ever leave his wife. You’ve avoided an affair but of course he is adulterous in intent. You don’t say if he has children. The children are the issue. This will come up for him in January, February 2024 and he will realise that (if he has them) this is more important than even his marriage or friendship with you. If he doesn’t have them the issue will be – does he want them, do you want them, and so on. The Death card for you is about an extended family dealing with an ending and future beginning. This may be his family if he is a father. If not, it may be your own father. Justice, your card, in relation to love, is as follows (below). And finally, the abortion issue in America will rule every election from July 18th 2023 until January 11th 2025.

      Sometimes the law, in terms of karma (ancient justice) or the legal profession, is bigger than you are. There is something comforting here about these meticulously balanced scales.

      This is a potent symbol of Libra the Scales as they rule the Seventh House of partnership, separation and divorce and are in turn ruled by Venus. (Scales can also be seen in the Six of Coins as a symbol of Venus in her rulership of Taurus and the Second House of money). It is very common for this card to appear when there are transits in the Seventh House, or aspects to natal factors in the Seventh House.

      The scales seen here are almost exactly aligned. The judge, lawyer, barrister or mediator is threatening anyone who dares to challenge the outcome.

      There are some curious little symbols here, typical of Pamela’s odd details. Is that a computer screen or hidden camera in the crown? Is that the Japanese flag on the gown? Why is only one shoe showing and why is it white? What is behind the brown curtain?

      You will interpret these for yourself, and perhaps in different ways. It is one of Pamela’s richest symbolic cards and it will say something different to every person who reads it.

      Of course it turns up when a legal process is ahead and if so, one has to bow down to the power of Justice herself. Look at the tiny details to see what you are being shown or told. Arthur Waite, who guided Pamela Colman Smith to create her cards and commissioned the project, successfully taking it to Rider, was a Sun Libra man.

      In the Tarot, we see art imitating life. It is fascinating to note that this most famous of all Tarot decks, the Smith-Waite, was a two-person endeavour, but for many years Pamela was never credited on the deck, even though it was her vision which dominates the cards we see today.
      Well, in the 21st century justice prevails and Stuart R. Kaplan and U.S. Games Systems who produce the many variations of her deck, have ensured that Pamela Colman Smith is properly recognised.

      Sexism is an expression of the Justice card and Pamela had to deal with sexism at the start of last century, which put her very much in second place on this Tarot project despite her doing the lion’s share of the work. She was involved in the Suffragette movement, volunteering her talents for their publicity campaign. She was also of mixed race parentage and so we need to talk about racism with Justice as well as sexism.

      This card operates on two levels. Lawyers, barristers, juries and judges – in which case justice will be served, fair and square. Those scales are so finely tuned. It can also operate when you are going through a situation which is patently, blatantly unfair. I once read for a woman, many years ago, whose ‘friend’ had slept with her former boyfriend, just weeks after the break-up. This card, Justice, turned up and she yelled out in triumph when she saw it. The friend was shed by both of them, and actually her whole social circle, and never darkened anybody’s door again!

      There is a strong message here to respect the law in all its forms. When Justice arrives, imbalance is corrected. Injustice is repaired. Unfairness is dismissed. If there is/was a marriage, professional partnership or two-way sporting contest (tennis at Wimbledon for example), then here we have an umpire or referee’s verdict. Justice often turns up when a verdict is close. Would anybody argue with the crowned figure who presides over proceedings? I think not.

  55. Hello Jessica,
    I got married in July 2005 and it turned out to be a difficult, violent, and traumatic marriage. I got out in 2015 and the extremely expensive, extremely brutal divorce which almost destroyed me, was finalized in 2018. However, my ex is constantly in my life and the life of my children for legal reasons. I am getting a lot of abuse from him as I am shielding my children trying to protect them. It seems that the marriage happened exactly at the period of the Aries-Libra nodes that you are talking about. I am an Aries, with an Aries and Gemini stellium, Uranus at 10 Libra, MC at 14 Libra, and Minerva at 13 Libra. My ex is a Capricorn, I have no further info on his chart. If karma is coming, I hope it’s a good one since I have (over)paid my dues!
    Thanks for your insights,

    1. I am sorry you were put through this Chloe and of course your ex is also the father of your children so you can’t just walk away. You are a Sun Aries woman with an Aries and Gemini stellium. Uranus at 10 Libra in opposition to Chiron at 10 Aries is your whole issue. You got out in 2015 when the transiting North Node was at 10 Libra and transiting South Node was at 10 Aries. It may be useful for you to read more widely about what it means to be born with a Uranus-Chiron opposition. This is about your title, appearance and reputation (Chiron in Aries) and your very public self – pulling hard against any marriage, where life is unpredictable, erratic, unstable – although you also find out what freedom means. When you say you “got out” it must have felt as if you were getting out of jail and that is often how people with Uranus in Libra describe it. It was triggered by the nodes in 2015 and now the reverse node pattern is coming back, so it is time to spiritually settle with this man. The reckoning is done by the universe, not by you, him or the astrologer. If you are owed, it will be made good. If you owe, you will be put in a circular situation until you make good. That’s how it works. The chart I have here has nothing to do with your ex or the children. It is about the most incredible future from May 2024, involving your way with words and ideas. You will be delighted with new opportunities to expand your world online, but also in the real world, as you were born to connect and be connected. This time it’s the biggest and best yet, although when you were at school between the ages of 11 and 13, something was ‘seeded’ which is still growing all these years later. Perhaps you were good at speech and drama, for example. From May 2024 you also gain from your neighbours and the local scene; the community and local area is where the big breakthroughs are. The situation with your ex and the children is over from 2026, at least as far as he’s concerned. Funnily enough that’s the year that you see the most radical, liberating changes of your life with both the internet and your region. You’ll find out why later.

  56. Hi, Jessica, due to family stuff I wasn’t able to make this event but will hopefully be able to make others as it certainly sounds like it was powerful stuff! I have my MC and Jupiter in Libra, and always thought that’s where I get my creativity from though honestly, it’s never taken me very far. My marital partnership, all romantic partnerships, have also been far from the rosyness I’d imagined. A while back you said I’d have a great year with my grown up children and little new grandchild(ren). At the time the first one had just been born, and not long ago the announcement of the next one, due end Nov/beginning Dec, which you said would happen. Thanks! However, realtionships are not always easy – I appear to constantly say or do the wrong thing. I wonder if there’s something in my chart that causes all this, or if, now that the nodes have changed, it will be different somehow, better. Sometimes I hear my mother’s voice in my head before I speak and I don’t want to say those things! Mum was quite strict – I didn’t want to be. I have drawn the Page of Cups

    1. Thank you. So your Tarot card as a Sun Capricorn was Judgement which describes your extended family in spirit going to the next level, as a result of what you do, perhaps, or other factors. This in turns helps you, if you tune into them. This may be your husband’s grandmother, for example. Thank you for validating my prediction about the children. The Page of Cups is a boy in your world. So he is tied to the family or ancestors in spirit. This is the description of him:

      Here we have a fascinating, original, interesting young man with Pisces and the Twelfth House emphasised in his horoscope. He may be spiritual, religious, interested in astrology, the Tarot, mediumship, Buddhism or some other ‘ism’ that is his personal belief system and philosophy.

      He floats through life, dancing with the moment, never really settling down or growing up (at least for now). In Tarot we traditionally accept the Pages as the most junior people in your world but sometimes you can enquire about a childish man (even a childish man in his senior years) and the Tarot will joke with you and show you a perpetual adolescent or schoolboy.

      Pages are always younger than you, so this boy/man is your junior. He is showing Pisces (the fish in the cup) and Neptune, the ruler of Pisces (the sea behind him). He is effeminate or in touch with his feminine side, thanks to the pink and blue outfit. He would understand the Blur song, Girls and Boys.

      He has something to give – sexually or emotionally – as Cups rule both. The fish itself is associated with the phrase ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ in respect of the dating game. There is something lacking in commitment here, and certainly seriousness. This is not someone to settle down with and have children with, because he is himself a child.

      He’s fun, never dull, not remotely in the real world and – you need to know what to do with him!

      This is a puzzling card but there are some clues. The sea behind him is also the usual Aquarius ‘pool’ and people pool resources in that pool. Yet here we also find Pisces (the other fish, of the pair in the zodiac sign) and all its spiritual depths. This may be Christianity, or it may be another philosophy he holds.

      This is not a suit and tie man, or schoolboy (no uniform for him). A creative dresser with a tremendous feeling for colour and style is in front of you. He may be musical, artistic or theatrical. He is inviting you to join in the dance of life, rather than make any proper attempt at harvesting abundance – yet the possibility of abundance is there – one fish may be part of a salmon source – perhaps a nod to Beluga caviar in the depths.

      You have to wonder if he cares at all about catching anything, as he seems more caught by the moment. It would be up to someone else to stride in and start talking seriously about a business. Perhaps John West is waiting in the wings, symbolically speaking.
      You may know men who are keen on fishing and who always throw their catch back. This page seems to be on the verge of doing just that; meanwhile the fish is gasping. There can be something cruel about playing with fish like this, or people – come to that. Not taking anything or anybody seriously can be an issue with strongly Pisces men who have not grown up in the real world, and it can be tricky in a sexual relationship.

      Within a family this is Peter Pan who never grows up. In fact, Pamela’s world was populated with people like J.M. Barrie and she certainly had her fair share of creatives and Bohemians around her in 1910 when this card was created.

      Escaping from the real world is what the Page is all about. He’s about the vacation from reality. The fish is ‘a fish out of water’ and needs to go back in. Ask yourself who or what the fish represents in this card. He could keep it and cook it, but you have to wonder if he has any interest at all in getting into a kitchen, or anywhere near a recipe book, come to that.

      With time, maturity, life lessons and the encouragement of other people, the Page of Cups can develop into someone who has so much to give. There can be a leaning towards conservation and the environment here; perhaps Sea Shepherd or Greenpeace. The Page of Cups is entertaining, but there is tremendous untapped potential here too. I am always reminded of Kurt Cobain (whom I interviewed) when I see the Page of Cups; not necessarily because he was younger than me (he wasn’t) but really because he was a Pisces who played with life. He was an incredible dresser, a musical genius but had no interest in the material world. The swimming pool on the cover of Nevermind with the baby is a variation on the theme you see with the Page of Cups.

      You would certainly look for Neptune transits to the astrological chart if this card appears, but also transits to natal Neptune. There is something not quite real about the world represented by the Page of Cups.

  57. Thank you for replying to me Jessica, you amaze me with your knowledge and psychic ability. I forgot to ask you in my original message (and if you have time to reply), what you see for myself and my daughter for this libra/aries phase. We both have libra stelliums….her birth chart is on your system. If you have time to reply I am very grateful. I hope you enjoyed your hike.

    1. Thank you. Your daughter’s chart is not showing up as she has to write to me herself, so it’s a little complex. Best bet is for you to give her access to your Tarot and go from there.

  58. Hi Jessica, thank you so much for another fabulous and fascinating Conscious Cafe event. I think I’ve been to every single one and always get so much out of them. I drew The Chariot and I was wondering about whether there is anything in my chart regarding women. In the past 2 years especially, since I moved back to Sydney after being in London and NYC for 25 years, I’ve had so many women being nasty to me. In fact, the only female I thought was not like the others, turned nasty on me today! It makes me very sad as I would love to have more women friends but I can’t take the nastiness anymore. Is there something in my chart that tells you why this is happening? Also, do you see any romance coming up in my life? Many thanks

    1. Thank you. That’s really flattering. The Chariot is about that Sagittarius stellium in your Ninth House of travel, travellers and two-way destination. You will come into your own, either welcoming an explorer who is central to your life, or becoming the explorer who goes between two towns or countries. This will be online or in the real world, as the nodes in Libra and Aries (after July) beautifully aspect your Sagittarius side. Nasty women are a real problem at the moment and not just for you. You are not alone. It’s the Pluto in Aquarius cycle when powerful change affects ‘the sisterhood’ and the ‘sisters’ have to work out whose side they are on. Females who betray or let down other females will pay a heavy price and this hasn’t even started yet. Rather than go through the history of Boudicca, Elizabeth I, Marie Antoinette and the rest – trust that the cycle has a way of getting rid of any woman who hasn’t figured out how to behave. In your own chart Vesta at 29 Virgo is your whole problem. It ties into several other factors at 28, 29 and is being set off by transiting Pluto at 29 Capricorn. Vesta can be toxic when there are women, plural, and one male, singular. This may be your male boss; a male friend; a boyfriend or husband; a male colleague. They are jealous of you. Boring but true. The solution is to try and avoid all harem situations if you possibly can. Reassuringly, this does not go on forever. Pluto moves off 29 Capricorn and the issue is over. There are also power issues here. Women are trying their power by being bitches. (Pluto rules dogs, oddly enough). What works well in this situation is to hold your power and focus on the women around you, whom you can empower – who will enjoy it. The romance is tied to the traveller I see, or the travel you do, as all sorts of possibilities are in either place and you’ve not opened the Advent Calendar windows yet to see.

  59. Hello Jessica, thank you for your fascinating analysis about the legality of Royal marriages. Regarding women rising as leaders, is it that they have to take a public stand regarding these social issues or that it is the right time for women politicians to claim their power because of these social land mines?

    My husband and I were married in March of 2006 after delaying from 2005. Today we are happy and are business partners. I have sun and mars in Libra, and in will celebrate my next birthday on the solar eclipse day. I also have NN in Libra and a Libra and Scorpio stellium. We are planning to reinvent our lives in 2024 by selling our house, semi retiring and buying income producing properties. Looking forward to see how the next 12 months affects these plans, I pulled the 6 of wands. The title of this card in my deck names this as “trust”. Curious to know what you see.

    1. Thank you. Professor Cretney will be vindicated when the sealed document about Charles and Camilla is opened. And that was not a constitutional coronation, so the crown off the head may well tell the tale. You want to semi-retire with your husband and will do so successfully, as Jupiter aspects your Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus factors in a rare and fortunate way, and that’s all about lifestyle, workload, success and abundant potential. This is the long read:

      Victory, success and a big win on the board. This card delivers exactly what it shows. The Romans used to weave wreaths for triumphant leaders. Here we have a winning idea – actually, a winning project, plan or argument which is composed of many similar ideas. Many voices on the same hymn sheet. You can see two people in the army or team on the left who must have been involved, or who have either backed the plan, or perhaps not – I will leave it to you to judge the expressions. There is certainly a star here, as there always is, when one wins the war or an election. Yet nothing happens because of one person. And ‘the crowd’ or the masses must be considered.

      The leader, hero or heroine is front-and-centre. The horse looks rather smug and coy and this may represent a person or ‘vehicle’ for the victor.

      Jupiter is in this picture because he rules oak leaves and oaks. This is an opportunity waiting to happen, which Jupiter is also associated with. Natally or by transit Jupiter may now be central to the chart. This card feels big. Jupiter rules whatever is huge, like a really thundering landslide, such as won by President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris in 2020.

      Jupiter also rules Sagittarius the archer and of course here we have a man on horseback, looking rather Sagittarian. It may be a woman; Pamela Colman Smith worked with Shakespearean actors and their friends and colleagues, where gender was fluid to say the least.

      This is the procession or inauguration, the ticker-tape parade or the grand celebration. Now what? All those ideas, projects, concepts, plans and voices can now be put to good use. Great leaders or victors are not above the others. They may be ‘higher than’ and in an elevated position for a time, riding high and all the rest, but sooner or later one has to realise that every single face in the crowd matters.

      Don’t rest on your laurels is the message here. The acorn shapes on the horse’s bridle also suggest ‘From little acorns come mighty oaks.’ This is very much a card to look for if there is a Jupiter transit coming up, or transits to natal Jupiter, as it shows where and when the big finish might come from. Jupiter is forever associated with the grand finale and quite often with the massive relief and release that comes after a long period of not knowing. It is really important to identify who the figure on horseback is, though. Look for clues.

  60. I’ve just finished watching the recording as I also was unable to attend live. Thank you so much for a very informative program! I’m Aries (stelliums in Pisces, Scorpio, Aries), with N Node 18 Aries/S Node 18 Libra. I pulled The Hierophant as my card, and Judgement for my ‘if my life was a journal’ question. 18/19 years ago I’d just finished a terrible cycle of layoffs – 5 layoffs in 4 years – which triggered all sorts of personal trauma that did impact my marriage. With a lot of hard work, I’ve worked through it and repaired my relationship. However, I and am wondering how this ‘nodal return’ (is that a thing?) is going to impact. Thanks again. ~Anne

    1. Thank you Anne. You have really been through the mill and it shows in your chart. Your marriage is repaired and you have survived the layoffs. You were born with a large stellium in Scorpio, in the Eighth House, which rules marriage, divorce, legacy, family inheritance, joint business and so on. For the first time in your life (and last time) you have been going through Uranus in Taurus, right opposite that. You have also had the lunar nodes in Scorpio-Taurus so it has really stretched your vows. “For richer for poorer” and its equivalent. Okay, so as well as being a Sun Aries, with a Scorpio stellium, you have an Aries, Pisces stellium pattern too. You will make or save quite a lot of money by May 2024 if you take the opportunities and solutions offered to you. The Hierophant is about religion, spirituality, the ‘bible’ of any belief system (like astrology), the spiritualist church, Buddhism and any doctrine (it can be psychology, at a pinch). You are hugely Pisces, need to be alone to absorb everything and must now look to the promises you and your husband made, what it meant and still means, but also how you feel about ‘the word’ and the authority giving it. This takes time and the work is done on the inside, as Saturn and Neptune transit Pisces in 2023, 2024, 2025 and you figure it all out, truthfully, for yourself.

  61. Jessica,

    Listened to the zoom presentation. Well done!

    I drew the Sun card. Also, I am in the midst of a 24 year career project which is at a make/break crossroads. I feel eerily detached from the outcome, as regardless of what happens, it feels like an opportunity.

    Long time student of astrology, and yet your introducing the solar/natal chart has been most illuminating.

    Thank you and be well!


    1. Thank you Shelden. I appreciate your kind remarks. This is the long-form interpretation of The Sun. You have a Leo stellium in the Fifth House of younger people, children, the next generation; this will be triggered over the next few months.
      Whenever this card turns up it puts a smile on your face, or your Tarot reader’s, because it is a shot of pure joy, delivered by Pamela Colman Smith all the way from 1909. So much energy is poured into this illustration it radiates years later. It is, of course, about a child. It can also be about someone old enough to be your own child. So, you could be 60 and this younger person may be 40! This is unusual, though. Mostly, we have a message here about welcome turning points and celebratory moments involving children or teenagers. Sometimes – a pregnancy.

      This is pure Leo and Fifth House symbolism. Leo is ruled by the Sun – which shines here among sunflowers. The play on words here is also evident. The Sun can be ‘the son’ and so, the son and heir. It is amazing how often this card will turn up when a couple are going through IVF treatment and hoping for good news. The son and heir is on the way, even if this is an adoption.

      We also associate sunflowers with ‘son flowering’ and the blossoming of youth. This card appears when children do well at school, or a girl becomes the captain of her netball team. It can be quite literal, in that a nephew does well at the local gymkhana.

      This sign rules the next generation. Sons, daughters, godchildren, young relatives or just younger faces to be mentored, guided or entertained.

      It dazzles with its radiance and happiness. Look at the horse, the flowing red fabric (right) and the wall behind for clues. Look also to the face inside the Sun and the child’s headpiece. Pamela’s cards work best when they are used as psychic triggers and just sitting with the imagery here and letting it speak to you can be useful.

      Leo is associated by rulership with The Fifth House which rules the heirs to the throne. The son or daughter who inherits the ‘kingdom’ or influence, insight and inspiration of a parent, godparent, grandparent, step-parent, aunt, uncle and so on. The Sun rules Leo the lion, in the zodiac, and it is interesting that both J.K.Rowling (Harry Potter) and Beatrix Potter were born under this sign. I mentioned the play on words with Sun/son and the idea of a son and heir. The Royal Family has a high Leo count.

      This card has traditionally been associated with a ‘yes’ answer if the question is about pregnancy or adoption, as I’ve mentioned – particularly with IVF. It can also turn up when a branch of the family tree turns up again. This card has a summery, celebratory feel.

      Children can make everything seem new and different – exciting – and there is such joy oozing from this card. Pamela Colman Smith never had children, but she had a flair for communicating in a childlike way and a gift for understanding folk stories and myths.

      This card is also ‘the golden girl’ or ‘the golden boy.’ The sign of Sagittarius is hinted at too, with the horse. In fact, all the horses in Pamela’s cards can reveal a Sagittarian theme – exploring and having adventures – learning and growing. Sagittarius rules the Ninth House of the chart, which is associated with education and academia, books and libraries, websites and the expansion of the mind. Perhaps you have factors in Sagittarius under transit now, or you may be experiencing a Sagittarius transit.

  62. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for sharing your insights about the next 6 months. I watched the recording as I was not able to attend the live session.

    I have a stellium in Aries and only 3 factors in Libra. I drew The Moon card, which was surprising. My fiancee and I have been living apart for many years now due to our careers. We’ve been trying to figure out how we can stay together once we get married. I have a feeling that before this Libra cycle is over we’ll both be married and start living together. She’s a Leo with stelliums in Leo, Sagittarius and Virgo.

    My career I feel has been taxiing on the runway for the past 5 years or so and despite many attempts hasn’t taken off in the way I expected. I have not seen the fruits of my labor. I worked really hard on myself the last 2 years and was hopeful that Jupiter in Aries or the nodal return of North Node in Taurus will improve my situation (financially if not career-wise) but I’m still stuck. Do you see any change in my luck in the next 6 months?

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you SMV. Your card, The Moon, is about your Libra South Node transit in the Seventh House of duets. You and your fiancee live apart. You’ll get married and need to figure out how to make that work. That is exactly what this card is telling you, but you can’t spend months deciding. There will be financial, business or property market reasons why you two have to decide what to do. Two locations, one location, or a compromise? This card isn’t about your career, but where you two decide to live, or how to share a space, will have a huge impact on your professional life so bear that in mind too. You can read more about The Moon in your flipbook, Pamela’s Tarot, in your library here.

  63. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for another great presentation. I’m learning a lot about the Tarot via your detailed explanations. I am a Gemini and drew the Death card which I feel relates to my work situation. In the next months there will be a restructuring of my job and I ‘m hoping it will work out.
    Looking forward to your next Zoomies:)

  64. I keep saying this when I post but it blows my mind how accurate your astrology is. Pluto back in my 6th house has been a surprises slip back to old health issue and medical condition. Surprising to me how far back into my 6th house but you did warn us. It has triggered a big change in my health management in two places as you stated it would last week and I’m very much looking forward to the journey I’m about to undertake to get to the bottom of it from a different approach and I’m confident this will have a positive long lasting outcome when I finish.

    I also drew the Queen of Swords for this Libra period which seems fitting. I had to step away from a group last week after I became aware of a Pluto in 7th house issue with someone there I just hadn’t noticed before and foresaw it being a problem so walked away from that group. Queen of Swords is very much me, trying to be “open, inviting the world in, but also defensive, keeping people at arm’s length.” I have definitely “made it through various conflicts or battles, feuds or spats … determined to maintain her defences, with her mighty sword. She has been tested. Now, she puts others to the test. She decides who comes into her space.” I also keep saying this, but during such testing times your astrology gives me hope because it tells me that everything that is happening is as it should be and that helps keeps me sane.

    1. Thank you. Pluto has gone backwards and you are back with an old health issue. Yes, you need a new approach. You know that. Now, you will actually be helped to make it. The Queen of Swords is you; look at the Buddhist bracelet of beads, though. It may be another sort of bracelet for you, but it is important. The trick with being this figure, is to understand that you can get what you want without always having to hold the heavy sword. This can be quite hard work and there may be alternatives; perhaps there are people you could bring into the story who could draw the line for you, protect boundaries and hold the line too.

  65. Jessica,

    I wrote last night, but then more coronation thoughts, came flowing.

    Your card for this year for Taurus was the two of staves. The caution, don’t forget the pair, there is two. My comment sharing re: the coronation, I brushed right past Harry. Sure, Harry may be the obvious spare heir, and while I have this feeling about Edward being the potential black horse, a king from the sidelines, my sense could also be communicating a role he might play in steadying, bridging, a guiding hand toward a new kind of monarchy, re-birthed, re-imagined, re-balanced. Moving away from the idea of one monarch, divinely chosen, to a round table humbly serving the people. I do sense something very creative ahead, to deal with the revelations coming. I just felt remiss, if I did not give words about Harry. Maybe it is him. Let’s see. Who wouldn’t seem lost or unsettled, given his life, unfolding. All of us here, trying to learn.

    Harry is also doing a whistle-blowing job right now, of some kind. Maybe he is one of the ‘trumpeters’ in the Book of Revelations … I know that’s not exactly the meaning of the trumpets of Revelation, but sounding the trumpets, the ram’s horn, and sure, we are back in Capricorn, it works in some ways, whistle-blowers. Is Harry perhaps too, to play out the role of the Prodigal son? Growing after being humbled. We don’t really know these people, only in ways deeply coloured by narrative, our own and the media’s. Returning to the family-fold, to the royal kingdom, welcomed by father, celebrated, even to the extent his brother has some ire, until all realize the gift of reconciliation. Of all the places to end up, he went to Los Angeles, so much darkness in that city, meant to be light, it seems. Redemption, humility coming, returning home, re-union … fitting for the nations included as a United Kingdom! … and yet still, Charlotte draws me, a queen will rise, and maybe this is the mark she may leave, carrying Elizabeth and Diana with her, whether Queen or Queen of the people. We will see who is the black horse, the unanticipated, to be entrusted with the throne … and sure, the black horse, too, in the Book of Revelations, is the horse where the rider sits with a pair of scales in his hand, another Libran tie-in, perhaps … Whatever is ahead, feels like we’ll find out much sooner, than later.

    A small note re: UV light, that is so interesting, and thank you for the nod to look in that direction, it is so interesting as the shroud of Turin, with the imprint of the face or body of Christ, of Jesus, by some accounts, this was made by an intensity of UV light, really only explicable by coming from the body itself!! Maybe the UV light will not only cleanse the virus, but help quicken the light in each of us … I’m not even religious, in the typical sense, but I find all the connections increasingly interesting.

    Thank you again. Your work supports people like a finely tuned compass, guiding. It’s a new coffee time, to read your articles and comments, and learn, soak in. … And now, I followed the guidance, always check for the second piece, the second thread. There are two!

    All the best,

    1. Thank you very much Cathleen. Edward is an interesting possibility. Not Charles, who may never have qualified as heir, because of the illegal, unconstitutional marriage. Not Andrew (we wonder what our late Queen’s will said!) and so somebody quite surprised to find himself ruling. Prince Harry is here for Diana but unfortunately other people are here for their own reasons. There is a huge stake here in disbanding the Commonwealth and the way to do that is to get at the Church of England, but also respect for monarchy itself. To go back to your Taurus card, remember there are two ideas, plans or qualifications to take further – very important.

  66. Hi Jessica

    Thank so much for all you do.

    I’d be very grateful if you can advise whether my husband will forgive me. The outcome will hugely affect the lives of my children as well as mine. It’s unbearable the way things currently are but I really REALLY don’t want to divorce. I love him.

    With great gratitude

    1. You’ll know from July 2023, through 2024 into early 2025 but forgiveness is a process; the reshaping of the bond between you is a process. Have a look at the Tarot for him and for yourself in this instance. I hope it works out for you and the children.

  67. Pisces III sank in 1973. See Daily Mail’s article “Lost in the deep: The nerve-shredding tale of two British engineers who sat stranded 50 years ago on the Atlantic seabed in a second-hand tin can as the air ran out.”

    1. Thank you. There is a lot of synchronicity around Pisces, Neptune and Saturn at the moment – and the Titanic and Titan. My guide said ‘Ivanhoe’ to me so I have passed it on to the U.S. Coastguard. There are two near St. Johns where the Titan departed. One is a ship, just docked, the other is a ghost town.

  68. After hearing so much recently about the shifts with the outer planets I had no idea there was so much Libran aspects ready to unfurl. Such an informative piece! Really adored the blog you did on Sinead O’Connor also.

  69. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for another insightful event.
    I have a stellium in both cancer and libra. Can you please have a look at my chart and let me know what will be the focal point for me during this weather.

    I picked the three of wands during the zoom event.

    Is there likely to be anything positive on the career and property front.

    Many Thanks

    1. The Three of Wands directly relates to your Libra stellium. Here it is in detail: remember, you asked about life until December 31st, 2023.

      There is a strange mixture of haste and paralysis here, as the person with the three ideas, plans, projects or qualifications (suggested by Three Wands) is stuck fast on the cliff, looking out to sea, but has racing car checks on his/her cloak. Perhaps it is through lack of experience – the shawl is green. I have often seen this card in readings on my website when the person concerned has a ton of good ideas, a lot of nervous energy, some anxiety about losing an opportunity, but also anxiety about going out there and making something happen. You often get a red light, amber light, green light rapid rotation with this card. It is fixed by active imagination. Perhaps other people need to come into the scene. Maybe the position needs to be adjusted (the stance and attitude of the key person). What can be done with the actual three staves, rods or wands, which are symbols of something on paper, or on the computer?

      With ‘three’ we can get three drafts of the same script, or three competing ideas, or a trio of compatible products. Or we can get two versions of the same concept and a third, outlying idea. All should be taken as one, as the whole. It’s all part of a mixed bag but don’t forget or neglect one or two, to mono-task. Try to get the whole lot in front of you for assessment.

      This card is about mixed feelings regarding the export of ideas, and the distant shores of the worldwide web. That’s the Grand Prix checks you can see (faster, faster, break the record) but the rather stuck, planted, rooted nature of the pose. Wants to go, does not want to go!

      Nothing can grow in the current location. There may be much better odds somewhere else. There may even be a race on, or some kind of ‘Gold Rush’ as the three ships in the foreground are racing for a distant location. This may be about the need to compete and catch up, but the fear of losing or coming last. You see this card when there is a competition for, say, cryptocurrency or an attempt at a vaccine for a virus.

      There are any number of reasons for not joining the race or getting one’s feet wet. Fear of failure. Fear of success. A bit of analysis goes a long way with this card. Nobody doubts the potential of the idea or product but the issue is the location; the timing; the competition; the personality of you/the key person.

      If the person in question does not make up his/her mind, things may never grow. There is a need here to remember the one or two projects or qualifications not ‘held.’ The short trip is Gemini, the longer journey is Sagittarius. The Third House is the hop across to another city or region; The Ninth House is the foreign exploration. These can also show up in the chart. You may also get Saturn by transit or transits to natal Saturn as this is a symbol of delay, fear and sometimes self-sabotage in the chart.

  70. Education at all levels is really under attack and under pressure right now. What is the astrology behind this and is there a turning point?

    1. Yes. Education is ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius, so the Third House of English, Speech and Drama, Computer Studies, Languages (in particular) and the world of academia (Sagittarius). There is a drip, drip, drip feeling to the erosion of our schools and universities which is down to Neptune in Pisces, making a slow series of squares to both signs. Saturn in Pisces is also square both signs. And of course, that’s what cannot be squared. You’re waiting for 2025 here, when Neptune starts quitting Pisces, Saturn is nearly out of the sign, and Uranus goes into Gemini. That’s ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘education revolution.’ New technology will assist and teachers and students will be liberated by what happens – for years.

    1. That’s great, you can interpret this as a Premium Member using Pamela’s Tarot, in your library.

  71. Hi. Thank you again for the Conscious Cafe event. Please can I ask a question regarding my home. The freeholder is a local authority. I believe that it is in breach of legislation/regulations whereby it should have installed heat meters in individual flats to measure individual usage of the communal heating system. Its failure to install heat meters means that we face exceptionally high heating bills, where low users subsidise heavy users. I e-mailed the freeholder about its breaches of the regulations about 4 months ago but did not receive a response on these points. I have contacted the regulator which has indicated that it is willing to investigate the freeholder and would not disclose my identity to the freeholder. I would like to tell the regulator to proceed, but I am nervous that the freeholder will know that it was me who reported them and will be vindictive towards me. I would like to extend my lease in the next year or so and sell my flat within the next 2/3 years. I am nervous that the freeholder could find ways of making things expensive and difficult. Please can you give me any advice on this? Many thanks.

    1. Tricky. Let’s look at your solar chart first. You are a Sun Pisces. The good news is, long-term, from May 2025, Jupiter goes into your property sector so there will be a solution for everything and a bigger and better home – renovated or just new. Further on in time, Uranus goes into Gemini so you will have much more freedom and independence as a result of radically different housing or accommodation. So you are right to think far, far into the future. You have Mars at 28 Scorpio and Neptune at 28 Scorpio in an exact conjunction in the Eighth House of joint finance and property. I am not happy about Pluto going to 28 Capricorn in August and triggering that. Mars is war and Neptune is confusion. You have it in you to fight a confused war, but with Pluto in aspect, there would be serious power plays. I sympathise that you have high bills. However, you would be doing this at a very difficult time, astrologically. Have a look at the Tarot and see if it agrees with me. Just follow the steps.

  72. I missed this event!!! Anywhere i can still see it? Im a libra who married a Capricorn 11 2014, who initiated a divorce 2/15. This node is soul crushing. I have a young child. Does this get better, worse, or worse before better?? any chart recommendations?

    1. The best thing for you to do is use the Tarot, which is free on this website. Just follow the steps.

  73. Thank you so much for this. I pulled The Hierophant, which I am guessing represents the regulator and the requirement to submit to his authority. I did ask a second question as to whether the freeholder would seek to punish me if, even anonymously, I asked the regulator to proceed, and pulled the Knight of Swords. I guess the only possible upside to this is that he and his horse might not be able to see too well. Thank you again.

    1. The Tarot is telling you about the regulator, yes, and I think if you go back through the law books you will find some of this is actually related to the church or perhaps the feudal system. I am not sure where you live. Church land used to come with all sorts of rules. The Knight of Swords is an aggressive man in a hurry. If the freeholder is younger than you, this is him. I’m not sure how much of a battle you want to put up with, but he would be on the defence or attack, quick-smart.

  74. Thank you so much for your help with this, which is much appreciated. I might wait and watch what develops, but ultimately don’t want to see this bullying political authority break the law with financial consequences for “little people” and get away with it. Thank you.

  75. Hi Jessica, what is your insight about the Ukraine war in the second half of 2023 and 2024?

    There were so many indications that the war should be coming to an end with Ukrainian victory by November 2023. But the events don’t seem to support it.

    Your insightful commentary with expected timelines will be much appreciated!!


    1. The Tarot told me Ukraine would win some months ago and I trust the Tarot. You should also be mindful of Putin’s propaganda.

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