Chemistry and Compatibility in Astrology

Compatibility and chemistry in astrology depend on your main element. Fire, Earth, Air or Water?

Chemistry and Compatibility in Astrology

If you want to figure out long-term chemistry and compatibility with a new boyfriend or business partner, you need to line up both charts to see if you are both Fire, Earth, Air and/or Water dominant.

The real deal with chemistry, is actually elements. You can figure out basic compatibility in astrology in a few minutes just by finding your largest load of elements. Make sure you are using a modern astrology chart when you do this. You can order one from this website for family and friends.

If you are a Premium Member you can also pick one up for yourself, free of charge. If you are lucky enough to own AstroGold or SolarFire software, you can set up a chart using Zero Aries (the Natural House system) and make sure you use all the asteroids that complete the Roman family tree. So – Psyche, Vulcanus and so on.

You might say, it’s elementary. Or, it’s about ‘Elementals’ in life. Once you know your chart by element, you can see how the key elements in your circle of friends, family life, home life, profession, social life – fall into your same element groups. I’m currently working on an NFT range with three air types and a fire type. That’s perfect for me. What are your main elements?

12 Signs II scaled - Chemistry and Compatibility in Astrology

Finding Your Main Stelliums and Elements

This is my chart. A couple of websites online show my birth chart but they are both inaccurate, unfortunately. They use old-fashioned software. So here is a proper modern chart using AstroGold to correct the record. Just one look and you can see some of the slices of the chart are packed, compared to others, which are empty. These are stelliums.

On average you should have up to three factors in one zodiac sign. A stellium is four, five, six or more. I have stelliums in Gemini (five), Cancer (five) and Leo (five). I’m a Gemini-Cancer-Leo type. Now, you need to do that for yourself, using your own birth chart. You’ll typically have groups of signs which are occupied, far more than the rest. What are they? Next, check the elements.


JESSICA ADAMS CHART - Chemistry and Compatibility in Astrology

Which Elements Feature in Your Chart Most?

Using myself as an example, I am Gemini, Cancer, Leo dominant. So I am Air, Water, Fire dominant. I get on with people who are the same. These are the ways the groups break down:

FIRE – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
EARTH – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
AIR – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
WATER – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

This is true for me. My friend and publicist is Gemini. She’s an air type. I also share a home in Melbourne with a Gemini. Another air type. I spent years in Sydney living with one Gemini, and in Bellingen living with another Gemini! (Two more airy types).  The mother of my godchild is a Gemini (third one). Another air type! I have two more godchildren. One has a Leo father (fire) and another has a Pisces mother (water).

For the really important things in life, I seek out people (or they seek out me) in the same element. Try it. I can guarantee that once you figure out your dominant elements, you’ll see key people in your life falling into those groups. You may also get a repeat sign. For me, it’s Gemini. For you it will probably be different. Here’s why. Illustrations: Anita Bacic and Tintin Cooper/Copyright 2023/Visit 

Earth 706x1024 - Chemistry and Compatibility in Astrology
Copyright Anita Bacic, Tintin Cooper, Jessica Adams at

Water III 707x1024 - Chemistry and Compatibility in Astrology

When Signs Repeat In Your Life

The same signs turning up again and again, probably suggests that person’s Sun is in a conjunction with a factor in the same zodiac sign, in your own chart. This is rare. The odds of this are 359 to 1 actually. So when we talk about true loves being hard to find (and so on) or true friends, that’s correct. They are rare birds.

If you have a stellium in a sign then there are four, five, six or more factors at particular degrees or numbers. So there is a good chance that somebody’s Sun is ‘on’ any of those. You chime.

You can also find this chiming, when other factors in your husband’s chart (say) or your work partner’s horoscope, quite apart from the Sun, fall in the same Element group as yours, and also in the same Zodiac sign. So you may be very earthy, have a lot of factors in Virgo, and then discover the woman you want to share your life with, also has Virgo factors – at exactly the same degree as your own.

Drilling Down the Element Groups – Click or Flick?

Within each element group, you obviously have a dominant zodiac sign. This helps you even more with figuring out which sign types work with you. This works best with the whole chart, by the way. So to really go into depth (say, with your husband or wife) you would need to look at everything in turn. But, we can usually get by with Sun Signs too.

ARIES STELLIUM – Fire Element Group. You click with Leo, Sagittarius types. Aries types are fated. Your secondary group is Air Element. Gemini and Aquarius (Libra is opposite you – hard work).
TAURUS STELLIUM – Earth Element Group. You click with Virgo, Capricorn types. Taurus types are fated. Your secondary group is Water Element. Cancer and Pisces (Scorpio – this is opposite you – hard work).
GEMINI STELLIUM – Air Element Group. You click with Libra, Aquarius types. Gemini types are fated. Your secondary group is Fire Element. Leo and Aries (Sagittarius – this opposes you – hard work).
CANCER STELLIUM – Water Element Group. You click with Pisces, Scorpio types. Cancer types are fated. Your secondary group is Earth Element. Taurus and Virgo (Capricorn – this opposes you – hard work).
LEO STELLIUM – Fire Element Group. You click with Aries, Sagittarius types. Leo types are fated. Your secondary group is Air Element. Libra and Gemini (Aquarius – this opposes you – hard work).
VIRGO STELLIUM – Earth Element Group. You click with Taurus and Capricorn types. Virgo types are fated. Your secondary group is Water Element. Scorpio and Cancer (Pisces – this opposes you – hard work).
LIBRA STELLIUM – Air Element Group. You click with Aquarius and Gemini types. Libra types are fated. Your secondary group is Fire Element. Leo and Sagittarius (Aries – this opposes you – hard work).
SCORPIO STELLIUM – Water Element Group. You click with Pisces and Cancer types. Scorpio types are fated. Your secondary group is Earth Element. Virgo and Capricorn (Taurus – this opposes you – hard work).
SAGITTARIUS STELLIUM – Fire Element Group. You click with Aries and Leo types. Sagittarius types are fated. Your secondary group is Air Element. Aquarius and Libra (Gemini – this opposes you – hard work).
CAPRICORN STELLIUM – Earth Element Group. You click with Virgo and Taurus types. Capricorn types are fated. Your secondary group is Water Element. Pisces and Scorpio (Cancer – this opposes you – hard work).
AQUARIUS STELLIUM – Air Element Group. You click with Libra and Gemini types. Aquarius types are fated. Your secondary group is Fire Element. Aries and Sagittarius (Leo – this opposes you – hard work).
PISCES STELLIUM – Water Element Group. You click with Scorpio and Cancer types. Pisces types are fated. Your secondary group is Earth Element. Taurus and Capricorn (Virgo – this opposes you – hard work).

Fire 208x300 - Chemistry and Compatibility in Astrology Air III 207x300 - Chemistry and Compatibility in AstrologyIt’s Complicated Because You Are Complicated

I hope you can see why some relationships or marriages are complicated. This is because you are, too. You may have stelliums and elements which don’t line up. They work at cross-purposes. So, you may have a stellium in Libra (Air) and a stellium in Aries (Fire) and find airy types and fiery types find you, but because you actually have opposite signs in your chart, the connections are also complicated. They can be love-hate, for example. What you disagree with, internally, shows up in love.

Opposite Signs and Opposing Personalities

Aries and Libra. Taurus and Scorpio. Gemini and Sagittarius. Cancer and Capricorn. Leo and Aquarius. Virgo and Pisces. Libra and Aries. Scorpio and Taurus. Sagittarius and Gemini. Capricorn and Cancer. Aquarius and Leo. Pisces and Virgo. These are really old ideas in astrology.  An opposition is a constitutional term for major political parties, when they are out of power (but want it). That’s your opposition. We talk about ‘polar opposites’ so North Pole and South Pole.

What The Elements Do For Each Other

Fire needs Air. Fire makes Air feel needed. Earth needs Water. Water feels supported by Earth. You can see the old astrology at work here. You can also see how ‘things catch on’ with Air and Fire signs. Sometimes in life, we need to burn off what is no longer needed. Air and Fire types can do that. When gold is refined, it is passed through fire and purged of the dross.

However, if you are ‘between two fires’ you are subject to criticism from both sides and may be caught between an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius type who has you in their sights. If you sense ‘fire in the fern’ as they say in New Zealand, you may have come across smouldering discontent. This may be an Aries, Leo and/or Sagittarius type – and not happy.

Fire In Detail

Fire is also a word for sacking someone – firing them. “You’re fired!” being the famous catchphrase in The Apprentice. It’s instant. Something to remember about the Fire element is that it is very, very fast. When you see people get all fired up about something, it can happen suddenly. To ‘hang fire’ is to delay; to be slow in acting – it’s an old gunnery term.

A fire-brand is an incendiary; one who incites to rebellion, according to my Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. Nigel Farage is a good example of one such. He is a Sun Aries and a fire-dominant type. He lit the fuse that became Brexit in Great Britain. The old-fashioned phrase ‘fire-eaters’ refers to people looking for trouble; those who want a quarrel. President F.D. Roosevelt had his fireside chats on the radio which funnily enough, generated heat among his opponents in politics. When people in Australia say “Let’s get this barbie going” and start piling up the fuel, fire types also ‘get going’ and there’s a sense of the party starting. As you might expect, when Aries, Leo and Sagittarius types clash with Air sign types (Libra is opposite Aries; Aquarius is opposite Leo; Gemini is opposite Sagittarius) you can end up with a blazing row full of hot air.

Air In Detail

Well, Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) is held by Anaxagoras (500-428 BC) to be a primary form of matter. That’s how ancient this idea about the elements is. Airlines transport air types around the country and the world. Here today, gone tomorrow. Just like a breeze. Air types don’t hang around to get stale. They circulate. They also circulate ideas. Breath is ruled by air, so we talk about ‘a breath of fresh air’ when an airy type flits in and out and changes the atmosphere. When airy people deliver gossip ‘it takes my breath away’ you say.

The idea of talk is really Gemini (ruled by Mercury, the courier of astrology and messenger of antiquity). So we say ‘Save your breath’ if we don’t want to hear the message. Air types whisper ‘under their breath’. And of course if you are a mixed fire-air type you can ‘breath fire and brimstone’ in your wrath. The phrase ‘Current Affairs’ is a good summary of Air. Those panels on television talking about the news with men and women pitted against each other are Gemini (the media) Aquarius (the group) and Libra (the two sexes). Currents of all kinds are Air.

Eclipse Scorpio 707x1024 - Chemistry and Compatibility in Astrology
Anita Bacic, Tintin Cooper, Jessica Adams 2023

Water In Detail

Water signs are three bodily fluids. Cancer is mother’s milk. Scorpio is semen. Pisces is tears (salty water like the sea). Water is emotional. We talk about ‘blood being thicker than water’ which is a true Water sign phrase. You can pretend to be an Earth type (like a businessman) or an Air type (like a web enterpreneur) but if you are also watery in nature and have an overload of Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio your mother will haunt the company and your old girlfriends and assorted children will never quite leave your world.

The phrase ‘Cry me a river’ is water sign. The idea of escaping is also quite watery; deer take to the water when they are being hunted; the quarry vanishes. There is something fluid about watery types; they like to evade, to elude and to get away. They can disappear, the way a bird disappears under the surface of the sea. All aquatic metaphors are tied to the water signs. Feeling all at sea, for example. “In over my head” is another one. They can fall head over heels in love with the wrong man. And marry him. And have three children with him.

Earth In Detail

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are tied to growing, producing, cultivating and succeeding. These are the people who are solid ‘sons of the soil’ if they are native to a district where the farmers have established local roots. Down to earth people are earthy types – they are sensible, use plain language and bring others back to earth. Water sign types like Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio rely on earthy types to do this for them. They are not fond of change. Change can feel like an earthquake. It can shatter them. We talk about The Economy of Nature and this is the animal and particularly the vegetable kingdom which earth understands. Charles Darwin understood this. Nature checks herself.

Virgo and Capricorn both rule work. Taurus rules money. This is ready money or property, perhaps (active capital) or the realities of ‘working for the man’ and taxation. Capricorn is the sign of the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and Christmas marks the time when people resign; are sacked; made redundant; are hired; are promoted; are accepted into universities). This is the same in the Southern Hemisphere too, at Summer Solstice. The end of the year marks the end and beginning of particular roles or courses. Earthy types are practical, sensible, realistic, grounded.

The Astrological Houses and the Elements

Some houses are where you ‘live’ for much of the time, in the chart. Each horoscope is divided into twelve houses, or life departments. Taurus rules the Second House of fortune and riches. If you have a Taurus stellium you are an earthy type who dwells here. You may spend a lot of time checking your bank account or buying and selling. If you reject society but are a Taurus type you will spend a lot of time counting your marrows in the vegetable patch and growing new seeds. That’s your riches. It means you don’t have to shop. You can be rich or poor with a Taurus stellium and still spend much of your life inhabiting a world of money.

The Fourth House, ruled by Cancer, is parents and relatives. If you have a stellium in Cancer then you ‘live’ here, quite literally. You can have a happy family or unhappy family and still dwell here, emotionally, for much of the time. The family defines who you are, what happens to you, and what you do. This is the extended clan of ancestors and both sides of the family tree; father’s side and mother’s side. It is also your home town and homeland.

The Fifth House is Leo and concerns courtship, the bedroom, pregnancy, infants, schoolchildren, teenagers and youth as a whole. Again, if you have a Leo stellium you inhabit this world. You can do this child-free, or if you have a whole brood. There is more to say about the houses on this website, and if you are a Premium Member you can pick up a flipbook about the houses, free, in your online library here.


All illustrations – Copyright Anita Bacic, Tintin Cooper, Jessica Adams. You can purchase your own NFT (and gain one free in 2024) from the Elementals NFT range now. 



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36 Responses

  1. Hello Jessica, My husband has stelliums in Aquarius (7) and Sagittarius (4) whilst I have stelliums in, Cancer (5) , Pisces (5) Libra, Aquarius (4) and Sagittarius (4) Recently, (past 12mths) we have had some “turbulence” which in all honesty has left me questioning our long term future, which surprises and scares me in equal measure. Please let me know your thoughts, I mean if you are initially compatible is this always the case? Thank you, love, love, love your website!

    1. Your marriage is based on friendship, space, oxygen, room to move and other Aquarian traits. You click on Aquarius. You two are also travellers or you travel in the mind, online – that is your Sagittarius click. You are also extremely emotional and he isn’t. You go on feelings and he does not. I am assuming you have left out his water sign traits here, because there are not enough of them. So this comes back to you. The inner conflicts you have about being airy, breezy, intellectualising things, wanting space do not compute with an extremely sensitive, intuitive side of your nature. This is played out in your relationship with him. So come back to yourself and get to know yourself better. No need to be scared or even surprised. The Tarot can tell you more. Just follow the steps.

  2. Hello Jessica, I was wondering if you can look at my chart and advise next few months on career and financials front. I am transitioning through a difficult period and on the way out. I am unable to close the final rounds of interviews.

    1. Keep going, you will have what you need with your career and/or academic career by May 2024 at the very latest. You will find that who or what you consider to be a failure is the motivation you need to try harder, do better and end up with greater success than you expected by May next year.

  3. hi Jessica,
    I find this really interesting and makes a lot of sense to why I’ve chosen some of the different relationships in my life. I have four stelliums in all four element, however the 2 strongest are earth and fire. My 2 strongest friendships were with Virgos, and most of my partnerships have been with fire and air signs. I was wondering if your Mars, Venus and Moon placement play any part in the people you’re attracted to as well. I seem to be attracted to the more outgoing exciting types even though I can myself be quiet and introverted at times I come out of my shell in the close company.

    Thankyou again for these great insights 🙂

    1. Thank you. Capricorn, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius dominate your chart. So yes, you are Earth, Fire, Water and Air balanced. You are correct. The actual planets, asteroids and so on show where the sexual relationships are. Your Moon in Leo wants to look after people in the bedroom, and so it goes. The Moon is your maternal instinct. In Leo, the sign of motherhood, it also shows an instinctive need to get together with potential co-parents.

  4. Hi Jessica, Quick question: For Virgos what do you mean by saying “virgos are fated”. Is a virgo virgo a good match? thank you

    1. The fated part of a relationship, friendship or professional involvement with someone whose Sun Sign matches your Stellium Sign is just what it says. It’s neither good nor bad but it has a ‘destiny’ quality about it. Readers tell me the first meeting is always unforgettable. So, you meet as children in a fated way, because you are the only two Japanese children in a British school and are brought together. Or, you meet at University and are invited to a party which changes your life – it begins a completely new existence for you. You can also fall in love with people who are fated to meet you. You usually find you could have met in any number of ways over the years, and there were several close calls. These sorts of links in your life tend to trigger the big things: houses, apartments, marriages, children, divorces, legal issues. There is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ until you line up both charts and see what’s there.

  5. Hello Jessica – I’m totally fascinated by this post. Would you please shed light on my confusion; I appear to be a complete contraction of myself Which probably explains allot, My sun is in scorpio. I have 3 stelliums: Virgo (7) Scorpio (4) Pisces (4). Not so long ago my 6 close female friends were all Leo’s. My three siblings are all Virgo’s; our lives show I’m clearly the fluid one, which they each find hard to deal with (in my opinion). I’m in a relationship with a Tauren – although complete opposites I’m many ways, we’re very similar too (this seems to work). However I also had a long’ish relationship with a Piscean, which seemed to work too but I guess didn’t really. With all the earth and water here I’m reading opposition to almost everything. Could it also be that my stellium elements underpin the reason I never feel I belong anywhere?

    1. You are a Virgo-Scorpio-Pisces type and of course, Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs. So you cannot easily resolve your escapism (Pisces) with your need for order in your life (Virgo). Your Water side is pronounced as Scorpio and Pisces flow and so do you – emotionally. You have problems with your sisters who are Virgo because they clash with your Pisces. You will find that if you look up your female friends’ charts they are heavily Virgo. This is very common with Leo Sun women. So their Virgo factors hit your Virgo factors. The Taurus partner reflects your inner conflicts too. He lines up with your Virgo side, so practical, and clashes with your Scorpio side. What commonly happens when you have a chart with stelliums in opposite signs, is a feeling that you are like a parliament where the debate is always between two opposing sides of yourself. You argue with yourself or you can never resolve things because one half of you wants to escape from reality and the other half of you wants to make it work. You attract people – you fall in love with them, or they fall in love with you – who help you figure this out. Or not, in the case of your Pisces ex. Half the battle is in understanding yourself and realising what you are trying to resolve or find catharsis with, in the other person. The classic Scorpio-Taurus clash is ‘our money and property’ and ‘my money and property.’ So you often see it with marriages where he’s a capitalist who wants to talk about renovations and his car and she could care less because she gives all her money away to charity.

  6. Hi Jessica, Interesting topic – I love reading your articles. I have 5 stelliums: 2 in water (Cancer, Pisces) and 3 in earth signs (Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn). My chart is light on air and fire (except I do have Jupiter in Aries which I believe is beneficial). Although most of my relationships (romantic and friends) have been with Scorpios including my current partner, my two sons are air signs: Gemini and Aquarius. Could this balance out my lack of air elements? Also, my best friend of many years is Capricorn which opposes Cancer. Can an opposition also also mean bringing out the best in each other? There is so much to learn about astrology. I appreciate your insight. Thank you.

    does not have nteresting topic

    1. Thank you. Cancer, Virgo, Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn is an extreme Water-Earth chart. Your Scorpio partner fits the bill although it’s complex – this is opposite your Taurus side. Your best friend is Capricorn which works well with your Virgo, Taurus factors – though again it’s complex – this opposes your Cancer side. Anything you cannot figure out about yourself, you figure out through the marriage or the friendship.

    1. Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Aquarius stelliums are not in each element – they are in three. Fire, Earth and Air. So you lack Water – and watery types born with heavy Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio factors may not work out for you. That Fire-Air combination is easy with Sagittarius, Gemini though.

  7. Hi Jessica, thanks for this post. Looks like you will have both Saturn and Jupiter return at the same time! Wow, it looks good for you. Your south node is exactly conjunct my sun! Perhaps we knew each other well in a past life. Your astrology has always resonated well with me, cheers.

  8. Hope you had a fantastic birthday Jessica. I am searching for the best Lauch dates for music album in October or November this year. My partner’s chart is SUN Leo 28
    MARS Leo 22
    APOLLO Leo 09
    MINERVA Leo 29
    OPS Leo 03

    MOON Taurus 09
    SATURN Taurus 22
    CERES Taurus 07
    PANACEA Taurus 16
    JUNO Taurus 18

    MERCURY Virgo 25
    PLUTO Virgo 26
    VESTA Virgo 29
    VULCANO Virgo 11
    AESCUPULIA Virgo 18
    SOUTH NODE Virgo 02

    VENUS Libra 14
    BACCHUS Libra 10
    URANUS Libra 06
    ASC Libra 00

    CHIRON Aries 09
    DESC Aries 00
    CUPIDO Aries 06

    HYGEIA Cancer 24
    MC Cancer 00

    PROSPERINA Scorpio 24
    JUPITER Scorpio 00
    NEPTUNE Scorpio 28

    IC Capricorn 00
    SALACIA Capricorn 28
    FORTUNA Capricorn 12

    NORTH NODE Pisces 02

    Thanks again Jessica
    Much love XX

    1. October and November are Jupiter Retrograde, so the planet of luck is going backwards. This does pick up the Taurus (money) and Virgo (work) patterns above, but it will be backwards motion. It won’t be until Jupiter reverses motion and moves forwards through Taurus on 31st December 2023, that you and anybody else starts to see big wheels turn.

  9. Hi Jessica, I have just become a premium member again after a break of a couple of years, and would like to say how much I like the “new improved” website. For example, it’s very helpful to have stelliums etc. highlighted. I think I have rejoined at the right time as, from reading your blogs and studying my chart, August in particular looks significant for me and today I note that the Moon is at 3 Pisces, which is exactly the position of my Moon sign! Compatibility and chemistry in astrology are fascinating and, I realise, go far beyond “oh you’re a Virgo therefore you must get on with other earth signs”. I seem to be more attracted to fire signs – my husband is a Leo (31/7/61) and if you go by bog-standard charts we shouldn’t get on at all, yet we met as teenagers (seemed fated) and have been happily married for 40 years. We have been through a lot together and the past couple of years have been quite stressful (health/home/finances/work/relatives), yet at the same time I see a lot of progress. I feel I am growing in confidence (something that has been sorely lacking!), which has been boosted by joining writing and meditation groups. I am making progress in my creative writing, but can lack self-discipline and mental energy (that watery Piscean energy?). Best wishes and I hope you had a wonderful Leo birthday!

    1. Thank you, I will pass that compliment on to Alyas, James, Jodi and Justin. Congratulations on 40 years of marriage. And yes, I did have a wonderful birthday week in Sydney. You have a Leo husband and have a Leo stellium. You also have one of those classic ‘relationship’ charts where you work at it, as if it was a career (which many other people cannot do). Leo is bedroom and courtship. Scorpio is sex and money. Libra itself is marriage. So this combination is about putting the partnership first, just because it really, really matters to you. You want to write and have a Virgo stellium which will help you. It will be a very particular kind of writing, though, and may not suit the first group or genre you come across. Experiment and you will find what suits you best.

  10. jessica
    I have stelliums in virgo gemini and leo. I know water signs are not for me. my partner is earth with air predominance. is this OK? m

    1. Your partner will click with your Gemini and Leo side, very nicely. It won’t be perfect but it will flow, more often than not.

  11. Okay, so…I typically attract & date Taurus & Scorpio men. I don’t seem to align well with Libras or Aquarius men, but the women I always click with. 3 of my best friends are Geminis. I typically click with Aries (my brother & bff). This is a lot to digest. My most fulfilling relationship was with a Cancer. I recently dated a Pisces man for the first time & it was bittersweet. Now, I want nothing to do with him. I’m all over the place & had no idea that I had so many Libra elements. Do you think that’s why I’m so emotionally intense and occasionally extreme to the point that I withdraw?

    1. You are heavily Scorpio, Cancer and have stelliums there. You fall in love with Scorpio men. Your best relationship was with a Cancerian. You also dated a Pisces, the third water sign in the trinity: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. You are emotionally intense and extreme and need to withdraw, like both the scorpio and the crab. Scorpions withdraw and hide under rocks, under beds, under the floorboards. Crabs pull back into their shells and can tunnel down in the sand. This is quite normal and very common with water sign dominant women. Libra is the odd one out here as it is an air sign, but it can help you relate in partnerships of all kinds. You will always have duets, both professional and personal, and other kinds of platonic duets too. The right person for you understands your extremely emotional response to life and will allow for that. You may want to do something to balance your feelings out, though: doing anything grounded and earth-bound usually helps watery people. Gardening. Walking.

  12. Hi Jessica. I hope you had an amazing birthday! My best friend and I met last Spring and are attached at the hip, and although we share Sun signs, our charts are quite different. I’m very Fire/Air based (Leo, Sag, Gemini, Scorpio stelliums) and she is very Earth/Water based (Leo/Cap/Cancer stelliums). We get along incredibly well and have yet to even have so much as an argument. I think our meeting is definitely fated, as we’ve slowly discovered over the course of our friendship how close we’ve come to meeting at other times in other places (same taste in movies/music/activities, same favorite beach, etc.)

    We share 5 exact aspects (within a degree of each other) and I really feel like we’ve met before. I treasure our connection and hope that it will only grow into a lifetime of great memories and more. Any light you can shed is much appreciated. Thank you for another fascinating piece!

    1. Thank you. You say you both have Leo stelliums – that’s the connection. You are drawing closer in Leo Season too. And Leo rules courtship and the bedroom. Your Sagittarius and Gemini patterns will also hook into this person’s Leo patterns.

  13. Hi Jessica!
    I have a lot of trouble with dating and relationships, because of attachment issues from childhood… I’ve been to therapy a lot about it, but it’s still a big problem.
    Basically dating and relationships scare me terribly. I know it sounds strange. Everyone seems to be able to have romantic relationships, but not me.
    I’m a sun libra with my biggest stellium in libra as well (7), so I think that makes it even more unusual? I’m good at two-way friendships, but not romantic relationships.
    I’ve only really been in love twice, with a sagittarius in high school and with a taurus while living abroad in France. In retrospect, I think that the taurus would have been the perfect person for me, but I realize that might be a fantasy that I’ve developed now that I have some distance…
    I’ve been trying dating apps, but I haven’t met anyone I’d want to have a relationship with.
    I have this strange thing where I’d really like to be close to someone, but once I am I just want to get away…. only then can I relax, but it makes me feel lonely as well.
    Could you maybe give me some advice based on my chart?
    Thanks in advance!!

    1. Libra stelliums work in all sorts of duets not just marriage. You have two-way friendships as the proof. In fact it is wise to form pairs and couples (table-tennis partners, working duets, platonic shared apartment duets) to satisfy your eternal need to balance yourself against somebody completely different. Scorpio also rules marriage. It’s about sex, death and money. You have Pluto at 21 Scorpio making wide patterns across your chart. Have a look at that. I suspect the issue is ‘Until death do us part, for richer for poorer.’ You want to control marriage and marital finance with Pluto in Scorpio but the reality of Pluto is you can’t do that. So if you can’t control it you may avoid it. What was the story with your parents or grandparents, marriage, money, property and inheritance? That may be a factor here. In any case you can be happy with a Libra stellium, as I’ve said. Go for ‘the two of us’ but avoid the joint bank account part.

  14. Hi Jessica, In looking at your AstroGold chart I note three same sign conjunctions with my chart, which is making sense because I feel grateful for having decided to be a member of your orb, your web world. One example is my Moon is conjunct your Salacia. Also, on another quest I was on in early 2020, I added the asteroid Wuhan in my natal chart: at my birth it is conjunct my Moon….and that Spring of 2020, I had a deeply emotional time moving out of NYC temporarily to live with my sister’s family. In peering at your chart, it looks like at birth Wuhan is in Gemini inconjunct your 20 degree Capricorn Salacia. At Halloween, 2019 this asteroid was at 21 Capricorn and you had already been ringing a bell about your moving homes due to something coming. Your article here is having me look at many charts now! Great homework on the Elements. Calms me down as I take notes of the oppositions within some of my friend’s charts. Thank you. Best, Cecelia

    1. Thank you Cecelia. I do often have chart crossover with readers, which may be why they end up subscribing to my website. I am not sure why you added Wuhan as it’s not part of the Roman astrology family tree. It’s rather like putting a playing card from Happy Families into the Tarot. Try to avoid using anything that is not part of the astrological history record – that began with Mercury, Venus, Mars and the rest.

  15. Thanks a lot, this is very helpful!!
    It’s true, things always seem to work best for me when it’s a duet, whether with friends, at work or with a roommate… And I love tennis!
    Yes, it really does go back to my grandparents and parents. My maternal grandparents have a terrible 66 year marriage and like many women of her generation my grandmother has always been financially dependent on my grandfather, so she never really had a chance to leave him. It seems like the most terrible example of marriage to me, extremely long and extremely unhappy for my grandmother. A lifetime of unhappiness and emotional abuse, so yes, I guess it has always seemed quite off putting to me.
    My parents’ marriage is also a very long (25 years) and dysfunctional one. Plus in the case of both my parents’ and my grandparents’ marriage the controlled and ill-treated person (my grandmother and my father) has become depressed and is taking antidepressants, which help only a bit, because obviously when it’s the life circumstances, medication alone can’t solve it…
    So yes, I do think their relationships gave me the idea that marriage is scary, difficult to get out of, and apart from emotional dependence it also has to do with money and property. Till death do us part can easily mean a lifetime of unhappiness and of being trapped.
    Also my grandmother always told me don’t get married, which might have had a stronger influence than I thought.
    My paternal grandparents had a very short marriage, because my grandfather died young. I think it was a good marriage, but can’t say for sure. My grandmother never had another partner for the rest of her life. She was a sun scorpio.
    That’s a very good point, I’ve heard that before, avoidance can also be a way of controlling the situation. I can be quite avoidant unfortunately, and yes, I suppose ultimately I do use it to remain in control…
    Thank you for your advice!! Going for the two of us but avoiding the joint bank account sounds very good!!

    1. Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra dominate your chart. You are a Sun Aquarius. The most important trends are always shown in both the solar and natal chart, then you use the Tarot on my website to confirm and personalise the answer. The solar chart is always first because it is the universal house system, most popular in the world for two centuries now, by sheer weight of numbers. So you are an Aquarius with transits in Aries (Chiron and the North Node) in your Third House of short journeys, siblings and cousins, media, internet, publishing and education. This shows up in your natal chart; you have a Gemini stellium in the Third House of the same and the biggest and best solutions and opportunities in 12 years begin on May 26th 2024 and end on June 9th 2025. After a period of growth and expansion you then begin a revolution, beginning on July 8th 2025 and lasting until May 22nd in the year 2033. Uranus, a symbol of revolution, freedom and independence moves into Gemini and this will permanently alter the way you use your way with words. In this time-frame, Pluto will also trine your Gemini factors from Aquarius which is empowering. You will find the Gemini and Third House transits operate simultaneously, so a radically different phase in your life with a brother, sister or cousin will offer freedom through them, or freedom from them. That can happen. Concurrently there will be amazing new inventions which make public transport, local and regional travel available to you in a radically different way which offers you the keys to your kingdom – at least an hour or two from your front door. This transit is associated with the arrival of the Jeep (what would become the four-wheel drive) and also the motorbike. Thinking along those lines, what arrives will alter your existence as a commuter and local traveller. Gemini is also about the message. You can expect the internet, telephones and all lines of communication to be dramatically reshaped in a way that allows you to connect with others in ways you have not even dreamed of, just yet. I don’t know what your question is, because I have 18,967 of them today and you are not on the front screen of my computer, but I can tell you that the astrology wants you to look at your Gemini stellium.

  16. Hi Jessica, thanks for a great article. I have a stellium in Leo (5), Aquarius(4), Scorpio (4), and Aries(4). I am a cancer sun and scorpio rising. I feel like I am buzzing all the time, with a great need for independence yet crave being in a relationship that is conventional in most aspects, I have a mind that runs really fast and is analytical, yet I am very sensitive and love to play like a kid. How on earth do I find a partner that can keep up? I find that my friends are across the zodiac, and my only two relationships have been with a sagitarius and a pisces and it didn’t work out as I seem to pick ‘weaker’ partners, and i seem to have lived a life where I have done what others want but always felt this internal rumble of rebellion and wonder if i have made my life more difficult? I would like to find a partner any suggestions on how to approach this from an astrological point of view? and whether it is in my chart to have a stable relationship and if it will happen anytime soon?

    1. Thank you. You have Leo and Aquarius stelliums in opposite zodiac signs and are describing what it feels like to be strongly Aquarian (independent) but want a conventional relationship (Leo). You will need a partnership, or partnerships, plural, which can accommodate that. Picking a weaker partner is a good way of ensuring you never marry or have children. Sometimes the Aquarius-Leo pattern is unconscious, so rather than admit that you don’t want parenthood and a wedding, you fall in love with people you stand absolutely no chance of making a commitment to – so it never happens – and you are free. Partnership itself is Libran. People who have a stellium in Libra really do need marriage and will do anything to find and keep a partner. Scorpio is sexual and financial partnership – this is the marriage and mortgage. Again, strongly Scorpio people will do anything to have that and hang onto it. You have just one factor in Libra and a stellium in Scorpio, as you know, but the issue for you is that Scorpio is square Leo and also square Aquarius. So you are at odds with yourself, wanting the space of Aquarius but being pulled towards the joint bank account of Scorpio and the respectable parenthood of Leo. See the patterns at 17, 18 degrees in Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo? Those are the issue. You have exact, and almost exact, clashes between these chart factors. Ask the Tarot ‘How do I resolve the inner conflicts I have between my Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius factors?’ Set a time-frame. This year, next year, the next five years, your entire life and so on. Sometimes the answer is, find a way of being with a lover, or lovers plural, which does not involve so much inner resistance. Aquarius is about friendship, space, tolerance, a lack of intimacy, a shared circle of allies and like-minded people, room to move, diversity in the circle, equality between all. It is very, very different to Scorpio and Leo, so you need to really sort that out in order to find a lifestyle that works.

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