The Astrology of France

France, Astrology and the Future 2023-2030

Pray for France as the Paris we know and love is temporarily gone in July 2023. Even Joan of Arc would have a battle on her hands with some of these residents, non?

There are several astrology charts for France, but the one that works best for prediction is below.  I’ve labelled it France FINAL after running all the horoscopes for Paris through the last war. This chart also shows the mob violence in France, as I publish this on 2nd July 2023. You’ve seen me talk about the return of the French Revolution cycle quite a few times, and here we are. Pluto at 0 Aquarius is coming back – this is the cycle that delivered the end of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and gave us ‘new France.’ Of course this is a really long cycle. Having started tentatively in March 2023 it’s now dormant but returns in January 2024. (Data: The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, 2004).


France 1024x788 - The Astrology of France

Saturn at 21 Sagittarius – The Hard Karma of Foreigners and Foreign Countries

You would expect to find something painful in Sagittarius, in the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries – and here it is. Saturn at 21 Sagittarius. It aspects Salacia at 21 Leo. It also aspects Neptune at 21 Aries. The French relationship with foreigners is complicated. This chart shows you the collaboration of some French with the Nazis under Hitler’s occupation. It also shows you why France has had (since 1870) an embedded problem with other languages and cultures, be they there legally or illegally. It doesn’t really matter if it’s the Occupation of the 1940s or more recent troubles, with mob violence and terrorist attacks.

This Saturn at 21 Sagittarius was exactly under transit when the war began. Uranus had moved to 21 Taurus and triggered that pattern. The shock of war. As I write this on July 2nd 2023, Uranus has moved back to exactly the same position. He stands at 21 Taurus. There is a great feeling here of walls, fences, barriers and boundaries coming back in. Back then it was sandbags and check points. As Uranus continues to transit Saturn, it may come again.

Uranus Revolution France 300x224 - The Astrology of FranceRussian Spies, Borders and Fortress France

This is also about borders, isn’t it. Saturn rules what and who is inaccessible or impossible to get out of. This does feel like ‘Fortress France’ particularly in regard to the English Channel, Eurostar and borders within Europe, such as they are. The cycle runs July 1st until 8th. Then October 22nd to 31st. November 1st to 15th. And again, April 6th until 24th, 2024.

Beyond physical barriers, the issue for France is infiltration by foreign agents. We would assume Russia, the enemy of NATO. Fortunately from April 24th 2024, that extremely difficult transit (Uranus quincunx Saturn) is finished.

Deeply Patriotic France and Her Matriarchy

This is a matriarchy. Just look at the Cancer stellium. It’s intensely patriotic, this country and with Mars in Cancer, has fought for her people and land, and will do so again. I’m sure there are plenty of astrologers who are concerned about the opposition of Pluto to Mars that is coming.

This takes place when Pluto goes to 27 Capricorn, right opposite Mars at 27 Cancer, starting 20th September, with a direct phase (increasing in intensity) on October 11th. It ends on 1st November which is when the extreme danger period is over, as Pluto is about the most powerful, dominating, controlling people and organisations – even countries – and Mars is the French army. The French Resistance and the gendarmes.

I’m sure you’ve seen this famous painting in the Louvre. With the Cancerian breasts front and centre, this is the very picture of Mother France. The old archetype of Joan of Arc also nods to this Cancer stellium in the chart – the protectress.

Relations With the Neighbours

Perhaps because of the turmoil ahead, France develops a much better relationship with the neighbours (even post-Brexit Britain) as Jupiter with all his solutions and good news, moves into Gemini and her Third House, from May 26th 2024. chanel coco and misia justine picardie 300x191 - The Astrology of FranceFrom that point forward there will be long overdue improvements in all those Gemini and Third House matters we might expect – short journeys within Europe and to the United Kingdom. The French language and all translation. The worldwide web itself.

This foreshadows a radical period of change for France with her European neighbours in particular from July 8th 2025, when Uranus with all his new inventions, freedom, liberation and quite revolutionary new directions, enters Gemini. This lasts until 2033 so the wider map of the European Union, in whatever shape it survives, will alter remarkably. Uranus is always ‘The last thing you expected is the first thing to happen’ so there are surprises in store here.

This is also very much about the French car industry (Gemini rules commuting) so, Peugeot and Renault, for example. France has Jupiter in Gemini and she will have her Jupiter Return in May 2025, which looks big for Eurostar, the most famous example of her Gemini connection to the world.

Politically, a safe pair of hands in France is always a female pair of hands as she is so drawn to mothers and grandmothers – the female of the species – and anyone playing that card (Mother France) be he male or be she female, will win votes and remain popular. I’m sure you know Cancer also rules cooking and of course this country is the home of Cordon Bleu. She’s strongly Leo too – the sign of courtship – and of course the sign of Chanel, too. In fact, Chanel was so interested in astrology that she used the lion motif during her rule of French fashion, just as today, the house of Chanel still honours her sign in its fragrance.

It’s quite a chart, this old horoscope for France, and it foretells quite a future.

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18 Responses

  1. Thank you Jessica. I am trying to keep up to date with the news for France over the past few days. It fascinates me that it is going through the same astrology transits you mentioned with Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. (I also never knew Chanel was an astrology fan.) I was wondering Jessica, if you have time can you tell me what you think the next six months are looking like for me with my chart? Because of pluto moving back into capricorn and how I might be affected? I dont know if I like my new temporary job as a tutor but it is good experience. I am petrified of pluto being back in capricorn! Any information you might have is so much appreciated. Thank you so so much.

    1. Lots of people are worried about Pluto in Capricorn but actually, it’s your last possible chance to get it right with your career, and do what you know you should have done in 2022. He returns in order to remind you ‘this issue never went away’ and it is usually about your handing over power to something/someone you mistakenly think is in control of you. It/he/she/they really is not. The power is yours but you have to earn it through willpower. The Tarot can tell you more about your specific personal situation as a tutor.

  2. Hi Jessica! My question is about the Full Moon in Capricorn, as it directly affects my Aesculapia and Sun. And it all happens on my birthday. What can I expect?

    1. Well, it’s happening now. As always with the Full Moon, especially aspecting your chart, give yourself and others a ton of time and space. These things are a big stretch and you never know what is affecting others, nor they you, so the more slack you can cut, the better. Your birthday is very much about your house, household, apartment, family, town and/or country. You’ll get a better sense of where to head with this once the Full Moon has passed.

  3. Very powerful and interesting…I would guess that Marine Le Pen, or another female politician, benefits greatly, and that France either leaves the EU or the EU is drastically changed…Another possibility would be Ukraine, which is getting crushed, manages to drag NATO into a wider war, which would have drastic, possibly catastrophic repercussions…

    1. Thank you. The European Union was always going to break apart…I can’t remember my first prediction about that, but I believe it was at the time of the Greek referendum. Britain, even then, looked on shaky ground. The astrology later predicted Brexit, even when the polls disagreed. The EU borders will change dramatically from 2025 when Uranus (the revolution) goes into Gemini (the neighbours). The usual world war signals we see in charts from World War One and World War Two are not showing.

  4. ‘Politically, a safe pair of hands in France is always a female pair of hands’. Marine Le Pen? Another step to the right for a European country? Mon Dieu!

    1. France has that huge Cancer stellium that leans towards Mama rather than Papa and if Marine Le Pen plays that role, the next election would be in le sac. She is polling well. There is this huge, fiercely protective, Cancerian side to France which explains the patriotic determination to hang on to her culture, history, food, traditions and most of all, her reputation in art and fashion. The horoscope probably sang the loudest during the last war; we are now back at the same transit. Anyone, particularly a woman, tapping that is going to push all the buttons in the national psyche.

  5. Very interesting read with the astrology charts that don’t depict humans, rather countries/business etc. And such a synchronicity to see COCO Chanel, my start up luxury candle business stitchbitchstudio on instagram has landed me knowledge in marketing and social media. In May I was knocked back for a social media job and it has been re-advertised again! I am going to re-apply after discussing with the hiring manager and I am hoping that this Full moon in Capricorn can boost me, keeping an eye on Pluto and Venus retrograde (Beauty and all things Chanel haha). Though the transits are very much 5th house (Children) I believe it is the side of creativity and the birth of creative projects that will effect me, tapping into my artistic skills (graphic design/fine art). I feel that birth charts and transits are a guide and map for the blueprint on reality, I may be a Cap Sun, but my creativity comes from my Pieces Moon and my Mum/Dad (both Sun Pieces.) My mothers sister is a renowned Tarot reader from Ireland and her partner is a physic, they are coming down to Melbourne next week to give my Mum a reading because I got her into your blogs and websites about the world and astrology! Informative read As always!

    1. Thank you. And thanks for recommending my work too. People are surprised that a country can have a chart, but they can be uncanny descriptions of the national psyche. If you are a designer and artist looking for success then your Sun Capricorn chart with a Capricorn stellium suggests a reshuffle in your chosen field, so promotions, departures and demotions are coming as 2023 ends and 2024 begins. That will leave a space for you, if you have lined up all your ducks in a row. Eventually your career will settle down, once Pluto is well and truly out of Capricorn, but it’s been quite a journey over the last few years. You will find that your career from July 2023 until January 2025 takes you back to a situation so familiar from 18-19 years before.

  6. Gosh Jessica, my natal moon 29 ♋️ and Pluto into 29 ♑️ (opp) scary

    1. You’ve had this opposition before and got through okay, so it’s just returning. Pluto in opposition to the Moon presents as a person, situation or organisation which seeks to control and dominate. Against the Moon in Cancer, it is against your ‘need to be needed’ with the family, household or live-in partner. What oppositions tend to do is make us dig down deeper for our innate qualities, so this just makes you more Cancerian – more family-minded, more home-conscious. I should have thought December 2023, January 2024 (Christmas and New Year; family reunions) is the big one, as Pluto is at 29 Capricorn then and the Full Moon in Cancer on December 27th emphasises what you have been going through. There would be an end to it as 2024 begins.

  7. Thank you for giving us this chart and post. How can you tell if moving to a country is right for you? I used to live in Paris a long time ago, and I’ve been considering moving there again, and so I’ve been improving my French throughout the pandemic up until now. I’ve also been meaning to visit, but each time that seems likely, an event has gotten in the way. The pandemic, unrest, and other factors.

    Comparing my chart to France’s, I see that my Mars in Cancer is conjunct France’s descendant, and France’s Mars in Cancer is conjunct my IC. My Salacia is on France’s South Node and opposing what looks like Ceres and Bacchus (glyphs aren’t exactly the same as the ones on my chart). Then my Uranus at 21 Leo trines France’s Saturn and is conjunct what might be Ops? My Moon in Scorpio is conjunct France’s Fortuna if I’m reading it correctly. My Asc is almost conjunct France’s IC, but the orb is two degrees so a little wide. There are other connections, too, but I’m wondering how to judge general compatibility as well as a specific time frame. With transiting Uranus at 21 Taurus, maybe that isn’t fortuitous for now. Interesting that France’s square to my Venus seems to be the only connection to my Venus in the chart. Do you have any methods for deciding when is a good time to go somewhere? I pulled the Nine of Pentacles for the tarot reading. My question was, “When is a good time for me to go to France? Tell me about the situation of my going to France.” Thank you for any insight!

    1. Thank you. You can line up your chart with the national chart for France and look for exact aspects (within 0-1 degree’s difference) and then see what you have. The signs matter, so Cancer is your apartment or house, your town and country. With Mars there on the French descendant, I have to ask if you are British because the Descendant is always ‘partner and/or enemy’ and of course the UK and France have been both at different times. We might also include Germany in that. The French Mars on your IC is again a nod to your nationality and heritage, as your IC is your family tree and that very heated, frequently angry French Mars is there. Perhaps your history goes back to the Scarlet Pimpernel or even the last war, in terms of your family’s time with the army, navy, air force and so on. You speak French so that’s better than most. There’s a fair amount of military history there with the DC of France and your IC. The Tarot can’t tell you ‘when’ but it can tell you ‘what happens if I move to France within 12 months’ and so on. Follow the steps, as you in fact asked the wrong question the first time. Have another look and see if that Mars comes up.

  8. I know it has nothing to do with this article, but is Russia going to blow up the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant? The Ukraine’s military intelligence say it has evidence about this or is it all just Putin’s threats?

    1. The odd thing about Vladimir Putin is that it’s Putins, plural. The Kremlin are using a variety of actors. The original Putin may well have died. There is a huge amount of game-playing going on, with both sides. I can only turn back to my original chart reading for Ukraine, Belarus and Russia (last year) which saw Decline and Fall for one or all of the Putins. My colleague Katie-Ellen Hazeldine has repeatedly drawn the Ten of Swords for what we call Putin. Stabbed in the back by the group. It happened once with Wagner and it will happen again.

  9. Bonjour Jessica,
    I visit France regularly. due to ill health I cannot visit this year. my heart actually aches because I cannot go! Sometimes I get a feeling I may have lived there in a previous life. I have mars at 27 Mars Cancer and my husband has Mars at 27 Cancer. We would both love to spend our retirement in France. Does anything in my chart suggest that this may happen. I feel great peace and familiarity when I visit certain parts of France. I have been watching the unrest for some time and it has been brewing!
    could you look at Holland at some stage. I think the path of Holland is central to the future of Europe.

    Thank you for this article.
    Best regards,

    1. France is very special. I understand why you miss it. I am sorry you are unwell and hope you recover with some time off. You have Jupiter at 26 Gemini in the Third House of short journeys and neighbours. You will experience your Jupiter Return (very fortunate) once he changes signs from May 2024 and by June 2025 will have been given a big opportunity to make so much more of a neighbouring country; a neighbouring region; a regular short journey. You don’t say where you live. I would assume Holland. What happens next year will open the doors to France for you. Later on, 2025-2026 begins the radical changes in Europe and the EU. The map will be redrawn along with the borders and new forms of transport will be invented or popularised. This will also set you free. So this is long-term. I agree that Holland is part of the EU issue. It’s long been predicted by astrology that this conglomerate and the Euro are not going to last and of course Britain was first to go.

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