Capricorn Supermoon July 3rd-4th 2023

The Impact of the Capricorn Supermoon of July 3rd-4th

I’ve just spoken to ITV News in London about the Supermoon outside the window – very late at night – and its meaning.

Astronomy explains the science and astrology explains the rest.

I’ve had a lot of questions about this from those of you in Los Angeles and Sydney as well, who will be catching this on different time zones. Allowing for the world to catch up with itself, then, this crucial career Supermoon (important for one in four people) is set for July 3rd and 4th.

It falls in Capricorn in your Tenth House of ambition, position and mission, using the Natural House system. If you have anything at all in Capricorn, then the tremendous changes in your field, industry or profession in 2020, 2021 now return – for the last time.

In fact, this Supermoon at 11 Capricorn, opposite the Sun at 11 Cancer, is a flashback to the last time Pluto was at 11 Capricorn.

kate middleton third baby 232x300 - Capricorn Supermoon July 3rd-4th 2023
Royal predictions.

Cancer and Capricorn Couples Cross an Old Bridge

If you do happen to be in a Cancer-Capricorn couple then (as I told ITV News) there is an old bridge to cross from 2020, 2021 around this Supermoon. Like – William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales. He’s a Sun Cancerian, she’s a Sun Capricorn.

Flashback to the Eclipse of 2020

It’s also a huge flashback to the Eclipse Full Moon in Cancer-Capricorn which fell on January 10th 2020, the beginning of Covid and its revolutionary impact on your job, university degree or unpaid work. In 2020 we also saw another major lunar event with the Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on 21st June.

Again, in 2021 (the other main career flashback year) Uranus stood at 11 Taurus, at the same degree where this Supermoon is now, at 11 Cancer and Capricorn.

A Supermoon is a term coined by an astrologer – now used by everybody – and it’s about that very big, very bright moon in the sky that looks like a full stop. That’s because it is. More time and space is required, now. Especially if you have anything at 11 degrees.

Full Moon Woman Unsplash - Capricorn Supermoon July 3rd-4th 2023Ambition, Mission and Position

For you or those around you, there is a replay and rewind of a professional, university or vocational matter that was never really settled, back in 2020 and 2021. This time around, with this Supermoon, you cross the bridge you did not cross in either year.

If this does not apply to your own line of work or study, it will certainly apply to someone in your immediate circle, as one in four people are affected.

Libra, Aries and Relationships or Marriages

This is also a bridge to cross for Libra and Aries, who not only have this Supermoon in their zone of family, house, apartment, household – but are anticipating the momentous arrival of the nodes in their sexual relationship, partnership and marriage zone on 18th July.

This hasn’t happened for some 18-19 years and if you are born under those signs and are in a shaky period with your partner, it will be around that time that you decide – Should I Stay Or Should I Go? To quote The Clash. This is really because your Libra Sun or Aries Sun is now in the opposition zone with the nodes, fast approaching on 18th July, heading for your partnership, divorce, separation and common-law marriage zone.

It’s also very common to commit on such a cycle, or begin a relationship, but it will be with challenges and obstacles, shown by this Supermoon now.

Governments and Politicians

This Capricorn Full Moon and Supermoon is also about those at the top of politics and power. We’ll see a now-or-never moment for several big names in governments around the world for that reason.

Do You Have Factors at 11 Capricorn?

If so, it’s personal. The Full Moon will trigger whatever you have at 11 Capricorn and you will be reminded of resignations, job sharing, promotions and hirings in your sphere from 2020 and/or 2021 and the rolling impact of that on you now promotes another choice.





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106 Responses

  1. Wow – I am definitely one of the one in four. I’m in the process of a salary negotiation as my company is looking to renew my contract…it’s been long, drawn out, and the current offer is disappointing. In 2020/2021 I had similar feelings of being undervalued by my previous employer – I ended up leaving that job, with the hope of better financial prospects in my current role. This time, I am negotiating and stating what I want much more strongly. I wonder if it will end up paying off? I am also about to experience a nodal return.

    1. Yes, the Capricorn Full Moon and Pluto in Capricorn picked up the charts of anyone with Capricorn factors, Virgo factors (on a work level, that’s two) and also Scorpio and Taurus factors (salary – that’s two more). Roughly speaking, one in four people had employment puzzles to solve and you are one of them. You will get to where you need to be financially by 2024 and are quite right to state what you want. Your real issue here is Venus at 29 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance and property. You have Pluto transiting at 29 Capricorn (transiting Pluto sextile natal Venus) and so even a pure pay packet issue with a boss feels like a relationship. Even a marriage or a family matter. It’s personal. Pluto is about powerful people, organisations and situations which seek to dominate. By pushing back you become stronger and more powerful yourself. So no matter where this takes you, it is good training. The Tarot will talk to you more about this specific employer, just pull a card.

  2. Fascinating to see all of the things you’ve been saying these last few years play out before our very eyes!

    Thank you for yet another great article explaining the current trends.

  3. Hello Jessica, I have Venus at 11 Capricorn. Wondering how this full moon will work out for home, career or health? Thank you for the interesting article.

    1. The Full Moon has passed now, but a complicated relationship (Venus) with your staff, boss, colleague or client (Capricorn) was the story. It is always best to let a Full Moon pass if you can and make the drastic moves when things are calmer.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the post. I have no Capricorn factors but an Aries stellium. How will this super moon affect me? I like where I work but there are no growth opportunities. Could there be another possibility to grow professionally?

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.


    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Aries person, with stelliums in Aries, Gemini, Cancer. You were born for the internet (Gemini) and self-promotion online (Substack, YouTube, Twitter) so although you work for others, you could have a sideline. Working in the media, online publishing, IT and the web functionality itself (AI for example) is also Gemini. Aries is about your appearance, title and reputation being part of the package. This is the mobile phone company which uses the owner as the brand. Cancer rules real estate, property, renovations, home improvements and home decorating. You have a real-estate agent’s chart, actually.

  5. Hi Jessica. I don’t have the Capricorn factors in my chart and hadn’t thought twice about this new moon. And yet yesterday, I suddenly realised that I can’t carry on with the work I do as I currently do it. I run a business. I have battled for so long to keep it going. I’ve had it for 10 years. I even have a new business partner and we have planned so much. And then yesterday another problem appeared out of no where and I found myself saying that I couldn’t do this anymore. I don’t want the stress and the problems. I wasn’t expecting this. I’ve had so many issues to deal with over the last 6 months. And then my business partner told me that she didn’t want to do this anymore either! I feel heartbroken to think I’m letting it go with no plan. I am so confused. I don’t know what to do.

    1. The Full Moon is now passing but it was a bridge to cross and you just stood on it. You can’t handle the stress any more. And then your business partner quit too. Okay, deep breath. A Full Moon like this is best left to pass, and then you go back and figure things out without the emotion. You were born with Ops at 29 Virgo in the Sixth House of work. For the first time in 248 years, Pluto at 29 Capricorn has been trine Ops, going backwards and forwards. To be born with Ops in Virgo is to be a problem-solver under duress. You always win but you have to wait. You also have to try quite hard. This is why you don’t just want to let the business go. You want and need to win. Pluto in aspect always turns up as dominating and controlling people, organisations or situations. Men can often play Pluto so you end up being pushed and pulled around by quite relentless types. I have even known people to work from home and have Pluto show up through their dog, which is controlling and difficult (Dogs Behaving Badly). So, nothing you are going through is a surprise, given your chart. The good news is, Pluto pushes off 29 degrees eventually and 2024 will look and feel very different. Given your chart, though, you can’t just walk away and drop everything. Once you feel more comfortable and relaxed the solutions will come. The Moon going out of Capricorn is half the battle. Have a look at the Tarot, The Astrology Oracle and The Garden Oracle and follow the steps. See the nature of the problem you have and then find the possible solutions for a decent withdrawal.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    greetings and gratitude for all your work and insights.
    I had hoped that the dreadful Pluto in Capricorn that has been so hard on my work life 2008-2022 would finally shift. Insteadnow I see the full moon in Capricorn hits my MC at 11 directly, opposite IC at 11 Cancer, plus affects another 10 or so planets between 10-12. No wonder yet another ‘promised’ job has disappeared and I am in despair. At my age it’s not easy to find work anyway. So am developing huge money worries.
    On top of this, the dreadful ex and his new partner have continued living next door, are determined to buy there, and apparently get married in August. He’s Sun and Venus Aries / ASC Libra. I’m ASC 10 Aries / Venus Aries / Desc 10 Libra.
    I feel like he’s determined this finished relationship continues, against my will. It’s all in my face.
    No work, no income, no peace at home.
    Will the change in the Nodes bring some relief? or make personal life even more strained? And will this last return of Pluto in Cap bring good news on the work front or more hard times?
    I drew the Tarot yesterday on this, and got Ace of Cups.
    I’m hoping it means a positive shift very soon….
    A xx

    1. The Full Moon is now over and so you would be well aware of the puzzle to solve with your career, unpaid work or academic career. Your promised job just disappeared. I am very sorry about that; you must be disappointed and also worried about income. You also have the pressure of your horrid ex and his fiancee who will be next door to you! You drew the Ace of Cups which is good news. It also helps me as an astrologer get to the point. You’ve not mentioned friends or your social life in this, or groups in general, but they are the key to everything. You are a Sun Pisces woman with Chiron and Mercury in Aquarius. The card talks to you about people power in a network or circle. This describes your future. You will find what you need in the group. If you are not already a member of one or more groups, then join. Volunteering will help your CV. Beyond that, you are the person who connects everybody else (Mercury in Aquarius) socially, but with a purpose. You also get away with the so-called impossible when you are part of a group. Pluto going back into Aquarius in 2024 is empowering. You will find over the next 20 years actually that you join or rejoin a network which is powerful in its own right but also puts you in control. From the Ace of Cups comes emotional and spiritual satisfaction (your cup overflows) but also a message about replenishing yourself from your friends and allies. Sometimes people join a Buddhist meditation group, for example, and find that good things come from that. You can do it online through Zoom these days. You will move after May 2024 to a bigger and better home, away from this pair and by 2025 it will be history to you. You could also move faster than that, but renovate or see your landlady make improvements, after May 2024. Go back to the Tarot and find out why the promised job disappeared. Find out if there is a pattern with other jobs that never became real. That can be very useful.

  7. Hi Jessica
    I have NorthSouth nodes at 11 Capricorn/11 Cancer. It’s amazing how your post resonated. I feel nervous because my husband and I had alot of conflict 18 and 19 years ago, and it is all coming to a head again now. I know I have to accept him to move forward but find it hard to forget all the hurt caused over the years. He is trying really hard and we are a close family unit with our 2 children so I don’t want to walk away but am struggling letting it go. Is there any advice you can give me from our charts? I have bought his aswell which is on my account. I keep wondering if it’s past life karma going on?
    Please answer if atall possible, I’ve posted a few times before on different threads but know you have tens of thousands of replies.
    Thank you for all your hard work, I absolutely love reading everything you write.
    With love from Becky xx

    1. Thank you Becky. You and your husband are caught in the Libra South Node, Aries North Node cycle – just as you were 18-19 years ago. You have two children. I am sorry you are going through it. You have Pluto, Uranus and Panacea in Libra in the Seventh House of marriage. The South Node will slowly cross all three, commencing July 18th 2023, taking you into 2024, to the end of the cycle in early 2025. It is very important to go back to the marriage vow and see what you promised each other. Libra is about legally binding documents as well as love and sex. If he or you have broken the vows that needs to be addressed on this cycle. You need to control the marriage (Pluto in Libra) and can be sexually obsessive (Pluto in Libra) so that songs like Constant Craving by K.D. Lang make perfect sense to you – when the relationship has been at its peak. You will also be regularly forced to compromise over the control, as Pluto is about regular crises when new arrangements have to be figured out. It looks as though this is coming. Uranus is about your path to freedom and independence as a wife, and how you get there. You usually get there because of upheaval. Again, you can’t really avoid upheaval when the South Node transits to a conjunction with Uranus but it’s how you handle it that counts. Giving freedom and space to your husband, as much as you find you need it for yourself, is the key. Marriage guidance counselling would be useful if you can spare the time or money. Panacea is about solutions and remedies, but there is always a right or wrong. Just because something works, does that make it right? That is the question. Again, you pursue this in your marriage. Anything your husband has in Libra will also show you what is going on. The actual planet or other horoscope factor tells you how he proceeds in this partnership. You can find out more about these planets and asteroids, the nodes and so on, by hitting Search or in your flipbook library here. It’s not past lives, Becky, but it is the past (life as it was 18 or 19 years ago) catching up with both of you. You owe, or are owed, and that will be balanced until early 2025.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    I am a sun scorpio and have a stellium in Capricorn and have 11 Salacia the same as the full moon. I also have 9 Panacea, 29 Ops and 7 Bacchus. I have recently reduced my hours at work due to a lot of family problems but have lost interest in my job and am thinking about leaving end of the year.
    I couldn’t believe my monthly horoscope where you mentioned it looks like you are approaching a sign off with your career by just after Boxing Day!! Pluto in Capricorn squaring north and south node July 23rd and 28th. It is exactly what I am thinking about! I also have the nodes in Libra and Aries in July, I also have these in my birth chart. I am recently divorced still sorting things out with my ex who has alzheimers and I still see him and my son every day. I have put lots of support in place of me to help them both when I am not there. I am slowly setting up home with my new partner and moving away from him. I seem to have a lot of planets helping me this year things are finally moving. I have the eclipses in my sign Scorpio also. Thank you for all this wonderful info you give us.

    1. Yes, the career sign-off near Boxing Day is part of that long Capricorn cycle, which is triggering your chart, as you have a Capricorn stellium. I am not surprised you wish to resign in December 2023. You also have Pluto in Capricorn aspecting your chart too. You cannot look after your ex with Alzheimer’s and give 100% to your job. Something has to give. You are also a mother. You have Ops at 29 Capricorn. She is Saturn’s wife and Jupiter’s mother. Pluto is at 29 Capricorn for the final time, in a transiting conjunction with Ops. That explains everything you need to know. Situations, people or organisations which are dominating, forceful and controlling (Pluto) will challenge you to change the way you solve problems as a wife and mother (Ops). Have a look at Ops on Search and in your online library here. This is going to be intense and it will test you in 2023, but by 2024 it’s clear you are winning and from 2025 it’s just a memory. Willpower and self-control will help you succeed.

  9. Hi Jessica
    I would love to know what this super moon means for me and my working life – especially for the next 3 years

    Thank you, love your articles x

    1. Thank you. You are a Sun Cancer with a Virgo stellium. The Supermoon itself has now passed and its impact is temporary. Long-term, you will find that it is your Virgo stellium that reshapes your life. The next three years is about changing your lifestyle and also your workload. How often you work, why you work, for whom you work, and so on. This dovetails into your exercise, food and drink. The core issue with your Virgo stellium, which will be under a chain of transits (including the South Node in Virgo) is to understand your need to serve. Beyond the actual merits of one career or another, you have to be honest with yourself about whom you want to be in service to and why it matters. Duty calls and all that. Princess Anne has an exact Saturn-Mercury conjunction in Virgo. She’s the hardest-working member of the Royal Family. You don’t have a Virgo conjunction but you do have Jupiter in Virgo, which is terrific, as meticulous hard work with others in mind will always reward you. Every time the Moon goes to Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn (about three times a month on average) it trines natal Jupiter and you are in a terrific position to start the next project or plan. And that’s regular. So, for the next three years, but actually your entire life, you are Jeeves. Being Jeeves is always a very, very good bet for Virgo stellium women, especially with Jupiter there too. P.G.Wodehouse knew a thing or two.

  10. Thanks Jessica. I don’t have factors at 11 Cancer or Capricorn but my MC is at 11 Scorpio, IC is at 11 Taurus and I’ve Minerva at 10 Virgo. This month’s new moon aspects my Saturn in Cancer, Jupiter in Aries and Prosperina in Aquarius, and of course the nodes change signs the next day so it feels like a momentous month for me. I drew the Knight of Cups about this month. I also have a stellium in Cancer and am looking forward to something “solid gold”. Can you please share any psychic insights you have about my situation? Thank you!

    1. It’s always good to combine Tarot with astrology. July is the Knight of Cups for you. A younger man is travelling or moving and you need to meet him in the middle. Cups are Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. The three water signs, as cups hold body fluids. Cancer is breast milk. Scorpio is semen. Pisces is tears. So this is close and emotional. It’s not money (Taurus) or work (Virgo). It’s not friendship (Aquarius). This will be either Scorpio or Cancer, showing in your chart, so it’s a relative (you share the same mother, aunt, grandmother) or it’s a sexual and financial relationship (Scorpio).

  11. Hi J,
    Hoping you are well and keeping warm in Hobart,
    My Saturn at 11 Aries.. I want to leave my job.. feel hemmed in and unsure of next move, psyche 10 Virgo. Feel like I have felt this before… now more potent.
    Any heads up appreciated.
    Hugs A x

    1. Thank you. Yes, the Antarctic whale breath is certainly blowing into Hobart. The Full Moon/Supermoon is now over but Uranus at 20 Virgo trine the Moon at 20 Capricorn in your chart is the story here. You were born with Uranus, a symbol of upheaval, independence and freedom in Virgo, the sign of daily routine, in your Sixth House of paid work, unpaid work and academia. It is exactly trine your Moon, which is about the maternal need to be needed, in your Tenth House of ambition, the system, high society and the career ladder. Have a look at Uranus trine Moon in your favourite astrology books. It was there for you in childhood so you had the same desire to be free, at school, when you had boring lessons or just disliked the routine. You suit part-time work, job-sharing, job-juggling and so on. So this is about the 20 degree pattern. When Jupiter goes to 20 Taurus you will have a fantastic grand trine in your chart and have what you want, which is a place in the system, climbing to the top, but with enough room to move, so that there are regular reshuffles in staff, conditions, environments, clients/customers and so on. If you’ve never looked at alternative ways of working, or even combining part-time study with work, allow yourself the space. Sometimes changing your mindset changes everything else too.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    Am wondering a few things. Are super moons a good time to “manifest”, you know, sit down and really think and do affirmations and create vision boards and all of that? Also, am having a heck of a tough financial year. Everything seems to be collapsing in personal finances around me, no matter how hard I try. And I’m trying hard. Another thing just got pushed back until November, and so what I thought I’d be receiving money-wise soon, is pushed further down the road.

    Anything in the money portion of my astrology chart suggest that it’s going to be another tough year or perhaps the opposite?

    1. Manifestation tends to fail, in my experience (watching people try it since the days of Shakti Gawain in the 1980s) and a Full Moon/Supermoon is never a good time to start anything. You need money, meanwhile. You have stelliums in Taurus and Scorpio, both opposite signs, so you are conflicted about ‘my money, house, apartment, possessions’ and ‘your/our money, house, apartment, possessions.’ This inner conflict can work itself out in dire straits, financially, until you realise it’s the issue. So in general be very careful before going into contractual agreements with partners or family, for example, or joint undertakings in general. Every time you do that your Scorpio and Taurus stellium get stretched in opposite directions. Or – do it – but keep the stakes lower. As a Sun Gemini you have the same cycle in your solar chart as you do in your natal chart. It’s Eighth House, ruled by Scorpio, the sign of joint finance. It’s commonly about a marriage and mortgage. So, you are now going to win this, slowly, with huge effort, over the next 6 months. No manifesting. You’ll win it through sheer willpower and self-control. You know your own bad habits extremely well and you also know where you let yourself down in 2021, 2022 so the rules of this Eighth House transit (Pluto in your Gemini chart, an opposition from Uranus in your natal chart) are pretty basic. Write a list of what to do, what not to do, write down specific targets and then take a deep breath and proceed. You will be out of this in 2024, 2025 and in fact it will never happen to you again. I am sorry you are going through it, but the astrology will also work. Draw a Tarot card to ask ‘What is the best way for me to save or make money, through 2025?’ and see what it tells you.

  13. Hi Jessica

    I have the moon itself at 11 degrees cancer – so will I experience this similar to an eclipse?

    I also have ceres at 12 degree in Capricorn.. so I had gone on sabbatical in 2019 & due to covid in 2020 found myself without a job – I finally started consulting this year & am hoping a company which has approached earlier this year will manage to create a position for next year. Do u see this as likely – I would be very keen.

    What seems to also strike is that my ex on and off boyfriend ( if one can call it that) – we reconnected after 2 years in 2020 just prior to covid but being in diff cities etc it ended in 3 months, he came back again in 2021 around Feb – soon after the eclipse – again in diff cities so long distance and ended badly.

    We reconnected around a month ago ( as friends) but I decided to walk away last week even in this zone – just felt very used. Is this the full stop perhaps even though Capricorn is 6th house or 10 th house for me ? He is a Capricorn born 5th Jan – so his sun falls at 14 degrees – maybe a final full stop after all these years?

    I would very much like to meet someone who I can be with – with this clear out, do u see this happening?

    Thanks as always Jessica for your guidance!!!

    Love & gratitude

    1. Thank you. The Moon at 11 Cancer in the Fourth House of family, household, house, apartment, town and country – is just about that – not your casual boyfriend, unless he owns the property with you, or lives with you. If so, you have now crossed that bridge and the discussion would have happened yesterday. Ceres at 12 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career is a more likely focus for the Full Moon, now passing. Again, it would not have been a company you want in 2024 – it would have been here and now – and it would have been a full stop, in your career, in the last three days or so. You are a Sun Leo woman and have Leo, Virgo and Scorpio stelliums. You are in the best career phase for 12 years until May 2024 so should pull out all the stops. Jupiter with all his rewards transits your solar Tenth House of success and in your natal chart, trines your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of work. The tug of war with your casual boyfriend was part of the Scorpio-Taurus lunar node cycle and hit your Scorpio (sex, death and money) factors in the Eighth House of sexual and financial relationships. That ends on July 18th. You still have Uranus in Taurus in opposition, though, so you may find it easier to separate the money, apartment or house from love during this cycle. If he is a Sun Capricorn his entire issue is fatherhood – wanting it or rejecting it – and he is in an unstable, volatile, occasionally shocking cycle for fatherhood until 2026 when he could easily get somebody pregnant without intending to.

  14. Jessica,

    I am cracking up. “A real estate agents’s chart” is the first I have heard :)…. maybe a potential side gig! I work in marketing and business development so definitely holds true about appearances. Thank you for responding and giving me some potential ideas.


  15. Hello Jessica,
    This Capricorn full moon is an applying square to my 12° Saturn and aspects my Mars and Venus! What should I expect

    1. It’s behind you now, so you will have seen for yourself. Mixed feelings are typical, and sorting out the columns into pros and cons is a good idea as you make your career decision. I just had a reader who had to choose how to divide his income and project with an old girlfriend. He was reluctant to part with too much of the money but he also knew she was an asset. Classic case. You are a Sun Leo woman with stelliums in Leo, Virgo and Scorpio. July 18th finishes a circular, stuck situation with joint finance and property, involving your partner or relative – perhaps someone in business who feels as close as that. Since March 2022 you have been dealing with this situation in a history-making, history-changing way, but the boomerang returns for the last time on July 18th. The health and work (life balance) issues are back again until January 2024 when you can hopefully congratulate yourself on getting it right with your wellbeing as well as your job, unpaid work or academic career. This is one of the most important cycles of your life for sorting out your wellness but also your sense of duty to others.

  16. Hi Jess,

    I have a Cancer (sun in cancer 10*) and Capricorn stellium and this full moon fell on my birthday this year. Is there anything especially significant about this for me this year?

    Thank you for everything.

    1. You have 11-23 degree patterns which Jupiter in Taurus will pick up, so you will save or make quite of money by May 2024 if you take the opportunities and use the solutions which are offered. The Full Moon was about your partner, or someone against you, and questions about how powerful you are, or how much control you have, will gradually fade from January 2024. Right now you must question your own willpower and self-control with this person, and it goes back to 2022, when you thought you’d finished the matter – but you never did.

  17. Hi Jessica … I would love to know what this means for me I have my nodes at 11degrees Capricorn and I heard today that my boss who I have had a very difficult relationship with is leaving.. I am hoping to reduce my hours at work and also down size but the housing market, interest rates are impacting my plans.

    1. The Full Moon hits your nodes exactly and your boss is leaving. You’d like to work less hours but your mortgage is high. This is a typical Full Moon, full stop. You have that classic combination of Virgo (your lifestyle and wellbeing really matters) and Capricorn (you are ambitious). You have more choices than you think, both within the organisation and with others outside it. This is the best cycle in 12 years to line up your choices, now through May 2024 and do not dismiss the possibility of ticking all your boxes. You are in a terrific position to do that, by May.

  18. Hi jessica, nice blog. thanks for this.
    I have Bacchus in 11 deg Capricorn. What impact will this have on my career and life ?
    I am in the middle of relocating to a different country, and planned this based on the assumption my work can continue as is, at least in the short term. But, the company has asked me to leave (not related to my plan). On one hand, I have confidence that I can manage to find work easily in my new location, but on the other hand, must admit that the work situation adds to the stress . Thanks again for your time.

    1. Thank you. Bacchus is your enjoyment of work and also your ability to generate enjoyment – at work. It’s common in the charts of people in the food and drink business, who dine as part of the job, but we also find it with actors in the porn industry! I have no idea what you do. The Full Moon would have blocked your enjoyment of work, and now you’ve been given your termination. I am sorry you are going through this and imagine you must feel stress about emigrating without a job to go to. You are in luck as you have a large Taurus stellium in your Second House of money. You will continue to save or make a lot of money, until May 2024. You also have Capricorn (profession) and Virgo (hard work) factors in your chart which Jupiter will trine, so you are in a stunning position to gain a better lifestyle and new position. You are also a Sun Taurus so there will be a reshuffle of power and control in your ultimate chosen workplace or your regular profession in January, February 2024. You will see a demotion, promotion or merger. This will affect your future more than anything else. In the meantime, use the Tarot for guidance for immediate choices.

  19. Thanks I can only attest that you’re right. The full moon was the point where I was pushed to my limits by this person. I have currently a complication relationship with my boss since March. I am not sure whether to duel on this, leave the situation to heal or find another opportunity/job.

    1. Thank you for validating the prediction. This has inspired me to create a Tarot feature for Premium Members so you can try different spreads, using the single card shuffle, to find personal and individual guidance. This will appear shortly.

  20. Hi Jessica

    Does this also impact if you are in a Capricorn rising / Cancer rising relationship?

    I’m a Libra sun / Capricorn Rising / Aries Moon and my partner is a Virgo sun / Cancer Rising / Cancer Moon and I’m wondering if this has a similar impact on our relationship?

    Many thanks for your thoughts

    1. Far more important than anything else is your Libra Sun, Tis, as you were born with the Sun in Libra, the sign of marriage, divorce, common-law marriage and separation – in the Seventh House. The South Node enters Libra for the first time in 18-19 years on July 18th so this begins a new cycle when your identity as wife or girlfriend, is in the spotlight, and life as it was 18-19 years prior begins to play its karmic part.

  21. Dear Jessica, Thank you for your fascinating articles again and again and again. You are life saver as I read and relate to my own life. Can you tell me more about my career and what is coming as I am looking for a job from June 6, 2023 and actively interviewing. What will this Full Moon trigger in my chart according to these below factors from my birth chart. Any feedback is appreciated. Please tell me as much as you can: Sun – 11° Scorpio 06′ 07″ Venus – 10° Scorpio 26′ 17″ Panacea -10° Capricorn 18′ 05″ Ops – 11° Libra 18′ 18″ Vulcano – 10° Pisces 17′ 55″ Northnode – 10° Sagittarius 27′ 41″ Southnode – 10° Gemini 27′ 41″ Please tell me how am I affected by this Full Moon Thanks

    1. Thank you. Okay, the Full Moon has passed now, so you had your bridge to cross with your career. You are a Sun Scorpio with almost no factors in the two work signs, Capricorn and Virgo – together. You’re taking job interviews now and will find the final week of July through the third week of August is most important, in terms of potential bosses scrutinising your C.V. as the Sun climbs through Leo and across the Tenth House of your solar chart. Transits in Leo are always most important for Scorpio and you are heading for that now; from July 18th it will become clear that the job you had or course you did around 18-19 years will have an impact on what happens, as you owe karmically or are owed from that time.

  22. Jessica,
    Thank you so much so so so much… Appreciate you feedback… I need all Heavenly Angels support in this process of achieving something great as I worked so hard past 25 years… I have some factors in Leo… Thank you…

  23. Dear Jessica,
    Love all your content!
    I just left my job after recently purchasing an apartment. It has been quite stressful and I’d love to hear any positive insights you might have based on my chart.
    Many thanks in advance,

    1. Salacia and Diana are both at 28 Capricorn and Pluto is now going backwards from 29 Capricorn, in your Tenth House of career. Pluto Retrograde asks you to get it right the second time. Back in 2022, early 2023 you assumed you had ‘done’ a professional matter or that it was over. Not so. Now, you have to go into a new job, course, or jobs (plural) with even more self-discipline and self-control as the stakes are higher. This is perfectly fine and also normal on this transit, which does not last. While it is here, though, you are likely to find exactly the same issue with employers or colleagues, clients or customers. You need professional expertise even if it’s on YouTube or in a library book; how have others coped with people politics before you and how do you handle assertiveness skills, games people play and the rest? Eventually this will be just a memory. You are fiercely independent in your career, an alpha female who hunts for her prey. Being your own woman is who you are. You also have what it takes to work in fields, or on projects, which bear no relationship to the real world. That’s Salacia and Diana in Capricorn.

  24. Thanks Jessica. The Knight of Cups is my young son with a Pisces stellium who was in tears at a medical appointment today. The tarot clearly picked up the current situation so I picked another card to represent the rest of July. I got the 2 of wands so perhaps there’s another housing option I’m not aware of yet! All the best.

    1. I am sorry your son was in tears; the Knight of Cups can cry – but you always know he operates from his true feelings and deepest emotions. The Two of Wands is a good card for July.

  25. Hi Jessica, I’m a sun Cap ascendant Libra… my business partner is Cancer, we have some pending decisions to make and finalize as well, should I expect good outcomes?

    1. The Capricorn Sun is most important here, as the spotlight is on your partner until the third week of July. The Sun is in your Seventh House of partnerships in your solar chart, so the nature of your duet will be illuminated so you can see it very clearly. In your natal chart, the South Node goes into your Seventh House on July 18th, so it’s the same story told twice from two angles. Life as it was 18-19 years ago, likely with quite another person or business, will come back to you from that point – in relation to the partnership now. It’s hard to see good outcomes without the other chart, but if we’re talking about you personally, your Taurus and Scorpio stelliums suggest the financial stretching you’ve been doing is over from the 18th and the difference between your life budget and the life budget of partners, family, intimate connections is no longer an issue. With Jupiter transiting Taurus and your Second House of personal income, you stand to save or make a lot of money by May 2024.

  26. Wow, amazing timing with your article, after I read this, I was handed my notice from my job and can’t believe how spooky it is! I have been thinking about a career change for a while but have found it difficult to make the change due to family commitments and money being tight. When I look back to 2004 and 2005 I made a career change then and have been with the same company since. It feels like things are going full circle, I am looking at 2 different career paths or I could stay with what I am doing as it would be the easy option. I am concerned that if I change my career it will take me a long time to find something. I have Libra at 11 degrees in Pluto and Aries at 11 degrees in Venus how will this affect me? Thank you.

    1. Well, I’m sorry you lost your job on this Full Moon, but now you can make the career change you were thinking of. You are a Sun Taurus with a Taurus stellium so this will be about salary and bonus, as well as the cost of commuting (say) or the price of working from home. You will make the right decision, no later than May 2024, which helps you save or make money and as this is a Taurus story in your chart, you will have an interesting choice about the value you give to, say, job satisfaction, or time off, or other price tags in your life. For the first time in a long time you’ll be making job decisions based on your life budget, which is personal to you and is all about your values. As you get closer to specific choices the Tarot can be useful.

  27. How significant is this Supermoon for me? I have Vesta 11 Cancer and moving back home to Dublin after years abroad. I feel very close to my Dad again although he passed away in 2004. He was a very nostalgic person – a Sun Capricorn – very family oriented and would love to know that I coming home. Thanks for all your amazing insights. Emma x

    1. The Supermoon passed, but it triggered your Vesta in Cancer, as you go back home to Dublin and the memory of your Dad. Vesta is about the father and the mother and daughter, or daughters, plural. It can also be the father and his own mother. Your going back is really about your relationship with the other females who surrounded your Dad in his lifetime, and still do. And the Full Moon is always about mixed feelings. It’s gone now, and you have the Sun in Cancer in your Fourth House of family and home town until the final week of July, shedding light and illuminating for you.

  28. Hello Jessica
    I have Capricorn factors and I started a new job on 03 July 2023.
    While the organisation is very prestigious the salary is dissapointingly low but since I’ve been out of a job since March I took it up.
    2020 and 2021 saw me dabble between 3 jobs! -as the first one ended in March 2020 after 4 months due to covid, the second ended after 3 months because I had a clash with management and the third one started in November 2020 to last for 2.5 years but ended recently due to the recession.
    Today was my third day of work at the new organisation and already it’s seeming challenging but I’m very afraid and don’t want it to end suddenly. I would like to complete the 1 year contract offered even though I’m 6 months on probation.
    What do you think my chart says about this situation?
    Many Thanks for your help.
    Best Wishes

    1. You sound as if you are having Capricorn and/or Virgo cycles which are associated with your job, management, your wellbeing and lifestyle. You have Vulcano at 28 Capricorn and Pluto is currently going back over 28 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. Vulcano in Capricorn shows your self-control, power and ability to hide your emotions. Doing so can make you stronger. It is also quite hard to do. For the first time in around 248 years, you have transiting Pluto in a conjunction with Vulcano, so in 2022 as well, you felt dominated, controlled, pushed around, by people, the organisation or the situation. You are hoping you can hang on for a year and so you should. Second time round you know what not to do. You already had this transit, so you are an old hand now. The trick with Pluto is to use self-control and self-discipline. Master yourself. When faced with those (or that) which seeks to stand over you, find out what works. Don’t just guess. Turn to the experts as others will have been there before you, likely on YouTube Ted Talks or in useful books. This cycle does end. Have a look at the Tarot to also see what your intuition is telling you. It will likely back up the astrology.

  29. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for responding. I completely take on board what you have said and the advice about giving my husband space is really really helpful. I looked up his chart and he also has Pluto in Libra, aswell as Vulcano, Moon and ASC. He has a large stellium of 7 in Cancer (inc Sun). He had alot of childhood trauma from his Mother and has been having therapy for this. I’ve also had therapy with him and separately to try to understand his behaviours and to help my response. I am extremely fortunate to have had a very loving peaceful childhood full of unconditional love. I think this model of talking things through and to keep trying to find solutions may be why I haven’t given up but it’s taken it’s toll. After reading your reply I felt like letting a breath go! I need to relinquish control of this and just give him the space to work through it, without making it worse reacting to him. I’m not a feisty person in any way although did have tantrums as a small child(!), but was brought up to have tolerance and respect for others so I think some of my Aries traits are pushed down. I have my largest Stelliums in Aquarius.
    Anyway…I just can’t thank you enough for your advice and kindness taking the time to look into my chart. Sending you so much love, Becky xxxx

    1. Thank you Becky. If your husband also has Pluto in Libra then both of you seek to control the marriage and often, each other. If he is a Cancer stellium man then he learned behaviour from his mother. Whenever he is in a caring relationship with a wife or children, he reverts to patterns he picked up from her. If he had a grandmother who was easier, maybe on the other side of the family, that would be a better role model. Pluto in Libra in his Seventh House is alongside Vulcano, Moon and Ascendant. So he is also sensitive to any suggestion of infidelity or betrayal. Vulcano was cuckolded by Venus, his wife, who slept with Mars behind his back. The Moon is your husband’s need to be needed – so he also mothers you – but he mothers you, as his own mother did, which is not what you want. The Ascendant is not important – it is just his image. Becky, all this will be resolved as the South Node transits Libra, so you have about two years to figure things out. ‘Sharing control’ is the epitome of Pluto in Libra if both sides can get it right. And then you have a power couple.

  30. Hi Jessica, I understand the full moon is past. I would still appreciate your insights. Thank you!

    Hi Jessica, thank you so much for this article. Looking at my chart, I am a Cap with Cap stellium and do have Minerva at 11 Capricorn. In 2020 I moved from consulting to a full time role in an organization and was hired on for my background and exp the org needed to address their issues. Now, that the foundation is laid, looking at the next 3 years to build the team and advance business and technology across the organization to add value. Of course, this type of initiative brings changes to all and requires leadership from me, others and support of the team that needs the change. I would be obliged if you can read my chart and see how this moon affects my chart now and in the coming months. Thank you, as always.

    1. Thank you. You were born with the South Node at 29 Capricorn in the Tenth House of career, so the most important transit is the historic one. Pluto at 29 Capricorn is in a transiting conjunction with your South Node. This has already happened once and so this is your second chance to get things right. The South Node shows your past life. It is opposite the North Node in Cancer, another past life indicator. So you were born to explore the conflict between where you live and where you need to move to, to succeed. There is a gap (and always has been a gap) between the family and where you come from, and where you are going to, in terms of success and status. Cancer is origins, the family tree and your background. Capricorn is aiming for the peak of success. It commonly manifests as people who do not want to move, but have to, for their career. Pluto in a conjunction with your South Node and in opposition to your North Node will show up as a person, organisation or situation which stands over you, dominates and controls – requiring you to find your willpower and self-control so you can push back. Doing this will make you stronger. The transit is most obvious between now and the end of this year. So the Full Moon itself is pretty transient, but this long Pluto retrograde over 29 Capricorn tells you – that what (or who) you thought was settled in 2022, never was, and you must now find self-discipline in order to overcome it.

  31. Thank you Jessica. What you said helped. I used the Garden Oracle. Now I know that I have to take it slowly. Once the moon moves on I will be more able to work it all out. Even today I feel as if the answers are slowly coming.

  32. OMG Jessica, I didn’t think about this until now. I told you about my plans to return to my home town after a long time away.
    My sisters are very negative towards me as I was Dad’s favorite. Not orchestrated by me. From our childhood. He coached me in singing and drama. Until I left. Then he changed towards me and elevated them. I was an outcast. I kind of understood it. But I was sad. No-one spoke to me, basically because I left. So now as I tell them I’m coming back, my sisters talk about how they have put fresh flowers on his grave etc. It is as if their rules apply if I am back. I feel very sad and conflicted. I feel that I should split my life between locations. I could do that.

    1. This is Vesta and very common with sisters, I’m afraid. Your father was acting out the Vesta story in your astrology chart. Have a look at Vesta on Search and in your flipbook library on here. Negative sisters and being Dad’s favourite are typical and it continues even after death, here. The fresh flowers on the grave is part of it. The solution is to let your sisters know you are on their side; you are all together. If your father was still alive I would advise you all band together and let him know he’s not actually the boss. Do not compete with them for him (flowers) and do not try to be the winner. Drop out of the contest. That is a really fast way around the situation. I am sorry you are going through it. The Tarot may give you a bit more personal information you can use.

  33. Hi Jessica and Cap30,

    Jessica, thank you for another very interesting and informative article.

    You mentioned that this full moon would be a flashback to when Pluto was at 11 Capricorn. When I looked up the time period when Pluto was at 11 Capricorn, I shuddered. I have my south node at 13 Capricorn (so similar timelines) and I found transiting Pluto very hard at work and in my personal relationships (I’m a Cancer sun). Cap30 – you will make it through and it will make you stronger. Keep the faith! Jessica kindly helped me through that very difficult time with some really thoughtful and kind replies to messages so I hope to pay that forward to you Cap30 now.

    All the very best to you both.

  34. This part: there is a replay and rewind of a professional, university or vocational matter — really hit me. I am really feeling pressure to deal with a venture that I have put off in 2020, 2021.

  35. Hi Jessica, thank you for your article!
    I have Venus at 11 Capricorn, Jupiter at 11 Aquarius and Apollo at 11 Virgo. What does this mean for me? Thank you!

    1. The Full Moon has passed but it was hard work. It has also returned you to familiar ideas in your life – you need to get the professional, academic or unpaid work relationships sorted out, as you wish. You don’t just have a boss, staff, clients, colleagues, tutors, classmates and so on – you have extremely complex connections with them. You’ve also been shown why friends and groups are always your best bet. And you may also be waking up to the fact that you can’t work productively unless you are in really good health, on every level. All this just got triggered.

  36. I’ve been feeling somewhat ambivalent about careers and relationships for a long time. The supermoon which passed only amplified those feelings for me. The theme of replaying and rewinding theme definitely resonates. I’m a Sun Cap and I do (mostly) unpaid work for my father related to construction consulting, which I have been doing since leaving university, around 2011. I have always longed for, but do not have true financial independence – I think what’s been holding me back was a constant head vs heart conflict and being a perfectionist and overly self-critical. I endeavor to follow the heart from now on to see where it leads. I’m considering re-starting architecture, reviving an old publishing project, and am currently designing a house for a vacant lot belonging to my father, to either build ourselves or to help sell the land. But I would be interested to hear what you see in my chart for the rest of the year seeing as my birthday falls on the 27th of December, which I read elsewhere in the blog, has some relevance to the passing lunar event.

    1. That was quite a Full Moon. It raised familiar Capricorn (success) and Cancer (family) issues for you. You were born with the MC or Midheaven at 20 Capricorn and the IC or Immum Coeli at 20 Cancer. Your aims, goals and ambitions are towering. Not just professionally but also in terms of making it in a higher rung of social strata. The goat climbs. You should go back into architecture and revive your publishing venture when the time is right. You will never be happy unless you do really, really well. The IC in Cancer is really about your mother’s side, or your mother, or a grandmother, great-grandmother. The maternal line. There is someone in the family tree here, who passed on the idea that working for your parents was the way. Or working for no money, for your parents, was the way. So that pulls you in the other direction. You have inherited this but you don’t have to act on it, in this particular way. For example, designing a house for a vacant lot owned by your father is more ambitious than consulting on construction. Tied into all this is the money, the house, the apartment, the valuables, the business. You have Venus at 19 Scorpio tied into the MC-IC pattern and that is usually about inheritance, living wills or legacies. That’s quite a complicated relationship you have there. Perhaps he has hinted you will inherit everything when he passes. There’s a fair bit to solve here and unpack, but the bottom line is, you are ‘doing’ your Cancer side and ignoring your Capricorn side. Trying to balance it up a bit will make you feel a lot happier, methinks. What does the Tarot tell you?

  37. Thank you AD82 and Jessica.
    I ended up in the ER on June 30th as I let it get both work and health get to me. Self discipline is key to get through this phase and it is soothing to know that you endured this phase and made it through. Appreciate both of you!

  38. Hello Jessica, I have IC and MC at this 11 degree in Capricorn and Cancer. A lot of pressure on me due to both career (a lot of changes and a lot of exposure and no idea what will happen and how things can work in this rhythm) and house (bought a house and need time to arrange it). Hope that soon these two sectors will be more relaxed. Best regards.

    1. The Full Moon is now over but it has triggered your IC and MC, if your birth time is accurate. It sounds right, because of career changes and a new house. It usually takes a few days to understand why things have gone wrong, or why things have been half wrong, half right – and what it all means. Taking time out just to mull it over can be very handy. I had a reader whose electricity kept failing. The electrician did not fix it. She looked it up on the internet and found the word ‘overloaded circuit’ which she realised was her! So she cut back on all the appliances, simplified her life and is now in a much better place to tackle a really big project. The universe will have been chatting to you in similar symbolic ways, or will start doing so, this weekend. Take the time to get it, then act on it.

  39. Thank you Jessica. I seen the supermoon beautifully and clearly from my home earlier this week. Does my apollo in cancer at 11 degrees have an impact on my capricorn stellium and as a sun capricorn too? Many thanks.

    1. This Supermoon has now passed but the effects will linger on. You have been shown what to do, and what not to do, about Cancer matters (house, apartment, family, household, town, country) but also your career, unpaid work or academic career. Maybe all at the same time. You were likely pulled up short. The reason was, to get you to change. You’ve been off the right path and you likely know it. Even though you could have done without this week, it’s got you back on.

  40. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for your insight interpretation of this Capricorn full moon. I’m so excited to tell you that I have Moon at 11 Capricorn and at the same time Cupid at 11 Cancer. I have been in a very severe years in every aspect of life – carrier, business, finance, relationship. Can I get a turning point for at least one of these difficult aspects. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. When people have years of issues with career, money and love it’s usually a T-Square. You have two T-Squares. One is about career, home and partners. The Moon at 11 Capricorn is opposite Cupido at 11 Cancer and square Proserpina at 10 Libra, by just one degree. The solution is to add people. Once you add new people to your life they bring their own charts with them and their patterns can break up the T-Square, which is T for troublesome and tense and tight. This is alchemy or chemistry and it works well. The Beatles had a lot of T-Squares and then they added Sir George Martin and Brian Epstein and it all started working. For whatever reason the people you have around you at the moment are not helping to break up the pattern. Your second T-Square is about money and also love again. North Node 19 Taurus, South Node 19 Scorpio, Vulcano 18 Taurus, Saturn 19 Leo. The solution is the same. Break up the pattern by adding new people to your life. By the law of averages, one of them will have chart patterns which create trines and sextiles for you. You can also use the Tarot. Ask ‘How does my Capricorn-Cancer-Libra T-Square show itself?’ Then ask ‘What do I do about this for the best results within 12 months?’ Repeat with the second T-Square.

  41. No response required, just sending many thanks. Today I’ve read your blog on Techniques for using the oracles, and have tried it as you set out, with quiet and focus. Every answer has been on point.
    So now I’ve just asked as you suggested “why did the job not eventuate” and got 9 of Pentacles.
    Well! “Slow timing / internal delays” was indeed the reason given for the job opportunity not developing. Guess what my house is called? – Falcon. My work skills are used in the City investment world far away (distance lending enchantment!) And yes, my house is my sanctuary, my escape; and my developing garden is getting lovely. And to keep this roof over my head and this grass under my feet I urgently need to explore more widely. So, onwards!
    With heartfelt love and gratitude. A x

    1. Thank you. You have correctly read your card on a psychic level and found wow-factor results. I’m really pleased A and hope you get even more from the Tarot as time goes by.

  42. Good afternoon Jessica…thank you for this quick but wonderfully insightful read. I am a Sun Aries with Mars, Vesta and Vulcano in Capricorn with stelliums in Taurus, Leo and Aries. I am not having any major money worries right now but am in a very distressful situation at work. I want to look for a new job but since I have been in my present job for at least 7 years now with some salary progression, the salary I might get at any new place will be much lesser than what I am making now with all this economic gloom around us. With me being the only earning member of the house and a high mortgage to pay, I am very, very nervous. Should I look for a new job or should I just try and stick it on here? Also, I know that the coming situation with the two nodes will affect my marriage, because 18-19 years ago, I faced a very stressful situation and nearly separated but didn’t because I just couldn’t with family and parents (we are Catholic). Now my husband has some health issues (mostly mental) and is dependent on me. Taking care of him, with a full-time stressful job is getting to me and I feel hemmed in on all sides. I hope you can help me. Thank you so much for everything you do and for your wonderful articles, I love, love reading them.

    1. Thank you. You are worried that if you walk away from the job you dislike you will struggle to pay your mortgage. Your husband has mental health issues and does not earn. I am sure you feel really stretched and I am sorry you have to go through it. Your chart shows you are a Sun Aries woman who will have the opportunity to solve the income issues when Jupiter goes to 20, 21, 24, 27 degrees, right across your Taurus placements in the Second House of money, property, charity, business and valuables. You will be able to save money or make it, substantially, in April and May 2024. The source of this could be anything. It may be a new job which helps you save money or make it, which is what you want. It may be two jobs, even – or money from quite a different source. So the future does look so much brighter for you with money. The person or situation at work you find such (very) hard work, is no longer there from January 22nd 2024. It returns for a few weeks from September 3rd to November 19th, but after that, it’s history. You will be officially out of the most intense, longest-lasting career phase of your life. You and your husband will deal with the Catholic vows you made, and the reality of that, between July 18th 2023 and January 11th 2025. You are owed, or you owe. It sounds as if you are owed, to me. You said you nearly split up on the last cycle 18-19 years ago. This time it will feel different and be different. You will make a decision that lets you feel there is closure between you, no later than January 2025.

  43. I have a Capricorn stellium and I had for the first time a new way to interact and work with a client exactly the 4th of July.
    This happened casually.
    Is this good or bad?

    1. Anyone with Capricorn factors just had a career choice crossroads. You included. You have Neptune at 11 Capricorn so the issue is boundaries with your client. Alcohol and drugs won’t help the fuzzy boundaries. Yet sometimes it can be nice to lose the difference between friend and client, or something closer, and client. Jupiter will move to 11 Taurus and trine this in July so you’ll likely gain from the confused and confusing demarcation.

  44. Hi Jessica,
    I have mercury at 11 Capricorn and while the full moon has passed everything came to a head today. I pushed back against a bullying manager and just gave my notice. I have my Sun at 27 Cap so suspect Pluto was involved. I gave my notice back in mid March ( Pluto same degrees) but was asked to reconsider. I did, I stayed, and while the pressure eased off until the last few weeks, nothing fundamentally changed. I’m glad to be on the way out. I do wonder / worry about my future but being minimised and subjected to gaslighting was dreadfully debilitating. I’m worth more. I took your advice from a few years ago and paid off all debts so I’m not worried from that perspective but I just need to finish the work on our home so I can keep my family safe, and for that I need paid work. Back in early 2005, shortly after the nodes changed to Libra / Aries (Libra my 10th solar house?) a great career opportunity fell into my lap- I’m hoping as one door closes another opens. Love your insight. Best wishes.
    PS. Twitter threatening to sue Meta over their new platform ‘Threads’. Karma eh!

    1. I am sorry about your bullying manager. There’s been a lot of pushing around, since Pluto turned retrograde in Capricorn on June 12th. You have the Sun at 27 Capricorn. Pluto is too wide at 29 Capricorn but Neptune is exactly there at 27 Pisces (transiting Neptune sextile natal Sun). So there is confusion about your title, identity, qualifications, image. You say ‘gaslighting’ and of course Neptune rules gas and the Sun rules light. You are in a perfect storm actually as the Full Moon itself hit Aesculapius at 11 Virgo in your work zone and Mercury at 11 Capricorn in your career zone so unfortunately this gave you a classic Full Moon experience as the Moon sat on 11 Capricorn. You are in a terrific position to get more job/jobs plural; you have Capricorn factors at 13 through 27 Capricorn in your Tenth House of profession, and Jupiter with all his opportunities and solutions will trine those from 13 through 27 Taurus. It begins July 26th and runs until October 15th in the first phase, then resumes March 2024 through May 2024. Those three months, March, April, May will make up for what you have just been through. As for Meta, Mark Zuckerberg has unhealthy amounts of power and money and seeks even more – Facebook, Instagram and now Threads. Pluto in Capricorn gone mad.

  45. Can I just add please. Another of your readers just mentioned the ‘flashback to when Pluto was at 11 Capricorn’ – many thanks. I just checked and this was July – November 2014. In the July I suffered a Bells Palsy event and the hospital discovered a growth on my eardrum – I ended up in hospital and was eventually signed off follow up care in the November. In the August I encountered a rather despotic office manager at my GPs who boasted on putting the phone down on patients. Quite unpleasant. Anyway he accused me of being ‘abusive’ when I challenged him; I was devastated at that. This situation went on for weeks. Eventually an apology, of sorts, came my way and I found another GP. As you say, I have Aesculapius at 11 Virgo. It badly effected me at the time, but you do come through it. Some amazing insights here. Thanks to you Jessica, and also to your reader’s comments.

    1. Yes, the flashback to the last time Pluto stood at 11 Capricorn became obvious at the Full Moon at 11 Capricorn this past week. You had a hospital stay which involved hearing issues. You then had a bad doctor’s surgery to put up with. You have Aesculapius at 11 Virgo so you were right in the thick of it. Way back then, you had Pluto trine Aesculapius in your Sixth House of health. So the despot at the surgery played Pluto and you played Aesculapius. This actually taught you that you can pull yourself back from the brink. You have what it takes to resurrect your own wellbeing. This is really important. The Bells Palsy was also part of that story. Have a look at that asteroid Aesculapius. The Greeks called him Asklepios. In the Roman Empire their version of hospitals, was devoted to this god, who always had a snake wrapped around his staff – the Rod of Aesculapius.

  46. Hi Jessica, really leaned into the potent energy for the full moon in Capricorn and lots of clients were feeling it too. It really does feel like the last leg of the journey for us Sun Caps with Pluto heading back for the final clean up. I split with my ex in 2008 an we are finishing the financial settlement which is all going through right now. Work is busy but can feel shifts in another direction. Lots of letting goes and space being created. Can you please give me any insights into the Nodal shift as I am just finishing my Nodal return and Saturn return is in the wings. It’s been an intense and transformative few years and doesn’t look like abating!. I am mentoring more young folk as you predicted. The tarot has been very accurate and also the weekly forecasts. Thank you Jessica

    1. The end of the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio on July 18th is something a lot of people have been waiting for. The arrival of the North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra hits Apollo at 29 Cancer in your Fourth House of family, household, town, country, house and apartment. In fact you will reach a Grand Cross in late July as you may realise. The Sun goes to 29 Cancer; Pluto is at 29 Capricorn; the lunar nodes are at 29 Aries and Libra. What this does is make you more conscious of the need to identify your four walls and roof as yourself. It makes you far more drawn to your extended clan and your local area. Why? Because it’s being challenged. Apollo is leadership and you will find you are asked to show the way forward.

  47. Oh dear @Jessica I have Chiron at 11 Capricorn and this has been one of the hardest weeks imaginable with nothing going to plan. It has been so challenging – is there hope of things going better later this month?

    1. You had the Full Moon in an exact conjunction with Chiron in Capricorn in your Tenth House of career, university life and unpaid work. Wham. You also have Venus at 28 Capricorn which is a bigger deal. Pluto is now at 29 Capricorn, very close to 28 degrees, so you are experiencing transiting Pluto in conjunction with natal Venus. The complicated relationships you have at work, in academia or with your non-salary efforts are about to change, because they have to. This goes on for the rest of 2023. Pluto tends to show up as dominating, controlling people or organisations. Sometimes a situation will have you in its iron grip. The solution is to push back. Own yourself, your life and your space. Use willpower and self-control to do that. It will make you stronger (oh so strong) and you will never lose it. Do try to resist all efforts by others to get you into a power struggle though. Have a look at Pluto in your flipbooks and on Search. But the reason this Full Moon was more potent was basically Pluto on Venus.

  48. Hi Jessica

    I had 2 major (negative) events occuring at full moon (head still spinning). But more so by the sudden decision of a person born 22/12/87 03:40, to split. Upwards and onwards for me, but this was someone I had rather kept closer. Any hint as to the real reasons?

    Thank you!!!

    1. I am sorry about the break-up. I told ITV News that some people would find it make-or-break with relationships and you certainly did. I am sure your head is still spinning and hope you have had a chance to settle things a bit more, for yourself. Pluto at 29 Libra in your Seventh House of sexual partnerships is your whole explanation. You now have transiting Pluto at 29 Capricorn making an exact square. (Transiting Pluto square natal Pluto). This was about power and control. You were born needing to dominate the partner or the partnership. You are sexually obsessive and that can make for passion many people never experience. However – you also need your hands firmly on the reins with the other person, or the actual relationship. This never lasts and you have to compromise. You can do this without ever having the partnership break up, of course, but it is also common to find somebody exits. You only get this transit once every 248 years and just for the rest of 2023, try to pull back and figure yourself out rather than finding anyone new, too soon. There will ultimately be closure with this person when the Libra South Node goes to 29 degrees, but that’s in the distant future. Have a look at Pluto in Libra on Search and in your flipbooks. But that is your answer.

  49. Hi Jessica thanks for this information! I was wondering how this would affect me in my current role, as I have factors in Capricorn? Last year when I started this new role around the end of August/early September 2022 you told me that I would be going through a lot of shifting and restructuring I believe because I joined around Mercury Retrograde? There has been anything but clarity in what I will be doing. Although I’m aiming for entrepreneurial success, I would like for the role to be a bit more clear and stable.

    PS – I can’t wait to ask you questions for my birthday reading next month, I was one of the lucky ones to attain it from you 🙂

    1. The Capricorn Supermoon has been and gone, but Pluto in Capricorn is still with you. Yes, you joined your organisation on Mercury Retrograde and you are still dealing with the unknowns there as a result. Mercury rules paperwork, agreements and also thought process so when it is retrograde or appearing to be going backwards, nothing is really firm or clear. Okay, so you have a whopping stellium in Virgo in your Sixth House of service and duty, daily tasks, labour for others and ‘the work horse.’ You are a great employee. You actually only have one Capricorn factor in your Tenth House of ambition and it’s your Descendant or DC, so that’s not really about you, it’s always about your other half. Back to Virgo. You are in a terrific position to reshape your working life until May 2024. Jupiter in Taurus will trine your Virgo factors into early 2024 and that’s going to add opportunities and solutions not possible in 12 years. So you will see improvements where you are or even go to another role. The line-up at 20 Cancer and 20 Virgo in your chart is terrific and when Jupiter goes to 20 Taurus you will find a rare and important chance to have more from life, not just in terms of your actual work, but also your house or apartment. You do actually have the chart of a real-estate player.

  50. Hi I had a horrible day on 3rd/4th July, found out my manager has been hiding her true colours keeping me out of the loop on a number of high profile projects. Hiding her involvement and making me look unprofessional. I have made it clear that I know about it, but she is powerful and has many high level supporters. Am I to be undermined by these people or is there light at the end of the tunnel. Went through this in 2020 and again in aug 2022 when I took my employer to tribunal and won. Why is my career so difficult and littered with manager issues and problems

    1. How awful. Unfortunately we do get these female Pluto types when Pluto is in Capricorn. Underhanded and undermining (and unacceptable). You’ve already won a major legal case; well done. You are stronger for it, which is classic Pluto in Capricorn reward for huge willpower and self-control. You also know how powerful you are. Okay, so your chart shows Jupiter at 27 Gemini quincunx Diana at 28 Capricorn. You have a lifelong need to expand and explore with the worldwide web, the media, publishing and/or communication in general. It’s been there since childhood. It also works incredibly well for you. You have Jupiter in the Third House of vocabulary, speech, writing and ‘the message’. You were probably good at English or Speech and Drama as a girl and now you are well along the path with Web 2 and Web 3 actually. The best is yet to come, so keep reading. The entire problem has been transiting Pluto at 27 Capricorn for the first time in 248 years. Transiting Pluto has been in conjunction with Diana. Diana in your chart is your need to be quite free and independent in your career. You are an alpha female. You go on the hunt and you come back with the goods. You also dislike constraint. Diana is the Roman goddess of the hunt, usually seen with a greyhound and bow and arrow. She is always on one foot, ready to bolt. She begged her father Jupiter to release her from the burden of marriage and motherhood so he made her the goddess of wild places. Pluto on the other hand is dominating, controlling and can be quite relentless. So you have played Diana against Pluto. I strongly recommend you sit down with the paintings and sculpture of Diana online and see what you feel. For all that you have had a manager behave in such an appalling way, it is also true that you do not respond well to management, if you feel your freedom is compromised. Again this would be a pattern since childhood with Diana in your chart. There are solutions here but you need to find them for yourself. Have a look at the Tarot which can be really good for situations like this. In any case the issues are over by January 2024 when Pluto has mostly gone off that Capricorn degree. Even now your manager or the company is losing its power. Are you aware of that? It’s crumbling. 2024 will feel much better than 2023 ever did and in fact from May 2024 you have your Jupiter Return in Gemini in the Third House and by June 2025 will have been given one stunning opportunity after another with the web in particular. Ongoing, Uranus then enters Gemini in 2025, 2026 and is with you for many years so you will be part of the revolution. It will be very exciting.

  51. Love love love what you do I wish I’d half the knowledge you have it would be very helpful in my life. I have my divorce finalised since April, but it is a massive financial loss imo, the karma I was owed from 18-19 years has not come into play, though I suppose it could have been worse. I just hope I can regain what I have lost in due time, mind you I think I already am as I have been gifted with a beautiful new granddaughter as a Leo sun this is the best present I could ever receive. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to have her overnight, it’s such a blessing. Maybe this is the way karma has paid me back, well I can think of no better way to be honest.
    Can you see from my chart please Jessica what should I be looking at career wise, can you see anything that would benefit me to know? As always many thanks for your time and energy, you are a blessing to us all. Stay well. X

    1. Thank you. You divorced and lost financially but gained a granddaughter who is priceless. That is the South Node in Scorpio, right there. It rules legacies, wills and inheritance so you have inherited a new child in your world who is beyond price, and will also leave some of your legacy to her in your will. You probably knew each other before in another incarnation. As for your career, you are in the biggest and best solutions and opportunities cycle for 12 years, peaking in April and ending in May 2024, so it’s time to get going.

  52. Dear Jessica, thank you again, so much, for your guidance and reassurance ❤️ You are absolutely right about my husband learning traits from his mother and trying to “mother” me and our children with the same traits! He sees how destructive the behaviours are and now the children are older they are questioning him too but they are so ingrained into his personality he keeps doing them. Your advice has given me a lot of reassurance and peace of mind that this will be resolved over the next two years. By understanding more about our charts and tendency to both try to control the marriage and each other, and with your guidance that we can work together on this, I am feeling a lot more optimistic which is a big relief. Thank you for helping our family by showing me a way through this, and for your genuine care and kindness. Wishing you every health and happiness always, with lots of love from Becky xxxx

  53. Hi Jessica, I have a stellium in Capricorn. Plus my mother and sister have Sun in Capricorn. I also have a stellium in Aries, including North Node in Aires at 12 degree. I can see that Capricorn and Aries play a significant role in my life. When I reflect back cca. 18-19 years, I see that at that time I had a few important themes in my life. First, I moved to the city and started my study of communications and marketing. Ironically, I work in this sphere, but rarely use the SoMe platforms. At the momemt, I am in the process of acquiring my phd (due on 12.5.2024). Second, I met my new roommate who became a dear friend. Unbeknown to me, my then roommate moved out and a new girl (28.9.1987) moved in. Interestingly, the new girl desided to join the flat based on a picture of my sister. The first time I saw her I got the feeling that we know each other for many past lives.Third, I got my braces. You can imagine that this was a big topic for me as it influenced my visual appearance and also my selfconfidence. On one hand, I got more aware of my visual image and consequently got more reserved. On the other hand, I got more attention from man. I would love to know what the fulll moon in Capricorn means for me. Also, I would like your comment on how the node shift to the Aries/Libra axis will influence my life in the next few years. Thank you.

    1. The braces is interesting. That does fit the Aries North Node cycle. The Supermoon has now passed, but the Libra-Aries nodal cycle is upon us, from 18th July. Perhaps you would like to attend the Zoom about this on the weekend of July 15th and 16th, which is for Premium Members.

  54. Hi Jessica

    I have a stellium in Capricorn, and wondered whether that would impact on my work, i do need to speak to them about my salary and there are issues about getting funding and teams in place for certain projects, does it look a favourable time for that? thank you xx

    1. Thank you. Your Capricorn factors at 9 through 28 of that sign in the Tenth House of ambition, position and mission and you have one at 22 Capricorn, which is very, very fortunate. Basically Jupiter (opportunities, expansion, good fortune) is trine all that at 9 through 28 Taurus, from this point forward. The second half of April 2024 is a complete surprise; an elevation; a marvellous high point on your C.V. as Jupiter and Uranus both line up at 22 Taurus, which never happens. So you are quite right to aim for the biggest and best. With Pluto at 28 Capricorn right now, through August, September your Salacia at 28 Capricorn will find herself dominated, controlled and sometimes overpowered by extremely forceful people or organisations. Likely your management. That shouldn’t stop you. Salacia is about operating in two worlds at the same time, neither of them particularly real or everyday. You do that professionally, academically or as a volunteer and it’s right at the forefront of what happens now through September. I would go for it. You end up with that terrific trine in April anyway.

  55. Thank you Jessica, that all sounds really good for staying put/promotion prospects xx

  56. Hi Jessica!

    I dreamt about you this morning! I had a dream that you were reading my chart and I can’t for the life of me remember what you said about my chart. I know you said something but I couldn’t latch on to it because I was so busy feeling intimidated by you. Haha
    I lost my job last week and I came here to see if you had a blog post about any big celestial events. This is the only blog post that was relevant. I loved my job, work/life balance, my team/manager and I’m sad that it was so short lived. Would love to get any insight into what’s next for me. I miss the financial freedom.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. That’s so funny. If you saw me in the mornings you would not be intimidated, let me tell you. I am sorry you lost your job last week. You had that Capricorn Supermoon bang in your Tenth House of career. You are a Sun Scorpio with Saturn at 22 Virgo in your Sixth House of workload, too, so transiting Saturn at 22 Pisces is opposite natal Saturn for the first time in 29 years. This does work out for you, but you may have to make compromises, accept what is there in life and deal with it over the short term. Life as it was 18-19 years ago will come back to you (regarding work, unpaid work or university) from this point forward and you may be paying your karmic dues, or collecting good karma from that period – as you will realise next year. Sometimes we hit mega-cycles and you just did. Yet eventually from 2026 your entire job will be a holiday from reality. A complete escape. So you end up in a fascinating place.

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