Peter Paul Rubens -Diana Returning from Hunt


Male and Female Asteroids in Astrology

Your Astrology Chart With Male and Female Asteroids

There are one million asteroids. In modern astrology, we only use those which belong to the family tree that began with Mercury, Venus, Mars and the rest. Here’s how you can find out more about interpreting your personal birth chart, and those of partners, potential partners or former partners.

Are you the Diana type, with the independent, alpha female asteroid Diana making exact patterns in your chart?  (Diana pictured here by Rubens/Wikimedia). Maybe you are an old-fashioned man, like Johnny Depp, and have male asteroids dominating your chart along with male planets.

The Astrological Lodge of London Event

I’ll be talking about the female and male asteroids in your natal chart at The Astrological Lodge of London, over two nights – on Zoom. The event is recorded if you are unable to make it.

This event runs on Monday 3rd July at 8.30pm to 9.30pm and again on Monday 10th July at 8.30pm to 9.30pm. 

As always, I will take questions during the Zoom. Asteroid Astrology will also be offered at The Sun Sign School in the first quarter of 2024.

Are You a Premium Member?

If you are a Premium Member you can pick up my flipbook on this, Asteroid Astrology, free from your library here. This will give you a complete and detailed guide. You can also purchase it for $12.00 to give you the full picture of the asteroids. (Image of Diana: The Astrology Oracle/Justin Tabari).

Why Use Female and Male Asteroids?

I have been working with asteroid astrology since 2006 when Pluto was demoted and Ceres was promoted. Both are now dwarf planets. Why bring in Proserpina? Well, it seemed illogical to leave her out. If you’re going to work with Ceres (dwarf) and Pluto (dwarf) you may as well include the original Roman mythology. This first female asteroid, Proserpina, the daughter of Ceres and wife of Pluto, launched me into an updated astrology, which I began using at Cosmopolitan magazine. Readers loved it. Finally, people know who they really were, because they could see their asteroids.

More Accurate Readings

Astrology has always moved with the times. When Uranus was discovered in 1781, he was put into astrology charts. When Neptune was found in 1846, the same. As astronomers find more missing symbols in the family tree of astrology, we apply them.  Completing the family tree of astrology by putting Pluto’s wife back in, and the rest – helps you fathom your chart in more detail.

You may never really know Pluto in your horoscope, natally or by transit, until you have seen how his wife Proserpina and mother-in-law Ceres operate as well. And I haven’t even mentioned Juno, the wife of Jupiter, or Ops, the wife of Saturn. This gives you more accurate readings about who you are – and what happens to you. (Juno card from The Astrology Oracle: Images by Justin Tabari).

card juno 213x300 - Male and Female Asteroids in Astrology

Love, Sex and Asteroids

These female and male asteroids also show why you play the husband in a marriage (even though you are the wife) and why you play the wife in a marriage (even though you are the husband). Remember these are ancient archetypes, layered over 2000+ years of history.

Obviously, these female and male asteroids show lesbian, gay and bisexual people why they might lead with one aspect of their personality. These are traditional symbols. Pluto abducted Proserpina because he was sexually obsessed with her. Venus seduced Mars with her beauty.

Comparing Marriage Charts

Comparing two charts in a marriage or common-law marriage (living together) can help you see how your feminine or masculine side, and that of your partner, line up. If there are female or male asteroids or planets at the same degrees in both charts, this is unusual and important. You two may even find the original Roman myths play out in your lives.

For example, if your Vesta aspects your boyfriend’s Sun, there may be a harem of women to complete with. If you and your partner have Jupiter and Juno contacts (Jupiter and Juno, painted here) then you may play out the myth of those two, complete with peacock and pea hen issues.

The addition of male and female asteroids balances the astrology chart. This is really because so many of the planets are male. Jupiter. Saturn, Neptune, Pluto – and so on. In fact most planets in 20th century are male. Yet, Jupiter has a wife and daughters. Saturn has a wife and daughter. Neptune has a wife. Pluto has a wife and mother-in-law.

The Male and Female List in Your Astrology Chart

Here is a full list of planets, asteroids and other factors by sex. We begin with neutral placements – the angles and nodes. These 34 factors include 28 which are planets, asteroids or other heavenly bodies. Of these 28, exactly 14 are male, and 14 are female. It’s almost as if the Romans who gave us our modern astrology, meant it that way.

NORTH NODE – Neutral
SOUTH NODE – Neutral

SUN – Male
MOON – Female
VENUS – Female
PSYCHE – Female
MARS – Male
JUNO – Female
FORTUNA – Female
MINERVA – Female
DIANA – Female
HYGIEA – Female
PANACEA – Female
OPS – Female
VESTA – Female
SALACIA – Female
PLUTO – Male
CERES – Female

Using Exact Orbs

In modern astrology, if you include male and female asteroids, you have 34 chart factors. That’s a lot so you only work with orbs of 0-1 degree. Exact, or almost exact. It makes the chart easier to read. At a glance, if you see factors lining up at the same number (always the first number – the degree) then you know you have something unusual and striking – in terms of your personality but also your destiny.

Equality and Asteroids

Until the reintroduction of the Roman/Latin asteroids to astrology, only two female archetypes existed – the doting mother (The Moon) and the adulterous wife and jealous mother(Venus). Thanks to the asteroids and other card hygeia 213x300 - Male and Female Asteroids in Astrologybodies, we now have new female archetypes like Minerva (female wisdom and knowledge) and Diana (single, child-free, women). Roman Asteroids give us feminine symbols not defined by their relationship to men. Minerva was single. Diana only had one lover – Endymion – and he was asleep.

Equality for men means the feminine side of the male sex is allowed more expression by using female asteroids. Maybe you’re like Kurt Cobain and you relate to women very easily. Maybe you’re like Kurt and like to wear a frock on occasion. He had a strong female asteroid pattern. Maybe you do too. The female asteroids making exact aspects in a male chart, explain why a man might want to increase the feminine bandwidth in his personality – like Caitlyn Jenner – as he now calls himself – who is a man who took a woman’s name and had surgery.

Kurt Cobain, whom I was lucky enough to interview (see Serving the Servant, Danny Goldberg, Trapeze and Cobain on Cobain, Nick Soulsby, Chicago Review Press) is a good example of a straight man with a feminine side – Caitlyn Jenner (she used to be called William) says she prefers women. Jenner has Hygiea, a female asteroid, in the sign of Scorpio, ruling sex. (This asteroid also has Greek spelling: Hygeia) Image: Justin Tabari.

The Dii Consentes Are Back

New discoveries in astronomy and the software to show them, has meant the original twelve Roman gods, the Dii Consentes, are back together in your chart. Jupiter, Juno, Minerva, Vesta, Ceres, Diana, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Vulcan and Apollo were the first twelve.

Masculine Women and Feminine Men

Caitlyn Jenner (William Bruce Jenner) born on 28th October 1949 at 6.16am in Mount Kisco, New York (AA/ has an exact line-up at 0 degrees involving the female asteroids.

Vulcano 0 Capricorn (Male asteroid)
Hygiea 0 Scorpio (Female asteroid)
Fortuna 0 Libra (Female asteroid)
Mars 0 Virgo (Male planet)

Kurt Cobain, born on 20th February 1967 at 7.38pm in Aberdeen, Washington (AA/ has Vesta, a female asteroid, in a conjunction with Neptune, a male planet. He also has Cupido, a male asteroid, in conjunction with Diana, a female asteroid. This is the feminist who wore cardigans and a blonde bob.

Neptune 24 Scorpio
Vesta 24 Scorpio

Cupido 28 Aquarius
Diana 28 Aquarius


9A Kurt Cobain Vesta 1024x788 - Male and Female Asteroids in Astrology


Johnny Depp, Elvis Presley and Quentin Crisp

Johnny Depp, born on 9th June 1963 at 8.44am in Owensboro, Kentucky (AA/ has a male asteroid (Cupido) and male planet line-up (Mars) at the same degree, including the angles. He presents as strongly masculine in a traditional way.

Mars 3 Virgo
IC 3 Scorpio
Cupido 3 Aquarius
MC 3 Taurus

Elvis Presley, born on 8th January 1935 at 4.35am in Tupelo, Mississippi (AA/ has Vulcano in conjunction with the MC. Bacchus, a male asteroid, is square both. The IC is involved in the pattern and Ceres too. Elvis played the army card well.

Vulcano 26 Virgo
MC 26 Virgo

Bacchus 26 Sagittarius
IC 26 Pisces
Ceres 26 Cancer

Quentin Crisp, born on 25th December 1908 at 12.30pm in Carshalton, England (AA/ has a female asteroid next to Pluto. Another female asteroid, Psyche, is in opposition. This is the pattern of England’s ‘stately homo’ to coin a Gemini nickname.

Pluto 24 Gemini
Hygiea 24 Gemini
Psyche 24 Sagittarius


10A Tina Turner Salacia Minerva 1024x788 - Male and Female Asteroids in Astrology

Chrissie Hynde, Aretha Franklin, K.D.Lang and Tina Turner

Chrissie Hynde, born on 7th September 1951 at 10.20am in Akron, Ohio (AA/ has a female asteroid, Diana, aspecting the angles. Diana is the goddess daughter of Jupiter who rejected motherhood and marriage in order to be free. She is also identified with Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt. She is always seen with a greyhound.

Diana 27 Cancer
MC 27 Cancer
IC 27 Capricorn

Aretha Franklin, born on 25th March 1942 at 10.30pm in Memphis, Tennessee (AA/ has Bacchus, the male asteroid, in conjunction with her Sun. ‘You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman’ is one of her biggest hits – this erotic, sometimes overtly sexual anthem suits her Bacchus-Sun conjunction.

Sun 4 Aries
Bacchus 4 Aries

K.D. Lang was born on 2nd November 1961 at 2.03am in Edmonton, Canada (AA/ and has the female asteroid Panacea aspecting the male horoscope symbols, Pluto and the Sun.

Pluto 9 Virgo
Panacea 9 Virgo
Sun 9 Scorpio

Tina Turner was born on  26th November 1939 at 10.10pm in Nutbush, Tennesee (AA/ with the two female asteroids, Salacia and Minerva, in conjunction. Sagittarius rules foreign culture and Buddhism became Tina’s escape.

Salacia 14 Sagittarius
Minerva 14 Sagittarius

Princess Anne Mercury Saturn 1024x788 - Male and Female Asteroids in Astrology

Alastair Sim, Siouxsie Sioux and Princess Anne

Alastair Sim was born on 9th October 1900 at 1.00am in Edinburgh (AA/ with two female asteroids in conjunction. He played Millicent Fritton, headmistress of St. Trinians, and her brother Clarence. He did so because Margaret Rutherford was unavailable. His drag sibling performance suits his Gemini pattern.

Ops 27 Gemini
Minerva 27 Gemini

Siouxsie Sioux was born on 27th May 1957 at 9.12pm in London. (AA/ She has Mercury in conjunction with Aesculapia. From punk to Goth to 2023, her business is about comebacks.

Aesculapia 12 Taurus
Mercury 12 Taurus

Princess Anne was born on 15th August 1950 at 11.50am BST in London (AA/ and has Mercury and Saturn in conjunction. Two male planets. She has frequently been named ‘the hardest working royal’ and carried out 11,088 engagements between 2002 and 2022, more than any other member of the royal family. Including the men. (Source: Wikipedia). When Charles III accepted the crown, transiting Uranus (revolution, radical change) moved to 18 Taurus and triggered this pattern in her chart. This could only have happened once in her life, and it happened when her brother asked her to embody that dutiful, masculine, Virgo line-up.

Mercury 18 Virgo
Saturn 18 Virgo
Vesta 18 Taurus


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30 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,
    what does it mean if NN, mercury, chiron, saturn are retrograde? incl a number of asteroids? 14.8.65 sydney

    1. Retrogrades are pretty common in natal charts and tend to be dormant until you get a transit going over them, when you operate backwards. So, for example, if you were born with Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, when Pluto is in a conjunction with that, there will be a reshuffle at work which finds you leaving, coming, staying, going…

  2. Thanks Jessica! This was really interesting. I have lots of aspects to my asteroids, often with a male/female asteroid combination. For example, I have Aesculapia conjunct my Sun at 28 Cancer, Venus at 7 Virgo conjuct Cupido at 8 Virgo, and Apollo and Fortuna at 27 Gemini. I also have Psyche, Ceres and the South Node at 29 Taurus, as well as Juno at 14 Cancer and Ops at 14 Scorpio opposite Mars 14 Taurus. Do the aspects between male and female asteroids mean a person is comfortable expressing both stereotypical “female” and “male” traits? Thanks

    1. Aesculapia in conjunction with the Sun in Cancer in the Fourth House is your eternal comeback with a particular town or country – just when people thought it might be over – it returns. Whatever you call home, always comes back to you. The Venus-Cupido conjunction is actually mother and son at work, and you may come across that when the pattern is triggered. (Complicated relationship too). I will let you use Asteroid Astrology to decode the rest. Yes, if you have lots of male-female patterns you are comfortable expressing feminine and masculine traits.

  3. PS. I drew the Page of Swords when reflecting on a house I’d like to buy. (I’m pleased Jupiter in Taurus is exactly conjunct my IC on the day of the auction.) Naturally I’ll make my own financial decisions. But the yellow in the card reflects my fears (which are there as well as the excitement) and the swords would represent the communication with the agent. I read various interpretations but it didn’t seem to be a decisive yes or no, so I’d appreciate your take on the card.

    1. The Page of Swords is a younger man than you, probably the agent or seller. A man in a hurry and rather aggressive with it. I would also suspect, another bidder at auction. Have another look at the full interpretation which is in Pamela’s Tarot in your flipbook library here.

  4. That is fantastic reading dear Jessica, thank you ever so much! That might explain so called “male-ish” reacting for me sometimes.
    How this could be related to countries and their charts? France is concerning isn’t it?

    1. Thank you. Yes, some countries are feminine and some masculine. The chart for France is excessively feminine as you might expect; thus Dior, Chanel and Yves St Laurent and the new Olympics logo.

  5. My husband and I fit in to this. He is at home with his feminine side despite being an Aries and a Fire Rooster in Chinese astrology. He is Australian and sees himself as an 18th century gentleman. Has been constantly questioned as being gay but doesn’t care and said he would have come out if that was the case. I am a feminine looking Taurean who was brought up with two boys and a close father relationship. Rarely get on with women, especially groups, unless they too walk their own path, don’t get in to mean girl/playground stuff. It can be lonely a times but there are more of us out there than people think. Both of us baffled at the traditional male/female persona but we compliment, not complete, each other.

    1. Too funny that your partner is always mistaken as gay. Says a lot about Australian masculinity and femininity! You have Saturn in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups and friends, so no doubt have had some hard learning experiences about schoolgirls or ‘frenemies’ among women. Saturn in Aquarius is worth knowing about, quite apart from your feminine partner.

  6. Hello and thank you for this. I am trying to interpret some shared placements and wondered if you could please help? Thank you.
    Same degree and same sign:

    Partner Mars / Me Pluto – Virgo
    Partner Venus /Me Apollo / Scorpio
    Partner Vesta /Me Sun – Pisces
    Partner Ops/Me N Node – Scorpio
    Partner Proserpina/Me Minerva – Virgo
    Partner Minerva/Me Jupiter – Gemini

    Same degree and same asteroid:

    Partner aesculapia Libra/Me Capricorn
    Partner Panacea Pisces/ Me Gemini

    .. we do have more same degree patterns but I’ve picked these. Thank you so much.

    1. Scorpio is ‘sex, death and money’ as they say, so in marriage, ‘Until death do us part, for richer for poorer.’ It is also about two people splitting the rent. This is really where the two of you lean into each other in the relationship and your partner plays Venus (seductive, roving eye on occasion, attractive) and you play Apollo (you take the lead). In fact your partner operates on a very female level within this financial, property sphere you share together as he also has Ops, a female asteroid. The Virgo, Pisces, Capricorn and Gemini factors are important, but it’s the Scorpio patterns that are crucial here.

  7. Hi Jessica, thank you, this is new to me. I love how you keep unravelling astrology as an opportunity to understand the universe and our lives.

    Do any of the below from my chart have any significance?

    15 Cupido Virgo
    15 Vulcano Virgo

    15 Venus Scorpio
    14 Uranus Scorpio

    15 Neptune Sagittarius

    15 Panacea Libra
    16 Pluto Libra

    4 Moon Leo
    3 Jupiter Leo
    3 Sun Libra
    4 Mars Scorpio

    Thank you, Jessica.

    1. Yes, the line-up at 14, 15, 16 is important because it never rains, but it pours. Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius all suggest that your work (Virgo) or unpaid work, acdemic career (also Virgo) is always tied into your partnerships or battles with others (Libra). Sexual and financial relationships are part of this (Scorpio) and it will pull in foreign people or places. So, for example, you might take a job that involves plenty of worldwide web connections with people abroad, and develop a relationship with someone as a result. That’s just one example. Uranus is in there and also Vulcano so this is quite a dramatic chart pattern. Whenever it is triggered there is always quite radical change, and this is the person who might get out of a relationship by moving countries, say. The whole area of relationships and partnerships is highly charged and it may be useful to go back and see what happened when you had transits from a slow-moving planet like Pluto at 14, 15, 16 Capricorn 2016 and part of 2017. Once you see the pattern you can change it. Your 3/4 pattern is also about love, sex and relationships. Courtship, the bedroom, pregnancy, any children. With Mars in Scorpio you fight with/for/over the money, the house, the apartment, the possessions.

  8. Hi Jessica, I’ve wondered before what the male/female oppositions in my chart are all about!

    Mercury 28 Taurus
    Panacea 28 Taurus
    Cupido 28 Scorpio

    (Also Saturn at 28 Cancer)

    Bacchus 7 Capricorn
    Psyche 7 Cancer

    Would love to know what you make of this, thank you!

    1. Good question. Back in the day, I used to know an astrologer who would use cushions so people could talk to their Mercury, or talk to their Saturn. The cushion would play the planet. You have a classic tug of war about your money, versus the money of your parent or partner. It always involves the house or apartment. It is dormant but occasionally shows up. A common outcome is the girlfriend who wants to spend the money on saving the planet and the boyfriend who wants to renovate the kitchen. You also find the daughter who is extravagant and the mother who is thrifty. The male side of yourself would operate like a bank manager or accountant in a suit and tie; the female side of yourself would want to make everything better. It’s tricky. Any time you enter into a contract you’d want an expert to look it over. The Capricorn-Cancer split is about the family, again – and you may find that with both Saturn and Psyche in Cancer in the Fourth House, there are literal issues with husbands and wives (yourself or your parents), and particularly mother-in-law and daughter in law; mother and son. You can find out more about this on Search or in your library here.

  9. Gosh, that’s spot on. I’ve had two significantly relationships end because of an impasse over living arrangements/finances.
    Most recently, my partner broke up with me the day Pluto moved onto my IC at 29 Cap after months of tension due to my reluctance to leave my job to move closer to him.

    1. Thank you for confirming the astrology reading, short though it is. You’ve just found the timing, too. I am sorry you went through the break-up, but sometimes it is better to be away from a Pluto type and out of a Pluto transit. Pluto can feel very controlling. You’ll never have this transit again.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing your insights on asteroids. It is not a topic that is widely discuss especially involving the Roman classification. I tried to chart some patterns from my chart, not sure what their impact is,

    00 Sun Sagittarius
    00 Psyche Scorpio
    01 Panacea Virgo

    11 Hygeia Libra
    11 Ops Capricorn
    11 Apollo Leo
    11 Aesculapia Sagittarius
    10 Diana Sagittarius

    14 Fortuna Aries
    14 Salacia Aquarius
    14 Juno Capricorn
    15 Bacchus Scorpio

    17 Vulcano Aquarius
    17 Mars Capricorn
    17 Cupido Scorpio
    18 MC Capricorn

    23 Jupiter Scorpio
    23 Ceres Sagittarius
    22 Proserpina Libra
    22 Vesta Aquarius
    24 Chiron Taurus

    Thank you,

    1. Of these, the most important aspect is Jupiter in Scorpio leading Ceres, Proserpina, Vesta and Chiron. This is here all your life and finds you always gaining from inheritance, wills, legacies, partners who come with a full bank account or house/apartment – and other variations on the theme. You are protected financially, in business, charity and with property. It pulls in Chiron in Taurus in your income and savings zone, and Proserpina in your partnership zone, so this is most likely to be sexual partners or professional partners. Proserpina is your go-between side; your ability to go between two powerful people or two powerful families or organisations, within a partnership.

  11. Hello Jessica, thank you for the many new articles! Its always interesting and a joy for me, to study them. If its possible, can you please tell me, what it means, that I have Ceres and Saturn in pisces in the same degree of my birth chart and that now actually Ops ist nearby Pluto in his transit with one degree difference in capricorn? Heartly greetings from Germany, Birgit

    1. Thank you Birgit. Okay so you have Ceres at 14 Pisces and Saturn at 14 Pisces in a conjunction. You were born with God or the rejection of God in the family. You may have gone to a religious school or had at least one parent or grandparent who was in the church. In other cases, your parents rejected religion and so you were brought up in an atheist household. This led you to have to find alternatives to God. Maybe Tarot. Maybe Buddhism. Ever since childhood you have been forced to compromise, to accept changes in your life, to deal with being shut out of things, or locked into them – through religion or your own rejection of it. So you may have gone to a strict Catholic school and been made go to go church and take confession. Then, later, you may have found yourself in a different school where there was no God at all, so you were shut out – even if you did believe. As you grow older, there may be variations on the theme. Having to accept the reality of spirituality and the spirit world is a big one. So you may find yourself disappointed by Buddhism, or disappointed by particular belief systems like Spiritualism. The transits you mention are not as important with this, as the arrival of Jupiter at 14 Taurus, which happens from August 5th 2023 and lasts, on and off, until the first week of October 2023. This is a problem solving time. Old issues you had about religion, Buddhism, Tarot, therapy, self-help, counselling, hypnosis, science (and all the areas which cross over the Twelfth House) can be resolved easily then.

  12. Very interesting article, Jessica.
    Degree-wise, I have so many exact aspects in my chart – across both male and female planets & asteroids – that I’ve wondered about.

    Mars: 0 Libra
    Pluto: 0 Scorpio
    Chiron: 0 Gemini

    Prosperina: 1 Capricorn
    Vulcano: 1 Virgo

    Venus: 10 Libra
    Hygeia: 10 Sagittarius

    Moon: 13 Taurus
    MC: 13 Capricorn
    IC: 13 Cancer

    Salacia: 15 Aquarius
    North Node: 15 Gemini
    South Node: 15 Sagittarius

    Jupiter: 16 Sagittarius
    Fortuna: 16 Virgo

    Ceres: 19 Aquarius
    Apollo: 19 Libra

    Sun: 26 Scorpio
    Vesta: 26 Gemini

    Neptune: 27 Sagittarius
    Diana: 27 Capricorn
    Cupido: 27 Capricorn

    And these are just the exact aspects. If I included near-exact aspects (for example, Aesculapia: 28 Capricorn), I’d be listing my entire chart.

    In your experience, is this many number of exact and near-exact aspects typical of most charts?

    Are any of these exact aspects more significant / impactful?

    Many thanks, and best wishes.

    1. Good question. When you have a lot of exact aspects, which matters most? The outer planets always matter most. So – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. You would single out Mars, Pluto and Chiron. Also Jupiter and Fortuna. Neptune, Diana and Cupido. Essentially you fight with partners or against them (Mars in Libra) and it always brings in control issues about the sexual and financial nature of the relationship (Pluto in Scorpio) and, as a by-product of this, internet situations where you see what you can get away with. You can play it backwards too. Every time you see what you can do with the so-called impossible or outrageous, the apparently unthinkable or ‘beyond the pale’ (online) you run into battles (Mars in Libra) or partnership/duet situations (Mars in Libra) which also bring in major issues about finance, houses, apartments, business, charity, possessions – as a symbol of power and control. Going forward to Jupiter, Fortuna was his daughter. They square each other, so whenever you get the opportunity to travel or emigrate (Jupiter) you cannot square it with work and health (Fortuna in Virgo) which is always so random. Finally, there is a similar story with Neptune in Sagittarius. Travelling or emigrating is your escape from reality, but you also have to figure out just how free you can be in your career, when it happens – or your academic career. The other aspects do matter but outer planets, the most.

  13. Jessica your posts are fascinating and so well written. I also love your readers comments. Thank you.
    Does my asculapia at 3 deg Aries conjunct my MC at 3 deg Aries mean? I also have minerva at 4 Gemini? I am so grateful for all of your gifts you share with the world.

    1. Thank you. Aesculapia in the chart is your ability to resurrect and revive – to relaunch. In Aries this is your reputation, name and appearance. So just when you think it’s all over, you come back with a different look or title. If your birth time is accurate then this is tied to your high goals and top achievements in life. The comeback Queen. It would certainly involve the internet, the media, communications in general, and local connections. That’s the Gemini sextile.

  14. Hi Jessica, fascinating analysis of the effect of the asteroids which I’ve never studies. I mapped out all the relationships between my planets and asteroids and found some interesting pairings that I’d enjoy your take on. You suggested the outer planets are most important. I have two patterns with outer planets I think. I’ve always been slightly more male but feel balanced as a female.

    male Saturn Capricorn @ 1 and male Vulcanus Libra @ 2 both square female asteroid, Panacea Aries @2 which is trine Jupiter Sagittarius @ 1 degree.

    Female Hygeia Leo @19 conjunct neutral MC Leo @ 19 conjunct male Uranus Leo @20. I’ve spent my life on my career first, then a lovely marriage later in life. Happily with No kids.

    Thank you for all the time you take to share your wisdom with us. I really enjoy learning from you.

    1. Thank you Lorraine. Saturn 1 Capricorn square Vulcanus 1 Libra and both square Panacea at 2 Aries trine Jupiter 1 Sagittarius will repeat in your career, duet or duel and with foreign places and people all your life. You were born into restricted or limited career, academic career or unpaid work situations. You find it hard to get in or hard to get out. This comes with a duet or duel, so a work partnership (say) or a professional conflict. Your reputation, title and appearance (Aries) are also involved and you find yourself fixing things there, whatever it takes. Even though the T-square is tense, troublesome and tight, it brings in opportunities on a grand scale with those foreign people or places. Hygiea in a conjunction with your MC and Uranus depends on your birth time being wholly accurate. Even if you just have Hygiea in a conjunction with Uranus, in Leo, in your Fifth House, you are cautious, proactive and pre-emptive with courtship, the bedroom, heirs, spares and pretenders to your throne. You screen and guard. Every time you do this, though, you set up situations where life will overturn everything and deliver quite radical new changes, where huge freedoms will replace what was there before. You don’t have children so this may be part of the reason why, or you may find that it is (say) godchildren or nieces and nephews, or unplanned pregnancy, that delivers this. All these patterns in you are dormant until transits trigger them. Pluto at 1 Aquarius will trigger the first pattern in the mid 2020’s.

  15. Morning, up early for your event, fab, worth the effort! Im looking forward to watching this again. My chart reveals planet/asteroids at 16 and 17 degrees. My plan is to go to the library and stock up on details and images that you referred to and delve into me. Thanks again, cheers

    1. Thank you Binty, I remember your name from the event. Your chart shows Mercury, Fortuna and Salacia (two female asteroids and a male planet) in exact aspect at 16 degrees, as you say. Have a look at the transits when Jupiter goes to 16 Taurus, March 26th to 30th 2024. You can also look back at previous transits at 16 degrees by slow-moving, life-changing planets: Pluto at 16 Capricorn, Uranus at 16 Taurus, for example.

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