Problem Solving Tarot Techniques

Tarot Techniques to Solve Your Problems

On average, I have over 18,000 questions in the Comments section of this website and can obviously answer just a few. Some of your problems are urgent and important, though, so I suggest you develop a relationship with the Tarot on this website.

Pamelas Tarot 1 212x300 - Problem Solving Tarot TechniquesIt is free to use, thanks to the generosity of the late Stuart R. Kaplan at U.S. Games Systems. If you are a Premium Member you can pick up an extended reading when you choose a Tarot card. You can also read Pamela’s Tarot, an interpretation flipbook, in your library here. It’s in your members section.

Begin at the Beginning

Get used to accurately reading your present, before you begin on the future. A notebook or journal is handy, or a folder you keep on your computer. Record your readings there.

Your question is ‘If my life was a journal, what would be on the front cover this week?’ What’s the main story? The Tarot can and should show you. If you don’t get a clear result first time, settle yourself and try again. Allow two attempts.

With practise, you will become quite used to shuffling the Tarot on my website and instantly seeing it talk about your life, as a main story or main event. (All images: Justin Tabari).

Improving Your Accuracy

Once you are confident that you can pick a card which describes the headlines of your life that week, begin by predicting the week ahead. If your life is being covered in a magazine, what will be on the cover next week?

You can increase your accuracy by doing this with Time magazine. What will next week’s cover of Time be about? Record your progress. The more you practise, the better you will become.

Screen Shot 2023 07 05 at 11.36.34 am 300x255 - Problem Solving Tarot TechniquesTarot Techniques to Try

Write down your question or type it on your computer. Begin, as always, with a Present card to tune in. This is like tuning in a Roberts radio on the dial. You have to get clear reception with yourself. I don’t need to add, all noise should be blocked and you should be alone. Give yourself time and space, because you will be experimenting with time and space.

I’m Blocked
If you are blocked from a goal (getting a boyfriend, getting a job) and feel stuck after months or years of trying, ask ‘What or who is preventing me from getting my goal?’ Sometimes the answer is very simple. I had a reader who could not get a boyfriend because she was spending all her time and energy on socialising with her female friends instead. The Three of Cups showed her at a glance. Three women drinking and dancing. When she sat with the card longer, she realised the group of women made it hard for a single man to approach. They also had difficulty choosing!

I Have Career Confusion
Ask ‘What am I capable of doing best, now and for the next 12 months?’ The Tarot will tell you. That is your guide to finding a job you are good at, and enjoy. Maybe you are suited to going between two cities, like Los Angeles and New York and are a very good bi-coastal manager. The Chariot card can tell you that.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
Draw one card, one after the other. The first card shows the impact of you staying (within 12 months). The second card shows the impact of you going (within 12 months). This is good if you are in two minds about leaving your boyfriend or unable to decide if you should resign from your job.

small Tarot Deck   King of Pentacles - Problem Solving Tarot TechniquesWhat’s the Main Outcome?
Ask, “What is the main outcome, overall, within 12 months, of me taking this choice?” If you are asking about buying a particular house, for example, and you draw The Empress then if you are a woman, you are being shown a comfortable, luxurious lifestyle with a beautiful garden or natural surroundings.

How Does He See Me? How Do I See Him?
This is useful for a rocky marriage or sexual relationship. You can switch the sex, of course, to ‘She’ and ‘Her.’ It shows you a mirror of the person you believe you see, and it also reflects how you are viewed by the other person.

What Characteristics and Traits Should I Cultivate to be Happiest During My Lifetime?
Sometimes readers are just unhappy. This is quite a useful card as it is usually backed up by the information in the astrological chart. Draw one card. This is a lifetime reading. You may draw the King of Pentacles, for example, which is small  Tarot Deck   Knight of Wands - Problem Solving Tarot Techniquestelling you that you need to use your Taurus and/or Scorpio side and be your own accountant. If you are a man (for example) it is time to become the King of Pentacles or Coins. If you are a woman, emphasise your male side. You may have male planets or other horoscope factors in the finance and property signs – Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer.

A really quick way into happiness is to look at the stelliums in your birth chart. A stellium is four, five, six or more factors in the same zodiac sign and house (life department). Most people have three or four stelliums. Put those signs and life areas together and you will be shown what you should be doing with your life. Your mission statement. Your raison d’etre. It might not always be easy but if you fulfil your quest you will find happiness. Often asking the Tarot will show you, visually, that particular stellium. So you’ll have confirmation.

What Is My Illness or Health Issue Stopping Me From Doing?
This is quite a useful reading. In astrology, the polarity of Virgo and Pisces – the Sixth House of doctors and the Twelfth House of the unconscious mind – suggests that we often produce specific complaints which meet our unadmitted need to get out of something, or get away from someone.

Or – quite another function! Once you realise what your medical condition is achieving, you can go deeper and may find a way to give yourself what your unconscious mind wants and needs, without actually having the problem, to do it.

Tarot Deck The High Priestess 300x200 - Problem Solving Tarot TechniquesI had a reader with a teenage son who was a handful. She had chronic common colds which meant she had to take to her bed and drop out of doing the cooking and housework. Her Tarot reading gave her the Knight of Wands. Being ill meant she could stop mothering this difficult son, without the guilt of being a bad mother.

What Am I Doing Wrong?
This is a good one in a situation where you keep on getting bad results, repeatedly. You may find yourself rejected in business, for example. What your best friends are too kind to tell you, can be shown in the Tarot. Maybe you are hard to understand – you’re not speaking clearly. This is where your psychic ability comes in, by the way.

How To Read the Cards Like a Professional Psychic

We actually have tutorials on this at The Sun Sign School, from professional Tarot readers including Daisy Waugh, who joins us in July 2023. Psychic ability does come on a sliding scale. It’s like being musical. You can strum a few chords on a guitar or play like Chrissie Hynde.

small  Tarot Deck   Ten of Cups - Problem Solving Tarot TechniquesReading the cards like a professional psychic takes years and natural ability. Like a great guitarist you have to be born with the potential.

There are tips and tricks to help your accuracy, though, especially if the long interpretation does not specifically answer a question. Here are ten of the best.

*Make a Tarot reading an occasion with all noise removed and a notebook or folder to write/type into.
*Look at the tiny details of the card from the Smith-Waite Tarot – what does a snail say to you, or a zodiac sign? How about the skirt that someone is wearing? What does it remind you of?
*Sit with the card for 10 minutes while you use your intuition to go beyond the book – what are you picking up?
*Ask your spirit guides and helpers to assist you in the reading so that the answers benefit you and everybody else.
*If you clairaudiently ‘hear’ a word or name when you read the Tarot write or type it down. Take it seriously.
*If your rational mind blocks you from trusting Tarot, find the science behind it – it’s just quantum mechanics.
*In general, women in the card are you (if you are a woman) and men are you (if you are a man).
*Knights and Pages are people younger than yourself and Queens and Kings of the opposite sex are older people. Usually, a Queen is you (if you are a woman) and a King is you (if you are a man).
*You can trust online Tarot shuffles as the ‘random’ mechanism is the same as a ‘random’ shuffle by real hands.
*Start reading great Tarot books and bypass anything online that feels trashy or plain wrong. Often, these books are out of print and on eBay. Tarot and You by Richard Roberts (Morgan & Morgan, 1975) is a good bible, among others. Easily the most experienced and internationally known Tarot professional online is Mary K. Greer.





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47 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Really enjoyed this post as I have been making daily use of the free Tarot on your website for awhile now. Thank you.
    I have always started by closing my eyes and saying I know this card will be from my highest source for my highest good, I know this to be true. I then think of my question and say it my mind over and over while its shuffles. I then open my eyes and pick a card. Very rarely does it not connect with me in some way that I need a second card.
    Only this week I put up my hand to do an additional care taker role at work for a few months. No additional money , I just wanted to do it for the experience.
    So after reading your blog I asked “What will be the outcome for or me for doing all this extra work for (company name).
    I picked the Emperor . Which I took as being a good sign and a positive outcome from what I have read. Do you agree?

    Many thanks as always for all your wonderful work and for sharing so generously of your time.

    1. Thank you. The Emperor is of course, your boss. For a full reading you do need to have the extended version or the book, though.

  2. Thanks for this blog ,I find I usually get stuck with how to phrase my questions and I have noticed if I use the Astrology Oracle ,I must be unintentionally asking about the past, as couple of times it has comes up spot about the past but I dont know how to interpret the future
    I also wanted to tell your predictions for me have been very accurate you mentioned how I was stuck in a loop but big changes in my job particularly will occur and it has ,Im still pinching my self as it has been a tough year so far…but its starting to look better
    You said after the south node has left Scorpio to try dating which I will but I will ask the cards if there is any other way than dating apps ,with your tips on how to ask and get some good advice
    thanks again 🙂

    1. Thank you for confirming the prediction. Yes, once the South Node is out of Scorpio and your Eighth House (love, sex, money and property) you will find it much easier to try dating, as the circuit will end. The South Node moves backwards, so in Scorpio, you have been dealing with dating situations which also move backwards. Definitely ask the cards if there are alternatives to dating apps. The medium Rita Rogers wrote a very good book called Soulmates; she claims that the spirit world engineers meetings and that true love is often found in chance ways. There is a huge difference between dating/casual relationships and the massive life change of soul mates and of course it doesn’t happen every day.

  3. hi Jessica, who or what has stopped me from reaching my goals? I hve never been supported or given good advice. my parents ESL. no friends support either. it’s really hard if I had to depend in tarot at 16 yrs. I’m now 50. could I gave done better? sun leo Ty p

    1. Follow the steps with the Tarot and see where they take you. If you are trying to sort out the last 50 years of your existence you really need the long interpretation, so I suggest you try a one-month subscription to Premium Membership which is US$7. I am not here to sell you things, but if you really want to look deeply into your parents, your goals, your friends – and yourself – you will need more than a brief Tarot summary. You will also get your personal birth chart when you subscribe. Just for a month.

  4. Dear Jessica

    I am so glad that you have chosen this topic for the blog because I have been a bit confused about whether to use Tarot to ask about the past, present or future as you can only do a one-card reading and have to do a further one card reading if you want to explore the topic further.

    Is the Astrology Oracle and the Garden Oracle better than the Tarot for more than one period in time, please? Can you advise which type of divination is best for different types of questions?

    In my last Tarot reading I asked what has been making me anxious for so long and got an answer which was about both the past and the present. As you can see my natal chart can you tell me what I am rally afraid of and if my anxiety will come to an end in the near future?

    1. Thank you. You are not a Premium Member and so I cannot see your natal chart unfortunately. You can use the Tarot single card shuffle, repeatedly, to get to your answers. I recommend using all three decks together; Tarot, Astrology Oracle and Garden Oracle. If you tell me the one card you drew to answer your question about what has made you anxious, I can tell you the long explanation.

  5. hi Jessica, I have joined up as a premium member. Dob: 14.8.65 around 630pm sydney nsw. who or what stopped me reaching my goals. not supported by family/friends. even bfs. meeting wrong people. every job I’ve had drama follow me. thank you

    1. Thank you. You are not logged in, so I can’t see your chart. Try again please and this time your personal birth chart will appear on my computer, so I can read for you. As a Sun Leo though, I can tell you that you are in the luckiest success cycle for 12 years.

  6. Hi Jessica, an unrelated question that I hope you don’t mind being asked here. The Libra Grand Cross is coming up. Is there anything to be mindful of relating to it? Is it a good/bad time to do anything with relationships (Libra). Thank you.

    1. The Grand Cross takes place with the South Node at 29 Libra, North Node at 29 Aries, Pluto at 29 Capricorn and Sun at 29 Cancer, on Sunday 23rd July 2023. It’s a cross to bear for anyone with factors at 29 degrees of the Cardinal signs I’ve just mentioned. Best to ease up, pull back and not push through. It would be like trying to accelerate with four lanes of traffic blocking you. You have Ops at 29 Libra in the Seventh House of duets and duels. Typically, marriages and partnerships, or conflicts. Ops is your can-do, problem-solving side. You are quite proactive and clever when it comes to fixing partners, or partnerships, or solving feuds. On this particular occasion steer clear. And not just on the 23rd of July; this will show up soon so swerve around. You have better things to do.

  7. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for this highly informative blog. I use the Tarot on your site regularly- I followed your instructions about asking what was on the front page of my journal today and drew the Ace of Cups. I’d drawn the same card a month ago. When I asked about what the journal of my life would have on the front page next week, I drew the Queen of Swords – I’m going back to my parents place next week with my widowed mother to execute my dad’s will 18 years after his death!! I thought I’d share this with you because I think it validates what you say about the accuracy of the Tarot. I end up drawing these two cards often – along with the Hierophant and Empress.

    I wonder if you would take a look at my chart and confirm this validation? Thank you for your priceless work!!

    1. Amazing feedback, thank you. I appreciate your validating the Tarot here. There is so much shonky Tarot out there online so it was important to get the right deck; the right interpretation; the right system. (It did take a while). The Ace of Cups is shown in your chart most obviously, at first glance. You have a Leo stellium. Leo rules babies. The Ace of Cups is sometimes seen as a Christening font. The kind parents, grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles come to know very well. So there is a rebirth here. Perhaps the rebirth of a child in your world. Maybe the rebirth of children or teenagers, young adults, as a generation – for you, and to you. You are strongly Leo.

  8. Hi Jessica
    Thank you for this article which has resonated deeply with me, and posted at just the right time. Currently going through a rough patch in my marriage- 20 years on 19th July. I did the problem solving tarot and pulled Seven of Cups, Magician,Queen of Swords and Temperance in that order. I am trying to find balance ( heavily Libra)and get us back on an even keel. Hubby (Cancerian) has a lot of health issues and is in constant pain and extremely irritable and suffers mood swings. Was on medication for the mood swings but has come off them and refuses to go back on. I feel I have reached my limit with him at the moment, as trying to support my sons who both have their own personal issues they are dealing with, which are sad and upsetting. I feel emotional and just want calm. Hoping to move next year- around May- can you see whether we can/will weather this and move into calmer waters and live a quieter, happier life? I really do not want to split but sometimes it feels like the only option just to be at peace and happy.
    I am trying to interpret the cards- but my head is not in the right place to delve into them- I feel I need your input, Any help you can give will be deeply appreciated. Hoping you are able to read this.

    1. Thank you. I am sorry your husband in in so much pain and the marriage is so difficult. You also have your sons, who are hard work too. I am sure you just want calm. Then you think about breaking up. Okay, so that is a lot of cards you have pulled there and I don’t know your question or the time limit you gave yourself. So I can’t actually read them at all. I could read one card. Keep it really simple. ‘What is the best solution for me and my family regarding my husband, within 12 months?’ So by July 2024. Had you asked this at all, and drawn Queen of Swords, I would have said ‘Get tough and put boundaries in. This far and no further.’ Particularly with your sons. Had you drawn Temperance in response to that question, I would have said, find another ‘partner’ (it may be a female friend) with whom you can share. It may be going swimming together, or sharing something more important than that. Try again and follow the steps. You will get your answers. The astrology timing here is 4-27 Libra so from August 5th 2023 (starts soon) until December 3rd 2024. Then you can exhale. You have done your karma with him. This goes back 18-19 years to him, or another, where you set up a karmic debt and credit sheet within a partnership, or perhaps within a dispute. Now, it comes around again and there will be closure this time. This is why it’s all happening now. The Tarot, once you draw again, will reflect the timing. Once you reach the end of 2024, you have absolutely done this – it’s complete – nothing else to do.

  9. Hi Jessica – thanks for this article. I just wanted to share that I’ve started to have astounding clarity in my single card tarot and garden oracle readings since I started to just press the ‘Select A Card’ button to enforce a card choice for me rather than pick one from the selection myself. Something about the card selection was throwing me off, but now by letting the program choose my final card (I keep my eyes closed and think hard on my question throughout) the cards that come up chosen on my behalf are profound and spot-on. It feels like magic.

    1. That’s really interesting, thank you for sharing the information with other Tarot readers here. You’ve found a technique that is spot on, I will pass this onto Asporea, who created this Tarot reading.

  10. Thank you Jessica. This is very useful. Past few months I have been using tarot on your website more and more. It’s incredible to look at my journal with all the questions I asked and cards I drew. They became a great guidance. Can I please ask what deck exactly you used in photographs on your website as reversed side in light blue looks like a special edition. Thank you and thanks for all your wonderful work. I love reading your website and I am pleased to learn more from Sun Sign School as well.

    1. Thank you. I use the Smith-Waite Tarot Deck Centennial Edition, which comes in a nice little tin, from U.S. Games Systems. It was first released in 2009. You are very welcome at The Sun Sign School.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    You’ve already responded to me in other blogs. I’m not looking for a response (seriously – you’ve responded several times.). My life is crap (broke, facing homelessness, unemployed for a year and can’t find a job.) Each day gets increasingly difficult. Today I woke up and truly wished I was dead. When I did a reading about my life I pulled the death card. I’m hoping it’s a sign my wish will come true.

    Thank you.

    1. Hello again. You have the serious illness known as depression. I don’t know if you’ve called your doctor about it. Will you please do me a favour and get in touch with these people immediately – I also strongly recommend you look at magic mushrooms for depression. The latest discovery for people who have tried everything. The Guardian ran a very good article about this breakthrough 7 months ago. Astrology can only take you so far. If you have mental health issues they need solving, urgently so, and I sincerely hope you get the help you need. Now. This is the article on the genuinely magic ingredient, in what are known as magic mushrooms. I can see your chart and see the potential and the solutions but you must be well to take them. Go for it. I have asked spirit to help you.

  12. Hello Jessica and thank you so much for another excellent article! I love Tarot and use your website regularly when i have a question and for general guidance. It’s such a brilliant and useful way to have Tarot in one’s life! Thank you for supporting it and teaching us to understand the message.

    I don’t have a question, but I wanted to share what happened today. I’m a bit frustrated with my lack of progress with trying to lose a bit of weight. The plethora of often conflicting information on the Web is confusing and frankly frustrating. So today I decided to ask Tarot on the best way to achieve my weight loss goal this year. I got the Page of cups….
    Hmmm…. how can this answer help me? I thought I needed to tune in better and try asking again next time. I put it out of my mind, only to see a colleague of mine, a young dietitian, who works at the same hospital as me. We chatted a bit, and I booked an appointment to see him for a personalised nutrition plan that suited to my age and gender.

    A bit later I remembered my Page of cups! Oh my God, that could not be a more perfect answer. Trust Tarot to shed the light on a problem and provide the best solution. Just amazing!!

    1. Thank you. I am glad you are using the Tarot successfully here. I like your question for the cards – ‘How can I best lose weight in 2023?’ The Page of Cups turned up. You then found a younger dietitian show up, who works in your hospital. How fantastic. He’s your man. And the fact that he’ll be in your work place means you’ll stick to the plan, because he can see you every time you walk up the corridor together. The psychic message I see for you is that it’s all about tea, coffee, water, Diet Coke – it’s the cup. Comfort comes from a nice cup of tea and you are a comfort eater.

  13. Thank you, Jessica. Thanks for the important support you provide to people here with mental health challenges. Your light shines bright and we all benefit from it.

    1. Thank you Sarah. I’m just putting together a links list for people really going through it, with depression or anxiety. One of the good things about having so many readers over the years is that you find out who/what works.

  14. jessica I’ve paid for my question to be answered and sent you via email my star chart. please remember Mr
    thanks Hh

    1. I’m not entirely sure what you’re talking about I’m afraid. Did you mean you ordered a 2023 chart? If so, the forum is over, it ended on June 15th. The next forum is July 15th. Please contact Support for help with this.

  15. Hello Jessica

    I had a question plaguing me since past 2 years. I am very eager to buy my own home- I live with my parents. But I don’t have the money to buy a home. When you predicted in the yearly horoscope about a home move it got me thinking even more.

    I pulled a tarot for this big concern of mine. The tarot provided a 3 of Wands.

    This card made a lot of sense regarding the past and present of desiring a home but I was unable to decipher the future of how/when to buy a home.

    Do you think in conjunction with both the tarot card and my personal chart you would be able to answer this query?

    Many Thanks

    1. Okay, so the Three of Wands indicates moving. What time limit did you set? If you don’t set a time limit the Tarot could be talking about your life in 25 years’ time. Assuming you said ‘The next 12 months’ then that’s rather sooner. You will find an affordable home in a different location and may have to relocate or even emigrate. That’s your key. You would be taking your qualifications or your projects with you. Looks positive.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    The Tarot on your website combined with Paul McKennas hypnosis have tremendously helped me navigate the current Pluto cycle affecting me. I am needing very high levels of self-control to surf these turbulent waters. Thank you – both for helping phrase better questions and certainly for introducing me to Paul McKennas work.

    Question for you, is it possible to ask questions like “when is a good time this year to re-launch reputation, title or appearance?” I have seen some psychics use the numbers on the Tarot to predict number of weeks, months, or even dates. If you’d rather recommend that we leave this to the professionals then, please, share your insight into this specific question for my natal chart. I need a revamp of my professional appearance – some not-go-good decisions have jeopardized the perception of my capabilities in my current work company. Thanks again & have a great day.

    1. Thank you. I am glad you are finding the Tarot useful as well as Dr. Paul McKenna’s work. He’s a good egg. Yes, of course you can ask about a relaunch. Don’t ask ‘when’ as Tarot can’t tell you when – unless you are very used to reading the numbers on the cards, as weeks or months. If you get to the point where the Tarot is always right for you with the numbers (you must decide if it’s days, weeks, months or years from the start) then of course your cards will talk to you. You have a 25 Taurus, 25 Virgo trine in your chart so in 2024 you won’t even have to try. You will make or save money as Jupiter goes to 25 Taurus and it will be a step up at work, as Jupiter will trine that Virgo placement in your Sixth House of jobs. But try anyway.

  17. Hello Jessica, thank you for sharing the tips for using Tarot. I think it’s working well for me.

    “What’s the theme of this week?”
    “The emperor” must be my Pluto boss and future boss who interviewed me.

    “What should I do dealing with this emperor?”
    “Temperance” I will just walk away for my mental and physical health and look for other job opportunities :D.

    May I get your comment on my tarot interpretation?


    1. Yes, The Emperor is your boss. I don’t know him, of course. If you believe he is not good for your mental and physical health, then you don’t need the Tarot to tell you to go elsewhere. Is that you take on him? If so, of course you will look elsewhere. If you liked him, though, and there is no suggestion that he is bad for your wellbeing (just powerful and remote) that is an entirely different matter. If that is the case, Temperance is telling you to concentrate on a duet or two-way deal/arrangement with the new job and make it flow.

  18. Great golly gumboots Jessica!

    I have Pluto at 29 Virgo and my sun is at 29 degrees Cancer… My birthday is the 22nd of July! Any advise would be much appreciated.
    Thanks so much for all you are and all you do.


    1. Thank you Kimberley. This is a life reshape and make no mistake. Transiting Pluto at 29 Capricorn is trine natal Pluto at 29 Virgo in your Sixth House of workload, lifestyle, daily routine, food, drink, medication, fitness, housework. Transiting Pluto at 29 Capricorn will also be in opposition to your natal Sun at 29 Cancer in the Fourth House of family, household, town, country, house and apartment. You will spend the rest of 2023 getting the clay of your life on the potter’s wheel and recasting everything. As with pottery, you have to concentrate, not be distracted and be over-focussed, if anything. Pluto is really intense in transit and it may be a particular man who embodies this planet; if so he would be very controlling and seek to dominate. If you do enter a new situation in July which sounds like this check the paperwork to see if you can get any wiggle room should you need it. For example, with a new landlord or male flatmate. This is really about how you live, how you work, and how you make the wheels go round at home. By using your willpower and self-control you will become stronger and find your power. It will never go. That’s Pluto’s gift to you.

  19. Dear Jessica

    Thanks for your reply and suggestion to use all 3 divination decks. I am logged in as I type and I am a Premium member.

    The Tarot cards I drew when asking what was making me anxious were –

    2. Seven of Cups and
    3. King of Swords

    The first card seems to have an optimistic outcome in its interpretation, the second warns against seeing in your head what isn’t really there – which could relate closely to anxiety – and the third card represents a male whereas the person I thought it might be is a female who has passed on but was in a position of authority

    If you can let me know what your interpretation of these cards is I would be so grateful because anxiety has been a plague on my life for the last two years or more and it is hard to get rid of the anxiety without knowing what the cause is.

    Thank you so much for your help and I agree absolutely with Sarah that the help you give so many people through your website is just amazing.

    1. Thanks to you and Sarah. It’s a pleasure. Anxiety is an illness like any other and you can learn techniques to normalise your parasympathetic nervous system, which is the issue. It is really common for people with anxiety syndrome to have Virgo factors in the Sixth House of health and mental health (anxiety being the common cold of mental health) and you have a Virgo stellium or unusually high number of horoscope placements in that sign. Have a look at Virgo and the Sixth House in your flipbook library and on Search, because that’s you. The bottom line is, your physical self affects your mental state, and your mental state affects your physical self, so you can get stuck in a loop. A doctor is your first port of call, of course, and he or she may prescribe calming medication. That obviously works but the long-term solution is Dr. Claire Weekes and her work, which has changed the lives of millions since she first wrote her famous book: Self-Help For Your Nerves. Have a look at the testimonials. Now to the Tarot, what is making you anxious? Family change. Past or present – or feared, future, family change. If you lost a father or grandfather, uncle or so on when you were younger, that may be the root cause of an anxiety habit. If an older male in the family left (divorced) then that may also be the source. The Seven of Cups you interpreted correctly. You are imagining toxic, repelling or frightening people or situations which do not exist. It is all in your head. The last card is typically a father, boss, husband, grandfather who is intimidating and can be quite confronting. So you have a bit of work to do. Setting aside the actual situations in your life, or even memories, just focus on sorting out your physical body with techniques that will stop the circuit of anxiety. This is your parasympathetic nervous system at work and as Dr. Weekes explains, being out of kilter can affect your thoughts too. I’ve had so many readers over the years get good results from her work that I am happy to recommend it. You can and will be back to normal and then you can set about making changes you like, without that issue. J.K.Rowling has a Virgo stellium and is a good example of a woman who found her life’s calling, and perfected the tiny details so that she made projects she loved. It just happens to have also made her rich and famous.

  20. Hi Jessica. I follow your horoscopes intently and as a Leo I keep reading that career and finances will be better for us Leos in 23-24 due to Jupiter in Taurus, but honestly since 2022 my career and finances have never been so bad. I lost my business last year and am now in the process of starting again with 3 new companies but still have no income yet and its very frustrating. I did a tarot reading and asked the tarot what will happen with career and finances over the next 12 months. I drew the 3 of wands first and then the empress. I wonder if you can give me anymore insight or advice. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. You would have been given opportunities to succeed in your career, academic career or unpaid work but perhaps you did not take them. Jupiter in Taurus is transiting your solar Tenth House of success. Losing your business in 2022 has resulted in your starting three new companies but nothing is delivering. Your natal chart will only back up your solar chart so I am wondering if you are supposed to be hired rather than in business for yourself, and if you were not shown a chance to be hired but rejected it. It is also possible that you have been shown ‘combination’ employment in the shape of part-time jobs, job sharing or scholarships and part-time jobs but rejected it because you want to be self-employed. You have factors at 26, 27, 29 of Virgo (workload) and Capricorn (success) so the first issue is Pluto in Capricorn at 26, 27, 29 which was there when your business went in 2022. Pluto is now going back over 29 degrees of Capricorn. This is a classic cycle for being stood over, pushed around and pulled around by other people, organisations, or fate itself. You can feel dominated. The only answer is to find the willpower and self-control to push back, which you have done, by starting three companies. I just question (as I’ve said) if this is the right pathway for 2023. The income checks out, because you have Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, so ever since March, when Saturn changed signs, you can no longer seek alternatives or escapes with money, business, property. You have to accept you are stuck in a situation, or locked out of a situation. This requires patience and a strategy which I am sure you’ve developed. Still, there is nothing here that says you are stuck with your career. Far from it. The Tarot is useful for me here as it clearly shows you have three projects, three qualifications, or three companies (which you do) and they are in the wrong location. You need to export them, perhaps relocate or move yourself – or find regional or foreign allies who will engage in a bigger strategy across the map. If you read the long interpretation (also in Pamela’s Tarot, the flipbook in your library here) you will see it’s crucial not to forget all three – of whatever they are. The Empress is excellent and shows what I would expect for you from Jupiter in Taurus. Comfort and joy, lovely surroundings, a rich harvest and more where that came from. This is exactly what happens when Jupiter trines your Virgo and Capricorn factors and he is here, doing that now, until May 2024.

  21. Really loved this post, Jessica!

    I’ve been working with Tarot for about three years now, but you have shown how to frame questions in a way that allows for an answer to come from the reading.

    I’m currently looking for work – I took a full-time job last October (31 October – not ideal timing but cash flow was VIP for me) and I left that role just after the eclipse in April (jump or we will push was the message). So I asked ‘what am I capable of doing best now, and for the next 12 months’ and drew The World. I have a novel I’ve drafted and put away, and am now revising that, starting with the structural edit. But I’m also wondering if there is an interpretation about location and paid work more broadly. I’m currently in NSW.

    I then asked ‘what am I doing wrong’ and drew 9 of Pentacles. I’ve always thought of this card as invariably positive but I could see the message it was sending me was that I’ve been stagnating and need to seek growth. I’m looking at a course that is recognised in the industry and builds upon my existing qualifications and would open up opportunities. I realise I can do that in parts (so don’t have to pay the full amount up front, but doing a unit at a time could work).

    Finally, I asked ‘How best do I generate cash flow NOW and for the next 12 months’ and drew The Fool. I’ve been applying for jobs since I left the other role in April but have not had a successful outcome yet. The two jobs I did interview for were both part-time but would generate enough income for me. I’m still waiting to hear the outcome on one of these, but also open to other possibilities.

    Any further guidance you can give here is very welcome.

    1. Thank you so much. The World until July 2024 is Sagittarius in your chart and the Ninth House. It’s empty. Yet you have a full Gemini Third House stellium which is the worldwide web. So your answer is the worldwide web. You are in NSW but your way with words will take you to the world. You have the long interpretation of this card in Pamela’s Tarot in your library here. Jupiter goes into Gemini in May 2024 and until June 2025 you need to focus on one digital marketplace – UK, Europe, Australasia or America. What you are doing wrong is the Nine of Pentacles. This is either a rich woman you know whom you are not courting, or it is you, with too much money and time on your hands. Stagnating as you say. Cash flow is The Fool, accessing interstate or international options. Not the first way you see – that is risky – it won’t work. Research this to find the right route to the right place on the map. Yes you need to pack your bags, metaphorically or literally, and go far away from home base. But don’t just leap into it or you will fall or trip. That’s the message here. Again, The Fool is very Gemini. Gemini rules short journeys. This is all about life after May 2024.

  22. I am loving this and the recent features, Jessica! I used your guidelines and asked – “what steps do I take to ease my geographic transition…” – the HIGH PRIESTESS showed up. So uncanny that it spoke beyond my question – as if it knew what was ‘really’ going on in my world now and past. Especially, the half-visible degree /scroll, the gown (its blue reminded of the graduation gown of a uni I applied to for a doctorate but was turned down), my moon in sagittarius, etc. My question came from recurring work-visa obstacles; I make it to the top-of-the-line jobs overseas, in the country where I did my masters but immigration processes (lottery etc), despite the best efforts of my prospective employers, just brings me to square one. Even so I’d say things are looking so, so up since late 2022 and 2023 in terms of my exploring and developing new ideas in my field. I feel the tarot is pointing to my creative academic projects, in ways suggesting that they’re what will take me to my home abroad and plant my skills and intellect. May be the hint is visa through scholarship not employment? And although my wanting to move has a sense of urgency I highly regard my country and recognise its potential + problems and see myself really doing something about them but right now I need to be elsewhere to sharpen my tools. Jupiter in cancer speaking. I grew up around lots of strong women with ethos likewise. Btw I do experimental research for climate policies. What would your interpretation be on the high priestess card? You had advised earlier, after the Taurus new moon zoom (ace of wands then!) that working on this project will be fruitful by easter next year. I think this new tarot is taking me there? It is fertile, I saw first-hand when on a domestic vacation end of June I happened to mention about it to someone and boom next day I was invited to advise a MAJOR stakeholder (I didn’t know this was ever possible; like I entered a new cycle altogether). I am hoping this will bloom. But even to do it the justice it deserves, I got to reach out to foreign / academic partners. A million thanks for all the guidance and tools you so generously offer on this website. All best, N.

    1. Thank you N. You can get a lot from just one card and The High Priestess has spoken and will continue to speak. You want to relocate or emigrate and in fact, The High Priestess goes between two places. The pomegranate on the screen behind her is a symbol of Proserpina, who spent 6 months in Hades (winter and autumn) and 6 months on earth (spring and summer). So easing a move is about going between two cities or two countries, perhaps even just online. You do have qualifications in hand, so the Tarot is telling you that they will be used, along with (perhaps) your thesis or any work you have recently produced. You research climate policy and this is important as Proserpina is about the four seasons and the way they are divided. So the card is giving you a double message. The letters B and J on the columns may also mean something personal to you, or come to do so. If you have your copy of Pamela’s Tarot from this website it will give you more. You may find it’s short journeys or short journeys online (telecommuting or just going between two closer places on the map) which offer you most and the Uranus in Taurus/Jupiter in Taurus transit of your solar chart until May 2024 will give you more than one opportunity. I just had a reader with a similar chart to yours who found herself working on the last project she ever imagined, in the US, so she is ‘doing’ NYLON online. New York and London. She’s never been but when the project is successful, may go.

  23. I’ve found the more you practice and the more you work with your intuition the clearer your readings become. Guess the psychic muscle is like any other in that it grows with training. Its also helped me to do readings less frequently so I don’t get too caught up in relying on them instead of seeing tarot as complementary to my intuitive self.

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