Astrology, India and 2024-2030

Astrology Predictions for India 2024-2030

There are three astrology charts for India in The Book of World Horoscopes (Nicholas Campion) and this is the most accurate for date-stamped prediction, below. It is set for 26th January 1950 at 10.18am in Delhi when the Republic of India was born.

Just one look and you can see women coming front and centre. Women will find their power again and be a driving force in politics and business. In fact, it will be the making of India.

This vintage illustration from Twitter #VintageIndia perfectly shows the old feminism and independence – the era of Gandhi. Well, according to this 1950 horoscope below, it’s coming back.

The Aquarius Stellium in the India Chart

In this feature I will predict the future of India and give you confirmed predictions from 2021, which I made about 2022. They all came true and concern India’s economy and COVID-19 pandemic. This is an Aquarian country composed of many different nationalities, genders, races and religious groups as well as gay, lesbian and bisexual people.

Aesculapia at 6 Aquarius is in conjunction with the Sun at 5 Aquarius. Jupiter is at 12 Aquarius in conjunction with Venus at 13 Aquarius. Those two tight patterns reveal that India will be reborn in 2027-2028. I will look at the long-term of India in this feature and also the 2024 election. (Software: AstroGold). 


INDIA - Astrology, India and 2024-2030

True Predictions for India – August and October 2022

My previous feature on India was published on this website in 2021. This prediction, below – The Recession of August and October 2022 – was validated by Reuters and The Hindu. The Global Times too. The rupee hit an all time low, as you may remember in October. I don’t use Vedic (Indian) astrology but this Western system above works well. I believe it began in August and was not written about by the media until October 2022. .

Screen Shot 2023 07 08 at 12.34.42 pm - Astrology, India and 2024-2030


India OCT - Astrology, India and 2024-2030 INDIA OCT II - Astrology, India and 2024-2030

Screen Shot 2023 07 08 at 12.45.28 pm - Astrology, India and 2024-2030Screen Shot 2023 07 08 at 12.46.42 pm - Astrology, India and 2024-2030


The Covid-19 Pandemic and India – True Predictions

India will experience a huge drop in the birth rate between now and 2044. Part of the reason for this is COVID-19 which will see more outbreaks ahead, as well as other viruses. I published this prediction in 2021 about the year 2022, below. It turned out to be a Tomato Flu outbreak in August 2022. Then, in October 2022 XBB Variant arrived in India. As reported in The Conversation and The Indian Express, August and October were critical.

virus aug oct - Astrology, India and 2024-2030

Screen Shot 2023 07 08 at 12.48.41 pm - Astrology, India and 2024-2030

Screen Shot 2023 07 08 at 12.49.05 pm - Astrology, India and 2024-2030

The Big Picture for India – The 2024 Election and Life to 2030

The 2024 General Election is expected to be held in India in April and May 2024 between Narendra Modi of the BJP and Mallikarjun Kharge of the INC as well as other parties. The ‘other parties’ bit is important. Once Pluto begins to transit the Aquarius (many tribes) factors in the Indian chart, we will see a transformation in the voting system as well as the candidates. A wider spread of diverse interest groups, including women, will take over.

This happens with Pluto at 5 through 25 degrees of Aquarius from March 2026 until January 2041. This is a complete transformation of Indian power and Indian society. The old days of one man ruling everything and everybody (including the rest of the world – India has the planet’s largest population) will be finished. Expect power to be divided between a large number of different interest groups, over the next 20 years.

Saturn in Virgo and India’s Healthcare System

The denial and fantasising about the pandemic continues, even though science tells us COVID-19 is lowering life expectancy around the world. India was founded in her modern form with Saturn at 18 Virgo, which is a very difficult chart position for public health. Saturn is about restriction. Burden. Limitation. Virgo rules hospitals, doctors, nurses, viruses, pandemics and the rest.

The Saturn-Saturn opposition, when Saturn goes to 18 Pisces by transit, is set for May 19th 2024 until June 7th 2024. If Indians do turn out in mass numbers to vote then, this is a clear COVID-19 outbreak risk unless people wear N95 masks, wash their hands or have the luck of HEPA filters or UVC lighting.

The Pandemic Rolls On Until 2025

Saturn is again opposite Saturn in Virgo from July 23rd 2024 until August 11th 2024. This looks like another variant to me or another virus. The final serious public health challenge is February 7th until 14th 2025.

Just after this, we also have the South Node in Virgo and North Node in Pisces, triggering India and her heavy Saturn in Virgo. This takes place from August 5th 2025 until October 10th 2025. As I write this on 8th July 2023, looking two years into the future, the facts about the pandemic are already clear, below. This is not going to get better of its own accord.

One in ten people now get Long Covid from the Omicron variant. This figure is from Time magazine in the US. The graph shows you the uptick of cases in India, January to April 2023. This is from the Times of India which showed the best statistical coverage of Indian cases. Professor Cynthia Doenca AC has the best satirical account about the pandemic on Twitter, below.

Time Magazine - Astrology, India and 2024-2030 The Times of India - Astrology, India and 2024-2030

India Transformed in 20 Years of Social Change

The Pluto oppositions from Aquarius to Leo (pregnancy, birth, children) will decimate the birth rate over a long 20 year period, partly because of COVID-19, but also because of new political decisions to legislate against over-population. I mentioned this in 2021 – that the path to it would begin in 2022. Union minister Giriraj Singh in November 2022 (below) was concerned about competing with China. This news report from ANI ran on Twitter and the image reveals a man, surrounded. Yet, eventually, Singh will find himself vindicated.

The Pluto-Pluto opposition at 17 Aquarius and 17 Leo is set for the year 2034, so in about ten years from now, we will begin to see one-child legislation and rolled out contraception. This is the midpoint of 20 years of massive social change regarding marriage and children.

One child campaign 2022 - Astrology, India and 2024-2030

Partnerships and Wars

India also has the South Node in Libra going across her Libra stellium in the Seventh House of partnerships and wars, starting on July 18th 2023. It will be there until January 11th 2025. In this time-frame she will deal with karma from 18-19 years before regarding her enemies and her partners. She will sign a new deal with a new ‘other half’ although the two nations are well-known to each other and have a long history. She will also draw battles lines against one other nation, one more time, as she is karmically owed, or owes the other country.

What About Narendra Modi and the Future?

Modi is a man out of time. He belongs to the Pluto in Capricorn cycle of 2008-2023 which can only go backwards in 2024, 2025. Pluto is power. Capricorn is the men in suits at the top of an old system. Like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson – and Scott Morrison – Modi is going, going, gone. It’s impossible to tell who wins the 2024 election without a date set yet, or accurate birth charts for the contestants.

In general, though, Pluto’s switch from Capricorn to Aquarius in 2023, 2024, 2025 is the slow end of status, influence, position and control of Modi. There is a rule in astrology that if you dominate for too long, you go. There are many different ways you go – but Modi has dominated not just India, but the world. His poor handling of the pandemic has led to disastrous, widespread infection in every other country.

Aquarius is about diversity, community and equality. It is about women, as well as men. It is about women holding up half the sky. I can only repeat, that between 2023 and 2025 Modi is a man out of time. And all out of time as well, in India.


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19 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica, To be clear, when you say in this article about India that “Saturn is again opposite Saturn in Virgo from July 23rd 2024 until August 11th 2024. This looks like another variant to me or another virus. The final serious public health challenge is February 7th until 14th 2025.”… does a Covid virus or another virus affect other parts of the world, too? Thank you. Best, Cecelia

    1. Good question, Cecelia. Yes, this ties in with the global pandemic, and once again it will be India that produces a variant or even a second virus that is spread through world airports and on cruise ships. The Saturn-Saturn opposition in the India chart can only happen every 29 years and it is happening some six months before the South Node goes into Virgo (public health again, worldwide) and dominates the start of 2025. That is Christmas, New Year and a peak travel season – Lunar New Year in Asia. So I am clanging the alarm bell as usual. The nodes take 18-19 years to rotate to Virgo and Pisces like this. India takes 29 years to get a Virgo opposition. Whatever is coming will affect us all again unless politicians are forced by their voters to manage this.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I am very fond of Indian people and India. I worked with so many throughout my career (and am still friends with them) and especially in pharmaceuticals. They are the kindest and most fascinating people with a huge emphasis on education and career. I could write a tome on what I’ve learned from my Indian friends but will spare you. Colonization really wrecked their economy and entire way of life. They were the richest nation in the world and most peaceful. I hope they someday get a cosmic reward for having to go through that. But that is not the point of this comment.

    There is a new online game in India called PUBG which the government is trying to have banned because of its impact on student studies. Regardless of anything else in India they do have a large brain trust and some of the most educated and intelligent people. Of course they have to go abroad to get jobs because there are none in India.

    If this game does in fact cause the loss of students it could be a big deal for the country. Many family members rely finanically on those who’ve gone abroad for work. The elder sons traditionally take care of the parents in later years there. Espeically since people can no longer work for life there. Retirements are now forced on people so that others may work. I could see where this game, if its as pervasive as I’ve read, would have a huge socio-economic impact on that nation.

    All that being said, we’ve seen the impacts of social media and gaming on our society, espeically the younger generation. Will there be change in that area which will make the tool more productive than destructive? I’d love to see parents more involved in their kids and the electronics only used at certain times. What we feed our minds is just as important, if not more, than what we feed our bodies.

    Thanks Jessica, you rock!!

    1. Thank you GV. The arrival of Uranus in Gemini is ‘freedom from the internet’ and also ‘freedom through the internet’ and this long cycle past 2030 will do just that. Gemini also rules gaming as well as the web. Given that India has this huge I.T. industry I would expect them to invent a new way to connect and communicate which also brings instant translation. It will be language that is the cornerstone of Uranus in Gemini. Quite liberating to be read, heard and understood correctly in real time, by two nationalities.

  3. Hope you will continue to clang the alarm bell! Thank you. Best, Cecelia

  4. This might not be the correct place but can I request for a reading on ICC cricket World Cup 2023 like you did for football World Cup.

    1. Funnily enough I did mention cricket in a new feature on the South Node in Libra. I believe the Australia-West Indies 2024 matches will be extremely difficult, may involve the law (or the laws of cricket), see tremendous disruption within each team and the possibility of something that’s just not cricket. The astrologer Dennis Elwell associated Libra with cricket. We also have Pluto in Aquarius so the team structure is under duress from January. I’d be looking at January-March 2024 for issues there. Of course it may also pull in India and Pakistan in their own competitions.

  5. Hello Jessica,
    I’ve put those dates in the diary for virus awareness, big thank you for this clanging of the alarm bells.
    Could I ask you for guidance on a house move my partner and I are hoping to make, closer to family, will the move be soon (ish), fruitful and with a new life balance? We both hope to give family support plus establish a new foundation financially. Many thanks for your time and grace.

    1. Thank you. You are not logged in, as I can’t see your birth chart unfortunately. The Tarot is free to use here and can help with that question in the meantime.

  6. Dear Jessica, I missed this blog for some reason and just read it. Thank you for the warning. Living in South India, I wanted to know if the continued mismatch in growth will continue – South India (the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telengana and Kerala) have birth rates that are as low as most developed countries. Public health is superior than that in the rest of the country.

    My question is, and I’ve asked this before, do you see the country formally splitting into two geographically distinct regions? Even politically, the two regions have little in common. The BJP and Narendra Modi have no presence in the South.

    Taking into account your predictions of new Covid variants or another virus – do you think the skewed development pattern in India will see the poorer (and more crowded) North, more badly affected? Thus making Modi’s government unpopular in the region where he currently is popular?

    Also, you mention a partnership with a new country – do you think it could be the United States – historically, the US and India have had only moderately good ties. And will the country emerge as a strong global player with the downturn in China’s and Russia’s fortunes ?

    Love your global predictions!! Thank you.

    1. Your question about South India and Narendra Modi will be answered from 2026 when Uranus (the revolution) goes into Gemini (the neighbours) and your borders change. Europe and the EU will change borders too. So 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030 and beyond are about a different map. Modi is ancient history. Covid-19 continues to mutate. Governments worldwide continue to cover up the facts and the only facts we have are from actuaries – life insurance – and mortality or death rates. These are up everywhere. So that includes India. Until voters and politicians agree on a Clean Air Act which business does not want (too expensive) nothing will change. Until then you look after yourself and your people. This is not just India. It’s Sydney as well. This runs for some years as we have this constant Pisces-Virgo pattern and Virgo has always ruled public health. India will partner with a nation which has her eye on nuclear realities, as much as India does. Thank you.

  7. One, half a billion people live on the Ganges, most polluted river in the world. Drink it, bathe in it, throw dead people in it. So could water be a source of death in India, diminishing population?

    Also, the Economist tracked excess deaths to get a real covid death number and India’s was about 25 to 30 million in 2022. So if you extrapolate that to long term covid, you might get a real decline in population.

    And about 900 million live under the poverty line in India. So scarcity of resource, climate crisis, could all converge. Interesting timeline with the astrology.

  8. In my comment above, Draupadi Murmu is not first woman, but first tribal woman to become President of India.

  9. I like reading these astrology predictions for different countries. It would be nice to have updated details about Russia & Ukraine.
    Thank you!

    1. I predicted Ukraine would win in a 2023 Conscious Cafe video and I’ve seen no reason to change that forecast. Putin is out of touch, inaccessible, using medication/illegal drugs which powerfully affects him, and very much alone. I say this is Putin. It could be any of the actors used by the Kremlin but if we take Putin as an entity manufactured by the Russian elites, this is power which is detached, ineffective, drifting and very much all at sea. It would not take very much to turn this person over. He is not grounded and has no base. Ukraine has its children and teenagers, young adults, as its future. The future also looks very happy for them. I can see a Russian withdrawal. Ukraine is far more settled and grounded. Much happier.

  10. Jessica,
    please u need to revisit the statement that ” poor handling of pandemic”.
    please rectify..
    as India handled pandemic well and also contributed vaccines

    1. Narendra Modi’s failure with COVID-19 in the year 2021 is well documented and was widely criticised across all world media. That variant spread.

  11. Thank you for taking time to write about India, Jessica.

    It is very sad to see the rate of polarization and intolerance towards other non-Hindu religions in India in the last 10 years. Restrictions on what to eat (beef) in places like Lakshadweep are just meaningless and barbaric. As Magnolia mentioned, BJP has no presence in South India. But they are trying very hard to make a place for themselves there. I hope the people of South India do not let that happen. There are just no funds being released for South India for development by the Modi Govt. All the focus of BJP/Modi is in the States where there are more Parliament seats for them to win and where they can swing the voters to their favor. I do wish South India is a separate country.

    I am also saddened to see the vendetta politics back in South India, albeit this time in a different State. It was Tamil Nadu before. Now, it is Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. People live in fear (more in Andhra Pradesh) of the Government. So, no one speaks up about lack of development, caste based harassment or to ask about price increases. I sincerely hope there is a regime change in Andhra Pradesh in the next elections. We need a change of Government at Central level too so that people (non-Hindus) can live without fear.

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