Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan

Psychics, Astrologers, Titanic and Titan

Since the Titan went missing on Sunday 18th June 2023, I’ve had hundreds of questions pile up on my website, on Twitter and on Substack. Having posted this feature some days ago now, I’ve decided to write a new one, as so much information about Titan and Titanic has come through.

When, as a psychic, I clearly heard the words ‘Ivanhoe’ and ‘Newport’ in relation to the missing Titan, I posted  this information on Substack first because Canadian PM Justin Trudeau subscribes to my site there. At the time, the world was watching in horror as apparently the Titan Five were running out of air.

In this feature I’ll answer all your questions. But first – some Google Maps. The doomed Titan and her mother ship, Polar Prince, were at St. John’s. I believe Ivanhoe and Newport are map points nearby.

Ivanhoe Newport - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan
Ivanhoe and Newport
St Johns to Ivanhoe 300x283 - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan
St. John’s near Ivanhoe

How Close Are Ivanhoe and Newport to St. Johns?

On land, these two map points are close; they are about 90km away from each other. In the hopes of having any other medium or psychic validate those two map locations, I shared Ivanhoe and Newport on Twitter to John Edward (I am an administrator at Evolve Plus TV, his website) and to my friend and  psychic colleague Kyra Oser whom you may remember from CBS Radio. For whatever reason, I am yet to hear from any other psychic or medium about these same names on the map.

Now – E.S.P. spies are nothing new. Remote viewing has been known since the cold war days of Stargate and Grillflame. In the awful days when the world held its breath, worried that the Titan Five were losing theirs, I posed a simple question to my spirit guides. ‘Where is Titan?’ I still do not know why two map points so close to Polar Prince and Titan were given to me.

At this point in proceedings, I began to get good leads from readers of this website, about both Ivanhoe and Newport. Substack writer Kitsy Stratton pointed out that the cargo ship CMA CGM IVANHOE had been at Halifax, again very close to St. John’s and the Titan and Polar Prince – on the day of the search and rescue attempts. She alerted me to this on DM Twitter on 22nd June 2023 – the Ivanhoe had arrived at 7.51PM UTC on June 21st.

IVANHOE SHIP Alamy scaled - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan
Alamy – CMA CGM Ivanhoe

Psychic Astrology and Ivanhoe

So is this Ivanhoe the map location, or Ivanhoe the ship, or both? At some point, as any clairaudient psychic will tell you, your guides have no more to say. Again, I don’t know why. This is where astrology can be very useful.

I am not only a medium and clairvoyant/clairaudient, I am also an astrologer, so I read charts with clairaudience (I sometimes hear words) and with clairvoyance (I can see images). This is how I predicted a virus linked to China in January 2020, a year before it happened. It’s how I predicted Brexit, against all the polls. This is a rare profession, but I’m like the late Henrietta Llewelyn Davies before me (she also wrote horoscopes for Cosmopolitan magazine UK, like me). In common with her, my astrology is filtered through E.S.P.

Mediums and psychics are frequently used by police, as in the case of Dennis McKenzie (Being the Soham Psychic) and his location of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, endorsed by Holly’s father Kevin. I also gave police information about that disappearance. Increasingly, psychics, mediums and psychic astrologers work as a global network. Together they can collectively piece together information, which was the idea with Titan, in the initial first days.

TRUE OR NOT 221x300 - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and TitanDo We Have Timing for Titan’s Loss of Contact?

The Titan timeline shows the Gemini signatures in several astrology charts, which you can see at the end of this feature. Gemini is about communication and Titan famously lost it, with its mother ship.  The facts are these: The Polar Prince, a Canadian ship, left Newfoundland on Friday 16th June towing Titan with its now-famous five passengers, friends and families on board the mother ship. On Saturday 17th June Hamish Harding, the British billionaire pilot announced the dive on Instagram. The Titan submerged at 8am EDT  on Sunday. 18th June and lost contact with Polar Prince at 10.45am.

At 5.40pm the same day, Saturday 17th June, the Polar Prince notified the U.S. Coast Guard that the Titan vessel was overdue. Secretly, the U.S.Navy found an implosion or explosion on its acoustic data that day. This is the first of many, many secrets and mysteries surrounding not only Titan but Titanic, which I will look at in this feature. For this, we go to Neptune in the chart of the sub, but also find it in the charts for the doomed Frenchman on the trip (Mr Titanic, Monsieur Nargeolet) and the old Titanic itself.

Do the Banging Noises Show in the Charts?

On Tuesday 20th June and Wednesday 21st June, we were told banging noises were heard on on sonar equipment. This is another Gemini matter. Sonar is Gemini. Just as Morse Code was Gemini, on the Titanic. This sign dominates all the charts and not in a good way because it is unclear, distorted and thoroughly unreliable, with all its cross-currents in the horoscopes. Finally, on Thursday morning 22nd June, the tail cone of Titan was found on the ocean floor with parts of the hull, by a robotic vehicle.

The Titanic Five were gone. OceanGate issued a statement mourning  the death of its CEO and  Titan pilot Stockton Rush, Hamish Harding, Paul-Henri Nargeolet, Shahzada Dawood and his son, 19-year-old Suleman Dawood. On 29th June what were assumed to be human remains were found in the wreckage parts.

GettyImages 145253166 Roger Viollet TITANIC OLYMPIC - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan
The Titanic and her sister Olympic. Photo by Roger Viollet via Getty Images

How Do Gemini Patterns Show in Titan and Titanic?

As you can see in this feature (bottom of page) the astrological charts for Titan and Titanic, its target, line up. Something that struck me from the start was the dominance of the zodiac sign Gemini in all the horoscopes, no matter if we are talking about the doomed French explorer, or the chart of J.P.Morgan, who owned Titanic.

Gemini, as I am sure you know, is the heavenly twins; it can show brothers and sisters. Of course it rules a number of things; communication as well as short journeys.

The Titan and the Titanic are both Gemini-dominated. Sisters. Further on in this feature I’ll look at the theory that they were swapped.

The victim’s sister in the Dawood story, mourning her brother, contradicted his wife’s later account. I find that very interesting because this is the most prominent and striking sister in the Titan story.

How Do Gemini Patterns Show in the Dawood Story?

And so to more sisters. Not ships this time but Azmeh Dawood — the wheelchair-bound older sister of Shahzada Dawood — who told NBC News that her nephew, Suleman Dawood, had informed a relative that he “wasn’t very up for it” and felt “terrified” about the trip. The 19-year-old Strathclyde University student Suleman, ended up going because the trip fell over Father’s Day weekend and he was eager to please his dad, she said. Yet, Suleman’s mother,  Christine Dawood, told the BBC that she had initially been booked on Titan, but stepped aside because her son had been keen to join. This is a direct contradiction between sister and sister-in-law.

Why Does the Rubik’s Cube Matter?

Gemini also rules puzzles. Suleman’s mother, Christine Dawood, said Suleman wanted to break the world record for the depth at which a Rubik’s cube puzzle had been solved.  Perhaps he had been inspired by another of the Titan Five –  Hamish Harding – who held the Guinness record for the longest time spent crossing the deepest part of the ocean on a single dive (4 hours, 15 minutes).

In any case, this teenage university student was clever. Logical. Quick. We don’t have a chart for him, or indeed his father, or any of this famous family, but he was clearly highly analytical.

The Rubik’s Cube is of course, used on social media by GCHQ or Government Communications Headquarters, the signals intelligence organisation for the UK government and armed forces.

I even found the  cube appearing on the GCHQ Twitter account days after Suleman’s grieving mother made her statement. Again, these are all Gemini themes. Thanks to a woman I will call A, who used Twitter Direct Messaging to tell me about her psychic insights regarding this. Stitches in the tapestry.

Rubiks Cube 745x1024 - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and TitanHow Else Does Gemini Show Up?

Gemini also rules radio, as well as sisters. And of course Rubik’s Cube puzzles. You can see all the many Gemini aspects in the charts for Titan, Titan’s owners, Monsieur Nargeolet (Mr Titanic, from RMS Titanic Incorporated) at the end of this feature and count them. There are many.

As I began taking a deep dive (a Titanic deep dive) into the mysteries of Titan, including her missing hours, I realised the chart for the ship she had been seeking, and the sub itself, joined up – over a century apart.

Gemini shows up in the primitive communication and lost communication on Titan. It also shows up on the doomed Titanic with its famous missing messages.

This Gemini pattern I found linking all the charts, was also very much about the Marconi telegraph or Morse Code equipment on Titanic, which Titanic Incorporated, the company employing the doomed Frenchman Paul-Henri Nargeolet, now owns. It has salvage rights but has so far been blocked by the U.S. government.

There is a famous photograph of the Titanic Marconi operator Harold Bride taken on 11th April 1912 by Francis Browne.

I would connect a line in time to Harold Bride and his frantic Morse Code and the Frenchman.

Why Does Neptune Matter in the Story?

There are other astrological synchronicities in this tale of two tragic mysteries.

Neptune has long been writ large on the Titanic chart. Neptune is a symbol of all that is hard to see. And of course, the sea itself. Neptune can also be found in the two Titan charts and again, the chart for Monsieur Nargeolet.

Why Did The Titanic Speed Up?

To this day, nobody understands why the Titanic accelerated towards the ice. That is the prevailing great mystery. It’s all very Neptunian.

As I publish this on 29th June 2023, nobody can understand (either) why so many brilliant scientific minds on the Titan could have taken such a deadly risk. Another mystery.

Some explanations may be found in Neptune in both charts and I welcome contributions from astrologers as well as astrology students here.

What About the Astrolocality of Titan?

My friend and colleague, astrologer, lecturer and writer Stephanie Johnson from AstroGold and SolarFire, found the Neptune line on her AstroMapping software feature,  with the line going through Newfoundland (turquoise line) west of St. Johns on 18th June at 1.15pm. I’ve hand-coloured the Titanic’s famous logging equipment here so you can see NEPTUNE more clearly. What happened to Titan when the Polish Prince lost contact, nods to Titanic.

Mario Tama Getty Images Titanic Logometer - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan
TITANIC Getty/Adams


How is Neptune Found in the Titanic in Astrology?

NEPTUNE is indeed clearly marked on the Titanic’s patent log, above, from this Getty library image. Titanic was given two Walker’s Patent Neptune taffrail logs (one was a spare) which indicate and record a ship’s speed and distance.

The spare is the one photographed here. Titanic tells you herself. This was and is the most blurred chapter in maritime history. In astrology, Neptune is a symbol of ships, submersibles and the ocean, but in astrology it is also a traditional symbol of confusion, distortion, deception, illusion and delusion. One of the other huge mysteries about Titanic was the fire on board, before she even left Ireland, covered up from passengers and bypassed in the later enquiry. I’ll talk more about Neptune and fires in a moment. This is the Neptune line showing from Stephanie Johnson’s AstroGold/SolarFire Astrolocality software, below. It’s set for the Polar Prince’s last communication to Titan.

Astrolocality Maps AstroGold Stephanie Johnson 18th June 2023 1.15pm St Johns NEPTUNE scaled - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan
Neptune Johnson Astrolocality

How Does Sagittarius Show Up With Titan and Titanic?

The sign Sagittarius is also in difficult positions in the charts for the sub and the ship. Sagittarius rules foreigners. Prime candidate here is Russia. The Russian ship Akademik Keldysh, managed in Moscow, was also part of a Titanic submersible tour with a company called Bluefish some years ago. Once we realised that the US Navy sonar detected the implosion of Titan shortly after it was reported missing (as I posted on Twitter from the original Daily Mail article) it was time to get all the charts out again and look at all these dominant signs, starting with Gemini and Sagittarius – as well as Neptune, the dominant planet.

Does Neptune Show Up With James Cameron?

Neptune rules what we cannot see – what is hard to see, or impossible to perceive. The marking on Titanic, made by her fire, was hidden from view. I mentioned the repetition of fires in the Titanic story. We know about the first one, but there is a second. Titanic director James Cameron also owned a submersible called Deepsea Challenger, which was struck by the same disaster as Titanic – a  blaze.

It did not happen on board. It happened when the truck carrying it caught fire, from a likely brake failure. The Titanic fire is an ongoing Neptune mystery. A descendant of the engineering chief of Harland and Wolff, the Irish company which built Titanic, found photographs in the attic one day.

It was only then that he also saw a a thirty-foot-long black streak on the outside of the Titanic hull, near where the iceberg blow would fall. Journalist and author Senan Moloney bought the photos of Titanic taken by the ship’s engineers before it even left Belfast. He saw black marks on the hull, near where the iceberg hit. His Channel 4 documentary, Titanic: The New Evidence still stands the test of time today. The Titanic covered up the fire to its passengers and set sail. We’ve been talking about Neptune and lack of visibility, distortion and sometimes deception. It also brings confusion, sometimes quite innocently. This was the moment on 23rd June 2023 on my Twitter account @jessicacadams when we learned the US Navy sonar heard the implosion early on.

US Navy - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan

How Does Taurus Show Up With Titan?

Taurus patterns are right across the Titan and Titanic charts, but also the chart for J.P.Morgan who owned Titanic. So we focus on Gemini for the big questions about communication on Titanic and Titan, but also move to the money, which is at the heart of the matter. Taurus, as I am sure you know, rules big business, finance, millionaires and billionaires. It rules misers and the very rich. Hamish Harding had a net worth of $1 billion made from selling private jets, according to the Daily Mail.

Shahzada Dawood, on board with his teenage son, owned a $4.2 million house in Surbiton, it is reported. Stockton Rush, who owned the Titan, had a net worth of $12 million. The Frenchman Paul-Henri Nargeolet was worth $1.5 billion.

Is Taurus About Thrift?

It seems incredible that such rich people should have chosen such a low-budget Titanic tour. Is Taurus about thrift? Yes. Taurus rules huge extravagance as much as penny-pinching.

One of the things about the Titan story that fails to add up for me, is the constant repetition that these were big spenders, buying a $250,000 ticket for a Titanic tour. Actually, if reports of their multi-millions and billions are true, they were thrifty. They could have spent far more and had a superior experience. We live in an age when you can buy two adjacent economy class plane seats and stretch out. Why did the very rich Titan Five need to go cramped class on the sub? I’ve been fielding a lot of questions from readers about this.

Is Taurus About Discounts?

I’ve mentioned the Taurus themes in these charts. Very, very rich people and very, very strange cost-cutting. Discount materials past their shelf life from Boeing were used to make Titan. The Boston Globe reported, “Imagine sitting in a tube-shaped vessel, about the size of a minivan, with four other people. You’re bolted in, with no way to get out, while the pilot uses a video game controller to steer…Passengers who embark on the voyage typically bring a sandwich for lunch.” You might call this economy class in the sub world.

So were all these very rich people simply being careful with money? It was cattle class, to quote a Taurus phrase.

Does Taurus in the Charts Show Titanic Gold?

Once you look at the charts for Titanic and J.P.Morgan its wealthy owner, you begin to see why people believe Titanic was carrying enormous amounts of gold. Here we have both lunar nodes at 1 Scorpio and Taurus, the money signs, in a T-Square with a 0 Aquarius placement. Tight, tense, taut.

Wrecks can and do  hold buried government treasure. A British merchant ship that was torpedoed during World War II while allegedly carrying platinum bars is now worth more than $3 billion. If the claim proves true, it could be one of the richest sunken treasures ever discovered. This is the Port Nicholson. Again, found by a submersible. She sank in 1942.


J P Morgan 1024x788 - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan
JP Morgan chart/AstroGold/Jessica Adams

Is Taurus the Problem for Titan?

There is a strong, typically Taurus storyline emerging with Titan as well as Titanic. With Taurus we always find questions about ‘How cheap is cheap?’ as well as ‘How rich is too rich?’

I’m going to return to the actual state of the Titan sub again (dire) and question, again, why five extremely rich people would accept something worse than cattle class.

Caitlin Tilley, reporting for The Daily Mail on 27th June 2023, said the 22 foot sub Titan, had no chairs and Ziploc bags for toilets. Passengers’ privacy was protected by a curtain.

CBS correspondent David Pogue, who visited Titanic on Titan in 2022, added a description of white camping lights on board.


Screen Shot 2023 06 26 at 7.23.17 am - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan
Titan Safety Concerns/BBC

The Titan, the Astrology Chart for OceanGate and Stockton Rush

Mr. Pogue, who became a prime media source for stories about the Titan, for the BBC, also said passengers on the Titan submersible were sealed inside the main capsule by 17 bolts that could only be opened from the outside – with only 90 hours of oxygen.

‘There’s no backup, there’s no escape pod – it’s get to the surface or die,’ he told the BBC.

‘If you have to go to the bathroom you can crawl into the window end of the sub and hang up a black cloth for privacy. There’s a one foot square box on the floor that contains Ziploc bags.’

Ocean Gate’s website, according to The Boston Globe, stated: “When the toilet is in use, we install a privacy curtain between the dome and the main compartment and turn the music up loud. We do recommend that you restrict your diet before and during the dive.”

Are the Titan’s Text Messages Gemini?

The Titan’s text messaging system is typical of Gemini, so yes. We would hope that the ongoing investigation will find them.

The Titan’s track record of losing contact is also part of the Gemini story in these charts. Mercury, too (the ruler of Gemini).

Professor Salvatore Mercogliano, from Campbell University, believes Polar Prince did not call for help when she lost communication with Titan because Titan had previously had communication failures with its text message system. Thus, no disaster was ever assumed on the day.

You’ll remember the Titanic’s messaging system also failed.

Why Did Men of Science Choose Titan?

As well as being very rich, those onboard were clever and all had some kind of science background. Shahzada Dawood MSc matches his wife’s science degree – Christina Dawood also has her Master’s. I’ve mentioned the Sagittarius-Gemini theme in the Titan chart and in fact it is very common in stories where we have foreign academics. The Dawoods were British-Pakistani.

Their son Suleman Dawood was at Strathclyde University and as we’ve seen was gifted at solving Rubik’s Cube puzzles.

The Dawood University of Engineering and Technology in Karachi was established by the family.

Why did the Dawoods try so hard to get on board a sub which was, basically, nothing that men and women of science would  ever pass? That CBS had already given a bad review to?

Pogue’s take on Titan was published by CBS  on its website and shown, on CBS Sunday Morning, November 27th 2022

Pogue broadcast for CBS that he was “a little nervous, especially given the paperwork, which read, “This experimental vessel has not been approved or certified by any regulatory body, and could result in physical injury, emotional trauma, or death.” Where do I sign”

And yet…

Screen Shot 2023 06 26 at 3.59.13 am - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan
Tik-Tok Titan Image/Twitter/@abbijaxxxon

Gemini Patterns and Missing Social Media Messages

Another Neptune mystery about Titan is the lack of farewell photographs or videos on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tik-Tok, Instagram. We are again, back to Gemini patterns, as many of you have pointed out to me on Twitter through Direct Message.

We have one Tik-Tok goodbye for Titan that I’ve been able to find online. C’est finis.

Any jolly farewells to the tourists would have minute-timed the astrology charts on Twitter and so on, but we have nothing, save  one piece of Tik-Tok footage of a young woman farewelling the doomed Frenchman Nargeolet, known as Mr. Titanic.

This was @abbijaxxxon who was filming the day. That footage and the stills have gone viral online.

There were 41 people on board Polar Prince on 16th June 2023, towing the Titan. Nobody uploaded any photographs or film to social media on departure.

The RCMP or Royal Canadian Mounted Police quoted RCMP Superintendent Kent Osmond as saying “I”ve been doing police work for 33 years and this is a very unique circumstance.”

Thinking about the absence of social media on departure, astrologers would have to agree. He wasn’t of course referring at all to the social media void on Polar Prince. Again, given the Gemini chart signatures, where is the usual online Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok presence you would expect at the thrilling departure of Titanic tourists on a journey planned for months?

Amelia Earhart and – A. de Saint-Exupery, the most famous two missing aviators in history, are admired on the Twitter feed of the late Hamish Harding. Did he know?

Gemini Patterns, Morse Code, Marconi and the Titanic

The missing hours of lost communication from Polar Prince to Titan mean we also have missing hours as astrologers. As with this original Titanic communication from 14th April 1912, if we had a time (11.00pm New York) we could set up a chart and see more. The parallels with both vessels are shown in the horoscopes, also for both. Newcomers to astrology are sometimes surprised to find out that a submersible or a ship can have a ‘birth’ chart. But they work.


Titanic Telegraph Getty Images - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan
Emmanuel Dunand / Getty/AFP

Is Polar Prince Gemini?

In this tale of Gemini and twinning, it is important to note that the Polar Prince was once called The Sir Humphrey Gilbert.

In her previous identity, back in 1963 she attended the sinking of the French vessel Douala. Thirteen men drowned. So, yes, she has a double identity. A twin self – as the Gemini chart signatures show.

How Does Aquarius Show in the Charts?

Aquarius (groups, friends, teams, societies) shows in the charts, prominently in that of the Frenchman, Monsieur Nargeolet. It is paired with Taurus, which as discussed, is the sign to be associated with great wealth.

This is a five-star, first-class (private plane) fraternity. Again, it is peculiar that they went discount.

Shahzada Dawood, the British-Pakistani businessman, knew Charles III and Camilla through the British Asian Trust and the Prince’s Trust International.

Those of you looking at the Sagittarius elements in the charts will have picked this up already. And so to Aquarius.

This is the sign that more than any other rules clubs.

The Explorers’ Club, which Hamish Harding had founded, has Honorary Directors including Prince Albert II of Monaco and the Prince of Bhutan and Paul-Henri Nargeolet was of course also a member. Along with James Cameron.

They no longer always fly solo at great distance, like their original member Amelia Earhart. Instead, they use submersibles.

One such deep-submergence vehicle is called Limiting Factor. This was the vessel of choice for Richard Garriot de Cayeux, a leader in the PC gaming industry of the 1980s and President of the Explorers’ Club.

Hamish Harding had also used it. Limiting Factor was a $37 million two-seater. So, not a cramped sub with a curtain. This leads me to another question, not so much about Aquarius, the club sign, but also Taurus, the money sign.

Why Not Pay $295,535 Instead?

The Washington Post reports an ‘elevated and slightly longer version’ of the OceanGate Titan which costs about $295, 535 per person. This is the luxurious Brown and Hudson trip.

Brown and Hudson makes the point that it also offers more training. 

Is the Search Cost Taurus?

Yes. Another variation on the Taurus theme in the charts. One of the many reasons why Titanic tourism and even remote cameras may be off limits by law (soon) is the cost. The US government alone has paid $1.4 million to date, in searching for Titan, according to The Washington Post

Is the Macy’s Relative in the Titanic and Titan Story, Taurus?

Yes. OceanGate Stockton Rush’s wife and now his widow and heir,  is the great-great granddaughter of the Macy’s owners who died on the Titanic. In common with her husband and every person on Titan (bar one, Monsieur Nargeolet) we have no reliable charts for anyone so can’t say if Taurus figures in these astrology charts – but thematically, Taurus certainly does. And it’s across the OceanGate and Titan charts, as well as the Titanic chart.

Is Titanic Owner J.P. Morgan a Taurus Matter?

Yes. His karmic node is there. In fact he has the classic Taurus-Scorpio nodal axis of people who have many past lives with great wealth or poverty. Taurus tends to lead us back to gold bullion and bull markets; it is associated with the Wall Street charging bronze bull. Morgan’s name is still massive on Wall Street. In the era of J.P.Morgan, the Titanic owner, it was common to place large quantities of gold bars on ships. Morgan himself did so, to avert a Wall Street crisis for the US.

Ships carrying gold can and did sink.

In 1917 Laurentic sank. Over 350 of her crew died in lifeboats. She had 43 tons of gold bars on board. Most were salvaged but 22  still remain unaccounted for. Like Titanic, she had a coal fire on board. Like Titanic, she was headed for Canada. The gold bars were on board to buy munitions from Canada and in the US.

Operation Fish was the Second World War evacuation of British wealth from the UK to Canada. It was the biggest movement of wealth in history. Ships going to Halifax carried what is estimated today to have been 116,000,000 pounds of gold. Given the space shown on this original map of Titanic, it is entirely possible that J.P.Morgan had a huge quantity of gold bars, boxed up, on board. I’m showing this original illustration of Titanic for those of you who are interested in remote viewing. What are you seeing?


TITANIC Alamy 2JD6J94 748x1024 - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan


Do the J.P.Morgan and Titanic Charts Line Up?

Yes. The J.P. Morgan natal chart is AA Rodden-rated and reveals the North Node at 1 Taurus and South Node at 1 Scorpio, with Saturn at 15 Scorpio.

He also has Bacchus at 10 Gemini, Chiron at 11 Gemini, the IC at 11 Gemini, Cupido at 20 Gemini. His MC is at 11 Sagittarius. His White Star Line owned Titanic and her sister ships. The chart, together with the rest, is at the end of this feature.

What is The Oceangate Astrology Chart?

Oceangate, owner of Titan, was incorporated on December 13th 2011 in Washington, curiously enough expiring on December 31st, 2023. The address given is 1205 Craftsman Way Ste 112, Everett, WA 98201-1594 and the chart at the end of this feature is based on that. This is a corporation not a person, but for astrologers and astrology students, the chart makes intriguing reading. I always say, astrology cuts through the noise. Well it does here.


Oceangate 1024x788 - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan
Oceangate chart/Adams

What is the Astrology Chart for Paul-Henri Nargeolet?

This AA (Rodden Rating) chart held at shows Paul-Henri Nargeolet born on 2nd March 1946 at 6.30am in Chamonix, Mont Blanc, France. We are lucky to have it, as it is unusual to find AA-rated charts with confirmed time, place and date of birth. The Moon at 21 Aquarius is in a conjunction with the Ascendant at 2o Aquarius. The shock of transiting Uranus at 20, 21 Taurus in June 2023 will be written across his profile forever. This is about the Explorers’ Club. It is also about Titanic Incorporated, his other group. This is the global elite of exploration (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook) to which Paul-Henri belonged. A good candidate for an Aquarius Moon but also an accompanying T-Square, which I’ll talk about next.


The Club pm - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan
The Explorers Club/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram

The Neptune T-Square in the Paul-Henri Nargeolet Natal Chart

Transiting Neptune at 27 Pisces from 1st to 30th June 2023, is in a troublesome, tight and tense T-Square with the South Node at 27 Sagittarius and the North Node at 27 Gemini.

I am struck by the fact that the U.S. government tried to stop Nargeolet and RMS Titanic Incorporated from taking the Titanic’s wireless telegraph machine in 2020. Monsieur Nargeolet also has a natal T-Square with Mercury at 26 Pisces, the South Node at 27 Sagittarius and the North Node at 26 Gemini. It’s just one degree out from being exact. That’s rare. It’s also the last natal chart pattern you want, if your life’s work is to help get Marconi telegraph equipment off the Titanic.

You can also see the famous Explorers’ Club clearly shown in the Eleventh House and the issues, there. And what issues.


Paul Henri Nargeolet 1024x788 - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan
Natal Chart Paul-Henri Nargeolet


Is Saturn in the Charts?

We also find Saturn looming in the charts as you might expect. Without natal charts for four of the Titan Five, we have to look elsewhere for the synchronicity which is typical of astrology.

It’s unusual to see a woman wearing a Saturn necklace but Jannicke Mikkelsen owns and wears one. Or did. The planet of the most difficult karma. She has become part of the Titan Five story in the media.

She directed the documentary Challenger Deep with her friend, the lost British explorer Hamish Harding – and also worked on One More Orbit, another documentary about Harding and his record-breaking polar flight. “Every single minute feels like hours,” Mikkelsen was quoted in The Daily Mail on 21st June, revealing that the plight of her missing friend, left her unable to sleep. The Saturn necklace photograph is unsourced and is widely shared on social media including Facebook where it’s become viral since Mikkelsen’s interviews. This is a promotion for Mikkelsen’s documentary, One More Orbit as you can see on her shirt logo, near the Saturn necklace.

Hamish Harding Facebook 18 July 2021 Jannicke Mikkelsen Saturn necklace  1024x1024 - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan


Dragons Off Maps – Hamish Harding

Richard Garriot de Cayeux, President of the Explorers’ Club, which Mr. Harding helped found, said in a statement, “He holds several world records and has continued to push dragons off maps.”

We lack a natal chart that is reliable for Harding, as discussed. Harding, survived by his sons Rory and Giles, stepdaughter Lauren, stepson Brian and wife Linda, does not leave us any AA data at all: confirmed time, place and date of birth. Thus, we don’t use it.

Yet the dragons on the map, which are mentioned here, are plainly there in the chart for the Titan’s owners. The astrological chart for Oceangate shows the North Node at 14 Sagittarius, the sign of explorers, opposite the South Node at 14 Gemini, the sign of short journeys. Both in a T-Square to Mars at 14 Virgo. The Dragon’s Tail is Cauda Draconis in astrology and the Dragon’s Head is Caput Draconis.

Astrology runs on such synchronicities and astrologers pay attention.

Where is Scorpio in the Story?

Scorpio rules inheritance, legacies and wills. It also rules marriage, divorce and alimony. Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto, the god who had responsibility for dead souls. Thus, I’ve been asked where Scorpio is to be found in these charts.

It’s interesting and not what you would expect.

For years, the 1985 discovery of Titanic was covered up as a scientific mission. As CNN reported It was actually a US military mission to recover two sunken nuclear submarines. Robert Ballard had to have a cover story, as he’s since confessed. He was actually looking for the doomed 1960s American submarines USS Thresher…and USS Scorpion. Boom.

Is The Simpsons Prediction, Neptune?

There are elements of the Titan disappearance chart and the chart for its owners which are a clear case of truth being stranger than fiction. Part of this shows up in The Simpsons’ appearance in this story. We can give this to Neptune, which dominates the charts, as it has all the confused and confusing trademarks of that planet in astrology.

Mike Reiss saw the Titanic in the Titan in 2022. Back in 1998 he wrote Simpson Tide, about a submersible, based on Crimson Tide. Homer was in the US Navy Reserve and aboard a nuclear-powered submarine.

I’ve mentioned Neptune here, and this is also the planet which rules film and television. The ultimate distortion! This still from The Simpsons’ Simpsons’ Tide episode, created by Mike Reiss, went viral on Twitter on 22nd June, seen here in the @KremlinTrolls account.

Screen Shot 2023 06 26 at 7.21.05 am - Astrology, Psychics, Titanic and Titan


Is the Eastenders Actor, Neptune?

There is a theatrical, televisual quality to these  astrology charts. A drama on stage; a Hollywood blockbuster; a cult cartoon – even a soap opera. Ross Kemp turned down a trip on the Titan over safety fears. This takes us from Hollywood (James Cameron) to cartoons (The Simpsons) to British soap.

 Is the Titanic Twin Mapping, Gemini?

Yes. In May 2023, just before the Titan disaster, a digital twin of Titanic emerged. Created by deep-sea mapping it was expected to shed light on the 1912 sinking. The Guardian reported the twin would give forensic evidence on how Titanic actually sank.

Again, we are back to Gemini the twins in the Titanic chart and the Titan chart too. Forensic evidence of the Silent Cabin, perhaps? The Marconi transmitting room? The Silent Cabin contains an intact Marconi station. Its soundproofed walls have protected the apparatus.

This Gemini entanglement across time and space in all the charts is something that turns up in quite striking ways.

Is the Olympic, Gemini?

The other Gemini twin in this astrological story is of course The Olympic, Titanic’s sister, who some believe was swapped for Titanic and is in fact the shipwreck now lying near Canada. Others furiously disagree.

Some say the supposed Olympic, now part of the wood panelling and staircase at The White Swan Hotel in Alnwick, England, is really the Titanic and can be seen in the number 401 stamped into the wood – the Titanic’s registration.

The reason for the swap? And the reasons why it never happened? Titanic Switch is a website dedicated to the theory

Will There Ever Be a Resolution?

I believe that when we finally see some outer planet transits going across the old Titanic Gemini position and the matching Titan Gemini position (27 degrees of the sign) we may just get somewhere with this twin Titan and Titanic mystery. The next due date for that is transiting Jupiter at 27 Gemini on May 28th to 31st 2025. Far into the future, there will be historic shocks about both Titan and Titanic, when Uranus goes to 27 Gemini. I’ll not add any more to this feature until then, although I will of course answer all your Comments/Questions as usual. Can you help solve these psychic and astrological mysteries?

The greatest mystery of all, perhaps, is why it has taken the US, UK, Canada, France and other interested parties, such a long time to begin the process of blocking Titanic to cameras or actual damage and removal.  Perhaps we won’t have to wait too much longer. Take another look at that chart for the old ship. She may well be the reason that there is a global overhaul of maritime law and ocean territory and borders, which should have happened in the 1980’s.







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109 Responses

  1. Jessica, Ivanhoe and Newport are both due North of St. John…not South

  2. Thank you Jessica for another amazing, in-depth article. Did you check with the Tarot as well? I did on 22 June, the day before we heard it had imploded, and got King of Swords.

    I also notice that you have recently been providing us with our daily forecasts on a Friday; can’t thank you enough.

    Best wishes, Barb

    1. No, I’ve not used the Tarot. The King of Swords seems most likely to be James Cameron. It may be Stockton Rush. There may be someone else unnamed. The sword will be your clue in any photographs. Thank you! And I’m glad you are enjoying Friday horoscopes. I still support climate activism, I just couldn’t follow Thunberg any more, as her science slips away.

  3. Hello Jessica

    I’ve been hoping you’d say something about this terrible disaster but I’m disappointed that you appear to be in conspiracy theory mode again. Mentioning money and the Marconi radio. This was nothing to do with the retrieval of the Marconi radio. The Titan wasn’t equipped to retrieve anything from the wreck of The Titanic. You also mention ‘allegedly’ in relation to the deaths of these unfortunates. They died, they aren’t pretending.

    I’m really sorry to say this but you have become increasingly like some weirdo that sees conspiracy everywhere instead of the respected astrologer you once were.

    Best wishes

  4. Dear Jessica

    Thank you – this has been a fascinating article and it will be interesting to see how this plays out. I am not a psychic in any way but the sinking of the Titanic touches my family oddly.

    I believe there could be a further twist to this tale. My beloved late mother-in-law was born the following day to the Titanic sinking and we have her birth chart in our family documents, she would have been 111 years old this year. She was born within hours of an Total Solar Eclipse at 27 Aries on 17/4/1912 aspecting Pluto 27 Gemini and notably at the same time Neptune 21 Cancer square to North Node 21 Aries and South Node 21 Libra.

    So, back to your earlier blogs about Eclipses and cover ups the Titanic sank in between two Eclipses 01/4/1912 and 17/4/1912 on the Aries/Libra nodal cycle which we are just about to re-enter. Do you think this could be part of the story especially with the Marconi and radio communications effective cover up where we may now never know ? We have another Eclipse this year 14th October at 21 Libra where the plot may thicken further after the Titan investigations ?

    many thanks Jessica

    1. Thank you EF. Eclipses always matter on a cover-up and we are heading towards eclipses in new signs. Clairaudiently, I just heard ‘Mercury’ so I’ll look at that as it was retrograde when Titanic sank. I don’t think the nodes in Aries-Libra will relate to Titan and Titanic, but I do think the forthcoming Jupiter in Gemini, then Uranus in Gemini transits will usher in global agreement on underwater law even in international waters. Given the fact that shipping was where the gold was (notably with Churchill and Canada during the last war) and so many ships sink – and are then targets for raiding – something has to be done.

  5. I led a meeting at work yesterday, just after the news broke of the debris discovery. So many layers to this sad story, and it gives one lots to discuss about hubris, ethics, honesty, priorities. I hope there is truth and clarity coming in the days ahead, of course for the loved ones involved, but also so we can all learn what this can teach us. Any loss of life like this is horrible. But the young man, so very sad.

  6. What has happened on the Titan is horrific sad and my heart and my prayers go out to everyone
    but as I think of is the knowledge of psychics I do believe in them as I had said previous I do believe in miracles, I pray that the families will get closure.
    thank you for your post

  7. Hey Jessica,

    About those siblings…ironically the Titanic’s other sister ship, the Olympia, was launched 10/20/1910 when Pluto was at 27 Gemini and Neptune at 21 Cancer.

    The Titan submersible did have a sibling of sorts….and it’s referred to as such in places—it was was tentatively named Cyclops 2, sibling of Cyclops 1 (used to look at the wreck of the Andrea Doria), before being permanently named Titan. There were plans for Cyclops 3 and 4.

    And you’re right—it was about the money. Their long game was about proving that these kinds of dives were safe enough to expand the oil and gas industries’ access to the ocean floor. Perhaps in addition to locking down the Titanic exploration business, it will also put an end to that.

    Odd that these submersibles share the name of the USS Cyclops which famously disappeared without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle. I saw someone make the comment that this area of the ocean was like the Bermuda Triangle for submarines, having lost two nuclear subs in that area.

    The successful search for the Titanic was actually a cover for a military mission to explore the wreckage of those subs.

    Maybe that has something to do with the delay in Navy reportage.

    Fascinating, enthralling stuff, guess we’ll know more in ‘25.

    1. I’m glad you joined the conversation. Thank you for reminding me to get the Olympic’s chart. The twin sister substitute theory is something I explored for days, but it seems that really is the Titanic down there and not the Olympic. And yet there must be a detail here about the two ships that nobody’s seeing. And you’ve found the Titan’s siblings. The Gemini themes in these charts are so strong. I agree with you that the oil and gas exploration and raiding of the ocean is one massive issue in the impending shutdown of subs. Whatever was behind this was about tons of money. Tons and tons of money. And I had no idea that the Bermuda Triangle would come into it as well. Good grief. I’m updating this feature today, but the other core issue, as you say, is military. Your link is also to 2018. That is the year that the big sell began on Titan.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Yesterday morning I went for a run – the news we now know have not come to light yet, but I thought of them 5 and heard the word “Redemption” the oak trees in park started blowing a strong breeze above me and I got chills/goosebumps for a few minutes, in that moment I sadly knew they were not alive and whatever that meant, has been redeemed.

    A second thing is that throughout the search I didn’t believe the name of the company was actually OceanGate (gate as in scandal as in watergate) so the clue was in the name all along.

    We shall see.

    1. Thank you. Redemption is interesting and I will add it to my notes. It may be the name of a ship. I’m also intrigued you think the company isn’t called OceanGate. I’m adding to this feature now, but the Polar Prince had another name too. And it was also involved in a tragic loss of life before, as a rescue ship at sea.

  9. Oh my gosh Jessica! I was waiting for this!

    I find it fascinating that the sub was called TITAN. There was a book called “The Wreck of the Titan’ which came out 14 years before the actual sinking of the Titanic and was eeriely similar.

    Sulewood Dawoods aunt said that he was terrified to make the trip and only did it to make his father happy.

    There was a Lunar eclipse at 11’54 degrees Libra on April 1st 1912 and a Solar eclipse April 17 1912 at 27 degrees Aries and Mercury was retrograde around 26 degrees in Aries.

    I hear you in this post on not having reliable birth data but the nodes sure seem to have some degree of indication. I have been fasicnated by the story of Kathleen Folbigg who was imprisoned for the murder of her 4 children in 2004 only to just be pardoned.

    Thanks for all you blogs! I wait for them on pins and needles!


    1. Thanks GV. Yes, The Wreck of the Titan is a good example of an author accessing E.S.P. while also writing fiction. I have to admit, this sometimes happens to me. Last year, my co-author Rachel Wells (the Sunday Times betselling writer) joined me in selling an audiobook to Audible UK called The Leo Moon Mysteries: The Aries Billionaire. It’s about an Aries billionaire who dies in a rocket launch. I won’t say more, but we have an Aries billionaire in the OceanGate/Titan story. The audiobook will be published later this year. As for the Dawood family, the story has changed again, hasn’t it. The Strathclyde University student feared going but his father made him and as it was Father’s Day he agreed. Odd sort of thing to happen. The wife is now saying it should have been her, so that alters things. As for birth data, we just can’t use any of these five, or James Cameron, the sixth person in the story. None of it’s reliable unfortunately. People do lie about their age, or fake things, so I’ve learned not to trust data if it’s not AA. But – thank you.

  10. Amazing read, thanks Jessica….I ‘felt’ a heavy heart all day on hearing the sub was missing..

  11. Ivanhoe might be a message for me! Ivanhoe is a ship but also an opera by Albert Sullivan that premiered 1891. Newport has a “Newport Opera House Association” that presents a summer’s fundraiser “Murder Mystery on the Lake Queen”, a whodunit-mystery. An afternoon of intrigue, mystery and fun. A little later there is a “Magic Show” by the United Way of Sullivan County (New York). They speak of “street magic”. Last Saturday or Sunday a friend told me about her dream: she was standing outside an opera house with her toddler granddaughter in her arms. Inside the opera house high emotions, dramas. Outside, next to her, black clad figures with hoodies, no face, no light, very cold. Only she and her granddaughter were full of light. We discussed her dream. It is better to stay away from dramas and not to create dramas ourselves. Also strange: I have 4 and 27, as you mentioned: Mars 4 Libra, Chiron 4 Pisces, Jupiter 28 Capricorn, Uranus 26 Lion, North Node 26 Lion, Juno 29 Pisces, Vesta 29 Taurus (I only have a very general horoscope, not your’s). Sun 0 Virgo. Pluto 7 Virgo, Neptune 8 Scorpio. Saturn 24 Capricorn. In the Titan story I sense Pluto and Neptune strongly. I was always interested in the Titanic story. It is a big cemetery and we ought to show respect.

  12. Jessica I am surprised you didn’t mention the Pluto Rx in Capricorn “collecting” Captain Stockton Rush from the mountain of money and status he was trying to climb. Former US president Barack Obama made quite a statement yesterday in Greece that is also worth repeating. He pointed out the great difference in news coverage of the wealthy guys (global round the clock coverage and millions spent on rescue and personnel resources) versus the 700 lives of refugees who just drowned in the Mediterranean concurrent with the Titan event. I don’t recall seeing anything about the 700 until I clicked on the photo of Obama (all white hair now caught my eye)!
    Aquarian Washing/ Reality Check required for many of us!

    1. Yes, that’s been the second most visited opinion on Titan. The first one is basically – mad multi-millionaires. The second is – why has the media obsessed about Titan and ignored other deaths at sea, even when many more people were involved? These issues – money, gold, price, cost – swirl around both horoscopes. Thank you.

  13. Dear Jessica – thanks for this post. I was sad when I heard the news about the confirmed loss of life. Then, the more I read about this expedition, the more I think that anyone entering that sub was delusional to the point of insanity. Contrast the interior of a sub James Cameron dived to the Titanic in vs. the Titan’s, and its like comparing Fort Knox to a child’s fort made out of a cardboard box. Even the game controller for the Titan… I thought that was a distasteful joke meme until I saw the pictures of Stockton Rush inside the Titan. I appreciate there are compassionate policy reasons to conduct the search and rescue, since its bad policy for any coast guard to pass judgment on people in need of rescue – save that it seems to regularly happen with migrant refugees in certain jurisdictions, ahem – plus closure for family and friends, but any chance the search and rescue and now the Canadian investigation are politically motivated distractions? I knew that the US military would have detected an implosion once it occurred, and you would think Transport Canada would be more concerned about pilots becoming incapacitated mid-flight: Also, interesting that Jay Bloom turned down a last minute invite: I don’t know if you can find reliable birth date data for Mr. Bloom. It would be interesting to contrast his chart with those who perished. I am signing up for the Sun Sign school, and will make a note to do so if you do not.

    1. That’s really interesting about Transport Canada. Thank you. I am also gathering the names of people who were invited on board. That’s also interesting. I’ll update this feature in a moment, as I’ve had so many psychics contact me privately, but your reaction, “Anyone entering that sub was delusional to the point of insanity” is the most common one among readers. The issue is, they were neither delusional nor insane. I find that really interesting.

  14. Good morning,

    When I read your substack post on Thursday I got the message- The sea takes what the sea wants to have – for me It was a validation that they were gone. I then got the words pressure drops and Instantly ,and when I asked about the meaning of Ivanhoe they showed me a big rock. This was around lunchtime on Thursday in Sweden. A couple of hours later they found the debris . Ivanhoe kept on being on my mind but this time it was coming up as the movie Ivanhoe. The version with Sam Neil kept interfering my toughts.
    In Sweden it is the celebration of midsummer and I just woke up after a long day and night with my phone buzzing with news about Russia. Of course your twitter was the first thing I read knowing your predication about Putins downfall.
    For me it is clear that Ivanhoe kept coming up in my mind was my spirit guides hinting about was is coming in Russia. But Jessica, I have a very bad feeling and have had for a long time regarding to a nuclear ” acccident” happening in Ukraine. Putin will not go down easy and I keep getting the sentence burning ground in my head. I also did a reading a couple of weeks ago that It will be a silent summer , people stay at home because the worlds hold its breathe in fear of the big war. I do hope and pray that this will not happen. That the future is not set in stone and Putins downfall will be the end of the war.
    Today will be a interesting day!

    All the best to you and Tess / Anna

    1. Thank you Anna. I just took Tess for a long walk on the beach today so she’s fallen asleep. I’m just coming back to my desk today, 27th June, to update this feature. You think all five people are dead and Ivanhoe is a Sam Neil film. I’ll see if anyone else here is also chiming with you. Of course we’ve been told they are all gone – that’s what happens on an implosion. No trace remains.

  15. Hi Jessica, thank you for covering this mysterious story. Your link to Marconi code opens a new perspective and leaves room for speculation. I have watched stories from Titanic survivors and could not find one that mentioned an ice berg, they all mentioned an explosion hearing. If indeed the Marconi code holds the truth to what actually happened to Titanic, can this open the door to speculate that this accident was not an accident at all but to prevent truth seekers from ever finding the truth about Titanic.
    Federal Reserve Bank was created just one year after Titanic sank. All the richest people were on that ship including Astor (the richest man at that time) who was in a way to create FRB. How to get rid of the man who stands in your way? Create a story about unsinkable ship and all the richest people on it. Rothschild supposed to go on this ship but mysteriously pulled out the last minute, the same with J.P. Morgan who financed Titanic but could not make it to this trip.
    The fact that Stockton-Rush married a decent of Titanic passenger gives me shivers and even more mystery to this saga.
    I hope the day comes in our lifetime when we uncover the mystery about Titanic and Titan.

    1. Thank you. I’ll find the eyewitness accounts about hearing an explosion on board. I have seen the theory that J.P.Morgan wanted to kill his rivals who were blocking him, but also the Federal Reserve. The question is, why sink a ship to kill a small handful of men? And we don’t have evidence that they were all opposed to the Federal Reserve. I’ll update this feature in a moment, but the astrology charts suggest Morgan is correct; great wealth is correct; the real reason may be different. This is the same in the Titan chart; the clues are all Taurus; follow the money. This also applies to Mr. and Mrs Rush.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    Any thoughts on this morning’s news regarding the actions by Prigozjin/the Wagner group towards Russian leadership and its impact on the war Russia started in Ukraine. Will this be the start of the final stage in the war?

    1. Late to this on 27th June and it’s in the wrong part of the website, but basically, yes, it’s downhill for Vladimir Putin as astrology successfully predicted last year. If you search UKRAINE/RUSSIA you will find the feature which gives the dates of February-July 2023 for the Putin slide. From there of course Ukraine wins.

  17. Hi! I “received” on the evening of Saturday 18th (I live in Finland) a “message” from Portland, Maine. I think it’s connected to the Titan vessel. Also looking at the two charts of the Titanic and Titan, the Moon of the Titanic (25’ Pisces, third house) is conjunct Titan’s Neptune at 27’. How could this be interpreted?
    My three horses escaped that very same day and I clairvoyant helped to locate them. She found the exact place but 4hrs too late. The horses run amok and could have damaged themselves or people on the road, but we caught them with huge amount of help from people.

  18. Hello Jessica! All I know is I kept seeing what looked like morse code days before this happened in my meditation and for the life of me couldn’t figure what it meant! I did see giant waves too so I know the ocean was involved. Crazy.

    Love & Light

  19. I sincerely hope this Titanic tourism stops for all time. Its disrespectful to the souls who were lost in that tragic sinking.

  20. Thank you for this blog Jessica. It’s no coincidence about the similarities between the charts.
    I have always felt a foreboding or a really negative energetic sense around the Titanic since she was found and exploited as means tourism/ money venture. The energy sense I felt and still feel is that the site is the resting place of the Titanic and those she carried to their graves and that this place is not to be disturbed. Hence I am not surprised at all by the Titan disaster. It’s about a respect for the dead and the ship. The feeling tells me it is never to be disturbed again. It’s like the spirits of those who died and the Titanic are protecting this area. No one is to come in.
    As a child I watched the original black and white movie of the Titanic sinking. It terrified me, sensing the fear those of those who died. And really the fear of those who have recently died must have been horrific. I am not surprised at all by the sad outcome of the Titan. It should not have been down there.

    1. I agree, the Titanic wreck is awful and the artefacts too. When you say “No one is to come in” I believe that will take place. At least not unless authorised by the UK, US and Canadian government. That will not help the spirit people who’ve not passed over, though. I’ll explain more in the feature I am updating today, 27th June. Thank you!

  21. Jessica, This may not be relevant but Newport, Rhode Island is south (actually south west of St John’s.

    1. It’s completely relevant, thank you very much. My cousin is helping me with mapping; I’m lucky to have a Canadian marine biologist in the family.

  22. Hello Jessica,
    It’s always wonderful to read your insights. In the very beginning you wrote you are a clairaudient so I kind of got intrigued to ask you just in case you can shed some light .
    This might seem a little off topic but I really don’t know anyone genuine and trustworthy to ask for this so asking you.
    Since childhood I have seen few of my dreams come TRUE and as if I see things or know about things before they happen. It doesn’t happen for all my dreams as I see a lot many but I don’t know how to differentiate between , I only come to know after the event happens in reality that the same I had seen in my dream too.

    It kind of confuses me because for past few years I guess it has become more strong. I just wanted to ask first how can I harness this energy where I know the difference between my dreams and who best to study to know more about this.

    I ask you this as I know when titanic sank many people throughout the world did say they saw the same happening in their dream.
    Can you kindly shed some light on this? my dob is 28-3-77, 11:40 pm, india. I hope this was not a total off track comment. Thanks for your beautiful work always.

    1. Psychics and mediums are different so you need to find out which you are. If a psychic, you can find courses at The College of Psychic Studies in London, often on Zoom. If a medium, the Arthur Findlay College online is a good source; again on Zoom – based in Britain.

  23. Morning Jessica

    Too much fuss being made in the media about this. Loss of life in accidents is always tragic, but the travellers in the Titan were spending vast amounts of money on an adventure that only a few could afford. The refugees who cross the Mediterannean in boats – and didn’t get reported about nearly as much – were spending all their savings on a voyage of desperation.

    Perhaps by the time Pluto has transited through the sign of Aquarius the richer nations and peoples of the world will show more concern for the plight of the desperate, underprivileged and starving people of the world. It will need evolutionary and generational change. We live in hope.

  24. Hi Jessica,

    Slightly off topic but what do you think will happen in regards to The Voice referendum? Also what will happens in regard to the possibility of a Murdoch Royal Commission and the ramifications for it? Thanks.

    1. It is completely off topic, but The Voice carries the same patterns as 1977 when Michael Mansell presented our late Queen with his written claims in Hobart, Tasmania. Tasmania is currently voting NO according to polling and Mansell himself is voting NO, based on his preference for a treaty over the Anthony Albanese offering. In 1977 we saw the lunar nodes in Aries-Libra and Jupiter in Taurus. It’s back. I’d watch Mansell on this.

  25. Re: Titan: ”There were no safety regulations and the craft was not sea-worthy.” This is astonishing, but makes sense in the context of wealthy people turned ultimate thrill-seekers. Jessica, would you agree that this might have a parallel in the global financial system? Although there are ostensibly ‘safety regulations’ in global finance, to all intents and purposes, it seems that these are nothing short of window-dressing. The 1% do what they like and the taxpayer ultimately picks up the tab.
    What does the astrology say about a potential massive shift to crypto as the fiat system hits the iceberg?

    1. It actually makes no sense, if you look at the first-class alternatives to this frankly, worse-than-economy-class trip. I’ll add to this today, but considering these were extremely wealthy men, they had an odd preference for choosing a journey where solid food was limited because the shared lavatory was behind a curtain and music had to be played during due process. Does that sound likely to you? There was, and is, a far safer, more exclusive way of seeing Titanic. So why did they choose something that since 2018 has almost been sold, or promoted, as an unsafe and undesirable product? These people fly first class or have their own helicopters.

  26. 6/25/23 Hello Jessica- I looked up Stockton Rush in and it gives his birth date as March 31 1962 . He was living in the state of Washington at the time of the fatal expedition. I found his birth place by reading bio articles about him in recent news media: London, ENG. My experience with Mylife is that they’re usually accurate. I’ll be happy to give you the news articles if you’d like. I wonder if you’d be interested in a casual perusal of this chart just in case it seems to match up well with what is known so far. I’d love to hear your thoughts! With thanks! StarryEyes

    1. Thanks SE. Without any AA rated data for Stockton Rush or any of the other men, and I would include the Titanic director James Cameron, it’s not worth looking at natal charts unfortunately. The charts for the Titanic and Titan itself are reliable though and people should be looking at the gold that may have been on the Titanic shipped by J.P.Morgan and all these years later, the need to win public worldwide support to shut down further imaging or searching of Titanic.

  27. It’s interesting to note that in mythology, the Titans were consigned to Tartarus. (hell) for their attempt to overthrow Zeus – thus, “titanic pride.” And in the demise of both the Titan and Titanic, pride was most definitely the cause. As to your quandary over Bacchus possible connection to these events, well… the Titans beguiled the infant Bacchus, previously known as Dionysus, with toys, only to kill and eat him. After putting down the Titan rebellion, Zeus rebirthed Dionysus from his thigh. The Romans later renamed Zeus, Jupiter, so, as Jupiter rules the thights, the connection is conspicuous. You really can’t make this stuff up!

  28. Thank you Jessica
    Your reply mentioned Mercury “Clairaudiently, I just heard ‘Mercury’ so I’ll look at that as it was retrograde when Titanic sank.” It seems Mercury is entwined into this story.
    As well as the obvious Mercury being the ruler of Gemini and communications, he is in the UK very particularly associated with radio communications ship/shore and Morse code. For over 50 years from during WWII the Royal Navy Communications branch had its training establishment at HMS Mercury where all radio operators were trained to a high skill level, this was also regarded as the premier NATO Signals school.
    As RMS Titanic sank Mercury was retrograde 25 Aries within 1 degree orb and moving into an exact conjunction with the Sun 25 Aries within hours on the same day. It would be interesting to interpret that aspect in this context. I also wonder if anyone has ever heard Morse code clairaudiently. The SOS signal is deeply embedded in our memories and is so emotive and a potent symbol of distress at sea (just a random thought).
    regards EF

    1. Thank you EF. Mercury certainly showed himself at HMS Mercury, which trained radio operators. The Mercury Retrograde at Titanic’s sinking is famous in astrology as it’s so textbook. And I am fascinated by your suggestion that clairaudient psychics and mediums would hear Morse Code correctly. I think we could, but spirit would only do that if we knew Morse! It must have happened, surely, in the 1940’s.

  29. Hi Jessica, Thanks for providing so much insight into what’s (really) going on in the world. Invaluable! Off-topic, but is there a way that I can compare my natal chart with the current transits in chart form? I see the line-up in my account details but a chart graphic (inner and outer circles) would be so much easier to interpret. Emma x

    1. I will pass this on to Asporea and we can look at this for you, Emma. Thank you.

  30. There are so many untold stories about what’s really happening in the global economy. I guess the Titan and other ‘sensational but ‘limited interest’ stories (‘limited’ because apart from the immediate families of the victims, they have no relevance to the world at large, or to individual tax-payers) They get coverage to keep people distracted and fragmented.

    1. The idea of big news stories as distraction has taken hold and now people are much more aware than they used to be. It would be hard to think of another news story that was so televisual, filmic and so on. It brought in The Simpsons, Eastenders and a documentary-maker; it brought in Hollywood’s biggest shots.

  31. Hey Jessica
    In reply to Sanna, from Finland who received the message “Portland, Maine”, the city of Portland is fifty miles north of the naval shipyard where the nuclear submarine Thresher was repaired and launched in 1963, and which imploded sending all aboard to their deaths. It was one of the subs that Dr. Ballard many years later found and explored for the Navy, after which the Navy allowed Ballard just enough time to find the Titanic, which was nearby. Around here there are still people who lost fathers and uncles on the Thresher. My ex worked at that shipyard and it raised my family, my father in law designed submarines during the Second World War there, when it produced more submarines than anywhere else for the fight. I honestly never thought for a moment they’d come out of it alive, probably most everyone around here felt that way also. What they were doing was insanity. Anyway, maybe that’s the “Portland, Maine” connection. Be well, and congrats on your amazing predictions coming through lately! Finally, Putin!

    1. Thank you very much. And thank you for the message about Putin. When you have not just doubles, but triplets playing you – and a mutiny – it’s the start of the end.

  32. I’m interested in the question posed by Anna from Sweden a few days ago, about whether Ivanhoe is more to do with events in Russia. Who is Robin of Locksley? Hmmm…
    I’m just going to reread the updated feature, but this caught my eye in the news yesterday. Another billionaire dies foolishly, though thankfully, this time there won’t be a bill for taxpayers.

    1. I think that Ivanhoe has become a useful way into related issues – deep sea mining, nuclear submarines and Russia. I still believe the real Ivanhoe is either the ship and/or the actual ghost town near Polar Prince. I was given a dream about Ivanhoe and the name of a person. That person has a home there. This, I’m not sharing.

  33. It must be really fun to be an astrologer on the trail of a mystery as things begin to reveal themselves and tell a story. From your site I’ve learned that astrologers are like historical researchers of the future whose data is part mainstream fact and part skilled astrological connection-making. Fascinating! Fun to see you approach a situation where things hidden in the mainstream show up clearly in the astrology. Putting the two together gives the most complete story, which you then weave together as a writer…for the benefit of all of us subscribers. More than all the predictions, I love learning, from you and your site, over time, a new way of thinking, a style of approach, a total detective-story way of going at what’s going on.

  34. Hi Jessica you might be interested to listen to the start of Sterling Psychic Medium’s YouTube video from this past Sunday – in the first few minutes he relays what his guides say about those who died in the Titan, and what happened when they passed over and how all the 1500 souls down in the ocean came to meet them and took them aboard the Titanic – – fascinating! It reinforces the importance of stopping this ridiculous Titanic tourism!

  35. Hello Jessica,
    I’ve just watched Claire Thomas’s video about the connection between the Titan and the Titanic entitled “Karmic return” and I thought I’d share some information.
    The 5 men who died in the Titan were connected to the Titanic one way or another.
    -Stockton Rush is the reincarnation of the Titanic’s engineer Thomas Andrews. His wife was the great great grand daughter of the old couple who decided to die together and to let others use their lifeboats.
    -Harding is the reincarnation of a US Major Archibald Willingham who was in Europe for holidays and onboarded the Titanic with a famous painter. He was quite close to Roosevelt and had also been a secret agent.
    -Paul-Henri Nargeolet was the First officer on the Titanic ” William Murdoch” and was officer of the watch during the Titanic’s collision. His behaviour then was exemplary as he helped a lot of people board the lifeboats.
    -S Dawood was Benjamin Guggenheim and his son Suleman, his faithful servant Victor Giglio.
    She also mentioned the fact that the figure 111 is symbolical in terms of time loop and vortex.
    Those people were attracted by the Titanic like “Insects are attracted to light”.

    On another note, I wonder if you could shed some light on “a conflict” I am going through with one of my dance professor. On Friday, June 9th, she really invaded my space and made me extremely angry. I cried at home and eventually decided to send her a text message as I was feeling too low and she said she was sorry and that she had learned the lesson … But she did it again, just before live shows (horrible for me).
    Apart from that “control” lady, I feel really good in this dance group and some people have insisted that I enrol next year (we’re total amateurs) and I absolutely love dancing, I need it but I sadly might have to find another class if she doesn’t respect me because I can’t compromise with that… Only one person knows the full story and the “control” lady has somehow brainwashed some people…
    Very strange and unsettling. Dancing is so important to me… Is it due to Saturn? Then it’s not going to stop and the only exit is for me to leave the class it seems.
    Thank you very much for your articles and insight.

    1. I’ll have a look at Claire Thomas – presumably this is on YouTube? I am sorry you have had a conflict with your dance professor. This is a group. You are a Sun Taurus with factors at 7 and 10 Aquarius. Same story told twice. You have Saturn (lessons) in Pisces and your solar Eleventh House (groups). You also have Saturn going over 7 Pisces, exactly semi-sextile your 7 Aquarius factor. To deal better with this group issue, go back to your own Aquarius factors and decode them, with the flipbooks in your library here. Understanding yourself is the first step towards getting rid of this issue. These are temporary transits and it will not affect you long-term.

  36. Dear Jessica,

    This is so interesting! After reading your article, my curious Virgo mind thought to see what I could come up with by researching Ivanhoe.

    I’m not sure if this is helpful or means anything, but this is what I gathered from my research…

    A mysterious shipwreck. Not as well-known as the Titan or as large as the Titanic, but worth mentioning because the ship was named, “Ivanhoe”. It set sail between September 27 and 30, 1894 from Seattle, Washington headed for the Pacific Ocean through the Strait of Juan de Fuca, a body of water that separates the Canadian and US borders at Washington state.

    It was never seen or heard from again.
    See the full story here:

    East of the Strait is the coastal city of Everett, Washington, where the headquarters of OceanGate are located. It was founded in 2009. I was unable to find an exact date. It would have been interesting to see what astrological factors OceanGate’s founding contained.

    Another interesting fact is that Ivanhoe was built in Belfast, Maine, not far from St. John’s, Newfoundland. The Titanic had been built in Belfast, Ireland.

    Curious to hear your thoughts about this?

    ~ Cristina

    1. Thank you Cristina. Virgo types often get it right in complicated series of questions like this one, because they do the work. You found another Ivanhoe which disappeared. Now that’s really interesting. See my other comments about Ivanhoe. If I was not being given a map point where Titan vanished (and I was not – Ivanhoe is a tiny, ghost town, with holiday cabins) – then it must be some other critical piece of information that my guides believed was important. As for OceanGate, I did find the date and it is linked to in the story. The OceanGate chart is not good – needless to say.

  37. In the novel, Ivanhoe, the Palmer, (a religious pilgrim), is one of the hero’s first disguises.
    Clive Palmer is an Australian mine owner with legal problems.
    There is a Canadian company called Ivanhoe Mining.

    Could there be a connection to deep sea mining?

    1. This is sideways thinking, but it’s interesting, as intuition often is. My question to spirit was, “Where is Titan?” and I was looking for map co-ordinates to help with the search. Psychics often work in a global network like this. A tapestry. I was hoping that what I got in Tasmania, others would get in other places. The answers were very clear: I was given two map points, near each other and near Polar Prince/Titan. And yet, the question was not answered, because that is not of course where the sub was found. What I now believe I was being given, was some other kind of useful help, but all I can do is make it public and hope the right person will find it. I do agree about deep sea mining in general. I think you are on the right track.

  38. What a rewrite and a whole new sphere of thinking!
    I spotted a typo: “At 5.40pm the same day, Saturday 17th June, the Polar Prince notified the U.S. Coast Guard that the Titan vessel was overdue.” Should be Sunday June 18th…
    Thank you for this article.
    Need to reread even to comment further!!!

    1. Thanks so much for spotting the mistake Cecelia. I’m correcting everything readers have picked up today. Much appreciated.

  39. Hi Jessica. Thank you for this super detailed post! I read it initially, came back to it today to leave an unrelated comment and saw some of your update. WOW! The Simpsons thing is becoming quite surreal! I plan on looking back over the blog post at the added information and also at more of these comments. I did notice one thanking you for the recent change of providing Friday horoscopes. I, too, was pleasantly surprised and I appreciate it very much! The comment I came here to make, or question or suggestion I guess, is this: would it be possible to include a chart on the ‘Current Planetary Positions’ page? Thank you for your knowledge and skill.

    1. Thank you. The Moon changes position so quickly that it would not make much sense to have a ‘chart of the minute’ set up on the Current Planetary Positions page – at the moment anyway. We’re looking at a refreshed website for 2024 as usual, though, so perhaps it’s possible. I will onpass your suggestion. The Friday horoscopes are back, because my #FridaysForFuture climate emergency strike is over. I was following Thunberg’s lead but she’s departed the world of science unfortunately.

  40. Great work, Jessica!

    On June 17th &18th the New Moon in Gemini took place and in fact, it clashed with Neptune.
    Have you thought of that?
    Another well-respected astrologer wrote: “If you’re not really sure about anything at the time of the New Moon, that will be why.”

    Kind regards

    1. Thank you. This is a chart trigger – the New Moon fell at 26 Gemini so was just one degree away from a square to Neptune at 27 Pisces. Something else I’ve just found in the Ephemeris for June 2023 – Ceres was at 27 Virgo from June 8th to 12th, the week prior. This is a troublesome T-Square being triggered by more than just Neptune. In fact, you could say it’s being aggravated.

  41. Do you see a connection between Titanic and 9/11?

    I just watched The Titanic movie again and OMG the bodies falling – Same disparity between ultra rich
    and ultra poor – connection?

    1. There’s no astrological link from 9/11 to Titanic. The theme of ‘rich and poor’ is very much there with Titanic though, and also with Titan. It’s pure Taurus. We associate Taurus with spendthrifts, but also with thrift. The key issue here is, why do extremely wealthy spendthrifts choose thrift, even to the point of risk to life and limb? Even to the point of extreme economy class discomfort, when they live in a first class world?

  42. Hi Jessica

    Ive noticed that Irelands chart (1949) has a number of aspects at 27 degrees and was interested in the link to the JP Morgan/Titanic. We have a joke here, that the only time you hear a British person saying Belfast is Irish is when the Titanic is mentioned. Harland and Wolff the shipmakers who built the Titanic were in fact English and German and not Irish as you suggest. I remembered a strange comment on your Brexit article also where you put in brackets that Brexit couldnt go through (thanks to the Irish). Is there something about Irelands astrology your members might be intersted in that could clear up some of these puzzles?
    With thanks

    1. Thank you for looking at the Ireland chart. She also has that 27 degree pattern. My apologies for the mistake with Harland and Wolff – they were not Irish after all. I think much of this Titanic mystery could be settled from Belfast but of course we would expect the men working on Morgan’s ships to have been silenced, or told to keep mum, about so much. I’ve not really gone too far into the Belfast side of things, but if the Irish chart is ringing bells, it’s time.

  43. Jessica,

    Thank you again for all you provide on your website, I keep learning. A few reflections came re: your Ivanhoe and Newport notes, but also maybe other ties, helpful or not …

    You mentioned the Titanic and her two sister ships, making three. You have locations, Ivanhoe and Newport, and the site of the lost OceanGate, another three? Ivanhoe does lie just outside of Trinity, also the nearby Trinity Bay. Titanic sank in 1912, and here in 2023, we are 111 years on, another trinity. I think you have a lot of threes, in many directions, including ties between these men, on both Titanic and Titan, and Ivanhoe and Newport, and money and banking and other disasters might be related too.

    I think you have an Ivanhoe trinity, three Ivanhoe locations … Ivanhoe, Virginia, notable as the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia presides over matters of salvage/protection of the Titanic wreck … … also notable, Ivanhoe, Georgia, given Federal Reserve history, at just 100 miles from Jekyll Island, where various bankers and politicians, including JP Morgan himself, gathered clandestinely under the auspices of a duck hunting trip to collude/create the Federal Reserve, officially established Dec 23, 1913. Making next year, 2024, part of another 111 years pattern.

    Also, a Marconi trinity? Connecting his history-making spots: Marconi received the first transatlantic signal from his transmitter in Cornwall, Dec 12, 1901, at Signal Hill, in St. John’s, NL; he sent the first message from Nova Scotia, at Glace Bay, again to Cornwall, the next year, Dec 15, 1902; and then you have the station he installed in 1904 at Cape Race, NL, which received Titanic’s SOS. Plus, somehow, I thought, oh you live in Tasmania, maybe Marconi is messaging you these spots, what is the history there, given Tasmania as an island not far from a mainland, ideal testing ground, and sure, Wikipedia says he was operating there. April 25, 1874, Marconi was born, so April 2024 will mark 150 years since his birth …. His work was in sending signals … maybe more signals to come from the other side, I think you said next year, Jupiter goes into Gemini, the communication sign?

    Another 111, whispering as I woke up the other day, thinking, oh, another maritime disaster nearby, maybe 200 miles, remember the Swiss Air flight went down off the coast of Nova Scotia, just a few miles out from Peggy’s Cove, where the famous lighthouse sits? I had to look up the flight number to refresh, but it was calling, Swiss Air flight 111. It crashed Sept 2, 1998, coming up on 25 years this September. Being it was like a UN shuttle from New York to Geneva, the two UN headquarter cities, like Titanic, it too carried passengers of prominence. It also carried its share of treasures or wealth, huge amounts of valuables, an easy search reminds of the kilos of diamonds and jewels, 50 kilos in cash en route to a Swiss bank (Credit Suisse? I can’t find that answer), and even a Picasso from 1963, said to be worth millions at the time, all still lying on the ocean’s depths. Not a year prior, in Dec 1997, James Cameron’s ‘Titanic’ was released.

    Also, Newfoundland played a huge role in 9/11, another 111, with 09/11/01, given the huge airport with military capabilities, its easternmost position, many aircraft were diverted there. Connection between Swiss Air 111, 9/11, Titan? Or even four ways – like Marconi’s historic site shows four big antenna pillars – between Titanic, Swiss Air 111, 9/11, Titan? Each one of these connects to money, gold, treasure, wiring or communications delayed or out, people of prominence, mostly monied men … each time, a feeling of truth being withheld from the people … 9/11, said to be connected in some circles, to the monies and bonds to be settled 9/12, by the firm Cantor Fitzgerald, in large part, and so the transactions, the communications, the settling went off-book so to speak, or old-school, not as transparent …. the anniversaries come, 111 years, but also this fall, anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination, who warned of these shadow powers that might be at play here … and he too, was a mariner, a great sailor … titanic truth of all stripes must be just up ahead …

    Also, a group of three, the prominent businessmen on Titanic opposed to the creation of the Federal Reserve, the richest men on board: Isidor Strauss, John Jacob Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim. The Titan men seem to have links here, you even have two wives giving up their spots, one in the life boat, one in the sub.

    Richard Stockton Rush … his name, a trinity of wealth … rich, a ton of stocks, rush, maybe a gold rush, stock mania or panic … Richard Stockton and Benjamin Rush, ancestors via his father’s line, both founding fathers, signatories of the Declaration of Independence, a group of three. His wife, Wendy, as noted, the descendant of Isidor and Ida Strauss, another group of three.

    Hamish Harding … his full name is George Hamish Livingston Harding … John Jacob Astor IV, the richest passenger on Titanic, through his paternal grandmother, was related to the Livingston family, also founding fathers, signatories of the Declaration of Independence. Newport ties in here too, with Newport, Rhode Island, home to an Astor family mansion and estate.

    The Dawoods … father and son from Pakistan, the father’s name, Shahzada meaning Prince … there was the Polar Prince … and the son, Suleman Dawood, Arabic versions of Solomon and David … Solomon, one of the richest men throughout history, known also for his wisdom … David also was wealthy beyond wealthy, both acquiring much gold … David and Solomon, appearing in both Judaic and Islamic faiths. Can they be tied to Benjamin Guggenheim? He had Swiss roots, but also Jewish ancestry, and he was travelling with his valet, for whom he bought a first class ticket, they went down together, he and his young valet Giglio, who had an Egyptian mother and Italian father, born in 1888, so young, just 24 or so … Christine Dawood is German, Shahzada, born in Pakistan … maybe something rhymes here, in terms of the pairs, fathers, both magnates of resources, fertilizer and mining, both carrying names linked to both Hebrew and Arabic languages, and the son, Suleman like Giglio, maybe …

    That leaves Paul-Henri Nargeolet, the Mr. Titanic guy, counted among Titanic’s original discoverers, began his naval career in Cherbourg, Titanic’s first stop after leaving Southampton. Mr. Guggenheim’s mistress, a Parisian, boarded in Cherbourg, and survived, died at 77 years, just like Nargeolet. He joined the navy, in 1964, the year of her death. Interesting symmetries. The Astors also boarded in Cherbourg … his young pregnant wife, Madeline, survived, but he did not … both Astors were buried in Trinity Church Cemetery, New York.

    Last, I used your tarot, asking what card best captures the story here, particularly which might better illuminate the pieces of connection I felt guided to see. It was the Emperor. Interesting.

    Anyhow, with thanks again for your work, and the generous way you do it.

    Titanic, always close to my heart, going to grad school in Halifax, arriving the day after Swiss Air flight 111 went down.

    Post as you like, or keep for your back pocket … in the spirit of remembering those lives lost … in each of these heart-rending disasters … perhaps the light now through Titan, will help us see more clearly the old forces of dark that might have sunk Titanic, and had a hand in the other tragic events, help us to have the ahas, and see the need to throw off the central banks everywhere … perhaps these five lives are kindling remembrance among all of us, intuition and more … what a gift, they will have given to the people of this world, if it is so.

    thank you again so much,

    1. Cathleen, thank you so much. More Ivanhoes! Because this kind of information is so powerful, I believe my spirit guides have given me one word that may be a map point (logical because it is so close to the Polar Prince location). However, as you say, it may also be a red herring. It could be the ship that was in port during the search and rescue. It may well be the other Ivanhoes connected to salvage – but also J.P.Morgan – and the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve explanation comes up a lot with Titanic. The argument against that, is that there is not enough evidence to prove that the small number of Morgan’s rich rivals on board Titanic actually objected to the Federal Reserve. It would take more research, but I am interested that you found it. I am not sure who was communicating with me over a week ago now. Perhaps it was Marconi. I usually have a regular circle of guides who help with missing person information and the like. You are intuitively picking up on ‘trinity’ and ‘three’ which is also really intriguing. I am really pleased you drew The Emperor. That is very useful. This is the senior, older, male ultimate boss of a towering empire. If you go back to the original interpretation for The Emperor I wrote many years ago now, it runs below. In fact, the sign of Aries is the Sun sign of one of the Titan Five.

      This is a boss, senior official, corporate male or perhaps your father or husband. It may be you, if you have risen to the top of your profession and are senior (this is a grey or white-haired man). Capricorn and Aries are both shown here. Two masculine signs to be reckoned with. Capricorn the mountain goat climbs to the top and is a social mountaineer but also King of the Mountain (usually a skyscraper).

      Aries the ram decorates the throne. The red colour suggests Mars, the aggressive ruler of Aries. The mountains are pure Capricorn the mountain goat as we’ve seen, but Aries the ram butts heads and canb e a battering ram on the way to the top. This card is really telling you to look deeply into the soul, heart and mind of this man to figure him out and strike a deal. He is obviously receptive even though he is intimidating. And if this is you? Ask yourself if you want to stay at the top and why. And how you intend to do that.

      Some people think The Emperor is holding what might be a Christmas bauble in his hand which also suggests Christmas, thus the Sun in Capricorn.

      Other readers over the years have seen his golden helmet as a propeller head. Is this the C.E.O. or Manager in a high-tech company? Are we talking Steve Jobs here, or Bill Gates? The Emperor is on that level. A propeller-head is an old nickname for a geek, of course. Perhaps it takes that level of detachment and obsession to get to the top of a particular business, corporation or institution. If you’re the Dean of a university, you don’t get there by having picnics and going surfing.

      Intimidating, powerful, influential and forbidding, The Emperor is an older man who is quite alone. He’s made it to the top, but what can you do for him? What can he do for you? He seems uncomfortable in his position, so ready to give it or share it. Perhaps. If you strike the right chord or make the right approach. This card can turn up when you are seeking a promotion, or an extension on your exams. It can turn up when you have to talk to your father about a loan, or your girlfriend’s father about her hand in marriage. There is a suggestion of the job interview about this card.

      In old China The Emperor was the supreme ruler and was surrounded by all kinds of walls, gates, doors and locks. All kinds of protection. There is something so foreboding about men represented by this card. They are inaccessible. And yet, here we have the old man at the top, who seems available to you, primarily because nobody else is there. The question is, do you have what it takes to get up to him – onto his level – to begin the conversation?

      This card is about classic male power, in that it can feel quite isolating to the man who has it, and in turn he can be very hard to reach – as inaccessible as the old Chinese emperors or only partly accessible, like an American CEO – to those in middle management.

      Whenever we talk about Capricorn types we are looking at some kind of system, structure, traditional pyramid-tiered hierarchy or towering organisation. It frequently occurs when the headquarters is multi-storey, because The Emperor makes it to the top and can often literally be found in the penthouse office.

      There is a great deal to be gained here by reading this man’s mind, as has been suggested. Put yourself in his shoes. Does absolute power, corrupt absolutely? Is it a long way to the top, as AC/DC thought? Is it lonely at the top?

      Of course this may be you! If so, you need to ask yourself what success means to you, what is has delivered and what it has denied you. What might success be like after this and what would it take to bring it to your door? Maybe you need another new mountain to climb or you’d rather like to retire or resign from this one, or delegate – or restructure, perhaps, so that authority is not so isolating.

      The Mars/Aries and Saturn/Capricorn combination clearly seen in the symbolism of the mountain, but also the rams’ heads, and the blazing scarlet robes, suggests someone tough, determined, stoic, rather aggressive, fearless and persistent. This is a man to be reckoned with, but the reality of these kinds of structures or organisations is that there is always some young blood, pushing his or her way up from the ground floor, past middle management and on to the upper corridors of power. Perhaps this is what is so lonely about being The Emperor. You know that the system you have served for so long, and supported, and ascended – is the same system which encourages your replacement.

      This is an older man. A man nearing retirement, perhaps, or even with one foot in the grave, as the saying goes (and the television series). How does that feel and why does it affect you so much, too? You could have picked any of the 78 cards at all but something about you, your personality and your current situation has leaned towards this man. If The Emperor does happen to be you, then you have a great deal of deep thinking to do about next steps.

      Here we have the very picture of a patriarch like Rupert Murdoch and his media and entertainment dynasty, or Prince Phillip. The mountain here has been built up over time. It is strong and sturdy, virtually concrete and as firm as Stonehenge. Even in stormy weather the mountain remains basically the same. It takes a great deal to want to be at the pinnacle. Understanding the psychology of power and ambition is part and parcel of understanding The Emperor.

  44. Sad that Twitter is holding up reading on their platform this morning NYC time….I cannot read your posts, Jessica, unless I sign in, have an account – one cannot read anyone. Everybody aware of this marketing “change”? C

    1. Heavens, is that really happening? Elon Musk is going to send people to Substack if he’s not careful. I’m sorry about this.

  45. Hi Jessica,

    Slightly off this story, but linked to the Grady Berejiklian and Maguire story you had been right about years ago. I was just looking at a story and saw this:

    October 4, 2016 – Maguire buys weatherboard shack in Ivanhoe, NSW, for $8,000

    You can find the article here ( and scroll down to the list of Daryl Maguire ) ….

    Interesting that the name is the same just a little closer to home and connected to another of your predictions ❤️

    1. Thank you. Yes, Gladys rang bells some years ago, on a psychic level. However, I had no idea this would be the second Ivanhoe. Peculiar coincidence.

  46. My thoughts exactly, these people couldn’t have picked a worse day for this final dive! So unfortunate!

    I’m so glad I’ve found you, Jessica. I’m looking forward to reading more about the upcoming lunar nodes in Aries-Libra. I’ve got huge stelliums in both of these signs. Shall I expect new people and opportunities in 2023-2025 or shall I be aware of old issues and people, from 2004-2006, coming back to bite me?

    Thank you so much for the stellar work!

    1. Thank you. Just the last line is correct – you’ll be taken back to life as it was, the last time the South Node was in Libra and the North Node was in Scorpio. You owe, or are owed, from that time. The universe will have a way of making good with you.

  47. Hi Jessica, thank you for this article, I have not yet finished the updated version you have written and I will do so over the weekend. I also have not yet read your readers comments yet. I am just writing to tell you that for the past five or more days everywhere I go I am literally physically seeing the name Titan, including in the supermarket today when I seen yet again the name “Titan”. It is bizarre for me as it has been so frequent. Over the years when I travel back and forward – Europe/America/Europe I always get a very strange eerie feeling when I know the plane is close to this area. I feel very sad for the five families and friends of these people. However, something isn’t right about this. It reads like a script from a movie. It is the only way I can describe it. It is bizarre and it is giving me knots in my stomach.

    1. Thank you. I agree it reads like a script from a film. There is considerable unreality here. I wouldn’t normally bother with a tragedy like this, save for the fact that so many mediums and psychics heard the call – the awful situation of five people trapped and running out of air in a lost sub – and zoomed in. For whatever reason my spirit guides obliged and I was stunned to see these two locations in Newfoundland when I looked. I have no knowledge whatsoever of Canadian maps, let alone obscure places like Ivanhoe. I’m leaving this feature up. I believe we’ll keep on coming back to it.

  48. Hi Jessica, thank you for this amazing article and I am enjoying reading people’s comments as well. I went down the following path after finding a long list of billionaires that have died recently. Granted, some were in their 90s so natural causes are expected, but another commenter had observed that maybe they are intentionally disappearing with their riches, and heading to New Zealand for example, where the ultra rich have been reported to have “bunkers.” (I write this with no disrespect to the people on board the Titan who tragically lost their lives, however this comment prompted the following search). So I googled Ivanhoe, New Zealand. The search returned this – information about the Ivanhoe, a ship that left Plymouth 25 February 1864, arriving Timaru NZ on 12 June 1864 but moved on to Lyttelton, NZ to be quarantined after 25 people had died on board. I don’t know if this is at all relevant but there may be some correspondences in the charts.

    1. Thank you. You found Ivanhoe there too. The problem for me as a medium is the commonality of the name, as you can see. Not only a ship in port but also a pin on the map, right on the day of the search. And there is more that is thematically connected – other readers have found other lost ships. I had a dream which I believe confirmed Ivanhoe as the place in Newfoundland because I was given the name of someone who owns a holiday home there and has put it online. So that is confirmation for me, but I think many readers have picked up the idea of loss, and lost ships, with the actual name.

  49. Gosh you must be exhausted! All the information crossing and checking, stiffly anchored on sound astrology – what a great article Jessica, thank you. I had to read it twice to fully get it actually.
    So, three little things, if I may: First, I hadn’t realized Nargeolet was born in Chamonix – Mont Blanc was the name of the ship that blew up Halifax. Second, the Taurus weather around all this which you emphasized of course, but I couldn’t help focusing on the nodes and Uranus transiting at about 2 and 20 degrees – lots of factors chiming or clashing in about all the charts. Plus the necklace is somewhat upright, and it’s blue, isn’t it? Third the patent log image: you have a Polish Prince showing up just above it. Please get rid of it before we all start searching eastern european royalty aboard the Titanic. What a read, thank you! L.

  50. The Greek myth about Icarus — flying too close to the Sun and the hubris involved comes to mind.
    Substitute the Sun for the water — !

    best wishes

  51. Hi I posted about the ship Ivanhoe that sailed to New Zealand in 1864 on which 25 people died. I think this is the same vessel which eventually sank, with loss of life, in 1895. There are other vessels named Ivanhoe, and they also sank, apart from 1 ship , a British ww2 ship, which was scuttled. So in addition to those ships there was: a Norwegian cargo ship called Ivanhoe which sank in October 1906; a Chilean ship Ivanhoe which was wrecked in 1915; a confederate ship named Ivanhoe shipwrecked 30th June 1864; an American built ship called Ivanhoe which sank in 1894; a ferry called PRINCE IVANHOE which sank August 1981.

    1. Thank you. Ivanhoe is a popular name for a ship. I had a dream, further to Ivanhoe, which gave me the name of a person who owned a holiday home there and had in fact photographed it online. This is the same Ivanhoe you see on the map. So although I agree that the idea of sinking ships is central to Ivanhoe, I now believe the name relates to the map point, as you see in the story, close to St. Johns.

  52. This feature is one of the most fascinating of yours that I’ve ever read, Jessica, as are the comments. One of them mentioned Clive Palmer and his troubles. Well, Clive hit the news a few years ago with his plans to build a replica of the Titanic which was due to be launched on the 100th anniversary of the original’s sail date. A quick Google search seems to indicate it is apparently still going ahead, but it is not finished. There’s also another landlocked replica being built in China for a resort, and that is showing even less progress. The Gemini theme continues to repeat! I’m also struck for some reason about Mercury as ruler of Gemini, as the god of not only communication but also things like merc-antile, merc-hant, merc-handise. He has a dual nature, his sign Gemini is “double bodied” in traditional astrological parlance and he is also the ruler of thieves. So we have two aspects of Mercury/Gemini here that are critical – communications, and money. There are also multiple bodies with the Titan prefix in this mystery! With all the 3’s you mention, I’m reminded of the Tarot pips and the numerology – about 3s being about the end of a beginning – an initial phase if you will. Like the age of sub exploration, or maybe the building of all these replica ships. This story continues to echo down time, but it’s also out of time, and was always going to do so, being linked with the archetypal energy of the Titans. The lessons that “should” have been learned in 1912 are still not learned today, and so they are seemingly repeating in holographic ways – and this goes backward in time too before the sinking, as with the fictional story that seemed to predict it decades before it happened.

    1. Many thanks. It’s so odd that the Titanic is still attracting all these people. Replicas included. I agree with you about the part Mercury plays in this story. And yes, so many ‘three’ occurrences. We really have to go on asking questions about this.

  53. To Lisa, who suggested Jessica Adams was a conspiracy theorist.
    I disagree wholeheartedly. Healthy questioning of the narrative the mainstream media and government feeds us daily is essential to our very survival. We have been lied to about almost everything – our history, our origins, the ineffective and unsafe covid vaccines that are killing and injuring people. You just have to read much more widely and explore non-mainstream media outlets to unearth these conspiracy FACTS. If you can open your mind, and just take a tiny step towards the real science, you might just change your life. Start with this extraordinary interview with Naomi Wolf on the Pfizer clinical trials data, and then put your hand on your heart and say it’s all an anti-vaxxer conspiracy!

    1. Thank you. I don’t normally rate myself as a conspiracy theorist, but as a medium, I have been trained to be honest about what I hear. I do not know why this was passed to me by spirit but it would be wrong of me to withhold ‘Ivanhoe’ and ‘Newport’ and not to pursue it further with the astrology charts. Astrology does cut through the noise of what we’re told is true by our politicians and mainstream media. So does psychic ability. Given that Americans in particular had a deceitful President for years and similarly in Britain we saw PM Boris Johnson (more deceit) and in Australia PM Scott Morrison (secret ministries held behind voters’ backs) – well. You can see why people want to turn to other opinions. Quite right too.

  54. Hi Jessica, I know this thread is not the place to talk about Ukraine, but I find the following link to be uncanny. You said that Ukraine would win the war in the air and (I seem to recall) around a full moon. This thread is about the link between Titan and the Titanic. Well, this BBC article, about Ukraine unearthing WW2 British planes that had been donated to the Soviet Union, seems to be another example of karma, this time for Russia, and it comes at a time when Ukraine is still limited (by Nato) to anti-aircraft missiles instead of more planes. What do you think of this?

    1. Thank you. The lunar cycle was actually tied to the withdrawal of Russia with a cautionary note that despite going, she might well come back. I’m now wondering if the boomerang risk I was seeing, was not Wagner. This is from the old Ukraine and Russia feature filed some time ago. Ukraine will win the war in the air according to the chart. Amazing that Ukraine’s now found British planes. I appreciate this link and will have a look.

  55. Hi Jessica,

    Just echoing Cecelia above. If you don’t have an account and sign in you cannot read Tweets. You were the reason I started looking at Twitter and it has been a joy to read, and so informative; I followed up on some of your recommendations re Covid aware, and found my own also, and all to my benefit. So thank you for that, but sadly no more.
    I’m really quite ticked off with Elon – what a Pilchard!

    1. Ah, Twitter. Thank you for the compliment, but I am sorry you cannot read my Twitter posts. I lost my blue tick, for which I have paid (not happy) and so I stopped subscribing. I’m increasingly spending more time at Substack, which has space for the short messages we see on Twitter but also long features, video and audio. It’s very exciting. I also pulled my subscription to Elon Musk himself. I must be one of millions of people pulling out their money. Yes. Pilchard.

  56. Jessica,

    Thank you, for the in-depth explanation of this card, The Emperor … it feels to me that this one occupying the throne, the way he’s pushed into the forefront of the card, with the great mountain range and even river, or moat, in the background, I want to ask, who is high up in the mountains, secluded, orchestrating, pushing this one into the frame of sight, to stop suspicions maybe, or he’s simply been sent to do another’s bidding … regarding JP Morgan, more contemporaneously, you’ve mentioned the nodes in Aries and Libra, and looking back 18-19 years ago, well, I just noted Jamie Dimon has been chairman and CEO of JP Morgan since that time, 2005 … so much to unfold …

    To clarify, I didn’t sense your Ivanhoe mention, re: the settlement, to be a red herring. More like a magnet, designed to be a direct clue for you, but also kindling for diverse angles from those you share with, in this space or other … like the Rubik’s cube alludes, many sides, many aspects, move a piece here, complete this line, see how it integrates, mystery evolving … So, I did a little more looking up, from the angle of Ivanhoe, as settlement. Interestingly, the first admiralty/maritime court in all of North America was established there, or the nearby Trinity, in June 1615, by Richard Whitbourne, so law, libra, justice; but also the first smallpox inoculation in North America in 1800, as a doctor there was friends with Jenner:

    I went to your cards again, and asked for story, guidance, regarding Ivanhoe the settlement, and the card that came up was the Sun, and being as there were pairs, twins, I pulled a second, the Six of Cups. I’ve pulled the Sun once or twice, but never the Six of Cups. And the Six of Cups, your write up mentioned directly, the Sun card … as these two cards, connected to youth, in a way, you wrote, and it could be legacy, inheritance … perhaps something will come forth or many things, out of the past, from Ivanhoe, or the Ivany family, descendants, the town was renamed in 1917, I think, honouring this family … inheritance of information, perhaps, witness, truth, revelation up ahead … from whoever was living there, generations ago … Anyhow, with great thanks … I simply desired to express that I didn’t think what you had landed on there, was a red herring … and sure, the herring fishery, a part of life in Newfoundland for a long time.

    Your work is the most spot on, I’ve come across. Keep going!

    Thank you, kindly,

    1. Thank you Cathleen. The Sun and Six of Cups are both about children. There is really only one child here and it is the teenager in the story – so your Tarot has focussed on him. We don’t know why, it really depends on the question you were asking. As a psychic, I was drawn to the idea of ‘intelligence’ and of course that includes MI5 and MI6 if you are British. That’s the Gemini theme, really. It just so happens that the very same services (digital branch) on Twitter were promoting a Rubik’s Cube on the day the disaster began. These things tend to stay on the radar even when you don’t know what they mean.

  57. Thank you, Jessica,

    Your responses are teaching me about how to use the cards. Your responses to everyone, teach all of us. I’ll close up here, as you have others to respond to, but as I read your reply, about it being the teenager, as focus, it is true I have mostly thought of the young teenager in the sub. I kept my question to the cards general … around what could be the most helpful revelation to extend my understanding of the connection between Ivanhoe the settlement and the fate of the submersible and its passengers … as soon as I read your response re: intelligence, Edward Snowden came right in … I’d forgotten until I looked it up, and was refreshed … When Edward Snowden arranges to finally meet face-to-face with Laura Poitras and Glenn Grennwald, of the Guardian at that time, asking them to fly to Hong Kong, part of the set up was, in addition to back-and-forth about the local eatery and the food not being so good, or something like that, was that he would have a Rubik’s cube! Also, in the movie, there is the scene, portrayed as movie creation at the time … neither confirmed nor denied, but it was Snowden’s idea, Oliver Stone shared … that it would be a Rubik’s cube that held the little micro files with the classified info on US government surveillance programs and that was the way Snowden got passed security. That was some years ago, but more recently, in his memoir, ‘Permanent Record’, Snowden confirmed this was indeed true. There’s your intelligence twins too, again, maybe, former CIA and NSA contractor.

    Thank you again,
    I’ll withdraw now for the next while, but continue reading and learning from you, as you respond to others, I glean so much,

    1. Thank you Cathleen. You and I are on the same page. I am about to add to this feature, referencing Edward Snowden. The sole reason is the Rubik’s Cube you mention. It is a huge part of his story. And yes, it’s intelligence or Intelligence, capital I. The charts point to this with their focus on Gemini. So thematically the chart picks up US and UK intelligence; this is the reason I checked the GCHQ Twitter account when Titan’s story began – and there was the cube.

  58. Jessica, the most obvious thing to me regarding ‘Ivanhoe’ was to think of the great Scottish poet & writer, Sir Walter Scott. The name Ivanhoe was said to be taken from the Buckinghamshire village Ivinghoe. Nearby Ivinghoe Beacon has been used as a film location for the Harry Potter series, Star Wars (the later Skywalker series) & many tv series. Ivinghoe would have been known to Scott as he sometimes stayed with the owner of Stocks House just 8 miles. Shahzada Dawood took a law degree at Buckingham University in the county.
    Scott visited Malta towards the end of his life when it was felt warmer climes might aid his health. Scott’s last novel, The Siege of Malta, was written in 1832, the year he died but not published until 2008.
    Shahzada Dawood took Maltese citizenship in 2016. Suleman Dawood was attending a Scottish university at the time of this terrible event.
    There is a Ivanhoe Street in Halifax, where the Titanic victims are buried. Ironically it is a turning off of the aptly named Atlantic Street.
    All tenuous I admit but it does draw me to one of the most quoted lines from poetry; often thought erroneously to be by Shakespeare, Scott wrote in his poem ‘Marmion’
    ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practise to decieve’
    Something to think about?

    1. Ivanhoe is a spot on the map near St. Johns and Newport – the odds of those two map points being given so close to Polar Prince is well against – so I will take that as geography. However you are picking up lots of Ivanhoe themes which is interesting. I think your final lines are extremely important. You posted this on 5th July and it’s now six days on but I have more to add to this story following input from other psychics and astrologers. Many thanks.

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