Venus Retrograde June-October 2023

How does Venus Retrograde in Leo, from June to October 2023, affect you?

How Venus Retrograde Affects You in 2023

Stop-start new relationships and complications involving your children are all part of Venus Retrograde in Leo. Venus rules husband-wife, wife-lover, mother-son and also mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Most of all, Venus rules beauty and seduction.

Venus, the planet of marriage, motherhood and adultery, is retrograde (appearing to go backwards) from June 20th until October 7th. This includes the pre-shadow and post-shadow.

So, as I publish this on 21st July, you’ve already had about a month of what will prove to be a stuck loop, or circuit, in your love life – or with the world of children and young adults. This illustration of Venus is from Player’s Cigarettes, below. Perhaps a woman like this is already poised to reverse.

FIyoMQgVQAI5  p 163x300 - Venus Retrograde June-October 2023Dating, Mating and Relating on Venus Retrograde

Just as you might expect, this is when dating, mating and relating also goes backwards and gets stuck. You will need to make allowances for that.

Leo rules courtship, the bedroom, pregnancy, infants, children, teenagers and young adults. So, Venus is complicating that, but also doing it back to front. 

As if that wasn’t enough we also have the South Node in Libra (ruled by Venus, so also about marriage, motherhood and adultery) throughout this period. You’ve not had that in your life for 18 or 19 years. 

Are You a Sun Aquarius or Sun Aries?

If so, you are most strongly affected as Venus in Leo will go backwards through your Seventh House of partnership (Aquarius) or your Fifth House of bedroom and children (Aries). 

FcLiZHHagAAELdZ 300x240 - Venus Retrograde June-October 2023Watching the Venus Retrograde in Leo Dates

If you have anything in your chart at Leo 12-28 degrees you are affected. This may be a woman who personifies Venus (she is beautiful, vain and complicated). It may be matters that Venus rules – so seduction, sex, falling in love.

You’d want to wait and see, until she returns to normal on October 7th (she is out of her loop) before you say anything is final. This engraving of Venus shows her with her son Cupid, holding his arrow (he does her work for her, making people fall helplessly in love with each other). If you can imagine this bird-drawn chariot reversing and then getting stuck, before turning around and going back the way it came – that’s this cycle. This illustration is from Abu Mashar, 1488.

Do You Have Leo Factors at 12 – 28 Degrees?

She moves like this in the first phase, from June 20th until July 23rd.

Leo 12, 13, 14,15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

Then she turns backwards on July 23rd and moves like this –

Leo 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12

This takes you to 1st September. Venus then turns again, finishing on October 7th, 2023. If you have anything in your chart at Leo 12-28, then you can expect a three-part story, which twists and turns, involving your godson (say), your future stepson (maybe) or your next husband.

Leo 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

Sensible Advice – Expect Reversals and Rescheduling

Leo and the Fifth House describes seduction, dates, sexual relationships (from a one-night stand to an affair), pregnancy, babies, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and young adults.

Venus was the wife of Vulcan, and the lover of Mars. She was the mother of Cupid. Her symbol is the hand mirror, also known as the universal symbol for female.

VENUS O - Venus Retrograde June-October 2023Sensible advice for this period would involve a wait-and-see policy. Choosing baby names could involve a lot of trial and error, for example.

A new relationship may go back and forth. If you are separating or divorcing, do not expect a done deal too quickly.

Your logic should tell you what is set to happen, especially if something began since 20th June.

Normally, Venus moves quickly through Leo. She moves in a straight line. Now, she is doubling back on herself, getting stuck and running on the spot. This transit isn’t really terribly important unless you also have factors in Libra in the Seventh House of marriage, common-law marriage, separation and divorce. If you do (and you also have Leo factors) then the complication of June-October is far more important.

The Tarot on this website can tell you more. Follow the steps. Ask “How does Venus Retrograde in Leo in 2023 most affect me?” From there you can figure out a strategy. Maybe it’s not time to move in with that new man just yet. Keep the plans flexible; maybe you’ll figure out a plan after October.

Main Image: Unsplash/Simon Lee

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84 Responses

  1. Jessica – this post hits me right between the eyes. Is the best course of action to just try to stay steady and wait to see where things in October? My marriage (husband is Pisces) is having a challenging patch which hopefully will improve soon, and the 6 kids in my life (mine and those I consider mine) are all in the midst of major life transitions. It’s a lot.

    1. Yes, stay steady, especially with the six children. Things will change once, twice, three times between now and October. Making up your mind about your marriage or motherhood in any final way, does not work on Venus Retrograde, because circumstances alter. So juggling and a bit of fancy footwork is a good idea. You can come to ‘final’ after October when you know for sure. The longer issue is the Libra South Node, so you need to go back to your husband as he was with you 18-19 years prior. There is karma there. If it was quite a different man, then what you owe him, or what that man owes you, will now be spiritually settled in 2023, 2024 and early 2025. It may be your marriage now which is the conduit for the karma with somebody else from that time.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I was looking forward to this Venus Retro Blog, thank you for this.

    I have two stelliums, which both will be impacted :
    – Leo Stellium (Sun 12 , Mercury 4, Apollo 6, Venus 7, Jupiter 18, and Minerva 16)
    – Libra Stellium (IC 0, Baccus 4, Pluto 16,Cupido 24)

    For the Tarot, I pulled : The Moon. My Moon is in Capricorn, my husband’s is in Cancer.
    To clarify again, I pulled out the second card : The Sun. My Sun is in Leo, my husband’s is in Cancer.

    I am worried about the impact if my natal Pluto 16 Libra is activated, will this impact our marriage?
    I am in a +17 years marriage, I hope this relationship will last.
    My husband and I are in our 8th year profection, he is only two weeks older than me. The irony is that I recently lost my job in June 2023, while he will lose his job by September 2023 because the company he works for is closing down.

    We are now in one of the most critical time in our life and career.
    Can you share some insights Jessica? Bless you and your wonderful heart.
    Thank you.
    Regards, Ika

    1. Thanks Ika. The Moon is about you and your husband, correct. You both have to choose which home and/or which work place to opt for. By October, when this cycle ends, time will be running out on a purely financial basis. So you two need to be honest with each other about how you are going to live and work. You lost your job. He is about to lose his. Try to work with the card. There are more than two binary options. How can you think laterally about the location issues, facing the financial time constraints, and serve both your needs? How can you find a third way, a fourth way? Pluto in Libra is about who or what is in control of the marriage. So you two will have to sort that out, but thinking about it now, can help choices later.

  3. Wow, Jessica, my jaw just dropped, all the way to the floor and loudly! I have Venus is in Leo at 17 deg, and Cupido in Leo at 27 … and yes, I am a hot mess right now. I also have Pluto in Libra at 6 and Uranus at 28. I have been consulting tarot on your website quite a bit recently, and I found it very helpful. Is there anything you would have to add to my chart placements and future? I really appreciate that you share your wisdom and insights, I learn a lot under your guidance, thank you!

    1. With your Leo/Libra placements you have indeed been living with this cycle since June and have a hot mess. It is possible that marriage is not for you. Have a look at your ideas about love and sex. Do you see it as a path to a mortgage? A baby? Changing your name? Are you against marriage, do you prefer common-law marriage, are you polygamous and so on. Pluto in Libra wants to control the sexual partnership. Uranus in Libra is regularly upset by unexpected and sudden rejection – you reject the other person, or they reject you. Freedom and independence is always the result. So there is a pattern here. You may also have issues about fidelity and commitment. It’s not a bad idea to set time apart to examine your beliefs, attitudes and ‘known factors’ about (say) adultery or single parenthood. All the aspects of Libra and Leo. What happens by October will make you question what you know anyway so you may as well start now.

  4. Dear Jessica, thank you for this beautifully written article (including the artwork). I am rising sign leo and one of my stelliums is in libra. I got the strength card Jessica when I asked the question. I have a hospital check up appointment next week and it feels like it has been non stop troubleshooting/management of multiple things over the past few months. Is this the pluto in capricorn effect? Im taking it day by day now. And also told someone “no” yesterday when asked to do something….otherwise I feel I will be sliding down some slippery rabbit hole i won’t get back out of! Im also single. Can you interpret this for me if you have time Jessica. Much appreciation and happy birthday month to you.

    1. Thank you. The Strength card is the lion being healed. It is always Leo in astrology. You have a Leo Ascendant (the only factor you have in Leo) and so your image is ‘Leo female.’ You present as the Queen or Princess. The leader and authority figure. When young, you may be a prefect governing younger children, or the older sibling or cousin who plays with the junior family members. As you grow older, the Leo female image is judged by her love life, relationships, dates, decisions to have children (or not to have them) and any professional or philanthropic involvement with children and teenagers. By October this part of you will be healed. Something has wounded you or pained you, in relation to love, sex and children – or young people – but it will be fixed. It will take time. Venus is shown in the card by the healing figure. Your Leo self is shown by the pained lioness.

  5. Jessica – it feels strange to draw the ten of cups when you’re not in a relationship – or particularly actively looking – but I guess one never knows. Perhaps another reader feels the same… xx

    1. You asked about the cycle until October, didn’t you? So between now, 22nd July, and the end of the cycle, in October, you will meet someone and have a sexual relationship, or go back to your ex.

  6. Jessica I am experiencing strained relationship with my 8 year old son. I sometimes forget he’s a 8 year old boy who is still learning.

    Sun Aries

    1. Yes, you have Venus Retrograde in your Fifth House of parenthood and your son is still very small. The influence of another woman here is important; aunt, godmother; grandmother; teacher; another child’s mother. That may hold some clues for you.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    I was born with Venus in retrograde. Both my South node and Ascendant are in Leo at 16 degrees (accurate birth time). My sun is in Aquarius. My IC is in Libra. When asking the tarot about the impact of this time, I drew The Chariot.

    Any advice as to what all of that combined might mean would be very much appreciated!

    1. You don’t say if you are married, single, have children and so on, which makes it very hard to read for you. The Chariot when applied to the bedroom, courtship, marriage, adultery, divorce, children, teenagers and young people could be a lover travelling to your city offering you the chance of seduction. It may be your former husband leaving the country. It may be your godson accepting a gap year job overseas. So you see. It’s all about your personal life. Only you can interpret it.

  8. Hi Jessica — June/July 2023 has already been very intense for me, even before and maybe because of Venus retrograde. I have both Libra and Leo factors. I drew the Page of Wands card from the Tarot deck, which I wasn’t able to connect to the Leo/Libra storyline. What are your thoughts?

    1. Yes, you have a textbook chart for this June-start transit. The Page of Wands is Leo. The Fifth House is children, teenagers and young adults. The page is usually a boy, although this may be a tomboyish girl. This is your child, godchild, young relative. By October when the cycle ends you will be very clear about the Leo/Fifth House side of this transit.

  9. Hi Jessica, as I am sun libra and I have leo placements at these degrees, I am actually concerned how this Venus retrograde with Pluto squaring at 29 degrees this week as well and arrival of south node in libra only few days ago will impact me. I also met someone younger around 20th June I never thought I would even keep in touch with and we live at different countries at the moment but somehow we are drawn to each other. You mentioned complications of this retrograde are far more important for those with Libra and Leo factors. Would you please shed some light on what this means for me and what I should avoid? Thank you.

    1. You’ve met someone new and it’s a long distance attraction. Wait until October to make promises to each other (“I’ll fly over and stay with you” is a typical one) or to fully understand the dating or relationship circumstances of either person. Venus Retrograde is unreliable. The South Node in Libra tends to be the clue here, so go back 18-19 years in your love life and ask yourself how you might b owed, or how you might owe – karmically. That will now be settled on a spiritual level.

  10. Going through a tough time in my relationship been together 12 years. 3 children and feeling huge effects of these transits. Not just in relationship but friendships and career. Any chart insight would be much appreciated thanks Jessica x

    1. Friendships and groups are more important long-term (for 20 years actually) as you have a large stellium in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of allies and communities. You have Aquarius factors at 1 through 28 degrees so will feel the entire transit, which restarts in January 2024. Essentially you are here to experience being both crew and leader. You have enough Leo factors in your Fifth House of leadership (mother, aunt, godmother, teacher, tutor, guide, mentor, advisor to the young) that you know all about the latter. With Aquarius dominating your chart you also understand how bands, clubs, networks function and what makes them falter. This will come back to you in an obvious way from the final week of January 2024 until the third week of February 2024 and you will have choices to make then. This may be when you realise the answers to your relationship questions are contained with your social life, your social media (if any) and the friends you two do/do not share as a couple. You also have three children, so other children’s parents involved in your social life or circles would also be important. You will begin involvement with a group or restart it in early 2024 and realise how powerful it could be. Some groups, like Greenpeace or the Beatles, change a corner of the world. Your group is on that level, if you see it in local perspective. Your challenge if you should accept it, is to contribute to the group; influence it; be influenced by it. This will take you back to old experiences from childhood and school, as well as your teenage years (the peer group years) and it will take a bit of time and space to sort out, but it will be worth it.

  11. I’m long overdue for an intimate partnership. Divorced 25 years, meeting someone special is feeling out of my reach. Grown kids, career that has leveled off, living in same house for 18 years…and been crushing on an Aquarian gentleman who seems seriously stuck. I want and deserve so much more, with a leo stellium and Libra sun, can you see any changes in the Astro climate up ahead for me. Thanks a million for your insight and expertise Jessica.

    1. Actually you don’t want any more stepchildren (even) in your life and certainly no more male involvement with your adult children, or their own children (your grandchildren). That is really clear in your chart. You can say you are overdue for sex, but still fall in love with someone you cannot have. This is self-complication at its height, as there are billions of men on the planet but you desire someone you will never be with. Why? Because he won’t deliver what I’ve just mentioned. You have a large Leo stellium in the Fifth House of the bedroom, courtship and motherhood. Therefore you will always be tempted by new lovers. The framework for that is the issue. Would you take potential stepmother status? If not, then that’s an issue. So sit down with your Tarot and chart (you can decode that on this site) and have a long and honest discussion with yourself about your divorce, your former husband, your adult children, any grandchildren and the rest. The answers will lead you to a more conscious, aware existence and non-starters like your Aquarian will be replaced by people you can actually be with. I once had a reader to this website who had wanted a male friend for 12 years. Her entire fertility. She was then turning 40 and wondered if he would ever come across. He never would, but that was the whole point. Deep down she never wanted to be a mother. So you see…

  12. Hello Jessica, I’m a 26 Leo with – Bacchus 21° Leo, MC 17° Leo, Apollo 19° Leo. And, I drew the King of Wands. I’m not married and have no children but I’d be open to it. I’d love to know what that means for me. I’m looking for work and am currently in school. What does it all mean? Thank you in advance.

    1. You are strongly Leo and I do not know if you are male or female which makes it impossible to read the King of Wands for you. Please use the flipbook Pamela’s Tarot on this website, free to you as a member, to read the card.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    Well, I was delighted to get the Empress when I asked ‘how does Venus retrograde in Leo most affect me’.
    You see, I’ve decided to do NOTHING for the next few weeks other than be a stay at home Mum and enjoy some down time. I was a little alarmed as an Aquarian to read that this transit would affect us but my husband and I have done our walking through the inferno, so am hoping we’re on solid ground now. He is Sagittarius. I don’t know his exact Birth time so did a midday chart (30/11/74) and he has his descendant at 25 deg Leo, Cupid at 18 deg Leo and Minerva at 29 deg Leo (based on a midday birth time).
    Giving it one last crack to expand our family and I do imagine if we’re successful, there will be a lot of back and forth with doctors and monitoring and reviewing and checking if we are successful as I have a complicated history with pregnancies. Let’s see what the next few months brings for us!
    Thanks Jessica.

    1. Perfect. You are The Empress and may in fact become pregnant. That’s a very big Laura Ashley frock she has on with plenty of bump room. You will certainly revive your relationship with your husband; Venus is shown, evergreen.

  14. Hi Jessica,
    This is a really appropriate message at this moment as it speaks to my relationship with my 11 years old son. His father died months ago. After reading your blog I asked for a tarot card and got The Sun. Okay, fair enough. Then I asked for a clarification card and drew The King Of Wands. “The issue is what to do with what is so vast in potential. It needs to be planted and nurtured or it will wither on the vine or just fall apart. Time is of the essence.”

    Forgive me for quoting back to you what you already know. I think this really what I needed to hear. The magic of tarot never fails to inspire. Thank you for writing this particular topic. My son born 2-15-2012 in Flagstaff, AZ at 1:45am. Never really thought to get his chat done until now. How can I help him with the months ahead for the Venus in Leo? Thank you so much for your time and dedication today.

    1. Thank you. I am so sorry your eleven-year-old son lost his father. The Sun does in fact relate to the King of Wands, so you are being told that your boy is coming into his own (despite the bereavement) and will find his way, quite brilliantly. He is literally ‘the son’ here. He is now entering a cycle when his grasp of language, literature, the media, communicative art and the world of books (shown in The Sun) is crucial. He will be guided or mentored by a teacher, family member or friend/companion of yours who needs to get going. Perhaps your son will inspire him to actually make all his concepts real.

  15. Dear Jessica,

    I have a stellium in Leo, and some planets and asteroids are placed from 12 to 28 degrees. I have no children. Any projects or contacts with the younger generation.
    Ace of Swords is my card from the tarot deck.

    Thank you for any advice for this Venus retrograde season.

    1. It’s not unusual for strongly Leo women to be child-free. Beatrix Potter is a good example. Yet children became her life’s work. If you pulled the Ace of Swords for Venus Retrograde in Leo, as she passes through your Fifth House, you are being shown ‘Queen to a younger court’ or ‘King to a younger court’ with a challenge to his/her authority. This may be you. You may be a teacher for example. It may be your employer. The crown is pure Leo. The King or Queen with heirs, spares and pretenders to the throne. You are being shown a major change. The court is shown by the flying yellow leaves – some people see them as people. There is a scattering. A question about who or what is in charge, now change has come. This fits exactly with your chart, so by October, it will be a reality. Much depends if you are the Queen in this situation, or if you are just concerned with the younger generation who are now finding new pathways.

  16. Happy Birthday, Jessica:) – Lioness of the Zodiac! Thank you so much for all you do for us.
    Warmest wishes, Emma x

  17. Happy Birthday Jessica!

    Wishing you a wonderful day with your friends and family!

  18. Jessica, I have only one Leo factor (the descendant at 13 degrees), two factors each in Aquarius and Aries, and only one factor in Libra. Do you have any ideas on how this transit will affect me? I am happy in my relationship with my strongly Libra-Leo husband, but am feeling rather snarly about other longtime group associations; in fact, I am having that familiar “I’ve had enough, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” feeling about some of them, including, occasionally, work. I take it I need to sit tight and wait after October 7 for the reassessment and relaunch? Thank you so much for your insights.

    1. You are in that ‘tossing, turning, churning, deciding’ phase of your life which is really about culling at the end. You cannot possibly know about the groups, friends, allies, frenemies until you land in January, when Pluto goes into Aquarius and your Eleventh House of clubs, teams, communities, Twitter, Meetups, Substack and so on. For now, you sidestep who and what you are unsure of, but the ultimate transformation comes as 2024 begins. Basically any group which does not empower you; which seeks to disempower you; where you feel ignored or undermined – is toast. This is the toast-crumbling period. You will have a new social life from 2024. And be empowered.

  19. Hello Jessica,
    So I have the Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Panacea, and the North Node in Leo between 12-28 degrees as well as Fortuna and Proserpina in Libra. It’s going to be an interesting time…
    I have found that reading through your answers to other people’s question is a good way to analyze how aspects can affect me – what rings true. Then I drew the 4 of pentacles.
    I am single and not looking. But “groups” and “delays” resonated. I volunteer on two committees, both related to young people and their participation in various activities. At work, we are finishing up a new collective agreement – it has been slow and arduous.
    What I like best about your work is how timely and pertinent it is. It helps me to focus on questions I might otherwise overlook and puts things in perspective. Thank you!

    1. Thank you. As always with Tarot, the question matters. It has to be specific, and date-stamped. I don’t know what you asked. The Four of Pentacles/Coins is about money. This chimes with your chart as Jupiter is in Taurus in your Second House of property and money until May 2024 with all his rewards. You may want to use the Tarot a second time and follow the steps.

      Sitting pretty or looking greedy? It really depends on your point of view. The Cancer symbol is hidden in this man’s encircled arms. He is hugging the money, standing on the money and it even adorns his crown. As with all Pamela’s illustrations, this man can be you, even if you are a woman. Here we have a picture of the Trump family, don’t we? Those must be Trump towers in the distance and the clinging to cash is characteristic. Perhaps you see quite a different symbolic message. This card is for personal interpretation on the deepest level. Is this Scrooge? Perhaps it is you, with four sources of income, wondering who to pay, or where to donate profits.

      Behind this character, as we’ve seen is property. The fact is, if you don’t let go, release and invest (or spend) you can find that the cash value of what you have and hold is irrelevant, compared to the rising value of houses or apartments – or business towers. That is one message about this card. Bitcoin is all very well, but what about the skyrocketing value of particular towns or nations, or specific listed buildings?

      This man is grounded, yet also not grounded – he is floating in the air, if you look carefully. He’s Eight Miles High, to quote The Byrds, or Ten Feet Tall, to quote XTC. A great deal of money can be a high point; it makes us high; we hit the heights of success; we gain from investing in high-rise (spreadsheets in the sky) or perhaps we speculate on investing there. This could be any of the four Beatles at the height of their wealth. As Ringo Starr observed, he got high with a little help from his friends.

      The grounding comes from the feet on the coins/pentacles and the astrological association with Taurus, an earth sign, and money. Capricorn, another earth sign, is associated with high-rise apartments and the penthouse suite or top floor. (The mountain goat who climbs to the top of the mountain). This is a mixed message. One is grounded in money like any good, materialistic, practical earth sign – Taurus is typical. Yet, here we also have someone whose feet do not touch the ground.

      This card is also a symbol of the Fourth House ruled by Cancer (property) the Second House ruled by Taurus (cash flow) and the Eighth House ruled by Scorpio (assets) too. You can see the zodiac sign Cancer hidden in the curled arms. They resemble the Cancer the crab glyph.

      Money can make us grasping, of course. The metaphor in this card is ‘To have and to hold, for richer, for poorer’ (he is holding on tightly, isn’t he?) We think about clutching our money, or hanging on to our values, perhaps. Safeguarding, protecting – but also grabbing – are suggested here. We talk about ‘money-grubbing’ and maybe that is also here!

      Happiness is here, though. This wealthy man seems satisfied, full, secure, abundant – you would have to say it’s a rich symbol of someone who is really well set-up.

      The trick with this card is to ask yourself how best money can be managed. Hanging on and holding on is one strategy, but the buildings behind hint at the possibility of an investment in property or premises, as we’ve seen. You also have to wonder at what holding on to money so tightly, does to a person’s life and character. Somewhere in that far-off city behind him is poverty. In Pamela Colman Smiths’s day, especially (in the Thirties, which she lived through) the towns were full of the poor. Perhaps this person is on the verge of transforming his attitude towards money and will give one of the four coins or 25% away. Maybe all of it.

      The two big features in this card to interpret are the tightly folded arms and the feet on the ground/not on the ground. What are you being shown here and where can you take the card, in terms of directing the action or adding props, characters and backdrops?

  20. hi Jessica,
    i have a stellium in Leo and Pluto in Libra… what to expect? i get confused how to read houses in transits.. thank you in advance!

    1. You can always find out what it means to have a stellium in Leo and Pluto in Libra by using Search and reading the free flipbooks in your library. I assume you are a woman. You are Queen to a younger court so as a teenager were given responsibility for younger brothers or sisters, or for younger children at school. You may have been a babysitter or prefect for example. Later on in your twenties you have the classic Leo stellium decisions of pregnancy, abortion or step-parenting. The choices you make dictate the rest of your life. You do not say if you are married and have children or not. Therefore I can’t say any more. You don’t say if you are straight, bisexual or a lesbian. Again it is impossible to say any more. So I’ll leave it with you to interpret. One way or another, with your Leo stellium in the Fifth House, your life must be about guiding, tutoring and setting an example to younger people. This may be your godchild when she is older and ready to work (you can help her with your job experience) or it may be a children’s cause.

  21. I asked the question of the Tarot and got the Five of Cups. I’ve been divorced for about five years, have two children, and feeling this retrograde as I’ve just reconnected in June 2023 with an ex (not my ex-husband) who is considering a divorce. Trying to be very careful… not sure if the Five of Cups represents me or him, as I’m not mourning the loss of any relationships. The astrology of the nodes and Venus in Leo has been spot on so far, great work Jessica in preparing us for all of this! Any thoughts on my situation? He has an adult child, mine are younger. I also have Saturn in Leo at 29 degrees.

    1. The Tarot is talking to you, loud and clear. If you are not mourning your divorce, the card is him. Without his chart I can’t say more, but basically you need to find out why three of his relationships fell over, not just the separated wife. He is textbook South Node in Libra/Venus Retrograde in Leo anyway, given where he’s at. His future looks very positive. This is the full reading.

      The cups describe love and sex, and sometimes bodily fluids. Here we have three fallen over, maybe kicked to the ground, and we can see toxic green fluid (poisonous emotion or bile perhaps) on the ground along with blood.

      This might be a woman getting over the end of a marriage (one person) and a complicated situation with two children. It might be a man who has been let down by three former friends. Pamela did not randomly create these cards. Here we have blood, which is a dramatic symbol of ‘that bloody man’ or ‘that bloody woman’.

      It can sometimes show bereavement so you have to take that into account as well. This may be an accident which has taken someone, or more than one person.

      This card has an awful lot encoded in the illustration, from the relief and release of the river, which might wash the cups (clean up the relationships) and return them, like new, sparkling and solid gold. There is also the option to just get rid of what remains. To turn one’s back on what did not work out, emotionally, no matter if it is love, children, family or friends. This character in black could kick the cups into the water so they sink to the bottom, forgotten.

      The cloaked figure is downcast, hidden and apparently in mourning – or a vampire! Pamela Colman Smith knew Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, well and he may have been in The Golden Dawn, the magical secret society which also included Pamela’s collaborator Arthur Waite.

      Vampires feast on blood. Emotional vampires feast on other substances. Perhaps you feel you are one of the solid gold people here, kicked to one side, or waiting (ignored) in the background, while some kind of human Count Dracula prepares for the next victim. This card can really be open to wide interpretation. Maybe you feel like a bit of a vampire! Do you eat people up? Chew them up and spit them out?

      Look at the green fluid which has spilled. What does this mean to you? This is Chartreuse, perhaps, or Absinthe. Maybe it is poison. Sometimes poison is released when a relationship falls over. Maybe it is Crème de Menthe.

      Two cups, glittering gold (solid gold, precious) are still upright and intact as we’ve discussed, but the brooding figure cannot see them.

      The bridge and castle are important, as I’ve also mentioned, for their sheer potential. So is the river. The cups are just waiting to be cleaned in the water – or – will this figure walk away altogether and cross the bridge to a new life?

      There is strong visualisation potential in this card, which can be ‘directed’ like all of Pamela’s work. She was a set designer as well as a powerful psychic. Much of what she was picking up in 1909 would become the new science of quantum mechanics. Everything is a cloud of potential until we enter into the experiment and make it become, what it will be. These cards are interactive. Move the character, the cups, with your mind. Enter into the new potential home; cross the bridge.

      There is emptiness here. The cups contain nothing, though they once did. There is also a sense of someone just waiting to shed a skin. To get rid of an outer layer of depression or grief. Dark thoughts, perhaps. The sense of self has gone. We cannot even see this person’s face – all we see is the black robe.

      Aquarius is the sign we associate with rivers (the water-bearer) but also Pisces (ruled by Neptune). A bridge is Libra, because it connects two sides. The blood might be Scorpio, associated with death and sex. The waiting castle is Cancer. Take the card apart and see what it means to you, as each of the signs will have very particular meaning, depending on your chart, and perhaps the charts of the other people involved.

      This process of mourning, adjustment and ‘the journey’ will take time. It may take months or even years. There is no schedule for any human being and the response to loss can only be dealt with individually. In this card, we might see someone who acts very quickly, hurling the stained cups into the water, pulling off the robe of mourning, turning to gather the two remaining cups (solid gold people) behind – and racing across the bridge – pelting towards a new future.

      Some people can stay stuck in the mourning, grief or loss stage for a very long time indeed, but that seems like a waste, when everything one could possibly want to make good and start again, is right there. This is one of Pamela’s cards which just cries out to be worked with. Whatever/whomever is therapeutic and healing could be the difference here, as it can be hard to shed the dark, heavy, robes of grief by oneself. A counsellor might be really useful here, or perhaps a Reiki master or yoga teacher.

  22. Hi Jessica – I feel this cycle is very personal for me. I have a Libra stellium, including my Venus in Libra. I have Panacea at 20 Leo and pulled the Queen of Wands card. I am raising my 16 year old daughter (I think you have her natal chart) alone and now have my mom living with me since December 2022. It’s affected the quality of my home life severely. My daughter and I are very close – she says I’m her built in best friend – although we have had some bumps in the road she is my heart and I’m so grateful for our relationship. I’m very hard on myself in general – so she serves as a personal reminder and evidence that I am actually succeeding at something in my life. My mom and I have a strained relationship due to the childhood and ongoing trauma of being raised by an alcoholic, pathological liar (long story short). Divorced since 8/2021, still single and healing from – I think – the trauma I’ve experienced in almost all of my romantic relationships (daddy issues much) I am still the HR Director at the law firm, but dream of being on a farm with horses, animals, crops and a space to host wellness activities/retreats for folks needing healing. Can you please tell me if this cycle will bring opportunities for me to heal and grow and finally break free from this stuckness that I seem to have been in for a very long time. I feel like I don’t look like me anymore (my eyes, skin, smile, hair all feel dull to me)… When I pulled the Queen of Wands I laughed, people see me this way although I do not…Panacea 20 Leo – am I meant to heal the generational trauma?

    Thank you for your guidance and insight, you make such a difference 🙂

    1. I wish more people would pull Tarot cards when they ask astrology questions as it personalises the reading and can tell me twice as much. You are a single mother who has bought into being Queen to your daughter but you also have what it takes to be a sterling godmother, aunt, teacher, mentor, tutor. Your identity is bound up with your Leo qualities and you have Apollo and Panacea there. When you look up Apollo and Panacea you will see them show in the card. Apollo is leadership. Panacea is solutions. You are here to heal the generational trauma of alcoholic parenting – correct. How you play this card is up to you. How you use your Leo side is up to you. It does not have to be the way you have chosen. You can be happier and fulfil it. Pull another card. Ask ‘How else can I use my Leo side in my life?’ The answer will clearly refer back to the astrology.

  23. Morning/ Evening Long time member/ fan. Lovely article on Venus retrograde. Still think your article “Spare” was brilliant. You could keep those comments going for an eternity. Never ending story. I only have my Desc in Leo but have a bit in Aries/ Libra that might make things interesting. My husband has his moon at 12 Leo. Between a very very special needs child, 2 other children who bring their own challenges, life has been chaotic for all the years I can remember. Any thoughts/ comments would be greatly appreciated Have an awesome day

    1. Thank you. Yes, I recognise your pen name. As for Spare and Prince Harry, my only question is – does he realise the extent of the Trump Russia involvement in his life? Or is he genuinely innocent? Putin very much wants the African part of the Commonwealth and of course the key to destroying the Commonwealth, is the destruction of the Royal Family. I’m always amazed that the public buy into the Meghan script soap opera (boo, hiss) but then again it was constructed for them. Your Descendant in Leo and your husband’s Moon in Leo describe exactly what you have done with your life; produced three children, one of whom has special needs. You are Queen and King to a younger court but it’s extremely difficult. Rather like our late Queen, actually, who had difficult children for very different reasons. The answer is always to spread the load, which she also knew. If you cannot afford a nanny, cook, riding instructor and housekeeper, then find ways to lean on family, godparents, friends, teachers, local organisations to shoulder the work with you. There is nothing wrong with that and it suits your mutual Leo needs very well.

  24. Hi Jessica, thank you for a wonderful article. I’m aries rising and cancer sun, but I have Uranus at 0 degrees seventh house libra. Are you able to please help me with what this means? Ive tried to piece them together – uranus = revolution, 0 degrees = newness, purity, 7th house libra = love/partnership, but I’m just not seeing it, i cant tie the story together, perhaps because I’m also divorced. Or maybe that’s it? Thanks in advance.

    1. You are divorced and have Uranus in Libra in the Seventh House. I rest my case. You were one of millions born with Uranus in Libra (upheaval in marriage) though, and you’re not all divorced, so why is it different for you. Zero degrees doesn’t mean anything, by the way. Uranus in Libra is not the only factor in your chart. In fact you have a stellium there so you need a partner, but partnerships will always be prone to upset with the result being Independence Day for you. You reject or are rejected, as a pattern. Other people do this differently. They date, rather than marry. So they chop and change on Tinder. Others never marry; have a common-law marriage; have an arrangement where they don’t have to live together, or can holiday apart. Have a look at Uranus and Libra and what they actually mean in astrology and you will find the right system for you with a partner in 2023, 2024, 2025.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    I have factors in Leo and Libra, and have been dating someone new since the end of May he’s a cancer but I have known him for a very long time I weren’t initially attracted to him when we were younger and again we met up in 2020 and again there was new attraction, but we went for a drink on May and now I’m so attracted to him, but I’m worried is this a sign of Venus? Or just take things slow and see what happens after October?

    1. You are in the zone for a new partner with your Leo and Libra factors and the South Node in Libra and North Node in Aries are ushering this in for you. He will make his major decisions about you in December, January 2024 – these are sign-off decisions for him. So in some ways this is out of your hands. If there is an ex in his background he will also decide about her, in these months.

  26. Hi Jessica, happy birthday! You kindly responded to my Libra post the week I was made redundant, wondering what my wonderful husband and I would do, go back to Australia etc. I am working on a severance package and meanwhile, reached out to two (male) executive recruiters and interviews with both! Interviewed today with a guy who had an instant connection, I could be my energetic self. He is speaking to a client who has a potential role back in Switzerland where we have lived before! I got the 3 of Cups today. Thank you for telling me to stay strong!

    1. Thank you. I am glad the psychic astrology prediction is working out for you.

  27. Hi Jessica, I think that this period is going to affect me the most. I am Leo ascending and I have a stellium in Libra (6). I decided to take a break from the dating sites, since I didn’t find anyone in the last 3 years. Plus I am going to be 60 at the end of August, so I think that is a little bit late for dating. I have decided to leave San Francisco and move to Florida on October 26th for financial reasons. Let me know what you think… Thank you for all that you’re doing! Alina

    1. Alina, sometimes the problem with a lack of men is just the location. Cities and states have horoscopes too. San Francisco may be quite wrong for you. You are nearly 60 and going to Florida which has more people who line up with your chart. Everyone your age has Uranus and Pluto in Virgo and is there for the tennis, swimming, yoga, meditation and so on. Join those groups in Covid-safe spaces (which Uranus and Pluto in Virgo are concerned with) and you will find, birds of a feather flock together. Among them are divorced and widowed men who are just what you want. They haven’t liked dating sites either.

  28. Hi, Jessica –
    Between my weekly horoscope which has almost every factor this week and Venus Rx, I’m feeling very defeated. My son, Aries has pulled out of university, to come back to a junior college back in Texas, all at the last minute as school starts, if he’s accepted, 8/23. He’s the Knight of Cups, returning in 2023. Between he and his father, Aquarius, with their secret financial dealings and demanding that I take out a loan and then walk it back, I’m exhausted. My gf, Cancer, decided that I’m not who she thinks I need to be, so she’s dropped me. My therapist is helping but I need a miracle to get some relief.

    1. Yes, Venus Retrograde in Leo in your Fifth House of parenthood is your son pulling out of university. He may even change his mind again. Your Cancer girlfriend has her own demons to deal with and you can’t help there. You are looking for relief and always find it with Jupiter in the natal chart. This is true your entire life. Jupiter is where the hope is and where the amassed rewards are. You were born with Jupiter in Aries in the First House of title, reputation and appearance. So when you have slept this off and achieved some healing (try Dr. Paul McKenna’s hypnosis on YouTube) you can relaunch yourself. New look. New single woman profile. Reinvent yourself again. It always works and you always feel better. And maybe you don’t want to be somebody’s mother. Maybe you are quite different to that.

  29. Hi Jessica,
    I can confirm so many things so far in 2023. I met a man in March, he is Pisces Sun. This is exactly per the Tarot card you have in the Yearly Horoscope. He is my King of Cups – making his travels towards me after a long struggle with the pandemic when he went back to school for a Degree in Medicine. Then, come May everything slowed down between us because his job took him to another state. Now, I am slowing things down until Venus Retro is over & taking my time debating if I should “move” to him.

    W.r.t. my career also I can confirm so many things from your monthly forecasts. Virgo Sun, I’m having to transport ALL my skills into a different team. It’s been so challenging to establish credibility with new colleagues. Any advice in career area will be appreciated.

    I am tremendously grateful for the work you do – specifically the articles in advance of the cycles – reduces so much of my anxiety and allows planning long range for the whole year. THANK YOU.

    1. Thank you for confirming the Tarot came true for you in your annual horoscope prediction. And thanks also for verifying your monthly forecast is accurate. Your career is set for major change in January, February 2024 with a reshuffle of rights, roles and responsibilities then. There may be a promotion, merger, new deal, disappearance and/or demotion. The trick when this happens is to use your willpower and self-control to make sure you find the power in the situation. The other trick is to remember that real influence and clout comes from serving other people; the Virgo way.

  30. Hi Jessica
    I pulled the hanged man when I asked question of how this retrograde in Leo will affect me. I have Uranus and my IC in libra with Vesta in Leo at 14 degrees.
    After a 7 mth period of no contact he reached out to meet with me and talk in mid august – will there be positive forward motion for our relationship now after been stuck with no communication? He sun Scorpio and also has Uranus in libra with Pluto and Bachus , his Leo is 3 degrees Apollo.

    1. The Hanged Man here is your dangling man, in the context of courtship or the bedroom. He will probably dangle for the entire Venus in Leo Retrograde. Perhaps he is hoping you will intervene and do something, so he does not have to. What you do about this person is entirely up to you, but he has major issues about freedom and independence within a sexual partnership, as historically he has rejected women in order to have his own space, but also been rejected by them too, which of course sets him free. Marriage is a lifetime, binding commitment which is notoriously difficult for Uranus in Libra men and women both, so you are similar in that regard. If you ever do have the conversation, you may as well be honest about the restrictions and limitations of commitment, with each other. Uranus is about invention and in Libra and the Seventh House it is about inventing a new way to be equal in a relationship. As you can see from the card, he has tied himself in knots, but it is much better that he does something about it, himself. It’ll take months.

  31. Dear Jessica,
    Im having second thoughts about a current partner and I’m not sure if it would be wise to come to a decision during this period, or if that is exactly what this retrograde means. Would appreciate any advice you have. Thank you.

    1. Okay, so Venus is a symbol of marriage, adultery, seduction and feminine vanity and beauty. Venus is old-school. She is also about the beating heart of love – when we talk about love in terms of passion, desire and all those Barbara Cartland plot lines. Venus Retrograde in Leo, the sign of the bedroom, courtship and parenthood is unhelpful for break-ups, as it is all too easy for things to reverse. You have factors in Leo and the Fifth House so may actually be feeling the retrograde with your doubts about the relationship! If so it would tally with the June-October timeline. And you may want to wait until Venus is back to normal before ultimate decisions. You likely don’t know enough yet.

  32. Happy Birthday, Jessica.
    I found this really interesting. I have a stellium in Leo and perhaps that can help me get clarity. I have a friends/family kind of relationships with two other people. It’s not sexual or intimate, but like a substitute family. It has been good for me to have these people, since I don’t really have a family, neither do they. We bonded over that. I have been wondering for a long time now if it’s time for me to go my own way, but it’s complicated, as these things usually are, both financially and emotionally. Leaving my support family will involve a lot of drama. When I pulled the tarot card for Venus in Retrograde, I got Three of Pentacles. The explanation of the three people in the card, resonated with me very much. I see myself as the short person in the card. I would appreciate any insights you could give me in this situation. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. I did have a nice birthday week in Sydney, discovering all those al fresco restaurants and bars (and rediscovering old friends). Your Three of Pentacles for Venus Retrograde in Leo is chatting to you about money. Is it there or not? You have Neptune in Scorpio in the Eighth House of finance, business, banking, valuables – natally. So in fact it’s rather an enigmatic and mysterious area, with a great deal hidden below the surface. This is a quest which could involve stop-start, or perhaps a bit of retracing your steps, in terms of discovering if anything really is there for you both/all to gain from.

  33. Hi Jessica! I asked this question 10 days ago in the Libra weather thread, but did not see the response, Do you mind taking a look at my chart to see how South node in Libra affects me and my health? I am single, have no children, siblings, parents or professional partners. Thank you!

    1. Health is not the South Node in Libra. Health is Virgo and the Sixth House. You have a stellium there including Pluto in Virgo so I can see why it matters so much to you. You are currently going through one of those huge tests of self-control regarding your physical or mental health (both are ruled by Virgo) which can only result in empowerment, if you do find the willpower to steer your own journey. Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House is not your only placement, of course, but it is very important as it is at 25 Virgo and Jupiter will trine this from 25 Taurus by May 2024. So there is a rare opportunity there to understand what is happening to you as a challenge to change, but not only that; a rare chance to find your own power, which is transformative for others too. Work through the Virgo factors in your chart using Search on this website but also your flipbook library. Know thyself; your mind influences your body, but your body also influences your mind.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    Please enlighten me on my brother Mandeeps charts. I lost my father in an accident in December 21. My brother hasn’t fully recovered from it. he is really struggling to move on. On the other hand he hasn’t had very good luck with jobs. Its been going on for so many years. Please see birth chart and check how long this situation is lasting. he has Moon in Aqa 21 degree, Mars in scorpio 15degree, Pluto in libra 20 degree, Saturn in libra 00drgee. His north node in 19degree Leo and south node in 19degree Aquarius. He is not having good luck with his jobs. What’s stopping this??Please advise. Many Thanks Pam.

    1. This isn’t your brother Mandeep’s full chart, but there is enough for me to see his life will start again, thanks to new friends and a group he joins or rejoins. I am very sorry you lost your father in an accident; that must have been so dreadful to go through. If he’s not had luck with jobs either he may have depression. Has he seen a doctor? This is the illness that makes so much of life impossible to do, as you know. A doctor can point him in the right direction and there is also good evidence for hypnosis helping: try Dr. Paul McKenna on YouTube (free). Pam, he needs to be in a team, club, society, community, circle. It may be a football team or a yoga group on Zoom. He is one of those people who has reincarnated to meet old friends and allies from the same group he was in, last time around. January, February will bring this closer. For all I know it’s a cricket team or a cricket fan club. It will help a lot.

  35. Hi Jessica,

    I received Ace of Cups regarding 2023’s Venus retrograde in Leo. I was surprised as it’s a positive card signifying emotional fulfillment. Whereas I’m still dealing with one unexpected health challenge after another (likely from the continuing Pisces energy opposing my Virgo factors).

    I picked another card to see if my most pressing health challenge will be resolved by the end of 2023. I received the Hermit.

    Your thoughts on both cards will be much appreciated. Many thanks as always, and my best regards.

    1. The Ace of Cups makes sense with Venus Retrograde in Leo in your Fifth House of courtship, the bedroom, pregnancy, children, teenagers and young adults. I am sure you saw the word ‘Christening’ used in the interpretation on my website. This is a prolonged or delayed birth in your world which you will see by October. You don’t say what your health problem is so I can only be general. The oppositions from Pisces to Virgo are challenging everybody with Virgo factors in the Sixth House of health. You have factors at 1 and 16. Neptune is long gone so your issue is Saturn in Pisces, going retrograde back to 1 degree where it is in opposition to Vulcano. Your question is something the Tarot cannot answer so go back and redraw the card. It won’t tell you “Will my health challenge be resolved by the end of 2023?” You should be asking “Who will help me resolve this?” and “What is the best way to resolve this?” From an astrological point of view, Vulcano is about tremendous emotion which is suppressed through sheer willpower and as Virgo rules work, housework, unpaid work, academia as well as health, you have a pattern of holding everything in and holding everything back. Saturn in opposition suggests a temporary though difficult situation where your ability to muster enormous self-control is challenged and the outcome is a health issue (whatever that is; you do not say). Sometimes people manufacture, say, a sexually transmitted disease, or chronic fatigue, or Long Covid in order to escape the demands of a marriage. More commonly people do not want to do their jobs so they find the one thing about themselves that would enable completion of the job (feet for a footballer) is where it all falls down. An honest discussion with oneself about the workload and action on the same usually helps.

  36. Thank you so much for all this detailed information. Your website really helps me identify themes in my life and how to negotiate them. Back at the end of February I had an eyes meeting and we couldn’t stop staring encounter (cheesy I know, but it happened) with a guy in my office building. We have continued to exchange lingering glances and it’s pretty clear we are both very attracted to each other. I have since found out he is married and this is a total no go for me as my father was quite the adulterer so I am fully aware of the consequences. I feel pretty depressed about the whole situation as I have never felt such a strong attraction to someone and the intensity of it feels like nothing before. I’m a long time singleton who is really starting to feel the void of singledom (I was quite easy going about it before focusing on friends, travel and my career) but very much ready to be part of a partnership now. The card I got was The Moon. I also notice that my natal factors in this week’s horoscope were lit up like a Christmas tree (I only had handful that haven’t been triggered!). I would be grateful if you could help me with what this situation is supposed to be teaching me and how I can go forward to meet someone who is available.

    1. The Moon often turns up when two people are confused and not connecting with each other. There is an obvious choice there (your place or his) but there is no real communication or deeper understanding. He is married and that explains why he is not saying anything, or doing anything. Were you to be a third party in adultery and divorce, you would of course both have to decide if you move to your home or a new home bought or rented by both of you. You are being shown the classic ‘lingering glance, no discussion, no answers’ situation which can happen with The Moon and it is shown in your chart and likely his by the South Node in Libra and Venus Retrograde in Leo. You don’t need him. You also don’t need this. You are very similar people which is why you are both in this situation but your astrological chart suggests the future would be so massively different, particularly in terms of property and gnawing financial realities, that you may prefer something and someone less difficult. You have plenty of time to find somebody else. Go back to the Tarot. And quite frankly, adultery on a South Node in Libra cycle will come back to haunt you karmically for years!

  37. Hi Jessica,
    My previous question on this article disappeared, so I’m trying again!
    My question is about this retrograde, and node switch and how it will affect me, with particular regard to a relationship that has ended in June,as well in regard to my career that has been v slow going and full of blocks since 2018. Re the retrograde the tarot cards i drew the first time (the previous comment) were the devil, and the ace of swords. I drew one again this time, and got the 7 of pentacles.
    I also have a big libra stellium.

    Thank you so much, i appreciate your insight.

    1. Mercury Retrograde is with us so malarkey is normal on the internet, including this website. I am sorry your relationship ended. Venus Retrograde in Leo has shown as The Devil. It’s best to focus on one question, one issue, one card to keep life simple. You’re only two months out of the relationship. I assume there is no other person in your life – or anyone who may be. Assuming this is your ex, you are still tied down. You can read Pamela’s Tarot in your flipbook library here which will go into more detail on The Devil. You can break free and you may both agree to do this at the same time, or you can go first. You don’t have to worry about him. Your Libra stellium says it all. You have the South Node transiting Libra in 2023, 2024 and it will take you almost the entire cycle, which ends in January 2025, to go over old ground from some 18-19 years before. This was presumably with another person altogether, but you are owed, or you owe, and Libra is about equality, fairness, balance and justice. So the process with the person you have just broken up with, is a karmic mirror for a situation going back to the last Libra node cycle. There will be closure, and you will leave The Devil’s chains.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    What a fascinating blog. I started dating a men in mid-June unaware of the imminent retrograde. I have stelliums in Scorpio and Libra and only my South Node in Leo. I am seeing the difficulty of it all with Venus retrograde but I am still giving a chance to this story. I got the King of Pentacles from the Tarot. Is wait and see the only strategy with this Scorpio man? I feel I am inpatient on my own end to get some clarity both from myself and him.

    Thanks so much for any insight!

    1. Thank you. The King of Pentacles (or Coins) is indeed your Scorpio date. He is experiencing Venus Retrograde in Leo in his career and academic career zone. Do you work with him? Or is he a career and business, or university contact? If so, you are Venus and nothing will be resolved for him, about you, until Venus is out of the loop in October. If there is no work connection, the reason for the lack of response from him may be that he is attracted to (say) his boss. And as he does not know where that stands, you are getting nothing firm from him in reply. Your own Libra stellium is also part of the story in 2023, 2024, so have another look at that feature, which I filed some time ago now.

  39. Thank you for your reply Jessica!
    This is a relationship I’d love to have actually work out esp since the one 18 years ago was toxic and hurtful and long drawn. Very much the devil. So slipping those chains now sounds great! I drew the 2 of cups when i asked the tarot about an outcome for this node change cycle which seems hopeful, as i have that big libra stellium and venus in aries! Guess I’ll find out 🙂
    Thank you.

    1. The Devil is easy to escape. You have to do it first if the other person cannot (or will not). So just break free from who or what bedevils you. The only issue is that you do it without committing a sin. Adultery is of course a sin – that is a very common example of the issue which arrives with The Devil. However Sasha Fenton, a very experienced Tarot professional, comments that The Devil is what we see or believe. Sometimes the real sin is to go on hurting each other in a loveless marriage and divorce is actually a blessing. Your Libra stellium is dictating your chart and your Tarot reading. The South Node in Libra is here long enough for you to sort things out. The Two of Cups is telling you that. Have a look at Pamela’s Tarot in your download library for more detail about the cups. They are usually water sign. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. They hold mother’s milk (Cancer), semen (Scorpio) and salty tears (Pisces) so are intensely emotional, purely about feelings and utterly about intimacy. Libra could not be more different as it is an air sign and very much about thinking ones way through civilised answers, sometimes with legal implications. The Devil is Scorpio. The Two of Cups is Libra. You will be able to bring level thought to a matter which defies logic and that can be incredibly useful.

  40. Hi Jessica,
    Wow what an experience I have had on your website today. I don’t know how it always works out but it always does.
    Thank you so much for making it available for all to access and learn from .
    I was reading my daily horoscope ( I’m a Leo) and it (you) mention Venus Retrograde. Then I say to my self I believe Jessica did a blog on this topic. Which I then looked up and re read to gain more information and its impact. Then I thought well I might as well do what you have suggested and as “How does Venus Retrograde in Leo 2023 most affect me?”
    And I drew ” The High Priestess” . Which I then read more about the card meaning to take the time to reflect and prepare.
    I have said this many times I really don’t know how you do it but it is spectacular to see how it is all so connected, Your knowledge and guidance in Astrology and Tarot for me remains invaluable.
    Many Thanks

    1. Thank you. I am glad you like the website. I am also pleased you are using astrology and the Tarot together which is the best way I know to validate prediction.

  41. Hi Jessica well I have nothing in Leo and only one planet in Libra, and I am sure this is still affecting me. There is a man I’ve met at my club… who’s single and has liked me on a dating site .. I acknowledged him on line, and we did have a light on line chat. Since we have met at the club .it was a bit awkward but he was attentive… I’m now stuck not knowing what to do… is he being politely conversational or is he feeling awkward too?
    I am planning to leave any action until Venus goes direct but more insight would be nice!

    1. The man in question likely has a Leo and/or Libra pattern in his astrological chart. He’s experiencing Venus Retrograde in Leo and the South Node also going backwards in Libra. Backward traction. You have nothing in Leo for the record, and one Libra factor. You’re in a cycle when you decision to have children (or not) and take on stepchildren (or not) influences everything – in 2023, 2024, 2025 and into 2026. So plenty of time to make up your mind, but it will be motherhood (or not) that is the deciding factor.

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